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US to Release 50 Million Barrels of Oil to Ease Energy Costs



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

President Joe Biden on Tuesday ordered 50 million barrels of oil released from the strategic reserve to help bring down energy costs, in coordination with other major energy-consuming nations, including China, India, and the United Kingdom.

The move is aimed at global energy markets, but also at voters who are coping with higher inflation and rising prices ahead of Thanksgiving and winter holiday travel. Gas prices are at about $3.40 a gallon, more than 50% higher than their price a year ago, according to the American Automobile Association.

Biden has scrambled to reshape much of his economic agenda around the issue of inflation, saying that his recently passed $1 trillion infrastructure package will reduce price pressures by making it more efficient and cheaper to transport goods.

Republican lawmakers have hammered the administration for inflation hitting a 31-year high in October. The consumer price index soared 6.2% from a year ago — the biggest 12-month jump since 1990.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell tore into the White House in a floor speech last week, saying the victims of higher prices were middle-class Americans.

“The three biggest drivers of the staggering 6.2% inflation rate we logged last month were housing, transportation, and food,” the Kentucky senator said. “Those aren’t luxuries, they’re essentials, and they take up a much bigger share of families’ budgets from the middle class on down.”

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is an emergency stockpile to preserve access to oil in case of natural disasters, national security issues and other events. Maintained by the Energy Department, the reserves are stored in caverns created in salt domes along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coasts. There are roughly 605 million barrels of sweet and sour petroleum in the reserve.

“As we come out of an unprecedented global economic shutdown, oil supply has not kept up with demand, forcing working families and businesses to pay the price,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said in a statement. “This action underscores the president’s commitment to using the tools available to bring down costs for working families and to continue our economic recovery.”

The Biden administration has argued that the reserve is the right tool to help ease the supply problem. Americans used an average of 20.7 million barrels a day during September, according to the Energy Information Administration. That means that the release nearly equals about two-and-a-half days of additional supply.

The pandemic made energy markets — like everything else — haywire on multiple fronts. As the closures began in April, 2020, demand collapsed and oil futures prices turned negative. Energy traders did not want to get stuck with crude that they could not store. But as the economy recovered, prices jumped to a seven-year high in October.

U.S. production has not recovered. Energy Information Administration figures indicate that domestic production is averaging roughly 11 million barrels daily, down from 12.8 million before the pandemic started.

Republicans have also seized on Biden’s efforts to minimize drilling and support renewable energy as a reason for the decreased production, though there are multiple market dynamics at play as fossil fuel prices are higher around the world.

“President Biden’s policies are hiking inflation and energy prices for the American people. Tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve will not fix the problem,” said Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyoming. “We are experiencing higher prices because the administration and Democrats in Congress are waging a war on American energy."

The White House decision comes after weeks of diplomatic negotiations and the release will be taken in parallel with other nations. Japan and South Korea are also participating.

The U.S. Department of Energy will make the oil available from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in two ways; 32 million barrels will be released in the next few months and will return to the reserve in the years ahead, the White House said. Another 18 million barrels will be part of a sale of oil that Congress had previously authorized.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Monday evening that the White House would also keep tabs on the oil companies, too.

“We will continue to press oil companies who have made record profits and are overseeing what we consider to be price gouging out there when there’s a supply of oil or the price of oil is coming down and the price of gas is not coming down," Psaki said. "It does not take an economic expert to know that’s a problem."


Trump Rips Biden's Order to Release Oil Reserves

Former President Donald Trump is slamming President Joe Biden’s order to release 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve to bring down energy costs

Trump said, in a statement released on Tuesday, "For decades our country’s very important Strategic Oil Reserves were low or virtually empty in that no President wanted to pay the price of filling them up.

"I filled them up three years ago, right to the top, when oil prices were very low. Those reserves are meant to be used for serious emergencies, like war, and nothing else. Now I understand that Joe Biden will be announcing an 'attack' on the newly brimming Strategic Oil Reserves so that he could get the close to record-setting high oil prices artificially lowered."

"We were energy independent one year ago, now we are at the mercy of OPEC, gasoline is selling for $7 in parts of California, going up all over the country, and they are taking oil from our Strategic Reserves. Is this any way to run a country?"

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Biden Admin Addresses Fuel Shortages by Banning New Oil, Gas Leases on NM Federal Land



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Fuel prices are one of the causes of the Biden inflation surge that is reducing the spending power of Americans. The price of crude oil has surged 104% over the past year, and gasoline prices have increased by over 60%. This means that people are not only paying more for their personal fuel needs, but also for other items they need to buy that require energy to manufacture and/or transport—which is basically everything.

The Biden Administration has been begging OPEC+ nations to up their oil production, hoping they will increase the market supply and lower prices. But the oil-producing cartel has rebuffed their pleas, choosing instead to stick to its own schedule and delay output increases until December.

“OPEC+ seems unwilling to use the capacity and power it has now at this critical moment of global recovery for countries around the world,” stated a National Security Council spokesperson to FOX Business.

How cruel! Can you imagine having the ability to relieve the inflation and economic pain being suffered by millions of people, yet refusing to use your power to help? What heartless governing body would do such a thing?

If you guessed the Biden Administration, you win a cigar!

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“The Department of Interior will initiate a review of a rule banning new oil and gas development within a 10-mile radius near the Chaco Culture National Historical Park over the next two decades,” reports the Daily Caller. “The decision was made after Pueblos and other Native American tribes in Arizona and New Mexico made objections to drilling that they said encroached upon sacred and cultural sites in the area.”

Other helpful Biden administration energy policies include moving to shut down a pipeline to the St. Louis region just as cold winter weather settles in, sitting on its thumb as a radical environmentalist group blocks an in-progress gas and oil development project in Alaska, and laying the groundwork for shutting down a major pipeline to the upper midwest.

Joe would rather make America energy dependent on an oil-producing conglomeration that includes Iran, Russia, and Venezuela. On top of the security nightmare this will create, Biden prefers to expend the additional energy that will be required to ship and truck massive amounts of crude to the states; so much for protecting the environment. But in Brandon World, destructive energy policies are preferable to letting Americans continue the glorious energy independence we had achieved under the previous administration.

Let’s go, Brandon.

‘I Will Send Them To Delaware’: DeSantis Proposes Sending Undocumented Migrants To Biden Home State

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) decried the Biden Administration's border and migration policies, blaming the President for an influx of undocumented migrants.

DeSantis Warns Of Inflation, Rising Gas Prices If Biden Admin Doesn't Act 

At a Wednesday press conference, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis touted a strong economy in the Sunshine State, but called on the federal government to take reports of growing inflation and increasing gas prices seriously.

DeSantis: No Contracts for Companies Helping Biden Bring Illegals to Florida

DeSantis: No Contracts for Companies Helping Biden Bring Illegals to Florida



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signaled this week on Tucker Carlson Tonight that his office is looking at ways to combat the federal government’s program of bringing illegal aliens into the Sunshine State via plane — including by denying state contacts to the companies that facilitate the flood of border-crossers.

Per the governor’s office, over 70 flights landed in the Jacksonville Airport from the southern border.

The federal government’s actions have stirred controversy, particularly in light of the recently publicized murder of a father of four in Florida who was murdered by an illegal alien flown into Florida under Biden’s policy.

In October, Yery Noel Medina Ulloa was arrested in Jacksonville and charged with murdering Francisco Javier Cuellar. DeSantis’ office called the crime “horrific,” saying that it showed the precariousness of “unfettered illegal migration.”

“If Biden had not been doing that, if he’d been doing his job, that individual would be alive today,” DeSantis said.

The Florida governor told Carlson that the Biden flights arrive at “one or two or three in the morning.” He added that the flights were “unannounced” and he was not given notice and thus has no ability to veto the flights.

“The feds, of course, control the airspace and they’re there on the ground. They take these folks and then they send them to other parts of Florida by bus or other parts of the southeast,” DeSantis said.

Although the federal government has jurisdiction over airspace, DeSantis is committed to fighting the flights.

“We’re looking at what we can do. I think that they use these private contractors. So what we’re looking at is how can we fight back against the contractors? We can obviously deny them state contracts, which we will do. Can we deny them access to Florida’s market generally? Can we tax them? Can we do things to provide disincentives so they can’t do it? So we’re going to do whatever we can to do it,” he added. 

“But we are going to go after some of these contractors because they are bringing in people that are causing burdens on us and, as we’ve said, tragically caused someone to lose their life.”

Joe Biden’s stance on immigration has differed drastically from Donald Trump’s. The COVID-19 outbreak is now being used as grounds for carrying out attrition of U.S. border patrol.

According to an internal report from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (USCBP), more than half of Border Patrol personnel may be terminated for failure to get the COVID-19 vaccine. This would leave just 8,000 officers on duty.

The report notes that “in the worst-case scenario, agents who have not reported their status have done so because they refuse to take the jab, and so they will be terminated (scenario 3). In that case, net attrition could exceed 11,523 agents, leaving a mere 8,013 border agents on patrol.”

If the approximately 10,000 Border Patrol agents who have yet to register their vaccination status do not do so this week, they will be offered counseling, then suspension, then termination.

All this comes despite the fact that the illegal aliens coming into the country without permission are not required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to be granted entry.

The Biden White House’s refusal to enforce existing immigration law has prompted states in addition to Florida to take action. Notably, the attorneys general of Texas and Missouri have partnered to sue the federal government in order to compel it to complete the border wall started under the Trump administration.

This week, the two AG’s filed a preliminary injunction seeking an immediate ruling. They argue that because Congress already specifically appropriated $3.8 billion toward the construction of the border wall, Biden’s decision to not go through with the project is a violation of the separation of powers and the Take Care clause of the Constitution.

The surge of illegal aliens across the border is unlikely to decrease under Biden. Mexican officials are expressing concern that over 125,000 Haitian migrants are anticipated to reach their country by the end of the year, with the majority of those arrivals destined for the U.S. border.

The U.S. Border Patrol has already surpassed the total number of migrant apprehensions made in any year along the southwest border since the agency’s creation in 1924. According to a source, the figure has reached 1,646,000 for the year.

Biden’s Banking Regulator Wants to Destroy the US Economy~Nominee Wants to Starve, Bankrupt America’s Oil and Gas Industry

Biden’s Marxist Nominee for Banking Chief Wants Oil, Gas, and Coal Industries to Go Bankrupt



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Saule Omarova, Biden’s handlers’ nominee for comptroller of the currency, the government’s top bank regulator, is a self-proclaimed “radical,” as Stephen Green has noted. Just how radical became clear in a video clip that surfaced Tuesday, in which Omarova calls matter-of-factly for the destruction of the oil, gas, and coal industries. Well, we can’t say that we haven’t been warned.

In the clip, Omarova, who was born in the Soviet Union and is not a native English speaker, is seen discussing “troubled industries and firms that are in transitioning.” She continues: “And here what I’m thinking about is primarily coal industry and oil and gas industry. A lot of the smaller players in that industry are, uh, going to probably, uh, go bankrupt in, in, in short order, at least we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change, right?”

Wrong. The idea of climate change that is caused by human beings and can be ended by human action rests on assumptions that are dubious at best. And the entire climate change hysteria that the Western political and media elites are relentlessly ginning up is not taken seriously in the People’s Republic of China, which stands to benefit the most from the West’s economic self-sacrifice to appease Gaia.

Indeed, while Saule Omarova is calling for the bankrupting of the oil, gas, and coal industries, the People’s Republic mouthpiece Global Times published a bland piece on Monday proclaiming that “China’s coal output hit a multi-year high, will help ensure warm winter.” The article reports happily: “China’s daily coal output has reached 11.93 million tons, the highest level in recent years, and increasing coal supplies have laid a good foundation to ensure energy supply security and residential heating during the winter, the nation’s top economic planner said on Monday, as many parts of the country were hit by a severe coal [sic] wave over the weekend.”

Nary a word about shutting down the industry to fight the chimera of climate change. You might almost get the impression that Chinese authorities aren’t being kept awake nights by nightmares of Obama’s and Biden’s luxury beach houses being swept away by rising sea levels, nor eaten away with regret about how it all could have been prevented if only they had gutted their economy. And you’d be right.

This radical and destructive rhetoric was to be expected from Omarova, who, as Stephen Green pointed out, “graduated from the Soviet Union’s Moscow State University in 1989 on the Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship.” Omarova was apparently such a convinced Marxist in the late 1980s that she wrote her thesis on Karl Marx’s thought and tellingly has refused to release that thesis now.

In October, Senator Pat Toomey (R-Sanity) wrote to her asking for a copy: “I write today seeking a copy of your thesis, ‘Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital,’ which you wrote as a student at Moscow State University on the V.I. Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship. While it appears that you have deleted any reference to your thesis in the version of your curriculum vitae (CV) that is currently available on the Cornell Law School website, the paper appeared on your CV as recently as April 2017.” There is no indication that Omarova turned over the thesis in response to this appeal.

Why the secrecy about it? If it represents views she no longer holds, she could release it and take the opportunity to explain that. If, however, she still holds the views it espouses, she may have every reason to conceal it. And here we are.

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The UK’s Daily Mail called Omarova an “expert in Marxist-Leninism” and reported her account of how she came to be in the United States: “There was at the very end of the Gorbachev era an exchange program between Moscow State and University of Wisconsin Madison. I got lucky against all odds, and I came for that one semester in 1991 to Madison, Wisconsin. While I was there in December of 1991, the Soviet Union fell apart. So there I was a student without anywhere to go back. I was very worried about what was going to happen. So I stayed to do my Ph.D. in political science, but frankly, I’m just…To this day, I feel guilty for having left the country at such a momentous time, because obviously, they couldn’t hold it together without me.” Ah, if only Saule Omarova had stayed home, the Soviet Union would still exist today!

Unfortunately for all of us, she came here instead. And now, in Saule Omarova’s perfect world, massive sectors of the American economy will go bankrupt, destroying the jobs of tens of thousands of Americans and making them wards of the increasingly intrusive and all-pervasive state. Meanwhile, in the People’s Republic of China (a state based on the theories of Karl Marx that Omarova has studied so closely), the coal industry, as well as the other industries, will keep chugging along. This is the absurd and self-defeating America of Joe Biden’s handlers.


Biden Nominee Wants to Starve, Bankrupt America’s Oil and Gas Industry



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Saule Omarova, the communist Cornell law professor whom Biden has nominated as Comptroller of the Currency, has big plans not only for banks and private bank accounts but for oil and gas companies as well.

Thanks to research done by the American Accountability Foundation (AAF), a conservative group that does deep research into nominees such as Omarova, Democrat senators on the bubble over her nomination now have additional proof of her disqualifications for the position.

The AAF found a virtual seminar that occurred in March where Omarova held forth on the topic of America’s oil and gas industry. Speaking at the Jain Family Institute’s “Social Wealth Seminar” in March, she said:

Here’s what I’m thinking about … primarily the coal and oil and gas industry. A lot of smaller players in that industry are going to probably go bankrupt in short order.

At least, we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change, right?

Presumably, there was abundant applause from her audience supporting the institute. It bills itself as “an applied research organization in the social sciences … including research in … guaranteed income.”

AAF found another treasure: In speaking at another Jain Family function in May, Omarova said, “So, the way we basically get rid of those carbon financiers is, we starve them of their sources of capital.”

Under her plan for the banks, all capital would be controlled, allocated, and dispersed according to a national plan. The plan, of course, would eliminate financing for any industry that doesn’t fit into the green agenda. Viola! The U.S. would have completely clean air and become a complete financial communist dictatorship in the process.

The Wall Street Journal dismembered her nomination: “Omarova thinks … prices, pay scales [and] capital and credit should be dictated by the federal government.” The Journal excoriated her positions, which would “effectively end banking as we know it,” putting every checking and savings account held privately in the country into the Federal Reserve. After all, it would avoid all the messiness of having to deal with that friendly but highly inefficient bank around the corner.

That’s the communist premise: The federal government runs everything, for the good of everybody, based on decisions made by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.

Thomas Jones, the co-founder of the AAF, said the evidence now available proves that she is an outright communist: “Saule Omarova has a classical Marxist view [she graduated from Moscow State University on a Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship; her thesis is entitled “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution”] where she wants the government to run all sectors of the economy and part of that is implementing the Green New Deal. And you can only do that by destroying the oil and gas industry.”

Democrat senators on the Senate Banking Committee are having second thoughts. Senators Jon Tester (D-Mont.), Krysten Simena (D-Ariz.), and Mark Warner (D-Va.) each have major constituencies in the energy industry in their state. It will take just one of them to deep-six Omarova’s nomination, as not a single Republican supports it.

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Biden regime shutting off fuel, energy supplies as part of WARTIME EMBARGO against We the People… prepare for famine, collapse and civil unrest

MICHIGAN: Biden administration considers closing another pipeline!

Biden to fix energy crisis by canceling another pipeline



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) In his latest act of total warfare against the American people, Joe Biden is pushing to shut down the Line 5 pipeline in Michigan that transports over 500,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Canada to Michigan, where it gets processed and distributed throughout the Midwest.

Without this pipeline, Midwestern states are going to face critical shortages of fuel this winter, at the same time Biden’s handlers are engineering a supply chain collapse, food shortages, and unrelenting inflation.

As Fox News reports:

Jason Hayes, the director of environmental policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, blasted the Biden administration for its energy policies, telling Fox News that their work on Line 5 is “just one more example of being divorced from reality.”

Hayes presented a dire picture of what shutting Line 5 could mean if people are unable to get natural gas or the electricity it provides as the nation heads into winter.

“I hope it doesn’t end like this, but where I see it going is, unfortunately, the same thing that happened in February in Texas: People freezing in their homes,” he said.

Pipeline is “essential to the lifeblood of the Midwest”

The deliberate shutting down of this pipeline is an act of war against We the People, as the Biden regime transforms America’s heartland into an active theater of war which will soon face widespread food scarcity, energy scarcity, and inevitable civil unrest.

As the UK Daily Mail explains:

The Biden Administration is considering shutting down a Michigan oil pipeline despite warnings from Republican lawmakers who believe the move would result in fuel price shocks throughout the Midwest.

The administration is exploring the possibility of terminating the Line 5 pipeline — which links Superior, Wisconsin, with Sarnia, Ontario — and gathering data to determine if shutting down the line will cause a surge in fuel pricing, according to published reports.

In a letter dated Thursday, 13 Congress members — led by Ohio Rep. Bob Latta — urged the president to keep the oil line in operation, saying: ‘Line 5 is essential to the lifeblood of the Midwest.’

With alarm bells going off over Biden’s deliberate destruction of America’s economy, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is now voicing what millions of Americans are already thinking: At some point, the remaining “free states” have to cut ties with Washington D.C. and form their own new nation, just to survive the planned civilization suicide being pursued by the demon-possessed Democrats.

In a recent speech at Texas A&M University, Sen. Cruz stated:

If the Democrats end the filibuster, if they fundamentally destroy the country… if they pack the Supreme Court, if they make DC a state, if they federalize elections, if they massively expand voter fraud, there may come a point where it’s hopeless…

We’re not there yet, and if there comes a point where it’s hopeless, then I think we take NASA, we take the military, we take the oil.

Importantly, Sen. Cruz isn’t calling for secession at this point, but he’s clarifying that it may be the last remaining option if Democrats continue to wage actual warfare against America in their quest to destroy this nation.

The Biden regime now seen as a terrorist organization targeting the American people

“The Fate of the American Republic Has Been Sealed,” declares an article at, authored by the Armchair Political Philosopher. It warns, “To survive, those conservative states populated with a critical number of Patriots must expeditiously NULLIFY
the U.S. Federal Government for good!” The article states:

…[W]herever the New World Order globalists have taken over such as California and New York, there is simply no bringing them back to the American Republic as it was conceived by our Founding Fathers and codified by the U.S. Constitution.  They have already taken down the statues of those extraordinarily great men such as Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln, Lee, etc.

Therefore, the only way forward, for those states which respect the rule of law and Founding Documents, is to secede from the Union of 50 states.  The NWO globalist cabal essentially owns and operates the U.S. Federal Government; and it will never willingly relinquish that raw political and military, financial and economic, social and religious power it wields over the American people.

Hence, the Patriot Movement has only one option.  Federal power projected from inside the Beltway cannot be effectively fought, but it can be ignored.  The red states such as Florida and Texas can cut the umbilical cord to Washington, D.C. which is an unconstitutional and tyrannical city-state that has absolutely no legitimacy in a constitutional republic / representative democracy.

Some Americans believe that “white hats” are still somehow in charge and that Trump is secretly still in power, with Joe Biden acting as a puppet president in order to wake up the American people to the sheer terror of Big Government, Big Media, Big Pharma and Big Tech all conspiring to mass murder humanity.

The fact the Joe Biden is broadcasting from a fake Oval Office built on a sound stage only adds to the speculation that what we’re watching is pure theater.

If that’s true, and if this is all just theater, what will be the final act? Mass death of vaccine-injected children and mass starvation across the nation? Because that’s where Biden and the Democrats are pushing things. If we don’t stop them soon, tens of millions of Americans will likely perish from the collapse.

If this is theater, it’s also a Holocaust-level tragedy in the making.

Get full details in today’s Situation Update warning:

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Lebanon plunged into darkness, India faces rolling blackouts, NYC pharmacy shelves BARE as global collapse accelerates, leading to rolling blackouts across the USA

Image: Lebanon plunged into darkness, India faces rolling blackouts, NYC pharmacy shelves BARE as global collapse accelerates, leading to rolling blackouts across the USA



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Retail shelves at CVS, Walgreens, and Duane Reade stores are now “virtually bare” in NYC, warns the UK Daily Mail in a Sunday news story. “Shelves in pharmacies across New York City have been left nearly barren because supplies are not getting through amid an ongoing global squeeze,” the paper reports, citing the collapse of the global supply chain.

This means the reality of global COVID communism is finally starting to sink in, and all those Biden-supporting NYC liberals who thought Democrats would usher in an era of abundance and utopia are beginning to experience their own heads exploding as they witness the reality that elections have consequences.

As the UK Daily Mail further warns:

Experts have warned the government to intervene or face spiraling inflation and unemployment, as rocketing demand for goods in short supply pushes their prices up.

US consumers have already seen prices of everyday items rise in recent months, with economists warning of an extended period of inflation that will push up the cost of living.

Meanwhile, the No. 1 song being shouted at sporting events across America is, “F#ck Joe Biden.” Or, as the laughably dishonest left-wing media reports it, “Let’s go Brandon!”

The entire power grid of Lebanon just went down… and will likely stay down for days

As Sky News reported this weekend, the entire power grid of the nation of Lebanon has gone down due to a lack of fuel. As Sky News explains:

Lebanon’s electricity grid has shut down entirely after the country’s two main power stations ran out of fuel.

The al Zahrani and the Deir Ammar power stations stopped working after supplies of diesel were apparently exhausted, and energy production dropped to below 200 megawatts.

The lack of diesel fuel is taking place due to a global transportation and logistics collapse that has been artificially engineered by COVID lockdowns. The goal of the globalists is the total extermination of humanity, and part of the process of achieving that goal is to destroy the infrastructure that keeps humanity alive (in addition to releasing engineered biological weapons and deliberately administering “vaccines” containing those bioweapons).

India now facing rolling blackouts as the global supply chain collapse extends its reach

In addition to China’s rolling blackouts that have so far affected 20 out of 31 Chinese provinces (and shuttered manufacturing across those areas), “A minister in Indian capital New Delhi warned Sunday that blackouts could rock the massive city over the next two days,” reports Zero Hedge. “But the nation’s capital city isn’t alone in suffering energy shortages: it joins two Indian states – Tamil Nadu and Odisha – which have issued warnings about the growing possibility of blackouts due to dwindling coal supplies.”

From ZH:

According to Delhi’s Power Minister Satyendra Jain, more than half of India’s 135 coal-fired power plants, which supply around 70% of the country’s electricity, have seen their stocks depleted to such low levels that they only have enough to guarantee power for three days before the capital city is hit with blackouts. Typically, they’re supposed to keep a buffer supply of at least one month. But these aren’t normal times.

“If coal supply doesn’t improve, there will be a blackout in Delhi in two days,” the national capital’s Power Minister Satyendra Jain said today. “The coal-fired power plants that supply electricity to Delhi have to keep a minimum coal stock of one month, but now it has come down to one day,” Mr Jain said.

The South China Morning Post recently documented China’s collapsing power grid, explaining that, “China’s army of small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMEs) have been hit hard by the nationwide power crisis, with outputs slashed and sweltering working conditions taking their toll, while panic buying of raw materials and goods is becoming commonplace over fears prices are set to soar.”

Factories are being shuttered due to the lack of energy, causing China’s domestic productivity to plunge. From the SCMP:

“Some factories are even being banned from producing [any goods] for six days after operating for only one day. It sounds so ridiculous, but it‘s true.”

A global coal shortage is being engineered to cause blackouts, empty shelves, and mass starvation during the “Dark Winter” die-off

What readers of this site already know — but the oblivious masses are only now starting to figure out — is that global supply chains are being deliberately disrupted to cause severe scarcity in energy, food, consumer goods, medicines, and other products.

This engineered collapse is part of what you might call the “COVID communism” takeover of the world, where rogue governments dedicated to global depopulation are dismantling free-market mechanisms via pandemic lockdowns and mass firings of those who have natural immunity (and who don’t want to take the so-called “vaccine” injection, since they contain deadly spike protein nanoparticles).

With store shelves already going empty across the United States, those who mocked preppers will soon be begging preppers for extra supplies. That’s the topic of today’s short podcast:

Get ready for rolling blackouts across America this winter

The Epoch Times is also reporting on the coming “Winter blackouts” that are anticipated across the USA, citing Ernie Thrasher, head of Xcoal Energy & Resources, via a Bloomberg report:

“That whole supply chain is stretched beyond its limits,” said Thrasher, whose Pennsylvania-based company works in coal logistics. “It’s going to be a challenging winter for us here in the United States.”

Rolling blackouts across America would, of course, lead to empty grocery store shelves and panicked non-preppers who have long mocked preppers as “kooks.” As they are starving to death and freezing to death this winter, perhaps they can ponder the mechanisms by which they have become so utterly oblivious to the real world unfolding around them. It is a notable pattern of Democrats and Leftists, of course: They are incapable of processing reality and tend to live in delusional bubbles projected by propaganda controllers and social engineers.

But nothing breaks the spell of delusion faster than a growling stomach and freezing toes. What’s coming this winter looks to be the ultimate red pill experience as millions of Americans wake up and realize that voting for communism has horrible consequences.

And living in cities or states that have outlawed wood-burning stoves is just plain stupid.

Get more details about the rolling blackouts here:

Yesterday, we warned that Augason Farms, a major food supplier to preppers and outdoors enthusiasts, has ceased operations for 90 days amid severe supply chain disruptions:

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The Dark Winter DIE-OFF begins: Mass vaccination deaths collide with engineered starvation and the collapse of gas and energy



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) The so-called Dark Winter is actually a die-off plan to exterminate humanity, and the vectors of attack against human beings include mass vaccination genocide, engineered food supply collapse (leading to mass starvation), financial sector disruptions and an accelerating supply collapse of energy (gasoline, natural gas) needed to heat homes, make fertilizer and power transportation.

We are also watching in horror as this accelerating collapse bleeds into shipping and delivery companies (like FedEx) who are just about on the brink of suspending major services due to a lack of competent workers.

Meanwhile, 70+ container ships are stacked up outside the Los Angeles port, as criminal governors like Newsom deliberately worsen the supply line restrictions by enforcing senseless covid lockdowns that deprive the ports of desperately needed workers.

The traitors in charge are squeezing off all the chokepoints of infrastructure that keep human beings alive.

If they succeed, they will quickly plunge America (and other nations) into third-world conditions of mass famine, destitution, homelessness, violence, and despair. And have you noticed how quickly this is all materializing?

This is all by design, and it’s accelerating by the day

You are probably already noticing the grocery shortages that are rapidly spreading across North America. Grocers, school districts and food manufacturers that typically order large quantities of food supplies are seeing their orders cut by up to 50% in terms of actual delivery. At the commercial level, in other words, the food supply has already collapsed by nearly 50%. This is only now beginning to trickle into the retail sector of the food industry, where grocers are desperately trying to fill empty shelves with something — anything — just to avoid looking like they’re out of stock.

Under Biden and the covid tyrants, America is being rapidly transformed into Venezuela. This is not a coincidence. Yet many Americans are still stuck in denial, pretending things will all just “get back to normal” if enough people take deadly spike protein injections.

Today Joe Biden claimed that 98% of Americans would need to get vaccinated before we can return to normal. It’s obvious they’re gearing up to enforce vaccine mandates at gunpoint to try to hit that 98% target, at which point they will of course blame the remaining 2% for all the post-vaccine injuries and deaths among the 98%.

Remember when the goal was just 70%? Remember when we were told that “herd immunity” would protect us if we could get the majority of people vaccinated? Now that’s been thrown out the window, right along with the concept of natural immunity which the insane left-wing media now calls a “dangerous theory.”

Each booster shot, of course, is designed to destroy another 25% of your immune system’s response capability (white blood cells, mostly). Listen to this nurse explain how the boosters are designed to obliterate your immune response:

This winter, all the factors combine to achieve a mass die-off

If the anti-human globalists are able to pull off their plans, we will see millions of Americans dead over the next six months alone. Potential defenses against this assault include ivermectin, food preparedness, self-reliance, and so on, so spread the word about these important truths to help save lives.

With far too many sheeple still going along with the vaccine mandates and mask requirements, what globalists have now confirmed is that 90% of humanity is incredibly easy for them to kill. Most people have zero backup food supplies, no backup water storage, no ability to produce their own food, no means of self-defense, no backup communications, etc. I cover this in a short podcast update today (this is not the main podcast, the full one is below:

Thus, globalists cutting off food, fuel, power, and banking transactions for a mere 90 days would likely achieve a huge die-off — perhaps 70% of the population or so, since the masses are completely oblivious to even the most basic survival skills. As you’ll notice, the food supply is being cut off right now. The power grid is being shut off in China. Fuel supplies are collapsing in the UK. Hospitals are collapsing to the point where National Guard troops are now being deployed to replace the health care workers who were fired for refusing to get jabbed. (See this video on We Are Change.)

The State of New York is expected to declare a state of emergency due to these hospital staffing shortages — all of which the government caused itself!

Meanwhile, the Evergrande Ponzi scheme in China is already spreading like a contagion to other property developers, while non-China bondholders have already been told they will never get paid what they are owed. The contagion will accelerate through the financial sector. This is bigger than Lehman Brothers. It’s way bigger than the 2008 sub-prime housing bubble collapse.

When you start combining these engineered layers of collapse: Food, energy, finance, medicine, etc., where does that lead civilization for the next several months? Right into the abyss. Expect a mass die-off. Actually, it has already begun, with left-wing media now acknowledging there is a spike in all-cause mortality in 2021, but insisting it couldn’t possibly be related to covid vaccines.

How will they try to explain it away when millions are dead?

Today’s Situation Update podcast provides more answers and discussion, along with a critical message (at the very beginning) about how to make your own food grow system that works without electricity.

The link for that system, which is based on the “Kratky” paper from Hawaii, is found at this link:

It’s called, “A Suspended Net-Pot, Non-Circulating Hydroponic Method for Commercial Production of Leafy, Romaine, and Semi-Head Lettuce.”

I cover it more in the first 10 minutes of today’s podcast:

Discover a new podcast (and amazing interviews) each day at:

Biden’s $3.5 Trillion ‘Infrastructure’ Plan Includes Massive Attacks on U.S. Energy Producers



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The American Petroleum Institute and others are sounding the alarm about hidden provisions in the Democrats’ massive infrastructure bill. The $3.5 trillion bill includes a great deal of spending that has nothing to do with infrastructure, and. according to the API, it also includes pernicious attacks on U.S. energy producers. That’s included in the bill’s latest mark-up.

The energy-related provisions take direct aim at production on federal leases, which Biden already paused via executive order, but then lost on when several states took him to court. The provisions in the so-called infrastructure bill go far beyond even what Biden’s lease pause sought to accomplish, attacking the very viability of producing energy on federal lands.

API has detailed the full-spectrum attack on U.S. energy producers in an email it is sending to its subscribers. PJ Media obtained the email Tuesday evening.

  1. Disincentivizing Federal Lease Bidding
  • 500% Minimum Bid Increase: Would raise onshore minimum lease bid from $2/acre to $10/acre. By BLM office 2020 sales, 11% of leases sold in New Mexico were below $10/acre; 78% in Colorado; and 30% in North Dakota.
  • Cuts Time to Produce in Half: Would reduce the primary term for new onshore leases from 10 years to 5 years, even though a significant percentage of leases require more than 5 years to start producing. For example, recent data shows that 37% of leases in New Mexico started production more than 5 years after authorization.
  • More Than Doubles Annual Rent: Would raise annual rental rates to $3/acre for the first 2 years, and then $5/acre, increasing costs by at least $123 million per year.
  • Eliminates Possibility of Royalty Relief: Would eliminate authority to grant royalty relief in difficult times or national emergency.
  • Imposes New Inspection Fee: Would raise the minimum inspection fees each operator will pay annually to anywhere from $800-$11,300 per lease, varying by lease.
  1. Imposing Huge New Costs on Production
  • Increased Royalty Rates: Would raise onshore royalty rate floor by more than half from 12.5% to 20% on new leases and would raise the already high offshore royalty rate floor to 20%.
  • New Royalties on Venting/Flaring: Would require royalties to be paid on all gas produced, including gas used or consumed for the benefit of the lease such as gathering compressors and gas that is consumed or lost by venting, flaring, or fugitive releases, with limited exceptions, which would raise royalty payments on average by 6.5%.
  • 1500-2000% Bonding Increase: Would increase onshore federal lease bond minimum by 15X for a federal lease bond, by 20X for a statewide bond, and removes the nationwide bond option. Additionally, it calls for rulemaking that will require bonding to cover 100% of the reclamation costs of a lease on federal lands that have less than 0.05% of federal wells orphaned.
  • New Expression of Interest Fee: Would impose a minimum $15/acre to notify the government of public interest in leasing. Onshore leases can be as large as 2,560 acres, thus costing up to $38,400/lease.
  • New “Resource” Fee: Would impose a $4/acre annual fee on producing leases, thus costing up to $10,240/lease for onshore leases, and $23,040/lease for offshore leases.
  • New Leasing Fee: Would impose a $6/acre annual fee on non-producing leases, thus costing up to $15,360 for each onshore lease, and $34,560 for each offshore lease.
  • New Severance Tax Fee: Would impose a new annual, non-refundable Federal severance fee “tax” on every barrel of oil equivalent produced from new leases on federal lands and waters.
  • New Idled Wells Fee: Would impose an annual cost anywhere from $500-$7,500 per idled well per year, and would deem a well “nonoperational” after 2 years, down from 7 years.
  1. Excluding Huge Areas of Rich Natural Resources:Several measures would severely limit access to federal natural gas and oil development – including terminating some existing leases – in Alaska (ANWR/NPRA) and the Gulf of Mexico (Eastern Planning Area), which would hurt local communities that use this royalty revenue for conservation, education, and infrastructure.
  1. Increasing Pipeline Transportation Costs:Would impose a new $10,000/mile annual fee for water depths greater than 500 ft.; and $1,000/mile for water depths less than 500 ft. There are approximately 26 thousand miles of pipelines in the offshore with about 12.6k miles in waters less than 400 ft and 13.7k miles in waters greater than 400 ft. Increased annual costs would total ~$149 million.

None of that has anything to do with improving infrastructure. The pipeline provision actively hurts pipelines, which remain the safest and environmentally cleanest way to transport energy from the source to where it’s refined and used. That provision alone would directly harm the environment. The whole suite of fees and exclusions would make energy more expensive to produce in the United States, ending what’s left of the energy independence the country achieved during the previous administration.

Recommended: Elon Musk Has an Amazing Message for Anyone Who Wants to Censor His Starlink Internet

If enacted, the measures would codify much of the stupefyingly radical and expensive Green New Deal into law. Though the radical Democrats claim all of the above would be done in the name of helping the environment, it would actually end up hurting the environment. The provisions in the bill do nothing to curb energy demand, and should the economy overcome Biden’s other anti-jobs policies, the recovering economy will demand more energy than the U.S. consumed overall in 2020. With more energy demand but domestic suppliers strangled, the U.S. will be forced to resume buying more energy from overseas sources. Those sources do not produce energy as cleanly as U.S. producers. They are also less stable politically. Additionally, some electric generators that currently burn clean natural gas produced in the U.S. will find themselves forced to revert to burning coal. Coal is a dirtier power source than natural gas. In fact, the market-driven switch to natural gas away from coal over the past several years led to the U.S. reducing emissions ahead of the Paris targets despite (?) President Trump withdrawing the U.S. from that agreement when he was in office.

No Republicans support the infrastructure bill, which the Democrats are attempting to pass via reconciliation without a single Republican vote. Moderate Democrats are being urged to vote no and some, including Sen. Joe Manchin, are signaling that the bill includes too much spending for them to support.

Food shortages-destruction of crops by government!!! Oil truckers dumping oil on roads

Farmers are being paid to destroy their crops, and not subsidized if they just grow them, penalized if you will! Crazy! Carbon giants are telling oil truckers to dump oil! Food and energy, two things that if controlled enough will ensnare the people in the globalists web.

Israel Vows to Retaliate Against Iran for Attack on Oil Tanker



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Benjamin Netanyahu may be gone as Israel’s prime minister but just because there’s been a change in government doesn’t mean that Jerusalem’s policy regarding retaliation for being attacked has been altered one bit.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett issued a statement following a suspected Iranian attack on an oil tanker in the Arabian Sea that was every bit as strong as anything Netanyahu would have said.

“They can’t sit calmly in Tehran while igniting the entire Middle East — that’s over,” Bennett said Tuesday during a meeting with military officials. “We are working to enlist the whole world, but when the time comes, we know how to act alone.”

“I say absolutely that Iran is the one that carried out the attack against the ship,” Bennett added. “The thuggish behavior of Iran is dangerous not only to Israel but also to the global interest in freedom of shipping and international trade.”

The suspected Iranian drone attack on the Mercer Street tanker happened off the coast of Oman and killed two civilians. The ship was owned by Israeli shipping magnate Eyal Ofer. Iran has denied it was responsible for the attack.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the Biden administration is “confident” Iran was the culprit and is considering “next steps.”

“Upon review of the available information, we are confident that Iran conducted this attack, which killed two innocent people, using one-way explosive UAVs, a lethal capability it is increasingly employing throughout the region,” the U.S. statement says.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said, “This is not just an Israeli matter… The whole world sees the results of Iran’s aggression and must take action. Any agreement with Iran must also address its aggression in the region and its harm both to innocent people and to the global economy.”

Gantz hinted that Israeli retaliation would come when least expected — “in the time and place and way” of Israel’s choosing. Gantz also warned that the new Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, “will be more dangerous to the world than it has been so far, more destructive to the region than it has been so far, and will strive to become an existential threat to Israel.”

But former prime minister Netanyahu used the occasion to criticize the government of his successor and warned that Joe Biden couldn’t be trusted with secrets.

“The information that is sent to America could be leaked to major media outlets, and in this way, our operations will be thwarted,” Netanyahu told the Israeli legislature. “This is an existential issue for Israel, in which there may be surprises, and sometimes surprises are needed.”

Netanyahu probably has a good point. There are many members of the Biden administration who are so vested in the Iranian nuclear deal that they could very well deliberately undermine Israel by leaking plans for their retaliation. Prime Minister Bennett would do well to heed those warnings and not share plans of any attack on Iran with Americans who are more eager to make a deal with Tehran than protect the interests of an ally.

Iran may want to consider how expert Israel has become at sabotaging its nuclear plants and facilities before targeting Israeli vessels again. In the “Shadow War” between Israel and Iran, Israel has many more targets to hit than Iran has in Israel.


Biden Lifts Sanctions on Venezuela, As Maduro and ally Communist Cuba crack down on democratic protesters



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

“The U.S. Department of the Treasury on Monday lifted sanctions on the export of gas to socialist Venezuela,” Breitbart reported on Tuesday, “a boon to the dictatorship in Caracas and its patron government in communist Cuba, which struggles to suppress mounting opposition and calls for the regime’s total abolition.” The lifting of sanctions is significant because “Caracas has further served as an economic lifeline for Havana, supplying much of the regime’s energy needs on credit, with extremely lenient terms.”

As the U.S. announced the lifting of sanctions, the Miami Herald reported, Venezuela’s Maduro regime surrounded the home of opposition leader Juan Guaidó and arrested his former deputy Freddy Guevara. The U.S. move took the establishment media by surprise.

“The Biden Administration is also maintaining its predecessor Donald Trump’s confrontational stance on Venezuela and China, two of Cuba's closest allies,” Newsweek reported Tuesday, in a piece headlined, “Joe Biden Wounds Cuba, Venezuela and China's Hopes of Obama-style Détente.” Back in February, Reuters reported that Biden was in “no rush” to lift sanctions on Venezuela but would consider easing them if Maduro showed he was ready to negotiate with the opposition.

Maduro did no such thing, and cracked down on the opposition even as the sanctions were lifted. Protesters in Caracas and Havana had grounds to believe the move aligned the United States with Cuban and Venezuelan regimes, and against those now suffering repression. Biden’s belated statement on the Cuban protesters, for example, was hardly “full-throated,” as Newsweek claimed.

“We stand with the Cuban people and their clarion call for freedom and relief from the tragic grip of the pandemic,” the White House statement said, “and from the decades of repression and economic suffering to which they have been subjected by Cuba’s authoritarian regime.” So the protest is primarily about the pandemic and an openly Communist regime is only “authoritarian.” Contrast Biden with Bernie Sanders during the 2020 primaries. “We’re very very opposed to the authoritarian nature of Cuba,” the Vermont socialist said, “ but you know, it’s unfair to simply say everything is bad.”

Cuban protesters bore signs denouncing la dictadura, but Biden would not say “dictatorship,” or “totalitarian,” much less “Communist.” Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden press secretary Jen Psaki if Cubans wanted to leave because “they don’t like Communism.” Psaki said Cubans were “opposed to the oppression, to the mismanagement of the government in the country.” 

In similar style on Tuesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters “Cubans were “tired of the mismanagement of the Cuban economy, tired of the lack of adequate food and, of course, an adequate response to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

On Tuesday Biden’s Department of Homeland Security boss Alejandro Mayorkas told Cubans “if you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States.” If individuals establish “a well-founded fear of persecution or torture, they are referred to third countries for resettlement. They will not enter the United States.”  As embattled Cubans might note, that marks a stark contrast to Biden’s open-border policy with “migrants” from anywhere else in the world.

“Freedom Floats: Cubans Risking Death to Cross Straits on ‘Chugs,’” headlines a July 2 report in Keysweekly. Since October, the U.S. Coast Guard has interdicted 512 Cubans. If the fleeing Cubans are intercepted “they are held at an undisclosed location and returned in groups to the island nation.” Flight from the Communist nation is not a new development.

According to the Library of Congress, “In the 1980s and 1990s, tens of thousands of hopeful emigrants attempted to flee by sea, chancing death by drowning, exposure, or shark attacks to make the 90-mile crossing. Many thousands rode only on flimsy, dangerous, homemade vessels, including inner tubes, converted cars, and cheap plywood rafts, or balsos. Hundreds of the balseros died on the journey.” For other accounts of the exodus see the Washington Post, from 1991, and a 2014 report in the New York Times.

As these and many other reports confirm, Cuba is so repressive that Cubans of all ages will flee the Communist dictadura in virtually anything that floats, risking their lives and leaving loved ones behind. Cuba was a Soviet colony but after the demise of the USSR, Venezuela became Cuba’s primary supporter. Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro transformed a prosperous nation into a socialist basket case, but the regime still propped up the Cuban dictadura. Biden’s lifting of sanctions will reinforce that support.

Maduro regards Juan Guaidó as a U.S. puppet, the role Joe Biden plays for the composite character David Garrow described in Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama.  His beloved Frank Marshall Davis, who got more than 2,000 words in Dreams from My Father, was an African American Communist who spent most of his life defending an all-white Soviet dictatorship. In similar style, the composite character president put time back on the clock for Cuba’s all-white Communist dictadura, headed for decades by white Sado-Stalinist Fidel Castro.

The composite character is a big fan of Black Lives Matter, and according to BLM Cuba is being “punished by the U.S. government because the country has maintained its commitment to sovereignty and self-determination.” A BLM statement blames the USA for Cuba’s problems and praises the regime for protecting “Black revolutionaries like Assata Shakur,” a reference to cop-killer JoAnne Chesimard, given asylum by Fidel Castro.

Joe Biden is such a fan of Black Lives Matter that he allows U.S. embassies to display BLM flags and banners.  Maybe the Delaware Democrat thinks Cubans “ain’t black,” if they don’t like their “authoritarian” government that mismanages the economy. If Cubans thought the addled Joe Biden was a friend of the Communist dictadura and an enemy of the Cuban people it would be hard to blame them.

Narco-Terror Bank HSBC: Pushing “Decarbonization” While Financing China’s Coal Expansion



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Noel Quinn, CEO of banking behemoth HSBC, is one of the latest corporate titans to flog the “climate emergency” narrative and promote the World Economic Forum’s global plan for the “Great Reset,” a total transformation of our entire planetary society.

Quinn sounded the alarm in a webcast “conversation” with former BBC presenter Nik Gowing at the Climate Innovation Forum in London. So did UN Climate Envoy Mark Carney, who is also a former Goldman Sachs exec, and former Bank of Canada and Bank of England chief.

The HSBS/corporate push for “decarbonization” was the subject of a July 5 article titled “Corporations More Eager To Decarbonize After Covid, HSBC CEO Says” by Forbes senior contributor Jeff McMahon. “In the 60 countries where HSBC Bank does business, corporations are proactively pursuing decarbonized business models,” because of “a lesson they learned from the COVID pandemic,” McMahon wrote.

Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Jail

HSBC is Europe’s second-largest bank and the world’s ninth-largest, with nearly $3 trillion in assets, according to the recent S&P report, The World’s 100 Largest Banks, 2021. HSBC is a major corporate player at the World Economic Forum (WEF), and its executives are regular participants and speakers at WEF events. It is also one of the most scandal-plagued of the Big Banks,  most notoriously for getting caught knowingly laundering hundreds of billions of dollars from drug cartels and terrorist organizations — for which the Obama administration gave the banksters a light slap on the wrist (see here and here).

Net Zero Greenwashing

Besides cheering on the WEF’s support for draconian COVID lockdowns, HSBC is a leading corporate promoter touting the globalist scheme for “net zero” emissions. This enormous fraud, claiming to be based on sound science, insists that human-caused carbon dioxide must be reduced and removed to the extent that emissions are reduced 8-10 percent annually to achieve “carbon neutrality” by 2050. This, say the alarmists, is the threshold necessary to keep global warming “well below 2°C above pre-industrial averages,” which, according to alarmist fairytales, is the tipping point we dare not cross. Why? Well, if the tipping point is crossed, our eyeballs will explode, our ice cream will melt, our pet polar bears will die — and lots and lots of other horrible, bad, terrible stuff will happen. We know this because the globalist Big Media have been screaming these doomsday prophesies at us for the past 30 years. The scary climate scenarios have repeatedly been shown to be hot air, the products of data fraud and politically-driven computer models. Nevertheless, in the past several years, Big Banking, Big Tech, and Big Business have rushed to the green banners, proclaiming their devotion to Mother Earth and laying out their woke ESG (environmental, social and governance) initiatives: climate action, pandemic action, Black Lives Matter, race reparations, open borders, LGBTQ support, etc.

Pushing, Bribing, Scaring the Business Community

Like BlackRock’s Larry Fink and JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon, HSBC’s Quinn is beating the WEF drum, warning of the twin “existential threat to humanity” from COVID-19 and global warming. They have been recruiting other CEOs to jump on the Net Zero bandwagon. At the Climate Innovation Forum, Nik Gowing asked Quinn how corporations respond to HSBC’s urging of net-zero business models. “I’m finding over the past 12-18 months that clients are actually coming for that dialogue proactively rather than us having to go to them,” Quinn said. “I’m finding that commitment from our clients to want to get on this journey. They realize that business models and technologies are going to change. If you’re in the automobile sector, your technology base will change over the next five years. If you’re in the energy sector, your technology base will change. They accept that, and their CEOs understand that.”

With Donald Trump out of the White House and Biden/Harris in, many business leaders, no doubt, have been trending in the woke green direction. Quinn, Fink, Dimon, and their ilk have powerful incentives to offer to those who jump aboard the bandwagon: fear and greed. Fear over being left behind as the marketplace becomes more politicized and “unwoke” companies are targeted for government harassment, civil lawsuits, and media/social media demonization. Greed for cashing in on all the “green” opportunities for politically connected, “socially conscious” corporations.

Quinn notes that the companies coming to him “need support in making that change a reality. And that’s where the finance sector should actually be on the front, financing that transition that needs to take place.” Yes, these companies are realizing that the radical “build back better” plans of the UN, the WEF, and the Biden administration would require massive destruction and construction of homes, apartments, offices, factories, transportation. And they will need financing to do that. And they are so lucky that HSBC, BlackRock, JPMorgan Chase, Citi, and the other Big Banks stand ready to help them out — with funny money that will be spun out of thin air by the Federal Reserve and the global banking coterie!   

From Scamdemic to Climate Con

Although the globalists have been pushing the climate alarm button for three decades, it took the COVID “pandemic” to provide the pretext and generate the levels of fear necessary for mass acceptance of drastic new erosions of personal liberty. That has incentivized many companies. “I think covid has helped in that regard,” Quinn said. “Everybody in the world has had a wake-up call on how fragile the world economy is. With that wakeup call, I think the pace of change has accelerated over the past 12 months.”

Aiding China, Hamstringing the U.S.

Mark Carney endorsed the climate plan put forward at the G7 Summit in June and said, “We have to make it the turning point for our planet. The G7 has put down the gauntlet and secondly taken some of the steps necessary in the financial sector, but there is unfinished business.”

Quinn, Carney, and Gower are all veteran participants in the WEF’s Davos extravaganzas, the annual confabs where jet-set billionaires gather to tell the rest of us to downsize our lifestyles and to adopt their “green” agendas that will transfer more political and economic power into their hands.

How genuine is their concern about greenhouse gas emissions anyway?  As we reported last month, HSBC, BlackRock, and JPMorgan Chase are among the biggest financiers of Communist China’s mammoth, ongoing expansion of coal-fired plants all over the world, while at the same time pushing the Biden-Harris-AOC “net zero” agenda here that is shutting down American energy, including coal, oil, and natural gas. Not that it really matters as far as affecting the climate, but any CO2 reductions we make here in the United States will be completely canceled out by China’s coal binge. Meanwhile, we will have destroyed our economy and made China’s stronger.

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DHS Waives Antiquated Law Slowing Recovery From Colonial Pipeline Shutdown~WAS SABOTAGE BY THE DEEP STATE WORKING WITH CHINA

Pipeline Inspector Calls In To The Alex Jones Show: “It’s 100% A Manufactured Collapse”

'If they wanted this thing going they would send guys out and open the valves up and get gas flowing tomorrow...'

'They're trying to collapse the country.'

SEE:;republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

An oil and energy expert calling in to the Alex Jones Show Wednesday claimed the US fuel crisis and gas shortages were part of a “manufactured collapse.”

“You’re 100 percent right,” says the caller, who claims he’s surveyed the Colonial Pipeline in the past.

“I’ve spent 15 years working in the oil and gas industry and also the energy industry, I just finished working 10 months in California and I’ve seen what they’re doing there, and it’s 100 percent a manufactured collapse.”

“If they wanted this thing going they would send guys out and open the valves up and get gas flowing tomorrow. They don’t need the electrical instrumentation to do that. So this is 100 percent a manufactured crisis. They’re trying to collapse the country.”

Dems Move to De-Industrialize US by Shutting Down a THIRD Pipeline

While Colonial pipeline remains inactive, causing an energy crisis, Michigan Gov. Whitmer moves to shut down Line 5 pipeline

The goal is to de-industrialize the West; that's why Greta Thunberg never lectured India or China

SEE:;republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

After the shut down of the Keystone and Colonial pipelines, Democrats are moving to close another oil and gas pipeline in Michigan.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ordered a Canadian energy company to close its Line 5 pipeline that has a segment running through Michigan.

“Line 5 delivers nearly half of the oil needs of both Ontario and Quebec, as well as propane for the state of Michigan,” reported The Guardian. “Earlier this month, Canada’s natural resources minister said the continued operation of the pipeline was ‘non-negotiable’ and warned that in addition to thousands of job losses, a shutdown would require 800 tanker rail cars and 2,000 trucks each day to move oil.”

Ironically, Canadian officials are pushing back on Whitmer’s order to shut the pipeline down by May 12, and she doesn’t have the authority to do so according to the 1977 Transit Pipelines Treaty between Canada and the United States.

“Regardless of what the state of Michigan may or may not want to do, the treaty is binding on the United States as a whole,” international trade lawyer Lawrence Herman said. “It’s a matter between the two governments: Canada and the United States.”

By shutting down another pipeline, Democrats like Whitmer are moving America closer to a post-industrial world with reduced energy and manufacturing capacity – and a lower standard of living for all.

A glimpse of this was seen during the Texas ice storm in February in which residents lived with little to no power for weeks.

The end goal is to de-industrialize the US, which is why activists like Greta Thunberg never lecture India or China about their energy use.

Whitmer claimed the segment of Line 5 in question, which crosses under the Straits of Mackinac, was a “ticking time bomb” for an oil spill.

“The company says it has never experienced a leak in the underwater section of Line 5 and is currently working to tunnel beneath the lake bed to further improve the safety of the pipeline,” the newspaper added.

Astute observers would note that Whitmer, who notoriously ignored her own Covid-19 lockdown orders to vacation in Florida, isn’t entirely motivated by environmental concerns given that the pipeline shutdown would lead to the oil being inefficiently transported by thousands of trucks each day.

The cost, of course, would be passed on to Michigan residents.


Colonial Pipeline Hack Crushes Vital U.S. Energy Source, Fuels Panic Among Drivers; Company Refuses to Pay Ransom 



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Last week, a paralyzing cyberattack, allegedly conducted by a Russian hacker group known as “DarkSide,” shut down the entire digital network of the Colonial Pipeline, a 5,500-mile oil-pipeline system that transports an average of 100 million gallons of fuel daily between Texas and New York.

Dubbed “the most dramatic cyberattack on U.S. soil to date,” the ransomware assault on a network responsible for nearly 50 percent of the East Coast’s oil supply points to what conservative pundit Glenn Beck argues is a national security crisis.

“Between Russia, China, and Iran — which President Joe Biden is now trying to make another nuclear deal with — it looks like the ‘Axis powers’ of a ‘digital World War III’ are lining up,” asserted Beck on his radio program.

According to a report obtained by Breitbart, Colonial Pipeline has refused to pay ransom to the criminals assumed to be responsible for the cyberattack on a crucial oil system that services a large segment of the nation’s gas supply. The report reads:

[Colonial Pipeline] are working with the cybersecurity firm Mandiant to restore the data from backup systems where possible and rebuild systems where backups are unavailable, said the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the matter is still under investigation.

[…] Mandiant quickly traced the stolen data to a server owned by a New York hosting firm, which over the weekend shut the server down, preventing any data to flow to the hackers, according to several people familiar with the matter. With that extortion avenue sealed off and with Mandiant helping to restore data and rebuild systems, “there’s no reason to make the payment,” one of the people said. DarkSide ransom demands can range from $500,000 to more than $5 million, according to Mandiant.

Since Tuesday, more than 1,000 gas stations in states heavily dependent on the pipeline, including Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and the Carolinas, have reported shortages in fuel supply, igniting panic in drivers who are buying up the last drops of gas at filling stations across the Southeast.

“Gas stations along the Southeast coast are beginning to feel the pinch from the shutdown of the biggest oil pipeline in the US due to a crippling cyber attack believed to be orchestrated by a Russia-based criminal group… [as the] closure of the 5,500-mile Colonial Pipeline, which carries more than 100 million gallons of fuel from Texas to New Jersey each day, has stretched into its fifth day,” the New York Post reported.

Twitter users posting images of their experiences dealing with the impact of the fuel shortage tell well the story of present-day Americans, who seem to panic at every crisis, real or imagined.

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm cautioned on Tuesday of a gas “supply crunch” affecting “the main spurs of the pipeline” that would continue to impact the affected regions even after the pipelines were fully restored and operating normally again.

“It’s about 70% of the supplies of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and especially Southern Virginia are impacted the most,” said Granholm. “And so those are the areas with which we have the greatest concerns. And because of the fact that there’s not a whole lot of other supply.… Now, this particular pipeline also supplies other states, but there are other pipelines that supply their states as well.”

Granholm later told reporters, “Much as there was no cause for, say, hoarding toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic, there should be no cause for hoarding gasoline.”

Yet Americans have good reason for concern, as restoration of the pipeline’s networks isn’t likely until the end of this week. The company told Fox News on Monday that segments of its delivery system are being brought back online in a “stepwise fashion.” 

“In response to the cybersecurity attack on our system, we proactively took certain systems offline to contain the threat, which temporarily halted all pipeline operations, and affected some of our IT systems. To restore service, we must work to ensure that each of these systems can be brought back online safely,” said Colonial Pipeline in a statement released Tuesday.

The chaos of the crisis forced many governors on Tuesday to declare a state of emergency, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R), and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D). North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (D) called for a state of emergency over the situation on Monday.

To address the challenges of the fuel shortages, and in the wake of a devastating U.S. jobs report, the Biden administration has spearheaded an interagency government response, including issuing temporary waivers for states to use non-compliant fuel to boost supply and greater flexibility for drivers delivering fuel, among other measures.

While the motives and identities of those who launched the attack remain unknown, the incident has rightly raised concerns about the national security vulnerabilities of companies that provide critical services to Americans.

University of Notre Dame IT, analytics, and operations professor Mike Chapple, a former computer scientist with the National Security Agency, in conversation with the Daily Mail, said that “systems that control pipelines should not be connected to the internet and vulnerable to cyber intrusions.”

“The attacks were extremely sophisticated and they were able to defeat some pretty sophisticated security controls, or the right degree of security controls weren´t in place,” said Chapple. 

Anne Neuberger, Biden’s deputy national security adviser for cybersecurity and emerging technology, told the Associated Press in April that “the government was undertaking a new effort to help electric utilities, water districts and other critical industries protect against potentially damaging cyberattacks.” 

“To ensure that control systems serving 50,000 or more Americans have the core technology to detect and block malicious cyber activity,” said Neuberger, “the White House has announced a 100-day initiative aimed at defending the country’s electricity system from cyberattacks by encouraging owners and operators of power plants and electric utilities to improve their capabilities for identifying cyber threats to their networks.”

Despite these recent calls for preventive strategies to mitigate unlawful cyber activity, Colonial Pipeline remains mostly non-operational, though some systems were reportedly restarted late today. The company estimates operations will return to normal in a few more days.

This latest national crisis, among a series of troubles plaguing the country, adds yet another distraction for lawmakers, and certainly opens America up to being more susceptible to a foreign attack, a favor we don’t want to grant any adversary, at home or abroad.

KEYSTONE PIPELINE: ‘Energy Security Is National Security,’ Georgia Attorney General Says



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

More than 20 Republican state attorneys general have teamed up to oppose the energy agenda promoted by President Joe Biden. 

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss two lawsuits that he and other attorneys general have filed against the Biden administration in an effort to further American energy independence.

Carr explains that Biden’s executive actions stopping construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline and limiting oil and gas drilling not only will have negative economic effects on individual Americans but adversely affect U.S. energy security. 

We also cover these stories:

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  • The Supreme Court throws out a lawsuit over former President Donald Trump’s now-deleted Twitter account.
  • Google wins a major Supreme Court case against the computer technology corporation Oracle.
  • Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., says President Biden should cut his $2 trillion “infrastructure” plan to $615 billion.

Listen to the podcast below or read the lightly edited transcript.

Virginia Allen: I am so pleased to be joined by Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr. Attorney General Carr, welcome to the show.

Chris Carr: Virginia, great to be with you. Thank you for having me on.

Allen: Oh, it’s a pleasure to have you here. All right, so let’s go back for a moment to March 17th. That’s the day that you filed a lawsuit with 20 other Republican attorneys general against President [Joe] Biden’s executive order that stopped the construction of the Keystone pipeline. So share with us why you chose to sign on and file this lawsuit.

Carr: Well, first of all, Virginia, because the president doesn’t have the power to overturn the permit that was granted by an act of Congress. So on the legal side of things, we firmly believe it was an unconstitutional act, and he needs to be prevented from pulling that permit.

But let’s look at this also: This was a symbolic move. Pulling Keystone’s permit was, just plain and simple, political symbolism with real-world implications.

When you look at the number of jobs that had relied on this permit, that was already in place, the amount of investment, when you look at the impact on increased costs for fuel and energy for families and for businesses, these types of actions—in addition to being unconstitutional—are going to impact folks all across this country.

I really commend my colleague [Attorney General] Austin Knudsen from Montana for really spearheading this issue and all my other colleagues, because this is an issue that’s going to impact everybody around the country.

Allen: And we know that, of course, the environmental groups are some of the loudest individuals on this issue, that they have been so opposed to the pipeline for a long time.

So we’re hearing that argument a lot in the news, but we’re also hearing the argument that the global price of oil has dropped so much that it makes sense for America to continue importing our oil because it’s cheaper. What’s your response to this argument?

Carr: My response is that energy security is national security. And one, we need to be focused on our own energy resources, but two, here we have a partner in Canada that’s been our partner in the Keystone pipeline. Great security partner, great trading partner. And we are undermining that relationship in and of itself.

But at the end of the day, we want to be able to continue to grow and cultivate and focus on our energy security. Because now, again, if this pipeline is not built, it’s not going to come to the U.S.. It’s going to go somewhere, and it’s most likely going to go to China or overseas.

But in addition, we’re going to have to then rely on sources like Venezuela and the Middle East and others for our energy needs. It doesn’t make sense.

And to your point—that environmental groups on the left, that this has been an issue for them—this political symbolism of pulling this permit is simply a political reward for those that supported the Biden-Harris campaign, plain and simple.

Allen: So really, at the end of the day, in other words, you’re saying that this is also political fanfare on the part of the Biden administration, that there’s not really a concrete reason for pulling this permit.

Carr: That’s right. And again, you look at it, it’s political in nature, but it’s going to have an economic impact. To the point about the cost of energy, it’s going to go up. Supply is going to go down. Demand is where it is. The price is going to go up. That’s simple economics. And so, it’s very, very frustrating.

And in addition, though, we keep going back and pointing this out, Congress in 2011 authorized this program and this project. In 2019, President [Donald] Trump issued the permit. These companies, these states, these workers, and many of which are union—so it seems like that is something that may cut against the president kind of going down the line.

It’s union jobs too, but it’s an estimated 42,000 jobs with $2 billion in associated earnings that, again, would be positively impacting folks in the United States. So it just doesn’t make a lot of sense legally or politically or from a policy perspective.

Allen: Wow. Well, and obviously, the pipeline won’t run or wouldn’t run through Georgia, but how does its cancellation even affect the people of your state?

Carr: Absolutely. Look, again, when you’re talking about supply and demand, you’re talking about a supply of energy from Canada, there’s a tremendous amount. It’s going to increase costs for Georgia families and for Georgia businesses. It’s going to impact everybody from agriculture to manufacturing. You name it.

This is an issue that is going to impact everyone, and particularly if it doesn’t just stop here. If today it’s Keystone and tomorrow it’s the next pipeline, whatever it is down the line, this could be an issue that impacts everybody.

But again, going back to the legality of it, the president has to follow the law as well. The president has to follow our constitutional provisions as well.

Congress authorized this. The president doesn’t have the authority to do that, so that impacts all of us and how we govern ourselves, whether we’re in Georgia or Montana or Nebraska or wherever it may be.

So this is an issue that impacts all of us, but it is going to be felt economically both at the dinner table and across the industry down the line.

Allen: Regarding the lawsuit that you filed with 20 other attorneys general, what do you think is next for that lawsuit, and how quickly do you think we’ll be able to learn what’s next for the pipeline?

Carr: Well, it’s going to work its way through the system, sometimes it takes a little while. But again, I commend my colleague, Austin Knudsen. His office and our colleagues, we’re going to continue to push forward, because again, American companies, American jobs are on the line.

Folks have relied on this permit. Money has been invested. Time has been invested. The states have invested time and resources as well. There was a reliance on this. So with every day that goes by, more American jobs are being harmed. And so with that in mind, I hope this goes as quickly as possible.

Allen: Let’s take a minute to talk about another lawsuit that you filed with 12 other state attorneys general to block the Biden administration’s violation of the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act and the Mineral Leasing Act.

So before we get into the details of the lawsuit, could you first just explain what the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act and the Mineral Leasing Act are?

Carr: Yeah. So whether or not you can drill offshore or whether you can drill onshore, that’s basically the way to understand those two pieces of legislation.

And again, the bottom line, it goes right back to what we were just talking about. Energy security is national security. And to limit and prohibit our ability to tap into, safely, I would remind everybody, safely and in an environmentally responsible way, it matters. We need to be able to tap into those resources, and we can do it.

And the left is saying that this is intended to protect the environment, but the way we see it is it’s likely one of the single largest divestments of revenue for environmental protection in American history because of the revenues that come off of those leases.

So, again, once again we have just said that the president has overextended himself and gone beyond what he should be able to do, and we are asking the court to halt that moratorium on oil and gas leasing and drilling permits.

Allen: And talk a little bit about that larger long-term economic impact on America if this drilling is not able to continue.

Carr: Well, again, it goes back … We have done an outstanding job during the Trump years to really focus on a way to safely and securely ensure that we are secure from an energy perspective.

We’ve shown that we can utilize these resources, as far as offshore drilling and onshore drilling on government property, in order to benefit American families and American industry.

If you are going to continue, if the administration and others are going to continue to hinder that and limit it, it only drives up the costs for American families. And it also encourages us and it forces us to go rely on, again, the Middle East or Venezuela and other overseas countries and locations that we’re going to have to rely on for our energy needs, and that doesn’t make sense.

Again, going back to Keystone here, we’ve got a great trading partner in Canada. Why would we not rely on and continue to work with a great trading partner and a security partner like Canada?

Here we’ve got an opportunity with offshore drilling, and on government lands as well. We know we can do it. We know it can be done safely. We know it can be done in an environmentally responsible way.

Why would we not continue to do that? That is good for the nation. It is good for individual families. It’s good for states. It’s good for American industry.

Allen: And on that note of the environmental side of things, we hear this argument, as we’ve talked about, of environmental groups saying it’s not good for the environment.

But when you consider the safeguards that America has in place compared to other countries like China, Venezuela, how can we really say, “Wait a second, actually, we are taking much more precautions and doing a better job of stewarding our planet, taking care of the environment”?

And really because of that, it would be more beneficial for America to be taking the lead on this, instead of leaving it to other countries who aren’t going to take as much care in really protecting their environment.

Carr: Well, Virginia, you’ve just explained it probably better than I could, but that’s exactly right. We know that the technology is there.

Again, when was the last time that you heard of a major pipeline issue? The technology is there to make sure that there is double and triple backstops and protection in order to make sure that this is done safely and securely.

I would argue also, again, this is a philosophical difference, and I think it’s important to get the word out, but I do think the private sector has an extra incentive to do it the right way.

And whether it’s clean air, clean water, whatever we’re talking about, we all have to breathe that same air and drink that same water. We believe in, as conservatives, taking care of the environment. But the question is, who’s going to do it?

I don’t want to defer simply and solely to the federal government, because I think the state of Georgia does a pretty good job of protecting our natural resources.

I know companies can’t afford to have spills and disasters that occur that could impact their ability to do business and hire people to make things. So I firmly and fundamentally believe that the private sector has incentives to do this, and I also believe that the technology that we have in the U.S., to your point, is second to none.

We continue to innovate, we continue to be strong, and we have this incentive. But the question is, do you believe the government’s in a better position to do it, or do you believe that the private sector or even the states [are]? There’s a federalism argument here. Do you think it’s the federal government? Do you think your own state and local communities can do it?

And again, I trust the people of our state and the people that are involved in these issues from a private sector perspective. I think we’ve got good safeguards in place and … I put the U.S. up against anybody.

Allen: Considering what we’ve seen already from President Biden regarding his environmental and energy priorities, what do you think we can expect to see over these next four years?

Carr: More of it. There’s no doubt about it. And I think you’re going to see it particularly as you look at—we’re in a situation now that you have the White House, the Congress, and the Senate are in Democratic hands.

And I think you see the stronger and stronger pull all the time from those on the far left that are going to continue to push President Biden and his handlers to go farther and farther to the left.

So I think you’re just going to continue to see more and more. And I think, Virginia, that’s the reason I believe that my Republican attorneys general colleagues and I play such an important role. We’re big believers in federalism, and we know that the federal government’s got its role, state governments have [their] role, and it’s up to us to push back.

And if Congress and the Senate are all going to be in one political party’s hands and the White House is as well, there’s got to be a pushback from somewhere, and that’s coming from the states.

And we as the chief legal officers and chief law enforcement officers of our states are uniquely positioned to push back, to make sure that that tension based on the principles of federalism is there.

So I think you’re just going to continue to see more and more. And you saw folks on the other side during the Trump years, our Democratic colleagues filed lawsuits all the time, and that was largely based on personality.

We believe in the rule of law. We believe in the principles of federalism. You’re going to see the lawsuits that we bring based on those principles.

And I believe we’re going to be more strategic based on the law and on what we bring, but I think we’re going to be very effective as well, because the president said he wanted to be bipartisan, he wanted to work with Congress, and yet you see more and more use of executive orders.

You’ve seen more use of executive orders under this administration than any other in modern history. So we’ve got to push back, and we’re uniquely positioned to do that.

Allen: And why do you think that is? Why do you think that there is this sort of, almost seems like newfound boldness to be willing to use that executive power a little bit more forcefully than we’ve seen in the past?

Carr: Well, I spent a little bit of time in the Senate. I worked for one of Georgia’s senators, Johnny Isakson, who’s a great public servant. So I’ve had a chance to be able to see this.

And again, when the administration is of one party and the Congress and the Senate are of that same party, so often Congress defers to the executive branch. And I’ve never really completely understood that, because the legislative branch is supposed to be the first among equals and the representatives of the people.

But I see that more and more, and I think the world that we’re in right now is so polarized that you’re seeing a tremendous amount of pressure to go farther and farther. And again, when all of Washington is in one party’s hands, right now the Democratic hands, you’re going to just see that tension to go farther and farther.

I think it’s just kind of political physics, and that’s what you’re seeing. And I also think that oftentimes, there were folks that maybe they, on the left, that voted against Donald Trump. They didn’t necessarily vote for Joe Biden. And when they look up, they said, “Wait a minute. I’m not necessarily for him. I’m for something farther to the left.” They were for Bernie Sanders or they were for someone else.

So you’re seeing that pull farther and farther to the left, which is where it’s important for us as Republican AGs, as state Republican AGs, to provide that backstop, to provide those guard rails, and make sure that, again, the federal government doesn’t overstep its bounds, because I think there is a tremendous temptation now in Washington to federalize everything.

I mean, you’ve seen it. They want to do it with elections, with HR 1. They tried to do it in the COVID bill to prohibit our ability to provide tax cuts and tax treatment for our state’s increased deductions or credits just in the recent bill. You see it in our right to defend ourselves. You’ve seen it with health care. There’s going to be a tremendous temptation to federalize everything at this point, and that’s not right.

Allen: Attorney General Carr, thank you so much for your time. We just really appreciate you breaking down these issues for us and your leadership there in Georgia.

Carr: Well, Virginia, thank you so much for having me on. I really appreciate it.


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Montana, Texas, 19 Other States Sue Biden for Canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline

Montana attorney general on Keystone pipeline lawsuit

Rumble — 21 state attorneys general have filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration over Joe Biden’s executive order to revoke the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. On Wall to Wall, Greta spoke with Montana’s Attorney General Austin Knudsen to hear more about that suit.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Legal Insurrection reports that 21 states are suing to block Joe Biden’s executive order that halted the Keystone XL pipeline.

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and 19 other state attorneys general filed suit today in United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas to block President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional and illegitimate attempt to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline (KXLP).

Despite several exhaustive studies undertaken by the Obama State Department that concluded the Keystone XL pipeline would boost the U.S economy, create American jobs, and safely transport oil throughout the country without increasing greenhouse gas emissions, Biden revoked the permit via executive order mere hours after reciting his oath of office. However, he did not have the power to do so.

The substance of the lawsuit is straightforward. Congress, not the president, regulates interstate commerce. Biden violated that when he unilaterally blocked the construction of the pipeline. As has been Biden’s MO since the inauguration, he failed to even consult Congress or any of the states affected by the decision. He has done the same with regard to the border, and is now facing a massive crisis of his own making there.

The science does not back Biden on this decision. Pipelines have proven to be the safest and cleanest means of moving oil and natural gas from where they’re produced to where they’re refined and used. The United States has about 3 million miles of pipelines under our feet. Those pipelines deliver energy every day without incident the vast majority of the time. They also keep trucks and trains off the roads and rails that would be delivering the oil and gas, keeping some emissions from ever getting into the air.

Canceling the pipeline isn’t about the project’s safety or the science of energy delivery. It’s about attacking the U.S. energy industry.

The states launching the lawsuit say Biden’s unilateral cancelation of the Keystone has killed 42,000 jobs. Unions opposed the decision, but Biden did not consult them either.

In the LI post, William Jacobson makes a very good point.

If the roles were reversed, Democrat activist groups would have been in court the next day all across the country hoping some judge somewhere would agree with them and issue an injunction. That’s what happened in the travel cases, so many cases were filed in so many different district courts that opponents only needed to win once. It didn’t matter if Trump won most of them, even a single nationwide injunction stalled things for weeks or months until it got to the Supreme Court, where eventually Trump won.

He’s urging Republicans to be quicker about filing suit to block Biden’s unilateral executive orders. He’s right. In the Keystone case, Biden issued the executive order on his first day. It’s taken nearly three months to get the lawsuit going. Since that time, construction has shut down and John Kerry arrogantly told displaced pipeline workers to go get jobs building solar panels.

They would have to move to China to obtain such jobs, as the vast majority of the world’s solar panels are built there, not the United States.

Congressional Republicans are limited in what they can do to block Biden’s executive orders. That’s one of the reasons he issues them instead of consulting with Congress as the Constitution intends. The states will have to do the heavy lifting, and they will have to be quicker about doing so than they have been thus far.

American Thought Leaders: Texas Power Outages Explained BY Jason Isaac

Rumble — What’s behind the devastating power outages in Texas? Some say the problem was freezing natural gas pipelines; some say it’s because wind turbines froze or mismanagement by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

To find out what’s going on in Texas, I sat down with Jason Isaac, who predicted a power crisis in Texas months ago. He’s the director of Life:Powered, a national initiative of the Texas Public Policy Foundation seeking to “raise America’s energy IQ.”

This is American Thought Leaders, and I’m Jan Jekielek.

#texas #texaspoweroutage #jasonisaac

Smoking Gun! Joe Biden’s Dept. of Energy Blocked Texas from Increasing Power Ahead of Killer Storm

A week before, Texas begged for help and asked for DOE to lift federal regulations barring state's energy output.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

An Emergency Order from the Biden administration’s Department of Energy shows Texas energy grid operator ERCOT was instructed to stay within green energy standards by purchasing energy from outside the state at a higher cost, throttling power output throughout the state ahead of a catastrophic polar vortex.

Alex Jones is breaking this down on Friday, Feb. 19 edition of Infowars Live:

Going into effect Sunday, Feb. 14, Emergency Order 202-21-1 shows the Energy Dept. was aware of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s statewide disaster declaration and that ERCOT was readying gas utilities in preparation for a demand surge.

The order shows Acting Energy Secretary David Huizenga did not waive environmental restrictions to allow for maximum energy output, instead ordering ERCOT to utilize all resources in order to stay within acceptable emissions standards – including purchasing energy from outside the state.

“ERCOT anticipates that this Order may result in an exceedance of emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury, and carbon monoxide emissions, as well as wastewater release limits,” the order states. “To minimize adverse environmental impacts, this Order limits operation of dispatched units to the times and within the parameters determined by ERCOT for reliability purposes.”

Moreover, the order instructed an “incremental amount of restricted capacity” to be sold to ERCOT at “a price no lower than $1,500/MWh,” an increase of over 6,000 percent over February 2020 prices of $18.20.

On Wednesday, the Dallas Business Journal reported, “Electricity on the Texas grid has averaged about $1,137.33 per megawatt-hour so far in February, up from $18.20 per megawatt-hour in February 2020, according to data from the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas. That’s a jump of more than 6,000 percent.”

Days later, the Public Utility Commission of Texas set prices at $9,000/MWh.

The EO shows the Biden administration basically ordered ERCOT to throttle its energy output by forcing it to comply with environmental green energy standards, while knowing full well Texans could freeze to death in their homes with zero electricity as temperatures plunged into the single digits.

Read the order:

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Smoking Gun Document: Feds Order Texas to Stand Down Ahead of Energy Crisis

Climate Lockdowns To Break Us Into New Peasant Class

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