New Hampshire school numbering children like concentration camp prisoners to track covid vaccination status

Image: New Hampshire school numbering children like concentration camp prisoners to track covid vaccination status

Unvaccinated Students At Exeter, NH Prom Marked For Contact Tracing



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(Natural News) In order to attend their prom this year, senior students at Exeter High School in New Hampshire were required to get marked and tracked based on their Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” status as part of some bizarre Tony Fauci mass worship ritual.

According to reports, non-jabbed students at the school were forcibly “numbered” with Sharpie markers like cattle, and followed around throughout the evening by snitches who apparently tried to observe whether or not the Chinese Virus was floating around their bodies.

Like some kind of scene out of a Holocaust movie, unvaccinated prom attendees were intentionally humiliated and treated like social pariahs as school officials made a visibly uncomfortable display in response to their presence.

Every three songs, unvaccinated students were told they needed to stop dancing, disengage from their partner, and raise up their arm “tattoo” so they could be identified and logged for contact tracing purposes.

“They also left the list of student names (first and last) with the info on whether they were vaccinated or not on a table outside after the prom,” reported New Hampshire Rep. Melissa Litchfield, quoting a constituent who informed her about the disturbing details.

“I found it the next morning. This information should 1. Not have been shared and 2. Should never be left where anyone can have access to it. I have a photo of the list.”

Exeter High School violated HIPAA protections

Another constituent told Litchfield that she was appalled how the children were treated, likening it to fascist regimes of the past that treated the “undesirables” like second-class citizens.

“Marking them, thus singling them out, and then having to raise their hands is beyond tolerable,” this person said.

“First, the school could be looking at lawsuits for violation of [HIPAA] rights. They have no business asking for a vaccine card … last Thursday masks were no longer required outside and if this is in effect it should not have mattered if they were vaccinated or not.”

Litchfield is asking others to come forward with their stories so she can look into the matter further. Apparently, there has been “much talk” at the state level concerning state residents being asked for vaccination status.

Perhaps the worst part is that Exeter students and their parents were not told beforehand that unvaccinated students would be tagged and tracked throughout the evening.

“The kids were told it was optional to provide a copy of their vaccine card,” another parent reported. “When they showed up at prom check-in they were marked and had a number written on them in black Sharpie if they were not vaccinated.”

“Those that were vaccinated had a different color mark and no number assigned to them. Underclassmen were given the role of writing the numbers down on the dance floor. After every 3-4 dances kids were asked to raise their hands so the underclassmen could record the numbers.”

The school did, however, threaten students beforehand that if they tested “positive” for Chinese Germs in the week leading up to prom, that they would not be able to participate and would “miss graduation and all their senior week activities per the school’s contact tracing policy.”

“It is not right that kids are feeling pressured from peers, school and government to get vaccinated,” another parent said. “Kids should not feel they need to get the vaccination or they will potentially ‘miss out’ on events. It is a personal choice and should remain that.”

“It has become a way to separate and cull out those that won’t follow along – it’s a scary, slippery slope and I guess I hope that if attention is brought to it, people might think twice about whether we want to start down that slope or not.”

So much for “live free or die,” which is New Hampshire’s state motto.

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Black Mother Explains Why Critical Race Theory Is Racist

Black Mother Reveals Critical Race Theory's Hidden Anti-Black Racism



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On Thursday, black Florida mother Keisha King testified against critical race theory (CRT) as Florida’s Department of Education considered a new rule that would ban CRT from public schools. The rule ultimately passed. King’s testimony went viral on social media, and even Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), who proposed the ban (which originally did not explicitly condemn CRT), shared a video of her testimony.

“My name is Keisha King, I’m a mom of two, one of whom is in the Duval County Public School system and one in private school thanks to school choice,” the mother, who lives in the Jacksonville area, began.

“Just coming off of May 31, marking the 100 years [after] the Tulsa riots, it is sad that we are even contemplating something like critical race theory, where children will be separated by their skin color and deemed permanently oppressors or oppressed in 2021,” King lamented. “That is not teaching the truth, unless you believe that whites are better than blacks.”

RecommendedCritical Race Theory Has Sparked a Civil War in American Education

“I have personally heard teachers teaching CRT and we have had an assembly shut down because a Duval County Public School system consultant thought it would be a great idea to separate students by race,” she recalled.

“This is unacceptable,” the black mother declared, emphatically.

She went on to counter much of the leftist rhetoric that CRT advocates use to foist this nefarious ideology on children.

“CRT is not ‘racial sensitivity’ or simply teaching unfavorable American history or teaching Jim Crow history. CRT is deeper and more dangerous than that,” she explained. “CRT, in its outworking today, is a teaching that there is a hierarchy in society where white, male, heterosexual, able-bodied people are deemed the oppressor and anyone else outside of that status is oppressed. That’s why we see corporations like Coca-Cola asking their employees to be ‘less white,’ which is ridiculous.”

“Telling my child or any child that they are in a permanent oppressed status in America because they are black is racist and saying that white people are automatically above me, my children, or any child, is racist, as well,” King added. “This is not something that we can stand for in our country.”

She ended her remarks by celebrating America’s history of overcoming its sullied past on the issue.

“Our ancestors — white, black, and others — hung, bled, and died right alongside each other to push America towards that more perfect union,” King declared. “If this continues, we will look back and be responsible for the dismantling of the greatest country in the world by reverting to teaching hate and that race is a determining factor on where your destiny lies.”

RecommendedSchool District: ‘Our Superintendent Is Doing His Job’ By Saying Critical Race Theory ‘Isn’t Optional Anymore’

King is correct. CRT justifies blatant racism in the name of promoting “equity.” One of its architects has even supported racial discrimination to counter historic discrimination and has called for a totalitarian bureaucracy to enforce his vision of “equity.” This new racism masquerades as “anti-racist,” but it judges people according to the color of their skin, not the content of their character.

Marxist thinkers invented critical race theory (CRT) in order to upend society by claiming that hidden racism pervades American institutions. CRT teaches people to seize on any racial disparity as ipso facto proof of racial discrimination, despite the clear prohibitions on racial discrimination in federal law. Advocates claim that the American status quo is racist — if not “white supremacist” — so extreme measures to reverse historic injustices are the only “anti-racist” option.

Since American society must be secretly racist, CRT advocates attribute various aspects of society to the nefarious impact of “whiteness.” The Smithsonian briefly published a “teaching tool” infographic on “whiteness.” That infographic claimed that the nuclear family, science, capitalism, the Judeo-Christian tradition, individualism, “objective, rational linear thinking,” and even values such as “be polite” are aspects of oppressive whiteness. The Smithsonian rightly removed the graphic after facing criticism, but this incident illustrates just how mainstream CRT has become.

CRT has led many to demonize white people based on the color of their skin, assuming these people must be oppressors. Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes, an associate professor of practical theology at Mercer University, published a devotional that included a prayer asking God to “please help me to hate white people. Or at least to want to hate them.” Dr. Aruna Khilanani, a psychiatrist, openly discussed her “fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body, and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a f***ing favor.”

Yet King also highlighted another nefarious aspect of CRT. By teaching that all white people are oppressors and all black people are oppressed, CRT implies that white people have been able to master black people despite the end of slavery and the implementation of civil rights laws. This perversely suggests that whites are stronger and more cunning than their supposed victims. In other words, CRT subtly preaches the very form of racism that Americans have struggled for centuries to reject.

This perverse ideology does not belong in America’s schools.

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Virginia mom who survived Maoist China eviscerates school board’s critical race theory push

Mao Survivor Mom Drops TRUTH BOMBS on Critical Race Theory at School Board Meeting:

Xi Van Fleet grew up in Communist China under Mao and witnessed the horrors of the communist revolution first hand. Now she's in the United States raising a family and sees the same trends happening with the implementation of Critical Race Theory in public schools. She dropped some truth bombs all over the Loudon County Virginia School Board.

Xi Van Fleet said Cultural Revolution began when she was 6, pitted students against one another and their teachers



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Virginia mom who endured Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution before immigrating to the U.S. ripped a Virginia school board at a public meeting Tuesday over its stubborn support of the controversial critical race theory.

"I’ve been very alarmed by what’s going on in our schools," Xi Van Fleet told the Loudoun County School Board members. "You are now teaching, training our children to be social justice warriors and to loathe our country and our history."

She likened CRT, which critics deride as a form of "neo-racism," to China’s Cultural Revolution, a Mao-led purge that left between 500,000 and 20 million people dead from 1966 to 1976. The estimates vary greatly and many details have been shrouded in secrecy for decades.

Van Fleet, whose son graduated from Loudoun High School in 2015, shared some of her experience growing up in China’s Sichuan province with Fox News exclusively Wednesday evening.


The Cultural Revolution began when she was 6 years old, she said, and immediately pitted students and teachers and against one another by hanging "Big Posters" in hallways and the cafeteria where students could write criticisms against anyone deemed ideologically impure.

"One of the teachers was considered bourgeoisie because she liked to wear pretty clothes," Van Fleet said. "So the students attacked her and spit on her. She was covered with spit… and pretty soon it became violence."

To me, and to a lot of Chinese, it is heartbreaking that we escaped communism and now we experience communism here.

— Xi Van Fleet

Communist squads would raid homes and destroy any relics of China’s past culture, history, governments or religion, she said. 

"Everything that was considered ‘old,’ feudalist, a vase, Buddhas, everything was taken out and smashed," she said.

There were thought crimes, too.

"We were asked to report if we hear anything about someone saying anything showing that there's a lack of complete loyalty to Mao," she said. "There were people reporting their parents, and their parents ended up in jail."

At 26 years old, she said, she finally made it out, traveling to the U.S. – where she immediately found freedoms she had never been able to enjoy before.

Xi Van Fleet, who survived Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution, speaking before the Loudoun County school board Tuesday.

Xi Van Fleet, who survived Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution, speaking before the Loudoun County school board Tuesday. (LCPS)

"I felt like it’s such a free country, meaning I have free access to all sorts of information – books on both sides of the issues," she said.

In the current political and cultural climate in the U.S., however, she said she felt some of that freedom eroding.

"I can’t really just say what I mean, even though the other side can say whatever," she said. "To me, and to a lot of Chinese, it is heartbreaking that we escaped communism and now we experience communism here."

In her speech to the school board, which officials made her shorten to fit the one-minute limit, she drew direct parallels between what she saw back then in China and what she sees in the United States today.

"The Communist regime used the same critical theory to divide people," she said. "The only difference is they used class instead of race."

I just want Americans to know that their privilege is to be here living in America, that is just the biggest privilege.

— Xi Van Fleet

She said she witnessed students and teachers "turn against each other" during the pogrom and saw schools change their names "to be politically correct."

"We were taught to denounce our heritage, and Red Guards destroyed anything that is not communist…statues, books and anything else," she continued. "We were also encouraged to report on each other, just like the Student Equity Ambassador program and the bias reporting system."


"This is indeed the American version of the Chinese Cultural Revolution," she said. "The critical race theory has its roots in cultural Marxism. It should have no place in our school."

Her speech came 246 years after fellow Virginian Patrick Henry declared "Give me liberty or give me death" during the Second Virginia Convention in Richmond, 125 miles to the south of Loudoun.

"I just want Americans to know that their privilege is to be here living in America, that is just the biggest privilege," Van Fleet said over the phone Wednesday. "I do not think a lot of people understand. They are thinking they are doing the right thing, ‘be against racism’ sounds really good. But they are basically breaking the system that is against racism."

One of the teachers was considered bourgeoisie because she liked to wear pretty clothes. So the students attacked her and spit on her.

— Xi Van Fleet

The Loudoun County school board has doubled down on its embrace of left-wing policies, including CRT, in recent months.

Illustrating Van Fleet’s point, a group of Loudoun County parents and teachers were accused of "racketeering" and intimidating conservative parents who raised questions about the radical proposals. Members of the "Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County" allegedly compiled a list of outspoken conservatives in their community in order to track, hack and "doxx" them – or even scare them into self-censorship, according to David Gordon, director of the Virginia Project, a Republican PAC.

Earlier this week, a judge ordered the district to reinstate suspended elementary school phys ed teacher Byron "Tanner" Cross after he was punished for speaking his mind during the public comment portion of a hearing on new transgender policies last month. 

Cross declared that he wouldn't "affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa because it's against my religion. It's lying to a child, it's abuse to a child, and it's sinning against our God."

He was speaking out against a district policy proposal that would require teachers and other school staff to address "gender-expansive or transgender students" with their preferred name, pronouns and gender.


Ian Prior, the father of two students attending Loudoun schools, said Van Fleet’s remarks to the school board "should serve as a stark warning" Wednesday.

"I think for a while now, school systems have really put this stuff in the schools right under our very noses, and we just weren’t aware," he said. "When your kids go to school and you let them go through those doors, you’re trusting the school system to do the job that they’re’ supposed to do…And it took a pandemic and all the information that parents could see with this distance learning to understand exactly what was going on."

Fox News’ Andrew Murray and Sam Dorman contributed to this report.

WATCH Parents EXPLODE Across the NATION Against CRT!!!


Parents are exploding across the nation against school boards promoting CRT or critical race theory! We’re going to see for ourselves the rising of what we’re calling patriot parents across the country who love their children and their nation too much to give them both up to the pernicious and racist forces of cultural Marxism! Prepare to be inspired gang, you’re going to love it!

School Teaching Critical Race Theory-Outspoken New York Parent

Rumble — Real America - Dan W/ Concerned & Outspoken New York Parent, Tatiana Ibrahim (June 8, 2021)


Mom tears apart school board over Critical Race Theory | FULL VIDEO & questions with Tatiana Ibrahim

Social Media Blitz Exposes Campus Racism Triggered by Critical Race Theory

Rooting out the new racism espoused by the radical Left.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A cutting-edge social media campaign conducted in April and May by the David Horowitz Freedom Center targeted and exposed the racist and segregationist actions and programming of prestigious colleges and universities taken under the guise of “anti-racism” and Critical Race Theory. Ten prestigious institutions of higher education including Harvard University, the University of Southern California, Georgetown University, and the University of Minnesota were outed for their racist leanings and decisions.  

The universities targeted by the Freedom Center’s campaign were included among the “Most Racist” for varied reasons, but the unifying theme was their allegiance to the new philosophy of Critical Race Theory (CRT), a radical revision of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream that each American be judged “not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” While Dr. King and the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s promoted “colorblindness,” CRT pushes the opposite view, that our character and our place in society is predetermined by our skin color.

As Manhattan Institute senior fellow Christopher Rufo explained recently in an interview with The Atlantic, “Critical race theorists believe that American institutions, such as the Constitution and legal system, preach freedom and equality, but are mere ‘camouflages’ for naked racial domination. They believe that racism is a constant, universal condition: it simply becomes more subtle, sophisticated, and insidious over the course of history. In simple terms, critical race theory reformulates the old Marxist dichotomy of oppressor and oppressed, replacing the class categories of bourgeoisie and proletariat with the identity categories of White and Black. But the basic conclusions are the same: in order to liberate man, society must be fundamentally transformed through moral, economic, and political revolution.”

Guided by this ahistorical revolutionary subtext, America’s colleges and universities have increasingly promoted racially segregated classes and “anti-racist” training programs which actually endorse racist tropes and promote racial conflict.  To combat this return to Jim Crow, the Freedom Center published a report and created a new website,, exposing the Top Ten Most Racist Colleges and Universities in America. The social media campaign served to highlight this report and its conclusions and bring them to a wider audience.

Harvard University, #1 on the Freedom Center’s list of most racist universities, was sued for blatant discrimination against Asian applicants in spite of their superior academic achievements, made possible by characterizing their personalities as “lacking” and “one dimensional.”

Smith College, #2 on the Freedom Center’s list, delivered an elaborate apology to a black student who alleged racism at the hands of Smith employees. Even after the student’s narrative was proven by an independent investigation to be both malicious and false, Smith used it as an opportunity to force its white, working-class employees to undergo mandatory “anti-racism” training and attend “White accountability” sessions. The lying student received no punishment.

The University of Southern California, #3 on the list, suspended a linguistics professor from teaching a class after he used an example of a Chinese phrase that phonetically resembles the N-word.

Georgetown University, #4 on the list, immediately fired one professor and disciplined another because they dared to discuss and lament the poor academic performance of African-American law students—an actual anti-racist sentiment.

The University of Pittsburgh made the list at #5 for forcing all incoming freshmen to take a mandatory class in “Anti-Black Racism” which teaches that “color blindness” and “the myth of meritocracy” amount to microaggressions.

The University of Central Florida clocked in at #6 for conducting a witch-hunt and firing a tenured professor after he made posts on social media questioning the existence of “systemic racism” and mocking the concept of “white privilege.”

The University of Minnesota was named to the list at #7 for conducting an online class titled “Recovery from White Conditioning” which presented a “12-step program” to make white students aware of their innate “white supremacy.” 

Cornell University made the list at #8 for offering a throwback to the Jim Crow-era—a racially segregated physical education class titled “BIPOC Rock Climbing” which barred white students from entry.

Elon University earned the #9 spot on the list for urging “white-identifying” students to join a weekly “White Caucus” Zoom meeting. “White caucuses allow white-identfying [sic] allies to have these conversations in a way that does not burden or re-traumatize people of color,” an email from the university explained.

Finally, Brandeis University earned the #10 spot on the list for racially segregating students in discussions about racism. Brandeis officials attempted to justify this segregation by claiming it was an issue of safety not to allow whites and blacks to converse about racial issues until the white students have been sufficiently shamed for their innate racism.

Using eye-catching graphics and memes, the Freedom Center’s social media campaign was able to place direct evidence of these racist outrages directly into the Facebook and Instagram feeds of students, alumni, and fellow educators from each university. Reaction was swift and condemnatory.

“As a graduate of this school, I find this very disturbing,” one Elon alum commented on the social media postings targeting his alma mater. “I need more information regarding this unacceptable issue before making contribution decisions.”  His comment was “liked” by 24 others.

“This is why I will not send them a penny,” declared a Brandeis alum from the class of 1971.

“They should never [have] fired that professor,” an alum of the University of Central Florida commented on the Freedom Center’s report. “UCF has turned into a garbage pit that continues to embarrass me.”

“I’ve been ashamed of Pitt since the Buckley incidents,” an alum of the University of Pittsburgh commented. “I stopped contributing long ago and this incident confirms I made the right decision. Sad.”

“I taught Legal Research and Writing at Georgetown in ’90 and I can tell you I struggled with minority students who could barely write sentences, let alone a legal brief,” commented a former instructor in defense of the Georgetown professor who was fired for commenting on the poor performance of African-American students. “I wanted to fail a couple of students but that is ‘just not done’ for the most part at Georgetown University Law Center. The racist accusation is crazy. If anything is crazy, it’s letting in unqualified students to meet a quota.” 

During the six-week social media campaign, the Freedom Center’s ads exposing racist colleges and universities reached over 377,000 individuals across all 10 targeted campuses and garnered over 1.3 million total impressions, 20,000 clicks to view the full report on the website, and 400,000 viewings of the accompanying videos hosted on YouTube. This is an incredible reach for a campaign of this size and scope and successfully exposed the radical manifestations of Critical Race Theory in our universities to large numbers of current students and alumni. A follow-up campaign encouraged alumni to sign letters protesting these outrages to the president or chancellor of each university and remains live on the campaign website.

“Diversity Training programs are not about racial sensitivity,” explained Freedom Center founder David Horowitz. “They are about the demonization of white people and the constitutional order of individual freedom, equality and accountability the American Founders created. These campuses are openly promoting racism in the name of ‘social justice.’” 

Images of some of the Freedom Center’s Facebook ads targeting the Top Ten Most Racist Colleges & Universities may be viewed below.

District Must Reinstate Teacher Who Opposed Transgenderism

Rumble — Real America - Dan W/ Virginia Elementary School Teacher, Tanner Cross & Attorney representing Tanner, Tyson Langhofer (June 8, 2021)

Judge Orders School District to Reinstate PE Teacher Who Opposed Transgender Policy



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

On Tuesday, a judge ordered the Loudoun County, Va., school district to reinstate a physical education teacher who dared to speak out against a policy that would require teachers to endorse transgender identity by using female pronouns to refer to male students and vice versa. Roughly 24 hours later, the district suspended the teacher and barred him from setting foot on school property. The judge ruled that this suspension likely violated the teacher’s First Amendment right to free speech.

“The Court finds that the Plaintiff’s speech and religious content are central to the determination made by the Defendants to suspend Plaintiff’s employment. The Court further finds that the weight of the evidence and the totality of the circumstances, clearly show that the four prongs for issuance of a temporary injunction have been satisfied,” Judge James E. Plowman, Jr. of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit of Virginia, wrote in his order.

Plowman granted Byron [Tanner] Cross, the PE teacher, the temporary injunction he sought. Under the terms of the injunction, the school district “shall immediately reinstate [Cross] to his position as it was prior to the issuance of his suspension and remove the ban that was placed upon him from all buildings and grounds of Loudoun County Public Schools.” The injunction will remain until December 31, 2021.

RecommendedVa. School District Suspends PE Teacher Who Opposed Transgender Policy. Now, He’s Fighting Back

“Nobody should be punished for expressing concern about a proposed government policy, especially when the government invites comment on that policy. For that reason, we are pleased at the court’s decision to halt Loudoun County Public Schools’ retaliation against Tanner Cross while his lawsuit continues,” Michael Farris, president and CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the law firm representing the teacher, said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Educators are just like everybody else—they have ideas and opinions that they should be free to express. Advocating for solutions they believe in should not cost them their jobs,” Farris added. “School officials singled out his speech, offered in his private capacity at a public meeting, as ‘disruptive’ and then suspended him for speaking his mind. That’s neither legal nor constitutional.”

“Dozens of other teachers have shared their beliefs on various policies without retaliation; Tanner deserves to be treated with the same respect,” the ADF president concluded.

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) suspended Cross less than 48 hours after he dared to speak out against LCPS Policy 8040 and the proposed changes to LCPS Policy 8350, which would require teachers to refer to students by preferred gender pronouns, rather than the pronouns that correspond to a student’s biological sex as male or female.

“My name is Tanner Cross, and I am speaking out of love for those who suffer with gender dysphoria,” Cross, the PE teacher at Leesburg Elementary, said during the public comment segment of the school board meeting. “Sixty Minutes this past Sunday interviewed over 30 young people who transitioned but they felt led astray because lack of pushback or how easy it was to make physical changes to their bodies in just three months. They are now detransitioning.”

Cross referenced the 60 Minutes segment on detransitioners in order to highlight the danger of transgender ideology. In pursuit of false gender identities, men and women have permanently mutilated their bodies, only to later reject the transgender identity.

“It’s not my intention to hurt anyone, but there are certain truths that we must face when ready,” Cross insisted. “We condemn school policies like 8040 and 8350 because it would damage children, defile the holy image of God. I love all of my students, but I will never lie to them, regardless of the consequences.”

“I’m a teacher but I serve God first and I will not affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa because it’s against my religion, it’s lying to a child, it’s abuse to a child, and it’s sinning against our God,” Cross concluded.

RecommendedVa. School District SUED For Retaliating Against Teacher’s Free Speech

LCPS claimed Cross’s remarks had been “disruptive,” but Judge Plowman noted that the school had received only five emails from parents complaining about Cross’s remarks before the district suspended him. The school has at least 391 students, so “the Court views the magnitude of parental complaints to be de minimis given the size of the Leesburg Elementary School community.” Therefore the complaints “could not reasonably be construed as so disruptive to school operations to justify the decision taken by [LCPS].”

Since Cross spoke out on a matter of public concern, in his own private capacity outside of his duties at work, Plowman ruled that LCPS’s “retaliatory action adversely affected [Cross’s] constitutionally protected speech.” The judge ruled that Cross is likely to succeed on the merits of his case, that failure to issue the order would cause Cross “irreparable harm,” that Cross posed no serious threat to justify the suspension, and that granting him relief from the suspension is in the public interest.

It is heartening to see Cross restored to work after LCPS egregiously violated his rights. While school districts across the country may seek to enforce transgender ideology, this ruling sends a clear message that school districts cannot retaliate against employees who voice their disagreement with transgenderism.

RecommendedFormer Students Sue to Force LGBT Orthodoxy on Christian Colleges

Cross’s legal battle is far from over, but at least LCPS cannot bar him from school property for the duration of this case.



SOUTH DAKOTA GOVERNOR Kristi Noem addresses North Carolina GOP

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem addresses the North Carolina Republican Party about her state's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, defending liberty and the future of Conservatism - Via Newsmax's 'America Right Now.'

Kristi Noem Vows to Fight Hateful Critical Race Theory

The 1776 Pledge to Save Our Schools takes aim at the destructive ideology.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

In May, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem became the first candidate nationwide to promise to combat action civics and the un-American ideology of critical race theory by signing the 1776 Pledge to Save Our Schools, a pledge drafted by a new patriotic education nonprofit.

“Teaching our children & grandchildren to hate their own country & pitting them against one another on the basis of race or sex is shameful & must be stopped. I’m proud to be the 1st candidate in America to sign ‘The 1776 Pledge to Save Our Schools,’” Noem wrote on Twitter.

Noem’s embrace of the pro-American education pledge came as state lawmakers nationwide consider legislation banning the teaching of critical race theory (CRT), which maintains, like the New York Times’ ahistorical 1619 Project, that America is an inherently racist nation.

It also came as Democrats promote the proposed “Civics Secures Democracy Act” in Congress, which involves handing out $1 billion per year in federal grants over six years for K–12 curriculum development, teacher training, and research on the teaching of history and civics. Some of the money will go toward action civics and promoting critical race theory.

“Many establishment Republicans are slowly awakening to this being an issue that people care about, said Russ Vought, who ran the Office of Management and Budget in the Trump administration and is now president of the Center for Renewing America, which focuses on anti-CRT efforts at the grassroots and state level.

“And I would say that the grassroots cares about this and election integrity more than any other issue right now. So, if you’re a Republican, and you are not doing something to combat critical race theory, you have no idea where your people are.”

Another group, 1776 Unites, which has the support of an array of black conservatives and liberals, scholars, writers, educators, activists, journalists, and entrepreneurs, was created earlier this year, as FrontPage reported in March. The group is a project of the Woodson Center, a community transformation and empowerment organization founded in 1981 by Robert L. Woodson Sr.

The group “maintains a special focus on voices in the black community who celebrate black excellence, reject victimhood culture, and showcase the millions of black Americans who have prospered by embracing the founding ideals of America,” according to its website.

Noem, a Republican, elaborated on her tweet in an op-ed with former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson.

“A great nation cannot survive if its citizens are taught to hold their own country in contempt. Our Founders knew that people are not perfect – that is why they created an ingenious constitutional system of checks and balances. But that system also requires strong civic engagement by citizens who understand and defend the values and traditions that make America special,” Noem and Carson wrote. 

“Critical race theory is a deliberate means to sow division and cripple our nation from within – one brainwashed and resentful student at a time. And while foreign adversaries like China and Russia surely work to inflame our divisions, we are doing this to ourselves.  

Whether or not we can defeat this ascendant anti-Americanism is perhaps the most important cultural challenge of our lifetime, and fortunately, a growing number of courageous parents, grandparents and teachers understand the stakes and have begun to speak out and push back.”

“By focusing on this issue, we have the opportunity to create an entirely new, diverse coalition of voters for these values – one built upon a genuine love for our nation and our children,” they wrote.

“Critics often deride our push for truthful, patriotic education by claiming that we don’t want to have ‘difficult conversations’ about troubling aspects of our history. They’re wrong. Our children and grandchildren should understand the full picture – our fundamental values, our greatest achievements, and the long struggles to overcome injustice as well.”

“In doing so, they will learn the story of a brave and vibrant people. They will learn the stories of amazing men and women of every color and background who, for almost 250 years, have together fought, argued and strived to build a more perfect union,” they wrote.

For those not up-to-speed on the latest leftist euphemisms, action civics refers to K–12 students being made to protest and lobby for political causes for course credit.

Critical race theory spreads a false and hateful narrative about American history that exacerbates racial tensions, conservatives say.

CRT supporters denounce American culture and history as “Eurocentrism” and “whiteness.” It is “a variation of critical theory applied to the American context that stresses racial divisions and sees society in terms of minority racial groups oppressed by the white majority,” according to the 1776 Commission’s report.

“Equally significant to its intellectual content is the role Critical Race Theory plays in promoting fundamental social transformation,” the report states, “to impart an oppressor-victim narrative upon generations of Americans. This work of cultural revolution has been going on for decades, and its first political reverberations can be seen in 1960s America.”

The 1776 Commission was at odds with the anti-American ideology of Joe Biden, now our illegitimate, placeholder president, so of course he disbanded it hours after he was installed banana republic-style, surrounded by thousands of soldiers.

In Executive Order 13985, Biden rescinded legitimate President Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13950, which banned critical race theory in federal training, along with Trump’s Executive Order 13958, which created the 1776 Commission that sought to move U.S. education away from a radical curriculum that unduly emphasized race-related injustices of the past.

The pledge Noem signed is promoted by 1776 Action, a new 501(c)(4) nonprofit founded by Adam Waldeck, former aide to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Gingrich and Carson support the group.

The anti-CRT movement has made a lot of inroads in Virginia.

Glenn Youngkin, Pete Snyder, Sergio de la Peña, Amanda Chase, Peter Doran, and Kirk Cox, candidates for the Republican Party nomination for governor of Virginia in May, also signed the pledge. Youngkin, who won the race, told Fox News before his victory: “As governor, I will not allow the political agenda of critical race theory to be taught in our schools. We will replace it with a high-quality civics curriculum.”

Loudoun County, Virginia, has become “ground zero” in the fight against critical race theory-based indoctrination in schools nationwide, according to Ian Prior, executive director of Fight for Schools, a Virginia political action committee.

CRT must be obliterated because it “seeks to view everything through the lens of race and believes all institutions, traditions, language, and history of this country are systemically racist,” he said.

In May, Fight for Schools launched a petition drive to remove 6 radical, pro-CRT members of the 9-member school district board—Denise Corbo, Beth Barts, Brenda Sheridan, Atoosa Reaser, Ian Serotkin, and Leslee King, all of whom are Democrats, The Epoch Times reported.

The 1776 Action pledge itself consists of a statement signed by the candidate promising constituents that he or she “will take concrete steps” to fix K-12 public schools.

The candidate pledges to “restore honest, patriotic education that cultivates in our children a profound love for our country,” and to “promote a curriculum that teaches that all children are created equal, have equal moral value under God, our Constitution, and the law, and are members of a national community united by our founding principles.”

The candidate also commits to “prohibit[ing] any curriculum that pits students against one another on the basis of race or sex,” and to “prevent[ing] schools from politicizing education by prohibiting any curriculum that requires students to protest and lobby during or after school.”

Among 1776 Action’s objectives are “supporting candidates for school boards, state boards of education, and other relevant offices who believe in teaching our children to love America,” and “defeating local and state education officials who indoctrinate our children with the false and divisive lies of the radical Left.”

The group also uses targeted messaging campaigns to pressure colleges and universities “to stop the anti-American propaganda,” and promote “pro-American alternatives to the radical version” of American history taught in so much of the country.

“1776 Action is an issue advocacy organization focused on stopping the anti-American indoctrination happening in our schools,” the group said. “Our goal is to make this a central voting issue in state and local elections where decisions over education are primarily made.”

“We’re doing that through ongoing ad campaigns, as well as the release of The 1776 Pledge to Save Our Schools to help parents evaluate relevant candidates and officials.”

“In classrooms across the country, the far Left is successfully indoctrinating children with anti-American lies and divisive theories that pit them against one another based on race and gender,” Waldeck told this writer.

“We don’t have decades to waste trying to persuade them that they are misguided, and so 1776 Action was founded to defeat them politically, culturally, institutionally and financially.”

The Left’s Urgent Mission to Sexualize Children

As Pride Month begins, the Left’s predatory designs on our kids accelerate



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Mark Tapson is the Shillman Fellow on Popular Culture for the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

During a speech at Joint Base Langley-Eustice in Hampton, Virginia last Friday, listless President Joe Biden drifted into a strange reverie addressed to a female child in the audience, daughter of guest Brittany Bean, the wife of a soldier currently deployed in Afghanistan.

“I love those barrettes in your hair, man. I tell you what, look at her. She looks like she’s 19 years old sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed,” Biden mused breathlessly. The little girl looked to be no older than perhaps seven years old.

This deeply disturbing behavior is not atypical of the 78-year-old Biden, who has a long, well-documented history of cringe-worthy touching and sniffing of girls and women in public. It is so typical, in fact, that this leering in the middle of his speech didn’t even raise an eyebrow among his fellow Democrats, particularly in the activist news media, who did not report on it. Imagine the apoplectic outrage if Biden’s comments had been made instead by former President Donald Trump, whom the media routinely demonized as a sexual predator for a boastful comment he made about grown women, not little girls, in a private conversation ten years before he was president.

But then, why should the left find Biden’s apparent sexualization of a child inappropriate? After all, sexualizing little children ranks very high on their anti-family agenda.

* * *

Right on the heels of the one day a year devoted to American patriots who gave their lives in military service to this country, comes an entire month designated for the compulsory celebration of a small segment of society simply for their sexual identity, which bullying activists have weaponized for vastly disproportionate political and cultural power.

For the cultural Marxists in the Biden administration, “Pride Month” is a time for raising the LGBT rainbow flag at embassies around the world to virtue-signal America’s commitment to divisive identity politics and to Karl Marx’s dream of abolishing the nuclear family.

For woke corporations, who festoon their logos with rainbows in June, Pride Month is a cynical marketing ploy – except where they operate in countries that put homosexuals to death; in those instances, “pride” takes a back seat to a more lucrative cultural sensitivity.

For activist educators, it is a time to accelerate the ongoing push for graphic sex indoctrination in K-12 schools without the consent of parents or the option to opt-out, as in this mandatory “porn literacy” workshop for juniors at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, or this program teaching first-graders at the elite Dalton school in New York about touching their genitals. “Kids have no less than five classes on gender identity — this is pure indoctrination,” one mother complained of the sexually explicit, age-inappropriate material taught at Dalton.

In Illinois, legislators passed a bill last Friday requiring K-12 public schools that offer sex education to align their curriculum with the National Sex Education Standards (NSES). These standards state that between grades K-2 children should learn to “define gender, gender identity, and gender role stereotypes.” Between grades 3-5, children should learn to “distinguish between sex assigned at birth and gender identity,” “define and explain differences between cisgender, transgender, gender nonbinary, gender expansive, and gender identity,” and “explain that gender expression and gender identity exist along a spectrum.” The standards also require that children be taught about “power and privilege, conscious and unconscious bias, intersectionality, and covert and overt discrimination, and the principles of reproductive justice, racial justice, social justice, and equity.”

What do racial and social justice have to do with sex education? Nothing unless, like the Marxist left, you believe that every facet of life is reducible to the political, that every human interaction is about power, and that the inculcation of social justice activism, not the cultivation of critical thinking, should be the real purpose of education – even sex education.

For men who enjoy dressing up like demonic clown parodies of women, June is a busy time normalizing perversion for unsuspecting children and their woke white moms at Drag Queen Story Hour in public libraries. They’re also hard at work in tandem with the entertainment industry promoting trans ideology and sexually grooming children.

PBS recently aired a children’s show called Let’s Learn featuring someone going by the alias “Little Miss Hot Mess,” singing, dancing, and reading his book about drag queens to an intended audience of three to eight-year-olds. It was produced by the public media company The WNET Group in partnership with the New York City Department of Education. “I wrote this book because I wanted everyone to get to experience the magic of drag and to get a little practice shaking their hips or shimmying their shoulders to know how we can feel fabulous inside of our own bodies,” said Little Miss Hot Mess, who is one of the founding members of Drag Queen Story Hour.

In a healthy culture grounded in sanity, spirituality, and traditional morality, in which the innocence and development of children is protected and prioritized, an adult male in wig, garish makeup, and women’s dress calling himself “Little Miss Hot Mess” and grooming pre-pubescent kids to revel in their “fabulous” sexuality would be arrested, if not tarred and feathered, as a dangerous pedophile. In our current, tragically decadent culture, however, he gets a TV show and a book deal, and critics who address him by the wrong pronouns are labeled bigots.

Breitbart News recently listed over a dozen more programs and characters currently inundating children with sexualizing indoctrination. One such propaganda outlet is Blue’s Clues, a purportedly educational show aimed at pre-schoolers and featuring animal characters. Their most recent episode stars drag queen “Nina West” in an animated, three-and-a-half-minute music video praising families composed of a wide variety of parents celebrating aberrations such as pansexuality, polyamory, and transgenderism. “All families are made differently, they love each other so proudly,” West sings, adding, “Love is love is love you see, and everyone should love proudly.”

Except for heterosexuals, apparently, who are not mentioned in the video. There’s no place for them in our brave new inclusive world; after all, “heteronormativity” and monogamy are unwoke and oppressive. But if love is love, and everyone should love proudly, does that include pedophiles? Of course, it does. The movement for pedophilia acceptance is already well underway. What about incest? Bestiality? If all love is equally valid, where is the line drawn? Why is there a line at all, if sexuality is divorced from procreation, every sexual unorthodoxy is celebrated, and parents are redefined as any conceivable combination of sexually consenting adults?

This is an astounding degree of child abuse. The left loves to demonize conservative homeschooling parents as child abusers brainwashing their kids with an unapproved worldview that includes dangerous ideas like patriotism, but the real thieves of childhood innocence are the cultural Marxists who indoctrinate young victims that are not equipped to process these warped, extremist fantasies.

What is this all about? Why the full-court press to indoctrinate children with woke sexuality, to force heterosexual parents to the back of the bus, and to normalize every sexual perversion this side of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Despite the ubiquity of the innocuous-sounding buzzwords “inclusiveness,” “diversity,” and “pride,” it’s not about any of those. The goal of this urgent mission is to implant in vulnerable, impressionable children a gender-confused sexual consciousness decoupled from the norms of the “oppressor” class. It is to drive a wedge between children and their biological parents and to undermine the stable, traditional family unit, which is the most resistant structural obstacle to the fashioning of their utopian collective. It is to extinguish an already-marginalized Christian faith and morality in upcoming generations and to establish the secular, globalist state as their benevolent parental authority.

The end result for our children will not be “pride” and liberation from the bourgeois structures Karl Marx called “slavery”; instead, they will be slaves to an empty, inauthentic sexuality, and alienated orphans in a collectivist society.


Inez Stepman: How Critical Race Theory Is Being Inserted into K-12 Education

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History is being rewritten in schools across the country in line with the ideas of critical race theory. The Department of Education has proposed a rule to prioritize funding for education programs that incorporate the ideas of the New York Times’ 1619 Project and critical race theorist Ibram X. Kendi.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of a dramatic cultural shift occurring in America today—from separating kids in school based on race to the debate about transgender athletes participating in female sports. In prisons in some states, biological males who identify as female can now be housed with females.

In this episode, we sit down with Inez Stepman, a senior contributor at The Federalist and senior policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum, to understand our current cultural moment and how woke ideology is transforming America.

#inezstepman #criticalracetheory #woke

Inez Stepman: How Cancel Culture Conditions Society to Accept the Absurd

🔵 SUBSCRIBE to #EpochTV: 🔴 Watch the full episode: 👉👉👉 History is being rewritten in schools across the country in line with the ideas of critical race theory. The Department of Education has proposed a rule to prioritize funding for education programs that incorporate the ideas of the New York Times’ 1619 Project and critical race theorist Ibram X. Kendi. This is just the tip of the iceberg of a dramatic cultural shift occurring in America today—from separating kids in school based on race to the debate about transgender athletes participating in female sports. In prisons in some states, biological males who identify as female can now be housed with females. In this episode, we sit down with Inez Stepman, a senior contributor at The Federalist and senior policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum, to understand our current cultural moment and how woke ideology is transforming America.


“Wokeness Now Indoctrinating Your Kids Through Kellogg’s Breakfast Cereal”

By Olivia Cavallaro
Christianity Daily (not affiliated with Christianity Today

Just six days ago, Kellogg’s limited edution “Together with Pride” cereal hit store shelves all over the U.S. painting them purple to signify the company’s latest collaboration with GLAAD or the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation media monitoring organization.

The purple-themed breakfast cereal box comes with the tagline, “boxes are for cereal, not people,” which encourages kids and kids at heart to explore one’s identity. But not all people are happy with this new initiative.

The Western Journal, via WND, accused Kellogg of selling “moral rot and perversion” to children whose households have the brand’s products as staples. The accusation is that Kellogg’s has “sexualized its cereal box” with this new initiative that aims to “create opportunities for homes and families to have conversations about the importance of acceptance, compassion and understanding, especially when it comes to LGBTQ+ youth,” as explained by GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis in a statement. Click here to continue reading.


Letter to the Editor: “Christian” Professor Finds “Warm Welcome” at Wheaton College to Teach and Promote Critical Race Theory

Denver School Board Director, a BLM Activist, Accused of Molesting 62 Children

Who is Tay Anderson? Denver school board member accused of ...



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Denver school board director Tay Anderson, a BLM activist and possibly the youngest black elected official in Colorado, has been accused of sex crimes ranging from inappropriate touching to “violent acts of rape” by 62 youngsters, 61 of whom are here illegally and likely seemed like easy targets, and one of whom is as young as 14 years old.

Ian Miles Cheong was quick to jump on Anderson’s Twitter throat, with a copy of Anderson’s tweet where he calls for BLM riots and declares that Antifa isn’t real.

The Washington Post referred to Anderson as the “face of Denver’s protests.” The Colorado Herald posted texts from Anderson to children, many with heart emojis saying, “Let’s be friends.” There is a petition on calling for Anderson’s arrest.

Anderson tweeted his innocence over the holiday weekend but stepped down from the school board because schools and pederasts don’t mix well when the cops are sniffing around.

Anderson was already under investigation after a rape accusation by a group called Black Lives Matter 5280 and called him out in this tweet.

This accusation brings the number of victims on the list to 63, which is enough to make Bill Cosby fidgety. The Colorado Herald said, “While DPS (Denver Public Schools) continues to dodge the issue and protect its prodigal son, the continued deflection of responsibility for protecting underage students by DPS is saddening and frightening.”

“When Anderson was elected, at his first board meeting,” the Herald continued, “he said he would remain seated during the pledge of allegiance. ‘We will not stand while our country separates families and keeps kids in cages,’ Anderson said at the event.” Anderson also drew criticism last March when he accused a white man of committing a mass shooting in Colorado and the shooter turned out to be a pro-ISIS Muslim male from Syria.

Woke Public Schools IMPLODING as School Choice SURGES and Homeschooling SKYROCKETS 700 Percent!!!


Woke Public Schools are IMPLODING as School Choice SURGES and Homeschooling SKYROCKETS an astonishing 700 Percent! In this video, we’re going to take a look at the extraordinary rise of school choice programs in states across the country, how homeschooling is surging at rates never imagined just months ago, and how enrollment in woke public schools continues to plummet like never before; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

POLICE STATE N.J. Fifth Grader Writes Teacher-approved Report on Hitler’s “Pretty Great” Accomplishments



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A fifth-grade student dressed as Adolf Hitler and hand-wrote a list of his “accomplishments” in an essay that was hung in a school hallway among those about historical figures. The eyebrow-raising incident took place at an elementary school in Tenafly, a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Students selected their individual figures from history as part of a “character development” presentation to the class, parents said, adding that the report praising one of the bloodiest dictators of the 20th century was not only approved by the teacher but was also displayed in a school hallway for nearly a month.

Writing in the first person, the student cited “accomplishments” by the mass-murdering Nazi Party tyrant, which include “uniting a great mass of German and Austrian people behind me.”

The student went on to explain the titles Fuhrer and Reichskanzler, and then wrote, “I was pretty great, wasn’t I?” 

The last line of the report acknowledges that Hitler was anti-Semitic, which drove him “to kill more than six million Jews,” though the penultimate line read, “I was very popular, and many people followed me until I died.”

The shocking school project drew outrage from the Tenafly community, which is reportedly 40-percent Jewish.

In a letter posted on the district website Sunday, Tenafly Schools Superintendent Shauna DeMarco said she learned Friday of “a serious matter involving a school project completed recently on Adolf Hitler” and announced that she will be running an investigation into the matter and will determine if “further” action needs to be taken. “I have requested that all associated information related to this project be provided to me,” DeMarco wrote. “Once I receive and review the full information, I will determine any further action that should be taken.”

DeMarco declined a request for additional information Monday, saying she could not comment without potentially compromising “the integrity of the investigation, the rights of those involved and any responsive actions that may be required.”

The investigation, however, has not quelled the outrage some parents have over the incident. 

In an insane world, where almost nothing is shocking anymore, this is literally unbelievable,” one parent said, according to Daily Voice. 

“This is being tone-deaf and not reading the room to the infinite degree. [How] did everyone check off on this before it actually went to the presentation level?” another added. 

Tenafly Borough Council president Lauren Dayton tried to defend the student. In a Facebook post, Dayton said that she knows the child who did the project on the notorious Nazi leader, and believes it was not intended to offend people.

“The child stuck to the requirements of a school assignment. The child had NO intention to be anti-Semitic, offensive or hateful towards our Jewish community,” Dayton wrote. “I personally know this child and her family, and I would welcome them into my Jewish home anytime.”

The disturbing project also got a reaction from Tenafly Mayor Mark Zinna (D), who said in his own Facebook statement, “No discussion of the murderer of six million Jewish people can ever be presented in a positive light.”

“We have a responsibility to show our children right and wrong, and what we teach them now can impact their moral compass for years to come,” he continued.

The mayor said that the project has since been removed from the walls of the school and that the Board of Education is investigating how the events unfolded starting several weeks earlier.

Jordan Shenker, CEO of Kaplen JCC on the Palisades in Tenafly, a local Jewish community organization, said, “This incident further illustrates the need for increased awareness in our community about the harmful impact our words and actions can have on others.”

“Regardless of the educational intent here, the teacher failed to recognize the profound impact this can have on students, family members and others in our community who could perceive this project as condoning or even glorifying the atrocities of one of the most evil individuals in world history,” Shenker said. 

It is not the first time New Jersey schools drew national attention for normalizing anti-Semitism.

Most recently, the chancellor of New Jersey’s flagship public university condemned antisemitism and then, under pressure from a pro-Palestinian student group, apologized for the condemnation.

In 2019, Nutley High School athletics director Joe Piro made the remarks that Hitler was “a good leader” while showing Hitler’s picture next to a photo of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Also in 2019, a school district failed to stop harassment of a Jewish student of Marine Academy of Science and Technology at Sandy Hook, allowing swastikas being drawn onto cafeteria lunch tables and students reading Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” in class.

Back in 2007, Judge Joseph Greenaway of Newark ruled New Jersey schools may not bar fifth-grade students from wearing a Hitler Youth button to protest school uniforms.

According to a recent report of Anti-Defamation League of New York and New Jersey, New Jersey saw its third-highest rate of anti-Semitic incidents in 2020. The 2020 audit showed 295 incidents across the Garden State, which is down from 2019 but still high, officials say.


POLICE STATE NEW JERSEY: RUTGERS UNIVERSITY Chancellor Apologizes For Condemning Anti-Semitic Attacks~Students for Justice in Palestine Protests Condemnations of Antisemitism



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

It’s George Orwell’s world and we’re only living in it.

There’s an insidious argument being advanced in the wake of the Israeli-Hamas war. It posits the notion that criticizing anti-Semitism in the United States is the same as being anti-Palestinian. How that topsy-turvy, upside-down logic made its way into the mainstream is unclear. But the argument has been embraced by the left — probably because it stifles debate on their own rabid Jew-hate.

A case in point is what happened to Chancellor Christopher Molloy of Rutgers University. Molloy issued a somewhat confusing statement, condemning anti-Semitism on Wednesday.

“We are saddened by and greatly concerned about the sharp rise in hostile sentiments and anti-Semitic violence in the United States. Recent incidents of hate directed toward Jewish members of our community again remind us of what history has to teach us. Tragically, in the last century alone, acts of prejudice and hatred left unaddressed have served as the foundation for many atrocities against targeted groups around the world.”

Of course, Molloy had to check all the boxes in condemning all hate.

“Last year’s murder of George Floyd brought into sharp focus the racial injustices that continue to plague our country, and over the past year there has been attacks on our Asian American Pacific Islander citizens, the spaces of Indigenous peoples defiled, and targeted oppression and other assaults against Hindus and Muslims.”

Ordinarily, that reference to “targeted oppression and other assaults” against Muslims might be seen as condemning anti-Palestinian hate.

But Molloy failed to condemn Israeli violence against Palestinians. This hurt the feelings of Palestinians who have worked hard to create their own status as victims and get angry when their labors aren’t recognized.

So Molloy sent out another email the next day, apologizing for his oversight and implicitly acknowledging that it was wrong to condemn anti-Semitism so prominently.

“We are writing today as a follow-up to the message sent on Wednesday, May 26th to the university community. We understand that intent and impact are two different things, and while the intent of our message was to affirm that Rutgers–New Brunswick is a place where all identities can feel validated and supported, the impact of the message fell short of that intention. In hindsight, it is clear to us that the message failed to communicate support for our Palestinian community members. We sincerely apologize for the hurt that this message has caused.”

Causing hurt to some of those who hate just isn’t part of the social justice agenda. Hate, at least against certain people and certain groups, should be allowed to grow in the breast of a social justice warrior until it bursts forth in a spasm of righteous indignation.

Or a Molotov cocktail thrown into a police station.

In his eagerness to be “inclusive” in condemning hate Molloy has beclowned himself.

David Bernstein:

If a condemnation of antisemitism in the U.S. because of a recent upsurge in violence, threats, and vandalism, combined with a condemnation of all other forms of bigotry, triggers Students for Justice in Palestine, the chancellor’s response could have taken many forms, including silence. The one response that’s completely unacceptable is to endorse SJP’s view that condemning antisemitism in the United States makes you anti-Palestinian, or indeed reflects any view on the Arab-Israeli conflict at all.

This kind of Orwellian doublethink has become the norm on the left. That you can both condemn hate while at the same time condemning calling out the haters would have been considered insane a few years ago.

Now it’s mainstream thought at a major university.

An earlier version of this article misattributed the quote above to Eugene Volokh. We apologize for the error.


Students for Justice in Palestine Protests Condemnations of Antisemitism



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The antisemitic attacks led to fewer and even weaker condemnations. And now an apology for the condemnation.

A Rutgers University chancellor and provost apologized on Thursday for a previous message that condemned recent incidents of antisemitic violence in the US after it was denounced by a pro-Palestinian campus group — with school administrators regretting that their original statement “failed to communicate support for our Palestinian community members.”

The original message, issued Wednesday by Rutgers–New Brunswick Chancellor Christopher J. Molloy and Provost Francine Conway, was titled “Speaking Out Against Acts of Antisemitism,” and expressed sadness over a rise in anti-Jewish harassment and attacks during the past several weeks.

This is exactly the argument that lefties had used against All Lives Matter only to completely embrace it when it comes to antisemitism.

There wasn’t a surge of violence against Muslims or specifically those Muslim settlers who claim to be “Palestinians”. There was one against Jews.

And yet even that condemnation had to be pulled.

The backstory is that the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) hate group is very active at Rutgers. And the college has seen a good deal of antisemitic incidents. One of which they were being investigated for during the Trump administration where campus antisemitism was being taken seriously.

SJP Rutgers was really unhappy with the condemnation of antisemitism.

The statement by the Rutgers chapters of the SJP hate group complains that the college’s statement “exclusively addressing antisemitism comes during a time when Israel’s occupation of Palestine is finally receiving widespread criticism”.

The SJP hate group chapter suggested that condemning antisemitism was an effort to “conflate antizionism with antisemitism and derail Palestinian voices and activism.”

SJP also insisted “if the Chancellor and Provost were truly committed to creating “a safe learning environment that is inclusive of difference” as claimed in their statement, they would stand in active support of the Rutgers New Brunswick Palestinian population as well as its Jewish population.”

As the media continues advocating for Emily Wilder, this is a good time to remember just how antisemitic SJP really is.


Elementary School Teacher Placed on Leave After Insisting Biological Boys Can’t Become Girls



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A Virginia elementary school gym teacher has been placed on leave after delivering a speech to his school board announcing that he will not “affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa,” according to a report from Fox News.

“My name is Tanner Cross and I am speaking out of love for those who are suffering from gender dysphoria. ’60 Minutes’ this past Sunday interviewed over 30 young people who transitioned but they felt led astray because of lack of pushback or how easy it was to make physical changes to their bodies in just three months. They are now de-transitioning,” he pointed out.

Cross proceeded to speak out about a new school policy, 8040, requiring staff in Loudoun County, Va., schools to use the preferred pronouns of students.

“LCPS staff shall allow gender-expansive or transgender students to use their chosen name and gender pronouns that reflect their gender identity without any substantiating evidence, regardless of the name and gender recorded in the student’s permanent educational record,” policy 8040 reads. “School staff shall, at the request of a student or parent/legal guardian, when using a name or pronoun to address the student, use the name and pronoun that correspond to their gender identity. The use of gender-neutral pronouns are appropriate. Inadvertent slips in the use of names or pronouns may occur; however, staff or students who intentionally and persistently refuse to respect a student’s gender identity by using the wrong name and gender pronoun are in violation of this policy.”

Another policy, 8350, instructs staff to “allow gender-expansive and transgender students to participate in such activities in a manner consistent with the student’s gender identity.”

“It’s not my intention to hurt anyone,” Cross continued in his speech to the school board. “But, there are certain truths that we must face when ready. We condemn school policies like 8040 and 8035 [sic] because [they] would damage children, defile the holy image of God. I love all of my students but I will never lie to them regardless of the consequences. I’m a teacher but I serve God first and I will not affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa because it’s against my religion. It’s lying to a child, it’s abuse to a child, and it’s sinning against our God.”

Fox News obtained an email from the school’s principal announcing Cross had been put on leave.

“I’m contacting you to let you know that one of our physical education teachers, Tanner Cross, is on leave beginning this morning,” Principal Shawn Lacey wrote. “In his absence, his duties will be covered by substitute staff already working in our building.”

“I wanted you to know this because it may affect your student’s [sic] school routine. Because this involves a personnel matter, I can offer no further information,” Levy continued.

The email did not explain why Cross was put on leave.

TV Anchor Exposes How Covid-19 News was Censored~The MSM does NOT want you to hear this!

Professional journalist Kristi Leigh of joins The Alex Jones Show to expose how the MSM censored medical information at a time the public needed it the most.


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Trump’s 1776 Commission to Reassemble, Tackle Critical Race Theory in History Education

Members of the 1776 Commission, which President Joe Biden disbanded on his first day in White House, are reportedly set to meet again with a renewed focus on combating the teaching of U.S. history based on the Marxist critical race theory.

Texas Senate Passes Bill That Bans Critical Race Theory From Classrooms


DeSantis on Critical Race Theory: ‘Offensive’ to Expect Taxpayers to Pay to Teach Kids to ‘Hate Their Country’





School Superintendent: Critical Race Theory ‘Isn’t Optional Anymore’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes: 

School districts across the country have pushed Marxist critical race theory, either by requiring teachers to take “anti-racism” trainings or by embracing the discredited “1619 Project” or by championing the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Learning for Justice” lessons. Yet rarely have superintendents blatantly stated that there is no room for dissent from the idea that America is institutionally racist.

Yet in a Zoom equity committee meeting on January 28, 2021, Dan Grotting, superintendent of the school district in Beaverton, Ore., suggested that if teachers disagree with the anti-racism movement inspired by critical race theory, they should look for work elsewhere.

“I do want the message to get out there that this [anti-racism training] isn’t optional anymore,” Grotting said in the meeting, The Daily Wire reported. “We’ve waited for the willing, and if you’re not willing then maybe this isn’t the right place for you to work” (emphasis added).

RecommendedWATCH: Teacher Rips Woke School District for ‘Racist Insanity’

“Maybe we can free up your future, because if we’re going to become an anti-racist school district, it can’t just be a few people, it needs to be everybody, to include our staff, our students, our community, eventually everyone,” the superintendent said.

This statement may violate teachers’ First Amendment protections, but Grotting’s remarks illustrate just how noxious and widespread this movement has become. Some on the Left equate any disagreement with “anti-racism” with actual racism.

The “anti-racism” movement traces back to Ibram X. Kendi’s book How To Be An Antiracist. Echoing critical race theory, Kendi claims that racial disparities are ipso facto proof of hidden racial bias or discrimination (regardless of civil rights laws explicitly forbidding such discrimination), and that people must choose sides. Those who support the status quo are “racist” while those who advocate for leftist race-based overhauls are “anti-racist.”

These ideas trace back to critical race theory (CRT), a Marxist attempt to upend society by claiming that America is systemically racist.

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York (CACAGNY) condemned CRT as a “hateful, divisive, manipulative fraud,” noting that CRT implies that Asians are “over-represented.”

“CRT is today’s Chinese Exclusion Act. CRT is the real ​hate crime​ against Asians” (emphasis original),” CACAGNY argued. “CRT appears in our workplaces under the cover of ​implicit bias/sensitivity​ ​training​. It infiltrates our schools pretending to be ​culturally/ethnically responsive​ ​pedagogy​, with curricula such as the New York Times’ ​1619 Project​ and Seattle’s ​ethnomathematics​.”

Even the Smithsonian briefly published a horrifying Marxist lesson on “whiteness” that “deconstructed” various aspects of American and Western culture, including capitalism, science, the nuclear family, and Christianity, as nefarious relics of white supremacy. The lesson also claimed that a work ethic, delayed gratification, being polite, and getting to meetings on time are aspects of the “whiteness” culture that must be deconstructed and rejected.

Marxist critical race theory inspired much of the destruction of the Black Lives Matter and antifa riots over the summer. While protesters rightly expressed outrage at the treatment of George Floyd, many of the protests devolved into looting, vandalism, and arson in which lawless thugs — acting in the name of fighting racism — destroyed black livesblack livelihoods, and black monuments.

The SPLC, a far-left organization best known for demonizing mainstream conservative and Christian organizations as “hate groups” and listing them alongside the Ku Klux Klan, pushes critical race theory in schools across the country through its “Learning for Justice” program. As of 2018, the SPLC claimed that over 500,000 educators nationwide use its materials. The program, long known as “Teaching Tolerance,” has pushed transgenderism for kids as young as preschool. It has encouraged teachers to teach kids about “microaggressions” in first grade.

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Critical race theory and “anti-racism” have made terrifying inroads in American society and in education, in particular. Parents, teachers, and citizens need to push back on this noxious ideology.


Republican State Legislators Run for Cover on K-12 Indoctrination Bill~Betraying the parents fighting for their kids



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes: 

Editors' note: The following op-ed is by Lawrence Lockman, a Republican who served four terms in the Maine House of Representatives from 2012 to 2020. He is co-founder and president of the conservative non-profit Maine First Project - which trains activists and candidates to fight fire with fire. He can be reached at [email protected].

Maine parents who want Critical Race Theory and other noxious species of political indoctrination banished from their K-12 public schools were counting on Republican state legislators to help them push back against the Left’s malignant agenda.

What a shock to the parents when those lawmakers slapped them across their faces last week.

For the second time in as many years, the Maine Legislature is considering a bill to enact a statewide Code of Ethics for K-12 teachers in public schools. The proposal, based on model legislation drafted by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, would explicitly ban singling out one racial group of students as responsible for the suffering or inequities experienced by another racial group of students. In addition, teachers would be required to refrain from partisanship, and present both sides in any discussion of controversial issues.

How’s that for a revolutionary proposal?

During the public hearing earlier this month, the Education committee heard compelling testimony from scores of Mainers who are disgusted with the rampant racial stereotyping and racial scapegoating that goes on in public school classrooms. If there were ever any lingering doubts that the racist, anti-American, Marxist ideology known as Critical Race Theory is deeply embedded in Maine’s public schools, the public hearing blew those doubts away.

The heart-felt, fact-based testimony came from parents in school districts across the state, imploring legislators to pass LD 550,  "Resolve, Directing the State Board of Education To Adopt Rules Prohibiting Teachers in Public Schools from Engaging in Political, Ideological or Religious Advocacy in the Classroom."

Eighty-four percent of the 78 pieces of testimony submitted to the committee were in support of the bill, from Mainers in 40 different towns.

The opposition testimony came almost exclusively from Leftist institutional swamp critters, not from parents. The teachers’ union and the ACLU of Maine were among the most vocal, joined by a far-Left outfit called the Maine Curriculum Leaders Association. Even the American Atheists chimed in with opposition.

When it came time for Education committee members to vote on the bill during last week’s work session, the Democrats unsurprisingly voted in lockstep: ought not to pass.

Republicans also voted in lockstep, but not to pass the bill before them. They chose instead to throw the bill in the legislative shredder, and replace it with a toothless requirement that teachers get annual training on how to handle controversial issues in the classroom.

Democrats must be having a good laugh at our expense after watching this pathetic spectacle. “Hey, look at that, the stupid Republicans think the swamp is gonna drain itself!”

Our team apparently learned nothing from what happened two years ago, during the last session of the Maine Legislature.

In February of 2019, Republican members of the Education committee voted to kill the same bill in committee in exchange for a promise that a lobbying organization for school superintendents that opposed the bill would send a letter to all the districts reminding them to be fair and balanced in classroom discussions of current events.

How did that work out?

Judging by the testimony submitted to the committee this year, the depth and extent of political and ideological indoctrination in K-12 classrooms across Maine is worse, much worse than it was two years ago. In fact, it’s crossed the line from indoctrination to brainwashing in many districts.

To be clear, the pending legislation has no chance of being enacted even if Republican legislators spontaneously generated brains and backbones. With solid Democrat majorities in both houses of the Legislature and an unreconstructed 1960s radical Governor who’s been on the government payroll her entire adult life, Maine is suffering from one-party rule by aspiring totalitarians.

The purpose of introducing legislation such as LD 550 is to get a public hearing so constituents can submit testimony that becomes part of the permanent public record. Then the bill moves to the floor of the Legislature for a robust debate, followed by a recorded roll call vote. That vote then becomes ammunition for our team to fire at vulnerable incumbents in the 2022 election cycle.

This isn’t rocket science or quantum mechanics. It’s Politics 101. Why is it so hard for Republican legislators and their leaders to understand?

We still have a shot at getting a full debate and a roll call vote on LD 550. It’s just that Republican members of the Education committee have made that task more difficult by giving members of their caucus an excuse to let the bill go “under the hammer” without debate.

Sadly, Republican legislators in Maine are showing the rest of the country how NOT to be effective advocates for parents who want political indoctrination banished from their K-12 public schools.

And if GOP lawmakers here in Maine keep it up, they are cementing their minority status in place for generations to come.


Lincoln Project Scam Creates Franklin Subsidiary. Outfit That Protected Homosexual Stalker Plans to Connect With School Kids



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

In February, the scamsters at the disgraced Lincoln Project announced an “independent probe” to explain how the project’s masters permitted founder John Weaver to use his position to solicit at least 21 young men for sex.

Apparently, the group hasn’t had time to wrap up that investigation. But they have had time to concoct another scheme to separate gullible liberals from their money: the Franklin Project.

It will create a curriculum for school kids, kindergarten through grade 12, and also recruit a nationwide “Democracy Corps.” The project will focus on “civility” and “decency,” something of a rich claim coming from people who denounced Trump supporters as rubes and hillbillies.

Fool Them Twice

A video at the Lincoln Project’s Twitter feed opens with the word civility and its definition against a black screen. It’s a “way of approaching debate with constructing dialogue, focusing on results that benefit the community,” the video says.

The video segues into photos of late presidents Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson shaking hands. “We’re at our best when we’re all moving the same direction,” former President Barack Hussein Obama intones as the photos roll by.

You needn’t be Ben Franklin to know what direction that is, but anyway, the video explains that “democracy is born out of civility,” and “is more than an idea.” More photos show former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush standing together, and then President Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence wearing masks and bumping elbows.

Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming, recently dumped from the House GOP leadership because of her obsession with former President Trump, explains that “we must love America so much that we will stand above politics to defend her.”

“Franklin organizers believe civics discussions have devolved from an exchange of ideas to ‘an unhealthy game of winners and losers,’ as their prospectus states, Axios reported. “That’s triggered extreme partisanship, fueling the rise of authoritarian figures.”

Frighteningly, the scamsters who permitted a homosexual stalker to harass and bully young men and boys — one of whom was 14 years old — will provide “a K-12 civics education program it will offer free to local school districts.”

The Franklinites will also create a “Democracy Corps” to “advocate for and amplify the values upon which America was founded.”

Greg Jenkins, who toiled for globalist George W. Bush, explained why the Lincoln Project founders created the subsidiary.

“There are plenty of frustrated people out there who don’t know what to do, don’t know where to go, they don’t feel like either of the parties are representing them adequately, and they’re right,” he told Axios. “So, what we will do is tell these folks, ‘Listen, you’re not alone.’”

Continued Jenkins:

We’re going to provide you content that reminds you about your roles — as a citizen, what it means to be a citizen, what you can do.

If progressives and conservatives don’t feel at home with us, then they have a problem. Self-identified Republicans and Democrats ought to feel perfectly at home.

Civility and Decency?

If Jenkins is to focus on “civility” and decency,” he’ll probably need to speak with Lincoln Project founder Rick Wilson, a washed-up political hack who, like other principals, banked oodles of money with the hate-Trump scam.

Early last year, “civility” advocate Wilson had quite the time ridiculing Trump supporters as a “boomer rube” demographic.

“Donald Trump’s the smart one, and there all y’all, y’all elitists are duuuumb,” Wilson said on CNN. Of course, he affected a fake Southern accent. 

Whatever the IQ of Trump supporters, Wilson isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. He thought people would believe that Lincoln project founders didn’t know about Weaver’s homosexual stalking.

“Stop the lying,” project founder George Conway finally tweeted. The project’s principals were well aware of Weaver’s stalking, he averred.

At the height of the scandal, the Associated Press divulged that some project principals lined their pockets. “Of the $90 million Lincoln Project has raised,” AP reported, “more than $50 million has gone to firms controlled by the group’s leaders.”

The project’s donations page, which closed at the height of the scandal, has re-opened

Credulous leftists who believe in “civility” and “decency” can start donating again.


Palestinian TV explodes its own propaganda, admits Israel warned civilians to leave building before attack



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

This will not, of course, stop the international media from repeating “Palestinian” jihad propaganda as fact.

“PMW Exclusive: PA TV admits Israel warned civilians to leave building before attack,” Palestinian Media Watch, May 14, 2021:

In this exclusive PMW video, an official Palestinian Authority source confirms the Israeli policy of warning Palestinian civilians to evacuate buildings that house terrorists and terror infrastructures in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, before they are destroyed. This has been a long held Israeli practice, even if it enables the terrorists to escape. Now an official Palestinian Authority source also confirms this.

A PA TV reporter recounts what he witnessed in Gaza:

Official PA TV reporter: “When they were informed that this tower will be attacked… the site was completely evacuated. The block, the street, the civilian buildings, and the residential buildings in the area – completely – including children and women, and we saw it…

The guard who works in this tower was warned through a phone call from the Israeli Security Agency. They told him word by word: ‘Evacuate the tower and tell them that this tower will be attacked. It will be attacked any moment.’ After this conversation this tower was attacked about two hours later.”

[Official PA TV, May 11, 2021]

In addition, Israel TV Kan11 got hold of a video of the guard during his actual conversation with the Israeli Security Services. In the conversation, he is heard repeating the instructions he received from Israel:

“How much, how much time do you need?… At least two or three hours? No one should come in? In other words, [I should] go to the tower, go to the tower and not let anyone come in?”

[Twitter account of Israeli TV Kan11’s reporter Nurit Yohanan, May 11, 2021]…


AP Pretends It Didn’t Know It Was Sharing a Building With Hamas



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

You can absolutely trust the AP’s coverage of Israel.

After an airstrike struck a building with terrorist tenants that included Hamas and Al Jazeera, controlled by Qatar, a backer of Hamas, the main story in the media was about… the media.

Specifically the AP’s presence in the same building.

“We are shocked and horrified that the Israeli military would target and destroy the building housing AP’s bureau and other news organizations in Gaza. They have long known the location of our bureau and knew journalists were there. We received a warning that the building would be hit,” the AP’s statement says.

And the AP is complaining about what? Israel warned it that the building was a target. AP chose to share a building with Hamas and pretend not to know about it.

“This strike is an incredibly disturbing development. We narrowly avoided a terrible loss of life. A dozen AP journalists and freelancers were inside the building and thankfully we were able to evacuate them in time,” the AP complains.

Except that it was warned and was able to evacuate the building. So the pretense that it was ever at risk is nonsense.

Finally, the AP claims  “We have had no indication Hamas was in the building or active in the building. This is something we actively check to the best of our ability.”

You can believe the AP or its former correspondent, Matti Friedman who wrote about the service’s dishonesty back in 2014.

 The AP staff in Gaza City would witness a rocket launch right beside their office, endangering reporters and other civilians nearby—and the AP wouldn’t report it, not even in AP articles about Israeli claims that Hamas was launching rockets from residential areas. (This happened.) Hamas fighters would burst into the AP’s Gaza bureau and threaten the staff—and the AP wouldn’t report it. (This also happened.) Cameramen waiting outside Shifa Hospital in Gaza City would film the arrival of civilian casualties and then, at a signal from an official, turn off their cameras when wounded and dead fighters came in, helping Hamas maintain the illusion that only civilians were dying.

The AP claimed that its interactions with Hamas terrorists isn’t news.

Colford, the AP spokesman, confirmed that armed militants entered the AP’s Gaza office in the early days of the war to complain about a photo showing the location of a rocket launch, though he said that Hamas claimed that the men “did not represent the group.” The AP “does not report many interactions with militias, armies, thugs or governments,” he wrote. “These incidents are part of the challenge of getting out the news—and not themselves news.”

Interactions with the IDF however are always news.

The AP offers us two options

1. It’s incompetent and didn’t know it was sharing a building with Hamas

2. It knew it was sharing a building with Hamas

Notably, the AP isn’t really offering a denial. It’s demanding that Israel prove Hamas was there.

Bonus question: Were any of the AP’s freelancers affiliated with Hamas?


COVID Tyranny: Police Tackle and Arrest Man Reading German Constitution in Public

Police violently tackled a man who dared to read the Grundgesetz, the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Postplatz, a town square of Dresden last month.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Sascha Wolff was tackled without warning or provocation by several police officers

Police violently tackled a man who dared to read the Grundgesetz, the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany last month. The man identified as Sascha Wolff was arrested in the Postplatz, a town square in Dresden, for taking part in an event police perceived to be similar to a meeting.

As translated from a local source: “That doesn’t work, say the police. Because it’s like a meeting – and it’s forbidden!”

A portion of the video, translated exclusively at RAIR Foundation USA, reveals that the man was seemingly tackled without warning or provocation by several police officers as he attempted to get on his bicycle.

One German article explains (translated):

The Merkel’s government’s massive tightening plans are causing outrage all over Germany, but people are taking to the streets to protest peacefully, including in Dresden, the capital of the traditionally resistant Saxons. The police arrived there with a large number. In the city center they tore down a gentleman who was reading aloud from the Basic Law out of concern for fundamental rights.



Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation!

Article 30. —Strength in unity! —The demand. It’s our last.

Article 36: The fundamental rights enshrined in this Constitution are binding on legislation, executive power and jurisprudence as directly applicable law. 


Article 37: Under no circumstances may the essential content of a fundamental right be affected.

Peace, freedom, no dictatorship! 


Your identification? —What are you doing? —You have eyes. —Stop badgering the poor guy.

You are cowards, all cowards. —Where’s the pocketknife. —Pocketknife. — S***!

Hello! Who are you? —Who am I?

I’m not saying a thing. Nothing. It’s going to keep going, man. Yep, it’s going to continue.

It’s only taken thirty years.


Read the following RAIR articles on coronavirus tyranny in Germany:


Space Force Officer Relieved of Duty for Attacking Marxism

Removed from command for writing book on “Marxist goal of conquest and the unmaking of the U.S. Military.”




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes: reports that Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier has been relieved of his duties pending an investigation after he appeared on a podcast and criticized the rise of Marxism in the United States military.

Lohmeier served for 14 years in the U.S. Air Force before joining Space Force among its first officers and recruits. He has written and self-published a bookIrresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest and the Unmaking of the American Military. He appeared on a podcast, called Information Operation, to discuss the book on May 7. He was relieved of his duties as commander of the 11th Space Warning Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado on Friday, May 14, by order of Lt. Gen. Steven Whiting. Public affairs made it clear that his comments are the reason his job now hangs in the balance.

“This decision was based on public comments made by Lt. Col. Lohmeier in a recent podcast,” a Space Force spokesperson said in an email. “Lt. Gen. Whiting has initiated a Command Directed Investigation on whether these comments constituted prohibited partisan political activity.”

Lohmeier’s temporary assignment in the wake of his removal was not immediately clear.

As an active duty military member, Lohmeier retains the freedom of speech on his own time. He may publish books. Books authored by military members may or may not be subject to review by the military depending on their content. He told that the military was aware he was publishing this book.

“I was apprised of the option to have my book reviewed at the Pentagon’s prepublication and security review prior to release, but was also informed that it was not required,” Lohmeier told in an email.

RecommendedUSMC ‘Extremism’ Training Follows the SPLC Playbook to Demonize Conservatives

In the book and podcast, Lohmeier questions critical race theory.

Lohmeier told Wood, the podcast host, that the beginning chapters of his book explore the history and foundation of the United States and how critical race theory — a study of how race and racism impact or are impacted by social and economic power structures and institutions — plays a role.

“The diversity, inclusion and equity industry and the trainings we are receiving in the military … is rooted in critical race theory, which is rooted in Marxism,” Lohmeier said, adding [that] it should be seen as a warning sign.

In the segment, Lohmeier said his book is not political, and is meant to alert readers to the increasing politicization of today’s armed forces, some of which he said he’d seen or experienced firsthand.

Irresistible Revoltion has debuted in a strong position and as of this writing, it is #2 and #3 in military policy on Amazon, despite the fact that within hours of Lohmeier being relieved of his command, the book was no longer searchable on the publishing giant’s website. Only a direct link to the book’s page works at this time. It is available at Barnes & Nobles and other online booksellers such as Hudson and AbeBooks.

“All my interactions with senior leaders in the Air Force and in the Space Force have been very positive; they care a great deal about their people [and] the lethality of the force,” Lohmeier said during the 34-minute interview.

However, leaders may be afraid [that] if they don’t get on board with diversity training, they will face scrutiny, “or might not get promoted,” he said, adding that liberal ideas are welcomed whereas ideas from more conservative voices are criticized or silenced.

The subject of a “woke” military has come up repeatedly in the first few months of the Biden administration. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered the Navy to conduct a service-wide stand-down in February to address what the Biden administration deems “radicalism” within the ranks. The training to which the Navy subjected sailors during the stand-down was overtly political and partisan, according to sailors who spoke out against it.

RecommendedMilitary Diversity Board Proposes Ban on ‘Hate Group Activity,’ Citing SPLC

Ted Mahan spoke about it here at PJ Media:

The training we received this month was rushed through in the wake of the Washington, D.C., riot. The course, which was given in a PowerPoint deck, included a slide defining “extremism.” One would expect a broad, catch-all phrase that makes it clear that any radical activity undermining our nation or promoting criminal activity would not be tolerable.

But that would be wrong. Extremism was narrowly defined as “supremacist” beliefs only. That’s it. Nothing else. Nothing about anarchism, nothing about any group that might be found on the left. Everyone in the room – of every race, incidentally – had a collective hush as the chilling effect of this clearly biased definition dawned on our team. As one person on our team put it, “Why does the DoD only care about one kind of extremism? Why do they refuse to talk about antifa? Why is it extremist to attack a Capitol police officer, but not extremist to attack a Portland police officer?”

Sailors even had to repeat the oath of office that they take when they first join the service. That oath calls on military members to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Marxism is a belief system that is utterly incompatible with the U.S. Constitution.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby recently used his position to attack Fox News host Tucker Carlson for expressing his views of recent changes to military policy, and the official Pentagon news website piled on with a poorly written, juvenile attack against Carlson claiming that Kirby “smote” Carlson. That story is still live on the Pentagon’s official news website. It claims that the U.S. military’s strength derives primarily from its “diversity,” not its commitment to defend America’s people and values, its unity, its training, its innovation, its tactics, its equipment, or the quality of members who choose to serve in the all-volunteer forces.

RecommendedEXCLUSIVE: Biden Admin Halts Navy Operations, Orders Sailors to Undergo ‘Chilling’ Stand-Down Training

Joe Biden never served in the military. He has been a politician for nearly 50 years. One of his sons did serve honorably but the other, Hunter Biden, had strings pulled to get him an officer position in the Navy. Hunter Biden wasted that opportunity, failed a cocaine test, and was booted from the military. The nature of his discharge has still not been disclosed.

Having served on active duty in the Air Force myself, nothing about the first months of the Biden administration disturbs me more than the politicization of the military. It’s extremely dangerous and unnecessary, and very likely to lead to toxic divisions within the ranks and a far less effective military just when China and other threats are rising around the world. It may also create more division between the American people and the men and women in the military.


Space Force Commander speaks out after being 'relieved of duty'

Rumble — Matthew Lohmeier joins 'Hannity' to discuss critical race theory push inside the US military

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