Joe Biden, Democrats weaponizing FBI into their private army of Gestapo agents to target political enemies

Just the minute the FBI begins making recommendations on what should be done with its information, it becomes a Gestapo. - J. Edgar Hoover

America’s Gestapo: The FBI’s Reign of Terror | Tenth Amendment Center


The Gestapo: The Myth and Reality of Hitler's Secret Police de Frank McDonough

Since the protests on January 6th, Democrats have weaponized the FBI by turning the agency into their own private army of secret police to target their political enemies. One America's Pearson Sharp has more.

James Madison’s Home to Become Site of Massive White Guilt Monument



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“We want to make this a national monument to the ‘Invisible Founders,’” said the Rev. Larry Walker, a trustee at Montpelier, the home of James Madison, father of the Constitution, in announcing plans to build a national slavery monument right on the grounds of Madison’s home. The Montpelier board is planning on a massive scale: “Our memorialization project is not going to be limited to a bench and a plaque,” Walker declared, as the board compared the projected monument to the Lincoln Memorial. If this thing is built, future visitors to Montpelier will come away with one overwhelming message: James Madison was an evil man who enslaved other human beings.

Board chairman James French showed the photo of the Lincoln Memorial in order “to illustrate…our desire to create a national monument for the legacy of those who were enslaved.” Montpelier CEO Elizabeth Chew said that the plan for a national slavery monument was one of “big future projects” planned for Montpelier. The board announced its big monument plans on Sept. 17 at a little-noticed panel session (the video of the session has all of 91 views as of this writing), “Equal Power-Sharing at Montpelier,” at the mansion’s David M. Rubenstein Visitor Center. The New York Post has noted that David M. Rubenstein, who got the visitor center named after himself by donating millions to Montpelier, is “on the boards of the globalist World Economic Forum, China’s Tsinghua University, and the Council on Foreign Relations, among others.” What a surprise!

Larry Walker explained, according to a Saturday report in the New York Post, that he believed that slaves “deserve equal credit for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights because their labor financed the private lives of Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and many of the nation’s early leaders.” Why choose Madison’s home for the slavery monument when others among the Founding Fathers also owned slaves? Apparently, because he was unrepentant: “Madison owned 38 enslaved African Americans when he died in 1836 — and unlike George Washington, freed none of them in his will.” Nor did Madison denounce slavery even while owning slaves, as did Jefferson. Walker asserted: “The home of the Constitution should be the place that recognizes the contributions of descendants of the enslaved communities across America.”

Before wokeness took over Montpelier and the rest of the Western world, it was generally understood that human beings were complex and that a man could be heroic in one way even while having blind spots and weaknesses. Madison was much more than just a slaveowner, and according to the Post, “critics and historians say such a memorial would upend the fourth president’s legacy and become the center of attention at his own home.” Oh yes indeed. Historian Douglas MacKinnon declared: “These people are doing what any totalitarian regime would do. They want to create a whole new narrative not based on reality. As they say, the victor gets to write the history — and now our history is being rewritten before our eyes.”

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That’s right. The woke have won the culture, or want us to believe that they have, and so they’re recasting American history as one of racism, white supremacy, colonialism, and other assorted evils. MacKinnon added: “A monument honoring America’s slaves is a worthy goal. But the only reason to build it at the home of James Madison is if you aim to deny, demean, and dismiss him by focusing on his weaknesses and not his massive contributions.”

That’s exactly what the Montpelier board wants to do. The Left hates James Madison, as well as Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers, for exactly the same things that make him great and worthy to be celebrated: Because he fought against tyranny. Because he helped create a free republic. Because he placed statements in those founding documents that would ultimately lead multitudes of the citizens of the new nation to believe that slavery was wrong and immoral and give their lives to bring about its abolition.

Madison is just the sort of man whom the fascist thugs of Antifa, busy smearing ACAB on the sides of buildings and hurling obscenities at police in pursuit of their vision of socialist utopia, and their moneyed backers despise and fear. They want Americans to hate America and the Constitution, so that they won’t defend either, and will submit meekly to their authoritarian vision. The example of James Madison could inspire Americans instead to work to save the free republic he did so much to leave for us. Can’t have that. Madison’s name must be made anathema to Americans. That’s the point of this national slavery monument at Montpelier.

New York Times: We Should Criminalize Speech Like Germany



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The New York Times has been running an extended crusade for some years now to dispense with freedom of speech. It’s run op-eds arguing that speech is violence, that the First Amendment has been misunderstood… and that we should be more like Germany.

The story starts with this incident:

When the police pounded the door before dawn at a home in northwest Germany, a bleary-eyed young man in his boxer shorts answered. The officers asked for his father, who was at work.

They told him that his 51-year-old father was accused of violating laws against online hate speech, insults and misinformation. He had shared an image on Facebook with an inflammatory statement about immigration falsely attributed to a German politician. “Just because someone rapes, robs or is a serious criminal is not a reason for deportation,” the fake remark said.

The police then scoured the home for about 30 minutes, seizing a laptop and tablet as evidence, prosecutors said.

It’s hard to imagine a worse test case for censorship. But the New York Times decided to lead with someone sharing a sarcastic quote on Facebook mocking pro-migrant politicians.

Clearly, the Times would like to see this in America.

Hate speech, extremism, misogyny and misinformation are well-known byproducts of the internet. But the people behind the most toxic online behavior typically avoid any personal major real-world consequences. Most Western democracies like the United States have avoided policing the internet because of free speech rights, leaving a sea of slurs, targeted harassment and tweets telling public figures they’d be better off dead. At most, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter remove a post or suspend their account.

But over the past several years, Germany has forged another path, criminally prosecuting people for online hate speech.

Germany is known for forging another path. That said, most European countries will prosecute some kinds of speech and none have free speech. The police can come to your door in the UK and any number of European countries. Germany does this on a larger scale.

In doing so, they have flipped inside out what, to American ears, it means to protect free speech. The authorities in Germany argue that they are encouraging and defending free speech by providing a space where people can share opinions without fear of being attacked or abused.

This is the same “Censorship is Freedom” argument being used by Google, Facebook, and the Left.

What’s really telling are the examples in the article.

And it was that post that eventually led to the raid of that 51-year-old father’s house in northwest Germany. The father, whose name was not shared by authorities because of Germany’s strict privacy laws, is still under investigation in Lower Saxony as police examine the contents of his devices. Even if he did not know the comment attributed to Ms. Bause was fake, he still faces punishment because “the accused bears the risk of spreading a false quote without checking it,” prosecutors said.

So basically penalizing opponents of a leftist politician.

Swen Weiland, a software developer turned internet hate speech investigator, is in charge of unmasking people behind anonymous accounts. He hunts for clues about where a person lives and works, and connections to friends and family. After an unknown Twitter user compared Covid restrictions to the Holocaust, he used an online registry of licensed architects to help identify the culprit as a middle-aged woman.

“I try to find out what they do in their normal life,” Mr. Weiland said. “If I find where they live or their relatives then I can get the real person. The internet does not forget.”

It’s safe to say that woman was not a fan of the Nazis.

Last year, Christian Endt, a journalist in Berlin whose coverage of Covid drew a steady stream of insults online, reached a breaking point. After an anonymous Twitter user had called him “stupid” and mentally ill, he embarked on a mission to see if he could get the person prosecuted.

The person’s account did not include a real name, but it had a photo on the profile page. That allowed Mr. Endt to perform an image search to see where else on the internet the image could be found. It led him to a LinkedIn page of a small-business owner. From there, he found the individual’s company website, phone number and home address.

Mr. Endt compiled his finding in a memo and sent it to the local district attorney. In December, the case landed with the online hate unit in Lower Saxony, where the culprit lived. After reviewing the evidence, they sent the man a fine worth about €1,000.

Again, criticism of government COVID policies.

Last year, Andy Grote, a city senator responsible for public safety and the police in Hamburg, broke the local social distancing rules — which he was in charge of enforcing — by hosting a small election party in a downtown bar.

After Mr. Grote later made remarks admonishing others for hosting parties during the pandemic, a Twitter user wrote: “Du bist so 1 Pimmel” (“You are such a penis”).

Three months later, six police officers raided the house of the man who had posted the insult, looking for his electronic devices. The incident caused an uproar.

None of the incidents profiled involved any kind of Nazi association. This is about the government suppressing its own political opposition under the guise of fighting hate speech. The complaints seem to largely involve politicians, activists, and media figures.

It’s not hard to see why the media in this country thinks we should be more like Germany.

Ohio school district promotes NEA ‘LGBTQ+ resource guide’ with instructions on prostitution, abortion



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The idea here seems to be to create an unbridgeable rift between parents and children and render the children weak, pleasure-obsessed, emotionally stunted individuals who are totally dependent upon the state and ripe for conquest.

“This Ohio School District Is Promoting an ‘LGBTQ+ Resource Guide’ With Instructions on Sex Work, Abortions,” by Elizabeth Troutman, Washington Free Beacon, September 23, 2022:

Teachers in an Ohio school district are wearing name badges that students can scan with their phones to access an “LGBTQ+ resource guide,” which includes instructions on how to get abortions and “organize like a sex worker.”

Hilliard City School District participates in the National Education Association’s “I’m Here” program, which encourages teachers to wear the badge. The group says the program is supposed to educate teachers on how to respond to LGBT students. But a Washington Free Beacon review found that the QR code takes students to resources that describe abortion as the removal of “pregnancy tissue,” encourage gender transitioning without parental consent, and promote sex work….

“The badge has a QR code that once scanned takes you to a website that has extremely inappropriate information, and as a parent that crosses the line,” Hilliard City parent Lisa Chaffee said.

Hilliard City superintendent Dave Stewart said the badges only concern “adult learning,” though the website from the QR code provides resources aimed at K-12 students. After backlash from parents, the district advised teachers to cover the QR code on the back of the badge, according to a statement from Stewart….

“LGBTQIA+ students should be respected, affirmed, and protected in Texas schools, even if they do not have the full support of their parents or guardians,” says “Free to Be Me: A Toolkit to Protect LGBTQIA+ Students’ Rights.”

Another link in the guide takes students to a post called “Organize Like a Sex Worker: Learning from Worker and Organizer Kate Adamo.” The post says recognizing that “sex work is work” is “critical to ensuring the reproductive and sexual liberation of everyone.” Kate Adamo, the “sex worker” interviewed in the post, compared “transphobia or homophobia, being anti-abortion, or anti-sex work” to eugenics.

Sex workers “face stigma, judgment, and pushback from both the Christian right, and sex work exclusionary feminists (SWERFs) on the left,” Adamo said.

Another link promotes a project from Planned Parenthood Toronto with videos like “Are you queer enough to be here? Spoiler Alert: YES!” and “Sex acts that don’t get enough play.”…

The resource guide also provides a handbook to help minors understand their gender identities, which says “sex assignment does not take into account one’s true gender identity.”

“Your true gender may be different than the gender that a doctor assigned you, which is perfectly normal, valid, and wonderful,” the handbook reads.

The Hilliard City School District did not respond to a request for comment.

Tampons in Boys’ Bathrooms?: Dan Ball WITH Christina & Faith; Dan Attends Daughters’ School Board Meeting, 9/21/22

Teachers Urged to “Transition” Children Behind Parents’ Backs



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State “education” authorities in Michigan are under fire nationwide after getting caught red-handed encouraging teachers to, among other absurdities and crimes, “transition” children to new “genders” without the consent or even knowledge of their parents. The training is almost too outrageous to believe, and yet officials are publicly defending it all.

The growing scandal, which was first exposed by prominent anti-woke activist Christopher Rufo with the Manhattan Institute, has government “school” officials scrambling to perform damage control. But parental outrage over the abuse is growing nationwide as even liberal-media polls show the public has overwhelmingly turned against this sort of brainwashing in school.  

The Michigan Department of Education program in question urges government-school “educators” to “facilitate the sexual transition of minors without parental consent,” as Rufo put it in his exposé posted on social media. The trainers also claim the notion that gender is “binary” is a “system of oppression” created by the West that must be dismantled.  

There is proof, too, as documents and footage emerge. One leaked training video for teachers features a self-styled “Black, masculine-identified, cis-gendered lesbian baby boomer” instructor named “Amorie Robinson.” During the training session, she urges teachers to familiarize themselves with the “terminology” such as “gender fluid,” “genderqueer,” or “gender non-conforming.” 

According to Robinson, children may “identify” as “asexual, lesbian, straight, gay, bisexual, queer, questioning, demisexual, demiromantic, aromantic, and skoliosexual.” Teachers should “Google on those” because “we ain’t got time today” to examine all the sexual and gender “identities” children might adopt, she said. 

Another trainer urges teachers to hide children’s sexual and gender “identities” from parents, even if discussing the child’s desire to commit suicide. “I would one-thousand percent recommend working with the student to let them guide that process,” says the trainer, Phillips-Knope, after recommending teachers refer to children as “earthlings” instead of boys and girls.  

When it became a toxic political hot-potato when blasted by GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, even far-left Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer was forced to condemn it. Her office sent a mild rebuke to the Department of Education and urged it to “review your training to ensure they comply with all applicable regulations, maintain department guidelines, and are reflective of best practices.”  

In an op-ed published by establishment propaganda organs, Michigan Superintendent of Public Schools Michael Rice defended the abusive “training.” In fact, he referred to them as “professional development” to “build the capacity of educators to provide safe, supportive, and inclusive school climates where all students can thrive — especially students who identify as LGBTQ+.”  

“Our local educators and support staff care deeply about their students and seek to better understand how to reach students and help them feel accepted, safe, and supported,” Rice continued, adding that anyone who calls out the madness is attempting to “bully” school staff. “Children deserve safe and inclusive environments to minimize their fears and anxieties.”  

After falsely denying that teachers were taught to keep parents in the dark, Rice went on to admit that it’s true—but it’s “for the children,” supposedly. “In a situation in which the student is concerned about abuse, neglect, or homelessness if parents are told, educators may be cautious about sharing issues of sexual orientation and gender identity with parents,” he said. 

Teachers “have a responsibility not to put children in harm’s way, even inadvertently,” Rice continued, as if government was now in charge of protecting children from their own parents and families—the very people who love them more than anyone else on the planet. “Such decisions are not made lightly and are ultimately about safeguarding the health, safety, and wellbeing of students.” 

This is a similar attitude to the one adopted by the Biden administration. As The Newman Report documented earlier this year, the U.S. departments of Justice, Education, and Health and Human Services released a video encouraging children to file federal complaints against their own families and communities if they were not “affirmed” in their chosen sexual proclivities or gender fantasies.

This is collective madness — and it is beyond evil. Adults must stop encouraging and normalizing the madness, for the same reason it would be irresponsible to talk to a schizophrenic’s imaginary friends or encourage an anorexic girl to have liposuction. This dangerous abuse of children should be prosecuted. But as has always been the case, the only true protector of a child will be his or her parents.

Nashville, Tennessee: Governor Bill Lee Calls for Investigation of Vanderbilt’s Pediatric Transgender Clinic


Vanderbilt opened its trans clinic in 2018. During a lecture the same year, Dr. Shayne Taylor explained how she convinced Nashville to get into the gender transition game. She emphasized that it’s a “big money maker,” especially because the surgeries require a lot of “follow ups”.


Shayne Taylor:

3601 The Vanderbilt Clinic, Nashville, TN 37232
 (615) 936-3224

Clinic for Transgender Health - Clinic for Transgender Health ...

Nashville, TN: Governor Bill Lee Calls for Investigation of Vanderbilt's Pediatric Transgender Clinic

Dan Ball With TN Rep. Will Lamberth, Banning Child Sex Changes In TN, 9/23/22

REP. LAMBERTH'S Nashville Address

425 Rep. John Lewis Way N.
Suite 602 Cordell Hull Bldg.
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: (615) 741-1980
Fax: (615) 253-0336

District Address

P.O. Box 812
Portland, TN 37148


Advocate for gender rights pushes back on Vanderbilt Transgender Clinic controversy:

OCTOBER 2018: Vanderbilt Opens Clinic For Transgender Patients;


VUMC's Trans Peer/Buddy Program-EXCERPT FROM

"VUMC's Trans Peer/Buddy Program started in 2014, to provide peer services for transgender and gender non-conforming patients. The Program for LGBTI Health at VUMC, in collaboration with the Volunteer Services, developed this program. Participants include students, clinicians, staff, and community members who care about health disparities among people who identify as LGBT or are affected by differences in sex development. The goal is to "increase access to care and improve health care outcomes for transgender people by providing support to transgender patients at VUMC." The goal is to empower the patient to make informed health care decisions, and to reduce the postponement of health care by transgendered people."



Hospital Assigned ‘Trans Buddies’ To Pressure Doctors Into Affirming Children’s Gender Identity



“The Trans Buddy program mentioned in the video has received national acclaim,” the statement read. “Its purpose is to provide peer volunteers who support persons who are seeking highly personal care in an unfamiliar environment, and who may have been refused medical services in the past or avoided seeking them out of fear of being met with hostility.” (RELATED: Google, PayPal, Venmo Crack Down Anti-‘Groomer’ Account)

Vanderbilt University Medical Center explains how sex-change surgery is ...


RON PAUL: Scandal At Vanderbilt: Mutilating Children...For Profit!

Thanks to excellent investigative work by conservative journalist Matt Walsh, we have a full view of the horrors of Vanderbilt University Medical Center program to sterilize, drug, and mutilate children...for profit!


Australia Begins Feeding Crickets to Their Kids

World Economic Forum Endorsed Bugs and Insects Force-Fed To Children in 1,000+ Australian Schools! The 'New Normal!'

Climate Depot founder Marc Morano joined "In Focus with Addison Smith" to discuss the Left's push for a meatless society that is manifesting across the globe.

‘CAlifornia AB2098 Passes Senate’ with Dr. Peterson Pierre


Untitled design 9

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Dear Patriots –

The AFLDS Legal Team will be providing you with an ongoing round-up of our projects, as well as recent rulings and news in the world of freedom law. The tables have started to turn recently. Here’s a report on recent projects and legal events:

Can’t Miss Resources for Back to School

AFLDS has been at the forefront of fighting for your medical freedom and bodily autonomy since day one. We have updated our resources to support you as you go back into the school year and face ever-changing exemption needs and mandates. Please check out our newest, in-depth policy brief Back to School in 2022 which has fantastic resources and outlines to prepare you and your loved ones as you return to school. We have also been at work updating our downloadable website resources on masks, vaccines, and religious exemptions. Links are in the brief!

California Medical Board

There appears to be no limit to the unethical behavior of The California Medical Board. As you know, its members have attacked our own Dr. Gold simply for speaking out about early treatment options for Covid-19. Free speech must be protected, which is AFLDS is supporting Attorney Richard Jaffe who is suing the California Medical Board on behalf of physicians who are being hunted for free speech. We encourage you to read the latest update on his case. Many medical boards have gone after doctors for Covid “disinformation,” but the California Medical Board has been one of the largest offenders. After some digging, Attorney Jaffe has uncovered how they are able to threaten so many doctors. Check out his full press release here.

Additionally, California’s Assembly Bill 2098 aimed at further targeting doctors' free speech passed the Senate on August 29th, 2022, and is awaiting being signed into law. This bill is dangerous to our freedoms and ability to receive quality, unbiased healthcare. Please read our original press release on this bill here to understand exactly how evil this is.

AFLDS Files Amicus Curiae Brief in Support of Feds for Medical Freedom in Vaccine Mandate Case

America’s Frontline Doctors is proud to support plaintiff’s Fed for Medical Freedom, a group of over 6,000 federal employees challenging the legality of the federal vaccine mandate. See our full press release here. The hearing on this case was held on Tuesday, September 13th at 9am CT. This case is incredibly important to our rights as American Citizens. We will advise you of the ruling as soon as it is available.

Patriotically yours,

The AFLDS Legal Team

Behind Closed Doors: American School Counselor Association Conference Exposed

Activist School Counselors w/ Courage Is A Habit's Alvin Lui



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The group Courage is a Habit is making waves. Alvin Lui, founder of the movement to educate parents on the threats to children from woke cultists, bought a ticket to the American School Counselor Association conference this year and recorded the whole thing. And it’s a good thing he did.

What he uncovered is a boiling cauldron of dangerous ideologies that are causing racial division and hatred, a gender crisis, anxiety disorders, increased suicidality, and an unbelievable admission that school counselors have taken children to get birth control against the wishes of their parents.

This clip of the retiring president of ASCA, Dr. Carolyn Stone, shows her telling the crowd of school counselors, who parents think are employed to help kids get into college, a story about an ethical dilemma that will terrify you. “I get that a lot,” she said about school counselors saying her talks on ethics worry them. Stone relayed a story where a new school counselor approached her with a shocking confession.

“She explained that she had just taken a child to get contraceptives at a clinic because her mother wouldn’t let her have them. She said, ‘what do I do?'” Then Stone asked the crowd of school counselors to tell her what to do in that situation. “Solve this for me. Do you, one, do you tell her to go back and convince the student to tell her parent, or do you tell her, two, call the girl’s mother and confess, or do you tell her, three, ‘hold your breath and pray’? Turn to your neighbor and tell them what you’re going to tell her.”

The entire crowd of school counselors shouted out, “Three!” Dr. Stone approvingly replied, “See? You’re all ready to be a part of the ethics committee! Sign up!”

PJ Media reached out to Dr. Stone, who repeatedly denied that school counselors actually do this.

“Part of the context was, it was supposed to be taking a look at the journey of twenty years and I picked out the most absurd, unbelievable, can’t really wrap our heads around an ethical dilemma that came up. It was about the absolute outlandishness of it, not about anything that is something we actually do,” she said. “This was a brand new counselor and she hadn’t been advised. And that’s why we have these conferences… we don’t want counselors doing something this outlandish. You never help a child out with anything to do with reproduction, abortion counseling, contraceptives, none of that.”

PJ Media watched the entire speech by Stone to get the context and found that at no time did she announce that the story was “absurd” or “outrageous” in any way. She also did not correct the crowd after they said they would choose the option to “hold your breath and pray” parents don’t find out about the trip for contraceptives. Instead, Stone simply moved on to the topic of equity. Her full remarks can be seen in the video linked at the bottom of this article.

“How that was misinterpreted, I never could have guessed,” she told PJ Media. “We don’t do it in the first place! It was just a tongue-in-cheek that followed. There is no way that school counselors should put a child in their car in the first place… everyone in that room can identify that it’s so absurd. I was talking to an audience that understood the context,” she insisted.

When PJ Media pressed Stone to tell us about the school counselor who told her this story and asked her to describe what advice she gave her, Stone dodged the question. “This was somebody who had said to me following a presentation I did and, you know, you just —the deer-in-the-headlights brand new school counselor—this is why we have these conferences. This is why we put this in our writing. If you want to know our stance on this, it’s all through our writing that we don’t help kids with reproduction. This is just beyond the neutral box. We have a neutral box around us, and with all the workshops we’ve done on this kind of thing, it’s all about parental rights. Parents should be the guiding voice in their children’s lives.”

But in a 2017 newsletter to school counselors, Stone wrote, ” It is acceptable behavior for school counselors in certain schools and communities to refer pregnant students to Planned Parenthood, but in many other communities, this action would be considered a serious breach of ethics and infringing on family values and parents’ rights to be the guiding voice in their children’s lives.” Stone told PJ Media that school counselors “don’t” help students with reproduction, but in her own writing, she contradicted that claim.

RELATEDIt’s On! Groomer School in Massachusetts Sued for Hiding ‘Gender Identity’ From Parents

Stone was asked several times to divulge what advice she gave the counselor who took a child for birth control without parental notification or consent, but she avoided answering that every time, insisting it doesn’t happen, even though her own account says it did.

When PJ Media showed Stone several news articles about school counselors taking a child for an abortion, or birth control, or keeping a student’s gender identity a secret from parents, she insisted that those incidents are “outliers” and not consistent with ASCA training.

But Lui published documents and slides from ASCA training on his website, and it tells a different story—and that story isn’t at all “neutral.” Here’s a training slide about how “White folks” are bad.

Stone insisted that she wants parents to read ASCA materials, but shortly after that material was posted online, Lui received a notice from his website hosting company that ASCA had sent them a cease-and-desist order based on a copyright violation, and they removed the Google Drive link from Courage Is a Habit’s website.

Two days later, Google contacted Lui to inform him they deleted his Google doc under pressure from ASCA.


Google has been notified, according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that some of your materials allegedly infringe upon the copyrights of others. The details of the allegedly infringing materials may be found at the end of this message. …Please note that repeated violations of our Terms of Service may result in further remedial action taken against your Google account or associated accounts, including suspension or termination.

The claim that the material Lui republished was copyrighted is thin. Fair use laws demand that journalists be able to publish documents like this for informational and educational purposes. These materials are being used on students in public schools. They should therefore be in the public domain. And if the ASCA isn’t doing anything wrong, why are they trying to scrub their own training materials from the internet?

RELATEDSharing Stories of Trauma on ‘Detransition Awareness Day’

During her interview with PJ Media, Stone pleaded with people to read ASCA materials so we understand what it is they actually do. But now ASCA is frantically trying to get rid of those materials so you can’t read them. Here are some of the worst things Lui found that ASCA doesn’t want you to see.

The conference, ironically named “No Limits,” put a heavy focus on the controversial gender theory that is leading to the mutilation of healthy kids by money-hungry surgeons. Many of these kids are left with a lifetime of suffering from botched procedures and the crippling effects of puberty blockers, like bone deterioration and stunted growth. ASCA is going full steam ahead, training counselors to affirm the cult of the gender theologists. One slide gives definitions of the gender cult’s preferred language, which is being shoved down children’s throats in schools.

This slide below is particularly disturbing. It defines children who are uncomfortable with opposite-sex students in bathrooms or locker rooms as “bullies.” This is deeply misogynistic and a direct attack on the safety and privacy of girls.

The agenda for the “No Limits” conference was full of far-left programming, including “anti-racism” (which is code for encouraging racism against whites and instituting a hierarchy based on skin color), becoming an “LGBTQ-inclusive school,” “equity in action through systemic change,” “support [for] transgender and gender-expansive students,” and more. Notice there isn’t one event here geared toward respecting the First Amendment rights of students to be free from compelled speech or assaults on their religious beliefs. That seems to be something ASCA doesn’t care about at all.

The next slide, attributed to the Human Rights Campaign, really rankles:

Could a counselor decide to be an ally to Catholic students by being visibly pro-Catholic with statues of Mary in her office and signs on the door that say “safe space for Catholics” and repeatedly attempt to normalize the use of rosaries? Obviously, that’s a ridiculous supposition. No one would allow that in a public school. But why do they allow the counselors to be “visible allies” to LGBTQ+ students? Why are they “normalizing pronoun use” and pushing these fringe beliefs on all students?

These are cult beliefs that only a small minority of people believe (and almost all of them are on TikTok). Most people do not believe that there is an infinite number of genders or that humans can change their sex. So why is this allowed to be treated as if it is universally accepted?

The slide below is extremely disconcerting. It claims that the way to support trans youth is for counselors to help them “[take] steps toward transition.” Dr. Stone insisted that ASCA counselors don’t do this. But their own materials belie that claim. What’s shocking about this slide is how school counselors are being encouraged to advocate for medical procedures like puberty blockers, hormone therapies, and surgery. None of these people went to medical school. Should they be telling minors that these medical interventions are safe and even good for them? It’s absurd, and the liability should be high enough that their lawyers tell them to stop. Anyone who does this to someone else’s child should be sued into bankruptcy.

Speaking of lawsuits, ASCA provides its members with up to $2 million in legal assistance. They provide protection for their counselors who do these things! Luckily, there are organizations out there willing to assist parents in filing lawsuits against groomers who would seek to sever the constitutional right to be a parent and direct their child’s education.

Despite Stone’s repeated insistence that ASCA is not indoctrinating children, the evidence from their own materials is clear. They are doing it, they know you don’t like it, they are trying to hide it, and they’ll lie to your face if confronted about it.

Don’t forget to sign up t be a VIP member if you haven’t already. My podcast this week is on this topic, and you can hear parts of the explosive phone call between Dr. Stone and me. It’s illuminating.

Also, check out the live stream I did on this topic with Alvin Lui below. In it, I play the unedited remarks from Dr. Stone so you can hear the context for yourself. Perhaps the most telling part is the woman who introduces Stone, who says Stone “encouraged us all to learn the rules, so we know how to break them properly.”




Jill Biden Thinks It’s Un-American To Oppose Porn in School Libraries




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Schools nationwide contain inappropriate and sometimes pornographic materials in their libraries, often under the guise of “inclusivity.” Thankfully, states like Florida are empowering parents to have more input over materials and curricula, and parents are starting to fight back against subversive and obscene materials being made available to their children.

And First Lady Jill Biden doesn’t like it one bit. In an interview with NBC News correspondent Sheinelle Jones, she argued that parents shouldn’t be able to exclude any books from school libraries.

“Parents and politicians are now weighing in on what books should be in our school libraries, and what their kids are being taught,” Jones began “Where’s the line, in your opinion, with how much of a say parents have when it comes to what their kids are learning in school? Is there a balance between, you know, ‘This book should be in the library, this book is under review—”

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“All books should be in the library,” Jill said, cutting off Jones before she could finish her question. “All books. This is America. We don’t ban books.”

Either Jill Biden is ignorant of what kind of materials are being made available to young children, or she doesn’t care. We’ve previously covered the kind of pornographic materials that have been put in school libraries, some of which promote the sexual activity of minors. But, Dr. Jill thinks it’s un-American to want to make sure children aren’t exposed to sexually graphic materials that groom them for pedophiles. Those damn un-American prudes who don’t want porn in schools!


Miami Herald Warns That Christian Rhetoric Could ‘Mobilize Fringe Mobs’



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The Miami Herald has discovered something about Republican politicians, and boy is it a problem. You may want to sit down for this one.

GOP politicians who are Christians use scripture in their speeches.

GAAAAAAAASP! Grab the fainting couch!


I know. You’re not really shocked or appalled, but this information came as news to the Miami Herald’s Ana Ceballos, particularly when it comes to Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), who Ceballos’ article says is “playing with fire.”

The reporter goes all the way back to February to cite a speech DeSantis made at Hillsdale College to make her point.

“Put on the full armor of God. Stand firm against the left’s schemes. You will face flaming arrows, but if you have the shield of faith, you will overcome them, and in Florida, we walk the line here,” DeSantis said in his speech. “And I can tell you this, I have only begun to fight.”

Now, I wince a little bit at DeSantis using “the left” where the apostle Paul talks about the devil in Ephesians 6:10-18, but I get his point. The left is engaging in a hard push for policies that violate Judeo-Christian morality in many ways, and believers need to engage many of the same weapons of spiritual warfare — prayer, faith, devotion to God’s Word — to aid in combatting these assaults.

But, as Ceballo points out, this is problematic because there’s a slim chance that an extremely small fringe of people might take the spiritual warfare talk literally.

“[DeSantis] and other Republicans on the campaign trail are blending elements of Christianity with being American and portraying their battle against their political opponents as one between good and evil,” Ceballos states. “Those dynamics have some political observers and religious leaders worrying that such rhetoric could become dangerous, as it could mobilize fringe groups who could be prone to violence in an attempt to have the government recognize their beliefs.”

This, in Ceballos’ eyes, is Christian nationalism, which, she claims, “for many conservatives has become a political identity.” The problem with that assertion is that she’s dead wrong.

Christian nationalism is a phenomenon, but it’s a minuscule movement of people who believe that the U.S. is a strictly Christian nation and that the only people who can be Americans must be a particular type of Christian. The vast majority of conservative, Bible-believing Christians don’t subscribe to this notion.

For Our VIPs: Christians Fight Spiritual Battles That the Left Doesn’t Even Want to Acknowledge

That doesn’t stop leftists from slapping the “Christian nationalist” label on Republican politicians. But Ceballos had to go 1,349 miles to find a pastor who was willing to play her game. She quotes Brian Kaylor, a pastor in Jefferson City, Mo., whose specialty is the intersection of faith and politics. A quick perusal of Kaylor’s Twitter account shows that he has major issues with politicians using scripture — when those politicians are Republicans.

“I think, at best, DeSantis is playing with fire,” Kaylor declared in the article. “If asked, I’m sure he would tell you he is not telling people to literally go and fight. But this rhetoric in this political environment is dangerous.”

Kaylor, a Baptist pastor, for crying out loud, accuses DeSantis of being exclusive of non-Christians in the piece.

“If there is any privileging of one faith’s tradition, then you don’t have true religious liberty for everyone,” he claims. “If you don’t believe in religious liberty for all, then you don’t believe in religious liberty at all.”

Ceballos also quotes Yale sociologist Philip Gorski, who wrote a totally unbiased book entitled The Flag and the Cross: White Nationalism and the Threat to American Democracy.

“The full armor of God passage is a favorite amongst certain types of Pentecostals who really do see the world in terms of spiritual warfare,” Gorski informs readers.

Another professor tells Ceballos that DeSantis is using “God talk” and “Christian nationalist talking points” to gain votes.

DeSantis fought back in the form of a statement from Press Secretary Bryan Griffin.

“The governor is a Christian and there is absolutely no issue with him sharing his values or utilizing them in his decision-making as a leader. Questions like ‘What does the governor believe about the Christian nationalism movement that has been getting more attention since Jan. 6, 2021?’ — which are indistinguishable from ridiculous leftist political talking points — are indicative of the problem of overtly biased reporting that plagues the modern media,” the statement read.

Christians know that political and cultural issues are important, worthwhile fights.

“We understand that these policy fights are, indeed, in many cases, moral issues,” said Dr. Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary about Ceballos’ article. “Otherwise, we wouldn’t be concerned about them.”

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Two things are completely missing from Ceballos’ piece and the quotes from these scholars who don’t want to give any conservative Christians the benefit of the doubt. The first thing is that the use of scripture in political speeches has been part of the American fabric since the founding of the country. Politicians as diverse as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan have invoked the Bible and the Christian faith. Does this make them “Christian nationalists”? Did fringe mobs leap into action from these speeches and statements?

The other thing that Ceballos and her sources miss — or ignore — is that Democrats use scripture, speak in churches, and invoke Christianity all the time. Was it “Christian nationalism” when Hillary Clinton spoke in an African American church and co-opted a black dialect to say that she was “no ways tired” of fighting? Is it “playing with fire” for Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi to invoke their Catholicism, which they often do, or for Stacey Abrams to mention that she’s the daughter of pastors, which she does all the time? Is the fact that Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) is a pastor who fights for unbiblical policies an issue?

Why is it only a problem when the current crop of Christian conservatives invoke scripture? Why does Ceballos think that DeSantis is in the wrong when he talks about spiritual warfare? Why are the other politicians she mentions, including Georgia senate candidate Herschel Walker, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), and Michigan secretary of state candidate Kristina Karamo, all Republicans?

We all know the reason why. It’s because, in the eyes of Ceballos, everything Republicans do is a problem.

Sixth Graders Protect Fellow Students From a Creepy Teacher



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What do you do when your teacher is a pervert and no one will listen? You take matters into your own hands.

According to a report in The Boston Globe, sixth-graders, no less, at Davisville Middle School in Rhode Island had had enough of their teacher not only being cruel to the boys but also with the way he treated the girls. He leered at them, gave them pet names, and asked them to dance. He even allegedly asked one girl to take off her shoes and show him her toes. The unnamed teacher, who was also a coach, told the kids he had dealt with parents’ complaints before and was not worried. The boys went to adults, who essentially blew them off. The flirting and innuendo made the girls uncomfortable. Some would laugh, while others just stayed in their seats and endured it.

In January of last year, a group of boys decided enough was enough. They took to Discord and created a channel named after the teacher, and also referred to it as the “Pedo Database.” There, they documented the teacher’s activities. Then during the COVID-19 quarantine, they had the Discord channel on a split screen with the teacher and logged incidents as they happened. The Globe has some of the quotes:

“You all love me so choose love.”

“You gotta stand up and dance now.”

Everyone “in bathing suits tomorrow.”

They also told incoming students about the Discord board so more evidence could be collected. The hard work and patience paid off, and in April of this year, the teacher was escorted off the premises. Allegations were finally made that this teacher had stalked a pre-teen girl he was coaching and been inappropriate with other students. The students’ parents had complained before, but the teacher continued to coach until he was hit with a restraining order in North Kingston. He had held two other coaching jobs, and other parents had noted that he singled out female students for special attention. When the fecal matter collided with the oscillating ventilator, authorities wanted people to come forward with more information. And the boys were right there with their database. According to the Globe, the database is now in the hands of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the state Department of Children, Youth, and Families, the state Department of Education, and the lawyer who is heading up the investigation for the school district.

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Two things stand out here.

First, the boys had gone to the people whose job it was to protect students, and no one cared. They had to take matters into their own hands. Let’s forget about pronouns, gender, and CRT for just a minute. The Left can’t figure out why parents want to know what’s going on in their children’s classrooms.

This. This is why. Pre-teen girls were being harassed and essentially exploited by a person in a position of trust, and nothing was done. How long did this go on? How many students had to suffer this humiliation? How many times was this issue shunted to one side or buried? One of the boys was quoted as saying, “I don’t think there was a single adult who would ever — like their parents, my mom, like anybody in the school — who had ever really taken the whole thing seriously before.” The boys were being treated shabbily, and the girls were being sexually harassed. Tell me again how what goes on in a school it isn’t any business of the parent. A parent should be able to walk in at any moment, sit down in a classroom, and find out exactly what is happening with their children. In fact, that might go a long way to detecting and preventing this kind of thing in the future. If a school district expects parents to trust it, it needs to be very comfortable with total transparency.

Second, let us have no more of this treating boys as second-class citizens. Let us dispense with the “Boys Are Dumb, Throw Rocks at Them” t-shirts. It is time to stop discouraging or excluding them from STEM and other activities. It is time to stop relegating boys to video games and the back of the classroom. These boys did exactly what a man should do. They stood up for the girls in their class against a horrible man who had found a way to wedge himself into the system like a diseased mollusk. And when the people who were charged with keeping them safe did not care, they did what they could do on their own. Every father who reads this should sit down with his son tonight and say, “This is who I want you to be.”


Sending Your Child to a Christian College?-Look Out for Words You Thought You Would Never Hear!


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Two years ago, Lighthouse Trails posted an article titled “Christian Colleges and Seminaries in More Trouble Than Ever as Many Plunge Into Emergent Spirituality.” As Christian parents are preparing to send their high-school graduate kids to Christian colleges and universities this coming fall, we hope that the article (posted below) will provide a desperately needed warning. And in fact, now that contemplative schools have turned “woke” and progressive, that warning is more needed than ever. You may send your sweet child of faith to one of these schools only to watch in horror as his or her faith is turned upside down in a short period of time, and he or she may come home during a semester break and tell you the words you never thought you would hear, “Hey Mom and Dad, I am now an atheist, and I don’t believe what the Bible says anymore!”

The article:

For nearly 18 years, Lighthouse Trails has been reporting on the slide that evangelical colleges, universities, and seminaries have been taking into the contemplative/emergent/ecumenical river. It would be great if we could say there’s been a real turnaround and things at these colleges are getting better. It would be great if we could say that your college-age child is safe in most Christian colleges today. And it would be great if we could say that these schools have realized the error of their ways and have made dramatic efforts to get back on the biblical course. Unfortunately, we cannot say any of these things because they simply are not true.

We were once again reminded of how far off the track evangelical schools have gone when earlier this month we received an e-blast from Christianity Today announcing 50%-off tuition special for qualifying students to Seattle Pacific University. That will sound very enticing to parents who are looking for Christian education for their college-age children at affordable rates. But let’s take a glance at what these children will be introduced to if they attend Seattle Pacific University:

At SPU’s Center for Biblical and Theological Education, students will be introduced to various forms of contemplative spirituality, and faculty members are being trained to pass them on. For instance, in a 2019 faculty retreat syllabus, the list of activities at the retreat includes Lectio divina, praying with icons, sabbath keeping, Ignatian Spirituality, and Prayer of Examen. At the upcoming 2020 Winter Discernment Weekend, prospective students will be introduced to “Guided Prayer” and Lectio Divina. “Spiritual Formation” and contemplative spirituality are integrated throughout the spiritual infrastructure of SPU. Faculty Staff Bulletins are peppered with recommendations and accolades for Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, and numerous other hard-core mystics and panentheists.

In addition to the heavily contemplative element at SPU, you will find promotion for all things emergent such as “critical race theory” (a Marxist-leaning ideology) and the so-called “social-justice gospel” (with recommendations for social justice leaders such as Shane Claiborne and SoJourners).

For anyone who understands contemplative spirituality, these things we are sharing won’t come as a surprise because contemplative prayer is the gateway ‘drug,” so to speak, to all things emergent, socialist, Marxist, New Age, and anti-morality. And if there is one thing we hope to get across in this article, it is this: A very large number of Christian higher education institutions are now exhibiting signs that they are being influenced and directed by emergent ideologies, and many of these same schools are the ones we warned about years ago as they started down the contemplative path; the inevitable “fruit” of contemplative prayer is a drastic change in spiritual outlook (i.e., no longer resembling biblical Christianity; i.e., now emergent).

Lancaster Bible College in PA, one of the schools that have been on the Lighthouse Trails Contemplative College List for several years, continues down the contemplative path going deeper and deeper into the emergent world. For a convincing example, their Formational Leadership Master of Arts Degree program is taught by contemplative/emergent/Replacement Theology/New Missiology leader Wayne Cordiero. (More information on this program).

Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho continues incorporating emergent beliefs into the lives of its students. Some of our readers may remember our 2010 story titled “Buddhist/Universalist Sympathizer Woos Nazarene Students at NNU.” Most Nazarene universities had already been seduced by Catholic contemplative mystic Brennan Manning by then, and so bringing in a Buddhist/universalist sympathizer to NNU was just following contemplative protocol, which they have continued to do.

A few examples of NNU’s current status are the following: In the THEO4900 Religion Capstone course, The Living Reminder by Catholic mystic Henri Nouwen is one of two required textbooks. A graduate course titled COUN6594A Mindfulness Approaches uses Mindfulness and Psychotherapy for its textbook. Another graduate course (YCFM6730 Missional Ministry) uses these four textbooks— Celtic Way of Evangelism, Future Faith, Kingdom Come, and Creating a Missional Culture. In Creating a Missional Culture, the author introduces the reader to Jurgen Moltmann, Karl Barth, Marcus Borg, and several others of the same caliber (these three men are heroes of the emergent movement). In these NNU textbooks, you find the path to emergent, “progressive,” socialist, New Age “Christianity”—something that has become the hallmark for Nazarene universities today. If you attend a Nazarene church, and that church is looking for a new pastor, it would be a good idea to find out how much of his seminary/university training rubbed off on him because you can be sure, he’ll be bringing it to your church.

In 2013, we released our special report titled An Epidemic of Apostasy – How Christian Seminaries Must Incorporate “Spiritual Formation” to Become Accredited, documenting how contemplative spirituality was entering Christian colleges at an alarming rate. Fast forward to today, and many of these schools are hardly recognizable from where they were just seven years ago.

In this relatively short article, we have provided examples of just three schools. But we could give countless more other schools that began opening their doors to the contemplative element, and now are becoming full-fledged emergent schools.

When we started warning about the contemplative movement entering the church through the evangelical colleges, seminaries, and universities back in the early part of this present millennium, our warnings were brushed off and dismissed by many Christian leaders. Today, some of these same leaders are being vocal against the left-leaning, anti-God, socialistic condition of this country. But they either don’t realize or don’t care that the early contemplative pioneers that they embraced twenty-plus years ago brought that very same mindset into the church through contemplative prayer. And now, as older pastors are retiring or passing away, the new younger pastors, trained in the colleges and seminaries, have become evangelists for this anti-Gospel, anti-biblical worldview.

The Calvinist Factor

For the editors at Lighthouse Trails, and for many of our readers, we are not surprised that this paradigm shift has occurred. We have witnessed the terrible apathy and indifference by Christian leaders and many pastors for nearly 18 years. Not only has there been apathy and indifference, but there has been hostility and anger. Just last week, a pastor in Oregon who had been placed on our Christian leaders and pastors' booklet mailing list (at the request of one of our readers) called and told us to remove him from the list. He then proceeded to list off about a dozen adjectives to describe us including pugnacious, slanderous, and hateful.

We were curious about this pastor’s church and checked it out on the Internet. It was a Calvinist-promoting church. One reason we have experienced a new level of anger by some pastors and leaders is because of the book we published in 2018 warning about Calvinism (Calvinism: None Dare Call it Heresy). And this brings us to something that needs to be said in this article with regard to the direction evangelical colleges, universities, and seminaries have headed: Many Christian colleges and universities are now embracing or are in the process of embracing Calvinism and Reformed Theology.

This presents a different set of serious problems, in one respect. But as we have stated in other articles, and wholeheartedly believe based on what we have observed, many young people trained in or drawn into Calvinism end up emergent or leaving the faith altogether (such as in the case of the recent departure from the faith by I Kissed Dating Goodbye author Josh Harris).

Aside from the colleges that have historically been Calvinist and Reformed (e.g., The Master’s Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary, and Calvin College), new ones are continually getting on board with Calvinism. A perfect example of this is Bob Jones University (historically the antithesis of a Calvinist school), which now has a Calvinist president. And then there is the Southern Baptist Convention. We estimate that as many as half of the Southern Baptist colleges and universities are now Calvinist leaning. One caller, who is a longstanding SBC member that has been in leadership positions, told us that almost all the SBC universities are now Calvinist or Calvinist influenced. A 2007 Christian Post article titled “Calvinism on the Rise” stated: “Nearly 30 percent of recent SBC seminary graduates now serving as church pastors indicate they are Calvinists.” This statistic was based on data presented at the 2006 SBC “Building Bridges: Southern Baptists and Calvinism” conference. We believe that percentage is much higher today because of the increase in Calvinism in schools. And if our theory is right that many young Calvinists will eventually become emergent or defect the faith (sometimes because they cannot handle the dismal beliefs of John Calvin and Calvinism and sometimes because they haven’t found a personal relationship with Christ through Calvinism), then the outcome is going to be disastrous.


Either way, you look at it, Christian/evangelical colleges, universities, and seminaries are in trouble. And if they are in trouble, then so are our churches because the schools are producing today’s and tomorrow’s pastors and leaders.

Our exhortation to parents and grandparents is to carefully and prayerfully choose the schools your children and grandchildren will attend. The pickings are getting slimmer every day, but your choices can potentially have eternal consequences or eternal blessings. Please don’t take it lightly.

Editor’s Note: If you know of a young person who attends or who plans to attend a Christian college, university, or seminary, please consider asking him or her to read Castles in the Sand or A Time of Departing. If you cannot afford to get one of these books, write to us at [email protected], and we will send a free copy for you to give to that college-age person. If you are wondering why we have so much concern about this, read an article we wrote in 2013 titled “Want Your Child to Become an Atheist? – Send Him to LeTourneau University in Texas (or Any Other Contemplative/Emergent School For That Matter).” It’s a true story, and tragically, it is happening too often.

2022 Note: Since writing the above article in 2020, we have posted several letters to the editor from parents and grandparents regarding their personal experiences with children attending Christian schools:

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“‘Christian’College Now Giving Students Pronoun Options”

(Photo from; used with permission; design by Lighthouse Trails)

Minnesota: Public elementary school offers ‘school spirit hijabs’ to students as young as kindergarten


school spirit hijabs

Minnesota School Offers ‘School Spirit Hijabs’ to Elementary Students



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The idea of the hijab in Islamic theology is to prevent men from being tempted to sin by the appearance of women. So putting a hijab on a kindergartener is tantamount to saying that she is a legitimate object of sexual desire. Celebrate diversity! All who oppose this are racist, bigoted “Islamophobes”!

“Minnesota School Offers ‘School Spirit Hijabs’ to Elementary Students,” by Frankie Stockes, National File, September 8, 2022:

A Minnesota elementary school is offering “school spirit hijabs” for sale to its students, claiming that donning the symbol of the Sharia Law oppression of women is a wonderful sign of diversity.

Burnsville, Minnesota’s Byrne Elementary School is offering “school spirit hijabs” to its students under the guidance of the school’s “Somali cultural liaison,” who has been brought in to cater to the area’s burgeoning migrant population. The hijab, which is forcibly worn by Muslim women oftentimes under the penalty of death in Islamic countries like Somalia, has been a much-promoted item of “diversity” for the left in the United States and the Western World….

According to a local news broadcast celebrating the school spirit hijab program, the Islamic headgear will be offered by the public school for $6 a piece through its parent-teacher program and are produced in school colors. They also don the school’s “Buster the Bulldog” mascot logo.

In addition to being sold at school events, the school spirit hijabs are being offered online, through the school’s Parent Teacher Organization website.

“Every student deserves the opportunity to express their school identity and have that feeling of belonging,” parent volunteer Carla Valadez told the local news. Offering the school spirit hijabs, Valadez says, “really makes this work meaningful.”

Interestingly, Minnesota news reports have neglected to mention anything regarding the “separation of church and state” as it relates to the school-sanctioned hijab sales, something that becomes a frequent left-wing talking point whenever a Bible or public Christian prayer is held in or around a school – or any other government property for that matter….

whopping 15% of Burnsville schoolchildren reportedly speak Somali – not English – at home. While just a couple of decades ago the district educated a supermajority of White American students, now, two-thirds of the district’s pupils identify as “people of color.” Those students descend largely from foreign migrant backgrounds….

Methodist Emory University in Atlanta: ‘Christian’ college now giving students pronoun options

Can pick from: 'He/Him/His, She/Her/Hers, They/Them/Theirs, Xie/Hir/Hirs, and Ze/Zir/Zirs'




Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

A Christian college, the Methodist Emory University in Atlanta, has announced a plan that gives students a choice as to the pronouns by which they are identified in school records.

The Methodist church in America is one of the traditional denominations that have come under the influence of various secular social agendas, including the LGBT agenda, and just days ago, more than 100 Florida churches filed a lawsuit to leave the United Methodist Church conference.

That follows numerous cases of individual churches fleeing the liberal agenda of the association's leadership.

Now Campus Reform is reporting that Emory officials have established a process for students to choose whether they want to be known as "He/Him/His, She/Her/Hers, They/Them/Theirs, Xie/Hir/Hirs, and Ze/Zir/Zirs."

Students will claim their preferred pronouns through the school's online system for making payments and registering for classes.

The school promises that after a student makes a choice, those pronouns will be used on class rosters and elsewhere.

Campus Reform reported the change at Emory "follows a national trend that Campus Reform has reported on in recent years."

It cited New York University as an example of schools setting up similar provisions to accommodate those social agendas.

And, "In September 2021, the University of North Dakota proposed changing its housing policy to allow students to live in dorms that matched their gender identity."

Danielle M. Bruce-Steele, of the school's office for "LGBT Life" told the Emory News Center that transition "will push the university forward to even greater inclusion of our LGBTQ community members."

The school's announcement included a statement from Christa Acampora, an official handling academic affairs.

"This change was really driven by Emory students and their desire to help us be a better community," said Acampora, "A large group of people at Emory — including staff, administrators, faculty, and students — worked to shape the policy change and enable the systems to support its implementation."

The school's online system notes that if a student's chosen pronouns are missing from the school list, there's a choice for "Pronouns not listed" to let them enter their own.

EDITOR’S NOTE: During the Biden era of rapidly metastasizing madness, the greatest madness of all may be today’s shockingly widespread campaign to indoctrinate, seduce, groom, and flat-out RECRUIT America’s children into the dark world of transgenderism. Countless LGBT activists, including many public-school teachers, have taken to proselytizing the new transgender salvation to America’s children, both on social media and within the schools themselves. Even Biden’s far-left Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra fully supports taxpayer-funded amputations of healthy body parts of these vulnerable children, declaring ghoulishly, “We should help those have the life-affirming care that they need.” The result? Untold numbers of America’s kids are being led into lives of not just unending conflict, confusion, suffering, deformity, and disability, but far too often – as multiple studies prove – suicide. The whole unbelievable story – including the underlying reasons, almost entirely unreported elsewhere, for what amounts to the most massive child sexual abuse campaign in American history – is explored as never before in the July issue of WND’s critically acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, titled “WHAT’S REALLY BEHIND THE TRANSGENDER CRAZE?”

Public Schools Brainwashing Children to Eat Bugs

Public Schools Brainwashing Children to Eat Bugs



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Following recommendations by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, governments and “education” publishers are using “public schools” to indoctrinate American children into eating bugs and weeds.   

Just last week, The Newman Report received pictures of an assignment for 5th-grade students in a Sarasota, Florida, elementary school touting the alleged benefits of consuming insects. 

The documents, sent by a concerned parent turned whistleblower, begin with a reading assignment headlined “Bugs: Food of the Future?”

According to the propaganda piece, there are “several reasons scientists support the use of insects as an important food source in the future.” These include claims that bugs are “a good source of nutrition” and have a “much smaller impact on the environment.” 

Another reading assignment for the same 10-year-old student, this one headlined “Eating Bugs and Seaweed: Americans Need to Open Their Minds,” doubled down on the creepy propaganda. 

“Eating insects is an efficient way to provide basic food needs,” the passage claimed. “If people knew the facts, they might change their minds.” 

“Americans need to get past their fears of eating unfamiliar things,” the propaganda piece decreed. “For many reasons, insects and seaweed may be the foods of the future.” 

Of course, there was no mention of the many concerns about eating insects. These include the presence of chitin in bugs, which according to a 2017 study posted at the National Institutes of Health website “provoke human innate immunity to generate a deluge of inflammatory cytokines, which injure organs (leading to asthma, atopic dermatitis, etc.), and in persistent situations lead to death (multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), cancer, etc.).” A 2019 study posted on NIH highlighted concerns about how eating insects transmit dangerous parasites to humans and animals. 

The reading assignments for impressionable school children also did not mention that in Leviticus 11:41, the Bible describes eating most types of insects as “an abomination.”

After the reading assignments, students were expected to complete a number of multiple-choice questions again celebrating the eating of creepy crawlers as an environmentally friendly, nutritious alternative to fish, beef and chicken.  

The propaganda was produced by Benchmark Education, which describes itself as “a leading provider of literacy and language programs, intervention resources, and professional teaching resources for K-12 ELA learning.” Schools nationwide use its propaganda resources, which boast of being aligned with Common Core. 

The company has previously come under fire in places like Colorado for quack reading programs that “didn’t properly cover reading basics like phonics and phonological awareness,” as one educator in Denver put it. 

The company’s website is also filled with dangerous far-left extremism such as “diversity” and “culturally responsive teaching” masquerading as “education.” 

But none of this is happening in a vacuum. This writer first exposed the UN agenda to have Westerners eat bugs almost a decade ago when the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) — currently led by a member of the Communist Party of China — put out a report calling for a massive entomophagy propaganda campaign in schools and media.  

“Western societies require tailored media communication strategies and educational programmes (sic) that address the disgust factor,” the UN FAO report declared in 2013, calling for “cooperation between all sectors of the education community.”

“Addressing the entomophagy disgust factor in Western societies might depend largely on the ability to involve the entire educational community,” the report continues. “For this reason, engaging all sectors is recommended, particularly in Western societies.”

That the UN’s highly dishonest and disgusting insects-as-food propaganda has found its way into U.S. elementary schools is hardly surprising. What is surprising is that parents continue to tolerate these outrageous abuses of their children that threaten not just their children’s well-being, but the nation itself.

This article was originally published on and is reprinted here with permission.

Teacher Defines ‘Fascist’: ‘Heterosexuals,’ ‘Christians’

In This High School, Kids Learn That Republicans and Christians Are Fascists

San Diego Teacher Caught Indoctrinating Students

English students at Madison High School in San Diego, California received a surprising lesson last week from their teacher. Instead of teaching students at Madison High School how to craft an argumentative essay...the English teacher shared his personal political ideology.



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In Gavin Newsom’s California, the kids have a leg up on those in the rest of the country, because the Golden State has the coolest, hippest teachers. In San Juan Hills High School in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., teacher Danielle “Flint” Serio has an entire “queer library” in her classroom. And down the road at Madison High School in San Diego, a teacher has defined “fascist” with words including “Trump,” “white,” “Christian,” and “heterosexual.” The Republican Party, this sage wrote on his classroom whiteboard, “is a fascist organization that no longer fits the category of a conventional Democratic Party.” It’s not just the broad-brush slander. It’s historical illiteracy. Our schools are turning out a generation of indoctrinated imbeciles. That appears to be the goal, in fact.

The Madison High teacher’s heroic efforts to turn American schoolchildren into socialist lemmings would have passed unnoticed were it not for a student in the class who took the risk of taking photos and speaking to Christopher Tremoglie of the Washington Examiner. Both the student and the teacher were kept anonymous, however, for fear of retaliation from the teacher or vengeful Leftist school officials.

The teacher’s explanation of fascism, meanwhile, is false in so many ways that it’s dizzying. Take, for example, his inclusion of “Christian” as one of its essential components. The student whistleblower said: “He just kind of put up that [Christians] are fascists, and they support a fascist government. Immediately — he didn’t even ask the class about it. He just made the assumption right away that whites and Christians automatically support a fascist government.”

Fascism did indeed arise first in a Christian country, Italy, and reached an apex of evil in another Christian country, Germany, but it was ultimately defeated in large part due to the efforts of two other Christian countries, Britain and the United States. And fascism is inherently “heterosexual”? Does this clown not realize that every human society on earth since the dawn of recorded time has been heterosexual?

It’s unlikely that the Madison High School teacher has the faintest idea of the actual meaning of “fascism” and is likely only using the word because it is the Left’s all-purpose catchall term for ideas and groups it hates. The word itself, however, is derived from the Latin fasces, which means a bundle of sticks. The idea is that the sticks are all bound together and that there is strength in unity. This was a perfect name for a movement that advocated an all-powerful central government that would not take over the means of production, as the Communists advocated, but would leave them in private hands while forcing them to coordinate their activities with the government’s demands.

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Sound familiar? It should. If any political movement in America today is fascist, it’s the Democrat oligarchy in its alliance with Big Tech and other woke corporations, including the corporate media. There is the idea of strength in unity in action, as all these corporations march in lockstep with the same ideology and same goals. That’s fascism, but you won’t hear about it at Madison High School.

The stupid, it gets worse. The student whistleblower recounts that the teacher went “to this board and writes ‘fascist’ on it, and this really struck me. He immediately made the comparison of the Republican Party to the Nazi Party. And that was really offensive to me. He listed the Republican Party and the Nazi Party as similar. And that’s just ridiculous, and I took offense to that. So I took a picture of it.” Here again, this teacher likely hasn’t the slightest awareness of the fact, that “Nazi” is a German abbreviation of “National Socialist,” which was the actual name of Hitler’s party. The National Socialist party platform actually called for the nationalization of German industries, although Hitler ultimately went the fascist route rather than the socialist one, and forced them to do his bidding while nominally remaining private companies instead. It also called for a massive expansion of the welfare system. Here again, that’s far closer to the Democrat, rather than the Republican, program.

The student noted that this wasn’t even a politics or social studies class: “This completely caught me off guard. This is an English class. This isn’t a political class or anything. I signed up for the class to learn how to write papers and stuff. I didn’t sign up for the class for a teacher to be trying to shove his ideology down my throat.”

Yes, but this is a public school in California, in 2022. Neither parents nor students should expect anything but the far-Left ideology shoved down their throats, all day, every day.

Biden and the Dems Are Skipping Straight to the Final Stage of Socialism~The ravenous bureaucracy is already firmly in place.



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In Marxist theory, the final stage of socialism is true communism, when everyone shares his or her resources equally, the state withers away, and true justice finally dawns upon the earth. We never have seen that stage and never will, because Marxism is rancid pseudo-religious hogwash that runs directly contrary to human nature. The real final stage of socialism is what we saw in the last ten years of the Soviet Union: an entrenched, all-encompassing, corrupt and inefficient state bureaucracy nominally presided over by a succession of senescent, barely-there incompetents. With his disgraceful descent into open authoritarianism Thursday evening, Old Joe Biden and the Democrats signaled their intention to skip right to that final stage: they’ve already got the doddering figurehead and the ravenous bureaucracy firmly in place.

During the first stages of socialism in Russia right after the Bolshevik revolution, the new workers’ paradise appeared from the outside, where the gulags weren’t so easy to see, to be youthful, dynamic, and promising. The American journalist Lincoln Steffens visited Soviet Russia in 1919 and was enthusiastic, declaring: “I have seen the future, and it works.” Other American intellectuals visited the Soviet Union and were likewise enthused; the New York Times’ Walter Duranty was so enamored of the place that he willfully covered up evidence of Stalin’s Ukrainian famine so that Times readers wouldn’t get a negative view of the new Russia.

This sort of thing went on for years. Two decades later, with the U.S. on the brink of entering World War II, three young folk singers named Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, and Josh White, who called themselves the Almanac Singers, recorded Songs for John Doe, an album of peace songs. This was the time of the Nazi-Soviet pact, and as Seeger, Guthrie, and White were all hardcore Communists, they didn’t want the U.S. to join any war against Stalin’s ally Hitler. Hitler soon betrayed Stalin and invaded the Soviet Union, and suddenly these pacifists were passionate about the war and able to pose as patriots. For decades, Seeger, Guthrie, and multitudes of others worked tirelessly to make the Soviet Union and Marxism chic among American Leftists. It worked.

The Soviet Union itself, meanwhile, was governed first by Lenin and then by Stalin. Both were unscrupulous, inhuman, murderous thugs, and both remained in power only by ruthless reigns of terror and cults of personality that made them into gods more efficiently and comprehensively than any Roman emperor was ever deified. Even today, in post-Soviet Russia, Lenin is respected, and Stalin is revered. Lenin’s Tomb is still situated prominently in the Kremlin and gets a million visitors a year. Not far from it are the much more modest graves of most of the other Soviet leaders; Stalin’s is the only one that Russian visitors regularly decorate with flowers.

But in the last days of the Soviet Union, the ruling elite grew old and relied on the bureaucrats, who like cockroaches were always there, outlasting all the rulers, to do the real work of keeping the massive state apparatus lumbering along. It was hard to build a cult of personality around a succession of old, feeble, barely coherent figureheads, and few made more than a half-hearted attempt to do so. Leonid Brezhnev died at age 75 in 1982 and was succeeded as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the de facto head of government, by Yuri Andropov, who was a relatively young 68 but in extremely poor health. Andropov was nominally in power until he died in 1984, although it’s not at all clear that he actually did anything while he was the man in charge. The same could be said for his successor, 72-year-old Konstantin Chernenko, who acted as the man whose photo was on the wall in all the buildings and not much more until his own death thirteen months later.

If these guys were the future, it no longer worked; on the contrary, it had rheumatoid arthritis. Back in the 1980s, this succession of elderly company men was widely seen as symbolic of the sclerotic, calcified nature of the Soviet bureaucracy and Soviet society in general. And now that Joe Biden is out in the open about criminalizing his opposition and brooking no dissent, we can skip here in the United States right to the final stage of socialism. We have the entrenched deep-state bureaucracy, and we have the dementia-ridden septuagenarian puppet in charge, so we’re all set.

All we need now is a Ronald Reagan to set the whole authoritarian house of cards on a course to tumble down so that the free republic can be restored. Maybe such an individual is already on the scene.

Leftists Want You to Shut Up About the Disaster They Are Provoking

As they lead us toward an American apocalypse.



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Here’s something I bet you did not see coming either – Lindsey Graham was actually right about something, in this case when he warned the malicious morons of the left about the terrifying consequences of their desire to eliminate a political opponent by framing him in a jurisdiction that is 95% Democrat and where every juror either is, married to, or having a tacky fling with, a Biden administration Deputy Assistant Under-Secretary of Agriculture for Yam, Potato, and Brian Stelter Affairs.

Lindsey Graham – an Air Force colonel who served his country, unlike the vast majority of the Ukraine flag-waving, freshly-minted patriots of the Twitter left – told Fox News that “there literally will be riots in the street…I worry about the country” if President Donald Trump is indicted on some bull Schiff charge by the fully-fascist minions of President Kiddie Showers. Let’s leave aside that just a few months ago mostly peaceful protests were a moral imperative that even took precedence over COVID lockdowns, a sacrament of the prog establishment ranking just below infanticide. And let’s also leave aside how, suddenly, classified information – in this case, held by the guy who could declassify it on a whim – is now illegal to mishandle again. Let’s just cut to the chase – this is yet another ploy to frame Trump after multiple failed attempts to frame Trump.

We know it.

The people trying to frame him know it.

And the left cheers it.

It is all so unbelievably dangerous. 

This is a conspiracy to knock out one of Grandpa Badfinger’s political opponents, a shameless attempt to keep Americans voting on a candidate the establishment is terrified of that is accompanied by a symphony of caterwauling and croc tears about “Muh Democracy.”

Oh, it’s is about “Muh Democracy,” as in “Their Democracy.”

And the whining about Lindsey Graham pointing out the obvious, that this kind of banana republic shenanigan is destabilizing and threatens to provoke civil conflict, is designed for one purpose. That purpose is to place any discussion about the self-evidently foreseeable consequences of the regime’s litany of oppressions outside the range of permissible debate. Anyone with a glancing acquaintance with history – which excludes all the graduates of our allegedly prestigious universities (Tangent: Tax the endowments!) – understands that you cannot decide that half-the country, those “deplorables,” those “semi-fascists,” those “non-New Yorkers,” must be disenfranchised, then start doing it, and then expect them to just go along with it.

We just saw President Daddyshowers McDroolalot inform us that he’s going to set the F-15s on us uppity AR-packing patriots – right in time for the anniversary of his sorry behind getting chased out of Kabul by a much smaller number of degenerates with ancient AKs. But having him croak out this threat is part and parcel of the plan. Our garbage ruling class hates accountability and consequences for its misrule, so its solution to us pointing out the reality is to try to intimidate us into not speaking the truth about what lies down the road if they keep up doing what they are doing. Bravo Lindsey for telling it like it is despite their girlish moaning.

Pointing out the consequences of the ruling caste’s trek to tyranny is not supporting or endorsing those consequences. It’s the opposite. Lindsey Graham is not cheering on riots. He’s warning them. I had a similar experience with the invertebrate sissies of The Bulwark over my People's Republic series of conservative action novels that warn about America divorcing into red and blue nations (Kelly Turnbull returns in Book VII, INFERNO, October 15, 2022, BTW!). Those simps claimed I was in favor of ripping the country apart even though only an idiot would take that away from the novels, and my new non-fiction book We’ll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America even has a whole chapter on why a national divorce is a terrible idea (and why Father-of the-Year Joe’s ideas about how a civil war might go are as dumb as his ideas about everything else). But their point was to shut me up on behalf of their pinko masters, just like the left wanted to shut Lindsey Graham up, and just like they want to shut you up.

But we won’t shut up. We can’t. Because these idiots, these corrupt morons, are the wrecking country they inherited. Remember, they did not build this country into the greatest nation in human history – they were handed it. And like most trust fund babies, they are unworthy of their inheritance. They are a bunch of marginally cleaner-shaven Hunter Bidens squandering their legacy as they huff hits of ideological meth.

These are bad people, and stupid people, and most of these coddled popinjays have never taken or given a punch. They think that they can preserve their power, position, and prestige by leveraging the wrath of the government to threaten, imprison and even kill their fellow citizens who refuse to comply and that they can use their kept media to inflict social sanctions to keep the normal behavior. But it is an illusion. It can work for a little while, but their undermining of the system is planting the seeds of their own destruction. After all, the institutions operate because of the consent of the governed. In the absence of earned loyalty, people obey only because of inertia, and when it becomes clear to the normals that the game is rigged, the people will stop playing.

Oh, they can arrest some of us and cancel others, but this suppression of dissent is an information operation, not a kinetic one, despite Crusty’s babbling about F-15s. Its effect is solely to sow fear – logistically, they can never arrest (or worse) enough normals to prevail if we simply refuse to be afraid and obey. There are 35,000 FBI agents. There are more normals in just New Hampshire with hunting licenses. 

We are far, far away from the line where violent resistance is justifiable, but every day the garbage elite seems determined to toss away another norm or rule that keeps this kind of catastrophe distant. If you go to a bar and find a big guy just minding his own business drinking a Coors and you push him, then push him again and again, at some point he will take a swing, and out go your lights.

Does our ridiculous elite get this? They grew up in a “use your words” world. They felt the giddy thrill of their catspaws in Antifa and BLM burning down working people’s homes and businesses in 2020, but for them, violence is theory. For a lot of normals – especially the ones who fought these establishment creeps’ disastrous wars over the last two decades – it’s practice.

These clowns ought to thank Lindsey Graham for drenching them with an ice-cold bucket of common sense. But they won’t. They can’t. They are manifestly unfit to rule, and the same stupidity that is risking the consequences Lindsey Graham warned about may well keep them from stopping themselves as they slouch toward an American apocalypse.

Chicago Children’s Hospital Conspires with Schools to Promote Gender Transitions




EXCERPTS FROM LINK BELOW: "We share a deep respect for those in our community and beyond who advocate for these patients, the intersex community, and the broader LGBTQIA+ community. Historically, care for individuals with intersex traits included an emphasis on early genital surgery to make genitalia appear more typically male or female. As the medical field has advanced, and understanding has grown, we now know this approach was harmful and wrong. Ann Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and our Sex Development Clinic recognize this truth. We empathize with intersex individuals who were harmed by the treatment that they received according to the historic standard of care and we apologize and are truly sorry."

Noam (11) & Heather Talk Sex:

Stressing out about having that one big “sex talk” with your young person? You know... that one where you impart all there is to know about sexuality, gender, puberty, reproductive systems, sexual health, consent, and relationships? Well, good news, there isn’t just ONE talk! Young people are always observing, listening, and learning from you and from their world. There are so many little ways over the years that you connect and impart messages about identities, bodies, and relationships. Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago’s Potocsnak Division of Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine shows you real-life examples of adults and youth having quick meaningful conversations about navigating sexual health. We bring you Never Fear Talks! Watch our videos for inspiration and encouragement, check out our website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @lurieadolescentmed for resources to expand your knowledge! The Potocsnak Family Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine relies on philanthropic funding to enhance its programs, services, and research for adolescents and young adults.

Chicago Children's Hospital Promotes Child Transition in Alarming Video

Meet Our Providers - The Potocsnak Family Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine






Never Fear: Jupiter & Natalia Talk Gender Conversations at Home

Alex Stein w/ Chris Elston, Children's Hospitals Exposed for Sex Change Surgeries



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

A Chicago children’s hospital is conspiring with local school districts to push gender transitions and gender theory on children.

The Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago has partnered with local schools to create training, guidance policy, and other resources aimed at promoting gender theory to children, including “kink,” “BDSM,” and “trans-friendly” sex toys.

According to documents obtained by activist Christopher Rufo, documents pushing “radical gender theory, trans activism, and sexually explicit materials” have proliferated in at least four Chicago-area school districts at the middle and high school levels.

“Beyond Binary: Gender in Schools” is one of the primary training documents for school officials which tracks closely with the queer theory promoted by academia.

“White, Western society has created an oppressive gender binary, falsely dividing the world into the categories of man and woman, that has resulted in ‘transphobia,’ ‘cissexism,’ and ‘systemic discrimination’ against racial and sexual minorities,” Rufo wrote of queer theory.

This training is conducted by Hadeis Safi, an “LGBTQ and Gender Inclusion training facilitator” for the hospital’s Potocsnak Family Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine. Safi uses the plural “they/them” pronouns and “uses their [sic] experience as a non-binary person of color to build a reference for attendees.”

The hospital’s Gender Inclusion program claims to offer care for “gender expansive” identifying children that is “gender-affirming,” such as puberty blockers. The page also offers a “related news” section with a singular link to an article arguing that “gender-affirming care is healthcare, not child abuse.”

Training for teachers and administrators includes promoting the celebration of “gender diversity” and that staff must “affirm” any declaration of gender that does not match biological reality as well as “communicate a non-binary understanding of gender” to children.

Rufo reports that one version of the training seeks a more “gender creative” world that disrupts the “entrenched [gender] norms in western society.”

The presentation also quickly begins to set the premise for hypersexualizing children starting from 18 months old.

“By 18-24mo, children develop the ability to label gender,” the slide says. “Between 2-4 years, most children recognize gender differences, used gendered pronouns.”

“By age 5 to 6 years, most children declare a gender identity of male or female,” it continues. “Exploring gender is a very typical part of human development!”

According to Rufo, at least two of the Chicago school districts were told to offer a “Binder Exchange Program,” which teaches young girls how to bind their breasts in order to appear more masculine.

Additional resources include a link to a website that has what appears to be a dialogue about kink and BDSM, which graphically describes the sexual fetishes. It also includes articles titled “Muff Diving,” “Hot Sex Without a Hard On,” and “Butt Sex 101.”

The same website sells dildos, vibrators, “anal toys,” “penis toys,” “gender gear,” toys for kink and BDSM, and even a sticker exclaiming “every hole’s a goal.”

Another resource is a “kid-friendly website for gender-affirming gear” that sells artificial penis “packers,” “trans masc [sic] pumps,” breast binders, and “stand-to-pee” devices that appear to allow girls to act like they have a penis.

A model policy provided by the hospital to schools tells teachers to take a “gender-affirming approach” to curriculums; maintain a library offering “gender-affirming children’s books”; and allow students to use the restrooms, locker rooms, and sleep in the same rooms as students of the opposite sex.

It also instructs school administrators to keep a student’s “gender transition” secret from their families, while hiring a “Gender Support Coordinator” to facilitate the transitions of children without the knowledge of their parents.

“Beyond the lurid nature of some of the content, these documents reveal a profoundly disturbing collusion between radical gender activists in the medical system and the public school bureaucracy,” Rufo wrote in conclusion. “They have laundered the promotion of queer theory, synthetic sexual identities, and child sex toys under the guise of ‘health and education,’ devoting significant resources toward building what policy analyst Leor Sapir has called a school-to-clinic pipeline.”

“The process is simple: children learn about and adopt ‘gender expansive’ identities in schools, which then direct them to gender clinics that can provide puberty blockers, hormone therapies, surgeries, and drug regimens that often add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs over time,” he said.


Chicago children’s hospital slammed for video of mom coaching adopted child to talk about being ‘non-binary’ - LifeSite



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

CHICAGO (LifeSiteNews) — A nationally-ranked Chicago children’s hospital is drawing backlash for a video in which an adoptive mother appeared to coach her child into discussing her adherence to radical gender ideology.

In a recently resurfaced February 2021 video published by Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, adoptive mother Karla sat down with her adopted daughter “Tru” to “talk about gender.”

“My birth parents said that I was a girl, but they made a mistake,” Tru told Karla when asked “what is gender to you?” 

While it’s unclear what factors led the girl to allegedly adopt a divergent sexual identity, a separate video published by the hospital states that Karla herself is in a same-sex relationship.

RELATED: ‘World’s youngest transgender model’ backstory raises concerns about motives of LGBT ‘parents’

In the video, Karla told Tru that she had also initially “assumed” her daughter was a girl and asked the child to explain when she “set” her adoptive mother “straight.”

After Tru said it began when she was “at least five or six,” Karla corrected her: “It started before that.”

“You started sending out signals,” she said. “You said, ‘Sometimes I wanna be a boy. Sometimes I wanna be a girl. Something doesn’t seem right here.’”

Agreeing with her adoptive mother, Tru added that she’s not really a boy or a girl, but “nonbinary.”

“How do you feel about being nonbinary?” Karla asked.

Karla then directed Tru to say whether or not she had spoken with the children in her class about her gender, and how it made her feel to share her pronouns.

Tru responded that she told her classmates about her gender and pronouns, and it felt “really really good.”

RELATED: Mother claims son communicated being ‘transgender’ at ‘the earliest moment’ he ‘had words’

Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh blasted the mother in the video during a Tuesday podcast episode.

“We’re supposed to buy that as some sort of organic conversation, while the child is obviously repeating what has been rehearsed,” Walsh said. 

The writer, podcaster, and father of a large Catholic family said watching the video made him think of his own boys who he said could spend hours “running down the shoreline excitedly picking up rocks.”

According to Walsh, the subjects the child in the video is discussing, or “the lines that she’s being coerced into repeating,” are entirely unknown to his own children, who he said have never heard the term “nonbinary” and who spend “zero percent of their time thinking about pronouns.” 

“No child thinks about any of this stuff or wants to think about it,” he said. “This has to be imposed from the outside. Their innocence is ripped away, and this is put in its place.”

The resurfaced video about the young girl’s alleged “nonbinary” gender identity is part of a “Never Fear” series published by Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. 

Other videos feature such topics as “pronouns,” “LGBTQ+ affirming schools,” sex ed, and HIV/AIDs, all aimed at children and teens.

The hospital’s commitment to advancing radical gender ideology isn’t new.

In 2015, Lurie Children’s Hospital’s so-called “Gender and Sex Development Program” was featured in a FRONTLINE documentary about “transgender children” called “Growing Up Trans.”

Clinical services currently offered by the children’s hospital include puberty suppression, menstrual suppression, hormone therapy, and referrals for “gender-affirming” surgery, including “chest surgery, surgery involving reproductive organs, and surgery on facial structures.” The hospital states that it can begin transgender treatments for patients no older than 22, continuing until the patient turns 25.

The institution also promotes affording “transgender youth” the opportunity to have “a legal name or gender marker change,” and provides a link to an organization called the Transformative Justice Law Project (TJLP), which states it is “deeply committed” to “the universal right of gender self-determination,” along with a separate mission of abolishing prisons.

LifeSiteNews reached out to Lurie Children’s Hospital to inquire why the medical institution would advance a radical ideology that can cause irreparable psychological and physical harm to children. The hospital did not immediately respond to LifeSite’s request for comment.

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