American Ranchers & Hunters Feeling the Flood of Illegal Invaders ~ VIDEO


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Let me tell you why I am worried. I conduct 40-60 Outdoor seminars per year from retail stores such as Cabela’s on up to the big shows such as the SHOT Show. (Yes, Covid slowed my seminars down).

I think it was a year or maybe two years ago that I was giving a series of seminars at the Dallas Safari Club Convention & Expo. In between seminars, I hit all of the booths, trying to network with the vendors. I met with one outfitter whose ranch was down near the border.

We talked for a while, and in talking, the guide’s wife got to telling me a story. It turns out that one of their cabins had gotten broken into by illegal immigrants. It was strange because the illegals had totally trashed out of the cabin. I was raised in Texas, and we always deer hunted in South Texas. Back then, when illegals, mostly from Mexico, broke into a hunting cabin, they ate a little food and drank all of your Big Reds. But, I had never heard of a cabin being trashed out by them.

Periodically, hunting buddies would open up a deer blind before daylight and find one sleeping in it. Or they’d stop by the camp, and you’d give them a sandwich, and they’d ask for directions to Sonora or wherever they were headed. I’ve seen them carrying Prestone antifreeze bottles for water jugs, which 50 years ago was their canteen of choice.

All of the ranchers had illegals working for them. I remember one big ranch we hunted on. It was a 12,000-acre ranch. It didn’t have one drop of water on it, so the ranch drilled wells on top of the mountains (really just hills) and ran 1 ½-inch pipes down the hills to water troughs.

The rancher hired an illegal named Juan to daily check the water troughs. Deer, turkeys, javelinas, and illegals drank out of them. All would have died if they had gone dry. The rancher warned us that if Juan were coming down one of the pasture roads to get off to the side, he’d likely run into our truck. He never stopped or slowed down. When he panicked, he punched the gas! Mid-day, once, Juan taught us how to rope sheep and shear them.

Even though encountering an illegal in the field scared me as a kid, I can’t name one time I ever heard of an illegal harming anyone or anything.

Now, let’s fast forward to today’s border crossers. The above-mentioned guide’s wife said they called in the Border Patrol. Upon examining their cabin, the agent kicked the dirt and said, “Dang, we thought that we’d caught all of them.”

She said what? Of course, you haven’t caught all of the illegals. The agent said no, I’m just talking about the Iranians.

He said groups of 10-15 young 25–35 year-old Iranians were sneaking across the borders. Do you, in your most naïve state of mind, not suspect that these are terrorist cells being planted in America? I can promise you that they are. Do you ever hear Biden/Karine Jean-Pierre mention this crisis? Of course not.

If you don’t live on the border, then you don’t have a clue how big of a crisis we have on the border.

Earlier this fall, I was invited to a sponsored hunt on a 10,000-acre ranch off the border.

The rancher called a few days before I was to jump on a plane to fly down for the hunt. He said we could still come, but it was chaotic down there. INS had stopped a train, and 160 illegals had jumped off and flooded his ranch. That is, except for two that were dead, and I think they arrested 67 that were dehydrated or deadly sick.

Illegals were running wild on his ranch. Helicopters and drones were flying all over. For a good documentary on what is going on, watch the video above.

Due to the above Biden-caused fiasco, we jumped to a different ranch 2-hours north of the border. We’d hunt all day, and then me and my buddy were sleeping in a cabin/lodge. I don’t know if we’d forgotten to lock the back door or what, but due to the wood floors, in the middle of the night, I clearly heard someone walking down the hallway. They stopped at my door and jiggled the handle.

Look at what just happened in Israel. The above is our Gaza. This is a huge deal. We know that terrorists are patient, just like a rattlesnake coiled up waiting for a chance to strike. Look at all of the Palestinians that are at this moment protesting in cities across America. Do you think that they came to America to enjoy the American dream or to destroy it? Are they forming cell groups throughout America as we speak? If so, I’m afraid this will make 9/11 look like child’s play.

And before you say some drivel like I’m a refugee hater, etc., I believe that three times while running meat processing plants, I have been the largest employer of “refugees” in two different states. Everyone in America, other than Indians, are refugees or descendants of refugees. But before now, “refugees” came to America to escape persecution or for a better life. Now, some groups are coming to destroy/conquer America.

It is time for America to wake up. The only rational way that I can describe the actions of the current administration is that they hate America and want to destroy her.

How else do you explain them allowing open borders, accepting and releasing unvetted illegals, letting a Chinese spy balloon transverse all the way across America, and all of the other atrocities that they are committing?

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In Germany, They’ve Had It With Merkel’s ‘Wir Schaffen Das’~Former Chief Political Correspondent of Bild, Warns Migrants Will Take Over Germany


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Remember way back in 2015, when then-Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany was determined to throw open wide the gates of immigration, and to persuade her countrymen to adopt the “Willkommen Kultur” — “welcoming culture” — that allowed nearly one million Muslim economic migrants, many posing as asylum seekers, to be admitted to the country. They have been joined, every year since then, by several hundred thousand more Muslim migrants, eager to take advantage of all the benefits that the generous German welfare state provides. Those benefits include free or highly subsidized housing, free medical care, free education (including language and vocational training), unemployment benefits (even without a work record in Germany), family allowances, and more. All these Muslims have settled in the midst of non-Muslims, Infidels, whom the Qur’an teaches them to regard as “the most vile of created beings.” These Muslims are now costing the state some 36 billion euros a year in benefits. Their presence has caused a staggering increase in crime of all kinds — muggings and robberies on the streets, homes being burgled, and especially, crimes of violence, such as stabbings and rape. In fact, the general judgment on Muslim migrants has been quite different from what Angela Merkel so dreamily foresaw in 2015. To wit: the large-scale presence of Muslims in Germany has led to a situation that is more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous than would be the case without that large-scale presence. The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party wants a total ban on Muslim migration, and on the basis of that one issue, it has risen precipitously to become the second most popular party in Germany; some think the party will govern the country, as the head of a like-minded coalition, after the next election. More on how German attitudes toward Muslim migrants have changed can be found here: “Majority support for Muslim migration ban as 3 in 4 Germans say newcomers hate Western society,” by Thomas Brooke, Remix News, November 3, 2023:

Nearly two-thirds of all German citizens want the country’s federal government to impose a ban on migration from predominantly Muslim nations, a damning survey has revealed.

Polling conducted by INSA on behalf of the Bild tabloid newspaper showed that 61 percent of respondents now advocate refusing any more migrants from Islamic countries with many explaining they no longer feel safe in their own country and believe an increasing number of new arrivals despise German society.

Most likely, 61 percent is an undercount. Some of those who want an end to Muslim migration likely refused to respond, so concerned are they not to be thought “racist” or “Islamophobic.”

A majority of voters from every political party except for the German Green Party supported a ban on Muslim immigration.

The survey was conducted amid the ongoing pro-Palestine demonstrations witnessed in several German cities following the Hamas terror attack in Israel on Oct. 7 and the retaliatory measures carried out in Gaza by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Israel is not engaged in mere “retaliatory” measures. That smacks only of “revenge.” Israel is determined to pull up, root, and branch, the Hamas terror group so that it will never again threaten the state and the people of Israel.

A total of 60 percent of respondents admitted the ongoing protests, attended by large numbers of foreign nationals sympathetic to the Hamas cause, concern them, while 77 percent of Germans believe that a growing contingent of the country’s migrant population resents German society and Western values.

The spectacle of Muslims yelling out their anti-Israel and antisemitic chants — including “from the river to the sea/Palestine will be free,” which is a call for the disappearance of the Jewish state and its replacement by a twenty-third Arab one, and “Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud jaish Muhammad soufa ya’oud,” which means “Khaybar Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return,” which is widely understood by Muslims as a war cry calling for Muslims to kill the Jews — all the Jews..

In a damning indictment of the federal government’s longstanding liberal migration policy adopted by both the current coalition government and the previous administration led by Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), a total of 72 percent of respondents said they no longer agreed with the former chancellor’s remarks from 2015 when she told the nation, “We can do it!” in relation to taking in an unprecedented number of refugees….

Almost three out of four Germans have declared that they have had it with Merkel’s disastrous enthusiasm for taking in Muslim migrants. No, we can’t do it, they’ve concluded. We can’t take any more of this. And almost two-thirds of Germans now insist that they want a total ban on Muslim immigration.

A state-run ARD-DeutschlandTrend poll from earlier this month showed that 64 percent of Germans wanted the country to take in fewer immigrants, with the same number believing that Germany faces more disadvantages than advantages when it comes to immigration.

Nearly two-thirds of Germans — 64% — now want “fewer immigrants” to enter Germany. The word “immigrant” is widely understood to mean “Muslim immigrant.” Slightly fewer Germans — 61% — want a ban on taking in any immigrants from Muslim countries. 72% now say they no longer agree with Chancellor Merkel’s “we-can-do-it” enthusiasm for immigration, that she expressed in 2015. And 77% of Germans believe that a growing contingent of the country’s migrant population — that “growing contingent” signifies Muslims — resents German society and Western values. Of course, they do. How could they not, given what the Qur’an tells them about the Infidels who are responsible for creating that society, and imposing their non-Islamic and therefore unacceptable values, when it describes them as “the most vile of created beings”?

In June 2024 the next elections for the German Parliament will take place. For two-thirds of Germans, that election can’t come fast enough. And if the AfD triumphs, as many now expect it will, the perceived power of anti-Muslim-migrant sentiment will affect elections far beyond the borders of Germany.



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Ralf Schuler, the former chief political correspondent of the newspaper Bild, has just warned his countrymen that appeals to migrants — by which everyone in Germany understands is meant “Muslim migrants” — to “respect Western culture” will have no effect. Muslim migrants, he claims, see Germany as a place where, through inexorable demographic change, they will eventually dominate the indigenous Germans who, as Infidels, are “the most vile of created beings.” More on Schuler’s critique of “The Migrant Manifesto” that was published by his own former employer Bild, can be found here: “Migrant majority in Germany is ‘only a matter of time,’ warns Bild’s ex-chief political correspondent,” by Thomas Brooke, Remix News, November 2, 2023:

The “Migrant Manifesto” recently published by German newspaper Bild that warns new arrivals to respect Western culture is a “pack of lies” as, in reality, migrants have long appropriated Germany for their own and will soon be in the majority, Ralf Schuler, the tabloid’s former chief political correspondent, has claimed.

In an interview published by the Hungarian newspaper Magyar HírlapSchuler said the first migratory wave of 2015 changed Germany indefinitely, and yet members of the commentariat and political elite continue to bury their heads in the sand as to the consequences.

The political elites throughout Europe do not dare admit to the damage, possibly fatal, they have inflicted on their own countries by admitting into their midst millions of Muslim economic migrants. Instead, they continue to exhibit various states of denial, insisting that the new generation of Muslims, born in Europe, will be less threatening than the older generation of those who first migrated to Europe. But opinion polls of both generations reveal that the reverse is true. There are those who claim that Muslims will eventually be able to integrate into the larger society, something they give not the slightest sign of doing, or that if a complete halt to Muslim migration is enforced, then “somehow” things will be set right, but no one has dared to discuss how to handle the problem of the tens of millions of Muslims already in Europe, who have no intention of leaving. That is why in April 2021, twenty-five retired French generals, and many serving officers, signed a letter warning that the Muslim influx was likely to lead to a “civil war.

The truth is that the uncontrolled migration wave of 2015 and the subsequent attacks, such as the ax and knife atrocities against women on the trains in Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz, the gang rapes, were seen by anyone who wanted to see them,” he [Ralf Schuler] said.

The former Bild political correspondent said his former employer had adopted an “initial, migration-friendly” attitude towards the influx of new arrivals at the time, but had since shifted towards a “more realistic approach.”

“Nowadays, we can hardly close our eyes to the consequences of daily attacks, violent demonstrations, and illegal migration,” he added.

Germany’s best-selling tabloid newspaper published its 50-point migrant manifesto last week which it claimed was a guide for new arrivals into Germany to adhere to.

The publication urged anyone who considers the German constitution or its legal system to be a collection of non-binding advice to “leave Germany as quickly as possible,” and told new arrivals to learn German, insisting “only if we speak the same language will we understand each other.”

How likely is it that any Muslim migrant, who has no respect for any legal system but Sharia, and is now in the promised land of endless benefits, will heed this naïve and impossible request to “leave Germany as quickly as possible” if he cannot obey the constitution and the legal system? 

It further reminded new arrivals that “non-believers” don’t exist in Germany, and urged migrants not to marry children or stone women for adultery.

Again, how will the secular German state prevent Muslims from engaging in child marriages in secret, whatever the laws may prohibit, when Muhammad himself, the Perfect Man and the Model of Contact, married little Aisha when she was six, and consummated his marriage to her when she reached the age of nine? And maybe stoning women for adultery won’t take place on German soil, but can the authorities be quite sure no Muslim migrants will want to do the Islamically right thing — that is, death by lapidation for adulteresses — and manage to carry it out within their closed community? Why should Muslims want to obey the laws of Infidels, whom they regard as “the most vile of created beings”?

Schuler told Maygar Hírlap that while the document may have been well-intentioned, it is simply not borne out of reality, as Germany’s ever-growing migrant population has been free to install its own culture in the country with little resistance.

“It’s a big dose of lies,” Schuler said to expect that migrants will conform to the rules of German culture. He cited the vast numbers of “militant Muslims who march through Berlin every year on the so-called Al-Quds Day” as an example of Muslim disintegration in the country.

This Al-Quds Day March is an outpouring of anti-Israel and antisemitic feeling, with cries of “From the river to the sea/Palestine shall be free,” which means the disappearance of the one, tiny Jewish state and its replacement by a twenty-third Arab one. Others in these marches more directly call for the deaths of Jews with the genocidal war cry: “Khaybar, Khaybar, ya yahud, jaish Muhammad soufa ya’oud.” This translates as “Khaybar Khaybar oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return.” Khaybar was an oasis where Jewish farmers lived; they were conquered, the men massacred, and the women taken as sex slaves, by Mohammed and his warriors in 628 A.D. This cry is a violation of Germany’s strict laws prohibiting the expression of genocidal antisemitism, but no one has dared try to arrest those Muslims chanting these slogans.

A point in the Bild manifesto says that people shake hands in Germany. Orthodox Muslims have never done this — especially not with women — and will not do so in the future.

It is simply logical that the more Muslims immigrate, the more Muslim a country becomes,” he added.

The German journalist highlighted the growing percentage of those aged under 16 being foreign-born in the country and warned that “at best, the awakening has only just begun.”

“It’s only a matter of time before the first generation grows up as majority migrants. So an exciting question is who integrates whom?” he asked.

Every year that passes, the percentage of the German population that is Muslim increases by between 1-2%. So eventually there will be more Muslims than non-Muslims being born. And at some point, if nothing drastic is done to halt and then reverse Muslim migration, it is the Muslims who will outnumber the indigenous Germans. Then whose laws and customs will prevail?

Schuler criticized the German Green Party, which he claimed remains opposed to immigration restrictions and is committed to labeling anyone who disagrees with its liberal agenda as racist.

The Green Party, which is part of the government coalition, is still unwilling to face reality. They see the difficulties of illegal immigration as simply a problem of infrastructure and costs but refuse to limit illegal migration itself,” he said.

Costs are certainly a problem associated with Muslim migrants, but only a part of the problem. The federal government in Germany now spends 36 billion euros a year on benefits for Muslim migrants; it’s a huge sum. But that is not the only problem. These migrants, both legal and illegal (Schuler addresses only the illegals), are transforming German society. Their levels of criminality have changed the behavior of German women, who no longer go out at night alone, for fear of sexual assault and rape, and of Jews, who now must avoid wearing identifying garb, including kippahs, in public. Public pools have had to introduce women-only hours so that Muslim women can take part. In German schools, Muslim students have walked out of classes where they are taught about German history, which holds no interest for them, nor does the history of Christianity. And they have prevented classes on the Holocaust from taking place because that subject can only increase sympathy for “the Jews,” and that would never do.

“The left and the Green camp are quick to classify those who raise the issue of the presence of illegal migrants in Germany as right-wing extremists and accuse them of anti-Muslim racism, or even general xenophobia.”…

Islam is not a race. To be horrified by the texts and tenets of Islam, or by the observable behavior of Muslims, including violence against non-Muslims, is not racism. One need not be a “right-wing extremist” to deplore the increasing presence of Muslims in Europe. Think of that most famous of left-wing journalists, Oriana Fallaci, who fulminated against the “sons of Allah” living in Europe.

Germans are finally rejecting the “welcome culture” policy toward Muslim migrants, made famous by Angela Merkel. No more of this “Wir schaffen das” — “We Can Do It” — nonsense. The large-scale presence of Muslims in Germany has led to a situation that increasing numbers of Germans now recognize as more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous than it would be without that large-scale presence. The AfD, which wants to end all Muslim migration, legal and illegal, is now the second-largest party in Germany. The scales have fallen from German eyes; they recognize what they have done to themselves, and now wish to undo. It takes someone like the mediagenic Alice Weider, a co-founder of the AfD, to ride that recognition all the way to a majority in the Bundestag.

Germany: Because of Muslim migrant pressure, Anne Frank daycare center to be renamed


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Celebrations of diversity are actually quite monochromatic, but no one seems to have noticed yet.

“After migrant parent pressure, Anne Frank daycare center to be renamed – report,” by Zvika Klein, Jerusalem Post, November 6, 2023:

Parents in Saxony-Anhalt German State promoted the decision to rename the “Anne Frank” daycare center in Tangerhütte, a small town in the state, according to reports in German media.

The move was driven by parents who found it difficult to explain Frank’s significance to their children. According to Apollo News, a German news site, in a small town in Saxony-Anhalt, a daycare center has become the center of a local scandal.

The “Anne Frank” daycare center in Tangerhütte, which has been operating for generations, is set to undergo a name change. The decision to rename the daycare center, named after the most famous Jewish girl, has sparked controversy.

The idea of changing of name of Frank, who tragically died in a concentration camp at the age of 15, has come from migrant parents, according to the daycare center’s director. “It is reported that parents with migrant backgrounds feel uncertain about the name and find it challenging to explain to their children,” the report said.

However, the Miteinander eV organization, promoting an open society, disagreed with this decision. They argued that there are effective and age-appropriate educational concepts for teaching children and young people about Frank’s life and the historical significance it holds. They emphasized that “renaming the daycare center sends the wrong signal, especially in a time marked by increasing antisemitism.” They said they believed that now, more than ever, there is a need for sensitivity to the impact of symbolic renaming….

Nothing to See Here: Illegal Border-Crossers Caught with Explosives

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson
After a recent visit to the Southern border, Republican senators are alerting the nation to a new domestic terror threat, and it involves illegal immigrants caught with bombs.

Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) claims that illegal immigrants have been busted crossing the border with explosives, which according to Barrasso were "tailor-made for terrorism."

FACTO-EL-RAMO During September 2023, 269,735 illegal immigrants crossed into the United States, the most for a single month in the history of the Southern border. 

Sens. John Cornyn (R-Texas), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and Pete Ricketts (R-Neb.) joined Barrasso on the border trip and to a press conference where Barrasso revealed that roughly eight million illegal immigrants have crossed the border since *President Joe Biden "won" the White House.

"We have just returned from our southern border, and it is painfully clear that with Joe Biden's open border policy, our country is really at an increased threat for a terrorist attack," Barrasso declared at Tuesday's presser, referring to the improvised explosive devices (IED) as roughly the size of cannonballs.

AMMO-RAMA! Civil War-era cannonballs came in many sizes and weights. It wasn't clear what size Barrasso was talking about.

Ricketts spoke at the press conference and stated that 18 people from the terror watch list were snagged at the border in September. No one knows how many snuck in undetected. A total of 172 terror suspects were busted in all of fiscal year 2022.

The aforementioned Republican senators aren't the only people sounding the terror alarm.

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified Tuesday that a number of terror groups have been calling for attacks since Hamas's savagery in Israel on October 7.


"The actions of Hamas and its allies will serve as an inspiration the likes of which we haven't seen since ISIS launched its so-called caliphate several years ago," Wray testified before Congress.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who is responsible for the Southern border and has stated numerous times that the border is secure, testified that more than 600,000 illegal immigrants snuck in during the last fiscal year.

MATH-O-RAMA! If just 1% of those 600,000 "gotaways" are terrorists, there could now be 6,000 terrorists in the country that the Joe Biden administration has allowed to enter.

Cornyn pointed out that no one knows who the "gotaways" are and that they may likely "have a good reason for running away from law enforcement."

As the world teeters on the edge of WWIII and terrorists attempt to sneak into the nation, it's important to realize that none of this is an accident. The Biden administration knows what it is doing. Illegal immigrants are being urged to enter the nation, not deterred. At the same time, Democrats are constantly chiseling away at our 2nd Amendment rights.

None of this is accidental. It's a prelude to a Marxist America, and you may not be on the guest list. Buy ammo.

Chicago Gives Extra $9K In Rental Assistance To Immigrants In Need Of Housing, On Top Of $60M For Staffing

A migrant couple from Venezuela and their 15-month-old son rest in the lobby of a police station where they have been staying with other migrant families since their arrival in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
6:12 PM – Monday, October 16, 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Chicago is providing an additional $9,000 in rental assistance to immigrants in need of housing accommodations, having just paid a medical company an astounding $7.2 million for staffing local shelters for just one week, according to official documents released to the press.

After more than 18,000 illegal immigrants traveled to the state in recent months in order to find their new homes, the Windy City is now trying to house over 11,000 illegals in shelters and 4,000 who are currently sleeping at police stations and the O’Hare International Airport.

Chicago Deputy Chief of Staff Cristina Pacione-Zayas said that the state of Illinois will continue assisting with paying costs for temporary housing for migrants, including the additional $9,000 in rental aid over a six-month period to free up much-needed space.

She claims that the money will help with moving expenses and help immigrants receive government-funded apartment “starter kits,” which would contain furnishing supplies and more.

In order to assist immigrants in finding temporary lodging, the city has also allocated up to $4 million, while the state of Illinois has allotted an additional $38 million.

“That rent lasts for six months, and ideally people would have started their legal process, secured legal work authorization, and be able to sustain that apartment,” said Pacione-Zayas. “I guess the payment toward the landlord is based on market rate, it’s based on the configuration of the apartment. And so it varies from place to place.”

Meanwhile, according to NBC 5, a recent investigation found that Kansas-based “Favorite Healthcare Staffing” charged the city more than $7.2 million to provide additional staff to immigrant shelters for only four weeks.

After hearing about the staff’s high-paying invoices in December, the city seemed to lower hourly rates. However, the lowest staff rates remained at $50 per hour, while the highest was $156 per hour before overtime.

$1.4 million was allotted for the old Wadsworth School, $1.6 million for the Inn of Chicago, and $1.2 million for the Social Club shelter.

Furthermore, more buses from Texas were reported to be arriving carrying more asylum seekers, and the situation is not getting any better, local Chicagoans say.

41 more buses carrying asylum seekers arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border only last week.

This week, a border visit by Mayor Johnson (D-Ill.) and other city council members is already scheduled.

“We need to go assess the situation,” Johnson said. “This is serious. And I’ve been saying it. I mean this ain’t the first time you’ve heard me say how serious this dynamic is.”

Texas has been the primary source of immigrants arriving in Chicago over the past year, mostly at the command of Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas). The city’s current services were strained as more immigrants from a number of countries entered the U.S.

Officials acknowledged that the city needed greater assistance from the state and federal governments but failed to identify longer-term housing solutions.

Many immigrants come from Venezuela, where millions of people have fallen into poverty as a result of a political social, and economic disaster over the previous ten years. At least 7.3 million people have emigrated, braving a perilous journey to the U.S., Chicago officials said.

However, the influx of immigrants and the temporary shelters set up have angered many Chicago locals.

Following complaints and protests from Chicagoans who said that the facility had originally offered a safe area for the city’s youth, officials abruptly abandoned plans last week to convert a park’s football fieldhouse into an additional immigrant shelter.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker (D-Ill.) has now pleaded with President Joe Biden to steer foreign asylum seekers away from his state. Ironically, just two years earlier, Pritzker had referred to his state as the “Most Welcoming State in the Nation” and maintained that he would advance immigration rights.

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Henry Kissinger’s Volte-Face: He Now Warns of Muslim Migrant Danger


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The scales have fallen from the eyes of Henry Kissinger. He was a signatory in 2015 to a letter that urged Congress to pass legislation allowing more Muslims from Syria and Iraq — claiming to be refugees — to be admitted to the United States. Now he looks at Europe, where millions of Muslims have been allowed to settle, where they batten on the benefits provided by those generous welfare states, and sees how they have spread the virus of antisemitism that they brought with them when they arrived. Kissinger was shaken by the murderous antisemitism that was on display this week in the pro-Hamas demonstrations that Muslims and their willing collaborators took part in in many European cities. More on Kissinger’s new understanding of the Muslim threat can be found here: “Europe Let in Too Many Foreigners, Says Henry Kissinger in Wake of Pro-Hamas Demonstrations Across Continent,” by Oliver JJ Lane, Breitbart, October 13, 2023:

Pro-Hamas demonstrations show European nations, including Germany, made a “grave mistake,” and the continent should be concerned about future hostage-taking raids against its own people if the idea [sic] isn’t defeated quickly, Henry Kissinger warns.

“Europe is subject to internal pressure by groups of people “of totally different culture and religion” because of the “grave mistake” of admitting too many foreigners, Henry Kissinger said of the phenomenon of demonstrations across Europe in support of Hamas terrorists this week.

Kissinger spoke of groups of people now in Europe “of totally different culture and religion.” He didn’t use the word “Muslim,” but it is obvious whom he was speaking about, and now he admits that it was a “grave mistake” to admit so many of them; there are now tens of millions of Muslims spread across Europe. Their violent demonstrations in support of Hamas terrorists have put on full display the moral abyss between Muslims and Europeans, It’s not only antisemitism that Kissinger worries about, but the anti-Infidel worldview that already has made life so difficult for the indigenous non-Muslims in Europe, now forced to share their towns and cities with those — Muslim migrants — who hate and despise them almost as much as they do Jews.

Speaking to Politico in the wake of the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel on Saturday, longtime kingpin of the globalist movement Henry Kissinger walked back his previous position on the importance of keeping Western nations open to refugee flows and said the events of recent days showed nations had gone too far. He told the publication observing celebrations in German cities in support of Hamas is “painful” to watch.

Kissinger said: “It was a grave mistake to let in so many people of totally different culture and religion and concepts, because it creates a pressure group inside each country that does that.”.[i.e., promotes Islam]

Europe should give “unconditional political support for Israeli action” now the terrorist attack has happened, Kissinger continued, and not least because in his view European states have a vested interest in making sure no precedent is set for raids and mass taking of hostages from Western nations is set. He concluded: “Israel must vindicate its sovereignty in that area, and that it cannot permit Gaza to return to a state where it could emerge, take thousands or a large number hostage, kill thousands, and then live in that condition side-by-side with Israel.

I would say every European nation has the same interest because the same attitude might erupt in the direction of Europe.”

Kissinger has finally realized that the war against Israel is not one over borders, but rather, over the very existence of the Jewish state. And he now grasps that the same jihadist impulse can be found, though it has not yet reached Hamas-like violence and depravity, among the Muslim populations in Europe. As Kissinger says, Israel has to “vindicate [make absolutely clear] its sovereignty” and to ensure that Hamas is crushed, so that in Gaza there will be no possibility of returning to the status quo ante bellum. Israel in Gaza is battling the same Jihadist annihilationist threat that the rest of the West will face in the future from its own population of Muslim migrants; Western solidarity with Israel in its war should now be firmly expressed.

While hostage-taking raids on Europe may seem far-fetched, they are not without ample historical precedent and match other warnings about the very high-consequence risk of the tactic coming to Europe’s shores.

Kissinger’s comments on the “grave mistake” and danger presented by mass migration creating alien power structures within Western nations are a considerable shift from his previous positions, which he long acknowledged were influenced by his own experience as a refugee from Nazi Germany going to America in the 1930s….

As a refugee from the Nazis, Kissinger was reflexively favorable to all those wanting to be admitted to the U.S. as refugees or, rather, all those who claimed to be refugees. This was a colossal error on his part, based on his ignorance of Islam and his dreamy belief that all refugees were essentially equal in their ability, and willingness, to assimilate. He did not distinguish between a Muslim coming from Syria or Iraq and a Christian coming from Mexico or the Philippines. It has taken him many decades to grasp the nature of Islam, and the threat posed by Muslims.

Kissinger in 2015 urged Congress to take in more Muslim migrants because, in his tortured logic, that would show that the United States had nothing against Muslims and, so he dreamily believed, this would lessen the appeal of ISIS. But ISIS’s appeal was unaffected by how Infidels treated Muslims. ISIS didn’t care if Infidel states treated Muslims well or ill; its goal was to destroy all of them and to create a world where Islam everywhere dominates, and Muslims rule, everywhere. Kissinger wanted to admit Muslims into the U.S. so as to head off a  “war between Islam and the West.” He failed so singularly to understand that nothing the West can do will win permanent Muslim favor; if the West were to allow the Muslims to destroy Israel, that would merely whet, not sate, Muslim appetites for still more Islamic victories over Infidels. That war, or jihad, has been waged by Muslims against the world’s non-Muslims for the past 1400 years. When the Western world admits Muslims into its midst, that does not change the Muslim imperative to conquer, by demography or by war, the Infidel lands and peoples. Allowing more Muslim migrants into our countries simply swells the size of a dangerous fifth column.

Kissinger, who has always fancied himself a master of geopolitical realpolitik, was innocent about the texts and teachings of Islam, unaware that waging jihad is a permanent duty for all Muslims. Now he seems, at the age of 100, to recognize that he was wrong on the subject of Muslim migrants and that the Western world, too, was wrong, in admitting Muslims who for the most part do not wish to, and are unable to, integrate peacefully into the societies of Infidels who are, Muslims are taught, “the most vile of created beings.”

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, on the matter of Muslim migrants, signals Henry Kissinger at long last. He has a lot to answer for, as do all those other cosseted soi-disant “brilliant thinkers” in their chanceries and think tanks and consultancies — the people belonging to the political elites of Europe who ignored Islamic history and theology, and admitted into their midst tens of millions of Muslims who may yet be the agents of the civilized Western world’s destruction.

Two Lebanese Nationals Arrested At Southern Border


OAN’s Abril Elfi 
3:20 PM – Friday, October 13, 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have arrested two Lebanese nationals at the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas.

On Thursday, two men who are reportedly in their early to mid-20s were arrested after authorities reportedly considered them “special interest aliens.” 

“Special interest aliens” are people from nations classified by the United States government as having conditions that promote or protect terrorism or may constitute a national security concern to the United States.

The apprehensions come amid concerns about security and the possibility of terrorism have risen in the aftermath of Hamas terror strikes against Israel. 

Lebanon borders Israel and is home to the militant group Hezbollah, which, like Hamas, is listed as a terrorist organization by the State Department and is reportedly supported by Iran.

Local and federal police enforcement in Washington, D.C., told the press that they are increasing their presence in the nation’s capital as Hamas’ call for a “Day of Rage” on Friday has heightened tensions in American cities. 

The efforts come as significant protests are already building in the Middle East, with enormous crowds showing solidarity for Palestinians in Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq.

Last month’s threat assessment from the Department of Homeland Security noted that agents have encountered an increase in the number of people on the watch list and warned that “terrorists and criminal actors may exploit the elevated flow and increasingly complex security environment to enter the United States.”

“Individuals with terrorism connections are interested in using established travel routes and permissive environments to facilitate access to the United States,” the assessment also said.

The arrested suspects are currently undergoing extensive background vetting, by local authorities and the FBI.

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30,830 Turks, 6,386 Afghans, 1,613 Pakistanis, 659 Iranians, 538 Syrians caught at Southern border since 2021


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Once again, what could possibly go wrong? What could be more wonderful than diversity?

“Thousands of ‘special interest aliens’ from Middle East countries stopped at southern border since 2021: data,” by Adam Shaw, Bill Melugin, and Griff Jenkins, Fox News, October 10, 2023:

Thousands of “special interest aliens” from numerous countries, including the Middle East, have been arrested by Border Patrol agents while attempting to cross the U.S. southern border illegally over the last two years, according to internal Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data leaked to Fox News.

“Special interest aliens” are people from countries identified by the U.S. government as having conditions that promote or protect terrorism or potentially pose some sort of national security threat to the U.S.

That data, confirmed by multiple CBP sources and reflects apprehensions between ports of entry between October 2021 and October 2023, shows that agents encountered 6,386 nationals from Afghanistan in that period as well as 3,153 from Egypt, 659 from Iran and 538 from Syria.

Agents also encountered 13,624 from Uzbekistan, 30,830 from Turkey, 1,613 from Pakistan, 164 from Lebanon, 185 from Jordan, 139 from Yemen, 123 from Iraq, and 15,594 from Mauritania. The data does not include information on how many of those migrants were removed or who were released into the U.S. with a court date….

Border Patrol sources tell Fox they have extreme concerns about the people coming across from special interest countries, given they have little to no way to vet them. Unless they have committed a crime in the U.S. or are on a federal watch list, agents have no way of knowing their criminal history because their countries do not share data with the U.S., so there is nothing to match their name against when authorities run their fingerprints….

Greece: Muslim migrants trample Israeli flag, attack people, brandish knives in central Athens


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Here is yet another glimpse of the marvelous future Europe has created for itself.

“ATHENS: Palestinian, Muslim youth burn Israeli flag and brandish knives in the historic center,” Greek City Times, October 10, 2023:

In Syntagma Square, just metres from parliament and some of the most luxurious hotels in Athens, Palestinian, Egyptian and other Muslim youth burned and trampled on the Israeli flag and then attacked people.

They were then photographed brandishing knives at the entrance of Monastiraki metro, the historic heart of Athens – about a 10-minute walk from Syntagma.

See the video:

This latest incident comes only days after Palestinian and other Muslim illegal immigrants chanted “Allahu Akbar” in the refugee centres on the islands of Samos and Kos following Hamas’ attack on Israel on Saturday….



The Most Logical (and Treacherous) Reason Yet for Joe Biden’s Open Border

The Most Logical (and Treacherous) Reason Yet for Joe Biden's Open Border
AP Photo/Fernando Llano
How bad is America’s Southern border invasion? So bad that even Joe “I’ll Never Build a Wall” Biden is talking about building a wall at the Southern border. Sure, the guy who sold off construction materials left behind by Donald Trump’s border wall crews will close the border. If you believe that, you’ll believe that Joe Biden is a great father and wonderful dog owner, too. Here’s a clue: that dog won’t hunt, either.

Soon after radio host and constitutional expert Mark Levin began giving voice to the idea that Joe Biden could be impeached right now based on the open southern border leaving Americans unsafe and unsecured, Joe’s White House decided to rattle the chains in hopes that lo-fo American voters and Joe Scarborough would think that he’s for closed borders. Homie, please.

Like so many other millions of people, New York Post reporter Miranda Devine wondered why any American president—even clueless Joe—would leave America’s back door wide open.

She asked,

Does anyone here understand why the Biden administration is persisting with the suicidal open border? They could stop it tomorrow but they just lie that it’s “secure”. The issue will be a vote killer in the 2024 election. Why aren’t they pivoting? Is it a scam to get voters for 2024? What are the mechanics of illegals voting? Is it a more long term strategy to shore up sagging Democratic appeal? Or is it a pet project of Biden’s to please Pope Francis in the mistaken belief it will save his soul?

You can understand why she struggled for answers. We’ve all been wondering why Biden would be opening the Southern border, allowing in potentially some of the worst actors from the prisons south of the border and hell’s half acre pushing out the local war heroes and Army-Navy game-goers to make their home in the US of A.

Faster than you can say, “They’ll vote Democrat,” there’s another, more convincing, shocking, tectonic, and treacherous answer. And since you’ve seen what the left has done and can only imagine what they will do, this border gambit makes sense. Sick and disgusting sense.

Dan Bongino mentioned this theory on his podcast on Tuesday of this week. And if you combine what he said with what PJ Media has reported about Leaving California, lost congressional seats, and expected lost congressional seats, you will begin to understand.

They want the votes, of course, but first, the left—Joe Biden’s Democrats—has allowed the seven-plus-million-person flood of migrants to wash into the country to turn the tide of upcoming elections by rigging the Electoral College in the long run.

The Democrats call it the great replacement theory and blame Republicans for authoring such a racist-sounding program.

But, of course, the Democrats authored it and promulgated it. Because they mean it. And they say it out loud.

Bongino said, “The Democrats are playing the long game. …[They] are hemorrhaging people out of liberal states. What does this all mean?”

“Texas gets two congressional seats in the next re-allocation in the census, and New York and California each lose one,” he said. Republicans get to gerrymander the state, “and it’s likely going to be another Republican seat.” He added, “The Democrats are terrified because they realize that nobody’s leaving red states and everybody’s leaving blue states. Do you get it? [Democrats] could lose the House forever. And on the Electoral College side, [Democrats could lose] the presidency. The Electors to the Electoral College are based on the number of congressional seats plus two,” he explained. “Texas will increase the number of electors while California, New York, and Illinois are losing people” – and electors. “How can you change all of that? When the census counts all those new illegal immigrants who broke into the country with the approval and help of Joe Biden.”

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Voters in border states, such as California and Arizona, have been howling about this for decades. The census currently counts all residents—not only citizens—and allocates congressional seats based on this population. That is why Trump wanted the question on the census about legality to call attention to the fact that Americans in these states are rightly PO’d that their votes and representation are diluted, yes, diluted, by illegal aliens.

You can see Bongino explain at 42:29.


Mexican President Calls Biden’s Border Wall a Publicity Stunt

Mexican President Calls Biden's Border Wall a Publicity Stunt
Townhall Media/Julio Rosas
During his regular morning presser on Friday, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he does not think that the new border wall will even be built, adding that the Biden administration doesn’t even want to build it.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Lopez Obrador called the wall “pure publicity.” That presser followed a Thursday visit by a delegation from the U.S. State Department, which was led by Antony Blinken. Lopez Obrador commented that the administration does not even want to build the new sections of the wall. He added that during the meeting, the Mexican delegation said it does not believe the migration problem will be solved with a wall, saying, “We’ve always spoken about tending to the root causes.”

Lopez Obrador has a point. In another story, the Free Beacon said that on Thursday, Biden stated that the administration is legally obligated to go through with the construction since the money for the project had been appropriated during the Trump administration and could not be used for anything else. Biden stated:

The money was appropriated for the border wall. I tried to get them to redirect that money. They didn’t. They wouldn’t, and in the meantime, there’s nothing under the law other than they have to use the money for what it was appropriated. I can’t stop that.

This stands in stark contrast to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ statement earlier in the week in which he said there was “an acute and immediate need to construct physical barriers and roads in the vicinity of the border of the United States in order to prevent unlawful entries.” Of course, that statement stands in stark contrast to one he made in 2021 that he did not agree with building a wall.

Never one to pass up an opportunity for a good old-fashioned tantrum, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) vented her spleen on Thursday, calling the planned construction a “cruel policy.”

I know that the congresswoman objects to the wall on principle, but she should reconsider. It is after Labor Day, and she needs someplace where she can wear that white dress for photo ops.

What we are seeing here is a classic example of this administration’s disorganization. It may be conjecture, but I suspect that when Biden’s people learned that the funding situation was non-negotiable, they needed a way to spin it, hence Mayorkas’ alarmist language. The administration may have thought that this was an opportunity to woo voters who are wary or angry about the president and his record, with the bonus of being able to tweak Trump by completing something he did not.

Then the wall would not be completed, and the blame would fall on Republican obstructionists. But someone, somewhere, realized that renewed construction would infuriate much of the base, although Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-N.Y.) may have privately gotten her hopes up. And so tactics were switched, gears were ground, and the message was reversed.

And no matter what, the wall will not be built.

EU member states reach preliminary deal on how to deal with illegal migrants


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Of course, this new round of meetings again included much discussion about the globalist-supported NGO’s who are railing against any pushback, as they encourage and continue to transport illegal economic migrants who illegally enter EU member states.

Note the reference below to “concerns” about “increasing the risk of sending migrants back to perilous situations.” So to NGOs and EU globalists who support them, the answer is for Western countries, which are struggling now, simply to absorb what could end up being the entire populations of Middle Eastern and African countries. EU globalists, along with the UN, are in the process of erasing Western nations and Western identity, and along with them, the history of what it took to build Western nations.

The meeting was yet another déjà vu, as the EU goes around in circles, trying every which way to implement the original, disastrous UN migration pact, which failed to garner support for good reasons. In June, the EU was said to have reached a deal on “more equitable refugee hosting.”  It really meant the return of migration quotas dictated by EU globalists. Poland and Hungary flatly refused, so the EU is once again twisting the arm of all recalcitrant EU members until they accept the core of the UN migration pact: open-door migration under the instruction of the UN.

Meanwhile, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has again declared, in a tweet, that his country “will not become a migrant ghetto”:


“EU member states reach preliminary deal on how to deal with migrants,” WION, October 4, 2023:

EU member states on Wednesday (Oct 4) reached the preliminary agreement on establishing common rules to tackle a massive influx of asylum seekers. According to experts, this is a major element of the European Union’s migration reforms.

Ambassadors of EU nations gathered in Brussels to chalk out the draft text and gain a wider consensus after a political impasse between Germany and Italy derailed the negotiations last week.

“Deal! EU Ambassadors have reached an agreement on the regulation addressing situations of crisis and force majeure in the field of migration and asylum,” the Spanish presidency said on X.

Italy vs Germany impasse
Earlier, Italy opposed a part of the draft text that allowed NGO vessels, backed by Germany, to carry out ‘humanitarian efforts’ to search-and-rescue migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.

Germany defended the operations of NGO vessels, arguing that saving lives at sea is a legal, humanitarian and moral duty. On the other hand, Italy maintained that this encouraged more migrants to embark on the perilous journey.

Italian officials had previously criticised the German government for providing state funding to these NGOs…..

Details about the draft Crisis Regulation
The proposed Crisis Regulation outlines rules that would be implemented during exceptional circumstances, such as the 2015-2016 migration crisis, when the European Union’s asylum system faced a sudden and large influx of migrants.

To manage this unexpected situation, member states could employ stricter measures, like prolonged border stays for asylum seekers during the examination of their asylum pleas….

Concerns raised by NGOs suggest that these exceptions could lead to significant confinement, potentially diminishing the quality of asylum procedures and increasing the risk of sending migrants back to perilous situations….

Curtis Sliwa & Residents Protest Possible Migrant Shelters Coming to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 10.3.23

BAY RIDGE, Brooklyn - Curtis Sliwa, Ari Cagan, Scott Lobaido, politicians, & Bay Ridge residents gathered for a pre-emptive rally to protest migrants potentially coming to Bay Ridge. According to Curtis Sliwa his anonymous informants in City Hall told him that 4 locations are being considered: Shore Road Park, 86/7th Motel, Field between Poly Prep & VA Hospital, & US Army's Fort Hamilton. According to Justin Brannon: "As some of you may already know, there is a rally planned in Bay Ridge tonight led by washed-up comic book villain & serial liar, Curtis Sliwa, opposing the establishment of a migrant shelter in Bay Ridge. But here’s the thing: there have never been any plans to put a migrant shelter in Bay Ridge. This is a made-up controversy meant to distract and divide us. They’re staging a rally to stop something that isn’t even happening. My desperate MAGA opponent Ari Kagan is behind this. Why? Because he has literally nothing else to run on. No record. No results. No accomplishments. No vision. Nothing. So he wants to stoke fear and anger to win votes. He will do anything to get elected, stay in power, and secure jobs for his friends, even selling out his loyal Democrat constituents and becoming a Republican. Let me make it crystal clear: Fort Hamilton Army Base – the only active-duty military installation in New York City – is not being used to house migrants. I’ve spoken directly with Governor Hochul, Mayor Adams, as well as representatives from the Department of Defense and the Department of the Army, and it was never even on the table. Shore Road Park is also not being used as a migrant camp. These are all lies. But that’s not the point of this rally. My opponents don’t care about Bay Ridge. They don’t care about migrants. They don’t care about you. The point of this is to stoke fear and win political points at the expense of our community. We know that this will devolve into hate speech, violence, and a lot of misinformation. This is what we're up against in this election. Deliberate lies, blatant scare tactics, and unabashed fear-mongering serve only to divide our community instead of strengthening it. It's sad to see, but it only underscores the importance of why we must win in November. This is what happens when a political candidate has no record of results and no vision. Ari Kagan is a demagogue who wants us to fight with each other. Ari Kagan wants to divide us up. But we won't let this stand. And it is crucial that every single voter in our district knows exactly what we've accomplished and what we plan to achieve further."

VIDEO: Veteran, 95, Kicked Out of Nursing Home to Make Room for Illegals

This is Biden's America.


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Biden administration’s policies can be summed up as “America Last.” Watch this short video in which a 95-year-old veteran of the Korean War speaks to reporters about having been booted from his nursing home on short notice in order to make way for the people Democrats always prioritize over citizens and veterans: illegal aliens.

Check out the outrageous short video below:


‘Explosively High’ Numbers: Musk, Others Call Out Biden Border Crisis

‘Explosively High’ Numbers: Musk, Others Call Out Biden Border Crisis
AP Photo/Eric Gay
With Border Patrol encountering 10,000 or more illegal migrants every single day, Elon Musk and others took to X (formerly Twitter) to highlight some data and facts illustrating the scope of the Biden border crisis.

Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas) tweeted a picture of himself and Musk at the border with the comment, “RECORD 260,000+ illegal entries in the US during September. This border crisis is unsustainable, we need sensible solutions NOW.”

In response, Musk quote-tweeted the message with his own important context. “US Border Patrol just reported the highest number of recorded illegal immigrants in history at over 260,000 this month,” Musk reaffirmed. “The full number, including unrecorded, maybe over half a million per month, which is the population of Wyoming.” That’s insane.

Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin, who was recently at the border, cited Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources on Sept. 29.

“Based on the data our CBP sources have been providing us all month, the September border numbers are going to be explosively high. Would not be surprised at all if they set the new all-time new record again — by a lot,” he predicted. “Repeatedly seeing 10,000 + encounters per day recently.” That’s ominous.

Melugin’s warning comes as Breitbart reports that just in one Arizona border sector, Tucson (where I live), over 12,000 illegal aliens were apprehended by Border Patrol just in the last week. That’s not assimilation-level influx; it’s an invasion.

And crime is coming with it. Breitbart noted 150 arrests for federal criminal charges, with “17 human smuggling interdictions and ten drug seizures.” As the Border Patrol Union replied to Melugin, “There is no border.”

That’s not all the Border Patrol Union had to say this week about the Biden border catastrophe. On Sept. 28, the Union posted on X, “You can believe Biden and some of the other radical left politicians about the border situation if you want. But there isn’t much ‘patrol’ left in Border Patrol.” The post added, “It’s mostly just processing fraudulent asylum claimants. Many times there are no agents left to patrol the border.” The overwhelming majority of asylum claims are fraudulent, but the Biden administration doesn’t care.

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The next day, the Border Patrol Union highlighted a release from Cochise County (Ariz.) Sheriff, detailing serious injuries to a Border Patrol deputy caused by a fleeing smuggler. This marked the third instance within a few days of criminal smugglers putting deputies and citizens at risk, the Sheriff said. As the Union commented, criminal cartels control the southern border.

It’s an all-out catastrophe at the border, yet the Biden administration is trying to make it easier for illegals to get into America, even flying illegals directly into the U.S.! It’s absolutely criminal.

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Never Mind Those Hordes of Military-Aged Chinese Men With the Same Clothing, Haircuts, and Tattoos Swarming Our Southern Border

Never Mind Those Hordes of Military-Aged Chinese Men With the Same Clothing, Haircuts, and Tattoos Swarming Our Southern Border
Experts believe that more than seven million illegal immigrants have crossed the border since *President Biden occupied the White House.

The apparatchiks in the Pravda Press downplay the situation by assuring us the invaders are “families,” even though most of the videos we see are of single, military-aged men, frequently from Venezuela.

But the most onerous onslaught at our northern and southern borders is the disturbing number of single, military-aged Chinese men and women finding their way into our country and disappearing once they get in.

FACT-O-RAMA! Between January and March of 2022, 71 Chinese individuals crossed the Darien Gap, the strip of land that connects North and South America, the route preferred by the Chinese. During the same time frame this year, 2,200 made the journey. You can see a video of young, Chinese nationals lining up for buses in Panama headed for the U.S.

Why would Chinese nationals fly into Panama and make a seemingly arduous voyage to our southern border? According to Anthony Rubin, the founder of Muckraker, who filmed Chinese people lining up for a seat on a U.S.-bound bus, they aren’t able to simply fly in and wait for their visas to expire like they did in the good old days.

“This would be for people who can’t fly into the U.S. directly,” Rubin told Fox News. So what they do is they get on a flight, and they fly into some South American country. Then from there, they would go to Colombia, they would go across the jungle, pop out in Panama, and then they would head up to the United States. But this is going to be for people who can’t fly into the U.S. directly. You’d rather just fly into the U.S. and overstay your visa. This is for people that don’t have that access for whatever reason.”

FACT-O-RAMA! Muckraker claims they have found a Chinese document giving detailed information on how to enter the U.S. via the Darien Gap. The document includes a Subway sandwich restaurant in Mexico where one can buy fake permits, how much to pay smugglers, and how to avoid detection at the border, including uninstalling the Chinese spy app “WeChat.” You can watch the Muckraker video here.

Rubin told Fox News that some Chinese people he was filming “do not want their faces on camera.” Now why would that be?

Rubin explained:

Either they are foreign actors that are coming over here for nefarious reasons or, number two, these are people that are afraid of some sort of retribution by the Communist Chinese Party. If it’s number two, well then what does that mean? That means that these people are going to be beholden to the Communist Chinese Party once they’re here. Oh, you’re in the United States. Okay, well, we’re going to threaten your friends and family back home in China unless you do X, Y, and Z. Either way, it’s very dangerous. You can’t allow this to just continue and have all these people cross the border. I mean, it just will not work.

Retired U.S. Col. and a member of Devon Nunes’s staff, Derek Harvey, recently revealed to The Epoch Times that many of the Chinese men scrambling over the border are showing up with the same haircuts, tattoos, backpacks, and “pocket litter,” which he defined as the same wallet and the same type of ID cards. Even more harrowing, Harvey claims they are all a part of a special ops wing of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), and our intel officials are well aware of what is happening.

He also stated that most of the Chinese are coming to the U.S. through the Darien Gap.

“We have Chinese nationals of military age coming into Latin America, coming across the southern border,” Harvey explained in a recent video interview. “They wear the same clothes, they have the same haircuts, they have the same pocket litter. They have the same, ah, knapsacks. It’s like it’s a uniform. And they get processed and they move on.”

Harvey had more shocking news to reveal:

They have the same wallet, they have the same types of identification. It’s all the same. And we have good information that they are products of a… they have the same rituals the same tattoos, and the operating theory by our border patrol and our intelligence elements is they come from one specific special operation unit.

When Asked by “Over the Target” host Lee Smith for clarification, Harvey confirmed what he said—the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Intel officials are well aware of who these people are, Chinese special ops from the PLA.

Again, the Mao-Maos in the left press were eager to tell us not to believe our eyes, the CBP, and our intel specialists.

Bonus trouble! Harvey also stated that Venezuela, Iran, Russia, and China are working together against us and that Iran and Hezbollah already have sleeper cells in the U.S.

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What Have We Learned?

We have learned that intel officials and the CBP are allegedly well aware that China is sending special ops intruders over our border and the pinko press is diligently denying it. Chinese people appear to be using the Darien Gap to make their way to the U.S. in record numbers and military-aged men with the same haircuts, tattoos, and clothing are pouring over the border. Iran and Hezbollah are believed to have sleeper cells standing by. Joe Biden is allowing all of this to happen. What could go wrong?

Elon Musk Supports Border Wall, Says Migrants Should Have ‘Evidence’ They Need Asylum

Elon Musk Supports Border Wall, Says Migrants Should Have ‘Evidence’ They Need Asylum

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images) (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images) (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

OAN’s Abril Elfi
12:38 PM – Thursday, September 28, 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Elon Musk asserted that he is in support of a Mexico-United States border wall and says migrants need to show evidence in order to receive asylum.

On Wednesday, the SpaceX CEO responded to a thread on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, that the United States does in fact need a reliable wall and that the country should begin requiring immigrants to present a “shred of evidence” to claim asylum. 

“We actually do need a wall, and we need to require people to have some shred of evidence to claim asylum to enter, as everyone is doing that,” Musk said. “It’s a hack that you can literally Google to know exactly what to say!” 

The X CEO joined an online conversation that touched on a statement by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, who in the previous thread was discussing the border crisis amid the possible government shutdown.

“But if you paid attention last night to what happened to the border yesterday, 11,000 people came across illegally. That’s 50,000 in just the last five days,” McCarthy told reporters in the posted video. “And you’ve got the governor of New York and the governor of Massachusetts declaring a state of emergency. The president can take action, the presidency can do something here that would really keep the government open but at the same time secure our border.”

The billionaire responded to McCarthy’s claims, saying that the border issues are “a severe crisis.”

“The border needs to be secured. This is not a partisan issue — even the elected Democrat Party leaders of New York are saying this is a severe crisis,” Musk said. “Will find out more when I visit Eagle Pass maybe as soon as tomorrow.” 

Musk then proceeded to state that he will be visiting Eagle Pass, Texas, this week “to see what’s going on for [himself]” after he spoke to a state congressman who called the humanitarian crisis at the border “a serious issue.”

According to reports, at least 11,000 illegal immigrants reportedly crossed into the U.S. from Mexico from Sunday to Monday alone, making it the “single highest day in recent memory.”

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