ALLIE BETH STUCKEY: Food Shortages & Slow Supply Chains: What’s Going On?~Guest: Ross Kennedy

Today we're talking to Ross Kennedy, an expert in worldwide shipping and supply lines. There are lots of cargo ships just off the coast of America, but they're not able to dock and unload their goods, and in turn, this is resulting in shortages all over the nation. Kennedy explains how this happened and how delicate our system really is. COVID really threw a wrench into the works of our supply lines, and a year later we're really starting to see the effects. Kennedy also points out how America's dependence on China makes situations like this worse and offers some solutions to the globalist trade system that is failing us.

Rampant theft, ongoing supply chain disruptions leaving drug store shelves in New York City barren

Image: Rampant theft, ongoing supply chain disruptions leaving drug store shelves in New York City barren



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(Natural News) We were certain that, at some point, the failure of left-wing mayors and prosecutors to go after rampant criminal activity such as shoplifting was going to turn into a major problem for the urban centers these lunatics ‘govern.’

That day has finally arrived.

For years, but especially over the past 12 months, George Soros-funded prosecutors and Marxist mayors like Bill de Blasio in New York City and London Breed in San Francisco have refused to crack down on petty crimes that escalate into major ones. In the name of ‘respecting the Black Lives Matter movement,’ these leftists have excused all manner of bad, and illegal, behavior, but especially shoplifting. Video clips of shoplifting “gangs” posted online show numerous individuals emptying store shelves of cosmetics, drugs, and other supplies into garbage bags before sprinting out of the stores unmolested. And they continue to rob retailers blind because again, the leftists who run these cities aren’t concerned about prosecuting those crimes because quite often they appear to involve ‘persons of color,’ so naturally, prosecuting them would be “racist” (even in California, apparently, where whites are no longer the majority).

But now the problem of outright theft is being compounded by an actual supply chain issue, as a shortage of workers on docks, driving trucks and on seafaring cargo vessels is preventing ships from being unloaded and goods being delivered to market, including, of course, over-the-counter drugs and other supplies, according to The Daily Mail:

Shelves in pharmacies across New York City have been left nearly barren because supplies are not getting through amid an ongoing global squeeze. 

Stores such as CVS, Walgreens, and Duane Reade are all running very low on goods.

Supplies are being held up on cargo ships that are taking up to four weeks to dock at US ports.

A lack of manpower to unload them and to drive goods around the US is causing a giant backlog.

“Experts have warned the government to intervene or face spiraling inflation and unemployment, as rocketing demand for goods in short supply pushes their prices up,” the outlet continued. “US consumers have already seen prices of everyday items rise in recent months, with economists warning of an extended period of inflation that will push up the cost of living.”

One Manhattan resident told the New York Post: “It looks like the Third World.”

Adds a CVS employee, “They’ve all been stolen.”

So-called ‘bail reform’ laws, which is to say left-wing prosecutors and city officials getting together to get rid of bail, have made shoplifting an excellent career choice. The Post reported on one 22-year-old who had been arrested in New York City on shoplifting charges 46 times and of course, was left on the street to continue stealing.

“The blame goes straight to the halls of power in Albany, said New York City top cop Dermot Shea,” The Post reported, adding that Shea tweeted a response to the lunacy in recent days: “Insanity.”

Because when there are no limits to human behavior, when there are no consequences for actions, then human nature is such that we are apt to continue such behaviors, which will only lead to a complete breakdown in society — like the Marxists are striving for. You can’t rebuild a free society in your authoritarian image unless you destroy the free society first, and that’s exactly what these maniacs who run blue cities and states are attempting to do.

And it’s working.

“Serial shoplifters, even if arrested, typically walk free the same day. Cases against them are often not prosecuted. Drug stores, filled with aisles of small necessities, offer an easy-to-harvest goldmine for thieves,” The Post noted.

This is only going to get worse. And without a functional supply chain, the cities will collapse.

Sources include:



Walgreens to Close Five San Francisco Pharmacies Due to Theft

Biden’s so-called employer vaccine mandate is a myth, political theater to fool the masses and force companies to bend to his will

Image: Biden’s so-called employer vaccine mandate is a myth, political theater to fool the masses and force companies to bend to his will



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(Natural News) Last month, Joe Biden took to the podium at the White House and did something no president has ever done: He ordered private businesses over a certain size to require their employees to make a health decision they may disagree with — get a COVID-19 vaccine.

“As your President, I’m announcing tonight a new plan to require more Americans to be vaccinated, to combat those blocking public health,” he said during a Sept. 9 speech.

“I’m announcing that the Department of Labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees, that together employ over 80 million workers, to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated or show a negative test at least once a week,” he continued, adding:

The bottom line: We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers. We’re going to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by increasing the share of the workforce that is vaccinated in businesses all across America.

My plan will extend the vaccination requirements that I previously issued in the healthcare field. Already, I’ve announced, we’ll be requiring vaccinations that all nursing home workers who treat patients on Medicare and Medicaid because I have that federal authority.

‘Because I have that federal authority.’

Several constitutional experts doubted that and said so at the time.

“Two dozen Republican state attorneys general have signed onto a letter challenging Biden’s mandate, which amounts to forced medical rape. Those states include Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming,” reported.

“Your plan is disastrous and counterproductive,” the letter said. “From a policy perspective, this edict is unlikely to win hearts and minds – it will simply drive further skepticism.”

“And at least some Americans will simply leave the job market instead of complying,” the letter goes on. “This will further strain an already-too-tight labor market, burdening companies and (therefore) threatening the jobs of even those who have received a vaccine.”

But wait a minute.

Here we are more than a month removed from Biden’s speech and the reaction to it, and there doesn’t appear to actually be a ‘vaccine mandate rule’ in the works, according to The Federalist — which means Biden’s handlers duped the country into believing one was coming so companies fearful of litigation and fines would adopt the mandate on their own.

“It’s all a mirage. Biden’s so-called vaccine mandate doesn’t exist — at least, not yet. So far, all we have is his press conference and other such made-for-media huff-puffing. No such rule even claiming to be legally binding has been issued yet,” The Federalist’s Joy Pullman wrote last week, nearly a month to the day after Biden’s proclamation.

She went on to say that she has confirmed no court cases have been filed yet opposing the mandate, which may have been “part of the plan” all along.

“There is nothing there yet that gives employers any mandate,” Stephanie McFarland, a spokeswoman for the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration, told Pullman last week. “The president made an announcement on this asking OSHA to do it, but we’ve not yet seen anything come from it yet.”

Turns out that stating an order was coming without having actually issued an order has had the same effect: Companies are complying, as they wanted to do anyway, and they are using the fake order as cover.

“Everybody loves this cover,” Minneapolis employment lawyer Kate Bischoff told Bloomberg Law last month. “Many were already looking down the road at doing this, but the fact that they get to blame Biden is like manna from heaven.”

In all, Pullman summarizes this constitutional coup:

What Democrats are doing as Republicans stand down yet again is a moral and constitutional abomination. Not even the fig-leaf pose of a pen signing balderdash-filled documents is needed for today’s Democrats. Whatever they say, you do.

We don’t really have anything close to a functional government anymore.

Sources include:

PA Senator Toomey: Biden’s Comptroller Nominee Scrubbed Marx Thesis From Curriculum Vitae

Toomey: Biden’s Comptroller Nominee Scrubbed Marx Thesis From CV



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Given her past and what she plans for U.S. banking in the future, no one should be surprised that Saule Omarova, President Biden’s nominee for comptroller of the currency, tried to send a revealing snapshot of her past down the memory hole.

The Cornell University law professor Omarova scrubbed her undergraduate thesis from her résumé. Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital appears there no more. Gone. Poof. Not a trace. Nor did she give a copy to the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee that will consider her nomination.

Senatore Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, ranking committee Republican, has asked her for a copy, noting that it did, indeed, disappear from her résumé.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reported, an old college chum wants to know when she’ll get the $50 she gave Omarova back in the day.

“Actual Communist” Deletes Thesis

As The New American reported early this week, Omarova’s nomination is something of a stunner given her background. Or perhaps not, given the ideological hue of Biden’s appointments. Such is the sinistral spin of the Cabinet one might call it the Politburo.

As for Omarova, she graduated from Moscow State University on a Vladimir Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship and believes banking should be nationalized; i.e., the Federal Reserve would hold all bank accounts. 

Omarova has written that she would “effectively ‘end banking,’ as we know it.” She would turn regulation of the financial industry over to hand-picked leftist eggheads in academia.

Understandably, bankers are alarmed.

“We have serious concerns about her ideas for fundamentally restructuring the nation’s banking system which remains the most diverse and competitive in the world,” American Banking Association CEO Rob Nichols told

Her proposals to effectively nationalize America’s community banks, end regulatory tailoring based on risk and eliminate the dual banking system are particularly troubling.

Toomey is troubled, too.

“To fully assess the fitness of individuals to serve in Senate-confirmed executive and independent agency positions, the Committee requires nominees to submit all “books, articles, reports, and other published materials [one has] written,” Toomey wrote to the Kazakh-born Omarova:

Therefore, I write today seeking a copy of your thesis, “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital,” which you wrote as a student at Moscow State University on the V.I. Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship. While it appears that you have deleted any reference to your thesis in the version of your curriculum vitae (CV) that is currently available on the Cornell Law School website, the paper appeared on your CV as recently as April 2017.

Given that your thesis was written while you were a student at Moscow State University in the late 1980s, I assume that it was written in Russian and will require translation. To ensure there is adequate time for translation and review by lawmakers, my Committee staff reached out to both you and staff at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) requesting a copy last month. Unfortunately, we have not received any assurances that the Committee would receive a copy of the paper in a timely fashion.

October 5, 2021

Ms. Saule Omarova
Cornell Law School
304 Myron Taylor Hall
Ithica, NY 14853

Dear Ms. Omarova:

For the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs to fully assess the fitness of individuals to serve in Senate-confirmed executive and independent agency positions, the Committee requires nominees to submit all “books, articles, reports, and other published materials [one has] written.”

Therefore, I write today seeking a copy of your thesis, “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital,” which you wrote as a student at Moscow State University on the V.I. Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship. While it appears that you have deleted any reference to your thesis in the version of your curriculum vitae (CV) that is currently available on the Cornell Law School website, the paper appeared on your CV as recently as April 2017. 

Given that your thesis was written while you were a student at Moscow State University in the late 1980s, I assume that it was written in Russian and will require translation. To ensure there is adequate time for translation and review by lawmakers, my Committee staff reached out to both you and staff at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) requesting a copy last month. Unfortunately, we have not received any assurances that the Committee would receive a copy of the paper in a timely fashion.

Accordingly, I formally request that you provide a copy of the original Russian-language thesis to the Committee, along with an English version if one exists, no later than the close of business on October 13, 2021.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Omarova has until October 13 to provide copies of the thesis in Russian and English.

Given what Omarova has written since then, one understands why she is reluctant to provide it.

As the Wall Street Journal observed in an editorial about the Soviet-born lawyer, when the Federal Reserve, under her plan, seizes control of bank deposits and “effectively ‘end[s] banking’ as we know it,” the Fed will become “the ultimate public platform for generating, modulating, and allocating financial resources in a modern economy.” 

She also wants “the U.S. to create a central bank digital currency — as Venezuela and China are doing — to “redesign our financial system & turn Fed’s balance sheet into a true ‘People’s Ledger.’”

That’s right. China Joe’s comptroller nominee thinks Venezuela is a model for the United States.

But there’s more, the Journal explained:

Ms. Omarova believes capital and credit should be directed by an unaccountable bureaucracy and intelligentsia. She has recommended a “National Investment Authority,” with members overseen by an advisory board of academics, to finance a “big and bold” climate agenda. Sounds like the green infrastructure bank the Senate rejected.


Yet Omarova has one other strike against her, college roommate Olga Cassidy told The Komsomol (Young Communists) member who grew up on Prospekt Lenina owes Cassidy $50. From more than 30 years ago.

“It still grates with her former friend,” reported. “Though a devout communist at the time, Saule worked out that if Olga claimed her place in the two-room dorm, but did not use it, then Saule would have a prestigious room all to herself.”

Cassidy spoke to with “undisguised fury” about Omarova’s con:

“With bitter tears and pleas, Saule exhorted me to get us a place in a two-bed student dorm, which I absolutely did not need, but was entitled to,” she explained.

“I could not resist Saule, who vowed to pay me for the ‘dead soul’ in the dorm so she could live in peace without unnecessary neighbors.”

So Olga paid from her pittance of a scholarship for Saule’s room, she said, while her erstwhile friend “lived in conditions of increased comfort.”

The cost amounted to around $50 for the academic year at the then official exchange rate to the basketcase Soviet rouble.

When Olga asked for the $50, Omarova “suffered an amnesia attack and fled.”

One wonders whether she’ll suffer an amnesia attack about her thesis.

Biden Nominates USSR Apologist for Comptroller of the Economy

From Kazakhstan with Lenin.

'Where Would A Person Even Come Up With These Ideas?' Toomey Points To Soviet Upbringing Of Nominee

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) took to the Senate floor on Wednesday to discuss the candidacy of Saule Omarova to run the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Biden 'Bank Regulator' Nominee Praises Genocidal USSR: 'There Was No Gender Pay Gap There'

Get this… Self-styled “radical” Cornell Law professor Saule Omarova, Joe Biden’s pick to become “Comptroller of the Currency,” recently Tweeted reckless and ignorant praise of the Soviet Marxist system that trained her throughout the 1980s

Financial Regulation, Banking Law and Development: Saule Omarova




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Joe Biden’s nominee for Comptroller of the Currency in the U.S. Treasury Department is Saule Omarova, a native of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic and graduate of Moscow State University, which she attended on a “Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship.” In a May 9, 2020 interview with Chris Hayes of NBC, Omarova explained how she arrived in America.

“I was an undergraduate student at Moscow State University and there was at the very end of the Gorbachev era an exchange program between Moscow State and the University of Wisconsin Madison. I got lucky against all odds, and I came for that one semester in 1991 to Madison, Wisconsin. While I was there in December of 1991, the Soviet Union fell apart. So there I was a student without anywhere to go back. I was very worried about what was going to happen. So I stayed to do my Ph.D. in political science, but frankly, I’m just, to this day, I feel guilty for having left the country at such a momentous time because obviously, they couldn't hold it together without me.”

“Your departure and it all falls apart,” Hayes said. “That’s amazing timing.” As it turned out, unlike many other émigrés, Omarova remained a fan of the USSR.

In 2019, nearly 30 years after the USSR collapsed, Omarova was on record that say what you will about old USSR, there was no gender pay gap there. The market doesn’t always ‘know best.’” In the old USSR, the all-male Dictatorship of the Proletariat always knew best, but Hayes didn’t get into that.

As F.A. Hayek outlined in The Road to Serfdom way back in 1944, economic knowledge is fragmented and dispersed, so no group of people, is able to plan an economy that will thrive for the benefit of all. That’s why Omarova’s beloved “old USSR” was an economic basket case.

Countries barren of liberties are also barren of groceries. The biggest country in the world, with abundant energy and natural resources, could not even feed itself. This was a matter of record, but Hayes failed to press the issue. Omarova knew that in the old USSR consumers waited in line to select, pay, and pick up the goods. That is how an economy planned by Communist Party bosses functions in practice, but there’s more to it.

In a Communist state like the old USSR, the rulers must be willing to take drastic measures, so as Hayek put it, the worst get on top. In the old USSR, those less than worshipful of the collectivization plan must be “liquidated as a class,” as with the kulaks of Ukraine in the 1930s, Stalin deployed a planned famine that claimed the lives of millions.

Hayes might have asked if Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev et al ever did anything with which Saule Omarova disagreed, but he never popped the question. The USSR also herded people into the forced labor camps that Solzhenitsyn wrote about in The Gulag Archipelago, and Anne Applebaum charted in the 2003 Gulag: A History. Hayes didn’t ask about those books, and Omarova failed to explain what she knew when she knew it, and what she thought about it.

The Kazakhstan native earned a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Wisconsin and a law degree from Northwestern. During the administration of George W. Bush, Omarova served in the treasury department as a special advisor on regulatory policy to the undersecretary for domestic finance. The Lenin scholar now holds forth as a law professor at Cornell.

In The People’s Ledger: How to Democratize Money and Finance the Economyreleased in 2020, Omarova sets forth the vision of  “how democratizing access to central bank money would—and should—transform and democratize the entire financial system.” The paper offers a “blueprint for a comprehensive restructuring of the central bank balance sheet as the basis for redesigning the core architecture of modern finance.”

Her focus is the Federal Reserve and her proposed reforms “would make the financial system less complex, more stable, and more efficient in serving the long-term needs of the American people.” Making independent banks “non-depository lenders” would change banking “as we know it.”

Saule Omarova wants to eliminate private banks as a class, a government takeover similar to the “old USSR,” where the Communist dictatorship set people’s salaries, as the Lenin scholar explained, “in a gender-blind manner and all women got very generous maternity benefits. Both things are still a pipe dream in our society!”

Many Republicans oppose Omarova, and Federal Reserve boss Janet Yellen reportedly has reservations. The Lenin scholar’s biggest booster is Sen. Elizabeth Warren, whose entire career is based on her false claim to be Cherokee. Warren is the prime mover of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which blamed the financial crisis on private institutions and cast the federal government as the savior. Saule Omara’s scheme does likewise, only more so.

Instead of private banks, people would hold deposits with the Federal Reserve. Government would control everybody’s money. That is a belch from the old USSR, but Saule Omarova has a shot at confirmation.

Tracy Stone-Manning, linked with tree-spiking eco-terrorists, was recently confirmed as director of the Bureau of Land Management. Vichy politicians could easily make way for the Lenin scholar from the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic.



Toomey: Biden’s Comptroller Nominee Scrubbed Marx Thesis From CV


Kellogg’s Goes Woke While Its Workers Go Broke

No one wants to see how the woke cereal gets made.

A century after John Kellogg’s involvement with the Race Betterment Foundation which called for a registry deciding who should be sterilized in order to improve the “race”, an idea later embraced by the Nazis, Kellogg’s is hopelessly racist.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

In the late 19th century, John Harvey Kellogg, a eugenicist and celibate vegetarian, became the leading health food nut of the era and along the way accidentally invented corn flakes.

Back then Kellogg’s Battle Creek Sanitarium was a spa for the rich where patients got electric baths and enemas (the subject of a scathing parody in the book and movie, The Road to Wellville). These days, Battle Creek, Michigan is in much worse shape and Kellogg’s is the area’s biggest employer. But the corporation, like most of its multinational woke ilk, spends most of its time virtue-signaling social justice while outsourcing American jobs.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, another of the multitude of hijacked radical foundations, is the biggest shareholder of Kellogg's through the Kellogg's Foundation Trust. The left-wing activist foundation had originally been founded as the W. K. Kellogg Child Welfare Foundation by John's brother who idealistically but foolishly told his board, "Use the money as you please, so long as it promotes health, happiness, and welfare of children."

An example of the Kellogg Foundation's promotion of the happiness of children is its Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Implementation Guidebook which claims that "emphasizing individualism as opposed to a more collective ideology" is racist, and saying, “People are people. We are all alike regardless of the color of our skin,” is even more horrifyingly racist.

A century after John Kellogg’s involvement with the Race Betterment Foundation which called for a registry deciding who should be sterilized in order to improve the “race”, an idea later embraced by the Nazis, Kellogg’s is hopelessly racist. The only difference is that it traded eugenic racism against black people for social justice racism against white people.

Kellogg’s cereal pushes Ibram X. Kendi’s Antiracist Baby board book on parents to teach that even white babies are evil racists. “We know that by two years old children are already consuming racist ideas,” Ibram X. Kendi declared. That wasn’t true until he got started.

With some help from Kellogg’s.

But while Kellogg’s was working hard to promote the ”health, happiness, and welfare of children” by feeding them sugary cereals and teaching them that white people are evil, it was also busy wrecking the economy of Battle Creek, Michigan to make a little more money.

It didn’t count though because much of Kellogg’s Battle Creek workforce is white.

Under CEO Carlos Gutierrez, later Bush's Commerce Secretary, much of the operation was shut down and moved to Mexico. After that Battle Creek's unemployment rate went from 3.9% to 7.5%.

"He knows exactly what it takes to make American businesses grow and create jobs," Bush said of Gutierrez.

Which was true. Just in Mexico.

Since then, Gutierrez became Romney's Hispanic chairman, and endorsed Hillary and Biden, but not until he created Republicans for Immigration Reform after turning on Mitt Romney for not being sufficiently supportive of replacing Americans. "I think we lost the election because the far right of this party has taken the party to a place that it doesn't belong," he huffed.

Maybe some Republicans opposed to endless immigration used to have jobs in Battle Creek.

The workers who do still have jobs in Battle Creek are on strike. 1,400 workers are now walking the picket line after Kellogg's announced that it would cut 212 jobs

The local union president, a fourth-generation worker, said that they were tired of Kellogg's moving jobs to Mexico.

"We work seven days a week, that’s what we do. In exchange for that, we live the American dream. At the end of the day, that’s what they want to take from all of us."

Kellogg’s prefers the Kendi dream of getting rich by accusing Americans of racism while screwing the American working class. And it’s not just the American workers who get the shaft from the woke virtue signalers in the C-suite. A few years ago, Kellogg's moved its cereal plant from Ontario to China. And it closed its Australian plant and shifted over to Thailand.

When Kellogg's isn't firing its American workers and trading them for foreign workers who will work for a fraction of the cost, it's terrorizing its workforce with Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. While Kellogg's won't pay its workers fairly, it has hired a roster of diversity executives who make 4 times their salary to tell them how racist they are.

CEO Steve Cahillane responded to the drug overdose death of George Floyd and the subsequent devastating riots by the Black Lives Matter racist hate group by falsely claiming that there were "racial injustices" and declaring that "in North America, we cannot reinforce strongly enough our commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment". In North America, maybe not as much in actual racist countries where Kellogg's offers fewer “race-conscious” classes.

The 360 degree turn from the Race Betterment Foundation to Kellogg’s Race-Conscious learning series shows that horseshoe theory also applies to woke cereal companies.

“Kellogg recognized, along with the rest of the country and world, that we had entered a point of no return in terms of social justice,” a quote in Kellogg’s Equity newsletter screams. “What if we created a dialogue about the intersectionality of race and food?”

Or what if Kellogg’s stopped firing workers while telling them they’re racist?

While Kellogg’s touts the “Fight for Food Justice”, it treats its food workers like garbage. C-suite woke virtue signaling can cover up a multitude of sins. That’s why it’s taken over corporations. Instead of actually practicing ethics and decency, major corporations now hire diversity executives to assemble social justice word salads that make Corporate America sound like Che.

The more jobs Kellogg’s cuts at its Battle Creek birthplace, the more it talks about equity.

Kellogg’s boasts that it’s a Top 50 Company for Diversity and that diversity and equity are “paramount to achieving our success”, but the real secret sauce is cheap foreign labor.

An Amnesty International report accused Kellogg's and a variety of woke food multinationals, including Unilever, the parent company of antisemitic BDS advocate Ben and Jerry's, of getting palm oil from plantations where 8-year-olds worked under hazardous conditions.

While the C-suite virtue signals about social justice, children are dropping out of school to labor on plantations, women are working for $2.50 a day and breathing in toxic pesticides.

“I don’t go to school,” a 10-year-old boy working on a plantation said. “I carry the sack with the loose fruit by myself but can only carry it half full. It is difficult to carry it, it is heavy. I do it in the rain as well but it is difficult…My hands hurt and my body aches.”

No one actually likes to see how the woke sausage or the cereal gets made.

"George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery are among the many names burned into our consciousness," Kellogg's CEO Steve Cahillane declared.

Maybe the name of that 10-year-old boy or the fired Kellogg’s workers should be burned into his consciousness instead. But accusing Americans and white people of racism is cheap, running an ethical company is expensive. 

Just stop by Battle Creek or a woke palm oil plantation and find out how many children had to suffer and how many American workers had to lose their future so that Tony the Tiger could rot children’s teeth with sugar and their souls with racist wokeness.

Biden, Democrats are setting nation up for financial ruin with massive spending packages that will drive our debt into the stratosphere

Image: Biden, Democrats are setting nation up for financial ruin with massive spending packages that will drive our debt into the stratosphere



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) For those of you who voted for Joe Biden thinking he was just the ‘moderate’ our nation needed after four years of that ‘right-wing extremist’ President Donald Trump, boy, were you duped.

One, Biden may have legislated as a ‘moderate’ for the bulk of his U.S. Senate career, but remember he was Barack Obama’s vice president, and Obama was a Marxist.

Two, you may not have noticed (or pretended that it didn’t matter) but the Joe Biden who campaigned last year and is now in the Oval Office is not the same Biden, mentally speaking, who left the administration four years ago with Obama. He’s ‘lost a step,’ people say in polite company; in not-so-polite company, people say he’s lost his mind. Either way, it’s obvious he’s not running his show — Marxists behind the scenes are running his administration, as evidenced by practically every piece of legislation Biden has signed or is backing.

Like, say, multi-trillion-dollar spending bills that fund every left-wing dream program (and then some) into year infinity.

That is if those spending packages don’t break our country first — and they will, though we’re being lied to by Biden and others who say that their spending packages are fully paid for.

They’re not, as Brian Riedl notes at the New York Post:

The bill, which aims to move America closer to a European-style social welfare state, will shorten the fuse on a debt bomb that’s already set to detonate.

Last year, lawmakers enacted $3 trillion in (mostly) justified deficit spending for a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Yet the 2021 spending blowout is set to dwarf those costs.

Already, the Democrat-controlled Congress passed a massive $1.9 trillion spending bill shortly after Biden took office under reconciliation so they could avoid a certain Republican filibuster in the Senate, but the package billed as “COVID stimulus,” was not necessary. Plus, it was packed with excessive spending for line items including outsized federal unemployment benefits that, when taken with state benefits, have created a labor shortage because millions of Americans are getting paid more to stay home than work, leaving businesses shorthanded or forced to close (which leads to a reduction in payroll and income taxes).

“The Senate has passed a $550 billion infrastructure bill that is financed mostly with gimmicks. Biden’s 8.4 percent discretionary spending increase would permanently raise the baseline by $1 trillion over the decade,” Riedl added.

“And now, Democrats are trying to pass a $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill that would raise deficits by as much as $1.75 trillion. Even those figures understate the bill’s true cost by at least $1 trillion by pretending that policies like the expanded child tax credit will expire within a few years, even though the Democrats’ policy is to make them permanent,” Riedl, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, added.

Biden, last week, said that his package is fully paid for. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) lied and said the same thing Wednesday.

“It’s not about a dollar amount,” she told reporters. “The dollar amount, as the president said, is zero. This bill will be paid for.”

Republicans and conservative pundits and journalists scoffed mightily at that whopper.

“Nothing is free, and anyone telling you something is free is trying to sell you something else,” noted Brandon Morse, video creator and deputy managing editor at Red State.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) weighed in as well, writing Pelosi is “as delusional as President Biden” if she believes that.

“All this debt is projected to make interest the largest item in the federal budget, consuming nearly half of all annual tax revenues within three decades,” Riedl continued. “And these figures assume that interest rates still remain comparatively low. If rates exceed the CBO projections by even just one percentage point, it would add $30 trillion in interest costs over 30 years.

“None of this is remotely sustainable. Which is why all of this new spending will eventually bring huge new taxes. Biden and congressional Democrats claim that all of their promises can be financed by taxing corporations and families earning over $400,000. Basic math shows otherwise,” he adds.

If this debt monster passes, better find a way to hide your money and assets. Because Democrats will use every trick in the IRS playbook to confiscate it, so they can dole out just a dribble in return.

Sources include:

SO LONG MASSACHUSETTS: The Reason Behind firearms manufacturer Smith & Wesson’s Tennessee Move TO GREENER PASTURES



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The decision to move a flagship manufacturer isn’t easy. It’s also not hard when legislators target industry for destruction.

U.S.A. -( The decision to move a flagship manufacturer isn’t easy. It’s also not hard when legislators target industry for destruction.

That’s the case with Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc., which recently announced it will move its headquarters and a large portion of its manufacturing from Springfield, Mass., to Marysville, Tenn. The company has been rooted in western Massachusetts since it was founded in 1852. In 2023, it will open the doors to its new manufacturing facility and headquarters nearly 900 miles south.

That’s not an easy decision. The company will invest hundreds of millions to build a new production plant. It will consolidate warehousing from Missouri to the Tennessee location. That’s where Smith & Wesson will transition the production of semiautomatic pistols and rifles, while revolvers will continue to be produced in Massachusetts. That move will require transferring 750 jobs.

“This has been an extremely difficult and emotional decision for us, but after an exhaustive and thorough analysis, for the continued health and strength of our iconic company, we feel that we have been left with no other alternative,” explained Mark Smith, Smith & Wesson’s President and CEO in a press release.

Tightening Grip

In other words, it was about corporate survival. Massachusetts has become increasingly hostile to gun owners and gun manufactures. The state has among the strictest gun control laws in the nation. State lawmakers banned Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) in 1998. State Attorney General Maura Healey expanded that crackdown on lawful firearm ownership with a 2016 Enforcement Notice that alleged firearm retailers were violating the state’s law by making small tweaks to certain firearms. The Enforcement Notice warned retailers those so-called “copies” or “duplicates” of the firearms specifically listed in the state law were illegal for sale, but that notice was vague and NSSF, along with two Bay State retailers, challenged the notice in court. Attorney General Healey agreed to clarify the notice after two years of legal wrangling.

This was an example of the hostility state authorities held against firearm industry members, but it was a status quo. Smith & Wesson could manufacturer their popular M&P 15 line of MSRs, but they weren’t available for sale to law-abiding citizens in their own state.

The decision point came when lawmakers directly targeted the firearm manufacturer’s ability to do business. Dual bills were filed in the state legislature (HD 4192/SD 2588) that would prohibit firearm manufacturers from manufacturing MSRs. The proposal includes banning so-called “assault weapons” and magazines capable of holding 10 or more cartridges.

“We are under attack by the state of Massachusetts,” Smith told reporters. The move is anticipated to cost $125 million “that I didn’t want to spend.”

Smith explained in the press release that the proposed Massachusetts legislation would prevent Smith & Wesson from manufacturing MSRs, despite the fact they are lawfully owned by citizens in 43 other states. There, they’re used for lawful purposes by law-abiding owners daily, including uses for recreational target shooting, hunting and self-defense.

That would have also meant Smith & Wesson would have been forced to sacrifice products that comprise 60 percent of their reported $1.1 billion revenue. There are over 20 million MSRs in circulation today and they are the most popular selling centerfire rifle on the market.

Strictly Business

“Honestly, we know we could have defeated it this session,” Smith explained to media. “But it will be back the next session and the session after that. I just can’t operate with that big a risk hanging over the company. We only started this process once the bill was filed. Then and only then.”

Smith & Wesson expects it will be two more years before their firearms bear Tennessee markings, but they’re not the only one to leave. Troy Industries, also a manufacturer of MSRs and parts, announced their own relocation earlier this year. Beretta U.S.A. moved manufacturing from Accokeek, Md., to Gallatin, Tenn., and Barrett Firearms is headquartered in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Other companies left their traditional home states for friendlier business climates when it became clear legislatures became hostile to their industry.

Massachusetts’ lawmaker attacks on Smith & Wesson were purely political. They don’t like firearms and even after they successfully banned their own citizens from owning the MSRs made in their state, they attempted to export their gun control by jeopardizing a leader in the firearm industry. Not so with Tennessee.

“Our pro-business reputation, skilled workforce, and commitment to the Second Amendment make Tennessee an ideal location for firearms manufacturing,” said Republican Gov. Bill Lee in a press statement.  “We welcome Smith & Wesson to The Volunteer State and are proud this U.S.-based brand has chosen to relocate from Massachusetts. Thanks for your significant investment in Blount County and for creating 750 new jobs”

Smith & Wesson’s response isn’t political at all. It’s just good business.

About The National Shooting Sports Foundation

NSSF is the trade association for the firearm industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of thousands of manufacturers, distributors, firearm retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations, and publishers nationwide. For more information, visit

National Shooting Sports Foundation



The Cargo Ship Crisis is Manufactured; Creating Supply Chain Nightmare

We travel up the coast to the Port of Los Angeles to see all the backed up cargo ships. These ships are waiting to enter the port to get unloaded. It gets worse by the week. Our Economy is collapsing before our eyes.

The Hits Just Keep on Coming! - Bad News is Everywhere

The bad news doesn’t seem to stop. I am at the site of where the Pacific Airshow was held in Huntington Beach, CA. There was just a massive oil spill on the same beach. Now they closed the beach down and this caused a huge ecological problem to the beach and the entire community.

Global Economic Chaos is Running Rampant

Everything is Up in the Air with the Economy


International shipping group issues red alert letter warning of imminent global supply chain collapse



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) For more than a year, we’ve warned that an engineered collapse of global supply lines was starting to unfold. That collapse is now accelerating at an alarming speed, with even the International Chamber of Shipping issuing a red alert letter warning of a “global transport systems collapse” that’s only going to get worse.

The culprit behind this collapse? Wrongheaded government lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and fake science “testing” of covid (via fraudulent PCR instruments) are all being used to eviscerate the worker base for transportation companies, shipping ports, ship crews, and airlines.

As the ICS explains:

At the peak of the crew change crisis 400,000 seafarers were unable to leave their ships, with some seafarers working for as long as 18 months over their initial contracts. Flights have been restricted and aviation workers have faced the inconsistency of border, travel restrictions, and vaccine restrictions/requirements. Additional and systemic stopping at road borders has meant truck drivers have been forced to wait, sometimes weeks, before being able to complete their journeys and return home.

In other words, governments of the world are holding transportation workers hostage to the insane, anti-science covid plandemic, with all its vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and testing requirements, all of which are rooted in quack science fraud.

We could have beaten covid on a global scale with nothing more than ivermectin, vitamin D, and zinc. No lockdowns, no masks, no vaccines, no worker shortages. But that outcome isn’t what the globalists wanted. They planned from the very start to use covid to achieve a “global reset” which involves destroying the world’s economies, crashing the global financial system, and achieving a mass die-off (which is already underway).

None of this is by accident. It was always planned from the start.

Making it all far worse is the fact that global energy supplies are now being artificially restricted as well, leading to rolling blackouts of China’s power grid, widespread fuel shortages in the UK, and a natural gas shortage combined with a price spike that’s shutting down fertilizer production, carbon dioxide production and meat plant operations across Europe. It’s all intertwined.

Why is coal in short supply? Because of pandemic lockdowns, of course. It’s all “artificial” / deliberate, all planned by governments that appear to be waging coordinated, global warfare against the human race.

The next six months will see extreme shortages of food, energy, medical supplies, and commercial parts

Because of this engineered collapse, the people of the world are about to experience extreme food shortages that will last through the 2021-2022 Winter and well into the Spring. These shortages are being engineered to create civil unrest and a global uprising that will be used for justifying government crackdowns on liberty and free movement. They want chaos, in other words, because governments of the world can use that chaos to justify even more restrictive police state lockdowns and tactics.

That’s why this collapse is accelerating so rapidly. It is entirely engineered.

Check out this video from World Alternative Media: New York is collapsing! (We are working to get Josh on for an interview soon…)

Another video podcaster who’s doing great work on all this is called iAllegedly, and his videos appear on from time to time. (He also has a YouTube channel.)

In this video, he warns that the cargo ship bottleneck appears to be engineered:

In today’s Situation Update podcast, I reveal more details of the deliberate engineering of global scarcity and why global mass starvation is being rapidly implemented, along with regional power grid failures and the upcoming release of yet more Fauci-funded bioweapons.

The 2020 shortages were a cakewalk compared to what’s coming by Christmas. Anyone who wants to eat anything at all this Winter needs to purchase those food items now and have them in the pantry/freezer. Welcome to the great “starve-out” scenario that’s only a tiny part of the so-called Dark Winter plan to exterminate humanity.

This is not a drill. It’s an extermination.

Find a new podcast each day — along with breaking interviews — at:



Image: We warned of a global supply chain disruption, and now it’s here: Workers who keep things moving are now sounding the alarm that a “systemic collapse” is too close for comfort

Michael Rectenwald: The Great Reset Would Create Global Socialism~The US Undergoing a ‘Soft Cultural Revolution’ Towards Socialism

Michael Rectenwald explains the World Economic Forum's proposed Great Reset, which has the expressed goal towards consumption equity to combat climate change. Rectenwald says the Great Reset would create a two-tiered structure of 'corporate monopolists' at the top and socialism on the ground.

The US Undergoing a 'Soft Cultural Revolution' Towards Socialism

Michael Rectenwald describes the cultural trend towards a digital castigation of unfavorable people and dissident views as a "soft call to a cultural revolution." He makes many parallels to the Cultural Revolution in China, and describes the exodus from the left that he experienced personally at New York University:

CVS Tells Employees They’re Privilege Racists Who Need To Shut Up

CVS Tells Employees They’re Privileged Racists Who Need to Shut Up



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Little did CVS’s customers know until this week that each time they paid for a prescription at the pharmacy, they also paid for hourly employees to get a dose of Critical Race Theory.

The latest on corporate America’s surrender to leftist propaganda, from City Journal’s Chris Rufo, said the gargantuan of drug-store chains inoculated employees with “antiracist” training to “deconstruct their ‘privilege.’”

Among the privileges CVS seeks to deconstruct are celebrating Christmas and having easy-to-pronounce names. Indeed, employees aren’t just “privileged.” They are racist, and trained to be so since birth, and therefore must learn to speak differently.

Yet the lesson in Rufo report goes beyond just revealing another outrage. It shows just how deeply leftist ideology has penetrated the boardrooms of major corporations. Average Americans buy their products, only to learn that corporate executives think their underpaid employees are privileged racists.

“Soaked” In Racism

Of course, the company turned to anti-white CRT peddler Ibram Kendi, “who told 25,000 CVS employees that ‘to be born in [the United States] is to literally have racist ideas rain on our head consistently and constantly,’” Rufo reported:

Kendi argued that Americans are “walking through society completely soaked in racist ideas,” including children as young as two to three years old. “Our kids are basically functioning on racist ideas, choosing who to play with based on the kid’s skin color,” Kendi said. The solution, in part, is to “diagnose” employees as “racist” in order to help them become “antiracist” and “stop hurting somebody else.”

But the hate program didn’t stop there.

It also included material on “intersectionality” with which employees are ordered “to deconstruct their racial and sexual identities, then rank themselves according to their ‘privilege.’”

“The training asked CVS employees to circle their identities — including race, gender, sexuality, and religion — and then reflect on their “privilege” during the discussion,” Rufo divulged:

Examples of privilege, according to a checklist, included “celebrat[ing] Christmas,” “hav[ing] a name that is easy to pronounce,” “feel[ing] safe in your neighborhood at night,” and “feel[ing] confident in my leadership style.”

Employees also had to learn not to use “‘problematic phrases,’ including ‘I’m colorblind,’ ‘I grew up poor,’ ‘peanut gallery,’ ‘I’m not racist,’ and ‘we must stand up for minorities’” because all those statements are racist in and of themselves and “could be seen as discrediting the experiences of Black people and their culture.”

Plutocrat Merlo

Even worse than the program might be the person who foisted on the captive workers.

The recently retired Merlo, Rufo observed, is another of the corporate plutocrats who calls hourly schlubs “privileged” as he rakes in tens of millions of dollars in salaries and benefits. He earned 618 times what the average CVS worker earned.

He “was called ‘the most obscenely overpaid CEO in America,’” Rufo wrote. Total annual compensation: $22 million. The average CVS employee earned $35,529.

Understandably, employees aren’t all that happy with the hate-whitey program. “I have worked at CVS a long time, and we have never had a problem with discrimination or division,” one told Rufo. “Quite the opposite: people of diverse backgrounds always have pulled together to solve complex problems.”

Though Merlo is gone, the company’s corporate bureaucrats are still forcing the toxic snake oil down the throats of employees. Those who object will face ““swift action against non-inclusive behaviors.”

Other Woke Companies

CVS’s employees are just the latest alienated workers who have turned to Rufo with insider documents.

Google tells its already-woke workforce that the United States is based upon a “system of white supremacy” and that Americans are “raised to be racist.” Google too sought Kendi’s anti-white opinions, which include that one is a racist, he says, is racist itself.

Raytheon, the defense contractor, has spread Kendi’s poison to its employees. They received detailed instructions on “What Not To Say to Your Black Colleagues Right Now.”

Raytheon even created “resource groups” to segregate employees. The collectives include “RayPride” for homosexuals, RayBen, the black employees' network, and other fringe groups for Asian, Hispanics, Indians, and women.

Whites, men, and Christians enjoy no such privilege at the company.

Biden regime cuts red states off from COVID-19 therapies, engineering deliberate medication scarcity that will cost lives

Image: Biden regime cuts red states off from COVID-19 therapies, engineering deliberate medication scarcity that will cost lives



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) The Biden regime is continuing its war on red states over their refusal to buckle under his demands to re-impose pointless, needless COVID-19 restrictions, this time by ‘taking over’ distribution of the highly effective medication ivermectin, and then refusing to send it to them.

One of the states Biden’s regime really resents is Florida, where liberty-minded GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis has pushed back hard on the White House and its health hacks like Dr. Tony Fauci and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, and of course, it was one of the first red states denied ivermectin.

But because he’s one of the best governors in the country, DeSantis has already figured out a workaround, which will also, most likely, anger the regime.

“Just last week on September 9th, President Joe Biden said that his administration would be increasing shipments of monoclonal antibodies in September by 50 percent, and yet on September 13th, HHS announced that it was seizing control of the monoclonal antibody supply and that it would control distribution,” DeSantis said during a press conference last week.

“Then on September 14th, the announcement was more than 50 percent of the monoclonal antibodies that had been used in Florida were going to be reduced,” he added.

The governor said that Biden’s “dramatic reduction’ is “doubly problematic” because “what Shane Strum and folks in Tampa General and these other hospital systems that have been doing this, they’re not getting it from the state.”

“What the HHS and the Biden administration is now doing is they’re saying that all of the reduced amount will go to the state, and we’re responsible not only for sourcing our sites, which we’re happy to do, but any infusion center,” the governor continued to explain. “Any provider, any hospital will have to come through the state, and to just spring this on us starting next week, we’re going to have to do that. There’s going to be a huge disruption and patients are going to suffer as a result of this,” DeSantis said, pointing out that the regime is actually not harming him, it is harming Floridians — over a political disagreement.But again, DeSantis has found a workaround, as The Post Millennial reports:DeSantis said he received a call Wednesday from GlaxoSmithKline executives on possibly ordering their monoclonal antibody to avoid Biden’s restriction on the life-saving treatment.

A DeSantis aide told Philip Webmann of Real Clear News that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has not yet bothered to tell Florida officials why the ivermectin cut was implemented.

“They had a vague statement about ‘equity,’ but sorry, that doesn’t cut it. No explanation of how the allocation was determined. No explanation of why it’s only Florida and a few other red states being restricted. No warning,” the aide told the outlet. HHS announced Sept. 13 that the agency would begin taking over control and distribution of the treatment, which told political opponents like DeSantis what was coming.

Later the same day, the Florida Department of Health told HHS it needed 36,000 doses per week to supply 25 state-run sites, but the federal health agency did not say that a shortage was forthcoming, “just that they were monitoring more closely,” the aide said.

But then the following day, Sept. 14, HHS sent an email to the state health agency that their allocation of treatments for the week would  be “3,100 doses of BAM/ETE and 27,850 doses of REGN-COV.”

“Contradicting recent and previous guidance from HHS, this was the first and only indication that Florida would receive a decreased supply and would be responsible for allocating among facilities,” according to a timeline issued by the state. “I will fight like hell to overcome Biden’s cruel decision to drastically reduce life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments for Floridians. We’ve seen steep reductions in hospital admissions due to early treatment efforts. It’s wrong to penalize Florida for his partisan bitterness,” DeSantis vowed.
The latest news about COVID-19 can be found at

Sources include:

Don’t Mess With Texas: Vaccine Passport Mandate Fuels Brawl in NYC Restaurant



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Three black women from Texas attacked a New York City hostess at the chain restaurant Carmine’s after she asked for their vaccine passports.

Sally Rechelle Lewis, Kaeita Nkeenge Rankin, and her daughter, Tyonnie Keshay Rankin, threw down when asked for their passports. They attacked the hostess, broke her necklace, and left her bruised and scratched. The three Texas women were arrested and issued desk appearance tickets. They are all charged with misdemeanor assault and criminal mischief.

New York City restaurants, gyms and bars have been expected to ask patrons for their vax passports since September 13. Black people, largely unvaccinated, will likely feel the brunt more than other groups.

The slug-fest at Carmine’s is the second altercation this week in New York City. A black family, claiming a religious exemption from the vaccine mandate, was booted out of a New York City restaurant earlier this week as other diners looked on and approved.

The hostess at Carmine’s was punched in the face and chest by the three women.

As per the police report,

The victim [who was not named] stated that she did get into a dispute with the above listed defendants over COVID vaccine card, when the defendants did strike the victim multiple times with a closed fist causing pain and redness to the victim. In the course of the fight, the victim’s necklace did break. (Unknown value of necklace). Victim did sustain bruises, scratches and redness to her face and upper chest and arm. Body-worn camera activated…. Camera footage available at location.

Related: CNN Clown Don Lemon Shames Unvaxxed People (i.e. Majority of Blacks in NYC)

Restaurants caught not asking for vaccines passports can be fined $1,000.

Fla. Governor DESANTIS to Order COVID Antibody Treatments Directly From Manufacturer to Avoid Biden Restrictions

Fla. Governor to Order COVID Antibody Treatments Directly From Manufacturer to Avoid Biden Restrictions

Rumble — This video is part of a larger article at RAIR Foundation USA:




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that his administration will purchase monoclonal antibody treatments directly from the manufacturer to circumvent President Biden’s tyrannical efforts to restrict their distribution.

DeSantis has been an outspoken proponent of the monoclonal antibodies, which have shown significant promise in reducing the effectives of COVID-19 and preventing hospitalization when the drugs are administered early in the onset of the virus. According to the Tampa Bay Times, high-risk patients who are given the treatment were “a third as likely to be hospitalized as similar patients given a placebo.”

Regeneron was the first manufacturer to get FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization to administer its antibody treatment. In the final days of the Trump administration, the company agreed to sell its entire stock of the monoclonal antibody treatments to the federal government, empowering the government to decide how the treatments are supplied. The Biden administration has announced it would be restricting supplies to the states who have been ordering large quantities of the treatments.

DeSantis set a goal of opening 15 to 20 monoclonal antibody sites across the state to serve up to 300 patients per day. But Biden’s newly announced policy to allot the drugs based on usage numbers and case rates will make that even more difficult.

“Just last week on September 9th, President Joe Biden said that his administration would be increasing shipments of monoclonal antibodies in September by 50%, and yet on September 13th, HHS announced that it was seizing control of the monoclonal antibody supply and that it would control distribution, and then on September 14th, the announcement was more than 50% of the monoclonal antibodies that had been used in Florida were going to be reduced,” DeSantis said.

“What the HHS and the Biden administration is now doing is they’re saying that all of the reduced amount will go to the state, and we’re responsible not only for sourcing our sites, which we’re happy to do, but any infusion center, any provider, any hospital will have to come through the state, and to just spring this on us starting next week, we’re going to have to do that,” DeSantis continued. “There’s going to be a huge disruption and patients are going to suffer as a result of this.”

Other states have also voiced concerns about Biden’s restrictions. Forbes reported that the Medical Association of the State of Alabama said it was “very concerned” about the federal government limiting the treatment supply, asserting in a statement that the government should be looking to “provide more of this treatment, not less” when Alabama’s hospitals are already under enormous strain.

“Many patients who receive monoclonal antibody treatment report feeling better within 24 to 48 hours,” Alabama Medical Association President Dr. Aruna Arora said in the statement. “Monoclonal antibody treatment is not a substitute for COVID vaccinations. However, if someone does test positive for COVID-19, they should immediately talk to a physician and see if they qualify for monoclonal antibody treatment. It can be a life-saver.” 

In Tennessee, patients are being turned away “due to lack of clarity on when treatment will be available,” the state’s Department of Health said.

Critics of Biden’s move contend he is doing so to punish states that oppose his administration’s mandates.

“Antibody treatments aren’t a substitute for vaccines But they have prevented thousands of hospitalizations including in breakthrough cases,” Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) posted on Twitter. “Now in a move that reeks of partisan payback against states like Florida, the Biden administration is rationing these treatments.”

HHS said states with low vaccination rates that have been placing large orders of the antibody treatments must reduce their orders by 30 percent. The announcement prompted Kentucky’s Democratic Governor Andy Beshear to warn “vaccine hesitant” residents that they should not rely on the availability of the monoclonal antibody treatments.

“What this shortage ought to tell you is that if you’re unvaccinated and you get really sick, not only might there not be a bed in the hospital for you because they are so full, but that monoclonal antibody treatment might not be there for you either,” Beshear said. 

These are exactly the fear tactics Democrats have been using to force their vaccine agenda on Americans. The federal government is cutting the supply seemingly to push more Americans to get the vaccine. Biden admitted as much this week when he said, regarding the vaccines, “The governors of Florida and Texas are doing everything they can to undermine the life-saving requirement that I proposed.” It’s no coincidence that those are two of the seven states affected by the new restrictions. And it is despicable.

Fortunately, as other manufacturers have since developed similar monoclonal antibodies, Governor DeSantis hopes to work directly with them to circumvent the Biden administration’s restrictions. DeSantis said his office will “work like hell to make sure” that Florida can “overcome the obstacles that the HHS and the Biden administration” are imposing on the state. He said he will be ordering the monoclonal antibody directly from GlaxoSmithKline.

According to Tom Hladish, research scientist at the University of Florida’s Department of Biology and the Emerging Pathogens Institute, DeSantis’ widespread treatment campaign would make tremendous strides in reducing the pressure on state hospitals.

”That’s not trivial,” Hladish said. “Every bed that you free up in an ICU when you’re close to capacity, you’re saving people who are injured in car accidents.”

FAA restricts Fox drone after showing images of migrant surge



DHS Secretary Mayorkas’ chief of staff resigns amid ...

The federal agency placed a temporary flight restriction for 'special security reasons' on area immediately surrounding port of entry at Del Rio, Texas

EXCLUSIVE: Texas releases shocking footage after Biden video drone ban

Retired Texas Department of Public Safety official Jaeson Jones discusses newly released footage revealing Texas-Mexico border bridge being overrun after the FAA implemented Temporary Flight Restrictions in the area.

Economy Tanking, But Biden Gives Out Sandwiches On Labor Day




Biden treats electrical union workers to lunch on Labor Day



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Joe Biden spent Labor Day doing what he does best: staging a limp and meaningless photo-op amid a crisis. Biden, dressed as if he himself were a working man, popped out of an SUV in New Castle, Delaware, on Monday, armed with boxes of sandwiches from Capriotti’s, a Wilmington restaurant chain. He proceeded to hand out the sandwiches to members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 313 in New Castle. Nobody mentioned the abysmal jobs numbers, or inflation, or the catastrophe in Afghanistan – hey, he gave out sandwiches, man! Why spoil a pleasant occasion by bringing up uncomfortable issues?

The Associated Press reported that Old Joe “shook hands and chatted with the group of mostly men, who were clad in jeans and union T-shirts. Biden spent several minutes chatting with the union members in groups before telling them, ‘C’mon, let’s go get something to eat.’”

As the union members enjoyed their cold cuts, the latest jobs report showed that 235,000 new jobs were added to the economy in August, fully 765,000 fewer than in July. Biden didn’t say anything about that, or what he planned to do about it. If anyone had asked him, he would likely have responded much the way he did when he was asked about Afghanistan on July 2: “I want to talk about happy things, man. Look, it’s Fourth of July. I’m concerned that you’re asking me questions that I will answer next week, but it’s the holiday weekend. I’m going to celebrate it. There are great things happening.”

Great things may be happening, but not to the American economy. Bank of America economist Joseph Song said: “The weaker employment activity is likely both a demand and supply story — companies paused hiring in the face of weaker demand and uncertainty about the future while workers withdrew due to health concerns.” This is a direct result of Biden’s handlers stoking hysteria about the Delta variant and doing everything they can to keep Covid paranoia alive. No immediate end is in sight: Citigroup economist Andrew Hollenhorst noted that “the 5.2% unemployment rate and rapidly rising wages suggest building inflationary pressure.”

But if any of the union members Biden met in New Castle are facing professional uncertainty, well, hey, at least they got a free sandwich from the president of the United States. The sandwich photo-op was classic Biden: Here is a man who has been a politician for fifty-plus years doing what he does best—glad-handing people and giving the appearance that he cares about them, thereby deftly deflecting attention away from the fact that his policies have caused immense harm, not least for the very people he is glad-handing. It has worked so well that he was a senator for 36 years, vice president for eight more, and is now president of the United States. Ultimately, however, visits like the one to New Castle on Monday are as empty as the calories in the sandwiches Old Joe handed out.

Biden wouldn’t be in a position to bestow ham and cheese on the grateful masses if it weren’t for the establishment media that has covered for him indefatigably for half a century (with the notable exception of his disastrous 1988 presidential campaign), and that hasn’t changed. On Tuesday, the New York Times surveyed the abysmal economic numbers and published a story with this headline: “Inflation Is Popping From Sydney to San Francisco. It May Be a Good Sign.”

Of course it’s a good sign! What else could it be, with a Democrat in the White House? The Times says happily: “If inflation does fade as policymakers expect, the current burst could actually offer benefits: In the United States, it has helped to nudge inflation expectations back out of the dangerously low zone, to levels that are historically consistent with healthy price gains. It has proved harder for central bankers to move prices up than it is for them to cool them off, so that opportunistic inflation could help the Fed to nail its price goals in the longer run.”

Got that? Inflation is good, because it accustoms us to expect more inflation, and that’s a good thing. If this doesn’t convince you, remember: Old Joe handed out those sandwiches in New Castle at no charge! If you had been there, you could have gotten one, too! See? He is one of us, and he has our best interests at heart. Forget all that dismal economic news, and remember: he is the bringer of cold cuts.

China ‘to deepen friendly and cooperative relations’ with the Taliban



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Although China has slammed Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan as “ill-planned,” China has embraced the Taliban, saying it “is ready to deepen “friendly and cooperative” relations. China’s hostile castigation of America (and more broadly the West) fliers in the face of its own gross human rights abuses against the Uighur Muslim community.

Of course, Afghanistan is anything but peaceful under the Taliban as they violently impose Sharia law via killing so-called violators of it–and taking disbelieving women as sex slaves in the process(Qur’an 33:50) and murdering women who are without the niqab (Quran 24:31, 33:59).

The alliance between China and the Taliban is one of mutual convenience since Afghanistan’s economy is fragile at best, while China is forever looking for business and political expansion.

The red-green axis (Communism and normative Islam respectively) has reached new heights in the common goal to destroy America and Western democracy, while the woke remain useful idiots.

“China Says Afghanistan Has “Turned New Page” After US Withdrawal,” Agence France-Presse, August 31, 2021:

Beijing: China on Tuesday said the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan after a 20-year conflict signalled the country has “turned a new page”, after Beijing criticised Washington’s chaotic exit.

China has repeatedly slammed what it sees as a hasty and ill-planned US withdrawal and has said it is ready to deepen “friendly and cooperative” relations with the Taliban following their takeover.

The United States completed its military retreat from Afghanistan on Monday, ending its longest war to cries of shame at home and celebratory gunfire in Kabul from the Taliban.

“Afghanistan has been able to free itself of foreign military occupation,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a regular briefing.

“The Afghan people have ushered in a new beginning for national peace and reconstruction, and Afghanistan has turned a new page.”

China’s embassy in Kabul remains operational, although Beijing began evacuating Chinese citizens from the country months ago as security deteriorated.

But Beijing has not yet recognised the Taliban as the de facto government, and is wary of the terrorist group providing support to Muslim-minority Uyghur separatists looking to infiltrate its sensitive border region of Xinjiang.

“We hope that Afghanistan will form an open, inclusive and broadly representative government… and resolutely crack down on all kinds of terrorist forces,” Wang said.

A top-level Taliban delegation met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Tianjin last month and promised Afghanistan would not be used as a base for terrorists.

For Beijing, a stable and cooperative administration in Kabul would pave the way for an expansion of its overseas infrastructure drive, analysts say.

The Taliban meanwhile may consider China a crucial source of investment and economic support…..

VETERANS Diner owner tells Biden supporters they are not welcomed in her establishment

DE BARY, VOLUSIA, FLORIDA: VETERANS Diner owner Angie Ugarte speaks out against the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan and not allowing Biden's supporters into her establishment - via 'Rob Schmitt Tonight' on Newsmax.

Florida Diner's Sign Telling Biden Voters to Go Elsewhere Has a Huge Positive Impact on its Business



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A Florida diner recently posted a sign asking Biden voters to take their business elsewhere.

The warning reads, “If you voted for and continue to support and stand behind the worthless, inept and corrupt administration currently inhabiting the White House that is complicit in the death of our servicemen and women in Afghanistan, please take your business elsewhere. God bless America and God bless our soldiers.”

DeBary Diner owner Angie Ugarte said she posted the sign because she felt like it was the only thing she could do to protest Biden’s disastrous handling of Afghanistan.

Fox reports that the sign has caused a massive business boom for the diner.

The DeBary Diner, located in DeBary, Florida and owned by Angie Ugarte, was closed on September 2 after running out of food following a surge in demand after a sign was posted on the front door slamming Biden’s chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal and telling his supporters to take their business somewhere else, according to the West Volusia Beacon.


“I’ve gotten so many people calling me from all over the world, from Europe, trying to purchase meals for veterans, which I still haven’t been able to organize,” Ugarte told the Daytona Beach News-Journal. “I think that the veterans will be fed for the rest of the year at the rate I’m getting donations.”

She says veterans are making a point to stop by and dine at her restaurant. If I was in Florida, I’d do the same.

At least Joe Biden has managed to help one business do well. Other than this diner and the gun industry, Biden’s impact on the economy is disastrous and his excuses for that just don’t add up. Joe Biden has the anti-Midas touch: Everything he touches turns to crap.


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