Globalist retired general Mattis: Biden Should ‘Eliminate America first’ Policy

"We hope they will quickly revise the national security strategy to eliminate 'America first'"




Mattis: Nation must remember ‘core principles we used to know, live by’

ABOVE: Cardinal Timothy Dolan, center, and 2019 Happy Warrior Award Recipient Mary Ann Tighe, right, applaud former U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, left, after he delivered the keynote address during the in the 74th Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019, in New York. (Credit: Mary Altaffer/AP.)

U.S. President Donald Trump, left, pauses while speaking as James Mattis, then U.S. Secretary of Defense, listens during a Cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on June 21, 2018.

Mattis & Military Industrial Complex sends a warning to US President Trump



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Globalist general James Mattis has called on Joe Biden to ‘eliminate’ the America first policy instituted by President Trump where foreign policy is concerned, claiming that it has ‘damaged’ US national security.

Mattis, who served as Secretary of Defense under Trump from 2017 until last year, is still annoyed that Trump refused to carry on the endless war policy in the middle east, instead ordering troop drawdowns.

In an op-ed published by Foreign Affairs, Mattis writes that “The United States today is undermining the foundations of an international order manifestly advantageous to U.S. interests, reflecting a basic ignorance of the extent to which both robust alliances and international institutions provide vital strategic depth.”

“In practice, “America first” has meant “America alone.” That has damaged the country’s ability to address problems before they reach U.S. territory and has thus compounded the danger emergent threats pose,” Mattis also claims.

The retired four star general then effectively calls on Joe Biden to take America back to the mire it was in after the Bush and Obama administrations.

“In January, when President Joe Biden and his national security team begin to reevaluate U.S. foreign policy, we hope they will quickly revise the national security strategy to eliminate “America first” from its contents, restoring in its place the commitment to cooperative security that has served the United States so well for decades,” Mattis writes.

“The best strategy for ensuring safety and prosperity is to buttress American military strength with enhanced civilian tools and a restored network of solid alliances—both necessary to achieving defense in depth,” he adds, echoing the neo-conservative advocation of interventionism and  ‘peace through strength’ (war) doctrine.

Moments after a report stating more fake news on the illegitimate President-Elect, Joe Biden, President Trump makes a statement about the threats made against Emily Murphy by Democrats.

Mattis also threw in a dig at Trump’s coronavirus response, noting “The pandemic should serve as a reminder of what grief ensues when we wait for problems to come to us.”

Mattis earlier this year compared Trump to a ‘Nazi’, and called the President a threat to the Constitution, yet here he is literally calling for the next President to ‘eliminate’ America first.

It is no surprise that such characters are again circling the halls of power with the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency.


Buffalo Business Owners Revolt Against Health Department





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In my favorite video, perhaps ever, a group of Buffalo-area New York business owners stood up to the unelected Erie County Health Department and Sheriff’s officers who came to shut down their meeting to plan how to survive the latest shutdown of “non-essential” businesses at a local gym, Athletes Unleashed.

Local state governments all over the United States have been dictating to small businesses how they can be open or if they can be open at all while allowing Walmart and Target to operate unmolested through the entire coronavirus pandemic. As a result, Walmart and other corporate businesses are making record profits while mom-and-pop shops go belly-up under the heavy weight of unfair regulations from unelected health officials who aren’t accountable to the people.

The people of Orchard Park, New York, have had enough and have finally done what I have been saying should have been done from the beginning. Tell the government to get the hell off your private property and to go get a signed warrant from a judge if they want to shut you down: then you can fight them in court. But simply obeying unconstitutional restrictions on liberty should no longer be an option.

Study after study has shown that lockdowns hurt more people than they help and do not completely stop the spread of the highly contagious virus. If the grocery store can operate, so can a gym or a hair salon. It’s beyond time for a real movement of mass disobedience. Imagine ordering people to stop exercising for their “health!” It’s beyond absurd to close gyms and keep McDonald’s open because of a health crisis and it’s time for this idiocy to stop.

It’s time for the people to take their lives back. These business owners in Orchard Park did it exactly right. Watch this and be inspired. This makes me proud to be an American where we still have the greatest document on earth protecting us from tyranny if we would only use it. Watch how easy it is.

Coronavirus Anxiety Costs More Lives Than the Lockdowns Save From COVID-19, Study Finds

I particularly like the part where the obese officer tells an athletic man he should be wearing a mask for his health. The people quickly push back against the mask “mandate” and point out that it is not a law and they have no way to enforce it on unwilling free people. So, good luck with that, goons.

Not only did the people kick the officers and the inspector out of the gym, but they walked them all the way off the private property. Well done. Stand up for your rights as a business owner and an American. No officer of the law or government agent has any business on your property without a warrant. Make copies of the Constitution available and post a sign that says, “Unless you want to buy something, law enforcement is not allowed on private property without a warrant. Take a pocket Constitution with you as you leave.”

The sheriff’s department has no business backing up the health department without a warrant and those officers should be ashamed of themselves that they took part in this illegal activity of trying to stomp on the freedom of Americans to lawfully assemble. What’s worse is the sheriff of Erie County told libertarian candidate Duane Whitmer that he had no idea what his officers were up to and he had no intention of enforcing the health department’s edicts. It looks like he has some work to do inside his office to educate his staff.

Libertarian Candidate Duane Whitmer, spoke to Erie County Sheriff Howard immediately after, who stated he had no knowledge his deputies were showing up and had not instructed them to.

Howard recently told media, he had no plans to have his [s]heriffs enforce Cuomo’s ban on gatherings.

The sheriffs who have made the news recently for claiming they will defy the governors clearly need to be watched closely to make sure they are living up to their promises to protect the people. Whitmer told PJ Media, “I find it hypocritical of our elected Sheriff to go on radio shows saying he will not enforce the unconstitutional ego trip of our Governor, yet behind the scenes is telling his deputies to work with the health department,” he said. “If two people rob you, one holds the gun, one takes your money, they both committed a crime. His deputies are accomplices in violating [the business owners’] first amendment rights. I look forward to seeing Sheriff Howard’s clarification on this.”

Whitmer is hosting a press event on Monday outside the Sheriff’s office in Erie County.


Hungary’s Orbán faces off against EU’s ‘political persecution’ in forcing open borders, vows to block EU budget



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Orbán has long declared his dedication to protecting his Christian country against mass migration and Islamization. In 2015, he said that the swarm of migrants flowing into Europe looked more “like an army.”

Orbán has been rebuked for saying that Muslim migrants must be blocked “to keep Europe Christian,” yet given the aggressive and expansionary nature of Islam and its core supremacism, Orbán is right. The determined leader now has a renewed fight with the globalist leadership in the EU on his hands. They have already referred to opponents of their agenda as “anti-democratic, or anti-rule of law.” Orbán has “explicitly invoked the mass migration issue” as the basis of his opposition to EU policy, and he is getting support from Poland and Slovenia.

Given the recent jihad attacks in France and Austria, and the new resolve to battle “political Islam,” with Austria aiming to “ban political Islam” and “shut down jihadi mosques,” Orbán will likely get further support against the EU’s pressure to force open borders, particularly from Austria and its traditional allies Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

“Hungary: EU is Trying to Punish Countries That Control Their Own Borders,” by Oliver JJ Jane, Breitbart, November 18, 2020:

Hungary’s leadership is standing by its decision to block the whole seven-year budget for the European Union over the inclusion of new powers which would, they claim, allow the political persecution of member states that don’t follow the Brussels globalist playbook on matters like mass migration.

The Hungarian and Polish governments used their veto powers to block the seven-year Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) — in other words, the EU’s budget — on Monday, having failed to prevent new clauses and rules being inserted at earlier stages of the negotiation process. While the comparatively small central European nations lacked the political clout to prevent the new rules, because they are tacked on to the overall budget which must be adopted by all member states unilaterally, the bloc essentially forced Hungary and Poland into a showdown where their choices were to accept the new controls or stop Europe’s spending altogether.

Hungary’s Viktor Orban was bullish on Wednesday when he said Europe was attempting to use a “political whip” to punish member states that refuse dto fall in line. The Associated Press reported further remarks where Prime Minister Orban explicitly invoked the mass migration issue — a longstanding area of disagreement between the EU, which has attempted to institute a mandatory migrant redistribution programme, and its conservatively minded members — as being at the heart of the dispute, and Europe’s desire to turn the screws on some members.

Orban said: “In Brussels today, they only view countries which let migrants in as those governed by the rule of law… Once this proposal gets adopted, there will be no more obstacles to tying member states’ share of common funds to supporting migration and us(ing) financial means to blackmail countries which oppose migration.”

Hungary’s justice minister — on whose brief much of these debates fall — accused Brussels of “double standards” in its discussions of the kinds of “rule of law” claims made as a justification of these rule changes. Pointing out that many European countries have legal peculiarities or far-from-perfect standards for judicial independence, Justice Minister Judit Varga said on Wednesday that the phrase rule of law was only invoked in reference to Hungary.

Earlier in the week, Varga had said that Europe’s wealthy nations, which don’t receive EU funding anyway, would be able to politically blackmail the poorer members, an infringement of sovereignty. Ultimately, she said, Hungary was under attack because the “liberal mainstream” couldn’t accept the fact an extremely popular conservative government controlled a nation in the heart of Europe….


Pfizer CEO Sold $5.6 Million Stock in Pre-Planned Sale on Day of Vaccine News Release

We are learning more about a stock sale by Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Monday, the same day the company announced its early vaccine trial results. We’ve seen certain circumstances like this before. That’s right… so remember, of course, Pfizer reported that 90 percent efficacy number on its vaccine trial on Monday. Its stock went up quite a bit. We’re now learning that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sold 5.6 million dollars worth of stock, 132,500 shares, on November 9th.

Fearing Riots, DC Banks, Shops Boarded Up Before Election

“Are they scared of Trump supporters?”



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Banks, businesses, restaurants and shops in Washington DC are all being boarded up in anticipation of widespread rioting in the aftermath of Tuesday’s presidential election.

Nigel Farage illustrated the measures being taken to guard against civil unrest in a video posted to Twitter.

Strolling down Connecticut Avenue, around half a mile away from the White House, Farage explained how virtually every business has been boarded up, noting that similar measures were being taken “right throughout the city.”

“Why are they boarding up DC, what are they scared of? Are they scared of Trump supporters?” asked Farage. “No, what they fear is that Trump wins and that we get…large scale violence, looting and rioting.”

Farage also noted the irony of how many of the same banks and big retail chains that expressed support for Black Lives Matter are now being boarded up to protect against BLM rioters.

“No one is boarding up stores because of Trump supporters,” commented Jack Posobiec.

As we previously highlighted, Walmart announced that it has removed guns and ammunition from store shelves that sell them in preparation for potential violent unrest.

Left-wing activist groups are openly planning to storm DC in order to “make sure Trump leaves” the White House, regardless of the outcome of the election.

Businesses across the country are bracing for violent disorder in the event of a Trump win or a contested result, which could take days or weeks to resolve.


Canada: Trudeau government grants exemption to sell drone technology to Turkey



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Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan supports ISIS, is virulently anti-Israel, and is now recruiting jihadists from Syria with plans to attack Greece. Turkey also violated Greek airspace 45 times, and meddles in Libya. Erdogan called the EU “sick” and “collapsing”; he called French President Emmanuel Macron mentally unbalanced for protecting the freedom of speech in France in the wake of a teacher’s beheading for offending Islam. He referred to Dutch politician Geert Wilders as a “terrorist” for supporting the right to “offensive” free speech. And according to Armenian reports, Turkish leader Erdogan has been sending Syrian jihadists and F-16 combat jets to aid Azerbaijani forces in their conflict with Armenians. To this day, Erdogan also denies the Armenian genocide. Yet Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau actually “discussed the issue of WESCAM exports to Turkey with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a phone conversation in April.”

Trudeau already has a worrisome record in advancing the cause of Islamization in Canada.

“Opposition presses Trudeau on exemption to military drone tech sales to Turkey,” by Levon Sevunts, RCI News, October 27, 2020:

Canada’s opposition Conservative Party wants answers from the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over its decision to allow a Canadian company to sell advanced drone technology to Turkish arms manufacturers despite its own ban on military exports to Turkey.

The issue of Canadian defence exports to Turkey was brought to the fore once again last week when Armenian authorities displayed remains of what they claim is a Turkish combat drone, featuring high-tech Canadian-made optical sensors and a target acquisition system.

A spokesperson for the Armenian Ministry of Defence said the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone was shot down by Armenian air defence units during fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh on Oct. 21.

Armenian officials released detailed photos and video of the drone’s optical sensors and its target acquisition system that experts consulted by Radio Canada International identified as an CMX-15D system produced by L3Harris WESCAM in Burlington, Ont.

The WESCAM CMX-15D system — which basically allow drone operators to see what’s happening on the ground and paint targets for airstrikes, either by the drone’s own missiles or by other aircraft — was manufactured in June of this year and installed on the downed Bayraktar TB2 in September, said Shushan Stepanyan, spokesperson for the Armenian Defence Ministry.

Speaking during question period in the House of Commons on Monday, Conservative Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs Michael Chong demanded to know why the sale of these WESCAM systems was allowed to proceed despite the arms embargo announced by Canada following the Turkish invasion of northern Syria in October of 2019.

Chong referred to a story by Radio Canada International, reporting that Trudeau discussed the issue of WESCAM exports to Turkey with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a phone conversation in April.

“Last April, the prime minister spoke with Turkish President Erdogan and reports indicate he committed to addressing Turkish concerns about the suspension of these arms exports,” Chong said in the House of Commons.

“Subsequently, seven drone systems were approved for export from Canada to Turkey. Did the prime minister or foreign affairs minister override the recommendations of Global Affairs officials and approve these exports to Turkey?”…


Corporation From an Islamic State Where Wife-Beating is Legal Opens a Feminist Hotel in DC~LGBTQ AFFIRMING & WELCOMING DIVERSITY POLICIES TOO!

Hotel Zena exterior

Ginsburg Zena Mural



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Look at the tampon portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, ignore the wife-beating.

What was Washington D.C. missing?

A feminist hotel whose lobby has a giant portrait of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg made out of “repurposed tampons”. Of all the ways the deceased justice would want to be remembered, a giant tampon portrait likely ranks below being the new Land O’Lakes or Aunt Jemima mascot.

But Hotel Zena’s incredible commitment to female empowerment also includes a reception desk full of jumbled high heels, giant portraits of female warriors, thousands of feminist protest buttons, and a Wall of Honor that includes Oprah and Hillary Clinton, for a “fierce” atmosphere.

Because who doesn’t come on a business trip to D.C. and then wants to stay overnight in a “fierce” atmosphere while being glared at by a mural of a dour Greek goddess in every room?

The only thing funnier than a “fierce”, but “inviting” feminist hotel is who’s behind it.

Viceroy Hotels & Resorts announced that “Hotel Zena was created primarily by women, for people, both women and men. It is a hotel that offers a haven for all genders, races, and sexualities.”

That might not be quite the attitude of Viceroy’s Maldives hotel in a country where Islamic sharia law orders women who have been raped to be lashed. The Islamic regime made headlines around the world when it ordered a 15-year-old girl to be lashed for having premarital sex.

But then again, 50% of Viceroy is owned by the Mubadala Investment Company, a sovereign wealth fund in Abu Dhabi. Its CEO is the grandson of the former top Sharia judge there.

Some 50% of Viceroy was owned by Jho Low, the businessman at the center of Malaysia’s 1MDB scandal that dragged in sections of its government and assorted Muslim royals. The Justice Department seized some of Low’s assets and the Abu Dhabi wealth fund was negotiating to buy that 50%, but it’s unclear who now owns the other half of Viceroy.

Viceroy’s true hometown in Abu Dhabi is about as feminist as a tampon portrait of RBG.

Women have “male guardians” who run their lives and decide whether they can travel and the Sharia Court of Appeals found that men have the right to beat their wives. Female genital mutilation is commonplace, and rape is only a crime for girls under fourteen years old.

Hugging a man without the benefit of marriage however, is a crime.

Foreign tourists who reported being raped were sentenced to prison because they had confessed to extramarital sex. In other words, it’s the usual sort of Sharia setup.

And don’t ask about “sexualities.”

“Unnatural sex with another person” gets you 14 years prison. That’s progressive in a region where Iran hangs gay people. And it’s not the only one dispensing death penalties freely.

All of this is a little awkward for a feminist hotel that boasts of its “provocative art” produced by “feminists of both genders” who are “working globally for the cause of human rights.”

A giant tampon portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a very convenient distraction even if it’s not too clear how all those “repurposed tampons” are advancing human rights around the world.

The business model is a familiar one. Take an underwhelming hotel, and renovate it into a “luxury urban lifestyle hotel” by throwing lots of bad art, and virtue signaling at every inch of it. But the investors are often foreign, looking for someplace with potential to put their money.

Last year’s reviews for The Donovan mentioned smells, leaks, and dirty toilets. The hotel had been renamed several times and showed up in the D.C. Madam’s phone records (probably not one of the accomplishments of female empowerment that the current management would like to celebrate, but you never know) and then a $25 million renovation gave it a feminist makeover.

Now if there are any leaks, visitors will be too distracted by all the feminist virtue signaling.

Washington D.C. is leading the nation in the trend of woke hotels with extremely un-woke owners. The Eaton Workshop had been previously announced as a woke hotel with crystal healing, politically correct lectures, and bibles replaced with UN pamphlets. But its ownership was linked to a Hong Kong family entangled with Chinese state-owned enterprises.

Like the NBA, Disney, and the rest of the huge corporate titans, woke is reserved for America.

Opening a hotel in D.C. that blathers about oppression or feminism is fine. It’s just marketing to the ruling class of a government town that sees oppressors everywhere except in the mirror. But don’t expect any lectures about human rights in a Hong Kong hotel or feminist tampon portraits in the hotels of Maldives or Abu Dhabi. That’s the difference between virtue and virtue signaling.

So many corporations have been happy to shout, “Black Lives Matter”, lecture on “toxic masculinity”, ban gun owners, and pro-life activists because that’s the official dogma. Every dot com from Amazon to Spotify will rename Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples Day, because that’s what the ruling class here wants, the way the PRC’s ruling class wants Mao portraits.

There’s no contradiction between Sharia law in Abu Dhabi and tampon portraits in D.C., or Communist propaganda in Shanghai and Black Lives Matter t-shirts in San Francisco.

It’s not about rights, principles, or commitments: it’s about power.

That’s why shoving the Uighurs in the NBA’s face is a great own on Twitter, but not much else. The NBA doesn’t care about rights. No more than Disney or any corporation shooting off emails about its commitment to racial equality and the millions it’s sending to Black Lives Matter does.

When most Americans were patriotic, corporations also wanted to be seen as patriotic. But these days most Americans matter about as much as most Chinese or most Venezuelans.

The ruling class has a new set of mores and virtues to distinguish it from the folks, as Obama once put it at a San Francisco fundraiser with George Soros in attendance, bitterly cling to their guns and religion, instead of bitterly clinging to their Black Lives Matter signs and RBG portraits.

The luxury hotels of D.C. cater to the new ruling class and its mores and fetishes.

The Zena Hotel, like the Eaton Workshop or any of the new urban luxury leftist hotels, doesn’t represent rights, but the power of the ruling class to repress the rest of the country. The more obnoxious, crude, hypocritical, and abusive its propaganda, the greater its show of strength.

The propaganda can be about female empowerment, the glories of Maoism or Sharia law, but their real message is in the universal language of the power and preening of the ruling class.

In D.C., Democrat women can be groped by Biden before checking into a feminist hotel where tampon portraits and murals of female goddesses and warriors make them feel empowered. It’s no different than the Muslim women who claim that Sharia law empowers them. Empowerment is different from freedom. Rights provide real freedom while empowerment offers a heady rush.

One is a legal reality and the other is an emotional feeling.

A brief history of the tyranny of the Left is that it substitutes emotions for rights. Its empowerment doesn’t promise freedom or rights, only the thrill of power over others.

“Every architectural line, material and art preinstallation was thoughtfully designed and curated to send a message of female empowerment,” a story about the Zena Hotel claims.

It’s not about the empowerment of women. The Zena Hotel is still a product of two massive companies with male CEOs, not to mention Islamic emirates with male rulers, and even the hotel’s chef is a man. But it is about the empowerment of some women of the ruling class, not to rule over their male bosses, but the rest of the country which lacks their wealth and power.

A ruling class doesn’t seek to empower women or anyone else, but to hold and wield power. Zena’s portraits of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, of Hillary Clinton and Oprah are not about rights: they’re a celebration of the power of a ruling class while pretending that power is feminism.

And if you get too worried about the wife-beating in Abu Dhabi, here’s a tampon mural of RBG.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.


AMMOLAND EDITOR IN CHIEF: MARXISM-The Real Threat to Your Guns Is Not Just Rust & Dirty Politicians



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Marxism is infecting America and, as predicted, is now our guns’ and liberty’s greatest enemy. The 2020 election is turning out to be the deciding vote for or against communism in America.

A recent Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation survey found that 51 percent of American millennials would rather live in a socialist or communist country than in a capitalist country.
The Real Threat to Your Guns Is Not Just Rust & Dirty Politicians

USA – -( The biggest threat to your fundamental right – your right to keep and bear arms – may not be what you’ve always feared. It may not be new laws. The risk may not even be from the two main political parties, though they both need constant watching, as Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers warned.

No, the threat may be coming from something we were keenly alerted to back in the 1950s and 1960s, which we’ve grown inured to, bored with, discarded onto history’s trash heap. We may have forgotten it as a guns-and-ammo threat, but it’s still there. As alive as ever, active as ever, working its nefarious magic, seeking to take every gun you own, every round of ammunition you possess, either by direct force or through subversive covert action. That enemy is our old friendly villain, Marxism, and communism.

Marxism and Communism

Marxism and communism is now in control of fully one-third of the world’s population and making inroads here in the USA. Mass media, infected with that scourge, is not alerting us. They hide it, disguise it, aiding and abetting a mortal enemy of our Constitutional Republic.

Thomas Jefferson warned, “Be eternally vigilant” to preserve freedom. He could never have imagined an enemy like Karl Marx. The rioting, looting, arson, and upheaval we have witnessed on our televisions every night, is being run by dedicated Marxists with announced plans, signage, upraised fists. They make no secret of it. Class warfare. Call it “racism” if you want, but that’s not it, we are as free from racism as any nation you can name, which is why American immigration is basically a one-way street – all inbound. No one is breaking into Cuba, China, Africa, or lining roadways escaping here. These nightly mobs have communist influences and international provocateurs at their heart. Leaving you armed to resist is not their plan.

In fact, leaving your police armed to resist is not the plan either. Stop and think. Could true Democrats or Republicans support any version of eliminating armed police, abandoning swaths of cities to mobs? No. They have been overwhelmed by a mindset, a propaganda wave, a core tool of communism. The very brainwash that turned 5,000 years of a brilliant Chinese empire’s art, music, religion, history, culture and the rest, into a monolithic, terrified, follow-the-leader brutal dictatorship is here, proposed right now, in your face.

“The United States will eventually fly the communist flag. The American people will hoist it themselves.” ~ Nikita Khrushchev

The proof is in writing, in Congress (HR5717), and the Senate (S3254). While our primary gun-rights networks have been distracted with familiar lists of horribles – these bills have them all – the real gun bans are more subtle, more total, and more devastating than anything our enemies ever presented before.

You’ve heard these before. Sure, it’s not good. At least it’s familiar, mostly:

  • AR-15 Confiscation
  • AR-15 Lookalike Confiscation
  • Ammunition and Magazine Limits
  • Shopping Restrictions
  • Carry and Loaded-Possession Bans
  • Semi-auto Bans
  • Bans by gun type – Including guns with grips
  • Taxation on Arms, Ammo, Accessories
  • Registration Schemes
  • Background Checks
  • Personal Transfer Bans
  • Private Sale Bans
  • Gun Show Bans
  • Training Restrictions
  • A “Heller Ban,” Overturned in D.C. by the U.S. Supreme Court, no loaded or accessible gun at home unless under attack

Plus, Joe Biden’s website calls for prohibiting teaching teachers about marksmanship and firearms.

The Real Gun Ban: Psych Tests

None of that matters though. It’s a distracting smokescreen – a diversion. Hidden in page after page of gun bans and conditions, no one will be allowed to have a gun or ammo at all – including anything you already own – without the new “comprehensive” federal gun license. That’s only issued at an official’s discretion.

Democrats wrote this and put it in both houses of Congress, ignoring the fire it sets to the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment. Republicans have stayed quiet, regardless of their oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Gun ownership under Democrat’s control requires a psychological evaluation. There is no indication who will conduct this, or how it might be appealed if unfavorable. An unelected federal board of decision-makers will decide:

  • Are you of “sound mind and character” (no standards described, to be Board determined later);
  • Do you have “factors that suggest that the individual could potentially create a risk to public safety” (what armed citizen doesn’t potentially pose such a risk?);
  • Do you meet or fail to meet “any other requirements the State determines relevant” (to be set after elections, without any statutory parameters – completely arbitrary limitless control);
  • And then authorities shall, “make a determination of suitability” for your ownership and possession of arms, including your own (in other words, a “may issue” vs. “shall issue” license at the federal level, with socialists in charge, if they get their way);
  • These are written into the bill. In addition, authorities, “shall establish standards and processes by which licensing authorities can revoke, suspend, or deny the issuance or renewal of a covered license” required to possess firearms;
  • The new required federal gun license, with mandatory written and shooting testing in addition to the psych tests, and numerous other conditions, applies to all guns you own or seek.

Gun-averse mass media has “overlooked” this. The Second Amendment is being changed from an uninfringed right to a might-be-issued license and scrutiny under dictatorial control. Go ahead, say it: “They can’t do that!”

How can an armed electorate even resist this wild scene? Democrats’ “representatives” are “with them.” Speak against them, they attack your principles. The few people standing up against this cultural revolution find themselves the ones facing “hate” charges – thought crime. Police are ordered to stand down! The ones who stand up are decommissioned, disbanded, and defunded.

It’s the socialist way. One election is all that stands between this and the collapse of the Constitution.

“The United States will eventually fly the communist flag. The American people will hoist it themselves,” Nikita Khrushchev predicted. Even now, our leaders propose funding Red Flag Laws (in HR5717/S3254). Mass media and many citizens think that’s great.

“No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you finally wake up and find you already have communism…. We will destroy you from within,” Khrushchev again.

In 1963, communism’s 45 goals were put in the Congressional Record. These few lines illuminate the mob’s involvement and their threat to your guns and way of life:

  • 17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
  • 18. Gain control of all student newspapers.
  • 19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.
  • 20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy making positions.
  • 21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.
  • 23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

How many of these then goals are now a reality?

It’s Marxism, infecting America – as predicted – our guns’ and liberty’s greatest enemy.

About Alan Korwin

Award-winning author Alan Korwin has written 14 books, 10 of them on gun law, and has advocated for gun rights for nearly three decades. See his work or reach him at This article originally appeared in Dillon’s Blue Press.

Alan Korwin


FIVE Ways Hunter Biden’s Business Deals Helped China, Hurt U.S.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

In 2016, Donald Trump notoriously warned Americans about the rise of China and the threat that it poses to America. Beijing’s malfeasance in the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic vindicated Trump’s fears and drew renewed attention to the Chinese Communist Party. Yet when Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president, his son Hunter made lucrative business deals that bolstered China — often at America’s expense.

Hunter’s companies “invested in things that purposefully hurt America’s interests around the world,” M.A. Taylor, director of the new documentary RIDING THE DRAGON: The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets, told PJ Media. “He chose to invest in things that will kill American troops, that will transfer sensitive technology to the Chinese military.

“Americans are going to suffer directly because of the actions of Hunter Biden and by extension Joe Biden, and they already have,” Taylor added.

Riding the Dragon highlights five specific ways Hunter Biden’s business deals empowered China at America’s expense.

The story traces back to 2013, when Joe Biden arrived in Beijing, bringing his son with him. After the trip, China finalized a $1 billion business deal with Hunter’s new company, Bohai Harvest. The Chinese government provided the money.

The firm enjoyed “an unusual and special status in China, operating through the free Shanghai zone,” Peter Schweizer, president at the Government Accountability Institute and author of Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends, explains in the documentary.

“The son of the vice president of the United States… got a deal in the People’s Republic of China that no one else had, and he got that deal after Joe Biden was appointed the point person on China.”

Wittingly or not, Hunter Biden’s firms advanced China’s interests at America’s expense.

1. Military technology

“In 2015, Hunter Biden’s Bohai Harvest joined forces with Chinese military contractor AVIC to buy American parts manufacturer Henniges,” Schweizer explains in the documentary. Henniges produces dual-use technology, which can be used for commercial and military purposes. The deal required Obama administration approval, and the Obama administration did approve it.

AVIC, a company notorious for stealing U.S. military technology, bought 51 percent of Henniges while Bohai Harvest bought the other 49 percent.

Trump Defense Lawyer Pam Bondi Rakes Hunter Biden Over the Coals, Exposing Burisma Corruption

2. Military surveillance tech used on the Uyghurs

“Hunter’s firm, Bohai Harvest, also invested in military surveillance technology that the Chinese government would use to monitor and control the population in their own country,” Schweizer says.

The company, FACE++, developed technology the Chinese Communist Party used to identify potential terrorists, which helped result in the detention of over 1 million Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang.

3. Rare earth minerals

Over the past few decades, China has dominated the global production of rare earth minerals, which are vital for consumer products, military technology, and the “green” technologies climate activists insist everyone must transition to yesterday in order to save the planet. Hunter Biden also helped China dominate this vital market.

Hunter Biden’s firm, Bohai Harvest, “helped China in its competition with the United States over so-called rare earth minerals,” Schweizer explains in the video. “A Chinese government-run firm called China Molybdenum produces rare earth minerals around the world, competing with Western firms for mining access.” China Molybdenum has even bragged about the military applications of its work.

In 2017, Bohai Harvest teamed up with China Molybdenum to acquire more than half of Congo’s Tenke copper mine, one of the largest copper mines in the world.

“While the Obama administration was competing with China in the race for rare-earth minerals, Hunter Biden and his firm were actually helping Beijing win that race,” Schweizer says.

4. Helping China get nuclear secrets

“In December 2014, Hunter’s firm became an anchor investor in a company called China General Nuclear (CGN),” Schweizer continues. CGN was wholly owned by the Chinese government, but it sold a minority stake to Bohai Harvest. At the time, CGN was under FBI investigation for stealing U.S. nuclear secrets.

“China has been trying to steal American nuclear secrets for a long time,” Schweizer notes. By “partnering with the son of the U.S. vice president,” it seems the country was “trying to buy them, too.”

No, Silly Libs, Trump Isn’t Hitler. But This Tyrant Just Might Be a Modern Version of the Nazi…

5. Indirectly helping the Chinese military

Riding the Dragon also exposes Hunter Biden’s real estate firm, Rosemont Realty. The vice president’s son had no background in commercial real estate, but Rosemont Realty got lucrative commercial real estate deals in China.

A company called Gemini, which has close ties to the Chinese military, bought 75 percent stake in Rosemont Realty, paying $3 billion. The real estate firm also carried out deals with COSCO, known as the “fifth arm of the Chinese navy,” and Kirin Global Enterprises Limited, which invests in mainland Chinese infrastructure.

In November 2017, Patrick Ho was arrested and charged with violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, international money laundering, and conspiracy to commit both. He first called James Biden, younger brother of Joe Biden. James Biden told The New York Times that Ho was trying to contact Hunter Biden.

While Schweizer and Riding the Dragon revealed a great deal of Hunter Biden’s corruption that helped China at America’s expense, the film’s director, M.A. Taylor, emphasized to PJ Media that “there’s probably more that we didn’t know about.”

“What is it that we don’t know, that we didn’t cover?” Taylor asked, chillingly. If Joe Biden wins the election in November, expect the Bidens to sell out the American people even more.

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Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

Green Activists Fuel China’s Dominance in a Sector Critical to the U.S. Economy and Green Energy
Hunter Biden Remains on the Board of a Chinese Company That Profited From Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy
Not Just Hunter: Joe Biden’s Brothers Used the VP for Financial Gain
It Makes Sense That China Prefers Joe Biden. Here’s Why.

Yes, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Want To Ban Fracking



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

It was a stunning moment in the vice presidential debate Wednesday night when Senator Kamala Harris claimed that neither she nor Joe Biden endorses banning fracking.

Vice President Pence was clearly very well prepared for this, as he utterly destroyed her by pointing out that both Biden and Kamala had campaigned on banning fracking.

Of course, Kamala denied this, claiming that “Joe Biden will not ban fracking. That is a fact.”

Except Joe Biden campaigned on banning fracking. And said so on many occasions.

Not only did Joe Biden commit to banning fracking, Kamala Harris did too. “There is no question I am in favor of banning fracking,” Harris said during a CNN town hall on climate change in September 2019. She committed to this as a Day One priority in a Harris administration.

So, the question is, why did they suddenly start claiming they won’t ban fracking?

As I’ve noted before, Biden and Kamala publicly flip-flopped on this issue when polls showed a tight race in the state of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania, of course, is a crucial swing state where fracking and natural gas are important to the economy.

CBS News didn’t even try to deny the flip-flopping on this issue.

But, Jack Brewster of Forbes claimed Pence “falsely accused” Biden of wanting to ban fracking.

The above videos don’t lie.

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Matt Margolis is the author of the new book Airborne: How The Liberal Media Weaponized The Coronavirus Against Donald Trumpand the bestselling book The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama. You can follow Matt on Twitter @MattMargolis

Joe Biden Caught Flip-Flopping on Fracking in Pennsylvania
Kamala Harris Flip-Flops on Fracking After Polls Tighten in Pennsylvania

Trump Declares National Emergency as China Monopolizes Rare Earth Elements

The U.S. Army plans to fund construction of rare earths processing facilities, part of an urgent push by Washington to secure domestic supply of the minerals used to make military weapons and electronics, according to a government document seen by Reuters. The move would mark the first financial investment by the U.S. military into commercial-scale rare earths production since World War Two's Manhattan Project built the first atomic bomb. It comes after President Donald Trump earlier this year ordered the military to update its supply chain for the niche materials, warning that reliance on other nations for the strategic minerals could hamper U.S. defenses. Exclusive: U.S. Army will fund rare earths plant for weapons development August 2019 Story: Pentagon, Australia discuss rare earths plant Key Rare Earths Companies: Neo Performance Materials (Top Rare Earths Value Chain "pure play" Company in North America) website: Lynas Corp website: MP Materials (Mountain Pass mine) website:



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The day after debating Joe Biden in his bid for another four years in the White House, President Trump declared a national emergency. It concerns the virtual monopoly the communists running China have gained over an obscure but vitally necessary group of 17 minerals called “rare earth elements,” or REEs. They are used to build a wide range of products, both consumer and military.

There is no known substitute for them, and China controls most of their production.

In his Executive Order, the president said, “I, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America, find that a strong America cannot be dependent on imports from foreign adversaries for the critical minerals that are increasingly necessary to maintain our economic and military strength in the 21st century.”

It is now national policy “to reduce the Nation’s vulnerability to disruptions in the supply of critical minerals.” He warned: “Our dependence on one country, the People’s Republic of China (China), for multiple critical minerals is particularly concerning. The United States now imports 80 percent of its rare earth elements directly from China, with portions of the remainder indirectly sourced from China through other countries.”

His executive order detailed how important just three of the REEs are to the United States:

The United States also disproportionately depends on foreign sources for barite. The United States imports over 75 percent of the barite it consumes, and over 50 percent of its barite imports come from China. Barite is of critical importance to the hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) industry, which is vital to the energy independence of the United States.

The United States depends on foreign sources for 100 percent of its gallium, with China producing around 95 percent of the global supply. Gallium-based semiconductors are indispensable for cellphones, blue and violet light-emitting diodes (LEDs), diode lasers, and fifth-generation (5G) telecommunications.

Like for gallium, the United States is 100 percent reliant on imports for graphite, which is used to make advanced batteries for cellphones, laptops, and hybrid and electric cars. China produces over 60 percent of the world’s graphite and almost all of the world’s production of high-purity graphite needed for rechargeable batteries.

He declared the nation’s dependence upon China a national emergency:

I therefore determine that our Nation’s undue reliance on critical minerals, in processed or unprocessed form, from foreign adversaries constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat, which has its source in substantial part outside the United States, to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States.

I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.

That threat has been building for years and has been largely ignored by previous administrations. According to China scholar and co-founder of the strategic consulting firm Horizon Advisory Emily de La Bruyere, China has taken advantage of the COVID virus crisis to promote its takeover of world production of those 17 critical elements.

She explained:

The PRC [People’s Republic of China] has been focused on rare earths for as long as [the industry] has existed. Chinese sources explicitly treat rare earths as tools of power — and coercion — in today’s globalized industrial system.

This orientation rests on China’s military-civil fusion strategy: Beijing weaponizes integration into open, cooperative global systems for offensive ends.

In a White House press release issued Wednesday, the president said, “Though these minerals are indispensable to our country, we presently lack the capacity to produce them in processed form in the quantities we need.… We must reduce our vulnerability to adverse foreign government action.… Our national security, foreign policy, and economy require a consistent supply of each of these minerals.”

Accordingly, his executive order urges department heads of all executive offices to start reducing regulatory requirements and licensing restrictions on American mining companies. In addition, the order is offering federal financial assistance to those companies to expand local production and processing of those FEEs.

The United States is late to the game, said Joe Bryan, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center. In the race for control of FEEs, “the United States is getting lapped” by the communists running China. President Trump’s order is needed now more than ever.



"Is man really capable of altering the course of an infectious disease through crowd control?" "The statistics argue a resounding NO." "The evidence argues that mitigation efforts have failed to flatten the curve." Sen. Rand Paul Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky calls out Dr. Anthony Fauci at Senate hearings on September 23, 2020. Rand Paul says that shutdowns are ineffective and destroy the economy as well as people's lives. The cost of the unconstitutional shutdown is greater to society than the disease.

Dr. Fauci Must Go

6 COVID-19 facts the MSM won't report





republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Governor Ron DeSantis fully opened the state of Florida by executive order on Friday. All restaurants and bars can operate at full capacity starting immediately. The order also prohibits local governments from imposing fines or shutting down businesses, or enforcing mask mandates. “We are going to preempt closure of restaurants from local [authorities] and this is evidence-based. Miami-Dade closed them…Broward didn’t. I challenge you to show me a difference in those epidemic curves,” he said. “They’re both dense counties and they both had significant epidemics, so I don’t think the closure of restaurants has proven to be effective.” He continued, “We can’t have businesses die.”

Leftists have immediately taken to calling DeSantis names like “Dr. Mengele” in response.

New York Magazine is actually accusing DeSantis of trying to kill Floridians to benefit Donald Trump. For real. They not only criticize his handling of COVID but are accusing him of trying to get people killed by proposing a new law that decriminalizes any incident where a motorist hits a protester who is blocking a road and threatening the safety of the motorist. The riots over the summer have seen several incidents where protesters have blocked vehicles and even pulled people from their vehicles and assaulted them.

Despite the loud partisan heckling, DeSantis is sticking to his guns. “Everyone in Florida has the right to work. Everyone in Florida has the right to operate a business,” he said.

DeSantis is also looking into a Bill of Rights for students because of “draconian” measures that have seen students expelled from college for going to parties. “That’s what college kids do,” said DeSantis at a press conference. “I really think we have to be reasonable about this and focus the efforts on where the significant risk is.” He continued, “I think it’s very important that we have the campuses functioning and we have the kids back.” DeSantis pointed out the significant benefits of in-person learning both for educational reasons and socialization.

The toll on Americans during the COVID-19 lockdown has been severe and significant, impacting their mental health with increased reports of anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. The CDC reported that anxiety and depression symptoms are up by 31%, PTSD is up by 26%, and thoughts of suicide up by 11%. Young people are impacted most severely. “Mental health conditions are disproportionately affecting specific populations, especially young adults,” according to CDC studies.

Governor Ron DeSantis Says Florida Will Never Lockdown Again for COVID-19
Ron DeSantis Exposes Media Lies on COVID-19 in Florida
Governor DeSantis Has an Amazing Plan to Deal With Rioters





Gun sales are skyrocketing as a mass exodus from Democrat ruined cities may be forging a new conservative force that will dominate politics like never before! In this video, we’re going to look at the implosion of leftwing cities throughout our nation as more and more residents flee, and how the surge in gun sales, especially among first-time buyers, suggests that a new conservative coalition is forming that may dominate politics as far as the eye can see! You are not going to want to miss this!


Alex Jones delivers an exclusive interview to The Next News Network with host Gary Franchi to deliver bombshell intel and analysis on the Covid lockdowns, the election and more.





See the source image


Donald Trump: If Pelosi Was Set Up by Salon, She Shouldn't Be Running House of Representatives

Supporters raise more than $300K for salon owner who outed Pelosi

Amy Tarkanian, former Nevada state GOP chairwoman, started a GoFundMe account for hair salon owner Erica Kious.




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Ever since a multiracial group of Minneapolis cops kneeled on George Floyd’s neck as he died three months ago, there have been riots in American cities every single night. At first our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media just gaslighted us about it. They looked right into their cameras and told us it wasn’t happening. It’s not actual violence, y’know, the bad kind of violence. It’s “mostly peaceful protest.”

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi gave us the perfect example of this sort of propaganda:

Then Velshi went back to his luxurious home.

But the people in that neighborhood are still there, in the ruins. Velshi and his ilk don’t care what happens to them, because it doesn’t fit liberals’ view of the world and it’s bad for their preferred political party. They don’t care what happens to people like this Minneapolis resident, after rioters destroyed her neighborhood:

You have the right to be angry about the death of a black man in police custody. But why is shebeing punished for it? Doesn’t her life matter too? How is this #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd?

“A-ha,” exclaims the liberal in good standing. “Allow me to retort. Maybe you rednecks have never heard of a little thing called… insurance??? It’s just property. It’s just stuff. It can be replaced. George Floyd’s life can’t!”

Yeah, well, about that…

Jeffrey Meitrodt, Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

One day after rioters destroyed the Sports Dome retail complex in St. Paul, a construction crew hired by the city knocked the building down because it was dangerously unstable.

Then the city presented the property owners with a $140,000 bill for what it would cost to haul away the debris.

“We were really upset about that,” said property owner Jay Kim, whose insurance policy covers a maximum of $25,000 in demolition costs…

Like dozens of other investors whose properties were severely damaged in the May riots, the Kim family was stunned to discover that the money it would collect from its insurance company for demolition won’t come close to the actual costs of doing the job. Most policies limit reimbursement to $25,000 to $50,000, but contractors have been submitting bids of $200,000 to $300,000. In many cases, the price of the work is not much lower than the actual value of the property, records show.

In other words, those places are totaled. Those neighborhoods are dead. All those burned-out buildings will just stay the way they are, for who knows how long. All those jobs are gone and they’re not coming back. Nobody’s going to wave a magic wand and bring back what was destroyed by these lawless rioters.

Why would anybody want to stay there if they can afford to move? And what happens to the people who can’t afford to move?

Minneapolis is controlled, at every level, by Democrats. If you think that’s just a coincidence, you just keep on thinking that. And go ahead and blame the insurance companies, instead of the rioters who actually destroyed those businesses.

The destruction in Minneapolis is astonishing. It took Minneapolis authorities two months to stumble upon a charred corpse inside a burned-down pawnshop. A man named Montez Terrill Lee is currently awaiting trial for committing the arson, but the deceased is still unidentified. The national media just shrugged and moved on. They’re not demanding answers. Al Sharpton hasn’t shown up for another nationally televised funeral. Only certain lives matter.

Some guy woman person just wrote a book defending looting, and got a sympathetic interview on NPR. PolitiFact actually “fact-checked” the arson of a car dealership in Kenosha because it didn’t burn down the church next door with a “Black Lives Matter” sign out front. Yeah, the car dealership was completely destroyed, but the church is fine. Nobody needs to learn anything from what happened, because PolitiFact and NPR and the rest tell us so.

Hell, libs are even bailing out violent rioters, with the help of none other than:

But that was then. Now that the RNC is over, Trump didn’t say anything worse than usual, and the polling numbers have come in, all the Democrats suddenly realize that they can’t deny the reality of this nationwide rioting anymore. Our problem is suddenly their problem too, because November is coming.

Nobody believes that this is “mostly peaceful protesting,” except the hardcore libs who are terrified that someone might think they’re MAGA-heads if they admit reality. So the Dems are panicking. They’ve instantly flip-flopped from “There are no riots” to “The riots are Trump’s fault.” They didn’t care about all the chaos and destruction as long as they thought it was politically useful. Those lives didn’t matter.

Now they do, because the election is coming up and the only thing standing between them and four more years of Drumpf is a decrepit old career politico and his newly hired Visiting Angel. If your business burned down in a riot, why would you vote for the people who’ve ignored you for months? Why would you find common cause with a political party that wants you to shut up about your ruined life because you’re making them look bad?

This violence has consequences. It’s destroying people’s lives. If you’ve chosen to ignore that for months because you hate Trump, and now you’re actually trying to blame him for it, you’ve sold your soul. I hope that whatever you end up getting out of it is worth the price.


See the source image

See the source image

Turkish and Greek Naval Forces Face Off in Tense Eastern Mediterranean Confrontation



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Turkey and Greece are threatening to go to war again. The two NATO allies are facing off over a potentially small natural gas find in the Eastern Mediterranean. But it’s not about the gas, nor is it about insufferable Turkish Islamic President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, although it probably should be. Erdogan has been flexing his muscles throughout the region and this latest standoff between the two historical enemies is more evidence of his imperialistic designs on the region.

Erdogan fancies himself a latter-day Ottoman sultan and would dearly love to dominate the region from the Mediterranean Sea to Iran. To that end, he has struck a deal with Libya that creates a naval corridor connecting Turkey to the Mediterranean. That’s all well and good, except there are several Greek islands that are in that corridor, including Rhodes and Crete. Greece was miffed that Erdogan forgot to consult his NATO ally about the deal with Libya and relations have been frosty ever since.

The current spat seems a minor irritation. But taken with all the other moves by Erdogan in the Eastern Mediterranean, the confrontation would seem to be foreordained.

The Spectator:

The practicalities of the dispute are straightforward: Turkey dispatched the Oruc Reis to survey an area of the Mediterranean which it claims is within its Exclusive Economic Zone, giving it the right to search for fossil fuels. Greece believes the area sits on its continental shelf. It’s basing its claim on the UN’s Convention on the Law of the Sea, which states that even the smallest of islands have their own EEZ. Turkey, one of only 15 countries that hasn’t signed the UN Convention, is unwilling to accept these islands have a claim to the territory. As the struggle for Indian/Chinese dominance in the South China Sea shows, countries increasingly view their EEZs in terms similar to sovereign soil, as it’s becoming easier to extract the resources hidden in their depths.

Both sides have been securing allies in the dispute. The EU and NATO are officially neutral, but that hasn’t stopped France from sending warships to help its ally Greece and sticking it to Erdogan, who tried to make France look bad in Libya by backing rebels against the officially recognized government. Greece also signed a maritime deal with Egypt. As for Erdogan, he got Russian President Putin to help. The uneasy alliance between the two was solidified by Putin’s sale of thousands of advanced anti-aircraft missiles to Turkey.

It’s not a good sign when two historic adversaries start forcing nations in the region to choose sides. But both nations see the confrontation as being worth the risk of war.

Putting French posturing to one side, the issue for Greece is that Turkey simply does not want to talk seriously about the eastern Mediterranean. During the negotiations, the Turkish have attempted to add a host of other issues and claims to the agenda, in effect advancing their ‘Blue Homeland’ doctrine. The Blue Homeland, first championed by the Turkish admiral Cem Gürdeniz in 2006, is a maritime plan which would see Turkey’s ‘blue’ naval territory extend to the middle of the Aegean, halfway between the Greek mainland and the Turkish coast. This would effectively surround Greek islands like Lesvos and Chios, meaning islands with tens of thousands of people on them would potentially be encircled by a foreign nation’s sovereign waters.

Turkey announced naval live-fire exercises in the region — not exactly routine when there are dozens of warships from several nations sailing in the Eastern Med keeping an eye on each other.

Neither side appears willing to give an inch at the moment. No negotiations are scheduled. Indeed, President Erdogan does not appear to want to talk anyway. Greece is trying to keep the crisis at a low simmer, unlike Erdogan, whose bombastic rhetoric looks to rile up Turkish nationalists.

Greece wants the EU to sanction Turkey, but that’s not going to happen. The Europeans have taken a decidedly hands-off approach to the conflict. And if anyone cares, NATO appears paralyzed by the row.

A war between the two is not a certainty, but given the history of these two countries, I wouldn’t bet against it.




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Cancel Culture: Our renowned health book suddenly banned by Amazon - after 3½ years of successful sales.

The Health Hazards of Homosexuality – endorsed by prominent physicians – suddenly deemed “offensive.”

Used around the world for hard-to-find accurate information.

Wait till you see what Amazon does NOT consider offensive!

You can take action! See below.


August 22, 2020

The book-burning culture of the Left is continuing its march.

As everyone knows, Amazon has achieved a virtual monopoly on the book industry. It has vast powers to decide what books people can read – and what they can’t read.

After 3½  years of publishing our groundbreaking 600-page book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality: What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals, Amazon has suddenly notified us that it has banned it from being printed or sold on its site. Amazon is also refusing to allow us to print any more copies for our own use and has even blocked us from accessing our account records. The book was printed (and also posted as an eBook) through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing subsidiary.

Why this book is important

The mainstreaming and normalization of homosexuality has created a public health crisis affecting us all. This book documents in detail the enormous public health problems – both medical and psychological – associated with homosexual behavior.

The book took several years to compile. It brought together information from the federal Centers for Disease Control, major medical professional groups, and other mainstream medical sources, as well as LGBT medical and advocacy groups – all documented in 1,800 endnotes with up-to-date links. In today’s society, this is critical information everyone should know, especially given what’s being pushed on young children in schools across the country. Read more about it here, including reviews and excerpts from the book.

Although the scourge of political correctness has taken over much of the medical establishment, the book has gotten rave reviews from the conservative medical community. Some of those include:

Michelle A. Cretella, MD, Executive Director of the American College of Pediatricians, called the book a "tour de force" and added: “This book is the single most comprehensive collection of scientific data from authoritative scientific sources on this topic. Our youth have the distinction of being among the most lied-to generation. For this reason alone, this book should be required reading for all health professionals, educators, legislators, graduate students, and parents."

Paul A. Church, MD, urologist, former Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School: “It is an excellent go-to reference for those seeking accurate, truthful information on the health risks of certain sexual behaviors. I recommend this book highly."

Dr. Paul Church holds up a copy of the book.

A prominent cardiologist: “I think this book should be on the shelves of medical school bookstores as it is one of the most comprehensive tomes on the subject that I have seen.”

The book has sold throughout the United States, Canada, the UK, and around the world. We have been approached by people in Hong Kong who want to re-publish it in Chinese and in Egypt who want to re-publish it in Arabic.

Mainstream media linked the book to Pres. Trump!

Of course, the national LGBT movement and their allies in the media despise this book – though they have never been able to claim that the information is incorrect.

In 2017, when we sold the book at our table at the Family Research Council’s national Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC (where President Trump spoke), the liberal mainstream media went ballisticNBC News linked the book to Trump. USA Today, Yahoo News, and the Huffington Post fumed about it. In the UK, The Independent and The Guardian newspapers covered our book’s appearance! But at the Values Voter event itself, the book was a big hit!

The Health Hazards of Homosexuality got the attention of conservative media at the Values Voter Summit. Above, Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez (left) is being interviewed by radio host Kenneth McClenton who is holding the book.
Former presidential advisor Dr. Sebastian Gorka has his copy of "The Health Hazards of Homosexuality" with him as he does a radio interview at the Values Voter Summit.
Last year the book even made an appearance on Laura Ingraham's show on the Fox News channel!

Suddenly Amazon claims the book is “against our content guidelines”

Putting together and marketing a 600-page book with 1,800 footnotes on Amazon was not easy. In 2017, we worked with the Amazon staff that helped independent publishers (then named “Create Space”). For over three years they unquestionably knew what the book was about and what it contained. They had no problem with its content – until a month ago.

Then suddenly the book disappeared from the Amazon site. On July 17, we were notified that they have determined that the book violates their “content guidelines” and they have thus taken it down completely. They closed our account and will not allow us to open another account.

We wrote them back asking specifically what “content guidelines” the book violates, since it is a compilation of medical information from mainstream sources. They answered us that the book contains “content that is considered offensive.” That’s all there was to their answer!

Here’s what Amazon does NOT consider “offensive”

Thus, Amazon has determined that a book documenting the health hazards of homosexual behavior is “offensive” and must not be allowed to be published. But in fact, Amazon is a cesspool of pornography and perversion.

Here are just a few of the books that Amazon does NOT consider to be offensive – and are sold on the Amazon site:

Take Action: Fight back against Amazon’s ban of The Health Hazards of Homosexuality

Since Amazon is a virtual monopoly of the book business, they have the unprecedented power to remove any book they disagree with politically from the public forum of ideas. And Amazon has decided to silence the information in our book.

You can take action with these four steps:

  1. Contact Amazon Customer Service.
    Tell them: “You have banned an important medical reference book, 'The Health Hazards of Homosexuality.' But Amazon still offers disgusting homosexual pornography and 'how-to' manuals targeting children. I demand you bring back the Health Hazards book so the public can get the truth!”
  2. Email Kindle Direct Publishing’s Content Review department. Demand that the book be put back on the site. Give them the same message as customer service, above.
  3. Recently Congress has been holding hearings on how Big Tech has a monopoly on information and discriminates against conservative material.
    Contact US Senator Mike Lee (R-UT). Sen. Lee is Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights.
    Select the topic: "Internet/Telecommunications." Tell him: "Amazon is using its monopoly power in the book industry to squelch free speech. It is banning important medical reference books and other books that disagree with Amazon's leftist agenda. This is high-tech book-burning. Anti-trust legislation is desperately needed!"

  4. Big Tech's monopoly power to silence the facts and opinions it doesn't like is finally getting the attention of Congress.
  5. Join others and SIGN THIS PETITION to make a statement to Amazon!

The public needs to know the truth about these unhealthy and destructive behaviors. Don’t let Amazon silence it!

Are these chilling book burnings from 1930s Germany already starting to happen in America?


Atilis Gym owners break into their own business to let in customers, again violating N.J.‘s coronavirus orders

This is not a game, these are our lives."



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The owners of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey, are expecting to be arrested before this day is out. They are also expecting the state to move barriers in front of their gym to keep them and their customers out.

Back in May New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy decided to make the owners an example for anyone else daring to defy his stay-at-home edicts.

When Murphy learned of the intransigence of the two owners, Frank Trumbetti and Ian Smith, he said, “I’m not concerned [that the situation in Bellmawr] will spiral out of control. If it does, we will take action.” And then, addressing the violators directly, he added: “If you show up at that gym tomorrow [May 25] … we will … enforce this.”

Murphy should have quit while he was ahead. He didn’t know whom he was targeting. Smith said, “We’re opening up tomorrow morning, no matter what.”

When sheriffs boarded up the gym the owners kicked the boards aside, posting the event on Instagram along with this directed to Murphy: “You will not trample on our rights.… We will not back down. Ever.”

The town council got into the act and voted last week to rescind their business license. Smith took them on as well: “The Borough of Bellmawr is now an adversary, and they will be dealt with.… They will be served papers.… [They] are going to have to answer for what they’ve done.”And the owners opened without the license.

Smith was a guest on New Jersey 101.5 talk show yesterday, and he took on the governor:

It’s just Murphy showing that he will go to no end to enforce his will, even though he still, to date, has had no evidence to support that Atilis Gym Bellmawr or any other gym or any other small business that he still has shut down, is of any danger to the public.

The host relayed a message from the state’s attorney general to Smith:

Gym owners — like everyone else — must do their part and follow the law. As we’ve said before, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, yet these defendants have defied multiple court orders designed to protect the public.

We hope that today’s order puts an end to this dispute.

Not a chance, said Smith:

Stop blaming me for the mistakes that your public health agency and Governor Murphy made in the nursing homes. Because if it wasn’t for that, [the state’s] numbers wouldn’t be where they’re at, and he would have the argument he has, and he still doesn’t have a good argument.

When the host asked Smith just how far they were willing to go, Smith said:

We’re gonna take this all the way to the Supreme Court and whatever comes along with that. If he wants to lock us up and he wants to continue to throw these fines at us [presently $130,000 and climbing by $15,000 a day] … I mean he’s openly admitted that these fines are so high because he’s looking to cripple our ability to defend ourselves.

Later that day Smith challenged Murphy on Instagram:

Charge us with over 36 criminal offenses, fine us, lock us out of our business, arrest us, arrest our customers, barricade our doors closed, strip our license, and do everything you can to ruin our lives.

156 days into the 14 days you asked for, Governor Murphy, and you’ve done all these things. But the one thing you – as an elected official – that you didn’t do, was to come and speak to us.

You only seek to punish. A true leader listens to the people. We will be here, exercising the same constitutional rights you trample on.

We will stand our ground. This is not a game. These are our lives.

As this article is being published, the owners are still waiting to be arrested, again, and for the state to install the barricades to keep them and their customers out. It’s clear that they will do whatever it takes to get a court to rule on Murphy’s unconstitutional edicts, hoping it moves to the Supreme Court. Trumbetti and Smith are prepared to take it all the way. 

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This New York Diner's Response to Snitches and the Overzealous Health Department Will Make Your Day



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The effects of coronavirus mandates on small businesses, and especially restaurants, have been catastrophic. New York, outside of New York City, went into “Phase 3” in July, and restaurants were able to open back up under severe restrictions, including reduced capacity. Very few of them are doing well under this arrangement. ABC reported that more than 16,000 restaurants have closed permanently.

One diner in Seneca County, N.Y., has had enough and took to social media to tell the public what the county is doing to them. The trouble started when a snitch ate a meal at A.J.’s Family Diner and then called the health department to report too many people in the establishment. This prompted the restaurant to post a notice telling people who are uncomfortable and living in fear to stay out of their business. But the harassment had only just begun. The snitch prompted a full-scale inspection by the health department that sent an inspector to rearrange all the tables and threaten a fine of $1000.


The New York State Health Department actually has a form for people to snitch on businesses.

“Well it’s official some good samaritan, I use that term very loosely and sarcastically, decided to come into the diner for a meal and halfway through their meal they decided they were feeling uncomfortable because of the amount of people that were in the diner,” wrote A.J.’s Family Diner on their Facebook page. “So rather than asking the staff to box up their food so they could leave, the complaintant…proceeded to turn us into [sic] the health department.”

The Seneca County Health Department has now taken over their restaurant, says owner Angel Lawrence. To illustrate this, the diner’s management posted signs all over the restaurant to make sure everyone knows whom to blame when customers show up at the newly “approved” space that restricts customers. “Approved Table by New Management NYS & Seneca County. So far we can still work and pay the bills,” reads one sign.

“Apparently, we are incapable of the decision making process. Therefore, New York State and Seneca County are now doing our thinking for us. Per this new management, this table is no longer available,” reads another. “However, we still pay the bills.”

A sign on the door says, “Attention potential customers! Please be advised we are experiencing a takeover of our management by NYS and Seneca County. We are approved for ‘6’ tables. Please seat yourselves at approved tables…the new management is allowing seating at the counter. If you are not coming in together or sleeping together then there must be 3 stools between your party and the next party. We still get to work here and pay the bills.”



A heartfelt post defended the staff and explained why they cannot wear masks in the kitchen, which is presumably a part of the reason the snitch turned them in.

The staff does not appreciate it when people sneakily take their picture. If you want to take their picture just ask them. Like this job isn’t hard enough for them, now you have them all stressed out about what are we going to get turned in for next and when?…Before you decide to be vindictive stop and ask yourself how would you feel? Think about all the problems in your life. Would you still enjoy going to a job like this? They wear masks which they hate, they come to my window and slide the mask down just a little bit just below their nose so they can get a breath and hope nobody sees them. When it’s 97 degrees outside you’re all telling me how hot it is. Let me tell you my husband put a thermometer in here one day just so we could see how hot it was and it was 140 degrees. I thought no way that can’t really be accurate but it was. So if you want to turn Us in for no [masks] in the kitchen, be my guest. That’s where I draw the line okay we already have existing health issues I don’t need people dropping.


The culture of snitching to ruin people’s lives and businesses is despicable and it’s commendable that A.J.’s Family Diner has the guts to call it out. Owner Angel Lawrence told PJ Media, “I know the county is doing their job, but we need the lines of communication to be open.”

“If I had known the rules were going to change so drastically I might not have opened up,” she added. Rules for restaurants are getting more strict even as coronavirus numbers plummet. Seneca County, according to the NYS Health Department, has only had 95 cases and 1 death. 

Lawrence says the rules for business owners change so rapidly, no one can keep up and the county meetings are still closed to the public due to COVID-19. “I should be getting information from someplace other than Facebook,” said Lawrence in reference to the county’s poor communication efforts. “It’s a bad thing when anyone can make an anonymous phone call and destroy a business,” she said. “Any enemy you’ve ever made can make your life a living hell.”

Lawrence has agreed to a few changes that are going to cost her more money in order to have two more tables added to the approved six. “I can have two more tables if I install plexiglass, but if you want to tell me how to run my business, then you should pay my bills,” she said.

PJ Media reached out to the Seneca County Health Department to ask if they plan on subsidizing the changes they are requiring Lawrence to make. They did not respond.

Lawrence says she’s setting up a meeting for business owners, town supervisors, and local representatives to hash out the inconsistencies. “If it reaches more than 50 people, I guess we’ll call it a protest,” she said.




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Democrats know that President Trump’s economic record, more than anything else, is what will help him get reelected. And if you watched Kamala Harris’ first speech as Joe Biden’s running mate, you saw the false narrative they plan to push for the remainder of the campaign.

“The president’s mismanagement of the pandemic has plunged us into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression,” Kamala claimed. “[Trump] inherited the longest economic expansion in history from Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Then, like everything else he inherited, he ran it straight into the ground.”

Kamala Harris knows this is utter nonsense. The economic crisis we’re experiencing right now is because of the lockdowns, for which there was overwhelming bipartisan support. It’s also been quite clear that it’s the Democrats, who have wanted to keep the economy shut down as long as possible. Based on this line of attack, it’s obvious why. They don’t blame China, which was responsible for the virus in the first place and for covering up the disease for weeks before alerting the World Health Organization.

Nope, for Biden and Harris, it’s more politically expedient to blame Trump for the economic contraction that resulted from the lockdowns that they supported and currently want to prolong.

As Kyle Smith at National Review noted, the United States also wasn’t even the hardest hit economically of countries and regions that also locked down. “Donald Trump is not the president of the euro zone, which suffered through an even more dire economic contraction in the second quarter: minus 40.3 percent, on an annualized basis, as against minus 32.9 percent in the US,” he wrote. “The U.K. suffered a contraction of 59.8 percent, also on an annualized basis. Donald Trump is not the prime minister of the United Kingdom. The U.S. economy did slightly better than Germany’s in the second quarter.”

Now let’s address the second part of Kamala’s whopper, that the great economy we experienced prior to the pandemic lockdowns was thanks to Obama and Biden.

There have been eleven recessions since World War II, each of which was followed by a recovery. We did experience an economic recovery after the 2009 recession under Obama—it just happens it was the worst one. Here are the facts: All jobs lost in post-World War II recessions were recovered after an average of twenty-five months. But it took seventy-seven months for employment to return to pre-recession levels in 2009, making Obama’s recovery the slowest of all of them, and by a wide margin. Obama is also the only president in U.S. history to have never had a single year of 3.0 percent or greater GDP growth.

Economic growth during Obama’s presidency was so bad that mediocre economic growth was considered the new normal. In September 2016, CBS News reported that “with U.S. economic growth stuck in low gear for several years, it’s leading many economists to worry that the country has entered a prolonged period where any expansion will be weaker than it has been in the past.”

And then Trump was elected, and everything changed. The economy started to take off. The anemic growth of the Obama years was replaced by strong economic growth that benefited the middle class, minorities, and women in ways that just didn’t happen during the Obama years. For example, under Trump, African-American unemployment reached its lowest record level in history. Investor’s Business Daily noted that there was “no upward trajectory to the economy on anyone’s radar when Trump took office,” but “now that the economy is outperforming everyone’s expectations, Trump’s critics want to pretend that the current boom was already baked in the cake.”

Needless to say it was not.

One key factor in the economic boom under Trump has been deregulation, which, as we know, is a four-letter word to Democrats.

Deregulation has benefited the mining and manufacturing industries, and, as the Wall Street Journal noted last year, per capita incomes “have grown at significantly faster rates under President Trump than they did under Barack Obama in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nevada, Wisconsin and even Iowa despite retaliatory tariffs on American exports.” Then there’s the inconvenient truth that the Obama economy was far better for the wealthy than it was for average Americans—something 2020 Democrats are trying to suggest is a hallmark of the Trump economy. “The Federal Reserve’s bond purchases and near-zero interest rates for eight years [under Obama] drove up asset values and let corporations borrow cheaply while the Administration’s punishing regulations bred business uncertainty that depressed investment in human and physical capital. Those with financial assets prospered more than middle-class wage earners. The Obama Democrats talked constantly about inequality rather than growth, and the result was less growth and more inequality.”

In short, there was more income inequality under Obama than under Trump.

Despite nearly four years of Democrats claiming that Obama deserved credit for Trump’s economy, Americans aren’t falling for it. A poll released in January found that only 9 percent of voters credited Obama and the Democrats for the economy, while 42 percent credited Trump and the Republicans.

Even the recovery we’re starting to get now is better than the one we had after the 2009 recession under Obama. As Vice President Pence recently pointed out, more jobs have been created in the last three months than were created during the entire Obama-Biden administration:


Facts don’t lie, Democrats do. Trying to blame Trump for the economic impact of the national shutdown that they supported is pretty low. Trying to give credit to Obama and Biden for Trump’s economy after eight years of anemic growth is just pathetic.


Matt Margolis is the author of the new book Airborne: How The Liberal Media Weaponized The Coronavirus Against Donald Trumpand the bestselling book The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama. You can follow Matt on Twitter @MattMargolis

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