‘Leftist queer gremlin’ and other young women convert to Islam as the ‘ultimate rebellion against the West’~SHARE THEIR RELIGIOUS AWAKENINGS ON CHINESE COMMUNIST TIK TOK

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/11/leftist-queer-gremlin-and-other-young-women-convert-to-islam-as-the-ultimate-rebellion-against-the-west;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

What did anyone expect would be the outcome of teaching young people to hate their own culture and heritage?

Anyway, a lot of these women are soon going to be experiencing terrible cases of buyer’s remorse.

“Millennials and Gen-Z women are sharing their conversion to Islam in wake of Israel-Hamas war, with ‘leftist queer gremlin’ from Boston among those TikToking her journey,” by Bethan Sexton, DailyMail.com, November 19, 2023:

Millennial and Gen-Z women say they’ve been inspired to convert to Islam by the Israel-Hamas war – and are sharing their religious awakenings on TikTok.

Recent converts say the conflict, which began with the murder of 1,200 Israelis on October 7, became a driving factor for their decision to join the Muslim faith.

Experts suggested for many, the choice is the ‘ultimate rebellion against the West’.

Among those sharing their journey is a self-described ‘leftist queer gremlin’ named Alex, who recently purchased a copy of the Quran – even though most interpretations of Islam take a dim view of LGBT relationships.

Alex, who has begun covering her hair with a hijab in line with Islamic teachings on modesty, says she began attending pro-Palestine marches after the October 7 terror attacks and the retaliatory strikes on Gaza….

Sacrificial Lambs: The Child Victims of Drag Queen Story Hours

Scott Threlkeld/The Advocate via AP

I’m old enough to remember those vintage movie projectors from K-12, on which our social studies teachers would show us anthropological films about ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia or Central America, where child sacrifice was a normal part of everyday life. There were angry deities to placate, diseases to stave off, bountiful harvests to be reaped. The sacrifice of something greatly valued by those offering it, be it an animal, a virgin, or a child, was the necessary evil for the cost of progress.

In the modern Middle East, little has changed.  The ethnic Arabs “Palestinians” waging jihad against Israel have no qualms about sacrificing their children. The late Maryam Mohammad Yousif Farhat was a microcosm of this filicidal mindset. She had several sons, three of whom were killed engaging in terrorist campaigns against Israel. Not that this troubled Maryam much. Indeed, she helped train her teenage son Muhammed to carry out a suicide attack against an Israeli military school. She called the day she sent him off to die "the best day of my life” and, upon receiving news of his death, yelled “Allahu Akbar!” and handed out chocolates to his friends. At the funeral of her third son, she stated, “I have four sons left. I hope they all become martyrs.”

In the West, parents also sacrifice their children. Parents oppose voucher programs, even though they would benefit all schools, including public schools, by forcing them to compete. Parents support adding trillions to our national debt, knowing full well their children will be stuck with the bill. Parents support feel-good green energy initiatives, even if they make the cost of living prohibitively expensive for their children, whose mere existence, I might add, is considered by the eco-cultists to be an offense against the planet. Parents support men masquerading as women dominating and destroying women’s sports and having access to women’s-only areas. 

Admittedly, some of these examples reflect hypocrisy rather than an actual willingness to sacrifice one’s child. I’ll concede that many liberal parents simply mouth their yard-sign platitudes, so long as their child is insulated enough from the social remedies they expect others to endure. Hence, their children attend private schools while yours get indoctrinated by slovenly, purple-haired androgynes. Their children dine out and vacation while yours waste away, all masked up, in lockdown. Their children enjoy private security, while your children's police are defunded. Their children live behind gates and walls, while yours endure the criminal repercussions of “no human is illegal.”

But there are true believers, none more evident than those who offer their children unto the current transgender fad (and a fad is precisely what it is) or bring them to drag queen story hours. Volumes of wisdom expounded by those smarter than me have dealt sufficiently with the former, so I’ll use my space to comment on the latter.

If you bring your children to drag queen story hour, there is something wrong with you. Pure and simple. You’re not “opening their minds,” you’re conditioning them to believe that grown men who dress as sexually provocative women and explicitly seek the company of kindergarteners do so from a sense of love and tolerance. You are misleading them to ignore those alarm bells in their heads when those alarm bells should be ringing full blast. In short, you’re acting as the drag queen’s accomplice. 

And make no mistake, the drag queens are not there for the unicorns and rainbows. They’re there to groom your children, and to satisfy whatever sick fetishes they harbor. You might object that, in a library room full of parents, the drag queen isn’t actually doing anything physically or sexually to the children. Sure, and if I were, uh, “reading a book” to a room full of Victoria’s Secret angels, I wouldn’t need to physically interact with them to experience some sort of sexual thrill. And if I were an ill-intentioned, manipulative predator, I might fantasize about which one of them is gullible enough to follow me a little bit further down a darker path. 

certainly wouldn’t expect their parents and siblings to believe some drivel about me being there for the diversity outreach. And if I was able to lure a few children in the audience to roll around on the floor with me (as a drag queen did with children at an Oregon library), I would expect to be pulled off and hospitalized by more than a few angry family members.

And the most pathetic part is the negligible return on the sacrifice. The people in ancient civilizations or the modern Islamic world sacrifice their children because they think the gods command it, and that the benefit (a successful harvest, the eradication of infidels, etc.) outweighs the sacrifice. How do American parents benefit from coercing their children to cavort with pedophiles in clown paint? Does it boost their social status? Does it entrench their woke credentials? Is the safety of their children actually worth less to them than the approval of their hipster neighbors?

And at that point, if their children mean that little to them, one has to wonder if they mean anything to them at all. If something as trivial as a few laudatory nods from chinless Bohemians is enough to motivate them to abuse their children, then, verily, they don’t value their children.  All those adults in the picture above, smiling and applauding like it’s a Khmer Rouge re-education session as their children are literally being used as propaganda, are not good parents. They are self-centered cowards.

I never understood the appeal of drag, which always struck me as a creepy mix of Comic-Con with John Wayne Gacy.  But if consenting adults want to dress in drag, swing on a pole, smear themselves with peanut butter, and wallop each other with ball-peen hammers, have at it. And, to be fair, I’m sure there are plenty of drag queens who understand the immorality of sexualizing children from any angle, be it gay, straight, or whatever, and keep their entertainment in adult venues.  But it’s impossible for anyone to keep the child predators out of the school libraries when the kids’ own parents are allowing and encouraging it.

As with everything, all politics is local. Our elected leaders can pass all the laws they want, but that won’t diminish the monstrous egos of parents who use their children as pawns to signal virtue. Social pressure is our most effective weapon. Don’t be the schmuck at the BBQ who meekly “keeps the peace” when another parent starts crowing about letting their kid sit on the lap of a sex offender.

Groups like Mass Resistance pursue FOIA requests on story readers’ criminal backgrounds and document when convicted sexual predators have been allowed near children. Cite these examples. Come prepared to debate. If they attempt to derail you with insipid platitudes about “tolerance,” keep steering it back toward child safety and age appropriateness. Stick to the indisputable evidence. You keep civil, and allow the faux-parent to do the yelling and stammering and the hand-waving and the name-calling. Your logic and demeanor won’t budge them, but it can sway the fence-sitters in your audience.  And that’s how tides are turned.

NSA Goes Full Woke, Pushes CRT and Transgender Ideology on Employees

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File
For the Biden administration, it’s far more important for our intelligence agencies to be concerned with pronouns and "white fragility” than monitoring foreign or domestic threats against our country. 

Last year, the National Security Agency (NSA) published a 34-page Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion glossary, which was recently obtained and verified by The Daily Wire. It’s a disturbing compilation of terms associated with woke ideology for its employees to follow. 

Lord knows we won’t make the mistake of taking out the next Osama bin Laden without first knowing what his preferred pronouns are, so as not to misgender him/her/they.

"The leaked, unclassified NSA document identifies itself as a 'a glossary of terms and language commonly used in dialogue regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice' and cites radical Critical Race Theory educators such as Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi,” The Daily Wire reports. "There’s also ‘whiteness,' which the agency defines as a 'broad social construction that embraces the white culture, history, ideology, racialization, expressions, experiences, epistemology, emotions and behaviors,' all in order to reap “'material political, economic, and structural benefits for those socially deemed white.’"

Feel safer yet? It gets even better.

But the agency, which has been sharply criticized for its mass surveillance operations on American citizens, goes beyond openly endorsing the extreme tenets of Critical Race Theory with its glossary — it pushes queer theory as an approach that “critically deconstructs and challenges binaries such as male and female or heterosexual and homosexual.”

The DEI glossary goes on to list a plethora of different vocab words associated with queer theory like “transmisogyny,” which it defines as the “intersection of transphobia and misogyny.”

The glossary includes definitions for stupid fantasy pronouns like "ze" and "zir,” and terms like "two spirit.” Then there’s an entry for "genderqueer," "AFAB/AMAB" denoting assigned gender at birth, "Latinx," and "same gender loving,” which is a new one I haven’t heard before.

There’s even a definition for DACA in the glossary, for some reason.

Exclusively for our VIPs: Is This Revelation About DeSantis Disqualifying?

Rep. Mike Waltz (R-Fla.), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, was utterly shocked at the indoctrination happening in such a powerful military agency. “I just can’t overemphasize how shocking this is,” Waltz, a veteran, told The Daily Wire. “I’m a member of the Intelligence Committee in the House and it is an authentic document.”

“This isn’t some kind of diversity document, with terms like white fragility and definitions of whiteness and ‘ze’ and ‘zir’ in, say, the Small Business Administration,” Waltz said. “This is the NSA, the National Security Agency, one of the most powerful agencies in the world, that the world has ever seen.”

You can read the entire disturbing document here.

Germany: Muslim youth say ‘First we cut the throats of the Jews, then the gays and finally the Christians!’

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/11/germany-muslim-youth-say-first-we-cut-the-throats-of-the-jews-then-the-gays-and-finally-the-christians;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Germans can’t say that they weren’t warned. But they smeared those who warned them as “racists” and “Islamophobes,” and welcomed the fate that is coming to them courtesy of those they began welcoming in massive numbers in 2015.

“Islamism alarm: ‘A 12-year-old came to me and said: “I hate you,”‘” translated from “Islamismus-Alarm: „Ein 12-Jähriger kam zu mir und sagte: ’Ich hasse dich’”,” Focus, November 9, 2023 (thanks to Medforth):

Anti-Israel calls and radical Islamic banners at demonstrations concern German society. Young people in particular seem to be affected. The spokesman for the children’s and youth organization “Arche” also warns about this.

Wolfgang Büscher is worried. The 65-year-old is the spokesman for the children’s and youth organization “Arche,” which looks after around 7,000 children and young people every day in 33 facilities across Germany – many of them with a migrant background. In his work, Bücher has been experiencing increasing radicalization among young people for some time, he tells “Bild.”

Arche spokesman warns against radicalization of young people: “We are facing a catastrophe”
According to the newspaper, Hamas’ terror against Israel is being welcomed and celebrated more and more openly by young people. This is clear from the statement of Arab young people that Büscher quotes: “First we cut the throats of the Jews, then the gays and finally the Christians!”

This statement is not an isolated case, the Arche spokesman reported to “Bild”. “Children and young people are becoming increasingly radicalized. I’ve never experienced anything like this. We are facing a catastrophe.”

Arche spokesman sees no chance of improvement for many young people
After the Hamas attack on Israel, he wore an Israel pin, Books reports. He was openly attacked for this. “A 12-year-old boy came to me and said, ‘I hate you. “We’ll take the country back,” he smiled in my face.”

Pope Francis Hints Openness To Blessing Same-Sex Couples

Pope Francis Hints Openness To Blessing Same-Sex Couples

Pope Francis leads an ecumenical prayer with Protestants and Orthodox at St. Peter’s square in The Vatican on September 30, 2023. (Photo by TIZIANA FABI/AFP via Getty Images) / Canva edit

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
1:30 PM – Tuesday, October 3, 2023

SEE: https://www.oann.com/newsroom/pope-francis-hints-openness-to-blessing-same-sex-couples/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Pope Francis hinted at a reversal of the official Vatican position by allowing some Catholic priests to bless same-sex nuptials.

On Monday, Francis noted several important qualifications, such as the need for case-by-case consideration and the fact that they should not be seen as equivalent to heterosexual wedding ceremonies.

Back in 2021, the Vatican said that it could not support same-sex relationships because “God cannot bless sin.” The pope did, however, hint that there may be some exceptions to this attitude on Monday.

“We cannot be judges who only deny, reject, and exclude,” he said in a letter to five cardinals who asked for clarity on the issue.

Although Vatican doctrine has not changed, some LGBTQ+ Catholics have seen Francis’ remarks as a significant step toward ending the isolation and judgment they claim to face inside the church.

Francis made the comments in a letter that was released on Monday by the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith. Five conservative cardinals from Asia, Europe, Africa, the United States, and Latin America gave a list of “dubia,” which means “doubts” or “inquiries.”

They pressed him to uphold traditional Catholic doctrine on same-sex unions and other contentious topics like women’s ordination.

In response, Francis stated that there may be “forms of blessing, requested by one or more persons” that might be given sometimes. The clergy were urged to practice “pastoral charity,” which he defined as “kindness, patience, understanding, tenderness, and encouragement.”

The pope continued, saying that these unions “do not convey a mistaken concept of marriage,” however, they also “should not necessarily become a norm.”

This focus on permitting these partnerships on a “pastoral” rather than official basis may be a reference to a number of German Catholic priests who have recently publicly blessed same-sex weddings in a dispute with their diocese.

LGBTQ+ Catholics and other progressives hailed his comments as a major victory for the cause of “religious equality.”

“Though the Vatican’s latest statement about same-gender couples does not provide a full-fledged, ringing endorsement of blessing their unions, the document significantly advances Pope Francis’ work to include and affirm LGBTQ+ people,” said Francis DeBernardo, executive director of New Ways Ministry, an organization that uplifts LGBTQ+ Catholics.

The 86-year-old pope, who has recently struggled with a variety of health challenges, is no stranger to progressive causes. He has established himself as a strong voice on everything from the immigrant crisis to climate change-related topics.

When challenged about LGBTQ+ matters and priests’ sexual orientations many months into his pontificate, Francis responded, “Who am I to judge?”

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The Graves of Academe

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/10/the-graves-of-academe-714;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

#1. Connecticut College: Gender, Sexuality, and Intersectionality Studies

The Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Intersectionality Studies at Connecticut College invites applications for a visiting assistant professor. We are seeking a scholar with expertise in trans studies, mixed race studies, disability studies, and/or transnational LGBTQ studies. Successful candidates will have demonstrated experience teaching in gender and women’s studies or related fields including feminist and queer theory as well as social justice activism.

A PhD is strongly preferred in gender and women’s studies, feminist studies, or a closely related interdisciplinary field. Candidates with meaningful community engagement experience are preferred.

The Gender, Sexuality, and Intersectionality Studies Department is committed to interdisciplinary, intersectional, transnational feminist, and queer inquiry. We emphasize a strong theoretical and praxis focus in our curriculum and research. We have a departmental culture that supports the cultivation of rich intellectual collaboration both within the department and outside of it, and offer ample opportunities for pedagogical creativity and development. We value teacher scholars whose work foregrounds social transformation and community engagement.).

#2. The Ohio State University: Department of African American and African Studies

Assistant Professor, Black Sexualities

Position Overview

The Ohio State University invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor position in the Department of African American and African Studies to start Autumn 15, 2024. Candidates welcome to apply whose research and teaching focuses on the intersections of sexuality, race, and gender with an emphasis on Black experiences and perspectives. We invite interdisciplinary scholars who approach the study of sexualities and Blackness through intersectional and/or transnational lenses. We are interested in candidates whose scholarship and teaching examine, for example, sexuality and constructions of racial deviance and exploitation; the relationship of conviviality, joy, and international liberatory activism; and/or sexuality and conservative, cross-border, political activist coalitions. We seek candidates whose scholarship challenges, complicates, and re-defines understandings of Black sexualities and whose promise of academic expertise strengthens the Department’s commitment to advance social justice discourses and the department’s vision of championing a full account of determinant forces of Black life in its global historical and sociological dimensions. Applications from scholars grounded in interdisciplinary Black Studies, Black feminist, and Black queer methodologies with a demonstrated history of community engagement and/or community-based approaches to scholarship are especially welcome. We also seek applications from collaborative scholars whose work is forward-looking in the praxis of Black Studies. The successful candidate will teach courses across the full range of the department’s curriculum, from introductory to upper division seminars, as well as general education courses and those that reflect their research expertise.

#3. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor: Frankel Center for Judaic Studies

Applications for 2024-2025 Frankel Institute Fellowship, “Jewish/Queer/Trans.”

In this theme year, we aim to explore in the broadest possible ways how queer/trans studies intersect with studies of Jews, Jewishness, Judaism, and indeed Jewish Studies itself, from the full range of humanistic, artistic, activist, and social science perspectives. We thus intend to assemble a group of scholars, writers, and artists that will allow us to explore this set of fundamental issues across the temporal gamut of ancient to the present and in Middle Eastern, African, Asian, European, and American societal contexts.

We invite applicants to consider how Jewish Studies might thicken queer and trans studies. At the same time, we wish to inquire into how queer and trans studies might aid the interrogation of foundational categories deployed in Jewish Studies. In doing so, we seek to challenge social hierarchies, notions of sacred/profane, religious conceptions, political movements and structures, knowledge paradigms, and communal boundaries: all key elements in the history of studies of Jews and Judaism. That is, how can insights from queer and trans studies enrich and complicate our understanding of the dispersed, diverse, and shifting histories of Jewish sexual cultures and gender systems, as well as social, cultural, and racialized formations of Jewishness more broadly. We are particularly interested in approaches that create dialogue among the sub-fields of Jewish Studies, queer and trans studies that go beyond merely applying theoretical models to Jewish Studies.

The “Jewish/Queer/Trans” fellowship year will promote a tighter integration of queer/trans perspectives and methodologies into Jewish Studies, and contribute to the ongoing softening of boundaries between analyses focused on racial, sexual, or gendered differences.

What forms of analysis might queer and trans theory enable in the study of Jewish texts, cultures, and history?

  •      How might non-Ashkenazi or non-contemporary forms of Jewish ritual, theology, textuality, domesticity, kinship, or musical arts decenter Eurocentric defaults in queer and trans studies?
  •      How might queering and trans-ing our understandings of key concepts like “archive,” temporality, historiography, and data allow for expanded inquiries within Social Science-based and Humanities-attuned subfields within Jewish studies?
  •      What happens to Jewish Studies methods and archives when Queer of Color critiques are deployed to its sources and subjects?

The cohort will emphasize collaborative projects and outputs; building support and mentoring networks; and public-facing scholarship.

I’ll say again what I’ve said before: Forgive them, Lord, they know exactly what they do.

Pope Francis appoints pro-abortion, pro-LGBT friend as founding member of new Vatican institute

Featured Image
Eugenio Zaffaroni and Pope FrancisVideo screenshot/Unsplash

VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — Pope Francis has appointed his longtime friend and fellow Argentinian Eugenio Raúl Zaffaroni to a Vatican position, despite Zaffaroni’s controversial record and his support for homosexuality and abortion.

Announced on August 18 by the Holy See Press Office, Pope Francis formally recognized a group first created in 2019 and made the peculiar move of designating it as a private association of the faithful.

The Pan-American Committee of Judges and Judges for Social Rights and Franciscan Doctrine [COPAJU] had its statutes and logo formally approved by the Pope, along with its first appointments and staffing assignments.

A brainchild and subsidiary of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, the Committee was first established in 2019 from a meeting in the Vatican of 120 magistrates from across the Americas. According to the Pope’s chirograph, the group is oriented to “protection and promotion of social rights from the magistracy, placing special emphasis on the discarded social sectors, affected by the different processes of neo-colonialism.”

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As a subsidiary of COPAJU, Pope Francis instituted a new research group, appointing to it a friend from his native Argentina whose record on life and family issues contradicts Catholic moral teaching. Raúl Eugenio Zaffaroni was appointed as one of the three founding board members of the new “Fray Bartolomé de las Casas” Institute for Research and Promotion of Social Rights.

The new Institute will deal with the “academic, teaching and formation purposes on the field of social rights, migration and colonialism.” As such, it will be financially “supported, directed, and administered by COPAJU and will operate under the auspices of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.”

But Zaffaroni, despite his appointment to a Vatican-based body, has a long-standing record of promoting abortion and homosexuality. A former member of Argentina’s Supreme Court from 2003 through 2015, Zaffaroni also served as a judge for the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) from 2016 through 2022.

As LifeSite’s Dr. Maike Hickson reported in 2019, Zaffaroni was chiefly responsible for organizing an event at the Vatican for LGBT activists on the decriminalization of homosexuality. The invitation letter, of which LifeSite obtained a copy, stated that “Professor Zaffaroni’s words will be followed by a historical speech by His Holiness relevant to the subject matter.”

READ: Pope Francis set to give ‘historic speech’ involving ‘persons of the same sex’, leaked letter claims

The event was revealed by Dr. Frédéric Martel, an open homosexual and author of a book alleging widespread homosexuality amongst clergy in the Vatican. Martel described Zaffaroni as “a friend of Pope Francis.”

To support this claim is the well-documented fact that Pope Francis, when still the archbishop of Buenos Aires, invited Zaffaroni in 2010 to participate as a speaker at a diocesan event on children and youth, something that caused indignation among Catholics at the time. A letter penned to then-Cardinal Bergoglio at the time described Zaffaroni as someone who

publicly advocates for abortion rights (at a time when our country is prey to a ruthless campaign for the murder of the innocent), and has clearly and emphatically expressed in favor of homosexual “marriage” (which includes corruption of our children due to the possibility of adoption recognized by law), also in favor of the decriminalization of drugs, and countless sins from which the Church  – as Mother and Teacher – and her pastors, must protect their children.

Indeed, Zaffaroni has made no secret about being a long-standing supporter of the decriminalization of homosexual relationships along with opposing the criminalization of abortion.

Zaffaroni and Francis: Pachamama supporters

An interesting parallel between the Argentine Pope and the Argentine judge is their advocacy for Earth-centered ecology, including support for Pachamama. Pope Francis was infamously a participant at the 2019 Vatican event which saw Pachamama statues being worshiped in the Vatican Gardens. The statues of the Incan fertility goddess were then placed in a church just meters from the Vatican, before being thrown into the river by Catholic activist Alexander Tschugguel. Francis apologized to Amazon indigenous leaders for the statues’ being thrown into the river.

Zaffaroni is himself also a proponent of Pachamama idolatry. A 2017 article written by Pope Francis’ friend — the disgraced former Franciscan priest and liberation theologian Leonardo Boff — praised a book written by Zaffaroni entitled Pachamama and the Human Being. Boff argued the text was in the same spirit as Francis’ 2015 environmental encyclical Laudato Si’ and strongly defended animal rights against centuries of “human cruelty.”

The book also aligns with Francis’ 2020 text Fratelli Tutti, in that a concept of fraternity divorced from religion is proposed as the answer to the crises of humanity. “Only by substituting the knowledge of the dominus for the frater we can regain human dignity,” Zaffaroni wrote.

Zaffaroni and Argentine prostitution

But additional controversy has long surrounded the Argentinian judge. A 2011 investigation by Perfil found that numerous apartments he owned in Buenos Aires were being used for a lucrative prostitution business.

Zaffaroni denied being involved in the business, arguing that management of the property was handled by a real estate company and that he was a victim of a media campaign. Calls were subsequently made for Zaffaroni’s impeachment given he was serving as a judge on the nation’s supreme court at the time.

Then in 2013, Zaffaroni’s attorney Ricardo Montivero testified in court that it was he who had been managing the prostitution business, not Zaffaroni. Montivero paid a fine for the management of a brothel. Montivero’s fine was reportedly the minimum penalty for the offense and it did not lead to a criminal record.

For Just $83,140 per year, Princeton Will Train Your Son to Be a Drag Queen

For Just $83,140, Princeton Will Train Your Son to Be a Drag Queen
National Audubon Society video:
It costs a staggering $83,140 to send a student to Princeton University, and that’s just for one year. Four years of this august Ivy League school will set you back a cool $332,560, and just think: for that kind of money, you could have bought a brand-new Corvette convertible every year and had some spare change left over.

But Princeton has its benefits: you may not be able to tool around in the glorious sunshine with the wind blowing your hair back, but for all that dough, Princeton will take your thoughtful, intelligent son and turn him into a prancing, preening, children’s-innocence-stealing drag queen. And they will do that in just one year, in case you can’t afford all four. Hey, it’s worth $83,140 to get in step with the times, isn’t it?

The College Fix reported Thursday that Princeton has launched a “new ‘Drag University’ program” that purports to “train students in the ‘artform.’” Do parents send their children to Princeton for this? If there are any parents out there (and I’m sure there are, complete with peeling Bernie stickers on their Volvos) who would be pleased and proud, nay, thrilled, if their sons became drag queens), there are cheaper ways to accomplish this than plunking down $83,140 to get him or her or xer or whatever a degree from Princeton.

The Princeton drag queen training program is “open to all undergraduate and graduate students interested in the world of drag,” so students need not be concerned that they might be too young for it. There are no prerequisites or preliminary courses that enrollees have to take; they can go from zero to drag queen with just one course. No wonder Princeton charges so much.

The course goes for the entire “academic” year and covers a sweeping array of pressing issues that every young man who will be graduating from college and facing the future in the next few years needs to know, and know thoroughly. These include “the history of drag, ‘Sewing 101,’ choreography, face painting, photoshoots, and other topics,” as if all that wasn’t quite enough, thank you very much.

On the cutting edge as always, Princeton was actually offering scholarships for this course. An Instagram post stated: “Drag University is a new program housed under the mentorship pillar of the Gender + Sexuality Resource Center,” as anyone would expect. The Gender + Sexuality Resource Center describes itself as fostering “a supportive and inclusive campus community for women, femme, trans and queer Princetonians.”

In line with that mission, Princeton’s Drag University is a full-year program that will “teach about the history of drag, as well as the art form of drag. Sessions will be taught by local drag performers, on-campus partners who know their way around machines, and other students. This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students. The first 8 applicants who commit to the entire curriculum and attend orientation will get a scholarship to cover costs of supplies.”

Generous. This course, however, is so very much in line with the spirit of the age that all the scholarships were snapped up in the twinkling of an eye. The College Fix noted that “the form was updated this week to note: ‘At this time we have reached our capacity for our scholarships, but you are more than welcome to attend our workshops.’” That kind of invitation appears to be extended only to Princeton students, so you’re still in for the $83,140.

Related: While Using Drag Queens for Recruitment, Woke General Milley Hotly Denies That Military Is Woke

Considering that “pride” is the emblematic slogan and second-favorite deadly sin of the entire LGBTQETC movement, it would have been only natural for Princeton to be effusive and enthusiastic about its new Drag University and happy to respond to inquiries. However, when The College Fix reached out to university administrators, Princeton’s media affairs division, and the Gender + Sexuality Resource Center seeking information about “the number of students enrolled and what pool of money is being used to fund the scholarships,” all of them ignored the inquiries.

Surely they couldn’t have something to hide, could they? Surely they are just bursting with pride about their Drag University, and want all Princeton parents and alumni to know about it, don’t they? Don’t they? If not, why not? Could it be that somewhere underneath their dresses, exaggerated makeup, and wigs, Princeton administrators still have some understanding that this sort of “academic course” is deeply offensive on numerous levels and has no place in any decent university? Inconceivable!

While Using Drag Queens for Recruitment, Woke General Milley Hotly Denies That Military Is Woke

While Using Drag Queens for Recruitment, Woke General Milley Hotly Denies That Military Is Woke
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, Pool
The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark “Thoroughly Modern” Milley, who apparently wears a medal on his chest for every military disaster he’s overseen, bristles at claims that on his watch, the U.S. military has become woke, soft, and distracted from its actual purpose. The uber-woke general claims that he’s “not even sure what that word truly means” — that is, “woke” — and that the United States military is fearsome, powerful, and ready for anything. And it’s true, as long as the Chinese or Russians send an army of drag queens to confront us.

Milley insisted Sunday that “what I see is a military that’s exceptionally strong. It’s powerful; it’s ready. In fact, our readiness rates, the way we measure readiness, is better now than they’ve been in years.” This could be true, but how exactly do Milley and his woke henchmen measure readiness? After all, this is the same Milley who claimed that the Biden regime’s catastrophically botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that “there was an extensive amount of planning in this.”

If the withdrawal from Afghanistan took an extensive amount of planning, then for all we know, Milley could be measuring readiness by the number of drag queens featured in military recruitment videos. Milley could define readiness by the depth of the military’s understanding of “white rage,” as he told Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) in June 2021 while explaining his study of the bogus Jan. 6 “insurrection.” Milley declared: “I want to understand white rage, and I’m white, and I want to understand it. So what is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America? What caused that? I want to find that out.”

Evidently hoping that no one to whom he was speaking knew about the navy’s drag queen recruiter or his own previous remarks about “white rage” and the “insurrection,” Milley on Sunday claimed that “this military is a lot of things, but woke, it’s not. So I take exception to that. I think that people say those things for reasons that are their own reasons, but it’s not true. It’s not accurate. It’s not a broad-brush description of the U.S. military as it exists today.” It isn’t? Really?

Milley’s words would carry a great deal more weight were it not for the mountain of evidence that Milley’s military is far more interested in pushing the left’s insane social agenda than it is in actually winning wars. The lack of preparation for the withdrawal from Afghanistan was the biggest indication of this wrongheadedness, but there are plenty of others.

Most of them revolve around pushing the left’s fascination with depravity and perversion upon the military. In the summer of 2022, Joint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE)’s first “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Summer Festival,” featured (what else), a drag show. The festival, according to the Daily Wire, featured “a series of performances and speeches, including a poem on ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ and a drag show by Joshua Kelley, who performs under the moniker Harpy Daniels.” Harpy is the navy brass’ favorite sailor; he is also the drag queen they’ve decided to make the star of their recruitment videos.

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pointed out the obvious when he noted during one of his presidential campaign addresses that the military has been “infected by the woke mind virus,” and that the consequences of this couldn’t be more serious: “This is changing the character of the military, it’s changing the culture of our services, and it’s creating a situation in which great warriors have been driven away and recruiting is at an all-time low.”

That’s right. And that’s the military that Milley insists is exceptionally strong, powerful, and ready. Is the man stupid? No, he’s just woke. As far as Milley is concerned, the military is exceptionally strong, powerful, and ready because it’s gay-friendly, obsessed with drag queens, hostile to patriots, multiply vaccinated, and compliant in every other possible way with the left’s social agenda.

That agenda has nothing whatsoever to do with defending the country against its enemies, and so that simply isn’t a concern for Thoroughly Modern Milley and his woke cohorts. They have lived all their lives in a world in which America didn’t face serious military threats. This has rendered them complacent and willing to take risks with the military that no prudent or patriotic officer would even have considered. They assume there will be no consequences for their doing this. And we can only hope they’re right.

Trump’s Shocking Answer to ‘Can a Man Become a Woman?’~What Happens when a Presidential Candidate still has no biblical faith

Trump’s Shocking Answer to 'Can a Man Become a Woman?'
AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty
I have to admit, I was shocked when I first saw this clip.

There’s been a lot of talk about Trump’s recent interview on SiriusXM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show,” but his answer to what may have been one of the most important questions was so horrifying awful, I can’t even wrap my head around it.

During the interview, Megyn Kelly asked Trump a very simple question: “Can a man become a woman?”

Easy, right? The answer is “No, absolutely not.” It’s not complex or complicated. There’s no room for nuance, different points of view, or interpretation. A man cannot become a woman. A woman cannot become a man. There’s no gender spectrum, nor are there more than two genders.

Yet, in response to the easy question, Trump first replied with an “Ummmmmm,” then a chuckle, before saying, “In my opinion, you have a man, you have a woman. I think part of it is birth. Can the man give birth? No, although they’ll come up with some answer to that also someday. I heard just the other day they have a way that now the man can give birth. No, I would say I’ll continue my stance on that.”

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What kind of an answer is that? Look, the sad reality is that there is no middle ground on this issue. Trump may be strongly against the mutilation of children by the transgender cult, but it feels like Trump is trying to have it both ways on this transgender nonsense, and you just can’t.

Sure, he banned transgender people in the military and is against giving children puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones and such, but at the root of this issue isn’t merely whether or not a kid has the mental capacity to consent to transitioning, whether biological men should be able to play in women’s sports, or whether someone on hormones should be in the military. The root of this issue is the fundamental and basic question of whether a man can become a woman or vice versa. And if you even give the slightest hint that maybe “someday” it might be possible, then you legitimatize the transgender movement and the entire industry behind it. To make matters worse, Trump also referred to Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner by feminine pronouns.

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It’s a horrifyingly disappointing answer from Trump. You can watch the entire portion of the interview on the subject of gender here:

Member Of Anti-Catholic Drag Queen Group Arrested For Indecent Public Exposure

Member Of Anti-Catholic Drag Queen Group Arrested For Indecent Public Exposure

Members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
12:48 PM – Wednesday, September 13, 2023

SEE: https://www.oann.com/newsroom/member-of-anti-catholic-drag-queen-group-arrested-for-indecent-public-exposure/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

According to a sheriff’s office report that the press obtained this week, a prominent member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of primarily gay men who dress in drag and openly mock Catholics, was arrested in California last month for indecent exposure after it was alleged by witnesses that he openly masturbated in public for an hour.

After receiving a report of a man “exposing himself in the driver’s seat of a parked vehicle,” authorities detained 53-year-old Clinton Monroe Ellis-Gilmore at a seaside park, according to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office.

“According to numerous witnesses, Ellis-Gilmore had been at that location for approximately one hour, sitting in his truck with the door open, masturbating,” according to a sheriff’s report on the incident, which took place on August 12th at around 6:41 p.m. “The conduct does not appear to have been directed at anyone in particular.” 

In Loleta, California, at Table Bluff County Park, the arrest was made.

The park is described by Google reviews as “good for kids” and the location of “kid-friendly hikes.”

The press was able to obtain Ellis-Gilmore’s booking photo, which shows that he was shirtless when he was taken into custody.

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ decision to recognize the group during an LGBTQ “Pride” event garnered negative backlash for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

However, the group also gained the backing of many mainstream media outlets who supported the organization against those who said it was a perverse hate group, praising them for their “dedication to community service.”

The men typically dress as traditional nuns and use names that are sexually provocative while mocking Catholicism and Christianity.

A local Humboldt County website, The Lost Coast Populist, broke the news of Ellis-Gilmore’s original arrest. They discovered several of his previous social media posts and established the first connection between Ellis-Gilmore and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Ellis-Gilmore made no attempt to conceal what was happening in the park, according to Randy Fleek, a witness who spoke with the officers who conducted the arrest.

Fleek said that Ellis-Gilmore had parked two spaces away from his trailer, leaving the truck door wide open while putting his right leg up on the dashboard. He was also reportedly wearing no trousers, giving Fleek an open side view of Ellis-Gilmore “playing with himself.”

“Well this is f***ed up,” Fleek said, speaking of what he saw. “It’s obvious. You cannot help but see this guy, he’s not hiding it. He wants everyone to see what he’s doing.”

Throughout the hour, he said that vehicles pulled up to the parking area and left, some of them carrying young girls and boys who were passing by. Fleek said that he felt immense relief when the sheriff’s deputies came.

“There’s something wrong with that man. He’s got a weird f***ing desire to show off to the public, to anybody that wants to look at him,” Fleek said. “He puts himself in a position and in a spot that you can’t help but look at the son of a b****.”

The “popular” park, where many cars pass by to gaze at the ocean, added to the unsettling nature of what he saw.

“People do not pull in to view this sort of perverse behavior, they do so to see the ocean.”

He maintained that Ellis-Gilmore’s purported intentions were obvious.

The suspected public masturbator, Ellis-Gilmore, had long been involved with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in Eureka, California. According to social media posts, Ellis-Gilmore appears to go by numerous identities in the organization, including “Novice Sister Bethe Cockhim” and “Novice Sister Man Romeo.”

Ellis-Gilmore took part in a number of Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence activities, including a book reading at an elementary school where he read to kids while a man in a mock-nun costume and fishnet tights was also seen wearing a blonde wig.

“Yesterday sisters had the most magical time reading story books to the Peninsula elementary school kids in recognition of them Studying LGBT awareness month! Thanks for the honor!” a post from October 31st, 2018 read. 

Additionally, Ellis-Gilmore and the “sisters” have a history of posting sexually explicit statements on social media. Two sister members were shown clutching a fake penis in one of their posts, while Ellis-Gilmore displayed his nipple piercing and a cartoon “gay smurf” drawing with erections and pubic hair.

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Oklahoma School District Hires Drag Queen Principal

How Far Have We Fallen? School District Hires Drag Queen Principal

How Far Have We Fallen? School District Hires Drag Queen Principal
(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
There is a saying that states the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This is true, but it represents only one form of insanity. Most of the other types are exhibited on a daily basis by those radical leftists who claim to be woke when in reality they are anything but awake.

For instance, the Western Heights School District (WHSD) in Oklahoma City, Okla., in June of this year named a drag queen to be the principal of John Glenn Elementary School. I guess this is the woke method of honoring the first American in space.

Dr. Shane Murnan, a fifty-two-year-old gay man who moonlights as a drag queen who goes by the name Shantel Mandalay, has been placed in charge of elementary school students. The hiring has caused a huge backlash and rightly so. Any man who mocks women by dressing in outlandish costumes and flamboyantly conducts themselves in a sexually inappropriate manner, should not be in a position of authority around impressionable young children. For that matter, he should not be in a position of authority over any underage child or young adult.

Ryan Walters is the Superintendent of the State of Oklahoma. He has openly criticized the hiring, correctly calling it “insanity.” He went on to say, “It’s outrageous to have a drag queen running a school, you know, here in Oklahoma. That doesn’t line up with Oklahoma values. I hear from parents every day who are concerned with this woke left-wing indoctrination of schools, and this gender theory that continues to be thrust upon our kids. It’s completely inappropriate.”

In addition to his propensity to dress in drag, Murnan was also charged with child pornography twenty years ago, although those charges were dropped when the images could not be substantiated as minors.

The school district stated that they were aware of Murnan’s past charges, but still defended hiring him based on what they refer to as his great qualifications and outstanding reputation. A statement released by the school board said:

“Dr. Murnan has been serving the field of education for more than 25 years and has an outstanding reputation. He comes highly recommended by previous supervisors, colleagues, and educators. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, a Masters of Education in Educational Administration, and a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration. We welcome Dr. Murnan to Western Heights, and we are very excited about his vision for John Glenn and the community.”

WHSD Superintendent Brayden Savage released this statement:

“According to news reports at the time, those charges were dismissed by the court, and the record of the charges has been expunged. Since that time, Dr. Murnan has continued to be certified as an elementary school teacher and principal, including having his certificate renewed in April of 2023 and signed by State Superintendent Ryan Walters.”

At face value, his background appears impressive. However, the man works as a drag queen at a den of iniquity called The Boom. His vision for the school and community should be considered troublesome, as he has already conducted book readings at libraries dressed in drag.

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Walters, who we can only guess was not aware of Murnan’s history until this appointment, believes that this fits perfectly into the liberal left’s agenda.

“Their end goal is to absolutely break down a child’s mind, break down the classroom, break down the family, and you see the results that have come from this. They want kids to turn on their parents and only listen to their leftist ideology.”

He then continued, “And how do you do it?’ You start… breaking them apart and say, listen, you’re gender-fluid. Listen, you can change your pronouns… Look at the sexual material. When the kid takes it home and their parent is outraged by it, the kids turn on their parents.”

“This is absolutely trying to break down that family unit, so the kid is more susceptible to the most radical Marxist gender ideology we’ve ever seen, to pit groups of people against each other, and frankly, it’s to create Democrat voters.”

“No parent wants to send their kids to school knowing that they could be exposed to this radical gender theory in any capacity. This woke war on our kids has to stop. We will not allow it in Oklahoma. This is the liberal insanity that every parent wants out of the classroom.”

“We will not allow our kids to be part of their radical-left game for pushing ideology and furthering their end goal, which is creating social justice warriors instead of students that understand how education is a path to success for them. We will not allow it. This will stop.”

The real danger to this community is the people behind this hiring. Murnan only represents the empowered, self-righteous tool that they have implemented to advance their disgusting agenda.

Melissa Dougherty: Pronouns, the Gender Spectrum, and Truth With Dr. Doug Groothius

Today, I interviewed Dr. Groothuis about the craziness we see around us and what we can do about it. Dr. Groothuis holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy and is a Professor of Philosophy at Denver Seminary. He is the author of sixteen books and has also published over thirty academic articles in journals as well as dozens of pieces in publications. https://www.douglasgroothuis.com/

While Vets Wait for Care, VA Spends Millions on Transgenderism

While Vets Wait for Care, VA Spends Millions on Transgenderism

There’s money for transgender hormones, not cancer treatments.

SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/while-vets-wait-for-care-va-spends-millions-on-transgenderism/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

[Editor’s note: Make sure to read Daniel Greenfield’s masterpiece contributions in Jamie Glazov’s new book: Barack Obama’s True Legacy: How He Transformed America.]

The Veterans Affairs scandals that disgraced the Obama administration never went away. Instead, the VA has stonewalled groups like Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) who have been seeking information about wait times for veterans. It’s not that the VA doesn’t have the money to treat vets, but that the money continues to be wasted on radical woke agendas.

After a prolonged battle, Concerned Veterans for America uncovered documents showing that the VA has manipulated wait time numbers to misleadingly portray appointments a month and a half away as having a zero wait time. This is a continuation of the waiting lists scandal under the Obama administration a decade ago that we were told had been successfully resolved.

The Trump administration and a Republican Congress passed the VA Mission Act to allow veterans more access to health care outside the system, but the VA obstructed veterans from getting ‘community care’. Veterans who couldn’t get timely health care were warned against going outside the system and subjected to extra layers of obstruction by the VA bureaucracy.

The VA violated the VA Mission Act and its action likely led to illness and possibly deaths.

A USA Today investigation revealed that “VA administrators are overruling doctors’ judgments and preventing them from sending their patients outside the VA health care system.”

The VA’s goal is to keep veterans from leaving the system to save money.

While the VA can’t seem to care for veterans, it is busy offering transgender procedures that include hormones, pre-op evaluation, and post-op care. The VA handles everything from using the right pronouns to storing sperm and eggs, and even hair removal and fake breasts.

Veterans with cancer are not being treated in a timely manner, but those whose mental problems lead them to think that they’re really women are getting fast-tracked to castration.

Chris Beck, a former Navy SEAL who was turned into the poster boy for transgenderism, described being fast-tracked after an hour-long meeting at the VA.

Even while the VA was fighting efforts to track accurate wait times, VA Secretary Denis McDonough announced that he planned to offer castration and other gender mutilation surgeries. McDonough is not a doctor and had not served in the military, he was an Obama aide, part of the administration that was responsible for the original VA wait-time scandal.

As a reward, Biden appointed him to head the VA. “Be they veterans of color or LGBTQ+ veterans, our job is to get them all the service and the care that they’ve earned,” McDonough explained his priorities. What about veterans who aren’t members of a minority group? They don’t matter.

McDonough estimated that transgender surgeries might cost as much as $71 million. And he was eager to move forward even at a time when the VA was back to playing musical chairs with medical appointments and putting veterans through hell to save a few thousand here and there.

Within the active duty military health care system known as ‘Tricare’, personnel are being hit with 10% fee increases even as Tricare now covers hormones and offers waivers for “medically necessary gender affirming surgery”. There have been over 250 transgender surgical procedures which have cost millions of dollars and deprived genuinely sick people of care.

It’s not just active duty military personnel at risk of dangerous, unproven, and permanently damaging procedures and medications, but also their family members.

In the final year of the Obama administration, the doors were thrown open to “gender-affirming care” for vulnerable children and teens from military families resulting in a quadrupling of the number of patients: many of them teenage girls who are at the worst risk of being mutilated.

There were 500 children as young as 10 years old who were potentially subjected to indoctrination leading them to dangerous hormones and procedures that could destroy their lives.

Rather than fighting our enemies and healing our troops, the military health care system for both active duty personnel and veterans had been warped into serving woke sexual identity politics.

The Department of Defense even dedicated $1.1 million to studying prostate cancer in transgender ‘women’.

The DOD’s promotion of transgender indoctrination is particularly destructive during a time when active duty personnel and veterans are suffering record rates of suicide and mental illness. Pushing them toward an identity and its associated procedures that have been shown to increase, rather than decrease, symptoms of mental illness and suicide rates is unforgivable.

The Biden administration has made identity politics into its north star and disloyal military brass have put that agenda ahead of warfighting capabilities, military readiness, and the welfare of the troops. While there’s no money to provide cancer treatments for veterans at the VA, there’s plenty of money for hormones, fake breasts, and transgender counseling sessions.

Veterans may have to wait months for an appointment to treat urgent medical problems, but appointments for transgender counseling are fast-tracked as medically necessary. Active duty personnel are being hit with more Tricare fee hikes at a time when military salaries are not keeping up with the inflationary cost of living, but someone has to pay for the hormones.

Biden and his disloyal military brass have betrayed the country at every opportunity. They have lost wars, empowered enemies, and undermined America. They have taken the military hostage to promote abortion and they are killing active duty personnel and veterans through their obsession with transgender identity politics.

Our veterans and active-duty military personnel deserve the best. Instead, they and their families are being treated like guinea pigs for a social experiment being performed on the country.

Federal Judge Blocks Part of Georgia’s Law That Protects Kids From Transgender Treatment

Federal Judge Blocks Part of Georgia's Law That Protects Kids From Transgender Treatment

By Chris Queen 2:44 PM on August 21, 2023

SEE: https://pjmedia.com/columns/chris-queen/2023/08/21/federal-judge-blocks-part-of-georgias-law-that-protects-kids-from-transgender-treatment-n1720854;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Federal Judge Blocks Part of Georgia's Law That Protects Kids From Transgender Treatment
AP Photo/Armando Franca
This past spring, the Georgia General Assembly passed a law that was intended to protect kids from transgender treatment. The new law was a step in the right direction, but as is far too often the case, Georgia Republicans stopped just short of what the bill should have been.

And now a federal judge has issued an injunction blocking part of the law after two physicians groups sued to dismantle it. United States District Judge Sarah Geraghty “announced earlier this month that she needed to ‘take some additional time to make sure I get this right,'” according to Fox 5.

“According to the court document, the motion was granted to halt part of the law until a trial can determine whether or not it is constitutional,” reports WSB Radio. However, the injunction only affects part of the law.

“The ban on surgery is still in place,” the WSB report continues. “The injunction only stops the law from preventing hormone therapy for transgender kids.”

The lawsuit states that the law, which took effect on July 1, undermines parents’ ability to make the right medical decisions for their kids and “singles out transgender minors for the denial of essential medical care.”

“It interferes with a parent’s right to govern their children’s medical care, for one, which is a pretty substantial right,” Ed Buckley, one of the attorneys involved in the suit, told WSB.

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“This law unapologetically targets transgender minors and denies them essential health care,” read a statement from attorneys representing the plaintiffs. “The ruling restores parents’ rights to make medical decisions that are in their child’s best interest, including hormone therapy for their transgender children when needed for them to thrive and be healthy.”

Supporters of the bill maintain that the law is intended to save children from unnecessary medical treatments. State Sen. Carden Summers (R-District 13), who wrote the original bill, said, “We’re just trying to protect the children. That was the bill’s intent, and that’s where we’re at.”

“It’s major judicial overreach based on a false ideology,” Cole Muzio of Frontline Policy Council said of the ruling in a statement to PJ Media. “While Georgia’s SB 140 is both weak and poorly constructed, there is nothing unconstitutional about it.”

The left is fond of the old saying that “It takes a village to raise a child.” These days, it takes a movement to save kids from the harm that the left wants to do to these precious young souls.

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Gavin Newsom’s Latest Attack on California Parents Is Pure, Unalloyed Evil

Gavin Newsom's Latest Attack on California Parents Is Pure, Unalloyed Evil
AP Photo/Susan Walsh
What’s happening right now to California parents is no fairy tale; it’s a damned nightmare. The story goes something like this. Once upon a time, parents possessed natural parental rights due to the legal and biological bond with their offspring. Then the big, bad state wolf came for their parental rights, and by the end of this story, in true “Grimm’s Fairy Tale” fashion, the state plans to throw the parents into the oven and then eat the kids. It is little wonder that California Sen. Scott Wilk (R-21st district) warned during a public hearing, “If you love your children, you need to flee California.”

Nowhere is this evil more clear than in the way the state has gone after the Chino Valley Unified School District’s school board for having the audacity to support parents’ right to know if their children are being thunderstruck by the left’s latest social contagion: transgenderism.

California’s governor and Attorney General Rob Bonta are wielding their legal hammer and sickle to cleave children from their parents in the name of “civil rights.” Bonta sent a letter to the Chino Valley Unified School District on Friday to threaten that district’s school board with a “civil rights investigation” if it doesn’t walk back its recent policy to tell parents if their child is having weird ideations like if they think they were born in the wrong body.

If you want to see a discussion by a real psychiatrist who treats children and their families, watch my interview on my Adult in the Room Podcast with Dr. Miriam Grossman below. Grossman, the author of “Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness,” tells me that there are generally two groups of people who make up the overwhelming number of transgenders. Older men, who derive sexual pleasure from dressing as a female, and people who have known they were gender confused from their earliest memories.

But all of a sudden young teenagers, mostly girls, who are egged on by peer groups and Dr. TikTok are the fastest-growing group of people who claim they were born in the wrong body. Strange timing, isn’t it, when the left’s political cause of the moment and a civil rights issue of our time cross streams? This 2024 election-year wedge issue will garner votes to be sure, but guess what’s getting disappeared? Parents.

It’s imperative to note that this all-out attempt to big foot local school board relies on a child’s self-diagnosisIt’s no coincidence that this self-diagnosis is helped along by their peer groups and the aforementioned and esteemed Dr. TikTok. You’d think these people who call themselves educators would recognize this sick fad for what it is, but apparently, they can’t get enough of monetizable dumb ideas.

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Both Newson and Bonta are tossing bean balls at the heads of school board members who don’t adhere to the church of the left’s tenets of beliefs. Those beliefs have been rearranged recently with transgenderism now eclipsing global warming “we’re all gonna die” predictions from these “educators” and that scowling foreign teenage girl. Speaking of which, kids on the autism spectrum are far more likely to be coaxed into believing they’re transgender for a variety of reasons.

Bonta’s letter is surreal for the way it presumes to subsume parents with the state as if they have no business knowing if their kid is so mentally ill that he or she thinks they’re now a she or a he.

Bonta proudly announces that he is “opening a civil rights investigation into potential legal violations by the Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) [emphasis added].” Bonta is the attorney general, so you’d think a guy with that title would know if there’s a civil rights violation going on here, but that’s not his real message. Instead, he wants to conduct a rectal exam on the board and hopes members capitulate now.

The AG goes on to say that the policy of informing parents if their children want different pronouns, use the opposite sex bathroom, or have considered self-harm or suicide is “outing” the child and should be protected by state law. Because the unwritten part of his letter hints that the state cares more about your child and his/her mental problems than you do, Mom and Dad.

Doubt me? The next line states, “…even if such disclosure is against the student’s wishes or could expose a student to parental abuse or increase their risk of self-harm or suicide” [emphasis added]. Imagine that, Mom and Dad; you might do something against your “student’s wishes” like take them to a psychiatrist to find out why they hate themselves. The state, however, will stand with the child, based on the child’s self-diagnosis, against the parents who have known the child for his or her entire life.

It might be helpful to point out here that most teenagers who are part of this fad of the moment already have preexisting mental issues, such as eating disorders, and many, sadly, have suicidal ideations before they’ve glommed onto transgenderism. Yet the state uses this psychological blackmail against parents to shut them up.

The Chino Unified School District board isn’t shutting up.

Newsom even green-lighted his Education Secretary, Tony Thurmond, to go to Chino and pound on the podium in hopes of intimidating the board into icing parents out of crucial information about their own children.

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He was cut off when his time to speak came to an end.

When he refused to leave the podium, he was escorted out of the building.

Board president Sonja Shaw was elected after she grew angry over Newsom and the schools’ mask mandate and other COVID-19 regulations. Now, she says that she, her kids, and even her animals are receiving death threats.

Death threats have come from crazy Berkeley lefties who don’t live in the district. Other death wishers are from out of state. They’re all leftists. This full-court press of intimidation from Newsom, his AG, and his schools chief has also popped up in another school district as I reported in a West Coast, Messed Coast™ report.

Watch them. This is the Gavin Newsom plan of intimidation he would take to the White House if Joe Biden is ousted.

Did you hear? Joe Buy-den and his minions pressured Facebook to censor conservative websites because they didn’t like the way they reported the news. Seriously. Facebook censored true information about COVID to pacify the Biden Administration.

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Trans Activists Scream in the Faces of Little Girls Who Attended Bill Signing in Texas

Trans Activists Scream in the Faces of Little Girls Who Attended Bill Signing in Texas
Twitter / Independent Women's Voice
About 250 transgender activists showed up at the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame at Texas Woman’s University in Denton as Gov. Greg Abbott signed the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” which would limit transgender athletes from competing in most women’s college sports.

In attendance was former NCAA swimming champion Riley Gaines, who has become a fierce opponent of allowing transgender women to compete against biological women. A group of little girls — some as young as five — also showed up to witness the historic bill signing.

The transgender activists accosted those in attendance, getting in their faces and, in at least one instance, throwing water on Independent Women’s Network’s Austin chapter leader Michelle Evans, who told Fox News that the best word to describe the protesters was “rabid.”

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Gaines also shared her observations of the protest.

“Even in the great state of [Texas], protestors have tried to find a way to smear the celebration of Governor Abbott signing SB 15 which protects female collegiate athletics. But they can’t,” Gaines, host of OutKick podcast “Gaines for Girls,” told Fox News Digital in a statement.

“Today is a huge win and Gov. Abbott’s leadership is foundational and I’m hopeful more states will follow suit.”

Speaking of the protest, Gaines continued, “Bottles are being thrown, protestors are spitting in people’s faces, profanity is being yelled at children. Law enforcement has stepped in and provided protection.”

Former University of Pennsylvania swimmer, Paula Scanlan, shared on social media that protesters blocked the exits and were “spitting and yelling.”

Abbott issued a statement about the protesters:

How will they explain to Riley and Paula and to other women how they have been marginalized? They’re the ones who went through the training, not the protesters out there. They devoted their lives, working harder probably than anybody in this room. Longer days, longer nights, sacrificing so much to achieve a goal, only to have the goal erased by being forced to compete against a man.

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Incredibly, this CBS report on the demonstration lionized the protesters and didn’t even mention the screaming, cursing, spitting, and unhinged demonstrators.

Amid chants of “protect trans lives,” dozens of people—including members of the LGBTQ community—stood outside Texas Woman’s University with a message for Governor Greg Abbott about the new state law requiring athletes at public colleges and universities to compete on teams the same as their biological sex.

“I think he needs to realize trans people are people, trans Texans are Texans, and his legislation is supposed to protect Texans. But he’s not protecting trans people, he’s hurting trans people,” said one student named Eliot.

Abbott believes more needs to be done to protect the rights of biological women.

“Sports is the tip of the iceberg, but the iceberg is much bigger than people are giving it credit for,” he said.

LGBT ideology in school is getting diverse

By Dan Delzell, Christian Post Contributor

SEE: https://www.christianpost.com/voices/lgbt-ideology-in-school-is-getting-diverse.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.


America is adrift today as God's design for gender, marriage and sexuality is often ignored and even cast aside in favor of a counterfeit approach. The Word of God is our only anchor in the midst of the cultural storm. When people “exchange the truth of God for a lie” (Romans 1:25), they become terribly disoriented.

LGBT ideology has created even bigger headaches in our nation’s public schools than in the boardrooms of Bud Light and Target. And in case youhaven’t noticed, a growing number of parents are speaking up and exercising their rights regarding the education of their children. Thankfully, many states are stepping up to protect the hearts and minds of unsuspecting children and teens in public schools.

For example, the Florida Board of Education has “approved a ban on classroom instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity in all grades (K-12), expanding the law that bans those lessons up to grade 3.” This clearly seems to be the educational approach the majority of parents in our country desire for their children.

Alternatively, Connecticut’s first LGBT-centered school is scheduled to open later this year. Patricia Nicolari plans to open this private school as an institution that “fosters a queer-friendly environment.” PROUD Academy is the first such school in Connecticut, and the fifth in the nation. 

Millions of parents believe that LGBT indoctrination in public schools is a serious threat to their child’s education and peace of mind, while other parents want their children in a classroom where LGBT ideology is central to the curriculum. The majority of Americans agree that public schools are not the place for such inappropriate instruction. 

Naturally, many Americans saw the storm approaching long before the drag queen story hours in public libraries and the recent Bud Light and Target debacles. 

In a 2018 CP op-ed titled, “Will America’s Public Grade Schools Become Transgender Mills?”, I wrote, “It’s possible to reject the (transgender) movement while remaining sensitive and helpful toward those who experience gender dysphoria.”

“Parents do not send their children to school to get indoctrinated with gender myths that contradict biology and human anatomy. Young people face enough fear and anxiety in our world today without their grade school teachers frightening them with stories of transgender experiments on children.”

The LGBT activist agenda sure feels like a religion in America today. President Ulysses S. Grant stated, “Leave the matter of religion to the family altar, the Church, and the private school, supported entirely by private contributions. Keep the Church and state forever separate.”

PROUD Academy will offer students what certain parents want for their children, while Florida’s Board of Education has given parents in Florida the safe space they desire for their children. America is a land of options where parents across the ideological spectrum have a variety of convictions about what they believe is best for their children.

And with a mental health crisis afflicting so many young people today, many parents are being especially vigilant concerning the instruction their children receive at school. As LGBT activists continue to add more letters to their acronyms and more pronouns to their agenda, parents deserve and reserve the right to decide how and when they will address such weighty issues with their own children at home.

PROUD Academy articulates a clear vision for its curriculum and for after-school programs that align with its perspective on human sexuality and gender. 

Now compare that upfront approach to what developed recently in Colorado, where some families sued the school district for encouraging girls to join a “secret” LGBT club. The secrecy surrounding this after-school club is deeply troubling, especially since the students were told they would be attending an “art club” and that it would be OK to lie to their parents about the club meetings. Many discerning parents recognize and identify such deceitful tactics as “grooming.” 

Meanwhile, Florida is leading the way in truthfulness and transparency regarding their educational agenda. 

As Florida Rep. Chase Tramont said, “In the image of God, he created them. Male and female, he created them. Folks this is rock solid, irreversible, validated by science and our medical community. Period. You are either male or female. This is not subject to one’s opinion. It is demonstrable fact.”

Since millions of Americans agree with Rep. Tramont, we will continue to see state legislatures across the country working to protect the mental health of children and the God-given rights of parents. 

A relatively small number of parents want LGBT ideology instilled in their children. Even though they are in the minority, they are nevertheless free to establish their own private schools. After all, this is America. 

Which would you prefer for your family ... the State Board of Education’s approach in Florida, or PROUD Academy’s approach in Connecticut? 

Whether you choose public school, private school, or homeschooling for your children, the educational path you select for them carries greater consequences today than ever before.

Dan Delzell is the pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Papillion, Nebraska. 

Chicago Public Schools Employee Fired for Objecting to Student Drag Show

Chicago Public Schools Employee Fired for Objecting to Student Drag Show

An assistant principal accused her of not supporting “equal opportunity.”

SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/chicago-public-schools-employee-fired-for-objecting-to-student-drag-show/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Disney II Magnet Elementary and High School is a public school located in Chicago, Illinois. Its website proudly boasts the motto “A place to learn, discover, and do.” But not, apparently, to dissent.

An engineer who worked for the Chicago Public Schools reports that she was summarily fired from her position at the school after she raised concerns about a student-produced Drag show that was sponsored by the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club.

According to the engineer, who spoke anonymously with Libs of TikTok, a flurry of posters had gone up around the school’s campus urging students in grades 7-12 to join a “Drag & Talent Show.” Concerned that such a performance might be inappropriate for underage students, the engineer voiced her concerns to a school security guard, stating “I can’t get on board with that,” referring to the poster.

Assistant school principal Matt Fasana overheard this private conversation and immediately asked her to explain. When the engineer expressed her reservations about a drag show being an appropriate event for middle and high school students to take part in, the assistant principal accused her of not supporting “equal opportunity.”  The engineer responded, “I am for equal opportunity. I just don’t think that drag is equal opportunity.”

Despite her legitimate concerns about the drag show, the engineer was eager to maintain a positive relationship with the assistant principal and so later apologized for her tone, again explaining that she was just concerned about the safety of the students. But apparently, the die had already been cast. Just a few hours later, the engineer was informed that she was being placed on paid leave. One week later, after a brief meeting with Eco-Alpha, the company that manages her and contracts her to the Chicago Public Schools, the engineer was told she was officially being terminated, allegedly for “disciplinary actions.”

Unwilling to stand for such blatant discrimination for her views on safeguarding children, the engineer hired a lawyer and pressed for further answers, filing a grievance complaint.

“In the Chicago Public Schools training videos, it says ‘If you see something, say something,’” the employee explained in her grievance letter. “I felt with the training I received from CPS, I was supposed to say something. How was I going to work somewhere where the safety of myself, students, and staff wasn’t taken into consideration?”

The engineer explained to Libs of TikTok that this wasn’t her first experience being exposed to transgender ideology or inappropriate material while working at the school. During her training period, she was required to watch a video featuring a 13-year-old transgender student who is dressed in fishnet stockings and lingerie.

After filing her grievance complaint, the engineer received a second letter from her employer, changing the alleged reason for her termination. This second letter claimed that she “knowingly and repeatedly made discriminatory statements” in violation of her employer’s Code of Conduct—an obvious reference to her privately-voiced concerns about a student-led drag show.

Ironically, the engineer notes that after her termination, she “found out the posters were taken down and at a later date the show was cancelled.”

“If there weren’t safety and security issues that I acknowledged, why would the posters be taken down and the talent show cancelled?” she asked. Chicago Public Schools has not so far deigned to give her an answer.

Oregon Clinic Drops Woman Battling Breast Cancer Over ‘Transphobia’

Oregon Clinic Drops Woman Battling Breast Cancer Over 'Transphobia'
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin
Marlene Barbera is an Oregon resident who is fighting breast cancer. Until recently, she was a patient at the Richmond Family Medicine Clinic in Portland and was scheduled for a mastectomy. She will now be forced to seek treatment elsewhere—if that is even an option for her.

In the health care system, doctors can “fire” an uncooperative patient for things such as a lengthy pattern of non-compliance with their treatments or because they repeatedly fail to pay their bills. It has to be a longstanding situation and it has to be willful. Patients cannot be fired simply because they happen to be forgetful or sloppy about their finances. It does not happen often, but it is an option in extreme circumstances. That being said, political views are not a reason for releasing a patient from care. But that is what happened to Barbera.

According to an article in Reduxx, Barbera noticed a trans pride flag in the reception room of the clinic. She is what is known as “gender critical.” This means she rejects the notions of gender identity. She contacted her doctor via the medical app MyChart, stating:

I have been threatened on Twitter by trans activists with rape and death — so it is daunting to go for medical treatment with that banner proclaiming that what I am, an adult human female, is a mere opt-in category for any gender non-conforming male and not a reality. May I please have a telephone appointment to discuss how I may access your medical care without walking under a banner that seeks to negate all I am?

Barbera was under the impression that the message would be a private one between her and her doctor. However, the clinic staff saw her comments. The doctor, who had been her primary care provider for 12 years and had also treated members of her family, refused to remove the flag.

Barbera subsequently tried to leave a message for the doctor about a blood test and talked with someone in the office:

The person insisted I make an appointment. I have breast cancer and consequently an abundance of medical appointments so I did not want to do that. They got frustrated with my ‘non-compliance’ and hung up on me. Thinking it might have been in error, I called back. I was told I was “not allowed” and that I must speak to the previous person who had hung up on me. I declined as things hadn’t gone well the first time…I asked, guessing “did I hurt the trans person’s feelings?” And the receptionist took offense to the question, asking “what did you say” slowly and with great emphasis.

Not long after, Barbera received a MyChart message from Oregon Health Science University Practice Manager Stein Berger. She was informed that Richmond is an “all-inclusive clinic and we value and advocate for diversity.” She was also told that her “transphobic” remarks were “harmful” to the staff. Later that day, she got an email from the clinic stating in part:

Effective immediately, you are discharged from receiving medical care at the Richmond Family Medicine Clinic. This action is being taken because of ongoing disrespectful and hurtful remarks about our LGBTQ community and staff … Please note that you are also now dismissed from all OHSU Family Medicine clinics, including Immediate Care clinics.

Her access to services ended on July 29. She told Reduxx that she has nowhere else to go. But she also said:

Gender ideology is a religion. I do not subscribe to that religion. I would not force anyone to pray the rosary with me. The trans movement says a man is allowed to define being a woman by way of his feelings but that a woman is not allowed to define being a woman by way of her material reality. So really, it is a men’s rights movement. Dangerous to women and children.

The most chilling facet of this situation is that the clinic is more than willing to hand Barbera a potential death sentence over a difference of opinion. The second-most chilling facet is that this situation was not created as a result of a law, policy, or practice of a federal, state, or municipal agency. This was done at the discretion of the Oregon Health Science University, which did not like Barbera’s views on gender.

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There will be those on the Left and in the trans movement who will say that this is nothing more than rough justice and karma for Creative LLC et al. v. Elenis et al.  Those people would do well to remember that we are not talking about wedding cakes or websites. There is no end of companies and people who would be more than happy to fill those requests. We are talking about human life and a physician’s duty to preserve it. Furthermore, if somehow the positions were reversed, OHSU and the Richmond Clinic would feel the full force and wrath of every applicable government agency and available activist.

Hopefully, these thoughts will not be lost on you, dear reader. They will be lost on the trans movement and its allies, who are concerned solely with themselves and for whom no one else exists. They claim to be perpetual victims and to embrace love. But they are willing to risk letting someone die. In the pursuit of their chosen genders, they have lost their humanity—in more ways than one.

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