Truckers For Trump! The Boycott of New York City! | Explained and Analyzed

Discover the intricacies of the Truckers for Trump movement as we delve into their nationwide boycott against New York City. In this video, we break down the reasons behind the boycott, examining the protest against what's perceived as a witch hunt targeting Donald Trump. Explore the impact, motivation, and implications of this significant protest action. Join us as we analyze the dynamics of this movement and its broader context within the political landscape. Don't miss out on understanding this crucial moment in contemporary politics!

Judge Engoron Bans Trump From Doing Business In N.Y. For 3 Years, Must Pay More Than $354M

Judge Arthur Engoron attends the closing arguments in the Trump Organization civil fraud trial at New York State Supreme Court in the Manhattan borough of New York City, January 11, 2024. Trump's legal team will deliver closing arguments January 11 in the fraud case after the judge barred the former president from using the trial finale as an election campaign grandstand. (Photo by SHANNON STAPLETON / POOL / AFP) (Photo by SHANNON STAPLETON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Judge Arthur Engoron attends the closing arguments in the Trump Organization civil fraud trial at New York State Supreme Court in the Manhattan borough of New York City, January 11, 2024. (Photo by SHANNON STAPLETON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Sophia Flores
UPDATED 12:47 PM – Friday, February 16, 2024

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes: 

Judge Arthur Engoron heard deliberations and made his final say in the New York courtroom, declaring that 45th President Donald J. Trump is liable, an expected decision by the liberal judge.  

The Friday verdict, which was revealed in a 92-page ruling, stated that Trump has to pay at least $354 million in the civil fraud trial.

Additionally, Trump is banned from conducting business in New York and serving as an officer or director at any New York corporation or legal entity for three years.

Trump and the Trump Organization is also banned from applying for loans from any financial institution registered with the New York Department of Financial Services for three years.

Additionally, Trump’s two adult sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr., are ordered to pay $4 million each for what Judge Engoron referred to as “personal profits from the fraud.” The court similarly banned the two from serving as an officer or director of any New York corporation or other legal entity for two years.

Former Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg was fined $1 million.

This trial was initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James. James accused Trump, his two adult sons, and his top executives of inflating the Trump organization’s net worth in order to gain financial perks, such as better loans from banks.  

When James first sued Trump in the fall of 2022, she asked the judge to penalize Trump $250 million for “inflating his net worth in order to retain better loans.” However, her number later rose to $370 million in January, as she believed that throughout the trial, “he gained all of his money unlawfully.”

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If Biden is too senile to be charged, is he too senile to be President?

Lidia Curanaj on Biden: How is he fit to be the President?

Lidia Curanaj comments on President Joe Biden's press conference where he made several gaffes regarding his memory, she comments on the media's defense and new polls indicating most Americans are concerned over his mental fitness and more on NEWSMAX'S "Sunday Agenda"

Christian UPS driver takes on the corporation over extreme LGBT and anti-Christian work environment.

Confronted pro-LGBT Teamsters Union that was supposed to help him.

Filed multiple grievances with UPS, the union, and federal agencies EEOC & NLRB.

We need more like him across America.

February 7, 2024
When employees are at work in UPS facilities during Pride month, this is what is broadcast up above them.

As we all have seen, corporate America has become militantly pro-LGBT and anti-Christian over the past few decades. Unfortunately, most pro-family people who work for these companies have become too frightened (or compromised) to complain, much less fight for their rights.

This is the story of one man who decided he wouldn’t take it anymore, and fought back all the way to the top.

James Earls has worked at UPS for 35 years and is a devout Christian. He has received some of UPS’s highest awards for safety and loyalty. He is a driver of a large UPS “feeder truck.” He lives in Alabama and is represented by Teamsters Local 402. He recently brought the details of his efforts to MassResistance.

James with his awards from UPS for loyalty and safety.

When most people think of anti-Christian and pro-LGBT companies, they think of Target, Amazon, Bank of America, the NFL, Delta Airlines, etc. But UPS is right up there with them. If you work there, you’re bombarded by the “woke” propaganda. However, since UPS is mostly not a “retail” operation, its huge support for anti-family causes is mostly hidden from view, so the public rarely sees that side of the company.

“Pride Month” at UPS

During the celebration of Gay Pride Month a few years ago, James entered the UPS facility in Madison, Alabama. UPS was showing its support and dedication to the LGBT movement by broadcasting images on all its large hanging TV monitors in various workstations, on its social media sites, and on the employee training computers throughout the building. If employees wanted to check on their benefits, paycheck, retirement funds, and other HR related information, they had no choice but to navigate through the images promoting LGBT pride.

When employees log into their UPS portal, they get the constant propaganda.

In addition:

  • The UPS website featured several stories about “transgender” UPS employees who had undergone their “transition” procedures, and the company was actively promoting that agenda.
  • "Transgenders" get celebrated at UPS for "authenticity."
  • UPS runs an in-house Pride Alliance Business Resource Group to elevate LGBT employees within the company and fund their participation in LGBT events across the country.
  • Over the past two years the UPS Foundation has donated $1.2 million to advance the LGBT movement globally, including huge donations to the staunchly anti-Christian LGBT Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and StartOut. UPS proudly brags that HRC names UPS as one of the “best places to work for LGBTQ+ equality.”
  • In 2022, UPSers volunteered nearly 10,000 hours to support the LGBTQ+ community.
  • UPS partners with the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce to fund and support “certified LGBTQ+ businesses” across America

But most disturbing, James told us, “I discovered a link to a company that UPS had partnered with and was promoting called That site sold homosexual merchandise from a print-on-demand business site, On their website, they sold sickening, blasphemous items, including shirts that depicted Jesus Christ as a radical homosexual who seeks sex with men.”

Shirt for sale to UPS employees.
... and these magnets.
Various fetish flags for UPS employees to order.

UPS support for other horrible causes

James started looking closely at UPS’s other activities, and things looked even worse.

UPS is heavily invested in “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity” (DEI) throughout the company. It has created an internal Equity, Justice & Action Task Force to deal with “unconscious bias” among employees. The company president commissioned an enterprise-wide salary review to support “pay equity” based on race and other factors.

UPS’s charitable arm has funded Planned Parenthood in several states, numerous far-left churches (including a “gay” Catholic group), Black Lives Matter, the ACLU, SIECUS (which pushes radical sex ed in public schools), and other anti-Christian and anti-American causes.

UPS is also a partner of the World Economic Forum and agrees with its “climate crisis” outlook.

All of this reveals UPS management’s orchestration of a frighteningly hostile climate of discrimination against Christians, conservative Americans, and white males in general that everyone (except James) was afraid to address.

UPS claims to support its employees’ civil rights

Interestingly, UPS has numerous company-wide policies that purport to protect its employees’ civil rights. But they’re basically just a smokescreen for doing the opposite.

For example, the company states that it supports the United Nations’ “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights,” which strictly guarantee “social and cultural freedom,” and the right to be treated “with dignity and without discrimination” regarding religion and sex.

There are also “Zero Tolerance” postings in UPS buildings which state: “Don’t display offensive language, symbols or images on your personal belongings or on company property ... If you experience discrimination, sexual or racial misconduct, use our Open Door Policy to raise issues with your management team.”

So James fights back!

The company was clearly breaking its own rules, particularly during “Pride Month.” Someone needed the guts to test UPS’s obvious hypocrisy. James had had enough. And he wasn’t afraid. He decided to formally complain and demand UPS follow its own rules – through whatever manner he could find.

1. Contacting officials. As James told us, “To bring resolution to this with no further unpleasantries, I first tried to use UPS’s Open Door Policy and contacted UPS’s CEO, Carol Tomé, along with local Teamsters 402 General President Sean O’Brien about these issues.” But nothing came of that.

2. Filing grievances through the union. Since he was represented by the Teamsters Union Local 402, he filed four separate grievances through them, as laid out in the company’s collective bargaining agreement, directly addressing various aspects of the problem.

Unfortunately (as many of us know), the Teamsters long ago embraced the LGBT agenda and other leftist, anti-American ideologies. When the formal hearing for James’s grievances took place – with a room full of representatives from the UPS and the union – James was shocked. Not only did the union not advocate for him, but they treated him with hostility, as did the UPS representatives there. One union rep nastily said to James at the hearing, “If working at UPS was so bad, why continue to work there?” James lashed back at him. As he told us:

It got ugly real quick. I told him that I had a right to work in a hostile-free environment just as much as their beloved homosexual employees did. I told him that I have a right to work there and that I want to work in a place that is free from this hatred towards Christian employees.

Unfortunately, this is the face of the Teamsters Union these days.

Not surprisingly, James later received a letter from the union telling him that all of his grievances were denied.

But James really got their attention like no other employee had! He stood up and clearly presented his evidence for all the grievances, describing in detail what UPS was doing to its employees – to the stone faces of the union and company officials.

3. Formal NLRB complaint against the union.  A few days after receiving the letter from the union denying his grievances, James filed a formal complaint with the National Labor Relations Board against the Teamsters Union. He cited the hostility towards him by his union at the hearing, and their inappropriate behavior which clearly showed that he was not being fairly represented. The NLRB acknowledged receiving the complaint but ultimately took no action, though surely the union was made aware of it.

4. Formal complaint filed with federal EEOC. The day after James filed the NLRB complaint, James filed a discrimination complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). He cited Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which bans religious discrimination in the workplace. He described how UPS is maintaining a hostile workplace by promoting the homosexual culture and images that mock the Christian faith – but denies equal time for Christian culture and imagery anywhere at the company. Similarly, the EEOC acknowledged receiving the complaint but took no action, though surely UPS was made aware of it.

Here’s the result …

Moving a massive worldwide corporation like UPS is too big a task for one man. But James did make a difference. The website link to the disgusting anti-Christian LGBT merchandise and pride event calendar was taken down and has not re-appeared.

And James has not suffered any retribution from anyone at the company, in any form. They obviously know that he means business and will never back down!

Final thoughts

A big reason why we all suffer from the corporate promotion of perversion is that too many employees are afraid to stand up for what’s right. America needs more men like James Earls!

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Jackpot! Muslim Woman in Tennessee Gets $100,000

Can you guess for what?

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes: 

There are several ways to get rich in Old Joe Biden’s America. Among the most notable are winning an elected office, being the son of a major elected official, and being part of one of the left’s protected victim groups who can make a case for having been the victim of discrimination. That last one is why a woman in Tennessee, Sophia Johnston, is $100,000 richer today.

Of course, another feature of Old Joe Biden’s America is that $100,000 today amounts to only $14,474 in 1973 dollars, 1973 being the year Old Joe entered the Senate and began working for a better deal for the common man. So it cannot be said that winning her discrimination case has made Sophia Johnston rich, but still, $100,000 even in 2024 dollars is a nice chunk of change to get just for winning the victimhood jackpot.

The Nashville Tennessean reported Monday that Johnston “has reached a settlement with Rutherford County and members of the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office after she was forced to remove her hijab for a booking photo at the Rutherford County Detention Center in late August.” Johnston claimed that “the forced removal of her religious covering for a minor — and since dismissed — criminal booking violated her First Amendment right to practice her religion without interference.”

Even worse, Johnston contended, it was obscene. The Miami Herald reported in August 2023 that “forcing an observant Muslim woman to remove her hijab in front of men who are not family is ‘humiliating and degrading,’ according to the lawsuit, which likened doing so to making a woman remove her shirt in public.”

The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office folded easily in the face of the prospect of being accused of “Islamophobia”: “As part of the settlement, the county agreed to update its booking and jail policies to accommodate religious attire, delete Johnston’s booking photos and all video footage in which she was depicted without wearing her hijab, and pay her $100,000.” What? No all-expenses-paid vacation in an Islamic holy city of her choice? No valet service? What kind of a settlement is this?

A lucrative one. Daniel Horwitz, the chief of Johnston’s legal team, crowed: “This is a historic win for Ms. Johnston and her entire religious community. Citizens have the right to practice their religion without unreasonable governmental interference, and we are proud to have vindicated Ms. Johnston’s rights and secured permanent policy changes that will prevent violations like this from recurring. Every government agency in Tennessee should take notice.”

This was indeed “a historic win for Ms. Johnston and her entire religious community,” but it’s a loss for the safety and security of the people in Rutherford County. The reason why Muslim women are asked to remove their hijab for booking photos is because something could be concealed within it, including a weapon, and to enable more precise identification. But all that goes out the window when Muslim groups play the “Islamophobia” card.

The updated booking policy states that “arrestees and citation recipients are not required to remove religious head coverings for booking photos as long as the view of the face and profile are not obstructed by religious attire.” Great. Knives, drugs, and who knows what else could be hidden in there, but who cares? To maintain such concerns would be “Islamophobic.”

Johnston was understandably happy after her victory, saying: “I’m extremely grateful (for the results. It wasn’t just for me. It was something that I wanted to make sure I did for you all.… It feels like I’m not just a voice just for myself, (but rather) a voice to all religions to let them know that it’s okay to practice religion, to stand up for your rights and hopefully empower others to do the same thing.”

That’s marvelous. She is indeed a voice not just for herself, but for everyone who is aiding and abetting the breakdown of common-sense safety standards all over the country in the name of “equity” and the avoidance of “discrimination.” The next time someone conceals a weapon in headgear and attacks someone in a police station, Sophia Johnston and Daniel Horwitz should get a personalized thank-you card from the victim (or victims).

Johnston adds: “I just remember being feeling alone,” she said. “It took me through a lot of changes — a lot of PTSD even afterwards. I just felt like my rights were being violated in the worst way. … I’ve never done anything wrong in my life. So it was very different for me. And then having gotten to the point where my hijab had to be removed and everything, it was very scary for me.”

I’m so very sorry. But why should others now be endangered to make up for this unsettling experience?

International Court of Justice Ruling: Despite the Hectoring Rhetoric, a Win for Israel

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

The ruling handed down by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague on January 26 could have been much worse. The Court might have agreed with South Africa’s contention that in Gaza, the Jewish state is engaged in “ethnic cleansing” or in “genocide.” It might have ordered an “immediate ceasefire” or, still worse, a complete withdrawal of the IDF from Gaza. The ICJ did none of those things. More on this welcome result can be found here: “ICJ badmouths Israel for 35 minutes, then Israel wins – analysis,” by Yonah Jeremy Bob, Jerusalem Post, January 26, 2024:

For 35 minutes, the International Court of Justice bad-mouthed Israel, but then it surprised the Jewish state by not issuing any practical orders against the IDF.

There was no order to cease the war and there was no order for the IDF to withdraw from Gaza.

Those were the most important victories for Israel at The Hague. There surely was great disappointment, I should think, in Pretoria, Ramallah, and Khan Yunis, when they realized what the ICJ had not demanded of the Jewish state.

The most troubling practical item in the ruling for Israel is the need to report back to the ICJ in one month, something which leaves the door open to a more serious order at that time.

All of the other measures that the ICJ ordered are items that Israel says it agrees with in general: don’t commit genocide, facilitate humanitarian aid, preserve evidence for probes of alleged war crimes, and prosecute Israelis who engage in illegal incitement against Palestinians.

To understand the complex ICJ decision and why this was a big win for Israel, one needs to understand the difference between declarative and operative law.

Declarative law is basically asking or advising a party to do something but with no teeth.

Only operative law has teeth and punishments.

In fact, the ICJ conclusions are only declarative. The ICJ has no enforcement mechanism. Its decisions can help put pressure on a party to a dispute, but there is no way to force a state — say, Israel — to comply with its decisions. Were the ICJ, for example, to demand that Israel agree to an immediate ceasefire, and Israel were to refuse, there would be no way to make the Jewish state do so. On the other hand, such a refusal might lead Israel’s key allies, including the U.S., to increase pressure on the Jewish state to comply.

No definitive action against Israel taken

Israel’s critics hoped there would be an order to end the war and withdraw the IDF. They had every right to expect such a result after the ICJ declared Israel’s West Bank security barrier illegal in 2004 and ordered Israel to remove it.

This would have put Israel in the uncomfortable position of either giving up on its national security to comply or being a public offender [sic] of the ICJ’s decisions.

This would also have put Israel’s allies in a much harder position and possibly led some of them to penalize Israel diplomatically and even economically.

All of this would have had a real-world impact on Israel and the war effort.

Instead, the ICJ heavily criticized Israel for killing Palestinian civilians and causing destruction, but avoided any immediate conflagration [sic] with Israel….

This criticism was, of course, unfair. The ICJ refused to recognize the hellishly difficult nature of warfare on a densely populated urban battlefield. It did not seem impressed with the enormous efforts the IDF has taken to minimize civilian casualties. These include warnings the IDF gave initially to civilians to leave northern Gaza when that area was about to become a battlefield; 900,000 of those civilians heeded the warning and moved south. to relative safety. Similarly, when the IDF subsequently moved its main operations to the south, it dropped leaflets and sent emails that provided maps showing exactly where the IDF would not be operating, so that civilians could move to those areas. Furthermore, the IDF routinely has been warning civilians in Gaza, by messaging, emailing, and leafleting, when a civilian building — a school, a mosque, an apartment building — is about to be targeted. Of course all these warnings also alert Hamas operatives, but that has been a price the IDF has been s willing to pay in order to minimize civilian casualties.

In warning civilians in Gaza, the IDF has so far dropped six million leaflets, made 14 million pre-recorded telephone calls, and 72,000 personal calls. It is the only army in the world that warns its enemy in such a manner. For that, and other reasons, British Colonel Richard Kemp has called the IDF “the most moral army in the world.” Perhaps, upon reflection during the next month, the ICJ judges will come round to seeing the justice of that verdict.

The intensity of the war has already wound down in the north, where tens of thousands of IDF Reservists have been pulled out, and where the IDF has decreased the number of airstrikes and focused instead on targeted killings. That may now happen in the south, once the city of Khan Yunis has been entirely subdued.

While Hamas is already spinning the ICJ decision as a great victory for its side, it is nothing of the sort. Israel has not been charged with “genocide,” but told only to make efforts to “prevent genocide.” These are different things. The Jewish state has never engaged in “genocide,” so the ICJ need not worry about that score. Israel has not been told to pull out of Gaza; the ICJ recognized the atrocities of October 7 and the right of Israel to self-defense. It also spoke of the need for Hamas to free the hostages. Nor did the ICJ seek to impose a ceasefire, of any length, on the Jewish state. For those decisions by the ICJ, just announced, as to what it condemns and what it condones, Israel should now breathe a sigh of great relief.

Jury: Trump Must Pay E. Jean Carroll $83.3 Million In Damages

(L) NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JANUARY 17: Former President Donald Trump speaks at a press conference at 40 Wall Street on January 17, 2024 in New York City. Trump held a press conference after leaving the second day of his defamation trial involving E. Jean Carroll. The trial is to determine how much money in damages the former president must pay Carroll as a result of public comments that he made both while he was president and after the jury’s verdict in May. Carroll was awarded $5 million in damages in May from the previous lawsuit. (Photo by Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images) / (R) NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JANUARY 26: E. Jean Carroll arrives at Manhattan federal court in New York as her defamation suit against Donald Trump continues on January 26, 2024 in New York City. Lawyers for both parties are expected to make their final statements today before a jury decides on a financial penalty. Carroll successfully sued Trump for defaming her when he was president, he has denied sexually assaulting her in a New York department store dressing room in the mid 1990's. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

(L) NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JANUARY 17: Former President Donald Trump speaks at a press conference at 40 Wall Street on January 17, 2024 in New York City. Trump held a press conference after leaving the second day of his defamation trial involving E. Jean Carroll. The trial is to determine how much money in damages the former president must pay Carroll as a result of public comments that he made both while he was president and after the jury’s verdict in May. Carroll was awarded $5 million in damages in May from the previous lawsuit. (Photo by Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images) / (R) NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JANUARY 26: E. Jean Carroll arrives at Manhattan federal court in New York as her defamation suit against Donald Trump continues on January 26, 2024 in New York City. Lawyers for both parties are expected to make their final statements today before a jury decides on a financial penalty. Carroll successfully sued Trump for defaming her when he was president, he has denied sexually assaulting her in a New York department store dressing room in the mid 1990’s. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Former President Donald Trump says he plans to appeal $83.3 million defamation verdict

OAN’s Sophia Flores
2:00 PM –Friday, January 26, 2024

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

A verdict has been reached by the jury in E. Jean Carroll’s civil defamation case against former President Donald Trump. The jury has ruled that the 45th president will pay $18.3 million in compensatory damages and an additional $65 million in punitive damages to Carroll for “defamatory public statements” he made about her in 2019.

The jury of seven men and two women came to the decision in less than three hours.

In May, a jury found the former president liable for battery in a civil trial brought forth by writer E. Jean Carroll. Carroll claimed that Trump had previously raped and assaulted her back in the 1990’s. She also claimed that Trump defamed her when she went public with the accusation in 2019.

The jury was tasked with determining whether or not the Republican presidential front-runner forcibly assaulted and defamed Carroll. They ultimately found Trump liable for defamation and battery.

However, they also found him innocent of the rape accusation.

Carroll was awarded $5 million in damages due to the alleged battery. Trump must pay this amount in addition to the $83.3 million.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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SUPREME COURT CORRUPTION? Is THIS why Amy Coney Barrett sided with BIDEN on the border?


The Supreme Court has ruled that the Biden administration CAN cut Texas’ razor wire at the southern border. But why would Trump-appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett side with Biden on this issue? Senator Mike Lee joins Glenn to give his thoughts: Is this all a political game? Sen. Lee also reminds listeners that this SCOTUS decision doesn’t stop Texas from doing anything — it only allows the White House to thwart Gov. Abbott’s actions? “Is the Biden administration really, seriously, with a straight face going to say, ‘cut the wires?’” Sen. Lee asks. And how should Texas and Americans react if they had to decide between securing the border and defying the rule of law?


Biden Admin Instructed Banks to Target Trump Supporters Without Due Process

AP Photo/Nati Harnik, File
It’s bad enough that the Biden administration targeted pro-lifers and treated concerned parents who spoke out at school board meetings as domestic terrorists. But according to documents acquired by the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, the Biden administration also directed banks to scrutinize customer data for transactions containing terms such as "TRUMP" or “MAGA,” without legal justification or due process. 

House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) revealed these shocking details in a letter requesting an interview with Noah Bishoff, the former director of the Office of Stakeholder Integration and Engagement in the Strategic Operations Division of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

"The Committee and Select Subcommittee have obtained documents indicating that following January 6, 2021, FinCEN distributed materials to financial institutions that, among other things, outline the ‘typologies' of various persons of interest and provide financial institutions with suggested search terms and Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) for identifying transactions on behalf of federal law enforcement," Jordan wrote. "These materials included a document recommending the use of generic terms like ‘TRUMP' and ‘MAGA' to 'search Zelle payment messages' as well as a 'prior FinCEN analysis' of 'Lone Actor/Homegrown Violent Extremism Indicators.’"

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“According to this analysis, FinCEN warned financial institutions of ‘extremism’ indicators that include ‘transportation charges, such as bus tickets, rental cars, or plane tickets, for travel to areas with no apparent purpose,’ or ‘the purchase of books (including religious texts) and subscriptions to other media containing extremist views.’ In other words, FinCEN urged large financial institutions to comb through the private transactions of their customers for suspicious charges on the basis of protected political and religious expression,” Jordan’s letter continued.

The Weaponization Committee also discovered that FinCEN distributed slides prepared by KeyBank, a regional bank based in Cleveland, Ohio, that explained how banks could use certain merchant category codes (MCCs) and keywords to potentially detect mass shooters, domestic terrorists, and homegrown violent extremists. Those keywords include gun manufacturers, but also sporting goods stores like “Cabela’s,” “Bass Pro Shops,” “Dick’s Sporting Goods,” and “Gander Mountain."

“Despite these transactions having no apparent criminal nexus — and, in fact, relate to Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights — FinCEN seems to have adopted a characterization of these Americans as potential threat actors. This kind of pervasive financial surveillance, carried out in coordination with and at the request of federal law enforcement, into Americans’ private transactions is alarming and raises serious doubts about FinCEN’s respect for fundamental civil liberties,” Jordan wrote before explaining to Bishop that he would be called in to testify before Congress.

For our VIPs: The Left Would Destroy the Constitution to ‘Save Our Democracy’

“Your testimony will help to inform the Committee and Select Subcommittee about federal law enforcement's mass accumulation and use of Americans' private information without legal process; FinCEN's protocols, if any, to safeguard Americans' privacy and constitutional rights in the receipt and use of such information; and FinCEN's general engagement with the private sector on law-enforcement matters,” Jordan wrote. 

Biden’s FTC Sues Largest Christian University in the U.S.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File
The Biden administration’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has piled on Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Fox Business reported on Dec. 27 that the FTC had sued Grand Canyon University (GCU). Biden’s Department of Education (DOE) had already fined GCU a staggering amount, almost $40 million, claiming the school practiced false advertising. The university is accusing the feds of a coordinated attack. An FTC press release announced the lawsuit against not only GCU but also “its marketer Grand Canyon Education, Inc. and its president and CEO Brian Mueller, claiming the defendants used deceptive advertising and engaged in illegal telemarketing.”

The federal agency is accusing the Christian university of misleading potential doctoral students about the time required for completing the GCU accelerated program. GCU is also accused of deceptively marketing itself to students as a nonprofit and “illegally call[ing] prospective students who submitted their contact information on the school's website but requested not to be contacted.”

The FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection director pretended to take a high moral tone in a statement. “Grand Canyon deceived students by holding itself out as a non-profit institution and misrepresenting the costs and number of courses required to earn doctoral degrees,” Samuel Levine pontificated. “We will continue to aggressively pursue those who seek to take advantage of students.”

GCU allegedly violated the FTC Act and Telemarketing Sale Rules. The feds are now aiming to force GCU to compensate individuals through a U.S. District Court in Arizona. GCU spokesman Brian Mueller previously told Fox he believes the Biden administration is unfairly attacking GCU.

Mueller has argued the federal investigations are tied to the DOE denying GCU's effort to convert into a nonprofit institution in 2018. The department denied GCU’s nonprofit status for purposes of federal student financial aid, which continues to classify the school as a for-profit entity.

In a press conference last month, Mueller vowed GCU would appeal the DOE's fine — the largest the agency has ever issued — and said the school does not mislead or deceive students in any way.

Is the Biden administration deliberately targeting a Christian institution of higher learning? Even if GCU is guilty of some or all of the charges, it is interesting that it is being targeted at a time when multiple famous leftist universities like Harvard are being exposed as hotbeds of pro-terrorist, antisemitic insanity. The Biden administration is suddenly excessively zealous about upholding laws when it comes to targeting Christian GCU. Does it care equally about students who marched in support of attempted genocide against Jews and university presidents who supported them?

Of course, pro-terrorist propaganda is outside of the FTC’s province. But the Biden administration in general seems to have its priorities out of whack.

Disney Employee Faces 32 Counts Of Child Porn

B| Walt Disney World Resort Reopening
LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL - OCTOBER 8: In this handout photo provided by Walt Disney World Resort, Magic Kingdom Park (pictured) is seen on October 8, 2014. Magic Kingdom Park and Disney's Animal Kingdom will begin to reopen on July 11, 2020, followed by EPCOT and Disney's Hollywood Studios on July 15, 2020. (Photo by Matt Stroshane/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images) F| Michael Foster, 47 (Hernando County Sheriff's Office)

OAN’s Abril Elfi
10:36 AM – Sunday, December 24, 2023

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

A former corrections officer and current Disney employee has been arrested on 32 counts of child porn.

According to the Hernando County, 47-year-old Michael Foster was arrested Wednesday after detectives carried out a search warrant at his home in Brooksville, Florida.

The search came after the sheriff’s office obtained Foster’s book bag, which included 32 digitally stored pictures of child pornography.

According to a statement by the sheriff’s office, detectives contacted Foster after the execution of the search warrant.

They also stated that he reportedly acknowledged downloading and viewing the photos in addition to owning the storage devices and book bag.

Foster is an overnight mechanic at Walt Disney World and a former Citrus County corrections officer, the sheriff’s office added.

Foster made his initial court appearance on Thursday, where he was given a $320,000 bond and charged with 32 counts of possessing child pornography.

According to the sheriff’s office, more charges are pending as all of the devices that were taken from Foster’s home are in the process of being analyzed.

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Teacher Who Was Fired For Refusing To Use Trans Student’s Pronouns Has Lawsuit Reinstated

A school bus adorned with rainbow colors is the YMCA entry to the 2023 LA Pride Parade on June 11, 2023 in Hollywood, California. The LA Pride Parade marks the last day of the three-day Los Angeles celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) social and self-acceptance, achievements, legal rights, and pride. (Photo by Robyn Beck / AFP) (Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Abril Elfi
2:14 PM – Friday, December 15, 2023


A lawsuit filed by a Virginia teacher who was fired for refusing to use a transgender student’s preferred pronouns was reinstated.

The student in question is a biological woman who identifies as a transgender man.

On Thursday, the state’s Supreme Court announced the reinstatement of the lawsuit.

After being fired in 2018, Peter Vlaming, a former French teacher at West Point High School, filed a lawsuit against the school board and its administrators. 

Before any evidence was considered in the case, a judge dismissed the lawsuit. However, the Supreme Court reversed that decision and declared that the lawsuit could go to trial.

Vlaming had used the student’s masculine name but refrained from using their preferred pronouns of “he” and “him,” according to his claims in the lawsuit.

Later, the student’s parents and the school informed him that he must use the student’s preferred male pronouns and that there would be problems if he ignored their request.

Because of his “sincerely held religious and philosophical” views that “each person’s sex is biologically fixed and cannot be changed,” Vlaming asserted that he was morally unable to use the student’s pronouns. Additionally, Vlaming claimed that using the student’s pronouns “would be a lie.”

Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative Christian legal advocacy group, filed the lawsuit on his behalf, alleging that the school had violated his constitutional rights to free speech and religious practice.

Vlaming, according to the school board, broke the anti-discrimination policy of the institution.

Two of Vlaming’s claims, namely that his right to freely exercise his religion was violated under the Virginia constitution and his claim of breach of contract against the school board, should go to trial, which the seven justices of the state Supreme Court agreed upon.

Justice D. Arthur Kelsy wrote in the majority opinion that “absent a truly compelling reason for doing so, no government committed to these principles can lawfully coerce its citizens into pledging verbal allegiance to ideological views that violate their sincerely held religious beliefs.”

However, the court disagreed on a few points regarding the lawsuit.

Along with two other justices, Justice Thomas Mann dissentingly stated that the majority’s ruling on Vlaming’s claim of freedom of religion was expansive and “establishes a sweeping super scrutiny standard with the potential to shield any person’s objection to practically any policy or law by claiming a religious justification for their failure to follow either.”

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NYC: Muslims enraged, call judge ‘racist’ for giving Muslim who brutally beat Jewish man seven years prison


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In the world Mahmoud Musa’s angry supporters come from, Musa should have been congratulated, not punished.

“NYC Palestinian man sentenced in brutal antisemitic beating before judge ejects angry supporters from court,” by Michael Ruiz, Fox News, November 23, 2023:

NEW YORK – A large group that turned out to support a Palestinian-American man convicted of taking part in a hate crime beating of a Jewish man in a Times Square protest was ejected from a Manhattan courthouse Tuesday after shouting at the judge during his sentencing.

Mahmoud Musa was among a group of men who brutally beat Joseph Borgen after spotting him in public wearing a yarmulke in 2021. They set out that morning “to attack Jewish people,” according to prosecutors, and they found Borgen, who was headed to a pro-Israel rally.

They pummeled him to the floor, kicked him while he was down, and doused him with pepper spray.

“I felt a liquid being poured on my face, and at first I thought I was getting urinated on, but it turned out I was getting maced and pepper sprayed,” Borgen told the New York Post shortly after the 2021 attack. “My face was on fire. That pain was worse than the concussion and all this other stuff that followed.”

Video of the attack also showed his assailants berating him with antisemitic slurs as they left him with a concussion and needing a neck brace.

“If the cops did not come, if they did not save my life, I would have died,” Borgen said during his victim impact statement….

About 30 minutes into the hearing, Musa’s supporters arrived. His defense wanted a minimum, of three and a half years, but prosecutors had asked for a six-year sentence.

After Judge Felicia Mennin told Musa he would be spending seven years behind bars, his side of the crowd erupted, calling it “unfair.”

The Post reported that journalists in the back of the courtroom overheard them calling Judge Mennin a “racist” for the sentence, which is less than half of the maximum punishment of 15 years.

Court officers removed them from the building. It was another 20 minutes before the courthouse was cleared and Borgen’s supporters and members of the media were told they could safely head outside….

Jewish students sue NYU for allowing students to chant ‘gas the Jews’ and ‘Hitler was right’


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

NYU officials deny this, but given today’s academic environment, there is absolutely nothing unbelievable about this claim.

“Jewish students sue NYU claiming university allows students to chant ‘gas the Jews,'” by Richard Percival, The JC, November 15, 2023 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

New York University (NYU) has been sued by three Jewish students for allegedly failing to protect them against “festering Jewish hatred permeating the school.”

Bella Ingber, Sabrina Maslavi and Saul Tawil accused the university of “egregious civil rights violations” by allegedly allowing students to chant antisemitic phrases like “gas the Jews” and “Hitler was right.”

In a lawsuit filed at Manhattan district court, the students claimed antisemitism had been a “growing institutional problem” at NYU even before the war between Israel and Hamas began last month.

The lawsuit also alleges Jewish students’ complaints are “ignored, slow-walked, or met with gaslighting” by NYU administrators.

According to the lawsuit, university president Linda Mills this month dismissed a petition from 4,000 NYU members expressing concern about antisemitism.

The three students in the lawsuit urge NYU to terminate employees suspend or expel students responsible for antisemitic abuse and pay compensatory and punitive damages.

In one instance, Ingber and Maslavi said that while attending a silent vigil on 17 October supporting Israel, they saw nearby faculty and student members of on-campus pro-Palestinian groups burn an Israeli flag, make “slit-your-throat” gestures toward Jewish students, and scream epithets….

Maya Kowalski Files Criminal Complaint Against Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital for Sexual Assault~Wins $260 Million Groundbreaking Judgment Against JHACH

Hopkinsallchildrens, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Maya Kowalski and her family just won a landmark judgment against Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in the amount of $261 million dollars for false imprisonment, battery, and a litany of other injustices. You can read the details of that via the link. But something that came out in the trial outside of the presence of the jury, which wasn't allowed in as evidence, was Maya's testimony that she was sexually assaulted by someone dressed as a doctor while she was being held away from her family in the pediatric intensive care unit. The allegation was not allowed into the trial because it wasn't in the original lawsuit due to Maya disclosing the incident to her attorney after the action was filed. Maya's attorney, Greg Anderson, says they have now filed a criminal complaint against JHACH officially with the police for that assault.Maya told Judge Carroll that she was alone in her room in the PICU when a man with dirty blonde hair wearing glasses and a white coat came into her room and said he needed to "take a peek." He then lowered her pants and underwear and stared at her vagina for a long time which made her feel scared. Maya's parents weren't allowed into the hospital to visit with her except under supervision by a social worker, Cathi Bedy, who also was found by the jury to have intentionally harmed Maya. 

Anderson was interviewed about the new complaint here:

"I can tell everyone that today Maya Kowalski went to the Pinellas County Sherriff's department with my partner Nick Whitney and swore out a criminal complaint against Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital," he said. "I want to be clear that we have not been able to identify a specific perpetrator there," added Anderson. It could have been a staff member, he said, "but it very well could have been someone who snuck in there." 

Anderson said one of the ways JHACH put Maya at risk of such an assault was to treat her like a "non-entity." The other children in the ward had families with them all the time and identifiers on the door with their names and decorations while Maya's room was marked with mysterious color-coded stickers with no nametag. The lack of similarity to the other rooms marked her room as occupied by someone who didn't have familial protection and was a target for a pedophile.

Just when you thought this case could not get worse, it does.


Maya Kowalski Wins $260 Million Groundbreaking Judgment Against JHACH

MEGAN FOX | 1:10 PM ON NOVEMBER 10, 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

It's official. Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital has been found liable for the medical kidnapping of Maya Kowalski, medical malpractice, billing fraud, and driving Beata Kowalski to suicide. In a groundbreaking decision, a Florida jury found the hospital liable for every charge brought forward by the plaintiffs and awarded compensatory damages in the amount of just over $211 million. Then they awarded $50 million in punitive damages against the hospital that colluded with DCS to falsely imprison a medically complex child over false allegations that her mother had Munchausen by Proxy.

There's never been a victory like this before in civil court. Most medical malpractice suits never make it to trial, and this one included the novel cause of action, the intentional infliction of emotional distress that caused the death of Beata Kowalski. The question posed to the jurors on that count is one that will certainly be appealed but survived this jury's bar for liability, and it read as follows:

Did Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, through the acts of its employees, engage in extreme and outrageous conduct, intending that conduct to cause, or with reckless disregard of the high probability of causing, severe emotional distress to Beata Kowalski that was sufficient to be a legal cause of Beata Kowalski's death by suicide?

The answer was a resounding yes. The jury found that the conduct by JHACH created in Beata an uncontrollable impulse to die by suicide, and that conduct was a substantial factor in her death. On just that one count the jury awarded around $104 million.

This is the first time this kind of claim has prevailed in a civil case. The rest of the claims included false imprisonment, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraudulent billing, and medical negligence. The jury was unanimous and they dropped the hammer on JHACH. My only regret is there wasn't a count for the religious discrimination the family suffered. 

Whether the Kowalskis will see any of the money for years to come is unknown. JHACH is sure to tie them up in appeals courts on the wrongful death claim if not others. However, their actions and the consequences of them have been fully aired in the public and no amount of appeal decisions in their favor will repair JHACH's reputation it has earned as child abusers.

Maya Kowalski suffers from a rare pain disease called complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), which the hospital refused to believe and instead accused her mother of falsifying her illness. Even after separating Beata from Maya, she didn't get better, yet the hospital continued to keep the family apart. The hospital was fighting in dependency court to ship Maya thousands of miles away from her family to be housed in "medical foster care."

This type of situation happens to more people in this country than you would want to believe. Rachel Bruno, Drake Pardo, Justina Pelletiere, and Cynthia Abcug are just a few of the cases I've covered here on PJ Media, some of whom have never seen justice for the horrific family-destroying acts perpetrated on them.

This win for the Kowalskis is a win for every family who has ever been falsely accused by an out-of-control medical staff of being a child abuser. Perhaps this huge judgment will reverberate through hospitals that their priority should be to "do no harm" and treat their patients instead of investigating them. One can hope that the insidious partnership between hospitals and malicious state agencies that claim to protect children will cease after this. 

While Maya's nightmare is finally over, a bigger nightmare is beginning for JHACH. A new lawsuit has been filed against them for similar claims. The Kushnir family is suing JHACH and Dr. Sally Smith, the child abuse doctor who kidnapped Maya from her family, with the same lawyers who just won what was called an unwinnable case. 

In a 57-page petition, the Kushnirs allege medical malpractice, negligent hiring, and supervision of its doctors, abuse of process, malicious prosecution, intentional interference with the custodial parent-child relationship, and civil conspiracy. Many of the same doctors involved in Maya's kidnapping are named in the suit. 

The lawsuit includes shocking allegations including false allegations of sexual abuse. 

Based upon the misrepresentations and bad faith allegations of the Defendants, William and Adele were removed from their parents' care and custody for approximately three months, William's condition worsened at the hands of Bayfront Health, JHACH, and their involved physicians and other healthcare providers, and Vadim and Elina were subjected to the Defendants' physical abuse, sexual abuse, and medical neglect misrepresentations and allegations.

JHACH has been hiding some very dark things that thanks to attorneys Greg Anderson and Nick Whitney are all coming out into the light. If you watched Court TV's coverage, though, you'd think Maya Kowalski was a liar. It has been absolutely awful. But anyone with a brain can see that where there is smoke there is fire. 

There are a reported 300 families that USA Today has been looking into who may have been similarly abused by Dr. Sally Smith. This verdict was a resounding vindication for parents who have less and less rights to their children, their education, and their medical care. America has had enough of this tyranny and the perpetrators are going to be held accountable now. 

What should happen next is a state investigation into Dr. Sally Smith, JHACH, and the Department of Child and Family Services, and if found to have engaged in criminal acts, they should face jail time. The House of Representatives in Florida also needs to remove immunity from hospitals and DCF when they use the power granted by the state to abuse the citizenry like this. 

Let's go, people. Now is the time to make this a reality. 


BREAKING: HISTORIC! House Committee Subpoenas President Biden’s Brother, Son

AP Photo/Evan Vucci
New Rules alert! In a move that was once unthinkable but is now par for the course in the banana republic formerly known as the United States, the Republican-controlled House Oversight Committee has issued subpoenas to President Joe Biden's immediate family members

"House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) today issued subpoenas to President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, brother, James Biden, and Biden family associate, Rob Walker, to appear for depositions," the committee announced in a press release on Wednesday. "Chairman Comer also requested additional members of the Biden family and their associates appear for transcribed interviews. Chairman Comer plans to send additional subpoenas and transcribed interview requests later this week."

According to the Oversight Committee's Twitter/X account, those additional subpoenas will go to:

  • Sara Jones Biden (wife of Joe Biden's brother, James)
  • Hallie Biden (widow of Joe Biden's deceased son, Beau, and erstwhile slam-piece of Hunter Biden)
  • Elizabeth Secundy (Hallie Biden's older sister, also erstwhile slam-piece of Hunter Biden)
  • Melissa Cohen (wife and current slam-piece of Hunter Biden)
  • Tony Bobulinski (Hunter Biden's former business partner)

Recognizing the Historic! nature of the move, the committee commemorated the occasion by posting a video online of Comer signing the subpoenas. I am embedding it here so you can enjoy it as much as I did:

“The House Oversight Committee has followed the money and built a record of evidence revealing how Joe Biden knew, was involved, and benefited from his family’s influence peddling schemes," Comer is quoted as saying in the press release. "Now, the House Oversight Committee is going to bring in members of the Biden family and their associates to question them on this record of evidence. Unlike the many lies President Biden told the American people about his family’s business schemes, bank records don’t lie. These records reveal how the Bidens sold Joe Biden around to the world to benefit the Biden family, including Joe Biden himself, to the detriment of U.S. interests. The House Oversight Committee, along with the Committees on Judiciary and Ways and Means, will continue to follow the facts and deliver the transparency and accountability that the American people demand and deserve.”

The statement alleges that the crooked clan hoovered up over $24 million through its convoluted network of shell companies over a period of five years, "including millions of dollars from China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Kazakhstan."

Related: Here’s The Proof That Biden Got Laundered China Money

It will be interesting to see if the lamestream media covers this Historic! development with the same fervor and credulousness as it has every move made by Biden's weaponized justice system against his chief political rival, former President Donald Trump.

View the Historic! documents below:

Subpoena Robert Hunter Biden by PJ Media

Subpoena James Biden by PJ Media on Scribd

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