The Media Is Covering Up Key Facts About the Lakewood Church Shooter’s Motivations

AP Photo/LM Otero
When Genesse Ivonne Moreno opened fire at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston last Sunday, establishment media reports had the typical focus: she was schizophrenic, possibly thought of herself as a man, yet was still able to buy a gun with no problem, and the real problem is that Texas has no red flag law. While there can be little doubt that Moreno was severely deranged, the media reports are ignoring elements of the story that shed light on Moreno’s motives. Now, why might that be?One reason is that the left’s favorite religion is involved. Moreno made a donation to Lakewood church in 2020 but doesn’t appear to have been a committed church member, or at least a consistent one. ABC News reported Tuesday that Walli Carranza, Moreno’s former mother-in-law, said that “when she first met Moreno, the young woman wore a hijab and said she practiced Islam.” It was also widely reported that Moreno’s AR-15 was emblazoned with a sticker reading “Palestine” and that “antisemitic writings” were found among her possessions, but nevertheless, as ABC put it, “a motive remains under investigation.”Yet Moreno’s own writings on Telegram, which she posted under the handle “Die Israel,” have been ignored. The ADL paused from its defamation of defenders of Israel who aren’t doctrinaire leftists long enough to take notice of them, but the establishment media, as dedicated as ever to concealing anything that might portray Islam in a negative light, passed them by. Moreno, noted the ADL, “expressed support for a range of antisemitic, anti-Zionist and extremist beliefs and praised U.S.-designated terrorist groups, including Hamas and Hezbollah.”  

And that was just the beginning. Moreno also referred to Osama bin Laden as “uncle” and “made several posts in which she expressed a desire to kill Jews and wage jihad.” These included one on Oct. 21, 2023, when “she posted a video of herself shooting at a target that included a drawing of a Star of David.” Then on Dec. 23, 2023, she wrote: “I always knew I had a purpose to do for Islam and Christianity. We must all come together Christians need the heart that they had back in the day back in the revivals of the old age. But this time to kill all Jews. #warjihad #mywarjihad.”

In the same vein Moreno wrote on Jan. 3, 2024, “I call on all Muslim college people [to] invite me to the next pro-Israel rally I will have two surprises in support of PALESTINE.” The marginal coherence of this sentence is in line with Moreno’s schizophrenia, but her threat is nevertheless clear.

Nor was it isolated. On the same day, Moreno also wrote: “ALLAH is willing, I will .... Jews to send my message to Walli Carranza. Don't worry my MUSLIMS brothers I am pass [sic] the threat phase. I'm in planning mode. Please don't message me private trying to stop me.” This suggests that as recently as last month, Moreno still thought of herself as a Muslim, not a Christian. Carranza’s statement that Moreno was a Muslim when she first met her implies that the shooter later discarded Islam, but if she had done so, she had apparently taken it up again.

Five days after that, Moreno wrote, “Death to Jews in America!” She meant it: on Jan. 15, 2024, Moreno posted a photo that indicated she was planning an attack. It showed her, looking determined and angry, holding her “Palestine” AR-15. The caption read: “In a month they going to get polished.” 

The ADL notes that she “also shared content from Resistance News Network (RNN), a radical anti-Zionist English-language Telegram channel that promotes violence against Israel. RNN’s posts include the explicit promotion of U.S. State Department-designated foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) such as Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), as well as many images of individuals with guns and the depiction of rockets being fired at Israel. RNN also provides English translations of communiques from Hamas’ Al Qassam Brigades and the Iranian-funded Hezbollah terrorist group.”

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Moreno also posted commentary from “Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), Ansar Allah (The Houthis) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).” This material included “a propaganda poster from Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades depicting a wounded Israeli soldier along with the caption, written in both Arabic and Hebrew: ‘We warned you and you did not take heed.’ The text of the Telegram message, which according to Moreno’s channel appears to be translated from Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, reads, ‘There is no safety for you on our land.’”

Genesse Moreno appears to have been genuinely mentally ill. This should not, however, prevent authorities from acknowledging that she also thought of herself as an Islamic jihadi. The two categories are not mutually exclusive. Yet while we would be hearing no end of it if Moreno had turned out to be a “right-wing extremist,” as it is, we’re unlikely to hear very much about her ever again.

Austrian Broadcasting Corporation removes Jesus Christ from calendar in order to avoid offending Muslims

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

Everything must be done to avoid offending Austria’s hypersensitive new overlords.

“Next excitement: ORF deletes Jesus Christ from the calendar,” translated from “Nächster Aufreger: ORF streicht Jesus Christus aus der Zeitrechnung,” Exxpress, January 27, 2024 (thanks to Medforth):

Something has happened again on ORF: In an article about the climate in the Roman Empire (!), the warm period is described as “around 200 BC. C.E. to 150 C.E.” dated. “Before our time” instead of “before Christ”? How woke is it actually?

The time calculation used by the ORF is mainly used by non-religious people, members of non-Christian religions and in explicitly secular states and the more common abbreviation v. BC preferred. So it’s about not provoking non-Christians. Things have been getting hot again on X (Twitter) since then. “How woke can you actually get in this protected workshop?” asks ÖVP politician Manfred Juraczka.

Muslims’ feelings could be hurt
Small side note: Also in the GDR there were mainly C.E. and (n.)U. Z. the standard formulation. Does the ORF, which is financed by compulsory taxes, simply want to be particularly woke – and is intentionally canceling Jesus Christ? After all, the use of the term Christ in the era is considered a confession of faith. Muslims, Jews, atheists and others may find this discriminatory or their religious beliefs infringing on their freedom of belief.

Israel’s New Website On Hamas Killings Has 43 Million Viewers in the First Week

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

For decades, the Israelis have worried about the quality, and reach, of their hasbara — the “explaining” to the world why Israel does what it does. And nothing has cried out for more ”explaining” to the world than the campaign in Gaza to uproot the Hamas terrorists. It’s been little more than three months after the Hamas atrocities on October 7, and already, the shock has worn off for most of the world. There are pro-Palestinian marches in major cities in the Western world with protesters in London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Montreal, Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles, denouncing Israel, as if it, and not Hamas, had inflicted atrocities. These protesters demand an immediate end to the Gaza war, which would leave Hamas still standing, chant about a Palestine “from the river to the sea,” which means the obliteration of Israel and its replacement by a twenty-third Arab state, and inveigh against Israel as a “settler colonial apartheid state.” Most recently, these marchers have described Israel as guilty of “genocide’ and called for the Jewish state to be declared guilty of “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

IDF spokesmen, such as Colonel Jonathan Conricus, have done outstanding jobs when they appear on television to explain in sober fashion how the IDF views the progress of the war, and describe the many ways that the Israeli military minimizes civilian casualties. As a spokesman for the Israeli government, Mark Regev has been unflappable and lucid in the face of often hostile interviewers. But these Israeli spokesmen are few in number, and often have to content with unfriendly interlocutors. Meanwhile, the Palestinians and their supporters have been all over the airwaves and on social media, depicting the Israelis as irredeemably wicked, wanton killers of “women and children.” Hamas pulls figures out of the air for wounded and killed Gazan civilians; these figures are never questioned, but immediately become part of the narrative of the Gaza War that “everyone” accepts. For now we have the figure of at least “25,000 dead Gazans,” as counted by the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health, but what most of the media does not tell us is that there is no way to verify those figures from Hamas, and furthermore, that least 9,000 of those killed were, according to the IDF, Hamas fighters. That means that in the Gaza War, the ratio of civilian to combatant deaths of Palestinians is 16:9, which is an historic low, one that no modern army has ever managed to achieve. According to the UN, in all the wars since World War II, the civilian to combatant ratio has been 9:1. American and British forces have done better. In Iraq, the civilian-to-combatant ratio was 3:1. In Afghanistan, it has been calculated as between 3:1 and 5:1. Yet here is Israel, fighting in a high-density urban environment, where the combatants hide among the civilian population, and managing to attain a civilian-to-combat ratio of 16:9. This is a testament to the extraordinary efforts the Israelis take to minimize civilian casualties. But how many people know these numbers? It’s not something that is reported in the mainstream media. Most of those who defend Israel on social media are unaware of this telling ratio. This is where Israel’s defenders need to step in, and disseminate this information widely, as a way to undermine the incessant claims from Hamas about “25,000 dead Gazans,” or worse still, the version that has been widely repeated, claiming “25,000 dead, mostly women and children.”

Now Israel has made a major effort at hasbara — setting forth exactly what happened on October 7 that made the Jewish state decide it had no choice but to destroy Hamas as a military force, which is exactly what it is now doing. And judging by the number of visitors to the Israeli website — 43 million in the first week — it has been a complete success. More on this hasbara site can be found here: “Israel’s New Website Documenting Hamas Atrocities, Reminding World How Gaza War Began Reaches Millions in First Week,” by Troy O. Fritzhand, Algemeiner, January 17, 2024:

The Israeli government’s website showing the horrors of the Hamas terror group’s Oct. 7 massacre in southern Israel has received significant online traffic in the week since its launch, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The website — — has already garnered more than 43 million views, including around half a million that led to people exploring the site’s content about the Oct. 7 atrocities.

 The site, which includes disturbing videos and pictures of the crimes committed, contains a warning: “Extreme viewer discretion is advised.”…

Early in the war, Israel did not want to release to the public videos of the atrocities carried out by Hamas at the Re’im music festival, or — especially — the atrocities carried out in the kibbutzim. There were those with whom the Israeli government shared a 47-minute video of clips taken by Hamas operatives themselves. This limited audience consisted of heads of governments and international organizations, ministers of foreign affairs, lawmakers in the U.S., where members of the House and Senate were shown that video’s grisly evidence, and even some carefully selected journalists. Those videos have made a deep impression on all who viewed them. But Israel held back from disseminating the videos, and the eyewitness testimony of survivors, to the broader public who, it was judged, did not have as much of a “need to know.” It then became clear that that public did indeed have a “need to know,” because too many people were falling for Hamas propaganda that these atrocities never took place or, if they did, it was the IDF itself that was responsible, intending to make Hamas look bad. At that point, the Israeli government understood it had to release the videos, even if that meant some families of the victims would be upset.

Launched only outside of Israel, the most visitors to the site came from the United States, Germany, England, and Canada.

By not making it available in Israel, the Israeli government hoped to spare the feelings of families of both those killed and those taken hostage.

Israel now has put the soul-searing evidence of the Hamas atrocities before the world, on a dedicated website. As the IDF soldiers manfully carry on, fighting against Hamas terrorists up and down the Strip, from Gaza City to Khan Yunis and all the way to the southernmost city of Rafah, including all the places in between where the IDF has located Hamas fighters and weapons. The creators of this admirable and terrible website are now fighting back against Hamas’ propaganda, to win, or in some cases win back, the hearts and minds of those who are in danger of forgetting what happened on October 7. Israel is now engaged in a on a different battlefield, pitting its truthful hasbara against the lies of Hamas. This is what may be called, in the Gaza War, the Jewish state’s indispensable second front.

7 Men Gang-Rape Toddlers at Mall, Record It, Media Yawns. Can You Guess Why?

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
A video posted on an invitation-only dark-web site shows seven men males raping two boys, one two years old and one three years old, in the men's room of a Galleria mall in Houston, Texas.

The alleged ring leader of the pedo rapist cabal, Arthur Hector Fernandez, 29, is a kiosk employee at the same mall. He was arrested by the FBI after being contacted by an anti-child-trafficking organization called the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation who discovered the videos in a secret pedo forum online.

Using an open-source photo repository and pictures on social media, the FBI was able to identify one of the young boys.

They showed an expurgated picture of the child to the boy's family, one of whom recognized the bracelets Fernandez was wearing. The feds found photos online of Fernandez wearing the same bracelets.

Fernandez was arrested and is being held without bail. He is looking at life in prison. He is the only person arrested thus far.

FACT-O-RAMA! In prison, child molesters are called "chomos" and are considered the lowest life form behind bars. They have a knack for "dying" sooner than people imprisoned for other crimes. 

Fernandez allegedly appears in three of four videos depicting the heinous assaults, filmed in various locations, including the mall.

How did seven pedophiles gain access to the two children?

The FBI was able to identify the second victim and locate that boy's mother as well. Both mothers work in the same mall where Fernandez was employed and claim that Fernandez was a "friend." At times, when the women could not find babysitters, they brought their children to work. Both admitted to allowing Fernandez to take their toddlers for walks through the mall at various times. One of the mothers said Fernandez also took her son trick-or-treating.

One of the attacks seen on video is believed to have taken place in December 2022.  

PEDO-RAMA! Fernadez's Instagram page is private but shows two "pride rainbows" emojis. It also shows a cash app handle, though it is not clear what Fernandez provides for money. 

Why haven't you seen this story blow up? I think you know.

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Lefty media tends to downplay child sexual predator stories when the attackers are members of the LGBTCHOMO crowd. They'd rather inundate you with stories like that of the pregnant "racist Karen," who was put on leave from her job after a video surfaced of her arguing with a black teen who tried to swipe the Citibike she had just rented. 

Most articles you read about this latest crime won't even mention that the victims are boys. Nor have I seen a lot of mention of the two rainbow emojis on Fernandez's Instagram page.

This story is developing and will be updated as more of the Houston-area gay pedo-monsters are busted and brought to justice.

The far-left Pravda news outlets also do not want you to read this article about a bumper crop of sexual attacks by transgender people on kids, most of which also took place in public restrooms. 

Heinous stories about pedophiles who are gay tend to draw the ire of Big Brother. There is a really good chance this article will be demonetized. Sure, if the kiddie rapists were clergy, or say, "white supremacists," it would last longer than that fruit cake you got for Christmas, but when the predators are members of the LGBTLOL crowd, the stories disappear—but not until after they are demonetized.

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Reuters and AP ‘journalists’ watched Hamas lynchings and kidnappings, urged civilians to join

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

This is in addition to earlier reports about “journalists” being embedded with the jihadis.

As I have pointed out many times, Reuters and AP are far-Left propaganda outfits, not news sources.

“Reuters, AP journalists watched Hamas lynchings, kidnappings and urged civilians to join,” by Vered Weiss, World Israel News, January 8, 2024 (thanks to the Geller Report):

Journalists working for Reuters, AP and other media outlets were present with Hamas terrorists at the October 7th massacres and encouraged others to take part, according to Honest Reporting.

Ashraf Amra, who had been working for Reuters and AP in a video is seen viewing and enjoying another photojournalist’s footage of an IDF soldier being lynched.

The two journalists were recalling how they infiltrated Israel’s border and were laughing as they described how the soldier’s body was mutilated and brutalized even after he was dead.

Ashraf Amra has been greeted and kissed twice by Hamas terror leader Ismail Haniyeh, and in addition to working for Reuters and AP, he also is a journalist for APA Images and Turkish news agency Anadolu.

Abu Mostafa, who also works for Reuters, discussed with relish witnessing atrocities and kidnappings in Sderot and other places.

Mostafa said he had been there since the beginning of the massacre and from a safe room watched Hamas terrorists taking away Israelis who were hiding.

One photojournalist had a message for others, “Advice, whoever can go – go. It is a one-time event that will not happen again.”

Another said in agreement, “Really, it will not repeat itself.”

The first journalist bragged about watching 50 women being taken captive.

In the video, he continued encouraging Gazans to take part and said they could go 10 kilometers or more into Israel.

A photograph from one of the photojournalists was voted “Picture of the Year” by Reuters….

What AP, the World’s Largest News Agency, Left Out in its Coverage of the ‘Palestinians’


The Associated Press has a long history of misreporting on the Middle East in order to make the Palestinians look good and Israel to look bad. Sometimes it omits key facts, such as how the IDF civilian-to-combatant ratio in the Gaza war compares to the ratios obtained by the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, or it fails to report blood-curdling remarks by Palestinian leaders, or leaves out inconvenient truths about the multibillion dollar fortunes of Hamas leaders living in Doha, or ignores altogether the stories of Israeli doctors saving the lives of Hamas terrorists, or other stories that you are unlikely to have ever heard about, because they make the Palestinians look bad and the Israelis look good. And that, of course, would never do.

Elder of Ziyon reports on the latest AP omission here: “Over 2/3 of Palestinians want to see a return to terror attacks against Jews. AP doesn’t report that part of the survey,” Elder of Ziyon, December 14, 2023:

reported on a new PCPSR survey yesterday showing that Hamas’ popularity has surged since October 7.

While I report on these polls often, major news media almost always ignore them. This time, though, AP highlighted the part about how Hamas is now far more popular than Fatah, especially on the West Bank, and how Palestinians do not want Abbas as their leader.

That is indeed an important story. But AP continues to ignore one critical question that is in every poll, that is even more important.

69% of the respondents say they support “a return to confrontations and armed intifada.”

This key fact was left out of the AP reporting. You would not know how from the AP how many Palestinians now support terrorism and a return to the intifada, nor that it represented a major increase since October 7 in the numbers of such supporters, who have been not embarrassed by, but positively enthused about, the atrocities that the civilized world condemns.

By a greater than 2-1 ratio, Palestinians want to go back to the days of suicide bombings and blowing up buses filled with Jews.

Media and politicians love to talk a lot about ceasefires, and the importance of peace, and the desirability of a two-state solution. But this single fact means that none of that matters.

More than half of Palestinians have been supporting a return to terrorism for a while now. Hamas’ pogrom increased that desire by 11 percentage points….

58% of Palestinians have long supported a return to terrorism. Far from diminishing that enthusiasm, the Hamas atrocities on October 7 increased the number who support such terrorism, and indeed, support for Hamas itself, to 69%.

72% of Palestinian respondents in the latest poll believe Hamas was “correct” to launch its October 7 onslaught, with 82% in the West Bank and 57% in Gaza backing the terror group..

Palestinians now overwhelmingly support terrorism, support a return to the Intifada, support the kinds of acts that Hamas carried out on October 7. Once you fully grasp the enormity of that support — which has been steadily rising — it is impossible to think that a “two-state solution” is possible. It will never happen. Israel cannot possibly surrender more territory to people who make no secret that, by a large margin, they want to see the Jewish state destroyed, and Jews either expelled, or killed, or forced to submit to the status of tolerated dhimmi.

The Bidenites continue to prate about the need for a “two-state solution.” How will that miracle be achieved, if 72% of the Palestinians overall, and 82% in the West Bank, endorse the worst atrocities visited upon the Jewish people since the Holocaust? How likely is it that after October 7, Israelis will be willing to allow a new, larger Gaza, to be created in the West Bank? How can Israel possibly make peace with people who think that October 7 was a great victory for the Palestinians, something to be proud of? The only durable peace possible between the Jewish state and those who wish to destroy it is that which depends on deterrence: Israel must be so obviously stronger militarily, so capable of crushing its enemies, that those enemies may continue to hate it, but will give up trying to annihilate it.

In Germany, They’ve Had It With Merkel’s ‘Wir Schaffen Das’~Former Chief Political Correspondent of Bild, Warns Migrants Will Take Over Germany


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Remember way back in 2015, when then-Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany was determined to throw open wide the gates of immigration, and to persuade her countrymen to adopt the “Willkommen Kultur” — “welcoming culture” — that allowed nearly one million Muslim economic migrants, many posing as asylum seekers, to be admitted to the country. They have been joined, every year since then, by several hundred thousand more Muslim migrants, eager to take advantage of all the benefits that the generous German welfare state provides. Those benefits include free or highly subsidized housing, free medical care, free education (including language and vocational training), unemployment benefits (even without a work record in Germany), family allowances, and more. All these Muslims have settled in the midst of non-Muslims, Infidels, whom the Qur’an teaches them to regard as “the most vile of created beings.” These Muslims are now costing the state some 36 billion euros a year in benefits. Their presence has caused a staggering increase in crime of all kinds — muggings and robberies on the streets, homes being burgled, and especially, crimes of violence, such as stabbings and rape. In fact, the general judgment on Muslim migrants has been quite different from what Angela Merkel so dreamily foresaw in 2015. To wit: the large-scale presence of Muslims in Germany has led to a situation that is more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous than would be the case without that large-scale presence. The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party wants a total ban on Muslim migration, and on the basis of that one issue, it has risen precipitously to become the second most popular party in Germany; some think the party will govern the country, as the head of a like-minded coalition, after the next election. More on how German attitudes toward Muslim migrants have changed can be found here: “Majority support for Muslim migration ban as 3 in 4 Germans say newcomers hate Western society,” by Thomas Brooke, Remix News, November 3, 2023:

Nearly two-thirds of all German citizens want the country’s federal government to impose a ban on migration from predominantly Muslim nations, a damning survey has revealed.

Polling conducted by INSA on behalf of the Bild tabloid newspaper showed that 61 percent of respondents now advocate refusing any more migrants from Islamic countries with many explaining they no longer feel safe in their own country and believe an increasing number of new arrivals despise German society.

Most likely, 61 percent is an undercount. Some of those who want an end to Muslim migration likely refused to respond, so concerned are they not to be thought “racist” or “Islamophobic.”

A majority of voters from every political party except for the German Green Party supported a ban on Muslim immigration.

The survey was conducted amid the ongoing pro-Palestine demonstrations witnessed in several German cities following the Hamas terror attack in Israel on Oct. 7 and the retaliatory measures carried out in Gaza by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Israel is not engaged in mere “retaliatory” measures. That smacks only of “revenge.” Israel is determined to pull up, root, and branch, the Hamas terror group so that it will never again threaten the state and the people of Israel.

A total of 60 percent of respondents admitted the ongoing protests, attended by large numbers of foreign nationals sympathetic to the Hamas cause, concern them, while 77 percent of Germans believe that a growing contingent of the country’s migrant population resents German society and Western values.

The spectacle of Muslims yelling out their anti-Israel and antisemitic chants — including “from the river to the sea/Palestine will be free,” which is a call for the disappearance of the Jewish state and its replacement by a twenty-third Arab one, and “Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud jaish Muhammad soufa ya’oud,” which means “Khaybar Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return,” which is widely understood by Muslims as a war cry calling for Muslims to kill the Jews — all the Jews..

In a damning indictment of the federal government’s longstanding liberal migration policy adopted by both the current coalition government and the previous administration led by Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), a total of 72 percent of respondents said they no longer agreed with the former chancellor’s remarks from 2015 when she told the nation, “We can do it!” in relation to taking in an unprecedented number of refugees….

Almost three out of four Germans have declared that they have had it with Merkel’s disastrous enthusiasm for taking in Muslim migrants. No, we can’t do it, they’ve concluded. We can’t take any more of this. And almost two-thirds of Germans now insist that they want a total ban on Muslim immigration.

A state-run ARD-DeutschlandTrend poll from earlier this month showed that 64 percent of Germans wanted the country to take in fewer immigrants, with the same number believing that Germany faces more disadvantages than advantages when it comes to immigration.

Nearly two-thirds of Germans — 64% — now want “fewer immigrants” to enter Germany. The word “immigrant” is widely understood to mean “Muslim immigrant.” Slightly fewer Germans — 61% — want a ban on taking in any immigrants from Muslim countries. 72% now say they no longer agree with Chancellor Merkel’s “we-can-do-it” enthusiasm for immigration, that she expressed in 2015. And 77% of Germans believe that a growing contingent of the country’s migrant population — that “growing contingent” signifies Muslims — resents German society and Western values. Of course, they do. How could they not, given what the Qur’an tells them about the Infidels who are responsible for creating that society, and imposing their non-Islamic and therefore unacceptable values, when it describes them as “the most vile of created beings”?

In June 2024 the next elections for the German Parliament will take place. For two-thirds of Germans, that election can’t come fast enough. And if the AfD triumphs, as many now expect it will, the perceived power of anti-Muslim-migrant sentiment will affect elections far beyond the borders of Germany.



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Ralf Schuler, the former chief political correspondent of the newspaper Bild, has just warned his countrymen that appeals to migrants — by which everyone in Germany understands is meant “Muslim migrants” — to “respect Western culture” will have no effect. Muslim migrants, he claims, see Germany as a place where, through inexorable demographic change, they will eventually dominate the indigenous Germans who, as Infidels, are “the most vile of created beings.” More on Schuler’s critique of “The Migrant Manifesto” that was published by his own former employer Bild, can be found here: “Migrant majority in Germany is ‘only a matter of time,’ warns Bild’s ex-chief political correspondent,” by Thomas Brooke, Remix News, November 2, 2023:

The “Migrant Manifesto” recently published by German newspaper Bild that warns new arrivals to respect Western culture is a “pack of lies” as, in reality, migrants have long appropriated Germany for their own and will soon be in the majority, Ralf Schuler, the tabloid’s former chief political correspondent, has claimed.

In an interview published by the Hungarian newspaper Magyar HírlapSchuler said the first migratory wave of 2015 changed Germany indefinitely, and yet members of the commentariat and political elite continue to bury their heads in the sand as to the consequences.

The political elites throughout Europe do not dare admit to the damage, possibly fatal, they have inflicted on their own countries by admitting into their midst millions of Muslim economic migrants. Instead, they continue to exhibit various states of denial, insisting that the new generation of Muslims, born in Europe, will be less threatening than the older generation of those who first migrated to Europe. But opinion polls of both generations reveal that the reverse is true. There are those who claim that Muslims will eventually be able to integrate into the larger society, something they give not the slightest sign of doing, or that if a complete halt to Muslim migration is enforced, then “somehow” things will be set right, but no one has dared to discuss how to handle the problem of the tens of millions of Muslims already in Europe, who have no intention of leaving. That is why in April 2021, twenty-five retired French generals, and many serving officers, signed a letter warning that the Muslim influx was likely to lead to a “civil war.

The truth is that the uncontrolled migration wave of 2015 and the subsequent attacks, such as the ax and knife atrocities against women on the trains in Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz, the gang rapes, were seen by anyone who wanted to see them,” he [Ralf Schuler] said.

The former Bild political correspondent said his former employer had adopted an “initial, migration-friendly” attitude towards the influx of new arrivals at the time, but had since shifted towards a “more realistic approach.”

“Nowadays, we can hardly close our eyes to the consequences of daily attacks, violent demonstrations, and illegal migration,” he added.

Germany’s best-selling tabloid newspaper published its 50-point migrant manifesto last week which it claimed was a guide for new arrivals into Germany to adhere to.

The publication urged anyone who considers the German constitution or its legal system to be a collection of non-binding advice to “leave Germany as quickly as possible,” and told new arrivals to learn German, insisting “only if we speak the same language will we understand each other.”

How likely is it that any Muslim migrant, who has no respect for any legal system but Sharia, and is now in the promised land of endless benefits, will heed this naïve and impossible request to “leave Germany as quickly as possible” if he cannot obey the constitution and the legal system? 

It further reminded new arrivals that “non-believers” don’t exist in Germany, and urged migrants not to marry children or stone women for adultery.

Again, how will the secular German state prevent Muslims from engaging in child marriages in secret, whatever the laws may prohibit, when Muhammad himself, the Perfect Man and the Model of Contact, married little Aisha when she was six, and consummated his marriage to her when she reached the age of nine? And maybe stoning women for adultery won’t take place on German soil, but can the authorities be quite sure no Muslim migrants will want to do the Islamically right thing — that is, death by lapidation for adulteresses — and manage to carry it out within their closed community? Why should Muslims want to obey the laws of Infidels, whom they regard as “the most vile of created beings”?

Schuler told Maygar Hírlap that while the document may have been well-intentioned, it is simply not borne out of reality, as Germany’s ever-growing migrant population has been free to install its own culture in the country with little resistance.

“It’s a big dose of lies,” Schuler said to expect that migrants will conform to the rules of German culture. He cited the vast numbers of “militant Muslims who march through Berlin every year on the so-called Al-Quds Day” as an example of Muslim disintegration in the country.

This Al-Quds Day March is an outpouring of anti-Israel and antisemitic feeling, with cries of “From the river to the sea/Palestine shall be free,” which means the disappearance of the one, tiny Jewish state and its replacement by a twenty-third Arab one. Others in these marches more directly call for the deaths of Jews with the genocidal war cry: “Khaybar, Khaybar, ya yahud, jaish Muhammad soufa ya’oud.” This translates as “Khaybar Khaybar oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return.” Khaybar was an oasis where Jewish farmers lived; they were conquered, the men massacred, and the women taken as sex slaves, by Mohammed and his warriors in 628 A.D. This cry is a violation of Germany’s strict laws prohibiting the expression of genocidal antisemitism, but no one has dared try to arrest those Muslims chanting these slogans.

A point in the Bild manifesto says that people shake hands in Germany. Orthodox Muslims have never done this — especially not with women — and will not do so in the future.

It is simply logical that the more Muslims immigrate, the more Muslim a country becomes,” he added.

The German journalist highlighted the growing percentage of those aged under 16 being foreign-born in the country and warned that “at best, the awakening has only just begun.”

“It’s only a matter of time before the first generation grows up as majority migrants. So an exciting question is who integrates whom?” he asked.

Every year that passes, the percentage of the German population that is Muslim increases by between 1-2%. So eventually there will be more Muslims than non-Muslims being born. And at some point, if nothing drastic is done to halt and then reverse Muslim migration, it is the Muslims who will outnumber the indigenous Germans. Then whose laws and customs will prevail?

Schuler criticized the German Green Party, which he claimed remains opposed to immigration restrictions and is committed to labeling anyone who disagrees with its liberal agenda as racist.

The Green Party, which is part of the government coalition, is still unwilling to face reality. They see the difficulties of illegal immigration as simply a problem of infrastructure and costs but refuse to limit illegal migration itself,” he said.

Costs are certainly a problem associated with Muslim migrants, but only a part of the problem. The federal government in Germany now spends 36 billion euros a year on benefits for Muslim migrants; it’s a huge sum. But that is not the only problem. These migrants, both legal and illegal (Schuler addresses only the illegals), are transforming German society. Their levels of criminality have changed the behavior of German women, who no longer go out at night alone, for fear of sexual assault and rape, and of Jews, who now must avoid wearing identifying garb, including kippahs, in public. Public pools have had to introduce women-only hours so that Muslim women can take part. In German schools, Muslim students have walked out of classes where they are taught about German history, which holds no interest for them, nor does the history of Christianity. And they have prevented classes on the Holocaust from taking place because that subject can only increase sympathy for “the Jews,” and that would never do.

“The left and the Green camp are quick to classify those who raise the issue of the presence of illegal migrants in Germany as right-wing extremists and accuse them of anti-Muslim racism, or even general xenophobia.”…

Islam is not a race. To be horrified by the texts and tenets of Islam, or by the observable behavior of Muslims, including violence against non-Muslims, is not racism. One need not be a “right-wing extremist” to deplore the increasing presence of Muslims in Europe. Think of that most famous of left-wing journalists, Oriana Fallaci, who fulminated against the “sons of Allah” living in Europe.

Germans are finally rejecting the “welcome culture” policy toward Muslim migrants, made famous by Angela Merkel. No more of this “Wir schaffen das” — “We Can Do It” — nonsense. The large-scale presence of Muslims in Germany has led to a situation that increasing numbers of Germans now recognize as more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous than it would be without that large-scale presence. The AfD, which wants to end all Muslim migration, legal and illegal, is now the second-largest party in Germany. The scales have fallen from German eyes; they recognize what they have done to themselves, and now wish to undo. It takes someone like the mediagenic Alice Weider, a co-founder of the AfD, to ride that recognition all the way to a majority in the Bundestag.

Media Pushes ‘Islamophobia,’ Buries Actual Muslim Attack on School in Indiana


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

She made reference to “her people back in Palestine”

It’s very telling what stories the media focuses on and which it buries out back.

The story of a Stanford Muslim student who claimed that he was hit by a driver who shouted ‘F— you and your people!’ is all over the media despite its vagueness. And I mean the national media, including CNN and CBS News, who have been mining the story for all it’s worth.

Meanwhile, a Muslim woman admitted to trying to attack a school that she thought was Jewish. And the media ignores it.

IMPD officers arrested a woman, who they labeled a “terrorist,” after she drove her car into a building that she thought was a Jewish school.

Ruba Almaghtheh, 34, was arrested on a preliminary charge of criminal recklessness.

Officers said Almaghtheh backed her car into the building while several adults and children were inside.

Almaghtheh told officers she was watching news coverage of the Israel-Hamas war on television and decided to plan an attack on the building because she was offended by the “Hebrew Israelite” symbol on the front of the building.

Police said Almaghtheh passed by the building a couple of times and called it the “Israel school.”

IMPD said she made reference to “her people back in Palestine” and told officers, “Yes. I did it on purpose.”

According to the report, Almaghtheh was interviewed by detectives and admitted to committing the “hate crime” during her courtesy phone call with a family member.

The Muslim attacker didn’t know enough to realize that she was attacking a Black Hebrew Israelite institution, a group that hates Jews, rather than a Jewish school. Not that it makes much of a difference because she did attack a school.

With kids inside. Black kids.

Two days in the story only seems to have appeared on the local FOX News and CBS News affiliate in Indianapolis.

Why is the Stanford story a national story while the Indianapolis story is a local crime story?

Outrageous bias and propaganda.

The Islamophobia narrative is important, not least of which because it flips the moral dial into making the perpetrators into the victims, while Muslim attacks have to be buried for the same reason.

Hamas’s propaganda team poses as ‘independent journalists’ to wage propaganda campaign against Israel


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

According to a hadith, Muhammad said, “War is deceit.” (Bukhari 4.52.268).

“Exposed: Hamas’s propaganda team,” by Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman, Jerusalem Post, November 2, 2023:

Around five dozen individuals, some associated with Hamas and collectively boasting more than 100 million social media followers, have been waging a propaganda campaign against Israel on various social media platforms since the start of the Swords of Iron War on October 7.

These influencers, who identify as independent journalists, are often seen sporting blue press vests and helmets. They have also reportedly found refuge in Al-Shifa hospital, which the IDF recently disclosed serves as a Hamas command and control center, providing them with access to electricity and the internet.

While these individuals may appear to be speaking independently, they effectively act as the mouthpiece for the terrorist organization. Furthermore, they frequently feature in interviews and are quoted in mainstream media, causing their lies to spread.

The Jerusalem Post has located some of these influencers through inside and open sources. It plans to reveal their identities in the coming weeks.

Here are some examples:

Plestia Alaqad (Instagram handle @byplestia) has more than a million followers and calls herself an independent journalist but spread the lie on Instagram and in an interview with British TV that Israel bombed the Al-Ahli Hospital and killed more than 1,000 people.

“Yesterday, a complete massacre happened,” she said of the missile, which was quickly proven to be a misfired Islamic Jihad rocket and not connected to Israel at all. “Around 1,000 civilians were killed and martyred.”

Fewer than 50 people were killed in the incident, according to international independent investigations.

“It’s a genocide, literally a genocide, not a massacre,” she told Britain’s GB News. She threw out several numbers of people dead, including 10 journalists at the time, which the station noted could not be verified.

In her posts, she has not provided any explanation for the commencement of the airstrikes on Gaza – namely, the October 7 massacre….

Genocidal Antisemitism in the Arab Media


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The antisemitism in the Arab media has reached Hitlerian depths. Arab propagandists deplore what they describe as Israel’s “genocide” of the Gazans; they have no answer to those who point out that Gaza’s population was 400,000 in 1967 when Israel took it over and was 1.3 million in 2005, when Israel left the Strip, which means the population more than tripled under Israeli rule, which does not bespeak a “genocide.” The population of Gaza is 2.2 million today, so it seems that the Israelis have not done a thing since 2005 to promote a “genocide” in neighboring Gaza. In fact, for a “genocidal state,” Israel has a most incongruous history. Of the eight wars it has had to fight against various permutations and combinations of Arab states and terror groups, Israel did not begin a single one. But it won all eight wars, and none of those victories was followed by a “genocide” of the enemy. In fact, Israel has supplied water, fuel, and electricity to Gaza until this latest war.

Those who comment on Israel and the Palestinians need to familiarize themselves with how, in the Arab mass media, Jews are being murderously maligned in prose that would make Der Stürmer proud. A roundup of some of the most recent examples of this condemnation, not just of Israelis but of “the Jews,” can be found here: “Arab antisemitic articles are getting worse: now they are praising Hitler, praying for genocide,” Elder of Ziyon, October 30, 2023:

…Cairo24 uses the Gaza war as an excuse to praise Hitler:

What did Hitler say about the Jews? In light of the escalating events by the Zionist occupation towards the Palestinians, especially children, women and the elderly, some are searching for the most prominent things said by Adolf Alois Hitler, the Nazi German politician. He wanted to exterminate them from the face of the earth, so his view was correct. He told them that they were the cause of the devastation that was befalling the world, so he burned them….

Algeria’s El Khabar has an article that says:

…There is no evil that has spread in the world unless these bastards are behind it. The Jew Karl Marx was behind atheistic communism, the other Jew Durkheim was behind the sociology that tampered with the family, the Jew Freud based his psychology on scandalous sex, and the Jew Sater [sic for “Sartre,” who was not Jewish] promoted pornography.

Egypt’s El Balad publishes a prayer for the genocide of Jews. Here is a small part:

…Oh God, destroy the Jews in Palestine, the children of monkeys and pigs, and make their women barren, O God, and may their children be dispersed….

A columnist in Saudi Arabia’s Al Madina writes:

The current events in Gaza have proven the truth of the Holy Qur’an about the Jews, in their many hideous characteristics, including their constant practice of killing. If they did not kill others, they would kill themselves, meaning they would fight among themselves. And God says: (Then it is you who kill yourselves) in addition to their killing of the prophets, and whoever kills the prophets will not There is no doubt that killing Arabs and Palestinians is easy for them, and the doctrine of Israel’s army, police, and Mossad intelligence is killing, then killing, then more killing!…

To these genocidal maniacs, Hitler is a hero. So Stalin, who hated the Jews with not quite equivalent fervor, but unlike Hitler, didn’t live long enough to act on his hatred. He was, after all, just getting started with the “Doctors’ Plot” when he died in March 1953. It is crystal clear, to these Arab journalists and academics, that “the doctrine of Israel’s army, police, and Mossad intelligence is killing, then killing, then more killing!” There can be no compromise with such murderous and evil people; the only way to deal with them is to rid the world of them. Hitler did not kill all the Jews, according to the apocryphal story that many Arabs believe, because he supposedly wanted to keep some alive to show the world why they deserved to be killed. But the unstated premise is that now there is no longer any reason to let Jews survive. The Arabs need to understand that, and not leave Hamas to fight alone. In fact, it’s a war to be fought by all MuslimsAnd not just by Muslims, but by all those marching across the world in support of Hamas and calling for the disappearance of Israel (“Palestine shall be free/From the river to the sea”), in rallies all over the Western world, in Paris, London, and New York City. It’s open season on Jews even outside the Arab world, as the terrified Jews who landed in Dagestan discovered, as local Muslims tried to lynch them. Had the police not been there, the mob would certainly have pulled the Jews and Israelis who had just arrived from Tel Aviv limb from limb.

In Pakistan, the youngest senator in the history of the country, Afnan Ullah Khan, posted a picture of Hitler with the caption “Now we know why Hitler killed the Jews.” Khan is not the usual know-nothing; he’s a graduate of Oxford, which makes all the more horrifying his genocidal sentiments. But from Dagestan and Pakistan to America and Europe, and thence to Algeria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, annihilationist antisemitism is becoming, in every sense, and not only among Muslims. all the rage.

Elder of Ziyon thinks we should pay close attention to the spread of the antisemitic virus and its main carriers in the Arab and Muslim media. I can’t disagree.

New York Times Provides Hamas with Information on IDF Positions in Gaza


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The New York Times has been publishing maps of Gaza, based on satellite imagery, that provide information on IDF positions in the northern part of the Strip, including the location of large numbers of tanks and armored vehicles, that are now making their way to encircle Gaza City. This is information that Hamas did not possess, but now it does. Thanks to the New York Times, Hamas is no longer eyeless in Gaza. Elder of Ziyon charges the Times with providing aid to a recognized terrorist group. His analysis can be found here: “New York Times is providing Hamas with intelligence. How is this not a violation of US law against aiding terror organizations?,” Elder of Ziyon, October 30, 2023:

Every day, the New York Times writes exactly what Israel is doing in this war. Today, for example:

Israel has provided limited details about the invasion, four days into what an Israeli official described as an “extended ground operation.” But imagery verified by The Times indicates large groups of tanks and other armored vehicles making their way deep into Gaza, as Israel’s military has continued to strike nearby buildings from the air.

In northwest Gaza, a satellite image taken on Monday morning by Planet Labs shows large groups of armored vehicles advancing about three miles south of the northern border near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea….

Photographs also show a second group of armored vehicles near the city of Beit Hanoun, on the northeast edge of the Gaza Strip. Beit Hanoun had already been significantly damaged by airstrikes in the past several weeks….

This is the New York Times providing intelligence to Hamas, using satellite photos and other information sources that Hamas doesn’t have access to. Planet Labs, as far as I know, only provides paid services, and it would not be allowed to provide services to Hamas directly, so why can the New York Times buy and publish the same information where Hamas can read it?…

The only people it helps are the terrorists.

And now it is publishing information on exactly where in Gaza the Israeli troops are.

I’m no lawyer, but it sounds like a violation of 18 USC 2339BProviding material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations…

Will the Department of Justice now open an investigation into the New York Times, and how it has managed, through its publication of a detailed map of northern Gaza, to provide precise intelligence, mostly satellite imagery taken by Planet Labs, about the IDF positions in northwest Gaza, thereby helping a designated terrorist group, Hamas, in its war against our ally, the state of Israel? Hasn’t the mighty Times “knowingly provided material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization”? What possible justification can the Grey Lady offer for publishing such material? Does Hamas have a right to know exactly where the IDF’s tanks and armored vehicles are located, and where they are heading? Was that information, now easily accessed by the terrorist group, really to be included in “all the news that’s fit to print”?

UC Davis Professor Makes Death Threats to Jewish Journalists and Their Children, Remains On Faculty


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Jemma Decristo is an assistant professor at UC Davis, who has called for violence against “Zionist” journalists and their children — it appears she means not just Israeli citizens, but Jews everywhere who support Israel as well. More on her grotesque threats can be found here: “US Professor Remains on University Staff After Tweet Threatening Jewish Journalists, Their Children,” by Dion J. Pierre, Algemeiner, October 20, 2023:

The University of California (UC) Davis has kept a professor on staff after she appeared to call for violence against Jewish journalists and their children following the Hamas terror group’s massacre of over 1,400 people in Israel, mostly civilians, earlier this month.

Jemma Decristo, an assistant professor in American studies at UC Davis, made the apparent threat on X/Twitter on Oct. 10, three days after Hamas invaded Israel.

One group of ppl [sic] we have easy access to in the US is all these Zionist journalists who spread propaganda & misinformation,” Decristo wrote. “They have houses [with] addresses, kids in school. They can fear their bosses, but they should fear us more.” The message was followed by images of a knife, an axe, and three blood-drop emojis.

Her threat is unmistakable and unnerving. It is this: “We who support the Palestinians know where the Zionist journalists live, we know where their kids go to school. They can’t hide from us, and should be very very worried.” And then her message of violence ends with images of a knife, an axe, and drops of blood.

UC Davis Chancellor Gary May disavowed Decristo’s comments in a statement issued on Thursday.

“I absolutely condemn the posts attributed to a UC Davis faculty member that recently appeared on the social media platform X. I find the comments revolting in every way, and I disagree wholeheartedly with them,” May said. “UC Davis rejects all forms of violence and discrimination, as they are antithetical to the values of our university. We strive to foster a climate of equity and justice built on mutual understanding and respect for all members of the community.”

May noted, however, that the professor remains on staff as the university investigates the matter.

We can confirm that the provost will refer this matter to the appropriate campus departments that investigate harassment, discrimination, and faculty conduct, in consultation with legal counsel regarding First Amendment rights,” he said. “Some have asked why this faculty member continues to be employed at UC Davis. The University of California system has specific procedures for the review of complaints of faculty misconduct consistent with university-wide policies and bylaws. The status of complaints lodged against faculty members are confidential personnel matters, so we are unable to publicly comment on the steps we are taking.”

Decristo does not have tenure. She could be terminated for cause without much ado. What cause? Making antisemitic death threats in the wake of the mass murder of Jews in Israel should be more than enough to qualify as “faculty misconduct.” After all, if Decristo had made death threats, instead, to “black journalists” or to “Muslim journalists” or “LGBTQ journalists,” does anyone think she would still be on campus, and still have her job? But when it is “Zionist journalists” who are being threatened, the UC Davis administrators think that she should remain in her job, not even be placed on administrative leave, until — now comes the bureaucratese — there can be a “review of complaints of faculty misconduct consistent with university-wide policies and bylaws.” How long will that take, while Assistant Professor Decristo continues to teach, continues to receive a salary provided by the taxpayers of California, continues to poison the minds of her students in American history with offhand remarks about the “colonial-settler apartheid state of Israel” and the power of Jews in the media?

Decristo, who describes herself as a “black anarchist” on X, has made her posts available only to “approved followers” following the backlash she received.

Still, Decristo hasn’t been fired, hasn’t been reprimanded, hasn’t been put on unpaid or even paid leave. And there is a strong possibility that the administrators at UC Davis, after conducting their own investigation, will pusillanimously decide that she was merely expressing an opinion and should not lose her job. They will claim, in other words, that the voicing of death threats by Decristo, and her unsubtle encouragement of others to carry out such threats, against “Jewish journalists,” do not constitute a “hate crime.” But perhaps UC Davis will do the right thing, and fire Decristo. Her continued presence on the campus creates an atmosphere of fear for Jewish students. Besides, she can always find a teaching job at Birzeit or Al-Quds universities.


Hamas Founder’s Son Says Media Too ‘Afraid’ To Label Group As Terrorists, Fearing Religious War

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
3:45 PM – Monday, October 23, 2023

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a Hamas co-founder, declared on Monday that Hamas is even more dangerous than ISIS and that the mainstream media is reluctant to label the organization as terrorists and a genocidal religious movement for fear of starting a full-scale religious conflict.

“It’s their own comparison to say Hamas and ISIS because I think Hamas is a lot more dangerous,” Mosab Hassan Yousef told reporters. 

“Look at the division and the global confusion because of Hamas. They brought us to our knees somehow by their brutality and their barbarism. Brutality is even understating Hamas’ acts. Hamas is a religious movement, and they are a raging religious movement against Israel. The mainstream media cannot say this, because they are afraid to ignite a religious war. And what I say, it already is. They want to annihilate the Jewish people because they are Jewish people, because they are a Jewish state,” he continued.

Yousef, who denounced Islam to become a Christian and left the terrorist organization in the 1990s to secretly work as a spy for Israel’s Shin Bet internal security agency, claimed that since Hamas is neither a political nor national movement, negotiations with them are practically impossible.

“They are driven by dark hatred toward a race, toward a nation,” he asserted.

The Islamic State, known as ISIS, has seen a significant decline in power after gaining territorial control over portions of both Syria and Iraq in the 2010s. It gained notoriety for its terrorist attacks and heinous violations of human rights against those living under its rule.

After Israel left the Gaza Strip in the 2000s, Hamas seized authority and has been in charge of the region ever since it was elected in 2006. This month, Israel declared war on Hamas following the terrorist group’s unexpected invasion and murderous spree against Jews in southern Israel.

More than 200 captives have been captured by Hamas and taken as hostages to Gaza, the territory it controls that borders Egypt and Israel.

According to Yousef, much of Hamas’s strength in withstanding an Israeli ground assault would come from its established tactic of employing “human shields.”

“They have many tunnels. They used the funds and the aid that came to Gaza, they used it to dig tunnels,” he said. “It’s very hard to deal with this style of suicidal group of fighters who basically don’t appreciate life. They actually [are] looking forward to death.”

It is feasible to eliminate Hamas, Yousef said, but it would begin with demolishing its infrastructure, obtaining information, and imposing a strangling siege.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Israel Security Agency, often known as Shin Bet, formed a new division called NILI, which stands for “The Eternity of Israel Will Not Lie,” in Hebrew.

The new unit’s mission is to find and eliminate every individual involved in the heinous crimes. It will reportedly function independently of other command and control groups that are concentrated on removing attack cells and senior Hamas officials, the paper states.

It is also intended to deliberately target members of the Nukhba branch of Hamas, a secret commando force inside the terror group that Israel thinks was responsible for the assaults.

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CBS and CNN Give Sympathetic Air Time to a Murderous Antisemitic Gazan


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Unfortunately, CBS and CNN did not perform due diligence when they recently allowed on to their news programs a woman from Gaza, Dunia Abu Rahma, whose bloodcurdling hatred of Israel and of Jews has now been revealed by those at HonestReporting who investigated her social media posts. More on her television appearances, and her views, can be found here: “CNN & NBC Give Airtime to Woman Who Celebrated Hamas Massacre & Wished Hitler Had Finished the Job,” by Chaim Lax, HonestReporting, October 19, 2023:

…Dunia Abu Rahma, a 22-year-old architecture student from Gaza, has appeared in recent days on both CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 and NBC News to tell her story.

Abu Rahma told the veteran CNN reporter Anderson Cooper, “All I want them to know is that there are civilians, people who wish to live a normal, peaceful life, to feel safe, because we are human, and all we want is to have our rights and live peacefully. As a woman and as a girl, all I want in this life [is] to educate and to graduate and have a job and have a family.”…

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? All she wants the public to know is that she, and all the Palestinians, only want to “live a normal peaceful life.” All they want is their “rights and to live peacefully.” But she’s lying. That’s not what she wants. She wants, her many social media posts reveal, for the Jewish state to disappear, and for the Jews — not only Israelis — to be killed.

Throughout Hamas’ October 7 slaughter, Dunia Abu Rahma both tweeted and reposted several tweets supporting the massacres.

Soon after the Hamas assault began in the early morning, Abu Rahma tweeted “Good morning. I wanted them to loot and liberate the country in my graduation year.”

A couple of hours later, she posted two tweets in succession. One read: “He really freed the prisoners!” This is presumably a reference to the hordes of Hamas terrorists and local Gazans who were rampaging through Israeli communities at the time.

The second post was a quote tweet of a video of a brutal lynching of an Israeli soldier on the streets of Gaza with the caption: “On my own, I go down and beat him with them.”

Yes, she missed the fun of joining a bunch of Hamas goons in tormenting and torturing — and almost certainly killing — a lone Israeli soldier. Too bad she couldn’t have been there. She can dream, can’t she?

Later, she tweeted happily about the border with Israel being overrun, saying in one tweet that she was planning on transferring from her university in Gaza to Bir Zeit (a university in the West Bank) and tweeting later that “In this case, we will pray at Al-Aqsa [in Jerusalem] next Friday.”

On October 7, Dunia Abu Rahma also reposted several tweets by other accounts celebrating the carnage.

One read: “It looks like a blessed Saturday, people of Palestine, good morning” while another mentioned that “One’s heart flutters with joy with every missile that comes out.”

And her heart, too, fluttered with joy, as rocket after rocket was launched from Gaza into the cities of southern Israel. How many Jewish deaths, how much Jewish destruction!

She also reposted an image allegedly of Hamas taking IDF captives captioned “Blessed October” as well as an image of a bloodied Israeli female teenager being manhandled by terrorists with a caption justifying the vicious treatment of Israeli women by Hamas….

Yes, how exciting, how exhilarating, seeing IDF soldiers taken captive, and even more wonderful to see brave fighters of Hamas tormenting them, or better still, having their way with Israeli girls, raping them to their hearts’ content. How good to see the yahudim brought low, tormented, tortured, and killed!

In one tweet, Abu Rahma posts “May God forgive you, Hitler. I wish you had finished with this group of people who went astray.”…

No ambiguity there. It’s language from the Qur’an: The Jews are “those who went astray.” And here is Dunia Abu Rahma, wishing that Hitler had not just murdered six million of them, but finished with all of them. What does Anderson Cooper think, now that he realizes he had on as a guest someone who praises Hitler for murdering Jews, and only wishes he had stayed in power long enough to finish the job?

In December 2021, she shared a video of a soccer game between Algeria and Tunisia and captioned it “The house of the Jews will be destroyed.”

In other words, so obsessive was Abu Rahma’s genocidal hatred of Jews that even a soccer match between two Arab teams, having nothing to do with Israel or Jews, could manage to set her off: “The house of the Jews will be destroyed.”

Along with her antisemitic posts, Dunia Abu Rahma has also called for the destruction of Israel.

Following a tweet that said, “We want a truce,” Abu Rahma commented “We want to get rid of it,” referring to Israel….

Abu Rahma makes clear she wants Israel to disappear. There is no other interpretation of her rejecting the possibility of a truce, and instead insisting that “we [the Palestinians] want to get rid of it.” Rid of Israel, that is.

She wants Israel in the future to disappear, so that “from the river to the sea” there will again be only the Arab state of Palestine. But there never was an Arab state of Palestine. Abu Rahma does not realize that Jews lived in this same area for at least 3000 years — that is, 1600 years before there was a single Muslim Arab in the Land of Israel or, indeed, anywhere.

What happened here was a failure of due diligence. Though both NBC News and CNN have enormous staffs, apparently no one thought it necessary to look into Dunia Abu Rahma’s own views before providing her with sympathetic airtime. Had they done so, they would have discovered she shares the views of Hamas, that is, an annihilationist attitude toward Israel. And they might then have chosen some other Gazans, less fanatical in their hatred of Israel, and of Jews, to interview. Perhaps they’ve learned a lesson at CNN and NBC News, now that Abu Rahma’s mental makeup has been exposed. They need to thoroughly check the social media posts of possible guests from Gaza. Will they do it? Knowing the American media, I doubt it.

Everything You Need to Know About the Israeli ‘Occupation’ Or rather, everything the Left won’t tell you.


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

[Make sure to read Robert Spencer’s contributions in Jamie Glazov’s new book: Barack Obama’s True Legacy: How He Transformed America.]

There would be peace in the Middle East if Israel just ended its occupation, right?

That’s what the Squad wants you to think, anyway. The statements of the three primary members of this winsome leftist House coalition on the Hamas massacres in Israel had the distinct odor of canned talking points. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Make Mine A Double) issued a statement that said, “I condemn Hamas’ attack in the strongest possible terms.” That was a good start, but she then turned on a dime to blame it all on Israel: “No child and family should ever endure this kind of violence and fear, and this violence will not solve the ongoing oppression and occupation in the region.” Ongoing oppression and occupation, see? If Israel would just ease up on the poor Palestinians, Hamas jihadis would all open restaurants and shops, and peace would dawn upon the region.

Not to be outdone, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu) tweeted, “We know occupation and systematic apartheid is a violation of international law and it must end.” The Larry of this illustrious triumvirate (in case you’re wondering, Ilhan is Moe, the mean one, and AOC is Curly, the funny one), Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Ramallah), chimed in with this: “I grieve the Palestinian and Israeli lives lost yesterday, today, and every day. I am determined as ever to fight for a just future where everyone can live in peace, without fear, and with true freedom, equal rights, and human dignity. The path to that future must include lifting the blockade, ending the occupation, and dismantling the apartheid system that creates the suffocating, dehumanizing conditions that can lead to resistance.”

So all three are in agreement: Israel’s occupation is the problem. It’s a shame that we don’t have any real journalists today, because someone should ask the same question to all three of them: “If Israel is occupying Palestinian land, can you please explain the basis in international law for Palestinian ownership of this land?” They all likely assume that there was a previous Palestinian state that the Israelis occupied and destroyed, but in reality, there has never been a Palestinian state of any kind, ever, at any point in history. There has been a region known as “Palestine” since 134AD when the Romans applied that name to the land that had previously been known as Judea, that is, the land of the Jews. But “Palestine” was akin to “Staten Island” — it was only the name of a region, never of a people or a nation.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, the Ottoman Empire had sovereignty over the territory that is now Israel and the supposedly occupied land as well. The Ottoman Empire was, however, known by this time as “The Sick Man of Europe.” In the early 1920s, just before the empire fell altogether, it conceded control of Palestine and the land that came to be known as Transjordan and now as Jordan to the League of Nations. On July 24, 1922, the League granted administrative control over these territories to Britain with specific instructions to create a “national home for the Jewish people.”

Britain immediately turned over 77% of the Mandate to the Arabs to create Jordan but remained generally committed to establishing a Jewish national home in the remainder. This was known as the Mandate for Palestine. Sometimes Leftists point to it as the Palestinian state that supposedly predated Israel, but this claim relies on the ignorance of the fact that this British territory had been explicitly set aside for Jewish settlement; nine years before the founding of the modern state of Israel, a 1939 flag of “Palestine” sports a star of David.

When the State of Israel was founded in 1948, it immediately had to fight a war for its survival against the surrounding Arab nations that had vowed to destroy it. Then there was finally an occupation — in fact, two: Egypt occupied Gaza and Jordan occupied Judea and Samaria (which it renamed the West Bank). Israel won back those territories in the Six-Day War of 1967, but that was actually ending an occupation, not starting one: the only international law governing sovereignty over those territories stipulated that they were to be part of a national home for the Jewish people.

So from whom was the land stolen? Not from the Ottomans, who had ceded it to the League of Nations. Not from the league, which had granted administrative powers over it to the British. Not from the British, who only had it in order to help create a Jewish state there. And not from the Palestinians, who didn’t even exist until the 1960s, when the KGB and Yasir Arafat bestowed Palestinian nationality upon a group of Levantine Arabs as a rhetorical weapon to use against Israel.

And it has worked beautifully. The idea that Israel is occupying Palestinian land was furthered in the 1990s by the Oslo Accords, to which Israel unwisely acceded, and in which it agreed to work toward the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, which would only become a new base for more jihad attacks against a diminished Jewish state. But a Palestinian state, if it is ever created, would be the first-ever such entity in the history of the world. There is actually no Israeli occupation at all. The Squad, and the left in general, is either ignorant or malicious. Or, of course, both.

James O’Keefe Exposes Hawaii Gov’s Ban on Public Photography in Lahaina

James O'Keefe goes undercover in Lahaina, Hawaii, to reveal a shocking directive from Governor Josh Green: a prohibition on photography on public land. Local law enforcement is enforcing this outrageous order, but even members of the Hawaii National Guard have criticized these actions. But O'Keefe Media Group (OMG) isn't just reporting; we're taking action. We are suing Governor Josh Green for this blatant infringement on our 1st Amendment rights. This isn't merely about the freedom to take photos; it's about the freedom of the press and the right to hold our leaders accountable.

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