Doctor Who Promoted Covid Vaccines Calls for Suspension of Covid Vaccinations; Will Hold Press Conference Tuesday



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Dr. Aseem Malhotra is a British cardiologist who is an internationally renowned expert in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of heart disease. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, president of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Public Health Collaboration, and an honorary council member of the Metabolic Psychiatry Clinic at Stanford University School of Medicine in California.

A peer-reviewed paper he wrote about Covid vaccines, entitled “Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine – Part 1,” was published September 26 in the Journal of Insulin Resistance.

In the abstract of his paper, Dr. Malhotra says that there is “a greater risk of serious adverse events from the vaccines than being hospitalized from COVID-19.” He also stated, “A pause and reappraisal of global vaccination policies for COVID-19 is long overdue.” (See abstract below.)

Dr. Malhotra will be giving a press conference Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. British time sponsored by the World Council for Health. In cooperation with the World Council for Health, The New American will be live streaming this event at 5:30 a.m. Eastern time. Please use this link:

Also, we will be publishing a follow-up report after this conference.


Background: In response to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), several new pharmaceutical agents have been administered to billions of people worldwide, including the young and healthy at little risk from the virus. Considerable leeway has been afforded in terms of the pre-clinical and clinical testing of these agents, despite an entirely novel mechanism of action and concerning biodistribution characteristics.

Aim: To gain a better understanding of the true benefits and potential harms of the messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) coronavirus disease (COVID) vaccines.

Methods: A narrative review of the evidence from randomized trials and real-world data of the COVID mRNA products with special emphasis on BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine.

Results: In the non-elderly population the “number needed to treat” to prevent a single death runs into the thousands. Re-analysis of randomized controlled trials using the messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) technology suggests a greater risk of serious adverse events from the vaccines than being hospitalized from COVID-19. Pharmacovigilance systems and real-world safety data, coupled with plausible mechanisms of harm, are deeply concerning, especially in relation to cardiovascular safety. Mirroring a potential signal from the Pfizer Phase 3 trial, a significant rise in cardiac arrest calls to ambulances in England was seen in 2021, with similar data emerging from Israel in the 16–39-year-old age group.

Conclusion: It cannot be said that the consent to receive these agents was fully informed, as is required ethically and legally. A pause and reappraisal of global vaccination policies for COVID-19 is long overdue.

Contribution: This article highlights the importance of addressing metabolic health to reduce chronic disease and that insulin resistance is also a major risk factor for poor outcomes from COVID-19.

New York Times: We Should Criminalize Speech Like Germany



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The New York Times has been running an extended crusade for some years now to dispense with freedom of speech. It’s run op-eds arguing that speech is violence, that the First Amendment has been misunderstood… and that we should be more like Germany.

The story starts with this incident:

When the police pounded the door before dawn at a home in northwest Germany, a bleary-eyed young man in his boxer shorts answered. The officers asked for his father, who was at work.

They told him that his 51-year-old father was accused of violating laws against online hate speech, insults and misinformation. He had shared an image on Facebook with an inflammatory statement about immigration falsely attributed to a German politician. “Just because someone rapes, robs or is a serious criminal is not a reason for deportation,” the fake remark said.

The police then scoured the home for about 30 minutes, seizing a laptop and tablet as evidence, prosecutors said.

It’s hard to imagine a worse test case for censorship. But the New York Times decided to lead with someone sharing a sarcastic quote on Facebook mocking pro-migrant politicians.

Clearly, the Times would like to see this in America.

Hate speech, extremism, misogyny and misinformation are well-known byproducts of the internet. But the people behind the most toxic online behavior typically avoid any personal major real-world consequences. Most Western democracies like the United States have avoided policing the internet because of free speech rights, leaving a sea of slurs, targeted harassment and tweets telling public figures they’d be better off dead. At most, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter remove a post or suspend their account.

But over the past several years, Germany has forged another path, criminally prosecuting people for online hate speech.

Germany is known for forging another path. That said, most European countries will prosecute some kinds of speech and none have free speech. The police can come to your door in the UK and any number of European countries. Germany does this on a larger scale.

In doing so, they have flipped inside out what, to American ears, it means to protect free speech. The authorities in Germany argue that they are encouraging and defending free speech by providing a space where people can share opinions without fear of being attacked or abused.

This is the same “Censorship is Freedom” argument being used by Google, Facebook, and the Left.

What’s really telling are the examples in the article.

And it was that post that eventually led to the raid of that 51-year-old father’s house in northwest Germany. The father, whose name was not shared by authorities because of Germany’s strict privacy laws, is still under investigation in Lower Saxony as police examine the contents of his devices. Even if he did not know the comment attributed to Ms. Bause was fake, he still faces punishment because “the accused bears the risk of spreading a false quote without checking it,” prosecutors said.

So basically penalizing opponents of a leftist politician.

Swen Weiland, a software developer turned internet hate speech investigator, is in charge of unmasking people behind anonymous accounts. He hunts for clues about where a person lives and works, and connections to friends and family. After an unknown Twitter user compared Covid restrictions to the Holocaust, he used an online registry of licensed architects to help identify the culprit as a middle-aged woman.

“I try to find out what they do in their normal life,” Mr. Weiland said. “If I find where they live or their relatives then I can get the real person. The internet does not forget.”

It’s safe to say that woman was not a fan of the Nazis.

Last year, Christian Endt, a journalist in Berlin whose coverage of Covid drew a steady stream of insults online, reached a breaking point. After an anonymous Twitter user had called him “stupid” and mentally ill, he embarked on a mission to see if he could get the person prosecuted.

The person’s account did not include a real name, but it had a photo on the profile page. That allowed Mr. Endt to perform an image search to see where else on the internet the image could be found. It led him to a LinkedIn page of a small-business owner. From there, he found the individual’s company website, phone number and home address.

Mr. Endt compiled his finding in a memo and sent it to the local district attorney. In December, the case landed with the online hate unit in Lower Saxony, where the culprit lived. After reviewing the evidence, they sent the man a fine worth about €1,000.

Again, criticism of government COVID policies.

Last year, Andy Grote, a city senator responsible for public safety and the police in Hamburg, broke the local social distancing rules — which he was in charge of enforcing — by hosting a small election party in a downtown bar.

After Mr. Grote later made remarks admonishing others for hosting parties during the pandemic, a Twitter user wrote: “Du bist so 1 Pimmel” (“You are such a penis”).

Three months later, six police officers raided the house of the man who had posted the insult, looking for his electronic devices. The incident caused an uproar.

None of the incidents profiled involved any kind of Nazi association. This is about the government suppressing its own political opposition under the guise of fighting hate speech. The complaints seem to largely involve politicians, activists, and media figures.

It’s not hard to see why the media in this country thinks we should be more like Germany.

Ted Cruz strangely throws support behind left-wing legislation that will allow media, big tech to form censorship cartels

Image: Ted Cruz strangely throws support behind left-wing legislation that will allow media, big tech to form censorship cartels



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(Natural News) For some strange reason, ‘conservative’ Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is acting a lot like a left-wing Democrat these days when it comes to supporting a piece of legislation the vast majority of Republican senators want no part of.

Last week as it appeared that the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) was dead, Cruz stepped in and helped rescue it, even commending its authors.

“Let me commend the authors of this bill for the hard work they put in on an important issue,” said Cruz, who then claimed that the bill is a blow against the corporate power of Big Tech when really, it only deepens the already corrupt relationship between the ‘mainstream’ media and the tech giants.

Breitbart News reported:

The core of the bill, as is now widely known, is to allow media companies to form a legal cartel in the U.S., for the sole purpose of pressuring tech companies for special favors.

At the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the bill today, Cruz said he worked closely with the lead Democrat sponsor of the bill, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (R-MN) to get his amendment through. Thanks to Cruz’s efforts, the media bailout bill was voted out of committee and may now face a floor vote.

“I’ve had extensive conversations with Senator Klobuchar, and sat down and heard her concerns, and we worked together on this amendment,” Cruz claimed.

But at a Senate hearing to discuss the legislation, a majority of Cruz’s Republican colleagues spoke out against it, including Sen. Mike Lee of Utah. While he voted in favor of the amendment Cruz offered, he voted against voting the legislation out of committee.

“I am a little bit confused by the sponsors’ support for the amendment,” said Lee. “I applaud anything that restricts censorship by Big Tech, [but] I don’t think it does what the sponsors think it does.

“The bill retains the fundamental flaw of attempting to improve competition by sanctioning the formation of cartels, something that our antitrust laws go out of their way to prohibit,” he added, according to Breitbart News. “Moreover, this bill ends up favoring large conglomerate publishers over smaller, local publishers.”

Sens. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) also voted against the legislation.

Other Republicans who opposed to the bill include House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who called it the “antithesis of conservatism.”

“Attempts by big media and Democrats in Congress to collude and monopolize economic models poses a tremendous threat to free speech and a free press,” McCarthy told Breitbart News. “Never before has the opportunity been as open for startup news outlets as it is today. Americans now have more choices to get information and make decisions for their communities and elected leaders.

“That makes Democracy stronger and creates a whole new class of entrepreneurs that will also drive job growth. As we have seen in other industries, disrupters make legacy players uneasy and those legacy players are often willing to do whatever it takes to hold onto their market share and power. This is the antithesis of conservatism and House conservatives will fight for an open and free market — especially one that advances free speech and a free press,” he noted further.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) added in a statement: “The Journalism Competition and Protection Act (JCPA) lets the media form a cartel to negotiate w/ big tech. Conservatives should oppose special treatment for favored industries, and a cartel will lead to more censorship. Republicans should vote NO on the JCPA.”

Sources include:

Investigative journalist says Planned Parenthood is selling aborted baby tissue to communist China to develop bioweapons

Image: BOMBSHELL: Investigative journalist says Planned Parenthood is selling aborted baby tissue to communist China to develop bioweapons



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(Natural NewsNew revelations have come to light about communist Chinese involvement in the black market for aborted baby body parts.

Mitchell Gerber, an investigative journalist who specializes in the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) black market for human organs, told Jeff Dornik of “The Breakdown” that he has uncovered strong evidence of collusion between Planned Parenthood and the CCP.

In essence, the CCP is buying organs and tissues from Planned Parenthood and using them to develop bioweapons. (Related: We already knew that Planned Parenthood has been murdering babies for cash for many years now.)

“The CCP has been using DNA, the organ tissue, and the organs from aborted U.S. babies to sell back to the Chinese Communist Party,” Gerber explained.

“The director of the Chinese Communist Party’s National Health and Family Planning Commission, Li Bin, announced that he would contribute $528 million to Planned Parenthood in exchange for the continued donation of human tissue samples.”

Since forging that partnership, Gerber says the CCP has become the largest repository of human DNA from U.S. persons in history. And he says that human DNA is being used to develop biological weapons.

“This is treason,” Gerber expressed, “and our own government is colluding with the CCP with biological weapons, and that’s a whole other story, but yes they’re using these organs to make massive amounts of money, and they’re doing it deliberately to take over the world, basically.”

CCP using human DNA to create not just bioweapons but also AI systems

Keep in mind that Americans have been voluntarily sending their DNA to the CCP under the guise of figuring out their families’ ancestry.

Companies like 23andMe collect samples and purportedly use them to map out someone’s family tree. In reality, however, those samples are likely making their way into the CCP’s vast DNA repository.

Not just bioweapons but also artificial intelligence (AI) systems are produced from these samples, Dornik says. And our own government is complicit in the deception, hence why Gerber used the word treason to describe what is taking place.

“The CCP is actively seeking Americans’ DNA, ancestry records, etc. in and for the development of bio-weapons they can build that will not affect their own populace,” is how one of Dornik’s subscribers and commenters put it.

Were aborted babies from America used to develop covid “vaccines?”

Bioweapons certainly are a hot topic these days, and one cannot help but think of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) and its associated “vaccines” whenever seeing revelations like this that involve the CCP, the abortion industry, and bioweapons operations.

If the CCP really is harvesting babies from the United States and using their body parts to build race-specific bioweapons, then it is not much of a stretch to speculate that Fauci Flu shots are almost certain to be part of that. 

The Chinese Virus itself has never been isolated and proven to exist using Koch’s postulates, by the way. The jabs that supposedly cure it contain deadly spike proteins and other mystery ingredients that appear to be the real bioweapon in this whole narrative.

We know those shots contain ingredients derived from aborted baby body parts, as do most other vaccines. With that said, aborted babies have been part of the vaccine industry for many years – and have probably been a part of China’s as well.

Planned Parenthood loves money, even from the CCP

We know from earlier reporting on Planned Parenthood’s illegal baby body part trade that the abortion mill will do just about anything for cash.

Every potential pregnancy that a Planned Parenthood clinic encounters is immediately recognized as also being a potential abortion – which means more body parts that can generate more cash for its employees.

“They give you a sheet, and it’s everybody for that day, who’s coming in for an ultrasound, who’s coming in for an abortion, medical or a late-term abortion,” said Holly O’Donnell, a former technician with the organ tissue company StemExpress, back in 2015 about how her clinic scoped for body parts.

“Pregnancy tests are potential pregnancies, therefore potential specimens. So it’s just taking advantage of the opportunities.”

Mind you, this was more than seven years ago. A lot has developed since that time, including revelations about the CCP’s involvement with the medical “deep state” in our country. 

Since the time that O’Donnell spoke out, more has come to light about how the government, which is directly tied to Planned Parenthood, has been colluding with the CCP on bioweapons, censorship, trade and currency manipulation, and so much more.

“They’re cold,” O’Donnell added about Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry at large. “They just wanted their money.”

O’Donnell admitted that she was told by her superiors to pressure women into getting abortions so that their dead babies could be harvested and sold for cash. Whenever a patient could not be convinced to abort, it was seen as “an opportunity you just missed.”

“One needs to remind everyone what a role the Rockefellers played in the establishment of Planned Parenthood,” expressed a commenter at Natural News.

“That’s the same clan involved in the establishment of Federal Reserve, CFR, Bilderbergers, UN, etc. The same clan which ‘educates’ every single MD how to push their drugs, and the same clan which guides the ‘science’ in its God-less steps in every single discipline.”

The latest news about Planned Parenthood, abortion, and the baby body parts trade can be found at


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Yet another Muslim journalist working for the New York Times praises Hitler



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What if Honest Reporting hadn’t revealed anything about Soliman Hijjy? Would he still be working for the Times? Sure. They’re only concerned about this kind of behavior when they get caught.

“Unearthed: Another Hitler-Praising New York Times Gaza Journalist,” by Ira Stoll, Algemeiner, August 28, 2022:

After the New York Times terminated its relationship with a Gaza-based journalist who said he favored killing and burning Jews “like Hitler did,” the newspaper is looking into additional reported instances of its journalists praising Hitler on social media.

The same watchdog group, HonestReporting, that unearthed the post by Fady Hanona also dug up a 2012 Facebook post by a Times videographer, Soliman Hijjy, who HonestReporting said wrote “How great are you, Hitler.” Hijjy also shared variants of the post again in 2018 and 2020, HonestReporting said.

HonestReporting also expressed concern about social media posts made between 2011 and 2018 by Hosam Salem, a freelance photographer whose work has appeared in the Times.

The Times told HonestReporting it reviewed the concerns and took “appropriate action.”…

And, at least in Hijjy’s case, a video he created for the Times, “Gaza’s Deadly Night: How Israeli Airstrikes Killed 44 People,” was denounced when it came out as a “shocking” “hatchet job.” So the issue isn’t just the social media posts, it’s the nexus between the social media posts and the hate-filled agenda that filters through into the New York Times journalism….



The Death of the Disinformation Governance Board

And the Biden administration's continuing dedication to solidifying a Ministry of Truth



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There should have been a victory parade and a nationwide celebration of the freedom of expression, but the great day came with no fanfare at all: the Department of Homeland Security has announced that its sinister little exercise in Orwellianism, the Disinformation Governance Board, as of Wednesday is officially and definitively dead. You may have thought this cynical attempt to criminalize dissent from the Left’s agenda had died long ago, but actually in mid-May the DHS only “paused” the Disinformation Governance Board, and there was every reason to believe that once the controversy had died down and Americans’ attention was elsewhere, it would be revived in some form or another. And make no mistake: that’s still true. It isn’t as if the Biden administration has suddenly discovered a new admiration for the freedom of speech.

The DHS announcement of the demise of the Ministry of Truth contained the seeds for its future revival, for it begins by reminding us of the alleged “threat” that “disinformation” poses to “the homeland,” that is, the embarrassment and irritation that news that isn’t approved by the political and media elites causes to those very same elites when it gets out to a large segment of the public: “The Department welcomes the recommendations of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, which has concluded that countering disinformation that threatens the homeland and providing the public with accurate information in response, is critical to fulfilling the Department’s missions. We thank the Subcommittee for its work, which required extensive fact gathering and analysis over a short period of time.”

Right after claiming that “disinformation” is a big threat, the DHS announces that “Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas has terminated the Disinformation Governance Board and rescinded its charter effective today, August 24, 2022.” Well, that’s great, but if disinformation is such a big threat, then why are you deep-sixing your anti-disinformation apparatus, Mr. Secretary? No explanation is included in the announcement, which continues: “With the HSAC recommendations as a guide, the Department will continue to address threat streams that undermine the security of our country consistent with the law while upholding the privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of the American people and promoting transparency in our work.”

So what the DHS statement amounts to is an affirmation that America faces a very big threat from “disinformation,” and it’s the government’s job to save us from this “disinformation” by informing us of what is true and what isn’t and presumably to censor the alleged disinformation in some way. But then the statement announces that the board that DHS set up for precisely that purpose is being terminated and then goes on to say that DHS will keep working against alleged threats to “the homeland.” So in three terse paragraphs, we have two declarations that DHS must fight threats, and one statement that a principal means to fight these threats is being terminated.

It would make more sense with the overall thrust of the announcement if the second paragraph had been about establishing the Disinformation Governance Board rather than disbanding it. And that’s just one reason why it’s virtually certain that the Board will be back under some new clumsy Orwellian name and with better PR but unmistakably the same thing as the first Board was: an attempt to restrict the freedom of speech of Americans and to control the public discourse so that only the Left’s perspective gets aired.

In fact, the Board may already be back. Back in June, the Biden administration announced, according to the New York Post, that a new disinformation team headed by none other than Kamala Harris would be focused on “developing programs and policies” that would protect “political figures” from “disinformation,” “abuse” and “harassment.” This disinformation panel includes Mayorkas, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Gestapo chief Merrick Garland and presumably is up and running, albeit with a studiously low profile, so as to avoid the outrage and uncomfortable First Amendment questions that did in the first Board.

Nonetheless, Harris’ panel is also on dangerous ground in terms of the First Amendment, as “abuse” and “harassment,” to say nothing of “disinformation,” are subjective terms. What is to prevent the person who is charged with judging what constitutes them — Harris, evidently — from considering sharp criticism, or even any criticism at all, no matter how accurate or justified, to be abuse or harassment? As the DHS continues to work on ways to counter the “threat” of “disinformation,” will it ever deign to explain to us peasants how it plans to distinguish actual disinformation from genuine disagreement on the facts or how it intends to ensure that its efforts against “disinformation” aren’t just an attempt to silence political disagreement?

No such explanations are likely to be forthcoming. But more efforts to shut down the freedom of speech? They’ll be coming for sure, and quickly.

Cheney Scorches Wyoming Voters With Anti-Trump Ads

Cheney Scorches Wyoming Voters With Anti-Trump Ads

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney says she “took to the Constitution to compelled me to vote for impeachment,” after being censured by her state’s Republican party.

SHE’S BIG MAD! Watch! New Ad Digs Up Darth Cheney Bashing Trump



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

In a last-ditch effort to save her failing campaign for reelection to the House from Wyoming, Rep. Liz Cheney is running ads on Fox News. The ads, featuring her father, Dick Cheney, who served as vice president under George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009, drip with vitriol:

In our nation’s 246-year history there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump….

Trump tried to steal the last election [2020], using lies and violence to keep himself in power after the voters had rejected him.

He is a coward. A real man wouldn’t lie to his supporters.

He lost his election and he lost big.

I know it, he knows it and deep down I think most Republicans know it.

In Wyoming, most Republicans know no such thing. Having voted for Trump by 70 percent in 2020 and having witnessed the continuing inquisition by the January 6 investigative committee co-chaired by Dick Cheney’s daughter, they are not likely to welcome the ad campaign. And Republicans in Wyoming hold a four-to-one advantage over Democrats.

But Cheney Senior continues, saying that he is proud of his daughter for “standing up for the truth, doing what is right, honoring her oath to the Constitution when so many in our own party are too scared to do so. Liz is fearless. She never backs down from a fight.”

And then, ominously, he adds:

There is nothing more important she will ever do than lead the effort to make sure Donald Trump is never near the Oval Office again.

And she will succeed.

Down in the polls by more than 20 points, just how is Cheney likely to succeed in that effort?

More than once she has given indications of her willingness to sell out to the Democratic Party in order to get to Trump. In an interview with The New York Times on Sunday, she said she’d “rather serve with [far-left House Democrats] Mikie Sherrill and Chrissy Houlahan and Elissa Slotkin [Freedom Index (FI) ratings of 8, 6, and 8 respectively] than Marjorie Taylor Greene [FI 95] and Lauren Boebert [FI 90].… They love their country, they do their homework, and they’re people that are trying to do the right things for the country.”

Her campaign includes appealing to the few Wyoming Democrats to “cross over” next Tuesday by registering as Republicans, though at the moment it appears that even that appeal is falling on deaf ears. According to the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office, since January only about 6,000 of the state’s 43,285 registered Democrats have made that move in order to vote for her on Tuesday.

The strongest indication that she has already written off next Tuesday’s results and is ready to move on came during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” on Sunday. When asked about 2024, she responded:

I haven’t really … at this point, I have not made a decision about 2024….

But I do think, as we look towards the next presidential election, as I said, I believe that our nation stands on the edge of an abyss. And I do believe that we all have to really think very seriously about the dangers we face and the threats we face. And we have to elect serious candidates.

And just whom would she pick as a “serious candidate?”

Tapper rightly concluded:

When you hear a politician talking about the country “standing on the edge of an abyss” and the need to elect “serious candidates,” well, it doesn’t take an astrophysicist to figure out what’s going on there.

Cheney has expressed disdain not only for Donald Trump but also for his potential rival in 2024, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: “I think Ron DeSantis has lined himself up almost entirely with Donald Trump, and I think that’s very dangerous.”

CNN’s editor-at-large Chris Cillizza sees just how she could keep Trump out of the White House in 2024: by running as an Independent — a spoiler — who “could skim off enough voters to potentially hamstring the former president’s chances of winning.”

By continuing to run poisonous anti-Trump ads in an election she is going to lose, she is signaling that she is just the one Democrats could use as a foil. In the meantime, she will, with a compliant and complicit mainstream media on her side, keep her lamp burning bright as the “conservative” voice at one of the major left-wing news outlets after she loses next week’s primary election.

Related article:

RINO Liz Cheney Won’t Rule Out 2024

Lawless tyrant Zelensky echoes Nazi fascists, issues BLACKLIST of US lawmakers and journalists while skimming BILLIONS from US taxpayers



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) While skimming billions of dollars from US taxpayers, Ukraine’s puppet “president” Zelensky has issued a threatening blacklist that specifically names US lawmakers and journalists as being “Russian propagandists” who should be rejected by media and society.

To the shock of many, among those names are US Senator Rand Paul, congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, and prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Anyone who disagrees with Zelensky is now apparently going to be named a kind of “Putin puppet,” as if the installed leader of a European country is now allowed to dictate a kind of reputation score for US lawmakers and journalists.

This is the sort of tactic used in fascist, authoritarian states, smacking of Nazi Germany and the old Soviet Union under Stalin. And this is on top of Zelensky pursuing the following despicable tactics, all rooted in authoritarianism and tyranny:

  • banning all opposition political parties in Ukraine
  • outlawing all media except those outlets controlled by his regime
  • outlawing books, films, music, artwork, and theatrical productions that reference the Russo-ethnic history of Ukraine (essentially banning true history)

As Glenn Greenwald detailed in this Twitter thread:

Before Russia’s invasion and since, Zelensky has abolished basic liberties: shuttered opposition media, outlawed parties, imprisoned dissidents.

As Ukraine demands money and arms from the West, they now want to export this repression to our countries with McCarthyite blacklists:

You can see the full Ukrainian blacklist, obtained by @unherd. Beyond the individuals listed above, officially maligned are @JeffDSachs, @RandPaul, former Brazil President @LulaOficial, Col. Douglas MacGregor, Caleb Maupin, Marine LePen, and many others:

It takes extreme audacity for Zelensky and his henchmen to go around the world demanding other nations send massive amounts of weapons and money to him, then try to suppress dissent in our countries by smearing journalists and citizens who question.

Zelensky is a raging lunatic tyrant, drunk with power and a danger to the entire world

In effect, Zelensky has become a raging lunatic tyrant who demands tens of billions of dollars from the USA under the false label of “defending democracy” while he actually marches in lockstep with the tyrants of history like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

Zelensky’s rightful place in the hierarchy of authoritarian history might be alongside Kim Jong-Un, Fidel Castro, or Pol Pot. Yet somehow he is celebrated by the twisted, deceitful western media as a god-like hero who is tasked with saving western Europe from the ravages of Russia.

Yet Russia provides the only real hope for the people of Ukraine to escape their enslavement under Zelensky, a tyrant who spent nearly 8 years authorizing military strikes against the innocent people of the Donbass region, waging war against civilians while running secret police operations across the country, complete with assassinations of political opponents and secret disappearances of government critics.

This was all done with the full guidance of the CIA, of course, as has now been readily admitted by the Washington Post and other news outlets. Zelensky has been a puppet all along, which isn’t surprising, given his background as a gay comedian and TV actor who was easily blackmailed into compliance with dirt from his sketchy past. So now, when Russia explains they are working to “de-Nazify” Ukraine, it all makes sense. Zelensky also worked to support the Azov Nazi battalion which has terrorized Ukraine’s civilians for years and was only beaten back when Russia initiated its Special Military Operation to demilitarize the Ukraine regime that was murdering innocent civilians (including children).

For the sake of the people of Ukraine, we can only hope that somebody removes Zelensky from power soon, whether that be achieved by the USA, Russia, or a Ukrainian military coup. The sooner Zelensky is removed, the sooner negotiations can begin with Russia for a peaceful resolution. And that means the needless deaths of Ukrainian men can finally come to a halt, far too late and long after Zelensky has sacrificed the lives of tens of thousands of innocent Ukrainians in order to try to protect his own lawless regime that panders to the west.

THANK GOD: Russia announces intent to help the people of Ukraine eliminate raging tyrant Zelensky

Fortunately for the people of Ukraine, Russia is now expanding the scope of its military operation and is apparently planning on removing Zelensky from power. As detailed by Zero Hedge:

Russia has for the first time stated as among its ultimate war aims is to achieve regime change in Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in Sunday remarks which were publicized Monday that Moscow will help the Ukrainian people “get rid of the regime” in Kiev.
Going into early summer, the Russian military had focused its battlefield goals on “liberating” the Donbas, but this latest Lavrov comment on removing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky represents the most expansive war aim yet.

“We are determined to help the people of eastern Ukraine to liberate themselves from the burden of this absolutely unacceptable regime,” Lavrov said while meeting with Arab League officials in Egypt.

In similar fashion, Donetsk leader Denis Pushilin has declared that Russia must now continue its military operation westward, eliminating the Nazis and fascists from Odessa, Kiev, and all Ukrainian cities originally founded under the Soviet Union.


The President of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin stated that it was time to liberate Russian cities such as Kyiv and other large cities.

The Russia Today website quoted Pushilin as saying: It is time to liberate the Russian cities founded by the Russian people again, such as Kyiv Chernigov, Poltava, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, and Lutsk.

Since the Donetsk People’s Republic declared its independence from Kyiv in 2014, this region has been subjected to regular bombardment by Ukrainian forces.

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As Zelensky, NATO and the USA have made quite clear, the only way for Russia to be safe from western aggression is to eliminate Ukraine’s fascist regime and allow the people of Ukraine to elect their own leaders (rather than having the CIA install obedient puppets).

We would estimate that Zelensky’s days are numbered, one way or the other.

Ending the fascist Zelensky regime is the only way to stop the genocide against ethnic Russians in Ukraine

It is becoming increasingly obvious to Russia and the people of Donetsk that the only way to stop Zelensky’s terrorism and anti-human mass killings of russo-ethnic civilians is to take Zelensky out and end his fascist regime once and for all. Like Adolf Hitler — also a crazed, power-hungry genocidal lunatic like Zelensky — at some point, the honorable powers of the world must pay the cost of removing evil from this world, even if it means fighting a war to achieve that outcome.

In a previous era, America and the United Kingdom sacrificed to end Adolf Hitler’s evil regime. Russia paid a heavy price in taking part in that chapter of history, losing over 20 million men fighting the Nazis. Now, it seems Russia is being called upon to repeat that sacrifice for the benefit of the future of humankind. A world run by CIA puppets like Zelensky is a tyrannical, despotic world that cannot be allowed to unfold. Zelensky and his controllers must be prevented from enslaving all of humanity.

In summary, Zelensky is the rendition of pure evil. He is 100% in alignment with the anti-human LGBT agenda, the “woke” demonic propaganda of the west, the climate change hoax that crushes human civilization, the vaccine death/depopulation agenda, extreme censorship of his own people, and all the other horrific pillars of evil that now characterize western nations like Germany, France, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. These western nations are steeped in satanism, child murder (infanticide), child grooming, transgender mutilations, rigged elections, extreme censorship, illegal persecutions of political enemies (J6), and similar crimes against humanity.

Truth be told, removing Zelensky is just step one of the courses of action needed to save humanity from satanism and collapse. The illegitimate enemy occupying force currently running the illegitimate regime in America must also be democratically removed from power, prosecuted for their crimes, and punished for their crimes against our world.

Only then can we all get back to peaceful coexistence, global free trade, affordable food, fertilizer, energy, farming, and abundance.

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Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald reveals truth about Ukraine’s Zelenskyy in brutal Twitter thread



Abortion militants are firebombing pro-life centers across America and the media pretends like nothing is happening

Image: Abortion militants are firebombing pro-life centers across America and the media pretends like nothing is happening

Abortion Activists Declare ‘Open Season’ On Pregnancy Clinics While Media Ignore Violence

Dan Ball With Mallory Carroll: Pro-Abortionists Attack Pro-Life Centers

President of Firebombed Pro-Life Clinic Speaks Out

SENATOR Cruz: Threats Against Pro-Life Centers Are Happening with the Encouragement of the Democrat Party



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Pro-death terrorists are roving the country and destroying pro-life resource clinics, according to reports.

The latest incident among many occurred in Eggertsville, N.Y., where a pro-life center called CompassCare was reportedly “firebombed” and sprayed with graffiti early this week.

An “abortion terrorist group” called Jane’s Revenge has been tied to the incident as an incriminating message scrawled on the side of the CompassCare building read “Jane was here.”

Every visible window of the facility was smashed in and reports indicate that the offices inside were “extensively damaged by flames and smoke” – all to fight back against the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Jane’s Revenge took credit for another recent incident in Madison, Wisc. The group firebombed the headquarters of Wisconsin Family Action (WFA), a pro-life organization.

Just like the Eggertsville incident, Jane’s Revenge threw Molotov cocktails into the WFA building and spray-painted its walls with the following message:

“If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either,” followed by an anarchist symbol.

Pro-life lives don’t matter to violent leftists

According to CompassCare CEO Jim Harden, these acts of violent destruction are “the face of abortion.”

“They’re revealing it to us right now,” he said in a video, pointing behind him to the vandalism of his group’s building. “We’re all about life. We want to save every single human life we possibly can. And they’re looking to destroy our ability to do that. But they did not succeed.”

Not one, but two different locations inside the CompassCare building were set on fire

at around 2:30 a.m., prompting the Eggertsville Hose Company and several other volunteer companies to fight the blaze.

Amherst police, town fire investigators, and an Erie County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit also arrived on the scene, determining that $150,000 in damage was caused to the structure and its contents.

Brian J. Kulpa, Amherst’s Supervisor, said some kind of incendiary device was used to light the fire. There is no justification for this crime, he added, and town police are investigating it as arson while pursuing a path of prosecution.

While nobody was inside the building at the time of the fire, emergency responders were forced to risk their own lives while putting out the fire, Kulpa added. Two volunteer firefighters had to be treated for minor injuries but they have since been released from the hospital.

“No matter who you are or what your political opinion is, you know, there’s no given right to express your opinion through violent actions,” Kulpa said.

CompassCare, which is based out of Rochester, acquired the former medical office on Eggert Road in 2019. That same year, it retrofitted the building and opened it as a crisis pregnancy center to help women save their unborn babies.

The group’s expansion into the Buffalo area followed a merger with three other independent crisis pregnancy centers, expanding the group’s ability to provide free basic medical care as well as counseling to women in need.

“So if we can give her a vision, or a future after having a child, saying, ‘I can do this, I see now it’s possible,’ she’s truly empowered,” Harden explained.

About 20 women per week on average visit CompassCare’s Eggertsville location – or at least they did. Now that the building is destroyed, they will have nowhere to go until the property is fixed and restored to what it was.

Jane’s Revenge, meanwhile, promised to undertake a “Night of Rage” in response to the leaked opinion from the Supreme Court about overturning Roe v. Wade. Hopefully, the group’s members are tracked down and dealt with before they cause

any further damage or destruction of private property.

The latest news about the abortion-loving left can be found at

Sources for this article include:




23 pro-life organizations firebombed, vandalized by pro-abortion activists 



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

As pro-lifers try to protect the unborn from violence, they find themselves in the pathway of Leftist violence. If it isn’t Antifa being violent, it’s Black Lives Matter being violent or Leftists allying with pro-Palestinian activists in violence (campuses and beyond). But the complicit Leftist mainstream media zeroes in on two specific days in the space of four years to attack the right: the Charlottesville protest and January 6, wherein both incidents, Antifa was involved. Well now, violence is being directed at pro-life organizations by pro-abortion activists.

Recall in Canada, that even though tens of thousands turned out in Ottawa to support the Freedom Convoy, Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stirred fears of violence, and referenced Freedom Convoy supporters as “racists,” “misogynists” and even terrorists. But instead, peaceful, freedom-loving, law-abiding citizens chanted “freedom,” engaged in prayer, distributed food, and set up bouncy castles for kids in freezing cold temperatures.

Leftists more readily employ violence, while searching for incidents of violence among the Right.

Most pro-abortion supporters are on the Left. Even the Leftist publication Politico published an article entitled: ”If You’re a Pro-life Democrat … You Know You’re Standing Alone.” 

Though Biden campaigned on unity, he has not condemned a single one of the attacks on pro-life organizations.

“Report: 23 Pro-Life Organizations Vandalized, Firebombed by Pro-Abortion Activists in Recent Weeks,” by Wendell Husebo, Breitbart, June 2022: 

At least 23 pro-life organizations have reportedly been vandalized in recent weeks.

The pro-life organizations have been either firebombed or vandalized by radical pro-abortion activists, according to Catholic Vote:

Hollywood, FL — South Broward Pregnancy Center and Archdiocese of Miami Respect Life Ministry
Asheville, NC — Mountain Area Pregnancy Services
Manassas, VA — First Care Women’s Health
Alexandria, VA — Concerned Women for America
Reiserstown, MD — Alpha Pregnancy Center
Frederick, MD — BirthRight of Frederick
Frederick, MD — CareNet Frederick
Reiserstown, MD — Alpha Pregnancy Center
Buffalo, NY — CompassCare Pregnancy Services
Madison, WI — Wisconsin Family Action
Des Moines, IA — Agape Pregnancy Resource Center
Denton, TX — Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center
Austin, TX — Trotter House
Long Beach, CA — His Nesting Place Home for Mothers & Children
Sebastopol, CA — Pregnancy Center Billboard
Eugene, OR — Dove Medical Clinic
Keizer, OR — Oregon Right to Life
Gresham, OR — Gresham Pregnancy Resource Center
Portland, OR — Southeast Portland Pregnancy Resource Center
Vancouver, WA — Options360 Women’s Clinic
Federal Way, WA — Care Net Pregnancy and Family Services of Puget Sound
Lynnwood, WA — Next Step Pregnancy Services
The attacks follow a leaked Supreme Court decision that revealed Roe v. Wade may be overturned this month. If overturned, abortion would no longer be protected by the federal government but would still be legal in many states.

Though President Biden campaigned on unity, Biden has not condemned a single one of the attacks, the RNC reported on Monday. Moreover, many establishment television networks refuse to cover the extremism:

Many of the attacks have been brutal and vulgar in nature. “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either,” vandals wrote on a Wisconsin Family Action facility…..

FBI Whistleblower LEAKS Doc Showing Bureau Targets “News Media” as “Sensitive Investigative Matter”~PARENTS TARGETED AS WELL

BREAKING: FBI Whistleblower Leaks Document Showing Bureau Targeting ‘News Media’
• Document reveals the FBI labeled Project Veritas as “news media,” and categorized the probe as a “Sensitive Investigative Matter” due to Veritas being journalists. This is a direct contradiction of the U.S. government’s in-court position that Project Veritas are not journalists.
• The whistleblower, who has several years of experience as an FBI Special Agent and is still on payroll with the Bureau, came to Project Veritas with the document after seeing what he calls “a number of troubling things that are happening in the FBI.”
• The document also shows the federal investigation was launched into Project Veritas the same day Ashley Biden’s Attorney, Roberta Kaplan, said, “This is insane. We should send to SDNY” in response to a request for comment on the contents of Ashley Biden’s abandoned diary.
• Additionally, the FBI categorized the investigation into an abandoned diary under Threat Band I, which is usually reserved for “threat issues that are likely to cause the greatest damage to national interests or public safety in the coming year.”
• The Whistleblower also revealed how the document shows surveillance of Project Veritas including the use of CAST tools, an analysis which includes cellular geolocation tracking of phone devices.
• FBI Whistleblower: “Tyranny happens incrementally, and it happens by a bunch of people agreeing to small injustices over and over simply to keep their paycheck and their maintain your paycheck and pension that gives you the Holocaust”
[NEW YORK – May 11, 2022] A source within the Federal Bureau of Investigation has come forward to expose the FBI’s targeting of members of the “news media” including information about what the FBI calls a Special Investigative Matter (“SIM”) regarding their investigation into Project Veritas over Ashley Biden’s abandoned diary.

According to a document obtained and published by Project Veritas, the FBI opened an investigation into Project Veritas knowing full well they were journalists as the document is labeled under a “news media” classification.

This classification is a direct contradiction to the government’s court filing where they argued that actions taken by the government to surveil, raid and seize materials from Project Veritas journalists were appropriate. The government’s filing stated, “Project Veritas is not engaged in journalism within any traditional or accepted definition of that word,” because its reporting is “non-consensual.”

The whistleblower, who has several years of experience as an FBI Special Agent, came to Project Veritas because “The direction that the agency has headed troubles a vast majority of the agents.”

Something else the whistleblower called “alerting” was the fact that the FBI categorized the investigation into Ashley Biden’s diary under Threat Band I, which is usually reserved for “threat issues that are likely to cause the greatest damage to national interests or public safety in the coming year.”

The document, which lacks certain information due to the restricted classification of the file, also shows the investigation was launched the same day Ashley Biden’s Attorney, Roberta Kaplan, said, “This is insane. We should send to SDNY,” in response to a request for comment on the contents of Ashley Biden’s diary.

The FBI also used its Cellular Analysis Survey Team (CAST) tools, which include cellular geolocation tracking of phone devices, to secretly surveil Project Veritas journalists, according to the whistleblower and as revealed in the leaked document.

The whistleblower, who is still on the Bureau’s payroll, sat down for an interview with Project Veritas CEO and Founder, James O’Keefe. “Tyranny happens incrementally, and it happens by a bunch of people agreeing to small injustices over and over simply to keep their paycheck and their pension,” said the whistleblower, adding, “To maintain your paycheck and pension that gives you the Holocaust.”.

At the time of this writing, the FBI has not yet responded to a request for comment.


DOJ whistleblower reveals parents were targeted by FBI


OLGA REZNIKOVA: So-called independent journalist Patrick Lancaster




Ukraine War: Both Mariupol Frontlines Under Fire Special Report. Russia

Ukraine War: Soldiers Collect Civilians After Shelling Attack on Mariupol Frontline

Ukraine War: Refugees Expose Mariupol War Crimes Of Russia

A BETTER SOURCE: Boris visits Kiev. Another Mariupol evacuation fails. Sweden warms up to NATO

BY Alex Christoforou

U.S. Catholic Priest: 'Ukrainian President Zelensky is an Adamant Supporter of the New World Order'

Featured Image



“It is very important to make a distinction between the Russia of today and the Soviet Union of 30 years ago – they are not the same.” – Father Nolan

“We ought to obey God rather than men.” Acts 5:29
Ukraine’s sin versus Putin’s Carnage
Globalist Zelenskyy




Biden’s handlers considering granting demand that Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps be dropped off terrorist list



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

It’s surprising that the relentless appeasers among Biden’s handlers who are working for this new deal haven’t already caved on this point, but they likely will soon. Meanwhile, note that the Washington Post erroneously calls the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps the “Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.” Whitewashing Islam is the highest priority for the American establishment media, even if it means deliberate inaccuracy in their reporting.

“Iran nuclear talks at a stalemate over terrorism issue,” by Karen DeYoung, Washington Post, April 2, 2022:

Tehran’s demand that the United States lift its designation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization, and U.S. refusal so far to do that, have brought the year-long negotiations over reviving the Iran nuclear deal to a halt, with no new meetings scheduled and little obvious room for compromise.

Since talks being held in Vienna adjourned last month, European participants have shuttled between Washington and Tehran in a vain search for accommodation from both sides. “At this point, nothing mutually acceptable” has been proposed, according to a U.S. official knowledgeable about the issue who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive diplomatic and political matter.

Whether the United States will yield in any way is up to President Biden, and “the president hasn’t made a decision,” the official said. “Politically, we know that it’s an extremely difficult step to take.” For the moment, head U.S. negotiator Robert Malley said at a foreign policy forum last weekend, success “is not just around the corner, and not inevitable.”…

“New Iran Nuclear Deal Could Allow Iranian Terrorists Into US,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, April 1, 2022:

The Biden administration’s new nuclear accord with Iran is likely to include a loophole that will “allow Iranian nationals linked to terrorism to enter and stay in the United States,” according to a new Republican-authored policy analysis circulating on Capitol Hill and reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

With negotiations over a revamped nuclear deal inching closer to completion, the Biden administration is considering a concession that will remove Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) from the U.S.-designated terrorist list.

The removal of this designation remains one of the final sticking points in diplomatic talks surrounding a new accord. Delisting the IRGC will “open the gates for Iranian terrorists to enter the United States” and make it harder for law enforcement agencies to target IRGC affiliates operating in the United States, according to a new assessment of policy implications authored by the Republican Study Committee (RSC), Congress’s largest Republican caucus and a principal opponent of a new accord.

“Removing the IRGC from the Foreign Terrorist Organization list is a non-nuclear related concession to Iran which would reward terrorist blackmail, allow Iranian nationals linked to terrorism to enter and stay in the United States, weaken law enforcement’s ability to go after those providing support or resources to the IRGC, and make it harder to hold those outside U.S. soil criminally accountable for helping the IRGC,” according to the policy analysis, which was distributed on Friday to 160 congressional offices and obtained exclusively by the Free Beacon.

The Biden administration’s bid to remove sanctions on the IRGC is fueling opposition to the deal from Democratic and Republican foreign policy leaders, who worry this concession will embolden Iran’s global terrorism and spy operations. Bipartisan legislation introduced in the House on Thursday and first reported by the Free Beacon seeks to force the Biden administration into disclosing how sanctions relief for Iran will boost the IRGC’s capabilities….


As Hunter Biden’s federal investigation deepens, the media continues its desperate operation to spike the slew of evidence being produced from his laptop - which they’ve now been forced to admit exists.

'Let That Sink In A Minute': Ron Johnson Displays Alleged Bank Records Of Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden grand jury witness asked about the 'big guy,' China deal: Report

Former assistant FBI director Chris Swecker joined 'Fox & Friends First' to discuss the latest on the report and the potential implications of the probe.


According to a report from the US network ABC, the Secret Service detail protecting Hunter Biden has been paying more than $30,000 a month to rent out a property in Malibu, California. The reason why the agency is renting such an expensive property is because they want to be located as close to Hunter Biden's own rented mansion - thought to be worth $20,000 a month. Retired senior Secret Service agent Don Mihalek told ABC news the arrangement is "the cost of doing business for the Secret Service." However, the exorbitant cost of protecting the president’s son has raised the ire of many conservative commentators.

REGIME CHANGE now under way in the USA: Biden on the chopping block as intelligence community activates emergency self-preservation actions



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Several days ago, fake president Joe Biden called for regime change in Russia, practically begging Russia’s military generals to remove Putin from power. But that hasn’t happened. What’s happening instead is that America’s intelligence community “generals” are now moving against Joe Biden.

I received intel over the weekend that the IC (Intelligence Community) three-letter agencies had come to the realization that if they didn’t stop Biden’s accelerating destruction of America, they would all be wiped out as America collapsed. I shared this intel in a Monday morning podcast and article that you can read here. The title of that article tells the story: “ANALYSIS: Embedded “good guys” are turning against the cabal… It’s ALL coming out… and the awakening cannot be halted.”

Yesterday, the Washington Post and CNN took action that confirmed all this, running bombshell stories that exposed details from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.” In essence, the CIA ordered the Washington Post to start exposing the Biden crime family. This is all being done in preparation for Biden’s removal from power.

As Zero Hedge wrote yesterday, “Hunter Biden Dam About To Burst? WaPo, CNN Go Scorched Earth Over ‘Laptop From Hell'”:

Two weeks ago, the New York Times confirmed the laptop exists and is legit – and confirmed several previously reported aspects of the story, including correspondence between Hunter and his business partner Devon Archer, both of whom served on the board of Ukrainian energy giant Burisma.

Today, the Washington Post and CNN are piling on – with the post confirming yet-more details of the laptop contents, and CNN running a blistering segment and reporting that the federal investigation into Hunter is ‘heating up.’

So the same corporate media that lied and covered up the truth about the Biden crime family has now been ordered to unleash the truth about the Bidens in preparation for Biden’s removal from office.

It’s not yet clear exactly how Biden is going to be removed, but the action is imminent

We don’t have any details on how Biden will be removed, but we are aware that indictment documents for the Bidens are currently circulating among three-letter agencies. The FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, etc., are all fully aware of the extent of the Biden crimes — as they have been since early 2016, it turns out — and they are now deciding how much to release publicly in order to set the appropriate narrative for Biden to be removed from office.

Hunter Biden will likely be indicted, and Joe will be sufficiently close to the accused crimes that he is forced to resign. So this means the 25th Amendment option isn’t the most likely outcome here. Rather, there will be evidence released from Hunter Biden’s laptop that ensnares the fake president, forcing his resignation as the media fans the flames of outrage.

The reason the IC and media are on board with this is because they need to chain a lot of bad baggage to Biden and then place the blame for all those things squarely on his shoulders while protecting the Democrat brand for other potential candidates. So you’re going to see the media articles and deep state leaks focusing on things that are very specific to official abuse of power carried out by the Bidens themselves, and not anything that would cast a wider net on the DNC or the Democrat party as a whole. After all, they need to limit the damage to the Democrat brand in the 2022 mid-terms.

Crucially, the IC has no intention whatsoever of installing Trump into power, and I want to be clear about that. This isn’t a reversal of the 2020 election theft; it’s simply the IC deep state practicing its own self-preservation emergency procedures to make sure they don’t get wiped out by Biden’s insane, unbounded criminality and incompetence.

(Hear more details in my full podcast, below.)

New intel on the wave of suicide bombers headed for Western Europe (and maybe even America)

We have also received important intel — scrubbed of all OPSEC details that might compromise security for US forces — warning about a wave of suicide bombers being recruited in Afghanistan, armed with suicide vests in Iran, then transported to Ukraine and placed under temporary control of Russian military units. Their ultimate goal is to move into Western European nations (NATO nations are the target) by posing as Ukrainian refugees.

They are armed with kinetic explosive vests which can be easily disassembled and reassembled in order to evade detection during border crossings. Importantly, some of the terrorists are in possession of explosive vests augmented with dirty bomb materials (i.e. radioisotopes). These are not extremely radioactive but are more along the lines of low-level radiation, just enough to make an area unsafe to inhabit and spread the fear of a “radiation dirty bomb.” These materials likely do not pose an acute risk of radiation poisoning, or they would be too unsafe to transport by the suicide bombers themselves.

We are told that suicide bomber attacks are now anticipated in Paris, London, Berlin, and other prominent cities in NATO countries. Likely targets will be “soft” targets with a high human density such as cafes, concerts, theaters, etc.

Part of this effort is designed to create economic and political instability in the West, combined with the economic difficulties caused by Putin demanding payment for energy exports in Rubles (which goes into effect tomorrow, if it is fully enforced).

Many enemies of the West are seizing upon this moment in history to unleash a variety of attacks from multiple vectors: Currency attacks, kinetic attacks, radiological attacks, refugee “flooding” of NATO nations, energy scarcity, etc.

Terrorists will likely attempt to enter the USA

We are also told that efforts will be made by suicide bombers to gain access to the continental United States (CONUS) with anticipation of suicide bombing attacks on low-security soft targets in the USA. Importantly, this means that our military intelligence believes these suicide bombers will not attempt to go after high-security targets such as the actual White House grounds which are very, very secure, but rather will target unguarded civilians who gather in large numbers at social events such as concerts, restaurants, theaters, etc.

We are not passing this along in order to incite fear in anyone, but rather to help our readers be prepared to anticipate these events which have already been set into motion by the global dynamics of war with Russia, economic sanctions, commodities shortages, currency wars, etc. An individual person’s actual chance of being caught in a suicide bombing in the USA is virtually zero. The far greater risk to us all is how a tyrannical government regime will respond to the escalation in terrorism violence by expanding surveillance of citizens, rolling out more security checkpoints, unlawful searches of ordinary citizens, and potentially even racial profiling of anyone who resembles a Middle Eastern profile.

In other words, the real danger to America is not the suicide bomber terrorism, but the reaction of government tyranny against its own citizens and the exploitation of another crisis to take away individual liberty. Note that the only reason such terrorists have easy access to the continental United States is because the US government outright refuses to secure the southern border. This is all being engineered on purpose.

Get full details on all this and more in today’s Situation Update podcast, which also discusses the detailed ramifications of economic sanctions against Russia and the global currency wars that are targeting the dollar:


Rep. Madison Cawthorn says he’s been asked to “orgies” in DC, has seen politicians do “coke” while media gathers blackmail materials

Madison Cawthorn INFURIATES GOP with talk of ORGY invitation, DRUG USE by Congress colleagues

Just HOW Corrupt is D.C? Rep. Madison Cawthorn gives insider look

Congressman Madison Cawthorn pulls no punches in describing just how bad Washington D.C. really is. In this interview, I ask how close the show ‘House of Cards’ gets to giving a real glimpse of our ruling class. His answers shocked me. Support Madison Cawthorn:

Image: Rep. Madison Cawthorn says he’s been asked to “orgies” in DC, has seen politicians do “coke” while media gathers blackmail materials



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Freshmen Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) has made interesting – albeit not surprising to some long-time Washington observers – revelations about his short time in the nation’s capital since winning in the 2020 election.

In an interview last week with John Lovell of the “Warrior Poet Society” podcast, Cawthorn said that since moving to D.C., he has been invited to orgies with politicians and saw other powerful people doing “key bumps” of cocaine while in front of him, and with various media figures who then document the scandalous stories to use as blackmail.

The young GOP representative was asked if “House of Cards,” the television series starring Kevin Spacey as the Democratic chief whip, and his “secret life of corruption and power and money and perversion” is anything close to the reality of life in the nation’s capital. He responded by claiming to be shocked at the amount of “sexual perversion” in Washington (which explains why most lawmakers never want to retire).

He also told the interviewer that as a young man who has always paid a lot of attention to politics, he was amazed and surprised that some people he “looked up to” had invited him to “sexual get-togethers,” which he noted were actually just orgies. He also said that cocaine and drug use among D.C. insiders was rampant.

“Some of the people that are leading on the movement to try and remove addiction in our country and then you watch them do, you know, a key bump of cocaine right in front of you and it’s like, wow, this is wild,” said Cawthorn.

The North Carolina Republican also said that there is a “whole espionage aspect” to what goes on in Washington.

“So many people trade in secrets, and there’s a currency to secrets,” he said, adding that one of the most disturbing things is that members of the media intentionally pursue those secrets to “keep nasty stories about you or other people on a shelf,” ready to drop at a moment’s notice as a means of blackmail.

“If you’re about to speak out against something they don’t want you to, they’ll come out and say ‘we’re about to drop this story of when 17 years ago you did X, Y, and Z, and you don’t want us to drop that story do you, so we’re going to bully you back into this position.'” Cawthorn added.

But then, there are also times when the left-wing “mainstream media” commits heinous acts of omission and commission.

For instance, before, during, and after Donald Trump’s presidency, the media has allowed itself to be used by the Deep State intelligence apparatus to convey one false story after another in a direct attempt to bring down a duly-elected leader of our country.

In fact, the various outlets likely were well aware that the stories they’re being fed were false, based on Cawthorn’s revelations, but they published those fake stories anyway because of their disdain for Trump – and they did so at the expense of what little trust remained of our media institutions, which was already at a low point.

At the same time, the same outlets refused to cover real, documented, damning information about Hunter Biden, the current president’s son, as well as disturbing claims of corruption and foreign influence regarding Joe Biden himself. These outlets refused to report on these revelations even though reporters and editors were well aware that electing a president who was indebted to foreign governments like China and Russia, two of our biggest global competitors and potential enemies in the future, compromised U.S. national security.

It should be obvious once more that our media no longer exists to serve as a check on power, it serves as an enabler of power provided the “right” politicians are in charge.

Sources include:

Washington Post Runs Sympathetic Profile of Child Porn Offender Protected by Ketanji Brown Jackson

WASHINGTON POST Finds, Interviews, Wesley Hawkins, Who Got ...


REVEALED: How pedophile, 18, at the center of Ketanji Brown Jackson Senate hearing continued looking for 'sexually arousing images of children after she jailed him for three months - after he wrote a letter asking for a second chance

  • Jackson sentenced the young adult to three months in prison, though federal sentencing guidelines recommended 10 years and prosecutors had sought two
  • Wesley Hawkins, six years later, has not given up on his sick infatuation with children, according to records shared with the Washington Post
  • In 2019, Jackson ordered Hawkins to serve the last six months of his six-year supervision period in a halfway house
  • He was found to be seeking out 'sexually arousing, non-pornographic material'  
  • He did not commit any sexual violations
  • After unknowingly providing child porn to an undercover cop, police raided Hawkins' apartment and found 33 images and videos of child porn 
  • Some of the content involved children as young as eight 

Hawkins wrote a letter to Judge Jackson, telling he hoped his crime would not 'end my life before it starts'



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Is there any crime committed by an “oppressed” identity politics monster too vile for the pro-crime media to defend?

Ever since Ketanji Brown Jackson’s decision to give a child porn offender a light slap on the wrist and apologize to him came up, the media has been frantically spinning. And now the Washington Post decided to look Wesley Hawkins up and give him a sympathetic profile.

Before the Washington Post gets started, let’s look at a quick recap of the case.

The lowest sentence of the seven was in the case of Wesley Hawkins. He was 18 years old when he downloaded scores of videos and images containing child pornography in 2012, the New York Times reports.

The prosecutor in the case had recommended a two-year sentence, the U.S. Probation Office had recommended an 18-month sentence, and the U.S. sentencing guidelines had recommended a sentence of 97 to 121 months in prison. The defense lawyer sought a day in prison.

Hawkins pleaded guilty to downloading and trading child pornography, and Jackson sentenced him in November 2013, according to the New York Times. Jackson sentenced Hawkins to three months in prison and six years of supervised release.

In other words, nothing. And radically below the sentencing guidelines.

According to a statement of offense to which Hawkins stipulated, he downloaded and shared videos and images of prepubescent children to YouTube and a file-sharing account.

Note the prepubescent part. It’s important because one of the sexually abused children was as young as 8 years old. This is also important because  Ketanji Brown Jackson will lie about it.

There were videos of 11 and 12 year olds committing sexual acts, a video of an 11-year-old being raped by an adult male, a video of an eight-year-old committing a sexual act, to name a few. Police found 17 videos and 16 images of boys on his computer and phone, many of them violent. The teen later pleaded guilty.  

This is horrifying evil. And it’s what the media is now trying to clean up and justify.

In a sentencing memorandum, Hawkins’ public defender said his client initially reacted to the images that he saw with “confusion and shock rather than arousal.” He viewed more child pornography over the next several months, but he “did not amass a large collection,” the memo said.

The natural response to the “confusion and shock” was to keep consuming child porn.

“Importantly, Mr. Hawkins’ connection to the images he viewed appears to be one of identifying with his age-mates emotionally, instead of exploiting them sexually. Mr. Hawkins said he found the fellow teenagers in the photos easier to connect with than adults,” the memo said.

Again, prepubescent children. Hawkins was 18.

In imposing the sentence, Jackson acknowledged the defense claim that Hawkins should not be considered a pedophile because his age was close to that of the children depicted in the images, according to the New York Times.

And again, some more context before the media starts spinning and the Washington Post starts ginning up sympathy for a pedophile.

He later uploaded five videos of pornographic content involving children from his computer to YouTube, which is what tipped off the police. An undercover officer emailed him, suggesting the two had ‘similar interests.’ Hawkins then emailed the cop two videos, and wrote that he was interested in males age 11 to 17. 

So Hawkins did share the material and solicited it. He started off with a target age range beginning with 11. That is not close to his age. And he kept on doing it.

The sealed request demonstrated that Hawkins did not commit any sexual crime or violation of his conditions, but, ‘despite being in treatment for more than five years,’ Hawkins ‘continues to seek out sexually arousing, non-pornographic material and images of males 13 to 16-years-old.’    

Now on to the Washington Post’s sympathetic profile which is headlined as, “Wesley Hawkins, talk of the Brown Jackson hearings, describes life after pornography sentence”.

If the Bezos social justice paper had anything resembling a soul, it might want to do a sympathetic profile of some of the abused children, not the perpetrator.

Instead, we learn from the Washington Post that, “His mornings had been filled with looking for his next job, his afternoons rereading one of his favorite books by Jamaican novelist Marlon James, he said, and his nights bingeing his favorite Netflix series “The Last Kingdom.”

And there’s a handfed attack on Republicans that I’m sure wasn’t carefully prompted by the reporter.

“Of the attention his case is getting now, Hawkins noted that many in the GOP continued to support candidates who faced allegations of sexual misconduct. “While I’m not defending my actions, because, again, they are undefendable, I feel that their hypocrisy should be pointed out.”

But he manages to admit that she did give him a slap on the wrist.

“I wasn’t very happy that she gave me three months, though after reflection when I was in jail, I was hearing from other people who said it was their first time arrested and they got five years, six years.”

Now Hawkins’ enabler will sit on the Supreme Court and be able to protect pedophiles and all sorts of criminals she sympathizes with from there.

US Government Paid News Media $1 Billion to Promote Vaccines



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:


  • A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by TheBlaze shows Health and Human Services spent $1 billion for a media campaign to build public confidence in, and uptake of, COVID-19 vaccines using mainstream news outlets
  • News outlets that did respond to TheBlaze assured them the editorial staff are not influenced by advertising money, but it's not hard to imagine management would not look kindly on editorial staff who write content that doesn't align with the advertising narrative
  • Mounting evidence demonstrates why the government is paying for a good press since insurance companies reported a rise in all-cause mortality in late 2021
  • The first batch of Pfizer documents the FDA used to approve Comirnaty (Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine) was released March 1, 2022; mRNA technology inventor Dr. Robert Malone believes these papers show a break in the indemnification clauses, exposing Pfizer to potential civil and criminal liability

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released information to TheBlaze1 in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The information showed that the federal government had purchased advertising to the tune of $1 billion taxpayer dollars as part of a media campaign to build vaccine confidence.

HHS2 has billed the campaign as a “national initiative to increase public confidence in, and uptake of, COVID-19 vaccines while reinforcing basic prevention measures such as mask-wearing and social distancing.” Data don’t support these measures, but the media campaign was likely hiding something more sinister.

HHS Paid News Media to Build Vaccine Confidence

Within the documents sent from HHS, TheBlaze3 found that hundreds of organizations in the news media were paid to produce TV, print, radio, and social media advertising timed to coincide with the increasing availability of the genetic therapy shots.

The government also collaborated with social media influencers whose audience included “communities hit hard by COVID-19” and also engaged “experts” to be interviewed and promote the mass vaccination campaign in the news.4 One of those experts was the director of NIAID and chief medical adviser to the White House, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

In other words, Fauci, the man who has been the “face” of COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021,5 who publicly disparaged anyone who questioned the data he was using to support his recommendations, and who blithely referred to himself as “the science,”6,7 was, in fact, a shill.

Virtually every one of the news organizations paid by HHS, including ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and the New York Post, covered stories about the vaccines and did not disclose they had accepted taxpayer dollars to support the vaccine effort. It is common practice for the editorial teams to function separately from the advertising departments, so it appears the organizations felt there was no need to disclose their funding.

The advertising took several forms, including an amusing social media campaign featuring Elton John and Michael Caine, fear-based ads that featured survivor stories, and straightforward informational ads promoting the safety and efficacy of the current mRNA shot for COVID-19.

Shani George, vice president of communications for The Washington Post made a statement about the funding they received for media advertising from the federal government, saying:8

"Advertisers pay for space to share their messages, as was the case here, and those ads are clearly labeled as such. The newsroom is completely independent from the advertising department.”

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Times also responded to TheBlaze and gave a similar response. Other publications either did not respond or declined to comment. However, it is important to note that the reporters and editorial staff responsible for news also likely read their own publications or watch the online videos.

It’s not hard to imagine that a large news organization promoting vaccinations through their advertising department would not look kindly on editorial staff who choose to report facts that do not align with large sums of money spent by advertisers. You can guess what the editorial staff may be told to write. TheBlaze offered several examples of thinly disguised advertising published as “news,” including:

  • An October BuzzFeed9 article featured "essential facts" about eligibility for the vaccine and unbalanced, pro-vaccine statements from health agency experts such as CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, and epidemiologist Dr. George Rutherford.
  • Articles in the Los Angeles Times10 featured "experts" advising people how to convince their vaccine-hesitant friends and relatives to change their minds.
  • A Washington Post article covered "the pro-vaccine messages people want to hear."11
  • A Newsmax article in November ran the headline "Newsmax Opposes Vaccine Mandate, Here's Why."12 The article, obviously an opinion piece, began by saying the mandate was a "dangerous overreach" and then proceeded to support the vaccine campaign with statements like, "The vaccine …has been demonstrated to be safe and effective" and "Newsmax has encouraged citizens, especially those at risk, to get immunized."

Journalistic Objectivity Likely Impossible

The U.S. government is not the only entity to recognize the power behind controlling the news media. Bill Gates is another. Using more than 30,000 grants, Gates has contributed at least $319 million to the media, which senior staff writer for MintPress News Alan McLeod revealed.13

Recipients included CNN, NPR, BBC, The Atlantic, and PBS. Gates has also sponsored foreign organizations that included The Daily Telegraph, the Financial Times, and Al Jazeera. More than $38 million has also been funneled into investigative journalism centers.

Gates’ influence within the press is far-reaching, from journalism to journalistic training. This ultimately makes true objective reporting about Gates or his initiatives virtually impossible. MacLeod writes:14

“Today, it is possible for an individual to train as a reporter thanks to a Gates Foundation grant, find work at a Gates-funded outlet, and to belong to a press association funded by Gates. This is especially true of journalists working in the fields of health, education and global development, the ones Gates himself is most active in and where scrutiny of the billionaire’s actions and motives are most necessary.”

It is important to note that Gates has an intense interest in health, specifically vaccinations.15 And with this power to control the media and his strong connections with health organizations such as Johns Hopkins, with whom he collaborated for Event 201,16 it’s not hard to imagine that his influence can be seen in many of the stories you read or watch each day.

This government overreach into the Fourth Estate is not unique to the U.S. Leaked documents17 have demonstrated that the BBC News and Reuters have also been involved in a covert operation in which the U.K. sought to infiltrate Russian media and promote a U.K. narrative using a network of Russian journalists.

Multimillion-dollar contracts were used to advance these aims, which included 15,000 journalists and staff. The campaign closely follows a U.S. clandestine CIA media infiltration campaign launched in 1948 called Operation Mockingbird.18,19 About one-third of the CIA budget, or $1 billion each year, was spent on bribes to hundreds of American journalists, who then published fake stories at the CIA's request.

While it may sound like ancient history, there's evidence to suggest it continues today. Although the messages have changed with the times, the basic modus operandi of dissemination remains the same. Other reports20,21,22 have also highlighted the role of intelligence agencies in the global effort to eliminate "anti-vaccine propaganda" from public discussion, and the fact that they're using sophisticated cyberwarfare tools to do so.

Facts Reveal Reason Government Is Paying News Media

All-cause mortality and death rates are difficult statistics to change. People are either dead or they're not. There is only one reason a person is included in the National Death Index Database: They have died regardless of the cause. Evidence is mounting that all-cause mortality is rising to levels greater than were seen during 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

OneAmerica,23 a mutual insurance holding company, announced the death rate in working-age Americans from 18 to 64 years in the third quarter of 2021 was 40% higher than pre-pandemic levels. Other insurance companies are also finding similar results and citing higher mortality rates.24

The Hartford Insurance Company announced mortality had increased 32% from 2019 and 20% from 2020 to 2021. Lincoln National also reported claims increased by 13.7% year-over-year and were 54% higher in the fourth quarter compared to 2019. Funeral homes are posting an increase in burials and cremations in 2021 over 2020.25

The overall mortality increase noted after the global release of the COVID shot is also being reported in other countries. A large German health insurance company reported their data26,27 were nearly 14 times greater than the number of deaths reported by the German government. The health insurance company gathered the data directly from doctors who were applying for payment from a sample of 10.9 million people.

A reporter from The Exposé28 notes that while the world has been distracted by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the U.K. government quietly released a report29 that confirmed 9 in every 10 deaths from COVID-19 in England were in people who were fully vaccinated.

Each week the U.K. Health Security Agency publishes a surveillance report. The February 24, 2022, report shows 85% to 91% of adults who are infected, hospitalized, or died from COVID-19 were fully vaccinated.

Pfizer Documents Show Vaccines Not Fully Safe

Four days after the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine for ages 16 and older, a group of public health professionals, doctors, scientists, and journalists submitted a FOIA request to release the data Pfizer used for the approval of Comirnaty.30 The nonprofit group of professionals is called the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT).31

Despite the FDA’s claim that the organization was committed to transparency,32 the agency first requested 55 years33 to release the data that supported the approval of Comirnaty after the FOIA was filed and then asked for another 20 years to fully comply.34 All told, the FDA wanted 75 years to release documentation that supported their approval of a genetic therapy being promoted for mass vaccination.

When the FDA did not release the data, the PHMPT sued the FDA since it is the FDA’s statutory obligation35 to publish the documentation within 30 days of approving a drug. Although they asked for 75 years, on January 6, 2022, the court ordered the FDA to release 55,000 pages of the documents each month so they would be completed within 8 months.36

March 1, 2022, the first of those documents were released and have been posted for public view on the PMHPT website.37 What’s included in these documents may answer the question of why the government felt $1 billion was required to boost vaccine confidence.

An initial review of some of the papers by one Trial Site News reporter revealed many errors and anomalies. In an interview with Stephen Bannon, mRNA technology inventor Dr. Robert Malone talked about the documentation and the need to develop a team to comb through the information and catalog it for reference. He said:38

“So, all this information comes piped through pharmacovigilance what's called the pharmacovigilance shop at Pfizer and BioNTech. I presume Pfizer. And then that's been summarized and submitted to the FDA as a series of documents. So this is a window into what FDA actually knows, which is by inference what CDC knows.

When they tell us there’s no risks and we should go ahead and start mandating or forcing vaccination on our children, what we have for instance, in that section you're referring to of the listed adverse events is a huge list of what is considered to be adverse events of interest, which means that they're not just one-offs.

It happens multiple times throughout the world and what we're finding is embedded throughout this huge volume of documents that the judge has forced Pfizer and the FDA ... remember our government tried really hard to keep this information from us and fortunately the courts have called their bluff and forced them to disclose it. Now it's up to us to comb through it."

Malone went on to describe the trouble that will likely arise in the coming weeks and months for Pfizer and the FDA from the information that is now freely available to the public when Bannon asked, why is it so important that the courts demanded the information be released now?

"The courts have forced Pfizer and the FDA to comply with the law which is that after licensure is granted these documents must be made available. Previously they're considered confidential.

And remember that as Naomi's [Naomi Wolfe] about to discuss, and the truckers are so upset about, we have been forced to take these vaccines and we have been told that they're fully safe and effective. What this documents is the government has been well aware that they are not fully safe and has hidden this information from us.

What that really matters for Pfizer is that the indemnification clauses require Pfizer disclose known adverse events and this documentation demonstrates they didn't do so. A lot of the lawyers are licking their chops over this because it seems to indicate a break in the veil that may allow legal action basically due to fraud and concealment of these risks from the general public.

This is why you have not been able to have full informed consent, is they’ve hidden all this information from you and they’ve used all the propaganda and censorship tools — which you’re about to cover — and paid media, to keep all this information from you and spin it, so that you think the left is right and the down is the up and the moon is made of green cheese.”

Zelensky ‘Consolidates’ All Channels Into Government Propaganda, Bans 11 Political Parties




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Tell me more about Ukraine’s western liberal values, please.

In an address to his nation delivered Sunday, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky announced an order “combining all national TV channels, the program content of which consists mainly of information and/or information-analytical programs, [into] a single information platform of strategic communication” to be called “United News.”

The move means the end, at least temporarily, of privately owned Ukrainian media outlets in that country. Zelensky claimed the measure is needed to combat alleged Russian misinformation and “tell the truth about the war.”

Along with the media consolidation, he banned “any activity” by 11 political parties.

The emergency actions were taken under rules for martial law. Zelensky claimed he was trying to institute a “unified information policy.”

Those are all euphemisms for a totalitarian system.

Now, mind you, this kind of thing is standard in much of the world, including Russia, where there’s no meaningful political opposition on the air, and media outlets toe the party line. But the whole argument for Ukraine was that it was supposed to be better than Putin’s Russia.

It’s also hard to see what the point of such a move would be if Ukraine is truly unified. You only need to resort to totalitarian measures when the country isn’t.

Journalists ARRESTED, Detained at Gunpoint by Border Patrol for Filming Biden’s Open Border WITH DOZENS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS PRESENT

Real America's Voice crew handcuffed and investigated while illegal border crossers watched

APRIL 29, 2021: Feds Harass Reporter for 'Trespassing' at Wide Open Border Where They Let Cartels Walk Across

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports live from the border where the feds are harassing him for “trespassing” — at the same spot where the cartels walk right through.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents detained journalists at gunpoint on the Arizona-Mexico border for filming illegal aliens freely crossing into the U.S. thanks to Joe Biden’s open border policy.

Real America’s Voice investigative journalist Ben Bergquam and his crew were detained by CBP at gunpoint on Friday while filming the network’s “Law and Border” program.

I have been to this section of the border many times, both with law enforcement escorts and without, and have never had an encounter like this,” Bergquam said.

Footage shows that while numerous border agents were preoccupied harassing Bergquam and his crew, dozens of illegal aliens were seeing crossing the U.S. border unimpeded.

“There are guys out there fully armed, guns out while Washington DC is supporting the drug cartels. While our country is being invaded, there are 60 guys who are just standing around and they are worried about us, ” Bergquam said as he and his team were detained and questioned.

“While we have complete respect for law enforcement, we were stunned to be detained at gunpoint while illegal immigrants looked on right after crossing our southern border. This incident reveals the backward priorities of our leaders in Washington, unfortunately, as the border crisis worsens by the day,” he added.

Real America’s Voice CEO Howard Diamond condemned Biden’s targeting of journalists in a Saturday statement but added his company won’t relent in its coverage of the open border crisis.

“Such targeting of journalists has rarely ever happened in America,” said Diamond. “Though the Biden administration’s border agency’s detainment of our journalists greatly concerns us, we remain undaunted in our commitment to deliver consistent and fact-based news reporting on the crisis on the southern border while the rest of the media ignore it.”

CBP data shows that 164,973 illegal immigrants were encountered at the U.S. southern border in February, the highest total number recorded in the history of the Department of Homeland Security. 


Bergqaum: ‘Biden Is Helping The Cartel’- Here is Proof



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Ben Bergquam, a lead investigative reporter on the border for Real Americas Voice and founder of Frontline America, spoke with War Room host Steve Bannon last week and exposed the dangerous and corrupt actions being taken by the Biden administration, on the Southern border of the United States.

Bergquam posted an interview on Sunday- with more details:

Listen to this exchange as Bannon and Bergquam describe Biden’s corruption- as law enforcement has to focus on a decoy raft of illegals- while another raft of drug smugglers goes by unrestricted by law enforcement.

“They are running drugs down the river here after having a distraction raft in this area. It is all being designed by the cartels- so all Biden is doing is helping them with these policies. They are raping our sovereignty,” Bergquams said, about the collaborative effort to help facilitate numerous crimes against the people of the United States of America.

“They are mocking the officials. We saw them point and laugh at the law enforcement- and they should laugh because they are watching the managed decline of America by our leaders,” Bannon said about the drug smugglers that Bergquam had seen hiding in the trees behind him, as he recorded.

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