DeSantis Responds To Russians In Cuba

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke at an event Friday in which he responded to Russia sending a naval flotilla to Cuba, where the Russian Navy performed exercises just 60 miles off the coast of Florida.

Putin: "U.S. Unacceptably Close to the Point of No Return"

NEW CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS: Russian Warships Just Off the U.S. Coast | The Kyle Kulinski Show

“We Cannot Leave This to Chance” — RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump Tells Republicans to Vote Early

"'Bank your vote' is what we say. Get out there, vote as early as you can, and in whatever way you can and then use your time from that day up until Election Day to take people with you because we cannot leave this to chance," said Republican National Committee Co-Chair Lara Trump to reporter Hannah Knudsen on Friday at the TPUSA Young Women's Leadership Summit in San Antonio, Texas.

Biden Lawfare Victim: Political Persecution of Ordinary Citizens is Why Trump Must Win

In an exclusive interview with Hannah Knudsen at Turning Point USA's Young Women's Leadership Summit 2024, Joeylynn Mesaros detailed the political persecution she and her husband have faced for supposedly causing "emotional distress" to Joe Biden's supporters in the 2020 election, including almost four years of weaponized lawfare.


The Fight for Free Speech: Our Story

Roberts and Joeylynn Mesaros, along with 4 other Texans, are being sued by Biden’s White House officials and Democrats politicians in Federal Court under the Ku Klux Klan Law of 1871 for simply driving next to the Biden Bus during its campaign in 2020. There are ZERO criminal charges. This is a CIVIL lawsuit where plaintiffs claim they have "EMOTIONAL DAMAGE" from the couple's exercise of FREE SPEECH and claim they are seeking FINANCIAL COMPENSATION; however, it is clear that what they are after is much greater.

As Americans witness the increasing weaponization of the DOJ against Conservatives, defending free speech is more important than ever. Robert and Joeylynn Mesaros are personally suffering from political persecution and abuse of the progressive left's attempts to keep Trump off the ballot. They are being used as a tool by Democrats who egregiously claim they are "political extremists," "threats to democracy", "white supremacists", and "MAGA extremists" (in Trump's impeachment trial, the 14th Amendment hearing, and across all mainstream media headlines) all for driving down a public highway.

Backed by progressive, far-left, non-profits (Texas Civil Rights Project and Protect Democracy), the plaintiff's 20+ DC attorneys are bankrupting the Mesaroses via lawfare. Robert and Joeylynn tapped into their son's college fund, set aside dreams of opening their own plumbing company, and cashed out their 401K, using the money to retain their attorney.  They have since run out of money, which makes it blatantly obvious that money isn’t what the left is after. The couple faces over $500,000 in legal defense fees alone as they have the burden of proving their innocence. They are fundraising to cover the remainder of the extremely costly legal defense fees. 

It is a travesty of justice to see an administration weaponize the law against average Americans for exercising basic Constitutional rights, and then to leverage the media to create heinous lies around the story, leaving the family defamed and without a voice to advocate for themselves. The Texas couple understands the scary precedent this could set at the federal level for Free Speech rights for ALL Americans, and they are determined to fight back and ensure this doesn't happen to anyone else. 

Your financial support to win this politically-phenomenal and precedent-setting legal battle is critical as Robert and Joeylynn hold the left accountable for weaponizing the judicial system against average Americans and keeping Free Speech free for everyone.

The Mesaroses have an optimistic attitude amidst the oppression as they believe God has called for their family to boldly stand up in the face of tyranny to maintain our God-given freedoms for generations to come. They expect to ultimately see a victory for Americans' First Amendment rights. Thank you for your prayers, financial contributions, and for joining the fight to defend Free Speech.

Join our Family of Defenders

With your financial help, Robert and Joeylynn can raise the funds needed for an aggressive legal defense to hold these corrupt politicians accountable. They are up against plaintiffs with 20+ attorneys, multiple non-profits funding their lawsuit, and deep donor pockets. Anything you can do would be life-changing for this family: $25, $50, $100, $500.

Robert and Joeylynn promise to be good stewards of every penny donated. They hope to recuperate legal fees and plan to start a fund where they help other Americans defend their God-given Constitutional right to free speech.

As mainstream media spreads malicious lies to defame and mischaracterize this family’s name, Robert and Joeylynn need your help raising awareness of the truth. Conservative media has been reluctant to share your story, so any connections you have for interviews or speaking opportunities would be greatly appreciated.

Robert and Joeylynn thank you for praying for their strength, courage, and determination to persevere in the struggle. Robert and Joeylynn believe prayer is powerful, and they appreciate you standing in agreement with them as they are a voice for the American people's Freedom of Speech.

Hizballah launches rockets, drones into Northern Israel in largest attack since October 7

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

Hizballah, along with Hamas, is an Iranian proxy. The key player is obviously Iran, which is being emboldened, not just by unity among the Muslim ummah, but by the weakness of the Biden administration. The one positive thing that America has done was veto the application of “Palestine” for full membership in the UN in mid-April. Iran and its proxies still view America as an ally of Israel.

In a report by Foreign Affairs:

Iran understands that Israel is a nuclear state with superior conventional capabilities and that war with Israel would ultimately mean war with the United States. Israel, for its part, knows that a larger conflict with Iran would compel Hezbollah to fire many more missiles at Israeli cities and military facilities. Still, if a tenuous truce between Iran and Israel is to be held, Washington must remain deeply engaged.

At a deeper level, it also comes down to America versus Iran, a nightmare scenario for the Biden administration as it faces upcoming elections.

The latest Hizballah attack, described as the largest since October 7,  is testing the Biden administration’s resolve in the war on Gaza. So far, the administration has waffled, which sends the message to Iran and its proxies to continue advancing. Iran’s acting Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani has warned Israel against attacking Lebanon. But Israel has proven that it will defend itself.

“Residents of the North are used as cannon fodder’: Local leaders respond to Hezbollah’s barrage,” by Yael Halfon and Maya Gur Arieh, Jerusalem Post, June 13, 2024:

Following multiple rocket sirens and hostile aircraft alerts sounded in northern Israel on Thursday afternoon, local leaders responded to the barrage and lack of government response.

Moshe Davidovich, head of the Mateh Asher Regional Council, said, “The North is attacked continuously and non-stop." The residents of the north are used as cannon fodder for Nasrallah’s whims, and the Israeli government is falling asleep while standing.”

“We demand the government present an immediate plan to maintain the security of northern residents. It was also decided that if such a plan is not presented by the beginning of July, we will take a series of steps to be announced later.”

Lobby 1701, a group representing thousands of northern residents, also responded to Thursday’s Hezbollah barrage, stating, “The Israeli government is endangering the settlements of northern Israel." Destruction, fires, and not a word from the government.”

Louisiana federal judge blocks Biden protections for trans students under Title IX in four states

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

“Those states had argued that unless the rule was blocked, schools would be required to allow transgender students to use restrooms and locker rooms conforming to their gender identities.” It is not “discrimination” to consider the rights and privacy of ALL students.

Texas State Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton argued that the changes were Joe Biden’s “effort to weaponize Title IX for his extremist agenda.” Paxton also said that “Threatening to withhold education funding by forcing states to accept ‘transgender’ policies that put women in danger was plainly illegal.”

Under Biden’s extension of Title IX regulations, trans activists have also been pushing for trans sports participation to be included. Interpretations of “discrimination” may also end up including the use of incorrect pronouns.

In another development involving trans youth this week, the American College of Pediatricians condemned underage gender transition.

“U.S. A judge blocks Biden's protections for transgender students in four states,” by Nate Raymond, Reuters, June 13, 2024:

A federal judge in Louisiana on Thursday blocked President Joe Biden’s administration from enforcing in four states a new rule that bars schools and colleges that receive federal funding from discriminating against students based on their gender identity.

U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty in Monroe issued a preliminary injunction barring a U.S. Department of Education rule that extended sex discrimination protections under Title IX to LGBT students from taking effect in the Republican-led states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana and Idaho.

The ruling by Doughty, an appointee of Republican former President Donald Trump, appeared to be the first nationally to block the rule in response to one of the many lawsuits filed by Republican-led states and conservative litigants challenging it.

The Education Department in issuing the rule said it clarified that the prohibition against sex-based discrimination in schools and colleges that receive federal funding contained in Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 also includes discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The department cited a 2020 U.S. Supreme Court decision holding that a ban against sex discrimination in the workplace contained in a different law, Title VII, covered gay and transgender workers….

NYC: Pro-Hamas vandals targets homes of Jewish Brooklyn Museum officials

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

Jihadists, Islamic apologists, and their leftist allies all love to traffic in intimidation. It’s one of their most prized and oft-used weapons.

“Outcry as vandalism targets homes of Jewish Brooklyn Museum officials,” Times of Israel, June 12, 2024:

NEW YORK — Apparent pro-Palestinian protesters hurled red paint at the homes of U.S. Jewish officials with the Brooklyn Museum and also splashed paint across the front of diplomatic buildings for Germany and the Palestinian Authority early Wednesday, prompting a police investigation and condemnation from city authorities.

Mayor Eric Adams, in a post on the social platform X, shared images of a brick building splashed with red paint with a banner hung in front of the door that called the museum’s director, Anne Pasternak, a “white-supremacist Zionist.”

“This is not peaceful protest or free speech. "This is a crime, and it’s overt, unacceptable antisemitism,” Adams wrote, sending sympathy to Pasternak and other museum board members whose homes were defaced. “These actions will never be tolerated in New York City for any reason.”

Museum spokesperson Taylor Maatman said four officials were targeted. Not all are Jewish, but all have Jewish family members, she said. A report was filed with police.

“Earlier today, the homes of people connected to the Brooklyn Museum were vandalized in an attempt to threaten and intimidate them,” Maatman said in a statement. “For two centuries, the Brooklyn Museum has worked to foster mutual understanding through art and culture, and we have always supported peaceful protest and open, respectful dialogue. Violence, vandalism, and intimidation have no place in that discourse.”

Red paint was also splashed across the front of a Manhattan building that houses Germany’s consulate and the United Nations mission, and another building that is the headquarters for Palestinian diplomats. Flyers critical of the Palestinian Authority and its president, Mahmoud Abbas, were scattered outside the building.

It wasn’t immediately clear who was responsible or whether the acts of vandalism were all related….

NYC: Suspected jihadi caught near airport with a dozen weapons and 179 rounds of ammunition

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

No, I'm not an “insurrectionist,” so relax. Nothing to see here.

“Suspected NYC jihadist was caught near major airports as new details of averted ‘disaster’ are revealed,” by Khristina Narizhnaya and Jorge Fitz-Gibbon, New York Post, June 13, 2024:

The suspected Queen's jihadist, busted with an arsenal of weapons in his SUV, was ordered held without bail on Thursday — as disturbing new details of the case emerged in court.

Judd Sanson, 29, was just blocks from La Guardia International Airport when he was stopped by alert cops early Wednesday — and nervously reached under the seat of his SUV during the first few tense moments of the encounter with the officers, prosecutors revealed.

They later found a loaded 9mm Glock pistol under the driver’s seat.

“Sorry, there is a lot of drunk people nowadays,” Sanson allegedly told the cops after they stopped him for having obscured license plates on the vehicle. “I live in Jamaica. I was visiting my uncle.”

But police had already spotted a knife strapped to Sanson’s leg, along with an MTA reflective vest and “a makeshift axe hanging from the ceiling” and a “makeshift sword” inside the vehicle, Queens Assistant District Attorney Dylan Nesturrick said in Queens Criminal Court.

In all, prosecutors said nearly a dozen weapons, an NYPD bulletproof vest and 179 rounds of ammunition were found inside the black Ford Explorer.

He also said investigators found a “disturbing photo” on Sanson’s Facebook page, but did not elaborate.

“This car stop averted what could have been a disaster for the citizens of Queens, New York City and potentially even the country,” Nesturrick said….

“It is concerning that he was a few blocks away from the airport,” Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz said after the arraignment. “You got to ask about the intent.”

Sanson was arrested around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday and was questioned at the 110th Precinct stationhouse until he was led out in handcuffs earlier on Thursday for his date in court.

He smiled as he was peppered with questions by reporters — and broke into a wide grin when one asked if he had purchased his weapons arsenal on Amazon….

Philly’s New Mayor Embraces the City’s Muslim Constituency~Will Islamic pride bury its LGBT predecessor?

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

[Order David Horowitz’s new book, America Betrayed, HERE.]

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Mayor Cherelle Parker recently announced the creation of Muslim City Hall Day 2024. "Advertisements went out encouraging Muslim residents to join CAIR Philadelphia and EMGAGE PA for a day of lobbying at City Hall  “Make your voice heard by meeting with Elected Officials to advocate for policy issues that are important to Muslim Philadelphians,” the notice read.

Muslim City Hall Day 2024 takes place on June 10th, from 10:00AM to 2:00PM.

In March of this year, Mayor Parker also announced the appointment of the city’s first Director of Muslim Engagement, Quaiser Abdullah.

“…Dr. Abdullah’s appointment reflects our commitment to inclusivity and community-driven governance. "His expertise and dedication will play a crucial role in ensuring that the voices and concerns of Philadelphia’s Muslim residents are heard and valued,” Mayor Parker said in a statement.

As director of the Master of Science in Communication Management program at Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication, Abdullah, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, who resides in West Philadelphia, has been associated with Temple University since 2000.

As a member of the Muslim Students Association, he published a letter to Temple News in October 2009 condemning the appearance of Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, who had just produced a 15-minute film explaining why so many atrocities had been committed in the name of Islam.

Abdullah wrote that Wilders “touched on the concept of free speech, however, it came over as a mere ruse in an effort to spew his anti-Islam, anti-Muslim rhetoric." Free speech,” the then adjunct professor added, “is valued; however, free speech should not be used as an umbrella for hate speech."

“Muslims deplore when people who have political or social agendas use religion as an excuse for inflicting harm and pain on others,” he stated.

While Temple University refused to cancel Wilders’ speech as Muslim students demanded, during the Q and A he was heckled and berated severely by so many student activists that he chose to leave the stage.

The difference between 2009 and today is that Geert Wilders would never be invited to speak at Temple.

This is because Muslims are the city’s latest hot political concern. Keep in mind that for decades the city’s LGBT community fought for recognition—often to berating comments and heckles inside City Hall, yet when gay rights became de rigueur and mainstream and rainbow flags began to fly next to statues of William Penn, mayors couldn’t do enough to go one step further in proving to the formerly “underclass” citizens that it couldn’t do enough to affirm their rights.

Even as woke theories of “systemic racism,” the transgender and gender movements kept changing the rainbow flag—the multiple incarnations of the flag has turned it into an ugly kitchen table cloth—Islam as the next underclass to be venerated was gaining fast traction in the woke political mind.

A little show indicating this ballsy change occurred at Philadelphia’s June 2024 pride parade.

For years—decades even—the only protesters at pride parades in Philadelphia were evangelicals with Bibles on a mission to evangelize. But after the legalization of same-sex marriage and the mainstreaming of all things LGBT, those protests eroded. Yet on June 2, the date of the Philadelphia 2024 parade, Queers4Palestine executed a ‘coitus interruptus’ march that literally stopped the pride parade in its tracks.

Queers4Palestine and their cohorts, some in keffiyehs, leather straps and vests, shouted “PPD! KKK! IOF!” (Israel Occupation Force) while carrying the usual banners and slogans: “From the River to the Sea,” “Long live the Intifada!” and “No Pride, no genocide!”

Some international news reports cited the irony of left-wing intersectional politics having a physical blowout at a real intersection in downtown Philadelphia. Progressive news outlets were quick to lambaste the right for turning the incident into “a right wing meme,” as in, “Here’s another case of the left eating the left.”

The Philadelphia Gay News, while spelling out the obvious and perverse contradictions in a Queers4Palestine group– and rightfully praising Israel– nevertheless went on to say that LGBTQ+ rights were under attack in America.

“Currently, the LGBTQ+ community is fighting a backlash that wants to make us once again invisible,” the editorial stated. “In Florida and other states, they have passed the so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ laws. This is intended to keep us invisible. Pride keeps us visible. Your [Queers4Palestine] tactics do exactly what Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump want: "To make us invisible again at a time when our trans community — especially our trans people of color — are literally being killed.”

No mention of course that Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ laws apply to the teaching of sexual orientation and gender until the 12th grade, but not the teaching of LGBT history. Many have argued that Florida’s law came about because of abuses by gender activists who were trying to convince gay children that they were really transgender. Furthermore, so-called anti-trans laws do not involve restrictions or discrimination against adults who opt for transgender transition, but children and the rights of parents when it comes to this issue.

Unfortunately, since the transgender and gender ideology movements have hijacked the gay movement, “anti-LGBTQ+” has come to mean a lot of things that have nothing to do with being gay, such as the participation of biological men in women’s sports.

And yet according to LGBTQ+ “leaders,” to raise questions about these things—the use of pronouns, or the rights of parents when it comes to so called trans children—is tantamount to supporting the “hate” and backlash mentioned in the PGN editorial.

A new book addressing this issue, ‘Gay Shame; The Rise of Gender Ideology and the New Homophobia,’ by Gareth Roberts, makes the case for the reemergence of homophobia under the guise of gender ideology.

Publicity for the book states,

“The enforcers of this new creed insist that attraction to people of the same sex is hateful. They argue that effeminate men and butch women can’t just be gay, but must really be trans. Worse, this ideology has colonised the gay rights movement, capturing institutions like Stonewall and the gay press completely. Anyone who disagrees risks professional suicide.”

Although Queers4Palestine members would be ideal candidates for the psychiatrist’s couch, the PGN editorial goes further in the credibility-losing department when it states that Queers4Palestine “actually have something in common with Log Cabin Republicans.”

Yes, what you’ve just read is true: Log Cabin Republicans are just as bad as LGBTQ+ activists supporting Islamic terrorists who show their thanks by throwing gays off rooftops.

This is a tired, old PGN trope that supports the myth that gays who object to the various cultural manifestations of gender ideology, such as biological men in women’s sports, and the trans mutilation of children, are “self hating” individuals.

Which brings us back to the arguments presented in the book, “Gay Shame,” which calls for the birth of a new gay liberation movement, but one thoroughly divorced from gender and trans issues.

Regarding Philadelphia Pride 2025, by then the rainbow flag may be reconfigured yet again to include some sort of Palestinian motif; or the flags flying in June at City Hall will be Islamic and not rainbow, especially since the institution of Muslim Day, which is likely to grow like Gay Pride into a 30-day holiday, with both factions, LGBTQ and Muslim, competing—but the latter in a not-so-quiet Christian fundamentalist way– for intersectional dominance.

Putin is sending Biden several messages in Cuba: John Bolton | The Record with Greta Van Susteren

On Wednesday's "The Record with Greta Van Susteren," former National Security Advisor John Bolton analyzes Vladimir Putin's strategy for sending Russian warships and submarines to Cuba.

'We need to take a much more aggressive stance against Cuba': Rep. Williams

Congressman Brandon Williams reacts to Russian ships in and around Cuba, the history of the Cuban Missile Crisis and more on NEWSMAX's "Carl Higbie FRONTLINE"


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