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The Largest Mortgage Meltdown in American History Happening Right Now

Many people in finance have been trying to predict where the next major crisis will begin. We remember that in 2008, during the Great Recession, we saw the consequences of the collapse in bank lending tied to residential real estate, which triggered a domino effect that not only shook the US economy but also had global ramifications. Since then, numerous experts have attempted to identify the next potential economic bubble, but so far, no one has been correct. Not since 2008 have we experienced anything close to this. However, there are now new signs of an emerging crisis that everyone seems to be brushing off. The looming threat could potentially have a more devastating impact than the 2008 crisis, possibly even rivaling some of the worst economic storms America has had to endure. And its origin story is pretty easy to recognize.

Janet Yellen Says ‘We Don’t Have To Get The Prices Down’~Then John Kennedy Reacts~COMPARED TO 1923 IN GERMANY’S HYPERINFLATION

Inflation rises faster than expected in January, up 18% since Biden took office; Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Monica Crowley discusses the strain inflation is having on the middle and lower class



5 trillion (5 Billionen, 5×1012) marks, Stuttgart, 1923

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Hyperinflation: The Most Notorious Story of Inflation - (Weimar Republic) Germany


Iran Seizes Upon a Chance to Get Even More Money From Biden

(Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP)
You’ll be relieved to hear it: after refusing for years to deal directly with the nation he frequently refers to as “the Great Satan,” the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, paused from screaming “Death to America” to grant his approval for Iran to enter into direct negotiations with the Biden regime for a new nuclear deal. Why now? Well, Old Joe and his henchmen just sent six billion dollars and two Iranians imprisoned in the United States (the deal was for five, but three refused to return to the Islamic Republic) to Iran in exchange for five American hostages. Khamenei is no dope: he knows an easy mark when he sees one, and he is setting the stage for Iran to receive more American largesse., an outlet for news of Iran, Iraq, and the Arabian Peninsula, reported Monday that “Iran’s nuclear negotiators have been granted permission to enter direct talks with the United States,” and enthused “the apparent U-turn by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei could be a watershed moment for the contention over the Iranian nuclear program.” It’s a U-turn because although the Biden regime was in appeasement talks with Iran’s Islamic regime before, it was all done indirectly. Khamenei and his colleagues maintained the stance that the Great Satan was just too evil to talk to, and so all the earlier negotiations were done through intermediaries.

If you’re thinking that those intermediaries were from Britain or France or some other longtime American ally, think again. That would have been far too pro-American for the Biden regime. Instead, Old Joe’s handlers, in yet another of their endless series of decisions that could easily have had catastrophic consequences for ordinary Americans, turned over the leadership of the 2022 Iran nuke deal negotiations to a Russian diplomat, Mikhail Ulyanov. Yes, that’s right: while the Biden regime was conducting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, it was trusting Russia to get a good deal for it with the Iranians.

Or maybe the relentlessly anti-American Bidenites actually wanted a bad deal. After all, what assurance did Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his hopelessly America-Last subordinates have that Ulyanov would fight for the best interests of the United States? None, of course. And Mikhail Ulyanov even explained in March 2022 that the deal that was at that point in its final negotiating stages was shaping up to be terrific — not for the United States, but for the Islamic Republic of Iran and the People’s Republic of China.

That deal never came to pass. Fate, in the form of the nationwide protests in Iran against the Islamic Republic, intervened, making it too risky from a public relations standpoint to conclude a deal with the mullahs at the same time that they were going to war against their own people. Now, however, the mullahs have ruthlessly suppressed those protests, and Khamenei sees that there is money to be made in dealing with the Biden regime. Amwaj reported that “top nuclear negotiator Ali Baqeri-Kani is ready to meet with White House Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa Brett McGurk in Oman as early as the coming weeks.” If that meeting takes place, a deal could follow quickly, since Mikhail Ulyanov has already paved the way for it.

All this is happening despite the fact that the Islamic Republic has not retreated even a centimeter from its anti-American stance. In mid-September, when the hostage deal was done, Iran’s state-controlled Press TV reported that Khamenei was crowing about America’s decline, saying that “the arrogant power of America and some European countries has weakened and will become weaker.”

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Indeed. And it’s all thanks to Old Joe Biden and his henchmen, who are now apparently poised to hand over even more billions to Iran in exchange for empty promises. One of the principal signs of the American weakness that Khamenei perceives is the Biden regime’s repeated attempts to appease and conciliate the outstandingly hostile Iranian mullahs in the first place. When Obama sent billions of dollars in cash to Tehran, those mullahs used the money to finance jihad terror groups worldwide, including Hamas and Hizballah. The outcome will be no different with the $6 billion Old Joe has just sent to Iran, and won’t be any different with the payoff that is certain to be part of a new nuclear deal, either.

Compounding the criminality of the Biden regime’s stance toward Iran is the fact that without all this American money, the brutal and bloodthirsty Islamic regime in Iran would likely have fallen years ago. Once the new nuke deal is concluded and Khamenei has more American money to count, he should take a page from Kamala Harris’ book and call the White House to say, “We did it, Joe!”

Hamas patron Qatar has given over $5,600,000,000 to US universities since 2007

Dem Dark Money Giant Funding Anti-Israel Demonstrations Received $81M In Taxpayer Dollars

Dem Dark Money Giant Funding Anti-Israel Demonstrations Received $81M In Taxpayer Dollars

An employee counts USD notes at a money change outlet in Jakarta on June 14, 2013. Indonesia's central bank unexpectedly hiked interest rates for the first time in more than two years as it seeks to boost confidence in the rupiah after the currency fell to a four-year low. AFP PHOTO / Bay ISMOYO (Photo credit should read BAY ISMOYO/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Elizabeth Volberding
9:38 AM – Sunday, December 24, 2023

SEE:; Republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational & research purposes:

A left-winged dark money organization supporting anti-Israel protests throughout the United States has received large quantities in taxpayer-backed money and agreements in recent years.

According to a report of federal spending records, a powerful liberal dark money organization that supports anti-Israel activism nationwide has amassed enormous profits in recent years using taxpayer-funded grants and contracts.

The Tides Center, which provides funding to groups that support Hamas-related demonstrations following their lethal attack against Israel on October 7th, has long supported the progressive agenda financially, collaborating with billionaires like George Soros and Bill Gates.

However, documents state that with assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars, the Democrat-allied charity still has a major partner in the federal government, which between 2006 and 2023 gave the Tides Center more than $81.2 million either directly or through sub awards.

Adalah Justice Project, Palestine Legal, and the Catalyst Project are among the pro-Palestinian projects that profit from the Tides Center’s tax-exempt status. These organizations have frequently defended and minimized the Hamas-led attack on October 7th, which killed over 1,200 people in the Jewish state. 

Over the years, the Tides Center and its sister organization, the Tides Foundation, have also contributed millions of dollars to organizations that have honored convicted terrorists from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, such as the Alliance for Global Justice, an Arizona charity that an investigation revealed had ties to Palestinian terrorism.

Benjamin Baird, director of Middle East Forum Action, which is a watchdog monitoring organization linked to terrorism, stated that the groups have even been spotting on university campuses “chanting for the destruction of Israel.”

“The Tides Center is a clearinghouse for funding far-left causes, including radical anti-Israel ‘resistance’ groups that have been spotted on college campuses chanting for the destruction of Israel,” Baird said. “It does not need any help from the federal government, which is only subsidizing extremism by bankrolling a Marxist-Islamist piggy bank like Tides.”

The Tides Center received nearly half of the $81.2 million through a subcontract or sub grant, meaning that the money was awarded to the organization after the federal government had first given a prime award to another organization, such as entities including City and County of San Francisco and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

The U.S. Departments of Agriculture, State, Education, the Interior, and the U.S. Agency for International Development are just a few of the numerous agencies that provided awards to the Tides Center, which have a extensive policy focuses.

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Lien Document Indicates That Ashley Biden Owes Thousands In Income Taxes

OAN’s Abril Elfi
4:55 PM – Tuesday, December 19, 2023


A lien document has revealed that President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley currently owes thousands of dollars in income taxes.

According to a recent lien document, which is a claim imposed by the government to secure unpaid taxes after repeated attempts to collect, Ashley Biden owes around $5,000 in income taxes that began building up since 2015.

The lien shows that Ashley was notified by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue in Philadelphia County, where they informed her that the “amount of such unpaid tax, interest, additions or penalties is a lien in favor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania upon the taxpayer’s property—real, personal, or both—as the case may be” on December 1st.

The time frame indicated that her failure to pay taxes started on January 1st, 2015, during Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president in the Obama administration. She started paying her taxes again on January 1st, 2021, a few days prior to his inauguration as president. 

However, she never paid her taxes from the prior years, indicated by the document.

Ashley was born on June 8th,1981, and is the current president’s youngest child as well as his only child with his current wife Jill Biden.

Throughout her career, Ashley has mostly concentrated on social work, activism, and philanthropy. 

Based on her Linkedin profile, she currently works as a criminal justice reform specialist for the Delaware Center for Justice.

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U.S. Soldier Says Army Demands Cash for Gear Ordered Left Behind in Afghanistan

Heidi Vogt
Illegal alien criminals, child traffickers, and potential terrorists violating our laws to cross the southern U.S. border get all kinds of moolah and freebies. But if you’re an American soldier who put everything on the line to defend your country, Uncle Sam would apparently like a thousand bucks for that gear you were told you COULDN’T bring out of Afghanistan.

It has seemed fairly obvious, especially since the disastrous withdrawal that left thousands of Americans and allies stranded in the hellhole of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, that the Biden administration hates our military. Congressmen were exempted from the federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates, but West Point cadets and military members had to get jabbed or get sacked. The Biden administration is still pouring billions of dollars we don’t have into Ukraine, where a horrifying number of young Ukrainian men have died for no purpose; and the government has new wads of cash to expend on toxic, inefficient, and unreliable “green” energy. But one soldier who is separating from the military found that the Army expected him to cough up between $500 and $1,000 to pay for military gear that the soldier was told he had to leave behind in Afghanistan!

In an undated TikTok video shared on Gettr by Citizen Free Press, a U.S. Army soldier angrily explained his predicament. “[I] wanna share something with you guys today,” he began. “I wanna holler, I wanna scream, I wanna yell, but it won’t do any good.” So why was he so frustrated? “Today is gear turn-in day for me, [I] turn in all the gear that I’ve collected over the last four years of being active duty with the Army, the 82nd Airborne Division.”

The soldier provided the background. “Two years ago, my unit deployed to Afghanistan for the Afghanistan withdrawal,” he explained. “We spent a few weeks over there. It was hectic, it was chaotic, it was disgusting, and it made me very disappointed in our government.” It’s a failure burned into the memories of military members and families who wondered what their friends and family died for in Afghanistan. But it also turned into a personal problem for this soldier.

“Today, I’m reminded of how disappointed I am in our government,” he said. “Go to turn in my gear, they want to charge me 500 to a thousand dollars for gear that I was ordered to leave in Afghanistan two years ago. Because as the last two birds [airplanes] were sitting on the tarmac ready to leave, there wasn’t any room for extra gear, extra weight. Therefore, we were told to leave it.” If you’ve seen pictures of the jam-packed planes out of Afghanistan, with men desperately clinging to the outside in despair, you know what he means.

As usual, some of the enlisted soldiers had more foresight than their leadership. “Some lower enlisted dudes, including myself, were like, ‘no, this stuff is expensive, I’m not leaving this, I’m gonna get charged for this when it comes time to leave,’” the soldier said. “‘Don’t worry, we’re gonna catch you on the back end,’” he was promised. So his gear joined the over $7 billion worth of U.S. equipment (and quite possibly more) left behind for the Taliban to seize, use, and sell.

The Biden administration wasn’t concerned about preventing the terrorist Taliban from obtaining the equipment, but it is asking this soldier for money. “It’s time to get out of the Army and they just wanna — they wanna charge you for that,” the soldier said, highlighting how Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and Ukraine have continued to receive massive amounts of money. “Meanwhile, we can continue to give millions of dollars to the Taliban, we can give billions of dollars to Ukraine, we can give billions of dollars to student debt relief, we can give a bunch of stupid stimulus checks, we can cut those to the American people, but we can’t cover 500 to a thousand dollars for a dude that left gear in Afghanistan, for a dude that left gear in a place that you put me, to begin with.”

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And people wonder why families and individuals previously passionately devoted to the military are telling their friends and children not to join up. As the soldier put it, “The government is so stinking backward right now, man. This administration’s last priority is the American people, and inside the American people, their last priority is their soldiers, their Marines, their airmen, their — their Navy. It’s so messed up.”

Unfortunately, the soldier is completely spot on. “I thought today was gonna be bittersweet, getting out, but I’m just so happy to separate. I’m very, very excited to stop serving my government and just getting started serving my country.”

Biden Regime Warns Israel Against Cutting Off Hamas Internet, Money and Propaganda


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

“Internet access needs to remain viable for people of Gaza.”

After telling us for weeks that everyone in Gaza was dead or about to die of thirst, apparently, the biggest problem in Hamastan, apart from exploding weapons caches in the kitchen, is losing internet access.

Hamas uses the internet for money, it’s financed partly by crypto currency from terror sympathizers, propaganda, and communications. The Biden administration however insists that internet access is a human right.

US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller cautions Israel against again cutting internet access for Palestinians in Gaza.

Israel cut communications into the Strip on Friday as it launched the first stage of its ground incursion, switching it back on the next day following pressure from Washington. Then this morning, the phone and internet went down again for several hours.

Miller notes that the US government has been contacting its citizens via email about securing their exit from Gaza, so it expects that internet access remains available

Apart from everything wrong with that, Miller just made any U.S. citizens into hostages once again to ensure that Hamas gets to keep its internet access.

.The State Department spokesperson says he recognizes Israel has to make certain operational decisions as it advances its military campaign. “But as a general principle, internet access needs to remain viable for the people of Gaza.”

What general principle is that exactly? Did we make sure that ISIS retained internet access so it could post the latest and greatest beheading videos, and collect bitcoin tips?

Is there anything else Israel needs to do for Hamas? DoorDash delivery? Positive Yelp reviews?

This isn’t how you fight wars and it sure as hell isn’t how you win them.

Greg Kelly: ‘We found the money’

Biden Got $200,000 Payment From Family Business Tied to Islamic Terror, Hamas


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

An envelope filled with “blood-stained currency from a Middle Eastern country” linked to terrorists and a “torture ticket”

In 2020, I dug into what was probably one of the strangest and most overlooked Biden family scandals.

James Biden, Joe’s brother, had become a principal at Americore whose business model was based on buying and turning around rural hospitals. But the turnaround was into the grave.

Obamacare had hit rural hospitals hard, forcing many of them to shut down. By Obama’s last year in office, 4% of rural hospitals had closed down, and hundreds more were on the brink. And the Bidens had figured out a way to profit from the devastation caused by Obama-Biden.

“His brother was very interested in rural health care and very interested in veterans’ health care, and it was something he really wanted to get behind,” an Americore executive recalled Biden telling him. “This would help his brother get elected.”

The hospitals were trashed and patient care fell apart, but James Biden was making money.

Hospital patients might have been able to get basic care and supplies, but the money wasn’t there. Meanwhile, James Biden had allegedly made off with $650,000.

According to the Americore CEO, “Jim Biden directed me to loan him approximately $400,000 of this money for him to use to repay a past-due personal loan.”

Later, “Biden took additional amounts totaling approximately $250,000.”

Thanks to the House Oversight Committee, we now know where some of it went.

In 2018, James Biden received $600,000 in loans from, Americore—a financially distressed and failing rural hospital operator. According to bankruptcy court documents, James Biden received these loans “based upon representations that his last name, ‘Biden,’ could ‘open doors’ and that he could obtain a large investment from the Middle East based on his political connections.”

On March 1, 2018, Americore wired a $200,000 loan into James and Sara Biden’s personal bank account – not their business bank account. On the same day, James Biden wrote a $200,000 check from this same personal bank account to Joe Biden.

While Joe Biden getting cash courtesy of his brother trading on his name and sending it to the ‘Big Guy’ is bad, the details lead down a very disturbing trail.

According to bankruptcy court documents, James Biden received these loans “based upon representations that his last name, ‘Biden,’ could ‘open doors’ and that he could obtain a large investment from the Middle East based on his political connections.”

What Middle East connections? Two of them involve Qatar and Turkey: the state sponsors of Hamas.

Biden and his partners had allegedly gone to the Qatar Investment Authority, the Islamic terror state that acts as the patron for the Muslim Brotherhood, controls Al Jazeera, whose royal family had ties to the mastermind of 9/11, and which is allied with Iran, for money for Americore.

But Qatar didn’t pay up and James Biden and his partners denied ever taking the meeting. The Americore CEO claims he was told that President Trump’s sanctions on Iran blocked the deal.

The former Americore CEO also claims to have met with Hunter and James Biden at a meeting that looked for ways to raise money from China.

One of the men claimed that James Biden had promised to sell the plan to the White House. Instead Biden accidentally texted him a plan to defraud him even as Biden’s partner was encouraging him to make up numbers to defraud a Turkish company.

And then the story gets really disturbing.

After they sued Biden and his partners, they received an envelope filled with “blood-stained currency from a Middle Eastern country” linked to terrorists and a “torture ticket” resulting in an FBI investigation.

Imagine if a GOP candidate had this stuff in his background. It would have been splashed all over every paper in America. But while the media peddled the Steele dossier and every dirty smear campaign that never held up, it had no interest in talking about a presidential candidate being connected to an FBI investigation and “blood-stained currency.”

The currency was purportedly from a Middle Eastern country well known for the terrorist groups operating within its borders. Law enforcement has refused to release the currency’s country of origin or provide details about the “torture ticket.” The latter is generally used by terrorist organizations as a “voucher” for future harm, usually in an attempt to incite fear.

The envelope was left in the couple’s mailbox in August, only days after Michael Frey and his business partner, Dr. Mohannad Azzam, filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing James Biden of fraud. They brought the suit after James Biden and his associates promised and failed to line up investors for their rural healthcare enterprise. Instead, Frey and Azzam allege, James Biden urged them to borrow $10 million from a hedge fund manager involved in the deal and then proceeded to pass their idea off as his own to a conglomerate of Turkish investors.

Which country was the currency from? The FBI told the media not to say.

Knox News has reviewed copies of the envelope, the currency, and the torture voucher but agreed at the request of federal authorities not to reveal the country from which the currency was issued.

That is strange. Why not name the country? Who’s being protected here?

Here’s a video of Frey talking about some of this.

We can hazard a guess at which “Middle Eastern” country’s currency it was.

Frey’s lawsuit also named Dr. Amer Rustom, a Florida-based businessman who was touted as the contact who would help secure millions in funding from the Qatari government for the hospital venture.

Jim appeared to cite Rustom in a groveling letter to the Qatari Investment Authority, the Middle East government’s sovereign wealth fund, dated August 2017 and saved on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

In the letter, he was careful to point out that the Bidens were not lobbyists but dangled the family’s ‘deep and wide’ relationships that ‘lasted through many years and many administrations’ to the senior Qatari prince in charge of the sovereign fund.

‘If this is in keeping with the vision of His Excellency, on behalf of the Biden family, I welcome your interest here,’ Jim wrote. ‘I recommend Dr. Rustom arrange a conference call to discuss the way moving forward and perhaps a face-to-face meeting in New York or Qatar with you and His Excellency.’

The whole arrangement may have flagged suspicious activity reports earlier sought by the HOC.

“It is crucial for the American people to learn the source of James Biden’s Middle East funding, to understand whether President Biden ever used ‘political connections’ to help James Biden or other family members enrich themselves at the expense of national security and whether James Biden or other family members have ever improperly solicited funding in the Middle East, continued Ranking Member Comer. “The Wall Street Journal reported that ‘Treasury has made SARs available for every request we’ve received, regardless of party, and will continue to do so.’ This is not true. You have not provided a single SAR requested by Committee Republicans. In order to ensure that Committee Republicans are able to review Biden family SARs in a timely manner, I request that the Treasury prioritize its production of financial transactions that are related to the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar as soon as possible but no later than July 28, 2022.”