Shocking Vote Reveals True Allegiances In House As Johnson Clings To Power

In a stunning display of bipartisan unity, the House swiftly rejected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's bid to remove Speaker Mike Johnson from his position. The chamber resoundingly voted to table Greene's measure by a 359-43 tally, with both Democrats and Republicans coming together to support Johnson's leadership. The vote came just hours after Greene announced her intention to move forward with the motion, which was met with a wave of boos from her colleagues. Despite Greene's efforts to garner support from fellow Republicans like Reps. Thomas Massie and Paul Gosar, her campaign against Johnson ultimately failed. The speaker even received a boost from former President Donald Trump, who stood with him at Mar-a-Lago and praised his performance. Greene had been threatening to use the motion to vacate against Johnson since late March, citing issues such as the passage of a $1.2 trillion spending package. However, her recent meeting with Johnson, during which she made a series of "suggestions" including defunding special counsel Jack Smith's inquiry into Trump and halting financial aid to Ukraine, failed to sway the House. Recent polling from Monmouth University revealed that only one in five Americans wanted Johnson replaced as speaker, further underscoring the lack of support for Greene's initiative.

Speaker Johnson and Rep. Roy to Announce SAVE Act to Protect Americans’ Right to Vote

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, May 8, Speaker Johnson will lead a press conference on the Safeguarding American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act, legislation led by Congressman Chip Roy in the House and Senator Mike Lee in the Senate. It would require proof of American citizenship to register to vote in federal elections.

WHO: Speaker Johnson Congressman Chip Roy Senator Mike Lee Cleta Mitchell (FAIR Elections Fund), Jenny Beth Martin (Tea Party Patriots Action), Stephen Miller (America First Legal), Ken Cuccinelli (Election Transparency Initiative), Rosemary Jenks (Immigration Accountability Project), Andy Roth (State Freedom Caucus Network)

Report: Speaker Johnson Vows Revenge Against GOP House Members with Rep Andy Biggs

Speaker Johnson vowed to retaliate against House Republicans who don't go along with his Democratic coalition agenda, but will he get ousted? And Chris Cuomo flips on the shots and admits anti-vaxxers were right. Plus we'll find out how American small business owners feel about Biden's America, spoiler alert, it's not good. And the establishment push to leverage AI to improve its economic and social progress continues.

Congresswoman MTG Joins Bannon’s War Room to Discuss the Democrat Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson



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