Biden Blunders Towards Nuclear War By Arming Iran With Top Secret Hit List~How Worse Can It Get?~US B-52 bombers prepare for a massive airstrike on Iran

In today's special report, we dive deep into the Biden administration's latest debacle, which endangers our troops and national security. Discover how Biden's strategy, or lack thereof, contrasts sharply with the decisive actions of former President Trump. We'll unravel how Biden's missteps have escalated tensions in the Middle East to levels not seen since the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Secretary of State Antony Blinken's warnings underline the dire situation. Our report sheds light on the crucial need for Trump's foreign policy approach in these perilous times. Tune in for an unfiltered, conservative analysis of this unfolding crisis and understand why America's security demands a return to stronger leadership. Don't miss our final thought, a critical insight into why this story matters deeply to every American.

Iran Nervous! US B-52 bombers prepare for a massive airstrike on Iran after deadly strike on US base

It Begins: Texas Border Battle; Texas Vs Biden Admin over MigrantCrisis; Federalizing National Guard

Texas Border Battle. Texas prepared in ‘unlikely event’ Biden federalizes National Guard. Border standoff between Texas, feds intensifies as governor defies Supreme Court ruling. Texas arresting Migrants. "This is not over," Texas Governor Abbott said in a social media post. Despite the U.S. Supreme Court siding with the Department of Homeland Security to allow federal border officials to cut state-installed razor wire along the Rio Grande, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and state Attorney General Ken Paxton said the larger legal battle between Texas and the Biden administration is far from settled. Texas keeps adding Razor wires. Texas state Law Passes Allowing State Police to Arrest Immigrants. The Texas House passed legislation earlier making it a state crime to illegally cross the southern border, empowering state and local police to arrest and in some cases deport illegal immigrants, in what the bill’s supporters claim is a response to federal inaction. Senate Bill 4 gives local and state government the authority to arrest illegal immigrants who enter Texas from Mexico between official ports of entry. Under SB 4, those who unlawfully cross the border can be charged with a state misdemeanor and face up to one year in prison. A felony charge, carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years, can be leveled if illegal immigrants are charged with additional crimes or don’t comply with a judge’s orders. The bill also authorizes state judges to deport illegal aliens to Mexico rather than pursue prosecution under federal law. 

Johns Hopkins: More Gun Control Needed to Prevent Second Civil War

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes
Anonymous Snitch Group to Dox ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Trump Voters
Johns Hopkins: More Gun Control Needed to Prevent Second Civil War, iStock-1267413669

recent report by the Center for Gun Violence Solutions, which is part of Johns Hopkins (Michael) Bloomberg School of Public Health, conflates private gun ownership with armed insurrection in order to advocate for expanded gun control.

The 32-page study, which is titled “Defending Democracy: Addressing the Danger of Armed Insurrection,” not only revisits and revises the Jan. 6th protest – even though no protesters were armed and the only casualty was 35-year-old Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by Capitol Police – it resurrects actual armed insurrections from American history, such as Shays’ Rebellion of 1786, the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791 and the American Civil War.

The three authors, who are all attorneys with a history of paid anti-gun activism, clumsily raise the insurrection boogeyman to push for additional regulations for carrying firearms, tactical training prohibitions, additional gun-free zones, expanded Red Flag laws, and the repeal of state preemption statutes, which has long been a major goal of the gun ban industry. Preemption laws prevent local jurisdictions from enacting their own gun-control regulations, which would result in a patchwork of gun-free zones.

Their authors’ warped message is to be expected, especially when you consider the biased nature of their backgrounds, their sponsors, their sources, and Michael Bloomberg’s school itself. (If you type “gun violence” into the school’s internal search engine, it will yield more than 1,000 results.)

The Center for Gun Violence Solutions admits it uses a “public health approach” to identify gun-control solutions, even though a gun is an inanimate object, not a disease, ailment or disorder. The school further claims it uses “rigorous scientific research to identify a range of innovative solutions to gun violence.” However, the authors’ rigorous scientific research turned out to be nothing more than false claims gleaned from biased stories from the legacy media and other anti-gun organizations that masquerade as actual news websites.

The authors used stories from CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, PBS, NPR, VOX, The Los Angeles TimesThe AtlanticThe GuardianThe Washington Post, USA Today, the Associated Press, PolitiFact, Politico, Slate and the Southern Poverty Law Center. They even used stories from two dedicated anti-gun groups, Giffords and The Trace – the propaganda arm of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun-control empire.

Biased authors

The report was written by Tim Carey, Kelly Roskam, and Joshua Horwitz. Carey is the law and policy advisor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. According to his bio, he is responsible for “Drafting legislation, regulations, legal reports, legislative testimony, fact sheets, and other advocacy materials.” Before moving to Johns Hopkins, Carey was the law and policy staff attorney for the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Roskam is the director of law and policy at Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions. Prior to joining Johns Hopkins, she was the general counsel and legal director for the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Roskam’s bio also states she interned at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Horwitz is the co-director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions. Before joining Johns Hopkins, he too worked at the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, serving as executive director.

Biased report

The authors claim their report is both an examination and a warning about the threat that “armed insurrectionism poses to democracy in the United States.”

“The growing presence of firearms in political spaces in the United States endangers public health, safety, and the functioning of democracy,” the report states. “Far from being an outlier, the January 6th insurrection at the United States Capitol was part of a long line of events in which individuals have sought to use political losses to justify violence or threats of violence to disrupt our government and limit civic engagement.”

As stated, the policy recommendations presented by the authors are merely longstanding goals of the gun-ban industry, which would help propel them toward their ultimate goal of total civilian disarmament. The only difference is that now their policy recommendations are presented as necessary to “address the dangers of armed insurrectionism.”

Biased sponsors

“We would like to thank the Joyce Foundation and the Morningstar Foundation for supplying core support for this report,” the authors wrote.

The Joyce Foundation is firmly committed to gun control. According to their website, the Joyce Foundation seeks to:

  • Advance and implement federal, state, and local policies and practices that reduce easy accessibility of guns to those at risk of violence
  • Support policies to reduce easy accessibility of guns to those at risk of violence
  • Reduce the next generation’s exposure to gun violence through education on the risks of gun ownership
  • Litigate to defend evidence-based gun policies and challenge extreme gun rights policies and practices

The Morningstar Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 1982. In fiscal year 2017, the Morningstar Foundation reported $16,533,591 in revenue and $14,476,618 in expenditures, which included grants to many left-of-center organizations.

Some of the recipients include:

  • Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center
  • States United to Prevent Gun Violence
  • Violence Policy Center

In 2001, Johns Hopkins University renamed its School of Hygiene and Public Health to the Bloomberg School of Public Health. The change came after Michael Bloomberg donated more than $100 million to the university – the largest cash gift in the school’s 125-year history.

“I’m grateful and proud to have my name linked with the world’s greatest public health school,” Bloomberg said in 2001. “I’ve always supported Johns Hopkins just because it gives me great personal pleasure to be associated with faculty, researchers. and students who do such tremendous work on issues that really matter. This honor is really icing on that cake for me.”

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About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

Israel-Hamas war: Israeli Govt. on hostage operations, murdered bodies held captive

The Israeli Government provided an update on the 129 hostages being held captive by Hamas. Israeli Government Spokesman Eylon Levy says Hamas is holding the bodies of hostages that have been murdered. The government says Hezbollah has launched an anti-tank missile from inside Lebanon at the Greek Orthodox Church, injuring a civilian.

Hamas Supporters Declare War on Christmas

Video: Francisco-Gil White’s Shocking Revelation About the Hamas-Israel War A glimpse into the Palestinian-Nazi alliance.



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In this new video, political anthropologist Francisco Gil-White discusses the connection between Nazism and Palestine Liberation Organization, and investigates some unsettling truths about whether Israel is the last line of defense for democracy.

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Pentagon Declares U.S. Warship, Commercial Vessels Under Attack In Red Sea

The guided-missile destroyer USS Carney in Souda Bay, Greece. The American warship and multiple commercial ships came under attack Sunday, Dec. 3, 2023 in the Red Sea, the Pentagon said, potentially marking a major escalation in a series of maritime attacks in the Mideast linked to the Israel-Hamas war. “We’re aware of reports regarding attacks on the USS Carney and commercial vessels in the Red Sea and will provide information as it becomes available,” the Pentagon said. (Petty Officer 3rd Class Bill Dodge/U.S. Navy via AP)

The guided-missile destroyer USS Carney in Souda Bay, Greece. The American warship and multiple commercial ships came under attack Sunday, Dec. 3, 2023 in the Red Sea, the Pentagon said, potentially marking a major escalation in a series of maritime attacks in the Mideast linked to the Israel-Hamas war. (Petty Officer 3rd Class Bill Dodge/U.S. Navy via AP)

OAN’s Elizabeth Volberding
10:25 AM – Sunday, December 3, 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Pentagon announced that a United States warship and several commercial vessels are under attack in the Red Sea.

On Sunday, the Pentagon declared that an American warship and several commercial ships have come under attack in the Red Sea.

Yemen’s Houthi Rebels, which is a Shia Islamist political and military organization, announced attacks on two ships that they claimed were linked to Israel, but did not recognize targeting a U.S. Navy vessel.

The strike might have been a significant escalation in a sequence of maritime assaults in the Middle East connected to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“We’re aware of reports regarding attacks on the USS Carney and commercial vessels in the Red Sea and will provide information as it becomes available, later,” the Pentagon announced. 

The Houthi rebels, who are backed by Iran, have been launching drones and cruise missiles in recent weeks at the USS Carney, a guided-missile destroyer of the Arleigh Burke-class. 

As a result, the Houthi rebels have taken credit for the strike on Sunday. The U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) is anticipated to provide an update shortly.

Additionally, the British military earlier mentioned that there had been an anticipated drone attack and several explosions in the Red Sea, but did not elaborate further. 

The Pentagon failed to disclose where it believed the fire originated. However, as the Jewish state fights Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Yemen’s Houthi rebels have been attacking ships in the Red Sea and firing missiles and drones at Israel.

A U.S. authority, speaking about intelligence-related topics while maintaining anonymity, announced that the attack started at approximately 10:00 a.m. in Sanaa, Yemen, and went on for about five hours.

Houthi military spokesperson Brig. Gen. Yahya Saree also announced the attacks, explaining that the first vessel was struck by a missile and that the second was hit by a drone while in the Bab el-Mandeb Strait that is connected to the Red Sea near the Gulf of Aden.

Additionally, Saree did not acknowledge any American warship being included in the attack. He stated that the attacks will continue “as long as Israel continues its war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip.”

Even as a temporary ceasefire brought the Israel-Hamas war to a halt and Hamas exchanged hostages for Palestinian prisoners, global shipping has become an increasingly prominent target of the conflict.

However, the likelihood of the seaborne attacks returning had increased with the breakdown of the truce, the restart of the Israeli airstrike, and its ground offensive.

U.S. forces in the Middle East have been struck approximately 75 times since the middle of last month. However, the Pentagon does not count attacks on American warships at sea in this amount.

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Hezbollah Attacks, But Tries to Stay Out of Total War


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In 2006, the UN passed Resolution 1701, according to which Hezbollah was supposed to be disarmed. It never happened. Now Hezbollah is stronger than ever. It essentially runs the Lebanese government; not Prime Minister Najib Mikati, but Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah, calls the shots in Beirut. And thanks to Iran, Hezbollah has a storehouse of 150,000 missiles and rockets. Its arsenal is ten times more powerful than that possessed by Hamas.

During the four-day “pause” in its campaign in Gaza against Hamas that Israel has agreed to, the IDF could turn more of its attention to Hezbollah, stepping up its bombing campaign in southern Lebanon, to destroy weapons warehouses, enough airstrikes to inflict significant punishment, but not enough to cause Hezbollah to respond with a full-scale war, which at this point Israel would prefer to avoid. Once Hamas is destroyed, however, the Israelis may want to deal more forcefully with Hezbollah to degrade its storehouses bristling with weapons.

Since October 7, Hezbollah has fired at least 1,000 missiles into Israel’s northern cities. It has now been attacking Israel with missiles, drones, and artillery. Almost every night, there is an exchange of fire between Israel and Hezbollah. Six Israeli soldiers and three civilians have so far been killed by Hezbollah fire since October 7. More on this fighting in the north, which has escalated on November 20, can be found here: “Hezbollah says attacks Israeli troops with drones, artillery, missiles,” AFP, November 20, 2023:

The Israel-Lebanon border has seen daily exchanges of fire since the Israel-Hamas war began on October 7.

Hezbollah fighters targeted soldiers west of Kiryat Shmona in northern Israel “with three attack drones,” the Iran-backed group said in a statement, adding shortly after that it had also targeted troops in the area with artillery fire [on November 20].

Both statements claimed the attacks were “direct hits.”

Earlier Monday, Hezbollah said it had fired “Burkan missiles” at an Israeli barracks, and also claimed a number of other attacks on Israeli positions.

Israel’s army said “three UAVs (drones) were identified striking adjacent” to an army post, without specifying where. It added that “no injuries were reported.”…

Hezbollah said the three drones made “direct hits” on an army post and killed Israelis. The IDF said that the drones struck a site “adjacent” to the army post, and that there were no casualties. Which version do you believe?

In late October, after enduring three weeks of shelling by Hezbollah, the Israeli government evacuated Kiryat Shmona and forty northern Israeli border communities. On November 2, 12 rockets were fired from Lebanon and set off sirens north of the Israeli port city of Haifa. On November 6,. Israelis were forced to seek shelter in cities such as Kiryat Yam and Kiryat Bialik.

Israel has continued to evacuate more towns as Hezbollah’s attacks have increased. The moshav of Dovev was entirely emptied; its residents were moved to Tiberias. Many of them have said, “We are never going back.” The attack of October 7 has spooked them, and they know that Hezbollah’s chief, Hassan Nasrallah, has said that if Israel attacks Lebanon then his forces may move into northern Israel.

The mood of the Israelis evacuated to Tiberius from villages and moshavs closer to the Lebanese border is discussed here: “‘Never going back:’ Israelis evacuated from border town with Lebanon fear war with Hezbollah,” by  and CNN, November 20, 2023:

From the basement of a hotel in Tiberias, where dozens of evacuated children were attending a makeshift lesson, Elana Pilveny told CNN that there was “no way in hell I am going back.” Her family is not taking any chances with Hamas’ ally in southern Lebanon after October 7, when Hamas massacred 1,200 people, many of whom were civilians.

A quiet knitting circle in the hotel lobby, consisting of four cousins who have lived in Dovev for decades, belies the panic among the evacuees. “I don’t know how to function normally if I have to go back to Dovev,” Shoshana Yakut, 77, told CNN from a hotel in Tiberias where she has lived for over a month.

They have lived through the Six-Day War, the Yom Kippur War, Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and fight with Hezbollah in 2006. “We never felt something so powerful,” she said of the October 7 attacks. “Not in 67, not in 73, or not in 82 and 2006 – this is a whole new level of fear right now.”…

The only way for the Israeli government to restore faith in its ability to protect people living near the Gazan or Lebanese borders is for the IDF to destroy Hamas, and once that has been accomplished, to concentrate its forces on the northern front, to hit Hezbollah in southern Lebanon with such ferocious airstrikes on weapons storehouses as to make Nasrallah rethink his plans. Nasrallah takes his cue from Iran, which has taken alarmed note of the two American carrier strike groups that are now in the eastern Mediterranean.

Brigette Gabriel: The Hamas War

The world is witnessing a war between savages and civilization. What happened in Israel is just another segment in this war facing all of western civilization. All the hopes of mankind depend on the utter and total defeat of the savages, not just in Israel, but in America, in Europe, in India and Asia, and around the world. This is not the struggle of any single nation, but the crisis of mankind. Either humanity will rise or we will fall.

Israel-Hamas war update: Gaza babies evacuate from Shifa hospital

Gaza war update: 31 premature babies were transferred from Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital to another in the South. Those 'very sick' babies are currently in Rafah and will be transported to Egypt on Monday. The Associated Press reports the infants suffered from dehydration, hypothermia, and even sepsis. The Palestinian Red Crescent and UN agencies evacuated the babies to a safer location. 

FBI top dog Wray: War ‘has raised the threat of an attack against Americans in the US to a whole other level’


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

This malignant clown is just covering his tracks. For years he has been lying, claiming that “white supremacists” constituted the nation’s chief terror threat. This was a thinly veiled attempt to criminalize and destroy all political opposition to the Biden regime in the U.S. But now he can’t ignore the jihad threat any longer, and with attacks likely in the U.S., he has to pretend he is on top of the situation. In reality, the FBI has been in denial about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat for years, and almost certainly will not be able to stop future jihad attacks in the U.S., because it is still so ideologically blinkered and politicized that it doesn’t even know what to look for.

“Director Wray’s Opening Statement to the House Committee on Homeland Security,”, November 15, 2023:

Good morning, Chairman Green, Ranking Member Thompson, and members of the committee.

It’s been more than five weeks since Hamas terrorists carried out their brutal attacks against innocent Israelis, dozens of American citizens, and others from around the world, and our collective efforts remain on supporting our partners overseas and seeking the safe return of the hostages. But this hearing, focused on threats to our homeland, is well-timed given the dangerous implications the fluid situation in the Middle East has for our homeland security.

In a year when the terrorism threat was already elevated, the ongoing war in the Middle East has raised the threat of an attack against Americans in the United States to a whole other level.

Since October 7th, we’ve seen a rogue’s gallery of foreign terrorist organizations call for attacks against Americans and our allies. Hizballah expressed its support and praise for Hamas and threatened to attack U.S. interests in the Middle East. Al-Qaida issued its most specific call to attack the United States in the last five years. Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula called on jihadists to attack Americans and Jewish people everywhere. ISIS urged its followers to target Jewish communities in the United States and Europe.

Given those calls for action, our most immediate concern is that individuals or small groups will draw twisted inspiration from the events in the Middle East to carry out attacks here at home. That includes homegrown violent extremists inspired by a foreign terrorist organization and domestic violent extremists targeting Jewish Americans or other faith communities, like Muslim Americans….

As Iran Wages Proxy War on Israel, Biden Mulls Giving $10 Billion to the Mullahs

When you can't make it clearer where you stand on the Hamas-Israel war.


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

[Make sure to read Robert Spencer’s contributions in Jamie Glazov’s new book: Barack Obama’s True Legacy: How He Transformed America.]

Old Joe Biden couldn’t make it clearer where he stands on the Hamas-Israel war if he screamed “Allahu akbar” and blew himself up in a crowd of Jews.

The alleged president demonstrated, for anyone who was paying attention, which side he is really on in the Hamas-Israel conflict when he went over to Israel in late October and met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He took the opportunity to announce that he was giving $100 million to Gaza, which means, despite his denials, $100 million to Hamas, as there is no entity in Gaza that is not controlled by Hamas and could both receive this money and keep it out of the hands of the terror group. As if that weren’t bad enough, now Old Joe and his henchmen are considering sending $10 billion to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the chief funder of Hamas. Yes, it’s so far beyond outrageous that it is coming up on outrageous from the other side, but it’s true nevertheless.

The Washington Free Beacon reported Monday that “the Biden administration may approve a sanctions waiver on Tuesday that will allow Iran to access at least $10 billion in previously frozen funds held in Iraq.” Displaying an admirable talent for understatement, the Free Beacon noted that this is “driving concerns that the Biden administration is maintaining financial avenues for Tehran as the country’s terrorist proxies foment chaos across the Middle East.”

Now, why would the Biden regime even consider freeing up billions for Iran while the “Death to America, Death to Israel” regime is bankrolling not only Hamas, but Hizballah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in their jihad war against the Jewish state? There are three possibilities: the regime is either stupid, or evil, or both. In this case, the most likely answer is the third: the sinister, senescent, faux-folksy corruptocrat and his cronies are as clueless as they are immoral. Oh, and wrongheaded, and a hundred other things.

Biden and his team are stupid insofar as they apparently still believe that showering money upon the Islamic Republic will lead that rogue, terror-supporting regime to moderate its practices and possibly even grow friendly toward America and possibly even Israel. This is a ridiculous idea for the State Department wonks and foreign policy “experts” to have, but they have it nonetheless; in fact, American diplomacy has largely consisted of efforts to buy friends internationally for many decades now.

This seldom works with anyone, but it is particularly doomed to fail when tried in the Islamic Republic of Iran, where the rulers believe the Qur’an when it says: “And the Jews will not be pleased with you, neither will the Christians until you follow their religion.” (2:120) Efforts at winning hearts and minds are often seen through this prism, as cynical attempts to begin to lure pious Muslims away from Islam. But of course they have no idea of this in Foggy Bottom, where they’re all bound to believe the iron dogma that Islam is a religion of peace that not only has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism, but nothing whatsoever to do with contemporary geopolitics.

The evil part of this bargain comes from the fact that if the regime really does manage to send $10 billion to the mullahs, a large part of it, if not all of it, will go for the jihad against Israel. When Barack Obama sent pallets of unmarked bills to Tehran in the dark of night, much of it ended up going to jihad terror groups. What are the chances that at least some of Old Joe’s $10 billion would end up with Hamas, Hizballah, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad? Oh, about one hundred percent.

In response to such concerns, the Biden regime is pretending yet again that the American people have no idea of the most basic principles of economics. It insists that if it does send this $10 billion, it will be earmarked only for humanitarian purposes. The basic lesson of economics here is that getting $10 billion from the United States will free up $10 billion that the Iranian regime would have spent on food for its people, but which can now go to kill Israelis.

The new speaker of the House, in a classic example of failing to notice about fifty elephants in the room, just said that there wasn’t enough evidence to impeach Joe Biden. Well, the fact that the regime is even thinking about sending money to an avowed enemy ought to get Old Joe not only impeached but tried for treason. But for that, we’d need some genuine opposition that had some guts.

Daniel Greenfield Video: David Horowitz Freedom Center is Fighting a Civilizational Battle

Shillman Fellow reveals what we're all up against - and the road ahead.


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.


Editor’s note: Below are the video and transcript of remarks given by Shillman Fellow Daniel Greenfield at the Freedom Center’s 2023 Restoration Weekend – just held Oct. 26-29 at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans.

Daniel Greenfield from DHFC on Vimeo.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for coming out here this weekend.

Unfortunately, I have some bad news. We have savages among us. Not in this room. This is a great room. And the time we spend together is a fortress of sanity in a world going mad.

Here we still believe in a right and a wrong. And we believe that under no circumstances do you start roaming the streets and burning down cities. And under no circumstances do you go to the homes of your neighbors who follow another religion, kill and kidnap their children, and rape their women while shouting, “Allahu Akbar”. Because we’re not savages.

But we can’t deny that there are savages roaming the world… and our country.

I don’t just mean the Hamas terrorists who killed, kidnapped, and tortured Israeli men, women, and children.

I also mean the over 1,700 sociology professors, including some from Yale and Columbia, who signed a letter arguing that the Hamas atrocities had to be “contextualized” as a response to “75 years of settler colonial occupation and European empire.”

And the over 200 faculty members at another university, including Ellen Dichner, the Chief Counsel to the Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board under the Obama administration, who defended the Hamas atrocities as a “military operation”.

The Secretary General of the UN argued that “It is important to also recognize the attacks by Hamas did not happen in a vacuum.”

You’ve seen the polls in which 57% of Muslims in America said that the Hamas horrors were justified. And the one in which half of 18-24-year-olds in America side with Hamas.

And just so you don’t think I’m picking on Muslims or Generation Z, you may not have seen the one in which 11.5% of American Jews said that Hamas was justified.

Yes, over 1 in 10 American Jews believe that an Islamic terrorist organization whose leaders have called for the extermination of the Jews is justified.

3.6% of American Jews “strongly” agree that the murder of Jewish babies is justified.

We have savages among us. In the most literal sense of the word. There are white savages, black savages, and Asian savages. There are male and female savages, and transgender savages and savages of all members of the 500 genders currently on the table.

What unites them is a hatred of civilization and a burning desire to destroy it, to tear it down, to wreck its most cherished values, and then dance on the flames.

There are savages among us at schools where the tuition is enough to buy a house in the country. There are savages with PhDs preaching that murder and torture are the righteous “decolonization” of the  “settler colonial occupation”.

And by the way when they say “settler colonial occupation”, they don’t just mean Israelis, they mean Americans right here. We’re a “settler colony” too. First, come the “land acknowledgments” in which we admit we don’t belong here. And then once we admit that, we’re illegitimate settlers, we can be “decolonized” by being massacred too.

This isn’t some fringe movement. This is what’s being taught in universities across America.

You’ve all seen the videos of ordinary college students cheering Hamas, tearing down posters of kidnapped people, and sneering at anyone who dares to challenge them.

Who could have seen this coming? One man did.

There’s one more video that I hope you’ve seen even though it’s over ten years old.

We played it tonight but just in case you missed it, I’m going to set the scene.

This happened in the spring of 2010 at the University of California at San Diego. A few months earlier, Hamas terrorists had tried to penetrate the Gaza border fence to invade Israel. And Israeli soldiers had fought them.

We know now what the Hamas terrorists would have done if they had broken through.

David Horowitz had arrived to speak on campus which was always a scene because the Left hated him. It still does. Because he got them, he understood what they were, like no one else.

A member of the Islamist and anti-Semitic Muslim Students Association confronted Horowitz. Horowitz asked the MSA member, a campus association founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of Hamas, whose members and speakers have praised Hamas, whether she would condemn Hamas. She refused.

Then he asked her an even more pointed question:

“I am a Jew. The head of Hezbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For or Against it?”

She leaned in close to the microphone and spoke clearly. “For it.”

Back then the video was shocking. The student and her political allies on campus claimed that she misspoke. And that she didn’t really mean it. Now Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine campus chapters openly celebrate the Hamas butchery.

The national organization of Students for Justice in Palestine hailed the Hamas rape of girls, murder of babies, and kidnapping of children as a “historic win for the Palestinian resistance”.

The national organization which has 200 chapters on campuses across North America put out a ‘toolkit’ which explained that the Jewish victims were “not civilians” and were fair game.

In that one moment in the spring of 2010, David Horowitz had gotten one of them to take her mask off before they were ready. Those of us who were paying attention saw it. Those who didn’t went back to sleep. Now the masks are off and everyone is horrified. Except for those who are cheering it on.

The thing about masks is that we like them. We don’t want to see the ugliness underneath.

When the masks come off, we shudder in horror and then we forget. We go back to our everyday routines. It happened after 9/11. The response to what Hamas did doesn’t surprise me because I was there in Manhattan after the attacks. And what I saw inspired me to do what I do today.

As we were walking north with what used to be the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center behind us, there were college students from NYU in Union Square painting anti-war signs.

America had been attacked hours ago. People were fleeing to get away from what was in the air, but they were already chalking on the sidewalk and drawing up anti-American signs.

Now remember there was no war, but anti-war protests were being organized on the spot.

And then came the arguments that the people in the towers and on the planes had it coming. They were ‘Little Eichmans’, remember that one?  An edgy avant-garde American director was sitting at dinner in a posh London restaurant with his British distributor who told him “I think September 11 was the best thing that ever happened to America. I thought the attack would make Americans understand why the rest of the world hates them.“

The director, who was in no way a conservative, a Republican, or some flag-waver, punched him in the face, broke his nose, and overturned the dinner table on him.

That is sometimes how you respond to savages.

Some of you may have had similar experiences after 9/11. For every international outpouring of sympathy, there were all the “America had it coming” responses. And there was plenty of it at home. Is it any wonder that the response to the Hamas crimes is more of the same?

Civilized people like to believe that there is some level of barbarism, some atrocity, that people on the other side who disagree with us won’t stomach. And individually there is. Collectively it’s another matter. There are always good Nazis who look at something and turn away, who maybe even try to save some Jews, but the stadiums were still packed with people cheering Hitler and Hamas will have plenty of supporters on campus.

So up the ante. Raped women, murdered babies, kids in cages. We think that at some point we’ll reach a red line where everyone will agree that is wrong. And nope. We never do.

Because we miss the point.

When savages look at atrocities, they don’t think, “Good Lord, that’s horrifying. What kind of monsters can do such things.” They think, “Yes, yes, yes!.”

When they put it into words, they talk about “decolonization” and “the resistance of the oppressed”, they quote Franz Fanon about the “wretched of the earth”, but underneath those abstractions that the Left constructed to normalize and rationalize mass murder, much as the Nazis did, is the true response, “Yes! Yes, yes, yes.”

The Left glamorizes the idea of the ‘Noble Savage’ because it loves savagery and wants to be savages. It wants to roll in the blood and the mud, it wants to burn and smash things, to wrap its hands around throats and squeeze. But it’s become too civilized, too urbanized. It needs others, the noble savages it looks down on, to lead the way and smash, burn, and kill.

We’ve seen this in our country. It’s the same around the world.

They’ve got Noam Chomsky out there right now covering for Hamas the way he once covered for Pol Pot who forced everyone in the countryside and killed anyone wearing glasses.

This is what savages do. And college students are being indoctrinated into this cult of savagery.

What do savages want? They want to tear down the world as it is to make their new better world. And they want it to be with so much horror, pain, and death that no one ever dares think about rebuilding civilization again.

Mass murder, the starvation of millions of people, and a culture of terror: are just some of the means that they used in the 20th century, in Communist China, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Cuba, and Iran.

The common denominator is fear.

Civilized people confronted with savagery freeze. They’re traumatized. They can’t cope with it.

That is what the savages want. It’s why they use terrorism. They want us terrorized.

And we can’t give in to fear.

That is why the David Horowitz Freedom Center is fighting back.

David Horowitz led the way in warning about what was to come. Now even some of the most outspoken liberals are admitting that he was right. They’re seeing the barbarism on campuses, the indoctrination, the hate and they’re asking where did this come from.

It didn’t just appear overnight. It was always here.

And the David Horowitz Freedom Center, from the very beginning, sounded a battle cry against it. When David Horowitz first talked about campus indoctrination, even most Republicans dismissed him. They didn’t want to hear about it. When he warned about Hamas on campus, he was denounced as an alarmist. And even when he demonstrated that college students were being groomed to support the mass murder of Jews, few would take it seriously.

Now it’s impossible to ignore.

And under the leadership of David Horowitz, we are fighting on.

We’ve been tracking and compiling lists of tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that came out with statements in support of Hamas and we are going to hold them accountable.

Supporting terrorists is a violation of the tax code.

Many of the loudest voices supporting Hamas, including Students for Justice in Palestine, which is behind many of the pro-terrorist campus protests, are tax-exempt groups. Stripping away their tax-exempt status will effectively defund them. Under Obama, the IRS targeted pro-Israel groups. Under a Republican administration, the IRS needs to target pro-terrorist organizations.

Congress also has the ability to close loopholes in the tax code that allow Islamic terrorist groups and their supporters to benefit from tax-exempt status.

We’ve also profiled tax-exempt Chinese Communist and North Korean front groups that advocate in support of Hamas and the  Alliance for Global Justice, which originally started to support Marxist terrorists, which sponsors Samidoun, a terrorist front group that’s been banned in Israel and Germany, which sponsored the New York City rally calling for solidarity with Hamas during which NYPD officers were assaulted.

Loopholes allowing Islamic terrorist front groups to benefit from tax-exempt donations need to be closed.

Congress can do it.

And we’re not stopping there. From our investigative reporting to our Discover the Networks site, led by the incredibly knowledgeable John Perazzo, and with everyday coverage from our intrepid Mark Tapson, Front Page Magazine, where I have the honor to work with Mark and Jamie Glazov, also the editor of an important collection on Obama’s legacy, and Christine Williams, and the many talented writers and journalists who never stop fighting for the truth. And Sara Dogan who runs our campus operation and recently issued a pamphlet on the top campus hate groups. The indefatigable Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch alert us to the state of the enemy. And Michael Finch who keeps all the moving parts from flying off into space.

And so many others who work with us to make this a fight we can win.

We’re collecting information on the enemies within our country.

We’re following the money trails from radical donors and exposing extremists on campus.

And we’re fighting to hold them accountable because we won’t let the savages win.

We’re not doing it as a response to the Hamas attacks, but because it’s what we’ve been doing all along.

David Horowitz saw this battle coming. And he built an organization that, as he’s told you many times, is not a think tank, it’s a battle tank. And with your support, we’re doing battle.

We’re a small organization that always punches above our weight.

We took issues that were obscure, that were controversial, that were on the back burner, and we made them into issues for a movement, for a party, and for a country.

The people you see here, guests, speakers, and thinkers, come together, we share ideas, we learn from each other, and we come away stronger and more determined than ever to win.

There are some of you who came here feeling hurt and broken. I know some here may have family or friends in Israel. But I have to say that every single time I have had the honor to come here, and that includes the 2020 election, no matter what has happened, I have come away stronger, and so many people come back year after year because you feel that way too.

I don’t just come here to speak, I come here to learn, from the speakers and from all of you. When you ask me questions, I learn from you. Every time I’ve done a talk, talking to you has changed what I’m going to say. And this time is no different.

And I also come here like so many of you to feel the energy in the room, the fortress of sanity, from which we return strengthened, certain, and determined that we will win.

This is not just about politics. It’s not just about who’s in charge of earmarks or who gets to wield a gavel.

Moments like the Hamas atrocities bring home to us what this is really about.

This is a global and national struggle between savages and civilization. It’s about whether our children and grandchildren will live in peace and security. Or live in terror and fear.

We will not win this war if we refuse to name the enemy, the thousand-year-old Islamic Jihad against civilization, and the two-hundred-year-old leftist assault on mankind.

We will not win if we turn away from who our enemies are, but we must not fear them.

Civilization is superior to the savage in every way. All we have to do to win this war is wake up.

David Horowitz has spent the better part of a lifetime waking people up. Every few days I’m on the phone with him and he’s telling me to hit harder and to call our enemies what they are.

Every day we wake people up, and every year we come here for a giant wake-up call, to draw strength from each other and to be determined to fight for our country and our future.

We fight because civilization is too precious to give up.

We fight so that our children and grandchildren have the world they deserve.

We fight because the savages must not win.

And they will not win.

The only way the savages can win is if we let them, if we go to sleep, if we despair, if we give up. And we will not give up. The future must not belong to the savages. It must not belong to the beheaders of children, the rapists of women, and those who murder cartoonists.

It’s our future and we’re not giving it up to them.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center is fighting for the future. Thank you for standing with us.

Thank you for being part of our fight.

Biden’s pact with Muslim Brotherhood-linked group Emgage, and his conundrum over Hamas’ war on Israel


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In early 2020, the organization Emgage launched its Million Muslim Votes campaign in order to galvanize a million Muslim Americans to vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Emgage’s website stated: “The MMV campaign was our celebration and a reflection of our determination to build elections as a vehicle of change for our community’s political will.” The organization was reportedly a spectacular success in uniting Muslims voters, who turned out in unprecedented numbers in key battleground states, including Michigan and Pennsylvania. Emgage ultimately boasted that “in 2020 we helped turnout 1,087,086 registered Muslim voters. And we’re just getting started.” Emgage and Biden shook hands in a pact in which each made promises to the other. But in all pacts, there is a cost involved in fulfilling the promises; in this instance, the cost to Biden involved the reputation of Emgage, its network, how extensively it managed to infiltrate the administration, and what it all means now, given the fury by Muslims over Biden’s Israel stance.

As Israel battles Hamas, Frank Gaffney recently wrote that Biden:

engaged in outreach to one of his core constituencies: the Muslim Brotherhood. He met privately with five so-called ‘American Arab and Muslim leaders’ including: Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison; Wa’el Alzayat of Emgage, a political mobilization operation; and interfaith influence-operator Imam Mohamed Magid.’ Each has personal and/or organizational associations with the Brotherhood, a group whose Palestinian franchise, Hamas, perpetrated the horrific jihadist attack on Israel on October 7th.

Biden was in urgent damage control mode as Muslims become increasingly enraged over Israel. Take, for example, a Reuters headline: Biden’s Israel stance angers Arab, Muslim Americans; could jeopardize 2024 votesThe magnitude of Biden’s quandary is directly tied to the pact he made with Emgage. To appreciate this, a little history about Emgage is illuminating. According to Middle East Eye, one of Emgage’s first fundraising events “involved Keith Ellison, then a Congressional candidate from Minneapolis. That event in 2006 gave birth to the first iteration of Emgage as a PAC, an entity allowed to raise funds for political candidates. It also helped Ellison become the first Muslim in Congress.” In 2006, the Muslim voter advocacy group was not yet known as Emgage. It was filed as “Center for Voter Advocacy” by registered agent Khurrum Wahid, a founding member and currently the National Chair of Emgage Political Action Committee (PAC). Wahid is also an attorney “who has built his name on representing high profile terrorists”, and landed himself on a federal terrorist watch list in 2011.Discover the Networks names him as “one of the country’s most prominent terror lawyers.”

Emgage’s advocacy and hard work paid off as it rose to prominence during the 2020 election cycle, but the organization’s roots and those of its influential partners were already deep in the Democrat Party prior to the Biden win. Biden addressed the Emgage Million Muslim Votes Summit online in July 2020. This event featured the infamous Linda Sarsour; Emgage CEO Wa’el Alzayat, a decorated diplomat during the Obama administration and an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University (known for its “Islamophobia” “Fact Sheets”); Nihad Awad, co-founder and Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations; and Khurrum Wahid.

Ahead of the online summit, Emgage Action created an endorsement letter signed by several prominent elected Democrat Muslim officials, including Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, and Indiana Rep. Andre Carson. Wa’el Alzayat, whom Discover the Networks reports is “one of the country’s most prominent terror lawyers,” stated:

Joe Biden’s presence serves not only to galvanize Muslim Americans to cast their ballots, but to usher in an era of engaging with Muslim American communities under a Biden administration.

At the online Summit, Khurrum Wahid stated how Muslims felt “scapegoated and marginalized,” which led to the formation of Emgage. In his introduction of Biden, he revealed the Emgage mission and why Biden was the group’s best choice for President:

That is why we have endorsed you Mr. Vice President….that is why we have you here today. This is truly an historic moment for Muslim Americans…where a presidential nominee has engaged us in such a high priority. It shows us that you care about us and our values and the issues we care about. It shows us you believe in us. Mr. Vice President, I want you to know that we believe in you…You have moved forward funding to nations with large Muslim populations… and you’ve championed the inclusion of Muslim American institutions at the policy table. And we want to partner with you to fix the societal harm of this Trump presidency….We are behind you. We have a swing state strategy and we will deliver for you Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida. We will activate large groups of voters in Texas and Arizona…we will have everyone we know to vote Joe.

NPR hailed the event: “Presidential Nominees Rarely Speak to Muslim Audiences. Biden Did Monday.” The story noted that “3,000 people RSVP’d” for Emgage’s livestreamed event with Biden. “Biden focused on Islamophobia…. He didn’t mention terrorism or Islamic extremism.” He then told the audience: “One of the things that I think is important: I wish, I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith.” It was at this event where Biden promised: “If I have the honor of being president, I will end the Muslim ban on Day 1. Day 1.” Emgage made the pledge to capture more Democrat attention, where Wa’el Alzayat stated:

Emgage made it very clear that as part of our endorsement … we needed a direct engagement with Biden at a visible Muslim-led event. That was one of the clear criteria that we put out there…it’s no longer a question of whether Democrats will engage the Muslim community, but how.  There’s a recognition [in] places like Michigan that went to Trump by just 10,000 votes the importance of all these votes…According to our research, there’s about 150,000 registered Muslim voters in Michigan.

The pact between Biden and Emgage was now sealed with a tit-for-tat agreement: Biden serves the Muslim community, while Muslims deliver votes. According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Emgage has collaborated with a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group on events that in recent years attracted speakers who openly opposed LGBT rights and supported terror groups. Last year, Emgage became an official cohost of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) conferences. ISNA was previously revealed to be part of the Muslim Brotherhood network.

ISNA and CAIR were both listed as unindicted co-conspirators during the Holy Land Foundation Trial. Both were deemed to be, or to have been, “part of the HAMAS social infrastructure in Israel and the Palestinian territories.”

Fast forward to March 2021, when NPR interviewed the Deputy Director of Emgage, Iman Awad, about Biden’s immediate repeal of the Trump travel ban and “what advocates want the Biden administration to do.” The mere question invoked an expectation that the incoming administration would be at the service of Emgage. This was not unreasonable, as it was exactly what Biden had established with Emgage during its summit. So Emgage was now poised to direct the new administration. As expected, the Left took up the cause. Politico reported after the fact that “nearly 1.1 million Muslim voters cast a ballot in the 2020 election, turning out in numbers large enough to swing the presidential race in key battleground states, according to a new report.” The report cited by Politico was that of Emgage itself; it describes its own political action committee (PAC)  as “the nation’s largest Muslim American bi-partisan political action committee that supports local, state, and federal candidates who share our vision of an inclusive and pluralistic America.” The group not only aims to dominate Muslim life in America, but also to represent the broader minority community under the banner of intercultural-interfaith dialogue.

On April 9, 2021, further damage to America’s security was becoming apparent, while Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ignored the real threat of jihad. He announced in a memorandum “the establishment of a Countering Extremism Working Group (CEWG) to spearhead the military’s continued effort to locate and stamp out ‘extremism’ in its ranks.” Austin consistently fails upward. During the Obama administration, he was in charge at US Central Command of the fight against ISIS in Iraq, “when that nation quickly fell to the terrorist group.” See more about his background HERE.

Under Austin, “no fewer than 6 of the CEWG’s 18 members were radical Islamists who viewed the United States as a racist cesspool.” Emgage CEO Alzayat was one of them.

By now, it should be clear to anyone what the ambitions of Emgage are to unite Islamic supremacists everywhere in America, while presenting patriotic Americans as “Islamophobes”; and influencing White House policy, both domestically and abroad. Emgage diligently aims to do nothing less than steer America’s direction as it works with its most powerful ally, the President of the United States. Working as a fifth column from the highest office, the group also has global ambitions, focusing (of course) upon Palestinian interests. Hamas is, after all, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, which a long list of unindicted co-conspirators with Hamas has enabled to operate through an expansive network throughout America. According to a recent news story, “Muslim American leaders, in private meeting, he needs to show more empathy toward Palestinians,” Joe Biden just hosted a core group of Muslim leaders in the White House. According to Frank Gaffney, former Assistant Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan and founder of the Center for Security Policy, Biden engaged “in outreach to one of his core constituencies: the Muslim Brotherhood.” The meeting included demands for an end to Israel’s defensive war on Hamas, although the participants called it a “ceasefire.”

Biden has now found himself between a rock and a hard place. He pledged to support the interests of Emgage and its network in exchange for votes. Yet America was shocked awake by Hamas’ ISIS-like attack on innocent civilians in Israel. Biden’s default mode now is remain as non-committal as possible, and even to engage in stalling tactics as he tries to keep his shaky coalition together. He appeals to humanitarian principles as he tries to keep his support base together: Muslims on the one hand, Jews on the other, and everyone in between, all while being forced to live up to expectations that the long history of American support for its ally, Israel, will continue.

The truth is becoming more apparent to mainstream America. The Democrats helped create the current crisis in the Middle East, as well as threats beyond that region). They emboldened Iran and helped fill its coffers through an outrageous deal that was based on lies and backroom deals. Consider more recent activity under Joe Biden:

  • It was discovered that Iranian spies have infiltrated the Biden administration.
  • The Biden administration’s Iran envoy Robert Malley helped “fund, support, and direct an Iranian intelligence operation designed to influence the United States and allied governments.”
  • Right before the Hamas attack on Israel, Iran seized upon a chance to get even more money from Joe Biden.
  • In an extreme act of insensitivity and even provocation to patriotic Americans, Biden announced the deal to send $6,000,000,000 to Iran in exchange for hostages on September 11, of all dates.
  • The Biden regime sent $148 million to Palestinian areas weeks before the attack on Israel.
  • The main goal of Biden’s Israel trip was to secure entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza, not to help fortify Israel against its worst enemies.

And at the private meeting at the White House, Muslim leaders appealed to Biden for “more empathy toward Palestinians.” Among the guests was Emgage CEO Alzayat; the chief of staff of Muslim Brotherhood-linked Congressman Keith Ellison, who recently promoted a pro-Hamas “March for Palestine” rally in Minneapolis, at which demonstrators “called for Israel’s eradication” and used vulgar expletives to condemn Israeli “settlers”; and Imam Mohamed Magid, Executive Imam of All Dulles Area Muslim Society Center in Sterling, Virginia, former President of the Islamic Society of North America, and a big player in the “interfaith dialogue” network, serving as Chairman of International Interfaith Peace Corps. He was also recipient for the Washingtonian of the Year 2009 and the Human Rights Award 2005 from Fairfax County.

Biden now stands at a crossroads. He has pledged his support for Emgage in exchange for votes, and now the Emgage network has arrived to collect.  His public relations with Muslim Brotherhood players can only go so far now that Hamas is fully exposed. So far, Biden hasn’t been backed enough into a corner to pull a stunt that his neighbor Justin Trudeau favors in times of crises: conveniently disappear.

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