Pro-Hamas Rallies Have Twice Targeted LA Holocaust Museums


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There’s a reason this keeps happening.

When pro-Hamas supporters rioted outside the Museum of Tolerance for screening footage of Hamas atrocities on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, Mayor Karen Bass and the media, including most shamefully the JTA, described it as clashes between both sides and denounced “violence”.

Now some of the groups behind that protest, which have openly defended Hamas, decided to head to the site of another local Holocaust museum, the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum in Pan Pacific Park for their pro terrorist hate rally.

There’s a reason this keeps happening. And there’s a reason that no one actually condemns it.

KKK rallies outside black churches would lead to an immediate response. Supporters of murdering Jews protesting outside Holocaust museums hardly even rate a mention.

This comes at a time when the DSA and other leftists, and their members, like this Bernie Sanders supporter, feel increasingly emboldened to attack Jews in Los Angeles.

A home invasion suspect reportedly shouted “Free Palestine!” and threatened to kill a Jewish family in Studio City Wednesday morning.

According to various local reports, a man broke into a home on the 3000 block of Laurel Canyon Boulevard sometime around 5 a.m. The suspect, who was armed with a kitchen knife, allegedly threatened to kill the family “because you are Jewish… Israel kills people,” per KTLA. The homeowner is reportedly from Israel. All the doors to the house are also reportedly adorned with mezuzot.

The family, which according to KTLA consisted of two adults (one of whom is nine months pregnant) and four children, hid in a safe room until the father came out and pushed the man into the backyard, where the suspect was subsequently arrested.

The suspect can be seen in video footage shouting, “Free Palestine” repeatedly and “brown lives matter” as he was being taken into a police vehicle.

Then we had this in Brentwood.

This is the work of a leftist movement that learned in 2020 that it could terrorize people with impunity. There’s no political or criminal accountability and little in the way of critical coverage. Behavior like this has become legitimized. And it won’t end here.

Biden apologizes to Muslim leaders in US for questioning Hamas death toll


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Why would anyone expect truth from a people who indoctrinate their children to hate and murder Israelis, spread lies including blood libels, celebrate “martyrdom” and use human shields? The nature of the jihad war was revealed on October 7. Jihad is savage, and marked by deceit. The deceit is the hallmark of the stealth jihad, which skillfully employs propaganda.

Taqiyya (dissimulation) is an encouraged practice in Islam, backed by a Qur’anic verse:

And they [the disbelievers] schemed, and Allah schemed: and Allah is the best of schemers.  Quran 3:54

As accurately stated about Palestinian culture by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak:

“They are products of a culture in which to tell a lie… creates no dissonance….They don’t suffer from the problem of telling lies that exists in Judaeo-Christian culture….Truth is seen as an irrelevant category……There is only that which serves your purpose and that which doesn’t. They see themselves as emissaries of a national movement for whom everything is permissible. There is no such thing as ‘the truth’.”

Yet despite copious evidence regarding the Palestinian zeal for the “resistance” no matter what, Biden is still groveling to Muslims. He’s likely trying to salvage a prior vow he made to serve Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups in exchange for their votes. Biden still faces the stark truth, as other Western leaders do: that Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood have offshoots all over America and other Western countries.

“Biden offers apology to Muslim-American leaders for questioning Hamas death toll: report,” by Stepheny Price, Fox News, November 26, 2023:

President Biden reportedly issued an apology to several prominent Muslim-American leaders after openly questioning the accuracy of the death toll figures from Gaza.

During a press conference on Oct. 25, President Biden openly questioned the number of causalities in Gaza, which are reported by the Hamas government.

“I have no notion that the Palestinians are telling the truth about how many people are killed,” Biden said. “I’m sure innocents have been killed, and it’s a price of waging war.”

Biden met with five Muslim American leaders the day after his Oct. 25 comments about reported Gaza deaths.

During the meeting, Biden listened to the leaders describe people they knew who were directly impacted by the conflict in the Middle East.

“I’m sorry. I’m disappointed in myself,” Biden told the group, according to the Washington Post.

The Muslim-American leaders who met with Biden urged him to show more empathy to the Palestinians and Biden allegedly hugged one of the participants at the end of the meeting….

Samantha Pearson, Head of Sexual Assault Center, Fired For Denying Hamas Nazis Committed Any Rapes

Sensitivity to rape accusations - except when Jews are the victims.


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Samantha Pearson was until Nov. 18 the head of the Sexual Assault Center at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. It was on that day that she was fired, after having signed an open letter denying that members of Hamas committed any rapes on October 7. This claim was made despite the videos of near-naked women being driven off in the back of trucks by Hamas, despite the testimony of Israeli survivors who witnessed rapes from their hiding places, and despite the videos taken by the rapists themselves, or by Hamas onlookers who wanted to record the rapes by their friends, and despite the testimony of captured Hamas operatives to their Israeli interrogators.. More on the execrable Samantha Pearson can be found here: “University fires head of the sex assault center who signed letter denying Oct. 7 rapes, Times of IsraelNovember 19, 2023:

The University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, indicated in a statement on Saturday that it had fired the head of the campus sexual assault center who signed onto an open letter denying Hamas-led terrorists raped women during their devastating October 7 onslaught in southern Israel.

Samantha Pearson signed the letter, titled “Stand with Palestine: Call on Political Leaders to End Their Complicity in Genocide,” which slammed center-left New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh for repeating “the unverified accusation that Palestinians were guilty of sexual violence,” among other critiques of the lawmaker on the issue….

What “unverified accusation” are those who signed this dreadful letter alluding to? Not only does the IDF have videos of some of those rapes, taken both by the rapists themselves and by their friends, but it also has the eyewitness testimony of survivors, who from their hideouts saw both rapes and gang rapes being committed. The naked and often mutilated corpses of rape victims were strewn about, some with their breasts slit off (Hamas members had fun playing catch with a severed breast), dried semen still on their bodies. One witness saw a rapist who, while still inside his victim, shot her in the head. The Hamas rapists also telephoned their families to excitedly tell of their great deeds (“Mom, I killed ten Jews”), and telephoned their friends to describe what fun they had had raping Jewish girls. Hamas members captured by the IDF admitted that the leaders of the group had “given permission” for the rapes. None of this — not the videos made by Hamas members recording the rapes committed by themselves or by fellow terrorists, not the testimony given both by Israeli survivors and by captured Hamas members, not the forensic evidence (semen, bruises at the sites of entry, mutilations) — has made the slightest impression on Samantha Pearson.

The letter was authored by Susan Kim, a city councilor in Victoria, and Sarah Jama, a member of Ontario’s provincial parliament who was booted from the NDP [New Democratic Party] over remarks only three days after the October 7 massacre calling Israel an “apartheid” state while ignoring Hamas’s atrocities.

In a letter posted to X, the University of Alberta said “The recent improper and unauthorized use of the name of the [university]’s Sexual Assault Centre in endorsing an open letter has raised understandable concerns from members of our community and the public.”

“Effective immediately, the director of the centre is no longer employed by the university,” the letter read. A new interim director was appointed to head the campus sexual assault center, the university said.

“I want to be clear that the former employee’s personal views and opinions do not in any way represent those of the University of Alberta,” wrote university president Bill Flanagan. “The University of Alberta stands firmly and unequivocally against discrimination and hatred on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, national origin, and other protected categories. We recognize the historical and ongoing harms of antisemitism and commit to doing all we can as a university to advance a world free of prejudice and discrimination.”

Flanagan said the event has been “profoundly hurtful and may have compromised the trust of individuals in our community” and also negatively impacted the critical nature of the assault center’s work.

“On behalf of the university, I apologize for the hurt and distress this issue has caused members of our community and beyond,” he said….

In a recent video, Sarah Jama [the co-author of the letter]also expressed her skepticism of Hamas atrocities, claiming “there is no actual evidence of these rapes and the babies with their heads cut off — all these things are pieces of misinformation.”

This is simply a lie. The “actual evidence” consists of eyewitness testimony, both from Hamas operatives captured, and interrogated, by the IDF, and from Israeli survivors who saw rapes in progress; videos of the rapes taken by members of Hamas filming their friends enjoying themselves, and by the forensic evidence —such as wounds around the vagina and anus suggesting forcible entry, as well as dried semen.

“So I think it shows the strength of the Zionist lobby here in Canada and the ways in which they were able to pressure an entire government operation to censure me indefinitely until I apologized,” she [Jama] said in a video shared by @AntisemitismCA.

Ah, ever the victim. Sarah Jama, the co-author of the letter denying rapes by Hamas and accusing Israel of “genocide,” thinks she should not have suffered any consequences for that letter. Others beg to differ. But she claims, grotesquely, that the “Zionist lobby” (Jama’s antisemitism is showing) was “able to pressure an entire government operation to censure me indefinitely.” There has been no censure — “indefinitely” — of Sarah Jama “by the government.” The political party to which she belonged — the New Democratic Party — decided to expel her from its ranks. That is all. She can join another party. She can run as an independent. What’s her problem?

Jama’s letter, signed by several pro-Palestinian and progressive groups, called on Canada’s federal lawmakers to resign for “facilitating Israeli-led genocide” against the Palestinians, without providing evidence of the claim.

Israeli-led genocide? It is Hamas that gave a demonstration of an authentic genocidal attempt on October 7, torturing, raping, murdering without stop as many Jews as it could. It is the IDF that, in fighting Hamas, takes every conceivable measure to minimize civilian deaths — that is, to avoid any hint of “genocide.” First, the IDF has dropped 1.5 million leaflets warning civilians in northern Gaza to seek refuge beyond the Wadi Gaza, in the southern part of the Strip. Second, when a civilian building — whether a school, an apartment building, a mosque, or some other structure — is about to be targeted, the IDF warns inhabitants to leave those sites. It does this by messaging, telephoning, leafletting, and by use of the “knock-on-the-roof” technique. No other army in the world warns its enemy of impending strikes. It is this practice that led British Colonel Richard Kemp to describe the IDF as “the most moral army in the world.”

The letter [signed by Samantha Pearson] slams lawmakers for “failing to recognize Israeli occupation as ‘terrorist’ and only directing this term at Palestinian resistance,” arguing they “perpetuate an Islamophobic trope.”

“Your language is fueling the collective trauma being experienced by your constituents, and inciting hate crimes against Palestinians and Muslims,” the letter read.

But Hamas is a terrorist organization. It has been recognized as such by most of the advanced world. Should we not describe Haas as a terrorist group because, claim this appalling letter’s signatories, it could “incite hate crimes”? Since October 7, there have been thousands of antisemitic acts and attacks across Europe and North America. Can you name more than a handful of “hate crimes” against Muslims in that time? I can only think of one — the killing of a five-year-old Muslim boy by his mother’s landlord, Joseph Czuba, who looks completely demented. There have been a few ballyhooed “attacks on Muslims” that upon investigation turned out to have been committed by Muslims themselves, wanting to swell the number of “anti-Muslim hate crimes.”

It’s always heartwarming to hear when some virulent anti-Israel “activist” goes just too far, is just too absurd, in his, or her, venomous attack on the tiny Jewish state, and loses a job as a result. It’s now happened to Samantha Pearson of Edmonton, Alberta. She was the head of the Sexual Assault Center at the university, but despite that position, which ought to have led her to display a heightened sensitivity to accusations of rape, she was determined not to believe the accounts of rape when the victims were Israeli, and the rapists' members of Hamas. Perhaps she can take her politically-charged expertise in “sexual assault” to someplace more welcoming, such as Al-Quds, or Bir Zeit, two universities where, I am certain, she should do just fine.

NYC: Jewish teacher locked in office for hours as student mob demands she be fired for going to pro-Israel rally~Pro-Hamas mob smashes window of kosher restaurant


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Any student who menaced this teacher should immediately be expelled, but that will not happen. These miseducated savages are perfect products of modern-day education.


NYC: Pro-Hamas mob smashes window of kosher restaurant


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The open Jew-hatred of the pro-Hamas rallies has become mainstream.

4-Year-Old American Girl Among 17 Hostages Released


A person holds a poster during a ‘Bring Them Home’ solidarity rally calling for the release of hostages held in Gaza by Hama on October 22, 2023, in London, England. (Photo by Peter Nicholls/Getty Images)

OAN’s Sophia Flores
11:10 AM – Sunday, November 26 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

A 4-year-old American dual citizen, Avigail Edan, is one of the 17 hostages that was released. Her release marks the first time a United States citizen has been released since Hamas raided Israel on October 7th, killing over 1,000 and kidnapping hundreds.

The 17 hostages were received by the Red Cross on Sunday. They were later transferred to Israel. Their names are Avigail Idan, 4, Hagar Brodutch, 40, Ofri Brodutch, 10, Yuval Brodutch, 9, Oriya Brodutch, 4, Chen Almong Goldstein, 48, Agam Goldstein, 17, Gal Goldstein, 11, Tal Goldstein, 9, Elma Avraham, 84, Aviva Siegel, 64, Ela Elyakim, 8, Dafna Elyakim, 15, and Roni Krivoi, 35.

Four-year-old orphan Avigail Idan was taken hostage from Kibbutz Kfar Aza. Her father, Roee Idan, was a photographer.

On October 7th, he saw the terrorists enter Israel on paragliders. Once he realized what was taking place, he ran to his house and found his wife Smadar dead. His children ran outside to their father but terrorists approached and shot him. He later died of his injuries.

Two of his young children, Michael, 9, and Amalya, 6, ran back into their house and hid in a closet for 14 hours. Their sister Avigail ran to the neighbor’s house where she was taken.

Avigail spent her 4th birthday captive in Gaza.

Hagar, Ofri, Yuval, and Oriya Brodutch are the neighbors that Avigail hid with. Hargar’s husband Avihai Brodutch was defending the kibbutz when his family was taken. He initially presumed they were dead. However, he found out several days later they were alive.

Chen Goldstein-Almong and her three children who were taken with her, were also captured from Kibbutz Kfar Aza. Her husband, Nadav Goldstein-Almog, was recovering from surgery following a riding accident on October 7th. Due to that, he wasn’t able to move easily.

He was killed by Hamas. Additionally, their oldest daughter, 19-year-old Yam Goldstein-Almog was also murdered on the same day in the safe room of their home.

Sisters Ela and Dafna Elyakim were taken hostage while they were visiting their father and his partner for the Simchat Torah holiday. Both their father, his partner, and her son were killed at his house in Kibbutz Nahal Oz.

Elma Avraham was taken from her safe room in Kibbutz Nahal Oz. She was by herself when she was abducted. Avraham was unable to lock the door to her safe room due to it being too heavy.

Aviva Siegal and her husband Keith were taken from Kibbutz Kfar Aza. Keith, who is a U.S. citizen is believed to remain hostage in Gaza.

Roni Krivoi is a dual Israeli-Russian citizen. He was taken while he was working as a sound technician at the Supernova music rave. His release came “in response to the efforts of Russian President Vladimir Putin and in appreciation of the Russian position in support of the Palestinian cause.”

The names of the three Thai hostages that were released in this group are not yet known.

Elder Elma Avraham was taken straight via helicopter to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba. She is said to need immediate medical attention.

This is the third group of hostages released from Gaza. It also marked the most children released in a single day. Six out of the nine children returning on Sunday are now without at least one parent.

The first group was released on Friday while the second group returned home on Saturday.

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13 Israeli Hostages, 4 Foreigners Released In Israel-Hamas Exchange

A table is set for hostages being held in the Gaza Strip, in a show of solidarity, in Tel Aviv, Israel Saturday, Nov. 25, 2023. Egyptian officials said Hamas was preparing to release 14 Israeli hostages Saturday for 42 Palestinian prisoners held by Israel. (AP Photo/Leo Correa)

A table is set for hostages being held in the Gaza Strip, in a show of solidarity, in Tel Aviv, Israel Saturday, Nov. 25, 2023. Egyptian officials said Hamas was preparing to release 14 Israeli hostages Saturday for 42 Palestinian prisoners held by Israel. (AP Photo/Leo Correa)

OAN’s Abril Elfi 
2:58 PM – Saturday, November 25, 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

A second group of hostages have been released following a cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas.

On Saturday, 13 Israeli hostages and four Thai foreigners were released from Gaza.

The released hostages have been identified as 67-year-old Shoshan Haran, her daughter Adi Shoham, 38, and Adi’s children Yahel, 3, and Naveh, 8.

Shiri Weiss, 53, and her daughter, Noga Weiss, 18,  Maya Regev, 21, Hila Rotem, 12, Emily Hand, 9, Noam Or, 17, Alma Or, 13, Noam Avigdori, 12, and her mother Sharon Avigdori, 52 were also released.

Dror Or, the father of Noam and Alma Or, is still being held by Hamas in Gaza, according to Israeli officials.

Dror’s wife and the children’s mother, Yonat Or, was killed on October 7th.

The mother of Rotemis is also still being held hostage by Hamas.

According to the Israeli military, the exchange was delayed due to claims that Israel was not upholding the terms of the truce deal.

The operation to free the hostages has been dubbed “Heaven’s Door” by the IDF.

Red Cross vehicles transport hostages to the Rafah Crossing once they’re released from Hamas’s procession.

After that, they’ll be moved and taken to a Southern Israeli airbase. There, the recently freed hostages will undergo brief assessments of their physical and mental health.

They’re given phones to contact family members once finished undergoing health evaluations.

Israel and Hamas have reached a four-day cease-fire agreement. Hamas is set to release the 50 women and children out of roughly 240 people that were abducted from their homes on October 7th.

Israel is to release 150 Palestinian prisoners in return, a large number of which are being held on suspicion of attempted murder.

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Major Democratic donor and Hunter Biden art buyer’s 3-year-old great-niece orphaned and kidnapped by Hamas


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Will she now reconsider her support of Old Joe Biden and abetting of his corruption, in light of the fact that it was the Biden regime’s treason and fecklessness that enabled the Oct. 7 jihad massacre to happen? Don’t hold your breath.

“Major Democratic donor, Hunter Biden art buyer’s 3-year-old American relative kidnapped by Hamas,” by Madeleine Hubbard, Just The News, November 24, 2023:

Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, a major Democratic donor well connected to the Biden administration, has been bringing attention to the hostages after her 3-year-old great-niece, a U.S. citizen, was orphaned and taken captive by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7.

Hirsh Naftali is known for buying Hunter Biden’s artwork, visiting the White House more than a dozen times, and being appointed by President Joe Biden to a historical preservation commission.

Since her great-niece, Abigail Mor Idan was kidnapped from the kibbutz of Kfar Aza, Hirsch Nafti has become a vocal advocate for the hostages. Abigail is reportedly one of the approximately 50 hostages slated to be released starting Friday, according to The Times of Israel.

Hirsh Naftali expressed cautious optimism during a CNN interview Tuesday before the hostage deal solidified.

“I’m not a politician, I’m not a diplomat. I will believe it when I see them walk out,” she said. “Until then we just have to keep everything in check because it’s just too much of an emotional rollercoaster.”…

Hamas Violated Ceasefire Within 15 Minutes

AP Photo/Abed Khaled
A temporary ceasefire, or pause, between Israel and Hamas, was set to begin Friday morning. The pause was offered in exchange for at least 50 women and children hostages in Gaza, while Israel also agreed to pause hostilities for at least four days and release 150 Palestinian women and children in Israeli custody.

According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Palestinian militants in Gaza violated the established ceasefire agreement within 15 minutes. The IDF reported they intercepted a rocket aimed at southern Israel.

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"Rocket sirens sounded in the evacuated southern Israeli towns of Kissufim and Ein HaShlosha early on Friday morning, shortly after a four-day ceasefire came into effect that will allow a prisoner exchange and the delivery of humanitarian aid into the besieged and devastated Gaza Strip,” reported Newsweek.

"There was a rocket and it was intercepted," the IDF Spokesperson's Unit told Newsweek of the reports, noting it was fired at 7:15 a.m. local time; 15 minutes after the ceasefire—which the IDF is calling an "operational pause"—came into effect.

It is not yet clear which group was responsible for the alleged rocket launch, though the IDF has previously said Hamas bears responsibility for any attacks from Gaza into southern Israel given it holds influence over other local militant groups.

Newsweek has contacted a Hamas spokesperson by WhatsApp to request comment.

Friday's pause in the fighting comes after several weeks of tough negotiations between Israel, Hamas, the U.S., Egypt, and Qatar. It is the first significant break in combat since the Hamas infiltration attack into southern Israel on October 7, which killed some 1,200 people and saw around 240 taken back into the Gaza Strip as hostages. 

This is not the first time Hamas previously postponed the ceasefire until Friday, which IDF spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus says is  “indicative” of their “psychological warfare” tactics.

“Our posture on the ground will be to continue operations until specifically told by the government to change and facilitate the repatriation of Israeli hostages,” Conricus said Thursday. “This delay, I think, is indicative of what Hamas has been doing all along and will probably do throughout the implementation of this agreement. They are playing a game of psychological warfare where they want to extract maximum pain and discomfort and terror with Israeli civilians waiting for their loved ones to come home.”

Related: Hamas Is Playing Games With Hostage Release Agreement

Last month, Hamas also agreed to release two hostages in what was likely an attempt to delay a ground invasion as opposed to a gesture of good faith.

It is highly questionable whether Hamas actually intends to release any more hostages at all. But, clearly, Hamas can’t be trusted. There’s already chatter on social media blaming Israel for continued hostilities despite the ceasefire agreement. Clearly, Hamas knows that it can successfully manipulate the media to push the narrative they want.

BREAKING: Hamas releases 25 hostages amid Israeli cease-fire deal

Hamas releases 25 hostages: 13 Israelis and 12 Thai nationals. Hamas has agreed to release the first 13 hostages it took during the October 7 attack on Israel. Israel will in turn release Palestinian prisoners it has been holding. This is the first of several exchanges set to happen during a 4-day cease-fire. Hamas kidnapped more than 200 men, women, and children during the initial attack.

Muslim United Airlines pilot and Hamas-linked CAIR official given paid vacation for praising Hamas


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

He was “removed from service with pay,” which essentially is rewarding his behavior.

“United Airlines removes pilot Ibrahim Mossallam from service amid anti-Semitic claims after he posted messages supporting terror group Hamas’ vile slaughter of 1,200 Israelis hours after the Oct 7 invasion, calling it ‘resistance by brave people,'” by Paul Farrell, Daily Mail, November 21, 2023:

A United Airlines pilot has been ‘removed from service with pay’ after posting dozens of messages on Facebook expressing support for Hamas in the aftermath of the terror group’s barbaric assault on Israel that killed 1,200 people on October 7.

United pilot Ibrahim R. Mossallam described the attack on civilians across southern Israel as ‘resistance by brave people who have endured decades of occupation, oppression, humiliation, apartheid, and straight-up murder.’

‘For all my friends here in FB land with Questions/Thoughts/Assumptions/Critique about what’s transpiring in Palestine, currently in response to the Zionist occupation, please work on expanding your media literacy,’ he added.

Mossallam said that the US media is ‘heavily politicized and skewed to show a non-occupying narrative of Palestine.’

The disgraced pilot also argued that the attack on Israel was ‘not provoked’ but rather was a ‘response to years of attacks by the Zionist regime.’

On Tuesday, United told that Mossallam was taken out of service with pay as an investigation is carried out. The carrier said that Mossallam was only removed from service on November 20, the same day that his social media posts became public knowledge.

In addition to his flying career, Mossallam is also the board vice president for the New York chapter of the Council on American-Israel Relations….

Brigette Gabriel: The Hamas War

The world is witnessing a war between savages and civilization. What happened in Israel is just another segment in this war facing all of western civilization. All the hopes of mankind depend on the utter and total defeat of the savages, not just in Israel, but in America, in Europe, in India and Asia, and around the world. This is not the struggle of any single nation, but the crisis of mankind. Either humanity will rise or we will fall.

Liel Hatzroni, Age 12, Murdered by Hamas


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Liel Hatzoni, age 12, was murdered by Hamas on October 7. Her remains have just been identified. The story of her death — there are so many stories that must be told – is told here: “Forensic Team Identifies Body of 12-Year-Old Liel Hatzroni from Kibbutz Be’eri,” i24 News, November 19, 2023:

The body of 12-year-old Liel Hatzroni has finally been identified, according to an announcement on Sunday, almost a month and a half after being murdered by Hamas terrorists who invaded her home on Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7.

Liel’s remains were found by archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority who had been called in to help locate and identify bodies, particularly those badly burned to the point of being nearly unrecognizable. The Hatzroni family was informed Saturday evening.

Terrorists entered the Hatzroni family home and kidnapped family members on October 7, who were then taken to a home of Be’eri resident Pessi Cohen, where the Hamas operatives murdered the family and set the house on fire.

The family had already on Wednesday organized a funeral ceremony for Liel and her great-aunt Ayala. Her twin brother Yanai and her grandfather Avia were buried on October 23. The family were all killed during the October 7 massacre.

Liel’s personal effects were buried at the time, in the absence of her body, which had not yet been identified. The family held the farewell ceremony, unable to wait any longer for the body.

“We will honor her departure from us with a farewell ceremony and by burying her belongings. My heart is broken and shattered, and I refuse to believe it. It’s an ongoing nightmare, and I’m not sure we’ll wake up,” a close friend, Omri Shifroni, wrote on Facebook ahead of the ceremony.

The twins had been raised by their great-aunt Ayala and grandfather Avia since birth after their mother Shira suffered a stroke during a C-section birth. Kibbutz Be’eri had also helped as a community.

Think of her little life, her mother incapacitated by a stroke since Liel’s birth, and then think of how she died. She was most likely shot to death, murdered along with her twin brother, Yanai, and her great-aunt, Ayala, and her grandfather, Avia, who together helped to raise her and her brother. And then the house they had been herded into was set on fire. Perhaps her killer was the one who phoned his mother to excitedly tell her “Mom, I killed ten Jews!”

It’s unbearable.

A Ceasefire Deal With Hamas Would Be a Mistake


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The only way to win is to pin Hamas in place and destroy it.

Terrorists and insurgents have one defensive strategy. When faced with superior force and numbers, they pull back, melt into the civilian population, and wait for a nation-state to exhaust itself and tire of hunting them.

Taking out a terrorist group requires moving fast, being agile, gaining the element of surprise, and choking off exits for the terrorists.

After a fairly slow start, Israel showed it had a good handle on speed and agility in ground attacks. It bypassed Hamas kill zones and took key Hamas infrastructure. But the problem is that Hamas is not a conventional military and seizing territory and infrastructure counts for only so much unless it’s used to choke off the movement of terrorists.

And then finish them.

Qatar, a state sponsor of Hamas, has been pushing for a ‘ceasefire’ deal in which some (not all) hostages will be traded for an extended ceasefire of a number of days. Hamas supporters around the world have been frenziedly chanting “ceasefire”.

The goal is the same.

Why does Hamas want a ceasefire? It needs time and space to escape the trap that Israel spent time and blood constructing.

Giving it to them would be a strategic disaster.

The lesson of Al-Shifa Hospital is that trying to conduct a humanitarian assault doesn’t work. Certainly, if Israel hopes to militarily free hostages, it can’t slowly edge its way toward its goal while offering every possible humanitarian concession. Israel has to strike quickly and unexpectedly. A difficult thing to do in urban ground warfare already.

Hamas bet that it could wait out Israel’s response. It did so in the past. Why not again?

The Biden administration would like a hostage deal and it’s not shy about dealing with terrorists. Qatar is exploiting that. And Israel’s government has internal divisions. Benny Gantz has emphasized that the war will go on until “our sons and daughters come home.” That’s a hostage release scenario. Not Netanyahu’s goal of destroying Hamas.

And we’ve already seen from Al-Shifa hospital that Hamas will kill hostages if it can’t use them as leverage.

The only way to justify this operation is to pin Hamas in place and destroy it. The failure to do that will drag this out until international pressure forces an end to it. Hamas forces will slip away, regroup, and relaunch their operations.

And that would amount to at best a stalemate if not a very expensive Hamas victory.

Pope Francis’ Silence On Hamas


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Pope Francis, terminally naïve about Islam, believes he has a true understanding of the faith-based partly on the reassurances given to him by his new friend, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb. “War is deceit,” says Muhammad in a famous hadith, and Al-Tayeb has been cheerfully deceiving the Pope every chance he gets. Pope Francis has learned a lot from Al-Tayeb. He insists in his new book, Non-Sei Solo: Sfide, Risposte, Speranze (You Are Not Alone: Challenges, Answers, Hopes), that “either you are a terrorist or you are a Muslim.” A “true” Muslim, he thinks, cannot be a terrorist. No one has pointed out to the Pope that Muhammad himself says in another hadith that “I have been made victorious through terror.” (Bukhari 4:52.220) And Muhammad is the Perfect Man and the Model of Conduct, whose behavior is to be emulated by Muslims.

Islam talks about peace, all right — the peace that will prevail once Islam everywhere dominates, and Muslims rule, everywhere. Until then war must be made on the Infidels, who when conquered must be either killed, or made to convert to Islam, or to accept the inferior status of dhimmis, enduring a host of social, political, and economic disabilities, including payment of the extortionate jizyah tax. In his infinite wisdom, the Pope has declared on many occasions, and in his latest book, too, that “Islam, in truth, is a religion of peace and the majority of its members are peaceful.” He’s wrong, of course. He need only look around the world at the Muslim terror groups that have been waging war against Infidels, and even against less fanatical Muslims, in recent years: the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Boko Haram, Al-Shebaab, and so many more. Muslims have committed more than 44,000 terror attacks around the world since 9/11. The Qur’an is filled with verses about violence and waging war on Infidels. The Believers are instructed to “kill them [the Infidels] wherever you find them” (Qur’an 2:191, 4:89, cf. 9:5). But one has a distinct impression that the Pope has never read the Qur’an. Why should he bother to do so, when such authoritative experts on Islam like Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb assure him that Islam is all about peace?

Given the Pope’s affection for Islam, it is not surprising that he has been circumspect in his remarks on the atrocities carried out by Hamas on October 7. More on his failure to forthrightly condemn those attacks, which is risking the Vatican’s relations with the Jewish world, can be found here: “The Vatican is risking its relationship with the Jewish world,” by Vittorio Mascarini, JNS, November 16, 2023:

Relations between Israel and the Vatican have become tense in recent weeks.

In the immediate aftermath of the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre, the Patriarchs and Heads of the Churches in Jerusalem, an ecumenical group of Christian leaders that includes the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa, issued a joint statement in which they made no explicit mention of the Hamas atrocities. They included only a vague condemnation of any act that targets civilians.

The Israeli embassy to the Holy See criticized the statement’s “immoral linguistic ambiguity,” which failed to be clear about “what happened, who were the aggressors and who the victims. … It is especially unbelievable that such a sterile document was signed by people of faith.”

This controversy is only the latest in the fraught history of Israel-Vatican relations, which were officially established in Dec. 1993. Besides the Catholic Church’s historical antisemitism, the Vatican was long reluctant to formally recognize Israel for several reasons: Israel did not have internationally recognized borders, the status of Jerusalem and access to its holy sites had not been internationally guaranteed, and Catholics and their institutions were, the Church claimed, not adequately protected under Israeli law.

In addition, the Vatican had concerns about the treatment of Palestinians in the disputed territories and feared that relations with Israel could have negative repercussions for Catholics in Islamic countries.

This may explain why, to date, Pope Francis has not labeled Hamas a terrorist organization and has not met with families of Israeli hostages. The latter has not gone unnoticed, especially because the families were received by many leading national figures, including Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

According to the Catholic news site Cruxnow, the pontiff’s behavior can be explained as “positioning the Vatican potentially to play a mediating and peace-making role.” In addition, “The bulk of the Christian population in the Holy Land is Arab and Palestinian, so Middle Eastern bishops and clergy tend to be strong supporters of the Palestinian cause.”

Given the deplorable treatment of Israel by the Vatican — of which the failure to condemn Hamas is just the latest example, it is doubtful that Jerusalem would accept the Vatican as a mediator between the Jewish state and those who would destroy it.

Moreover, Cruxnow sees a historic shift underway in terms of the Vatican’s interfaith priorities: “Since the Second Vatican Council in the mid-1960s, Judaism has been the Church’s primordial relationship, unquestionably the highest priority in inter-religious dialogue. Under history’s first pope from the developing world, that’s no longer necessarily the case, as other relationships, especially the dialogue with Islam, have become at least an equally compelling perceived priority.”

Given this, it is not surprising that, since war broke out, Pope Francis has spoken with numerous world leaders, including U.S. President Joe Biden, but there are no reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been among them.

Wouldn’t you think that after the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust, the Pope would have wanted to speak with the leader of the Jewish state, if only to express his solidarity and understanding? But though the Pope has spoken with many world leaders about the ongoing war in Gaza, he has apparently snubbed the Israeli President. How does he hope to ever be a mediator if he will not talk to the Israeli prime minister?

The larger Catholic world has shown equal ambivalence towards the war. Among Eastern Catholic leaders, the Latin Catholic and Eastern churches in communion with Rome have issued what Israel deems a lukewarm and insufficient condemnation of Hamas. Their first communiqué, issued on Oct. 8, contained a generic statement “against any acts that target civilians, regardless of their nationality.” The next, on Oct. 13, decried the humanitarian situation in Gaza and called for de-escalation. It singled out only Israel in connection with humanitarian issues….

Instead of deploring the Hamas atrocities, the Eastern Catholic leaders uttered a generic condemnation “against any acts that target civilians.” They were afraid of the Muslim reaction if they singled out Hamas — as they should have — which would, however, make the lives of Catholics in the Arab countries more difficult. And just like Pope Francis, they did not mention the 240 hostages held by Hamas, or call for their release.

The Pope has to understand that the Jews of Israel now deserve his unambiguous support as they fight to destroy a murderous enemy that has pledged not only to destroy the single Jewish state and replace it with a twenty-third Arab one, but to kill Jews everywhere. No moral equivalency should be allowed. And he must also denounce, as he has not yet done so, the tidal wave of antisemitism, prompted in part by the war in Gaza, that threatens to engulf much of the world. He needs first to unambiguously denounce Hamas and all those who support the terror group. But will he? The signs from this Pope, who believes “Islam is all about peace,” are not good.

So far, Pope Francis has been weighed and found wanting.

Gavin Newsom gave millions in taxpayer money to pro-Hamas mosques that call for the annihilation of Jews


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Of course. To do anything else would be “Islamophobic.”

“Gavin Newsom Gave Millions to Mosques that Cheer the Annihilation of Jews,” by Chuck Ross, Washington Free Beacon, November 16, 2023:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D.) has awarded millions of dollars in taxpayer funds to mosques whose leaders have preached anti-Semitic hate and called for violence against Israel.

Newsom’s administration awarded $200,000 this year to the Sajjadia Islamic Society as part of its Nonprofit Security Grant program, which aims to help nonprofits protect against terrorist attacks. In a sermon at the mosque this month, the pro-Iran cleric Hamza Sodagar touted Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and said that Allah sent “the rockets from Hamas or Hezbollah” to strike Israel. Newsom has also awarded grants to mosques like the Islamic Center of Hawthorne and Islamic Center of Riverside, whose imams have decried the “malevolence of the Jews” and prayed for Allah to “destroy them.”

All told, the Newsom administration has given $40 million to California mosques whose leaders cheer the annihilation of Jews and Israel. Such rhetoric could fuel precisely the kind of violence the grants are meant to prevent. Newsom, considered a future Democratic presidential contender, said last month he will double funding in his state for its nonprofit security program, citing the “unconscionable terrorist attacks in Israel.” Funds will be awarded to both synagogues and mosques, Newsom’s office said.

A spokesman for California’s Office of Emergency Services, which administers the grants, said after a Washington Free Beacon inquiry that it is investigating whether any of the mosques have breached their grant requirements by facilitating hate speech.

“If it is determined they have, their funding will be immediately revoked,” said Brian Ferguson. “As a matter of principle, the State of California rejects hate speech and discrimination in all of its forms. Such speech is a menace to democratic values, social stability and peace.”

Newsom gave $200,000 last year to the Islamic Society of Corona-Norco, where preacher Hussam Ayloush asserted in a Nov. 3 sermon that it is a “lie” that Hamas’s invasion of Israel last month was an “unprovoked attack.”

“If I hear that term again, I’ll go crazy,” he said. “Unprovoked in what dictionary?”

At the Islamic Center of San Gabriel Valley, which received $200,000 this year, preacher Amir Mertaban expressed support for Iraqis who fought American forces and Palestinians currently fighting Israel.

“The Palestinian brothers and sisters that are fighting resistance, shame on you if you label them terrorists,” Mertaban said. He also disputed that Hamas fighters murdered innocent Israelis during the Oct. 7 invasion. “If you’re going to make a claim that Muslims killed innocent civilians, you better be able to prove it.”

Other grant recipients have served as breeding grounds for Islamist terrorists. Newsom’s office awarded $200,000 to the Islamic Center of San Diego, which served as the home mosque for two 9/11 hijackers. Its imam, Taha Hassane, said last month that “resistance [against Israel] is justified.”

“We cannot accuse somebody who is fighting for his life to be a terrorist. The terrorist is the one who started the occupation, not the one who is defending himself,” he said in an Oct. 20 sermon….

Israel-Hamas war update: Gaza babies evacuate from Shifa hospital

Gaza war update: 31 premature babies were transferred from Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital to another in the South. Those 'very sick' babies are currently in Rafah and will be transported to Egypt on Monday. The Associated Press reports the infants suffered from dehydration, hypothermia, and even sepsis. The Palestinian Red Crescent and UN agencies evacuated the babies to a safer location. 

The IRS Refuses to Act Against a Hamas Nonprofit


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Islamic terror groups should not be subsidized by taxpayers.

It has been 5 years since journalists warned that an anti-Israel nonprofit was lending its tax-exempt status to a BDS group whose coalition included Hamas and other terror groups.

Since that time the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR) has held on to its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. USCPR’s response to the brutal Hamas butchery of entire families, the rapes, and the abductions of children was to state that the “Palestinian people have the right to defend their homeland from Israel” and to retweet messages describing the horrors as a “response” to Israeli oppression and bragging that “Gaza just broke out of prison”.

USCPR, which calls itself the Education for Just Peace in the Middle East in tax documents, had previously been exposed as the “fiscal sponsor” for the Palestinian BDS National Committee which means that when someone donates money to the BDS umbrella group, it uses USCPR’s nonprofit status to make it a charitable tax-deductible donation.

The BDS National Committee referred to the Hamas atrocities as the “resistance of the oppressed” and the “powerful armed reaction of the oppressed Palestinians in Gaza.”

The BDS National Committee’s general coordinator had previously expressed support for Hamas terrorism which is not surprising since the BDS National Committee’s members include a coalition of Islamic terrorist organizations known as the Council of National and Islamic Forces in Palestine.

That includes Hamas.

The Jihadist council features Hamas along with Islamic Jihad, the PFLP,, and two other terror groups banned by the United States. This terror coalition was the first to sign the call for BDS.

USCPR had previously lost its fundraising account over the Hamas connection, but not its nonprofit status. Both USCPR and the BDS National Committee have defended the horrors committed by Hamas as legitimate. But while many Islamic and allied nonprofits have done as much, the BDS National Committee is unique in its connection to a Hamas-backed organization.

It’s also unique in that the BDS network has been the subject of multiple campaigns to bring this to the attention of the United States government. In 2021, Rep. Burchett expressed concern that money raised on ActBlue by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, part of the BDS National Committee, could be “directed to foreign terror organizations” because of the “ties with foreign terrorist groups such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.”

After the Hamas mass killings in Israel, the Hilton Houston Post Oak hotel canceled USCPR’s “Seize the Moment US Campaign for Palestinian Rights National Conference” gala, stating that it “cannot serve as the venue for this event because of the potential risks.” Gov. Abbott tweeted that, “Hilton Hotels in Houston was correct to pull the plug on the U.S. Campaign for Palestine Rights event hosted by Hamas supporters. Texas has no room for hate & antisemitism like that supported by Hamas. No location in Texas should host or sponsor USCPR.”

The IRS clearly does not agree. And so USCPR retains the tax-exempt status that it’s held since 2005. Over that time, the pro-terror group has taken in millions of dollars, including $1.5 million in 2021 alone, and over $1 million in 2020, 2019, and 2018. It also received over half a million dollars from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund which funds much of the anti-Israel Left. And  $450,000 from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. It’s unknown how much money the BDS National Committee may have received by utilizing USCPR’s sponsorship.

USCPR and the BDS National Committee are deeply integrated organizations. A lawsuit by terror victims noted that “Nasser Barghouti, the brother of BNC founder and Secretariat member, Omar Barghouti, is USCPR’s Treasurer and member of USCPR’s steering committee.”  Omar Barghouti stated that USCPR “is simply the BNC’s most important strategic ally and partner in the U.S.”

Omar Barghouti, a founder of the BDS movement, has called for the destruction of Israel and endorsed terrorism against Israel. The Barghouti clan includes top Hamas terrorists including a Hamas leader also named Omar Barghouti, now dead, several of whom have carried out attacks on Israelis including the mass shooting at a bus stop in 2018 whose victims included a pregnant woman, as well as Marwan Barghouti, a top Palestinian Authority terror leader responsible for multiple massacres and who is serving five life sentences in Israeli prison.

USCPR and the BDS National Committee are not the only examples of terror-linked groups that enjoy nonprofit status. The David Horowitz Freedom Center had previously profiled Samidoun, which was banned in Israel as a terrorist front group, and was recently banned in Germany after handing out candy in Berlin to celebrate the Hamas atrocities of October 7.

“Holding spontaneous ‘jubilant celebrations’ here in Germany in response to Hamas’s terrible terrorist attacks against Israel demonstrates Samidoun’s antisemitic, inhuman worldview in a particularly sickening way,” German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser stated.

Samidoun was too sickening for Germany, but not for the IRS to let it function as a charity.

In the United States, Samidoun celebrated the Hamas butchery on social media, boasting that “the resistance” is “seizing occupation settlers” and urged support for the “resistance”.

The terror front group was linked to pro-Hamas rallies. Even the Ford Foundation, the New Venture Fund, and a number of other major leftist donors announced that they would stop directing money to Samidoun’s fiscal sponsor, the Alliance for Global Justice, which also sponsors some BLM groups. However, the IRS has still refused to act against Samidoun. And so Samidoun assures donors that they can make a “US tax-deductible donation today, and donate safely and securely from around the world.” This would not be possible without the IRS.

As the David Horowitz Freedom Center has documented in our ongoing project, Internal Radical Service, the failure of the IRS to enforce the laws against leftist nonprofits has wrecked cities, cost lives, and spurred the illegal invasion of our borders. The next step is up to Congress.

Islamic terror groups should not be subsidized by taxpayer-backed donations.

Terror nonprofits are exploiting loopholes and IRS complicity to promote banned terror groups. Hamas should not be a charity. Congress can close the ‘terror loophole’ in the tax code.

And that will make America and the world safer.

Bethlehem removes Christmas decorations in honor of Hamas ‘martyrs’


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

This appears to have been done by the city, which has Muslim rulers, not by the Church, although the Church no doubt agrees wholeheartedly and would have done the same thing if the municipality hadn’t. Christian Arabs generally identify fully with the Muslim majority and share their perspectives. This is a lingering legacy of centuries of dhimmitude.

“Jesus’ birthplace removes all Christmas decorations in honor of Hamas ‘martyrs,’” by Danielle Greyman-Kennard, Jerusalem Post, November 16, 2023:

The West Bank city of Bethlehem, famous for being the birthplace of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, has declared that they will be removing all decorations celebrating the annual holiday of Christmas.

“Bethlehem Municipality crews announced the dismantling of Christmas decorations installed several years ago in the city’s neighborhoods and removing all festive appearances in honor of the martyrs and in solidarity with our people in Gaza,” the municipality wrote on Facebook.

A spokesperson for the city also told the Telegraph “The reason is the general situation in Palestine; people are not really into any celebration, they are sad, angry, and upset; our people in Gaza are being massacred and killed in cold blood.”…


No Christmas Celebrations In Bethlehem This Year


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Bethlehem, believed by Christians to be the birthplace of Christ, is a city that lives in large part on the revenues from Christian tourists, especially those who come during the Christmas season. They stay in local hotels, eat in Bethlehem’s restaurants, and buy olive-wood crucifixes and tiny statues of Jesus and Mary. More than a third of the annual revenues of the city’s shopkeepers come during the weeks preceding Christ’s nativity and from Christmas to Epiphany. Now the city fathers have decided to destroy that essential part of their economy, by decreeing that there will be no Christmas lights or decorations this year, out of solidarity with the fanatical Muslim terrorists now under relentless attacks by the IDF in Gaza. Any Christian who dared to object to this policy of not permitting the Christmas decorations would face the wrath of local sympathizers of Hamas; the Christians are keeping mum. .

All of the people in Bethlehem will now suffer economically because the Muslim-dominated Municipality has decided on an act — removing all Christmas decorations and lights — that will certainly discourage Christian tourism. Christians were 86% of the Bethlehem population in 1950, but there has since been a steady pressure on local Christians from their Muslim neighbors, that has led many Christians to leave, Only 18% of Bethlehem’s current population is Christian, and every year that number decreases further. This quiet but relentless war by the city’s Muslims against its Christians — of which the prohibiting of Christmas lights and other decorations is just the latest installment — needs to receive much more attention from the world’s media, as a way to possibly persuade the officials of the Bethlehem Municipality to reverse that decision.

Robert Spencer wrote about this here, and more on this story can be found here: “Jesus’ birthplace removes all Christmas decorations in honor of Hamas ‘martyrs,’” by Danielle Greyman-Kennard, Jerusalem Post, November 16, 2023:

The West Bank city of Bethlehem, famous for being the birthplace of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, has declared that they will be removing all decorations celebrating the annual holiday of Christmas.

Bethlehem Municipality crews announced the dismantling of Christmas decorations installed several years ago in the city’s neighborhoods and removing all festive appearances in honor of the martyrs and in solidarity with our people in Gaza,” the municipality wrote on Facebook.

A spokesperson for the city also told the Telegraph “The reason is the general situation in Palestine; people are not really into any celebration, they are sad, angry, and upset; our people in Gaza are being massacred and killed in cold blood.”

The IFD campaign against Hamas murderers in Gaza is simply the excuse being used by the Bethlehem Municipality to pull down the Christmas decorations that were put up several years ago, and that it has long wanted to get rid of, but needed an excuse: the bloodshed in Gaza provided the perfect one. The decorations represent a spirit of celebration and even gaiety; this is not a time for anyone to expect the “sad, angry, and upset” Palestinians in Bethlehem, to want to take part in Christmas celebrations. So this year the Christmas decorations and lights will no longer be in evidence in Bethlehem during such a sad period of brutal oppression by the IDF. As always, blame the Jews.

How many of the shopkeepers, and hotel and restaurant owners, in Bethlehem, who depend for so much of their annual revenues on the influx of tourists in the weeks just before and just after Christmas, will now find those revenues cut because, by turning off the Christmas lights, and pulling down the decorations, the city will no longer invitingly sparkle, but be plunged instead, into darkness on its streets, all as a sign of solidarity with Hamas combatants that the Muslim-run municipality has forced on them? What Christian shopkeeper would dare to protest, by claiming that the Bethlehem Municipality, by taking such measures, is simply damaging the well-being of residents by making their city less inviting to the traditional Christmastide tourists? But why should Hamas sympathizers in Bethlehem care what the Christians think? Like the Jews, the Christian Infidels are “the most vile of created beings.” As far as the fanatical Muslim supporters of Hamas are concerned, the Palestinian Christians are both a nuisance and a foreign body and if they are made to suffer an economic loss in Bethlehem as the result of turning off the Christmas lights and pulling down the Christmas decorations, then so be it.

China Justifies Hamas’ Terror Attack on Israel~Xi’s solidarity with Iran.


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

[Make sure to read Joseph Klein’s contributions in Jamie Glazov’s new book: Barack Obama’s True Legacy: How He Transformed America.]

The Communist Chinese dictatorship refused to condemn Hamas’ invasion of Israel and the terrorists’ savage massacre of approximately 1200 Israelis on October 7th, including babies, children, women, and the elderly. Instead, it denounced Israel’s military counter-offensive against the genocidal monsters and has repeatedly conducted a ceasefire that would keep Hamas intact to conduct further brutal attacks against Israeli civilians.

Palestinian acts of violence fit the Chinese regime’s paradigm of so-called “people’s resistance” against Western imperialism and oppression. Thus, it treats Islamist terrorists like Hamas with kids’ gloves. And the regime’s leaders herald their solidarity with the Palestinian terrorists’ state sponsor, Iran.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, for example, had a phone call with Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian eight days after Hamas’ slaughters and abductions. During the call, Mr. Wang Yi offered the same justification for Hamas’ brutality on October 7th as Hamas’ ardent supporters have done in their protests around the world. According to China’s own official government readout of the call, China’s Foreign Minister “emphasized that the fundamental reason for the development of the Palestine-Israel situation today is that the Palestinian people’s right to statehood has been put on hold for a long time, their right to survival has not been implemented for a long time, and their right to return has been ignored for a long time.”

However, when the Chinese regime perceives a serious challenge to its own authority from dissident groups such as the Uyghur Muslims, the regime’s official line is to treat them all as if they were dangerous extremists. Uyghurs have been severely punished for resisting the government’s actions to forcibly wean them away from their religion and culture.

For example, after Uyghur Muslims were accused in 2014 of killing about 29 people and injuring over 130, China’s President Xi Jinping did not hesitate to label the Xinjiang region where the Uyghurs live as China’s “frontline against terrorism.” Xi called for an all-out “struggle against terrorism” and to show “absolutely no mercy.”

The state-controlled Global Times ran an article entitled “Nothing justifies civilian slaughter in China’s ‘9-11.’” The article declared that “A nationwide outrage has been stirred. Justice needs to be done and terrorists should be punished with iron fists.” The regime’s mouthpiece added that “Anyone attempting to harbor and provide sympathies for the terrorists, calling them the repressed or the weak, is encouraging such attacks and helping committing a crime.”

Hamas slaughtered at least 1200 people in Israel, mostly civilians, in one day, which has been described as Israel’s 9/11. This would be equivalent to killing nearly 40,000 Americans based on the comparative populations – about 13 times the number of people that al Qaeda’s terrorist attacks killed on 9/11. Yet when Israel undertook its counter-offensive, showing no mercy for the terrorists, President Xi called for an immediate ceasefire, which would allow the terrorists to regroup and rearm for more October 7-like attacks that Hamas’ leadership has threatened.

Aside from evincing the surging anti-Semitism in China that we are seeing worldwide, the Chinese regime’s pro-Hamas stance can be explained in terms of its geopolitical, economic, and domestic objectives.

China has a close alliance with Iran, as well as with Russia and North Korea, which reflects these authoritarian governments’ shared opposition to what they perceive as Western powers’ imperialistic control of the rules-based world order. As part of its strategic challenge to the United States’ number one superpower status, China has been steadily expanding its footprint in the Middle East.

China has pointed to its role in brokering the normalization of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran as proof that China can be a more effective peacemaker in the region than the United States. “China’s success in brokering Saudi Arabia-Iran talks may serve as an exemplary role in solving Palestine-Israel conflicts,” boasted a reporter for the Global Times a day after Hamas’ attack.

China is Iran’s number one customer for oil. At the same time, China is Iran’s major supplier of military technology, small arms, tactical ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles. Iran uses oil revenues from its sales to China, facilitated by the Biden administration’s lax enforcement of sanctions against Iran, to finance Hamas and Iran’s other terrorist proxies.

It is true that China has also maintained a lucrative trading relationship with Israel. However, China’s dependency on Iran for a discounted supply of oil and its attempt to supersede the U.S.’s influence in the Middle East has moved China into Iran’s corner and, by extension, into the corner of the terrorist proxies that Iran supports.

“China supports Iran, Iran supports Hamas, and Beijing has a hand in this as well,” Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Chang said in a televised interview on October 16th.

Last February, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi in Beijing to further strengthen China’s relationship with the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism. “In the face of the current complex changes in the world, times, and history, China and Iran have supported each other (and) worked together in solidarity and cooperation,” President Xi said. “No matter how the international and regional situation changes, China will unswervingly develop friendly cooperation with Iran,” he added. They met again in August while in Johannesburg, South Africa to attend the BRICS summit where President Xi extended his congratulations to Iran for becoming a member of BRICS.

In between President Xi’s two meetings this year with his Iranian counterpart, President Xi welcomed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to Beijing where they agreed to a strategic partnership. Xi said that he supports “the just cause of the Palestinian people to restore their legitimate national rights.”

The Chinese regime is using Israel’s conduct of its war with Hamas as a wedge issue to divide the United States and the Arab countries that back the Palestinians’ demands, including Saudi Arabia. The Chinese propaganda machine is portraying the United States’ opposition to an immediate ceasefire as proof to Arab Muslim countries, including those that the U.S. has helped to move closer to Israel, as proof that the U.S. cannot be trusted. China also sees the benefit of siding with the Sunni Arab countries in their support for the Palestinian cause as a way to dissuade them from publicly objecting to China’s repression of the Uyghur Muslims.

Staff reporters for the Global Times, the regime’s state-controlled propaganda outlet, wrote that the Israeli-Hamas conflict was “partly caused by Western colonization and exacerbated by US-biased Middle East policies.” The writers followed the party line in portraying China as impartial and willing to facilitate negotiations to resolve the conflict.

China’s notion of “impartiality” is to demand that Israel agree to a comprehensive ceasefire now, placing its civilians in danger of more deadly attacks by rejuvenated Hamas terrorists. The Chinese regime expects Israel to take the terrorists’ word that they will abide by the terms of a permanent ceasefire, even after Hamas has promised a “perpetual war” to destroy Israel and slaughter more Jews.

“China always opposes all forms of terrorism,” President Xi said in 2015. Another big lie from the Chinese Communist regime, as proven conclusively by China’s criticism of Israel’s fight for its survival against Iran’s chief Palestinian terrorist proxy, Hamas..

Pro-Hamas Protestors Shut Down This Vital Bay Bridge

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0
Hundreds of protestors shut down all westbound traffic on I-80 Thursday at a time that usually sees thousands of commuters heading from Oakland into San Francisco across five lanes of traffic. A California Highway Patrol incident report called the protest "peaceful for now," according to local KRON-4.

The Bay Bridge typically carries about 260,000 cars each weekday, so a rough estimate is that the morning westbound traffic should be roughly 100,000. As of sometime this morning, protestors reduced that number to zero.

As a former resident, I can tell you that seeing zero commuter traffic on the westbound lanes is one creepy sight — like something out of a zombie movie.

With Communist Chinese strongman Xi Jinping visiting San Francisco for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference, my first thought was that liberty-loving Bay Area residents must have taken to the streets to demonstrate their opposition to Communist oppression.

I'm kidding, of course. My first reaction — and yours, too, I'd wager — was, "I bet this is a pro-Hamas thing."

And sure enough: "Protesters shut down Bay Bridge's westbound lanes, calling for Gaza ceasefire."


Videos posted to social media showed demonstrators rallying with bullhorns, chanting slogans and waving large signs reading “stop genocide” and “no U.S. military aid to Israel,” facing a line of officers dressed in riot gear. Pro-Palestine protesters claimed responsibility for the shutdown in a post on Instagram, saying they were sending a message to President Joe Biden to demand a ceasefire in Gaza.

I'm sure there are those who believe that being pro-ceasefire is not the same thing as being pro-Hamas. But as George Orwell said during WWII, "Pacifism is objectively pro-Fascist." Anyone calling for a ceasefire, as opposed to brief "humanitarian pauses" to make room for refugees, is in favor of letting Hamas survive and commit more October 7 atrocities — which is exactly what it has promised to do.

I can't even begin to explain what closing the Bay Bridge is doing to local traffic, but, as mil blogger CDR Salamander quipped, the delays and frustration "couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of voters."

I'll leave you with this reminder from USAF vet and military analyst Patrick Fox:

The German-American Bund was a pro-Nazi organization founded in this country a few years before World War II. The group was tiny, maybe 25,000 members, and they smartly dissolved themselves after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. It seems that even American Nazi sympathizers had some small sense of shame.

The same should have gone for our modern-day pro-terrorism groups — and maybe it will again, someday, if we start expelling their members as we're legally entitled to do. 

Rashida Tlaib is member of Jew-hating Facebook group that glorifies Hamas, denies Holocaust


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

It is not in spite of things like this that Tlaib is a darling of the Left. It’s because of things like this.

“Rashida Tlaib member of secret Facebook group where Hamas terrorists glorified,” by Peter Hasson, Fox News, November 15, 2023:

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Rashida Tlaib is part of a secret social media group in which its members have glamorized Hamas in its war battle with Israel after the terror group attacked and killed hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians last month, Fox News Digital has found.

The Michigan Democrat is a member of the Palestinian-American Congress group on Facebook. The group is hidden from non-members and does not appear on the platform’s search engine, though Fox News Digital was able to gain access to it.

The group’s founder, Maher Abdel-qader, who has extensive ties to Tlaib and has also been linked to other liberal politicians, has come under fire in the past for his antisemitic social media posts, including questioning if the Holocaust ever occurred.

Rashida Tlaib

The Palestinian American Congress group, of which Tlaib is a member, has featured pro-Hamas posts in the wake of the deadly Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

On Oct. 12, one group member posted: “We don’t want to throw you in the sea…we want you to ride it back from where you came.” The message was accompanied by a picture of an elderly Israeli woman and a Hamas fighter holding her captive.

Tlaib FB group

On Oct. 19, another group member wrote about the “achievements” of the “resistance in Northern occupied Palestine,” including dozens of dead Israeli soldiers. The post included a picture of a Hamas fighter….

Tlaib FB group


BREAKING: IDF TARGETING Hamas Inside Al-Shifa Hospital, INTERCEPTS Houthi Missile

Hamas command center found in Gaza hospital, Israel says

AK-47s, ammo, and grenades were found in the MRI room of Shifa hospital

SEE:;Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

According to a hadith, Muhammad said, “War is deceit.” (Bukhari 4.52.268).

Hamas Supporters: Residing in a Neighborhood Near You

The sooner we wake up, the better it will be for humanity.


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Deception, misinformation, and incitement are even being promoted by some members of Congress. Rashida Talib, Cory Bush, Ilhan Omar, and others are disseminating lies and deception to incite their audiences and advance the agenda of the radical Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist organizations. These organizations and many others are being nurtured, financed, and trained by the biggest supporter of international terrorism: the aggressive Iranian regime.

One of the most blatant recent examples of the psychological warfare they are employing is the blood libel against Israel. Promoters of this blood libel accuse Israel of intentionally bombing a Gaza hospital and causing hundreds of casualties, despite the overwhelming evidence, which was documented by both Israeli and US intelligence services, that the rocket in question was launched by Islamic Jihad terrorists. This rocket hit the parking lot of the hospital and caused a limited number of casualties.

Obviously, the current attacks on the State of Israel and its citizens are not distinguishing between Jews, Christians, Muslims, or anybody else. But it should not be ignored that the entire free world is also facing the serious long-term risk of incitement of ignorant individuals by the leadership of Radical Islam and other groups promoting radical ideologies.

It was very well-documented that multiple anti-Western entities have been promoting worldwide unrest by exploiting the ignorance of students, journalists, politicians, and others. Hopefully, once all these people realize that their own skin may be in the game, they will wake up and stand up against evil, and support a peaceful coexistence among all people.

As documented by Ben Shapiro and others, some of the most oft-used deceptive claims against Israel include:

1. The lie that the land of Israel was always a Muslim territory.

The land of Israel was historically a Jewish territory, documented clearly in the Bible and with archeological evidence. The Jews entered the land of Israel in 1400 BCE. They established there the kingdoms of King David and King Solomon, they built their two Temples, and much more. The latest Exile of the Jews from their ancestral homeland occurred after the defeat of the Jews by the Romans in about 130 CE. Despite the Exile, throughout the centuries there were always Jews in the Land of Israel. In an attempt to disconnect the Jews from their land, the Romans renamed the Land of Israel “Palestina” and they renamed the city of Jerusalem “Aleah Capitoline.” Islam was founded only during the 7th century CE, which is many hundreds of years after the documented Jewish presence in the land of Israel! The fact is that never, in the history of the world, did a country by the name of “Palestine” exist in the land of Israel!!

2. The lie that Israel refused the partition of the disputed Land of Israel with its neighbors.

In the 1917 Balfour Declaration Britain endorsed the “Zionist aspirations” to reestablish the Jewish homeland in Palestine and promised to “facilitate” the effort. In 1920, the Covenant of the League of Nations adopted this promise and turned it into International Law. In 1920, the Arabs instigated deadly anti-Jewish riots in the city of Jerusalem out of anger at the British presence in Palestine. In 1922, Britain cut off about 77% of the territory of the Palestine Mandate to Jewish people and gave it over to the Hashemites, who, in turn, created the state of Trans-Jordan in 1946. This was essentially a two-state solution, whereby most of the original territory of the British mandate to Palestine, which was supposed to become the modern homeland of the Jewish people, became the state of Trans-Jordan.

In 1937, the Peel Commission recommended a further partition of the remaining 23% of the Land of Israel. In 1939, under Arab pressure, the British further restricted Jewish immigration to Palestine (even from Nazi Germany) on the eve of the Second World War. Despite all this, the Jews supported the British, and most Arabs supported Nazi Germany. In 1948 the British Mandate to Palestine ended. In accordance with the United Nations Partition Resolution, and in accordance with the legal favorable vote by the United Nations, the State of Israel was established on about 10% of the land included in the original British Mandate to Palestine and became an official member of the United Nations. Israel asked the local Arabs to become a part of the reestablished Jewish state in its ancestral homeland, but on the same day, surrounding Arab states, along with many local Arabs, started a war to destroy it.

In 1964, while the Arabs were still in control of Jerusalem, Judea Samaria, and Gaza, the Palestine Liberation Organization was founded, with the intent to destroy the State of Israel. In 1967, Arab countries tried again to destroy Israel, but they were defeated in what was later called the “Six-Day War.” Following the war, the Arab League announced the famous three No’s: No Peace, No Negotiation, and No Recognition of Israel. In 1973, during Yom Kippur, Arab countries launched another all-out war with the intent to destroy Israel once again. Since then, peace agreements were achieved with Egypt in 1979, with Jordan in 1994, and with the UAE, Sudan, Morocco, and Bahrain in 2020 via the Abraham Accords.

Despite the “Oslo Accords,” which were signed by Israel and the Palestinian Authority in 1993, the Palestinians continued their traditional hostilities and refused to recognize the Jewish State within any borders. The Palestinians continued with multiple destructive and indiscriminate terror attacks despite very generous peace offers, which included relinquishing to the Arab Palestinians more than 95% of the disputed land. These generous offers to settle the dispute were made by various Israeli Prime Ministers and mediated by various American Presidents, but the Arab Palestinians refused to accept any of them. In 2005, Israel left 100% of the land of Gaza hoping that the Arab Palestinians would create the Singapore or Monaco of the Middle East there, but instead, they created a vicious terror state that did not care about their own people or about any other people. Under the guidance and financial and political support of the biggest sponsor of international terrorism, the Iranian regime, Hamas, and Hezbollah became ruthless proxies and helped to undermine international stability. Israel was defined as “The Little Satan”, while the USA has crowne “The Great Satan!”

3. The lie about Israel expelling most of the Arab Palestinians from the territories that were held by the British Mandate.

Upon the creation of the modern State of Israel, local Arabs were offered to become equal partners in building the country. In fact, many thousands of Arabs accepted the offer and became citizens of Israel with equal rights, but too many listened to the corrupt Arab leadership’s propaganda and instead became involved in a brutal military confrontation with Israel. Many others just left the country, even before the escalation of the military confrontation, hoping to return after the destruction of the Jewish state. The estimated number of these Arab refugees from the 1948 War was about 500,000. At the same time, the State of Israel absorbed about 800,000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands.

4. The lie that Israel is an apartheid state.

In Israel, all citizens, should they be Jews, Arabs, Christians, or others, have equal rights under the law.

Israel has Arab members of the Parliament. Arab citizens of Israel have served on the Supreme Court and are employed in government positions. Arabs have freedom of speech, can vote freely in parliamentary elections, and can practice any profession they choose.

At the same time, the Palestinian Authority practices real apartheid by not allowing Jews to live or buy any property in any area under their control. The Palestinian Authority will give money to terrorists and their families as a reward for killing or injuring Israelis. Despite political differences, the Palestinian Authority supports terror attacks against Israelis, including the most recent unprovoked vicious terror assault on Israel that claimed the lives of more than 1,400 innocent civilians and the abduction of about 240 innocent people. These innocent victims included babies, women, and the elderly.

The bizarre broad international support for the recent unprovoked atrocities that were perpetrated by Hamas terrorists and their supporters is a very clear sign that deception and misinformation are influencing too many ignorant individuals. Unfortunately, many of these people are unknowingly supporting evil, which may ultimately put themselves in danger. We must know the facts and address this problem wisely and as soon as possible in order to save the future of the free world.

The following are a few first steps that we can take to help the free world address these dangerous trends:

1. Show how the anti-Jewish anti-Israel activities, deception, and incitement will cause harm to everybody, including non-Jews. People must understand that should evil prevail, their own skin is going to be in the game. It is not only a Jewish problem – it is a free-world problem.

2. Show who is providing most of the funds to these bad operatives. For example, Qatar, Iran, and their representatives.

3. Show how much of the money, that is used and misused by these bad operatives, will also be directed towards their own benefit. For example, the Hamas leaders Haniyeh and Meshaal are billionaires and live in Qatar.

4. Show how some of the money is being used to deceive, incite, and brainwash the current and next generation, which will end up undermining the stability and welfare of our society. For example, the various related NGOs that operate on universities and college campuses.

5. Show how these self-serving malicious individuals may benefit not only from simple monetary personal gains but also from many other personal privileges and perks.

The sooner that we wake up, expose, and marginalize evil, the better it will be for humanity!

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