Hizballah launches rockets, drones into Northern Israel in largest attack since October 7

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2024/06/hizballah-launches-rockets-drones-into-northern-israel-in-largest-attack-since-october-7; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

Hizballah, along with Hamas, is an Iranian proxy. The key player is obviously Iran, which is being emboldened, not just by unity among the Muslim ummah, but by the weakness of the Biden administration. The one positive thing that America has done was veto the application of “Palestine” for full membership in the UN in mid-April. Iran and its proxies still view America as an ally of Israel.

In a report by Foreign Affairs:

Iran understands that Israel is a nuclear state with superior conventional capabilities and that war with Israel would ultimately mean war with the United States. Israel, for its part, knows that a larger conflict with Iran would compel Hezbollah to fire many more missiles at Israeli cities and military facilities. Still, if a tenuous truce between Iran and Israel is to be held, Washington must remain deeply engaged.

At a deeper level, it also comes down to America versus Iran, a nightmare scenario for the Biden administration as it faces upcoming elections.

The latest Hizballah attack, described as the largest since October 7,  is testing the Biden administration’s resolve in the war on Gaza. So far, the administration has waffled, which sends the message to Iran and its proxies to continue advancing. Iran’s acting Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani has warned Israel against attacking Lebanon. But Israel has proven that it will defend itself.

“Residents of the North are used as cannon fodder’: Local leaders respond to Hezbollah’s barrage,” by Yael Halfon and Maya Gur Arieh, Jerusalem Post, June 13, 2024:

Following multiple rocket sirens and hostile aircraft alerts sounded in northern Israel on Thursday afternoon, local leaders responded to the barrage and lack of government response.

Moshe Davidovich, head of the Mateh Asher Regional Council, said, “The North is attacked continuously and non-stop." The residents of the north are used as cannon fodder for Nasrallah’s whims, and the Israeli government is falling asleep while standing.”

“We demand the government present an immediate plan to maintain the security of northern residents. It was also decided that if such a plan is not presented by the beginning of July, we will take a series of steps to be announced later.”

Lobby 1701, a group representing thousands of northern residents, also responded to Thursday’s Hezbollah barrage, stating, “The Israeli government is endangering the settlements of northern Israel." Destruction, fires, and not a word from the government.”

Haines: Iran-Backed Militias Continue Planning Attacks On U.S. Forces

Haines: Iran-Backed Militias Continue Planning Attacks On U.S. Forces

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 02: Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee May 2, 2024 in Washington, DC. The committee heard testimony on worldwide threats during the hearing.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee May 2, 2024 in Washington, DC. The committee heard testimony on worldwide threats during the hearing. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

OAN’s Rayana Unutoa
3:15 PM – Thursday, May 2, 2024

SEE: https://www.oann.com/newsroom/haines-iran-backed-militias-continue-planning-attacks-on-u-s-forces/; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

The Director of National Intelligence has warned that Iran-backed militias will continue to conduct attacks against American forces.

During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Thursday, Avril Haines said Iran-backed militias have broadly paused their plans to attack U.S. forces. It is not clear how long it will last.

Haines said the crisis in the Middle East has influenced both al-Qaeda and ISIS to direct supporters to conduct violence against Israel and U.S. interests.

The intelligence director also spoke about cyber-attacks in the United States.

“We have seen a massive increase in the number of ransomware attacks globally in the last year, which went up as much as 74%,” Haines stated.

“The terrorist threat level is of grave concern,” he continued.

Haines noted that almost all U.S. critical infrastructures that were attacked involved weak passwords, un-patched known vulnerabilities and poorly secured networks.

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Iran coordinated the attack on Israel with the Biden administration

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2024/04/iran-coordinated-the-attack-on-israel-with-the-biden-administration; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

The gravity of what Yigal Carmon, the founder of MEMRI, is saying has numerous implications. If true, it means that America and Iran are colluding as partners, and setting up Israel to be tricked and manipulated. Such treatment of a US ally would be a grim betrayal, not to mention a crude exploitation of Israel’s citizens as they faced the horror of incoming missiles and drones. If that is indeed the case for the attack to be a joint American-Iranian operation, the Biden administration not only demonstrates that it cannot be trusted, but it is treasonous in collaborating with an enemy that is a terrorist state. It’s bad enough that America’s Southern border remains wide open.

Kenneth Timmermans, executive director of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, confirmed Carmon’s allegations. SEE HERE.

No matter what may have been intended, such an action cannot be remotely justified. Iran and its proxies aim to obliterate the Jewish state and destroy America.

“Iran Coordinated With The U.S. Its Attack On Israel,” by Yigal Carmon,  MEMRI, April 14, 2024:

To understand what happened last night during Iran’s direct attack on Israel, one has to go back four years to the killing by the United States of Iran’s Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani. Iran needed to react symbolically in retaliation to save face and was asked to do so. The United States allowed it to attack its own Ayn al-Asad airbase so that no one there would be hurt. Fifteen missiles were fired at the base, with the result being minor damage and not one drop of blood. Iran may deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for being able to fire 15 missiles without killing anyone.

Lt. Col. Staci Coleman, who was the commander of the 443rd Air Expeditionary Squadron, and members of her squadron testified[1] that they had been briefed about an impending Iranian ballistic missile attack almost six hours before it happened. Captain Wesley Florez, the executive officer of the 1st Expeditionary Rescue Group, said that he had received information about the attack early the previous afternoon.[2]

Trump told Fox News in February 2024: “Do you know, we hit them [Iran] very hard for something that they did, and they had to hit back, they feel they have to do that and I understand that. Do you know, they called me to tell me ,"We're going to hit a certain location but we’re not gonna hit it, it’s gonna be outside of the perimeter’… They let us know. We had 16 missiles that went off… And we knew they weren’t going to hit. And now I reveal it… So they aimed those missiles and they said, "Please don’t attack us, we’re not going to hit you.’ That was respect, we had respect.”[3]….

Iran’s Attack on Israel: What We Know So Far

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2024/04/irans-attack-on-israel-what-we-know-so-far; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

1. On April 1, the IDF hit a building in Damascus used by the IRGC, which Iran falsely claimed was a “consulate” and therefore, sovereign Iranian territory. It was, in fact, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) headquarters in Syria. There were no consular officials in the building. Seven people, all of them military men, including the IRGC commander for Syria and Lebanon, Mohamed Reza Zahedi, were killed. Iran promised it would avenge their deaths.

2. On the night of April 13, Iran launched an attack consisting of some 170 drones, 130 ballistic missiles, and 30 cruise missiles on Israel. This attack was described by the Biden administration as a grossly “disproportionate” response to Israel’s April 1 attack in Damascus.

3. 99% of the drones and missiles launched from Iran toward Israel were shot down before they could land in Israel, many even before they entered Israeli airspace. From the handful — about three — drones or missiles that did manage to land, there was very little damage. No one was killed, and only one girl, in the Negev, was hurt by shrapnel.

4. The Americans apparently were responsible for intercepting “dozens” of Iranian drones. The more they have shot down, the greater Israel’s gratitude will be to the Americans, and the Bidenites hope that it will help them convince the Israelis not to engage in further “escalation,” but to keep their retaliation “proportionate” to Iran’s attack. If, on the other hand, Israel is convinced that by itself it managed to shoot down almost all — say, 90% — of the drones and missiles, it will be less beholden to the Americans urging them to limit their response, and more likely to respond with greater force to Iran’s attack than the Americans would have liked.

5. Other Western allies, including the U.K., France, and Italy, also took part in intercepting Iranian drones and missiles in the skies over Jordan. It is believed the RAF was responsible for at least a few successful intercepts. Having been the subject of so much criticism from those countries over the war in Gaza, it must cheer the Israelis up that these countries came so readily to Israel’s aid in intercepting Iran’s missiles and drones.

6. Jordan and Saudi Arabia also participated in efforts to shoot down Iranian drones and missiles as those flew over their Jordanian air space. It is not known what success they may have had, but their clear effort to help stymie the Iranian effort reminds us that the Sunni Arab states understand that Shi’a Iran, with its network of proxies and allies, is a threat to their wellbeing. Israel, on the other hand, is not.

7. Iran has now tried to put a stop to any Israeli retaliation, with the Islamic Republic’s UN Ambassador declaring that Iran considered the matter “over.” It hopes thereby to avoid an Israeli response to its massive, but in the end massively unsuccessful, attack on the Jewish state. For Israel, of course, the latest exchange will not be “over” until Israel has retaliated with much greater force to this Iranian attack, to make sure that Iran does not try its luck yet again.

8. Washington recognizes the hugely “disproportionate” nature of Iran’s latest attack. It must know that it cannot prevent a retaliatory attack on Iran by Israel, but it is likely urging the Israelis to exercise “restraint.” Exactly what kind of “restraint” Israel should show is entirely unclear. Should it limit its attack to the same number of drones and missiles that Iran launched in its attack? Or should it take this occasion, when much of the world is now, however briefly, on its side, to deal a devastating blow to Iran’s offensive capabilities, taking out most of its remaining drones and ballistic missiles, and attacking its nuclear facilities? Isn’t now the time to put paid to the Iranian military threat, when sympathy for Israel is momentarily high, by launching what will no doubt be seen by many, so often quick to blame Israel for being a troublemaker, as a “disproportionate” attack?

9. If Israel now goes ahead with that “disproportionate” response, and inflicts great damage to Iran’s missiles and drones, and to its nuclear program, Sunni Arab countries will not object. Instead, they will be quietly pleased that their great enemy, the Islamic Republic of Iran, has been decisively weakened.

10. Israel could, of course, not retaliate immediately, but keep the Iranians in a state of high anxiety for months, wondering when the IDF will finally attack. No need for Israel to announce its plans in advance. We need only say that “we will retaliate for the April 13 attack by Iran at a time and place of our choosing.”

11. The Bidenites are likely to try to dissuade Israel from a massive response, lest the violence “spiral out of control.” They may try to persuade the Israelis to limit themselves to a handful of targets. I’d say that with its massive April 13 attack, Iran has already caused the violence to “spiral out of control.” It is Iran that needs to be reined in. Israel should express its gratitude to “our great ally and friend, the United States” for its assistance in intercepting Iranian drones and missiles, but still ignore Washington’s advice to be measured in its response to Iran. It should use the occasion, when much of the world is on its side, to inflict great damage on Iran’s nuclear program and on its ballistic missile program.

Iran launches wave of drone attacks against Israel

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2024/04/iranian-launches-wave; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

Iran is delivering its promised escalation.

“Iran launches wave of drone attacks at Israel — Netanyahu says IDF prepared to respond: report,” by Chris Harris, New York Post, April 13, 2024:

Iran has launched an attack against Israel using dozens of drones, according to a report.

“BREAKING: Iran launches attack against Israel using dozens of drones, four U.S. and Israeli officials told me,” Axios reporter Barak Ravid posted on "X."

Unverified videos posted to Telegram and shared online showed a swarm of buzzing Iranian drones — which are known to make a “lawnmower sound” — flying over Iraq.

In response, Israel Defense Forces Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari announced restrictions on civilian activities.

The Times of Israel reports the guidelines prohibit educational activities and bans gatherings of over 1,000 people….

And earlier:

“Iran’s Revolutionary Guard seizes a container ship near Strait of Hormuz amid tensions with Israel,” by Jon Gambrell, AP, April 13, 2024:

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Commandos from Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard rappelled from a helicopter onto an Israeli-affiliated container ship near the Strait of Hormuz and seized the vessel Saturday in the latest attack between the two countries.

The seizure followed a suspected Israeli strike this month on an Iranian consular building in Syria that killed 12 people, including a senior Guard general.

Iran has promised to retaliate, and U.S. President Joe Biden cut short a weekend trip to his beach house in Delaware to return to the White House and monitor the situation. Israel’s war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip has inflamed decades-old tensions in the Middle East, and any new attack threatens to escalate that conflict into a wider regional war.

Iran’s state-run IRNA said a special forces unit of the Guard’s navy carried out the attack on the Portuguese-flagged MSC Aries, a container ship associated with London-based Zodiac Maritime.

Zodiac Maritime is part of Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer’s Zodiac Group. Zodiac declined to comment and referred questions to MSC. Geneva-based MSC acknowledged the seizure and said 25 crew members were on the ship.

“We are working closely with the relevant authorities to ensure their wellbeing, and safe return of the vessel,” MSC said.

White House National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson said the crew was made up of Indian, Filipino, Pakistani, Russian and Estonian nationals and urged Iran to release them and the vessel.

IRNA said the Guard would take the vessel into Iranian territorial waters….


U.S. Shooting Down Some Iranian Drones Headed Toward Israel

IRAN-ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN-CONFLICT A demonstrator kisses a bullet shell replica as others gather at Palestine Square in Tehran on April 14, 2024, after Iran launched a drone and missile attack on Israel. Iran's Revolutionary Guards confirmed early April 14, 2024 that a drone and missile attack was under way against Israel in retaliation for a deadly April 1 drone strike on its Damascus consulate. (Photo by ATTA KENARE / AFP) (Photo by ATTA KENARE/AFP via Getty Images)
IRAN-ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN-CONFLICT A demonstrator kisses a bullet shell replica as others gather at Palestine Square in Tehran on April 14, 2024, after Iran launched a drone and missile attack on Israel. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards confirmed early April 14, 2024 that a drone and missile attack was under way against Israel in retaliation for a deadly April 1 drone strike on its Damascus consulate. (Photo by ATTA KENARE / AFP) (Photo by ATTA KENARE/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Abril Elfi
UPDATED 4:23 PM – Saturday, April 13, 2024

United States officials have stated that some Iranian drones have been shut down intercepting their entry to Israel. 

Reports have stated that drones are heading towards Israel on Saturday and are expected to take several hours to get there. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a video message said that “in recent years, and even more so in recent weeks, Israel has been preparing for the possibility of a direct attack from Iran.”

He warned Tehran that “whoever harms us, we will harm them. We will protect ourselves from any threat and we will do so with steadfastness and determination.”

Netanyahu thanked Israel’s allies, including the US, France, and Great Britain, for supporting the Jewish state and urged Israelis to follow Home Front Command orders.

“Together we will overcome all our enemies,” he said.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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Muslim Convert Planned Ramadan Attack on 21 Idaho Churches

“I will use my knives and machete to slit their throats and kill them."

SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/muslim-convert-planned-ramadan-attack-on-21-idaho-churches/; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

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Coeur d’Alene, an Idaho city with a population of over 50,000, had too many churches. Alexander Scott Mercurio, a new teen convert to Islam, had a plan to “fix that real soon.”

Ramadan was almost over and Mercurio was unhappy because he believed that he was a bad Muslim who hadn’t even assaulted, let alone killed any Christians, and would go to hell.

“I am a hypocrite who has not even spat in the face of a kafir (non-Muslim),” he complained in online chats. “Let alone spilled their blood and induce terror into their hearts and minds.”

Mercurio wasn’t sure if he could be considered a good Muslim without killing Christians.

“I really don’t want to miss out on the opportunity for jihad in Ramadan,” he worried.

While the bloody Islamic holiday of Ramadan is often used as a pretext to warn America, Israel and other countries to stop fighting Islamic terrorists lest it offend Muslims, it’s a time of redoubled terrorism. Mercurio wanted to get in on that murderous spiritual opportunity.

“I’ve been thinking about Jihad. Well, I always am, but I mean it’s Ramadan,” Mercurio agonized. “I have motivation for nothing but fighting, like some kind of insatiable bloodlust for the life juice of these idolaters, a craving for mayhem and murder to terrorize those around me… primarily against churches.”

There are “three or five churches within walking distance of me” who would be objects of his “insatiable bloodlust: for the blood of non-Muslims.

Mercurio decided that he would strike on “the last few days of Ramadan, probably on Sunday, their special day.”

The special day was April 7th also known as the Octave Day of Easter or the Sunday of Divine Mercy, and would have been well known to the Muslim convert who was raised as a Christian by his parents. But Islam has no mercy, certainly not divine and not human either, and neither did Mercurio who fantasized about massacring Christians on “their special day” of mercy.

Alexander Scott Mercurio started out as a white supremacist before converting to Islam at the age of seventeen. He took on a user name meaning ‘total submission’ in Russian (because of his Russian immigrant mother) and whined about North Idaho and his “very Christian and conservative parents” who “want me to stop being Muslim” while he fantasized about building weapons that would allow him to “heap massacres upon the kuffar (non-Muslims) daily”.

The Muslim convert was allegedly working on sending cryptocurrency donations to ISIS while taking part in an online group that attacked the Taliban for not being murderous enough.

Mercurio had allegedly begun chatting with a Muslim terrorist in Gaza who was moving money to ISIS, but then his pal, whom the FBI only says was “believed to have died”, presumably in fighting with Israel, went offline and an informant took over the account and became the receptacle for the convert’s fantasies about killing all the Christians.

“Walk to the nearest church. Stop close by the church, equip the weapon(s) and storm the temple, kill as many as possible…. then burn the temple to the ground, flee the scene, then move onto the next church, rinse and repeat for all 21+ churches in the town until killed.”

Later, the Muslim convert elaborated that he would “walk into a church and then start beating people with the baton; hit them first on the kneecaps and elbows… I will beat them only to incapacitate them, I will use my knives and machete to slit their throats and kill them.”

Then he would set the church on fire.

While Mercurio searched for knives and axes, he really needed something more powerful. After exploring the possibility of building some sort of flamethrower, he decided to get his dad’s guns. Initially he thought about killing or beating his father over the head with a pipe to get the key to the gun safe, and then decided he could just break in and grab the guns while his dad was out.

Mercurio got his ISIS flag, developed his plans, and finalized a script for his ‘martyrdom’ video which included responding to the call of the Islamic State by “killing Jews and Christians” and “his message to the disbelievers to go to hell”.

But his plan to massacre churchgoers with guns, knives and fire ended when he was busted.

What had worried Mercurio most of all was not being caught, but having his act of Islamic terror misrepresented by the media. He was concerned that they would “slander me in the media and call me a mentally ill psycho who did this out of desperation and not as an act of religiously motivated terrorism.”

It would be easy for the media to dismiss Alexander Scott Mercurio as a teen who fantasized about killing people, and if he hadn’t done it for Islam, would have done it as a Neo-Nazi or just a random school shooter. And yet the documents released show that he agonized about trying to be a good Muslim. Failing at other traditional Islamic practices and prone to lapsing into pornography, he found a traditional Islamic loophole to get into 'paradise' through murder.

Mercurio is one of a growing number of American teens who convert to Islam, often in out-of-the-way places and then get involved in Islamic terrorism. Recent cases include Trevor Bickford, 19, of Maine, who tried to attack NYPD officers in Times Square with a Machete, Xavier Pelkey, 18, also of Maine, who tried to recruit two teens for a terrorist attack in Chicago, Cole James Bridges from Akron, Ohio, Mateo Ventura, a high school student in Wakefield, Massachusetts, and Jonathan Xie, a 20-year-old from a New Jersey suburb.

There is a pattern of teenage boys, resentful of their parents and society, with nothing to aspire to and nothing to believe in, drifting into fantasies of violently terrorizing everyone around them.

Islam, like Neo-Nazism, gave Alexander Scott Mercurio something to believe in and kill for.

“I will not live to see the day that the flag of Tawheed (Islam) flutters over every land, nor the day that the entire Earth is governed by the Sharia of Allah,” he wrote. “I will gladly spill my blood again and again to make that a reality.”

Both Islam and Neo-Nazism offered and offered young men the opportunity to kill and then die for a glorious cause, destroying everything around them so that a new dark order will rule the earth.

This primal evil impulse at the heart of Nazism, Communism, Islam and so many other evils is a perversion of the good impulse to build, uphold and to protect that America once used to offer.

Troubled young men seeking direction used to join the military, but now they find only wokeness there. The culture banishes young men, telling them they suffer from toxic masculinity as they drift into movements like those run by Muslim convert and alleged sex trafficker Andrew Tate or into Islam itself which preaches they can find meaning by killing Christians.

America needs to do more than spy on these young men, it needs to give them something to fight for. Because if it does not, Islam will. And they will become agents of our ancient enemy to kill, burn and bring down America, Europe and the entire civilized world under the flag of Islam.

Biden Demands Israel Stop Attacking Hamas Even If It Doesn’t Release the Hostages

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2024/04/biden-demands-israel-stop-attacking-hamas-even-if-it-doesnt-release-the-hostages; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

A total betrayal.

The grim farce of negotiating with Islamic terrorists always plays out the same way.

The terrorists keep attacking while playing the victim, make escalating demands and once you start negotiating with them, the negotiations never produce peace and don’t even reliably ensure the release of hostages.

The Biden administration initially rejected the Islamist/Leftist demands for a ‘ceasefire’ during which Hamas would be free to attack Israel. Then came around to proposing to them in exchange for the release of the hostages. And now adopting the Leftist/Islamist position is just demanding a unilateral Israeli ceasefire without the release of the hostages.

Spanish-language television network Univision aired an hour-long, pre-recorded interview on Tuesday in which U.S. President Joe Biden criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The U.S. president appeared to state a previously unarticulated public position in an interview with the channel’s Enrique Acevedo.

“So I what I’m calling for is for the Israelis to just call for a ceasefire, allow for the next six, eight weeks total access to all food and medicine going into the country,” Biden said.

No mention of Hamas here, but then again it has never abided by a ceasefire anyway.

Israel is expected to stop attacking Hamas.

Hamas is not expected to either stop attacking Israel or release the hostages.

So Biden is dropping the pretense that this is about the hostages or about anything other than the supreme victimhood of the Islamic genociders of Gaza.

The Biden administration has demanded more and more concessions from Israel to Hamas. Even as Hamas keeps rejecting the U.S. proposals as not being good enough.

Much like under Kerry, where the State Department negotiated with the terrorists and then demanded that Israel meet the demands of the terrorists, the Biden admin is doing the same thing, except with Hamas.

Hamas has informed mediators that it rejects the latest U.S. proposal for a renewed hostages-for-ceasefire deal, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing sources as saying that the terrorist organization intends to put forward a roadmap for a permanent end to the war.

The U.S. offer would have seen Jerusalem release 900 terrorist prisoners, including murderers, in exchange for 40 hostages, along with a partial IDF withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and the unrestricted return of Palestinians to the northern part of the coastal enclave.

The plan proposes that Hamas release more hostages at a later stage following the withdrawal of all Israeli troops from Gaza.

Speaking at a women’s event in Jordan late last month, Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal declared that the organization’s leadership is “waging a negotiating battle no less fierce” than the military conflict with the IDF, according to a readout of his remarks posted to Telegram by Hamas.

“Inshallah [‘God willing’], we will defeat them in the field and in the negotiating battle,” said Mashaal, adding that the group is also fighting “intense battles” in the media and on the political battlefield.

The terrorists never win the wars, but when the White House is in charge, they win all the negotiations.

Hamas has no reason not to keep turning down deals since those are its only hopes of survival and victory. Thank you Biden.

Ahead of Iran Attack, Rep. Jamie Raskin Calls for No More Weapons for Israel

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2024/04/ahead-of-iran-attack-rep-jamie-raskin-calls-for-no-more-weapons-for-israel; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

Even right after Oct 7, Rep. Raskin’s statement warned Israel not to go too aggressively after Hamas.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, who spends all day and night trying to accuse Republicans of being Russian stooges, decided to go ahead and join with Iranian stooges to attack Israel.

Alongside Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and, having sunk so low, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Raskin signed on to a letter demanding that Biden “withhold any offensive weapons transfers” to Israel.

Such a move, coming as Iran may be preparing to launch an attack on Israel, is a gift to Iran. And incidentally to its ally Russia, which Rep. Raskin has pretended to oppose all these years only as a front for attacking non-leftists.

In a press release, after an airstrike killed members of Jose Andres’ ‘aid group’ who were allegedly accompanied by an armed escort, Rep. Jamie Raskin quoted Andres’ who falsely accused Israel of “indiscriminate killing.” Then Rep. Raskin concluded with a call for a ceasefire that would allow Hamas to continue killing Israelis.

While people tend to pay more attention to Rep. Raskin for his political witch hunts aimed at opponents, he’s been attacking Israel’s campaign against Hamas for some time now while calling for a “ceasefire.”

Even right after Oct 7, Rep. Raskin’s statement warned Israel not to go too aggressively after Hamas.

In a truly extraordinary statement, Rep. Raskin argued that Israel should reward and encourage the Hamas use of human shields, contending that, “the knowledge that a terrorist enemy displays spectacular disrespect for the lives of civilians—by such means as using them as ‘human shields’ for embedded soldiers—imposes an obligation of extra care not to kill civilians who are being used in this way.”

This is who Rep. Raskin has always been, but the mask is increasingly coming off.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries asked Raskin to represent the Democratic caucus in defending Tlaib on the House floor against a GOP-led effort to censure the congresswoman, and in the end, Raskin’s allegiance to the Constitution won out.

It was never about the Constitution. It was about Rep. Raskin’s leftist politics which include hatred of America and Israel.

Robert Spencer: Are You Ready for a Major Jihad Attack in the U.S.? Because it’s coming.

[Order a copy of Robert Spencer’s newest book, Empire of Godby clicking here.]

What’s coming is as plain as day.

Our nation can hardly be said to have a southern border at all anymore. Even if the border were magically to reappear tomorrow, millions of people are already in the country without anyone knowing who or what they are. One hundred sixty-nine people on the FBI’s terror watch list were caught at the border in 2023; nobody knows how many people on that watch list got across the nonexistent border without being caught.

Four jihadis have just murdered at least 137 people in Moscow. They hold the same beliefs as the Hamas jihadis who murdered 1,200 people in Israel on Oct. 7. How many people are in this country right now who aspire to be the next jihad warrior? How many people are planning to become the next “martyr” and lay hold of the Qur’an’s promise of a place in paradise for those who “kill and are killed” for Allah?

No one knows, and even asking such questions is not allowed. Just last week, all of America’s many intelligence agencies received instructions to avoid using terms such as “jihadist” so as to avoid committing the cardinal sin of “Islamophobia.” Jihadists can quote the Qur’an and invoke Islamic teaching all day long, but our intelligence and law enforcement officials are not allowed to notice, or to study their motives and goals, for such study would lead them inexorably into the examination of Islam.

This means that the people whose job it is to protect us from these jihad terrorists are bound as a matter of government policy not to know or understand the motives and goals of those terrorists whom they are trying to foil. Courting Muslim votes by tiptoeing around the reality of the jihad threat is more important to our elected and appointed officials than stopping the next Islamic jihad attack.

So what is to be done? Well, we can vote the bums out, but even if we do, all too many Republicans are just as squeamish as Democrats about incurring charges of “Islamophobia,” which can be a career killer even in these post-Oct. 7, post-Moscow, post-44,000 jihad attacks worldwide since 9/11 days. What’s more, cleaning up the desperately corrupt FBI and the entire rotten intelligence apparatus is not going to be done in a day, no matter who emerges victorious in November.

No, our defense against the next jihad terror massacre in the United States is up to us, and to us alone. The military is preoccupied with studying Critical Race Theory and going to drag shows; it isn’t going to save us. The police, understaffed, underfunded, and on the defensive nationwide ever since a career criminal died of a drug overdose while in the process of being apprehended, aren’t going to save us. Everyone knows now that the feckless and politicized FBI certainly isn’t going to save us.

One thing that distinguishes America from Russia and Western Europe is that we still respect the right to self-defense. After 9/11, alert citizens foiled major jihad attacks (including the Shoe Bomber and the Underwear Bomber, who have left their mark on airport security to this day). Only Americans who are likewise alert and aware can take lawful steps to stop jihadis in their tracks, and they may be the only line of defense between those jihadis and large crowds of unaware, defenseless human beings. Of course, we are dealing with terrorists, and part of the terror that they try to instill in us stems from our not knowing or being able to know when, or how, they might strike. It could happen anywhere, at any time, to anyone. That, however, simply makes it all the more incumbent upon each of us to keep our eyes open.

The threat we face is also a call to Americans to rediscover our spiritual wellsprings, and to understand that no one lives forever, but that to stand against evil, even if it means dying, is a prerequisite for maintaining a free society. To die with courage is a thousand times better than to live with cowardice.

But this is not a call to die. It is a call to live, to recognize what is coming, to assess our situation realistically, and to plan accordingly. For too long, Americans have been passively trusting in our institutions, secure in the knowledge that the police, and the military, and our elected officials were on the job and had our best interests at heart.

Those days are over. Nevertheless, the jihadis have not won. The left has not won. The socialist internationalist tide that has swept away so much of what we used to take for granted as Americans could still be turned back. But that is up to us. Each of us must decide, as surely as God offered the choice to the Israelites: “I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live” (Deuteronomy 30:19). Jihadis love to proclaim how much they “love death.” Let us in turn love life all the more, and stand to counter them and their inhuman totalitarian leftist allies, secure in the knowledge that in the end, life conquers death.

US intel top dog: ‘Al Qaeda and ISIS, inspired by Hamas,’ have told Muslims to ‘attack Israeli and US interests’

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2024/03/us-intel-top-dog-al-qaeda-and-isis-inspired-by-hamas-have-told-muslims-to-attack-israeli-and-us-interests; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

The Islamic State and al-Qaeda have been calling upon Muslims to attack Israeli and U.S. interests for years, but Avril Haines was likely too consumed with hunting for “insurrectionists” to notice.

“ISIS, Al Qaeda ‘Inspired by Hamas’ to Attack Americans and Israelis, US Intel Chief Says,” Algemeiner, March 11, 2024:

US Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said on Monday that the Islamist terrorist groups al Qaeda and Islamic State (ISIS) have been inspired by Hamas to attack Americans and Israelis.

“While it is too early to tell, both al Qaeda and ISIS, inspired by Hamas, have directed supporters to conduct attacks against Israeli and US interests,” Haines testified to the US Senate Intelligence Committee. “And we have seen how it is inspiring individuals to conduct acts of antisemitism and Islamophobic terror worldwide.”

Antisemitism has skyrocketed since Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacre across southern Israel launched the current war in Gaza, which is ruled by the Palestinian terrorist group. Antisemitic incidents have reached record levels in the US and several European countries following the Hamas atrocities, which resulted in the largest mass slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust by the Nazis during World War II.

“It is likely that the Gaza conflict will have a generational impact on terrorism,” Haines told US lawmakers. “The crisis in Gaza is a stark example of how regional developments have the potential of broader and even global implications.”

Haines also noted concerns that the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza could spread global insecurity: “The crisis in Gaza is a stark example of how regional developments have the potential of broader and even global implications.”…

No kidding, really? This kind of incisive analysis is why Haines makes the big bucks.

Wyoming MR leaders rebuke RINO who attacked pro-family bills

Former Wyoming GOP House Speaker pushes the compromised mentality in newspaper column.

But Wyoming MassResistance parents respond with common sense!

February 26, 2024
He's still using his influence to push the RINO leftist agenda in conservative Wyoming. But MassResistance lashed back!

Conservatives in nearly a dozen Western “red” states are fuming about this: Even when there’s a super-majority of Republicans in their state legislature, it’s difficult to pass common-sense pro-family bills that the Left opposes. It seems a lot of Republican legislators, especially in leadership, are covert liberals – and the voters have not paid sufficient attention. This phenomenon has even gotten national press.

It’s a particular problem in Wyoming, where the legislature has only 8 Democrats out of 93 members. Wyoming voters recently booted RINO Liz Cheney from Congress, but the State House is still full of traitors to the GOP.

This is how bad it is in Wyoming. They might as well just elect a Democrat legislature! [Source: Wyoming Freedom Caucus]

What’s going on in the minds of these phony Republicans? Too many of them started out ideologically muddle-headed, and then bought into the leftist talking points. Unfortunately, not enough citizens confront that rubbish. But Wyoming MassResistance decided to step up!

Former GOP House Speaker attacks pro-family bills

Tom Lubnau is the former Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives in Wyoming. He was also the State Rep from Gillette, which is a solidly conservative area. Lubnau now occasionally writes columns for Cowboy State Daily, a popular right-leaning statewide news and commentary site.

Lubnau was (and still is, given his continued influence) part of the problem.  Earlier this month, he wrote an absurd column attacking the efforts by actual conservatives in the legislature to protect children from the lunatic LGBT agenda that is engulfing society.

Titled, “Legislating Private Parts Is Popular This Legislative Session,” it reflects the odious mentality of the RINO establishment. Lubnau bashed three much-needed pro-family bills that were before the legislature at that time (but unfortunately did not pass):

  • Bill HB 50 defined a man and a woman by their actual biology, not their so-called “gender identity.” It also defined “father” and “mother” and would have restricted use of women’s public restrooms and locker rooms to actual women. These clear definitions are necessary because the Left has forced its radical “gender” ideology into public spaces (and even public documents).
  • Bill HB 68 would have repealed the obscenity exemption for schools, libraries, etc. As everyone knows, depraved school and library officials are using this exemption to freely distribute horrible pornography to vulnerable children without the legal penalty that the rest of the general public faces.
  • And Bill 88 would have made it illegal to publicly display, exhibit, or post, etc. obscene material where others can easily see it. The text of the bill referred to physical spaces, not electronic communication.

Ridiculous leftist arguments

Lubnau made the preposterous claim that these bills are about “regulating private parts” and “people’s bedrooms.” He equated these bills to the anti-sodomy laws (which outlawed certain perverted private sexual acts) – even though all three bills were about obvious public issues.

Lubnau claimed that legally defining “mother” to be a “parent of the female sex” and “father” to be a parent of the male sex “seems strangely reminiscent of an Orwell novel.” He stupidly had it exactly backwards. Orwell wrote about government changing the language to support lies, not reinforcing our language to tell the truth!

To attempt to bolster his “private parts” argument, Lubnau brought up a “right to abortion” bill, HB76, which was sponsored by Democrats but had little chance of passage and had nothing to do with the others.

Wyoming MassResistance strikes back with a rebuttal

When this column came out, it certainly became a topic of conversation in Gillette!

Lubnau is a well-known GOP leadership figure writing in a major statewide conservative publication. The column was an embarrassment to the people in his district.

So our two Wyoming MassResistance chapter leaders in Gillette, Ed and Susan Sisti, wrote a rebuttal. Titled, “Legislating Public Consequences is Essential to Civil Society,” it was published in Cowboy State Daily last week. (For some reason it’s labeled a “Letter to the Editor” even though it’s the length of a normal op-ed article.)


Our Wyoming MassResistance chapter leaders didn’t pull any punches. They excoriated Lubnau for trafficking in “the weak arguments of corporate lobbyists and libertarian accommodationists.” In particular, they directly took on his absurd “private parts” reasoning:

People’s private lives used to be private, but now LGBT activists insist on making their private lives—and private parts—very public.

From the obscene books in public libraries, to the explicit curricula in public schools, to the very public displays of obscenity, depravity, and debauchery in PRIDE parades and festivals, Wyomingites (especially their children) cannot escape other people’s pushing their privates in public spaces.

And they concluded with:

The whole LGBT agenda has gone from the bedroom to the boardroom and is now invading the classroom.

If homosexuals and transgenders would have kept their privates private, there would have never been a need for the legislature to engage public debates to seek public consequences to stem the health, moral, and cultural collapse which has ensued.

Needless to say, the reaction from local conservatives has been overwhelmingly positive. People are thanking the Sistis and Wyoming MassResistance for stepping up and confronting the RINO mentality that has taken over their legislature – and telling the truth!


Final thoughts

Readers may recall our report several months ago on Idaho MassResistance parents confronting their RINO State Rep who voted against a bill to protect children in libraries. His “No” vote kept the bill from becoming law in Idaho! He tried to defend his vote using some leftist talking points he likely picked up in the State House, but the parents aren’t buying it at all. These legislators need to be directly challenged.

Idaho MassResistance mother confronts her RINO State Rep with the porn being pushed in libraries.

This needs to happen across the Western states. Legislators must be directly held accountable for their actions and their statements. MassResistance is committed to helping local pro-family people turn this terrible problem around!

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Netanyahu says ‘we’re attacking Iran directly,’ vows to ‘prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons’

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2024/01/netanyahu-were-attacking-iran-directly-vows-to-prevent-iran-from-attaining-nuclear-weapons#; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

A direct and open confrontation with Iran has been simmering as Israel’s war on Hamas continues. American officials have also stated what Netanyahu said, that Iran will not be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons. Last June, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also said that Iran will not be allowed to obtain nukes.

Iran has had a central role in Israel’s war with Hamas through its proxies: Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, as well as Hizballah and the Houthis.

“Netanyahu: We’re attacking Iran directly,” by Lazar Berman, Jerusalem Post, January 18, 2024:

Netanyahu is asked if he feels he has anything to apologize for regarding the events surrounding October 7. He says the way the question was framed is designed “to stain” him.

“Nobody is immune from mistakes, including me,” he says, but then again criticizes the reporter. “I’ll continue to fight Hamas, and you’ll continue to fight me,” he says. “That’s the division of work,” he says, between him and the TV studios.

In response to another reporter, who asks why Israel is sufficing with attacks on Iran’s proxies rather than attacking Iran directly, Netanyahu responds, “Who says we aren’t attacking Iran? We are attacking Iran.”

“Iran has further phases to go through that I won’t detail” on the path to nuclear weapons,” he says. “I am obligated as the prime minister of Israel to do everything to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons.”

Asked about the progress of the war, he says 16 or 17 of Hamas’s 24 battalions have been destroyed. “After that, there is the [phase] of clearing the territory [of remaining gunmen]. The first action is usually shorter, and the second usually takes longer.”

He derides the talk of holding elections at a time of war — with campaigns that would “divide the people rather than uniting the people… Are people seriously suggesting elections?”….

The ‘Rabbi’ and ‘Peace Activist’ Who Cheered the Hamas Oct. 7 Attack

“When I heard the initial reports of Hamas’ attacks on Israel this past Saturday... my first reaction was ‘Good for them.'”

SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/the-rabbi-and-peace-activist-who-cheered-the-hamas-oct-7-attack; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

[SPECIAL JANUARY PROMOTION: Spend $50+ In The FPM Store And Receive A Free Copy Of “Final Battle” By David Horowitz.]

When pro-Hamas insurrectionists stormed Capitol Hill, Brant Rosen, described as “one of the demonstrators”, was quoted as falsely accusing Jews of genocide. He was later arrested.

In Chicago, where he claims to have co-founded the “first anti-Zionist temple”, he showed up at a rally urging, “stop the violence, and then, to work toward a true and lasting and just peace.”

‘Rabbi’ Brant Rosen, a co-founder of the pro-terrorist JVP Rabbinical Council (the misleadingly named Jewish Voice for Peace is neither Jewish nor peaceful) is a public face of the political campaign against Israel disguised as calls for “peace” and a “ceasefire”. The media describes him as a “rabbi” and as a “peace activist”. Much like JVP, he’s as much of one as the other.

Rosen actually became a regional director for the American Friends Service Committee, a radical anti-American and anti-Israel Quaker group, after being pushed out of his synagogue for his hatred of the Jewish State and support for Islamic terrorists. In its 5-year tribute to him, AFSC did not use the ‘rabbi’ title. While at the AFSC, he claimed to have opened the “first anti-Zionist temple”. In reality, the “temple” appears to be a PO Box opposite a Little Caesars.

Whether the “temple” exists is unclear, but Brant Rosen’s hatred for Jews is all too real.

“When I heard the initial reports of Hamas’ attacks on Israel this past Saturday, I will be completely honest – my first reaction was ‘good for them,’” Brant Rosen wrote in response to the Hamas attacks of October 7.

When Hamas terrorists burst into homes in Kibbutz Nahal Oz, massacring families and livestreaming the horrors on Facebook, Brant Rosen described it as “not the first time this community had experienced Palestinian armed resistance”.

This is Brant Rosen and the Jewish Voice for Peace’s idea of “Palestinian armed resistance”.

“A father huddles over a mortally injured girl lying in a pool of blood as his wife wails.”

In his column, published at the People’s Voice (formerly the Communist Party’s Daily Worker), he claimed that “this latest violence did not occur in a vacuum. It is but the latest manifestation of an injustice that Israel has been perpetrating against the Palestinian people for decades.”

Later in October, Brant Rosen argued that, “Hamas’ abduction of hostages – brutal and heinous as it was – occurred in response to a colonial, apartheid regime that (sic) been governing their lives for the past 75 years.”

Brant Rosen gets a great deal of mileage for his activism by claiming to be a “rabbi”. In reality, he was “ordained” by the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College: an atheistic movement which believes neither in the Bible nor the G-d of the Bible, or in any actual form of Judaism. He speaks most convincingly about faith when discussing his love of Quaker spiritual teachings.

When he announced that he had founded the “first anti-Zionist temple”, the story popped up everywhere, including at the JTA: always eager to provide a platform for anti-Israel activists.

But the only address for Tzedek Chicago, the tattooed clergyman’s “anti-Zionist temple”, is a Chicago post office box seven miles from Rosen’s house and opposite a Little Caesars pizza place. The weekly “services” are happening in closed Zoom sessions.

The launch meeting for Tzedek Chicago was held in the basement of a Lutheran Church of the kind whose staff all list their pronouns. And he has described himself as “a Jew who also finds a comfortable spiritual home in the Quaker community” who testified that “my spiritual life has greatly benefitted from my encounter with Quaker thought and practice.”

The American Friends Service Committee had developed extensive Communist ties early in the last century and went to work covering up the worst horrors of these regimes. It even defended the Khmer Rogue genocide, claiming that the United States was spreading lies to undermine an “alternative model of development and social organization.”

After the fall of the Communist regimes, the AFSC turned to Islamic terrorism: its people met with  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and traveled to Iran. The AFSC defended the Hamas fundraisers of the Holy Land Foundation and ran a piece arguing for “Decriminalizing Hamas” urging that the Islamic terror group be removed from the list of terrorist organizations.

“When the Palestinians chose Hamas as their ruling party, by and large, they were choosing another alternative,” another AFSC article argued. “In this instance, they were mistaken in thinking that the world would respect their choice.”

Rosen claims that by opposing Israel he’s advocating for Jewish values, the actual values he’s advocating for are those of a Quaker group that partners with Hamas’ backers in Iran.

He established the “Jewish Fast for Gaza” back in 2009 a few years after Hamas took over.

Brant’s purpose in fasting was, among other things, “to call upon Israel, the US, and the international community to engage in negotiations with Hamas.”

By 2012, Brant Rosen had become so extreme that he was actually attacking Hussein Ibish, a leading anti-Israel Arab figure, for writing too harshly about Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal.

“It was only the armed resistance of Hamas in Gaza that managed to bring Hilary Clinton to the region and actively engage with the Israelis and Palestinians,” Brant Rosen argued.

“Meshaal’s opening went utterly unregarded by the Obama administration, who refused to deal with Hamas and chose to maintain its support of Israel’s crippling siege of Gaza.”

After the Hamas kidnapping and murder of three Jewish teens in 2014, Brant Rosen complained that Israel “knew full well that the teens had been murdered shortly after their abduction” and was “using the pretense of their kidnapping to brutally crack down on Hamas members.”

“If Israel was truly interested in following the course of justice in order to preserve life, it could have dropped its abject refusal to deal with Hamas following the November 2012 cease-fire and pursued further negotiations aimed at ending its crushing siege,” he went on to argue.

That same year, Brant Rosen left the synagogue he used to work at after his “views, work, and words on the Israel/Palestine issue caused deep rifts among the members” and got a job with the Quakers working against Israel and learning from the teachings that had praised Pol Pot.

The “close collaboration” between the American Friends Service Committee and JVP is such that some critics have questioned whether JVP isn’t just a Jewish suit that AFSC wears. Lynn Gottlieb, another member of JVP’s Rabbinical Council, used to head AFSC’s Middle East Program. May Ye, a current member, had ties to AFSC when she was a “musician”.

It’s unclear to what extent Tzedek Chicago exists off Zoom, but as a ‘church’ it doesn’t have to file 990 forms or reveal its financials. And there’s no way to know what the anti-Israel group could be hiding behind its “temple”. But Tzedek Chicago has the advantage of also advancing the “rabbinic” credentials of random anti-Israel activists.

May Ye, a Chinese-American activist from Maine who claimed that she “became a rabbi to be a Jewish voice for Palestinian liberation”, who was quoted in stories about the pro-Hamas assault on New York’s Grand Central Station over the Sabbath, had worked as a “rabbinic intern” at Tzedek Chicago before branching out as a “radical rabbi” with a focus on destroying the Jewish State.

What does it mean to be a “rabbinic intern” in a P.O. Box opposite a Little Caesars?

The media is too busy promoting collaborators like Brant Rosen to ask such basic questions.

And while Brant compares Israel’s Jews to the Nazis, his wife Hallie Esbin Rosen, who worked for the ADL for 15 years and used to work for the Illinois Holocaust Museum, has taken part in Brant’s anti-Israel rallies.

But Brant Rosen, like many other activists, would not exist if the media did not prop him up. And that is especially true of the JTA which has published multiple articles promoting a “rabbi” and his PO Box congregation whose main claim to fame is supporting terrorists and hating Israel.

The JTA ran 9 articles promoting Brant Rosen over the years. It ran two articles alone about his new “temple”. The average synagogue would never get such publicity. Stories about Rosen then popped up in every Jewish local paper in America reprinting the JTA’s publicity for Rosen.

Rosen, JVP, If Not Now, and other hate groups and terrorist collaborators have been blown up into public figures by the JTA and supportive media without revealing what they really believe.

Brant Rosen’s first reaction to Oct 7 was, “when I heard the initial reports of Hamas’ attacks on Israel this past Saturday, I will be completely honest – my first reaction was ‘good for them.”

That is the story about the Quaker Rabbi of the PO Box Anti-Zionist Temple the media won’t tell.

US announces naval coalition to protect ships in the Red Sea from Houthi attacks

REPUBLISHED, SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/12/us-announces-naval-coalition-to-protect-ships-in-the-red-sea-from-houthi-attacks#

A naval coalition to “protect shipping in the Red Sea comes as two ships were struck by ballistic missiles fired from Houthi territory on Friday.”

As America tries to form the “‘broadest possible’ maritime coalition” to protect the Suez Canal route which sees about six million barrels pass through each day, mainly en route to Europe, it is notable that only one Muslim country has joined: Bahrain. “Notable absentees were Arab nations Egypt and Saudi Arabia,” likely because they do not want to be viewed as siding with Israel and America.

Meanwhile, Iran-aligned Houthis are talking tough against the maritime coalition, threatening that “the Red Sea will be your graveyard.” The emboldening of the Houthis follows a threat by Iran days ago that any such coalition would face “extraordinary problems.”

Although Iran has not formally entered the intensifying war being waged by Israel against Hamas, it is battling on the sidelines, given its support for Yemen’s Houthis and its funding of Hamas (whose military wing saw a significant increase in 2023), Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hizballah (an ever-present threat of full scale war with Israel).

“US announces naval coalition to defend Red Sea shipping from Houthi attacks | US military,” by Dan Sabbagh, Guardian, December 19, 2023:

The US has announced the creation of an enhanced naval protection force operating in the southern Red Sea in an attempt to ward off mounting attacks from Yemen’s rebel Houthis on merchant shipping.

Britain said it would be among the countries participating but notable absentees were Arab nations Egypt and Saudi Arabia while analysts speculated that shipping would continue to be disrupted and attacks continue.

Lloyd Austin, the US defence secretary, said the new effort would be called Operation Prosperity Guardian and was necessary to tackle the “recent escalation in reckless Houthi attacks originating from Yemen”.

Other participants in the effort, Austin said, included Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles and Spain.

But it was not clear it had any immediate impact on securing the strategic waterway, through which an estimated 50 merchant ships normally pass each day, heading to and from the Suez canal, often transiting between Asia and Europe….

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