IDF warning: Iran arming Venezuela with weapons ‘very capable of hitting U.S.’

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This IDF revelation should come as no surprise. In 2022, Venezuela provided Iran with 1,000,000 hectares of  alleged “farmland for cultivation.” One hectare is the size of two and a half football fields, so what could Iran possibly have had in mind? That same year, an independent Israeli intelligence analyst stated that a Venezuelan cargo plane was linked to Iran’s attempts to attack Israelis. Venezuela has also hosted Hizballah and Fatah cells involved in money laundering, drug dealing, and jihad activity.

As America continues to sink under Joe Biden, America’s enemies are steadily gaining strength, with disastrous consequences now quite possible for American citizens.

“IDF Warns Biden: Iran Arming Venezuela with Weapons ‘Very Well Capable’ of Hitting U.S.,” by Frances Martel, Breitbart, March 7, 2024:

 warned in a video published on Tuesday that Iran has successfully expanded its influence in Venezuela to such a degree that it has planted military assets there that pose a threat to American cities within attack distance, such as Miami, Florida.

The video is part of a series by the IDF called “Iran’s Axis of Terror,” explaining how Tehran uses alliances around the world to undermine global security and enable jihadist terrorism that poses a threat far beyond Israel.

Iran’s Islamist “revolutionary” regime and the socialist gang led by dictator Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela conspicuously flaunt their alliance. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi most recently visited Venezuela – and fellow leftist allies Nicaragua and Cuba – in June, inking deals in Caracas to develop a “technology office” and significant expansions of the presence of Iranian mining, education, agriculture, and other industries in the impoverished socialist country…..

Biden Blunders Towards Nuclear War By Arming Iran With Top Secret Hit List~How Worse Can It Get?~US B-52 bombers prepare for a massive airstrike on Iran

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Iran Nervous! US B-52 bombers prepare for a massive airstrike on Iran after deadly strike on US base

U.S. Soldier Says Army Demands Cash for Gear Ordered Left Behind in Afghanistan

Heidi Vogt
Illegal alien criminals, child traffickers, and potential terrorists violating our laws to cross the southern U.S. border get all kinds of moolah and freebies. But if you’re an American soldier who put everything on the line to defend your country, Uncle Sam would apparently like a thousand bucks for that gear you were told you COULDN’T bring out of Afghanistan.

It has seemed fairly obvious, especially since the disastrous withdrawal that left thousands of Americans and allies stranded in the hellhole of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, that the Biden administration hates our military. Congressmen were exempted from the federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates, but West Point cadets and military members had to get jabbed or get sacked. The Biden administration is still pouring billions of dollars we don’t have into Ukraine, where a horrifying number of young Ukrainian men have died for no purpose; and the government has new wads of cash to expend on toxic, inefficient, and unreliable “green” energy. But one soldier who is separating from the military found that the Army expected him to cough up between $500 and $1,000 to pay for military gear that the soldier was told he had to leave behind in Afghanistan!

In an undated TikTok video shared on Gettr by Citizen Free Press, a U.S. Army soldier angrily explained his predicament. “[I] wanna share something with you guys today,” he began. “I wanna holler, I wanna scream, I wanna yell, but it won’t do any good.” So why was he so frustrated? “Today is gear turn-in day for me, [I] turn in all the gear that I’ve collected over the last four years of being active duty with the Army, the 82nd Airborne Division.”

The soldier provided the background. “Two years ago, my unit deployed to Afghanistan for the Afghanistan withdrawal,” he explained. “We spent a few weeks over there. It was hectic, it was chaotic, it was disgusting, and it made me very disappointed in our government.” It’s a failure burned into the memories of military members and families who wondered what their friends and family died for in Afghanistan. But it also turned into a personal problem for this soldier.

“Today, I’m reminded of how disappointed I am in our government,” he said. “Go to turn in my gear, they want to charge me 500 to a thousand dollars for gear that I was ordered to leave in Afghanistan two years ago. Because as the last two birds [airplanes] were sitting on the tarmac ready to leave, there wasn’t any room for extra gear, extra weight. Therefore, we were told to leave it.” If you’ve seen pictures of the jam-packed planes out of Afghanistan, with men desperately clinging to the outside in despair, you know what he means.

As usual, some of the enlisted soldiers had more foresight than their leadership. “Some lower enlisted dudes, including myself, were like, ‘no, this stuff is expensive, I’m not leaving this, I’m gonna get charged for this when it comes time to leave,’” the soldier said. “‘Don’t worry, we’re gonna catch you on the back end,’” he was promised. So his gear joined the over $7 billion worth of U.S. equipment (and quite possibly more) left behind for the Taliban to seize, use, and sell.

The Biden administration wasn’t concerned about preventing the terrorist Taliban from obtaining the equipment, but it is asking this soldier for money. “It’s time to get out of the Army and they just wanna — they wanna charge you for that,” the soldier said, highlighting how Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and Ukraine have continued to receive massive amounts of money. “Meanwhile, we can continue to give millions of dollars to the Taliban, we can give billions of dollars to Ukraine, we can give billions of dollars to student debt relief, we can give a bunch of stupid stimulus checks, we can cut those to the American people, but we can’t cover 500 to a thousand dollars for a dude that left gear in Afghanistan, for a dude that left gear in a place that you put me, to begin with.”

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And people wonder why families and individuals previously passionately devoted to the military are telling their friends and children not to join up. As the soldier put it, “The government is so stinking backward right now, man. This administration’s last priority is the American people, and inside the American people, their last priority is their soldiers, their Marines, their airmen, their — their Navy. It’s so messed up.”

Unfortunately, the soldier is completely spot on. “I thought today was gonna be bittersweet, getting out, but I’m just so happy to separate. I’m very, very excited to stop serving my government and just getting started serving my country.”

How Bad Is Crime in Philadelphia? Bad Enough for a Cheesesteak Joint to Hire Armed Security

How Bad Is Crime in Philadelphia? Bad Enough for a Cheesesteak Joint to Hire Armed Security
Whenever someone gears up to pay the historic city of Philadelphia a visit, one of the first things they want to know is which establishment makes the best cheesesteak sandwiches. The age-old question was usually decided by whether or not you wanted Cheeze-Whiz or provolone on it. Nowadays, with the skyrocketing crime rate in the city, thanks to disastrous soft-on-crime policies instituted by Democrats, the best cheesesteak joint is the one with armed guards. Tragic, that this is what the City of Brotherly Love has become in Biden’s America.

According to a new report from TheBlaze, Jim’s West Steaks and Hoagies has hired armed guards to provide protection for customers who come to their establishment for the simple pleasure of a good sandwich. It’s absolutely atrocious this is now necessary. But hey, what do you expect when officials in our country’s major cities push for shorter prison sentences, defunding police forces, and all manner of bills that favor criminals? The whole point of having a legal system is the protection of the innocent and discouraging the bad guys from doing bad things that harm society.

If the consequences for doing bad things that harm society consist of slaps on the wrist, we should not be surprised when our deterrent no longer deters.

One of the main reasons the restaurant decided to hire armed guards is because they are a super popular place that usually has lines of people going down the block, which leaves them open to assault and other forms of crime while waiting in line.

The chief financial officer of Jim’s West spoke with local media outlet WPVI-TV, saying, “The violence has spiked. It goes up and down. You want people to feel safe and be safe. So when they come out and eat, they don’t have to worry about no type of harm.”

The owner of Presidential Protection Services, Kevon Darden, has actually gotten out on the streets in front of the famous hoagie establishment and guarded customers. He said that the guards protecting patrons have been certified by the State of Pennsylvania to perform the duties required of security professionals. Many of these individuals have either military or law enforcement backgrounds. In other words, these aren’t random dudes off Monster or Indeed. These are guys who know exactly what they are doing and perform at the highest level of their industry.

Landers commented that the threat of violence on the street is so pervasive right now that many local businesses are being forced to drop a load of extra cash to try and keep both workers and their customer base safe. This is money that many of these smaller companies can’t really afford to part with. So, in light of that, they are forced to offset the cost, which means raising prices for goods and services. And that’s a drain on the bottom line, as it will inevitably reduce business and profit. Reduced profits mean jobs being cut. The company downsizes instead of expanding. The economy of the whole city takes a punch to the gut.

All of this is because leftists, desperate to remain in power, are doing their best to ensure criminals get off lightly for their behavior so they can ultimately restore their right to vote and fluff up their voter rolls. Gross, right?

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The Philly Voice stated in a recent report that, back in 2015, Jim’s West was the target of several armed robbers who ended up only getting $215 in cash out of the register and from customers who were patronizing the establishment at the time.

One of the customers weighed in on the armed guards, saying, “If it deters it (crime), I can’t complain. I’m not a big fan of guns, but I get it.”

Another individual, likely a bonehead liberal, said that seeing an armed guard “walking around with a machine gun, it’s not family-friendly.”

I hate to break it to this person, but given the crime rate in Philly, I’d say the whole city is no longer “family friendly.”