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China Brokers Deal Between Iran and Saudi Arabia. What’s Next?

China Brokers Deal Between Iran and Saudi Arabia. What’s Next?


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/china-brokers-deal-between-iran-and-saudi-arabia-whats-next/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

On March 10, Saudi Arabia and Iran reached a diplomatic milestone when they agreed to reboot normalized ties in a deal brokered by China.

The countries unveiled their plans in a joint statement confirming that the two largest Middle Eastern nations by area will restart diplomatic relations after severing ties in 2016 when protesters stormed the kingdom’s embassy in Teheran after Saudi Arabia’s execution of a key Saudi Shi’ite cleric. The ensuing conflict between the two Islamic nations, situated less than 240 kilometers away from each other across the Persian Gulf, has long influenced politics and trade in the Middle East.

Tensions reached an alarming high in 2019 when a missile and drone assault on a key Saudi oil installation impacted half of the kingdom’s crude production. U.S. officials claimed that Iran was directly responsible for the assault, though Iran denied involvement.

Besides, both countries have been fighting what is essentially a proxy war in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition is targeting Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

Saudi officials have also frequently voiced concerns over Iran’s nuclear program, saying that the kingdom would be Iran’s first target.

However, Friday’s deal would see a thaw in frosty ties, with each side reopening embassies in the other country within two months. Notably, this agreement was signed after four days of hitherto-classified talks in Beijing between top security officials from the two Middle Eastern powers. It was inked by Iran’s top security official, Ali Shamkhani, and Saudi Arabia’s national security advisor, Musaed bin Mohammed Al-Aiban. A third signatory was China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi.

Both Middle Eastern countries thanked China, as well as Iraq and Oman for arranging earlier talks in 2021 and 2022.

“Talks were advanced on the basis of the consensus of the leaders of China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran…. China will continue to play a constructive role in handling hot-spot issues, (and) demonstrate our responsibility as a major nation,” said Wang.

Wang also pointed out that the talks demonstrated that the Ukraine crisis is not the only problem in the world and that there were many issues revolving around peace and people’s livelihoods that need proper handling.

In turn, Iraq lauded the agreement, saying the move would signify a new chapter between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

“A new page has been opened in diplomatic relations between the two countries,” read a statement from the Foreign Ministry of Iraq, which has conducted various rounds of reconciliation talks for the Iranians and Saudis since 2021.

A senior Iranian security official said Friday’s agreement was backed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“That is why Shamkhani traveled to China as the supreme leader’s representative,” the official told Reuters. “The establishment wanted to show that the top authority in Iran backed this decision.”

Observers contend that this plan would most likely have far-reaching ramifications throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world.

For instance, Beijing’s involvement displays China’s rising clout in the region as well as the dwindling global influence of the United States, said Jon Alterman of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

“The not-so-subtle message that China is sending is that while the United States is the preponderant military power in the Gulf, China is a powerful and arguably rising diplomatic presence,” he said.

China’s role in brokering the deal could have “significant implications” for Washington, said Daniel Russel, the U.S. diplomat for East Asia under former president Barack Obama.

Russel said it is rare for China to independently broker a diplomatic deal in a conflict with which it is not involved.

“The question is whether this is the shape of things to come,” he said. “Could it be a precursor to a Chinese mediation effort between Russia and Ukraine when [President Xi Jinping] visits Moscow?”

Media outlet AFP reported China as being the “godfather” of the agreement, as its influence over Iran was key to reassuring the Saudis, citing analysts.

“This may be a sign of [China’s] growing confidence in its regional presence, it may be a sign that it thinks there is space to challenge US preponderance in the Middle East. In any case, it looks like a diplomatic win for China and a significant departure from its regional approach up to this point,” senior resident Atlantic Council fellow Jonathan Fulton told AFP.

For years, China has been trying to rival America’s role as a global superpower. Friday’s agreement was a big diplomatic win for China, challenging America’s influence in the Middle East.

The mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party, the Global Times, praised the deal as a major indicator of Beijing’s influence as a global power, and the corresponding decline of American influence under aging Democrat President Joe Biden.

The Global Times further quoted analysts who credited Beijing with working out a deal between the Saudis and Iranians and providing stability to counter the “impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.”

Alluding to the deal, Joost Hiltermann of the International Crisis Group said,

The White House has come out and said that it’s quite OK with the fact that they are reestablishing diplomatic relations, but it’s also clear that the United States could never have brokered this because it cannot speak to Iran directly. So if Iran and Saudi Arabia want to go ahead with this, they needed another intermediary, and that clearly was China. Now, is the United States happy that China is starting to present — profile itself in the Middle East as a potential broker of relations and with a history where it has had huge and growing economic and commercial investments and interests and is now starting to dabble in the political sphere? I’m sure that there are some concerns about the rising power of China that is starting to manifest itself in the Middle East as well on the political level.

Regarding America’s stance, White House spokesman John Kirby said that although Washington was not directly involved in Friday’s deal, Saudi Arabia informed U.S. officials of the talks.

Kirby seemed to minimize China’s role in Friday’s development, saying that internal and external pressure, including successful Saudi deterrence against attacks from Iran or its proxies, eventually convinced Teheran to normalize relations with the Saudis.

Nonetheless, former senior U.S. and UN official Jeffrey Feltman said China’s role, rather than the reopening of embassies after six years, is the most significant aspect of the agreement.

“This will be interpreted — probably accurately — as a slap at the Biden administration and as evidence that China is the rising power,” said Feltman, a fellow at the Brookings Institution.

“China doesn’t have the capacity to play a bigger security role in the region,” commented Sanam Vakil, deputy director of the Middle East and North Africa program at Chatham House, a London think tank. But the deal to restore diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia “foreshadows its potential to be an appealing alternative to Washington.”

Indeed, this recent deal brokered by China further adds to the communist state’s influence in the Gulf region, after authoritarian leader Xi Jinping’s meeting the leaders of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations in December last year.

In December, Xi had urged the Gulf countries — Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates — to conduct bilateral oil and gas transactions in the Chinese yuan rather than the U.S. dollar by using the Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange as a platform.

Xi’s December trip marked “the birth of the petroyuan,” and China’s drive “to rewrite the rules of the global energy market,” according to Credit Suisse analyst Zoltan Pozsar, whose comments were published in a British newspaper.

Pozsar had previously said that China hoped to de-dollarize parts of the world since the U.S. dollar’s hegemonic status was used to undermine Russia. He acknowledged that Xi’s declaration was part of “a larger effort to de-dollarize” the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) “and many other parts of the world after the weaponization of dollar foreign exchange reserves” coinciding with the onset of the Ukraine-Russia crisis last year.

Dampening American influence in the region even further has been the tense relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia, particularly since the 2018 assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who had criticized the Saudi regime. Based on U.S. intelligence reports in 2021, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman authorized an operation to kill or capture Khashoggi.

Also, with the United States having strained ties with Iran for decades since the 1979 Iranian Revolution, it would be less able than China to arrange a deal such as last Friday’s between the Iranians and Saudis. In contrast, China has bought huge amounts of oil from Saudi Arabia and has maintained warm ties with Iran.

“It should be a warning to US policymakers: Leave the Middle East and abandon ties with sometimes frustrating, even barbarous, but long-standing allies, and you’ll simply be leaving a vacuum for China to fill,” said Jonathan Panikoff, the director of the Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative for the Atlantic Council, in a Friday statement.

It could be said that this deal reflects a shift in Saudi foreign policy away from the United States. While the United States remains Saudi Arabia’s largest military supplier, recent years have shown that the desert kingdom has been wooing several powers, including Russia, China, and now, Iran.

With Washington increasingly preoccupied with sending Ukraine hundreds of billions of dollars in economic and military aid, the Middle East is trying to address its old divisions and ease tensions. Beijing’s ability to talk to all sides without lecturing them on human rights has thus far seemed to be a more appealing prospect for the region’s many authoritarian regimes.

Nevertheless, U.S. ally Israel lambasted last Friday’s announcement, stating it proved Washington’s and Israel’s “weakness” toward Tehran. “There was a feeling of US and Israeli weakness and this is why the Saudis started looking for new avenues. It was clear that this was going to happen,” a senior Israeli official told reporters traveling with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to Axios.

This new development would make Israel’s goal to target Iranian nuclear facilities and Washington’s plans to destabilize the Iranian government even more challenging.

An unnamed senior Israeli political official accused former Prime Ministers Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett for Friday’s China-brokered deal, after criticism from the opposition to the Netanyahu government for missing an opportunity to boost ties with Arab states.

In a statement to the Israeli paper Ynet, the official said, “The contacts between the countries started a year ago, during the term of the previous government, because there was a feeling of Israeli and American weakness. Weakness brings rapprochement with Iran, while strength pushes rapprochement away.”

“It is important to form a strong position against Iran, both in the United States and in Europe. The Israeli policy of preventing Iran from arming itself does not depend on the support of any country,” he noted.

That being said, the official stated that efforts will continue for an Israeli reconciliation with Riyadh. “The contacts are frequent and the basic picture did not change. The stronger the Western position against Iran is, the less significant their relations with Saudi Arabia will be.”

Meanwhile, Lapid’s office dismissed the official’s remarks, responding, “These are delusional statements. During the period of our government, an aviation agreement was signed with Saudi Arabia and the tripartite security agreement with Saudi Arabia and Egypt.”

Lapid then proceeded to blame Netanyahu for straining relations with Washington, stating, “All of this came to a halt when the most extreme government in Israel’s history was established here, and it became clear to the Saudis that Netanyahu was weak and the Americans stopped listening to him. Apparently, the Italian wine blurred Mr. Netanyahu’s memory.”

Lapid added, “The [Saudi-Iran] agreement is a complete and dangerous failure of the Israeli government’s foreign policy.”

“This is what happens when you deal all day long with legal madness instead of doing what needs to be done vis-à-vis Iran and instead of strengthening relations with the United States.”

Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett reinforced Lapid’s views, saying, “The renewal of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran is a serious and dangerous development for Israel, a political victory for Iran, and a fatal blow to the effort to build a regional coalition against Iran. It is a resounding failure of the Netanyahu government, stemming from a combination of diplomatic neglect with general weakness and internal conflict in the country.”

Bennett added, “The countries of the world and the region watch Israel and see a country in conflict, with a dysfunctional government. And so these countries choose a side. The Netanyahu government is a resounding economic, political, and security failure. Every day, its actions endanger the State of Israel.”

Senior opposition member Gideon Saar, who is also a member of the Knesset’s foreign affairs and security committee, tweeted, “Netanyahu promised peace with the Saudis. But eventually [the Saudis] made peace with Iran.”

Chair of the Knesset’s foreign affairs and security committee Yuli Edelstein said that the agreement “is very bad for Israel and for the entire free world,” adding, “The world does not stop while we are busy here with power struggles and clashes — certainly not our worst enemy.”

The news of the China-brokered deal came as Netanyahu was in Rome for his meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Speaking with Italian business people before the publication of the agreement, Netanyahu said, “I think the possibilities will grow beyond imagination if we are successful with another goal that I have, and that is to achieve normalization and peace with Saudi Arabia. One of my central goals is to achieve normalization with Saudi Arabia.”

The Israeli press pointed out that Netanyahu’s optimistic words before the publication of the Iran-Saudi agreement clearly showed he was out of touch with the Saudis’ intention that the Saudi deal showed that Riyadh does not think Israel has a feasible plan for curbing the Iranian nuclear program.

For years, Iran and Israel have been at loggerheads with each other, with Israel being one of the fiercest critics of Iran and its nuclear program. The Israeli government under Netanyahu had protested the 2015 nuclear deal that curtailed the program in exchange for the United States loosening sanctions on the Iranian regime.

In recent years, Israel has stepped up its diplomatic efforts with various Arab states, primarily via the 2019 Abraham Accords that saw Israel mending ties with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Subsequently, Sudan and Morocco also set up diplomatic relations with Israel.

The New York Times reported that Saudi Arabia has issued its conditions for recognizing Israel, which encompassed a security guarantee from the United States, the development of a civilian nuclear program, and reduced sanctions on U.S. arms sales.

President Biden appeared to express support for the Saudi-Iranian deal in a statement Friday, saying that “Better relations between Israel and their Arab neighbors are better for everybody.” Biden’s comments certainly hold true, but with his administration’s full-fledged support of the Ukraine conflict and reduced clout in the Middle East, it is not surprising if observers conclude that his words are mere rhetoric. After all, better relations between Ukraine and Russia, without further provocation of Russia by a U.S.-led NATO, would also be better for everybody.

Netanyahu: ‘I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons’


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/03/netanyahu-i-will-do-everything-in-my-power-to-prevent-iran-from-acquiring-nuclear-weapons;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

It’s a rule of thumb: appeasing bullies makes them stronger. Yet the world has insisted upon such appeasement from Israel for decades in the face of the Palestinian jihad against the Jewish state. Now that Israel has a government that is standing up and saying enough, the blame will increasingly fall on Netanyahu rather than where it should be falling.

Iran has now enriched uranium to nearly 90% and has been for a considerable period been funding the Palestinian jihad against Israel.

“Israel’s Window to Strike Iran Narrows as Putin Enters Equation,” by Ethan Bronner, Bloomberg, March 2, 2023:

Iran is seeking sophisticated new air-defense systems from Russia that Israeli officials believe will narrow the window for a potential strike on Tehran’s nuclear program, according to people familiar with the matter.

The prospect of Iran getting the systems, the S-400s, would accelerate a decision on a possible attack, people in Israel and the US with knowledge of the discussions said.

Russia hasn’t said publicly if it will supply the weapons, but Moscow and Tehran have drawn closer since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

It would take less than two years for the S-400s to be operational.

“The longer you wait, the harder that becomes,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said of a strike on Iran at a security conference in Tel Aviv last week. “We’ve waited very long. I can tell you that I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.”

Such open threats — daily occurrences now in Israel — are a complex mix of intent and messaging aimed at Tehran and Washington although Israel bombed nuclear sites in Iraq in 1981 and Syria in 2007. An open military conflict with Iran could trigger an unparalleled regional conflagration affecting global oil supplies…..

THE NEW AMERICAN: “Rage Against the War Machine” Rally Held in D.C.

Ron Paul speaking at Rage Against the War Machine rally:

“Rage Against the War Machine” Rally Held in D.C.


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/rage-against-the-war-machine-rally-held-in-d-c/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Hours before Joe Biden sneaked out of the country to war-torn Kyiv hundreds of protesters gathered in Washington, D.C. Sunday for the “Rage Against the War Machine” rally.

The anti-war event held at the Lincoln Memorial marked almost one year since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine which quickly evolved into a proxy war between NATO and Russia. The speakers were represented by affluent public figures, journalists, artists, and former politicians, including a couple of presidential candidates.

Participants’ key demands included effectively ending military support for Ukraine, facilitating peace talks, reducing the Pentagon budget in favor of addressing numerous domestic issues, disbanding NATO, closing all foreign military bases, refusing interventionism, and dismantling the CIA and military-industrial deep state that thrives on war.

The event was largely perceived as pro-Russian. “A large anti-Ukraine war rally will take place in Washington, DC on Sunday,” posted Fox News, among others. To clarify that such labeling was incorrect, the Libertarian Party, one of the main organizers, had to put up a statement that it was not a pro-Russian event:

Let us be clear.
We oppose all wars.
We oppose all states who initiate them.
We are not pro-Putin. We are not pro-Russia.
We oppose Russia’s invasion and any initiation of force.

Speaking with The New American, Angela McArdle, the chairwoman of the Libertarian National Committee, stressed that they did not support Russian President Vladimir Putin but tried to educate people about the underlying causes of war and to build a powerful and unifying pro-peace movement.

Still, several attendees were waving Russian flags, and a couple brought red Soviet banners with hammers and sickles.

The sentiment toward Ukraine seemed to distinguish between the Zelensky administration and everyday Ukrainians. The first was accused of being “infiltrated by Nazis,” and the latter was correctly said to be the foremost victim of the ongoing war. Not a single Ukrainian flag was in sight. According to the Daily Beast, some Ukrainians saw the event as anti-Ukrainian and showed up for a five-person counter-protest.

A self-described “Marxist Leninist and American patriot,” anti-war activist and YouTube personality Jackson Hinkle accused the U.S. Congress of having the blood of young Ukrainian and Russian men dying in Ukraine on their hands. “The halls of Congress that they go to vote to send another ten billion dollars to Ukraine, their roofs are dripping with the blood of Ukrainian soldiers,” he said to the cheers of the crowd.

Almost every single speaker stated that the bloated defense budget diverts funds away from pressing domestic issues.

Diane Sare, backlisted by the Ukrainian government for “promoting narratives consonant with Russian propaganda,” along with keynote speakers of the rally Tulsi Gabbard and Ron Paul, said, “Millions are suffering in our own nation because of our foolish insistence on being a global hegemon.”

“Our nation used to lead the world in producing steel, cars, and ships,” said Dennis Kucinich, a former U.S. Congressman from Ohio who was a staunch opponent of the Iraq war. “Now, we lead the world in making enemies, confusing defense with offense. Arming ourselves to the teeth, spending trillions of dollars to advance an aggressive empire through the promotion of war. But the wars, my dear friends, have come home.”

The warning of a global war that would result in mutual nuclear annihilation was another theme of the speeches.

“The war machine of NATO will destroy life on the planet. It’s in the process of doing it right now,” said Dr. Jill Stain, the Green Party’s former nominee for president.

Describing the Ukrainian situation as a “catastrophe” that can “grow out of control,” Scott Horton, the editorial director of Antiwar.com, said that in a direct conflict between NATO and Russia, billions would be killed. Therefore, there’s an urgent need for a ceasefire and peace negotiations. Horton went on to describe how the expansion of NATO and American meddling in Russian domestic politics in the 1990s, along with regime changes, aka “color revolutions,” in the former Soviet republics orchestrated by the U.S. government were major driving forces feeding Russian militarism.

“The only thing we should be calling an enemy is the very idea that there can be a right side in the toxic tangle of organized mass murder that is every war,” said David Swanson of the World BEYOND War, saying that he’s not even demanding the government stop funding the Ukrainian war to redirect funds to Americans, but foremost to avoid a nuclear war that would “end us all.”

Tulsi Gabbard, a former U.S. Representative from Hawaii, also accused the military deep state and its government puppets of leading the country to a nuclear Holocaust with no regard for the lives of ordinary Americans. “This proxy war that we are fighting against Russia right now could turn at any moment into a direct conflict between the United States/NATO and Russia,” Gabbard said, warning that “anyone with a little bit of common sense knows that a cold war can at any moment turn into a hot war against a nuclear-armed country.” “Such wars can not be won,” she emphasized.

Ron Paul, a former U.S. Congressman from Texas and the nation’s most prominent libertarian, said that the solution to the war issue is “simple”: “End the Fed!” This statement was met with loud cheers and chants of “End the Fed!” Paul went on to describe how the federal government bankrupts Americans with taxes, money printing, and perpetual war. Ordinary citizens themselves would likely never go to war, so they are being lied to, frightened, and shamed into supporting the war machine.  

Speaking with The New American, Paul said that the key to ending the war is building a grass-roots anti-war movement and educating people to change their hearts and minds about the war machine.

Please stay tuned for the interviews.

China Strengthens Alliance with Iran, Challenging US Global Supremacy

Ebrahim Raisi and Xi Jinping:

China Strengthens Alliance With Iran, Challenging U.S. Global Supremacy


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/china-strengthens-alliance-with-iran-challenging-u-s-global-supremacy/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

As tensions rise between China and the United States, Beijing continues to build a parallel international world order that challenges America’s increasingly tenuous hegemony.

Among the world powers with whom the CCP is forming ever-closer ties is Iran. China is strengthening its diplomatic ties with Tehran and moving forward with plans to integrate the two nations’ economies with a 25-year cooperation program.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi traveled to Beijing this week in what was the first visit by an Iranian head of state to China in 20 years.

During the visit, Raisi met with China’s president, Xi Jinping. The Chinese leader vowed that his country “will unswervingly maintain its friendship and cooperation with Iran and advance China-Iran comprehensive strategic partnership.”

During Raisi’s trip, it is expected that China and Iran will finalize several bilateral cooperation agreements aimed at integrating the two nations’ economies to a historically unprecedented degree.

Thus far, Tehran and Beijing have signed at least 20 agreements and documents, which outline economic cooperation in the areas of intellectual property, information technology, health, and international trade.

This comes at a time when the United States, and in particular its national security establishment, is up in arms over an alleged Chinese spy balloon that managed to make its way across the continent before the Biden administration finally shot it down. Then, over the weekend, three further unidentified flying objects were shot down over the United States and Canada.

Iran has expressed interest in such spy technology, and China might oblige in teaching its ally how to build it.

Political observers believe the new agreements are bad for the United States. The partnership will certainly make it easier for Tehran and Beijing to evade the consequences of U.S. sanctions.

Behnam Ben Taleblu of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a think tank, told the Free Beacon that the China-Iran agreements “will be one of the toughest for Washington to offset in the next decade, as both rogues tighten economic and security ties.”

“Tightening ties between Beijing and Tehran is more proof that the Biden administration cannot afford to treat the China and Iran challenge as regional or quarantined,” continued Taleblu, adding that China “remains Iran’s economic lifeline, and has been the largest illicit and licit importer of Iranian crude oil in the past decade.”

As the Free Beacon noted:

Iranian officials say the country’s exports to China topped $12 billion during the last 10 months and that China exported around $12.3 billion of goods into Iran.

The Chinese leader celebrated the alliance with Iran in comments during a joint appearance with Raisi. The Chinese Communist Party “supports Iran in safeguarding national sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and national dignity … and in resisting unilateralism and hegemonism,” Xi said in comments carried by Iran’s state-controlled press. “In the face of the current complex changes in the world, times, and history, China and Iran have supported each other and worked together in solidarity and cooperation.”

The United States isn’t the only country struggling to deal with China’s growing dominance on the world stage. British officials are reportedly wargaming an economic response in the event that China invades Taiwan, as Britain and the West’s manufacturing dependence on the two Asian nations means their economies would certainly be impacted by such a conflict.

British MP and former Prime Minster Liz Truss on Friday is calling on her country to be more hawkish on China, advocating for the defense of a free Taiwan and urging sanctions against Beijing if it escalates tensions with Taipei.

Among the actions Truss wants to see are the creation of an “economic NATO” and regular audits by the Western-aligned powers to lower dependence on China in major industries.

As The New American has previously reported, it isn’t just China that is forging closer relations with Tehran. Russia is also partnering closely with the Middle Eastern power and is now the largest foreign investor in Iran.

According to Iran’s deputy finance minister, Ali Fekri, Russia “had brought some $2.7 billion worth of investment to two petroleum projects in Iran’s Western province of Ilam in the past 15 months,” accounting for 45 percent of all foreign investment secured by Tehran within that time frame.

The other top foreign investors in Iran for that reporting period were China, Turkey, Afghanistan, and the United Arab Emirates.

The collaboration was punctuated by the signing in January of a free-trade memorandum between Iran and Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) — a move anticipated to grow the relationship between the two countries.

Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of Russia’s State Duma, called the mutual trade “extremely important in the conditions of sanctions pressure on our countries.”

Praising the free-trade memorandum, Volodin asserted that Moscow and Tehran should work on improving collaboration in finance and banking and that they can achieve this, in part, by using national currencies more often in settlements.

U.S. hegemony has long rested on its economic dominance, military superiority, the reign of the dollar, and its ability to punish “disobedient” nations with crippling sanctions.

Now, all of this leverage is rapidly being challenged by a rising Russo-Sino order that is clearly playing for keeps while Washington clumsily plays catch-up.

Biden’s Non-Binary Ex-Nuclear Waste Chief Appears In Court

'Why Would You Want Some Lady's Dirty Clothes?': Biden’s ‘Non-Binary’ Ex-Nuclear Waste Chief’s Rough Day in Court

'Why Would You Want Some Lady's Dirty Clothes?': Biden’s ‘Non-Binary’ Ex-Nuclear Waste Chief’s Rough Day in Court

Biden’s ‘Nonbinary,’ Ex-Nuclear Waste Czar Luggage Thief Learns Its Fate in Minnesota Courthouse


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/culture/robert-spencer/2023/02/15/why-would-you-want-some-ladys-dirty-clothes-bidens-non-binary-ex-nuclear-waste-chiefs-rough-day-in-court-n1670948;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Just a few months ago, Sam Brinton was a rising star in the universe of the woke. Back on June 29, he announced, with considerable fanfare, his new role as deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the U.S. Department of Energy and tweeted happily about being “one of if not the very first openly genderfluid individuals in federal government leadership.” But it all ended ignominiously less than six months later: on Dec. 12, a Department of Energy spokesbeing announced tersely: “Sam Brinton is no longer a DOE employee. By law, the Department of Energy cannot comment further on personnel matters.”

Brinton turned out to be carrying too much baggage: his firing came after he was caught purloining that baggage from airports in Minneapolis and Las Vegas. On Wednesday, he appeared in a Minnesota court on luggage theft charges, and it wasn’t exactly like facing Old Joe Biden’s sycophantic, far-Left press corps in Washington.

Brinton likes to parade around in women’s clothes, but the seriousness of the charges he faces was apparently sobering; for his court appearance on Wednesday, he left his skirts in the closet and dressed quite conservatively (for him) in a suit and black button-down shirt. The suit’s burgundy color, however, did make it an outfit more suitable for a Batman villain than for a conventional government official. Brinton, according to the UK’s Daily Mail, “could face up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine if found guilty.” As a cosseted member of the Leftist elite, Brinton is unlikely to be sentenced even to a fraction of that, but there is no doubt that his day in court was not the inspiring demonstration of how “diversity is our strength” that the Left would like all the public appearances of “non-binary” people to be.

Brinton was in court to face charges related to accusations that he stole a woman’s bag from the baggage claim area at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on Sept. 16. Speculation has persisted since then that Brinton’s grab-bag style when wearing women’s clothing resulted from his practice of wearing whatever he found in the bags he carried off. It’s tough to be essentially the only disgraced official of a spectacularly disgraceful administration, and Brinton had tried to dodge having to make this humiliating public appearance. His lawyers repeatedly requested that he be allowed to appear remotely, but Judge Gina Brandt stated that “the current District Policy does not allow for remote appearances to be conducted for Felony 1st Appearances on the Property Drug Calendar.”

Once he was in court, however, Brandt took pains to make him feel comfortable, accommodating his delusions by referring to him not as “Mr. Brinton,” but as “Mx Brinton.” According to the Daily Mail, which also fed Brinton’s delusions by ridiculously (and confusingly) referring to him using plural pronouns, “Mx is a common gender-neutral title given to non-binary people who do not wish to have a gender referred to in their title.”

Reporters on the scene, however, were less deferential. Brinton was peppered with questions, all of which he ignored, as he left the courthouse and walked to a waiting limo: “Are you here for an interview with the [Minnesota Gov. Tim] Walz administration?” That was a good question, as Walz would likely love to have a “gender-fluid, non-binary” individual prominently on staff. Another impertinent scribbler asked Brinton: “Did you visit the Larry Craig restroom?” Larry Craig was the U.S. senator who, in 2007, was arrested in a restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport for soliciting an undercover police officer for sex.

Related: Biden’s ‘Gender-Fluid’ Nuclear Waste ‘Puppy’ Makes a Mess in Minneapolis

Brinton was also asked: “Do you have any comments on the train disaster in Ohio? You’re an expert in these things.” Brinton is indeed touted as an expert in nuclear waste disposal, but the material poisoning the atmosphere in Ohio is apparently not nuclear; was the reporter implying that Brinton himself was a train wreck? In any case, another asked Brinton: “Why would you want some lady’s dirty clothes?”

There’s the rub. Why indeed would Brinton have wanted to steal women’s luggage in the first place? That question gets to the heart of the problem: the very thing for which the Biden regime celebrated Brinton appears to be exactly the same thing that led him to commit acts that have gotten him charged with felony theft. That was the biggest message of his court appearance Wednesday. Whether anyone among the political and cultural elites will grasp that message, however, is an entirely different matter.


Far-Left Koch and Soros operatives mount lobbying campaign to revive Iran nuclear deal


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/02/far-left-koch-and-soros-operatives-mount-lobbying-campaign-to-revive-iran-nuclear-deal;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Few people were aware of just how bad Obama’s Iran nuke deal really was. The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran explains some of the deal’s very worst aspects:

1. The expiration dates: While the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), as the agreement is called, did include real restrictions on Iran’s nuclear activities, these were all slated to expire in the near future. The agreement anticipated the “conclusion of consideration of the Iran nuclear issue by the U.N. Security Council 10 years after the Adoption Day” — that is, the adoption of the agreement itself on July 14, 2015. It added: “There will be no additional heavy water reactors or accumulation of heavy water in Iran for 15 years.” But what about after that? The agreement didn’t say. Apparently, at that point, Iran would be free to build nuclear weapons with no objections from anyone.

2. The delay in inspections: The day after the conclusion of the JCPOA, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu observed: “Iran has two paths to the bomb: One if they keep the deal, the other if they cheat on the deal.” They could get the bomb even if they kept the deal because the JCPOA contained the provision that Iran could delay requested International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections for up to 24 days — ample time to clean up for the inspectors.

3. The removal of sanctions: Even before the deal, it was questionable how effective the economic sanctions that the United States and U.N. had placed upon Iran really were. In March 2015, Thomas Erdbrink, Tehran bureau chief of the New York Times and longtime resident of Iran, remarked, “As the politicians are talking for months to end the sanctions, my shopkeeper tells me he has more foreign products for sale than ever.”

Nonetheless, the JCPOA was quite definite about removing all economic sanctions on Iran. This included the removal of sanctions that had originally been intended to be removed only when Iran definitively gave up its nuclear program; now the Islamic Republic was being given sanctions relief and allowed to continue its nuclear program, only with certain restrictions that would all eventually expire anyway. Sanction relief allows the Iranian mullahs to finance jihad groups worldwide.

4. The lack of any consequences for breaking the agreement: The 159-page Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action went into tremendous detail about the Iranian nuclear program and how it is to be temporarily restricted in various ways. It also expatiated at length exactly which sanctions were to be removed. But it was conspicuously lacking in specifying penalties for Iran’s not holding to the agreement. There was vague talk about the sanctions being reimposed, but no concrete guidelines about how that was to be done, and nothing was said about recovering money given to Iran in the interim.

5. Americans were not to be allowed to inspect Iran’s nuclear sites: On July 30, 2015, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi pointed out, “American and Canadian inspectors cannot be sent to Iran. It is mentioned in the deal that inspectors should be from countries that have diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.” IAEA inspectors, he added, would not be given access to “sensitive and military documents.”

In an interview with Al Jazeera the following day, Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior adviser to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, further broadened these restrictions to apply to other signatories to the deal as well: “Regardless of how the P5+1 countries interpret the nuclear agreement, their entry into our military sites is absolutely forbidden.”

Who, then, was supposed to be inspecting Iran’s nuclear sites? Why Iran itself?

6. Iran could inspect its own sites: On August 19, 2015, the Associated Press dropped a bombshell. Confirming rumors that had circulated since the agreement was signed, it reported that a secret side deal between the IAEA and Iran allowed the Iranians to conduct their own inspections of their own sites: “Iran, in an unusual arrangement, will be allowed to use its own experts to inspect a site it allegedly used to develop nuclear arms under a secret agreement with the U.N. agency that normally carries out such work.”

These terms were, obviously, absurdly easy on Iran. What exactly did the rest of the world get out of this agreement? Only a newly flush and increasingly bellicose Iran, thanks to Barack Obama. And possibly again soon, thanks to these lavishly funded hard-Left operatives.

“Koch, Soros Operatives Host Secret Meeting To Plot Iran Nuke Deal Revival,” by Alana Goodman, Washington Free Beacon, February 1, 2023:

A coalition of progressive activists bankrolled by George Soros, Charles Koch, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund are mounting a secret lobbying campaign to revive the Iran nuclear deal by tying it to the Iranian human rights movement, according to internal correspondence obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Activists from groups including J Street, NIAC Action, the Open Society Foundations, Human Rights Watch, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund are coming together behind a plan to lobby lawmakers to use human rights bills as cover to revive negotiations for a nuclear deal with Iran. That’s according to a January email sent from a J Street lobbyist to other activists and obtained by the Free Beacon.

“I’m writing to suggest that this group convene virtually next week to brainstorm and hopefully find consensus on the elements of legislation to support the Iranian people that we could propose to diplomacy-oriented lawmakers,” J Street’s Dylan Williams wrote. “Given the usual need to be discrete [sic], the charged nature of the topic, and the outrageous threats against several members of this group, please do keep this initiative close-hold,” he added.

The activist groups “plan to pursue a dual-track legislative agenda, where they would find a way through legislation to give pro-deal Democrats cover by supporting Iranian women and Iranian human rights, without in any way challenging the revival of a nuclear deal, while at the same time building a coalition of members of the House and Senate willing to write a very public letter to the president urging him to keep the door to diplomacy over on the nuclear file,” a source familiar with the discussions told the Free Beacon.

The news comes as U.S. lawmakers are facing increased public pressure to tighten sanctions on Iran amid the Iranian regime’s violent crackdown on protesters and continued military support for Russia. The strategy is a sign that even the strongest advocates for the nuclear deal realize the pro-diplomacy position has become politically toxic—and that politicians who want to reenter the agreement will need to at least give the appearance of backing the Iranian human rights movement.

The Iranian regime’s violent crackdown on protesters, military expansion in Latin America, and threats against the United States have complicated the Biden administration’s attempts to renegotiate the nuclear deal, but supporters of the agreement say the negotiations should continue despite these concerns.

The activists’ strategy—crafted during a private summit in New York in December—includes pitching human rights legislation to pro-Iran-deal lawmakers, in order to give the legislators political cover to sign a letter asking the Biden administration to consider resuming the nuclear agreement, a source briefed on the discussions told the Free Beacon.

The activists gathered for a strategy meeting during the week of Dec. 3 at the Pocantico Center at Kykuit, the John D. Rockefeller family’s estate in Westchester County, New York, a source familiar with the discussions told the Free Beacon. The 200-acre property houses the family’s 40-room stone manor, an underground gallery with artwork by Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, and “expansive Italian-inspired gardens with French and English influences,” with views of the Hudson River, according to the New York Times.

J Street’s Williams sent the email to a small group of activists, including NIAC Action’s Ryan Costello, Open Society’s Mike Amitay, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Matt Duss. These groups have all received funding from either George Soros or Charles Koch, both political megadonors….

Kim Iversen: General H.R. McMaster Warns “Be Ready For War With China”~NATO Seeks Indo-Pacific “Friends”~Gov. Noem: China seeks to destroy U.S.

In the face of increasing tensions between the U.S. and China, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has called for more cooperation and allies in the Indo-Pacific region. Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has accused NATO of wanting to "defeat" Russia, accusing the NATO-backed Ukraine regime of having no "independence" and only acting as a proxy for Western powers. NATO is trying to recruit more allies and build up forces in Europe and the Indo-Pacific, while Russia and China have formed an alliance, strengthening their power and creating another obstacle for the U.S.-led alliance. As the U.S. and its NATO allies prepare for war, questions are being raised about the potential consequences, with some suggesting that politicians may be using it as a way to gain control over the population and advance their globalist agenda.

Gov. Noem: China seeks to destroy U.S.

BIDEN’S WORLD WAR: NATO’s Tanks To Roll Towards Russia, Putin’s Surprising Reaction To The Escalation. US Troops Next?~RUSSIAN NUCLEAR CAPABLE WARSHIP IN THE ATLANTIC SEA OFF THE U.S. COAST




Nick Brana, Co-Chair of the People's Party and Co-Organizer for Rage Against the War Machine joins us to discuss Biden's and Europe's escalation of the Ukrainian war.


WARNING: USA Surrounded? Russian & China Nuclear Warships & Sub

Forget tanks, F-16s up next. How to get regime change in Moscow. Medvedev, yellow submarine.

SEE ALSO: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2023/01/26/flashback-biden-said-sending-tanks-to-ukraine-would-start-world-war-iii-n1665207

Biden Reinstates Security Clearance of Physicist Who Passed Nuke Secrets to USSR


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2022/12/biden-reinstates-security-clearance-of-physicist-who-passed-nuke-secrets-to-ussr;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

“Without the intelligence contribution, there could have been no Soviet bomb that quickly.”

You’ve got to give the Left credit. It has an extensive agenda, and a long memory, and when it seizes power, it rolls as many of its agenda items, even the ancient ones, through the gate. Compare that to how little conservatives get done when in office. And how little of the things the Left does the reverse.

This is a seemingly unimportant example, but also a reminder of how comprehensive the Left’s agenda is, and how it encompasses the past, present, and future. Lefties never let anything go.

And never pass up an opportunity to rewrite history.

The Biden administration has reversed a decades-old decision to revoke the security clearance of Robert Oppenheimer, the physicist called the father of the atomic bomb for his leading role in World War II’s Manhattan Project.

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said the 1954 decision by the Atomic Energy Commission was made using a “flawed process” that violated the commission’s own regulations.

“As time has passed, more evidence has come to light of the bias and unfairness of the process that Dr. Oppenheimer was subjected to while the evidence of his loyalty and love of country have only been further affirmed,” Granholm said in a statement on Friday.

The actual evidence that came out was that Oppenheimer did it.

A Soviet spy chief’s memoirs published here today claim that the late J. Robert Oppenheimer, head of the U.S. atomic bomb project during and after World War II, passed nuclear secrets to Soviet agents.

The allegations were made by Gen. Pavel Sudoplatov, who was in charge of efforts to obtain atomic secrets from the West, and excerpts of them ran in the Sunday Telegraph. Time magazine will print excerpts in today’s issue.

The memoirs charge that Oppenheimer, a University of California physicist known as “the father of the atomic bomb,” condoned and assisted in the flow of vital nuclear secrets.

Sudoplatov charges that Elizabeth Zarubina, wife of the Soviet intelligence head in Washington, cultivated Oppenheimer socially.

Zarubina persuaded Oppenheimer to share atomic secrets with “anti-fascists of German origin,” Sudoplatov says.

The memoir, “Special Tasks,” declares: “We received reports on the Manhattan Project from Oppenheimer and his friends in oral form, through comments and asides, and from documents transferred through clandestine methods with their full knowledge that the information they were sharing would be passed on.

“In all there were five classified reports made available by Oppenheimer describing the progress of work on the atomic bomb.”

The Russians also received photos of the facilities at Oak Ridge, the book says.

“The Soviet bomb was constructed in three years,” Sudoplatov says. “Without the intelligence contribution, there could have been no Soviet bomb that quickly.”

Oppenheimer’s actions could have led to the deaths of millions of people and eventually far more than that.

Long before that, Edward Teller put his career on the line to denounce Oppenheimer. That helped marginalize Teller, the father of the H-bomb, and made him a pariah among lefties to whom the highest possible honor was helping the USSR and the highest possible disgrace was informing of Communists.

And then there’s the Merkulov letter which also revealed Oppenheimer’s complicity with the USSR.

In short, all of the “new evidence” actually makes it clear that Oppenheimer was collaborating with the USSR.

And all of this will also be ignored by the Biden administration and the media who don’t actually know any of the history or care.

And watch for some media fact checkers to issue a ruling of ‘false’ or ‘lacks context’ on this post to block it from Facebook and Google.

We live in a new leftist empire. An empire of lies.

Biden’s Nuclear Waste Luggage Thief Sam Brinton Finally Fired



Sam Brinton Finally FIRED For Stealing - One News Page VIDEO

CANDACE OWENS: Sam Brinton from the Department of Energy has been fired after stealing a woman's luggage... twice. This is the most ridiculous scandal ever. If it looks like a crazy person and acts like a crazy person, it probably is a crazy person.

“Gender-fluid” Biden NUCLEAR Official Caught on Tape Stealing Luggage; Cops File Felony Charge


Biden’s Transgender Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine and Gender Fluid “Pup Handler” Sam Brinton Attend French Ambassador’s Bastille Day Party

Sam Brinton, the deputy assistant secretary over a nuclear waste program within the Energy Department,  is an acknowledged “non-binary drag queen” and a self-proclaimed “kink activist” (dog fetishes a specialty) who also once billed himself as the “first gender fluid person in federal government leadership,” The Free Press reported in February.

Sam Brinton’s Father and mother:

54557493 0 image a 49 1645630504

Sam with His "Husband", Kevin Rieck:

Sam & Kevin Home Page Banner

Sam Brinton




SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/gender-fluid-biden-official-caught-on-tape-stealing-luggage-cops-file-felony-charge/;

AND: https://pjmedia.com/culture/robert-spencer/2022/11/28/bidens-gender-fluid-nuclear-waste-puppy-makes-a-mess-in-minneapolis-n1649280

AND: https://www.frontpagemag.com/bidens-nuclear-drag-queen-stole-womens-clothing/

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Biden administration’s drag queen show has delivered yet another award-winning performance. Cops have charged the “non-binary” thing in charge of the nation’s nuclear waste with a felony for stealing a suitcase at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Sam Brinton — who wears dresses, lipstick, and stiletto heels to his job at the U.S. Department of Energy — faces up to five years in the slammer and a $10,000 fine if convicted.

Though Brinton whimpered his excuses to cops, video surveillance shows him taking the bag from the airport’s carousel. He even used it for a trip to Europe.

Not “Completely Honest”

A graduate of MIT, the nancy-boy is in serious trouble, Alpha News reported.

On September 16, a woman who landed in Minneapolis on a flight from New Orleans didn’t find her bag at the carousel. But the bag had, indeed, arrived.

“Airport records confirmed the navy blue Vera Bradley roller bag arrived at 4:40 p.m. but was missing,” Alpha News reported. “So law enforcement reviewed video surveillance footage from the baggage claim area and observed Brinton removing a navy blue roller bag from carousel seven, according to a criminal complaint.”

A Vera Bradley suitcase can cost more than $500.

Whether Brinton broke a nail removing the bag we are not given to know. But the surveillance video shows that he acted like a guilty man, even if he is “gender-fluid.” That leftist neologism means he shifts from one “gender” to another.

“The complaint says Brinton removed a luggage tag from the bag, placed it into a handbag he was carrying, and ‘then left the area at a quick pace,’” Alpha News continued:

Brinton arrived at MSP Airport around 4:27 p.m. on an American Airlines flight from Washington, D.C., but did not check a bag, meaning he had no reason to visit baggage claim, according to the complaint.

Police showed the surveillance video to the victim and she confirmed it was her bag.

Brinton left the airport in an Uber for a stay at the InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront hotel, where he checked in with the blue bag, the complaint says.

He returned to the airport on September 18 to fly back to Washington, D.C., cops allege, then used the bag for a trip to Europe, surveillance video shows.

From there, Brinton’s tale gets as queer as a $3 bill. When a cop called Brinton and asked him if he “took anything that did not belong” to him, he flat-out lied:

“Not that I know of,” Brinton allegedly responded. He later admitted to taking the bag but said the clothes inside were his, according to the complaint.

“If I had taken the wrong bag, I am happy to return it, but I don’t have any clothes for another individual. That was my clothes when I opened the bag,” he told police, according to the complaint.

Two hours later, Brinton called the cop and confessed that he wasn’t “completely honest,” but added that he took the bag because he mistook it for one of his own.

“He realized the bag didn’t belong to him when he opened it up at the hotel but ‘got nervous’ and didn’t ‘know what to do,’” Alpha News continued:

Worried that people would think he “stole the bag,” Brinton told police he left the victim’s clothes in the drawers in the hotel room, according to the complaint.

Brinton said he brought the bag back to D.C. with him because it would have been “weirder” to leave a bag in the hotel room, according to police.

Police told Brinton how to return the bag to Delta, but as of Oct. 27 the victim still had not received her bag back.

Brinton is on leave from his job as deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition. He goes to criminal court in Hennepin County, Minnesota, on December 19.

Child Prostitution Advocate

Bad as stealing the bag might be, the chrome-domed cross-dresser has done worse, as The New American reported in July.

When federal agents arrested the boss of a website called Rentboy.com, which promoted underage prostitution, Brinton turned fuchsia.

“The federal government’s recent attack on Rentboy.com is a devastating assault on some of the most vulnerable members of our community — young adults who, for the first time in their lives, were able to earn a secure living safely through Rentboy after surviving family rejection and homelessness because of their sexual orientation or gender identity,” the man who now runs America’s nuclear waste policy wrote for a “gay” newspaper.

Selling themselves to older perverts, he continued, was the boys’ only “lifeline out of homelessness, despair, and the dangers of living on the street.”

Indeed, the underage prostitutes’ “main source of income has been ripped away due to irresponsible and archaic views of sex work.”

In other words, Brinton backs the sexual exploitation of underage boys.

Beyond that, Brinton is also involved in something called “pup play,” which involves a “master” and another kook who masquerades as a dog.

That such an individual would find a job in the Biden administration is not surprising. His transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, thinks he is married to a man. Biden’s No. 2 health official is a man who calls himself “Rachel,” believes he is a woman and wants to chemically castrate teenagers before puberty.

Biden also picked a cross-dresser to run the Defense Department’s transition.


Trump, Gabbard Warn of Nuclear Armageddon

Addison Smith reacts to Tulsi Gabbard's exodus from the democratic party and warns that conservatives ought to be careful embracing her, because, while she may be right on a number of issues, she still holds a number of views that are diametrically opposed to conservative values.


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/athena-thorne/2022/10/12/trump-gabbard-warn-of-nuclear-armageddon-n1636445;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Former President Trump and former U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard are emerging as voices of reason, as the world watches developments in the Ukraine War with increasing concern. Ukraine is awash in cash and weapons sent by the Biden administration to support its war to repel Russia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is taking full advantage of the situation, refusing to take a breather until his country is restored to its pre-Russian-aggression borders — including the return of Crimea. Globalist powers are aligning to back nuclear-armed Russian President Vladimir Putin into a corner — an extremely volatile situation.

At a rally in Mesa, Ariz., on Sunday, Trump pressured the Biden administration to de-escalate the crisis. “We must demand immediate negotiation of a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine or we will end up in World War Three, and there will be nothing left of our planet, all because stupid people didn’t have a clue,” Trump said. Speaking of the Biden administration, he warned, “They really don’t understand — I rebuilt our military, I rebuilt our nuclear power — they don’t understand what they’re dealing with, the power of nuclear.”

Related: Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant Has Lost External Power as Russia Claims Ownership

Trump isn’t alone in thinking the party in power should try sending peace negotiators rather than weapons of war.

On Tuesday, Tulsi Gabbard made the dramatic announcement that she is leaving the Democrat Party. “I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness,” the former presidential candidate and combat Army veteran said in a statement on her departure.

Gabbard concluded a litany of grievances against her former party by writing that it was “above all, dragging us ever closer to nuclear war.”

Even without the potential for a nuclear nightmare, there is much to be concerned about with the administration’s policy in Ukraine. “President” Biden seems hell-bent on sending billions of dollars and tons of military equipment to Zelenskyy, guaranteeing that the war will rage on and that it will be bloody and destructive. At the same time, he has displayed zero interest in brokering an off-ramp for Russian President Putin. As many of my PJ Media colleagues have already noted, Putin won’t survive a Russian defeat in Ukraine, not politically and probably not mortally, either. Thus, the only conclusion to draw is that the White House is using Ukraine as a proxy for overturning the Russian government.

It’s not like they haven’t done this before — remember President Obama’s glorious “Arab Spring”? The Obama administration stuck its nose all about the Middle East, merrily tipping over imperfect-but-stable governments with no plan for follow-up. The power vacuums left behind were quickly filled with civil wars and model citizens such as ISIS. Europe’s migrant crisis was the direct result of Democrat-Globalist-sown chaos. Biden picked up where Obama left off, abandoning Afghanistan to the tender mercies of the Taliban. How’s that working out?

So perhaps Biden and his Democrat buddies are envisioning another smoldering pit of civil collapse where Russia used to be, but it’s highly unlikely Putin shares their vision. But if he’s pushed too far — if he’s faced with the loss of his power and probably his life — Putin will have nothing to lose. And people with nothing to lose have no reason to behave.


Russia deploys doomsday nuclear ocean drones as global economic MELTDOWN looms


SEE: https://naturalnews.com/2022-10-04-russia-deploys-doomsday-nuclear-ocean-drones.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Image: Russia deploys doomsday nuclear ocean drones as global economic MELTDOWN looms

(Natural News) According to multiple media reports — including The Sun (UK) — Russia has now officially deployed the world’s largest submarine which can carry up to eight “apocalypse drone” torpedoes. These super weapons are actually nuclear-armed underwater drones that are designed to hide off the coast of a targeted nation, then detonate their nuclear warheads upon receiving satellite commands, generating a highly destructive, radioactive tsunami that inundates coastal areas of the targeted country, rendering them uninhabitable.

The K-329 Belgorod submarine is the only one of its kind in the world, and it reportedly can travel at a speed of 125 mph using a secret, highly-advanced propulsion system. Officially, the Poseidon drones carry 2 megaton warheads, but we have received information from other sources that indicate Russia can outfit them with 100 megaton warheads — over 6,000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb used over Hiroshima.

Upon detonation, such a warhead would unleash a truly massive tsunami that could potentially reach heights of 500 feet or more, moving at hundreds of miles per hour before crashing onto intended coastal targets. The radioactive ocean water would deposit radioisotopes onto everything it touches, rendering the affected areas uninhabitable for at least three centuries (that’s ten half-lives of Cs-137, fyi).

Notably, America’s most important power centers — government, finance, military, and trade — are all located near the coasts. Just one Poseidon detonation on the East Coast could take out America’s government, finance, and military hubs while a single detonation off the coast of California could take out America’s largest trade ports and transport hubs. 

Stealth submarine travels at extreme speeds, dropping nuclear drones at will The Belgorod submarine was built using exotic technology that allows it to achieve almost unimaginable speeds (125 mph) while still operating covertly. As The Sun reports:

The revolutionary design – based on the Oscar II class cruise missile subs – has been extensively modified to specialize in covert missions. The sub was made its giant length so it could carry the devastating nuclear-tipped Poseidon torpedoes guided by artificial intelligence. The nuke can be dropped onto the seabed by a sub or ship and zoom past underwater defenses at reported speeds between 70 and 125 knots. Christopher A Ford, a former assistant secretary of state for International Security and Non-Proliferation, told CNN the torpedo is being designed to “inundate US coastal cities with radioactive tsunamis”.No country in the world has any defense against radioactive tsunamis, by the way.


United States attacks Nord Stream pipelines, pushing escalation toward nuclear war

It is now abundantly obvious that the United States played a significant role in the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, attacking civilian infrastructure targets in an effort to isolate Germany from Russia’s energy supply and prolong the war. The United States, as Putin pointed out in a recent speech, has a long history of using weapons of mass destruction to target civilian infrastructure and civilian populations, including the use of atomic weapons in World War II and the deliberate destruction of civilian infrastructure in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm (which killed well over half a million Iraqi civilians).

Now, the US is resorting to cutting off the energy supply needed by millions of Europeans as they face a winter of food scarcity and freezing temperatures, with as much as half of Germany’s industrial operations facing shutdowns due to a lack of natural gas energy. (Ammonia production is already down 70%, and industrial metals smelting operations are down 50%, and those numbers are weeks old.)

Putin explains that the United States has set the precedent justification for nations that are faced with the threat of destruction to use nuclear weapons in their own defense, to strike civilian targets if needed. Note that Putin deems the West to be a “satanic” cabal of criminals, while his defense head Medvedev describes the West as the “Antichrist civilization” that must be brought to its knees for humanity to survive.

Thus, it appears that Putin is preparing a large-scale nuclear first strike against the West, planning the complete destruction of western nations like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, and others. Super weapons like the Poseidon nuclear “apocalypse drones” are clearly designed to achieve that goal, while shorter-range nuclear-capable continental missiles (such as the Iskander) would be unleashed to strike European cities such as Berlin, Paris, and London.

It also appears this destruction of the West is desired by globalists who want to see America annihilated so that national sovereignty can be wiped from the slate, with the remaining survivors enslaved under globalist control. The United States of America is “scheduled” to be reduced to under 100 million survivors by 2030. This could be achieved through multiple means (vaccines, famine, bioweapons, power grid sabotage, etc.) but is most quickly achieved by the globalists through the use of nuclear weapons that target infrastructures such as finance and transportation.

Another important point is that Democrats want a nuclear war before the Nov. 8 midterm elections because they don’t want to have to endure defeat at the ballot box. They need a nuclear emergency to delay the elections and invoke a kind of martial law to push nationwide gun confiscation. This is the only way they can remain in power and continue their agenda of child mutilations (transgenderism surgeries), criminalizing their political opposition (DOJ / FBI weaponization), censorship, vote rigging, and money laundering (money for Ukraine).

If democracy is allowed to breathe in America, the Democrats are done. Nobody wants the agenda that Biden and the demonrats are serving up. Thus, the Democrats must find new ways to interfere with democracy and halt the will of the people.

United Nations begs Federal Reserve to stop raising interest rates, or an economic meltdown will occur across Europe

We also need to understand that the criminal cabal currently running the United States is at war with Europe, attempting to reduce Europe’s industrial base to rubble in order to make sure America has the last western factory left standing. In addition to the USA destroying the Nord Stream pipelines (which the lying corporate media claims were for some reason carried out by Russia), the Federal Reserve is waging a currency war against the Euro and the Bank of England.

As the Wall Street Journal reports:

The Federal Reserve and other central banks risk pushing the global economy into recession followed by prolonged stagnation if they keep raising interest rates, a United Nations agency said Monday.

…the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development said the Fed risks causing significant harm to developing countries if it persists with rapid rate rises. The agency estimated that a percentage point rise in the Fed’s key interest rate lowers economic output in other rich countries by 0.5%…

Rising interest rates are causing a wave of capital to leave Europe and head to the United States. Higher rates are also devastating the value of fixed rate bonds which were heavily purchased by England’s pension funds and are now on the verge of total collapse.

In addition, the Credit Suisse bank is reportedly on the verge of insolvency, and a cascading collapse of European banks is a mathematical certainty of US banking interest rates continuing to rise. The Fed has said multiple times it is determined to keep raising interest rates until inflation is brought under control, which would require multiple rate increases well into 2023.

Realize that if interest rates don’t increase, inflation will spiral out of control in the USA. If interest rates continue to rise, Europe will suffer an economic meltdown. It’s clear the Fed is choosing the latter of those two options, which is why many observers have concluded the United States is waging an “economic war” against Europe at the very same time the USA is waging a kinetic and economic war against Russia.

Oblivious Germans suddenly panic buy electric space heaters, having no clue how they are powered

Finally, in the latest example of insane levels of ignorance and lack of preparedness, a large number of German consumers are reportedly panic buying electric space heaters following comments by energy minister Habeck who recently stated that Germany might run out of gas energy supplies.

The panic buying of electric space heaters reveals that many German citizens had no idea winter was coming or that an energy crisis had already impacted their country. It’s as if millions of German citizens have no memory of last year’s winter, somehow. Or maybe they believe the lies of their own government which is telling them there are no problems, that everything will be fine. (If so, they need a sanity check…)

Even worse, they seem to be oblivious about what powers electric space heaters. Not only will they be paying 1000% or higher increases on their electric bills, but that electricity is largely generated by the very same natural gas that Germany won’t have, especially since the Nord Stream pipelines were already blown up and can’t be repaired this winter. So, if millions of Germans turn on their electric space heaters, German utility companies will see a huge spike in electricity demand, requiring them to consume more gas which is already likely to run out.

In fact, electric space heaters powered by electricity generated from natural gas is the least efficient use of energy for heat. It will end up taking far more gas to power the electric space heaters than if they just burned natural gas-powered home heating systems in the first place.

Put another way:

Hydrocarbons -> Heat = Efficient
Hydrocarbons -> Heat -> Steam turbines -> Grid electricity -> Space heater heat = INEFFICIENT

Somehow, nobody in Germany seems to be pointing this out. The country appears to be acting as some sort of “green suicide cult” of herd-mentality mass obedience acolytes who can’t wait to obliterate their own infrastructure and industry. Meanwhile, they seem to have zero knowledge of how heat, electricity, and hydrocarbons actually work, an ignorance shared by nearly all the socialist greens in Europe and around the world. They seem to think that electricity comes from nowhere, so using electricity to heat homes is somehow not going to require energy inputs or something.

Hear Dan and Mike talk asset protection and bank failures

Get more details on all this (and much more) in today’s Situation Update podcast, which also features a fascinating interview on asset protection with “Dan” from iAllegedly (that’s his YouTube channel).

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Biden’s handlers tell Congress in classified briefing that Iran nuke deal talks are at a dead end


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2022/09/bidens-handlers-tell-congress-in-classified-briefing-that-iran-nuke-deal-talks-are-at-a-dead-end;

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Disaster averted, at least this one, apparently, for now.

“Iran Nuclear Deal Talks at Dead End, Biden Admin Tells Congress in Classified Briefing,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, September 28, 2022:

The Biden administration’s negotiations with Iran over a revamped version of the 2015 nuclear deal have hit a dead end, jeopardizing the likelihood of a new agreement, senior U.S. officials informed Congress during a classified briefing.

A deal seemed within reach earlier this month as U.S. officials presented Iran with a proposal that would significantly unwind economic sanctions and provide the regime with somewhere near one trillion dollars over the lifetime of the agreement. Iran, however, balked and negotiations are at a standstill, according to Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.), who participated in the closed-door briefing held two weeks ago for members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“Two weeks ago, they thought they had a deal, and now they know they don’t have a deal, and are stymied about how they get to a deal because they’ve negotiated all there was to negotiate, and, at the end of the day, Iran doesn’t want the deal that was negotiated,” Issa told the Washington Free Beacon. Those details were also relayed by other congressional sources familiar with the briefing.

Biden administration officials were not optimistic about the prospects for a new deal. Officials told lawmakers, “We’ve negotiated for a year and a half through our good friend and honest broker Russia and we got the same thing that we should have expected, which is, they want a better deal than they had before, and if you don’t give them a better deal, then they don’t want a deal,” according to Issa. “They’re basically on the eve of getting a nuclear weapon and don’t want to be talked out of it.”…

Iran protests spinning out of control~regime lashes out at foreign interference as Biden sanctions morality police


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2022/09/iran-protests-spinning-of-control-regime-lashes-out-at-foreign-interference-as-biden-sanctions-morality-police;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The outrage over the beating death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini for her improperly wearing her hijab represents “the first big show of opposition on Iran’s streets since authorities crushed protests against a rise in gasoline prices in 2019,” according to Reuters. Revolution beckons.

One would hope that  America, which the Iranian mullahs regard as Iran’s chief enemy — the Great Satan — would increase sanctions upon this regime which abuses women, murders dissidents, and destabilizes regional security, not to mention international security, given its far-reaching proxies. Hezbollah’s external operations group, known as Unit 910, is reported to be “even more active in Canada than they were in the United States.”

So what have Joe Biden’s handlers done? They announced “sanctions on Iran’s morality police” in response to Amini’s murder. Whatever that means. Biden’s handlers instead should be sanctioning the regime as a whole, and decisively rejecting the prospect of another disastrous Iran deal.

According to Gabriel Noronha, who served as Special Advisor for Iran in the U.S. State Department in 2019-2020, the Iran deal will mean a cash windfall for the regime, with “$90 billion in access to foreign exchange reserves, and then a further $50-$55 billion in extra revenue each year from higher oil and petrochemical exports, with no restrictions on how or where the money can be spent. Personally, the most troubling transfer of funds will be the $7 billion ransom payment the United States is preparing to pay for the release of four Americans from an Iranian jail.” All this is reminiscent of the $33.6 billion in secret payments facilitated by the Obama administration.

Iran is well on its way to completing a nuclear bomb (if not already there) while the sanctioning of the morality police only makes it appear to the world as if the Biden administration was doing something, a tired old strategy of the Left. How much does the Biden administration really care about women’s rights in Iran? Biden’s outrageous ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom, Rashad Hussain, slammed India for not allowing Muslim women the so-called “right” to wear a hijab, stating: “The Indian state of Karnataka should not determine permissibility of religious clothing. Hijab bans in schools violate religious freedom and stigmatize and marginalize women and girls.”

The hijab is a paramount expression of women’s inferiority and ownership by men according to the Sharia. It is commanded in the Quran that women be fully covered save for their eyes, lest she be “abused” (Quran 24:31, 33:59). Female coverings have no place in free countries, especially full coverings such as the burqa and niqab, for obvious security reasons. A coalition of Iranian dissidents, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, “who are challenging the regime of President Ebrahim Raisi, should have a seat at the UN to counter the government’s lies and support of terrorism,” according to pro-democracy activist Dr. Ramesh Sepehrrad.

In a case of one fool makes many, Justin Trudeau followed suit and also sanctioned Iran’s morality police. Canada’s notoriously incompetent Foreign Minister Melanie Joly promised an explanation in “due course.” In 2016, a year after Trudeau came to power, Liberal Montreal mayor Denis Coderre quietly traveled to Iran, where he signed a groundbreaking agreement with the terrorist-funding rogue regime to “boost mutual cooperation in various fields.” That same year, a big celebration for Hijab Solidarity Day took place “under the auspices of the City of Ottawa.” Woke hypocrisy and manipulation of “diversity” is breathtaking.

The people of Iran, particularly the dissidents who risk their lives to advocate for real freedoms, know better. So far, in the wake of Amini’s murder, at least 41 people have died. Iran now finds itself unable to control anti-regime protests which have spread like wildfire far beyond the borders of Iran, while the  regime’s judiciary now warns of “decisive action without leniency.”

Despite a growing death toll and a fierce crackdown by authorities, videos posted on Twitter showed demonstrators calling for the fall of the clerical establishment while clashing with security forces in Tehran, Tabriz, Karaj, Qom, Yazd and many other Iranian cities.

The out-of-control protests have the Iranian regime lashing out at foreign governments.  Iran’s “Butcher of Baghdad” President Ebrahim Raisi stated: “We will not allow people’s security to be put at risk under any circumstances,” and stressed that Iran’s “enemies wanted to exploit the unrest.” We hope the disastrous Iran deal will not be concluded as Iran grapples with the unrest and a growing threat of revolution; it would amount to Biden bailing out the regime.

Russia mobilizes 300,000, promises defensive use of nuclear weapons while psychopathic western leaders beg for annihilation

Putin prepares for nuclear option to defend expansion of Russian Federation


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-09-22-russia-mobilizes-300000-defensive-nuclear-weapons.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Russia’s recent “partial mobilization” will call up 300,000 military reservists who, over the next few months, will be trained and put into service in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. It is now well known — although western nations continue to deny the obvious — that Ukraine’s military offensives are being run by NATO troops, using NATO satellites, training, and gear. In essence, Russia is already fighting NATO in a continental war, and Russia realizes that western nations will not be satisfied with anything less than the complete obliteration of Russia as a sovereign nation.

Four Donbas region republics are reportedly voting on a referendum to officially become part of Russia. Ukraine’s government is threatening up to five-year prison sentences for anyone who even votes in these elections, proving that Ukraine has zero interest in democracy or the self-determination of the people. Nevertheless, these votes are taking place, and it’s highly likely that these republics will join Russia, making them part of Russian territory.

Once that is established, Russia will consider that any attack against those newly-joined regions (which were of course once part of the Soviet Union, and where most of the people are ethnic Russians who speak Russian and who actually want to join Russia) is an attack on Russia itself. Such attacks could trigger defensive responses from Russia, and those defensive responses may include every type of weapon available to Russia’s national defense, including nuclear weapons, Putin recently reminded the world.

Western media outlets and nations are trying to provoke a first-strike nuclear holocaust

Western media, which now lies even more vehemently than Pravda ever did, claims this is Putin threatening the first use of nuclear weapons. That is of course a lie, but it is a convenient lie that’s being used by western media to call for a western preemptive nuclear strike against Russia in order to stop “Russia’s aggression.”

This is a very dangerous development, because if Russia takes such threats seriously, then the classical game theory would require Putin to strike first, in order to preempt the anticipated preemptive strike by the West. Thus, we find ourselves in a rapidly escalating feedback loop that could end in a nuclear disaster, especially given that the Biden regime appears to be actively trying to start World War III before the mid-term elections, allowing him to declare a national war footing and try to postpone the ballot box lashing that Democrats are sure to endure if the elections take place.

Even worse, while Putin appears to be acting rationally from his own national self-interest, western leaders are behaving like psychopaths who are utterly disconnected from reason and reality. They do not even acknowledge the fact that their own economic sanctions against Russia unleashed the catastrophic economic misery and energy crisis that Western Europe imminently faces (with mass famine and an industrial collapse soon to follow). There seems to be zero recognition among the leaders of Germany, the UK, or the USA that provoking Russia into a nuclear exchange will go horribly wrong for the West (and would likely spell the end of Western civilization).

In classical game theory, analysts talk of “two scorpions in a jar,” each capable of striking the other to death even if they are struck themselves. Yet the reality is that We the People are all trapped in that jar with a bunch of psychopathic scorpions who possess powerful weapons but no rationality, intelligence or ethical grounding for managing the use of such weapons.

It’s like we’re all wearing highly flammable clothing at the birthday party of a spoiled brat child, and the parents just give him a flamethrower. What do you suppose happens next?

We all get burned.

Translated into reality, we’re already suffering under the economic devastation of the west’s attempted anti-Russian sanctions (known as “suicide sanctions” at this point), and now western media influencers are begging the Pentagon to authorize first-strike nuclear warfare with Russia, a nation that has 20-30 years more advanced anti-air defense systems and ICBMs with hyperglide vehicles that can evade every defensive system currently possessed by NATO nations, including the USA. Provoking Russia into a nuclear exchange while Russia has the best anti-ICBM missile systems is like getting into a gunfight with an opponent who is carrying the world’s best ballistic shield. It’s another suicide wish, yet it’s exactly what western media outlets (and governments) are begging for.

Prepare for nuclear war NOW

At this point, every informed person should be preparing for nuclear war, understanding that it is being desperately provoked by the USA and NATO. Russia doesn’t want nuclear war, and fortunately for humanity, Putin is a far more measured and patient man than any western leader, meaning he won’t irrationally lash out with nuclear weapons for political purposes.

The same can’t be said of western nations and their insane, deranged leaders. They will provoke absolutely anything — including nuclear terrorism or nuclear war — to try to remain in power, even if it means the mass slaughter of millions of innocent people. John Moore (The Liberty Man) explains this in today’s featured interview. See the full podcast below the interview:

Here’s today’s full podcast, covering Russia, the Texas declaration of war against drug smugglers, the DOJ’s prosecution of 47 people for a massive food fraud operation mostly run by Somalis in Minnesota, and much more:


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