NYC Pro-Gaza rally: ‘We don’t want no two states, we want all of it!’

On August 8, 2022, Within Our Lifetime, along with other pro-Palestinian organizations held a rally titled “NYC Stands with Gaza,” following the recent round of fighting between the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Israel. In the rally, Nerdeen Kiswani of Within Our Lifetime said: “If you stand with Israel, you stand with death and destruction.” She added that “resistance is not terrorism” and said that Palestinians have the right to “defend themselves by every means possible.”

She also accused New York City mayor Eric Adams of supporting the murder of Palestinians and Palestinian children. Protesters chanted: “We don’t want no two states – we want all of It.” “Settlers go back home, Palestine is ours alone!” “We don’t want no Zionists here!” and "The gate of Al-Aqsa is made of iron... It can be opened only by martyrs!" Footage of the rally was uploaded to Existence Is Resistance Instagram account and Freedom News TV – Night Edition on YouTube. For more about Nerdeen Kiswani, see MEMRITV clips Nos. 9534, 9471, 9014, 8932, 8113, 7628, 6311, 6100, and 5560.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

With unvetted open-door immigration, any and everyone is welcome, including those who support the Palestinian jihad (called a “resistance”) against Israel, which has become a pet cause of the Left. The fervor for the Palestinian quest to obliterate Israel is inculcated into its citizens from childhood, and now, the propaganda and hatred continue in Western countries. Woke Globalists have imported the same conflicts that mark the most troubled regions of the world.   

The Palestinian National Charter, Article 22, states:

Since the liberation of Palestine will destroy the Zionist and imperialist presence and will contribute to the establishment of peace in the Middle East, the Palestinian people look for the support of all the progressive and peaceful forces and urge them all, irrespective of their affiliations and beliefs, to offer the Palestinian people all aid and support in their just struggle for the liberation of their homeland.

The Muslim Brotherhood offshoot Hamas includes in its “Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement”:

Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it” (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of blessed memory).

Islamic Jihad also has an “internal charter” that views Palestine as sacred, and armed struggle as the only means to liberate it. The struggle is directed against “the triple heresy and oppression of the West, the Arab regimes, and Israel.”

Historically, Jerusalem was never holy to Muslims. It is not even mentioned in the Qur’an; Muslims turn to Mecca to pray. As Morton Klein, President of the Zionist Organization of America, explains:

In the seventh century, the Damascus-based Umayyad rulers built up Jerusalem as a counter-weight and hajj pilgrimage alternative to Mecca, where their political rivals were. This is when the important Muslim shrines, the Dome of the Rock (691 CE) and, later, the Al-Aqsa Mosque (705 CE), were intentionally built on the site of the destroyed biblical Jewish temples –– a time-honored practice to physically signal the predominance of Islam.

Muslims have their own shrines in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

If Hamas, Palestinian jihad, or Hizballah launches attacks against Israel, and Israel defends itself, protests, sometimes violent ones, have begun in America and other Western countries.

On one hand, these pro-Palestinian supporters take advantage of the freedom of speech and expression to intimidate people and spread antisemitic hatred. On the other hand, anyone who calls out their hate, incitement, and encouragement of “martyrdom” in the name of Islam is called “Islamophobic.”

“NYC Pro-Gaza Rally Speakers: Mayor Eric Adams Supports The Murder Of Palestinian Children; The Gates Of Al-Aqsa Mosque Can Only Be Opened By Martyrs,” MEMRI, August 8, 2022: 

On August 8, 2022, Within Our Lifetime, along with other pro-Palestinian organizations held a rally titled “NYC Stands with Gaza,” following the recent round of fighting between the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Israel. In the rally, Nerdeen Kiswani of Within Our Lifetime said: “If you stand with Israel, you stand with death and destruction.” She added that “resistance is not terrorism” and said that Palestinians have the right to “defend themselves by every means possible.” She also accused New York City mayor Eric Adams of supporting the murder of Palestinians and Palestinian children.

Speaker: “We don’t want no two states…”

Crowd: “We don’t want no two states…”

Speaker: “We want all of it!”

Crowd: “We want all of it!”

Nerdeen Kiswani: “[NYC Mayor] Eric Adams supports the murder of Palestinian children.”

Crowd: “[NYC Mayor] Eric Adams supports the murder of Palestinian children.”

Kiswani: “[NYC Mayor] Eric Adams supports the murder of Palestinians.”

Crowd: “[NYC Mayor] Eric Adams supports the murder of Palestinians.”

Kiswani: “If you stand for Israel you stand for death and destruction.”


Speaker: “Settlers, settlers, go back home…”

Crowd: “Settlers, settlers, go back home…”

Speaker: “Palestine is ours alone!”

Crowd: “Palestine is ours alone!”

Crowd: “Say it loud, say it clear…”

Speaker: “We don’t want no Zionists here!”

Crowd: “We don’t want no Zionists here!”


Kiswani: “Resistance is not terrorism, Palestinians have every single right to defend themselves by any means necessary.”


Speaker: “From the water [of the Jordan River] to the Water [of the Mediterranean Sea]…”

Crowd: “From the water [of the Jordan River] to the Water [of the Mediterranean Sea]…”

Speaker: “Palestine is Arab!”

Crowd: “Palestine is Arab!”

Speaker: “The gate of Al-Aqsa is made of iron…”

Crowd: “The gate of Al-Aqsa is made of iron…”

Speaker: “It can be opened only by martyrs!”

Crowd: “It can be opened only by martyrs!”

Speaker: “The gate of Al-Aqsa is made of iron…”

Crowd: “The gate of Al-Aqsa is made of iron…”

Speaker: “It can be opened only by martyrs!”

Crowd: “It can be opened only by martyrs!”

Speaker: “With our spirit and our blood, we will redeem you, oh Al-Aqsa!”

Crowd: “With our spirit and our blood, we will redeem you, oh Al-Aqsa!”

Speaker: “With our spirit and our blood, we will redeem you, oh Palestine!”

Crowd: “With our spirit and our blood, we will redeem you, oh Al-Aqsa!”

Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida: Family-Owned Legacy Gun Shop Latest Casualty of Biden’s War on Guns

Family-Owned Legacy Gun Shop Latest Casualty of Biden’s War on Guns



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

U.S.A. –-( Master gunsmith James Morrison founded JM Gun Repair 46 years ago, after doing gun repairs in his garage. The gun shop has been a local institution ever since, offering firearms, black powder and reloading gear, ammunition including hard-to-find calibers, and James’ incredible skills as a master gunsmith with 50 years of experience. The business is ideally located, straddling the county line between Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida.

“This has been a family legacy for 46 years,” said James’ grandson, Noah Morrison. His father and uncle work at the shop too.

Noah, who just turned 21, dreamed of becoming the third generation of Morrisons to operate this family business. However, his dreams were dashed when George Hancock, an ATF Industry Operations Investigator, known as an IOI, walked into the shop at around the same time Joe Biden announced his war on “rogue” gun dealers.

“During the audit, he found faults in our paperwork,” Noah said. “In the past, for these types of minor faults, an auditor would have just handed us a pen and told us to fix them.”

Noah’s father, Benwayne Morrison, agrees.

“These were clerical errors, but they changed the definition,” he said. “Under their new definition, they said our violations were willful. After 46 years, we never gave a gun to someone who shouldn’t have it, but that didn’t matter. None of the violations were on Biden’s ‘rogue’ gun dealer list.”

Rogue Defined

Biden first announced his zero-tolerance policy in June 2021. Part of his scheme included five criteria, which he claimed defined a rogue dealer:

  1. transferring a firearm to a prohibited person
  2. failing to run a required background check
  3. falsifying records, such as a firearms transaction form
  4. failing to respond to an ATF tracing request
  5. refusing to permit ATF to conduct an inspection in violation of the law

However, the ATF is revoking licenses for the most minor of errors – errors not on Biden’s five-point list.

As a result, a special report we published in May revealed that FFL revocations increased a staggering 500 percent.

No Due Process

Effective Aug. 23, JM Gun Repair can no longer transfer or sell firearms. The family intends to keep the shop open, selling ammunition, reloading and black powder supplies, gear, and other accessories, but not guns or even gunsmithing services. They posted a note on their website announcing the changes.

“Our family legacy is gone,” Benwayne said. “My father started this business. A master gunsmith is a rare breed. He can tell you the details about a gun made 100 years ago. He’s still sharp as a tack. Our family was screwed over by the ATF.”

The worst part for him and his family is that there was no way to appeal the ATF’s order.

There was no due process.

Benwayne contacted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office but was told since it was a federal matter, he should contact Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott. Benwayne never received a response from Scott’s office. One of Rubio’s assistants told him to send more information, but he has not heard back.

Illegal Registry

Both Benwayne and Noah believe there is another unspoken reason why the ATF is revoking hundreds of FFLs. Anytime a gun shop closes or is ordered out of business, they must mail years of records to the ATF.

“They’re building a gun registry, and that’s illegal,” Benwayne said. “If you want to build a registry, the easiest way to do it is to have gun dealers supply their records. That’s the quickest way for them to find out who has what kind of guns. If they shut down a 46-year-old store that’s had thousands of sales, all of a sudden, they’ve got a lot of records.”

Neither Jason Medina, public information officer for ATF’s Tampa Field Division, nor Aaron Gerber, the Division’s Director of Industry Operations, returned calls seeking comment for this story.


It’s clear that the Biden-Harris administration believes if they eliminate all the gun dealers, they will eliminate all the guns. But since there is only a handful of real rogues out of the 50,000 licensed gun dealers doing business in the country, the administration had to devise another tactic. As a result, they came up with the “willful” scheme.

Now, even the most insignificant clerical error is a willful violation, which means the dealer is a rogue, and their license is quickly revoked. The ATF was happy to play along since they’ve always been more than willing to bend over for the White House, regardless of the constitutionality of the request.

The two hallmarks of the Morrison family business have always been safety and family. Benwayne used to train Boy Scouts. His father taught Hunter Safety classes. They educate every first-time gun buyer before they leave the shop.

“My parents could have retired years ago, but they wanted to keep the business going for their children and their grandchildren,” Benwayne said. “It’s frustrating to me that now my son Noah is old enough to be part of the family business, but he can’t. We’ve always been a law-abiding shop. We’ve done our best for nearly a half-century to educate the public and keep the public safe. So, if they can do this to us, they can do this to anybody.”

This story is presented by the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and wouldn’t be possible without you. Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation to support more pro-gun stories like this.

About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams


“Ask Students’ Pronouns”, Penn. Education Dept. Tells Teachers

Ask Students’ Pronouns, Penn. Education Dept. Tells Teachers



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has important advice for teachers in the state: When in doubt, ask students’ pronouns because children as young as kindergarten might be “transgender.” Yes, seriously. 

The gender-bending advice came on the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website on a page about “Creating Gender-Inclusive Schools and Classrooms.” It celebrates “gender diversity” and even offers teachers and school employees a helpful list of words they “should know.”

As far as “binary gender,” for instance, the controversial site informs teachers that this is a “faulty concept” that states there are “only two genders: male and female.” In reality, there are only two genders, of course, as confirmed by every cell in a person’s body and the Bible.  

Assigned gender, meanwhile, is defined on the page as the “gender a baby is given upon birth.” Of course, in reality, children’s gender is established from conception based on the genetic information contained in the child’s unique DNA. It is not “assigned” by anyone except God.  

There is also troubling advice to encourage more confusion in children. “In addition to the traditional pronouns (he/him, she/her, they), some people prefer to use gender-neutral pronouns, such as ne, ve, ze/zie and xe,” the education department offers under “preferred personal pronouns” segment. “If you don’t know a student’s preferred personal pronoun, it’s always best to ask.”

The “definitions” offered by the state “Education” Department were lifted from a 2013 article claiming children can be trans by age 3 by a fringe gender ideologue called Carrie Kilman. Headlined “The Gender Spectrum,” the ramblings appeared in a publication of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a fringe left-wing hate group that publishes anti-Christian propaganda used by a terrorist in his failed attempt to massacre employees of the Family Research Council.  

Also available on the Pennsylvania site for educators are numerous additional resources to brainwash children with debunked and dangerous gender ideology. There is even a helpful “lesson guide” encouraging teachers to host “gender-neutral day” for children ages 6 and up, among other controversial activities.  

Incredibly, the state doubled down after being called out. “The children who attend our schools represent the diverse backgrounds and cultures of our commonwealth, and that includes Pennsylvanians with various gender identities and expressions,” Education Department Communications Director Casey Smith was quoted as saying in news reports. “It is incumbent upon us to support ALL learners, and make them ALL feel welcome in their schools and communities.”

Apparently, she meant “all learners” except Christians, Muslims, Jews, and others from traditional families that recognize what humans have recognized from the dawn of time: That God created people male and female. Numerous educators have sounded the alarm about the escalating bigotry being encouraged against children who resist the indoctrination. 

Of course, the pestering of children to choose new and unique “pronouns” and “genders” is not new. Years ago, the far-left National Education Association (NEA) purporting to represent over 3 million “educators” partnered with the Human Rights Campaign, another vicious anti-Christian hate group, to put out a video guide for creating “inclusive” classrooms. 

In the video, two children — one who claimed “they” pronouns, the other who preferred “zee” — discuss the supposed importance of teachers asking about students’ pronouns. When asked whether teachers had to be “educated” about it, the younger child says only substitutes needed to be taught to ask, because the full-timers already knew. 

It seems so foreign and outrageous to adults that many dismiss the gender-bending pronoun non-sense as a fringe non-issue. But unfortunately, it is ubiquitous — and incredibly dangerous to children and civilization. The end goal is the destruction of motherhood, fatherhood, and family. Parents must protect their children from this.  

Emboldened IRS demands new hires be willing to KILL AMERICANS~see IRS rifle team training photos and more

IRS Buys Full Auto P90 Tactical Rifles!! What Are They Preparing For?!

'Deadly force': IRS job posting raises eyebrows

Image: Emboldened IRS demands new hires be willing to KILL AMERICANS … see IRS rifle team training photos and more



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Just two days after the IRS ran a help wanted ad that demanded new hires be willing to kill Americans as part of collecting tax money, illegitimate AG Merrick Garland goes on live TV and lectures the American people, demanding they stop bullying the FBI and the DOJ.

Garland astonishingly claims to be upholding “the rule of law” as his lawless cabal of armed tyrants run roughshod across America, terrorizing anyone connected to Trump or the America First movement.

As this is happening, the IRS is building a massive army of heavily armed executioners whose job description requires they be willing to fire upon — and kill — private American citizens.

A recent job posting on listed the “Major Duties” of the new IRS employees as including a willingness to use “deadly force” to fire upon American citizens and kill them.

No doubt the “dangerous assignments” described by the IRS include assaulting and murdering American citizens, then confiscating their property.

Notably, the IRS doesn’t need to exist at all since taxes don’t even fund the government. America is so deep in debt that it’s mostly funded by money printing, not tax collection. Taxes are not in any way necessary to keep the US government funded. It can simply print the money it needs at any time, essentially without cost.

The real purpose of the IRS is not to collect taxes but to terrorize the American people and prevent people from ever retiring on assets they’ve saved.

IRS rifle teams and police impersonators

Adding to the disgust of all this, the IRS Criminal Investigations annual report from 2021 brags about IRS rifle fire teams and IRS “police” shooters taking aim at rows of targets that represent American taxpayers. These photos are taken from that IRS report, which seemingly celebrates the mass shooting of Americans in cold blood:

Note that IRS agents being trained to kill Americans are also impersonating police by wearing “POLICE” shirts even though they have zero actual police authority. They are not police. They are a runaway, power-hungry, thuggish federal agency that’s building its own private paramilitary force to go to war with the American people.

Those paper targets in the following photo, as you might notice, are not simply target circles. They are images of people. American people:

And here’s a close-up, zoomed-in image of some of the targets:

Note that these targets are shaped like people, not merely circular target zones for rifle accuracy:

What these targets prove is that the IRS is deliberately training to shoot American citizens, and they are “desensitizing” their troops to be able to pull the trigger when they are shooting people.

So just as AG Garland is lecturing Americans to stop being mean to the FBI, the IRS is raising a massive, heavily armed military-like army of tax agents who will shoot to kill on command.

This is wildly unconstitutional and extremely dangerous to our republic, yet Garland and the illegitimate Democrats currently running this regime pretend that they are the victims and that the American people deserve to be assaulted and shot by federal agents.

What’s clear is that the DOJ, FBI and IRS are waging a hot war against the American people, literally training their agents to murder Americans on command.

IRS buys millions of rounds of ammunition and deploys “weapons of war” against the American people

The IRS even purchased over 5 million rounds of ammunition just this year alone, arming up its paramilitary troops with ammunition for the very same AR-15 rifles that Democrats claim are “weapons of war.” As the NY State Firearms Association explains:

In just the last few months, the Internal Revenue Service has bought almost 5,000,000 rounds of small arms ammunition — spending almost $700,000 in the process.

The obvious question is why would a bunch of bean counters who spend their days staring at computer screens need to stock up on millions of rounds of ammo?

3,151,500 rounds of pistol ammo.
Over 350,000 rounds of shotgun ammo.
Almost 1.5 million rounds of rifle ammo.

The answer is obvious: The IRS is raising a massive army to wage war against the American people. This war has already begun with the DOJ and FBI conducting an illegal raid on President Trump’s private residence while terrorizing other conservatives who represent the America First movement.

Here’s my comment on all this at

To hear the full details on Biden’s hot war against the American people, listen to my Situation Update podcast here:

WARNING: Destroying the Right Is Why the Dems Are Doubling the IRS, Giving Agents ‘Deadly Force’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

On Wednesday, Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C.) gave Democrats on the House Rules Committee an opportunity to choose between doubling the size of the IRS by giving the federal tax agency 87,000 more agents or taking two desperately needed steps towards restoring the security of the U.S. border with Mexico.

The two steps needed at the border were completing the wall begun by former President Donald Trump and hiring more than 20,000 additional Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, judges, and attorneys.

Put simply, Budd told the Democrats to choose — Do you want to harass millions of middle-class Americans with costly, time-consuming, and often scary tax audits, or do you want to begin stopping the uncountable flood of illegal immigrants crossing into the country, along with the unprecedented inundation of fentanyl that has killed more than 100,000 Americans?

They chose the IRS agents.

This means they also chose to keep the floodgates open at the border, even though more than 50 individuals on terrorist watch lists are known to have entered in recent months, and it doesn’t matter that illegal drugs from China via the Mexican drug cartels are ravaging America.

Which raises an important question: Why are Democrats so determined to double the size of the IRS, making it bigger than the Pentagon, State Department, CBP, and FBI combined?

And that in turn raises another important query – Why is the IRS buying millions of rounds of ammunition and thousands of weapons, far more than needed to equip the 2,000 or so armed agents in the agency’s Criminal Investigations unit with “deadly force”?

You don’t have to dig too deeply into recent history to find the probable answer to these two questions about Democrats and the IRS. Let’s take a little history tour:

  • You will never read about it in the Mainstream Media these days, but throughout the 1990s, President Bill Clinton and Democrats in Congress used the IRS to harass the Heritage Foundation and other conservative think tanks and activist groups, as well as evangelical ministries, with repeated audits.

Audits cost money and consume time, contributors’ dollars, and staffers’ hours that those groups would otherwise have devoted to conducting the research and communicating the facts about what Clinton and the Democrats were doing. It was a form of guerrilla warfare in which the IRS was stealthily weaponized against the Right.

  • Now fast forward to 2010 and the Obama years. Remember Lois Lerner and the IRS harassment of the Tea Party, other conservative political activist organizations, and evangelical Christian groups? This was a serious escalation from the guerrilla warfare of the Clinton era.

The Tea Party provided the energy and votes that put Republicans back in the majority in the House in 2010 and came very near to getting the Senate as well. And a strong case can be made that without Lerner’s IRS harassment, Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign would have been defeated.

The Republican-controlled House voted overwhelmingly in 2015 to hold Lerner in contempt of Congress for refusing to answer a single question about her actions, and she was able to retire on a nice, fat, taxpayer-enabled pension. Nobody in then-Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, who aided and abetted Lerner, was ever disciplined either.

In other words, Democrats have a history of politically and illegally weaponizing the IRS against Republicans, conservatives, and evangelical Christians, or roughly half the voting population of America.

Are you seeing the pattern yet?

Think about it — Democrats and their Mainstream Media allies successfully weaponized the DOJ, FBI, and CIA against Trump during the 2016 campaign and then throughout his four years in the Oval Office. That Trump accomplished as much as he did despite the unending assaults was a miracle.

And let’s not forget that the Democrats lied to FISA judges, illegally spied on and manipulated private American citizens, blatantly entrapped Michael Flynn in the White House, created out of whole cloth the Russia and Ukraine scandals thereby inciting two failed impeachments, and used intelligence community assets late in the 2020 campaign to protect Joe Biden from the consequences of his aiding, abetting, and lying about his knowledge of the activities of his corrupt son, Hunter.

And these same actors just this week used the FBI to mount an unprecedented raid bearing the unmistakable hallmarks of a false evidence-planting operation on Trump’s private home.

The raid was based on a search warrant authorized by a judge who was once one of Michael Epstein’s favorite lawyers. And nobody from Biden to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray will answer a single question from journalists or anybody else about it.

You think there is anything these people won’t do?

Given that context and that history, it seems obvious why the Democrats are now so desperately committed to doubling the size of the IRS workforce — the Left is tired of tolerating any dissent from anybody, but especially from those on the Right.

They are determined to use the full force of the federal government to crush their political enemies on the Right for good. Conservative think tanks, advocacy groups, and evangelical ministries had better be prepared for what’s coming because it will be devastating.

Republicans may yet regain at least a House majority in November and perhaps the Senate majority as well. But GOP business-as-usual will be the death rattle of the American Republic.

Come January, Kevin McCarthy and his newly elected majority had better be ready and willing to utilize every one of what political science scholars Willmoore Kendall and George Carey called the “ultimate weapons” the Constitution gives Congress to ensure it can defeat either the President or the Supreme Court. Ours is a “legislative supremacy” constitutional republic.

Those ultimate weapons include oversight, reducing or eliminating executive branch workforces, rewriting department, agency, and program authorizations, withdrawing regulatory authority, reducing or defunding budgets, holding uncooperative witnesses and administration officials in contempt, and impeachment, among others.

All of these are leverage points for forcing Biden and the Democrats to end their war on half of America and agree to reforms that are desperately needed to put America back on the road to health.

Of course, Biden, the Democrats in Congress, the Mainstream Media, the Woke cultural and corporate ramparts, and the violent demonstrators will mobilize like never before. Congressional Republicans will feel like they are refighting the losing battle of the Alamo.

But the Constitution gives them leverage that the opposition cannot overcome if only the Republicans will stand together and refuse to surrender. If they fail, whatever happens in 2024 simply won’t matter.

AG Garland defends FBI against ‘unfounded attacks’ following Trump raid

Reading a teleprompter Biden-style, Garland stated he "personally ordered" the search of Donald Trump's home in Florida; takes offense at criticisms of the DOJ & FBI procedures, claiming they were normal.

Jesse Watters: Trump raid was just a fishing expedition

Trump releases statement after AG Garland's remarks

Trump lawyer responds to AG Merrick Garland's raid details

Attorney for former President Donald Trump Christina Bobb says Garland does not have 'solid ground' for backing FBI's raid of Mar-a-Lago, and says claims the FBI was searching for 'nuclear materials' are aimed at using fear to 'terrify the American public.'

TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE: Now the Biden Admin Claims AG Garland Didn’t Even Know About the FBI Raid



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was supposed to be the pivotal moment that ended Trump’s political aspirations to return to the White House. Leftists cheered on all corners of social media, thinking that someone was finally going to take Trump down.

And then we found out that the “classified” documents the FBI was reportedly looking for had long been declassified and that the DOJ sought approval from an anti-Trump magistrate judge. Furthermore, the White House quickly distanced itself from the raid, claiming that no one, be they staffers or Joe Biden, knew about it.

No one actually believes that, by the way.

However, it was widely assumed that Attorney General Merrick Garland knew all about it. After all, he is the Attorney General and Trump is the former president. You don’t go barging into a former president’s home under a false pretext without getting all sorts of clearance and approval high up the chain, right?

Even former Obama adviser David Axelrod never doubted that Garland approved the raid, “Merrick Garland is a notoriously cautious person,” Axelrod dubiously claimed. “He would not have authorized it unless they believed they had significant evidence that a crime had been committed, and a federal judge wouldn’t have signed off on it, they were aware of the stakes as well.”

USA Today also wrote that “Since the warrant involved the unprecedented request to search the home of a former president, [Ellen Cohen, who worked with Judge Bruce Reinhart when he was a prosecutor] said the warrant likely would have been vetted at the highest levels of the Justice Department, including Attorney General Merrick Garland.”

Well, according to a report from Newsweek, Garland wasn’t even in the loop. According to the publication, “[a] senior Justice Department source says that Garland was regularly briefed on the Records Act investigation, and that he knew about the grand jury and what material federal prosecutors were seeking. He insists, though, that Garland had no prior knowledge of the date and time of the specific raid, nor was he asked to approve it.”

“I know it’s hard for people to believe,” the official told Newsweek, “but this was a matter for the U.S. Attorney and the FBI.”

The official claims that FBI Director Christopher Wray is the one who gave the go-ahead.

Related: How the Biden Admin’s Raid on Trump’s Home Will Backfire

You know, if the raid were entirely kosher, you wouldn’t have everyone in the Biden administration desperately distancing themselves from it, would you? Why is this hugely consequential raid something no one in the Biden administration wants to take credit for?

The answer is obvious, isn’t it? As PJM’s Stacey Lennox reported Wednesday, “according to a new poll from Convention of States and Trafalgar Group, the majority of Independents, 53.9%, believe Trump’s political enemies are behind the FBI Raid. They join 76.7% of Republicans who hold the same view. The two groups are also aligned on enthusiasm to vote based on the FBI raid.”

The raid also “increased the motivation to vote for 83.3% of Republicans and 71.7% of Independents.”

The corrupt Biden administration, drunk with power, screwed up royally and is trying to wash its hands of it in an effort to contain the fallout.


Kudlow slams 'Mar-a-Lago invasion': 'Designed' to prevent Trump from running for president

Former Prosecutor: FBI Raid on Trump Not About Docs; Agents Sought Evidence of Link to J6 Protest

Former Prosecutor: FBI Raid on Trump Not About Docs; Agents Sought Evidence of Link to J6 Protest



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The FBI did not raid President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate to retrieve documents he wrongly took from the White House after he “lost” the 2020 election.

Rather, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy says, the FBI used that excuse to cover the agency’s real goal: to find evidence with which they can link Trump to the mostly peaceful protest at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, which Democrats falsely call an “insurrection.”

Federal prosecutors would then use that information to indict Trump for one or more crimes. 

And frighteningly, as Legal Insurrection’s William Jacobson observed, the government is moving on all fronts. Yesterday, the FBI seized U.S. Representative Scott Perry’s personal phone. Several congressmen, including GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, received subpoenas to testify before the January 6 “insurrection” committee, which is led by a former insurrection sympathizer.

The Democrats’ goal: Stop Trump from running for president in 2024, and make him the issue in November’s midterm elections.

Stop Trump for 2024

Writing for the New York Post, McCarthy explained that Democrats hope to get evidence with which they can indict Trump.

When Trump left office, he took 15 boxes of records that he subsequently returned to the National Archives upon request. But if the documents he returned were classified, they “were thus potentially evidence of crimes. In addition, since it is believed Trump did not return everything that was shipped out of the White House in those hectic days of January 2021, there was significant reason to suspect he continued to retain classified information at Mar-a-Lago.”

But the real goal isn’t to indict Trump for monkeyshines with documents. For one thing, even if Trump were convicted under the relevant law, Section 2071 of the federal penal code, which bars those convicted under it from seeking office, “the Justice Department well knows that the qualifications for a presidential candidate are set out in the Constitution,” McCarthy continued:

They may not be altered by statute, precisely because the Framers did not want the executive branch to be dominated by the legislature, as would happen if Congress could disqualify incumbent or potential presidents simply by passing a law. The Constitution’s qualifications for the presidency are minimal — one must be over 35 and a natural-born citizen. Being a felon is not a disqualification, so even crimes potentially far more serious than mishandling classified information are not a bar to seeking the presidency.

Moreover, the Constitution also prescribes the basis for disqualifying a person from seeking the presidency or other federal office: conviction by the Senate on an impeachment article voted by the House. Again, what is prescribed by the Constitution may not be altered by a mere statute. To trigger disqualification, Congress would have to impeach and convict Trump; it cannot be done by criminal prosecution.

Thus, the supposed classified documents Trump retained are “a pretext to obtain a warrant” to look for evidence that would link Trump to the “insurrection” — “a Capitol riot offense — either a violent crime, such as seditious conspiracy to forcibly attack a government installation (which is highly unlikely), or a non-violent crime, such as conspiracy to obstruct the January 6 joint session of Congress to count electoral votes, or conspiracy to defraud the government.”

Phone Seized, Congressmen Subpoenaed

Jacobson explained the raid this way: “This is a provocation. They are trying to get a reaction that allows a further crackdown.”

That crackdown, though, has begun. A day after the FBI raided Trump’s home, it seized Perry’s cellphone.

The congressman from Pennsylvania strongly protested subpoenas the January 6 committee sent in May to Representatives Kevin McCarthy of California, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Andy Biggs of Arizona, and Mo Brooks of Alabama.

Perry received one, too.

“That this illegitimate body leaked their latest charade to the media ahead of contacting targeted Members is proof positive once again that this political witch hunt is about fabricating headlines and distracting the Americans from their abysmal record of running America into the ground,” he told Axios.

The raid at Trump’s home, Jacobson wrote, is “also a provocation to get Trump to declare his candidacy for President before the midterms. Democrats would love to turn 2022 into a referendum on Trump rather than the deliberate destruction of the national borders and inflation.”

“Would the FBI and DOJ do such a thing?” he continued:

Aren’t they “above” politics? The then FBI Director James Comey admitted to trying to set up the new President Trump by alerting him to the Steele Dossier, and then leaked the story of the briefing to CNN, which gave license to report on the false allegations in the dossier. So yes, the FBI and DOJ would do such a thing, and have done such a thing to Trump.


DR. STEVE TURLEY: Trump SHATTERING All Fundraising Records After FBI Raid!!!

Trump attorney speaks out on the Mar-a-Lago raid

'Save America' Attorney, Christina Bobb, called to Mar-a-Lago during FBI raid

Former FBI special agent: Here's why agents searched Melania's closet


FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago backfires spectacularly as lawmakers call for NULLIFICATION of corrupt federal agencies like FBI, IRS, EPA, ATF, DOJ


VIDEO: Vera Sharav: Preserving the Nuremberg Code

As the world is approaching the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Code, it is becoming apparent that now, of all times, this achievement of humanity is coming under the greatest distress worldwide since it was written down. 

In this interview with The New American, Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor and a prominent human rights advocate, draws parallels between the ideologies and practices put in place in Nazi Germany and those practiced by the modern global elites. Both are rooted in the teachings of eugenics, which divide people into two categories: the elites and those considered inferior and not worthy of living. As a result, both the medical experiments carried out by Nazi physicians on Jews during the Holocaust and the mass vaccination campaign against Covid have a common goal: depopulation. 

The forces looking to depopulate the world are many and powerful. Yet it is within people’s power to defeat them, said Sharav. 

Vera Sharav is the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection.  

Cheney Scorches Wyoming Voters With Anti-Trump Ads

Cheney Scorches Wyoming Voters With Anti-Trump Ads

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney says she “took to the Constitution to compelled me to vote for impeachment,” after being censured by her state’s Republican party.

SHE’S BIG MAD! Watch! New Ad Digs Up Darth Cheney Bashing Trump



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

In a last-ditch effort to save her failing campaign for reelection to the House from Wyoming, Rep. Liz Cheney is running ads on Fox News. The ads, featuring her father, Dick Cheney, who served as vice president under George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009, drip with vitriol:

In our nation’s 246-year history there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump….

Trump tried to steal the last election [2020], using lies and violence to keep himself in power after the voters had rejected him.

He is a coward. A real man wouldn’t lie to his supporters.

He lost his election and he lost big.

I know it, he knows it and deep down I think most Republicans know it.

In Wyoming, most Republicans know no such thing. Having voted for Trump by 70 percent in 2020 and having witnessed the continuing inquisition by the January 6 investigative committee co-chaired by Dick Cheney’s daughter, they are not likely to welcome the ad campaign. And Republicans in Wyoming hold a four-to-one advantage over Democrats.

But Cheney Senior continues, saying that he is proud of his daughter for “standing up for the truth, doing what is right, honoring her oath to the Constitution when so many in our own party are too scared to do so. Liz is fearless. She never backs down from a fight.”

And then, ominously, he adds:

There is nothing more important she will ever do than lead the effort to make sure Donald Trump is never near the Oval Office again.

And she will succeed.

Down in the polls by more than 20 points, just how is Cheney likely to succeed in that effort?

More than once she has given indications of her willingness to sell out to the Democratic Party in order to get to Trump. In an interview with The New York Times on Sunday, she said she’d “rather serve with [far-left House Democrats] Mikie Sherrill and Chrissy Houlahan and Elissa Slotkin [Freedom Index (FI) ratings of 8, 6, and 8 respectively] than Marjorie Taylor Greene [FI 95] and Lauren Boebert [FI 90].… They love their country, they do their homework, and they’re people that are trying to do the right things for the country.”

Her campaign includes appealing to the few Wyoming Democrats to “cross over” next Tuesday by registering as Republicans, though at the moment it appears that even that appeal is falling on deaf ears. According to the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office, since January only about 6,000 of the state’s 43,285 registered Democrats have made that move in order to vote for her on Tuesday.

The strongest indication that she has already written off next Tuesday’s results and is ready to move on came during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” on Sunday. When asked about 2024, she responded:

I haven’t really … at this point, I have not made a decision about 2024….

But I do think, as we look towards the next presidential election, as I said, I believe that our nation stands on the edge of an abyss. And I do believe that we all have to really think very seriously about the dangers we face and the threats we face. And we have to elect serious candidates.

And just whom would she pick as a “serious candidate?”

Tapper rightly concluded:

When you hear a politician talking about the country “standing on the edge of an abyss” and the need to elect “serious candidates,” well, it doesn’t take an astrophysicist to figure out what’s going on there.

Cheney has expressed disdain not only for Donald Trump but also for his potential rival in 2024, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: “I think Ron DeSantis has lined himself up almost entirely with Donald Trump, and I think that’s very dangerous.”

CNN’s editor-at-large Chris Cillizza sees just how she could keep Trump out of the White House in 2024: by running as an Independent — a spoiler — who “could skim off enough voters to potentially hamstring the former president’s chances of winning.”

By continuing to run poisonous anti-Trump ads in an election she is going to lose, she is signaling that she is just the one Democrats could use as a foil. In the meantime, she will, with a compliant and complicit mainstream media on her side, keep her lamp burning bright as the “conservative” voice at one of the major left-wing news outlets after she loses next week’s primary election.

Related article:

RINO Liz Cheney Won’t Rule Out 2024

We’ve Got the Deep State on the Run. Here’s What Needs to Happen Next.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

On Monday night, we learned that Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was raided by a team of FBI agents, ostensibly looking for documents the National Archivist says the former president took from the White House without authorization. Was the search for documents merely a pretext to snoop around Trump’s Florida home in the hopes that agents would turn up damning evidence related to the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol? Or was the Department of Justice hoping the raid would whip Trump supporters into a frenzy and cause a repeat of the J6 protest ahead of the midterm elections? (Don’t take the bait.) Both scenarios seem plausible. What doesn’t seem plausible is the idea that Merrick Garland’s Police State went to Palm Beach looking for cocktail napkins and dinner menus. Also not plausible is the claim that the White House didn’t know about the raid ahead of time. No sane person believes that an unprecedented raid on a former president of the United States — and likely contender in 2024 — could happen without Joe Biden (or whoever is making decisions these days at the White House) signing off on the decision.

The good news is that people are waking up to the corruption at the highest levels of our government. Law-abiding citizens have long revered the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies, perhaps with a naivete born of TV dramas and Hollywood blockbusters. But the truth is, the FBI has been politicized since its inception. From J. Edgar Hoover to James Comey, FBI directors have long weaponized the agency to attack their political enemies. The Department of Justice has also been used by cynical partisans to exact revenge and neutralize political foes. Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s attorney general, was the first in that position to be held in contempt of Congress. Nothing happened to him. Nor did anything happen to the myriad actors in the Deep State who went along with the Russia collusion hoax, insisting to the bitter end that they had done nothing wrong.

Related: Deep State Burns Its Bridges to Get Trump—and Now It’s Fighting for Its Life

Now that we see clearly what the problem is, where do we go from here? Sure, we can peacefully protest, send angry emails, or post diatribes on social media, but that’s not going to fix the problems that are eating away at our republic. The answer lies in winning elections. Decisively. First the midterms and then the White House in 2024. As I wrote last week, Trump did the country a great service by exposing the deep state and making Americans aware of the corruption within our government. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to drain the swamp — in part because it was constantly investigating him. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis last week dropped a political bomb on the ruling class by suspending woke Hillsborough County state attorney Andrew Warren, who had announced he would refuse to enforce Florida laws he didn’t like. Once we regain control of the White House and Congress, this should be our template going forward.

Since 2005, PJ Media has been equipping you, our dear readers, with the tools you need to make a difference in your communities and on a national level. We’ve weathered the crash of the advertising bubble in 2020, censorship by Big Tech companies — when was the last time you saw a PJ Media article come through your Facebook feed? — and the pernicious “fact-checkers” who fight tooth and nail to delegitimize us and to slander you, our readers — conservatives who don’t want to see our beautiful country destroyed.

It hasn’t been easy, but having loyal readers who support the work we do makes it possible for us to continue the fight. And we won’t take our foot off the gas until our country is safely back in the hands of men and women of integrity who revere our Constitution and believe in law and order. But, quite frankly, we need your help to continue this work. Our VIP members make it possible for us to expose the Deep State and fight against it. New members instantly become part of our robust community here at PJ Media and have access to our comments section and exclusive live chats with popular contributors like Steve Green (aka VodkaPundit), Stephen Kruiser, and others. VIP Gold members get even more—access to VIP content at all the Townhall Media sites — Townhall, RedState, Bearing Arms, Twitchy, and HotAir. For a limited time, we are offering 40% off VIP memberships. Click here to join today and use the promo code SAVEAMERICA to unlock the discount

The midterms are only a few months away. Stay tuned to PJ Media for in-depth analysis and news about campaigns across the country. We cannot afford to lose. Let’s do this thing.

Donald Trump Punches Back With ‘Witch Hunt’ Videos and a Huge Announcement



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The two-tiered legal system keeps coming for Donald Trump, and he keeps fighting back — this time with video proof of prosecutorial bias. After the unprecedented raid on his Mar-a-Lago home on Monday, Trump is now in New York for depositions in a civil case against him. But the depositions won’t get far.

Shortly before the scheduled deposition Wednesday morning, Trump posted three videos on his Truth Social account that point the finger at one person: Letisha James. The New York attorney general ran for office on the platform that she’d get Donald Trump.

Later, after Trump arrived at James’s “plush office,” he issued a statement saying he would invoke his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

Trump posted the three videos on Wednesday to spotlight James, the person behind another legal “witch hunt” against him, currently underway in New York. James is shown repeatedly promising to “get” Trump as she was running for New York attorney general. “We’re gonna sue him, we’re gonna be a real pain in the ass,” she promised voters before being elected to office. In another video, she says, “what is fueling my soul is Trump.”

The videos are a mash-up of many times on the campaign trail where James promised to prosecute Trump for whatever she could dig up on him.

Fox News reports that “James’ office has been conducting a civil investigation into the Trump Organization to find out whether Trump and his company improperly inflated the value of assets on financial statements in order to obtain loans and tax benefits.” Among the properties James is going after are his residence at Trump Tower and “Trump’s estate Seven Springs in Westchester, [and] New York, 40 Wall Street.”

Trump posted on Truth Social from James’s office that he was “at the very plush, beautiful, and expensive A.G.’s office. Nice working conditions, as people are being murdered all over New York – and she spends her time and effort on trying to ‘get Trump.’”

Recommended: We’ve Got the Deep State on the Run. Here’s What Needs to Happen Next.

The former president also issued a statement on Truth Social about the depositions, the witch hunt, and invoking his 5th Amendment privilege.

Trump stated, “Letitia James opening campaigned on the policy of ‘Get and Destroy Trump.’ This political attack on me, my family, and my great company is her despicable attempt to fulfill that cynical, and very corrupt promise.” Later, he said she “colluded with others to carry out this phony, years-long crusade that wasted countless taxpayer dollars all in an effort to prop up her political career.” He said that “what Letitia James has tried to do in the last three years is a disgrace to the legal system.”

And then Trump delivered the knock-out punch: he’s invoking his Fifth Amendment privilege to stay silent.

“I once asked,” he wrote, “if you’re innocent why are you taking the Fifth Amendment? Now I know the answer to that question. When your family, your company, and all the people in your orbit have become targets of an unfounded, politically motivated Witch Hunt … you have no choice.”

America is watching. As PJ Media reported, a poll by the Trafalgar Group this week showed that 80% of Americans believe there is a two-tiered system of justice; one for elites and one for people elites don’t like.

Trump said America is turning into a banana republic. Based on what the justice system is doing to him, he’s right.

Former FBI agent: “I would have rather resigned than be part of this ridiculous raid”~PA Rep. Scott Perry says FBI agents seized his cellphone~FBI AGENTS RIFLING THROUGH TRUMP’S OFFICE & MELANIA’S WARDROBE

Ben Garrison Gestapo KGB FBI

World war 2, german gestapo officers executing russian peasants, september 1943, the photo was taken by a german soldier captured by the red army.

Germany: Heinrich Himmler reviews German Gestapo Troopers.

There Has Been Bitter Acrimony Between Political Camps Before, but the Raid Is Something New.

On 'John Bachman Now', Newsmax contributor and former FBI agent Michael Grimm said Wednesday, the Trump raid has tarnished our entire justice system. "It is really a black eye on our entire justice system and this is a stain that is indelible, it's never going to be removed, and I don't think anyone is left in this country with any faith in the integrity of either the FBI or the DOJ for that matter."

PA Rep. Scott Perry (York/Cumberland) says FBI agents seized his cellphone

FROM 9AM TO 6:30PM, FBI reportedly ransacked Trump's office & Melania's wardrobe; CRACKED OPEN TRUMP'S SAFE

We the the Russia to PM ET G I TRUMP: AND LAGO RAID IS "PROSECUTORIAL NEWS MISCONDUCT" WEAPONIZATIC ON OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM" Eric Trump Says Safe Cracked Open By FBI Was Empty (VIDEO) August 8, 2022, 1020pm by Cristina Laila 1046 Comments


Biden’s Handlers Released 324 Unvetted Afghan Evacuees on Terror Watchlist Into the U.S.

It's all going according to plan.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Biden’s catastrophically botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was bad enough in itself, diminishing America’s standing in the world and projecting an image of weakness that has encouraged and emboldened enemies of our nation worldwide. The fallout from it, however, could be incalculably worse. A Defense Department (DoD) whistleblower has revealed that 324 of the Afghans whom U.S. forces brought to the United States as the disaster in Afghanistan was unfolding appeared on the department’s Biometrically Enabled Watchlist (BEWL), which includes terrorists, and yet were admitted into the country without being vetted. No one who has been watching the spreading dumpster fire that is the Biden administration could possibly be surprised.

Senators Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) and Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) have called upon the DoD to investigate. On Thursday, they wrote to DoD Acting Inspector General Sean O’Donnell about their “concern over new allegations raised by a Department of Defense (DoD) whistleblower. This information may show the Biden Administration’s failure to vet those evacuated from Afghanistan was even worse than the public was led to believe. The following allegations demand an immediate investigation by your office.” There should indeed be an investigation, but in these days of the hyper-politicization of everything and concomitant wokeification of the government bureaucracy, a genuinely illuminating investigation is about as likely to happen as Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis getting the Democrat nomination for president in 2024.  

Epoch Times reported Friday that “the BEWL identifies individuals whose biometrics have been collected and determined by analysts to be threats or potential threats to national security, including known suspected terrorists.” But instead of stopping those who appeared on this watchlist, the whistleblower contents that “White House and DoD officials instructed agency personnel to ‘cut corners' and not conduct full fingerprint tests on the evacuees at staging bases in Europe, ‘in order to promote the rushed evacuation from Afghanistan.’”

The whistleblower also charges that “Department of Homeland Security (DHS) staff were authorized to delete old biometric data at their discretion.” Really, what could possibly go wrong? Hawley and Johnson point out, with admirable understatement, that this is a “troubling development that could threaten national security and public safety.”

Yeah, it could. And as it was all initially unfolding, Joe Biden was doing what he does best: lying. Sensitive to criticism arising from the importation of unvetted Afghans into the U.S., Biden declared in September 2021 that “planes taking off from Kabul are not flying directly to the United States. They’re landing at U.S. military bases and transit centers around the world. At these sites where they are landing, we are conducting thorough scrutiny — security screenings for everyone who is not a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident.” State Department spokesman Ned Price added: “Before anyone who is evacuated from Afghanistan comes to this country, they undergo a rigorous vet. Unless and until they complete that vet they will not be in a position to come to the U.S.”

In reality, however, there appeared to be a concerted effort to bring unvetted Afghans into the United States. At least 82,000 Afghans were brought to the U.S. without being vetted. In October 2021, Senate Republicans noted in a memo, according to the Washington Examiner, “senior officials across the departments of Homeland Security, Defense, State, and Justice described a disastrous screening and vetting process.” Immigration officials accepted uncritically what Afghans said about who they were, without making any effort to check their stories. According to the Examiner, “the large majority of people, approximately 75%, evacuated were not American citizens, green card holders, Afghan Special Immigrant Visa holders, or applicants for the visa.”

Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) had been given to Afghans who aided U.S. forces in Afghanistan. In September 2021, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas revealed that “of the 60,000 Afghans who have entered the U.S., nearly 8,000 are either U.S. citizens or residents, while about 1,800 are SIV holders, having obtained visas after assisting the U.S. military.” That meant that 52,000 of the 60,000 Afghans who had come into the country were not U.S. citizens or SIV holders. In November 2021, Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) stated that only 700 of the 82,000 Afghans now in the U.S. were SIV holders.

The Examiner noted that Biden’s reception of these Afghans “violated long-standing U.S. government policies for handling refugees.” This was a deliberate decision: “Refugees are to be screened and vetted before being admitted to the U.S. through an extensive process that includes multiple interrogations. Rather than follow the protocol, the Biden administration instructed federal law enforcement and military officials handling the evacuations and processing to adhere to less stringent standards.”

Hawley confronted FBI director Christopher Wray about all this Thursday. According to Epoch Times, “Wray wasn’t able to give a clear answer about the FBI’s efforts to track down and interview the 324 Afghan evacuees.” Once again, no one should be surprised. Clearly, this is all going the way the Leftist elites want it to go.


Families Fleeing WCASD Over LGBTQ Curriculum, Dresses for Boys

1060 Wilmington Pike, West Chester, PA 19382
Phone: 484-266-2700 Fax: 484-266-2799

Mrs. Puchalla

Mrs. Mary Kay Puchalla
8th Grade Administrator
email: [email protected]


Mr. James DeWitt
Assistant Principal
7th Grade Administrator
email: [email protected]

g a stetson middle school - DriverLayer Search Engine


"Two families removed their children from a school district in West Chester, Pennsylvania, due to “woke indoctrination,” according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Stetson Middle School in West Chester, Pennsylvania, posted photos of drag queens and LGBTQ activists on the walls of classrooms for 7th graders as a part of Pride Month, according to documents obtained by the DCNF. Jim Jacobs, a father of an 11-year-old at the school, and Jacobs’ brother have removed their children from the school after learning of the pride month activities, Jacobs told the DCNF."

Addison Smith talked to Jim Jacobs, a Pennsylvania father who took his son out of Stetson Middle School following an onslaught of

"raunchy" contents displayed at the school.

Families Fleeing WCASD Over LGBTQ Curriculum, Dresses for Boys



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

At least two families have decided to remove their children from Stetson Middle School after over-the-top gay pride celebrations this year.

Jim Jacobs said he and his brother have decided to send their children to different schools because of what he believes is cultural indoctrination instead of education occurring in the West Chester Area School District.

“The last thing I wanted to do was to transfer my son for his 8th-grade year, but enough is enough,” said Jacobs. “At Stetson, there is no freedom of speech but freedom of ‘woke’ speech. The tolerance promoted by Diversity/Equity/Inclusion is not practiced towards those who have disagreements with or dare to question the ‘woke’ agenda.”

During the gay pride celebrations, boys were encouraged to wear dresses during Gay Pride Month and a male teacher taught in high heels. However, Jacobs’ son was pulled out of class for wearing Uggs that officials deemed slippers, although the youth had worn Uggs the previous year without incident.

“So my son gets disciplined for wearing Uggs (which are said to not adhere to the dress code), but boys are encouraged to wear dresses and male teachers can teach in stilettoes! Really?” Jacobs said. “I called Assistant Principal (James) DeWitt to ask if that was true. He verified it and told me that ‘boys dressing as girls and a male teacher wearing high heels is perfectly acceptable and not in violation of the dress code.’”

And DeWitt also told Jacobs, “This teacher has worn high heels on multiple occasions and that if the teacher is comfortable wearing them, then the school supports him.”

“My son told me that the same teacher who wears high heels would wave the gay pride flag and march it through the cafeteria at lunch and that this was completely accepted and encouraged,” said Jacobs. “How are these not clear-cut examples of indoctrination and the promotion of a specific social agenda?”

“The final straw was the fact that students were encouraged to wear ‘gay pride’ flags for Gay Pride Week. My son’s friends were wearing American flags, and he wanted to wear a Blue Lives Matter flag. I saw nothing wrong with that since if students are allowed to wear Gay Pride flags, others should be allowed to wear an American flag, right?

“However, a gay student opposed the American flags being worn, so Mrs. Heather Selgrath, the 8th-grade counselor, told students who were wearing American flags and Blue Lives Matter flags (my son) that they had to take them off and put them away in their lockers,” said Jacobs.

“It’s selective enforcement of the dress code,” Jacobs said. “It’s ridiculous.”

Also, Jacobs said his 12-year-old niece had to do a book report this semester, but her only option was to do one on a Black or transgendered person.

“Why?” he asked.

“My brother is flipping out,” Jacobs said. “They had his daughter wearing all this make-up and posing with another girl because that’s what they’re encouraging.”

Both Jacobs and his brother are sending their children to Catholic schools in the fall.

“Students were encouraged to take pictures with same-sex students in front of the gay pride flag at school,” he said. There were also pictures on the wall for students to pose with. “When the LBTGQ display by the pride flag is examined closely, pictures of various individuals on the school wall can be seen,” he said.

“Googling two of their names gave extremely disturbing results,” he said. One was Frida Kahlo, “who was a Communist artist ‘regarded as an icon for Chicanos, the feminism movement, and the LGBTQ+ movement,’” he said. “And another was Bianca Del Rio, who is a drag queen comedian, ‘whose YouTube videos contain off-color raunchy, comedy routines and discuss heroin usage and men’s penises.’ One has to question the academic value of displaying these pictures in a middle school for 11 to 13-year-old children.”

“These activities and displays are unquestionable distractions and liabilities to academic learning, which should be the primary purpose of our public schools,” Jacobs continued. “Promotion of political and social agendas should be verboten. Unfortunately, freedom of speech doesn’t exist anymore in public schools such as in the WCASD…there is only freedom of ‘woke’ speech and selective enforcement of dress codes. Taxpayers should not be required to fund this nonsense.”

“This is unbelievable, crazy stuff,” Jacobs said about the school’s emphasis on LGBTQ issues. “It’s not enough to be gay. You have to be flamboyantly gay.”

Elana Fishbein, a Lower Merion resident and founder of No Left Turn in Education said, “Our schools have been completely derailed by woke people who call themselves ‘educators.’ These woke mobsters hijacked the schools and are suffocating and sexualizing our children with their perverted ideology. For them, furthering an ideology is their mission, not imparting knowledge and skill building. And while religion was chased out of school halls long ago, this ideology has become, ironically, not only a new religion but a cult. Today, they are the true schoolyard bullies.”

A spokeswoman for WASD did not respond to a request for comment.

Judge Who Approved Raid Was Obama Donor, Epstein Lawyer~Trump was already cooperating with National Archives, so why the dramatic, unprecedented raid?~Biden regime wages lawless TERROR CRUSADE against Trump’s America

Judge Who Signed FBI Raid On Trump Linked To EPSTEIN In SHOCKING Development, Civil War Trending

Judge Who Authorized Trump Raid Defended Epstein Women, Donated To Obama, Jeb Bush


Judge Who Approved Raid Was Obama Donor, Epstein Lawyer


New Trump Video Nails What Every Patriot Feels This Morning


Bongino: ‘This Is Some Third World Bull S--t Right Here’; The FBI Has Shredded Any Credibility They Had Left

LEVIN ON MAR-A-LAGO RAID: “This is the worst attack on this Republic in Modern History”

Newt Gingrich: FBI’s Mar-A-Lago Raid ‘Is a Very Scary Step Towards a Police State Eliminating the Constitution as a Real Document’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

It is peculiar that Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence was dramatically raided at this particular time, in a stunningly unprecedented act by the FBI, when National Archives had already inventoried the contents of Trump’s boxes back in February. The National Archives was quoted as stating in February that it was “in the process of inventorying the contents of the boxes,” and also insisted that the process was “part of a MUTUAL ongoing effort to retrieve presidential documents, not a raid.”

Most of the mainstream media were quick to report last night that Eric Trump told Fox News that the FBI raid was conducted over documents sought by National Archives, but they left out the most important part of Eric’s statement: Donald Trump’s full cooperation, as well as Eric’s. 

The motive of the FBI is clearly evident in the invasion of Trump’s residence. The raid was agenda-driven with midterm elections in mind, to soup up the Democrat and legacy media narrative, which will include plenty of spin and further lies, this time about what will likely be presented as the discovery of what was in Trump’s files. Trump issued a statement:

These are dark times for our Nation, as my beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents. Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before. After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate. It is prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the Justice System, and an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don’t want me to run for President in 2024…

From Adam Schiff’s flat-out lies against Trump in a big, expensive Russian collusion hoax to a refusal to investigate the corrupt Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton (including her long history of mishandling and hiding classified documents), America is now under a two-tier system of justice: one for Democrats and another for Republicans, especially Donald Trump.

The New York Times reported in April on Joe Biden’s determination to ruin Trump:

Mr. Biden confided to his inner circle that he believed former President Donald J. Trump was a threat to democracy and should be prosecuted, according to two people familiar with his comments. And while the president has never communicated his frustrations directly to Mr. Garland, he has said privately that he wanted Mr. Garland to act less like a ponderous judge and more like a prosecutor…

A federal judge had to sign off on the Mar-a-Lago raid, although the identity of the judge has not been revealed as of this writing. Meanwhile, the White House denies any prior knowledge of the FBI plans, if you can trust what comes out of the Biden White House. The weaponization of the justice system and security state has risen to a new level. Democrat tactics match the levels of corruption expected in countries such as Venezuela, where the rule of law hardly exists anymore. As Lara Trump stated on Fox News last night: “if they are doing this to a past President, what will they do to you?” She is right. They are unscrupulous and will come after anyone who challenges the deep state and its woke ideologies, which they are pushing on children in primary schools.

The desperation of the corrupt Democrat establishment is evident in the invasion of Mar-a-Lago. It shows their fear of the consequences they know they would face in the event of a Trump election win. The DOJ and FBI now bear an incredible burden of proof. Trump wasn’t even anywhere near Mar-a-Lago when the FBI invasion was launched, so there was no valid concern about him possibly destroying evidence. It was rather, a stunt.

Now, all mainstream media attention is back to savaging Trump, justifying the indefensible while Democrat sharks and their cronies trample upon American due process. Attention will now be shifted away from the decrepit Joe Biden and the mess he’s made of the country domestically and abroad, just in time for the mid-terms. As Churchill once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” This has become the Democrat mission statement in the many crises they create in order to win by the dirtiest means possible. Let’s hope the Mar-a-Lago stunt backfires.



Victor Davis Hanson Goes SCORCHED EARTH on the FBI!!!

Biden regime wages lawless TERROR CRUSADE against Trump’s America



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Beyond the obvious analysis of the FBI / DOJ / Biden terror crusade against President Trump and We the People, what I’ve pointed out in the Situation Update podcast below are three critical points to understand:

  1. One of the goals of the raid on Mar-A-Lago is to try to provoke an armed civil war uprising among the American people so that the DOJ and FBI can label all Trump supporters as violent extremists.
  2. The brazen nature of the raid on Trump’s private residence is strong evidence that the deep state plans a major disruption or false flag that would suspend the mid-term elections. It’s clear they are not afraid to violate the rule of law and anger the American people, since they believe they will never again have to answer to the people anyway.
  3. The Democrats now believe they have so much power that they no longer need to even pretend to be the good guys. Now, they are just brazenly carrying out acts of terrorism against the American people, with no regard for any blowback because, as stated above, they do not believe they will ever have to answer voters ever again (because there will never be fair and free elections in America as long as they remain in power).

So we are now living under a lawless, tyrannical terrorism regime that’s pretending to be a legitimately elected “democratic” government but is nothing of the kind.

Essentially, this means that no state, no state governor, and no American is obliged to recognize the authority of any branch of the federal government under this regime, as the regime is utterly lawless and despotic and has abandoned every mechanism of due process and the rule of law. This regime now rules by force and coercion, not by the consent of the governed. Thus, America has transitioned from a nation of goodwill and a reasonable social contract of governance to an authoritarian regime that wields its political power as a weapon to destroy the political opposition, media opposition, and election integrity.

The Biden regime is now actively engaged in straight-up treason against the United States of America, and the American people are slowly waking up to this horrifying fact.

They no longer care what you think, since your vote and opinions no longer matter to the tyrants in charge

The intention of this regime is to cancel or control all elections, online speech, media publications, and all three branches of government from this day forward, establishing a unipolar political monstrosity that eliminates all opposition from any sector of society. They are very close to having achieved this outcome following the rigging of the 2020 election and the cooperation with communist China to weaponize SARS-CoV-2 and unleash a biological weapon against the American people in order to destroy the economy and control the masses. Even now, 70% of US adults have taken at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine, according to the CDC and reported by Reuters. This means that nearly three out of four Americans have been injected with a depopulation death jab, and a significant percentage of those people will be dead from the vaccine before the end of 2030.

Technically, that’s over 231 million Americans who have been injected with a deadly shot. If just 20% of those die in the next decade, that’s 46 million Americans who will be victims in this vaccine holocaust pushed by both Trump and Biden. (Yes, Trump started it and handed the baton to Biden in a tag-team effort.) Are you beginning to see the bigger picture yet?

Violence is what the regime wants… and that’s why we must not resort to violence

The truth is, the American people have been targeted for extermination by the regime. And if the people rise up, they will be deemed “extremists” and subjected to a domestic military response, likely coupled with a nationwide gun confiscation effort and a declared emergency that will attempt to suspend all elections. This is why it is crucial that the American people do not resort to a violent uprising to escape this tyranny. Peaceful methods must be employed so that the authoritarian regime isn’t handed a justification to increase their level of violence and tyranny against the American people. Furthermore, we must not give the regime an excuse to declare a state of emergency before the mid-term elections.

As we get closer to the elections in November, we fully expect the regime to become increasingly desperate, and we believe they are likely to do something truly extreme such as setting off a dirty bomb, detonating a nuclear bomb in a US city, taking down the power grid and blaming Russia, freezing the banking system with an engineered liquidity freeze, launching an EMP weapon against the US to blame China or North Korea, igniting World War III with China or Russia, unleashing a hemorrhagic fever virus against the population or igniting a civil war in some region of the country. There is nothing the regime won’t do to stay in power and terrorize the American people.

Do not be suckered into violence. That’s what the regime wants.

At the same time, do not give in to tyranny. Support pro-America candidates like Kari Lake and Blake Masters. Continue your preparedness efforts to survive after the chaos is unleashed. Have backup comms, food, emergency medicine, and systems of off-grid money such as precious metals or barter items. Voice your opinions to your representatives in Congress, and demand they take action to investigate the regime for its tyranny and lawlessness. Contact your state governor and demand they nullify the FBI, DOJ, ATF, and IRS. It is now perfectly clear that America is going to be plunged into a horrific scenario of strife and collapse, and only those who are prepared and determined will survive the onslaught.

Learn more in today’s Situation Update podcast via (note – Brighteon is still not properly counting video views due to a caching issue that emerged after our recent platform migration, so video views are only showing about 1/20th of actual, and this bug applies to ALL video views since Monday of this week)

Washington State’s Tyrant: Bob Ferguson

The process is the punishment.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Bob Ferguson serves as Washington State’s Attorney General. He was elected in 2012 and came to national media attention in 2017 when he successfully blocked the Trump administration from implementing the Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States act (Executive order 13769), forcing the administration to repeal and rework the order (EO 13780 and Presidential Proclamation 9645) before it passed Supreme Court scrutiny. Ferguson, however, proceeded to sue the Trump administration 96 more times and was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2017 for his efforts.

Back in the day, Washington state business owners proudly hung signs which stated: “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” Under Bob Ferguson’s leadership, however, business owners in Washington State no longer have that right. He successfully argued the case against a Christian florist, Arlene's Flowers, who declined to make floral arrangements for same-sex weddings. For maximum effect, he argued before the State Supreme Court in an open setting at Bellevue College’s auditorium. What a show! This further burnished Ferguson’s bona fides as one of the political left’s favorite prosecutors and he was elected for a third term in 2020.

With his power and reputation growing as a star prosecutor for Left-wing causes, AG Ferguson was nevertheless plagued by a conservative political gadfly by the name of Tim Eyman who has been a thorn in the side of the liberal establishment in Washington state for the past 22 years. Mr. Eyman’s strategy is simple: go over the heads of the politicians and appeal directly to the people through various tax-reducing ballot initiatives. Eyman estimates his initiatives have saved taxpayers over $54.864 billion and this, of course, is deeply resented by the ruling establishment.

Ferguson, in his role as defender of the elite, set to work using his office of more than 600 attorneys targeting Eyman. As the head of Stalin’s secret police (the NKVD), Lavrentiy Beria, once said: “Show me the man and I will show you the crime.” Ferguson has used the full power and force of the state judicial system to bring down this man, even vowing never to settle the case. The state previously did, however, reach a plea deal with the Green River killer in which he avoided the death penalty for 48 murders. Tim Eyman must be bad, very bad indeed. However, according to Eyman’s attorney, the case boils down to:

[W]hether two transactions…needed to be included on 2012’s campaign reports. The Attorney General believes they should, we do not.

On the hypocrisy front, the democratic party in Washington state has played fast and loose with election laws for decades and has done so with little or no consequences. Glen Morgan explains:

[W]hen I forced the AG’s office to sue former Speaker of the House Democrat Frank Chopp for breaking the law, there was a quiet settlement with neutral press language.  The same outcome occurred when Democrat State Senator Sam Hunt was sued, Democrat Senator Morris, and many others.  All quiet at the AG’s office.  When I forced the AG to sue the Pierce County Democratic Party for their campaign finance violations, Ferguson’s office created a payment plan for the minor judgment (the first time in state history this had ever been done).  When forced to sue the Spokane County Democratic Party, Kittitas County Democratic Party, Thurston County Democratic Party, King County Democratic Party, and San Juan Democratic Party, among others (all political supporters of Ferguson) – the AG was largely quiet about the settlements. Ferguson created generous payment terms, avoided most motion practices, didn’t ask many questions, and conducted almost no formal discovery.  These were friendly lawsuits with patty cake litigation among friends.

In contrast, during one of many press conferences about the Eyman case, Ferguson spoke with emotion about “silencing Tim Eyman” and “removing” Eyman from the political process.  He is clearly on a crusade to crush Mr. Eyman in the belief that he would be removing an obstacle to the political left’s agenda. Ferguson is pressing forward regardless of the constitutionality of his actions. Ironically, Ferguson fundraises off the publicity of his prosecution of Eyman for his own campaigns.

As Tim Eyman continues to fight, the absurdity of the case continues to grow. Glen Morgan wrote in February:

For the first time in American history, as far as I know, a person has been defined by the state as a walking, talking Political Action Committee.  Not an activist, not an officer of a PAC, but a PAC itself.  This was just one part of a very disturbing ruling by Thurston County Superior Court Judge Dixon which reads like a rubber-stamped, cut-and-paste ruling written by Attorney General Bob Ferguson himself.  The judge’s signature was just the afterthought and formality of the event.  The ruling can be found linked here.  While former Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders did an admirable job defending Mr. Eyman and pointing out the obvious legal flaws and logical problems with this prosecution (see video of Sander’s closing argument here), one would never know a defense was even made looking at the final ruling.  Judge Dixon did exactly what AG Ferguson told him to do, and Judge Dixon dutifully ignored everything the State told him to ignore.  Fortunately for Mr. Eyman, the State didn’t ask for Eyman’s public execution, because Dixon would have granted that as well. After reading the ruling, it is hard to pretend anyone involved in drafting this document is aware the 1st Amendment or Free Speech actually exists in Washington State at all, even if only as a theory rather than a right. 

As it stands now, Mr. Eyman has been fined $5.4 million and received a lifetime ban on future political activity. His attorney, former Supreme Court justice Richard Sanders, is working diligently and aggressively to appeal this absurd ruling which will certainly take years, during which time Mr. Eyman must abide by its laundry list of First Amendment restrictions.

We have seen this kind of judicial abuse play out on the national level after corruption at the FBI falsely instigated the Mueller investigation of President Trump and his campaign, and we have witnessed the unfair treatment of the January 6th defendants, but how many cases are there at the state level which are also being used to grind the Left’s political opponents into the dirt?

Mr. Eyman has been forced into bankruptcy, lost his house, and even lost his wife (who is still being targeted by Ferguson's office which is trying to confiscate her IRA account). He's been drained dry: the AG's 10 years of litigation has cost Mr. Eyman every dollar he's ever earned in his lifetime. The AG harassed and deposed some of Mr. Eyman's top supporters and even targeted his sister-in-law as she allows Mr. Eyman to rent her condo. Shockingly, Ferguson has spent over three million dollars in taxpayer money on this one case -- that's more than all other cases over the last ten years combined!

Still, Tim Eyman refuses to lie down and die as Ferguson clearly hopes he will. Mr. Eyman is currently working on ballot initiatives for election integrity in several swing states (he recently traveled to Michigan) and continues to qualify ballot initiatives in his own state. He is truly a happy warrior and indeed there must be freedom in knowing the state has thrown everything at him and yet, he has not backed down.

AG Ferguson will be up for re-election in 2024. Whether he runs for Attorney General again or opts to run for an even higher office, it is hoped that his abuse of power and process at the AGs office will be spotlighted by the opposition and that voters take note.

To donate to the Tim Eyman Legal Defense Fund to help Tim and his family fight back against this AG, go to



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