FBI (Janeen DiGuiseppi) Connected DIRECTLY to Donald Trump Assassination Attempt in NEW Report!!

There has been a LOT of reporting about who was behind the Donald Trump assassination attempt. Now we follow the money and we are following new evidence that the FBI was directly involved in the incident.

SEE: https://www.fbi.gov/news/press-releases/janeen-diguiseppi-named-as-special-agent-in-charge-of-the-albany-field-office

FBI in Trump's crowd? #trump #trumpassassinationattempt

DID THIS WOMAN KNOW?! Military Body Language Expert Reacts to Suspicious Woman at Trump Rally!

Donald Trump's assassination attempt made news all over the world. But shortly after the video was released, viewers started to get very suspicious of a woman sitting behind the presidential candidate due to her strange body language. But is her non-verbal communication REALLY a concern and what can her facial expressions and body language reveal? Join my guest, Chase Hughes (from The Behavior Panel) and I to find out now!


CrowdStrike: How an IT outage caused worldwide havoc

Flights were cancelled, trains delayed, shop tills stopped working and TV stations went off the air. All because of a faulty upgrade to a cyber security software system which triggered a global meltdown. The boss of Crowdstrike, the firm behind the system, took to social media to apologise and insisted "a fix is being put in place." But it was also a wake-up call - revealing just how quickly the ripple effect from a single glitch could affect industries across the world.

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