Mozambique: Muslims separate Christians from Muslims, murder at least eleven Christians


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This is reminiscent of other incidents, including when a Muslim in Minnesota in 2016 asked mall shoppers if they were Muslim and then stabbed non-Muslims. Also in Mozambique in August 2023, Muslims abducted two fishermen, beheaded the Christian, and freed the Muslim.

In Uganda in June 2023, Muslims murdered 42 people at a school after asking for Muslims among students, saying they didn’t kill fellow believers. In April 2022 in Nigeria, Muslims stormed a brothel, telling people to recite the Qur’an, and murdering ten people who could not do. Also in Nigeria, in January 2022, a man recounted that Fulani jihadis stopped him and started beating him. Then they asked him if he was Muslim or Christian; when he said he was Christian, they intensified the beating. In Burkina Faso in November 2021, Muslims asked villagers if they were Christian or Muslim, then killed the Christians.  In Mozambique in June 2021, Muslims were hunting for Christians door-to-door. In the Philippines in February 2019, Muslims murdered a man for failing to recite Qur’an verses, while releasing six others who could recite them.

In Mali, Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” took hostages, freeing those who could recite the Qur’an. In September 2013 at Nairobi’s Westgate Mall, Muslims murdered people who couldn’t answer questions about Islam. In June 2014, Muslims murdered people who could not pass an Islam quizIn a Bangladesh restaurant in July 2016, the jihadis spared those who could recite from the Qur’an. In July 2017 in Kenya, Muslims asked Christians to “recite Islamic dogmas” and murdered them when they couldn’t do so. In May 2018 in Belgium, a Muslim who murdered four people told a hostage that he wouldn’t harm her since she was Muslim and was observing the Ramadan fast. In September 2018 in Kenya, Muslims murdered two non-Muslims for failing to recite the Qur’an.

“11 Killed as Islamist Jihadists Reportedly Target Christians in Mozambican village,” National Catholic Register, September 20, 2023:

At least 11 people were killed Sept. 15 after members of the Islamic State attacked a village in Mozambique and opened fire on Christians after hand-picking them from Muslims, the Catholic pontifical and charity foundation Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) International reported.

In a Sept. 18 report, ACN indicated that the terrorists arrived in the village of Naquitengue, located in Mocímboa da Praia district of the embattled Cabo Delgado province, in the early afternoon and summoned the villagers.

After separating the Christians from the Muslims, “based on names” to identify them, “they opened fire on the Christians,” the report stated.

The charity foundation has gathered accounts of those affected by the violence in the Mozambican district and said: “The reports are disturbing.”

Those who spoke to ACN recounted that Christians were “showered with bullets” in the incident.

“There are also records of burned houses and destroyed property,” ACN reported. “Hours later, on Sunday, the terrorist organization Islamic State claimed this attack, reporting 11 deaths, although the number of victims is expected to be higher, at least 12, with several injured.”

The Catholic entity further reported that the attack, which it described as “of enormous cruelty,” caused panic among the populations, who fled to the forests.

Friar Boaventura, a missionary from the Institute of the Fraternity of the Poor of Jesus (PJC) present in Cabo Delgado, confirmed to ACN the terrorists’ strategy to isolate Christians from others before executing them, noting that it was not the first time such an incident had happened in Cabo Delgado.

“This strategy has already happened in the past,” he said, adding that terrorists had already carried out attacks “with this same scenario” — that is, to “separate Christians from Muslims.”

The missionary told ACN that the Sept. 15 incident had left the population scared, adding that the attack occurred at a time when many people were beginning to return to their homelands….

Uganda: Muslims murder Christian evangelist for leading Muslims to Christ


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Islamic law forbids non-Muslims to proselytize among Muslims. They clearly believe that murdering their opponent is preferable to besting him in debate.

“Evangelist Slain for Leading Muslims to Christ in Uganda,” Morning Star News, September 15, 2023:

NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – Muslim extremists on Sept. 6 beat a 33-year-old evangelist to death for leading Muslims to faith in Christ at an event in eastern Uganda, sources said.

After the evangelistic event in Kituuti town, Philip Bere was pulled from his bicycle while returning to Katiryo, Kibuku District and killed when the assailants bashed him with a large rock, an eyewitness said.

Mudenya Sirasi, who had assisted Bere at the evangelistic event, was with him as the two neared Katiryo on the Kataka-Katiryo road. Sirasi said many people accepted Christ at the event, including Muslim women and two young Muslim men.

The two evangelists were ambushed at about 7:40 p.m., he said.

“We heard people talking from both sides of the road at a nearby bush saying, ‘They are the ones who converted our members today – they are not supposed to live, but to be killed,’” Sirasi told Morning Star News. “From nowhere, one man who was stationed in front of us grabbed our bicycle that we were riding on and hit Bere with a blunt object on his back.”

Bere fell as Sirasi jumped off the bike and entered a tunnel under a bridge, where he hid, he said.

“I could see the attackers brutally injuring my friend,” Sirasi said. “One of the attackers hit him with a big stone, and he bled to death.”

When the assailants left, Sirasi found the body of Bere in a pool of blood, he said. He alerted other area Christians and police, and officers took the body to a hospital for postmortem, Sirasi said.

The pastor of Bere’s church, unnamed for security reasons, said officers at the police station in Katiryo, Kibukuand took statements about the killing of the evangelist and that they were searching for the killers, who have gone into hiding.

“Our evangelist was killed because his passion for preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, especially to Muslims,” the pastor told Morning Star News.

Bere was well-known for his preaching among Muslims in Buseeta, Lwatama, Katiryo and other parts in eastern Uganda….

Banned Video: Muslims Desecrate the Cross of Christ

Banned Video: Muslims Desecrate the Cross of Christ
(Rumble screenshot)
Back in 2015, I watched a one-minute video of Muslims connected to the Islamic State (“ISIS”) breaking crosses inside and from atop churches. Because the video had for some days been going viral on Arabic social media, I, in an effort to bring Westerners up to speed with Muslims—to show them the same things Muslims around the world were watching—uploaded it onto YouTube.

YouTube’s reaction was swift and terrible: deemed “inappropriate,” the video was taken down and my YouTube account temporarily suspended.

Recently, however, while doing some research for another article, I found the video YouTube sought to bury and loaded it onto Rumble: view here (special thanks to Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi).

"Break the Cross!"

The video shows Muslims doing what Muslims have been doing from the dawn of Islam to the present moment: breaking the cross in emulation of their prophet, who always broke the cross whenever he came upon it (per canonical Bukhari hadith). As such, and according to the caption provided by ISIS on the video, Muslims were “purifying” the ancient Christian region of Nineveh, Syria, of its “symbols of polytheism,” which included not just the crucifix but Christian icons and statues, all of which the jihadists smashed.
Such behavior, it should be noted, is immensely commonplace. Hardly a few days go by without some cross throwing some Muslims somewhere into a fit of rage (most recently, a soccer player’s cross).

Indeed, just a few weeks ago in Pakistan, thousands of Muslims rioted after some Christians were accused—as usual, falsely—of desecrating a Koran. The rampaging Muslims set 25 churches aflame and desecrated at least one Christian cemetery. Discussing this savagery, the Rev. Deacon Daud Irshad observed:

I saw with tears in my eyes how the mob desecrated crosses on the roofs of the churches and in graveyards and ruined church buildings. They burnt so many Bibles and altars…

Videos of these “every day” Pakistanis breaking the cross (which, interestingly, are allowed to be on YouTube, here and here) are very reminiscent of the “terrorist” behavior of ISIS (who, as we are forever told, “have nothing to do with Islam”).

While one can point to many other recent examples of Muslims attacking churches and destroying crosses all around the Islamic world, it is enough to note that this same exact savagery has become commonplace even in the West, where churches and crosses are routinely attacked by Muslims. For numerous examples, read this article.

At any rate, if you wish to know what millions of Muslims around the world feel towards the cross of Christ—at least those who seek to follow their prophet’s example of breaking the cross—be sure to view the one-minute video that YouTube censored.

Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Police tell Christian churches to ‘hire private guards, we cannot protect you’


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Many of the police share the faith and outlook of the attackers and are more sympathetic to them than they are to the victims of these attacks.

“Pakistan, Police to Christian Churches: ‘Hire Private Guards, We Cannot Protect You,'” by Massimo Introvigne, Bitter Winter, September 15, 2023:

August was one of the worst months in recent years for the number of assaults to Christian churches in Pakistan, with dozens of places of worship burned or demolished.

Besides arresting Christians for having allegedly provoked the rioters, the Pakistani police has now found a solution for this crisis, and a simple one.

Having inspected an area of Karachi notorious for sectarian conflict, and visited places of worship of different religions, the police issued on September 10, 2023,  “Security Directions for Churches” (mosques are not mentioned).

The police recommends (or rather orders, since “strict compliance” is required), that

“Private security guards be deployed outside the main gate of the church along with metal detector equipment.” Details are as follows: “Private security guard will be deployed on the roof bunker especially made as the backup for gate security. Walk through gates to be installed on the entrances of church. All the windows of churches to be covered with iron grill. CCTVs to be installed inside and outside the premises of churches and must be of great quality such as 6 MP / Night Vision with 15 days minimum back up. Walls of the churches must be fenced properly to avoid any untoward incident.”…

What the document says, in so many words, is that the Pakistani police is not capable or perhaps not willing to protect Christian churches. Christian taxpayers should hire and pay private guards. The police would check who these guards are—perhaps to make sure they are not “too” effective.

Genocide Alert: Azerbaijan is attacking Nagorno Karabakh


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Today, the dictatorship of Azerbaijan launched a full-scale military attack on Nagorno Karabakh, also known as Artsakh, where 120,000 Armenian Christians have been under siege for nine months.

The president of Christian Solidarity International (CSI), Dr. John Eibner, warns, “If Azerbaijan’s allies and commercial partners – the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, European Union, Israel, and Switzerland – do not act immediately to restrain it, there will be mass killings and other atrocities against the region’s civilian population. Genocide is imminent.”

CSI has received word from the minister of health for the Republic of Artsakh, Vardan Tadevosyan, that the capital city of Stepanakert is being bombed continuously by artillery. “We are under attack,” he says.

Azerbaijan’s defense ministry has announced that it has begun a military operation to “neutralize [the] military infrastructure” of the Armenians and “restore the constitutional order of the Republic of Azerbaijan.” An armed Azerbaijani conquest of Nagorno Karabakh will entail nothing less than the destruction of its ancient Armenian population.

On September 7, Elchin Amirbayov, a senior spokesman for Azerbaijan’s president, menacingly predicted “a genocide may happen” if Nagorno Karabakh’s elected leaders fail to submit.

A CSI team was in Armenia from September 11 to 16 and was able to observe Azerbaijan’s blockade of the Lachin Corridor, the only road connecting Nagorno Karabakh to the outside world. The CSI team also observed Azerbaijani military outposts built many kilometers inside the Republic of Armenia itself. It is highly likely that this war will spread to southern Armenia and beyond.

CSI’s Joel Veldkamp, who was part of the visiting delegation, stated, “For nine months, the major powers – Russia, the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom – have done nothing to end this siege, or avert this very predictable outcome.”

A week after Azerbaijan’s siege of Nagorno Karabakh began, on December 19, 2022, CSI and nine other human rights groups issued a Genocide Warning for the Armenian Christians of the region. “Despite this early and clear warning, the world failed to respond,” Veldkamp stated.

On September 14, Yuri Kim, the U.S. State Department’s Acting Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, stated in a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing that “the U.S. will not countenance any action or effort—short-term or long-term—to ethnically cleanse or commit other atrocities against the Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh.”

Azerbaijan is now doing just that.

Eibner states, “The United States and other members of the UN Security Council must now do collectively and individually what they should have done nine months ago – immediately use every lever at their disposal to restrain Azerbaijan and protect Nagorno Karabakh’s Armenians, including sanctioning the Azerbaijani perpetrators.”

“If not, they will be complicit in another Armenian Genocide.”

Cross-posted from Christian Solidarity International.

Biden ignores genocide of Christians, reaffirms commitment to and ‘friendship’ with ‘democratic’ Nigeria


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The Daily Signal recognized a pattern last year with the Biden administration, and rightly termed it as an “outrageous betrayal” of Nigeria’s persecuted Christians when “religious freedom designations were declared” and “Nigeria once again was entirely ignored by Biden and company.” Genocide Watch has reported that in Nigeria, more than 6,000 Christians were killed in the 15 months from January 2021 through March 2022, and 45,644 died in the course of 13 years.

Joe Biden has now done it again. He has “reaffirmed his commitment to the longstanding relationship between the country and Nigeria……Africa’s largest democracy,” and has boasted of “the longstanding friendship between our two countries and peoples.”

Nigeria is technically a democracy, but it is a country in crisis, where Christians are suffering under the jihadist threat and the proliferation of jihad activity, and where revolutionary secessionist groups in the southeast create upheaval. It is hardly deserving of a pat on the back from Biden. His continued slap in the face to the Christians in Nigeria and complete exoneration of Nigeria’s government for any responsibility for the nation’s jihad problem is just another indication of Biden’s callousness toward Christians. But that should come as no surprise. A few months ago, Fox News reported that “anti-Christian hostility” is at  “unprecedented levels” under Biden.

“Biden re-affirms commitment to U.S-Nigeria relationship — Nigeria,” by Oluyemi Ogunseyin, The Guardian Nigeria, September 10, 2023:

United States President Joe Biden has reaffirmed his commitment to the longstanding relationship between the country and Nigeria.

This was stated in a statement released by the White House following Biden’s encounter with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the G20 summit in New Delhi, India, on Sunday.

“President Joe Biden has reinforced our enduring commitment to the U.S.-Nigeria relationship and to the longstanding friendship between our two countries and peoples,” the statement read.

“President Biden welcomed the Tinubu Administration’s steps to reform Nigeria’s economy.

“He also thanked President Tinubu for his strong leadership as the chair of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to defend and preserve democracy and the rule of law in Niger and the broader region.”…..

Islamic Republic of Iran: 69 Christians arrested, mostly converts from Islam


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

As Iran is an Islamic republic, it considers conversion away from Islam to be an act of rebellion against the state and prosecutes the people who dare to convert accordingly.

“Iran targets minorities one year after Mahsa Amini’s death, 69 Christians arrested,” AsiaNews, August 11, 2023 (thanks to Tom):

Tehran (AsiaNews) – Iran arrested scores of Christians, mostly converts from Islam but also some Assyrian-Chaldeans baptised as children, over a seven-week period in June and July in 11 different cities of the country, this according to Article18, a human rights organisation that advocates on behalf of Iranian Christians and religious freedom.

In an early report, the NGO had reported 50 arrests by mid-July in five cities, but its latest update indicates that at least 69 people were taken into custody, 10 of which – four men and six women – are still held by the authorities.

The arrests occurred between 1 June and 17 July in the following cities: Tehran, Karaj, Rasht, Orumiyeh, Aligoudarz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Semnan, Garmsar, Varamin, and Eslamshahr.

In the capital Tehran and the other cities, after their arrest, people were forced to sign statements pledging to refrain from Christian activities or undergo Islamic re-education in order to be released.

Some say that after their release they were summoned for further questioning, or were ordered to leave Iran. One said he lost his job at the request of intelligence agents. For those granted bail, families had to pay between US$ 8,000 and US$ 40,000.

The majority of those arrested are converts from Islam, but at least two are Iranian-Armenians, who were born into Christian families….

The wave of arrests among Christians also coincides with a new crackdown on Iran’s Baha’i community, which, along with Christian converts, is a minority religious group not recognised by the Islamic Republic….

Taxpayer-Funded Minneapolis Art Center Holds ‘Family’ Class on Summoning Demons

Taxpayer-Funded Minneapolis Art Center Holds 'Family' Class on Summoning Demons
(AP Photo/Warner Home Video)
It’s back to school time! What better way to get the year off to a great start than by taking the whole family to a demon-summoning class? Summon a few demons, sell your soul, and then head out for some last-minute shopping for school supplies. Then ice cream for everyone! It’s practically a scene out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Maybe we could call it “Grandpappy Teaches Billy the Dark Arts.”

It’s funny because it’s true! Well, it’s not funny because it’s true.

Direct from the “I-Couldn’t-Make-This Crap-Up-if-I-Tried” Department comes the news that the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis (where else but Minneapolis? Okay, maybe Denver, Chicago, or L.A. Possibly somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard) recently hosted a family night to help people learn how to summon and trap demons. Who needs Monopoly or Uno when you have the entire Realm of Darkness to play in? “No, kids, we’re not playing ‘Sorry’ tonight! Andy, you put the dishes away. Cindy, get your crayons and draw us a pentagram on the basement floor. Honey? Do you have dessert ready?”


This past Saturday, the center hosted Tamar Ettun, an artist who specializes in creating demon traps. Yep, that’s a thing. According to a report in Alpha News, this was the event description:

Demons have a bad reputation, but maybe we’re just not very good at getting to know them. Families are invited to create a vessel to trap the demon that knows them best — perhaps the ‘demon of overthinking’ — and then participate in a playful ceremony to summon and befriend their demon. After designing your trap, Lilit the Empathic Demon will come from the dark side of the moon to lead you in locating your feelings using ancient Babylonian techniques. This collective and playful demon summoning session will conclude with a somatic movement meditation, designed to help you befriend your shadows. (sic)

Forget “Candy Land,” let’s make a demon trap! Didn’t anybody see the original “Ghostbusters”? Summoning demons using ancient Babylonian techniques never ends well.

And here’s the best part! The Walker Center receives money from the taxpayers!

Here is Alpha News on Etten's last exhibit in NYC:

The exhibition parts with the historical gender binarism that associates Lilith’s archetype with unchecked violence and manipulation; here, Lilit mediates the inner demons and renegade instincts that are deliberately silenced,” the exhibition details read. One image shows Ettun washing what appears to be a placenta with a watering can.

There is an old saying: “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like.” Well, I do happen to know a few things about art, and this isn’t art. This is someone working out some serious issues. With a watering can. If we’re really being honest, I don’t know what the hell it is. (Pun intended. Yell at me in the comments section.)

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Not everyone thought this would make a good family activity:

Via “Summit News”:

As C.S. Lewis observed it is dangerous to become too fascinated with demons. But it is equally dangerous to ignore them, and one does so at one’s peril. After all, demons operate by deception. Demons know that if people truly understood what they really were, no one would get within ten city blocks of them. So they pretend to be innocuous. Demons portray themselves as helpful, playful, misunderstood creatures that just got a bad rap for being freethinkers. They only want to expand your mind and let you express yourself. Worse yet, they may be able to convince you that they are metaphorical. And you may believe that until you become a slave to all that free thought and self-expression and can’t even recognize yourself in a mirror. It may be a game to Ettun and the misguided families who showed up for this event. But to the demons, it’s deadly serious.

Pakistan: Muslims set fire to a total of 21 churches and 40 Christian homes on accusations of blasphemy by Christian


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

No religious minority is safe in Pakistan.

“Make ready for them all that you can of force and of warhorses, so that by them you may strike terror in the enemy of Allah and your enemy…” (Qur’an 8:60)

Meanwhile, 129 Muslims have been arrested, but it is unlikely that there will be a serious or thorough investigation, or any severe consequences for the men who have done this, as most Pakistani authorities in cases of this kind are more sympathetic to the attackers than the victims.



“Pakistani police arrest 129 Muslims after mob attacks Christian churches,” PA News Agency, August 17, 2023:

Police arrested more than 100 Muslims in overnight raids from an area in eastern Pakistan where a Muslim mob attacked churches and homes of minority Christians, prompting authorities to summon troops to restore order, officials said on Thursday.

The attack by the mob was prompted by the alleged desecration of the Koran by a Christian man.

There were no casualties as Christians living in a residential area in the city of Jaranwala in the Faisalabad district moved to safer places following one of the country’s most deadly attacks against Christians.

Christians slowly returned to their homes Thursday, only to see the destruction of at least one church that was burned.

Four other churches were also damaged and two dozen homes were torched or badly damaged during the riots.

Speaking outside her home, which had been torched, Shazia Amjad said: “We were sitting at home when suddenly we heard that a mob is coming and it is burning homes and attacking churches.”

She told The Associated Press that the rioters burned household items and furniture. Some of her possessions were stolen as she moved to a safer place with her family, she added.

Mrs Amjad said the rioters sprinkled petrol to burn homes in their area and they stole jewellery and other things. Other Christians described similar ordeals and expressed bewilderment.

Local Christians consoled each other outside their damaged homes, as many women wept and cried over the destruction. Those whose homes were burned had no idea where to go or what to do now.

On Wednesday, Khalid Mukhtar, a local priest, said that most Christians living in the area had fled to safer places.

“Even my house was burned,” he said, adding that he believes most of Jaranwala’s 17 churches had been attacked.

Delegations of Muslim clerics arrived in Jaranwala to help calm the situation, as troops and police patrolled the area.

Local authorities have shut schools and offices and banned rallies for a week to prevent more violence.

The violence drew nationwide condemnation, with caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar ordering police to ensure the rioters are arrested.

On Thursday, Rizwan Khan, the regional police chief, said 129 suspects had been arrested and the situation was under control.

The violence erupted after some Muslims living in the area claimed they had seen a local Christian, Raja Amir, and his friend tearing out pages from a Koran, throwing them on the ground and writing insulting remarks on other pages.

Police say they are trying to arrest Mr Amir to determine whether he desecrated Islam’s holy book.

According to Mr Khan, the mob quickly gathered and began attacking multiple churches and several Christian homes…

Federal Judge Orders Southwest Airlines Attorneys to Attend ‘Religious Liberty Training’ From Conservative Group

Federal Judge Orders Southwest Airlines Attorneys to Attend 'Religious Liberty Training' From Conservative Group
(AP Photo/David Zalubowski, File)
A federal judge ordered three Southwest Airlines attorneys to attend “religious liberty training” from the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative legal advocacy group well known for its high-profile defense of conservative causes.

Naturally, left-wing heads exploded all across the country. You can’t do that! Only left-wing judges can demand that right-wing fascists attend ‘sensitivity training’ and other bogus seminars.

More than that, the left immediately leaped on the charge that ADF was a “hate group” because the Southern Poverty Law Center says so. Since they’ve never been wrong, it must be so. Well, almost never.

The fact that the judge in the case was appointed by Donald Trump only added to the left’s hysteria.

The Southwest Airlines lawyers got exactly what they deserved. District Judge Brantley Starr sanctioned the lawyers for violating his rule in a religious discrimination case. In a case involving flight attendant Charlene Carter last year, a jury found that both Southwest and Transport Union Workers discriminated against Carter when they fired the flight attendant after she “expressed her pro-life beliefs to her union president.”

It’s what happened after the verdict that got the Southwest Airlines lawyers in trouble with Judge Starr.


Following the verdict, Starr ordered Southwest to reinstate Carter and take several other corrective actions, including requiring both the airline and the union to “inform Southwest flight attendants that, under Title VII, they may not discriminate against Southwest flight attendants for their religious practices and beliefs, including – but not limited to – those expressed on social media and those concerning abortion.”

But in messages sent by three Southwest attorneys to the company’s employees, according to a sanctions order handed down by Starr, the airline instead said that “Southwest does not discriminate against our Employees for their religious practices and beliefs.”

The judge said Southwest also sent around a memo to flight attendants in which the company “lambasts Carter” by taking issue with the conduct she was fired over.

Blatantly violating the orders of a federal judge is not a way to win friends and influence people — unless the judge was appointed by Donald Trump and the people you want to impress are left-wing hacks.

“The Court concludes that training on religious freedom for three lawyers at Southwest the Court finds responsible (Kerrie Forbes, Kevin Minchey, and Chris Maberry) is the least restrictive means of achieving compliance with the Court’s order,” the judge said. “The Alliance Defending Freedom (‘ADF’) has conducted such training in the past, and the Court deems that appropriate here.”

Actually, ADF has no such formal training program on religious freedom, although they indicated they would be happy to create one for Southwest Airlines. And the choice of ADF to conduct the training is a little strange, considering that the Alliance Defending Freedom wasn’t even formally involved in the flight attendant’s case in the first place.

That will probably matter a great deal when the appeal is filed.

In fillings submitted ahead of Monday’s order, attorneys for Southwest urged the judge not to order the trainings, saying that “ordering religious-liberty training would be an inappropriate remedy for the alleged civil contempt.”

“Although Southwest contends the Email Notice still substantially complied with the judgment, Southwest has already offered to purge this alleged contempt by providing a corrective notice replacing the ‘does not discriminate’ language with ‘may not discriminate,’” they wrote. “Put another way, there is no conduct for religious-liberty training to remedy.”

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Law Dork Chris Geidner, who broke the news on the sanctions, wonders how the religious liberty training was added to the punishments.

It’s not precisely clear how religious-liberty training, let alone ADF, became a part of this. ADF is not representing the plaintiff, Charlene Carter, or in any other way involved in the case at all that I can tell.

Carter and her lawyers did not ask for anything like this “religious-liberty training” when she filed her motion for sanctions on Dec. 30, 2022.

It wasn’t until Starr filed an order on May 16 that he announced he was considering adding “religious-liberty training” into his sanctions order in the case.

Judge Starr apparently took it upon himself to include the religious liberty training in the sanctions against the Southwest lawyers. And those sanctions — regardless of whether they pass muster on appeal — were well-deserved, considering the arrogant dismissal by the attorneys of the judges’ orders.

Religious Persecution: Youth Pastor Arrested for Peaceful Protest at Drag Queen Family Event

WATCH: Young Street Preacher Arrested for Reading Bible at Drag Queen 'Family' Event
AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek
It’s increasingly and terrifyingly clear that the First Amendment is dying in America, and that religious persecution is becoming more mainstream. A young street preacher was just arrested in Wisconsin for peacefully protesting and reading Bible verses near a drag queen event for families.Men in dresses sexually grooming children are not a problem, but a young man reading Bible verses into a microphone on a public sidewalk is apparently a problem. The young street preacher, Marcus Schroeder, was arrested by multiple burly cops, and he was accused of resisting arrest after slightly twisting away from the mob of cops and objecting when they snatched his microphone.

Schroeder was charged with “unlawful use of sound amplification and resisting arrest.” Incidentally, a group of people with Nazi symbols were parading around also protesting the drag event but were not arrested, according to The Post Millennial. In America now, police actually object more to Bible verses than to swastikas. So much for freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

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According to The Sentinal:

Police arrested and detained several young people in Watertown, Wisconsin, on Saturday while they were preaching the gospel at a public drag queen event targeted toward children.

Video circulated on social media showing multiple police officers arresting Marcus Schroeder as he was reading from the Bible. One officer was recorded aggressively pulling a microphone out of his hands and walking him away in handcuffs. Nick Proell, another young Christian, was detained and removed from the venue but later released with a warning.

Jason Storms, who recorded the viral video, said in remarks provided to The Sentinel that the young people, who attend Mercy Seat Christian Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin, were some of more than 200 individuals from various groups assembled to protest the drag show.

“The police, per orders from city leaders, arrested several young people. Three were arrested earlier in the day while inside the park praying and talking to attendees, and then released with warnings,” said Storms, who serves as minister of evangelism at Mercy Seat Christian Church. “It was open to the public, thus the public’s right to free speech carries with them. One was arrested later in the day for preaching on the public sidewalk outside the venue and is being charged with unlawful use of sound amplification and resisting arrest.”

One policeman grabs at Schroeder’s microphone and then disconnects it. “They said we can speak out on the sidewalk freely?” Storms says, also clarifying that the group wasn’t told they couldn’t use amplification. “You can speak but there’s no amplified devices,” an officer announces. This would seem to be the real-life version of what Elon Musk calls “freedom of speech but not reach,” which suppresses free speech while pretending to allow it.

Eventually, the police grabbed Schroeder. “You guys are acting like thugs,” Storms, Schroeder’s pastor, said as they handcuffed him. “He has every right to be out here engaging in speech!”

But Schroeder refuses to be intimidated by his experience. ”It was worth it. It’s actually an honor to be counted worthy to stand with the cloud of witnesses who have gone before us and been arrested for the sake of spreading Christ and his kingdom,” he told The Sentinel. “If the police wanted to try and set an example for others or anything like that, the only thing I’ve seen is actually the exact opposite, where more and more people are seeing the severity of what’s going on and being called to more action.”

Nick Proell, a fellow young Christian also detained and removed from the venue, said that he has no regrets either. “I’d do it all over again if it gives me an opportunity to share the good news and rescue innocent children being sexualized by their parents,” he declared. “God will use it for good. We will stand for truth even if we stand alone.”

Islamic Republic of Iran: Over 50 Christians in five cities arrested in new crackdown



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Then Khamenei goes on Twitter and disseminates self-righteous lies about how tolerant Iran is compared to the evil West. The West is no paradise of tolerance these days under increasing Leftist tyranny, but as repressive as it is, the Islamic Republic really has no leg to stand on in this regard.

“Over 50 Christians in five cities arrested in new crackdown,” Article 18, July 18, 2023:

More than 50 Christian converts have been arrested in a rash of new incidents across five Iranian cities over the past seven days, with fears the number could rise much higher as fresh reports keep coming in.

At least 51 of those arrested at their homes or house-churches – in the cities of Tehran, Karaj, Rasht, Orumiyeh and Aligoudarz – remain in detention on unknown charges, while others have been released on bail.

Article18 cannot at this time share any more details about the incidents, but after very few publicly reported arrests of Christians so far this year, the news marks a clear change in approach.

Mansour Borji, Article18’s advocacy director, commented: “The reason for this sudden surge in nationwide arrests of Christians is not clear at this stage. What is obvious is that Iran has begun a fresh crackdown on civil liberties, and the traditionally vulnerable groups, like Christians, are on the front line of those targeted.”…

Afghanistan: Christians face regular raids on their homes, frequently receive threats, and lack access to education



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Why is one of the world’s most self-consciously strict adherents of Islamic law so intolerant of Christians? The pope and many others assure us that Islam is peaceful and tolerant. Why doesn’t the Taliban get this?

“Freedom Focus Report: Afghanistan’s Christians Fight to Survive Under the Taliban,” International Christian Concern, July 13, 2023:

07/13/2023 Afghanistan (International Christian Concern) – Since the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, religious and civil liberties have rapidly deteriorated under Taliban rule. Under the current regime, former government officials and civil servants, and religious minorities like Christians endure intense governmental and societal pressure and scrutiny. They face regular raids on their homes by the Taliban, frequently receive threats against their jobs and families, and lack access to educational opportunities. 

The Taliban are attempting to cut contact between Afghani citizens and any Western groups and have practically eradicated on-the-ground relief efforts by NGOs. Any group looking to provide long-term relief efforts, such as livelihood relief, must be wary of Taliban spies among their workers. 

The state of religious freedom and Christian tolerance in Afghanistan has not improved since ICC reported Afghanistan as one of the worst places in the world to be a Christian in the 2022 Persecutor of the Year report. The Taliban are working to completely erase Christianity or any religious minority from the country, even stating that there are no Christians in Afghanistan, an obviously false claim. Many Christians have gone underground to avoid being kidnapped by the Taliban “courts.”  

Poverty, Betrayal, and Torture 

The rising starvation rates and increasing poverty in Afghanistan create an even higher security threat to these believers since now the Taliban are offering financial compensation to anyone who reports on Christians. In an interview with Mission News Network, Lana Silk, CEO of USA at Transform Iran, said, “The Taliban are offering money for Afghans to turn in any Christians they know. And Afghans are desperate, further heightening the security risk [to] Christians.” 

Unless ransomed by their families, Christians captured by the “courts” face brutal torture and even death. If redeemed, the survivors and their families, often bankrupt from the exorbitant ransom demands, must flee their homes to avoid repeated kidnappings from the various Taliban gangs.  

Pakistan’s Refugee Crisis 

Because of the persecution, many Christians escape to Pakistan and risk capture and death by the Taliban. Even if they make it to Pakistan, they must conceal their faith for fear of receiving worse treatment in already poor conditions. Some Christian refugees decide to return to Afghanistan, deciding they have a better chance of survival under the Taliban than in Pakistan.  

The Pakistani government, unprepared for the influx of refugees, has begun to crack down on immigration. Many immigrants cannot find work to provide food or rent for themselves and their families….

Pakistan: Muslim murders Christian widow on her way home from work for refusing to convert to Islam



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In yet another incident in Pakistan of a Christian woman murdered for refusing to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim man. The torture of Shazia Imran was particularly brutal as the primary suspect got three other Muslims to join him in gang raping Shazia and slashing her throat — as the Qur’an directs to be done to infidels (Qur’an 47:4) — and then dousing her with acid. Yet Westerners continue to go along with the “Islamophobia” canard.

“Then, when the sacred months have passed, kill the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and besiege them, and prepare for them every ambush. But if they repent and establish prayer and give alms, then leave their way free. Indeed, Allah is forgiving, merciful.” (Qur’an 9:5)

“Muslim in Pakistan Confesses to Killing Christian Woman,” by Emmanuel Adil Ghouri, Morning Star News, July 3, 2023:

LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – A Christian family in Lahore, Pakistan is seeking justice and protection after four Muslims abducted, gang-raped and killed a widow for refusing to convert to Islam and marry the primary suspect, sources said.

In the killing of 40-year-old Shazia Imran last month, the assailants slashed her neck and doused her with acid, her brother said, though it was not known if the acid burns came before or after her death. The primary suspect has confessed to the killing, according to police.

Shazia Imran’s husband also was killed a year and a half ago, and the family has seen no justice in that case either as police cast it as an accident, said her brother, Zafar Masih.

Shazia Masih, who began working as a nanny at a daycare center at the Lahore University of Management Sciences after her husband’s death, left her rented home in Lahore’s Mehar Town for work on June 6 but did not return, Zafar Masih said. He said that the primary suspect, Noman (known as Mani) Gujjar, was a notorious area criminal and had been pressuring her to convert to Islam along with her children and marry him.

“Shazia did not share this with us due to fears for our security, but three days before her abduction, she told [another relative] that Gujjar had threatened to kill her if she did not surrender to his demand,” Zafar Masih told Morning Star News.

After Shazia Masih’s oldest son, 16, informed Zafar Masih that she had not returned home, he and other relatives began searching for her. Unable to find her, they informed police of her disappearance on June 7.

“Later in the day we received a call from the Hyer police station that they had found a body from a plot that matched Shazia’s description,” Zafar Masih said. “We immediately went to the police station, but when we saw the body, we could not believe our eyes. Shazia’s jugular vein had been slit with a sharp object, and her body had been badly burnt by acid.”….

Islamic Republic of Iran: Three Christian women arrested without charges to go on trial



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

These converts are getting off easy: Shi’ite Islam, like Sunni Islam, prescribes the death penalty for apostasy:

Shaykh al-Kulayni narrates a sahíh (correct) hadith from `Ammãr as-Sãbãti who said: I heard (Imam) Abu `Abdullãh (as-Sãdiq) (a.s.) saying, “A Muslim from among the Muslims who renounces Islam and rejects the prophethood of Muhammad and considers him untrue, then verily his blood is lawful (mubãh) for anyone who hears that from him, his wife is to be separated from him the day he became murtad, his wealth will be divided among his heirs, and his wife will observe the `idda of a widow (i.e., four months). The Imam is obliged to kill him, and not ask him to seek forgiveness.” (Furu al-Kãfi, vol. 7, p. 257)

“Three Christian women arrested without charges to go on trial in Iran,” AsiaNews, July 1, 2023 (thanks to Tom):

Tehran (AsiaNews) – Three Iranian women converts to Christianity will appear in court tomorrow on unknown charges, this according to Article 18, an NGO dedicated to religious freedom in Iran and advocating on behalf of its religious minorities, especially Christians.

Arrested last month, the three women were held incommunicado in Tehran’s Evin prison for 40 days. Indicting people without formal charges is not unusual in Iran, nor is taking Christians into custody only for meeting in private homes to pray.

Officers with the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence arrested Shilan Oraminejad, Razieh (Maral) Kohzady and Zahra (Yalda) Heidary at their respective homes in the early morning on 9 May.

Claiming to have search warrants, agents seized personal effects, including mobile phones, laptops, books and pamphlets “without giving any explanation,” Mehr Ministries report.

The three Christian women were taken to an unknown location. After 40 days incommunicado, they were able to call their families to tell them that they were in Evin prison, but were denied, again without explanation, legal counsel.

After meeting the women, relatives said that “they were not in a good physical condition,” Hamid Hatami, president of Mehr Ministries, told Voice of America Farsi. Since then, Shilan and Zahra have been released on bail pending trial, while Maral remains in custody, he added….

Nigeria: Muslims slaughter 700 Christians as ‘farewell gifts’ to outgoing president



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

If one believes that the one true god has commanded such killing (cf. Qur’an 2:191, 4:89, 9:5), then to engage in it is a blessed act, and such killing would be a fitting gift to others who also believe it to be divinely commanded.

“Farewell Gifts To Buhari, Ors: 700 Christians Slaughtered In May, 1,100 In 60 Days And 2,150 In 160 Days Of 2023,” by Emeka Umeagbalasi, International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law, June 12, 2023:

Fulani Jihadists Slaughtered 700 Christians As “Farewell Gifts” To Nigerian Radical Islamic Leaders

The Nigerian radical Islamic leaders who marked the end of their civilian office tenures on 29th May 2023 were wished “farewell” by Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen who marked the end of their office tenures by slaughtering not less than 700 defenseless Christians in May 2023 (month of handover). In a detailed investigation by the International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law, it was gathered that not less than 300 Christians were slaughtered in Plateau State (Mangu county, etc) between 15th and 17th May 2023 alone. The second worst hit State is Benue where not less than 110 Christians were slaughtered in May-early June 2023 including 40 slaughtered between 3rd and 4th June 2023 and 18 defenseless Christians hacked to death on 21st May 2023 as well as 28 others slaughtered between 7th and 10th May 2023. In all, Benue State accounted for over 190 Christian deaths between 12th April and 12th June 2023.

The third worst hit State is Kaduna where not less than 100 Christians were slaughtered between 12th April and 12th June 2023. The out-gone Government of Kaduna State-backed killing of Christians as “farewell gifts” had included slaughtering of 33 Christians by Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen on 15th April 2023 in Runji village in Atyap, Zango Kataf LGA of Kaduna State, during which 42 houses were burned down or destroyed. Between March and April 2023, not less than 68 Christians were slaughtered in Atyap Land alone; with less than 10 Christian school children abducted on 4th April from Government Secondary School Avon in Kachia LGA of Kaduna State who were taken into Jihadists’ captivity. According to the Southern Kaduna Peoples’ Union (SOKAPU), not less than 245 Southern Kaduna communities have been sacked and violently occupied by Fulani Terror Jihadists in six years (2017-2023). In Nassarawa State, no fewer than 38 Christian residents of Takalafia and Gwanja communities in the Karu Local Government Area of the State were hacked to death by terror herdsmen who stormed the area on Thursday night (14th May 2023).

1,100 Christians Killed By Jihadists In 60 Days And 2,150 In First 160 Days Of 2023 (1st Jan-12th June)

Not less than 1,100 defenseless Christians were hacked to death by Nigerian Government backed Islamic Jihadists in the past 60 days or between 12th April and 12th June 2023; translating to daily average of 17 Christian deaths. The period under review also represents one of the bloodiest in anti Christian attacks in Nigeria. The breakdown of the 1,100 Christian deaths in 60 days (12th April-12th June 2023) shows that Plateau State is the worst hit with 350 Christian deaths, followed by Benue with 200 deaths, Kaduna 100 deaths, Nassarawa 62 deaths, Niger 50 deaths and ethnically and religiously related killings by the Police and Military personnel in the East 50 deaths. Others are Borno/Yobe with 40 Christian deaths, Taraba 40 deaths, Kebbi 20 deaths, South-West 20 deaths, South-East 20 deaths, Adamawa 10 deaths, South-South 10 deaths and FCT 10 Christian deaths. There are also 200 Christian deaths representing “dark figures of crimes” including over 80 Christian deaths omitted in places like Kaduna State, covering 1st January to 10th April 2023 and 10% (70 deaths) of the 700 abductees representing those abducted who are incapable of returning to their families alive. Also In two months gone by, not less than 700 Christians were abducted in Kaduna, Niger, Borno, Taraba, Yobe, Adamawa, Benue, Plateau, Kebbi, Nassarawa, Edo, Osun, Kwara, Kogi, FCT, Ondo, Delta, Enugu, Anambra and Abia States. In the 1,100 defenseless Christian deaths, Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen accounted for not less than 800 killings. We had in our mother Report of 10th April 2023,disclosed that 1,041 defenseless Christians were hacked to death in Nigeria in the first 100 days of 2023 or 1st Jan to 10th April 2023. In all, therefore, it has been investigated and found that a total of not less than 2,150 defenseless Christians have been slaughtered by non state actor/Nigerian Government backed Islamic Jihadists in the past 160 days or 1st Jan to 12th June 2023. Over 1,400 others were abducted; out of which 10% or 140 may be incapable of returning to their families alive. Kaduna State top the list of the abducted with at least 700, followed by Niger State with 300.

1000 Christian Communities Sacked By Jihadists And Government Security Forces Since 2016

Available statistics showed that Nigerian Government protected Jihadists and its Jihad enabler security forces have sacked 1000 Christian communities since 2016 and aided and abetted their takeover and occupation by the Jihadists; out of which, Benue State lost 400 Christian communities, Kaduna 245, Plateau 200, Taraba 100 and South-East 60. Christian communities have also been uprooted in Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, Niger, Kogi, Nassarawa, Kebbi, Kastina, Edo, Delta, Anambra, Enugu, etc.

100 Churches Razed In 2 Months: 12th April-12th June 2023

Not less than 100 churches have been razed or burned down or destroyed by Islamic Jihadists in the past sixty days or between 12th April and 12th June 2023; out of which Plateau State lost not less than 28 churches. Several churches suffered similar Jihadist attacks in Southern Kaduna and other parts of the State including Chikun where 40 Christians were abducted in a Chikun church by Fulani Jihadists on 7th May 2023. Churches in Adamawa State also came under attack including abduction of two pastors in Yola and attacks on churches on 24th May 2023. Several churches and hundreds of Christian homes had come under devastating attacks in Benue, Taraba, Borno, Yobe, Katsina, Zamfara, Nassarawa and Kogi States; totaling over 100 church attacks or burnings or destructions between 12th April and 12th June 2023….

Protesters shut down Dodger Stadium on Pride Night


The Dodgers and Drag ‘Nuns’~Blasphemy in the stadium.



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

It’s ironic in a way that the drag-satirical group, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, founded in Iowa City before establishing itself in San Francisco in 1979, came into existence after the religious habit revolution in the Catholic Church had essentially stripped the common Catholic sisters, sans contemplative orders, of their time-honored uniforms.

Those uniforms, as varied and rich as a fireworks display on the 4th of July, never failed to impress the secular world. Yet by 1979, many Catholic nuns were indistinguishable from other women in the street. While some orders of nuns went through a series of modified habits before ditching the habit altogether—think truncated veils with matching skirt and tops that made them resemble parochial school students—most of the big religious orders went whole hog into secular fashion.

How to figure out who was a nun and who was not? Well, you might look for a miniature cross-pin, but a cross-pin that doesn’t flaunt the ‘Jesus thing’ in a big way.

Nuns, at one point in American Catholic life, were the pit bull guardians of everything Catholic: faith, morals, you name it. Many were over the top and abused their authority (ear twisting, ruler beatings, etc.) but at least you knew they weren’t heretics. Those days are gone.

Today, many of the most public nuns are guardians of social justice causes commonly associated with the Left.

Enter the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (OPI), a confusing drag group that has run the gamut from committing sacrilegious acts to performing serious works of charity.

The group is not composed of “thrown together” members but is modeled on “real” Catholic religious orders. Prospective members must be serious about a lifetime commitment. Candidates go through postulant and novitiate stages and then are voted in or out by members of the community. There are OPI houses of drag nuns in Canada, Australia, Europe and South America.

OPI religious habits are hyper-absurdist concoctions that bear little resemblance to what traditional Catholic nuns wear today. Given that the group was founded as a performance organization whose mission is to satirize issues of sex and gender—OPI was not founded as a charity organization. They must by necessity be a clownish and follow a “theology” of buffoonery.

From a “gay rights” historical perspective, OPI has always been a fringe group that interested primarily Catholic and ex-Catholic gay men who were still trying to “process” their homosexuality. OPI was called “a Catholic thing” that had little resonance with non-Catholic (gay) activists. True scandalous behavior and revolutionary “punch” was reserved for the infamous San Francisco group, The Cockettes, who were irreverent drag queens extraordinaire that filmmaker John Waters once called “hippie acid freak drag queens.”

In 2011, gay conservative writer Andrew Sullivan, a Catholic, criticized OPI for hosting a “Hunky Jesus” contest. He also said that the group was composed of “smug liberal bigots.”

“I am a First Amendment absolutist….And I’m also a solid defender of the right to blasphemy,” Sullivan said. “But there are smart ways of doing this, ways that illuminate broader issues—think of ‘The Book of Mormon’ or any South Park episode….You want to grow some balls? Hold a Hunky Mohammed Contest on Ramadan…”

Sullivan got a lot of flak for that comment. OPI told him,

“Rail against the supposed grief we cause believers and wrap yourself in self-righteous anger if it makes you feel good—it’s your shtick and in these tough times I know you need a paycheck…..Our fervent prayer for you is that next year we might see you in Dolores Park, lounging on a big pink blanket, wearing a fabulous Easter bonnet, pounding back dome Dom and laughing as a new line of Hunky Jesii parade before you. Until then, go and sin some more.”

During Pope John Paul II’s visit to San Francisco in 1987, OPI preformed a public “exorcism” of the Pope while a number of demonstrators held signs that read, “Pope go Home” and “Nazi Pope.”

The New York Times reported,

“The Pope’s visit to San Francisco was the most problematic so far of his American tour. The demonstrators—homosexuals, feminists and some Jews – gathered about 2,000 strong behind metal barricades near the 196-year-old mission to protest the Pope’s conservative theology and social agenda.”

Meanwhile, The San Francisco Chronicle ran the following headline: “Pope Tells AIDS Sufferers They Have God’s Love.”

In older pictures of OPI from the early 1980s, one notices a far more serious intent on the part of the “Sisters” to mock the piety of Catholic saints in ecstasy, either while gazing upward or at a crucifix. The habits worn by OPI at that time then (mostly all black) were more in alignment with the habits of nuns prior to the Second Vatican Council.

The LA Dodgers’ decision to award OPI with its so-called Community Hero Award on June 16th has garnered the support of a number of progressive (real) Catholic nuns, or the nuns with little cross-pins who ditched their habits for secular dress. These nuns are referred to by Traditional Catholics as ‘Hippie-Dippy’ nuns from the 1960s, the folksong/Mass nuns whose religious orders are dying out because young women who want to become nuns today are joining the traditionalist orders.

A recent National Catholic Reporter piece on real Catholic nuns who support the drag nuns in OPI caught my eye. (The progressive National Catholic Reporter is not to be confused with the conservative National Catholic Register, two very different publications claiming loyalty to the same Church.)

The Reporter quotes a Sister of Saint Joseph (Sister Nancy Corcoran), a Sister Barbara Battista from Sisters of the Providence of St. Mary-in-the-Woods, and Sister Jeannine Gramick of New Ways Ministry, whom Pope Francis has called “a valiant woman.”

These nuns have glowing things to say about OPI. Sister Gramick, for instance, notes that,

“While I am uncomfortable with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence using the nuns’ old garb to draw attention to bigotry, whether Catholic or not, there is a hierarchy of values in this situation. The choice of clothing, even if offensive to some, can never trump the works of mercy.”

The secular dress nuns say they support the drag nuns because of the charity work they do. But charity work falls under the social justice umbrella when it is moved into first place over prayer and contemplation.

I might ask Sister Gramick the following question: What about OPI’s misuse of the crucifix, or its mockery of genuine religious ecstasy?

What about OPI’s condemnation of Pope John Paul II in 1987? Charity work—that is, giving publicly in order to receive recognition and adulation—isn’t as grand as it seems when something far more important is being mocked.

I’m reminded of a satanic group in Philadelphia in the late 1970s, the Church of the Process, that did charity work when it came to feeding the homeless. “I give you this meat loaf, oh homeless one, in the name of Lord Lucifer. Enjoy!”

While OPI was more of a sacrilegious group in the 1980s and 1990s than it appears to be today, the group can still be viewed as having played a role in the continued “decomposition” of all things Christian in today’s world.

That “decomposition” has resulted in, among other things, a burgeoning “Queering Jesus” movement that is now almost the norm in progressive Churches and divinity schools.

In this new world, theology is being turned into a clown drag show and masquerade, where fetishes like sadomasochism are seen as having “spirituality.”

Another story for another time….

In the meantime, over in Dodger-land where the drag sisters were scheduled to receive their Community Hero Award for charity work among marginalized communities, a watershed-miracle protest occurred: a crowd growing exponentially from hundreds to thousands of people until the numbers outside Dodger Stadium looked uncountable. Nobody expected so many Catholics and other Christians to come together, especially in woke Los Angeles. The numbers were stunning, especially compared to the nearly empty stadium during the pre-game ceremony when the tinfoil sisters, facing empty seats, were lauded as heroes.

News anchors and talking heads on TV stations all over the country attempted to hide their disbelief as they reported on the thousands of Dodger prayer vigil protesters. You could see the consternation in their eyes as they ran film clips of the empty stadium as the tinfoil sisters took their bow.

Yes, in some sense it was a miracle, an extraordinary blowback in the face of Woke.

While some LGBTQ organizations will interpret the Dodger stadium miracle on June 16 as yet another sad example of attacks on the safety and well-being of LGBTQ people—a display of hate and intolerance—that view has been shown for what it is: a lie.

Dodger pitcher Clayton Kershaw and many in the crowd of prayer warriors said their protest was not against the LGBTQ community. This is about a group mocking religion, they said, a group that mocks the Blessed Virgin and Jesus Christ; in effect, a group that crosses the line into serious blasphemy.

PATRIOT NURSE: The Church is DYING; What’s NEXT for the United States

In this video, Patriot Nurse discusses the effect of the Church in retreat in the United States, and what the decay in morality portends for us as a nation, a people, and a land. What will befall us when we turn our back upon our Founding?

Nigeria: Islamic jihadis murder 300+ Christians and destroy 28 churches since mid-May



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In a generation, there will be no trace of Christians in the areas where the jihadis are attacking in Nigeria, and the international media will refer to the region as “the heart of Islamic West Africa.”

“Fulani Militants Murder 300+ Christians and Destroy 28 Churches since mid-May,” International Christian Concern, June 8, 2023:

06/08/2023 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) —Fulani militants murdered more than 300 Christians, including two pastors, and destroyed 28 churches since mid-May in Plateau State, Nigeria. The Islamic extremists also displaced 30,000 Christians and destroyed 2,000 homes in recent attacks, according to local sources.

The Christian population in Nigeria faces a growing persecution threat since Boko Haram’s insurgency in the 2010s. The insurgency and its splinter group Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), primarily operate in northeastern Nigeria, while Fulani militants operate in the central and southern regions. Fulani militants execute a “comparable strategy to Boko Haram and ISWAP and demonstrate a clear intent to target Christians and potent symbols of Christian identity,” according to a report by the UK All Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Religion or Belief (APPG)….

Germany: 17th-century painting of Jesus slashed across the throat with a knife; QURAN STYLE



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4)

“Hamburg city church laments Jesus with a cut throat,” translated from “Hamburger Stadtkirche beklagt Jesus mit durchschnittener Kehle,” Journalisten Watch, June 2, 2023 (thanks to Medforth):

Unknown persons have cut up and scratched centuries-old paintings in Hamburg’s main churches of St. Peter and St. James in the city center. Striking: Jesus’ throat was slit with a knife, slaughtered, so to speak…

Presumably, the perpetrators this time are not the doomsday lunatics of the climate-glue terrorists, since the paintings were not soiled with tomato sauce, but brutally slashed open with a pointed object, probably a knife. Previously unknown between May 26th and 31st. In the Hamburg main churches of St. Peter and St. James in the city center, centuries-old paintings were cut up and scratched.

Seven paintings were damaged in St. Peter’s Church alone. These include the famous work “Christ as a Man of Sorrows” by Master Francke, created around 1435, a copy of which hangs in the church. According to Bild, the priceless original has been in the Hamburger Kunsthalle since 1924. The painting “The Nativity” by Gottfried Libalt (1649) is different. A deep scratch runs across the neck of the baby Jesus.

Horror in two Hamburg old town churches: Oh God, they cut Jesus’ throat. The police are investigating. #Hamburg #Kirche @DPolGHH @BZ_NachtFloh @EKD

— Marco Zitzow (@MarcoZitzow) June 1, 2023

The damage will probably run into the tens of thousands. Sexton Martin Meier estimates the restoration costs at 50,000 to 80,000 euros. Meier is deeply shocked and laments: “We help everyone here, we have social projects. Such acts endanger our work, we must then close our church. I am deeply angry and frightened.” Obviously the churchman has now realized how close the impact has come. Because: Church desecrations have been increasing in the best Germany we’ve ever had for years. Saints are spat on, crosses desecrated, people urinate in holy water fonts. As in Nordhausen in Thuringia. There, a 25-year-old Afghan “refugee” smashed into a crucifix that had been rescued from the rubble after the bombing of Nordhausen in World War II. Just one case out of thousands to which the churches with an affinity to Islam remain silent.

Islamic hatred of Christian values is not limited to Germany, but is just as vehemently concealed in other European countries that are “enriched” by Muslims. For example, the arson in the cathedral of Nantes, which briefly sparked a debate about a silent Kulturkampf and revealed the extent to which attacks on Christian symbols were spreading in Central Europe. Churches, chapels, cemeteries, even crosses on mountain peaks are attacked by Muslims.

Nigeria: Muslims murder 43 Christians, including pastor and his wife, in jihad attack on Christian villages



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

This was revenge for the death of a Fulani jihadi, despite the fact that the pastor and his wife had nothing to do with the killing.

“And we prescribed for them in it, Life for life, and eye for eye, and nose for nose, and ear for ear, and tooth for tooth, and retaliation for injuries.” (Qur’an 5:45)

This can and does lead to an unending spiral of violence.

“Pastor, Wife among 43 Christians Killed in Central Nigeria,” Morning Star News, June 1, 2023:

ABUJA, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Fulani herdsmen killed a church pastor, his wife and 41 other people in an attack last month on two predominantly Christian villages in Nasarawa state, Nigeria, sources said.

The Rev. Daniel Danbeki of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Takalafiya village, Karu County, and his wife were killed along with villagers who were sleeping in their homes the night of May 11 in the attack that lasted until the early hours of May 12, survivors said.

Also attacked was nearby Gwanja, said the chairman of ECWA District Church Council, the Rev. Danladi Ndoh.

“One of our pastors, the Rev. Daniel Danbeki, and his wife are among the 43 Christians killed during the attacks,” Ndoh said in a statement. “And this is aside from our worship building which was burned and many houses destroyed in the two communities.”

Takalafiya resident Livinus Dandaura said the herdsmen attacked at about 9 p.m.

“Most of the victims killed during the attack are women, children and the aged, as most of them were unable to escape as the armed Muslim terrorists and herdsmen shot randomly at anyone they sighted during the ambush on the village,” Dandaura told Morning Star News in a text message.

Village resident Isaac Dabu said the wounded received treatment at the Federal Medical Center, a public health facility in Keffi.

“I write this with pains, as I have been to the Federal Medical Center, Keffi, almost every day to check on my people who were attacked by Fulani herdsmen and terrorists at Takalafia, and to my shock, no government official ever visited them in the hospital to see and assist them,” Dabu said. “These Christian victims have been left at the mercy of God, with their medical bills piling up, with no one to offset the bills.”

Four of the wounded at the hospital died due to lack of proper medical care, he said.

“A medical consultant at the hospital told me that nothing can be done further medically for the injured, as officials of the Nasarawa state government have not made any effort to settle the medical bills of the victims,” Dabu said. “The sad reality is that officials of the Nasarawa state government have not said anything about the attack, nor rendered any assistance to displaced Christians who are scattered in Nasarawa state and in nearby Abuja.”

Seven of those slain in the attack on Takalafiya were his relatives, he said.

“My elder brother was critically injured and is lying between life and death,” Dabu said. “The question is, what is the sin committed by Christians in Takalafiya and Gwanja communities? Is it because we’re Christians that we’re being attacked, and the Muslim-controlled state and federal governments do not care to protect us?”

A Nigerian news outlet reported that the attacks came in retaliation for the death of a herdsman who was grazing his cattle on the farmer’s land. When the farmer objected, the herdsman reportedly attacked him with a cutlass that the farmer used against him in self-defense, killing him….

Christian Teacher Banned in the UK for Standing up for Truth

Christian Teacher Banned in the UK for Standing up for Truth



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I can’t imagine how difficult it is to be a Christian in education these days, particularly in places like the UK that don’t have First-Amendment speech protections. It seems like Christian teachers can’t say much of anything without getting in trouble anymore, and one teacher in the UK is reaping the consequences of staying true to his convictions.

In 2017, Cherwell School in Oxford fired Joshua Sutcliffe, a math teacher — or “maths” as they call it in the UK — for referring to two girls as, well, girls. An innocent statement of “well done, girls” to two female students who had completed a problem led to controversy because one of the girls identified as a boy.

Trouble followed Sutcliffe wherever he went. He transferred to a Catholic school and landed in hot water for recommending an Allie Beth Stuckey video about masculinity without presenting alternate views. He faced criticism for calling Mohammed a false prophet and for saying that he was opposed to same-sex marriage.

But it’s the “misgendering” of a girl who wants to be a boy that’s the biggest mark on his record, and it led to a hefty ban from a government board.

“In an outcome believed to be the first of its kind, a Christian maths teacher has been banned by the Secretary of State for Education for ‘bringing the profession into disrepute’ for not using the preferred pronouns of a female student who identified as a boy,” reports Christian Concern (emphasis in the original). “A Teaching Regulation Authority (TRA) professional conduct panel has, with the backing of Education Secretary Gillian Keegan, ruled that Joshua Sutcliffe was guilty of unprofessional conduct and has banned him from teaching in any capacity for at least two years and potentially indefinitely.”

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Parents rallied to Sutcliffe’s support. “Joshua was very good at his job and teaching,” said one parent. “Patient, kind, and considerate, he was respectful and good at explaining things. My daughter enjoyed being taught by him and it was a very positive experience. I have never witnessed him being unkind to anyone.”

Another parent, whose son Sutcliffe had been tutoring for several years, said, “Joshua helped my son become an A* student for GCSE Maths. Joshua has never been inappropriate in any way. He is a gentleman, he is considerate, he is trustworthy, professional, and good timekeeping. He is like a mentor to my son. He is very focused on tutoring my son to make sure he really understands Maths.”

The Christian Legal Centre is assisting Sutcliffe in an appeal, citing some inconsistencies. “The ruling against Joshua is also at odds with the Education Secretary’s recent defense of a teacher at a private all-girls school who was accused of ‘misgendering’ after saying ‘good afternoon girls,’” Christian Concern points out. In the meantime, Sutcliffe says he’s “heartbroken” and doesn’t know how he’ll support his family.

“This ruling sends a clear message that Christian teachers can no longer express their beliefs in the teaching profession,” said Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, in a statement. “If you are, you will be hounded out and barred from being in the classroom.”

“For loving Jesus, speaking truth in his personal time, and responding to questions from students on the Christian faith, he has been hounded out of the teaching profession,” Williams added. “Joshua will appeal, and we will stand with him for as long as it takes to get justice.”

We should pray that Sutcliffe gets the justice that he deserves.

At the end of the day, the pride cult hates Judeo-Christian values and wants nothing more than to tear them down. We must stand our ground.

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