Hamas patron Qatar has given over $5,600,000,000 to US universities since 2007

Harvard to feature speaker who blamed Israel for Hamas’ Oct. 7 jihad massacre

Israel's Reported 'Resettlement' Plan for Gaza Amounts to a Holocaust: Prof Dalal Iriqat, Ramallah

What it’s like to be a Palestinian in Israel—Prof Dalal Iriqat, Arab American University, Ramallah


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2024/02/harvard-to-feature-speaker-who-blamed-israel-for-hamas-oct-7-jihad-massacre; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

ALSO SEE: https://www.foxnews.com/media/harvard-to-host-palestinian-prof-who-blamed-israel-for-oct-7-called-attacks-normal-human-struggle

First, Harvard’s former president refused to say that calls for a new genocide of the Jews would violate campus rules. And now this. Clearly, Jew-hatred has become the norm at Harvard, and among the leftist intelligentsia in general.

“Harvard to host Palestinian prof who blamed Israel for Oct. 7, called attacks ‘normal human struggle,'” by Chris Pandolfo, Fox News, February 3, 2024:

Harvard University has invited a controversial Palestinian professor to speak who justified the October 7 Hamas terror attacks on Israel as a “normal human struggle for freedom.”

Dr. Dalal Saeb Iriqat, a columnist and associate professor at the Arab American University Palestine, is scheduled to speak at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs on March 7 for a seminar series called “Middle East Dialogues.”

The Belfer Center website describes the “Middle East Dialogues” seminars as “a series of frank, open, and probing encounters with vital and varied perspectives on the current conflict, its causes, and the prospects for peace and progress in the region.”

Iriqat is a controversial figure who has made statements downplaying the Hamas attack on Israel and blaming the Israeli government for the bloodshed on October 7, when 1,200 people were killed after Hamas terrorists infiltrated the country.

“Today is just a normal struggle 4 #Freedom,” Iriqat posted on X on Oct. 7, as Israelis near the border with Gaza cowered in their homes while terrorists went door-to-door butchering people.

In the face of criticism for her post, Iriqat doubled down and blamed Israel for the attacks the next day.

“We will never forgive the Israeli right wing extreme government for making us take their children and elderly as hostages,” she posted on "X."

“The Israeli public need to realize that their own government had caused all this bloodshed and they remain the ones responsible for this escalation and losses of civilian lives.”…

Sherri Ann Charleston, Diversity and Inclusion Head at Harvard, and Plagiarist

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2024/02/sherri-ann-charleston-diversity-and-inclusion-head-at-harvard-and-plagiarist#; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

Did Sherri Ann Charleston really think she would get away with it? After the plagiarism scandal brought down her friend and protector Claudine Gay, she must have wondered if anyone would start to look into her own “scholarship.” And now the Washington Free Beacon, that samaritan organization, has done exactly that. Sherri Ann Charleston turns out to be even more of a plagiarist than Claudine Gay. Will Harvard do the right thing, and fire her for her violation of the most basic of academic norms, or brazen it out, and hope that eventually people will lose interest? What the academic world most needs now is a a dozen Journals of Plagiarism Research, that will investigate complaints made by those who claim their work has been plagiarized, and publish its findings, a sure way to terrify into silence would-be plagiarists incapable of doing their own work.

More on Sherri Ann Charleston, the Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Harvard, can be found here: “Not Just Claudine Gay. Harvard’s Chief Diversity Officer Plagiarized and Claimed Credit for Husband’s Work, Complaint Alleges,” by Aaron Sibarium, Washington Free Beacon, January 30, 2024:

It’s not just Claudine Gay. Harvard University’s chief diversity and inclusion officer, Sherri Ann Charleston, appears to have plagiarized extensively in her academic work, lifting large portions of text without quotation marks and even taking credit for a study done by another scholar—her own husband—according to a complaint filed with the university on Monday and a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

The complaint makes 40 allegations of plagiarism that span the entirety of Charleston’s thin publication record. In her 2009 dissertation, submitted to the University of Michigan, Charleston quotes or paraphrases nearly a dozen scholars without proper attribution, the complaint alleges. And in her sole peer-reviewed journal article—coauthored with her husband, LaVar Charleston, in 2014—the couple recycle much of a 2012 study published by LaVar Charleston, the deputy vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, framing the old material as new research.

Through that sleight of hand, Sherri Ann Charleston effectively took credit for her husband’s work. The 2014 paper, which was also coauthored with Jerlando Jackson, now the dean of Michigan State University’s College of Education, and appeared in the Journal of Negro Education, has the same methods, findings, and description of survey subjects as the 2012 study, which involved interviews with black computer science students and was first published by the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education….

The school is also facing an ongoing congressional probe over its handling of antisemitism and its response to the plagiarism allegations against Gay, which Harvard initially sought to suppress with legal saber-rattling. Half of Gay’s published work contained plagiarized material, ranging from single sentences to entire paragraphs, with some of the most severe lifts coming in her dissertation. Though Gay stepped down as president on January 2, she remains a tenured faculty member drawing a $900,000 annual salary….

It is enraging that Gay continues to receive that huge presidential salary. No one has offered an explanation as to why that was done. Was it a bribe, to keep Gay from claiming some kind of “racism” was involved in her forced resignation? And how long will she continue to be paid such a grotesque and unmerited sum?

Charleston also lifted language from Louis Pérez, an historian at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Alejandro de la Fuente, an historian at Harvard; and Ada Ferrer, an historian at New York University, among other scholars.

Charleston cites each source in a footnote but omits quotation marks around language copied verbatim. The omissions violate Harvard’s Guide to Using Sources, a document produced for incoming students, which states that quotation marks are required when “you copy language word for word.”…

The main difference between the papers is a long section in the 2014 article about “culturally responsive pedagogy theory,” which the authors say their findings support. Both articles are littered with the tropes of progressive scholarship, including a disclaimer about “positionality”—the authors assure readers that they reflected on their own “racial, gender, and socioeconomic status”—and a lament that computer science is a “White male-dominated field.”

Both also criticize the idea that “computing sciences is for nerds, only for White people, [and] only for geniuses.”

Such language is typical of the diversity initiatives Charleston oversees. Since 2020, her office has pumped out a stream of materials that bemoan the “weaponization of whiteness,” discuss the ins and outs of “white fragility,” and urge students to “call out” their peers for “harmful words.” One message, signed by Charleston herself, was titled “A Call to Dismantle Intersecting Oppressions.”

We must continue to work against systematic oppression in all its forms—racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and more,” she wrote….

How appropriately diverse and inclusive this Head of Diversity and Inclusivity turns out to be, save for whites, of course, whose mere being creates “systematic oppression in all its forms.”

But let’s not lose sight of the main problem: will Sherri Ann Charleston get away with her many examples of plagiarism? Will her recycling of her husband’s paper of 2012, presenting it as new research — which goes beyond plagiarism but, as Peter Wood says, constitutes academic fraud — be enough to sink her career at Harvard, or will Harvard itself insist on keeping her on, and becoming, even more than it has already, the laughingstock of the academic world?

Shut it down: 3,000 UNRWA teachers praised bloodthirsty Oct. 7 jihad murderers

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2024/01/shut-it-down-3000-unrwa-teachers-praised-bloodthirsty-oct-7-jihad-murderers; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

Why should this pro-jihad organization receive a penny from the U.S. or anyone else?

“UN’s Palestinian teachers are EXPOSED as Hamas-loving jihadis: Congress learns of Telegram club of 3,000 educators praising ‘holy warriors’ who left Israelis ‘dead in hell’ on Oct. 7,” by James Reinl, Daily Mail, January 30, 2024:

UN aid chiefs in Gaza faced mounting pressure on Tuesday, with revelations that 3,000 of their Palestinian teachers shared messages supporting Hamas militants as they raped and murdered civilians in Israel on Oct 7.

Hillel Neuer, the director of UN Watch, which monitors the UN, told Congress about his probe into a Telegram channel for UN teachers in Gaza that was filled with posts by members praising the bloodbath.

The hearing came in the wake of revelations that 12 employees of the UN’s Palestinian aid agency, UNRWA, took part in abductions and killings on Oct 7, prompting the US and others to halt funds for the agency.

Neuer on Tuesday told the House subcommittee that the disgraced UN agency should be permanently ‘dissolved.’

"It's time to stop pretending that UNRWA is at all fixable,’ said Neuer.

‘The very existence of a Telegram group of 3,000 teachers in which members celebrate Hamas atrocities is but a symptom of the core problem of UNRWA: its true purpose is to undo the 1948 creation of Israel.’

His investigation dug into a Telegram chat group used by UNRWA teachers for sharing files, staff names, and curriculum materials.

But it was also replete with posts celebrating Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel, praising the terrorists who raped and murdered civilians as ‘heroes.’

Users on the channel glorified the ‘education’ the terrorists received, shared photos of dead or captured Israelis, and called for hostages to be executed.

Some comments were posted within minutes of Hamas militants beginning their wave of rapes, murders, and kidnappings on Oct 7.

Safaa Mohammad Al Najjar, a group administrator, praised the act of 'resistance' and the ‘holy warriors’ who broke into Israeli territory.

She decorated her texts with a red heart emoji.

Another member of the group commented on a photo of a dead Hamas fighter.

‘Our martyrs are in heaven,’ he wrote, adding that Israel’s ‘dead are in hell.’

Users also regularly share videos, photos, and messages inciting ‘Jihadi terrorism’ and openly celebrate the massacre and rape of civilians by Hamas terrorists, Neuer told the panel….

Iranian TV show celebrates car ramming murder of elderly Israeli woman, injury of schoolchildren

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2024/01/iranian-tv-show-celebrates-car-ramming-murder-of-elderly-israeli-woman-injury-of-schoolchildren#; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

In every society, the elderly and children have a critical role. They are symbols of knowledge and experience, the fathers and mothers of generations. Children, meanwhile, represent life and innocence. The fact that an Iranian TV host, Mohammad Tadi, could openly celebrate the savage jihadist who murdered an elderly Jewish lady and severely injured school children is revealing. Westerners should have long ago awakened to the fact that jihadists who celebrate the deaths of innocent people have entered Western countries in large numbers. Hateful anti-Israel, pro-Hamas protests are a reminder of how emboldened these elements have become.

“Iranian TV Show Celebrates Car Ramming Attack In Ra’anana, In Which An Elderly Israeli Woman Was Murdered And Schoolchildren Were Injured: ‘They Were Flattened Like Asphalt, Some Of Them Had To Be Scraped Off The Road With A Spatula,’” MEMRI, January 16, 2024:

Iranian TV host Mohammad Tadi celebrated a car-ramming attack in the city of Ra’anana on his January 15, 2024, show on Channel 2 (Iran). He said that news of the attack in which an Israeli elderly woman was murdered, and several schoolchildren were severely injured, was “very happy.” Tadi stated that victims had to be scraped off the road “with a spatula.” Earlier on the show, Tadi celebrated news of a Yemeni-Houthi attack on an American vessel using sophisticated weapons.

Mohammed Tadi: “At the start of our show, I have two happy news items for you to enjoy. A wonderful operation was carried out in the Gulf of Aden. They took an American vessel… pay attention, it was an American [ship]. It was not a cargo ship heading to Israel. It was not Israeli, it belonged to the US. They officially announced that it was an anti-ship ballistic missile, a highly sophisticated [piece of] technology, as confirmed by CENTCOM, attacked the American vessel. Who do you think did this? The Yemeni champions. They also took responsibility very nicely.

Doctors Are Not Trained To Heal The Population: John Abramson, MD

Doctors are trained to read and understand medical science and evolving medical science—the articles that come out in the medical journals and the guidelines. That’s their job. As they have been taught, that’s how they do their job. But the fact is that 96 percent of medical research is about new drugs and medical devices. In other words, 96 percent of research is about expensive new products that will generate the maximum return on investment to investors and to the executives of the drug companies who get paid in stock options… about 60 percent of their remuneration is in stock options.

1 Student Dead, 5 Others Wounded In Iowa School Shooting

PERRY, IOWA - JANUARY 04: A police officer stands guard outside the Perry Middle School and High School complex following a school shooting on January 04, 2024 in Perry, Iowa. Students were returning to classes today following the holiday break. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A police officer stands guard outside the Perry Middle School and High School complex following a school shooting on January 04, 2024 in Perry, Iowa. Students were returning to classes today following the holiday break. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

OAN’s Taylor Tinsley
3:26 PM – Thursday, January 4, 2024

SEE: https://www.oann.com/newsroom/1-student-dead-5-others-wounded-in-iowa-school-shooting/; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes: 

A shooting at a Iowa high school has led to the death of one student and left five others wounded.

I have ordered all flags to be lowered to half staff in support of the Perry community.

Police responded to reports of an active shooter at Perry High School on Thursday morning.

Authorities said gunshots rang out before classes officially began. At the time the shooting occurred, only a few students and faculty were inside the building.

Officers were on the scene in less than 10 minutes and quickly located multiple victims with gunshot wounds.

The shooter has been identified as 17-year-old student Dylan Butler.

Assistant Director of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, Mitch Mortvedt, said the suspect was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and was also armed with a pump-action shotgun and small-caliber handgun.

A sixth grade student from Perry Middle School, which is connected to the high school, was killed.

Four other students and a school administrator were wounded and transported to the hospital. One of those individuals are reported to be in critical condition.

A senior at the high school, Ava Augustus, said she was hiding in the counselors office when she heard gunfire.

“And then we hear ‘He’s down. You can go out,’” Augustus said through tears. “And I run and you can just see glass everywhere, blood on the floor. I get to my car and they’re taking a girl out of the auditorium who had been shot in her leg.”

While searching the building, officers also located an improvised explosive device, which the state fire marshal and ATF rendered safe.

An alleged TikTok posted by the shooter prior to the incident has been circulating online, but the account has since been taken down and police are working to authenticate the video.

Butler reportedly had an LGBTQ pride flag in his social media bio.

The White House is also tracking the incident.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made sure to tout the Biden Administration’s past efforts to take action against gun-related violence. 

She emphasized that it’s now up to Congress.

“It’s only the fourth day in the year, in the new year, and we are already faced with yet another horrific school shooting,” Jean-Pierre said. “Congress must act to enact universal background checks, ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines, require safe storage of firearms and the gun industry’s immunity from liability and pass a national red flag law.”

All classes at Perry schools have been canceled for Friday as police continue their investigation.

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Biden’s FTC Sues Largest Christian University in the U.S.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File
The Biden administration’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has piled on Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Fox Business reported on Dec. 27 that the FTC had sued Grand Canyon University (GCU). Biden’s Department of Education (DOE) had already fined GCU a staggering amount, almost $40 million, claiming the school practiced false advertising. The university is accusing the feds of a coordinated attack. An FTC press release announced the lawsuit against not only GCU but also “its marketer Grand Canyon Education, Inc. and its president and CEO Brian Mueller, claiming the defendants used deceptive advertising and engaged in illegal telemarketing.”

The federal agency is accusing the Christian university of misleading potential doctoral students about the time required for completing the GCU accelerated program. GCU is also accused of deceptively marketing itself to students as a nonprofit and “illegally call[ing] prospective students who submitted their contact information on the school's website but requested not to be contacted.”

The FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection director pretended to take a high moral tone in a statement. “Grand Canyon deceived students by holding itself out as a non-profit institution and misrepresenting the costs and number of courses required to earn doctoral degrees,” Samuel Levine pontificated. “We will continue to aggressively pursue those who seek to take advantage of students.”

GCU allegedly violated the FTC Act and Telemarketing Sale Rules. The feds are now aiming to force GCU to compensate individuals through a U.S. District Court in Arizona. GCU spokesman Brian Mueller previously told Fox he believes the Biden administration is unfairly attacking GCU.

Mueller has argued the federal investigations are tied to the DOE denying GCU's effort to convert into a nonprofit institution in 2018. The department denied GCU’s nonprofit status for purposes of federal student financial aid, which continues to classify the school as a for-profit entity.

In a press conference last month, Mueller vowed GCU would appeal the DOE's fine — the largest the agency has ever issued — and said the school does not mislead or deceive students in any way.

Is the Biden administration deliberately targeting a Christian institution of higher learning? Even if GCU is guilty of some or all of the charges, it is interesting that it is being targeted at a time when multiple famous leftist universities like Harvard are being exposed as hotbeds of pro-terrorist, antisemitic insanity. The Biden administration is suddenly excessively zealous about upholding laws when it comes to targeting Christian GCU. Does it care equally about students who marched in support of attempted genocide against Jews and university presidents who supported them?

Of course, pro-terrorist propaganda is outside of the FTC’s province. But the Biden administration in general seems to have its priorities out of whack.

Israeli forces find explosives hidden inside UNRWA bags during raid of Gaza schools

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/12/israeli-forces-find-explosives-hidden-inside-unrwa-bags-during-raid-of-gaza-schools#; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

The IDF discovery of explosives hidden inside UNRWA bags during raids of northern Gaza schools is nothing new. Hamas’ use of hospitals and schools to launch military operations is part of the Palestinian terrorist strategy of exploiting human shields.

The NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence established the limitless extent to which Hamas’ uses human shields — including artillery fire from heavily populated areas, schools, hospitals and mosques. They also hide jihad operatives in these areas.

Most of the world ignores these atrocities while the UN continues to aid and abet Hamas and Palestinian propaganda by continuously diverting attention away Hamas’ routine practice of using human shields. The tally of dead civilians in Gaza is caused intentionally by Hamas and blamed on Israel.

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center also conducted research on Hamas’ abuse of the civilian population as human shields and its use of Gaza’s civilian facilities for terrorism. See HERE.

Hamas even encourages Gazan kids to pose beside its weapons and rocket launchers “for souvenir photos,” while teaching them to be “proud of the resistance.”

Many of the Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza who “were located hiding inside the Gaza schools…took part in the October 7 massacre” of Israeli citizens.

The vital necessity of Israel’s war in Gaza becomes ever more apparent.

“IDF finds explosives in UNRWA bags, clashes with Hamas in Gaza schools,” Jerusalem Post, December 25, 2023:

Israeli forces found dozens of explosive devices hidden inside UNRWA bags during a raid of northern Gaza schools where the IDF received intelligence of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorists hiding, the Israeli military said Monday.

Forces from the IDF’s Nahal Brigade raided al-Rafaa and Zavaha schools in the areas of Daraj and Tuffah, where they also found a host of Kalashnikov rifles and 15 explosive belts ready for use.

IDF: Terrorist killed after shooting anti-tank missile at forces

During an exchange of fire with terrorists, a cell fired an anti-tank missile at Israeli forces, the IDF said, before being gunned down by a precision strike missile….

All-Girls Catholic College Reverses Trans Decision After Well-Earned Backlash

AP Photo/Armando Franca
An all-female Catholic college backed down on a new and very un-Catholic policy to allow biologically male “transgenders” in after taking a lot of heat for the decision.

The Daily Signal obtained an email from President Katie Conboy of St. Mary’s College in Indiana. While the report in November was that the college was going to allow men who pretend to be women to enroll in fall 2024, the understandable anger the policy change garnered made the administration rethink its woke strategy. Unsurprisingly, women were a little concerned about having to share dorms, bathrooms, etc., with dudes in dresses.

“This has weighed heavily on our minds and in our hearts,” Conboy said in the Thursday email. “There have been many voices responding to us from many places and perspectives. We have listened closely, and we have heard each of you.” Despite the fact that the Catholic Church doctrinally condemns transgenderism as gravely evil, the college president made the puzzling claim that the proposed policy change was a “reflection of our College’s commitment to live our Catholic values as a loving and just community.” I guess she missed the part of Genesis where God created humans as male and female—from the moment of their existence, based on biology. Conboy did admit that “the position we took is not shared by all members of our community.”

In fact, she added, “Some worried that this was much more than a policy decision: they felt it was a dilution of our mission or even a threat to our Catholic identity.” No kidding. “Moreover, we clearly underestimated our community’s genuine desire to be engaged in the process of shaping a policy of such significance. As this last month unfolded, we lost people’s trust and unintentionally created division where we had hoped for unity. For this, we are deeply sorry,” she continued.

“Taking all these factors into consideration, the Board has decided that we will return to our previous admission policy,” she said. “Although this has been a challenging time for our community, we believe that the College should continually grapple with the complexity of living our Catholic values in a changing world.”

Alumnae and students were excited about the victory against wokeness, as were several Catholic leaders. As Bishop Kevin Rhoades, in whose diocese the college is located, previously said, “The desire of Saint Mary’s College to show hospitality to people who identify as transgender is not the problem. The problem is a Catholic woman’s college embracing a definition of woman that is not Catholic.”

President Johnson of Wellesley College Stands Her Ground Against Antisemitism

REPUBLISHED, SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/12/president-johnson-of-wellesley-college-stands-her-ground-against-antisemitism

While some university presidents have been unable to answer “Yes”” to the question “Does calling for the genocide of Jews violate your institution’s code of conduct?,” President Paula Johnson of Wellesley is made of sterner stuff. And she has just stood up to — denounced, in fact — the faculty bullies who want to make sure that the Wellesley campus remains safe for expressions of antisemitism. The story of this Daniel come to judgment can be found here: “Wellesley College President Denounces Extreme Anti-Zionist Rhetoric, Rebuffing School Faculty,” by Dion J. Pierre, Algemeiner, December 18, 2023:

Wellesley College President Paula Johnson has pushed back on faculty pressuring her to condone certain anti-Israel rhetoric on campus, stating in an open letter that the Massachusetts school interprets “some” anti-Zionist speech as harmful to Jewish students.”

Johnson, who has served as college president since July 2016, made the declaration on Saturday in response to a faculty letter demanding that she go on record saying that no criticism of Israel or Zionism should be described as antisemitic.

The faculty “demands”? It sounds like the Soviet purge trials of the 1930s. Andrey Vyshinsky, Chief Prosecutor, “demanding” that the Old Bolsheviks such as Bukharin, Zinoviev, and Kamenev admit to their crimes before their inevitable execution.Paula Johnson, we the faculty of Wellesley College, DEMAND that you declare that ‘no criticism of Israel or Zionism should be described as antisemitic.'” Really? What about those who chant “from the river to the sea/Palestine will be free,” which everyone understands to be a call for the destruction of the Jewish state, and its replacement by a twenty-third Arab state? Is denying the Jewish people, uniquely, the right to have a state of their own not antisemitic? What about the call for “Jews to the gas,” which has been heard at pro-Palestinian rallies in Europe? Gosh, sounds antisemitic to me. What about those who after October 7 have been telling us at rallies that they “stand with Hamas” and, keffiyeh-scarved, wave the flag of Palestine? Remember, they are expressing solidarity with, and support for, the terror group that sent 3,000 of its operatives surging into Israel on October 7, where they proceeded to behead babies, burned children alive, gang-raped, tortured, and murdered young girls, sliced off the breasts of women, gouged out the eyes and cut off the genitalia of men, murdered children in front of their parents and parents in front of their children? Surely praise of Hamas, after what it did on October 7, must count as antisemitism. What do you say to that, faculty members of Wellesley, by Zoom or in solemn conclave assembled?

“I want to be clear that Wellesley will not make such a statement,” Johnson said. “Some anti-Israel and anti-Zionist speech can, in fact, create a hostile environment for many of our students.”

Thank god for the no-nonsense reply coming from President Paula Johnson, a Daniel come to judgment by the shores of Lake Waban. She said what all sensible people know: of course anti-Israel speech can be so hideous in its endorsement of Hamas killers, or in its call for the destruction of the tiny Jewish state, as to create a “hostile environment” for Jewish students and, come to think of it, for all students who have retained their moral sense.

Johnson added that the faculty members’ own statements in their letter, which accused Israel of committing a “genocidal assault on Gaza,” are part of the problem….

When those faculty members accuse Israel of a “genocidal assault,” they are doing two intolerable things. First, they are saying something that is idiotic. It was Hamas that committed the “genocidal assault,” wanting to murder Jews, any Jews of any age or condition, whom they came across in their rampage on October 7. Although the faculty members won’t admit it, the IDF goes out of its way to minimize civilian casualties by warning those in or near buildings that are soon to be hit to get out, get away. The IDF does this through leafletting, messaging, telephoning, and the “knock on the roof” technique. When it wanted to warn Gazans to leave the north of the Strip because it would soon become a battlefield, the IDF dropped 1.5 million leaflets telling them to move south. It’s no wonder that Colonel Richard Kemp, who commanded the British forces in Afghanistan, has described the IDF as “the most moral army in the world.” Furthermore, the UN has said that since World War II, the average civilian-to-combatant ratio has been 9 to 1. The American and British armies have recently done better: in Iraq the ratio was 3 to 1, in Afghanistan between 3 and 5 to 1. But in Gaza, Israel has managed to keep the ratio down to an unheard-of civilian to combatant ratio of 10 to 7. This testifies to Israel’s success in minimizing civilian while Hamas tries always to maximize them. And as for the charge that Israel supports “genocide,” let’s remind the Wellesley faculty that in 1967, when Israel won Gaza by force of arms in the Six-Day war, the Strip’s population was 410,000. In 2005, when every last Israeli was removed from Gaza, the population of the Strip was 1.3 million. Does that sound like “genocide” to you?

The Wellesley faculty — that is, that portion of it that, filled with anti-Israel animus, that demanded that President Johnson declare that “no criticism of Israel is antisemitic” — has met a immovable and immutable object: Paula Johnson’s moral sense. They have been foiled by her clear-eyed answerand In their ranks, confusion worse confounded reigns.  That’s the consummation that was devoutly to be wished. May other university presidents go and do likewise.

Lawsuit Claims 9-Year-Old Girl Was Repeatedly Sexually Assaulted On Boston School Bus

A school bus is seen during a safety event for children at Trailside Middle School, in Ashburn, Virginia on August 25, 2015. AFP PHOTO/PAUL J. RICHARDS (Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Abril Elfi
12:32 PM – Saturday, December 16, 2023

REPUBLISHED, SEE:https://www.oann.com/newsroom/lawsuit-claims-9-year-old-girl-was-repeatedly-sexually-assaulted-on-boston-school-bus/

A Boston woman has filed a lawsuit against the Boston Public Schools District, a private bus company, and two of its employees after claiming her daughter was sexually assaulted multiple times.

The girl was allegedly raped by an 11-year-old student on the way home from Match Charter Public School in Hyde Park, right in front of the bus driver and monitor.

Due to their contract with Transdev, Match Charter Schools, Transdev Services, and Boston Public Schools are being sued by the family of the nine-year-old girl.

According to the lawsuit that Morgan & Morgan filed in Suffolk Superior Court, the assaults happened over the course of seven months in the 2022–2023 academic year.

“There is a nine-year-old child in Boston who was raped repeatedly on her way home from school over an entire school year,” attorneys Nina Bonelli and Alexander Zodikoff said in a statement.

According to the lawsuit, the girl reported the assaults to her two friends, who notified the school administration.

The bus company informed the family that no security camera footage was available when they requested it.

According to Boston Public Schools, the onboard camera footage had already been deleted when the report was completed, which was five months after the assaults.

A Boston Public Schools spokesman stated that a Match Charter School is legally required to look into any incidents involving its students.

According to the family’s attorneys, the nine-year-old girl was forced to drop out of school before completing the fourth grade due to physical and mental harm.

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At MIT, More Than 800 Alumni, Faculty, and Staff Take Issue with President Kornbluth

REPUBLISHED, SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/12/at-mit-more-than-800-alumni-faculty-and-staff-take-issue-with-president-kornbluth

President Sally Kornbluth of MIT, just like President Liz Magill of UPenn and President Claudine Gay of Harvard, fudged in her Congressional testimony, not clearly stating that calls for genocide were unacceptable on the MIT campus. All three claimed that “it would depend on the context,” whether such calls could be considered “bullying or harassment” and as such, punishable under their institution’s code of conduct. Both Gay and Magill later tried to mollify their critics by modifying their remarks. It did not work for Magill; she felt compelled to resign; Gay, despite a second, even deeper scandal, involving her newly-revealed extensive record of plagiarism, has been supported by the Harvard Corporation; no one wanted to fire “the first black president of Harvard.” Whether her quite visible protective shield will prevent her scandalous plagiarizing from sinking her in the end will be instructive to watch.

Meanwhile, President Kornbluth of MIT, the only one of the three who did not attempt subsequently to “clarify” her remarks before Congress in an attempt to mollify critics, has been similarly supported by the MIT Corporation. And judging by the alumni letter just made public, she has apparently done little on the MIT campus to deal with the rise in antisemitic rhetoric and harassment of Jewish students.

More than 800 people — most of them alumni, but also including faculty, staff, and parents of students — have signed the following letter, showing that many people — Jews and non-Jews — are most unhappy with how Kornbluth has dealt with antisemitism on the campus, and believe the MIT Corporation, in its vote of confidence, has chosen to overlook that record, treating her with kid gloves. More on this open letter, to which new signatories are being added every hour, can be found here: “An Open Letter From MIT Jewish Alumni and Allies on Campus Antisemitism,” MIT Jewish Alumni and MIT Allies, December 12, 2023:

Dear President Kornbluth, Provost Barnhart, Chancellor Nobles, and members of the MIT Corporation:

We are a growing group of MIT Jewish alumni and MIT allies writing to express our alarm over the Congressional testimony of President Kornbluth of December 5, 2023; the subsequent public relations fallout; and the continued failure of the MIT administration to address the growing antisemitism on MIT’s campus.

Calls for genocide of any group of people, including Jews, constitute bullying and harassment. Such calls originating from MIT’s campus should never be tolerated by the MIT administration and should instead be met with swift disciplinary consequences.

Yet, during the Congressional testimony of December 5, 2023, President Kornbluth implied that calls for genocide of Jews may not constitute bullying and harassment under MIT’s code of conduct, depending on context. Protecting violent antisemitic rhetoric on MIT’s campus, rather than Jewish victims of such rhetoric, sends a strong signal to the rest of the world that violent words of hate are acceptable, at least as they relate to the Jewish people. Understandably, President Kornbluth’s testimony was met with a public uproar….

A full list of signatories can be found here.

Will Kornbluth listen to this most modest and reasonable request of so many alumni? Or will she, buoyed by the Corporation’s vote of confidence in her, see no need to change her ways? Let us hope for the first, and fear for the second.

‘APPALLED’: UPenn trustee board member reveals why he resigned~UPenn President Liz Magill resigns

Vahan Gureghian, who resigned from UPenn's trustee board, joins 'The Ingraham Angle' to discuss the board's 'horrible' dynamic and what prompted him to resign.

UPenn President Liz Magill resigns amid backlash from antisemitism hearing

University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill has stepped down from her role. Her decision comes after she faced a widespread backlash this week over her testimony to Congress regarding antisemitism on college campuses.

University of Penn students react to the resignation of President Liz Magill




Profiles in Pusillanimity: Brown University President Christina Paxson Cuts Denunciation of Antisemitism From Speech

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/12/profiles-in-pusillanimity-brown-university-president-christina-paxson-cuts-denunciation-of-antisemitism-from-speech;

Republished below in full, unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Omer Bartov, a professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Brown University, has publicly denounced Israel as being responsible for the attacks carried out by Hamas on October 7. More on Bartov’s grotesque remarks can be found here: “‘Genocidal Intent’: Brown University Holocaust Professor Blames Israel for Hamas Terrorism,” by Alec Schemmel, Washington Free Beacon, December 6, 2023:

One day after the terror group slaughtered scores of innocent Israelis—including women and children—a Brown student group during an “emergency meeting” argued that Hamas’s attack was “justified violence” and “in fact a victory,” the Washington Free Beacon reported. Brown students have also sympathized with Hamas on Sidechat, a popular app on Brown’s campus that allows students to share anonymous thoughts with their classmates. Students have taken to the app to share comments such as “There is no such thing as an innocent Israeli.”

The Brown students who think that the atrocities committed by Hamas constituted “justified violence” and a “victory” have lost all moral sense. There is no reasoning with them. They should, however, be punished — all the way up to, and including, expulsion from the university — for defending, and even praising, what are clearly war crimes. There is, alas, no way to find the authors of the anonymous comments on Sidechat, where Brown students have been justifying the October 7 murders of civilians in such terms as “there is no such thing as an innocent Israeli.” They are, every one of them, including a three-month old, ten-month-old, two-, four-, and six-year-old children, guilty of war crimes and deserve to be punished.

Brown president Christina Paxson has also faced criticism for abandoning Jewish students—during a recent event, Paxson cut from her speech a planned remark denouncing anti-Semitism after pro-Palestinian students heckled her. A university spokesman said Paxson merely “abbreviated” her remarks in an attempt to wrap up her speech….

Profiles in Pusillanimity: President Paxson, apparently fearful of pro-Palestinian students who heckled her, succumbed to their menacing behavior, and cut from her speech a section that did nothing more than denounce antisemitism. Apparently even that proved too much for the pro-Palestinian crowd, that was unwilling to hear a word in defense of harassed Jews on campus and against antisemitism. Instead of sticking to her script, Paxson — not wanting to endure chants and catcalls — simply dropped her condemnation of antisemitism. If you were a Brown alumnus or alumna, would you want to support the university that is now being run by people unwilling to condemn antisemitism?

Bartov in his op-ed also urged Israel’s government to “define a clear political endgame that will create conditions to end this conflict.” While the Jewish state has identified that “endgame” as the destruction of Hamas, Bartov in the op-ed said the removal of “Hamas’s political and military control … may not be entirely feasible.”

The removal of Hamas as a military force looks more “feasible” every day. I was unaware that in addition to his work in “Holocaust and Genocide studies,” Omer Bartov had become a sudden expert in military strategy. I’d put my faith more in the IDF generals than in armchair warrior Bartov, as to what is or is not “feasible.” And all this talk about Israel “having to define a clear political endgame” is silly. Israel is in the middle of a most difficult war. Until that war’s goals are achieved — the destruction of Hamas as a military power and the return of all the hostages — Israel does not have time right now to come up with such a plan, which whatever it turns out to be, will depend for its adoption on the fractious Israeli electorate. Even if the current Israeli government has such a plan, it is not at all certain that it will remain in office once the war is over. And in any case, why would Israel’s government want to tip its hand in such a delicate matter? I suspect that Israel is hoping, with American help, to persuade the rich Arab oil states — chiefly Saudi Arabia and the UAE — to take control of day-to-day life in Gaza, and to contribute the tens of billions of dollars in reconstruction aid that Gaza will require. The Gazans will accept with better grace rule by other Muslim Arabs, especially if those Muslim Arabs are the very people pouring billions of dollars into the Strip. And the UAE and Saudi Arabia would have their agents right inside Gaza to make sure their aid money is not diverted or wasted. Both the UAE and Saudi Arabia hate and fear Hamas, which is part of the Muslim Brotherhood; the MB is a dangerous enemy of the Gulf monarchies. And both will be re ready to cooperate with the IDF in making sure that Hamas does not reappear in Gaza.

Maryland: Marxist Teachers Union official makes list of wealthy Jews she calls ‘gluttons and thieves,’ blames Trump

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/12/maryland-marxist-teachers-union-official-makes-list-of-wealthy-jews-she-calls-gluttons-and-thieves-blames-trump;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

“Fear is leading to censorship. I hope this person gets anti-imperialism and joins us in the struggle … No war but class war!”

No Marxist should be getting anywhere near our schools, but today they’re in control. Meanwhile, this hate-filled creature epitomizes how the Left’s identification with the “Palestinian” jihad — which they cast as a struggle of the brown oppressed against the white oppressor — leads to open Jew hatred.

“Teachers Union Official Compiled List Of Nearby Wealthy Jews, Calling Them ‘Gluttons And Thieves,’” by Luke Rosiak, DailyWire.com, December 4, 2023:

A Maryland teacher is on leave while the school system investigates her for a string of anti-Semitic social media posts that included creating a list of wealthy Jews in her county, claiming they horde wealth while contributing nothing to society, and calling for “class war.”

Angela Wolf is head of the English Language Development department, which caters to immigrant children, at Takoma Park Middle School, in the most leftist enclave of liberal Montgomery County. Though she was temporarily removed from school, she remains a board member of the Montgomery County Education Association, one of the largest teachers union locals in the country representing 14,000 staff. 

Her Facebook posts included a drawing of an Israeli tank pointing a tank gun at babies in a hospital NICU, and saying “Enemy in sight!” As the war wages against the Hamas terrorists who murdered over 1,200 Israelis on October 7, she has posted frequently against Israel. On November 16, she commended “bus operators at Dulles who refused to transport Zionists to the pro-Israel rally,” adding that “their solidarity with the victims of Israeli genocide should be commended.”

On October 28, she shared a post saying, “It is not a war — it is a slaughter. Israel determined to make Gaza uninhabitable.”

In December 2020, well before the conflict in Israel, she wrote:

Four of the five billionaires she named are Jewish except Saul, who happens to have a common Jewish name.

In response to criticism, she claimed — referring the the group of people with names like Rubenstein — that she had “no idea these billionaires are Jewish or that my word choice had an [sic] historic significance for the Jewish community. The diatribe against these two words has turned the discussion into a fallacious attack … People are angry at teachers a particular politician or the poor. I have read no attacks on the 1% … who have NOT ‘earned’ ‘their wealth.’”

She said “They use their accumulated wealth to further their own interests” and blamed their hoarding for students falling behind while teachers unions refused to work because of COVID. “There should be little question that staying home should NOT equal mental health crises for kids and communities angry because school staff also need to be home,” she wrote.

When someone else criticized her for her anti-Semitic posts, she responded by calling former President Donald Trump a “scumbag” and said, “Fear is leading to censorship. I hope this person gets anti-imperialism and joins us in the struggle … No war but class war!”…

Dr. Shmuel Katz Video: The Rise of Antisemitism on U.S. Campuses

How Arab countries shaped our academic discourse.

SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/video-dr-shmuel-katz-explains-the-rise-of-antisemitism-on-u-s-campuses/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Dr. Shmuel Katz, a leader in Israeli advocacy in the United States, in a conversation with Arutz Sheva-Israel National News, discusses the rise in anti-Semitism on US campuses.

According to Dr. Katz, Arab countries have for decades strategic investments in education, where financial contributions to the tune of billions of petro-dollars lead to increased influence and representation within universities in the form of appointment of scholars who align with the values of the donors.

This, he explains, has shaped academic discourse and fostered a connection between universities and the interests of donor countries.

Check out the short video below:

Originally posted at Israel National News.

Anatomy of a Lynching: The Hillcrest HS Pogrom

A statement on the Jew-hating student riot at Hillcrest HS - and the immediate actions that need to be taken.

SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/anatomy-of-a-lynching-the-hillcrest-hs-pogrom/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

[Editors’ note: What happened at Hillcrest High School, as feral pro-Hamas students menaced a Jewish teacher for supporting Israel, is indicative of the Left’s constant modus operandi: once Leftists have tarred the offender as guilty of or aiding in “genocide,” any behavior is justified, and no bounds of human decency need be respected. The Hillcrest incident demonstrates in microcosm what will happen all over the country if the Left manages to consolidate its power: ideological foes will be hunted down and persecuted as class enemies, without the right of redress, or the right to be heard, or any rights whatsoever. The Hillcrest students demonstrate the values that leftist teachers are inculcating in America’s youth today.]

This is how it starts. On November 20, a mob of 400 students rioted at Hillcrest High School hunting down a Jewish teacher for going to a pro-Israel rally, threatening violence, destroying property, and forcing the teacher to hide inside a locked office to protect her life. As antisemitic hate crimes are on the rise in New York City, the Hillcrest HS pogrom broke out just days after a citywide pro-Palestinian walkout of hundreds of students calling for ceasefire, cursing the Jews, burning Israeli flags, and warning those who support Israel, “your days are numbered.”

Students were always at the forefront of Communist, Fascist, and Nazi movements of the past. We haven’t learned our history. Hitler was a minor figure in Munich in 1923 but rose to power in 10 years to become the Chancellor of Germany, and led the Nazi Party to impose its will with astonishing ease on Germany, the most highly civilized nation in Europe at the time, leading the population to willingly participate in institutionalized mass murder of nearly every single Jew in Europe. The sudden rise of Hitler, the atrocities of World War II, and the Holocaust did not happen in a vacuum. The precursor to Nazism and the Third Reich were the student led riots and pogroms attacking and tormenting Jews throughout Germany. This was the direct result of decades of indoctrination in racial nationalism in schools and universities, that Aryans were a pureblooded “blond, blue-eyed” master race and Jews were vermin, unfit to live. The fired-up students viewed Jews as outsiders, parasites, and evil moneylenders, that had to be wiped out, and they rioted targeting the Jews of Germany.

Kids today are carrying the torch for the far left. The same horrific hatred and antisemitism is rearing its ugly head again empowered by our weak, feckless government all the way from President Biden, Governor Hochul, Mayor Adams down to Schools Chancellor Banks.  Just like Germany in 1933, under the unstable Weimar Republic, our government today is hopeless to put an end to the antisemitic persecution and save the Jews. After the Weimar Republic, came the death camps. Saying “Never Again” requires an understanding of history.

Just like Nazi Germany, these radicalized young people are the product of decades of anti-American, anti-Israel, and Marxist indoctrination in the classroom, now known as critical race theory, or in Orwellian terms, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).  These kids are the same radicalized leftists who burned down the major cities of America, toppled statues, looted businesses, and injured hundreds of police officers in the Geroge Floyd riots, only today as one commentator put it, they wear keffiyehs. For these radicalized kids, who grew up schooled in CRT, rather than critical thinking, the settler-colonialist oppressor Israel is committing genocide against the helpless victims, the Palestinians.

Immediate Actions that Need to be Taken:

Expel radicalized student ringleaders to stop antisemitic hate. We call for action to hold those responsible public officials accountable for the antisemitic student riot, starting with New York City Schools Chancellor David Banks and the administrators of Hillcrest High School. The mob of 400 rioters was led by possibly 5 to 10 ringleaders who were directly responsible for inciting the mayhem. We call on Hillcrest principal Scott Milczewski, Chancellor Banks and the DOE to identify and expel these 10 or so ringleaders. Criminally charged ones over 18 for harassment and hate crimes. Expulsion, not restorative justice or temporary suspension is the way to set an example to the rest of the student body of the city to prevent further mob violence and potential antisemitism.

End the far left control of the UFT. The union is responsible for supporting the safety and welfare of its teachers, and historically has done so. However, the UFT and its president Michael Mulgrew were silent on protecting this tormented Jewish teacher. The UFT is terrified of its far left wing and chooses silence so as not to offend them.  The Movement of Rank-and-File Educators, a caucus of the New York City UFT, is a group of radical Marxist, anti-American teachers in control of the UFT, who have co-sponsored pro-Hamas rallies along with Democratic Socialists (DSA). We call on President Mulgrew to do his job, visit Hillcrest HS and speak up on behalf of his embattled teacher to ensure her safety and constitutional rights are protected. There certainly would be a vocal outcry if the same happened to any teacher of another racial group. He must insist on an addition to DOE policy, the protection of Jewish teachers from harm in every school, and the protection of their constitutional free speech rights and religious liberty. A teacher who chooses to attend a pro-Israel rally should be free from harm and fear.

Teach history so we aren’t doomed to repeat it. We call on every high school in NYC as a requirement to spend one week studying the history of antisemitism and the Holocaust.  This was a required part of the World History curriculum, but nowadays, the study of this fundamental pillar of our history education has been abandoned, and the consequences are alarming.  We learn history as the expression goes, so as not to be doomed to repeat it. Give our kids this essential background before they riot and attack Jewish teachers and fellow students out of ignorance amplified by youthful passion.

Fire Chancellor Banks Immediately. Overall, Chancellor Banks has been unsuccessful in improving our failing school system, but now he is guilty of dereliction of duty for his week-long silence after the student riot.  Only after the story “Queens HS Chaos” appeared in the NY Post did he break his silence and hold a hollow press conference. He stated, “This notion that this place, these kids are radicalized and antisemitic is the height of irresponsibility,” essentially scoffing at the urgency of confronting violent antisemitism and concern for teacher’s safety. He further excused the student mob’s hate and havoc, saying that they “feel a kindred spirit with the folks of the Palestinian community. This is a very visceral and emotional issue for them.” He downplayed the seriousness of the issue, saying the teacher was safe, as if to say the Nazi’s don’t really intend to hurt the Jews. He said that this is a “teachable moment” and that the kids should openly talk about it. But it is madness to allow the kids to speak their minds freely as they do daily on TikTok without adequate background knowledge. These kids need to learn history first to dispel the dark clouds of ignorance. Bank’s solution is the folly of restorative justice, instead of suspension, but a good chancellor would summarily expel the ringleaders and protect the safety and constitutional free speech rights of his teachers. Every teacher’s constitutional freedoms, of speech, religion, and assembly, should be protected like that of any citizen, which Banks has failed to do. Banks is totally incompetent and unfit for the job. He has to go.

Fire Hillcrest Principal Scott Milczewski Immediately. Principal Milczewski’s foremost job is the safety and security of his teachers and students, and in that regard he has failed miserably.  He was silent after his student’s destructive rioting until the media and chancellor came to shine the spotlight on his school a week later.  He knew there were problems brewing and did nothing to stop them. In fact, he was informed by the Jewish teacher before the riot occurred that she could be targeted. A week earlier, school safety agents were violently attacked by four students, and a day after the riot, an 18-year-old student was arrested for making threats of widespread harm and charged with aggravated harassment. With all this chaos in his school, the principal failed to protect the safety and constitutional rights of a teacher, whose life was threatened, and feared for her safety at school, therefore Principal Milczewski needs to be fired.

Shut Down Hillcrest HS. The high school needs to be shuttered until the safety of all students, teachers, custodial staff, medical team, lunchroom workers, and school safety officers are totally secured. Shut down the school and send the kids to other schools. There is no plan. You can’t deploy 50 cops to patrol the building forever.  The school can’t open after a riot of this magnitude until there is a plan in place to discipline the 400 student rioters and ensure the safety of all.

The sabotage of our schools and the youth of America by the radical left has taken place over 60 years. We can’t expect to instantly take back our schools and our country’s institutions after the notorious leftwing “long march through the institutions” has been successfully completed. But this is the start of a counter-revolution. The antisemitic riot at Hillcrest HS was very similar to the German pogroms, or violent attacks on Jews throughout Germany in the 19th century. They were led by angry student mobs shouting “Hep! Hep!” meaning “Jerusalem is destroyed.” They studied in the finest German schools and universities where they were incited to violence by radical indoctrination in the classroom to philosophies of German nationalist supremacy treating Jews as parasites and vermin living off their generous European hosts. This was a precursor to National Socialist (Nazi) ideology and the Holocaust.

History is doomed to repeat itself unless we learn our lessons, and start the counter-revolution immediately by stopping the spread of virulent antisemitism here and now. This is our Never Again moment.

The Queens Village Republican Club is America’s oldest Republican Club – founded in 1875.

Seattle Middle School Teacher Leads Students in Attacking Parental Rights Group Moms for Liberty

(Image by David Mark from Pixabay.)
On Saturday, Moms for Liberty shared images of a package they received from a Seattle middle school containing letters made during class attacking the parental rights organization and accusing them of "bullying" LGBTQ youth.

The package included a typed letter from Ann Christianson, a middle school social studies teacher and Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Coordinator.

Dear Moms for Liberty,

Please read the enclosed cards from concerned middle school students in Seattle, Washington.


Ann Christianson

Seattle Public School Middle School Teacher & GSA Coordinator

The included letters featured rainbow-colored messages. The students were clearly given some instructions as to what to write. One letter, written in pencil, reads, “Dear Moms for Liberty, stop bullying and excluding LGBTQ+ youth and families. It hurts people who just want to love who they love and be who they are. The oppressed are always the protagonists.” 

Another letter, written in black marker, reads, “Dear Moms for Liberty, stop bullying and excluding LGBTQ+ youth and families. From a Seattle Public Schools student.” Yet another letter, written in green marker, reads, “Dear Moms for Liberty, stop bullying and excluding LGBTQ+ youth and families. Please and thank you. Sincerely, a trans student, Seattle Public Schools.” 

For our VIPs: Preferred Pronouns or Prison? I’ll Take Prison.

Various common slogans are also peppered throughout the letters: “Love is love,” “Say gay,” and “Gay is slay.” Rainbows, rainbow hearts, and rainbow peace signs are also shown on the letters.

Another common theme between the letters is the use of broken heart imagery with a written message: "My heart when people are homophobic."

The Post Millennial reached out to Seattle Public Schools for comment and received the following statement

Seattle Public Schools is dedicated to fostering welcoming, inclusive, and identity-safe environments for all our students. We firmly uphold the rights of our students, staff, and families to express their authentic selves. We take great pride in our unwavering support for LGBTQIA+ students, staff, and families, which is reflected in our policies and everyday practices.

The statement also added that the material was sent  "...as an independent activity and not part of the school curriculum."

Related: WATCH: 'Queer' Pre-K Teacher Says She Tells Kids to Be Gay

Moms for Liberty is not an anti-LGBTQ group. They are a parent rights group that, amongst other things, opposes sexually explicit materials being made available to young children in public schools. We’ve shown examples of the kind of content leftists want available to young children under the guise of LGBTQ inclusivity, and I can’t help but wonder if Ann Christianson truly believes that opposition to this material being available to young children is appropriate. The same can be asked of actor LeVar Burton, who, earlier this month, threatened Moms for Liberty with violence when he hosted the National Book Awards.

"Before we get going, are there any Moms for Liberty in the house?” Burton said during the opening ceremony. "No? Good. Then hands will not need to be thrown tonight." 

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