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Trump Calls for Protests Over His Arrest~Elon Musk: Trump Will WIN in a LANDSLIDE if ARRESTED!!!~Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump hinges on witnesses with ‘credibility problems’

Trump Calls for Protests Over His Arrest

Elon Musk: Trump Will WIN in a LANDSLIDE if ARRESTED!!!

Alvin Bragg's case against Trump hinges on witnesses with 'credibility problems': Legal expert


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2023/03/18/trump-calls-for-protests-over-his-arrest-n1679507;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

On Saturday morning, Donald Trump acknowledged that he will indeed be arrested, saying that the fateful day will be this coming Tuesday. Trump wrote in all caps on Truth Social:



It’s understandable that Trump would want protests. He is about to be arrested in order to give Leftists the photo-op of their bête noire in handcuffs that they have slavered for over the last few years and to further their efforts to stigmatize and ultimately criminalize their opposition, as Old Joe Biden signaled was coming in September when he declared that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

What’s more, Trump is about to be arrested on charges that he paid $130,000 to a prostitute, Stormy Daniels, in order to buy her silence over their liaison. Even the New York Times admits that this is a far-fetched basis for handcuffing the man and subjecting him to a perp walk. The Times conceded on March 9, in an article about how criminal charges were pending against Trump that “hush money is not inherently illegal.” Working hard to justify this looming pseudo-legal banana-republic action of arresting the sitting president’s principal opponent, the Times continued by suggesting that “the prosecutors could argue that the $130,000 payout effectively became an improper donation to Mr. Trump’s campaign, under the theory that because the money silenced Ms. Daniels, it benefited his candidacy.” They could argue that. Hardly a slam-dunk case.

The Times concluded by admitting again that the case against Trump is shaky at best: “Combining the criminal charge with a violation of state election law would be a novel legal theory for any criminal case, let alone one against the former president, raising the possibility that a judge or appellate court could throw it out or reduce the felony charge to a misdemeanor.” Indeed, especially since Stormy Daniels owes Trump $300,000 for a failed defamation suit and is hardly a reliable witness. It’s clear that Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg is proceeding with the arrest in service of the Left’s agenda and is heedless of the weakness of his case.

Nonetheless, Trump’s call for protests is ill-advised, and patriots would be wise to stay at home on Tuesday and not go out to protest in Manhattan or anywhere else. This is because the Biden regime wants the protests and is gearing up the Joint Terrorism Task Force, among other agencies, to deal with the anticipated unrest. Just as we saw on Jan. 6, 2021, any protest is likely to be thoroughly infiltrated with feds, Antifa, and similar operatives who will be doing all they can to provoke an event that can be used to demonize Trump and his supporters anew.

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As I explain in The Sumter Gambit: How the Left Is Trying to Foment A Civil War, this is a conscious strategy that the Left has adopted. The Leftist establishment is doing everything it can to provoke unrest from the Right. Then it will use that unrest to support its claims that patriots are actually traitors and insurrectionists, and that their authoritarian crackdowns are therefore justified. The goal is to rule political dissent out of bounds altogether so that only the Leftist perspective is allowed to be publicly articulated in the United States.

This makes it clear that one of the reasons why Trump is being arrested at all is so that there will be protests, which the Biden regime and its media propagandists can then instrumentalize in service of their sinister agenda. Patriots must not take the bait. The proper response to the Trump arrest is not to take to the streets but to work all the harder for just election laws and candidates who understand the real and sinister nature of what we’re facing today, and how the freedom of the republic is indeed on the line as Old Joe said, but not in the way he meant. Biden and his cohorts are the real threat to the republic, not its defenders.

Queer Non-Binary Muslim Rep Helped Lawbreaker Elude Cops

Just Another Day: ‘Queer, Non-Binary,' Sharia-Adherent State Rep Hid Trans Activist Who Assaulted Cop

Ok House censures State Rep. Mauree Turner

Just Another Day: ‘Queer, Non-Binary,' Sharia-Adherent State Rep Hid Trans Activist Who Assaulted Cop


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/culture/robert-spencer/2023/03/10/just-another-day-queer-non-binary-sharia-adherent-state-rep-hid-trans-activist-who-assaulted-cop-n1677255;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

How much craziness can be packed into one news item? It would be tough to top this one: a “queer, non-binary” Sharia-adherent Muslim who serves as an Oklahoma state representative has been censured after she attempted to harbor a fugitive who was on the run after assaulting a police officer.

Mauree Turner is currently the representative in the state House from Oklahoma’s 88th district. She calls herself a “Queer, Non-binary, Okie Muslim” and demands that she be referred to as “they,” but as there appears to be only one of her, I won’t be doing that. Her website states proudly that she is “the first Muslim elected in Oklahoma and the first non-binary person elected to a state-level position in US history.” In all of her photos, she wears a hijab, the head covering that is a sign of her adherence to Sharia, the Islamic law. There is absolutely no doubt that Mauree Turner is the first self-proclaimed “queer,” “non-binary” Sharia-adherent Muslim woman to hold any elected office anywhere in the world.

All that should have been distinction enough for a lifetime, but Rep. Turner is as energetic as she is inventive. She is also, as you likely already suspected, very far to the Left, so far that she apparently holds the police officers who enforce the laws she helps formulate in the state House in utter contempt. The Political Insider reported Thursday that Turner “has been accused of blocking police from making an arrest of a transgender rights activist accused of assault.”

It happened late in February, “as lawmakers were voting on legislation to protect children from ‘gender transition procedures’ or similar physical abuse.” One of Turner’s colleagues, state Rep. Bob Culver, “was hit with a ‘liquid substance’ later simply identified as water as he passed through a group of protesters.” As the person who threw the water was being arrested, another activist, Austin Ross, declared that the perpetrator was “not going to be placed under arrest,” and grabbed a cop’s hands to try to prevent the arrest. Ross then fled to Turner’s office.

When cops showed up to arrest Ross there, the door was locked. Highway Patrol Trooper Eric Foster recounted: “When we go up to the representative’s office, we were not allowed in, even from opening the door.” On Tuesday, Turner was censured for this by a resounding 81-19 vote. The Oklahoma House issued a statement on that same day, noting that Turner “harbored a fugitive wanted for questioning in conjunction with the alleged assault inside of their House office and rejected multiple requests by law enforcement to question the individual.” Oklahoma House Speaker Charles McCall added that “the inappropriate, and potentially criminal, actions exhibited by this member of the House were deserving of censure, and the actions taken by the House today were both measured and just.”

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As a result of the censure, Turner will lose her committee assignments unless she formally apologizes. She is, however, defiant, saying: “I think an apology for loving the people of Oklahoma is something that I cannot do. It’s something that I actively refuse to do.” So now helping someone who tried to prevent an arrest is “loving the people of Oklahoma.” This is the same sort of twisting of reality that is a constant throughout Turner’s life, from her gender confusion to her affectation of claiming to be “Black, Muslim, femme, queer” and sporting a hijab. The hijab is mandated for women in Islamic law, based on the Qur’an (24:31, 33:59). It is thus a visible symbol of one’s adherence to the tenets and teachings of Islam, which condemns homosexuality for both males and females, and mandates that female homosexuals be confined in their houses until they die (Qur’an 4:15), given one hundred lashes (Qur’an 24:2), or stoned to death (cf. Mishkat al-Masabih 3558).

Mauree Turner is thus living a lie in all kinds of ways. She is pretending to be “non-binary,” instead of acknowledging that she is a woman. She is pretending to be Sharia-observant, despite flouting the severe penalties it prescribes for the behaviors she proudly flaunts as her “queer” identity. She pretends to be a governing official, sworn to uphold the laws of the state while helping a lawbreaker evade punishment for breaking the laws of the state. Mauree Turner is, in sum, the contemporary Left personified, the veritable poster child for all its hypocrisy and fantasies. Despite this censure, watch for her star to continue to rise among Leftists. Ocasio-Cortez-Turner 2024!

‘1984’ Is Now, as Britain Outlaws Thinking the Wrong Thoughts

'1984' Is Now as Britain Outlaws Thinking the Wrong Thoughts

UK Passes Law BANNING Silent Prayer


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2023/03/08/1984-is-now-as-britain-outlaws-thinking-the-wrong-thoughts-n1676571;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Yes, it has come to this. By a resounding vote of 299 to 116, the UK’s House of Commons on Wednesday outlawed thinking the wrong thoughts in the wrong place. According to the Catholic Herald, MPs including the Conservative government’s Home Secretary Suella Braverman and Attorney General Victoria Prentis rejected an amendment that would have protected “private prayer and consensual conversations within any ‘censorship’ zone.” “Censorship” zones are areas around abortion centers.

The vote comes just a day after a pro-life activist, Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, was arrested for the second time in several weeks for praying silently outside one of the centers for sacrifices to Moloch. “I’m not protesting,” Vaughan-Spruce explained. “I’m not engaging in any of the activities prohibited.” But she was thinking the wrong thoughts and thus had to face what British authorities call “justice” in these dark days.

Jeremiah Igunnubole, who is legal counsel for a firm that has represented people who have been arrested for thought crimes outside of abortion centers, observed that the vote was a “watershed moment for fundamental rights and freedoms in our country.” Yes, indeed. In fact, it is a signpost of the end of freedom in Britain.

Igunnubole continued: “Parliament had an opportunity to reject the criminalization of free thought, which is an absolute right, and embrace individual liberty for all. Instead, Parliament chose to endorse censorship and criminalize peaceful activities such as silent prayer and consensual conversation.” And of course, an extremely dangerous precedent has been set: “Today it’s abortion. Tomorrow it could be another contested matter of political debate.”

According to the Herald, the new law criminalizes “any form of ‘influence’ outside of all abortion facilities, including silent prayer.” Offenders will be fined £100 ($118) the first time they are arrested for wrongthink; if court proceedings are deemed necessary, the fines could increase to £1,000 ($1,183). Amid the debate over this measure, a Conservative MP, Andrew Lewer, injected a note of sanity: “Police shouldn’t be asking ‘What are you thinking about?’” Indeed. And what if the person praying denies the offense? The World Economic Forum has been touting brain implants, and it’s easy to see how handy they’ll be for British police: the bobbies (do they still call these sinister Orwellian figures “bobbies”?) will simply be able to consult a readout of your thoughts, and if prayer shows up, you’ll have to pony up.

Lewer continued to point out what should have been obvious to everyone and prevented even a single MP from voting for this measure: “Censorship of this sort is a notoriously slippery slope. It might not be your thoughts that are criminalized today, but I think we should all be careful not to open the door to that tomorrow about some other opinions that people may hold about something else.” Now that the door has indeed been opened, Conservative MP Sir John Hayes spelled out the implications: “We now have people arrested for praying, interrogated by the police, asked what they’re praying about, what they’re thinking. This is dystopian. It’s like a mix of Huxley, Philip Dick, and all that.” Quite right, old fellow, and don’t forget that Orwell chap, eh wot?

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There are, meanwhile, a few more important matters that British police could be doing instead of spending their time arresting people for thinking the wrong thoughts. Another MP, Eddie Hughes, pointed out that “Given the other crimes that were going on in Birmingham at that time,” that is, the time that Isabel Vaughan-Spruce was arrested for praying silently, “it is important to see that the police had clearly determined that the most important thing they had to do at that particular time was not to deal with knife crime or with people stealing tools out of other people’s vans to stop them earning a living but to arrest and interrogate a woman who was silently praying outside a clinic that was closed. Surely that shows a sense of complete disproportionality on the part of the police.” Yes, it does, and it’s going to get worse.

MP Ian Paisley (not to be confused with the late Northern Irish preacher) added: “Despite the level of crime across this society—I think there were over 500 knife crimes last year—are we actually going to ask the police to get engaged and be detained in questioning people about what they are thinking in certain parts of the United Kingdom? That is a complete waste of police resources and police time, and it should not be done.” It should not, but now it will be. And the Biden regime, no friend of the freedom of speech itself, is watching and (silently) taking notes.

Four Illegal Immigrants Bused to NYC, Caught Shoplifting $12,000 Worth of Swag

Four Illegal Immigrants Bused to NYC, Caught Shoplifting $12,000 Worth of Swag

Migrants bused to NYC arrested after stealing $12K from Macy's


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/kevindowneyjr/2023/01/24/four-illegal-immigrants-bused-to-nyc-caught-shoplifting-12000-worth-of-swag-n1664472;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Despite being allowed into the country, given a free cell phone, food, a bus ticket to New York City, and a free room in a midtown Manhattan hotel, four lads from south of the border decided they need more free booty.Related: Hold on to Your Huddled Masses: New York City Doesn’t Want Any More Illegal ImmigrantsFour illegal immigrants were busted stealing more than $12,000 worth of goods from Macy’s at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island, N.Y.

FACT-O-RAMA! The Roosevelt Field Mall is located where the Roosevelt Field airport once stood. Charles Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Field when he made his iconic trans-Atlantic flight in 1927.

The greedy purloiners must have thought that Democrats run Macy’s and helped themselves to $12,489 worth of plunder.

The grab four made their escape in a four-door BMW. The driver was observed driving erratically and was quickly pulled over by Nassau County police.

The scroungers are:

  • 19-year-old Wrallan Cabezas Meza
  • 21-year-old Miguel Angel Rojas
  • 27-year-old Rafael Rojas
  • 30-year-old Jose Garcia Escobar

Two of the scavengers were released. The driver was issued numerous citations.

Angel and Rafael Rojas have been living rent-free at NYC’s Westin Hotel, where rooms go for $80 per night, plus “tax recovery charges and service fees” of $43.86.

Hotel workers have complained the immigrants physically fight with the staff, drink all day, consume drugs, and have sex in public.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been whining that the Big Apple — a self-proclaimed sanctuary city — has had its fill of illegal immigrants. Texas has hilariously bused roughly 41,000 illegal immigrants to New York City. Adams claims he can’t house anymore. Then why did he close down the homeless shelter he had built on New York’s Randall’s Island?


80 Illinois County Sheriffs Will Refuse to Enforce New Gun Laws

At Least 80 Illinois County Sheriffs Will Refuse to Enforce State's New Gun Laws


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/rick-moran/2023/01/15/at-least-80-illinois-county-sheriffs-will-refuse-to-enforce-states-new-gun-laws-n1661912;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

At least 80 county sheriffs and prosecutors have vowed not to enforce the new Illinois gun control law that bans 170 kinds of semi-automatic rifles and places limits on ammunition magazines.

“The right to keep and bear arms for the defense of life, liberty, and property is regarded as an inalienable right by the people,” said Iroquois County Sheriff Clinton Perzee. “I, among many others, believe that [House Bill 5471] is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution,” he added.

Perzee said he would not use his jail to detain people solely for violating the new gun law.

“[N]either myself nor my office will be checking to ensure that lawful gun owners register their weapons with the State, nor will we be arresting or housing law-abiding individuals that have been arrested solely with non-compliance of this Act,” Perzee said.

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Governor J.B. Pritzker reminded the sheriffs that they took an oath to uphold the law. “As law enforcement, that’s their job and I expect them to do that job,” Pritzker said.

“It’s political grandstanding by elected officials. These are elected sheriffs,” Pritzker said during an evening interview with MSNBC.

Illinois gun rights groups are lining up to sue the state over the law. The “Protect Illinois Communities Act” bans 170 brands of semi-automatic rifles, limits ammunition magazines in pistols and rifles, and forces those with legal semi-automatic rifles to register their guns by Jan. 1, 2024.

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul isn’t worried about sheriffs not enforcing the law. Center Square:

Attorney General Kwame Raoul said Friday if local law enforcement won’t act, someone will.

“As law enforcement agencies, there’s overlapping jurisdiction as well, so if they don’t do their jobs, there are other people there to do the job,” Raoul said.

Rhonda Ezell, who was a lead plaintiff in a case several years ago successfully challenging Chicago gun restrictions, said gun owners in Illinois need to stand up for their rights.

“They don’t care what color you are, where you reside, where you live, where you work. Their goal is to disarm America and they made that very clear,” Ezell told The Center Square.

What we have in Illinois is a public relations gambit versus the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The only people who are affected by the new law are law-abiding citizens who will be forced to register their legal firearms. Are criminals and gang members going to turn in their guns or register their firearms? Pritzker and those who support him should stop talking about how “safe” Illinois is going to be after the passage of this law.

Lake & McHenry County Scanner:

St. Clair County Sheriff Richard Watson said in a statement he’s disappointed with the enactment of the law.

“I do not believe we should limit the protections that have been guaranteed to law-abiding citizens in the United States Constitution,” Watson said. “I will be supportive to any constitutional challenges that may occur.”

Watson did not explicitly say he would not enforce the measure as other sheriffs have.

Without an injunction blocking the measure, guns would need to be registered by the end of the year or owners could be charged with a Class 2 felony.

Muslim Thug in NYC Attack On Jewish Man to Get Slap on the Wrist


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/01/muslim-thug-in-nyc-attack-on-jewish-man-to-get-slap-on-the-wrist;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

“If I could do it again, I would do it again.”

The only surprising part of the story is that Manhattan DA  Alvin Bragg is even prosecuting anyone aside from mass murderers and people who are accused of racism out of context viral videos.

You may remember this story from last year.

A Jewish man was attacked Thursday in the Diamond District, as pro-Israel and pro-Palestine protesters clashed in Times Square.

The clash was strictly one-sided.

Police said a group of five to six men attacked the 29-year-old victim around 6:30 p.m. on Broadway near West 49th Street.

“My whole face… felt like it was on fire for hours,” Joseph Borgen said.

“They were macing me for like a minute straight,” he said. “Kicked me, punched me, beat me with crutches, hit me with flags.”

He says he’s bruised all over and has a concussion.

The attack was condemned by public officials. One of the arrested thugs made no secret of his guilt.

The Brooklyn man accused of beating a Jewish man in a hate attack in Midtown proclaimed from his jail cell that he would “do it again,” prosecutors said on Saturday.

“If I could do it again, I would do it again,” he told one of his jailers, according to a prosecutor at Awawdeh’s Saturday arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court. “I have no problem doing it again.”

Awawdeh, who has at least one open case in Brooklyn for allegedly speeding and running a red light in March, was charged with assault as a hate crime, gang assault, menacing, aggravated harassment as a hate crime and criminal possession of a weapon, police said.

The Midtown attack was a hate crime, the Manhattan assistant district attorney told Paek, adding Awawdeh called Borgen a “dirty Jew” and said, “F–k Israel, Hamas is going to kill all of you.”

Looks like he’ll get the chance.

Raina Raskin at the New York Sun reports that “The Manhattan district attorney’s office is taking heat for offering a plea deal for an alleged assailant in a brutal 2021 beating of a Jewish man. The office confirmed to the Sun that it has offered a plea deal to Waseem Awawdeh that would land him in jail for just six months for his alleged role in the assault of Joseph Borgen. The deal would give Mr. Awawdeh a six-month prison stay in exchange for a guilty plea on charges of second-degree attempted assault with hate motives.”

This is a videotaped assault in which the defendant bragged that he would do it again. Why is there even a plea deal? Is Bragg’s office worried that they’re going to get a conviction under these circumstances?

Except that plea deals and diversions are being handed out like candy in typical fashion by pro-crime prosecutors.

Mr. Awawdeh is being charged with second-degree attempted assault as a hate crime. The deal could reduce his punishment for the crime from a potential of seven years in prison to six months in jail, with five years of parole.

“This Office does not tolerate antisemitic attacks and will continue prosecuting hate crimes vigorously, using every tool at our disposal to address hate,” a representative of the district attorney’s office said, noting that prosecutors from the DA’s hate crimes unit offered the “appropriate” plea deal “based on the facts, available evidence and varying levels of culpability.”

Seems very “vigorous” to me.

But intersectionality states that Awawdeh is a victim and Joseph Borgen is the oppressor. Isn’t that the whole premise of Islamic terrorism?

If Awawdeh gets a slap on the wrist, whom will he attack next?

Hamas-linked CAIR still hasn’t condemned the New Year’s Eve jihad attack in Times Square


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/01/hamas-linked-cair-still-hasnt-condemned-the-new-years-eve-jihad-attack-in-times-square;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

NYPD’s counterterrorism top dog: Time Square jihadi ‘is not representing, you know, the Islamic religion’

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/01/nypds-counterterrorism-top-dog-time-square-jihadi-is-not-representing-you-know-the-islamic-religion

Thomas Galati, the department’s chief of intelligence and counterterrorism, was quoted as having told ABC News in an interview….”He is not representing, you know, the Islamic religion but rather, you know, a very, very small percentage of people that get radicalized,” Galati added….

Screenshot taken from the press releases section of the website of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) at 6:30AM PT / 9:30 AM Eastern on Tuesday, January 3, 2023. There is no mention whatsoever of the Times Square jihad attack. Plenty of room, however, for condemnations of an Israeli politician and claims of dubious “anti-Muslim hate crimes.”

After past jihad attacks, Hamas-linked CAIR was likewise silent for days, until after their silence was noted, a backdated press release suddenly appeared. So don’t be surprised if a press release dated January 1 suddenly turns up. But there isn’t one there as of this writing.

In the absence of any action to teach young Muslims to reject the jihad ideology, such condemnations are spurious and misleading anyway.


Hamas-linked CAIR: Irrelevant, self-serving, dangerous, and constantly on the TV news


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/01/hamas-linked-cair-irrelevant-self-serving-and-dangerous;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Two stories reported in the news in rapid succession featured the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

On December 28, we learned that Jaylani Hussein, the executive director of CAIR in Minnesota, welcomed charges brought against Minneapolis Police Department officer Justin Stetson for the violent arrest of a man named Jaleel Stallings.

Police fired rubber bullets at Stallings when they saw him out after curfew during the George Floyd riots. Stallings began blindly returning fire but surrendered when he saw that he was shooting at the police. Nonetheless, Stallings was beaten and is now the recipient of a one-million-dollar settlement from the city of Minneapolis.

Jaylani Hussein had nothing to do with any of this. Nor should he have had any influence in the bringing of charges against Justin Stetson. Yet NBC affiliate KARE11 justified its inclusion of Hussein in its broadcast about the Stetson case by saying that Hussein had “led calls for accountability in this case for months.” But what exactly does that mean?

Could it be that what KARE is calling leadership is simply KARE paying attention to Jaylani Hussein’s press conferences? Did Hussein really have a role in the decision to charge Stetson, or was he simply using the incident to draw attention to himself, with eager help from the media?

We have seen in the past that both the city and police have ignored Jaylani Hussein’s calls for police reform. As a result, Hussein got angry and went to his friends at the TV stations, who then put him on air saying “Minnesota does not care about black lives” and “Minnesota killed George Floyd.”

There is no evidence that Jaylani Hussein had anything to do with the case against Justin Stetson. Instead, we have yet another example of a TV station promoting CAIR and building it up into something it is not.

In the second story we learn that CAIR is calling for hate crime charges in the case of an assault of a Salt Lake City bus driver.

After asking “Where are you from?,” Cameron Michael Ward viciously assaulted bus driver Neil Uemura.

“All that trauma caused my left eardrum to be ruptured, a scratch in my cornea, and a laceration about that big on the back of my head that required six staples to close it up,” he said.

Investigators have not yet determined a motive in Uemura’s case, but Uemura believes he may have been targeted because of his race.

So even though authorities have not determined whether hate was a factor, and even when a hate crime investigation is almost certainly going on without any prompting from CAIR, the TV station broadcast CAIR’s demand that police should investigate this as a hate crime.

However, there is actually evidence that this is not a hate crime. The assailant, Cameron Michael Ward, has been in the news previously. Last July, KSL.com reported that police had another violent encounter with him:

Police were called Tuesday afternoon to the area of 8000 S. State Street on a report of a man climbing pillars near an overpass, according to a police booking affidavit. As officers approached Ward, who was only wearing a pair of shorts, he “immediately lunged at an officer causing both (men) to fall to the ground. The officer struck the back of his head against the concrete sidewalk and obtained a concussion due to the impact,” the affidavit states.

As a second officer attempted to place handcuffs on Ward, Ward bit the officer’s hand and squeezed it to the point that the officer had to be treated for possible broken bones, according to the affidavit.

If it is determined that Cameron Michael Ward is not well, that would not change CAIR’s position one iota, because CAIR wants inflated hate crime numbers, which it can exploit for its own purposes. Nor does it care whom it harms in pursuit of its agenda; that includes other Muslims including former CAIR National board member Lori Saroya and former CAIR Ohio executive director Roman Iqbal, as well as children and the mentally ill. There is an entire category of CAIR broadcasts in which the organization demands hate crime charges against people who are clearly in need of medical attention. In fact, Jaylani Hussein said it himself recently when he was asked if the woman who tried to set fire to the East Grand Forks mosque was possibly mentally ill. He said it didn’t matter, it was still a hate crime.

Two things need to become common knowledge:

First, CAIR is irrelevant. All of its TV news appearances are statements about its opinion or feelings about something in the news. The organization itself has no value as news.

Second, CAIR is dangerous. Through either malevolence or incompetence, it managed to touch off a terrorist incident in Colleyville, Texas. There are over 100 examples of CAIR representatives using the media against individuals including school principals, elementary school plays, elected officials, judges, business owners, Facebook groups, children, the mentally ill, and other Muslims, and they have been doing this for years. Tamar Herman is suing CAIR in New Jersey for exactly this kind of behavior. An elementary school teacher, Herman sought police protection after she became the subject of a rumor on social media. Instead of cooperating with the police and school investigations, CAIR reps got on TV repeatedly calling for Herman to be fired.

In her state lawsuit, she claims that Ms. Muhammad, the fencer, and CAIR-NJ were “motivated by a combination of greed and a fierce desire to burnish their brands as fighters against Islamophobia,” and that her reputation was so damaged that she can never be hired by another public school district.

The legal papers also cite Governor Murphy’s social media commentary, but he is not named as a defendant.

Filed on Oct. 5 in Union County Superior Court, the state suit also alleges that Ms. Herman is so afraid for her safety in the community where she taught for 20 years and also lived that she has had to permanently move out of her home. – NY Times

It is going to take more strong pushback such as the Herman lawsuit to get the media and CAIR to modify their conduct; otherwise, this sinister organization is going to hurt more people.

“MN AG: Ex-MPD officer Stetson charged with assault in Jaleel Stallings case,” by Samantha Fischer, KARE 11, December 28, 2022:

MINNEAPOLIS — The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office announced former Minneapolis police officer Justin Stetson will face assault charges for his alleged use of force against Jaleel Stallings in the 2020 unrest that followed the murder of George Floyd.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison says his office charged Stetson, 34, with one count of third-degree assault. The felony offense carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison if convicted….

Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Minnesota (CAIR-MN) and a leading voice for police accountability in this case, said he welcomes the attorney general’s decision to charge Stetson.

“The third-degree charge here is appropriate. Obviously, we could charge more,” Hussein said. “But it also shows that we do need independent prosecution when police officers are involved.”…

“Man charged in attack on UTA bus driver and police officers,” by Pat Reavy, KSL.com, December 27, 2022:

SOUTH SALT LAKE — A man accused of “brutally assaulting a UTA bus driver for no reason and with zero provocation,” according to prosecutors, and then trying to disarm two police officers, is facing several felony charges.

Cameron Michael Ward, 25, was charged Tuesday in 3rd District Court with two counts of disarming an officer, a first-degree felony; aggravated assault, a third-degree felony; two counts of assault on an officer, a class A misdemeanor; and interfering with an arrest, a class B misdemeanor.

On Dec. 20, a Utah Transit Authority bus driver pulled into the Millcreek Trax Station at 210 W. 3300 South, and stepped off the bus. Ward approached the bus driver and asked, “Where are you from?” according to charging documents.

Ward then “punched (the bus driver) several times in his face and head” and continued to punch and kick him after he was knocked to the ground, the charges state. After getting up, the bus driver was knocked to the ground a second time and Ward “attempted to gouge out (the man’s) left eye, which caused a crescent shaped laceration to (his) left cornea,” according to the charges.

The bus driver was taken to a local hospital to be treated for several injuries and received six staples to close a cut. He told police he believes the incident was a hate crime and that he was attacked because he is Asian-American, the charges state….

Times Square Stabber Made His Intentions Clear; No One Cares

NYPD’s counterterrorism top dog: Time Square jihadi ‘is not representing, you know, the Islamic religion’

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/01/nypds-counterterrorism-top-dog-time-square-jihadi-is-not-representing-you-know-the-islamic-religion

Ball Test - Times Square New Year's Eve 2023 Celebration

Thomas Galati, the department’s chief of intelligence and counterterrorism, was quoted as having told ABC News in an interview….”He is not representing, you know, the Islamic religion but rather, you know, a very, very small percentage of people that get radicalized,” Galati added….

Times Square Trevor Bickford , 19, of Wells, Maine was on an FBI "watchlist". After he was radicalized, he vowed to fight in Afghanistan. His brother is in the US Army.

Robert Spencer on OAN on the Times Square jihadi being on the FBI’s radar for weeks


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2023/01/02/man-who-stabbed-two-cops-in-times-square-left-chilling-manifesto-n1657852;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

19-year-old Trevor Bickford stabbed two cops with a machete in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, and authorities are scratching their heads and wondering why. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, “an investigation was underway to pinpoint a motive for the attack.” That investigation, however, may be more the result of officials not wanting to recognize Bickford’s obvious motive, rather than a matter of his real intentions being unclear. Bickford himself left behind a “manifesto” in which he made his perspective and intentions quite clear. But since neither he nor his attack fit the establishment media/Biden regime narrative about the “white supremacist” terror threat, they’re unlikely to get much attention.

The New York Post reported Sunday that when he was arrested after the stabbings, Bickford had a handwritten note in his backpack, asking his family to “please repent to Allah and accept Islam.” The backpack also contained a “collection of religious material” that was unlikely to have been gospel tracts. Bickford wrote: “To my family — specifically, mother —  I’m sorry for not having been a good enough son.” But then he gets down to brass tacks: “I fear greatly that you will not repent to Allah. And therefore I hold hope in my heart that a piece of you believes so that you may be taken out to [sic] the hellfire.”

Bickford addressed the same hope to his brother: “To Travis. Of anyone I’ve known who I have felt is closest to faith — it’s you. Of anyone I’ve ever wanted to accept Islam with me — it’s you. Please repent to Allah and accept Islam. I fear for you.” To his other brother, who is reportedly in the U.S. Marine Corps, Bickford wrote: “To Devon, there was a time when we were close, but that time has passed. You have joined the ranks of my enemy. And for that, I can give you no kind words – return to Allah.”

The New York Post also noted that Bickford wanted to attack “a uniformed officer” or “someone with a gun,” as he believed such people to be an “enemy of the state.” Which state? The New York Post, as willfully ignorant as the rest of the establishment media, shows no curiosity about this question. But clearly, Trevor Bickford, after he converted to Islam, was no stalwart American patriot. He wanted to target a uniformed officer as an enemy of the Islamic state. He had no kind words for his brother Devon because Devon had joined “the ranks of my enemy,” that is, the U.S. military.

How did Trevor Bickford come to think this way? According to the Daily Mail, he “appeared to be a typical, all-American teenager” who “once made the school honor roll, won awards for his artwork, and was a member of the championship football team in his hometown of Wells, Maine.” Then, however, his father died of a drug overdose, which must certainly have been deeply traumatizing, and Bickford converted to Islam. If authorities really want to understand Bickford’s motive, they should study carefully what they are almost certainly ignoring, such as the questions of how and where this young man converted to Islam, and how he got the idea that his new religion, which non-Muslim authorities all over the Western world assure us is completely peaceful and tolerant, commanded him to consider non-Muslims enemies and violently attack them.

Related: White Man Stabs Two Cops With Machete in Times Square on New Year’s Eve! White Supremacy? Not Quite

These questions are never asked, much less answered, despite the fact that converts to Islam turning to jihad violence is a distressingly common phenomenon. American intelligence and law enforcement officials don’t want to do anything to give the impression that they don’t accept the dogma that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance that has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. The fact that converts to Islam such as Trevor Bickford, Allison Fluke-Ekren, Damon Joseph, Corey Johnson, and many, many others have somehow gotten exactly the opposite idea doesn’t ever make authorities pause and reflect upon their core assumptions.

All this willful ignorance accomplishes nothing other than to ensure that the story of Trevor Bickford will recur again and again. The Biden administration’s all-consuming focus on a fictional “white supremacist” terror threat only ensures that those who converted and taught Bickford and others like him will have a freer hand than ever to recruit and train new jihadis. In this case, as in so many others, Biden’s handlers’ willful ignorance and politicization of counterterror activity come at a high human cost.


Germany: Islam critic Michael Stürzenberger recounts what happened when a Muslim attacked him as police stood by


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2022/12/germany-islam-critic-michael-sturzenberger-recounts-what-happened-when-a-muslim-attacked-him-as-police-stood-by;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

At our last rally of the year in Bonn on Saturday, I got a punch on the head from a Muslim. Before that, he took a “Palestine” flag out of his jacket. View the video of the attack:

Here are the scenes before that. At minute 4:01, the Muslim comes into the picture and confronts me:

I reported on the egg-throwing and other objects at our recent rallies in Gladbeck and Leipzig, and the misconduct of the local police. He waited, and I thought, he is patient and wants to know something.

At minute 19:10, he asked me if I would take a breath before I speak. Then he said he had been looking for me all along and wanted to know what I wanted anyway if I wanted to get rich. I answered I want a ban on political Islam. He asked for a second time if I wanted to get rich. I answered that he probably didn’t know who he was dealing with: in front of him is a member of the reestablished White Rose, which is fighting against political Islam. We want to make the country safe.

Then he hit me in the face. It was a heavy blow, but fortunately, I have no serious injuries other than a facial bruise and a headache, plus momentary lightheadedness and physical weakness. Initial research revealed that he is probably an amateur kickboxer. The aide who was standing next to me received two slaps in the face and fell down. He now has tinnitus in his ear, two wounds on his face, and bruises on his leg.

Meanwhile, it seems that the Hamburg court is obviously in a hurry to put me in prison, and the deadline is already set for the beginning of next year.

MILITARY Responds After NJ Mom Speaks Against School Sexualization

MILITARY Responds After NJ Mom Speaks Against School Sexualization

SEE: https://nypost.com/2022/12/08/lt-col-christopher-schilling-called-to-resign-after-responding-to-angela-reading-facebook-post/

The posters were reportedly part of an assignment to create a "safe space" for all students to "feel good and accepted," but commenters did not view the posters in a positive light.

Military official bullied me over sex education: Concerned mom

New Jersey mother Angela Reading shares with Tucker Carlson how an Army officer allegedly bullied her on Facebook for voicing concern over her child's elementary school teaching pansexuality.

Reading revealed to Carlson Wednesday how after publishing her post, she came under fire from Schilling, who took to his own Facebook to claim there were 'security concerns' with Reading¿s post, hence why he called police

Reading revealed to Carlson Wednesday how after publishing her post, she came under fire from Schilling, who took to his own Facebook to claim there were 'security concerns' with Reading¿s post, hence why he called police


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/military-responds-after-nj-mom-speaks-against-school-sexualization/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The U.S. military and police responded after a concerned New Jersey mother and school board member spoke out against bizarre posters targeting elementary children with hypersexual propaganda promoting homosexuality, transgenderism, and even the wonders of being “agender,” “pansexual,” and “polysexual.” Critics are now calling for all the officials involved to resign. 

The local mother, Angela Reading, became “livid” and posted her concerns about these “perverse” posters on Facebook, along with photographs of the school propaganda for other parents to see. “It should be illegal to expose my kids to sexual content,” said Reading, noting that she saw the images as she was taking her seven-year-old daughter to “math night” at the elementary school.

“Also, how can my young children be accepting of people who are ‘sexually attracted to multiple genders’? They don’t know what sex is,” she continued. “Are adults talking about their sexual life with my kids and looking for affirmation? Are there elementary students engaged in polyamorous or multi-gender sexual activity who need my kids to know about it and cheer them on?”

“I am very confused and very angry,” added Reading, who said she welcomed debate but was appalled when her daughter asked what “polysexual” meant. Her children have now been pulled from the school with no plans to return, according to news reports. But the nightmare is not over yet.   

Instead of apologizing to parents and firing all the groomers sexualizing school children under 10 years old, the government went even wilder. In fact, in what may be an unprecedented move even more outrageous than terrorizing concerned parents with the FBI’s “terrorism” forces, the Biden administration’s increasingly radicalized military went after Reading.

“The current situation involving Mrs. Reading’s actions has caused safety concerns for many families,” claimed Lt. Col. Christopher Schilling in a statement posted on social media. “The Joint Base leadership takes this situation very seriously and from the beginning have had the Security Forces working with multiple state and local law enforcement agencies to monitor the situation to ensure the continued safety of the entire community.”  

The disgraced military officer, who called Reading an “extremist,” continued to haunt social media services attacking people who expressed support for Reading. However, he did not specify what may have caused supposed “safety concerns” for any families. Nor did he say under what supposed authority the military was getting involved in local educational issues. 

Police chief Robert Duff of North Hanover, meanwhile, contacted the Facebook group and asked for Reading’s post to be removed. Citing concerns about “Homeland Security coming after me,” Reading agreed to allow the harmless post expressing her opinion to be removed from social media.

Thousands of parents have signed a petition supporting Reading and the rights of all other parents not to have their children sexualized — and to be able to speak out against grooming and perversion being imposed on children in tax-funded “educational” institutions. Many called for Schilling and all others involved to resign. 

The national scandal, which was first reported on the Chaos and Control substack under the headline Woke NJ Military Goes After Local Mom, resulted in widespread outrage throughout New Jersey and beyond. Reading even went on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson show, the largest cable TV show in America, to expose the terrifying absurdity of it all.

Having the U.S. military get involved in this case represents a dramatic escalation in the Biden administration’s escalating War on Parents and Families. Anybody who participated in infringing on Readings rights under color of law must be removed from their offices and prosecuted under federal statutes dealing with precisely this sort of abuse.

THINK ABOUT TAKING ANOTHER FLIGHT! Air marshals warn that Biden’s handlers are ‘demolishing our chances to stop another 9/11’

Sonya Labosco of the Air Marshal National Council urges the Biden White House to fall back on a policy that sends air marshals to the U.S. southern border this holiday season.

Dan Ball: Rep. Brian Babin, Air Marshals Moved To Border To Manage Crisis, 12/1/22


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2022/12/air-marshals-warn-that-bidens-handlers-are-demolishing-our-chances-to-stop-another-9-11;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Are Biden’s handlers criminally incompetent, or do they actually want to bring disaster and ruin upon the United States?

“Air marshals sound an alarm about being sent to border: ‘Demolishing our chances to stop another 9/11,'” by Elizabeth Heckman, Fox News, November 28, 2022:

The executive director of the Air Marshal National Council delivered a clear message to the Biden administration Monday, warning that air travel is becoming less safe as marshals are diverted to the border.

Sonia Labosco joined “Fox & Friends First” to call on the Biden administration to stop sending air marshals to the southern border and return them to their duties patrolling commercial flights.

“We have been decimated. We have been depleted. We’re on less than 1% of flights. These ground-based duties that they’re pulling us out of the sky to go to the border are just demolishing our chances at stopping another 9/11.”

Labosco said Americans will suffer because many believe they’re safe in the presence of a trained air marshal, but “they’re just simply not.”

Labosco said marshals feel “torn” about being at the southern border while not doing the job they were trained to do.

“They have a humanitarian heart. We empathize with what’s happening at the border as human beings. However, it does not take away the responsibility or the oath that we have as air marshals to protect our aviation domain.”

Labosco said she has not heard back from the Biden administration after voicing concerns over recent safety risks on flights.

“We actually wrote him another letter over the weekend because we had a level four and a level three incident. Level four means that they tried to breach the cockpit. Level three, we had two of those, which means there were life-threatening behaviors on one of those aircraft. An individual had a straight razor to a passenger’s throat. So these are very serious incidents.”

The Air Marshal National Council is “calling on the president and DHS Secretary Mayorkas, to please stop this deployment of air marshals from the aircraft and reallocating them to the border,” said Labosco….

“Gender-fluid” Biden NUCLEAR Official Caught on Tape Stealing Luggage; Cops File Felony Charge


Biden’s Transgender Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine and Gender Fluid “Pup Handler” Sam Brinton Attend French Ambassador’s Bastille Day Party

Sam Brinton, the deputy assistant secretary over a nuclear waste program within the Energy Department,  is an acknowledged “non-binary drag queen” and a self-proclaimed “kink activist” (dog fetishes a specialty) who also once billed himself as the “first gender fluid person in federal government leadership,” The Free Press reported in February.

Sam Brinton’s Father and mother:

54557493 0 image a 49 1645630504

Sam with His "Husband", Kevin Rieck:

Sam & Kevin Home Page Banner

Sam Brinton




SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/gender-fluid-biden-official-caught-on-tape-stealing-luggage-cops-file-felony-charge/;

AND: https://pjmedia.com/culture/robert-spencer/2022/11/28/bidens-gender-fluid-nuclear-waste-puppy-makes-a-mess-in-minneapolis-n1649280

AND: https://www.frontpagemag.com/bidens-nuclear-drag-queen-stole-womens-clothing/

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Biden administration’s drag queen show has delivered yet another award-winning performance. Cops have charged the “non-binary” thing in charge of the nation’s nuclear waste with a felony for stealing a suitcase at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Sam Brinton — who wears dresses, lipstick, and stiletto heels to his job at the U.S. Department of Energy — faces up to five years in the slammer and a $10,000 fine if convicted.

Though Brinton whimpered his excuses to cops, video surveillance shows him taking the bag from the airport’s carousel. He even used it for a trip to Europe.

Not “Completely Honest”

A graduate of MIT, the nancy-boy is in serious trouble, Alpha News reported.

On September 16, a woman who landed in Minneapolis on a flight from New Orleans didn’t find her bag at the carousel. But the bag had, indeed, arrived.

“Airport records confirmed the navy blue Vera Bradley roller bag arrived at 4:40 p.m. but was missing,” Alpha News reported. “So law enforcement reviewed video surveillance footage from the baggage claim area and observed Brinton removing a navy blue roller bag from carousel seven, according to a criminal complaint.”

A Vera Bradley suitcase can cost more than $500.

Whether Brinton broke a nail removing the bag we are not given to know. But the surveillance video shows that he acted like a guilty man, even if he is “gender-fluid.” That leftist neologism means he shifts from one “gender” to another.

“The complaint says Brinton removed a luggage tag from the bag, placed it into a handbag he was carrying, and ‘then left the area at a quick pace,’” Alpha News continued:

Brinton arrived at MSP Airport around 4:27 p.m. on an American Airlines flight from Washington, D.C., but did not check a bag, meaning he had no reason to visit baggage claim, according to the complaint.

Police showed the surveillance video to the victim and she confirmed it was her bag.

Brinton left the airport in an Uber for a stay at the InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront hotel, where he checked in with the blue bag, the complaint says.

He returned to the airport on September 18 to fly back to Washington, D.C., cops allege, then used the bag for a trip to Europe, surveillance video shows.

From there, Brinton’s tale gets as queer as a $3 bill. When a cop called Brinton and asked him if he “took anything that did not belong” to him, he flat-out lied:

“Not that I know of,” Brinton allegedly responded. He later admitted to taking the bag but said the clothes inside were his, according to the complaint.

“If I had taken the wrong bag, I am happy to return it, but I don’t have any clothes for another individual. That was my clothes when I opened the bag,” he told police, according to the complaint.

Two hours later, Brinton called the cop and confessed that he wasn’t “completely honest,” but added that he took the bag because he mistook it for one of his own.

“He realized the bag didn’t belong to him when he opened it up at the hotel but ‘got nervous’ and didn’t ‘know what to do,’” Alpha News continued:

Worried that people would think he “stole the bag,” Brinton told police he left the victim’s clothes in the drawers in the hotel room, according to the complaint.

Brinton said he brought the bag back to D.C. with him because it would have been “weirder” to leave a bag in the hotel room, according to police.

Police told Brinton how to return the bag to Delta, but as of Oct. 27 the victim still had not received her bag back.

Brinton is on leave from his job as deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition. He goes to criminal court in Hennepin County, Minnesota, on December 19.

Child Prostitution Advocate

Bad as stealing the bag might be, the chrome-domed cross-dresser has done worse, as The New American reported in July.

When federal agents arrested the boss of a website called Rentboy.com, which promoted underage prostitution, Brinton turned fuchsia.

“The federal government’s recent attack on Rentboy.com is a devastating assault on some of the most vulnerable members of our community — young adults who, for the first time in their lives, were able to earn a secure living safely through Rentboy after surviving family rejection and homelessness because of their sexual orientation or gender identity,” the man who now runs America’s nuclear waste policy wrote for a “gay” newspaper.

Selling themselves to older perverts, he continued, was the boys’ only “lifeline out of homelessness, despair, and the dangers of living on the street.”

Indeed, the underage prostitutes’ “main source of income has been ripped away due to irresponsible and archaic views of sex work.”

In other words, Brinton backs the sexual exploitation of underage boys.

Beyond that, Brinton is also involved in something called “pup play,” which involves a “master” and another kook who masquerades as a dog.

That such an individual would find a job in the Biden administration is not surprising. His transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, thinks he is married to a man. Biden’s No. 2 health official is a man who calls himself “Rachel,” believes he is a woman and wants to chemically castrate teenagers before puberty.

Biden also picked a cross-dresser to run the Defense Department’s transition.


GUNNING FOR US: Biden admin continues arming more federal agents than members of the U.S. military: Why?


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-11-22-biden-admin-arming-more-federal-agents-than-military.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) In another sign that Barack Obama and his sycophants are really in charge of Joe Biden’s White House, the current administration is rushing to arm as many federal agents as possible, the same way Obama did during his two terms.

The question is, why?

According to a report by The Federalist, the Biden regime appears to be arming more agents than U.S. Marines, adding that “the idea that agencies are empowered to effectively create their own laws and go out and enforce them with armed federal agents should be alarming.”

“Congress authorized $80 billion this year to beef up Internal Revenue Service enforcement and staffing, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy warned that ‘Democrats’ new army of 87,000 IRS agents will be coming for you.'” wrote Mark Hemingway for the outlet.

“A video quickly went viral racking up millions of views, purporting to show a bunch of clumsy bureaucrats receiving firearms training, prompting alarm that the IRS would be engaged in military-style raids of taxpayers,” he continued.

“The GOP claims were widely attacked as exaggerations — since the video, though from the IRS, didn’t show official agent training — the criticism has shed light on a growing trend: the rapid arming of the federal government.”

Hemingway goes on to cite a report issued in 2021 by the watchdog organization Open The Books, “The Militarization of The U.S. Executive Agencies,” which noted that more than 200,000 federal agents now have been authorized to carry firearms and make arrests, noting that currently, there are only 186,000 Americans serving in the Marine Corps.

“One hundred three executive agencies outside of the Department of Defense spent $2.7 billion on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment between fiscal years 2006 and 2019 (inflation-adjusted),” the report says. “Nearly $1 billion ($944.9 million) was spent between fiscal years 2015 and 2019 alone.”

Open The Books also reported that of all agencies, the Department of Health and Human Resources has 1,300 firearms including a single shotgun, five automatic carbines, and 189 automatic weapons of all kinds. Even NASA has armed agents; the country’s space agency has a SWAT team with all the associated weaponry, along with breaching shotguns, machine guns, and armored vehicles.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency now has drones, radar equipment, night vision goggles, and GPS trackers — along with a stockpile of guns.

“A 2018 Government Accountability Office report noted that the IRS had 4,487 guns and 5,062,006 rounds of ammunition in inventory at the end of 2017 — before the enforcement funding boost this year. The IRS did not respond to requests for information, though the IRS’s Criminal Investigation division does put out an annual report detailing basic information such as how many warrants the agency is executing in a given year,” Hemingway wrote.

He added that, according to the watchdog report, more than 100 Executive Branch agencies have investigators who carry firearms, and what’s more, there isn’t an independent authority that monitors or tracks the use of force across all federal agencies.

RealClearInvestigations contacted agencies from the HHS, EPA, and others who refused to provide or said they didn’t have up-to-date stats on how often firearms in their possession were used or details on how armed operations were carried out.

“I would be amazed if that data exists in any way,” Trevor Burrus, a research fellow in constitutional and criminal law at the libertarian Cato Institute, told Hemingway “Over the years of working on this, it’s quite shocking how much they try to not have their stuff tracked on any level.”

Of course, refusing to track the number of firearms or how each agency is using them means that the federal government has plausible deniability for those uses.

What we do know is this: The more guns the government has, the more necessary it becomes for private citizens to protect and defend their Second Amendment rights. Any federal entity pushing gun control while arming up reveals they are intent on becoming tyrannical.

Sources include:



NASSAU COUNTY, NY: Woman Calls 911 for Help, has Firearms Confiscated by Police


SEE: https://www.ammoland.com/2022/11/woman-calls-911-for-help-has-firearms-confiscated-by-police;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

NASSAU COUNTY, New York -(Ammoland.com)- The area around New York City is known for being anti-gun, but Nassau County’s latest move takes gun control to a whole new level. Nassau County had suspended a pistol permit and confiscated a citizen’s firearms for calling 911 when her life was threatened and not reporting the call to the Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) Pistol License Section.

A woman living in the county, who doesn’t wish to be named, purchased a handgun right before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her long-time boyfriend had passed away, and she felt she needed to protect herself. That is when the problem with her next-door neighbor started. The neighbor living near her allegedly threatened to kill her and burn down her house.

Fearing for her life, she called 911. The Nassau County Police Department responded to the call and took care of the incident. She still feared for her life, knowing she would have to leave her home without her firearm. Then the Supreme Court issued the landmark Bruen decision that knocked down New York State’s “proper clause” statute that prevented most New Yorkers from getting concealed carry permits.

Soon after, New York State passed the concealed carry improvement act (CCIA), which added roadblocks to getting a carry permit. Gone was the “proper cause” clause, but the state added a “good moral character” clause. The state also started requiring applicants to turn over three years of social media, take 18 hours of training, and give character references. Places like Nassau County also needed a drug test.

Several lawsuits are challenging the Constitutionality of the CCIA, including one by Gun Owners of America (GOA) that received a preliminary injunction from the District Court in Antonyuk v. Hochul. However, that decision was stayed by the Circuit Court. The Nassau woman decided she couldn’t wait for the case to be resolved, so she submitted her social media, took the drug test, and paid hundreds of dollars to complete the training.

During the background investigation, Nassau County investigators found the 911 call she made. They also found out she didn’t notify the NCPD Pistol License Section of the call she placed. There is a little-known regulation on the books in Nassau County that states that if you call 911, witness an incident that involves the police, or even just a third party to where a police action happens; you must notify the NCPD Pistol License Section within three days. Failure to do so could lead to the revocation or suspension of a person’s pistol permit. The statute reads:

“Any incident involving a licensee where there is police response, whether it involves the licensee or any other resident or guest in or at their home or place of business. This includes police response to any location that is non-domestic whereby a licensee is the subject, witness or third party involved.”

“The licensee is responsible for making proper notifications to the NCPD Pistol License Section. The licensee is not to assume that other law enforcement agencies or the Nassau County Police Department will make the necessary notification on the licensee’s behalf. Failure to make timely and proper notifications in the aforementioned circumstances may be cause for suspension and/or revocation of a pistol license.”

When the NCPD found out that the woman seeking a concealed carry permit because she feared for her life didn’t notify the NCPD Pistol License Section of her 911 call, they promptly stopped the background investigation and suspended her pistol permit. They proceeded to confiscate her firearms, including her long guns.

The victim is now disarmed and tells AmmoLand News she is considering moving from her childhood home because she fears for her life. Police say she can get her guns back in six to eight months.

Fresh from their Supreme Court victory in the New York State Pistol and Rifle Association (NYSPRA) vs. Bruen case, the gun rights group is aware of the situation but would not comment because of the potential for future litigation against the NCPD’s policy.

The NCPD Pistol License Section did not return AmmoLand’s call for a request for comment.

About John Crump

John is an NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people from all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

Oklahoma School District Tries to Ban Dad From Property After Battle Over Sexually Explicit Book

SEE: https://www.culturewarrior.net/2022/11/08/pornography-in-owasso-public-schools-silence-of-the-local-churches/

Owasso Public Schools Superintendent Margaret Coates (center right) poses with school board members after being hired during a special session on Monday.

1501 N Ash St., Owasso, OK 74055

Phone: (918) 272-5367


SEE: https://www.owassops.org/apps/pages/Superintendent:

Photo of Dr. Margaret Coates

Owasso School Board upholds ban against parent

The reaction to the school board's decision was loud and clear. In a unanimous vote, the board upheld the superintendent's ban against Tim Reiland, keeping him off of school property and away from any events for the next six months.

"Our efforts to get nasty material from school may have cost Tim Reiland 6 months from being able to participate in the school, but ultimately, the entire community will benefit from the sacrifice. Tim has sacrificed a lot through this and it has hurt him. His wife put together an amazing GoFundMe to help recoup some of those losses so if you have some spare change laying around, and you appreciate our efforts, throw him and his family a couple of dollars:


AND: https://prod.givesendgo.com/G9DNH


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes:

"My name is Kristy. My husband's name is Tim Reiland. We've been together for 23 years, so I know the kind of man and father he is. He is the kindest, most loving man I've ever known. He is a better father to our children than I've ever known. His children are his everything and he would do anything to keep them safe.
That's what he was trying to do but the Owasso Public School administration and Board Members appear to hate him. I believe they hate my husband because he is articulate, active, and participates in all of the processes within the schools. He regularly speaks at board meetings and has for two years now.
He also publishes all of his activism online, including in a podcast he does with another passionate parent: Loud Mouths .
Most recently, he discovered that the district has been handing depraved, graphic books to our children, which depict things I cannot say here but you can find on his Facebook profile: "Blankets ," by Craig Thompson.
They didn't believe him until he found the book online, printed off all 43 pages, and presented it to the school. They did take action to remove the book and said they'd write a policy to prevent it. But when the policy came, it had no such prohibitions in it.
He spoke about it on 10/10/22: Tim Reiland Speech .
Despite the Board President promising my husband that he would recommend they add prohibitions to the policy, he never did. Instead, they reverted back to the processes they had in place before that allowed the book on the shelf 18 years ago and to be checked out by DOZENS of kids.
As my husband often does, he waited to speak with his elected representative to ask what the collaboration was that kept them from prohibiting the disgusting filth. Instead, the board member wanted to debate the semantics of the word "pornography" and argue that there's literary value in Blankets. The board member grabbed my husband's shoulder, as is shown in video you can find here: https://twitter.com/opedaily/status/1588560612141195264
He told the board member "this is ***king bullsh**, fix it."
Four days later, he received a letter claiming he was a "threat to the peaceful conduct of students," despite them never actually stating WHAT he did - just "in light of your actions."
He obtained legal counsel through Legal Overwatch, a pro bono attorney fighting for parents' rights. A Federal Judge, John Heil, granted my husband's TRO and the ban was temporarily lifted until a preliminary injunction on 11/14/22.
This has taken its toll on our entire family. He has been ostracized from the school, he was financially hurt because he does deliveries through GrubHub, DoorDash, and UberEats but couldn't participate in the lunch rushes because he would be unable to deliver to the school.
While he is maintaining strength to fight this back, it has caused a lot of mental distress, and his ability to DJ weddings on the weekends has suffered, losing us about $2500 over the last month.
He will keep fighting against this authoritarian, retaliatory administration but it might be helpful if he could recover the lost money. Anything is helpful and our family would be forever grateful.
My husband is a great man. He always stands on his principles and he always speaks out against those who do wrong. He does this from a pure place in his heart. That's the man he was when we first got together 23 years ago and that's the man he still is today.
Thank you for anything you can do."


"A parent in an ongoing dispute with the Owasso school district regarding alleged pornography in the school library has won a significant legal battle. A federal judge has issued an injunction that thwarts the school district’s effort to prevent the parent from attending school board meetings."





SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/megan-fox/2022/11/12/oklahoma-school-district-tries-to-ban-dad-from-property-after-battle-over-sexually-explicit-book-n1645316;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

School districts under fire from parents have been known to engage in draconian tactics to silence and censor their critics. In Owasso, Okla., a school district has attempted to ban a father, Tim Reiland, from coming onto school property over what they claimed were two “incidents” in the parking lot after a contentious school board meeting where Reiland spoke out against the administration having a pornographic book on the shelves for 18 years. Reiland found out about the book when his daughter brought it home.

Libs of Tik Tok broke the story on Twitter.

The book Blanket depicts sexually violent and graphic scenes that are hard to even describe. There are children forcibly urinating on one another and in what looks like forced sexual situations. The book is supposed to be for adults but somehow ended up in a school for the last 18 years. I started digging into this story after I saw the tweet and I recorded my investigation including calls to the school and police.


According to the letter that Reiland received from the school two days after the meeting where he spoke against the school policy, he is banned permanently from school grounds and sports activities.

“It has been determined that you have committed one or more acts that interfere with the peaceful conduct of activities on District property and your presence interferes with the peaceful conduct on District property.” The superintendent, Margaret Coats, went on to write, “I have determined that your presence is a threat to the peaceful conduct of students.”

PJ Media reached out to the school asking what the incidents were but could not get Coates on the phone. We received a statement from media spokesperson Jordan Korphage that said, ” As this is an ongoing legal matter with Mr. Reiland pursuing action against the district, I am not able to provide specific details of the incident following the Oct. 10, 2022, school board meeting at this time.”

Korphage did provide some detail in the statement:

The parent brought a book to our attention on August 24, it was removed immediately and remains out of circulation. This parent’s suspension from school property has nothing to do with him voicing his concern regarding our library material, rather it is in response to an incident in the Education Service Center parking lot following the October Board of Education meeting. Every employee, student, volunteer, and visitor to our campus should never have to question their safety or be treated in a harassing manner, whether before, during, or after attending a school activity.

Reiland told PJ Media that the removal of the book wasn’t good enough because the policy that allowed it to be there in the first place was not changed. Coates herself spoke before the public comment on October 10 and reiterated that the policy of book selection would not change and denied that their policy had anything to do with the pornographic book being available to students.

In emails between Reiland and administrators over this issue, the school stuck to the American Library Association's talking points, claiming that they would follow all laws and that because the book was not illegal, therefore, they did nothing wrong. “While the books in question now and in the future may be questionable in content to some, they are not illegal,” wrote school board member Neal Kessler. He then reiterated that the school’s policy in which parents may raise concerns about a book after their child has been exposed to it would continue.

This is not what parents want.

Reiland replied to Kessler with what many parents are feeling toward school administrators these days who don’t protect their children.

Your assertion is that children should be allowed to see any kind of pornographic material you can hand them (whether it’s scat, urolagnia, hypoxphilia, child, bestiality, or rape porn) and that the only way anyone from the community can fight against that disgustingness is by filling out paperwork AFTER their child has already read it. Or, the parents are supposed to be your librarians and keep an eye on every single book that is purchased by every single district, then PURCHASE those books (given that multiple principles at this point have expressed to me, explicitly, that I am not allowed in your libraries), read them in totality, and “maybe” you’ll remove them from the school.

Here’s the thing, Neal. You exposed my daughter to filth. Your district handed my daughter a book with urolagnia, child rape, child porn, and all manner of disgusting displays of human depravity. I spent fifteen ****ing years working hard to filter that kind of nasty sh** from my internet and from my TV while she grew up. I spent hundreds of dollars on infrastructure in my home to ensure that sh** couldn’t be viewed in my home. And I sent my child to your school because I was under the impression that pornographic material (like what you’d see in some Hustler magazines…) was not allowed in school.”

These communications between Reiland and school administrators are numerous. But what about the “incidents?” Surely, if an incident was scary enough for the superintendent to say that Reiland’s presence in the school makes students unsafe, it would have been reported to the police!

PJ Media called the Owasso police and was told there were no reports of any incident on the night of Oct. 10, 2022. We also obtained security camera footage of one incident in the parking lot that led to Reiland’s banning. Reiland says he was standing next to his car with another father after the meeting when local reporter Art Haddaway came toward the car behind Reiland. As he approached, Reiland says he asked Haddaway if he wanted to interview him for his story. Haddaway refused the offer, and Reiland asked him why since his job is to report all sides of an issue. Reiland said Haddaway ignored him, got into his car unimpeded, and left. That was the entire incident. PJ Media reached out to Haddaway to ask why he was “intimidated” by this exchange but received no response.

A perusal of Haddaway’s reporting didn’t find any articles about the controversial school board meeting where three fathers spoke up about the explicit books, though Haddaway was in attendance for the Tulsa World.  School officials appear to have updated the policy on books since the press got hold of the story. The language that has been added to the policy includes that the selection program “shall be reflective of the community standards” and will take into consideration “age-appropriate” concerns when choosing materials. They have also added that every graphic novel will be inspected for “potential material including graphic sexually explicit content and extreme vulgarity.”

“That’s all I asked them to do,” Reiland told PJ Media. But no amount of protest from the families had successfully gotten through to the board until the national press got involved.

The second incident that the District mentioned in the letter to Reiland was a short conversation with a board member in the parking lot where Reiland said the school policy was “f*cking bullsh*t.” There was no physical altercation of any kind, and surveillance footage confirms that. A judge has already ruled on that incident and issued a temporary restraining order against the Owasso School District that restrains them from keeping Reiland off school property until the hearing on Monday.

Reiland is the host of a YouTube podcast called “Loud Mouths,” where he sometimes uses salty (and totally protected) language to comment on the news of the day or other issues important to him. It is possible that this platform concerns the school because Reiland has used it to speak out against district policy. Shutting him up could be top on their list for the exposure he gives to their mistakes. But should a government entity be able to target an outspoken parent in America?

The judge ruled that Reiland was within his rights to express himself with profanity and that it was covered under his first amendment rights. OCPA reported:

Reiland sued, arguing his First Amendment free-speech rights have been violated by the school. This week, U.S. District Judge John F. Heil agreed to issue a temporary injunction that prevents the school from restricting Reiland’s access to school property, finding that Reiland “is likely to succeed on the merits of his First Amendment claim and this factor weighs heavily in favor of granting preliminary injunctive relief.”

“It is well established that the right to criticize public officials and the right to ‘petition the Government for a redress of grievances’ are protected activities under the First Amendment…” Heil wrote. “Plaintiff’s criticism of the Board’s decision as ‘f—ing b——t,’ while vulgar and arguably unnecessary, is protected speech.”

Heil also wrote that Owasso’s effort to ban Reiland from school grounds “has an obvious chilling effect.”

“Under Defendants’ ban, Plaintiff is no longer able to attend OPS Board meetings or meet with OPS Board members on OPS grounds, thus chilling Plaintiff’s ability to criticize Board decisions and to ‘petition the [Board] for a redress of grievances,’” Heil wrote.

After the ruling, the board rescinded its ban against Reiland for the swearing incident but upheld its ban over his exchange with Haddaway. Reiland and Owasso School District are set to battle it out in court on Monday to see if the TRO will be turned into a permanent injunction against the school or if the school will be allowed to ban Reiland over talking to a reporter in the district parking lot.

One thing is certain: the Owasso School District has created a chilling effect by launching a legal war on Reiland that other parents who are less able or willing to battle it out in court will take note of. This effect will scare parents who might otherwise speak out against school policies but will now be silenced through fear of lawyer’s fees they can’t afford. It is unconscionable that schools can exercise their power in this way against critics, and they should pay a hefty price for doing it to Reiland.

PJ Media will continue to follow and update this story as it unfolds.

Civil rights sell-out: Biden State Department gives law enforcement, intelligence agencies unrestricted access to personal data on millions of Americans

Image: Civil rights sell-out: Biden State Department gives law enforcement, intelligence agencies unrestricted access to personal data on millions of Americans


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-11-11-biden-state-department-access-personal-data.html;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) The personal data of more than 145 million Americans are being indiscriminately handed over by the Biden regime’s State Department to various law enforcement and intelligence agencies for illegal and unconstitutional probing, according to a letter sent from Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) to Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Without any proper legal due process or apparent oversight, Biden’s State Department is reportedly pulling private information from people’s passport applications without their knowledge or consent and passing it off to other government agencies. Wyden’s letter is part of an ongoing investigation into Operation Whistle Pig, a wide-ranging leak investigation launched by a Border Patrol agent and several of his supervisors at the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol’s National Targeting Center.

“I write to express serious concern that the Department of State is providing law enforcement and intelligence agencies with unfettered access to personal data, originally collected through passport applications, of the more than 145 million Americans with a passport,” Wyden’s letter reads.

It adds that “the breadth of this access highlights the potential for other abuses. In a July 13, 2022, briefing for my office, State Department officials confirmed that 25 other federal agencies have access to the Department’s database of passport applications.” (Related: In April, Biden’s State Department issued a memo claiming that covid “most likely” escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China.)

The Biden regime is an unlawful and unconstitutional regime

Among the data being collected from Americans and passed from the federal government to law enforcement and intelligence groups are names, addresses, birth dates, biometric data like fingerprints and facial images, email addresses, phone numbers, gender, race, Social Security numbers, and other private information.

“The [State] Department’s mission does not include providing dozens of other government agencies with self-service access to 145 million Americans’ personal data,” Wyden’s letter goes on to state.

“The Department has voluntarily taken on this role, and in doing so, prioritized the interests of other agencies over those of law-abiding Americans. While there is a legitimate role for the use of this information by law enforcement, the current unregulated system of interagency access to millions of Americans’ records goes far beyond what a reasonable person would expect or tolerate.”

There is no legal requirement that the State Department provide any of this information upon request, except through a normal legal process such as a subpoena or court order. In this case, there is none of that present, which means the Biden regime is committing an unconstitutional act.

It remains unknown the level to which each of the 25 law enforcement and intelligence agencies on the dole has access to said data. Some may only have access to a small amount of it while others have full access – we just do not know because there is no transparency.

Wyden also alleges that a Border Patrol agent misused government databases to pursue a rogue leak investigation into a news reporter and her relationship with a congressional staffer. The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) launched a probe into these allegations, as well as into the work of said Border Patrol agent.

What the OIG investigation has uncovered thus far as part of a more than 500-page unredacted report forms the basis of the Operation Whistle Pig investigation, which you can learn more about at this link.

“Abuses of this access came to light through a report of an investigation by the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General (OIG) into activities at Customs and Border Protection (CBP),” a letter about the investigation states.

Want to keep up with the latest nest about the Biden regime? Visit Corruption.news.

Sources for this article include:





Islamist Infiltration of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office

Gregory Tony and his subordinates partner with those who wish us harm.


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/islamist-infiltration-of-the-broward-county-sheriffs-office/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In 2014, then-Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel set a terrible precedent when he hired Nezar Hamze, a representative from CAIR, a group with numerous links to terrorism, as a Deputy at the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO). Hamze ‘opened doors’ for Sheriff Israel, by introducing the Sheriff to radical mosques. Five years later, Israel was removed from his position and replaced with Gregory Tony. Yet, not only has Tony kept Hamze on the force, but he has gone much further in his embrace of Islamists, even having them participate in his 9/11 memorial. Why is Sheriff Tony legitimizing these sinister entities and exposing the BSO to such security threats?

The BSO has found a dangerous partner in the Islamic Center of South Florida (ICOSF), a radical mosque located in Pompano Beach. This past April, Sheriff Tony and a number of BSO officers showed up to ICOSF for a Ramadan ‘Break the Fast.’ In June, it looked as if the entire BSO showed up at the mosque’s 2022 Summer Camp. In October, the ICOSF Sisterhood sponsored a BSO event at the mosque, where the female BSO representatives donned hijabs.

ICOSF is owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), a group named by the US a co-conspirator to Hamas financing. ICOSF’s Imam Hasan Sabri has cursed America as an “enemy” and threatened Muslims who accept her help. ICOSF regularly brings controversial imams Monzer Taleb and Fadi Kablawi to the mosque to give khutbahs (sermons). Taleb is a self-professed member of Hamas, who posted on Facebook that Jews in Israel “should be relocated to Germany.” Kablawi, who the FBI says is a member of ISIS, has called Jews “the lowest of the lowest”; blamed women for rape; and said gays should thank him for their continued existence.

Appearing in a number of photographs with Sheriff Tony is ICOSF’s Dawah Director Rasheed Mahamad. Apart from his involvement with the mosque, Mahamad is the Assistant Secretary of the American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA), a group that has been condemned by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for posting “venomous” anti-Semitic material on its official website and whose President Sofian Zakkout was removed from two prominent anti-crime boards for his support of Hamas and Holocaust denial.

This past September, Sheriff Tony hosted a ‘Unity in Faith Prayer Breakfast and 9/11 Memorial,’ which, according to Tony, “joined BSO and the community to pray and honor the men and women who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.” A photo from the event has the Sheriff bowing has head in prayer with Shafayat Mohamed, the Imam of the Pembroke Pines-based Darul Uloom Institute (DUI), which has been a haven for high-profile al-Qaeda terrorists. Mohamed, himself, has been thrown off a number of Broward boards for his harsh rhetoric against homosexuals.

Also attending the 9/11 Memorial and posing for photos with the Sheriff were Samir Kakli and Gibson Lopez, representatives from the South Florida Muslim Federation (SFMF), an umbrella group for radical Muslim institutions. In the pics as well was Sultan Mohiuddin, Imam of the Islamic Foundation of South Florida (IFSF), another radical mosque with a sordid history. IFSF has hosted a talk by Mazen Mokhtar, ex-admin for an al-Qaeda finance/recruitment website and supporter of suicide bombings. IFSF’s ex-Youth Director Abdur Rahman al-Ghani, used social media to label Jews “demonic” and America the “World’s Number One Terrorist Organization.”

Last month, Sheriff Tony and the BSO hosted a ‘National Faith & Blue’ community event, featuring “Games, Competitions, Prizes” and a “Musical Concert.” However, the event also featured a prayer made by Mohiuddin and photo ops once again with Mohiuddin and the Muslim Federation.

A common element at these BSO events is the presence of BSO Colonel Munib Ahmed, who holds the secondary title of Executive Officer to the Sheriff. Essentially, Munib is second in charge to Sheriff Tony, and his profile is depicted as such on the BSO website. His prominence in the event photos is undeniable. It appears that Ahmed, a Muslim whose parents grew up in Saudi Arabia and India, is the go-between for Sheriff Tony and the radical Muslim community. Colonel Ahmed is Sheriff Tony’s Nezar Hamze version 2.0.

Recently, Sheriff Tony was added to the Brady List, a watch list that prosecutors use to keep track of law enforcement officers who have engaged in or have been accused of misconduct. Questions have arisen about Tony’s truthfulness regarding things that transpired when he was in his early teens. This has made him a candidate for potential removal from office. However, Sheriff Tony’s actions regarding Islamists amount to far worse infractions with far-reaching repercussions.

Sheriff Tony’s continued embrace of terror-supporting Muslims and their mosques is a blatant conflict of interests vis-à-vis his oath to ‘protect and serve’ the community, whose safety is his responsibility. His dereliction of duty, in this regard, must not remain unchallenged. The public should be calling for his immediate resignation to prevent further harm to their well-being and national security.

Beila Rabinowitz, Director of Militant Islam Monitor, contributed to this report.

Avatar photo

Joe Kaufman

Joe Kaufman is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and the Chairman of the Joe Kaufman Security Initiative. He was a 2014, 2016, and 2018 Republican nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives (Florida-CD23).

Uproar Continues in France Over Muslim Charged with Torture, Rape, Murder of 12-Year-old French Girl

Lola Daviet: France reeling after young girl, 12, found dead in box


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2022/10/uproar-continues-in-france-over-muslim-charged-with-torture-rape-murder-of-12-year-old-french-girl;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In France, there is a continuing uproar over the torture, rape, and murder of 12-year-old Lola Daviet by an Algerian woman. “The suspect had boasted about selling body parts,” one investigator told Le Parisien. “Evidence suggests that the girl was taken into the basement of the flat, where she was tortured, and raped, before being strangled and having her throat cut.” The woman had then stuffed her body in a suitcase and dragged it to the street.

The murderer, who had arrived in France on a student visa, had stayed on after her visa expired and been ordered to leave the country. But she did not do so, and what has enraged the country is the failure of the French state to enforce its own expulsion order. Fewer than 6% of those living in France illegally in 2021 were expelled. The rest simply continue to live illegally, in France, some of them for many years, without the overworked police taking action.

More on the story of Lola Daviet, and the wave of Muslim crime that has spread across France, can be found here: “​​France is now more dangerous than Mexico,” by Gavin Mortimer, Spectator, October 20, 2022:

France is in shock after the brutal killing of a 12-year-old girl in Paris last Friday. The details of how young Lola met her death are too gruesome to describe, but the news that a 24-year-old woman has been charged with the crime has deepened the disbelief. The fact that the woman is an Algerian national, living in France illegally after her student visa expired, has caused an uproar.

For years the ruling class in France has rejected any link between immigration and crime, but slowly the omerta is cracking. Last week a book was published by Didier Lallement, until July the chief of police in Paris. Entitled The Necessary Order, the book is a damning indictment of the lawlessness endemic in the capital, where ‘one out of every two crimes are committed by a foreigner, often in an irregular situation’. This statistic was referenced by Le Pen in her question to Elisabeth Borne.

Those “foreigners” who commit half the crimes in Paris, consist almost entirely of maghrébins, North African Muslims, coming mainly from Algeria and Morocco.

Paris, or at least some of its suburbs, have long had a reputation for disorder, what the French describe as the ‘lost territories of the Republic.. So too has Marseille, where this year 28 people have been shot dead in drug-related killings, usually by men wielding assault rifles. Fifty-five percent of people arrested in Marseille are foreign, according to one government minister.

Those “lost territories of the Republic” are the no-go neighborhoods where an overwhelmingly Muslim population rejects the authority of the state, lives according to its own Islam-based code, and makes life dangerous for the French who still live in, or visit, these neighborhoods. The representatives of the French state now enter these no-go neighborhoods under police protection; the police themselves appear only in force.

In recent years, however, the crime and violence has spread to other towns and cities. Last month a global study ranked France as more dangerous than Mexico in terms of visitor safety, and one city was singled out for its chaos – Nantes. In 2004 Time Magazine described Nantes as the ‘most liveable [sic] city in France’ but it’s now considered more violent than Bogota in Colombia.

In 2016 there were 283 cases of reported rape, assault and harassment in Nantes while in 2021 there were 562, the period when its Socialist mayor took pride in welcoming migrants into the city. Increasingly, women in Nantes are scared to go out after dark and perhaps they’re wise, given the response of mayor Johanna Rolland to last month’s rape. The police, she said, ‘will never be able to prevent a street rape, however terrible…because it is not their job’.

If it is not at present the job of the police “to prevent a street rape,” then it should be made part of their job. Put more state money into expanding the numbers of police, providing them with weapons so they are not outgunned by the criminals, and encouraging a much more aggressive policy of preemptive policing, by making lightening raids into no-go neighborhoods to disrupt criminal networks, especially those that control the drug trade, by seizing both drug hideouts and factories, and malefactors. Pay for more prosecutors and judges, to ensure that sentences are swift.

According to official figures released this month, 41 per cent of people arrested this year in Nantes are foreign. This is a statistic that not even the Socialist city council can duck. One of the deputy mayors, Pascal Bolo, admitted recently: ‘I am not saying that immigration equals delinquency, but too many of these young people are behind the attacks.’

These “foreign” people, these “young people” who are “behind the attacks,” are North Africans. Everyone in Nantes knows it, but it still cannot be said aloud. To specify that would make one vulnerable to charges of “Islamophobia” and, even more idiotically, “racism.” But many more people, following the examples of Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen, are now willing to publicly identify the criminals as Muslims.

Violent crime and sexual assaults are also rising fast in Paris, up 30 per cent this year. There are some arrondissements where life is still rosy, but these districts tend to be where the political, cultural and media elite congregate. Elsewhere, life in the capital can be wretched, usually in the working-class districts like those where Lola lived.

The political and media elites of France live in the high-rent areas of Paris — and other cities — sheltered from the wave of Muslim crime that the rest of the population must endure. It has taken those cosseted elites a long time to recognize the problem, but now it has become impossible to avoid talking about it.

Didier Lallement’s prognosis is bleak. Unless France’s uncontrolled immigration is brought under control, he fears the Republic will before long experience a confrontation that will be ‘intense and destructive’.

More than just an “intense and destructive” confrontation, Lallemant has predicted, just like Pierre Bonchand, the former director of the French Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE), a “civil war” in France, pitting Muslims against the indigenous French.

A new immigration bill will be tabled in January, one which the Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin, promises will address the crisis. But his tough-talking was undermined last month by his president, who said that the best solution to the migrant crisis is to send them to the countryside to repopulate the ageing [sic] villages and towns.

Marine Le Pen retorted that the only place they should be sent is ‘back home.’

The best solution to the migrant – read “Muslim migrant” – crisis, is not to spread Muslims all over rural France, where they will simply multiply, and make life hell for the local French of modest means, but to end Muslim immigration, to immediately enforce all expulsion orders for those in the country illegally, and to pass legislation to make sure that, after serving their sentences, “foreign” (Muslim) criminals are immediately sent back to their countries of origin.

It will come to that. But how much longer will the French have to wait for their own government to adopt policies so sensible and so politically incorrect?

LGBTQ+++© Police State: ‘Trans Buddies’ Now Assigned to Monitor Doctors for Transphobia


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/benbartee/2022/10/16/lgbtq-police-state-trans-buddies-now-assigned-to-monitor-doctors-for-transphobia-n1637516;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Big Non-Binary Brother is watching.

Respecting The Science©, as we are trained to do, obviously requires that we place LGBTQ+++© Gestapo in every doctor’s office in America. Their job is to make sure bigoted doctors don’t slip up and practice medicine based on biological reality, because biology is transphobic, as is reality.

Vanderbilt’s Pediatric Transgender Clinic practices The Science© by providing “evidence-based, personalized gender-affirming care for transgender and gender-diverse children and adolescents” — a fancy, rambling way to say “transing children.” And now it’s upped its game by inserting “Trans Buddies” into the doctor’s office.

The Trans Buddy Program’s mission statement reads:

“The Trans Buddy Program’s goal is to increase access to care and improve healthcare outcomes for transgender people by providing emotional support to transgender patients during healthcare visits. We emphasize a patient-centered  approach, with the goal of empowering the patient to make informed healthcare decisions. Trans Buddy recognizes the importance of intersectionality to our direct care practice, and we therefore aim to work with people of all identities with compassion and respect.”

As the linebacker-sized non-binary bouncer in the video explains, their work entails making sure doctors don’t “misgender” patients. “Whether you’re looking for something that’s related to medical transition such as hormone, or something completely unrelated like breaking an arm, or going to an ENT,” she explains, every transgender gets a trans concierge when they visit Vanderbilt University Hospital.

Next on screen, a wide-eyed Trans Buddy who looks like she just parachuted a gram of MDMA pops into a frame to explain her sanctioned role in coercing hospital staff to comply with the prevailing gender orthodoxy: “Sometimes I’m there to be sort of always observing kind of how hospital staff are interacting with individuals and again, you know, using correct pronouns.” (emphasis mine)


Despite the fact that literally every “transgender” patient who walks through Vanderbilt University Hospital’s doors gets outfitted with a special “Trans Buddy” hall monitor (a benefit extended to no other class of patient), the corporate media still pushes the narrative that these patients — in particular, Transgender Persons of Color© — (TPOCs) are somehow discriminated against.

Via liberal “think tank” Center for American Progress: “Nearly 1 in 2 transgender individuals, including 68 percent of transgender people of color, reported experiencing mistreatment at the hands of a provider.”

1 in 2! Every other transgender who has visited a doctor’s office has been hate-crimed!

Of course, when using the transgender patient’s legal name, which doesn’t correspond to their gender identity (termed “deadnaming,” now illegal in California), is tantamount to “abuse,” it’s easy to inflate the statistics.

Nothing is ever enough to appease the Social Justice© people. You could walk on eggshells, cross your t‘s, and dot your i‘s, and they’d just invent some new microaggression to accuse you of. There are no lengths a healthcare provider could go to that would suffice.

Living your life in constant fear, riddled with PTSD, paranoid about saying — or thinking — the wrong thing, and forever apologizing for your bigotry with no way to ever redeem yourself is how they want you.


Place yourself in a Vanderbilt University Hospital doctor’s shoes for a moment.

Imagine you’re an orthopedic surgeon who got into the medical game to heal broken bones, which you’ve been doing successfully for decades. You’ve got a wall full of diplomas and awards. You love your work and derive substantial satisfaction from it. In large part, it’s your identity.

You don’t pay a lot of attention to politics. Maybe you vote; maybe you don’t. You probably have no idea that rabid ideologues have slowly infiltrated your hospital in a silent coup d’état. You keep your head down and do your job.

Things run smoothly. Patients come and go. Bones heal.

Then, one day, seemingly apropos of nothing, your supervisor, a fresh millennial with a woke MBA, introduces you to a hulking blue-haired, tatted-up Shrek.

The LGBTQ+++© monster before you, your supervisor explains, has been assigned to your operating room from here on out. Its job is to watch intently from the corner while you work, Big Brother-style, notepad in its lap, waiting for you to subconsciously betray the smallest sign of transphobic hate with an aberrant flick of the wrist or a wrong twitch of the eyebrow so it can have you hauled in front of a medical ethics tribunal and have you brought to justice.

On top of that, you’re harangued at every staff meeting to get the latest Pfizer product or risk losing your job because pharmaceutical profits preempt medicine.

So you quit the only career you’ve ever had, just like 20% of your peers have since the pandemic started.

And just like that, the only doctors left are compliant, defeated cowards who will literally say and do anything the corporate state tells them to without limit because that’s what The Science© and diversity demand.

Thus everything in sight gets transed and vaxxed. The biomedical state marches onward unimpeded. The war on biology rages unabated.

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