Liel Hatzroni, Age 12, Murdered by Hamas


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Liel Hatzoni, age 12, was murdered by Hamas on October 7. Her remains have just been identified. The story of her death — there are so many stories that must be told – is told here: “Forensic Team Identifies Body of 12-Year-Old Liel Hatzroni from Kibbutz Be’eri,” i24 News, November 19, 2023:

The body of 12-year-old Liel Hatzroni has finally been identified, according to an announcement on Sunday, almost a month and a half after being murdered by Hamas terrorists who invaded her home on Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7.

Liel’s remains were found by archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority who had been called in to help locate and identify bodies, particularly those badly burned to the point of being nearly unrecognizable. The Hatzroni family was informed Saturday evening.

Terrorists entered the Hatzroni family home and kidnapped family members on October 7, who were then taken to a home of Be’eri resident Pessi Cohen, where the Hamas operatives murdered the family and set the house on fire.

The family had already on Wednesday organized a funeral ceremony for Liel and her great-aunt Ayala. Her twin brother Yanai and her grandfather Avia were buried on October 23. The family were all killed during the October 7 massacre.

Liel’s personal effects were buried at the time, in the absence of her body, which had not yet been identified. The family held the farewell ceremony, unable to wait any longer for the body.

“We will honor her departure from us with a farewell ceremony and by burying her belongings. My heart is broken and shattered, and I refuse to believe it. It’s an ongoing nightmare, and I’m not sure we’ll wake up,” a close friend, Omri Shifroni, wrote on Facebook ahead of the ceremony.

The twins had been raised by their great-aunt Ayala and grandfather Avia since birth after their mother Shira suffered a stroke during a C-section birth. Kibbutz Be’eri had also helped as a community.

Think of her little life, her mother incapacitated by a stroke since Liel’s birth, and then think of how she died. She was most likely shot to death, murdered along with her twin brother, Yanai, and her great-aunt, Ayala, and her grandfather, Avia, who together helped to raise her and her brother. And then the house they had been herded into was set on fire. Perhaps her killer was the one who phoned his mother to excitedly tell her “Mom, I killed ten Jews!”

It’s unbearable.

Colorado: Imam quotes hadith about Muslims killing Jews, touts ‘prize for those who die in the cause of Allah’


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“Indeed, Allah has bought from the believers their lives and their wealth, because the garden will be theirs, they will fight in the way of Allah and will kill and be killed.” (Qur’an 9:111)

“Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger as saying: ‘The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.’” (Sahih Muslim 2922)

“Colorado Islamic Scholar Karim AbuZaid: Muslims Should Not Shy Away From Talking About Martyrdom, There Is A Prize For Being Killed For The Sake Of Allah – It’s Like The Airline Upgrading You From Economy To First Class,” MEMRI, November 10, 2023:

Colorado Islamic scholar Karim AbuZaid said in a November 10, 2023, Friday sermon streamed live on the Facebook page of the Colorado Muslims Community Center that Muslims should not shy away from talking about martyrdom. He said that people in the West taunt Muslims about the 72 “women” that martyrs receive in Paradise, but “there is a prize for those who die in the cause of Allah.” AbuZaid continued to paint an image of Gazans hiding from the bombings and then becoming martyrs in Paradise. He said that it is like being upgraded from economy to first class by the airline, and he added: “Don’t worry about them.”

AbuZaid stated that Israeli soldiers are cowards, and that’s why they are fighting women and children from airplanes. Referring to the hadith about the trees and the rocks in the End of Time, he said that Allah will give the Muslims drones too, meaning rocks that will tell them where the Jews are hiding. The sermon was also streamed live on the social media accounts of SAFA USA, Al-Minhaal Academy, and Authentic Ilm Mission.

Karim AbuZaid: “We started shying away from talking about martyrdom, because now the West at one stage, [asks]: ‘Oh, you guys want to get the seventy-two… You guys want to get the 72 women in Paradise?’ So Muslims now shy away from talking about martyrdom for the sake of Allah, dying in the cause of Allah. Yes, there is a prize for those who die in the cause of Allah.


“If you ask a martyr, while he is in Paradise: ‘What is your wish?’ He will say: ‘I want to go back to this world and be killed in the cause of Allah, and go back and to be killed in the cause of Allah.’ That’s martyrdom, those people believe that. Imagine, all of the sudden… Look at these guys, they have bombed their homes, they have no homes, and they are fleeing from the bombs…


“Imagine, so here you are in this world, looking for a place to hide, and all of a sudden, you find yourself in Paradise. The prophet said that the souls of the martyrs are in the bellies of birds, they fly wherever they want to go in Paradise.


“You know, they received an upgrade. You booked economy and the airline tells you: ‘We upgraded you to first class.’ Don’t worry about them.


“These cowards, we know that, we have seen the videos, they go and fight those few… Yes, they are under the ground, they can’t stand in their face, they beat them up, they run away, so they go and take their anger out on women and children.


“He can only fight you from behind a wall, an airplane. Now, they don’t even fly the airplane, they have something…


“Remember, one day Allah will give Muslims drones too – rocks. A rock, one day, will call upon the Muslim: ‘Come, behind me there is [a Jew].’ A drone, that is a drone. The rock will call a Muslim: ‘Come, he is behind me.’


“Oh Allah, we ask You to support our oppressed Mujahideen brothers fighting for Your cause.


“Oh Allah, shake the ground beneath their enemies’ feet. Oh Allah, shake the ground beneath their enemies’ feet. Oh Allah, give them the necks [of their enemies]. Oh Allah, make the plots of the Zionists – the Arabs and others – backfire on them.”

Jewish students sue NYU for allowing students to chant ‘gas the Jews’ and ‘Hitler was right’


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NYU officials deny this, but given today’s academic environment, there is absolutely nothing unbelievable about this claim.

“Jewish students sue NYU claiming university allows students to chant ‘gas the Jews,'” by Richard Percival, The JC, November 15, 2023 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

New York University (NYU) has been sued by three Jewish students for allegedly failing to protect them against “festering Jewish hatred permeating the school.”

Bella Ingber, Sabrina Maslavi and Saul Tawil accused the university of “egregious civil rights violations” by allegedly allowing students to chant antisemitic phrases like “gas the Jews” and “Hitler was right.”

In a lawsuit filed at Manhattan district court, the students claimed antisemitism had been a “growing institutional problem” at NYU even before the war between Israel and Hamas began last month.

The lawsuit also alleges Jewish students’ complaints are “ignored, slow-walked, or met with gaslighting” by NYU administrators.

According to the lawsuit, university president Linda Mills this month dismissed a petition from 4,000 NYU members expressing concern about antisemitism.

The three students in the lawsuit urge NYU to terminate employees suspend or expel students responsible for antisemitic abuse and pay compensatory and punitive damages.

In one instance, Ingber and Maslavi said that while attending a silent vigil on 17 October supporting Israel, they saw nearby faculty and student members of on-campus pro-Palestinian groups burn an Israeli flag, make “slit-your-throat” gestures toward Jewish students, and scream epithets….

Al-Azhar fatwa committee top dog: ‘Rejoice in the demise of the descendants of the pigs’


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Pope Francis and Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb signed an agreement a few years back about how violence in the name of religion is a perversion of religion. Is the pope naive, or evil?

“Virulent Incitement By Al-Azhar: Praise For Palestinian Jihad Fighters; Israel Is Destined To Perish; U.S. Is The Greatest Satan; Jews Are Descendants Of Apes And Pigs,” MEMRI, November 10, 2023:

In recent weeks, the Cairo-based Al-Azhar institution, the leading center of religious learning and supreme source of religious authority in the Sunni Muslim world, and senior members of this institution have been voicing support for Hamas and for terrorism and inciting against the U.S. and Israel, while using virulently antisemitic rhetoric….

Al-Azhar Fatwa:  The Occupying Entity Will Perish And The Lives Of The Martyrs Will Be Longer Than Those Of Their Murderers

On October 18, 2023,  Al-Azhar’s “Global Center for Online Fatwas” posted a fatwa on its Facebook page which predicted Israel’s demise….

“…In its steadfastness, resistance, and persistent adherence to its land, the Palestinian people continue to present a model of heroism, despite the danger of the arbitrary Zionist bombardment. It [also] places the world – which remains silent, neglects, or [even] encourages these crimes – in a great human and moral predicament, removing the fake mask of humaneness from its ugly face.

“The term ‘civilian’ does not apply to the Zionist settlers of the occupied land. Rather, they are occupiers of the land who usurp rights, disregard the ways of the prophets, and attack the holy sites in historic Jerusalem and the [sites of] Islamic and Christian heritage there…

“The world deliberately ignores the fact that the occupying Zionist entity is a cancer in the heart of the Islamic and Arab nation. According to international conventions and laws, occupying forces have no right to the land, the resources and the holy sites [they are occupying], and their aggression must necessarily be met with resistance against their usurpation, oppression and tyranny….

Faculty Dean At Al-Al-Azhar University: May Allah Bring Perdition Upon The “Cursed,” “Treacherous” Jews, “The Descendants Of Apes And Pigs”

Addressing Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel in a series of posts on his personal Facebook account, Muhammad Omar Al-Qady, dean of the Faculty for Islamic and Arabic Studies at Al-Azhar University, made virulently antisemitic remarks, glorified the jihad in Palestine and wished perdition upon the Jews….

“It brought the Palestinian issue back to the center of global attention, after it had almost disappeared and been forgotten… It managed to shatter the false myth about the might of the Israeli army and prove that it is weak and exhausted… It proved that the entire West – with the exception of the peoples – is a single community, especially the governments of the greatest Satan, America, and of the European countries, who follow the orders of the Zionist lobby that is part of [the camp of] our treacherous enemy… It managed to eliminate, if only for a while, the vast enterprise of [Israel’s] normalization with many Arab and Islamic countries, which was making large and rapid strides… [The resistance] also made additional achievements, which will be discussed in the future. I ask Allah to strengthen His soldiers and his camp and grant our brothers in Gaza, Palestine and in the rest of the Muslim countries victory over their enemy and ours, the enemy of Allah and humanity, the cursed descendants of apes and pigs [i.e., the Jews].”[5]

In another post Al-Qady wrote: “Allah, bring perdition upon the cursed and treacherous [Jews], the murderers of prophets, of rulers and of decent people, and on whoever helped them and agreed to their deeds…”[6]

Abbas Shuman, Inspector General Of Al-Azhar’s Fatwa Committees: “Rejoice In The Demise Of The Descendants Of Pigs”; The Zionists Are Worse Than Rabid Dogs

Abbas Shuman, formerly the deputy of Sheikh Al-Azhar and currently the inspector general of Al-Azhar’s Fatwa committees, likewise slammed Israel and expressed support for Hamas’ terror attack, gloating over the suffering caused to Israel. For example, on October 7, the day of the attack, he shared a post in which he praised it, writing, “Allahu Akbar, long live the noble Palestinian people. Allah will inflict defeat on the oppressive occupation and shame and disgrace on the Zionists and their supporters.”[8]

Additional posts over the following days were equally vitriolic and even antisemitic. For instance, on October 17, 2023, Shuman wrote, “I knew that the Zionists had no morals, but I didn’t imagine that they were filthier and more despicable than rabid dogs…”[9]

On October 18 he posted, “…The situation has reached the point of bombing hospitals, after the murder of children and even of fetuses, and [has reached the point where] the great satans [i.e. the world leaders] have come to Palestine to publicly support the Zionists. Rejoice in the demise of the descendants of the pigs.”[10]

Lecturer At Al-Azhar University: The Jews Of The World Can Be Resettled In Southeast Russia; Aiding Palestine Is A Religious Duty Of Every Muslim

In an October 19, 2023 article in the Egyptian daily Al-Usbu’, Dr. Ahmad Karima, a lecturer on Islamic law and comparative jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University,  stated that “aiding Palestine is a religious duty of all Muslims, a national duty of the Arabs, both Muslim and non-Muslim, and a moral obligation,” which must be carried out by the Muslim armies, according to their ability and the assessments of the rulers, by the wealthy Muslims, according to their financial ability, and by the clerics and experts, according to their rhetorical ability. Later he described his own efforts in supporting the Palestinian cause, including by publishing books and studies on Palestine and Jerusalem, as well as books on jihad….

Texas: Muslim murders SWAT cop and two hostages, was on FBI terror watchlist, had bomb-making materials


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He was on the terror watch list, but the feds clearly weren’t watching. They were too busy hunting for Jan. 6 “insurrectionists” and “white supremacists.”

“Victims, suspect identified in South Austin shooting that left 4 dead,” CBS Austin, November 15, 2023 (thanks to AB):

Police have released the names of the victims and suspect from Saturday’s shooting in a South Austin neighborhood that left four dead, including the suspect and a police officer….

The incident began at 2:49 a.m. with a 911 call from a stabbing victim at the home. Responding officers arrived about 10 minutes later, learning of two additional injured individuals inside the residence with the suspect, later identified as 35-year-old Ahmed Mohamed Nassar.

A third victim of Nassar escaped and was located by officers, who reported that the suspect still possessed a knife. APD officers attempted a rescue at around 3 a.m. but were fired upon by Nassar, leading to a SWAT callout.

The SWAT team’s entry at approximately 4:11 a.m. to rescue the hostages resulted in an exchange of gunfire with Nassar. Two officers were shot during the operation. Despite medical efforts, Officer Jorge “George” Pastore, 38, died from his injuries. The second officer was treated and later released from the hospital.

Inside the residence, two additional victims, Eyman Elnemrnassar, 63, and Riad Nassar, 32, were found deceased. Nassar also succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

A search warrant court document obtained by CBS Austin said APD officers were met with gunfire from a suspect wearing a brown armor plate vest and armed with a rifle. “Cutting instruments, body armor and any tactical gear to include firearms were all said to be worn or used by the suspect” during the incident, the affidavit said….

“Gunman suspected of killing Texas SWAT cop and 2 hostages were reportedly on FBI terror watchlist,” by Melissa Koenig, New York Post, November 15, 2023 (thanks to Ken):

The gunman who killed Texas SWAT Officer Jorge Pastore in a shootout that also left two hostages dead was wearing body armor and night vision goggles — and was on the FBI’s terror watchlist, according to reports.

A search warrant for the suspect’s south Austin home — the scene of Saturday’s deadly shootout — unearthed bomb-making materials inside, calling for help from the FBI’s Evidence Recovery Team, according to KXAN.

“Cutting instruments, body armor and any tactical gear to include firearms were all said to be worn or used by the suspect,” reads the warrant, which noted that it’s “not uncommon for people with a gun, body armor or night vision to make homemade explosives.”

Neither the suspect nor the dead hostages had been officially identified as of early Wednesday.

However, a local organization called the Round Rock Area Muslims said they were all family members of a “beloved brother” who was well-known in the local community.

They were mom Eman Ahmed El Nemr-Nassar and two of her sons, Ahmed Mohammed Nassar, 35, and Riad Mohamed Nassar, 32, according to a group member’s since-deleted post shared by the Daily Mail.

It was not known which of the two brothers was the shooter — but the FBI had investigated members of the family and had the suspect on the terror watchlist, law enforcement sources told the Mail….

Hamas Official: We Will Repeat the October 7 Atrocities Again and Again

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews
"Israel is a country that has no place in our land," Hamas official Ghazi Hamad told the Middle East's LBC International news network on Tuesday. "We must remove that country."

"It constitutes a security, military, and political catastrophe to the Arab and Islamic nation and must be finished." Hamad added, completely unnecessarily after the attacks on Israeli civilians we all witnessed on the weekend of October 7, "We are not ashamed to say this, with full force."

Selections from LBC's interview with Hamad were translated and posted by the Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). I've been relying on their good work since shortly after 9/11/2001. 

Here's the clip.

"We will do this again and again," Hamad said of the October terror invasion when Hamas murdered 1,400 Israeli civilians. "The Al-Aqsa flood is just the first time and there will be a second, a third, a fourth because we have the resolve and the capabilities to fight."

For now, anyway. The news from Gaza this week is that the IDF is being methodical in its destruction of Hamas both above and below ground. 

Hamad implicitly recognized that point. "Will we have to pay a price?" he rhetorically asked. "Yes, and we are ready to pay it. We are called a nation of martyrs, and we are proud to sacrifice martyrs."

It wasn't clear from the clip MEMRI posted, but I presume that Hamad was speaking from the relative safety of Doha or Beirut. The skill and determination of Israel's Mossad is why Hamad's safety is only relative. It might take weeks, months, or years, but there is no doubt in my mind that Israeli intelligence officers will eliminate every Hamas official — whether they're hiding out in a well-stocked tunnel dug below a Gaza residential apartment building or enjoying the good life in a Qatar luxury suite

Try asking the ghost of Adolph Eichmann about that, Mr. Hamad. The notorious Nazi SS officer was kidnapped from Argentina by Israeli agents 15 years after World War II was won, given a fair trial, then hanged by the neck until dead.

SS-Obersturmbannführer Eichmann, for those who don't know, helped organize the 1942 Wannsee Conference where Nazi officials planned for the extermination of Europe's Jews. They managed to murder around half of them — something like six million souls — in various death camps before the end of the war. Hanging was better than Eichmann deserved, but then the Israelis weren't genocidal barbarians.

It's easy to imagine Hamad taking part in something similar to Wannsee after seeing this next exchange, which is both telling and chilling.

"The occupation must come to an end," Hamad insisted.

"Occupation where? In the Gaza strip?" the anchor asked.

"No, I am talking about all the Palestinian lands."

"Does that mean the annihilation of Israel?"

Hamad's answer followed without hesitation. "Yes. Of course."

"Nobody should blame us for the things we do."

The cute part was when Hamad said, "We did not want to harm civilians [on October 7] but there were complications on the ground." Cute, that is, if you like your terrorist apologists to turn all squishy for the TV cameras, trying to convince soft Westerners that when they say they want to destroy Israel and drive out all the Jews, they only want to murder most of them and maybe not all of them.

"There was a party in the area with [a civilian] population... it was a large area, across 40 kilometers," and these things happen, you know when disciplined, well-trained soldiers stumble across a rave and then accidentally murder, rape, and kidnap a bunch of young dancers before uploading videos of the atrocities to the victims' own social media accounts.

I had a cold kind of respect for Hamad when he was at least being honest about Hamas's genocidal intentions and murderous methods. To watch him make lame excuses like a seven-year-old was just pathetic.

Carthago delenda est, Rome's Cato the Elder said before the Third Punic War — "Carthage must be destroyed." The Second Punic War had nearly ended Rome. After the Hamas Terror Invasion on October 7, it is Hamas that must be destroyed — and high-ranking officials like Ghazi Hamad, wherever they might be found.

Hamas strikes convoy of Gazans fleeing south, killing 70


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Anything Hamas does like this, it blames Israel, and the international establishment media eagerly acts as its propaganda arm.

“IDF claims Hamas struck a convoy of Gazans fleeing south Friday, killing 70,” Times of Israel, October 16, 2023:

IDF spokesperson Jonathan Conricus says a strike on a convoy of Gazans fleeing to the southern part of the Strip Friday appears to have been a false flag operation carried out by Hamas.

“When you apply logic and think who would benefit from those very horrible images of children and civilians that were evacuating south and then they are apparently clearly dead, who stands to gain from that, only one organization: Hamas,” Conricus says during a Q and A session on X.

At least 70 people, most of them children, were killed in the strike, which occurred on a route that Israel said should be used for fleeing Gazans. Another 200 were injured.

Conricus says he expects the army will release proof of its claim in the coming hours or days.

“We can say clearly we did not try to strike anybody, any civilians in that area,” he says….

Jordanian pol: A Palestinian father is a man who says ‘I want my son to die’


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

“Say, O you who are Jews, if you claim that you are favored of Allah apart from mankind, then long for death if you are truthful.” (Qur’an 62:6)

Talal Abu Ghazaleh also says: “Let them destroy [Gaza]. What is destroyed can be rebuilt. I think that the goal of [Hamas’s] lions of humanity was to cause the demolition of those buildings so that they could be rebuilt properly, according to more aesthetic and newer engineering standards.”

It was all about aesthetics, you see.

“Jordanian-Palestinian Businessman And Politician Talal Abu Ghazaleh: We Welcome Death; So Far Gaza’s Losses Haven’t Even Been In The Thousands, The Russians Lost 27 Million In WWII; Hitler Left Some Jews Alive So We Will Know Why He Had To Kill Them,” MEMRI, October 12, 2023:

Jordanian-Palestinian businessman and former senator Talal Abu Ghazaleh said on an October 12, 2023, show on NBN TV (Lebanon) that the Israelis fear death, “we on the other hand welcome death.” He continued to say that Palestinians want their children to die as martyrs, and that this does not exist in the Israeli mentality. Abu Ghazaleh added: “People who flee death cannot defeat people who seek death.” Abu Ghazaleh continued to say that Russia willingly sacrificed 27 million of its people during World War II so it could survive. He explained that until now, Gaza has only lost thousands of people, and Israel cannot possibly kill all the two million people in Gaza, because half of them are in the underground tunnels. Abu Ghazaleh continued to claim that a German cabinet minister had told him that Hitler left some Jews alive “on purpose” so that people would understand why the Holocaust was justified.

Talal Abu Ghazaleh: “Israel would not sacrifice a single person. There isn’t a goal for which it would sacrifice a single person. They are afraid of death. Death for them is strange and loathsome. We, on the other hand, welcome death. A Palestinian carries his son on his shoulders, with a headband on the kid’s forehead, which his father inscribed: “Martyrdom Seeker.” This is a man who says: ‘I want my son to die.’ A [Palestinian] mother says: ‘I have given birth to six children, so that three could die in the revolution. I gave birth to children so that they would be martyred.’ This does not exist in the Zionist mentality.”

Interviewer: “So this is not a battle on equal terms. The [enemy] cannot have the same determination as the Palestinians.”

Abu Ghazaleh: “You cannot defeat someone who wants to die. People who flee death cannot defeat people who seek death. What happened in Germany in the World War? Entire cities were destroyed. But didn’t Germany become later one of the five most wealthy countries in the world? Let them destroy [Gaza]. What is destroyed can be rebuilt. I think that the goal of [Hamas’s] lions of humanity was to cause the demolition of those buildings so that they could be rebuilt properly, according to more aesthetic and newer engineering standards.”

Interviewer: “This would be true if it wasn’t for the multitudes of innocent civilian victims [in Gaza]…”

Abu Ghazaleh: “How many? How many victims?”

Interviewer: “The number goes up every moment…”

Abu Ghazaleh: “How many? Two thousand? The casualties always accumulate, unfortunately… Fine. How many people did Russia sacrifice in its war against the Nazis? 27 million. Not just a thousand… We haven’t gotten to thousands yet. Russia knowingly sacrificed those people. It was no coincidence. It is not that Russia did not know that these people were going to die. It wanted 27 million people to die so that Russia could survive. We, Palestinians, are the same. There are two million people [in Gaza]. If one dies…I hope I will be one of them. It would be an honor to die as a martyr. But there are two million people in Gaza. Will [Israel] kill two million people? How? Half of them are hidden underground, in tunnels.

“We are facing a problem that has an easy solution. The [Israelis] will not become refugees, because they have their own countries. They have [foreign] passports. All the enemies have dual citizenship. So, we can solve the problem of the [Palestinians] who wait to return to their country, and the Israelis will go back to their countries. After all, they were either forced to come to Palestine or were led astray.

“The Jews do not have any ideology. All they care about is money and interests. I had a friend who was a German cabinet member. I once asked him: ‘When Hitler, may God forgive him, carried out the Holocaust, why didn’t he finish the job and kill all the Jews?’ He said to me: ‘It’s the other way around, but don’t tell anyone I said this. He left a group of them on purpose so that people would know why we carried out the Holocaust. When you would be tormented by them, you would know the reason.'”

The Palestinian Authority Provides Hamas Killers with $2,789,430 in ‘Pay-For-Slay’ Largesse


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Palestinian Authority has just shown what it thinks of the 1,500 Hamas murderers who were killed during the recent attack on Israeli civilians. Starting now, it intends to lavish large monthly sums, for life, on the families of those who died after torturing and murdering Israeli civilians. And the Bidenites, instead of cutting all aid to the PA, as it is required to do under the Taylor Force Act, if the PA continues with its “Pay-For-Slay” policy that rewards past, and incentivizes future, terrorism against Israel, have instead been increasing their aid to the PA.

Here are the latest figures on those additions to the “Pay-For-Slay” recipients, including those being made to the families of the 1,500 Hamas murderers who were killed during their attacks on Israeli men, women, and children: “PA will pay $2,789,430 to families of 1,500 dead Hamas terrorist murderers, this month,” by Itamar Marcus, Palestinian Media Watch

The PA will pay $2,789,430 to families of 1,500 dead Hamas terrorist murderers, this month.

Under Palestinian Authority law, every terrorist who is killed attacking Israel is defined as a “Martyr” whose family is immediately rewarded by the PA with a 6,000 shekels ($1,511) grant and a 1,400 ($353) per month allowance for life.

This means each family of the 1,500 dead Hamas terrorists who invaded Israel will receive 7,400 shekels for this first month. Families of those terrorists who were married and had children will receive even more. The PA will pay at least 11,100,000 shekels ($2,789,430) this month as a reward for participating in last week’s murders and atrocities against Israeli civilians.

In addition, the 50 captured Hamas terrorist murderers will receive monthly salaries in prison starting at 1,400 shekels/month which will eventually rise to 12,000 shekels/month. Terrorists who are married and have children will receive even higher salaries. This month these newly arrested terrorists will receive at least 70,000 shekels ($17,590).

In total, the PA will pay at least 11,170,000 shekels ($2,807,021) in payments under the PA’s “Pay-for-Slay” program to the Hamas terrorists this month. This is a low estimate since as the war continues there will be additional Hamas terrorist “Martyrs” and prisoners. This figure is added to the more than 100,000,000 shekels/month the PA already pays in salaries to imprisoned terrorists and families of terrorist “Martyrs.”

The Palestinian Authority should be sending a big thank you to the EU countries and Norway, currently the largest funders of the PA because the PA could not possibly make these terror payments without them. These donor countries like to pretend that it’s not their money rewarding terrorists, but everyone knows that the PA could not reward terrorists without this generous foreign funding. When payments to teachers, police, and street cleaners are taken care of by international donors, the PA has the hundreds of millions available it needs to pay for terror.

The Bidenites have blatantly ignored the Taylor Force Act that Congress passed in 2018. That act was meant to halt all American aid to the Palestinian Authority, as long as the PA continued to fund its “Pay-For-Slay” program. “Pay-For-Slay” provides generous subsidies — much larger than the average Palestinian wage — to imprisoned terrorists, and to the families of terrorists who were killed while committing their terrorist attacks. Thus “Pay-For-Slay” both rewards past and incentivizes future, acts of terrorism. Mahmoud Abbas has made clear he will not end that program, announcing  that he will continue the program even “with my last penny.” And the Bidenites, instead of adhering to the clear intention of Taylor Force, have chosen to simply ignore it and to continue to provide aid to the PA both directly, and indirectly through UNRWA and other organizations. Since Biden took office, more than half a billion dollars has been given in that manner to the PA, even though “Pay-For-Slay” remains.

The Bidenites have claimed that since this money is “for humanitarian purposes” and is not given directly to the PA, then it is not covered by the Taylor Force Act. But money is fungible; American aid given to the Palestinians through non-governmental groups does free up other PA money that funds “Pay-For-Slay,” and thus that aid violates the intention of the Taylor Force Act to halt aid to the PA as long as “Pay-For-Slay” continues. The Bidenites are flouting the will of Congress and the aim of Taylor Force.

If the Bidenites were serious about enforcing the Taylor Force Act, they would not be relying on intermediaries to continue funding the PA but would halt all payments, both to non-governmental groups, no matter how “humanitarian” their claimed goals, and to UNRWA, because in the end such payments relieve the PA of certain expenses and thus allow it to continue funding Pay-For-Slay. It’s not just the letter, but the spirit of Taylor Force, that must be upheld, and Congress should be angry at the Bidenites for ignoring both. Of course, the Taylor Force Act is not working as it was supposed to. The PA in just the last year has given close to $200 million to its “Pay-For-Slay” program. It can afford to do so because of all the money the Bidenites have supplied to the PA indirectly, through non-governmental “humanitarian” programs, including UNRWA.

Israel Kills Top Hamas Commander In Morning Airstrike


People mourn the body of Hamas commander Ayman Nofal during his funeral in the Bureij camp for Palestinian refugees in the central Gaza Strip, on October 17, 2023. “Ayman Nofal, ‘Abu Ahmad’, a member of the general military council and commander of the central command in Al-Qassam Brigades, was killed” in an Israeli strike on the central Gaza Strip, Hamas said in a statement on October 17, referring to its military wing. (Photo by BASHAR TALEB/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s James Meyers
1:54 PM – Tuesday, October 17, 2023


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The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) announced that they have taken down one of Hamas’ top commanders in an airstrike. 

The announcement was shared in a post to X (Twitter) on Tuesday by the IDF, saying that Hamas Commander Ayman Nofal was killed in an airstrike on Tuesday morning.

“We just eliminated Ayman Nofal, a senior Hamas operative,” IDF posted to X on Tuesday, formerly known as Twitter. “Nofal was the Commander of Hamas’ Central Brigade in Gaza and the former Head of Military Intelligence. Nofal directed many attacks against Israeli civilians and besides being one of the most dominant figures in the terrorist organization, he was involved in the planning of the abduction of Gilad Shalit. We won’t stop until we eliminate Hamas.”

Hamas confirmed Nofal’s death, according to the Associated Press. The death comes as the IDF has started targeting Hamas hideouts, command centers, and different infrastructures.

Additionally, another airstrike in Gaza reportedly killed 14 people at a home belonging to the family of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, including his brother and nephew. Haniyeh lives in Qatar.

According to the IDF, Nofal was an integral part of the terrorist group and he carried out “numerous attacks against Israel and security forces.”

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that members of Hamas had two options in the war: “to surrender or die.”

“Our warplanes will reach everywhere… every missile has an address. We will reach each and every one of the members of Hamas,” Gallant told pilots and technicians of the Israel Air Force’s F-35 fleet at the Nevatim airbase.

“Hamas members have two options: Either die in their positions or surrender unconditionally. There is no third option. We will wipe out the Hamas organization and dismantle all of its capabilities,” Gallant said.

President Joe Biden will be visiting Israel on Wednesday to meet with top officials to discuss the war.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken also announced that the United States has agreed to send humanitarian aid to residents in the Gaza Strip without fears that the aid may fall into the hands of Hamas members.

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Israel says it has killed Hamas attack leader Ali Qadhi | LiveNOW from FOX

Israel says it has killed Hamas attack leader Ali Qadhi | LiveNOW from FOX

Israel says they have killed a senior leader in Hamas' commando forces, Ali Qadhi, who planned the October 7 attack that massacred 1,300 Israelis. Abu Merad, who was the head of Hamas' air forces, was also killed, according to the Israeli military. The Israel Defense Forces say its infantry forces and tanks entered the Gaza Strip on Friday to conduct localized raids. "Ali Qadi led the inhumane, barbaric October 7 massacre of civilians in Israel," Israel Defense Forces said. "We just eliminated him. All Hamas terrorists will meet the same fate." Israeli Defense Force ordered more than a million residents in Northern Gaza to evacuate ahead of a possible ground invasion to stop Hamas.

‘Moderate’ Fatah Praises Hamas Murderers, Vows to Expand War to Judea and Samaria


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

There are still people in the West who believe that the Palestinian Authority is “moderate” in its views and that Mahmoud Abbas is a fit interlocutor to help achieve “peace” between Israelis and Palestinians. But the great satisfaction expressed by Fatah officials — Fatah is the most important component of the PA — about the Hamas murders of almost 1000 Israelis, close to 850 of them civilians, should end forever that misapprehension. More on what Fatah officials have said up to October 8 can be found here: “Fatah calls to expand the war to West Bank – ‘confrontation in all arenas,'” by Nan Jacques Zilberdik, Palestinian Media Watch, October 8, 2023:

Yesterday [Oct. 7], the Hamas terror organization surprised Israel with a massive attack from the Gaza Strip and Israel is now at war.

This morning Israelis were notified that at least 300 Israelis had been murdered – since then that number has risen to 600 [1000 by 3 p.m. Oct. 10] – and nearly 2,000 wounded, in addition to nearly 100 [now 150] Israelis taken hostage, some of whom were abducted into the Gaza Strip, including small children, teenagers, and senior Israeli civilians as well as soldiers.

Early Saturday morning approximately 200 Hamas terrorists broke through Israel’s security fence at the Gaza Strip border and launched a surprise attack, murdering or taking hostage every Israeli civilian they saw, while taking control of several Israeli towns on the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah. Hamas terrorists also fired at least 3,000 rockets at Israeli population centers. In response, Israel has launched Operation Iron Swords to counter the Hamas terror threat.

The massacre in Israel is fully supported by the PA and Fatah.

While Israel counted more than 600 dead, 2,000 wounded and around 100 hostages, a Fatah official said that this is a “morning of victory, joy, and pride.” He then urged all Palestinians to participate in the terror against Israel – in what he termed “this story of heroism”:

Fatah Jenin branch member Abd Al-Rahman Abu Al-Rub: “We say to our people and to the members of the Palestinian people: A morning of victory, and morning of joy, a morning of pride (refers to Hamas terror massacre; see note below -Ed.). We ask Allah to send a blessing to our heroic Martyrs in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and wherever the Palestinian people is… We in the Fatah Movement in the Jenin district convey the message to all our brothers and to all our Palestinian people that they are compelled to take action and participate in this story of heroism with the Palestinian people that is realizing its natural right to fight the occupation and liberate the occupied lands.

[Official PA TV, Oct. 8, 2023]

PA Chairman Abbas justified Hamas’ attack and massacre of civilians as “self-defense”:

Posted text: “[PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas] instructs to provide defense to our people and emphasizes our right to defend ourselves (refers to Hamas terror war; see note below -Ed.). In the coming hours he will lead a convention of the Palestinian leadership.”

[Fatah Commission of Information and Culture, Facebook page, Oct. 7, 2023]

“[PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas] instructed to provide defense to our people, and he emphasized the Palestinian people’s right to self-defense facing the terror of the settlers and the occupation forces.”

[WAFA, official PA news agency, Oct. 7, 2023]

PA Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh echoed this, calling the Hamas massacre a “natural result of Israel’s continued crimes,” blaming Israel for not “acceding to [the Palestinian] recurring warning against the severe consequences”:

[PA] Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh emphasized… that Israel’s destruction of the two-state solution will not cause it to enjoy peace, which will only be achieved when the Palestinian people receive its legitimate rights.

Shtayyeh emphasized the Palestinian people’s right to defend its land and its holy sites, which are always being violated [by Israel].

There was not a single Israeli, civilian or military, in Gaza, and there hasn’t been since 2005. Which land was Shtayyeh claiming Palestinians had a right to “defend”? What Hamas means — and apparently Shtayyeh does, too — is that all of the land, from the river to the sea, must be “defended” against its Jewish occupiers, who must all be expelled or murdered so that, in place of Israel, the Arab state of Palestine can come into existence. The “holy sites” are not violated by Israel. The Israeli government makes sure that the holy sites of of all religions are scrupulously protected. It is the Palestinians who have repeatedly attacked, smashed with hammers, and set on fire both Joseph’s Tomb and Rebecca’s Tomb; it was Palestinian terrorists who in 2002 desecrated the Church of the Nativity by taking it over and holding the building, and the Christian clergy inside, hostage for more than a month. It has been Palestinian terrorists, not Israelis, who desecrate Al-Aqsa itself, by using it as a storehouse for weapons, and as a redoubt from which the terrorists emerge to hurl rocks and firebombs at Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount.

Shtayyeh said that what is happening today (refers to Hamas terror war -Ed.) is a natural result of not acceding to our recurring warning against the severe consequences of Israel’s continued crimes, while it feels that it can evade punishment.

Of course. The decapitation of Israeli babies at Kfar Aza was an understandable response to Israel’s “continued crimes.” And so were the gang rapes of Israeli girls — some of them murdered, and their bodies paraded through Gaza — that are proudly posted on the Internet by their rapists. Also understandable is the promise by Hamas to execute Israeli hostages, one by one, if the IDF fails to warn the Gazans of impending attacks.

Furthermore, Abbas’ Fatah Movement called to “escalate the confrontation in all arenas” – obviously urging terror in the West Bank as well:

“The Fatah Movement called on the masses of our people to hold a general strike tomorrow, Sunday [Oct. 8, 2023], and to escalate the confrontation in all arenas in order to defend our people and our right to freedom, a state, and independence.”

[WAFA, official PA news agency, Oct. 7, 2023]

When Fatah calls upon the Palestinians to “escalate the confrontation in all arenas,” this clearly means Judea and Samaria, a/k/a the West Bank. And Fatah knows that Hamas is not waging war to obtain a Palestinian state, but rather, to replace the Jewish state with a Palestinian one, “from the river to the sea. ” In supporting Hamas, Fatah is embracing that same maximalist goal.

Video: Tlaib FLEES When Asked to Denounce Hamas Murdering Babies~”Do Israeli lives not matter to you?”

Hamas murdered around 40 babies and young children in one Israeli community, beheaded at least some of the babies, AND ISRAELI SOLDIERS


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4)

“‘It smells of death here’: Surveying the atrocities committed by Hamas in Kfar Aza,” by Nicole Zedek, i24News, October 10, 2023:

Israeli soldiers encounter unimaginable horrors are they remove the bodies of dozens of victims, including about 40 babies — some with their heads chopped off

Press were invited on Tuesday to survey the scene of devastation in Kfar Aza, the community massacred by Hamas terrorist infiltrators, as the IDF continues to remove bodies of victims from the homes where they were murdered.

For the first time the Israeli army let media channels into one of the massacred communities, in this case Kibbutz Kfar Aza, where plumes of smoke can be seen rising in the Gaza Strip, which lies less than a quarter of a mile away.

The community’s cars, parked outside, were completely torched. And it was just a small part of the destruction, with no exact number yet of how many people were murdered, as bodies are still being collected and removed from the homes.

The smell of death — that’s what’s left of a once vibrant community. Now, the foreign press was invited to witness the inhumane crimes, much like the Allies had done after they had won the second World War and liberated the Holocaust concentration camps. Upwards of 70 armed terrorists invaded the community, their bodies are still lying on the ground for the whole world to see the cruelty these Hamas terrorists committed.

“It’s not a war, it’s not a battlefield. You see the babies, the mother, the father, in their bedrooms, in their protection rooms, and how the terrorists killed them,” IDF Major General Itai Veruv first described the scene. “It’s a massacre.”

Being on the border, Kfar Aza is still active, with IDF soldiers operating in the area, on alert for any potentially remaining terrorists. In addition, rockets continue to fly overhead, and the boom of mortars, for which there is no alert siren. Artillery can be heard in the background on the border fence. Even the terrorists’ vehicles are still here, and possibly booby-trapped with grenades or explosives.

But first, the army unit is dedicating itself to removing the bodies of the Israeli civilians. We can see them covered in sheets being carried out of their own homes where they were murdered. The IDF does not have a definitive number of victims yet.

Many soldiers were called up for reserve service and could be seen actively consoling each other after what they had to witness. They arrived expecting the worst, but the scenes are beyond anything that one could imagine. Some soldiers say they found babies with their heads cut off, entire families gunned down in their beds. About 40 babies and young children have been taken out on gurneys — so far….


‘Worse than ISIS’: Hamas jihadis behead Israeli soldiers in ‘sickening footage’


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Few outlets are revealing the truth about the similarities in modus operandi between Hamas and the Islamic State as Israel begins its defensive war against Hamas. An article in the Express, Worse than ISIS’: Hamas terrorists ‘behead Israeli soldiers’ in sickening footage, states:

Hamas has released footage of them beheading captured soldiers. We will not share it, but the world needs to know their depravity exceeds that of ISIS. And we have been telling you all for years.

The latest figures are that Hamas has murdered 900 people, injured over 2,600, and taken hostage at least 100 civilians and soldiers. The lack of news articles examining the similarities between Hamas and ISIS may be due at least in part to the fact that ISIS is established globally as a savage jihad group, while many have been indoctrinated with the wrongheaded view that support for Hamas is part of a Palestinian “resistance” against injustice. Another reality is the serious fact that far too many organizations (and their offshoots) that are now operating in Western countries are affiliated with Hamas. The Investigative Project provides a list of the names and groups of these affiliated groups, most of which were named unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorist funding trial in the history of the United States, the Holy Land Foundation trial. See HERE.

Jihad Watch has also been warning for years that striking at the neck is a Qur’anic command, obeyed by jihadists everywhere, so much that it has become their signature deed…

Now when you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks until, when you have subdued them, then make fast the bonds, and afterward either generosity or ransom until the war lays down its burdens. That, and if Allah willed, he could have punished them, but so that he may test some of you by means of others. And those who have been killed in the way of Allah, he does not make their actions useless. — Qur’an 47:4

When your Lord inspired the angels, I am with you. So make those who believe stand firm. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Then strike the necks and strike their fingertips. — Qur’an 8:12

The Express also reported:

In a statement, the Israel Defence Forces said: “Hamas has released footage of them beheading captured soldiers. We will not share it, but the world needs to know their depravity exceeds that of ISIS. And we have been telling you all for years.

“May the precious souls of our men and women be in our hearts forever.”

Israel’s President Herzog also stated that “Hamas has imported, adopted, and replicated the savagery of ISIS.

Defenders of and apologists for the violent Palestinian jihad (aka the “resistance”) have now infiltrated into the highest levels in America, Canada, and other Western nations. They have risen up by the thousands in anti-semitic, hateful protests full of incitement to violence. This incitement is increasing as Israel defends itself. All over the West, the people as well as the leaders have fallen short in understanding the danger in their midst, as Islam has been portrayed as a “religion of peace” since 9/11. (Once again, this is not to say that all Muslims ascribe to Sharia dictates on jihad, but a problematic and significant number do.) Although crackdowns upon speech or actions that offend Islam have become commonplace in Western societies, intimidating and hateful protests against the world’s lone, tiny Jewish state are tolerated and allowed to continue.

Aside from the obvious threats facing Israel, the West continues to be under the same ongoing jihad threat. That threat has been growing due to reckless immigration policies, as globalist leaders have welcomed in multitudes of aggressive, anti-semitic, and anti-Western Palestinian sympathizers. They have also enabled infiltration by a range of jihadists everywhere. Many Leftists see no problem with all this. Fox News reported about Donald Trump’s renewed warning to Biden about America being “invaded,” and “terrorists”  being “already inside the US.” It is only a matter of time before we see severe consequences of this.