VIDEO: Woman has little boy read ‘The GayBCs’, a children’s book with terms like ‘bi,’ ‘coming out,’ and ‘queer.’ And the reaction is swift.

'This is full-on abuse'



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A video of a woman having a little boy read from "The GayBCs" — a children's book that uses letters of the alphabet to introduce readers as young as 4 years old to LGBTQ words — has been making quite a stir on social media.

What are the details?

The video begins with the little boy reading aloud the word for letter A: "ally." Then the woman with him is heard introducing the rest of the letters, beginning with "B is for" — and the tyke answers "bi."

While some of the words don't possess immediate LGBTQ connotations — H is for "hope" and M is for "mountain," for instance — others like "bi" hit right at the heart of it. And little boy with his cute little-boy voice reads all of them:

  • C is for "coming out."
  • D is for "drag."
  • G is for "gay."
  • I is for "intersex."
  • L is for "lesbian."
  • N is for "non-binary."
  • O is for "orientation."
  • Q is for "queer."
  • T is for "trans."

As you might expect, some folks wondered why a kid so young was being introduced to such words:

"The 'progressive alphabet' for the next generation," the Twitter commenter said. "God help us!"

Others seemed just as disturbed:

  • "right folks, it's been real but I'm done with this planet," another commenter wrote in reaction to the clip. "Taking the next Elon Musk spaceship to Mars so we can start over."
  • "What the actual f***," another user declared.
  • "Why is this necessary?" yet another commenter asked.
  • "I'm gay & ... KIDS SHOULD NOT BE TAUGHT ABOUT SEX. PERIOD," another user noted. "Doesn't matter if it makes YOU feel better. Is P for pedo? S for sodomy? I'd object to a kid learning an alphabet of diseases, too. It's called preserving innocence."
  • "My 6 year old reads at a 3rd grade level and does not know half of these words by design," another commenter said. "This is full-on abuse. But those of us that do not perpetuate degeneracy can still do our jobs. Pull your kids. Vet their social circle. It's the very least you can do."

But not everyone was upset

As you might imagine, others were fully supportive of the little boy being introduced to LGBTQ words:

  • "I don't get what homophobic people find so toxic with videos like this," one commenter said before mocking detractors. "Wow the child is probably gonna grow up to be respectful that people can be different in many ways; omg I can't believe it, this is brainwashing!!"
  • "In the past if you read an ABCs book, it might've had B for boy with the color blue and G for girl with the color pink, until you associate the color with the gender," another user noted. "Familiarizing children with gay, trans, and non-binary things is the exact same thing. That isn't brainwashing."
  • "It's teaching kids that other people and minorities exist," another commenter wrote. "Trying to imply this is wrong is only implying that children should only grow up to misunderstand and be ignorant of other lifestyles ... perpetuates a problem; that is what we already have with ppl misunderstanding us."

There's more on the pages

The below video shows a woman reading each page of "The GayBCs" — and there's more text below the introductory lines noted above.

For instance, after "B is for 'bi'" the text reads, "You can shout it out loud. I like boys and girls, and that makes me proud." After "G is for 'gay'" the text reads, "It's word that implies you're a girl who likes girls or a guy who likes guys." And after "L is for 'lesbian'" the text reads, "It's love and affection between two special girls who share a connection."



America’s Third Largest Radio Group Bans Dissent, Threatens to Fire Conservative Talkers Who Question Election Results

Cumulus Media says the election "has been resolved" and no more questions are allowed.

Cumulus Media sent an internal memo to its 416 stations, threatening termination for any future claims of election fraud and urging its hosts to bring calm to their listeners

Cumulus Media sent an internal memo to its 416 stations, threatening termination for any future claims of election fraud and urging its hosts to bring calm to their listeners


BY Frankie Stockes | National File


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Cumulus Media, America’s third largest owner of AM and FM radio stations, is threatening to fire show hosts who question the results of the 2020 Presidential Election on air.

Cumulus, whose stations are home to household names such as Mark Levin, Chris Plante, and Dan Bongino,  reaches over a quarter of a billion listeners every month, with programming broadcast through 416 company-owned-and-operated stations, as well as an additional nearly 8,000 affiliates through Westwood One, a subsidiary of Cumulus.

“We need to help induce calm NOW,” wrote Brian Phillips, Vice President of Content in an internal memo, issued last Wednesday.

Cumulus and Westwood One “will not tolerate any suggestion that the election has not ended,” Phillips continued, as the “election has been resolved and there are no alternate acceptable paths.”

“If you transgress this policy, you can expect to separate from the company.”

Cumulus’ new guidelines appear to be in step with a seemingly countless number of other media corporations nationwide, who have long been accused of quashing dissent through intimidation and retribution as well as outright censorship.

Like Cumulus, in the wake of last Wednesday’s Capitol Hill protests against the certification of contested electoral votes, social media networks have raced to censor conservative voices. In addition to the banning of President Trump from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, thousands of other political figures and private citizens have been booted from the sites.

Even social media networks themselves haven’t been safe from the censors. Parler, the free speech app partially owned by Dan Bongino and heavily promoted by Mark Levin – both Cumulus hosts – has gone offline after their web services were discontinued by Amazon, in retribution for the site’s free speech stance.