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These Global Organizations Want to Control You

These Global Organizations Want to Control You

There’s a group of people who control what you are allowed to see, what you read, what you watch, the posts you engage with. You haven’t heard of them, you don’t know their names. But they determine, through methods both direct and indirect, whether you are allowed to be exposed to particular messages. Their decisions can bankrupt companies, silence voices and fundamentally shift cultural norms. Who are these people and how do they do this? Well, at the top level you have a network of global elite and its creed… a universal framework full of guidelines and ratings designed to enforce approved narratives and punish disapproved ones.

Bidenites Increase Aid to Relentlessly Antisemitic UNRWA


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/06/bidenites-increase-aid-to-relentlessly-antisemitic-unrwa;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Didn’t Joe Biden just reveal to the world, to great fanfare, his administration’s “first ever national strategy to combat antisemitism”? And then, just a few weeks later, the State Department announced an increase in aid to UNRWA, one of the foremost spreaders of antisemitism in the world.

Vijeta Uniyal wrote about this for Jihad Watch here, and more on this moral failure can be found here: “US Increases Aid to UNRWA Despite Concerns About Antisemitism Taught in Its Schools,” by Dion J. Pierre, Algemeiner, June 22, 2023:

The US Department of State has increased its 2023-24 contribution to the UN agency assisting Palestinian refugees despite widespread concern that antisemitism and jihadi violence is openly taught in schools it administers in the Palestinian territories.

It’s not just a “concern” – it’s a fact that “antisemitism and jihadi violence” are taught in UNRWA’s schools, and not only the schools in the Palestinian territories, but in UNRWA schools all over the Middle East.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), founded in 1949 to provide humanitarian and social services to Palestinian refugees, will receive an additional $16.2 million this year, the State Department announced on Wednesday, bringing the total dollar amount it will rake in from the US under a framework agreement finalized in April to $223 million. Since 2021, the US has provided UNRWA $940 million….

The announcement that UNRWA will receive still more money from the Bidenites – even though it was only an additional $16.2 million – is infuriating. It’s not just the money; it’s the principle. Raising the aid given to UNRWA shows the disconnect between Biden’s rhetoric about combatting antisemitism (with input from, among other doubtful groups, CAIR) and his administration’s actions. The Bidenites show their determination to ignore UNRWA’s relentless antisemitism even as the administration is full of self-congratulation about its “national strategy to combat antisemitism.

In May, Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) reintroduced the “Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act,” which would enforce reporting and oversight of educational materials produced by UNRWA, and earlier this year, Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) introduced legislation that would make its funding contingent on the completion of an annual audit conducted by the Secretary of State.

Both bills, if they became law, would help pressure UNRWA to revise its texts. Congressman Sherman wants an annual report prepared for Congress on UNRWA’s educational materials, and any evidence of their antisemitism. Congressman Roy’s bill is even more important, because funding for UNRWA would now depend on what an “annual audit” would show. Both bills have been made necessary because the Bidenites have simply decided to punt on the whole question of antisemitism taught in UNRWA schools. They have never bothered even to ask, or cajole, or threaten UNRWA into cleaning up its schoolbooks.

The Bidenites have no intention, as the last three years have shown, to hold UNRWA to any of its promises to clean up its textbooks. Biden, Blinken, and Sullivan simply don’t care about the poison of antisemitism that the Agency has been feeding Palestinian children for decades. Not a single UNRWA text, according to Marcus Sheff, has shown improvement, while the texts in Saudi schools have been stripped of much of their antisemitism; Emirati schools now offer courses on the Holocaust; Moroccan schools now have courses on the history of Moroccan Jewry and their contributions to the country.

Examples of antisemitic content described in previous Impact-se reports include a grammar lesson that uses the sentence, “The Palestinians sacrifice their blood to liberate Jerusalem,” and “Arabic Drill Cards” for 9th graders that say, “When the [Muslim] nation is negligent in protecting al-Aqsa, then the Jews will dare to defile it.” Additionally, Israel does not appear on any maps.

This is the content that encourages Palestinian children to yearn to be shahids, martyrs, who will “sacrifice their blood” to “liberate Jerusalem” from the “filthy Jews,’ which can only be achieved, UNRWA lessons hint, by ridding the world of those Jews who are constantly threatening to “defile” Al-Aqsa (“Al-Aqsa is in danger”), though exactly how that “defiling” is supposed to be achieved by the Jews is never revealed. The only real “defiling” of Al-Aqsa has been that committed by the Palestinians who use the mosque both as a storehouse for weapons – rocks, fireworks, bottles for Molotov cocktails – and as a fort, from which these Palestinians hurl those weapons at Israeli police and Jewish visitors to the Mount.

Teachers and staff employed by UNRWA incite antisemitism, terrorism, and hate on social media, as well, according to a report released in March by Impact-se and UN Watch, which cited over 200 examples of UNRWA teachers promoting hateful content on social media, including a Syrian math teacher’s praising a March 2022 terrorist attack in Israel that claimed four lives, a Lebanese teacher’s calling the architect of several attacks a “martyr” and “noblest of souls,” and a Syrian UNRWA employee’s sharing on social media a photograph of Hitler, which she captioned, “there are still some people you need to burn.”

Biden could get his “national strategy for combatting antisemitism” up and running in the best possible way, by announcing that “my administration can no longer tolerate the persistent antisemitism in UNRWA texts and teaching materials, and today I am announcing that no further American aid will be given to UNRWA until all of those antisemitic texts and materials are removed.” That would get UNRWA’s attention. That would do some good.

Biden administration allocates $223 million for UN agency that promotes jihad and Jew-hatred in school textbooks


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/06/biden-administration-allocates-223-million-for-un-agency-that-promotes-jihad-and-jew-hatred-in-school-textbooks;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

President Joe Biden’s administration has allocated $223 million for the UN’s Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), a body which has a history of promoting terrorism and Jew hatred among Palestinian children.

The Biden State Department raised the annual funding for the agency by $16 million, despite repeated reports showing that the UNRWA-run schools are used to indoctrinate Palestinian youth in the ideology of jihad terrorism.

The textbooks, generously funded by the U.S. and European countries, are designed to raise the next generation of recruits for Palestinian terrorist organizations, investigative reports show. “UNRWA teachers and schools regularly call for the murder of Jews and create institutional teaching materials that glorify terrorism, encourage martyrdom, demonize Israelis and incite antisemitism, a recent report found,” the news agency Jewish News Syndicate noted June 25.

In 2018, President Donald Trump ended all funding for the UNRWA, rightly labelling it an “irredeemably flawed” organization. President Biden reversed the decision shortly after taking office, pledging $235 million for the UN agency in 2021. The U.S. pays nearly one-third of the agency’s $1 billion annual budget.

“Textbook incitement continues as US reaches peak support of UNRWA,” Ynet News, June 26, 2023:

The U.S. State Department announced Monday that the United States support budget for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) will reach a record high of $223 million this year.

The increasing amount of support, which is $16 million higher than the previous year, solidifies Washington’s position as the largest donor to UNRWA. Former U.S. President Donald Trump halted all funding of the agency, but since the beginning of President Joe Biden’s term the U.S. has allocated almost a billion dollars to UNRWA.

The announcement of support for UNRWA comes despite the statements of Barbara A. Leaf, the U.S. assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, who criticized UNRWA. In a conversation with members of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee last week, Leaf said that the State Department is aware of ongoing reports of incitement to violence in UNRWA schools.

We have concerns about curricula or classroom instruction that promote violence and terrorism. It’s a work in progress, and we are committed to it,” Leaf said. However, she did not elaborate on how the State Department plans to address this issue….

The UN is a Terrorist Organization


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/06/the-un-is-a-terrorist-organization;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

And the U.S. should get out.

The United Nations arose out of the ashes and rubble of World War II with the promise of genuine international cooperation and lasting world peace. But that promise has long since turned into a cruel joke, as was vividly and revoltingly demonstrated on May 15, when for the first time in its history, the UN observed Nakba Day, the Palestinian Arabs’ lamentation over the “catastrophe” of the founding of the modern state of Israel in 1948. Would the UN mark the founding of any other nation as a “catastrophe”? Of course not. But the august international body has become a mouthpiece for the most genocidally minded advocates of the “Palestinian” jihad, while the supporters of Israel lack both conviction and unity.

The centerpiece of the UN festivities was a vicious speech from Palestinian Authority President-For-Life Mahmoud Abbas, who at 87 years of age makes Old Joe Biden look youthful and vigorous. Abbas, now in the nineteenth year of the four-year term to which he was elected in January 2005, lashed out at Britain and the U.S. for inflicting Israel upon the poor, suffering Palestinian people: “Britain and the United States, specifically,” he declared, “bear direct political and moral responsibility for the Nakba of the Palestinian people. They are the ones who participated in making our nation a victim when they decided to establish and plant another entity in our historical homeland, and this for their own colonialist purposes. It was called a land without a people so that it would be given to Israel. The truth is that these countries, the Western [countries], wanted to get rid of the Jews and enjoy having them in Palestine – two birds with one stone.”

These statements, as you likely expect, are riddled with falsehoods. As The Palestinian Delusion demonstrates, the Jewish presence in the land that now comprises the State of Israel has been continuous for several thousand years. The Romans did formally expel the Jews from the area in 134CE, after the Bar Kokhba revolt, but many Jews never left; they remained there through the Arab invasion, the Turkish occupation, and up until the advent of the Zionist movement in the nineteenth century. That movement had its impetus in the work of Theodor Herzl and others, who argued that the persecution of Jews worldwide could be ended if they had their own land, and indeed, reclaimed the land of their forefathers, in which some had always remained. The impetus for this didn’t come from Britain and the U.S. but from Jews themselves.

Nor was Abbas telling the truth when he said that “it was called a land without a people so that it would be given to Israel.” In reality, in 1857, the British consul in Palestine wrote that “the country is in a considerable degree empty of inhabitants and therefore its greatest need is that of a body of population.” Henry Baker Tristram, an English traveler, reported in the 1860s that “the north and south [of the Sharon plain] land is going out of cultivation and whole villages are rapidly disappearing from the face of the earth. Since the year 1838, no less than 20 villages there have been thus erased from the map and the stationary population extirpated.” The most celebrated chronicler of Palestine’s pre-Zionist desolation was Mark Twain, who wrote in 1869 that “Nazareth is forlorn; about that ford of Jordan where the hosts of Israel entered the Promised Land with songs of rejoicing, one finds only a squalid camp of fantastic Bedouins of the desert; Jericho the accursed, lies a moldering ruin, to-day, even as Joshua’s miracle left it more than three thousand years ago; Bethlehem and Bethany, in their poverty and their humiliation, have nothing about them now to remind one that they once knew the high honor of the Saviour’s presence….Renowned Jerusalem itself, the stateliest name in history, has lost all its ancient grandeur, and is become a pauper village.”

Undaunted by facts, Abbas called on the UN to suspend Israel’s membership. Emboldened by the organization’s recognition of the founding of Israel as a “catastrophe,” he added: “I am certain and hope that this international organization will spare no effort to restore the Palestinian people’s status… through action to realize the Palestinian people’s national rights, including the right to self-determination… and the refugees’ [right to] return to their homes from which they were removed.”

Ironically, the “Palestinian people” didn’t even exist when Israel was founded. The world didn’t start hearing about them until the 1960s after the KGB and Yasir Arafat devised their existence as a strategy to undercut Israel’s image as a plucky underdog facing off against twenty-two massive and hostile Arab states. What’s more, the Arab “refugees” were not “removed” from their homes. In reality, the Arabs for the most part left Israel because they were ordered to do so by Muslim Arab leaders. Contrary to the contention of the Palestinians and their allies today, the Arab Higher Committee actually exhorted Arabs to leave the new State of Israel, and they obeyed in large numbers.

The Economist magazine reported on October 3, 1948, that “of the 62,000 Arabs who formerly lived in Haifa, not more than 5,000 or 6,000 remained. Various factors influenced their decision to seek safety in flight. There is but little doubt that the most potent of the factors were the announcements made over the air by the Higher Arab Executive, urging the Arabs to quit…. It was clearly intimated that those Arabs who remained in Haifa and accepted Jewish protection would be regarded as renegades.” The Jordanian daily Falastin complained on February 19, 1949, that “the Arab state which had encouraged the Palestine Arabs to leave their homes temporarily in order to be out of the way of the Arab invasion armies, have failed to keep their promise to help these refugees.” The Near East Arabic Broadcasting Station confirmed this on April 3, 1949: “It must not be forgotten that the Arab Higher Committee encouraged the refugees’ flight from their homes in Jaffa, Haifa, and Jerusalem.”

The UN knows all this or should know it. Yet it sides with entities that have repeatedly declared their determination to destroy Israel utterly, which would result in a new genocide of the Jews and the deaths of millions of innocent people. The UN is, accordingly, a terrorist organization. It is no surprise that the criminal Biden regime would support it wholeheartedly, but if we get an administration that has the best interests of the American people at heart, it should end all funding for the UN and expel it from New York. Would we tolerate an organization that marked the destruction of National Socialist Germany as a “catastrophe”? So why tolerate the UN?

Frank Gaffney interviews Christine Douglass-Williams about the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) Sharia expansion into the UN


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/05/frank-gaffney-interview-with-christine-douglass-williams-about-the-oic-sharia-expansion-into-the-un;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The global jihad still remains as active as ever, as powerful Islamic countries expand their influence via money and various tactics while the world focuses on troubles with Ukraine and China. It’s a perfect climate to expand the scope of Sharia wherever possible. At the uppermost level is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which exerts considerable influence over the United Nations. Frank Gaffney dubbed the OIC a kind of “caliphate” in this interview, which showcases the advancement of the global jihad.

Globalists Finally Say It Out Loud: Sex With Minors Is OK — and the UN Is Onboard

Globalists Finally Say It Out Loud: Sex With Minors Is OK — and the UN Is Onboard


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/kevindowneyjr/2023/04/18/globalists-finally-say-it-out-loud-sex-with-minors-is-ok-and-the-un-is-onboard-n1688097;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

International legal “experts” — backed by the United Nations — have released a report stating sex with minors is perfectly acceptable.

“Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law,” according to the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ). You can read that part for yourself on page 12.

FACT-O-RAMA!  The pedo-loving report is called “The 8 March Principles for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex, Reproduction, Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness and Poverty.”

The shocking legal “recommendations” were released purposely last month on March 8, which is International Women’s Day. 

Like most global tyranny, this pedo-riffic report comes disguised as a virtue:

Today, on International Women’s Day, the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) launched a new set of legal principles elaborated by jurists for a human rights-based approach to criminal laws proscribing conduct associated with sex, reproduction, drug use, HIV, homelessness and poverty.

Some of the groups involved in this five-year endeavor of evil include the usual suspects of global Marxism: the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), the UN Development Programme (UNDP), and of course, no global nod to legal pederasty would be complete without the World Health Organization (WHO).

For those of us paying attention, watching the global commies try to normalize sex with children comes as no surprise.

The report does not call for decriminalizing sex with kids — yet — nor does it recommend an age at which kids can consent to sex. However, it does suggest children have the legal “right” and the mental capacity to agree to sex.

FACT-O-RAMA! Manhattan’s commie District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, recently offered a child rapist a sentence of only 30 days. The miscreant responded by going on to commit five sex crimes in about 90 minutes.

Related: The Trans Movement Will Be the Catalyst for Normalizing Pedophilia

Angry parents — or as the Department of Justice would call them, “domestic terrorists” — around the nation have been finding pornographic books in their kids’ school libraries and reading them aloud at school board meetings to make a point: stop sexualizing kids.

The grotesque push from the far-left to normalize sex with kids isn’t new, and having an international clique of legal wizards push the agenda is shocking and yet expectable.

Speaking of which, why can’t we see Jeffrey Epstein’s client list? Maybe because it contains the names of global “elite” pedos, some of whom may be behind the vile legal “recommendations.

U.S. to Negotiate Accord to Transfer Pandemic Management to WHO

U.S. to Negotiate Accord to Transfer Pandemic Management to WHO


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/u-s-to-negotiate-accord-to-transfer-pandemic-management-to-who/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Biden administration is in the active phase of drafting a legally binding pandemic agreement that would empower the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) to shape national policies concerning pandemic “prevention, preparedness, and response.”

Serious failures by the WHO in handling the Covid pandemic made many Americans question the supranational body’s competence, but the U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra was not one of them. On September 27, 2022, Becerra joined with WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to announce the “U.S.-WHO Strategic Dialogue,” which provides for a “historic new financial intermediary fund” and development of a “new pandemic instrument.” That latest included, among other things, the “targeted amendments” to the International Health Regulations (IHR), a treaty the United States ratified back in 2005.

In December 2022, 194 member states of the WHO, including the United States, agreed to develop a “zero draft” of a pandemic accord set to be negotiated and finalized starting on February 27, 2023, at the meeting of the WHO’s Intergovernmental Negotiating Body.

Recognizing “the catastrophic failure of the international community in showing solidarity and equity in response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic,” the WHO members consider it much more productive to transfer responsibility for pandemic management to the globalist experts. In essence, the WHO will have “the central role of WHO as the directing and coordinating authority on international health work” that relates to “pandemic prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery of health systems, and in convening and generating scientific evidence, and, more generally, fostering multilateral cooperation in global health governance.”

As such, the WHO director will have the authority to declare a pandemic. The draft provides a rather vague definition of “pandemic,” which can potentially describe any and all communicable diseases. Once a pandemic is declared, all signatories would submit to the authority of the WHO regarding treatments and pandemic measures.

The definition of “pandemic-causing pathogens” is yet to be agreed upon, but the draft agreement would set up the Pathogen Access and Benefit-Sharing System (PABS), “a specialized international access and benefit-sharing instrument” whose status should be legally recognized by each signatory. The PABS will be responsible for identifying pathogens and assessing vaccines and other pandemic-related products.  

The agreement would require each nation to put in place a standardized system of policies and strategies that would involve not just healthcare institutions, but also actors “across the public and private sectors and relevant agencies” to ensure the “resilience of health systems, rooted in universal health coverage.” It is not clear how much private-sector entities such as pharmaceutical companies, whose only obligation is to be profitable, will aid in promoting public health, which arguably was undermined by their products during the Covid pandemic.

Further, the signatories will be required to “commit to increasing science, public health, and pandemic literacy in the population.” To that end, the countries will have to conduct “educational and public awareness campaigns,” likely akin to the propaganda campaigns put in place under the Biden administration to promote Covid shots.

Simultaneously, the countries will need to make sure that the populations do not consume “false, misleading, misinformation or disinformation,” which signatories will have to “tackle,” per the draft. In other words, all information that contradicts WHO would have to be censored. Again, that is exactly what happened when Biden colluded with Big Tech companies to suppress information critical of Covid measures such as lockdowns, masking, vaccines, treatments, etc.

Factors that could contribute to mistrust toward public health agencies and “hinder adherence” to policies such as vaccinations and the use of certain therapeutics and other measures recommended by the WHO should be “researched” and addressed.

The agreement would expand the regulatory powers of the members regarding “pandemic-related products,” which should be receiving “timely approval” and be available for use quickly. And, in the event of a pandemic, the members could even choose to accelerate the process of approving and licensing such products for “emergencies,” much as they did with Covid shots and therapeutics.

The draft specifically addresses the use of “substandard and falsified pandemic-related products,” which should be regulated. Judging from the WHO and Biden administration’s approaches adopted during the Covid pandemic, these positions would likely result in the wide distribution of poorly tested new vaccines, while preventing doctors from prescribing alternative generic treatments and medicines.

A group of 17 U.S. Senators led by Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) is pushing back against the outrageous plan with a legislative proposal aimed at reinforcing Senate power to sign off on such “accords.” On February 15, they introduced the “No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act,” which states that the pandemic accord must be deemed an international treaty, requiring the approval of two-thirds of the Senate.


SEE ALSO: https://thenewamerican.com/who-calls-for-global-surveillance-to-ensure-no-one-escapes-vaccination

EU rebrands pedophiles ‘People with a Sexual Interest in Children’


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/01/eu-rebrands-pedophiles-people-with-a-sexual-interest-in-children;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Scotland police recently referred to pedophiles as “minor-attracted people.” Many expressed outrage over this attempt to normalize the abuse of children. Now comes this.

The West is sinking deeper and deeper into a kafkaesque mix of socialism and depravity, while the Churches remain largely silent instead of protecting Judeo-Christian values and innocent children.

The “EU project’s use of the term Minor-Attracted People (MAPs) to describe pedophiles” is causing a huge backlash. Let’s hope that those who are dissenting succeed in stopping this abuse. The European Commission “is funding the Drag Queen Shows across Europe,” which means taxpayers are funding it, with no say in where their money is going.

“‘Horrible Propaganda’ – EU Project Rebrands Paedophiles ‘People with a Sexual Interest in Children,’” by Peter Caddle, Breitbart, January 16, 2023:

A Member of the European Parliament (MEP) has accused the European Union of pushing “horrible propaganda” after a project described paedophiles as “people with a sexual interest in children”, accusing the bloc of seeking to rebrand them with a term that is both “more appealing and morally neutral”.

Cristian Terhes, a Romanian MEP who sits with the European Conservatives and Reformists group, has slammed the EU for allegedly pushing for the term “paedophile” to be replaced with something “more appealing and morally neutral”.

It comes after controversy surrounding an EU project’s use of the term Minor-Attracted People (MAPs) to describe paedophiles, despite the fact that the term is highly controversial, and seen by some as overly sympathetic towards predators.

However, despite the use of the term prompting huge backlash only last month, Terhes claims that the EU still seems to be trying to soften the language around paedophiles, with another EU project on child protection repeatedly referring to them as “people with a sexual interest in children”.

“I am shocked and appalled, in equal measure, that the European Commission was, until very recently… replacing the term ‘paedophile’ with the more appealing and morally neutral phrase of Minor Attracted Person,” Terhes alleged in comments to Breitbart Europe.

“They even intensified this horrible propaganda and are now talking of ‘people with a sexual interest in children’,” he continued.

“This attitude of the European Commission to soft soap an evil and criminal behaviour, like paedophilia, is dangerous and a threat to all children in Europe,” the public representative went on to say, calling for the project in question to be withdrawn by European Commission, currently led by Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen.

The Romanian MEP also took aim at the EU’s continued funding of drag queen shows for children, with the bloc giving financial support to drag projects in the likes of Germany, Spain, and Slovenia.

One project sponsored by the EU that took place in Berlin — titled ‘Drag It Up!’ — saw “38 young queer people” trained in the art of drag, with those involved being taught to put on makeup and wigs, walk in high heels, and implement “methods of blurring and exaggerating traditional binary gender roles”….

Taliban Forbids University Education for Afghan Girls, U.S. Slams Decision

Taliban Forbids University Education for Afghan Girls, U.S. Slams Decision


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/taliban-forbids-university-education-for-afghan-girls-u-s-slams-decision/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

SINGAPORE — Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers have forbidden university education for women throughout the country, eliciting criticism from the United States and the UN.

Despite international protests and pledging a more lenient rule when they took control of the country in 2021, the Taliban has increased the number of restrictions on all facets of women’s lives.

“You all are informed to immediately implement the mentioned order of suspending the education of females until further notice,” Minister for Higher Education Neda Mohammad Nadeem said in a letter sent to all government and private universities.

The ministry’s spokesman, Ziaullah Hashimi, who published the letter on Twitter, confirmed the order in a text message to Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Washington slammed the decision “in the strongest terms.”

“The Taliban cannot expect to be a legitimate member of the international community until they respect the rights of all in Afghanistan. This decision will come with consequences for the Taliban,” said Secretary of State Antony Blinken. “No country can thrive when half of its population is held back.”

UN Secretary-General António Guterres was “deeply alarmed” by the ban, his spokesman said on Tuesday. “The secretary-general reiterates that the denial of education not only violates the equal rights of women and girls but will have a devastating impact on the country’s future,” said Stephane Dujarric.

The prohibition on higher education comes less than three months after thousands of women took university entrance examinations nationwide, with many hoping to select teaching and medicine as future careers when the universities reopen in March, following the winter break.

After the seizure of the country by the Taliban, universities were required to enforce new rules such as gender-segregated classrooms and entrances. Only female professors or old men could teach female students.

Journalism student Madina, who wanted only her first name published, tried to grapple with the ramifications of Tuesday’s national order.

“I have nothing to say. Not only me but all my friends have no words to express our feelings,” the 18-year-old told AFP in Kabul. “Everyone is thinking about the unknown future ahead of them. They buried our dreams.”

The country was reverting to “dark days,” added medicine student “Rhea” in the capital, who asked that her real name not be divulged. “When we were hoping to make progress, they are removing us from society,” the 26-year-old said.

The Taliban adheres to a strict version of Islam, with the movement’s supreme leader Hibatullah Akhundzada and his inner circle of Afghan clerics being against modern education, especially for girls and women.

However, many officials in Kabul and among the rank and file oppose the latest move by the Taliban, as the former hoped girls would be permitted to continue learning following the takeover. “There are serious differences in the Taliban ranks on girls’ education, and the latest decision will increase these differences,” a Taliban commander based in northwest Pakistan told AFP on condition of anonymity.

In March, the Taliban stopped girls from returning to secondary schools, drastically restricting university intake.

While some Taliban officials claim the secondary education ban is only temporary, they have provided many excuses to prolong the prohibition — from a scarcity of funds to the duration needed to align the syllabus to Islamic lines.

Since the ban, many teenage girls have been married off early — often to much older men of their father’s choosing. Several families interviewed by AFP in November said that coupled with economic pressure, the school ban meant that guaranteeing their daughters’ future through marriage was better than them sitting idly at home.

Women have also been forced out of many government jobs or are being paid a reduced salary to stay at home. They are also banned from traveling without a male relative; must cover up outside the home, ideally with a burqa; and in November were banned from going to parks, funfairs, gyms, and public baths.

In response, the international community has made the right to education for all women a topic of discussion over aid and acknowledgement of the Taliban regime.

“The international community has not and will not forget Afghan women and girls,” the UN Security Council said in September.

However, Pakistan, Afghanistan’s neighbor, said on Tuesday that engagement with the Taliban was still the best path forward. “I’m disappointed by the decision that was taken today,” Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on a visit to Washington. However, he continued, “I still think the easiest path to our goal — despite having a lot of setbacks when it comes to women’s education and other things — is through Kabul and through the interim government.”

In the two decades between the Taliban’s reigns, girls were permitted to go to school and women were able to seek jobs in all sectors, though the country remained socially conservative.

In Kabul, where the country’s largest universities are located, female students convened outside campuses, wearing the black cloaks and tight headscarves imposed by the Taliban.

Elsewhere, students sought consolation from friends and family as they came to terms with news of the university ban. “We all felt like caged birds, we hugged each other, screamed, and cried ‘why is this happening to us?'” said Amini, a 23-year-old nursing student in Kunduz.

She was with her three sisters — two already banned from secondary school and another studying for a degree — when social media erupted with the news of the late-night order.

Facilities across the country were already shut for the winter break, but students had been able to go to campuses for examinations or to study in libraries. In Kandahar, the cradle and spiritual heart of the Taliban movement, male students were able to sit for examinations in classrooms still separated by screens, which until the day before made it possible for women to study.

After the order, however, the university gates shut female students out.

“My sister is studying computer science…. I didn’t inform her last night. I know she would be traumatized,” said a young male law student in Kabul, who asked not to be named for fear of the Taliban. “It really expresses (the Taliban’s) illiteracy and poor knowledge of Islam and human rights. If the situation continues like this, the future will be worse. Everyone is scared.”

“We have no power to do anything and there is no one to listen to us,” said one 29-year-old female, who is pursuing a master’s in Pashto literature in Kabul.

“We can’t protest, we are hopeless. In every aspect of life we are doomed,” she continued. “We don’t have jobs, we can’t go anywhere, and we can’t leave the country. We have lost everything.”

Although devastated, she still has a glimmer of hope that the Taliban — whose restrictions on women are escalating — will scale back on their decision after the winter break. “We will wait for the next three months to see if they change their order. They might change their policies and restart the universities.”

In the eastern city of Jalalabad, some male students walked out of their examinations to oppose the decision. The female student encouraged men to stop attending classes altogether in protest if the Taliban does not relent. “They too must stay at home until the girls are allowed to go back,” she pleaded.

Notably, the authorities have reverted to public floggings and executions of men and women in recent weeks as they enforce a strict interpretation of Islamic sharia law.


UN Biodiversity Summit Concludes With Agreement to Save “Mother Earth” by Taxing and Shackling Humanity

UN Biodiversity Summit Concludes With Agreement to Save “Mother Earth” by Taxing and Shackling Humanity


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/un-biodiversity-summit-concludes-with-agreement-to-save-mother-earth-by-taxing-and-shackling-humanity/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

So, you (and the world) survived the giant UN COP27 Climate Summit that finished up last month in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. And you thought you might get a little relief from the incessant hectoring by the Klaus Schwabs, Joe Bidens, and Greta Thunbergs of the world about how your fossil-fuel vehicle, bacon burgers, and AC are melting the icecaps and destroying the planet. But, nooooo! No sooner had the UN’s self-indulgent, globetrotting technocrats left their luxury digs at that world-savers confab than they were off to Montreal, Canada, for another lavish, two-week marathon event. We’re referring to the 15th UN Biodiversity Conference of Parties (COP15), which was tasked with gaining global buy-in for a world-shackling “biodiversity” treaty to complement the UN Paris Agreement on climate. Instead of hysterical hand-wringing about the supposed existential threat from melting icecaps, rising sea levels, wildfires, and hurricanes, the biodiversity disaster choir insists that we are facing doom from the imminent “mass extinction” of plant and animal species due to our irresponsible “overconsumption.”

“Experts are warning that if the 196 countries under the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity don’t agree on a deal by the end of the conference, then it will be almost impossible to save what’s left of the world’s wildlife and natural lands,” the International Business Times reported on December 8 as the Montreal conference got underway. The “experts” so frequently cited in news reports are those associated with the UN’s Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), which is the UN’s biodiversity “science” counterpart to it’s infamous Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC), which regularly dispenses frightful predictions of doom about to befall us — unless we grant federal and global bureaucrats omnipotent powers of regulation and control to protect us from ourselves. Like the IPCC, the IPBES program is supported by the usual “experts” from Big Green — World Wildlife Fund, Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Geographic Society, Greenpeace, International Union for the Conservation of Nature, etc. — and the usual Big Media sock puppets. Like the IPCC, the UN’s IPBES is generously funded by governments (the U.S., China, Japan, France, Germany, the EU) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (see here).

Another notable IPBES donor is the Kering Foundation, an image-polishing project of French billionaire and fashion mogul Francois-Henri Pinault (husband of actress Salma Hayek), whose seedy underbelly was recently exposed in the Balenciaga “fashion” scandal featuring outrageous child-porn ads with BDSM (bondage-dominance/sado-masochism) imagery (see here and here).

According to the IPBES’ often-cited 2019 report on “Nature’s Dangerous Decline,” “around 1 million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction, many within decades, more than ever before in human history.” And, said the IPBES, “the rate of species extinctions is accelerating, with grave impacts on people around the world now likely.”

This “mass extinction” scare story is not new; we have been reporting on the scientific debunking of this manufactured “crisis” for decades, as the video below from 2012 shows.

Typical of UN summits, delegates representing 195 countries and the European Union at the Montreal biodiversity farce haggled for two weeks (December 7-19) over details of the text of the “framework” before going into an all-night, hyper-pressured session, with an army of NGO activists (subsidized by taxpayers and the usual tax-exempt foundations) pushing for negotiators to adopt the most extreme positions. Finally, at 3:30 a.m. Montreal time Monday, the great faux drama concluded with the announcement that an agreement had been reached on the framework text.

Billions for Eco-bribery 

What’s inside the new “biodiversity framework”? The left-wing Guardian of Great Britain reported early on the morning of December 19 that “the gathering nations at the biodiversity summit have agreed to four goals and 23 targets. The goals include protecting 30 percent of the world’s land, water, and marine areas by 2030, as well as the mobilization, by 2030, of at least $200 billion US per year in domestic and international biodiversity-related funding from all sources, both public and private.”

“There is also a pledge,” the Guardian continued, “to reduce subsidies deemed harmful to nature by at least $500 billion by 2030 while having developed countries commit to providing developing countries with at least $20 billion per year by 2025, and $30 billion per year by 2030.”

It was a foregone conclusion that the summit would be another multi-billion-dollar UN shakedown of taxpayers in the developed world ostensibly to aid the poor in developing countries. That’s always the compassion appeal cover story. But everyone knows that whatever funds are finally delivered will be funneled through various national governments and UN agencies to kleptocrat regimes, politically connected corporations, and favored NGOs — and, of course, with ample pilfering by the UN banditti along the way. Whatever trickles down to local Potemkin-village projects for media exploitation are likely to be inconsequential (or even harmful) to the local people and the environment.

The Agenda 2030 “Masterplan for Humanity” and the 30X30 Initiative

However, while multi-billion-dollar payoffs provide plenty of incentive for politicos and corporates alike to hop on board the biodiversity bandwagon, for the consummate globalists the real objective is power — earth-shaking, “transformative” power, on a global scale. Power as envisioned by the Davos elites to “reset” the entire world — and all humanity — according to their own demonic whims. Thus, does the World Economic Forum’s majordomo Klaus Schwab openly put forward in the WEF’s proposed “Great Reset,” which supposes the need for Klaus and his fellow megalomaniacs to structurally “transform” the planet (and all of us who live on it) politically, economically, socially, environmentally, biologically, morally, and spiritually.

A big part of the Great Reset involves the promotion and adoption of the UN’s Agenda 2030, which has been prominently and repeatedly featured on the WEF website since it was officially launched by the UN in 2016 (see, for instance, here, here, here, and here).

Agenda 2030, as regular readers of The New American know, is a rebranding of the massive Agenda 21 that emerged from the 1992 UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. In his “Sustainable Development Goals Implementation Strategy Briefing” to the UN General Assembly on November 8 of 2016, then-President of the UN General Assembly Peter Thomson called Agenda 2030 a “masterplan for humanity.” Of course, a master plan assumes a master planner (or master planners), who will also be the master(s) that order the slaves to carry out the master plan. The Agenda 2030 “masterplan” is guided by 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 targets, to be fully cemented into place by the year 2030.

The 30-by-30 (or 30X30) initiative is a key component of Agenda 2030, calling for, as noted above, “protecting 30 percent of the world’s land, water, and marine areas by 2030.” In this context, “protecting” means controlling, which means putting huge swaths of land and ocean (as well as rivers, lakes, streams, and aquifers) under government (national and global) control. President Joe Biden jumped into the 30X30 initiative as one of his earliest actions in the Oval Office, signing an “Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad” on January 27, 2021. The Biden executive order announced the administration’s intent “to achieve the goal of conserving at least 30 percent of our lands and waters by 2030.” Notice the qualifying phrase “at least.” That’s because the 30 percent is viewed by Big Green as the first installment on the way to 50 percent.

National Geographic is one of the many “prestige” transmission belts to promote this 50-percent idea, writing, for instance, in 2019: “Countries should double their protected zones to 30 percent of the Earth’s land area, and add 20 percent more as climate stabilization areas, for a total of 50 percent of all land kept in a natural state, scientists conclude.” Again, we see those ubiquitous “scientists” who, like Anthony Fauci, presume to speak in the name of science. That means, of course, no drilling for oil or gas or mining for minerals in these “protected” areas. It also means farming and ranching — food production — will be made next to impossible for all except the huge globalist food cartels. (See here, and here.)

So, if we allow the globalists’ 30X30 land and water grab to succeed, they will soon be back for their 50X50 (50 percent of land and water by 2050).

But, hey, it’s all being done for Mother Earth, right? After all, she is reverentially mentioned eight times in the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. (Note: It’s called the Kunming-Montreal framework because Communist China held the presidency of the conference and the event originally was to have taken place in the Chinese city of Kunming. However, the venue was changed to Montreal due to China’s renewed Covid outbreak.) Those Gaia-style references include pseudo-legal claims concerning the “rights of nature and rights of Mother Earth.” These, we are told, are “an integral part” of the biodiversity framework and “its successful implementation.” And we can count on Big Green and its army of lawyers to represent the “rights of Mother Earth” and interpret what she demands of us mere interloping mortals. This translates into more regulations and lawsuits aimed at farmers, ranchers, miners, loggers, manufacturers — virtually anyone who produces any of the things we need, use, and consume.

Veteran readers of this magazine will recognize in the 30X30 and 50X50 schemes a rebirth of the radical Wildlands efforts of 1990s to implement the 1992 UN Convention on Biological Diversity through “rewilding” half of the United States. (See the April 3, 1995 article “Global Green Regime: The Biodiversity Treaty” by this writer and the July 3, 2000 article “The United Nations’ Big Green Machine” by Idaho Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth-Hage). The John Birch Society and other property-rights groups and liberty-loving activists fought much of that agenda to a standstill. However, like the vampire that keeps returning unless a stake is put through its heart, these UN programs keep coming back, powered by infusions of U.S. taxpayer dollars. The only genuine solution is to Get US out! Of the United Nations; and Get the UN out of the United States.

The most recent effort in this direction is The American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 7806) introduced in this past Congress by Representative Mike Rogers (R-Alabama). It did not go anywhere in the Pelosi-controlled Democratic House, but it, or a similar version, should fare much better in the new Congress.

Related videos and articles:

Global Green Regime: The Biodiversity Treaty

The United Nations’ Big Green Machine

VIDEO Reorganizing Humanity?: The Tyrannical Designs of the UN’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030

UN Agenda 2030: A Recipe for Global Socialism

United Nations General Assembly votes to adopt resolution supporting ‘Palestinian’ jihad, commemorating the ‘Nakba’

Israel’s Founding Labeled CATASTROPHE by UN Pro-Palestinian Resolution

In what may be the UN’s worst condemnation of Israel in its history, 90 UN member nations voted to pass a resolution to commemorate Israel’s 75th anniversary of its independence. The only twist is that the UN voted to commemorate this day as a catastrophe. Their antisemitism could not get any worse.

On today's Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down the latest shameful anti-Israel resolution to be passed by the United Nations General Assembly. The resolution to commemorate what the Palestinians call the ‘Nakba’ or Catastrophe, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the birth of modern Israel in 1948 has passed by a measure of 90-30 with 47 abstentions. Furthermore, some of Israel's Abraham Accords allies like the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain voted in favor of the initiative. Why does the United Nations keep targeting Israel over other countries riddled with human rights abuses and war crimes? And, amid the ongoing whirlwind of anti-Semitic headlines, is the international community really celebrating the establishment of Israel as a disaster?

The Palestinian Nakba | IP Talk Show


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2022/12/united-nations-general-assembly-votes-to-adopt-resolution-supporting-palestinian-jihad-commemorating-the-nakba;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Forgotten (of course) in the UN’s self-righteous posturing is that it was Muslim leaders who exhorted the Muslims to leave their homes, promising that they would be able to return in a matter of weeks when Israel was destroyed. Also, the “Palestinian” state that is supposed to solve everything was turned down by the local Muslims, who were not yet “Palestinians,” when the UN offered it to them in 1948. Get the facts in The Palestinian Delusion.

“UN General Assembly votes in favor of commemorating Palestinian ‘Nakba,’” by Luke Tress, Times of Israel, December 1, 2022:

NEW YORK — The United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday voted to adopt a pro-Palestinian resolution to commemorate the “Nakba,” the Palestinian term for Israel’s establishment.

The UN resolution calls for a “commemoration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Nakba, including by organizing a high-level event at the General Assembly Hall” in May 2023. It also urges the “dissemination of relevant archives and testimonies.”

The initiative was sponsored by Egypt, Jordan, Senegal, Tunisia, Yemen and the Palestinians and passed by a vote of 90 in favor, 30 against and 47 abstentions.

Israel, Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK and the US were among the countries that voted against.

Ukraine did not vote. Kyiv sparked a diplomatic spat with Jerusalem by voting in favor of an anti-Israel resolution earlier this month.

Arab and Muslim states Israel has ties with voted in favor, including Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates.

“Nakba” is the Arabic word for “catastrophe” which Palestinians use to recall the displacement and dispossession they experienced during Israel’s War of Independence in 1948….

Another resolution said it was “noting with deep regret the passage of 55 years since the onset of the Israeli occupation” and 75 years since the UN partition plan and “the Nakba” with no resolution to the conflict.

Israel’s ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan said the resolutions’ “sole purpose is to put all the blame for what is happening in the Middle East solely on Israel while absolving the Palestinians of any responsibility.”

“Try to imagine the international community commemorating your country’s Independence Day by calling it a disaster. What a disgrace,” Erdan said of the Nakba resolution. “The Palestinians’ lies must no longer be accepted on the world stage, just as this body must stop allowing the Palestinians to continue pulling its strings. I urge you all to stop blindly supporting the Palestinians’ libels.”

“This General Assembly, this body, voted to adopt Resolution 181 – the Partition Plan. My people, the Jewish people, accepted this resolution without hesitation. But the Arabs and the Palestinians did not,” Erdan said. “Five Arab armies, together with the Arabs living in Israel, tried to destroy and annihilate us.”

Erdan also unveiled an exhibit at the UN on the “Jewish Nakba,” the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Jews from Arab countries and Iran in the 1940s and 1950s following the partition plan.

“Their only crime was being Jewish. This is the true Nakba. This is the disaster carried out against the Jewish people, and this is the disaster that this body has ignored for decades,” he said. “I will fight in every way the false narrative that the Palestinians spread at the UN.”…

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said at the event that the “occupation must end,” blaming the conflict on occupation, settlements, home demolitions, evictions and closures of Gaza crossings.

Guterres and other speakers focused on Israeli forces in the West Bank and did not mention Palestinian terrorism, the Hamas terror group, Israeli security concerns or Israeli victims of violence.

South Korean President Caught on Hot Mic Expressing Contempt for Biden at UN General Assembly


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/rick-moran/2022/09/23/south-korean-president-caught-on-hot-mic-expressing-contempt-for-biden-at-un-general-assembly-n1631724;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

It’s no secret that Joe Biden doesn’t have much credibility or respect from foreign leaders. But we’ve never heard the kind of dripping contempt that was expressed by South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol on a hot mic recording obtained by the South China Morning Post.

Biden gave his annual speech to the UN General Assembly and promised to increase the U.S. contribution to the UN Global Fund — a promise that would need congressional approval. President Yoon expressed his feelings about Biden’s abilities to get that done in rather colorful language.

“How could Biden not lose damn face if these f—ers do not pass it in Congress?” Yoon asked his aides on a hot mic Wednesday.

Fox News:

“He wasn’t speaking publicly on the stage but in passing, and although I don’t know who recorded it and how, I actually think it should be verified,” a South Korean official told reporters afterward, according to Yonhap.

“I think it’s highly inappropriate to draw a link between private remarks and diplomatic accomplishments,” the official added, referring to criticism that Yoon had created a diplomatic disaster. “It’s quite regrettable that a diplomatic disaster is being talked about over something like that when he is doing everything to complete a demanding schedule in the national interest of the Republic of Korea.”

In a response worthy of Biden himself, Yoon’s spokesperson claimed he never said it.


Presidential spokeswoman Kim Eun-hye said in New York on Thursday Mr Yoon did not actually say “Biden”, but a similar-sounding Korean word, and that he was referring to the South Korean parliament, not the US Congress.

Many were unconvinced by the government’s defence – an opposition MP said it was like telling Koreans they were “hearing impaired”.

Mr Yoon is a former prosecutor who only entered politics last year and won the presidential elections earlier this year by less than 1%.

He is known as being prone to gaffes and has been struggling with low approval ratings soon after being elected, correspondents say.

In politics, it’s whatever works. Alas, for Mr. Yoon, not much is working — either the truth or lies. He’s got very low approval numbers and angered the entire nation when, last year, he said of the president who massacred protesters in 1980, “He was good at politics.”

Biden loves to talk about how he has “restored” American “prestige” overseas. Mr. Yoon’s comments would seem to indicate otherwise.

U.S. Senate Ratifies Kigali Amendment, Handing More Sovereignty to the United Nations


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/u-s-senate-ratifies-kigali-amendment-handing-more-sovereignty-to-the-united-nations/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The United States Senate voted on Wednesday to ratify the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, further strengthening the United Nations at the expense of U.S. national sovereignty and advancing the Left’s radical environmentalist agenda.

The Senate voted 69-27 in favor of ratification, surpassing the two-thirds majority requirement for ratifying treaties as specified in Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution. Every Democrat present voted in favor of the treaty, while 21 Republicans joined them. Every senator who voted “nay” was a Republican.

With the United States’ ratification, it is the 138th country to have adopted the Kigali Amendment. Originally agreed upon in 2016, the amendment to the 1987 Montreal Protocol went into effect on January 1, 2019. A binding international agreement, it requires countries to radically cut their hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) emissions in the name of combating climate change.

The Kigali Amendment, which the Obama administration negotiated and celebrated, had been blocked from Senate ratification for several years. However, multiple establishment-leaning lobbying groups, including the Chamber of Commerce, advocated for ratification, and in 2020, Congress enacted domestic legislation allowing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate HFCs.

In a statement following the amendment’s ratification, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that “Ratifying the Kigali Amendment, along with passing the Inflation Reduction Act, is the strongest one-two punch against climate change any Congress has ever taken.” President Joe Biden also praised the Senate’s ratification, stating, “The United States is back at the table leading the fight against climate change.” Among other perceived benefits of the treaty, Biden said, it would allow the U.S. to “advance the global effort to combat the climate crisis.”

Others disagreed. Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), who voted against the amendment, stated that “We don’t need to get entangled in another United Nations treaty.”

As a United Nations treaty, the Kigali Amendment infringes upon U.S. national sovereignty. This treaty will allow the UN to dictate HFC environmental regulations in the United States — yet another abdication of sovereignty to global entities. Considering the UN’s pro-Marxist, anti-liberty bent, such a situation will be detrimental to the U.S. Constitution and individual freedom. And under the treaty itself, nations that do not ratify it will face international economic restrictions beginning in 2033.

The Kigali Amendment will also harm the U.S. economy. HFCs are very commonly used in air conditioners and refrigerators. By phasing out HFCs, the cost of purchasing, maintaining, and repairing air conditioners and refrigerators will increase significantly. This will hurt families and businesses at a time when inflation is already at historic levels.

Under the treaty, the United States and other Western countries are treated most stringently, needing to reduce HFC emissions by 85 percent (compared to 2012 levels) by 2036. However, China and other “developing” countries will only need to reduce their emissions by 80 percent (compared to 2021 levels) by 2045. A small group of countries, including India, will have even more lenient requirements. Although the U.S. Senate passed an amendment to the Kigali Amendment requiring the federal government to seek China’s reclassification as a “developed” nation, this amendment is mostly symbolic.

HFCs are not harmful to the environment. A 2015 study by NASA found that HFCs would decrease ozone by only 0.035% by 2050. There is absolutely no justification for any type of regulation, much less at the international level.

Ultimately, the Kigali Amendment is another surrender to the Left’s environmental agenda and the push toward a one-world government. Rather than further integrating the United States into the growing international bureaucracy, Congress would be wise to fully withdraw the U.S. from the United Nations and every associated organization.

To urge your U.S. representative and senators to Get US Out! of the United Nations by enacting the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, visit The John Birch Society’s legislative alert here.

State Department set to grant visa to Iran’s Raisi, ‘Butcher of Baghdad,’ for UN speech despite assassination plots


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2022/08/state-department-set-to-grant-visa-to-irans-raisi-butcher-of-baghdad-for-un-speech-despite-assassination-plots;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Joe Biden is under pressure to ban Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi, known as the Butcher of Baghdad, from an upcoming U.N. appearance. In the interests of national security, Biden should refuse the Raisi visit, but as usual, his weakness and appeasement prevail.

The first commitment of the American government should be national security, which Joe Biden and his Democrat cronies have long abandoned. Just look at the Southern border to see how much American national security really matters to Joe Biden. 

“US State Department set to grant a visa to Iranian president for UN speech amid assassination plots,” by Mike Wagenheim, JNS, August 16, 2022:

(August 15, 2022 / JNS) Under pressure to deny an entry visa to Iran’s president, the U.S. State Department says it must uphold its commitments to the United Nations under its arrangement as the host country.

Seven Republican senators sent a letter on Aug. 2 to U.S. President Joe Biden urging him to deny visas for Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his delegation to attend the U.N. General Assembly in September. Raisi is scheduled to speak at the event.

A State Department spokesperson told JNS that it is “generally obligated under the United Nations Headquarters Agreement to facilitate travel” by U.N. member representatives. The spokesperson added: “We take our obligations under the U.N. Headquarters Agreement seriously. At the same time, the Biden administration has not and will not waver in protecting and defending all Americans against threats of violence and terrorism.”

The spokesperson said that visa records are confidential under U.S. law and couldn’t be discussed.

The senators wrote that “Raisi’s involvement in mass murder and the Iranian regime’s campaign to assassinate U.S. officials on American soil make allowing Raisi and his henchmen to enter our country an inexcusable threat……

Deep state plan revealed: Frame a civil war to justify UN troops to OCCUPY and DISARM America


SEE: https://naturalnews.com/2022-08-15-deep-state-plan-revealed-frame-civil-war-to-justify-un-troops-occupy-america.html;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Thanks to sources that have stepped forward with inside information, we now know some details about a plan we’re told is being pursued by the Biden regime to achieve the complete overthrow and destruction of the United States of America. As you review this, remember that compromised American officials are working with communist China and the globalists to achieve the downfall of America.

The recent FBI / DOJ raid on Mar-a-Lago is a key element of this plan. The raid was reportedly designed to provoke an armed uprising among Trump supporters, or at least encourage nationwide protests that could be exploited by the FBI to run undercover agents dressed up as MAGA supporters.

During these uprisings, we’re told, the FBI plans to attack government buildings with some sort of large-scale destruction. Think Oklahoma City (the FBI bombed the FBI headquarters in order to blame conservatives) or 9/11. Now add to that list the possibility of dirty bombs being unleashed in America by deep state operatives as a mechanism to declare martial law and feign vulnerability on the part of the government.

Media is rolling out a dirty bomb narrative

The narrative is already being set in place for a dirty bomb attack. For example, DefenseNews.com recently reported on how the GAO was able to forge a few documents and purchase radioactive materials to be shipped to the United States:

Late last year, government employees forged a copy of a license to buy hazardous, radioactive material. They created shell companies, then placed orders, generated invoices, and paid two U.S.-based vendors.

The scheme worked. The employees successfully had the material shipped, complete with radioactive stickers on the side, then confirmed delivery.

“Anyone could open a shell company with a fraudulent license to obtain dangerous amounts of radioactive material that could be weaponized into a dirty bomb,” Torres told Defense News in an interview on Wednesday. “Disperse radioactive material in a city as densely populated as New York, and it could cause catastrophic damage.”

Since most people don’t understand radiation — and it’s invisible — the public can be easily terrorized by the media working in conjunction with the deep state to carry out a dirty bomb attack that might not even be very dangerous from a purely medical/radiological point of view. But hyped up by the media, the average American will believe the world is ending. (It’s the covid panic template all over again…)

Calling in UN troops

To complete this reported scenario, the Biden regime plans to pretend to be weak, bombing its own offices and killing its own agents, in order to issue an international plea for United Nations assistance. “Peacekeeping,” in other words.

These so-called “peacekeepers” are, of course, human traffickers, child sodomizers, and rapists, and they will ply their dark trade in US cities just like they do everywhere else in the world. But the real threat is when the UN invites China to occupy the United States under the cover of peacekeeping (or food rescue missions since so many Americans will be starving due to engineered food scarcity), with PLA troops wearing blue helmets and going door to door, attempting to disarm the American people in the name of “security.”

In effect, communist China would be simultaneously disarming America while occupying US territory. Once a critical mass of PLA troops are in place across America, the order is given to mass execute all living Americans so that China can claim North America for itself, instantly reaping the benefit of trillions of dollars worth of farmland, minerals, energy, waterways, ports, industry and more.

The UN peacekeeping mission, in other words, is a grand Trojan Horse to invite the enemy right into America where they can occupy the entire country without having to fight an actual war.

At least that’s the plan currently in play. Whether they can successfully pull it off is another story.

Seeming to confirm this plan is the fact that communist China is in the process of loading up a flotilla of merchant ships with military equipment and personnel, ready to invade the continental United States with a massive military presence. Under this scenario, there would be no resistance to China’s military, as they would be deemed “peacekeepers,” so the entire US Navy would stand down and allow China’s military to roll right up to the West Coast and unload their military equipment on US soil.

The deep state needs a really large false flag attack to scare the public into compliance

In order to achieve all this, the Biden regime needs something incredibly disastrous to take place that would scare the majority of Americans into agreeing with the foreign occupation of America. They would need to paint the American people as the enemy, fabricating all sorts of scary news and scapegoating their political enemies to take the blame for whatever nefarious attack they unleash.

The most likely choice for the regime to achieve these difficult goals is to choose a dirty bomb attack on a major US city, preferably a city in a red state such as Texas or Florida. This way, heavily armed federal agents can descend upon the conservative state and attempt to seize control under federal “emergency” declarations. They can also economically punish a red state and cause local chaos for the GOP governor. This is why a red state is the most likely target for the dirty bomb false flag.

Once a dirty bomb is unleashed — likely in the state’s capitol area — the entire area will be restricted from human access, citing radiation exposure (no matter how tiny it may be). This will throw banking, regulators, legislators, and courts into chaos.

The complicit media will of course follow the script and blame the attack on whatever patsy they drum up with sufficient links to conservative media, the NRA, and all the usual suspects. The blame will ultimately be placed on a pro-Trump, flag-waving J6 attendee who believes in God owns a lot of homemade guns, and posted some extreme-sounding frustrations on social media. It will of course be a white Christian male, and all white people will be immediately labeled terrorists by the treasonous media.

The calls for nationwide gun confiscation won’t be far behind.

For the record, we are calling for Americans to resist being played by the deep state in this emotional con game. Do not allow yourself to be whipped up into an emotional wave, and do not resort to violence. This is what the deep state wants. The American people need to stay cool and avoid handing the deep state the uprising they desperately want to create.

Will this nefarious plot succeed? Or will white hats stop it?

Rep. Jim Jordan says 14 FBI agents have turned whistleblowers and stepped forward to expose the tyranny and corruption of the agency. That’s just a taste of things to come as an increasing number of those who work within the bureaucracy wake up and realize how evil and destructive the federal government has become under the lawless tyranny of the Biden regime.

So-called “white hats” exist inside every federal agency, including the Pentagon. It is currently rumored that the pro-America military leaders at the US military command facilities in Cheyenne Mountain are at war with the corrupt, treasonous Pentagon leaders in Virginia. There’s even talk that the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid was also about trying to seize nuclear launch codes so that the deep state could initiate a nuclear war with China or Russia. We can’t confirm these two points, but they are part of the current chatter behind the scenes.

Many people believe the white hats will emerge victorious as the American people rapidly come to their senses and reject the outright tyranny of the democrat fascists. But the faster the American people wake up and try to vote their way out of this tyranny, the more desperate the regime becomes, willing to unleash almost any level of disaster against America in order to scare the masses into obedience.

Learn more in today’s Situation Update podcast, which also features clips from The Wizard of Oz and Die Hard. Hans Gruber pretending to be Bill Clay is like the FBI pretending to be afraid of the American public, you see. Hear the podcast for yourself to get full details:



United Nations Penalizes Criticisms Against Elitist Takeover


SEE: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2022/08/15/united-nations-censorship.aspx?v=1660580678;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Story at-a-glance

  • Coordinated censorship is occurring globally
  • In response to the growing truth movement that warns against a totalitarian, tyrannical takeover, the United Nations has now declared war on “conspiracy theories” that suggest world governments are anything but honest and ethical, and has published a comprehensive guide on how to debunk and strike down claims to the contrary. According to the U.N., world events are “not secretly manipulated behind the scenes by powerful forces with negative intent”
  • According to the U.N., a story only qualifies as truthful if “The sources are backed by fact-checking sites” — which we now know are all bought and paid for by the cabal that is conspiring to create a One World Government through a “Great Reset”
  • To stop the spread of “conspiracy theories” about a global technocratic cabal hell-bent on stealing all private wealth and centralizing world governance, UNESCO, the European Commission, and the World Jewish Congress have launched a joint Twitter campaign with the hashtag, #ThinkBeforeSharing
  • Documents obtained by America First Legal (AFL) show the U.S. government colluded with Big Tech to censor on its behalf
  • The Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana have filed a lawsuit against the federal government and have been granted discovery. Several officials from the Biden administration are being subpoenaed, as are several social media companies. The documents obtained by AFL are also being used in this lawsuit. Subsequent to the AFL’s document release, several scientists who were censored by Big Tech at the behest of the federal government have joined the AG’s lawsuit

There’s clear coordination, globally, of censorship. With few exceptions, countries have taken action to criminalize free speech, and they have done so in lockstep with each other. It began in earnest with censorship of theories about the origins of SARS-CoV-2 and grew from there to include anything COVID-related.

Still, the truth could not be contained. People started abandoning mainstream media in droves — which have clearly been lying to us on behalf of the globalist cabal — flocking instead to alternative news sources.

In response to the growing truth movement that warns against a technocratic, anti-human takeover, the United Nations has now declared war on “conspiracy theories” that suggest world governments are anything but honest and ethical, and has published a comprehensive guide1 on how to debunk and strike down claims to the contrary.

Not surprisingly, a story only qualifies as truthful if “the sources are backed by fact-checking sites.” As detailed in other articles, so-called “fact-checking” organizations are all bought and paid for by the same cabal that is conspiring to create a One World Government through a “Great Reset.”

So, no wonder they’re designated as the sole arbiters of truthfulness. They’re part and parcel of the propaganda machine. How convenient for the globalists.

UN Takes Aim at Globalist Takeover ‘Conspiracies’

To stop the spread of “conspiracy theories” about a global technocratic cabal hell-bent on stealing all private wealth and centralizing world governance, UNESCO, the European Commission and the World Jewish Congress have launched a joint Twitter campaign with the hashtag, #ThinkBeforeSharing.2

According to the U.N., world events are “not secretly manipulated behind the scenes by powerful forces with negative intent,” and if you come across people who think a global cabal is conspiring to consolidate power unto themselves, you must act as a good citizen and debunk their claims.

Journalists are also told to report alleged conspiracy theorists to social media and their local press council or press ombudsman. The People’s Voice (TPV) report (video above) goes into additional details.

Operation Mockingbird Never Stopped. It Merely Morphed

TPV also provides a quick review of Operation Mockingbird, a CIA operation in which journalists were recruited and paid to distribute fake news stories and CIA propaganda. Interestingly, the Mockingbird op was launched in 1948, the same year the U.S. Information and Educational Exchange Act (aka the Smith-Mundt Act) became law, which forbade the U.S. government from pushing propaganda onto the U.S. population.

This anti-propaganda law was repealed in 2013 by then-President Barrack Obama. So, since July 2013, the U.S. government and CIA have been legally permitted to propagandize U.S. citizens.

Ironically, the dismissal of conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists as mentally unstable crackpots was a tactic invented by the CIA. Its intent is to marginalize and demoralize anyone who dares question the official narrative. In the video above, media analyst Mark Dice provides a slightly more in-depth summary of Operation Mockingbird.

According to the U.N., “true conspiracies” — which they admit can and do exist — are only ever unearthed and revealed by mainstream media, and true conspiracies are almost always limited in scope. Neither is true, of course.

Mainstream journalists are shackled by the will of owners and advertisers, which are the very same people and organizations involved in this global takeover, and the conspiracy that is The Great Reset is the largest, most comprehensive conspiracy in human history (that we know of). The fact that this is now a new focus of censorship just shows we’re right on target.

We also have plenty of evidence that mainstream media are still, to this day, being paid to publish selective propaganda, as detailed in “Reuters and BBC Caught Taking Money for Propaganda Campaign.” In fact, mainstream media are more controlled and clandestinely directed today than ever before.

They are not acting as a check on power at all, but rather as an indoctrination arm of the New World Order cabal. As such, it’s impossible for a legacy media journalist to break a real conspiracy theory open. So, the fact that the U.N. is telling you to listen only to the mainstream media and its bought-and-paid-for “fact checkers” is rather telling.

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, it’s become quite clear that most legacy media are in the business of publishing fake news, and that “fact checking” is nothing but a sham supporting and reinforcing their lies. Basically, the U.N. is simply doing its part in trying to prop up the globalists crumbling propaganda infrastructure.

Illegal Collusion Between Government and Big Tech

The technocratic takeover and the implementation of a One World Government have been “announced” and detailed in a variety of different reports over the decades. Today, we also have evidence in the form of internal documents obtained through lawsuits. As reported by America First Legal, July 27, 2022:3

“Today, America First Legal (AFL) released shocking documents4 it obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealing concrete evidence of collusion between the CDC and social media companies to censor free speech and promote Biden Administration propaganda.

These documents are only the latest examples of this Administration’s blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law. Last July, then-White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted5 that the White House was working with social media companies to identify ‘misinformation.’

Specifically, she said, ‘we’re regularly making sure social media platforms are aware of the latest narratives, dangerous to public health that we and many other Americans are seeing across all of social and traditional media. And we work to engage with them to better understand the enforcement of social media platform policies.’

AFL immediately submitted FOIA requests to the Department of Health and Human Services, the CDC, the Food and Drug Administration, and the National Institutes of Health to uncover the degree to which the CDC and the White House have been censoring content that it has deemed ‘disinformation’ or ‘misinformation.’”

When they failed to comply with the FOIA request, AFL sued the CDC to compel the release of the requested information. It took a year, but they’ve now received the first tranche of documents, which show the CDC has been working with social media platforms and the Census Bureau to “leverage their infrastructure to identify and monitor social media for vaccine information.”

In one instance, the CDC sent Twitter officials a chart of sample tweets it deemed to be vaccine misinformation to be censored. The CDC also held regular “be on the lookout” (BOLO) meetings with Twitter and Facebook during which the CDC instructed the social media giants on what to take down.

CDC Has Coordinated Censorship Across Platforms

The CDC also instructed Twitter on language to be used to “debunk” Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) data. Specifically, the CDC told Twitter to highlight the fact that anyone can file a VAERS report, and that “VAERS is not designed to determine if a vaccine caused or contributed to an adverse event.”

While both statements are true, they in no way eradicate the value of VAERS data, as VAERS is designed to be an early warning system. When many reports of like kind start to amass for a given vaccine — that’s a warning signal that something is wrong and further investigation is warranted. The problem we have is that both the FDA and CDC, which share responsibility for VAERS, refuse to do so.

Correspondence also reveals the CDC and HHS received $15 million dollars worth of Facebook advertising credits as a non-monetary gift, which appears to be a “violation of the Antideficiency Act’s limitation on voluntary services,” AFL notes.

The CDC has also coordinated the censorship of vaccine information with Google while asking Google to promote its own vaccine page in search results. Emails even reveal that the CDC was allowed to edit Google’s Knowledgebase code directly.

“The records AFL finally received from the CDC reveal the extent to which the Biden Administration is willing to engage in unconstitutional and otherwise unlawful activities in total disregard for the rights of American citizens,” AFL writes.6

“AFL continues to file crucial oversight requests with the Biden Administration to reveal to the American people the actions this Administration is taking on a daily basis which undermine the rule of law and the liberties of American citizens. AFL has made clear that any corrupt government agency that attempts to conceal records should be prepared to face legal action.”

In a public statement, AFL president Stephen Miller added:7

“These explosive smoking-gun documents, obtained as a result of America First Legal’s litigation against the Biden Administration, conclusively demonstrate that Big Tech has unlawfully colluded with the federal government to silence, censor, and suppress Americans’ free speech and violate their First Amendment rights.

Government is expressly prohibited from censoring competing or dissenting viewpoints or from silencing its political opponents whether it does so directly or whether it uses an outside corporation to achieve its draconian, totalitarian ends. AFL will not rest in the fight against illegal collusion between Big Tech and Big Government to trample on your voices and the Bill of Rights.”

Landmark Free Speech Lawsuit Underway

The documents obtained by AFL will also be used in other free speech lawsuits underway, including one filed by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana. As reported by Missouri AG Eric Schmitt, July 12, 2022:8

“Today, the United States District Court, Western District of Louisiana granted Missouri and Louisiana’s motion for discovery in their lawsuit against top-ranking Biden Administration officials for allegedly colluding to suppress freedom of speech, paving the way for the attorneys general to collect discovery and documents from both top-ranking Biden Administration officials as well as social media giants like Twitter, Meta, and others ...

The lawsuit ... alleges that the Biden Administration ... both pressured and colluded with social media giants Meta, Twitter, and YouTube to censor free speech in the name of combating so-called ‘disinformation’ and ‘misinformation,’ which led to the suppression and censorship of truthful information on several topics, including COVID-19 ...

The lawsuit incorporates four counts: (1) Violation of the First Amendment, (2) Action in Excess of Statutory Authority, and (3) Administrative Procedure Act Violations by HHS officials, and (4) Administrative Procedure Act violations by DHS officials.”

Specific individuals named in the lawsuit include President Biden, former press secretary Jen Psaki, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Nina Jankowicz (former director of the now-defunct Department of Homeland Security’s ‘Disinformation Governance Board’), Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, just to name a few.

Indeed, several of these, including Biden, Psaki and Murthy, have publicly targeted me specifically and demanded Mercola.com be banned from social media for the crime of sharing published science and the educated viewpoints of myself and other medical experts.

Scientists Join AG’s Lawsuit Against the Federal Government

Examples of free speech suppression listed in the AG’s complaint include:

  1. The Hunter Biden laptop story prior to the 2020 Presidential election
  2. The lab-leak theory of COVID-19’s origin
  3. The efficiency of masks and COVID-19 lockdowns
  4. Election integrity and the security of voting by mail

The fact that these AGs are now able to subpoena U.S. officials and Big Tech is really important because subpoenaed information cannot be redacted at will, as is the case with most FOIA requests. Only the judge can decide if certain information is to be redacted and not released for public consumption.

In a July 19, 2022, Twitter thread,9 Schmitt detailed some of the documentation they’re demanding, and from whom. Links to the discovery requests and subpoenas can be found on Schmitt’s AG website.10 One concern right now is the fact that Schmitt is also running for Senate. If he wins that seat, he may remove himself from the case, which would be a terrible loss. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, in that regard.

Several Scientists Join AG’s Lawsuit Against Federal Government

In the meantime, the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), representing several scientists, has joined the AG’s lawsuit.11

Scientists represented by NCLA include two of the co-authors of The Great Barrington Declaration — Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine at Stanford University, Martin Kulldorff, former professor of medicine at Harvard University — as well as Dr. Jill Hines, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty and a former member of the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Subgroup.

As noted by the NCLA,12 “Government censorship can take several forms like shadow bans, de-platforming, de-boosting, restricting access to content, demonetizing, requiring users to take down content, and imposing warning labels requiring click-through to access content,” and its plaintiffs have all been “censored and/or shadow-banned as a result of Defendants’ actions.”

Government-Sponsored Censorship in the Limelight

The history of collusion between government, media, the CIA, and other operatives is a long one. The main difference between the propaganda and censorship of yesteryear and today is that it’s now blatant and in your face.

It’s also documented to a degree we’ve not seen before — and government is even trying to make government-sponsored censorship into the accepted rule, even though it’s a blatant violation of the First Amendment (free speech). That’s what the Disinformation Governance Board was all about.

So, the timing of the U.N.’s decision to take a decisive role in global censorship is not likely accidental. The U.S. government is failing in its attempt to eradicate free speech, so the U.N. is stepping in as a “superior” international power to push that agenda forward. It’s worth noting that they’re counting on previous brainwashing to achieve this aim.

They’re basically enlisting the brainwashed masses to strike down the truth tellers on their behalf. Not only is having populations police each other an effective control strategy, but as long as citizens are turned against each other, they’re also not paying attention to who the real enemy is and what they’re up to.

Essentially, what we have here is a conspiracy to hide the biggest conspiracy in the history of mankind, namely the implementation of global totalitarianism by a secretive “elite” that has never been legally empowered to lord over a single soul, let alone the global population as a whole.

So, what’s the answer? Do the opposite of what the U.N. is demanding and never, ever stop sharing truth and different opinions and viewpoints. Freedom of speech — whether you’re right or wrong in your assessment — is foundational for freedom, and any infringement on speech freedom is a direct attack on human freedom and liberty and must never be tolerated in a free society.

The Lethal Indoctrination of Children in Palestinian Education: How UNRWA-run schools incubate anti-Semitism and terror.


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2022/08/lethal-indoctrination-children-palestinian-richard-l-cravatts/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Richard L. Cravatts, Ph.D., a Freedom Center Journalism Fellow in Academic Free Speech and President Emeritus of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, is the author of the forthcoming The Slow Death of the University: How Radicalism, Israel Hatred, and Race Obsession are Destroying Academia.

Signaling yet another unfortunate reversal of Trump-era policies, President Biden was in Bethlehem in the West Bank on July 15th to affirm U.S. support for the long-aggrieved Palestinians.

During that meeting with PA President Mahmoud Abbas, Biden suggested that “Palestinian refugees deserve to live in dignity, to see their basic needs addressed, and to have hope for the future,” and one remedy for their condition, of course, is U.S. aid, namely, “an additional $201 million for the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) to continue delivering critical services to Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.”

UNRWA, the UN’s division dedicated solely to the Palestinian refugees, has been the subject of much scrutiny and criticism, which is why in 2018 the Trump administration eliminated further funding for the controversial agency. That approach was a good step, since UNRWA, established when some 400,000-700,000 Palestinians were made refugees with the founding of Israel, has perversely served as a political and diplomatic tactic by which the hapless Palestinians have languished stateless, as if in amber, used as a hammer with which to bludgeon Israel by blaming the Jewish state for the condition in which these refugees, including millions of the descendants of the original refugees, now find themselves. The slavish attention paid to this particular group of refugees suggests that their importance is based on the symbolic import of their existence as Israel’s victims, thus the budgetary and organizational commitment to UNRWA’s operations.

Specifically, UNRWA employs some 30,000 people to tend to the needs of only 5.7 million people identified as Palestinian refugees (or 190 refugees for every employee) while The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, the division responsible for every other refugee in the world, some 59 million people, has only 18,000 employees (3277 refugees for every employee).

Maintaining the Palestinian refugee problem as a scab on the Middle East’s body politic is UNRWA’s principal role, but its influence on Palestinian culture and society is also profound, particularly since some 58% of its $1 billion annual budget is allocated to education programs. While its education mission statement purports to offer children a “quality education for Palestine refugees . . . for the teaching and learning of human rights, conflict resolution, and tolerance,” UNRWA’s schools have been shown to be incubators of hatred where Palestinian children are taught to loathe Zionism, Israelis, and Jews, to question the very existence and legitimacy of the Jewish state, to justify jihad and terror against Israel, to strive for martyrdom in the name of jihad, and to commit to a life of resistance, aggression, and terror against the alleged criminal Zionist regime.

This indoctrination, marinating Palestinian children in hatred from kindergarten through high school, has had obvious and tragic long-term effects on Palestinian culture and society. Children inculcated with hatred of Jews, Zionism, and Israel unsurprisingly develop into adults fully committed to jihad to avenge alleged wrongs against Palestine and Islam, explaining why, for example, in 2019 the Palestinians spent $343 million of the foreign aid showered upon them to pay terrorists who had murdered Jews and their the families gruesome bounties in a “pay to slay” program to effect the “liberation” of Palestine. It may also help explain why, as a survey by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) revealed, over 90% of Palestinians harbor anti-Semitic beliefs, and the Middle East at large is the most anti-Semitic region in the world.

How UNRWA’s schools are used in the indoctrination process of Palestinian children is revealed quite clearly in a study just released in July by IMPACT-se, “Review of 2022 UNRWA-Produced Study Materials in the Palestinian Territories: Selected Examples.”  The report audited textbooks used in UNRWA schools and found that children are being taught a false narrative that makes them the perennial victim of a usurping colonial occupier, the defiling Jew, and that liberation can only be obtained through a prolonged struggle and “resistance” to occupation—in fact, to the very existence of Jewish sovereignty in a sea of Muslim territory—is mandatory for all Muslims and that terror, and martyrdom, are an integral and noble part of the effort.

A text for grade 5, “Hurray for Heroes,” the report notes as one example, “praises Palestinian militant figures such as Izz al-Din al-Qassam and Dalal Mughrabi, known for leading violent operations against Jewish civilians; both are presented as positive role models. The UNRWA material requires students to read the text and identify the Palestinian ‘heroes,’ while suggesting: ‘we all hope to be like those heroes.’”

A UNRWA booklet designed to teach numbers to grade 3 students directs “them to a specific exercise in a PA math textbook which asks students to choose the correct number of martyrs in the First Intifada from a list of suggested numbers,” martyrdom, of course, considered to be a noble aspiration. Eighth-grade study cards reinforce this same perverse aspiration, “featuring themes of jihad, martyrdom, prison, and conflict. Such examples include phrases like ‘Jihad is one of the doors to Paradise’; ‘The Palestinians have become an example of sacrifice’; ‘The soil of Jerusalem began asking my nation: why does its flag not fly over her’; ‘The Palestinians are lions in fighting the enemies.’”

A grade 6 study card, the report found, “utilizes militaristic, nationalistic and violent imagery to teach Arabic grammar principles which encourage jihad and martyrdom. Such examples include phrases like ‘We shall defend the motherland with blood’; ‘The Palestinian died as a martyr . . .  to defend his motherland’; ‘The resistance fighter attacked the Enemy’s position.’”

The IMPACT-se report mirrors the revelations of the toxicity of UNRWA teaching materials found in a 2020 study by Dr. Arnon Groiss of The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, “Israel, Jews and Peace in Palestinian Authority Schoolbooks and Teachers’ Guides,” which examined some 400 textbooks and more than 100 teachers’ guides published by the Palestinian Education Ministry from 2013 and 2020.

The report points to a three-prong process used to teach children about the perfidy of Israel, including a “Delegitimization of the State of Israel and the very presence of Jews in the Land of Israel, including the denial of the existence of Jewish holy places;” the “Demonization of Israel and the Jews;” and an “Encouragement of ‘violent struggle’ for the ‘liberation’ of the Land of Israel, with no mention of peace and coexistence.”

While the familiar narrative among diplomats and the public face of the Arab street has long voiced support for the notion of “two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace,” the reality is that maps in textbooks used by Arab children do not even show Israel; in other words, it does not exist as either a geographic or political entity. So, the idea that children or their parents have been raised to think that reconciliation is possible between both peoples is a fantasy, something that apologists for the Palestinians blindly, and regularly, ignore.

“In none of the P.A.’s schoolbooks has any call for the resolution of the conflict peacefully, or any mentioning of co-existence with Israel been found,” Groiss wrote. “The ‘Zionist enemy,’ according to the description appearing in the schoolbooks, is wholly evil and constitutes an existential threat to the Palestinians who are depicted as the ultimate victim, with no shared responsibility for the conflict.”

“Moreover,” the report noted, “Israel itself is taught to be completely illegal and illegitimate,” and “The name ‘Israel’ has been replaced most of the time by the epithet ‘the  Zionist occupation’ so that children are taught that “the struggle against the State of Israel has thus become a struggle against Zionism that is perceived as a mythical and a wholly evil entity, which  creates feelings of fear and hatred.”

When in 2007 then-Senator Hillary Clinton reviewed some of the teaching materials used in Palestinian schools, she saw their use as being tantamount to child abuse, observing that “Children were encouraged to see martyrdom and armed struggle and the murder of innocent people as ideals to strive for.” 

And the Groiss report affirmed that assumption, suggesting that the lessons in the texts encourage and perpetuate both a justification for terror and the likelihood that it will continue to be used. “Reference to terror is more explicit in the newer schoolbooks,” the report noted. “Terrorist operations perpetrated throughout the years of conflict with Israel are presented [in words echoing the ghoulish sentiment of the NEA resolution] as heroic actions in the framework of the ‘revolution,’ ‘resistance’ and ‘self-sacrifice’” [emphasis added].

The report made it clear that unless incitement and the teaching of hate, both in classrooms and on the Arab street, are curbed, and educators make authentic attempts to improve the educational quality and the lives of Arab children — not just by denouncing the existence and behavior of Israel but through substantive, real change in what is taught and what the social, cultural, and moral messages are in that teaching — the Palestinian cause will be eternally hobbled by its own blind loathing of the Jewish state.

For Groiss, if teaching materials are not changed dramatically, children will continue to be marinated in hatred and no peace and Palestinian statehood will ever evolve. “The schoolbooks issued by the Palestinian Authority indicate, then, the essence of the narrative as far as the conflict with Israel is concerned,” the report noted. “It is learned from the PA schoolbooks and teachers’ guides that the education of the younger Palestinian generation prepares it consciously for a continuous and long-range confrontation against the State of Israel in order to achieve the final goal, which is the establishment of the State of Palestine that will stretch on the entire territory of the Land of Israel.”

As long as Palestinian children cling to that impossible fantasy, they have condemned themselves to further generations of disappointment, disillusionment, and a tragedy of their own making. And as long as UNRWA and the PA use its schools as incubators for hatred and indoctrination, Palestinian intransigence and hostility toward the Jewish state are bound to never disappear.

Blasting CCP Influence, Lawmakers File Bill to Get US Out of UN & WHO

Blasting CCP Influence, Lawmakers File Bill to Get US Out of UN & WHO


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/blasting-ccp-influence-lawmakers-file-bill-to-get-us-out-of-un-who/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Outraged by the growing influence of the mass-murdering Chinese Communist Party and other perceived problems, U.S. lawmakers recently re-introduced legislation that would end U.S. membership in the United Nations and its agencies, such as the UN World Health Organization (WHO).

In addition to ending U.S. government involvement with the UN, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 7806) would remove the UN’s controversial headquarters from U.S. soil and protect American troops from having to serve under UN command.   

U.S. Representative Mike Rogers, a conservative Republican representing eastern Alabama, has been the lead sponsor of the bill in several congresses so far. He has raised numerous concerns over the years, including corruption, waste, hostility to Israel, opposition to fundamental American principles, the UN’s hatred of the Second Amendment, and more.

“The United Nations has repeatedly proven itself to be an utterly useless organization,” explained Rogers in a statement announcing the re-introduction of the bill last month, doubling down on previous comments referring to the UN as a “disaster.”

Some of the congressman’s major concerns are the UN’s growing hostility to genuine human rights and its increasing subservience to the dictatorship in Beijing and others hostile to individual liberty and the United States.

“The UN’s founding charter states the UN’s mission ‘to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small,’” added Rogers in the statement. “However, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has proven herself to be nothing more than a puppet for the Chinese Communist Party — aiding the CCP in playing down the very real and horrifying genocide being carried out against Uyghurs.”

Indeed, The New American has been exposing the “Socialist” Bachelet for years. From her close ties to the communist movement in Latin America and Beijing to her ongoing anti-American diatribes calling for restricting rights in America, Bachelet has become extremely controversial. Concerns about the UN official’s abuse of diplomatic immunity to shield her and others from criminal probes are also growing.

Rogers blasted the UN’s cozy relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. “It’s unconscionable that China continues to sit on the UN Human Rights Council even as it carries out this disturbing genocide on top of its numerous and daily violations of basic human rights,” the Republican congressman said.

“It’s clear the UN has abandoned the ideals set in its founding charter and that’s why, among many other reasons, I’ve reintroduced legislation to withdraw the United States from the UN,” he added.

When introducing the bill in 2019, Rogers blasted the UN as an “inefficient bureaucracy” and a “complete waste of American tax dollars.” Saying the legislation was one of his top priorities, Rogers noted that the global organization “works against America’s interests around the world” and continues to “attack our rights as U.S. citizens.” 

Another key element of the bill would end U.S. involvement in the disgraced World Health Organization. Among other scandals, the UN agency is led by a former communist terror leader backed by Beijing and was repeatedly exposed parroting the CCP’s talking points.

“The WHO lost all credibility when they chose to put public health second to the Chinese Communist Party by helping the CCP cover up the origins of COVID-19,” continued Rogers, blasting the UN WHO as “corrupt.”

Reacting to similar concerns, President Donald Trump started the process to remove the U.S. from the WHO, drawing widespread applause from conservatives and Republicans across America.

Joe Biden promptly re-engaged with the UN agency after taking power, though numerous congressional efforts to stop funding for and end U.S. involvement in WHO continue. (Trump did get the United States out of UNESCO, the UN’s “education” agency, and so far Biden has not been able to reverse that.)

Co-sponsors of the latest iteration of the American Sovereignty Restoration Act include Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), Rep. Diana Harshbarger (R-Tenn.), Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), and Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas).

Massie, a longtime champion of the #Amexit movement to get the United States out of the UN, previously told The New American that there are many reasons why the U.S. government should cut all ties with the controversial global organization.

“The best thing that you can say about the United Nations is it’s mostly ineffective and a waste of money,” said Congressman Massie, who campaigned for an “Amexit” from the UN after the British people voted for a “Brexit” from the European Union. “That’s the best thing you can say about it. So I’m glad that they are somewhat ineffective, but I don’t like that we waste the money.”

But that is just the start. Another major problem is that the UN is packed with autocratic regimes and is constantly seeking to infringe on the sovereignty of nation-states.  “It’s full of dictators, and it’s also something that I don’t think our sovereign government should defer to,” Massie explained in an interview at The John Birch Society’s 60th-anniversary celebration.

“For instance, a lot of these foreign relations bills that come in front of us in Congress and the whereas clauses — they might say ‘whereas the UN has said this,’ or ‘the UN decided this, now, therefore, be it resolved’ — well that’s almost an automatic no for me, because why would I defer to the United Nations if we’re a sovereign country?” asked Massie.

The Kentucky congressman, who has a near-perfect score on The New American magazine’s Freedom Index, also warned that the U.S. government supplies far more than the American people’s “fair share” for the UN’s budget. “But a fair share would be zero, and we should get out,” he added.

With an added boost from the United Kingdom’s successful bid to secede from the European Union, Massie launched the “Amexit” campaign in 2016, saying there was a fresh interest in the move. Trump’s efforts to end U.S. involvement in various UN agencies and programs also proved to be popular with Americans.

The Deep State, though, wants to keep Americans entangled in international organizations. “They would like to see us fully involved in the United Nations and intervening in every country possible,” Massie said, adding that global agencies increasingly dictate policy to American elected officials and that many congressmen are more than willing to bow down.  

In a more recent interview with The New American magazine in which he called for passing the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, Massie took special aim at the World Trade Organization, saying it has long been “hostile” to the United States. Indeed, it was the WTO that purported to “force” Congress into repealing its country-of-origin labeling for meat.

Blasting the UN as “a collection of dictators,” Massie also pointed to the WHO’s attacks on science and language — and how the CDC followed suit in seeking to redefine terms such as “vaccine” and “herd immunity.” “It is Orwellian in the sense that they’re trying to control thought by controlling the language that we use,” he added.

As the UN becomes increasingly aggressive in its efforts to undermine the sovereignty and redefine the concept of rights — not to mention empower Communist China and itself — public sentiment in America is souring. Top conservatives ranging from U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R) have expressly called for the United States to exit the UN, too.

The effort to liberate the United States from the UN — an agenda long championed by The John Birch Society, which publishes this magazine — has been gaining steam for decades. Congressional votes on defunding the UN and the Trump administration’s strident attacks on the UN have shown that the movement is no longer a fringe issue, as it was in the 1960s and 1970s.

One leading advocate for the American Sovereignty Restoration Act was former Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas). Paul, who ran for president and made history by attracting millions of young people and breaking fundraising records, introduced the bill regularly in the 1990s and 2000s. He called on Congress to at least vote on the bill, so Americans could know where their representatives stood on the issue.

Another lead champion of the measure was U.S. Congressman Larry McDonald (D-Ga.), a hardcore conservative who also served as the chairman of The John Birch Society. Unfortunately, in the mid-1980s a Soviet fighter jet shot down the commercial airliner he was a passenger on.

Even establishment-minded figures have joined the chorus. Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said Americans must decide whether or not the U.S. government should remain involved.  “The American people need to decide if it’s worth it,” she said of continued U.S. membership, adding that “the verdict is still out.”

As is typical, the bill has been referred to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, where internationalists in leadership will do their best to ignore it and keep it bottled up. However, with a public groundswell in favor of getting the U.S. out, lawmakers will have to bend to the will of their constituents.

UN agency teachers urge jihad terrorism and murder of Jews


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2022/06/un-agency-teachers-urge-jihad-terrorism-and-murder-of-jews;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

This has been going on for years; nevertheless, Biden’s handlers are cheerfully sending your taxpayer dollars to the UN to fund it.

“UN agency teachers urge terrorism and murder of Jews, report claims,” by Benjamin Weinthal, Fox News, June 24, 2022:

JERUSALEM, Israel – A shocking report by a watchdog organization on Thursday revealed that a UN agency tasked with, among other things, educating Palestinian students in places such as Lebanon, the West Bank and Jordan, employs teachers who promote terrorism and the murder of Jews.

UN Watch, a Geneva-based NGO, uncovered in its 49-page report that United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) computer teacher Nihaya Awad, who works in the West Bank, supported Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli civilians after last year’s war. The U.S. and the European Union classified Hamas—the Sunni jihadi organization that controls the Gaza Strip—as a terrorist entity.    

In one internet post, Awad wrote: “Greetings to the people of Gaza, Blessed victory.” A second post Awad wrote said “In the name of Allah, one victory after the other, Palestine will be fully liberated.”

Awad “encouraged Palestinian terrorists’ exploitation of child soldiers, in a May 21, 2021 post on Facebook,” UN Watch reported.

Awad posted the entries two months after a UNRWA director, Gwyn Lewis, praised Awad in a certificate of appreciation for her “fantastic efforts” as a “best performer” in UNRWA education, according to the report.

“We are proud that you are part of the UNRWA team,” Lewis wrote on March 23, 2021….

An example from Lebanon, where the U.S.-designated terrorist movement Hezbollah has great control over the state, showed UNRWA Lebanon teacher Elham Mansour posting on Facebook on May 11, 2022: “By Allah, anyone who can kill and slaughter any Zionist and Israeli criminal, and doesn’t do so, doesn’t deserve to live. Kill them and pursue them everywhere, they are the greatest enemy….All Israel deserves is death.”…

The U.S. and other predominantly Western states that fund UNRWA met Thursday at the United Nations with Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. They are expected to promise additional monies to fund UNRWA….

Michele Bachmann: Secretive WHO vote threatens American sovereignty


SEE: https://robertspencer.org/2022/05/michele-bachmann-secretive-who-vote-threatens-american-sovereignty;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The Biden administration appears to be prepared to hand control of America’s national sovereignty over to the World Health Organization (WHO), as Michelle Bachmann explained on Steve Bannon’s War Room. 

From May 22 to 28, 2022, the 75th World Health Assembly convenes at the UN in Geneva to vote on proposals that will enable the WHO to assert unprecedented power over the health choices of American citizens, effectively taking control over American sovereignty. Americans never thought this would happen or could happen. But it is now a genuine possibility.

These proposals would have the U.S. cede sovereignty to the WHO during anything that was deemed a health emergency. All in your best interests, of course. 

Blinken says U.S. will rejoin anti-Israel UNESCO, reopen ‘Palestinian’ consulate in Jerusalem


SEE: https://robertspencer.org/2022/05/blinken-says-u-s-will-rejoin-anti-israel-unesco-reopen-palestinian-consulate-in-jerusalem;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The world is on fire, but Biden’s handlers are not too busy to enable and embolden the jihad.

“Blinken: US will rejoin anti-Israel UNESCO, establish Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem,” JNS, April 30, 2022:

Israel has no objection to a U.S. return to UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Congress last week.

The United States officially withdrew from UNESCO on Dec. 31, 2018 under the Trump administration. The move reflected “U.S. concerns with mounting arrears at UNESCO, the need for fundamental reform in the organization, and continuing anti-Israel bias at UNESCO,” the State Department said in a statement at the time….

Blinken described concerns about the organization’s anti-Israel bias as understandable, but added, “I can say with authority that our partners in Israel feel the same way. They support our rejoining of UNESCO.” The United States should “shape the discussion, not someone else,” he said.

The secretary of state also reiterated the administration’s commitment to reopening the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem, a campaign pledge made by President Joe Biden.

“It’s something we are working on with the Israeli government,” he said. “I was in Ramallah just a few weeks ago and saw [Palestinian Authority] President [Mahmoud] Abbas, we talked about that among other things,” he added.

“As you know, we re-established support for the Palestinians a year ago January, including significant humanitarian and economic assistance that had been previously held back, we have reengaged them across the board, and the consulate is a piece of that,” he said.

“It does require, of course, coordination with and support from Israel, including, for example, providing privileges and immunities for the staff of the consulate-to-be, so it’s a work in progress.”…

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