These Global Organizations Want to Control You

These Global Organizations Want to Control You

There’s a group of people who control what you are allowed to see, what you read, what you watch, the posts you engage with. You haven’t heard of them, you don’t know their names. But they determine, through methods both direct and indirect, whether you are allowed to be exposed to particular messages. Their decisions can bankrupt companies, silence voices and fundamentally shift cultural norms. Who are these people and how do they do this? Well, at the top level you have a network of global elite and its creed… a universal framework full of guidelines and ratings designed to enforce approved narratives and punish disapproved ones.

Biden tells Turkey to allow Sweden into NATO if it wants US F-16’s~Biden, Erdogan, and the Lessons of May 29



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As America attempts a quid pro quo with Turkey despite its demands (it wants fighter jets as a reward for allowing Sweden to join NATO), another question is whether America should be selling fighter jets to Turkey at all, considering how they may be utilized by Turkey’s hostile President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Reuters reports:

U.S. President Joe Biden said Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in a call on Monday repeated Ankara’s desire to buy F-16 fighter jets from the United States, while Biden told him Washington wanted Ankara to drop its objection to Sweden’s joining NATO.

The exchange took place when Biden called Erdogan to congratulate him on his victory in Turkey’s presidential election on Sunday.

“I spoke to Erdogan. I congratulated Erdogan. He still wants to work on something on the F-16s.

Erdogan’s ambitions are troubling. He seeks to revive the Ottoman Empire and has declared that Turkey has nothing that contradicts the Taliban’s beliefs. Turkey oppresses the Kurds. NBC published a report, “Turkey’s attack on Kurds in Syria betrays those doing the fighting against ISIS — and dying.” Erdogan bullies Greece, and is doggedly determined to enforce Islamic blasphemy laws globally — hence his blocking of Sweden from NATO over the burning of a Qur’an by Rasmus Paludan. In fact, Turkey has demanded that Swedes must fight those who “target Islam’ if it wants to join NATO.

Turkey has no place in NATO, to begin with. Nor should it be further armed by America in exchange for Turkey acting in NATO’s interests and expanding that alliance to include Sweden, as opposed to Turkey attending to Islamic interests. Nonetheless, the Biden administration, which has been marked by its repeated counterproductive actions, including leaving billions of dollars worth of American military equipment in Afghanistan at the Taliban’s disposal, is advancing a quid pro quo arrangement with the likes of Erdogan, while denying that the deal is actually being framed in such terms. America hardly needs to be arming more Islamic enemies.

Perhaps Biden et al hope that any deal brokered by America to bring Sweden into the NATO fold might somehow ease America’s sunken reputation while boosting sales for Lockheed Martin. The issue is far from settled among American lawmakers, some of whom support the Biden strategy, despite Biden’s historical efforts to sell fighter jets to Turkey even prior to the Sweden-NATO issue. According to Congressman Gus Michael Bilirakis in 2021:

Turkey’s illegal and unfettered actions are indicative of President Erdogan’s transformation of Turkey to a rogue state led by a leader with a nationalistic philosophy, Neo-Ottoman ambitions, and a complete disregard for following international law.

A year later, in 2022, Bilirakis and Rep. Chris Pappas lead bipartisan opposition to a Biden administration proposal to sell weapons to Turkey.

Appeasement of enemies only weakens America. But that has been the strategy of the Biden administration on every front. Only now it is using the Sweden-Turkey-NATO stalemate opportunistically to further the same appeasement strategy.

Meanwhile, no matter what the Biden administration decides, Erdogan is already looking at other options from China and Russia.


Biden's Handlers Think They Have a NATO Ally in Erdogan. But Erdogan Has Other Ideas.



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Old Joe Biden’s congratulatory message to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan upon his highly questionable (hey, what election isn’t these days?) reelection was boilerplate from whoever writes his tweets, but nevertheless, it revealed yet again the growing gap between the world views of the two men. That gap has serious geopolitical implications that go all the way back to the anniversary that was observed on the day after the Turkish strongman’s reelection: May 29 marked 570 years since the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks and the extinguishing, after over two thousand years of continual existence, of the Roman Empire.

Biden’s Twitter wonk wrote on Sunday afternoon: “Congratulations to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Türkiye on his re-election. I look forward to continuing to work together as NATO Allies on bilateral issues and shared global challenges.” (Türkiye is what the nation of Turkey has renamed itself so as to minimize comparisons with a certain Thanksgiving bird. Yes, really.) Biden’s mouthpiece is blandly pleased about the prospect of the U.S. “continuing to work together as NATO Allies” with Erdogan’s Turkey, but Erdogan and his supporters have a very different set of priorities.

To celebrate Erdogan’s victory, his followers gathered in Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia mosque and screamed “Allahu akbar,” which does not mean “God is great,” as the Western establishment media routinely claims, but rather, “Allah is greater,” that is, greater than your god. It is a declaration of supremacy with immense implications. Hagia Sophia was built in the year 537 and stood for nearly a thousand years as the grandest and foremost cathedral in the entire Christian world. Then on May 29, 1453, the Ottoman Turks finally succeeded in entering Constantinople, which Islamic jihadis had been trying to do for nearly eight hundred years. Amid unfathomable bloodshed, Sultan Mehmed II had the Islamic profession of faith proclaimed inside the great cathedral and was converted to a mosque.

Hagia Sophia then stood for centuries as the Ottoman Empire’s statement of the superiority and supremacy of Islam over Christianity. By the early twentieth century, however, the Ottoman Empire had become “the sick man of Europe.” After siding with Germany and Austria-Hungary in World War I, it disintegrated altogether. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the strongman of the newly constituted secular Turkish Republic, attributed the empire’s decline and fall to Islam, which he called “this theology of an immoral Arab” and dismissed as “a dead thing.” In 1934, Ataturk converted Hagia Sophia into a museum, and so instead of being a symbol of Islam’s triumph over Christianity, it became a symbol of secularism’s triumph over Islam.

Erdogan, however, could not and did not stand for that. As the New York Times noted Thursday, he “has reoriented Turkey’s national culture, promoting a nostalgic revival of the Ottoman past.” In 2020, he reconverted Hagia Sophia into a mosque, making into a revived symbol of Islam’s superiority to Christianity, and a new symbol of Islam’s triumph over secularism. During the just-concluded presidential campaign, Erdogan crowed about his conversion of Hagia Sophia: “The entire West got mad – but I did it.” The re-mosquing of Hagia Sophia was the centerpiece of Erdogan’s program of neo-Ottomanism. And now, the Times opined just before the election that an Erdogan electoral victory would mean that “his neo-Ottomanism will have survived its strongest test in two decades.”

The Times, however, assumes that Erdogan’s neo-Ottomanism is all about rallying nationalist sentiment in order to get votes. It is actually of much greater significance. Erdogan’s neo-Ottomanism is an integral aspect of his stance toward his neighbors. In February 2018he declared his desire to reconquer the lands the Ottoman caliphate once ruled: “Those who think that we have erased from our hearts the lands from which we withdrew in tears a hundred years ago are wrong. We say at every opportunity we have that Syria, Iraq, and other places in the geography [map] in our hearts are no different from our own homeland. We are struggling so that a foreign flag will not be waved anywhere where adhan [Islamic call to prayer in mosques] is recited. The things we have done so far [pale in comparison to the] even greater attempts and attacks [we are planning for] the coming days, inshallah [Allah willing].”

Related: Muslims Scream ‘Allahu Akbar’ as Hagia Sophia Officially Becomes a Mosque

Erdogan’s Ottoman revanchism has important implications for the NATO alliance. Turkey is increasingly belligerent toward Greece, a fellow NATO country that Erdogan considers to be a rightful part of the Turkish domain. Erdogan’s daughter recently proclaimed that “the crescent will win over Cross of the West.” In Nov. 2022, a Turkish TV channel displayed a map of the projected “Turkish Sphere” in 2050. It included Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Greece, Iraq, Turkmenistan, and more. In Sept. 2022, Erdogan’s interior minister, Suleyman Soylu, declared: “We want to root out America….We don’t need the USA. We do not need a Europe that is unaware of our religion, culture, and belief… We must dismantle the USA.”

Biden’s handlers and NATO’s top dogs should consider all this carefully, but they won’t. They should also ponder the lesson of May 29: great empires that were once thought to be invincible can and do fall. Are they foolish, and ultimately self-defeating, enough to continue to think they have a friend in an increasingly open enemy such as Erdogan? Once again, they won’t even consider the possibility.


NATO Looking to Send 300,000 Troops to the Russian Border

NATO Looking to Send 300,000 Troops to the Russian Border



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NATO military planners want to designate an additional 300,000 troops to be positioned along the eastern edge of the alliance on the border with Russia in order to forestall any thought by Moscow of expanding the war in Ukraine.

There’s only one small problem; they don’t know where they’re going to get the weapons and ammunition.

“The current rate of consumption compared to the current rate of production of ammunition,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in early March, “is not sustainable.”

But the problem isn’t just manufacturing bullets and shells. It’s a problem of figuring out how much every NATO nation has to give in men, money, and material. And that has proved difficult in the past.

“If there’s not somebody hosting the potluck and telling everybody what to bring, then everyone would bring potato chips because potato chips are cheap, easy to get,” said James J. Townsend Jr., a former U.S. deputy assistant secretary of defense for European and NATO policy.

“Nations,” he added, “would rather bring potato chips.”

When the NATO alliance went to war in Afghanistan, it was amusing to see many of the countries eagerly volunteering for duty at the Kabul airport. They all wanted to contribute “potato chips” to the war effort. How will this latest effort at demonstrating NATO solidarity work?


But the process could get tricky. Why? Because moving so quickly, even given a month, requires lots of people, equipment and training — and lots of money.

Some militaries will have to up their recruitment efforts. Many allies will have to increase defense spending. And everyone will have to buy more weapons, ammunition and equipment.

Ben Hodges, former commander of U.S. Army Europe, said that “readiness” is “basically, do you have all the stuff you’re supposed to have to do the mission assigned to a unit of a particular size?”

“An artillery battalion needs to shoot X number of rounds per year for planning purposes in order to maintain its level of proficiency,” he said. A tank battalion needs to hit targets, react to different situations and “demonstrate proficiency on the move, day and night, hitting targets that are moving.”

From what we saw of NATO in Afghanistan, I am not confident that this plan to augment forces on the Russian border will amount to much. NATO countries will find ways to avoid their responsibilities rather than fulfill their obligations.

And that includes meeting the critical need for more ammunition.

“We have tended to try to stockpile munitions on the cheap … it’s just grossly inadequate,” said Stacie Pettyjohn, director of the defense program at the Center for a New American Security. “I think the problems that our allies have in NATO are even more acute because many of them often rely on the U.S. as sort of the backstop.”

Sound familiar? Any NATO plan for more troops and equipment ultimately means more U.S. troops and more U.S. equipment.

Once NATO’s military plans are done, capitals will be asked to weigh in — and eventually make available troops, planes, ships and tanks for different parts of the blueprints.

A test for NATO will come this summer when leaders of the alliance’s 30 member countries meet in Lithuania.

“We are asking the nations — based on the findings we have out of our three regional plans — what we need to make these plans … executable,” said the senior NATO military official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive planning.

“I think the most difficult thing,” the official added, “is the procurement.”

As always, the devil is in the details. But NATO — aside from some frontline nations like Poland and the Baltic States — is not likely to get serious about defense against Russia until Russian tanks are rolling into NATO territory.

Kim Iversen: General H.R. McMaster Warns “Be Ready For War With China”~NATO Seeks Indo-Pacific “Friends”~Gov. Noem: China seeks to destroy U.S.

In the face of increasing tensions between the U.S. and China, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has called for more cooperation and allies in the Indo-Pacific region. Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has accused NATO of wanting to "defeat" Russia, accusing the NATO-backed Ukraine regime of having no "independence" and only acting as a proxy for Western powers. NATO is trying to recruit more allies and build up forces in Europe and the Indo-Pacific, while Russia and China have formed an alliance, strengthening their power and creating another obstacle for the U.S.-led alliance. As the U.S. and its NATO allies prepare for war, questions are being raised about the potential consequences, with some suggesting that politicians may be using it as a way to gain control over the population and advance their globalist agenda.

Gov. Noem: China seeks to destroy U.S.

Trump: ‘We Are at the Brink of World War III’

Trump: 'We Are at the Brink of World War III'



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Donald Trump formally kicked off his 2024 campaign on Saturday, blitzing the states of South Carolina and New Hampshire — the first two states on the Republican primary calendar in 2024.

Trump may not have wanted to begin his formal campaign for president so soon. But others, including the man who might be his most dangerous rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, may have forced his hand. Trump is still ahead in the polls, but DeSantis has begun to surge and in some early states — specifically, New Hampshire — DeSantis is ahead. A University of New Hampshire survey released this week showed DeSantis leading Trump 42% to 30%.

Trump is experienced enough to know that these early polls don’t mean anything. The real tests will come in the early primaries.

Meanwhile, Trump has a Democrat to bury. Joe Biden may be the absolutely worst man to serve as president when Vladimir Putin is rattling his nuclear weapons.

“Through weakness and incompetence, Joe Biden has brought us to the brink of World War III,” Trump said. “We’re at the brink of World War III, just in case anybody doesn’t know it. As president, I will bring back peace through strength.”

Meanwhile, Biden keeps poking the Russian bear counting on Russian President Vladimir Putin not to lash out and start a world war.

NBC News:

He called Biden’s botched American pullout from Afghanistan in 2021 “the lowest day in the history of our country” and claimed that if he were president, there would be “a peace deal negotiated within 24 hours” to end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He blamed Biden for border crossings and drug deaths, repeating his 2015 assertion that Mexico is sending “killers,” “murderers” and “rapists” to the U.S.

“They are sending people that are killers, murderers, they’re sending rapists. And they’re sending, frankly, terrorists, or terrorists are coming on their own, and we can’t allow this to happen,” Trump said.

But it’s the DeSantis vs. Trump cage match that will dominate the political conversation over the next year or more. And on Saturday, Trump had plenty to say about his main GOP rival.


On Saturday, Trump took his sharpest swings at DeSantis to date, accusing the governor of “trying to rewrite history” over his response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Trump said DeSantis, who has been openly skeptical about government efforts to vaccinate people against the virus, “promoted the vaccine as much as anyone.” He praised governors who did not close down their states, noting that DeSantis ordered the closure of beaches and business in some parts of the state.

“When I hear that he might [run] I think it’s very disloyal,” Trump said.

As for the polls showing DeSantis beating him in key nominating states, Trump was dismissive.

“He won’t be leading, I got him elected,” he said. “I’m the one that chose him.”

For some Republicans, it comes down to which candidate is more likely to attract a broad cross-section of American voters and prevail against Biden. To answer that, Trump brought the house down in New Hampshire with some of his policy prescriptions.

During his speech in New Hampshire, Trump doled out red meat to a friendly crowd. The crowd roared with applause when he said that, if elected, he would “eliminate federal funding for any school that pushes critical race theory or left-wing gender ideology,” and support “direct election of school principals by the parents.”

His speech in New Hampshire echoed policy prescriptions he has released over the past several weeks in the form of video addresses, on issues such as education and protecting Social Security and Medicare. His team has seen those pronouncements as a way to maneuver back onto the political stage without having to organize the signature rallies that defined Trump’s prior bids.

You can bet the farm that the Democrats and their radical allies will pull out all the stops to smear Trump — but only after he wins the nomination. It’s plain that the Democrats would much rather face Trump in a general election, having beaten him once already. But Republican voters will make the final determination about who the Democrats face, and whether it’s Trump or not, they have a miserable record to defend.

BIDEN’S WORLD WAR: NATO’s Tanks To Roll Towards Russia, Putin’s Surprising Reaction To The Escalation. US Troops Next?~RUSSIAN NUCLEAR CAPABLE WARSHIP IN THE ATLANTIC SEA OFF THE U.S. COAST




Nick Brana, Co-Chair of the People's Party and Co-Organizer for Rage Against the War Machine joins us to discuss Biden's and Europe's escalation of the Ukrainian war.


WARNING: USA Surrounded? Russian & China Nuclear Warships & Sub

Forget tanks, F-16s up next. How to get regime change in Moscow. Medvedev, yellow submarine.


Turkey’s Erdogan issues orders to Finland and Sweden that they ‘must take’ before joining NATO



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Islamic supremacist Turkey is experiencing a windfall these days. From bullying Greece, playing “middle man” between Russia and the EU in supplying Russian oil, and deepening relations with Putin while supplying weapons to Ukraine, Turkey’s influence is expanding rapidly. Now it’s making demands on Finland and Sweden as a condition to join NATO, to suit the interests of Erdogan.

Turkey has no place in NATO. NATO members (as well as more suitable potential members) are now paying a dear price for the imprudence of allowing Turkey to continue to be a NATO member. Turkey has increasingly become more Islamized under Erdogan, much more than it was in 1952 when it joined NATO. In the “years following World War II, Turkey found itself in a unique geopolitical position,” siding with the Western free world when it was “desperate for protection.”

So it joined NATO. It has now become clear how short-sighted it was to embrace this Muslim country with its Ottoman history.

In 2019:

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham promised to “introduce bipartisan sanctions against Turkey if they invade Syria” and to “call for their suspension from NATO if they attack Kurdish forces who assisted the U.S. in the destruction of the ISIS Caliphate.”

Turkey is now accusing Sweden and Finland of providing a safe haven for what Erdogan calls Kurdish “terrorists.” So he’s ordering the two counties to turn over Kurds and “share information.” Although there will be a price to pay for throwing Turkey out of NATO now, there will ultimately be a much higher price for allowing this Islamic despot to continue to manipulate NATO.

“Turkey warns Finland, Sweden must ‘take steps’ before joining NATO,” France 24, November 4, 2022:

Turkey will not formally approve Finland and Sweden’s membership of NATO until the two countries take the necessary “steps”, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg Friday.

Ankara has accused the two Nordic nations of providing a safe haven for outlawed Kurdish militants it deems “terrorists” and held back on ratifying their NATO membership despite an agreement in June.

“President Erdogan noted that the steps to be taken by Sweden and Finland would determine how fast the approval process… would go and when it would be concluded,” the Turkish presidency said.

Erdogan and Stoltenberg held a private meeting in Istanbul that was closed to the media.

Finland and Sweden dropped decades of military non-alignment and scrambled to become NATO members in May, after Russia invaded Ukraine.

But Erdogan threatened to block their bids and sought concessions, leading to a deal in June between Turkey, Finland and Sweden that included provisions on extraditions and sharing information.

New Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson will visit Ankara on Tuesday to meet with Erdogan in a trip that Stockholm hopes will lead to Turkey’s approval.

Stoltenberg “welcomed the major, concrete steps already taken by both countries to put the memorandum into practice, and stressed that their accession will make NATO stronger”, the alliance said in a statement on Friday….

Turkey’s Interior Minister: ‘We want to tear America apart…We must dismantle the USA’



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Our NATO ally:

“Suleiman Soylu: ‘Without the USA, the terrorist organization PKK would not exist,’” NewsBeezer, September 3, 2022 (thanks to Joshua):

The United States has been targeted by Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, who said his country’s goal is to drive Americans out of the Middle East.

The Turkish minister made the controversial remarks while addressing rebel families who claim their children have been kidnapped by the Kurdish PKK organization and have been protesting for three years outside the headquarters of the pro-Kurdish Party of the Republic of Turkey (HDP), in Diyarbakir im Southeast Turkey.

“We want to tear America apart”

“The terrorist organization will end soon in Turkey, don’t worry. But that’s not enough for us, we have to drive it out of the area too,” Soylu said, addressing the audience watching him.

And he characteristically remarked, “By rooting out the terrorist organization, we want to root out America.” I say this with all sincerity: for years they have rocked this geography with coups. Alevi-Sunnis, Turkish-Kurds, they made us fight each other.”

“They tried to alienate us from each other. They don’t want the world to know the truths of our religion and culture,” Suleiman Soylu said.

As he actually claimed, “If America weren’t here today, the terrorist organization you call the PKK/PYD wouldn’t exist. The creator of PKK and PYD is America. You are her servants.”

And he added: “The political party called HDP, along with the PKK, is a servant of the Americans. I say it openly. If America doesn’t secure the PKK and PYD, it can’t even go half a meter in the Middle East. He can’t even be kept in a cave.”

“Süleyman Soylu: HDP is a servant of the USA along with the PKK,” translated from “Süleyman Soylu: HDP, PKK ile beraber ABD’nin uşağıdır,” by Haber Merkezi, En Son Haber, September 3, 2022:

…Speaking here, Minister Soylu used the following expressions;

“In the last 3 years, the American senate has provided 2 billion dollars in aid to the PKK/PYD. The HDP is a servant of the USA along with the PKK. If we do not have security, is it possible for us to go from one place to another at night? If the USA does not ensure the security of the PKK/PYD, There would be no PKK/PYD without the USA.

We don’t need the USA. We do not need a Europe that is unaware of our religion, culture and belief. As Diyarbakir finds peace, the region finds peace. They come up with all kinds of scenarios to tear us apart from each other….

As we dismantle the terrorist organization, you should know that we are also dismantling the USA. For years, they set us against each other for this.

Terrorist organization will end soon. We must uproot it from the geography around us. We must dismantle the USA. I’m telling you frankly, there is no front or back. Alevi, Sunni, Kurdish, Turkish… That’s why they tried to set us against each other. They tried to alienate us from each other….

BEGGING FOR THE APOCALYPSE: Biden provokes Putin to strike USA and NATO cities with new long-range weapons that might include nukes or EMP weapons



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Fake president Joe Biden — who was never legitimately elected to the Office of the President — is now accelerating his planned destruction of America by provoking Putin into a retaliatory strike against US and NATO targets. This was all confirmed over the last three days as cited in numerous sources below.

BACKGROUND: The illegitimate Biden regime has promised to send HIMARS weapon systems to Ukraine, claiming that Ukraine has “given assurances” to Washington D.C. and promised the weapons won’t be used to wage attacks against Russian territory. This has been widely reported across the corporate media.

Despite those assurances, a high-level Ukraine spokesperson (see below) said they would break that promise and use the HIMARS weapons to attack Crimea, a region that has long self-recognized as territory of Russia (although Ukraine disputes this and claims Crimea belongs to Ukraine). “Ukraine Says It Might Use U.S. Weapons to Invade Russia,” reports, writing:

On June 1st, when the White House announced that it would be sending to Ukraine weapons that might be used for invading Russia, Jonathan Finer, deputy White House national security adviser, said Washington had asked Ukraine for assurances the missiles would not strike inside Russia. On June 3rd, Ukraine’s Government rejected that request.

At the time when Biden made that announcement on June 1st, Reuters noted that “Biden announced the plan to give Ukraine precision HIMARS rocket systems after receiving assurances from Kyiv that it would not use them to hit targets inside Russian territory.”

Then, as reported by RT, Ukrainian official Alexey Arestovich broke that promise:

Kiev may strike Crimea, a Ukrainian presidential aide says, despite assurances US weapons won’t be used to hit Russian territory.

Ukraine will use US-supplied rocket systems to strike into Russian territory should it

deem such attacks necessary, Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Alexey Arestovich said on Thursday.

Both Russia and Ukraine consider Crimea to be their own territory.

Putin promises to retaliate against US / NATO cities

If Ukraine uses the US-provided HIMARS weapons to strike Russian territory, then Russia will respond by deploying new long-range weapons against new targets which may include US or NATO cities or military bases. This was reported by The Epoch Times over the weekend in a story entitled, “Putin Warns Russia Will Strike New Targets If the US Gives New Missiles to Ukraine.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 5 warned that Russia would strike new targets if the United States were to supply longer-range missiles to Ukraine.

“If they are supplied, we will draw appropriate conclusions from this and use our own weapons, of which we have enough, in order to strike at those facilities we are not targeting yet,” says one translation of Putin’s remarks. That translation, however, is at odds with another translation that clarifies Putin means “new weaponry” will be used to strike targets “that have not yet been struck,” which seems to mean beyond Ukraine.

Putin is potentially leaving his comments somewhat vague, and translations may vary. You can see the Fox News pro-war interpretation of Putin’s warning here:

Keep in mind that with a few exceptions, Fox News is just a mouthpiece of the military-industrial complex, just like CNN.

Putin is likely not bluffing

Joe Biden is a cognitively retarded puppet. Putin is a high-IQ strategic genius. It’s not difficult to see where this goes if Biden keeps poking the bear. First, Putin isn’t bluffing. Furthermore, Putin can strike targets across Western Europe at will, as all of NATO has zero effectiveness at defending against Putin’s hypersonic missiles, hyperglide reentry vehicles, and Sarmat II ICBM missiles.

To anyone who thinks NATO can stop Russia’s missiles, they must be asked: Why hasn’t NATO stopped Russia’s missiles in Ukraine, then?

Using these platforms, Putin can potentially unleash fuel-air explosives (sometimes called thermobaric bombs), EMP weapons or even tactical nuclear weapons against targets in Poland, Germany, France, the UK, or even the United States.

By delivering HIMARS weapons to Ukraine and watching Ukraine use them to attack Russia, Biden is handing Putin the military justification he needs to escalate his retaliatory attacks against NATO targets since NATO would be directly involved in the war against Russia if Ukraine uses NATO weapons to attack Russian territory.

Remember, too, this is on top of America’s military leaders openly bragging about providing the satellite imagery and targeting solutions that allowed Ukraine to sink a Russian flagship in the Black Sea.

Is achieving World War III Biden’s real goal? Is he deliberately attempting to provoke Putin into a retaliatory escalation in order to unleash a true world war before the midterm elections in the USA where democrats are widely expected to be politically clobbered? We think so, but that’s just the current assessment, and it’s subject to change as circumstances warrant.

In today’s Situation Update, I bring you more details on this and other important news:

Turkey Wants to Block Finland and Sweden From Joining NATO, But It Should Itself Be Expelled



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Among the providential results of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been the reawakening of the West to the value of its mutual defense pact, NATO, whose 30 members are all pledged to come to the defense of any member threatened with aggression. And the Ukraine war has led to a spectacular development: the desire expressed by both Finland and Sweden to become members of NATO.

Before the invasion of Ukraine, most Finns and Swedes were lukewarm about joining NATO. All that has changed: 76% of Finns now want Finland in NATO, and so do more than 60% of Swedes. Finland has already declared its intention to seek NATO membership; Sweden is just about to follow suit. NATO’s Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg, has announced that both countries would be “welcomed with open arms.”

Well, not quite. One set of arms that will remain resolutely closed belongs to the Turkish President, the dour and difficult Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He has already announced that he will oppose membership in NATO for both countries. Since approval of new members of NATO requires a unanimous vote, Turkey by itself can keep both Sweden and Finland out.

Why would Erdogan do this? He is angry that there are Kurds – 15,000 of them – living in Sweden and that some of them, unsurprisingly, support the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, which favors greater autonomy for the 15 million Kurds living in Turkey. The PKK is recognized by Turkey, the US, and the EU as a terrorist organization, although this designation has become increasingly controversial as the PKK has greatly decreased its acts of terrorism. “Erdogan says Turkey does not support Finland and Sweden joining NATO,” by Dylan Stableford, Yahoo News, May 13, 2022:

Dylan Stableford

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday that his country does not support plans by Finland and Sweden to join NATO, claiming they are home to “terrorist organizations.”

This is rich, coming from someone who in 2020 gave refuge, and Turkish citizenship and passports, to dozens of members of the terror group Hamas. Furthermore, Sweden does not support but outlaws the PKK. What Erdogan really objects to is Sweden not also outlawing members of the YPG, which Turkey regards as the Syrian branch of the PKK. The YPG, which was America’s most useful ally in the fight against the Islamic State, continues to receive American military and financial support. Should Turkey be allowed to keep Sweden and Finland out of NATO just because the Swedes – like the Americans – have supported, or at least not banned, the YPG?

We are following the developments regarding Sweden and Finland, but we don’t hold positive views,” Erdogan told reporters at a press conference in Istanbul. “Scandinavian countries are guesthouses for terrorist organizations.”

There is only one “guesthouse for terrorist organizations” in Europe – Turkey itself, where until recently the welcome mat was always out for Hamas.

They are even members of the parliament in some countries,” Erdogan added, without offering evidence. “It is not possible for us to be in favor.”

His comments came a day after Finland’s leaders said they intended to apply for NATO membership “without delay.”

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin and President Sauli Niinistö released a joint statement announcing that Finland — which shares an 810-mile border with Russia — intends to join the alliance.

“NATO membership would strengthen Finland’s security,” their statement said. “As a member of NATO, Finland would strengthen the entire defense alliance.”

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg had said the Finns would be “warmly welcomed” into the pact. The United States and United Kingdom back the move as well.

Sweden is also expected to announce its decision to join the alliance in the coming days.

For a country to be accepted into NATO, there is a list of minimum requirements. This includes having a functioning democracy, treating minority populations fairly and having the ability to make military contributions to NATO operations.

Does Turkey still have a “functioning democracy”? It holds elections, but Erdogan is an authoritarian — a despot — who does not brook dissent. During his time in power, first as prime minister and since then as president, Erdogan has been purging his military of the Kemalist officer corps, replacing them with Islamists. The purge in the military of secularists, bizarrely accused of being supporters of Fethulleh Gulen, a rival of Erdogan who was absurdly charged with directing the 2016 attempted coup in Turkey from his exile in Pennsylvania, became much wider following that failed coup. Nor were military men the only ones to be discharged or imprisoned. After the coup, more than 100,000 professors, university rectors, lawyers, doctors, teachers, civil servants, and journalists all lost their jobs for supposedly “supporting the Gulenist coup,” but really for harboring secularist views that Erdogan feared and despised. An estimated 150,000 state employees were suspended or dismissed, and more than 50,000 were jailed. Turkey a few years ago had jailed more journalists than any other country. Now it has slightly improved and is #6 on the list of countries that jail the most journalists.. Is any of that a sign of a “functioning democracy”?

And does Turkey treat its minority populations fairly, as is required of NATO members? Fifteen million Kurds apparently do not think so; that is why the PKK has attracted such support during the last few decades. Are Christians – the Greek Orthodox – treated “fairly” when Erdogan’s government has continued to keep closed the only seminary for Greek Orthodox priests left in Turkey, the Halki Theological School? This seminary, which was closed in 1971 on the pretext that privately run institutions were no longer legal, was the only school in the country for the training of Orthodox clergy. The continued closure means the Greek Orthodox Church in Turkey is unable to train new clergy in-country. Erdogan’s government has also confiscated valuable church property, including an historic orphanage on the island of Pringipo, and the expropriation of 152 properties of the Balukli Hospital in Istanbul. Neither the very large number – 15 million — of Kurds, nor the very small number – 3,000 – of Greeks, are treated fairly in Turkey. Treating minorities” fairly” is one of the most basic requirements that must be met to be a member of NATO. On this score, too, Turkey fails.

Turkey joined NATO in 1952. The country was clearly the odd man out in what was a military alliance of anti-Communist Western states that shared Christian heritage. The Americans wanted to reward Turkey for sending troops to fight in the Korean War and, of course, Turkey was also useful as an intelligence base for monitoring events in the Soviet Union. But the Turkey which joined NATO in 1952 was still run by secularists in the Kemalist mode. Turkey has become much more Islam-oriented since Erdogan first became president in 2003. He warned the Austrian prime minister Sebastian Kurz in 2018, whose closure of some mosques had angered him, about a potential future conflict “between the crescent and the cross,” and left no doubt as to which side Turkey would be on. In his neo-Ottoman dreams, Turkey would be the natural leader of the forces of the “crescent” — the Muslim states — against the states of “the cross,” which would include all the other members of NATO.

Erdogan also had published in Yeni Safak, the newspaper that reflects his views, a plan for an “Army of Islam” that would combine the men and weaponry of many Muslim countries into one vast army that would be able to destroy Israel. Apparently, none of that was enough for NATO’s other members to begin thinking about expelling Turkey from NATO. 

This expansion of NATO – with Sweden and Finland as its two new members — would be an enormous blow to Putin. Preventing NATO’s expansion was one of the main reasons the Russian President launched his military invasion of Ukraine. Instead, his invasion has had the opposite effect, in finally pushing two once-reluctant Scandinavian states into the arms of NATO. But as long as Turkey is allowed to exercise its veto, that blow will not be delivered. Two countries that are part of the West will be kept out of NATO by a country that is neither a truly “functioning democracy” nor a state that “treats its minorities fairly,” as NATO members are required to be, and that has now cast aside Kemalism, to again become part of the East or, more exactly, part of the Islamic East.

Erdogan must not be allowed to exercise that veto.

Here is what the other NATO countries could do to bring Erdogan to heel:

First, the stick: NATO members could threaten to end all financial assistance to Turkey. The U.S. alone gives $125 million to Turkey annually. It allows Turkey to buy advanced weaponry. Both the money and that access to weapons could be ended. So could loans to Turkey from the IMF, if the U.S. and other major economic powers opposed them. Turkey’s economy is just now in free fall; it is desperate for help. That help can be denied unless Erdogan withdraws his opposition to Finland and Sweden joining NATO. 

Second, instead of the stick, the carrot. If Erdogan drops his objections to Finland and Sweden joining NATO, he might find the Americans willing to increase their aid. And Sweden itself might promise, in order to obtain Turkey’s approval of its admission to NATO, that it will closely monitor the Kurdish exiles in Sweden, to make sure they do not engage in political or military plots against Turkey.

Third, it might be time for neither carrot nor stick, but for something that has been a long time coming: a simple parting of the ways. A number of NATO members have been angered by Erdogan’s attacks on them as “Nazis”; they are tired of his antics; his trying to block Sweden and Finland from membership should be the last straw. Now is the time to end permanently the problem of Erdogan’s Turkey in NATO, by calling an extraordinary meeting of NATO to discuss ending Turkey’s membership in the defense pact. It could be pointed out that Turkey no longer satisfies the requirement that it be a “functioning democracy” and will not do so as long as the authoritarian, autocratic, despotic Erdogan, sitting in his 1,150-room White Palace (Ak Saray), continues to keep so many of his political enemies locked up and the “country’s free press” has become a joke. Turkey is not a “functioning democracy,” but a “despotism-plus-elections.” For NATO, that won’t do.

Furthermore, the 15 million Kurds in Turkey have been subjected to severe mistreatment. Violence has been widely reported against ordinary Kurdish citizens and the headquarters and branches of the pro-Kurdish rights Peoples’ Democratic Party have been attacked by mobs. The European Court of Human Rights and many other international human rights organizations have condemned Turkey for thousands of human rights abuses against Kurds. Many judgments are related to systematic executions of civilians, torture, forced displacements, destroyed villages, arbitrary arrests, and murdered and disappeared journalists, activists, and politicians. The use of the Kurdish language is forbidden in schools; officials who use Kurdish have been given long prison sentences. Can the treatment of Turkey’s Kurdish minority be considered to meet NATO’s requirement that “minorities be treated fairly”? Absolutely not.

Now the issue is squarely before NATO. Choose between A) Turkey stays in NATO, while Sweden and Finland are kept out and B) Sweden and Finland are admitted to NATO, and Turkey is expelled. How hard a choice is that?

Turkey BLOCKS NATO Expansion as Liberal Globalism SHATTERS!!!

DR. STEVE TURLEY REPORTS: Turkey is blocking Sweden and Finland from joining NATO all as the globalist world crumbles with the rise of civilization states! We’re going to look at Turkey’s opposition to NATO expansion, we’re going to see how even Sweden and Finland are putting some brakes on their membership, and stick with me to the very end of this video when I’ll show you how the rise of civilization states explains the tensions between Turkey and NATO; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

USA / NATO gearing up for counterattack against Russian forces in July or August, with high risk of escalated retaliatory strikes by Russia using EMP or nuclear weapons



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Based on facts that have now been made public, it is clear that the USA and NATO are gearing up for a massive military counterattack against Russian forces in Ukraine. Based on the idea that it takes a few months to build up logistics, hardware and personnel, the likely timeline for this counterattack appears to be around the July / August time frame.

Keep in mind that the overarching context of all this is the plan to cancel the 2022 mid-terms by placing America into a world war before November, accompanied by a domestic police state / martial law response that now includes an actual Ministry of Truth run by Homeland Security (DHS).

Some of the information supporting the coming counterattack includes the recent revelation that military pilot cadets from Ukraine were secretly moved to the United States in March in order to undergo intensive F-16 fighter pilot training in preparation for deployment against Russia. We understand that Ukrainian military teams are undergoing similar training in artillery and tank command as well. Seasoned military observers would correctly point out that you can’t train an effective F-16 fighter pilot in just a few months (nor a tank commander, etc.), yet this only speaks to the desperation of USA / NATO / Ukrainian efforts to try to throw almost anything at the Russians in an effort to stop the seemingly unstoppable, grinding advancement of Russian forces across southern Ukraine.

May 2, 2022 map of Russian control in Ukraine via

In addition to the above, it’s also clear that USA / NATO forces are planning to cobble together a false flag operation in Ukraine — likely involving chemical weapons — in order to trigger the internal justification to deploy US troops directly against Russian forces in Ukraine. Congressman Adam Kinzinger has introduced a “Ukraine War Resolution” that specifies this exact escalation plan, in fact.

The timing of the chemical false flag will likely be sometime in June, allowing the US media to whip up outrage and anti-Russia hatred — as the media’s primary job these days is to teach hatred and intolerance to the gullible sheeple — to the point where the American people are screaming for World War III. Falling in line with the engineered outrage, US Senators and House members will call for a declaration of war against Russia, and that will be echoed by the criminal cabal running the fake White House Oval Office sound stage from which fake president Biden declares whatever current state of confusion he is expressing on that particular day.

By July or August, it seems, we will be in a full-blown World War III against Russia, with US troops and weapons deployed in Ukraine, facing off against the far better-equipped Russian forces which have very short supply lines back to Russia, compared to the extremely long supply lines from the USA to Western Ukraine (which involves crossing the Atlantic and all of Western Europe, then somehow navigating Ukraine’s blown up railroads and destroyed bridges while under heavy fire from Russian air power and missiles).

America will very likely attempt to strike infrastructure targets inside Russia

As the counterattack against Russia gets underway, it is very likely that US and NATO forces will unleash attempted missile strikes, drone strikes, or bombing runs targeting infrastructure installations in Russia. The primary objective will be to cut off Russia’s domestic supply of fuel, steel, ammunition, etc.

But this move would clearly cross the line in Russia’s mind, forcing Russia to realize that this western war is an existential threat against the very survival of Russia as a nation. This realization is only exacerbated by admissions from US high-level Pentagon officials that they are deliberately trying to weaken Russia and destroy Russia’s ability to ever wage war again.

Thus, Russia will quickly reach the conclusion that it will need to escalate its retaliatory strikes to something more than mere cruise missiles and artillery. Although we can’t read Putin’s mind, it seems likely that he has already realized that sooner or later, he needs to take out the USA’s supply chain in order to stop the flow of weapons (and military training) to Ukraine from the United States.

Interestingly, the USA is now threatening China with economic sanctions if China supplies weapons to Russia. So according to the USA, only Ukraine can be augmented with weapons, but never Russia.

Why Russia will likely prefer an EMP retaliatory strike against the USA and NATO nations

Russia has vastly superior ICBM systems such as the new SARMAT-2 missile with up to 15 MIRVs and hypersonic glide vehicle capability (HGV). This means Russia has the ability to launch a single ICBM that can achieve nuclear strikes on 15 U.S. cities all at once, with little to no risk of interdiction by US defensive forces.

However, an open-air nuclear strike in the northern hemisphere would contaminate the entire hemisphere with radioactive fallout. From Russia’s point of view, a “safer” option is to detonate a high-altitude EMP weapon that destroys the US power grid and plunges the United States into chaos and collapse. This sort of EMP strike would utterly disable America’s military supply chain while achieving something on the order of 90% civilian casualties within 1-2 years, according to previous government analysis reports.

Surely Russia knows that America’s power grid is not yet hardened against EMP and that America’s financial system, food stamps, communications, fuel deliveries, and nearly everything else depends on the power grid functioning. Thus, an EMP strike is the most efficient way for Russia to disable America and possibly collapse the nation during a time of war.

Once you realize this, you also realize that EMP weapons might also be used against NATO nations such as the United Kingdom. An EMP strike against London — or Paris, or Berlin — would plunge the entire nation into darkness and collapse.

Thus, we believe that EMP weapons will be the first strike weapon preferred by Russia in retaliation against NATO and US forces striking infrastructure targets inside Russia (should that occur).

We pray this never takes place, but it looks like Biden and his insane handlers are deliberately pushing the United States into this scenario.

Russia’s “secret weapon” to hold in reserve: Underwater nuclear drones that could unleash a radioactive tidal wave against the USA or UK

You might think that Russia would never use EMP weapons because they might fear nuclear retaliation from the US or UK. Yet Russia has another secret weapon being held in reserve that could be played as a key leverage point to prevent nuclear retaliation from western nations: The underwater submarine drones with 100+ megaton warheads.

These underwater drones, according to multiple reports, have already been positioned off the coasts of the USA (East Coast) and the UK, awaiting detonation commands via low-frequency satellite comms. These are publicly known to carry 100 Megaton warheads, but I’m told that Russia actually has 200 and even 300 Megaton warheads in these units.

Once detonated, these weapons unleash a tidal wave of radioactive ocean water, drenching coastal cities and making the region uninhabitable for at least three centuries. With one detonation, Russia could destroy Washington D.C., New York City (Wall Street), military ports in Virginia, and other major cities along the East Coast. In fact, a Russian TV station is now openly bragging about this capability. As ZH reports:

A recent Russian state TV program has stirred outrage and made headlines across the United Kingdom after a television presenter featured a simulated demonstration of how the Russian navy’s nuclear submarines would take out the UK with ease.

“It approaches its target at a depth of 1km at a speed of 200km/h. There’s no way of stopping this underwater drone. The warhead on it has a yield of up to 100 megatons.”

“The explosion of this thermonuclear torpedo by Britain’s coastline will cause a gigantic tsunami wave up to 500m high.”

He then said the UK could be turned into “a radioactive desert” in the most provocative moment of the program:

“Such a barrage alone also carries extreme doses of radiation. Having passed over the British Isles, it will turn what might be left of them into a radioactive desert.”

The thing is, such boastful claims on Russian television are not mere hyperbole. Russia has the weapons to back up such claims, and those weapons are very likely already positioned off the coasts of the US and UK in preparation for precisely such a scenario.

Tit for tat – One possible timeline of how the escalation happens

(Early Feb, 2022) Ukraine prepares a massive military assault against the Donbas region to destroy the self-governance uprising of the pro-Russia regions of southeastern Ukraine.

(Feb 22, 2022) Russia recognizes the independence of those breakaway states and prepares to invade Ukraine to defend those regions against Ukrainian aggression.

(March, 2022) US and NATO begins training Ukrainian military personnel to operate NATO hardware such as F-16 fighter jets. Severe economic weapons of mass destruction unleashed against Russia.

(April, 2022) Russia realizes it’s all-in and begins push for gaining territory in southern Ukraine, pushing toward Odessa while grinding away the remaining personnel in the Ukrainian military.

(May, 2022) Massive military buildup of troops, tanks, artillery and logistics accelerates in eastern Poland, a staging area for the coming counter assault.

The following are estimates of future events, subject to corrections as reality unfolds…

(June, 2022) NATO and the USA pull off a chemical weapons false flag in Ukraine to blame Russia and justify escalation to World War III.

(July or August, 2022) NATO and the USA launch a counteroffensive against Russian forces in Ukraine, but they also unleash bombs and missile strikes against infrastructure targets in Russia (such as oil refineries).

(August or September, 2022) Russia retaliates against NATO strikes by launching EMP weapons against the USA and NATO nations, notably targeting the UK.

(September / October, 2022) Possibility that the USA and Western Europe is plunged into darkness. Total chaos. Military martial law. Elections cancelled. USA responds by threatening nuclear strikes against Russia. Russia counter-threatens with underwater nuclear bomb drones that could unleash a nuclear tidal wave.

(October / November, 2022) Anyone’s guess what happens here… if cooler heads don’t prevail, we could be in a global thermonuclear exchange with Russia before the end of 2022. Everybody loses. Because the USA and NATO nations are run by incompetent morons who seem to be part of a global death cult that actually desires a nuclear war.

The US military is no match against Russia

Relevant to all this is the sorry fact that the United States vastly overestimates its military capabilities, morale, and readiness. Under the control of libtard Pentagon generals and sissypants soyboy leadership, the very culture of the US military has shifted away from a manly, can-do attitude of rugged fighters to a transgenderfied landscape of gay helicopter crews and cross-dressing snowflakes who are but a shadow of what the US military was just a decade ago.

Now, we have fewer and fewer “soldiers” and more and more techno-toys (like suicide drones) run by gamers and overweight operators who could barely pass a physical. Once this technology is taken away from US forces — which can be easily accomplished with EMP weapons — the remaining military men and women have vastly reduced effectiveness because they are largely incapable of actually fighting (you know, with rifles and boots on the ground). Although we support our active-duty soldiers and veterans, the sad truth is that they can’t match the grit and physical capabilities of World War II-era soldiers (and US Marines) who could accomplish almost anything with a rifle and a spotting scope.

Russia’s soldiers are the real deal: Rugged, determined, and now well-experienced in battlefield maneuvers. They don’t need advanced technology to be an effective fighting force, which means Russia’s soldiers can still project power even without tech-heavy weapons. This means Russia has a devastating advantage of resiliency and ruggedness that’s simply no longer reflected in the libtard culture of the US Pentagon and its increasingly feminized fighting forces. Meanwhile, the most capable pro-America men in the military are being purged at breakneck speed, eliminating them from military ranks and thereby leaning the remaining forces in the direction of snowflakism and whiny little bitches who are “triggered” by the very sight of the American flag!

Remember: The Pentagon is run by generals who hate the American flag and everything America stands for. Do you think the forces they control are going to be ready to fight for America and win World War III? Not by a long shot. The libtards all hate America and want to see it fail.

Say what you want about Putin, but Putin doesn’t hate Russia. He’s not trying to dismantle the Russian culture. And he’s not a sissypants soyboy, either. Unlike Biden, Putin is a cognitive genius, and he is right now out-maneuvering the incompetent, almost mentally retarded US “President” and his entire regime of America-hating lunatics and sociopaths.

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More news on EMP attack

Erdogan rallies Turks in the EU to ‘work harder’ to advance ‘the causes of Allah’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

While the world is caught up with the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to rally Turks across Europe to “work harder” to “advance the causes of Allah.”

And he “sees Turks living in Europe as his own citizens.” Turkey does not belong in NATO. It should have been ejected long ago. The Islamic supremacist, opportunist Erdogan has made no secret about his long-term ambition of global conquest in the form of a revived Ottoman Empire.

“Erdoğan seeks to rally Turks in Europe behind political Islam,” Ahval, March 21, 2022: 

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is attempting to rally Turks across Europe behind his political Islamist cause, according to a report by the Stockholm-based Nordic Research & Monitoring Network.

Erdoğan who clearly sees Turks living in Europe as his own citizens, rather than nationals and/or residents of the countries where they live, work and retire, called on all to unite under one nation and one flag, the network said on Monday.

Last month, Erdogan said that when Turkey properly mobilises this power, no organisation, no evil structure, no hidden or open obstacles can stand in its way. He spoke at a meeting organised by the Union of International Democrats (UID), known as Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) proxy group abroad.

Erdoğan’s speech at the UID meeting was by far the most provocative to date, amounting to overt political interference in European affairs and using Turks and Muslims as trump cards against the nations, the network said.

Formerly named as The Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD), the group was evaluated as incompatible with Germany’s constitutional order, according to a report by the German domestic intelligence agency, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) in 2017. BfV has confirmed that it was spying on the group in Germany as an anti-sabotage measure.

The UID has 253 branches with 38 regional organisations in 17 countries.

In his speech, Erdoğan gave directions to UID members to work harder to achieve their objectives, the network said.

“The more you expand this umbrella as the UID, the more you increase your sphere of activity and influence, the more successfully you can fulfil the mission of delivering these messages to our citizens, organising them and preparing them for the future,” it cited Erdoğan as saying.

“The next pillar of the bridge we built from the past to the future should and will be the places where we live in Europe,“ Erdoğan said.

Erdoğan said hundreds of millions of Muslim friends and brothers stand behind the Turks and that they all are committed to the advancement of the causes of Allah and the truth.

Turkey, backed by Turks and Muslims in Europe, “would derail any plans devised by European governments”, Erdoğan said….

Kamala NATO gaffe~Venezuela will sell oil, BUT Biden needs to recognize dictator Maduro


Flashback: President Bush on Putin's 'Soul Friends Don`t Destroy Each Other!!!

Venezuela's representative to the UN condemns US role in the Ukrainian situation

Is US considering diplomatic thaw with Venezuela over need for oil?

Ominous signs of impending Russian invasion of Ukraine: Half-dozen landing ships leave Baltic Sea to enter Mediterranean as blood, medical supplies arrive



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) As the weekend approached, there were more signs that Russia is planning an all-out invasion of neighboring Ukraine, which could become the trigger for the next world war if the hapless Biden regime and NATO don’t play their cards right.

First, according to The Drive, six Russian navy amphibious landing ships have left their Baltic seaport and are steaming into the Mediterranean Sea, ostensibly to take part in “naval exercises” suspiciously near Ukraine.

“However, with tensions surrounding Russia and Ukraine remaining high, there has been concern that the amphibious flotilla’s ultimate destination may be the Black Sea. From there they would be well-positioned to support a potential new Russian intervention in Ukraine,” the outlet reported.

The outlet went on to identify three of the vessels:

The three vessels from the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet, the Project 775 Ropucha class amphibious warfare ships Olenegorskiy Gornyak and Georgiy Pobedonosets and the Project 11711 Ivan Gren class landing ship Pyotr Morgunov, were spotted entering the Mediterranean … via the Strait of Gibraltar.

The Russian ships were shadowed by a patrol vessel belonging to the Spanish Navy, as well as a U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon patrol aircraft, one of the sea service’s most modern planes for surveillance and anti-submarine warfare.

Two days earlier, a trio of Ropucha class vessels from the Baltic Fleet, which preceded the flotilla from the Northern Fleet as it passed through the English Channel, entered the Med Sea along the same route, The Drive reported.

The Russian military had previously announced that these amphibious warfare vessels would be participating in exercises involving several other warships including some from Russia’s Pacific Fleet. But as in the past, Moscow often masks offensive military actions with pre-announced ‘maneuvers’ or ‘exercises,’ as was the case prior to the Georgian invasion in August 2008.

Another Russian warship, the Vishnya class intelligence-gathering ship Vasiliy Tatishchev, has also entered the Mediterranean Sea, ostensibly to also take part in the ‘exercises.’

“At the same time, with a focus on the build-up of Russian forces around Ukraine’s borders, there remains the concern that these naval maneuvers, as well as fo [sic] due to take place in Belarus, could be part of the Kremlin’s planning for a new campaign against Ukraine,” The Drive reports.

“These fears have been reinforced not only by the sheer scale of the Russian military deployments in the border areas but also the appearance of certain offensive weapons systems, including Iskander short-range ballistic missiles and combat aircraft,” it added.

Meanwhile, “Russia’s military buildup near Ukraine has expanded to include supplies of blood along with other medical materials that would allow it to treat casualties, in yet another key indicator of Moscow’s military readiness,” Reuters reported on Saturday, a further indication that President Vladimir Putin is serious about invading his western neighbor.

Such medical supplies, especially blood, which is often in short supply and must be kept refrigerated, are crucial to any invasion, especially given that Ukraine is planning to resist.

U.S. officials have warned for days now that Russia is in a position to launch an attack on very short notice. As soon as Putin has all of his pieces in place, it appears likely that is what he will do.

Sources include:

Trump endorses Hungary’s Orban for reelection, praises him for stopping illegal immigration



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Donald Trump has come out in full support of Viktor Orban in Hungary’s upcoming spring election. The two share the priority of putting their country’s citizens and laws first and strengthening national security and the economy.

Last summer, during a Tucker Carlson interview, Orban referenced Trump as “a great friend of Hungary” and praised his "America first" foreign policy.”

The two are frequently bashed by globalists for taking national security seriously and protecting the cultures of their nations. Hungary spends tens of millions to rebuild churches and Christian communities destroyed by jihadis in the Middle East, yet has been referenced by globalists in derogatory terms such as “racist” and “xenophobic.”

While Western globalists swing their doors open to unvetted Muslim migrants, Christians are nowhere adequately aided by globalist-led countries.

Hungarian Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Szijjarto has rightly stated:

While Muslim leaders speak enthusiastically about the plight of their mistreated people, Christians shy away from highlighting the persecution of Christians. “The international community is absolutely not sensitive” to Christian persecution, and prefers to address issues of “religious minorities.”

Orban has remained unapologetically steadfast in protecting the country’s Christian character from an unvetted Muslim migrant invasion, unlike Britain and EU globalist-governed countries. The EU has resisted Orban at every turn, trying to impose Muslim migrant quotas on Hungary and other EU countries which are trying to protect their culture and identity. Trump was widely condemned for temporarily halting immigration from a handful of Muslim countries that were actually selected by the Obama Administration as being unable or unwilling to provide adequate information about those trying to enter the US.

“Donald Trump Endorses Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán for Reelection,” by Jacob Bliss, Breitbart, January 3, 2022:

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán received a reelection endorsement Monday from former President Donald Trump.

“Viktor Orbán of Hungary truly loves his Country and wants safety for his people,” Trump said in a statement from his Save America PAC, before laying out the reasons for his support in detail.

“He has done a powerful and wonderful job in protecting Hungary, stopping illegal immigration, creating jobs, trade, and should be allowed to continue to do so in the upcoming Election.”

“He is a strong leader and respected by all. He has my Complete support and Endorsement for reelection as Prime Minister,” Trump said about Orbán, who is running for reelection.

Orbán was first prime minister from 1998 till 2002 when his party — Fidesz — was forced into the opposition for eight years before he came been back in power in 2010 and won reelection in 2014 and 2018.

While he is Hungary’s longest-serving prime minister, he will go up against a largely unified opposition this spring when he attempts to secure a fourth consecutive term in office.

Breitbart London reported last year that “Orbán drew battle lines against the Hungarian left, their international backers in the European Union and foreign press, and Big Tech in a passionate, wide-ranging speech commemorating the 1956 uprising against the country’s then-communist puppet government.”

Speaking about the Cold War-era rebellion, where roughly 3,000 were killed, and over 700 fatalities were caused to the Soviet Communist forces in the country, Orbán said, “There are moments in the lives of nations when suddenly everyone feels ‘Enough is enough, things can’t go on like this any longer.’ We have to decide, and our decision shows who we really are.”

“The worth of an entire nation is revealed: it remains silent or protests; it acquiesces or rebels…..

Poland demands NATO step in to deal with Muslim migrant crisis on border with Belarus



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The EU should have stepped up at the beginning of the crisis. Poland finds itself stuck in the middle of a conflict between the EU and Belarus, while the open-door EU merely observes developments and pays ineffectual lip service to the problem. Now Poland is calling on NATO –while the leaders of Latvia and Lithuania are considering “invoking Article 4 of the NATO Treaty” — which reflects the seriousness of the escalation. Last week, countries bordering Belarus warned that the Muslim migrant crisis could escalate into a military confrontation.

It is stunning to witness the fear and intimidation of globalist EU leaders in the face of the escalating level of encroachment upon the sovereignty of member nations. This would never be tolerated by Islamic countries: many are keeping out Muslim migrants, and some are even resorting to violence to do so.

The mainstream media has not reported adequately about the treatment of refugees in countries such as Turkey, Iran and Libya. Instead, they have targeted Poland, prompting Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to warn about disinformation campaigns by Moscow and Belarus, stating that “some recent articles in the US gave him chills.” That is nothing new, since the establishment media has largely become an arm of the state.

This video was shared on Twitter by Poland’s Ministry of the Interior and Administration, demonstrating the chaos at the border. Polish authorities are heard warning migrants about the consequences of not following orders.


“Poland’s PM issues demand to NATO over standoff with Belarus,” RT, November 14, 2021:

Words are not enough to resolve the refugee crisis on Poland’s border with Belarus, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has said, demanding that NATO take “concrete steps” to deal with the issue.

“There is no doubt that things have gone too far,” Morawiecki told the Polish PAP news agency on Sunday, adding that “words alone are not enough to stop” Minsk, which Warsaw has accused of orchestrating the border crisis.

The prime minister also revealed that he and the leaders of Latvia and Lithuania were considering invoking Article 4 of the NATO Treaty to encourage the alliance to take some action over the situation on Poland’s eastern border with Belarus.

Article 4 says parties to the treaty are to hold consultations “whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the parties is threatened.”

It is not enough to just “publicly express our concern,” Morawiecki said, adding that “commitment” and “concrete steps” were needed from all the NATO members. He said he was in constant contact with other European leaders and recently spoke to European Council President Charles Michel and EU Commission head Ursula von der Leyen. He said US President Joe Biden was aware of what Morawiecki described as Minsk’s “provocative actions.”

The Polish head of government also said new sanctions against Belarus were on the table and would be considered at the next emergency summit of the European Council requested by Poland. “We will certainly discuss further sanctions, including the complete closure of the border,” he said.

Morawiecki accused Minsk – and Moscow – of waging a “disinformation” campaign against Poland to blame it for the crisis. He also urged Western media not to fall for Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s “manipulations” in exchange for access to the refugee camps, adding that some recent articles in the US gave him chills. He also encouraged the media to rely on “reliable confirmed information” provided by Poland through a specially created state-run portal.

Thousands of asylum seekers, mostly from the Middle East, have been camping out at the Belarusian border. The EU accuses Belarus of orchestrating the crisis….

Russia, Belarus plan massive anti-NATO military exercise in wake of Afghan defeat

Originally published by The Epoch Times



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Vladimir Putin has emerged as a major beneficiary of President Joe Biden’s surrender in Afghanistan and his backing off from sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Russia and Belarus have announced plans to conduct a joint military exercise from Sept. 10 to 16 called Zapad 2021 that takes on added significance due to NATO’s humiliation in Afghanistan and the lack of confidence in the alliance among its easternmost members. They say it will point out the “futility” of NATO reinforcing Poland and the Baltics in the first major show of force since Biden’s reckless withdrawal.

Over 200,000 troops, 80 aircraft, 760 military vehicles, and 15 ships will be involved in the exercise, the Russian news site reported.

“They want to tell us that there is a projection of a military bloc for the Kaliningrad enclave so that we feel and understand it. We are ready for these hints and made it clear to them. I believe that during the Zapad-2021 exercise we will once again try to show our partners that there is no need to do this, there is no need to bother the Russian bear,” Andrei Kartapolov, head of the Main Military-Political Directorate of the Russian Armed Forces, told a Moscow radio station.

Russia and Belarus have held similar exercises in prior years, but this exercise takes on added significance in the wake of Biden’s humiliating performance and leadership in Afghanistan.

Earlier this year the Polish military suffered a major defeat in a wargame that exposed its vulnerability to attack by Russian forces in the adjacent Kaliningrad region, which exposed the weakness of NATO’s eastern flank.

Russia and Belarus are also in discussions to deploy Russia’s S-400 surface-to-air missiles to Belarusian territory, which aims to deny NATO aircraft access to the airspace over Poland and the Baltics.

Biden’s hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan has America’s most vulnerable NATO allies thinking about alternatives. It has visibly shaken their confidence. This is particularly true of Poland and the Baltic States, which have felt threatened by Russia since it invaded Crimea in 2014. Instead of projecting strength in the face of Russian aggression, NATO now projects weakness, something that Putin will likely exploit.

“This kind of troop withdrawal caused chaos. Chaos causes additional suffering,” Artis Pabriks, Latvia’s defense minister, told local radio last week according to The Financial Times. Such long-term missions were unlikely in the future, he added: “This era is over. Unfortunately, the West, and Europe in particular, are showing they are weaker globally.”

Poles are nervous about the defeat in Afghanistan and worry they will feel the consequences on their borders with the Russian bear breathing down their necks. A post from an unidentified ordinary Pole that appeared on the Polish news website Wirtualna Polska lashed out at Biden and NATO, saying “Shame on the USA and NATO! Thousands of young people have died, and now they are running like rats from a sinking ship.” Another poster warned that history would repeat itself and that Poland was on its own.

A leading Polish journalist warned that Russian provocations to undermine NATO would likely increase.

“… [T]he number of military provocations will increase, not only in the airspace but also in the Baltic Sea, where Russia is strengthening its navy. Moscow is also likely to try to undermine the cohesion of the Alliance, or even launch a targeted attack on one of its weak members, testing the reaction of others,” Grzegorz Janiszewski wrote in the Polish news magazine Do Rzeczy.

Biden has left our allies on NATO’s eastern flank feeling they are on their own. The destruction of NATO’s credibility could make war more likely.

Putin has used the Nord Stream 2 as a wedge to divide NATO. The pipeline circumvents Ukraine and gives Russia leverage over the West to pit it against Ukraine in the Russians’ favor and is widely considered an aspect of gray-zone warfare.

Biden’s decision to back down against Putin over the Nord Stream 2 project particularly angered Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who had been a staunch supporter of Trump’s effort to sanction work on the pipeline.

And Germany’s heir apparent to Chancellor Angela Merkel, Armin Laschet, was blunt about the fallout from the disorganized withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“This is the greatest debacle that NATO has seen since its foundation, and it is an epochal change that we are facing,” Laschet said.

Merkel criticized the fact German troop deployments in Afghanistan were dependent on the U.S. government.

Biden’s Afghanistan catastrophe accomplished what Biden claimed would happen if former President Donald Trump was re-elected. It has discredited NATO.

Biden ran for president saying he would work to strengthen the NATO alliance, in contrast with Trump. He even ran an ad that accused the former president of being “dangerously incompetent” due to his frosty relations with NATO leaders.

“If we give Donald Trump four more years, we will have a great deal of difficulty of ever being able to recover America’s standing in the world and our capacity to bring nations together,” Biden said in the ad.

The president claimed in a Democratic debate in July 2019 that “the NATO alliance will fall apart” if Trump were re-elected. However, Biden, a man who spent the Trump years crowing about his support for NATO and condemning the former president’s skepticism of the alliance, has discredited the United States in the eyes of members of the alliance.

“I think that what has happened shows that Europe needs to develop this famous ‘strategic autonomy’ in order to be ready to face challenges that affect us eventually,” EU High Representative Josep Borrell of Spain said during an extraordinary videoconference of EU Foreign Ministers, noting that the Afghanistan experience reminds Europe that it needs to make other arrangements for its security.

Biden is who he claimed Trump would be. History shows that weakness and appeasement invite wars.

Biden has given Putin more in eight months as president than Trump gave in four years.

In the late 1990s, Putin is alleged to have said that the way to destroy NATO was from within. It seems that Biden is giving Putin his wish.

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