Trump Urges GOP To Block Funding For Release And Resettlement Of Illegal Immigrants

During a rally in Iowa as reported by FoxNews on September 21, former President Donald Trump issued a strong call to action, urging congressional Republicans to take a decisive step to restrict the use of taxpayer funds for the release or resettlement of illegal aliens into the United States, effective September 30. President Trump's statement reflects his ongoing concerns about immigration policies under the Biden administration and signals his desire to see more stringent measures put in place to address the issue. He has been vocal in his criticism of the handling of immigration at the southern border and has called for stronger border security and immigration enforcement. The September 30 deadline mentioned in Trump's statement appears to be a proposed date by which he believes congressional Republicans should act to restrict funding for the release and resettlement of undocumented immigrants. This date could serve as a point of discussion and negotiation within the Republican Party as it considers its legislative priorities. The issue of immigration has been a divisive and complex one in American politics, with differing opinions on how to address the challenges posed by illegal border crossings, asylum claims, and immigration enforcement. Trump's call to restrict taxpayer dollars for this purpose aligns with his "America First" approach, which emphasizes border security and prioritizing the interests of American citizens. It's important to note that immigration policy is a multifaceted issue, and any proposed changes would have far-reaching consequences. Restricting funding for the release and resettlement of undocumented immigrants could impact the processing of asylum claims, detention facilities, and the overall immigration enforcement process. Trump's call to action also underscores the ongoing debate within the Republican Party about its stance on immigration. While some Republicans support stricter border security and immigration enforcement measures, others advocate for a more compassionate approach, particularly when it comes to addressing the situation of undocumented immigrants already in the country. As the 2022 midterm elections approach and discussions about immigration reform continue, Trump's statement is likely to add fuel to the political discourse surrounding immigration policy. Congressional Republicans will need to consider the potential implications of any actions taken in response to the former president's call and weigh the various perspectives within their party. Overall, Trump's statement highlights his continued influence within the Republican Party and his determination to shape the party's priorities and policies, particularly on issues as contentious as immigration. The response to his call for restricting taxpayer funds for the release and resettlement of undocumented immigrants will be closely watched as it unfolds in the political arena.

Greg Kelly exposes General Mark Milley for his ‘plot against the President’; EXPOSES THE SERIOUS CHAOTIC RESULTS OF UNVETTED ILLEGAL MIGRANTS ON AMERICA, IN EUROPE, ETC.

‘You’re Not Going To Believe This!’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Outraged Over Spending Priorities~Holds America First Emergency Townhall in Plainville, GA~In a video released to social media, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) expressed dismay over the funding priorities of the House, and about President Biden’s border policies. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene holds America First Emergency Townhall in Plainville, GA – 9/22/23 MTG’s Surprise Bid for Trump’s VP Slot Revealed

In a video released to social media, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) expressed dismay over the funding priorities of the House, and about President Biden's border policies.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene holds America First Emergency Townhall in Plainville, GA - 9/22/23

MTG's Surprise Bid for Trump's VP Slot Revealed

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia’s fervent Republican envoy, emerges unscathed from the Democrats' ceaseless attempts to dismantle her political voyage. With a resolution forged in the crucible of relentless opposition, Greene is poised to unveil her narrative, unfiltered and unapologetic, through her book - "MTG."

James O’Keefe Interviews Vivek Ramaswamy on Soros Ties & Secret Democrat Allegations~HOW TRUMP ADMINISTRATION FUNDED BLACK ROCK WITH $172 BILLION TO ADMINISTER COVID-19

In an exclusive sit-down, James O'Keefe of O'Keefe Media Group interviews presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. O'Keefe questions Ramaswamy on his alleged connections to George Soros and explores public concerns that he may be a secret Democrat. Ramaswamy acknowledges facing inquiries he's never heard before, as the conversation dives into his Wall Street past and his views on stakeholder vs. stockholder capitalism. Don't miss this revealing and thought-provoking interview.

Denver Has Spent Nearly $25M Sheltering Immigrants

Denver Has Spent Nearly $25M Sheltering Immigrants

LOS EBANOS, TEXAS - JULY 02: U.S. Border Patrol agents watch over immigrants after taking them into custody on July 02, 2019 in Los Ebanos, Texas. Hundreds of immigrants, most from Central America, turned themselves in to border agents after rafting across the Rio Grande from Mexico to seek political asylum in the United States. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)
U.S. Border Patrol agents watch over immigrants after taking them into custody on July 02, 2019 in Los Ebanos, Texas. Hundreds of immigrants, most from Central America, turned themselves into border agents after rafting across the Rio Grande from Mexico to seek political asylum in the United States. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

OAN’s Elizabeth Volberding
3:00 PM – Wednesday, September 20, 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The city of Denver has reached almost $25 million in costs in order to shelter immigrants as the number of illegals entering the United States continues to grow.

This marks the latest financial hit that liberal cities are encountering as they deal with the immigrant crisis.

Denver city officials declared in an email that the expenses for immigrant housing is approximately $24.8 million, which is $20 million more than what the city expected to spend within the last six months.

Therefore, the spending is up to $1,000 per immigrant each week.

In August, it was reported by Axios that Denver had spent over $23 million in relation to the immigrant crisis. However, the city’s dilemma was said to be stable as leaders worked to establish a plan on how to efficiently provide services to the asylum seekers.

Earlier this year, the city of Denver put specific limitations on immigrant shelters. This included a 30-day limit for how long immigrants can reside in a shelter, as well as restrictions on returns and any possible “illegal activity.”

The immigrant crisis has been a growing issue throughout the country, and Denver is among a number of liberal cities that have been hit by a large influx of immigrants.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas), has also bussed immigrants to many cities, including Denver and NYC, however, those buses hold only a fraction of the total number of immigrants that have been seen.

Additionally, officials in Chicago have publicized that there has been a $538 million deficit generated from many factors. These include “the cost to care for new migrants arriving in the city.”

Denver officials have previously claimed that it is not a sanctuary city, but city commands do limit cooperation with immigration officials, leading conservatives, including the governor of Texas, to refer to it as a Sanctuary City.

Other city officials have also brought up the immigrant issue, including Governor Maura Healey (D-Mass.). Last month, Healey informed citizens about the state of emergency in the liberal state. 

Additionally, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass (D-Calif.) explained recently that she is “fearful” that any day, “planes could start coming.”

Simultaneously, at the border itself, several Border Patrol sectors across the country are overwhelmed as they face over 8,000 illegal immigrant encounters each day of the week.

This has resulted in street releases of immigrants across San Diego and Tucson as officials attempt to deal with the overflowing of their migrant shelters.

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NO MONEY FOR HOUSING MIGRANTS, BUT NYC Council Considering Removing Monuments Honoring Washington, Jefferson, Columbus, Roosevelt

NYC Council Considering Removing Monuments Honoring Washington, Jefferson, Columbus, Roosevelt, etc.

Construction workers erect scaffolding around the statue of US President Theodore Roosevelt at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City on December 2, 2021. - New York has begun the extended process of removing a statue of former US president Theodore Roosevelt, which has been long criticized as a racist and colonialist symbol and became a cultural flashpoint in recent years. The statue depicts Roosevel on horseback with Native American and African American figures standing at his side. (Photo by Yuki IWAMURA / AFP) (Photo by YUKI IWAMURA/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by YUKI IWAMURA/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Elizabeth Volberding
12:51 PM – Tuesday, September 19, 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

A committee on the New York City Council is set to vote on a proposal that could result in monuments honoring figures such as George Washington, Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, Peter Stuyvesant, and more being removed due to their “controversial” pasts.

A public hearing was held on Tuesday addressing the proposal established by the NYC Committee on Cultural Affairs, Libraries, and International Intergroup Relations. The proposal specified that public art that portrays someone who has been linked to slavery or “crimes against humanity” should be taken down.

However, if the commission determines that a statue or monument honors a person who committed crimes against humanity, but votes not to remove the artwork, it would require the city to create an “explanatory plaque” discussing the misdeeds of the historical figure.

The committee’s hearing involved additional legislation that would mandate the city’s Public Design Commission (PDC) to administer a plan to remove works of art on New York property.

According to the committee, the monuments represent individuals who owned enslaved persons who economically benefited from slavery, or those who participated in systemic crimes against indigenous people.

“This bill would require the PDC to publish a plan to remove works of art on City property that depict a person who owned enslaved persons or directly benefited [sic] economically from slavery, or who participated in systemic crimes against indigenous peoples or other crimes against humanity,” the proposal explains. “If PDC determines a work of art depicts a person who fits these criteria and decides not to remove the work of art, PDC would be required to include in the plan steps it will take to install an explanatory plaque next to the work of art.” 

However, Republican officials claimed that the proposal was created in an effort to erase history and dishonor those who established America. Critics immediately branded the attempt to remove the notable statues as being a part of “cancel culture.”

“This is little more than an attempt by the radical left to rewrite our nation’s history,” said Republican Councilwoman Joann Ariola of Queens, according to the New York Post. “These men all had an enormous impact on this country, and these statues commemorating their achievements have been in place for decades.”

“The radical left has been trying to reframe our nation as one born from evil, and it is time we put our foot down and say enough is enough,” she added. “The Founding Fathers and the others who worked so hard to establish this great country should be celebrated, not eliminated from memory.”

There are over half a dozen monuments on city property admiring Washington, the first president of the United States and a revolutionary hero, which could now potentially be taken down. These include monuments in Washington Square Park and Union Square Park. 

Statues of Christopher Columbus, an Italian man famously known for discovering the “New World” in 1492, were also targeted with outcries for his statue to be removed from the public square due to how he allegedly “abused native populations throughout his travels.”

Additionally, Peter Stuyvesant, an early New York settler and slaveholder, has a statue erected of him in Stuyvesant Park, and the prestigious Stuyvesant High School is also named after him.

Furthermore, NYC officials have already taken down a statue of Thomas Jefferson, an author of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the U.S., due to his connection with slavery. These included monuments at the city council chambers that were removed in 2021.

Another monument, which honors the 26th president of the U.S., Teddy Roosevelt, has also been taken down in front of the Natural History Museum in New York.

“I thought this was behind us,” Angelo Vivolo, president of the Columbus Heritage Coalition said. “This woke group wants to cancel our culture.”

“I’m here for the fight. The Italian-American community will come out strongly against this move to ban Columbus, a symbol of Italian-American accomplishment. But it’s not just Columbus. You’re going against Washington… Jefferson…. You’re going against the people who contributed greatly to America,” he added.

The 51-member New York City Council is in control of the operation of city agencies and the passing of local regulations and laws that deal with everything from outdoor dining to zoning matters. However, their main focus currently is canceling historical figures deemed “controversial.”

Brooklyn Council Sany Nurse, the author of the proposal, was not immediately available for comment when asked about the situation.

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Americans Freed From Iran In Controversial Prisoner Swap

Americans Freed From Iran In Controversial Prisoner Swap

US citizens Siamak Namazi (C-back), Emad Sharqi (bottom-L) and Morad Tahbaz (bottom-R) disembark from a Qatari jet upon their arrival at the Doha International Airport in Doha on September 18, 2023. (Photo by KARIM JAAFAR/AFP via Getty Images)
US citizens Siamak Namazi (C-back), Emad Sharqi (bottom-L) and Morad Tahbaz (bottom-R) disembark from a Qatari jet upon their arrival at the Doha International Airport in Doha on September 18, 2023. (Photo by KARIM JAAFAR/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Stephanie Stahl
12: 12 PM – Monday, September 18, 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Five Americans who were detained in Iran for several years have now been released as part of a prisoner swap for five Iranians being held in the United States. 

On Monday, the five US citizens were flown out of Tehran and landed in Qatar. According to U.S. and Iranian officials, the five Iran nationals have also been released. Two of them have reportedly arrived in Doha and the other three opted not to return to Iran.

The complex transfer deal included the Biden administration giving Tehran access to $6 billion in oil revenue that had been held in South Korea since 2018.

“Today, five innocent Americans who were imprisoned in Iran are finally coming home,” U.S. President Joe Biden said in a statement, adding that he is “grateful to our partners at home and abroad for their tireless efforts to help us achieve this outcome, including the Governments of Qatar, Oman, Switzerland, and South Korea.” 

It remains unclear whether the exchange could pave the way for advancements on issues that separate the two nations, including Iran’s nuclear program, its backing of regional Shi’ite militias, the presence of U.S. troops in the Gulf, and the ongoing U.S. sanctions against Iran.

Shortly before the release of the American detainees, Republican lawmakers criticized the agreement, characterizing it as a “ransom” payment that could potentially incentivize Iran to detain more Americans in the future. 

Biden announced on Monday that he was sanctioning former Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence under the Levinson Act “for their involvement in wrongful detentions. And, we will continue to impose costs on Iran for their provocative actions in the region,” Biden said.

He also issued a warning to U.S. citizens about the risks involved in traveling to Iran: “American passport holders should not travel there.”

While the return of these Americans is cause for celebration, it also serves as a reminder that some have not returned and may still remain behind bars in Iran. Bob Levinson, a former DEA and FBI agent, was imprisoned in Iran in 2007 and is believed to have died sometime before March 25, 2020. 

“I call on the Iranian regime to give a full account of what happened to Bob Levinson,” President Biden said, adding that “The Levinson family deserves answers.” 

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NYC Pays Al Qaeda Terror State $200M to Rent Hotel Rooms to Illegal Aliens Paying for your own destruction.


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Roosevelt Hotel claims that it’s the place “where classic elegance meets contemporary luxury”. Classic elegance and luxury at the midtown Manhattan hotel look like busloads of migrant invaders arriving and camping outside the golden doors. The scene is no better inside where 41 migrants have been arrested for beating wives, girlfriends, and significant others.

There have also been assaults on employees and an arrest for child endangerment.

While the Roosevelt Hotel may have an old name, Mayor Eric Adams and New York City actually leased it from Pakistan for $220 million. That amounts to paying $210 per room for each night that an illegal alien invader uses it to smoke meth or abuse their wives and daughters.

The Roosevelt Hotel was named after Teddy. You can imagine what he would have done if thousands of foreigners had invaded a hotel and turned it into a drug den on his watch.

In a city where a quarter of young children live in poverty, that $220 million could probably be put to better use than paying the Islamic terror state linked to the September 11 attacks on New York City for the privilege of housing the hordes of invaders in “contemporary luxury”.

Mayor Adams has already jettisoned his promise of universal daycare to care for the migrants.

Inside the Roosevelt the gilt sign at the entrance to the Art Deco halls has been tarnished. Migrants squat under the massive crystal chandelier in the ballroom and sleep on the red carpet. Despite supposedly being poor and desperate, many are swiping and clicking through their smartphone apps while they wait for their next taxpayer-funded benefit to arrive.

Once the setting for movies like Wall Street and The French Connection, the storied hotel is now home to another kind of corrupt crime story. The black marble pillars and spacious rooms have been fully occupied by an endless invading army that continues to stream across the border. The smells and the level of filth are reflective of the three remaining working showers.

The massive influx of migrants has made the area near Grand Central Station as unsafe as it was in the 1970s. Despite the hotel being supposedly reserved for families, Central American and African male migrants in their twenties wearing blue surgical masks that cover most of their faces swarm the area and move in packs at night around nervous tourists and local businesses.

The fame of the Roosevelt Hotel appears to have traveled along the migrant pipeline and male migrants have fought, sometimes violently, to stay there instead of being relocated to homeless shelters. Local businesses, already battered by the pandemic, have been hit hard by the crisis.

The cost of housing the invaders is being paid to the Pakistani government. Even though

Pakistan International Airlines, under the control of the terror state’s government, was barred from flying directly to the United States after 9/11, it was allowed to take over the hotel and run it into the ground. The Biden administration has since allowed PIA to resume direct flights.

The Pakistani government harbored Osama bin Laden. Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had initiated negotiations with Al Qaeda and offered to “reestablish normal relations.” Former  Prime Minister Imran Khan, nicknamed ‘Taliban Khan’, had called Bin Laden a “martyr”.

Now New Yorkers are stuck paying hundreds of millions of dollars to an Islamic terror state tied to the attacks that killed so many fellow residents and citizens to provide luxury housing for the latest wave of the invaders. Osama bin Laden would be proud of what is happening here.

Beyond Pakistan, other foreign business interests are also benefiting from the foreign invasion.

Chinese developer Jubao Xie, who put up the world’s tallest Holiday Inn in Manhattan, got $190 a night, $93,000 a day, and $2.8 million a month to house the invaders. The skyscraper hotel, a bafflingly ugly eyesore, was in trouble before the migrant bailout was approved by a bankruptcy judge. A number of other foreign-owned hotels are also benefiting from the arrangement.

The use of high-end hotels to house the illegal invaders has not only wrecked classic storied hotels like the Roosevelt or the Paramount, but it has also ruined the surrounding areas that the Giuliani administration had struggled to drag away from the blight that had overtaken Midtown.

Where tourists are supposed to arrive by train, take in Broadway shows, and go to a nice restaurant afterward, the streets swarm with migrant thieves, beggars, and madmen.

Row Hotel, a classic Times Square hotel that promises  “comfort and security while away from home” turned into another migrant hellhole. That’s where Daniel Hernandez Martinez, a migrant who was arrested six times for five assaults in two months, attacked a man with a bike tire.

Martinez was responsible for a one-man crime wave in the Times Square area. The criminal migrant was apparently staying in a $ 500-a-night hotel which a former worker described as a ‘free for all’ of drugs, sex, and violence where the rooms have been trashed and defiled.

Messages at the formerly stylish hotel described everything from a 10-year-old girl drunk alone in the room to an intruder carrying a machete. “Every day, we find about ten kids alone in their hotel rooms, either drinking or doing drugs. Weapons will be in the room,” a worker described.

And while America’s enemies are laughing and profiting, we are doing this to ourselves.

Open borders are only half the story. At a local level, the other half of the story is the ‘right to shelter’ regulations like those in New York City and other epicenters of the migrant invasion that guarantee everyone a room regardless of how illegal, violent, or diseased they may be.

The homeless industrial complex claimed that the only reason junkies were wandering the streets was that an unfair capitalist system had deprived them of affordable housing. They invented a ‘right to shelter’ and radical leftist politicians who came to power implemented it.

A decade ago, I wrote about the rise of “homeless by choice” in which migrants, tourists, and traveling junkies showed up in New York City to claim their “three meals a day, a microwave oven, TV, free laundry, free Internet, free health care and a prepaid cell phone with 300 minutes a month.”

And I warned that it would end badly. Now instead of a few thousand junkies, there are tens of thousands of migrants. And they’re just the beginning. Each of them also wants their free phones, health care, meals, and everything else they think that they’re entitled to.

Including a stay in a luxury hotel.

Back then, one in four homeless in New York listed addresses outside the city. Today it’s probably the vast majority. There’s no longer even the pretense of a homeless problem.

New York City’s homeless problem just consists of people from other countries showing up in the city and demanding a room at the Roosevelt, the Row, or the Paramount. Why be a sucker and pay $300 bucks for a hotel when you can just arrive as a refugee and demand a free room.

The taxpayers will pay for it and hand over the cash to Pakistan to finance more terrorism.

Conservative Event Cancelled Due To Payment Processor HALTING Funds

John Sabal, the founder and President of The Patriot Voice, is a disabled, Navy veteran who has filed a $18M lawsuit against the payment processing giant Total System Services Inc. (TSYS) after they withdrew their services claiming The Patriot Voice Events were racist. []( Paul Davis, Managing Attorney at Paul M. Davis & Associates, P.C. is representing John Sabal and The Patriot Voice. Find John Sabal on X - @TPV_John, Truth - @ThePatriotVoice and on Instagram @tpvjohn Find Paul Davis at @fireduptxlawyer



U.S. Taxpayers Fund $5 Billion Project NextGen to Develop Novel COVID Vaccines and Drugs

more money for more COVID vaccines

Just three months after the Biden administration announced that U.S. taxpayers would fund a $5 billion initiative called Project NextGen to develop “next generation” COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded $1.4 billion in contracts under the program on Aug. 22, 2023. The total includes “$1 billion for COVID vaccine clinical trials, $326 million to create a new COVID monoclonal antibody drug, and $100 million to develop novel COVID vaccines and therapeutic technologies.”1 2 3

The HHS awards come on the heels of Pfizer implementing cost-cutting measures after sales for its Comirnaty messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID biologic and Paxlovid, a protease inhibitor drug, saw sharp declines this year. After Pfizer’s COVID products underperformed in 2023, the company predicted a rise in infection rates this fall that will inform its future sale strategy in the COVID market as it transitions from a government-dominated sales market to a commercial one.

However, reported cases of new SARS-CoV-2 infections in the U.S. have been rising sooner than expected, with public health officials tracking three new SARS-CoV-2 variants, including EG.5, FL.1.5.1, and BA.2.86. Coinciding with Project NextGen, the latest surge in COVID cases has led some universities and companies to reinstate the mask mandates in yet another repeat effort to “slow the spread” of the new SARS-CoV-2 variants. 3

Mask Wearing Reduced the Risk of Coronavirus Infection and Death by Only Five Percent

Throughout the pandemic, health officials in countries have been divided over whether face coverings effectively prevent the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 infections. Research conducted by Cochrane of London, England has provided substantial evidence to resolve this uncertainty. The Cochrane analysis of 78 global studies involving over one million people published on Jan. 30, 2023, found that masks only reduced the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and death by a mere five percent, and authors asserted that the benefits of mask-wearing and mask mandates did not outweigh the risks, such as impeding children’s academic and cognitive development in their early years.4

Considered the “gold standard” in assessing evidence-based medicine and public health policies, Cochrane reviews follow a rigorous methodology, are generally less vulnerable to bias, and only consider high-quality evidence in their systematic reviews that investigate the effects of interventions for disease prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.5

In response to Cochrane’s new findings, Francois Balloux, PhD, director of the UCL Genetics Institute and professor of computational biology at University College London, wrote:

Irrespective of the limitations of the study, its results indicate that the true impact of medical/surgical masks and N95/P2 respirators on the transmission of respiratory viruses is at best small. 6

Other key findings by Cochrane included: there were no clear differences between the use of medical/surgical masks compared with N95/P2 respirators in healthcare workers when used in routine care to reduce respiratory viral infection; and community mask-wearing makes little to no difference in lab-confirmed infections, compared to not masking. However, the authors concluded that immunocompromised or vulnerable individuals may benefit from mask-wearing, since interventions that are not effective at a population level may still provide a personal benefit to at-risk individuals.

Vaccine Failure Persists as CDC Suggests New Variants May Evade Natural and Vaccine-Acquired Immunity

Health authorities warn that the highly mutated BA.2.86 lineage of coronavirus may be more capable than its predecessors to cause infection in people who have been vaccinated for COVID or have been previously infected with SARS-CoV-2. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that, due to the high number of mutations detected in this new SARS-CoV-2 strain, it may be more efficient at evading immunity from vaccines and previous infections.7

The federal health agency abruptly stopped tracking breakthrough infections, or instances of vaccine failure in 2021, choosing to only include data on breakthrough infections that result in hospitalizations and deaths.8 Newer COVID booster shots, which COVID vaccine manufacturers and health officials claim will prevent serious complications from infection with an Omicron subvariant known as XBB.1.5, are expected to be available by the end of this month.9 10

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Click here to view References:

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Biden Admin. Announces Additional $250MILLION Aid Package To Ukraine

Biden Admin. Announces Additional $250M Aid Package To Ukraine

Ukrainian soldier waves Ukrainian national flag while standing on top of an armoured personnel carrier (APC) on April 8, 2022 in Hostomel, Ukraine. (Photo by Alexey Furman/Getty Images)

OAN’s James Meyers
11:26 AM – Wednesday, August 30, 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Biden Administration announced on Tuesday that they will be sending another $250 million aid package to Ukraine containing additional weapons and ammunition support.

⚡️The 🇺🇸United States announced a new package of military aid to 🇺🇦Ukraine worth $250 million — White House Press Secretary.

It included AIM-9M anti-aircraft missiles, HIMARS ammunition, 155mm and 105mm artillery shells, mine clearance equipment, Javelin anti-tank systems,…

The weapons included are AIM-9M missiles for air defense, 155mm and 105mm artillery ammunition, over 3 million rounds of small arms ammunition, and munitions for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), according to the State Department.

“Russia started this war and could end it at any time by withdrawing its forces from Ukraine and stopping its brutal attacks,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement.

“Until it does, the United States and our allies and partners will stand united with Ukraine, for as long as it takes.”

The U.S. should have run out of funding for the year to provide additional aid to Ukraine, but it was discovered that the Pentagon allegedly overvalued the equipment they had sent prior, allowing an additional $6.2 billion in funding, defense officials claimed.  

The latest aid package will come from existing stockpiles, meaning it should arrive sooner than normal aid packages.

Congress has approved $113 billion so far in both military and humanitarian aid to the Eastern European nation since they were invaded by Russia in February 2022, according to the Department of Defense Office of the Inspector General. 

In July, the Defense Department also announced that the agency has sent $43 billion in aid to Ukraine since the war initally began.

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Biden To Request Funds From Congress For New COVID Vaccine

Biden To Request Funds From Congress For New COVID Vaccine

US President Joe Biden speaks to the press after attending a pilates class in South Tahoe, California, on August 25, 2023. (Photo by Mandel NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)
US President Joe Biden speaks to the press after attending a pilates class in South Tahoe, California, on August 25, 2023. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Roy Francis
9:56 AM – Saturday, August 26, 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

President Joe Biden said on Friday that he plans to request more funding from Congress in order to develop a new COVID vaccine.

Biden says he just "signed off" on a funding request for "a new [COVID] vaccine is necessary that works,"

“I signed off this morning on a proposal we have to present to the Congress a request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is necessary, that works,” Biden told reporters while vacationing in Lake Tahoe. “It will likely be recommended that everybody get it no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not.”

The announcement comes after reports of a recent rise in COVID-19 cases in some regions of the country. Due to the recent reports of a rise in hospitalizations, mask mandates are also slowly being reintroduced by some organizations, such as LionsGate studios.

Updated versions of the vaccine which contain the newer version of the virus are already being developed by Pfizer, Novavx, and Moderna. Officials claim that due to the mutating nature of the virus, the vaccine needs to constantly be updated.

The supplemental funding that the Biden administration recently presented to Congress did not include any funding for COVID-19 vaccines. Instead, the request asked for around $40 billion for short-term “key priorities” such as more aid for Ukraine, federal disaster funds, climate change, and a minimal amount for border security.

In the fall of 2022, Biden had also asked for around $9 billion from Congress for funding for the virus, but the request was denied by Congress at the time.

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While Vets Wait for Care, VA Spends Millions on Transgenderism

While Vets Wait for Care, VA Spends Millions on Transgenderism

There’s money for transgender hormones, not cancer treatments.


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

[Editor’s note: Make sure to read Daniel Greenfield’s masterpiece contributions in Jamie Glazov’s new book: Barack Obama’s True Legacy: How He Transformed America.]

The Veterans Affairs scandals that disgraced the Obama administration never went away. Instead, the VA has stonewalled groups like Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) who have been seeking information about wait times for veterans. It’s not that the VA doesn’t have the money to treat vets, but that the money continues to be wasted on radical woke agendas.

After a prolonged battle, Concerned Veterans for America uncovered documents showing that the VA has manipulated wait time numbers to misleadingly portray appointments a month and a half away as having a zero wait time. This is a continuation of the waiting lists scandal under the Obama administration a decade ago that we were told had been successfully resolved.

The Trump administration and a Republican Congress passed the VA Mission Act to allow veterans more access to health care outside the system, but the VA obstructed veterans from getting ‘community care’. Veterans who couldn’t get timely health care were warned against going outside the system and subjected to extra layers of obstruction by the VA bureaucracy.

The VA violated the VA Mission Act and its action likely led to illness and possibly deaths.

A USA Today investigation revealed that “VA administrators are overruling doctors’ judgments and preventing them from sending their patients outside the VA health care system.”

The VA’s goal is to keep veterans from leaving the system to save money.

While the VA can’t seem to care for veterans, it is busy offering transgender procedures that include hormones, pre-op evaluation, and post-op care. The VA handles everything from using the right pronouns to storing sperm and eggs, and even hair removal and fake breasts.

Veterans with cancer are not being treated in a timely manner, but those whose mental problems lead them to think that they’re really women are getting fast-tracked to castration.

Chris Beck, a former Navy SEAL who was turned into the poster boy for transgenderism, described being fast-tracked after an hour-long meeting at the VA.

Even while the VA was fighting efforts to track accurate wait times, VA Secretary Denis McDonough announced that he planned to offer castration and other gender mutilation surgeries. McDonough is not a doctor and had not served in the military, he was an Obama aide, part of the administration that was responsible for the original VA wait-time scandal.

As a reward, Biden appointed him to head the VA. “Be they veterans of color or LGBTQ+ veterans, our job is to get them all the service and the care that they’ve earned,” McDonough explained his priorities. What about veterans who aren’t members of a minority group? They don’t matter.

McDonough estimated that transgender surgeries might cost as much as $71 million. And he was eager to move forward even at a time when the VA was back to playing musical chairs with medical appointments and putting veterans through hell to save a few thousand here and there.

Within the active duty military health care system known as ‘Tricare’, personnel are being hit with 10% fee increases even as Tricare now covers hormones and offers waivers for “medically necessary gender affirming surgery”. There have been over 250 transgender surgical procedures which have cost millions of dollars and deprived genuinely sick people of care.

It’s not just active duty military personnel at risk of dangerous, unproven, and permanently damaging procedures and medications, but also their family members.

In the final year of the Obama administration, the doors were thrown open to “gender-affirming care” for vulnerable children and teens from military families resulting in a quadrupling of the number of patients: many of them teenage girls who are at the worst risk of being mutilated.

There were 500 children as young as 10 years old who were potentially subjected to indoctrination leading them to dangerous hormones and procedures that could destroy their lives.

Rather than fighting our enemies and healing our troops, the military health care system for both active duty personnel and veterans had been warped into serving woke sexual identity politics.

The Department of Defense even dedicated $1.1 million to studying prostate cancer in transgender ‘women’.

The DOD’s promotion of transgender indoctrination is particularly destructive during a time when active duty personnel and veterans are suffering record rates of suicide and mental illness. Pushing them toward an identity and its associated procedures that have been shown to increase, rather than decrease, symptoms of mental illness and suicide rates is unforgivable.

The Biden administration has made identity politics into its north star and disloyal military brass have put that agenda ahead of warfighting capabilities, military readiness, and the welfare of the troops. While there’s no money to provide cancer treatments for veterans at the VA, there’s plenty of money for hormones, fake breasts, and transgender counseling sessions.

Veterans may have to wait months for an appointment to treat urgent medical problems, but appointments for transgender counseling are fast-tracked as medically necessary. Active duty personnel are being hit with more Tricare fee hikes at a time when military salaries are not keeping up with the inflationary cost of living, but someone has to pay for the hormones.

Biden and his disloyal military brass have betrayed the country at every opportunity. They have lost wars, empowered enemies, and undermined America. They have taken the military hostage to promote abortion and they are killing active duty personnel and veterans through their obsession with transgender identity politics.

Our veterans and active-duty military personnel deserve the best. Instead, they and their families are being treated like guinea pigs for a social experiment being performed on the country.

House Freedom Caucus Issues Demands in Return for Continued Spending

House Freedom Caucus Issues Demands in Return for Continued Spending

House Freedom Caucus Issues Demands in Return for Continued Spending
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
The House Freedom Caucus (HFC) issued a list of demands on Monday, which it characterized as requirements for it to support a continuing resolution. The stopgap spending agreements have become an annual spectacle in Congress, as appropriated funds run out at the end of the fiscal year (Sept. 30) before new appropriations have been determined. The alternative is a government “shutdown,” which Democrats in office and the media manipulate into bad press for fiscally responsible, disobedient Republicans.

Politico reports that both Democrat and Republican Congressional leaders have previously admitted the need for a continuing resolution. Politico called the list of demands a “not unexpected” “headache” for Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). But the outlet also acknowledged that the Republican leader is already on board with at least some of the agenda: “McCarthy has repeatedly vowed that he won’t take up an ‘omnibus’ spending package — when all 12 spending bills are rolled into one mammoth piece of legislation.” So there’s a glimmer of hope for a semblance of fiscal restraint, anyway.

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What are these demands by the roughly three dozen stalwart conservative reps in exchange for passing spending resolutions? Let’s take a look.

In its introduction to the list, the HFC notes, “As Congress continues to work to pass appropriations bills, we must rein in the reckless inflationary spending, and the out-of-control federal bureaucracy it funds, crushing the American people. We remain committed to restoring the true FY 2022 topline spending level of $1.471 trillion without the use of gimmicks or reallocated rescissions to return the bureaucracy to its pre-COVID size while allowing for adequate defense funding.” That would be great. Of course, it will be hard to wrest back crisis-level spending from establishment politicians, but thank goodness a brave few are willing to try.

The HFC then went on to list its demands in return for agreeing to pass appropriations bills:

We will oppose any spending measure that fails to…

  1. Include the House-passed “Secure the Border Act of 2023” to cease the unchecked flow of illegal migrants, combat the evils of human trafficking, and stop the flood of dangerous fentanyl into our communities;
  2. Address the unprecedented weaponization of the Justice Department and FBI to focus them on prosecuting real criminals instead of conducting political witch hunts and targeting law-abiding citizens; and
  3. End the Left’s cancerous woke policies in the Pentagon undermining our military’s core warfighting mission.

All of those measures should never even have had to be in question, but the U.S. government is badly adrift at this time. The conservative caucus wasn’t done, though. “Furthermore,” the statement goes on,” we will oppose any attempt by Washington to revert to its old playbook of using a series of short-term funding extensions designed to push Congress up against a December deadline to force the passage of yet another monstrous, budget-busting, pork-filled, lobbyist handout omnibus spending bill at year’s end and we will use every procedural tool necessary to prevent that outcome.” You can’t say no one warned you, Congress. So what’s the plan for passing spending appropriations in a measured, timely manner this year?

But wait, there’s still more! There was a tasty cherry of transparency and oversight on top: “Lastly, we will oppose any blank check for Ukraine in any supplemental appropriations bill,” declared the common-sense conservatives.

It’s preposterous and sad that any one of these issues has to be demanded. And it’s outrageous and tragic that only a handful of the 541 elected representatives in the U.S. Congress — to say nothing of the executive branch — will insist upon them. May the Freedom Caucus have the strength and courage to hold the line through the ugly political season ahead.


Biden regime insists $6,000,000,000 it is sending to Iran will be used for ‘humanitarian’ purposes


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

But the regime cannot explain how it can “guarantee the funds would not somehow be funneled into Iran’s terror campaign,” and they will. Money is fungible. If US taxpayer money is used for “humanitarian” purposes in Iran, other money is freed up for the mullahs’ jihad. This isn’t really rocket science here, yet these simple truths repeatedly elude the likes of Vedant Patel.

“US Continues To Evade Details Of Iran Deal,” Iran International, August 15, 2023:

US officials remain tight-lipped on the release of $6bn of frozen funds from South Korea to Iran as questions on its use remain unclear.

In the latest US State Department press briefing, Vedant Patel continued to push the line that the funds would primarily be used for “humanitarian” purposes, in line with the rules surrounding sanctions.

During a barrage of questions from the world’s media, he said: “It’s Iran’s money and allowing Iran to use such funds for humanitarian purposes is consistent with longstanding US policy to ensure that our sanctions do not prevent humanitarian goods and services from flowing to ordinary people no matter how objectionable or problematic their government is.”

However, the big question is, will the “ordinary people” see any benefit of the released funds, or will it simply get channeled into the regime’s military machine. Iranian officials have said that the funds will be transferred into euros once sent to Qatar, which will mean the US will not have a direct way to track wire transfers from accounts in Qatar that hold the money.

Meanwhile, as Iran International reported this week, additional media reports suggest not only a $6 billion release from South Korean banks, but also the unlocking of frozen funds in Iraq (estimated between $11-12 billion) and over $3 billion from Japan. These funds will be held in Qatar and Oman, designated for Iran’s purchases of essential goods such as food, medicine, and other humanitarian items.

In a bid to calm the storm, Patel said “any kinds of funds that move will be subject to the same rigorous restrictions once it moves out of South Korea”.

Attempting to explain the situation, his attempts were not well received. He added: “The reason these funds are in South Korea in the first place is because the previous administration allowed several countries to continue purchasing oil from Iran and to place those funds in special accounts. These funds have been available to Iran to use for humanitarian transactions, like food and medicine, since the previous administration.”

While Patel acknowledged the very real threat which remains of the regime’s destabilizing actions across the Middle East and beyond, including its provision of drones for Russia’s war on Ukraine and the suppression of human rights in Iran, he offered no answers as to how he could guarantee the funds would not somehow be funnelled into Iran’s terror campaign….

Biden Moves Forward With Plan to Cancel $39 Billion in Student Loan Debt

Biden Moves Forward With Plan to Cancel $39 Billion in Student Loan Debt
AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File
President Joe Biden announced on Monday that he would be moving forward with his administration’s plan to cancel $49 billion in student loan debt for over 800,000 borrowers.

“On Day One of my Administration, I promised to fight for hardworking families and to fix problems in the student loan system that have been failing borrowers for too long,” Biden said in a statement released by the White House.

“I’m proud that my Administration is delivering on that promise and has already approved over $116 billion in debt cancellation for 3.4 million Americans – no matter how many lawsuits, challenges, or roadblocks Republican elected officials or special interests put in our way,” he added.

Biden said the loan cancellation plan, which was announced by Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona in July, seeks to address “errors and administrative failures of the student loan system that started long before I took office.”

“When I came into office, hundreds of thousands of borrowers weren’t accurately getting credit for student loan payments that should have delivered them forgiveness under Income-Driven Repayment plans or were placed into forbearance by loan servicers in violation of Department of Education rules,” Biden claimed. “Under these plans, if a borrower makes 20 or 25 years’ worth of payments, they get the remaining balances of their loans forgiven.”

On Monday, ABC News reported that some of the 800,000 borrowers who are eligible for the plan will receive an email containing the subject line: “Your student loans have been forgiven.” The outlet noted that the email process would be completed in a “matter of weeks.”

Approximately 614,000 individuals are expected to have their student loan debts nullified.

Biden said on Monday that his latest effort to cancel student loan debt is an example of one of the “alternative” paths his administration has taken to provide relief to several borrowers.

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“As I announced earlier this summer in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision on our student debt relief plan, we will continue to pursue an alternative path to deliver student debt relief to as many borrowers as possible as quickly as possible. We will use every tool at our disposal to get student loan borrowers the relief they need to reach their dreams,” the president said. “We will use every tool at our disposal to get student loan borrowers the relief they need to reach their dreams.”

Since Biden took office in January 2021, the Department of Education has forgiven over $116 billion in federal student loan debt held by more than 3.4 million students.

White House Prioritizes Ukraine Funding Over Border And Fentanyl Crisis

White House Prioritizes Ukraine Funding Over Border And Fentanyl Crisis

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 21: U.S. President Joe Biden (R) welcomes President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to the White House on December 21, 2022 in Washington, DC. Zelensky is meeting with President Biden on his first known trip outside of Ukraine since the Russian invasion began, and the two leaders are expected to discuss continuing military aid. Zelensky will reportedly address a joint meeting of Congress in the evening. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
U.S. President Joe Biden (R) welcomes President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to the White House on December 21, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

OAN’s Roy Francis
12:31 PM – Friday, August 11, 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In a new request sent by President Joe Biden to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the president has asked for $24 billion in aid to Ukraine and only $4 billion for spending on the border, immigration, and to combat fentanyl that is being smuggled into the United States.

The $24 billion that the president requested for Ukraine will be split into two categories. $13 billion will be spent on defense-related aid and projects, while $11 billion will be used for economic and humanitarian aid.

An official in the Department of Homeland Security said that the package, which totals to around $40 billion, that is being requested is for “national security and critical domestic areas like disaster relief and border management.”

“The Administration is grateful for the strong bipartisan support for Ukraine since Russia’s unprovoked, full-scale invasion, and we are confident that support will continue as we work together to support the Ukrainian people as they bravely stand up to Russia’s brutal war of aggression and defend their country,” the official said. “As it relates to the border, the supplemental funding request represents the resource requirements DHS [Department of Homeland Security] believes are essential to manage the border through the end of the calendar year. Border dynamics are fluid and the Administration will continue to communicate with Congress as conditions evolve. These are both bipartisan issues that we believe will garner bipartisan support.”

The $4 billion requested for the border and fentanyl crisis will be spent on a variety of measures that are meant to strengthen the security of the southern border. This includes border management, as well as shelter and services for migrants that are released from custody.

A source from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection told Fox News that as of Thursday, there are currently 19,400 migrants in custody.

Meanwhile, since Russia invaded Ukraine, the U.S. has spent more than $113 billion in aid for Ukraine. The amount is the largest amount that any country has provided Ukraine so far.

An administration official said that the administration will keep going back to Congress for more money to aid Ukraine if needed to.

“We don’t know how much longer this war is going to go on, or how much more assistance we might need to support Ukraine,” the official told reporters on Thursday. “We won’t be bashful about going back to Congress beyond the first quarter of next year if we feel like we need to do that.”

The negotiated deal between the White House and Congress capped national security spending at $886 billion for the fiscal year that ends September 30, 2024.

While Republicans remain split over the aid that is being sent to Ukraine, McCarthy (R-Calif.) has stated that he would not support any funding to Ukraine that would push the defense spending over the amount that was agreed to during the negotiations with the White House.

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Biden turned over $1 trillion worth of lithium to Islamic terrorists; Every Electric Car You Buy Will Fund Al Qaeda



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Biden turned over $1 trillion worth of lithium to Islamic terrorists.

The Taliban recently announced that, “five countries are interested in investing in the lithium mining sector in Afghanistan’s Nuristan province.” A Chinese company has already put down a $10 billion bid that would include infrastructure along with improved roads for the terror group.

Shahabuddin Delawar, the Taliban’s mining boss, boasted that, “we have 2.5 million tons in Nurestan alone. Extract it, and Afghanistan can be one of the richest countries in the world.”

And who would be in charge of an estimated $50 billion worth of lithium?

Hafiz Muhammad Agha Hakeem, the governor of the Nuristan province, recently appeared on a UN Security Council list of Taliban governors who were affiliated with Al Qaeda. The Islamic terrorist group had a stronger foothold in the area than almost any other part of Afghanistan. When Al Qaeda had been driven out of the rest of Afghanistan, it stayed on and went on fighting and killing Americans in Nuristan, While the area was named after a non-Pashtun minority who had been forcibly converted to Islam, it became a Taliban and Al Qaeda route to Pakistan.

Al Qaeda will be in charge of its share of an estimated $1 trillion in lithium in the country (not to mention the gem mines). The lithium, desperately needed for electric car batteries, will be mined by Chinese companies and resold to the United States for “green energy”.

Every electric car you buy will help fund Al Qaeda.

‘Green energy’ requires massive amounts of lithium batteries. Even while Americans were being told that switching to electric cars and a renewable power grid would lessen our dependence on middle eastern oil and avoid shortages of ‘non-renewable’ oil, we were actually becoming dependent on a material dominated by our enemies in China and Afghanistan, and Tesla, the most popular brand of electric car, is a company with sizable Saudi shareholders.

‘Renewables’ depend on non-renewable lithium mined ruthlessly by China wherever they can. The United States could mine its own lithium, much like we could drill for our own oil and gas, but the Biden administration puts roadblocks in the way of our energy independence. Climate Envoy John Kerry insists that we’re better off buying Chinese solar panels made by slave labor than to mine, drill and become independent of Beijing and, now the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

The Pentagon’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations had called Afghanistan the “Saudi Arabia of lithium.” Now it’s the Al Qaeda of lithium instead. After justifying buying slave labor solar panels and lithium mined by poisoning entire villages from China, the same arguments will be used to justify buying lithium batteries that Al Qaeda gets a cut from.

We have no choice but to turn over our economy to our enemies to ‘save the planet’.

Al Qaeda has set up a new training camp in Nuristan where “foreign Arab fighters” are once again arriving to be trained as suicide bombers. The improved “mountain roads” that China plans to build will enable Al Qaeda and the Taliban to move suicide bombers through Pakistan in coordination with Jihadi groups like the Tehreek-e-Taliban… and from there anywhere.

While Al Qaeda used to have to rely on oil money from the Saudis, Qataris and other wealthy Muslim oil states, along with some drug smuggling, kidnapping and cash from humanitarian aid groups, it will have the opportunity to tap into enormous wealth to fund its terrorism. If that happens, Al Qaeda will not only have avoided defeat, but could become deadlier than ever.

And all of our ‘green energy’ ventures will be funding future attacks against ourselves.

Green energy will become a means of transmuting virtue signaling cash into terrorism. That may be why Biden joined the Taliban in denying the UN Security Council’s report on Al Qaeda’s presence in Afghanistan.

“I said al Qaeda would not be there. I said it wouldn’t be there. I said we’d get help from the Taliban. What’s happening now? What’s going on? Read your press. I was right.” Biden falsely claimed. The Taliban’s Foreign Affairs Ministry argued that Biden’s denial “refutes the recent report by UN Sanctions Monitoring Team.” Both Biden and the Taliban are lying about Al Qaeda.

Denying Al Qaeda’s presence will make it easier to eventually lower what few sanctions there are on the Taliban and to make us dependent not only on Communist China, but on Al Qaeda.

The Biden administration has been moving forward to eliminate most car sales by 2030. By then 67% of cars being sold on the market are supposed to be electric and unaffordable to the majority of Americans. California, Massachusetts, New York,  Washington, New York and a number of other states are preparing to ban the sale of real cars by 2035. As is the EU.

While most people will no longer be able to afford to buy a new car in the next decade unless these onerous rules are overturned, those who do will send the price of lithium through the roof.

And that may also set off an unprecedented wave of Islamic terrorism.

From the Saudis and the Qataris, Islamic terrorism has always been funded by American energy needs. The downward shift to unreliable ‘green energy’ has changed nothing except that we may cut out the middle men in their desert skyscrapers and fund Al Qaeda directly.

Out of the mines of Nuristan, once known as ‘Kafiristan’ for their origins as soldiers in Alexander the Great’s army and being among the last to resist submission to Islam, will pour a stream of lithium that will taint the land around it and that will be used to fund terrorism, but that environmentalists will claim is ‘green’, ‘clean’ and ‘sustainable’ though it’s none of the above.

The mines will exist side by side with the Al Qaeda training camps packed with new recruits from the middle east traveling along the roads from Pakistan that will be built by China.

Our governments will take away our cars, our stoves and our livelihoods while forcing us to become dependent for our transportation, our energy and even our cooking on China, the Taliban and Al Qaeda all in the name of saving the planet from an imaginary crisis.

We will pay China and Al Qaeda for the privilege of driving to work or cooling our homes. And for the privilege of killing us.

Republicans sound alarm on IRS spending millions on weapons and tactical gear~Oklahoma Congresswoman Stephanie Bice Begins Inquiry Into IRS Militarization



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

OAN’s Roy Francis
11:25 AM – Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Representative Stephanie Bice has demanded a full accounting from the Internal Revenue Service, saying that the nearly $10 million spent by the agency on weapons and tactical gear since 2020 is “concerning.”

In a letter addressed to the IRS Commissioner, Daniel Werfel, Bice (R-Okla.) said that “the increasing militarization of the IRS is of growing concern.”

“I write to you today to express my concerns regarding the increased rate of weapon purchases by the Internal Revenue Service,” the letter said. “While I recognize the Criminal Investigation division has a law enforcement role, recent reports have indicated that the IRS has made substantial purchases of weaponry and tactical gear. As a civilian agency whose stated mission is to ‘Provide America’s taxpayers top-quality service by helping them understand and meet their tax responsibilities and enforce the law with integrity and fairness to all,’ the increasing militarization of the IRS is of growing concern.”

Since 2006, the IRS has spent over $35 million on weapons and tactical gear, with over $10 million being spent since 2020 alone.

A report released in April by the watchdog group, OpenTheBooks, which tracks government spending showed that the IRS has spent around $2.3 million on ammunition, $1.2 million on ballistic shields, $474,000 on Smith and Wesson rifles, $463,000 on Beretta 1301 tactical shotguns, and $243,000 on body armor. The report also showed $1.3 million which was spent on “various other gear for criminal investigation agents.”

The mission of the IRS according to their website is “to provide America’s taxpayers top quality service by helping them understand and meet their tax responsibilities and to enforce the law with integrity and fairness to all.”

However, the agency has loaded up on hundreds of thousands worth of tactical lighting, gear bags, holsters, ballistic helmets, and optic sights for the weapons that they have purchased since the pandemic. Before 2020, the IRS had already stockpiled over five million rounds of ammunition for its special agents, which number a little over 2,000.

The IRS also owned over 4,500 firearms which include pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns, semi-automatic rifles, and submachine guns.

According to the agency, new applicants must be willing “carry a firearm; must be prepared to protect him/herself or others from physical attacks at any time and without warning and use firearms in life-threatening situations; must be willing to use force up to and including the use of deadly force.”

According to OpenTheBooks, there are now “more federal agents with arrest and firearm authority (200,000) than U.S. Marines (186,000).”

In 2022, President Joe Biden gave the agency over $80 billion in new funding as part of his $739 billion Inflation Reduction Act.

Bice quoted the findings by OpenTheBooks and asked the IRS commissioner to respond within five business days and provide “information on the account(s) the IRS has used to purchase such weapons, gear, and ammunition.”

She also asked the commissioner to provide “data on the quantity and type(s) of items listed below in possession of the IRS: Weapons, Weapon systems, Ammunition, Explosive devices, Armored vehicles, Drones/UAVs, Chemical weapons (tear gas and other calming agents.)”

The Republican ended her letter by saying that it is “important for Congress to conduct thorough oversight of IRS, and the American people deserve to have a full accounting of these recent events.”

“We need to know exactly the types and quantities of weapons and ammunition the IRS has in their possession. If the IRS fails to provide a response to Congressional oversight, I will pursue further actions to hold them accountable,” Brice told Fox News.

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Oklahoma Congresswoman Stephanie Bice Begins Inquiry Into IRS Militarization



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today applauded Oklahoma Congresswoman Stephanie Bice for requesting information from the Internal Revenue Service about the weapons and accessories it has purchased in recent years, turning the tax agency into what appears to be a quasi-military operation.

Rep. Bice sent a letter to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, inquiring about the account(s) IRS used to purchase “weapons, gear, and ammunition,” and “data on the types of modifications to IRS-issued weapons that have been approved…” She has asked for a reply within five business days.

“Congresswoman Bice isn’t the only one who wants some answers,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb.

“As we noted more than a month ago, the IRS has reportedly spent $2.3 million on ammunition, nearly $475,000 on Smith & Wesson rifles, another $463,000 for Beretta tactical shotguns, and $1.2 million on ballistic shields. We would very much like to know what’s going on here, and so would our members.”

Gottlieb recalled Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms became interested when U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) announced legislation in June dubbed the “Why Does the IRS Have Guns Act.” About the same time, published reports revealed the agency has spent tens of millions of dollars on firearms and equipment for several years, with the pace apparently picking up after Joe Biden took office.

“Last month,” he said,” we supported Sen. Joni Ernst when she announced legislation to disarm the IRS, and likewise we support Rep. Bice in her effort to get the facts. The IRS has some explaining to do, and so does the Biden administration. For a president who wants to restrict the gun rights of law-abiding American citizens, Biden sure seems keen on having federal agencies armed to the teeth.

“We are hopeful Rep. Bice gets all the information she’s requested,” Gottlieb added, “so she can share it with the taxpayers whose money has been spent on all of this hardware. If IRS Commissioner Werfel isn’t forthcoming with the information, the public and Congress should start asking why.”

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

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