Tucker Carlson Takes On Critics of His Interview with Putin | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Tucker Carlson just did something that no other Western journalist in the world has been either willing or able to do in a very long time. He traveled to Moscow to speak to Russian President Vladimir Putin. And right on cue, the media accused him of being a Putin lover, critics advocated for banning him from returning home, and the EU even debated sanctioning him. Suddenly, journalism became a crime in the eyes of other journalists. So Glenn sits down with Tucker to do what his critics have refused to do: get his side of the story. Why did he go to Russia? What did take away from his interview? How did he feel sitting across from a man who could have killed him? In his first U.S. interview since returning from Russia, Tucker tells the shocking story of his second attempt to land this interview and why he believes the NSA tried to stop it yet again, as well as the disturbing story of when he asked former U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a similar interview. Tucker further explains why he believes NATO is “an offense against our sovereignty” and where he stands on the war in Ukraine. Glenn also asked Tucker to respond to criticism from his own side: Why did he praise Moscow’s subway system and grocery stores? Is he advocating for an authoritarian leader in America? Does he still believe returning to the Constitution is America's only hope? "It's not like you have to be a fascist to have an orderly society," Tucker tells Glenn. "We HAD one." Tucker also addressed the reactions to his recent podcast with former State Department official Mike Benz.

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Vladimir Putin began his much-anticipated interview on Thursday night by offering a more than 30-minute, counterfactual history lesson to the bemused Tucker Carlson. The former Fox New host’s interjections (how is this relevant, Mr. President?) were swiftly shot down by the Russian leader: “Are we going to have a serious talk or a show?” Putin’s show, it seemed. Beyond the foray into the Russian president’s version of history, here are the five key and most surprising moments of the more than two-hour sit-down. Read more here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/us/politi...

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