Biden Regime Plans to Give Hamas a Grand Reward for Murdering 1,200 Israelis

It has been clear for quite some time what side Biden is on.

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[Make sure to read Robert Spencer’s contributions in Jamie Glazov’s new book: Barack Obama’s True Legacy: How He Transformed America.]

It has been clear for quite some time that the Biden regime, despite its show of support for Israel, is really on the side of Hamas. Now the regime is in serious talks to respond to Hamas’ brutal and inhuman murder of 1,200 Israelis on Oct. 7, 2023 by giving it the biggest reward of all: a Palestinian state.

If you are skeptical that Old Joe and his henchmen are really on Hamas’ side, consider the fact that, in November, they enabled the release of ten billion dollars in frozen funds to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hamas’ primary financier. That followed $100 million in “humanitarian aid” to Gaza and the West Bank on Oct. 18, less than two weeks after the massacre. Biden huffed and puffed about how that $100 million better not end up in the hands of Hamas, but really, who else was there in Gaza who could receive it and keep it from the jihad terror group? Hamas-linked UNRWA?

As if all that weren’t bad enough, now the Biden regime is planning to follow it with the worst betrayal of all of our most loyal ally in the Middle East. The Washington Post reported Wednesday that “Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Palestinian representatives, in addition to the United States” were “rushing to complete a detailed, comprehensive plan for long-term peace between Israel and Palestinians, including a firm timeline for the establishment of a Palestinian state, that could be announced as early as the next several weeks.” As you may have noticed, the one concerned party that would likely lose territory if any such state were established was conspicuously absent from these negotiations.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noticed. On Friday, he declared: “Israel outright rejects international dictates regarding a permanent arrangement with the Palestinians. Such an arrangement will be reached only through direct negotiations between the parties, without preconditions.” As Biden regime apparatchiks worked with Muslim Arab nations to establish a Palestinian state without the approval of or even participation of Israel, Netanyahu was unequivocal: “Israel will continue to oppose the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state. Such recognition in the wake of the October 7 massacre would give a huge reward to unprecedented terrorism and prevent any future peace settlement.”

Indeed. Hamas behaved with appalling savagery on Oct. 7, and yet is more popular than ever in both Gaza and the West Bank in the wake of that attack. If a free election were held in a new Palestinian state, Hamas would have a very good chance to win. And given the group’s oft-stated imperative to destroy Israel completely, which senior Hamas official Ghazi Hamad has restated after Oct. 7, a Palestinian state would almost certainly become a new jihad base for renewed attacks against Israel, as Gaza did after Israel’s unilateral withdrawal in 2005 (which, like the eternal goal of the Palestinian state, was also touted as a move that would finally bring peace).

In the Washington Post’s entire fifteen-hundred-word account of the ongoing talks to set up a Palestinian state, no one betrays any indication that they know or care why a Palestinian state has never yet been set up despite decades of efforts to bring peace, or why the Palestinians have rejected numerous offers for such a state since 1947. A standing condition for the Palestinians has been that they accept the existence of Israel as a Jewish state, which no Palestinian organization or leader has ever been willing to do. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has apparently just decided, without a scintilla of evidence, that this condition has already been fulfilled, as he spoke last week in Qatar about the steps that need to be taken in order to embark upon a “practical, timebound, irreversible path to a Palestinian state living side-by-side in peace with Israel.”

Where is there a single Palestinian leader or political group that has ever expressed any willingness to live side-by-side in peace with Israel? Yet instead of pressuring the Palestinians, the Biden regime is focusing on efforts to “convince the Arab world that this time will be different.” This is a total inversion of reality. The Biden regime has completely forgotten, or is more likely deliberately ignoring, the fact that the Palestinian Arabs were the aggressors who sparked this conflict. Historically, a defeated aggressor, if that is what Hamas and its cohorts turn out to be, was not rewarded. Would the Biden regime, if it had been in power in 1945, have worked on a plan to expand the domains of National Socialist Germany? The possibility cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Bye-Bye, Joe? CNN Claims That Calm, Cool Kamala Is Taking Charge

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Are these curtains for The Big Guy?

Another sign came Sunday that Democrats are ready to send Old Joe Biden off to a permanent retirement at his taxpayer-funded, walled Delaware beach house. First, there was the inundation of establishment media handwringing over the senescent corruptocrat’s mental state after the same media outlets had stoutly insisted for three years that the sinister and befuddled old fool was sharp as a tack and constantly challenging the intellectual acuity of his aides. And now CNN has claimed that Kamala Harris, the first vice president ever to demonstrate unfitness for the world’s easiest job, is in calm, cool command, taking charge and reassuring Dems who are worried that they might not cheat effectively enough in November.  

CNN published a lengthy exposition on Sunday that could have been entitled “Kamala to the Rescue,” for that’s what it was all about; the far-left propaganda organ was trying to sell us on the idea that Harris, after showing herself to be abjectly incapable of doing anything beyond spouting preposterous word salads for as long as Old Joe has been showing off his cognitive decline, is now taking charge, calming the jittery rank-and-file apparatchiks and smoothing the Democrats’ pathway to inevitable victory in November. Nearly a cackle was mentioned in the entire two-thousand-word piece. 

“More than two dozen sources” — wow! Are you like 51 top intelligence professionals? — “tell CNN that Harris has been gathering information to help her penetrate what she sometimes refers to as the ‘bubble’ of Biden campaign thinking, telling people she’s aiming to use that intelligence to push for changes in strategy and tactics that she hopes will put the ticket in better shape to win.” 

Does this sound like the Harris we have seen stating the painfully obvious in the tone of a second-grade teacher to audiences who were being moved for the first time in their lives to question the wisdom of diversity hires? No, this is the new, fictional Kamala Harris that CNN is constructing to follow up on its Sharp-As-A-Tack-and-Clean-As-A-Whistle Joe Biden. Now that the latter has been thoroughly exposed, it’s time for a new propaganda campaign.

And since this is party propaganda and not remotely news, it’s not surprising that CNN tells us that Kamala’s take-charge act is a massive hit: “Multiple leading Democrats, anxious about a campaign they fear might be stumbling past a point of no return, say their conversations with Harris have been a surprising and welcome change, after months of feeling sloughed off by the White House and Biden campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware.” Of course, comrade! They love Kamala, we love Kamala, everybody loves Kamala!

CNN’s parade of anonymous sources includes “a person who attended one of the meetings,” who states: “The ‘bedwetting’ complaints are running thin with people." The West Wing and the campaign need to be better.” Wait, what? Bedwetting? What on earth is CNN talking about? Who exactly is wetting the bed? Dementia Joe? Worried Democrats? 

The reference is entirely unclear, but nevertheless, CNN assures us that Harris is efficiently changing the sheets: the putative vice president “did a good job fielding those responses, the person added, ‘and deserves credit for it.’” As a result, “many of those people also say that the conversations have shifted their opinions of the vice president, seeing her now as a more integral and complementary part of the reelection effort.” Bye, Joe!

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Harris’s newly discovered competence has “come at a critical moment.” Republicans, you see, have been pouncing, as is their wont; the dastardly reactionaries “have been capitalizing on her low approval numbers and Joe Biden’s advanced age by making the 2024 campaign more about Harris and the chance she could become president, especially as questions about the president’s mental acuity continue to define his own candidacy.” The fiends! Harris, however, is as confident as she is commanding: she “doesn’t worry Biden will lose to Trump – but she does worry about losing ‘to the couch.’”

Once again: what? Losing to the couch? Does the dining room set have a chance? Whatever Harris’ worries about the furniture may be, she “tends to end the often strung-out conversations with a reassuring ‘By the way, we’re gonna win.’” They very well could, and propaganda pieces such as this nonsense from CNN will play their part. 

But CNN’s cheerleading for Harris is less important for how it portrays her than it is for what it means for Old Joe. Have the people who are running the Biden regime turned its primary figurehead? The signs that they have are piling up.

Churches Conceding to Mainstream Culture with Pastor Brandon Holthaus

Biden Protects ‘Palestinian’ Illegal Aliens From Deportation

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Terrorists are welcome.

Is there a major wave of terror in the Middle East? Are Hamas supporters marching through the streets of American cities while calling for Jihad? Sure, we can deport them, but instead Biden is protecting them from deportation.

Biden granted Palestinians in the United States temporary protection from deportation amid the ongoing conflict overseas, according to a new memo Wednesday.

The move comes as the White House faces immense pressure from the Arab-American community over the situation in Gaza.

Late last year, Democrats urged Biden to extend temporary protections to Palestinians in the US, arguing that those already in the country “should not be forced to return to the Palestinian territories, consistent with President Biden’s stated commitment to protecting Palestinian civilians.”

The president has discretion to authorize what’s known as deferred enforced departure, which protects those covered from removal from the US for a period of time. Those who qualify are also eligible for work permits.

This is a green light encouraging Arab Muslim settlers from the region to come to America. While the temporary protection from deportation is supposed to kick in only for those enemy aliens currently here, anyone who makes it across the border without being spotted can show up and claim that he was here all along.

The usual pro-terror lobby and its Democrat elected officials had been demanding TPS (Temporary Protected Status) for Arab Muslims operating in Judea and Samaria, Biden instead granted Deferred Enforced Departure (DED).

That’s the good news here. DED is arguably illegal, unlike TPS. It’s really similar to Obama’s DREAM amnesty. But the legal provisions for it are weaker and so accordingly DED recipients have a weaker case, but the pernicious thing about TPS is that it gets extended virtually endlessly. Some countries have had TPS status for decades, making for an illegal alien population that just moved here and will never leave.

The bad news about DED is that it can also be extended. While the DED status for the Pallies is currently at 18 months, that can be renewed and there will be pressure to renew it. For example, Liberia’s status has been under DED since 2007. At some point DED may transition to TPS and we’ll have an even larger domestic terrorist population.

Biden Unfit for Oval Office: Speaker Johnson Shuts Down Senate Bill, Blasts President

In a bold move that underscores his commitment to America First principles, Speaker Johnson has put a stop to a Senate bill that sought to funnel billions in foreign aid, sidestepping critical domestic issues such as border security. This special report dives into the fiery press conference where Johnson didn't just shut down the bill but also blasted President Biden for his mishandling of classified information and overall incompetence. Johnson's stance sends a clear message: American leadership must prioritize the needs of its people over international aid. This report unpacks the implications of Johnson's actions, the reactions it has sparked, and what this means for the future of American policy and leadership. Don't miss our Final Thought, where we tie everything together, revealing why this moment is crucial for every American.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Impeached

Mayorkas Impeached. The GOP-controlled House impeached Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Tuesday after it rejected the effort earlier this month—making him only the second cabinet secretary in history, and the first since 1876, to be impeached. Republicans in support of impeaching Mayorkas allege he has intentionally disregarded the law and allowed migrants and drugs to enter the country. Wednesday’s hearing is titled, “Havoc in the Heartland: How Secretary Mayorkas’ Failed Leadership Has Impacted the States.” Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is at the heart of congested congressional traffic this week as House Republicans kick off their impeachment efforts against him and he remains knee-deep in negotiations with senators on a border package that has proven to be a tough lift. Mayorkas has been at the center of the GOP fury with the Biden administration’s handling of the border, which has seen month-over-month record numbers of illegal crossings. NYC Starts Blocking Migrant Buses. The city argues that knowingly sending migrants here “to overwhelm our social services system” violates New York State law, while Texas says the suit violates the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Migrants at shelters across New York City will be evicted starting Tuesday if they stayed for at least 60 days. Texas state Law Passes Allowing State Police to Arrest Immigrants. The Texas House passed legislation on Tuesday making it a state crime to illegally cross the southern border, empowering state and local police to arrest and in some cases deport illegal immigrants, in what the bill’s supporters claim is a response to federal inaction. Senate Bill 4 gives local and state government the authority to arrest illegal immigrants who enter Texas from Mexico between official ports of entry. Under SB 4, those who unlawfully cross the border can be charged with a state misdemeanor and face up to one year in prison. A felony charge, carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years, can be leveled if illegal immigrants are charged with additional crimes or don’t comply with a judge’s orders. The bill also authorizes state judges to deport illegal aliens to Mexico rather than pursue prosecution under federal law. After getting approval from the Texas senate last week, the latest version of SB 4 now heads to Republican governor Greg Abbott’s desk, where he is expected to sign it into law. #USImmigration #Impeachmed #Mayorkas #HouseImpeachesMayorkas #DHSSecretaryImpeached #HavocintheHeartland #ImmigrationArrest #NycMigrantCrisis #EntryBan #USCitizenship #Undocumented #USVisa #Deportation #SB4 #TexasMigrantArrest #USBorder #BorderCrisis #BorderCrossing #TrumpImmigration #RepublicansImpeachMayorkas Disclaimer: This channel is not owned by an any US Government Agency or an Immigration attorney. The contents in the channel is for informational purpose only collected from Various public domains. you may need to contact an expert immigration attorney for your specific immigration needs.

Iran Seizes Upon a Chance to Get Even More Money From Biden

(Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP)
You’ll be relieved to hear it: after refusing for years to deal directly with the nation he frequently refers to as “the Great Satan,” the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, paused from screaming “Death to America” to grant his approval for Iran to enter into direct negotiations with the Biden regime for a new nuclear deal. Why now? Well, Old Joe and his henchmen just sent six billion dollars and two Iranians imprisoned in the United States (the deal was for five, but three refused to return to the Islamic Republic) to Iran in exchange for five American hostages. Khamenei is no dope: he knows an easy mark when he sees one, and he is setting the stage for Iran to receive more American largesse., an outlet for news of Iran, Iraq, and the Arabian Peninsula, reported Monday that “Iran’s nuclear negotiators have been granted permission to enter direct talks with the United States,” and enthused “the apparent U-turn by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei could be a watershed moment for the contention over the Iranian nuclear program.” It’s a U-turn because although the Biden regime was in appeasement talks with Iran’s Islamic regime before, it was all done indirectly. Khamenei and his colleagues maintained the stance that the Great Satan was just too evil to talk to, and so all the earlier negotiations were done through intermediaries.

If you’re thinking that those intermediaries were from Britain or France or some other longtime American ally, think again. That would have been far too pro-American for the Biden regime. Instead, Old Joe’s handlers, in yet another of their endless series of decisions that could easily have had catastrophic consequences for ordinary Americans, turned over the leadership of the 2022 Iran nuke deal negotiations to a Russian diplomat, Mikhail Ulyanov. Yes, that’s right: while the Biden regime was conducting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, it was trusting Russia to get a good deal for it with the Iranians.

Or maybe the relentlessly anti-American Bidenites actually wanted a bad deal. After all, what assurance did Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his hopelessly America-Last subordinates have that Ulyanov would fight for the best interests of the United States? None, of course. And Mikhail Ulyanov even explained in March 2022 that the deal that was at that point in its final negotiating stages was shaping up to be terrific — not for the United States, but for the Islamic Republic of Iran and the People’s Republic of China.

That deal never came to pass. Fate, in the form of the nationwide protests in Iran against the Islamic Republic, intervened, making it too risky from a public relations standpoint to conclude a deal with the mullahs at the same time that they were going to war against their own people. Now, however, the mullahs have ruthlessly suppressed those protests, and Khamenei sees that there is money to be made in dealing with the Biden regime. Amwaj reported that “top nuclear negotiator Ali Baqeri-Kani is ready to meet with White House Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa Brett McGurk in Oman as early as the coming weeks.” If that meeting takes place, a deal could follow quickly, since Mikhail Ulyanov has already paved the way for it.

All this is happening despite the fact that the Islamic Republic has not retreated even a centimeter from its anti-American stance. In mid-September, when the hostage deal was done, Iran’s state-controlled Press TV reported that Khamenei was crowing about America’s decline, saying that “the arrogant power of America and some European countries has weakened and will become weaker.”

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Indeed. And it’s all thanks to Old Joe Biden and his henchmen, who are now apparently poised to hand over even more billions to Iran in exchange for empty promises. One of the principal signs of the American weakness that Khamenei perceives is the Biden regime’s repeated attempts to appease and conciliate the outstandingly hostile Iranian mullahs in the first place. When Obama sent billions of dollars in cash to Tehran, those mullahs used the money to finance jihad terror groups worldwide, including Hamas and Hizballah. The outcome will be no different with the $6 billion Old Joe has just sent to Iran, and won’t be any different with the payoff that is certain to be part of a new nuclear deal, either.

Compounding the criminality of the Biden regime’s stance toward Iran is the fact that without all this American money, the brutal and bloodthirsty Islamic regime in Iran would likely have fallen years ago. Once the new nuke deal is concluded and Khamenei has more American money to count, he should take a page from Kamala Harris’ book and call the White House to say, “We did it, Joe!”

Pakistan: Muslims torture Christians and force them to recite the Islamic profession of faith

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

The Qur’an says “There is no compulsion in religion” (2:256). However, what constitutes “compulsion” is in the eye of the beholder. The institutionalized subjugation of the dhimma, with its regular humiliation and harassment, from which one can be freed for the simple price of converting to Islam, is not considered compulsion. Remember Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig, the journalists who were kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam — even though their conversions were obviously coerced, their captors made them say that they were converting freely, and the captors probably believed that themselves. After all, the journos could have chosen to be killed instead.

“Christians Tortured, Forced to Recite Islamic Creed in Pakistan,” Morning Star News, February 1, 2024:

LAHOREPakistan (Christian Daily InternationalMorning Star News) – An Islamist cleric presided over the forced conversion of two Christians into Sialkot District, Pakistan, after they were tortured into reciting the Islamic conversion creed, sources said.

Azam Masih, 28, and his brother, Nadeem Masih, were abducted, beaten with iron rods and pressured to convert to Islam on Jan. 22 in the Kotli Loharan area, said Adil Ghauri, chairman of the Masihi Baidari Tehreek or Movement for Christian Awakening.

Azam Masih was working at his tailoring shop in the Kharota Syedan market when Naseem Shah and accomplices held him at gunpoint and forcibly took him to the house of another suspect, Sunny Shah, Ghauri said.

“The assailants accused Azam of patronizing ‘wrongdoings’ in the area and started beating him with iron rods,” Ghauri told the Christian Daily International-Morning Star News, adding that the suspects later abducted his younger brother, brought him to the house and subjected him to the same torture. “The accused then forced the two Christians to recite the Kalima [proclamation of Islamic conversion] if they wanted to save their lives, threatening to kill them if they refused. The tortured brothers had no choice but to surrender to this demand.”

The suspects also recorded a video statement from the two brothers in which they were forced to say that they were converting to Islam of their own free will, Ghauri said. He added that the assailants also snatched mobile phones and other belongings from the two brothers before releasing them.

The rights activist said the brothers and their impoverished Christian family chose to keep silent about the ordeal, as the suspects had warned them against contacting police.

“We came to know about this incident on Jan. 24 and immediately contacted the family,” Ghauri said. “After much persuasion, we were able to convince the family to file a First Information Report [FIR] with the police, as keeping silent would have only encouraged the perpetrators to target more Christians living in the village.”

More than 300 Christian families are settled there, he added.

Kotli Loharan police arrested a Muslim cleric alleged to have conducted the conversion and registered charges against the suspects of kidnapping, punishable by death or life imprisonment; theft with intention to cause injury or death, punishable by up to 10 years in prison; threatening death or grievous injury, punishable by up to seven years in prison; causing injury to extort a confession, punishable by up to 10 years in prison; and acts committed by several persons in furtherance of common intention.

The suspects, Naseem Shah and Sunny Shah, have criminal backgrounds and have been involved in inciting hatred against Christians, Ghauri said.

“This is not the first time Christians have been targeted in that area,” Ghauri said. “In fact, after the Aug. 16, 2023 attacks in Jaranwala, at least two-three attempts were made to stir religious tension by throwing torn pages of the Quran near Christian homes. Had the police and district administration taken timely action against the perpetrators of those incidents, this incident could have been prevented.”…

Rewarding the Oct 7 Massacres With a ‘Palestinian’ State

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What do you get when you massacre over a thousand people? A country.

What do you get when you massacre over a thousand people, rape, behead, torture and kidnap everyone Jewish, Christian or non-Arab in sight? International diplomatic recognition.

Secretary of State Tony Blinken has reportedly begun conducting a review of options for recognizing a ‘Palestinian’ state after the war. The State Department has claimed there are no policy changes, but that may yet be more diplomatic doubletalk.

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron, brought in after PM Rishi Sunak ousted Minister Suella Braverman for speaking out against the pro-Hamas rallies, published an op-ed calling for a “pause” in the fighting, exchanging Israeli hostages for captured Hamas terrorists, and providing “safe passage” to “key Hamas leaders” and “the people responsible for October 7” to leave Gaza. After that he announced that his government might recognize an Islamic terror state.

“We – with allies – will look at the issue of recognising a Palestinian state, including at the United Nations,” he claimed. “That could be one of the things that helps to make this process irreversible.”

Why the urgent need for the “irreversible” recognition of a terror state?

According to Cameron, “we must give the people of the West Bank and Gaza the political perspective of a credible route to a Palestinian state and a new future.”

The “people” in question have already been polled on what they want from the future.

A poll found that 74% of ‘Palestinians’ supported the Hamas atrocities of Oct 7 and a majority “extremely” supported them. Only 12% were against. 83% of those in the West Bank, under the Palestinian Authority and the immediate beneficiaries of statehood, supported the crimes.

98% in Gaza and the West Bank said that they felt ‘pride’ as ‘Palestinians’ over the war. 74% expected the fighting to end with the defeat of Israeli forces in Gaza. Only 17% supported a two-state solution, while 77.7% wanted to destroy Israel and replace it with a ‘Palestinian’ state.

This is what supporting the “Palestinian people” with a “Palestinian state” really means.

Former Minister Theresa Villiers who, unlike Cameron, had backed Brexit, warned that “accelerating unilateral recognition of Palestinian state would be to reward Hamas’ atrocities.”

And that’s exactly right.

The only reason any of this is being discussed is the Oct 7 Hamas attack. Recognizing a terror state after one of the worst acts of terror in history will retroactively validate everything.

Hamas will be able to claim victory, and so will the ‘Palestinians’ who took part in it, cheered it and supported it to a larger degree than Germans supported Hitler.

The Palestinian Authority, on which hopes for a Palestinian State, depend is just as bad.

Despite Blinken’s best efforts, Mahmoud Abbas, the PLO leader who serves as the official .President of the Palestinian Authority, refused to disavow the Oct 7 attacks. Instead, the PLO, Fatah and other elements of the ruling regime in charge of the West Bank have praised it and others, like the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, even bragged about taking part in the attacks.

A video from the Palestinian Authority terror group features “terrorists wearing Fatah’s yellow armbands firing Kalashnikov rifles at a kibbutz” and “a Fatah terrorist stamping on the head of a murdered Israeli” as the group boasts that “we had a prominent and clear role” on Oct 7.

Abbas was elected to a four-year term in 2005. There have been no elections since and he has functioned as a glorified dictator subsidized by our foreign aid. His likely successors, including the imprisoned leader of a terror group who is ahead in the polls, all praised the Hamas attack.

Democratic elections in a ‘Palestinian’ state would mean Hamas. The Islamic terror group won the 2006 legislative elections and took over Gaza. That's why there have been no elections since. Current polls show that if there were to be democratic elections, Hamas would easily win them.

Biden claimed that, “the vast majority of Palestinians are not Hamas. Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people.” But the vast majority of them disagree and want Hamas to head or form part of a unity coalition of Islamic terrorist groups running a ‘Palestinian’ state..

The only Palestinian Authority candidate who could beat Hamas is Marwan Barghouti, the grandfather of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, currently serving several life sentences in Israel prison, who responded to Oct 7 by urging a total war against Israel. Hamas has demanded Barghouti’s release as part of any ‘terrorists-for-hostages’ trade with Israel..

Recognizing a ‘Palestinian’ state means either recognizing the Palestinian Authority’s terror dictatorship in the West Bank or Hamas. Either way, an Islamic terrorist group will run the place, eliminate any opposition and launch more terrorist attacks against Israel and then anyone else.

But diplomats who were blindsided by the Oct 7 attacks are fighting to take control of the situation and the narrative by offering up the same old failed policies. Diplomats claim that Oct 7 was caused by a failure to negotiate, but it had really been brought about by endless negotiations.

Before the Oct 7 assault, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan had an article in Foreign Affairs magazine touting how negotiations with Hamas had led to quiet in Gaza. After the Hamas invasion, the online version had that edited out and only the print copies remain.

The roots of the Oct 7 attack lie in the 1992 pressure campaign to force Israel to take back the Hamas terror leaders it had deported, followed by the Oslo accord deals with Arafat and the PLO, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s ’s insistence on democratic elections that brought Hamas to power, Obama’s Arab Spring which empowered the Muslim Brotherhood parent organization of Hamas to win democratic elections, including in neighboring Egypt, which provided a vital outlet of support for Hamas, and then the Iran Deal that funded the state sponsor of Hamas which led Iran to expand its operations and ambitions around the region.

The addiction to diplomacy, nation building, accords and agreements led fatally to Oct 7.

Israel has resisted allowing Hamas to take part in elections only to face pressure from Rice.

“Whenever you have 80 percent of the Palestinian people turn out in a free and fair election, one that is free of violence, it has to be a cause for hope,” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice argued after Hamas won the 2005 election.

In 2007, a year after Hamas seized control of Gaza, Rice declared, “frankly, it’s time for the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

No matter how often the same approach fails, the diplomats never admit they were wrong.

To be a modern day diplomat is to ignorantly blame a lack of diplomacy and negotiations for everything and to promise that they can fix everything. Diplomats have been telling us for generations that a “Palestinian state” would be the solution to all of the problems in the region, but ever since the Oslo accords, life in Israel and the Middle East has become much more violent.

There’s a limit to how much damage generals can do, but not diplomats.

Compare the damage from the Iraq War to the fallout from the Arab Spring which didn’t just set one country on fire, but led to brutal and enduring civil wars in Yemen, Syria and Libya, while causing serious harm in Egypt, Tunisia, and many other countries across the region.

Oct 7 was not the result of a military process, but a diplomatic one, in which the Biden administration and several Israeli governments had negotiated temporary quiet with Hamas.

Diplomats can’t afford to allow the impression that there is a military solution to terrorism. Or too much of anything else. And so they’re rushing to impose a diplomatic solution that would empower terrorists because that is all that diplomacy with terrorists ever accomplishes.

Since Oslo, diplomacy has consistently proved the flip side of the Roman “si vis pacem, para bellum” or “if you would have peace, prepare for war.”

Israelis have learned the hard way that if they prepare for peace, they will have war. Diplomacy is supposed to avert war, but with Islamic terrorists it encourages war instead.

Despite all the promises, the Oslo accords and other peace negotiations never ended the violence because the Islamic terrorists quickly realized that violence was their best leverage. Negotiations soon fell by the wayside as Palestinian Authority terrorists focused on direct or indirect proxy terrorism. Hamas then took up the slack by promising to turn the violence on or off in exchange for money and political power. Recognizing a “Palestinian” state after Oct 7 would validate terrorism as the ultimate strategy yet again and would ensure more such attacks.

The push for a “Palestinian” state after Oct 7 not only rewards the atrocities of that day, but encourages the Arab Muslim ‘Palestinian’ settlers living in the West Bank and Gaza to repeat them.

What do you get when you massacre over a thousand people, rape, behead, torture and kidnap everyone Jewish, Christian or non-Arab in sight? The answer should not be your own country.

Dearborn, MICHIGAN Named ‘America’s Jihad Capital,’ Mayor and Biden Respond About the Way You’d Expect

AP Photo/John Locher
The Wall Street Journal did everyone a service Friday by publishing an op-ed entitled “Welcome to Dearborn, America’s Jihad Capital: Imams and politicians in the Michigan city side with Hamas against Israel and Iran against the U.S.” This was an eyebrow-raising exposition by Steven Stalinsky of the indispensable Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) of how numerous Islamic leaders and other public figures in Dearborn have openly supported Hamas, which the State Department still officially considers to be a jihad terror group. Instead, however, of concern about open support for terror in Dearborn, the article has given rise to concerns — expressed even by the Biden regime — about “Islamophobia.” 

The whole incident has been an illustration of how stigmatized honest discussion about the jihad threat has become in the U.S. today, after well over twenty years of relentless propaganda from government and law enforcement officials, as well as from the establishment media, about how such discussion is an unacceptable manifestation of hate. Stalinsky himself, after the firestorm began, was put into the unenviable position of having to insist, “Nothing in my article was written to instigate any sort of hate.”

Indeed, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any hate in the article. It was just all coming from the other side. Stalinsky’s article notes that “a local headline describing an Oct. 10 event at the Ford Performing Arts Center read, "Michigan rally cheers Hamas attack.’” He shows Imam Imran Salha of the Islamic Center of Detroit in Dearborn calling for the “demise” of Israel, which, if it ever happened, would result in the murders of millions of Israelis.

Stalinsky also points out that another Dearborn-area imam, Usama Abdulghani, “called Oct. 7 ‘one of the days of Allah’ and a ‘miracle come true.’ He described the attackers as ‘honorable.’ He said they were ‘lions’ defending ‘the entire nation of Muhammad the messenger.’” Also, “the Islamic Center of America, a leading Dearborn mosque, held a memorial service on Dec. 30 for a Hezbollah operative killed in an Israeli airstrike. 

The Hadi Institute, which runs an Islamic Montessori school and bills itself as a youth community center, held a “Commemoration of the Martyrs” on Jan. 5. This event honored Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, leader of the Iran-backed Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq.” All this and more, Stalinsky says, makes for “a moment for counterterrorism officials to be concerned.”

There is, however, no indication that they are. The Journal’s article has enraged city officials, not because the city is a hotbed of support for jihad violence, but because it has been exposed as such. Dearborn Mayor Abdullah Hammoud, whose most self-righteous victimhood mode is fully activated, announced Saturday: “Effective immediately - Dearborn police will ramp up their presence across all places of worship and major infrastructure points." This is a direct result of the inflammatory @WSJ opinion piece that has led to an alarming increase in bigoted and Islamophobic rhetoric online targeting the city of Dearborn. Stay vigilant.” 

This was pure grandstanding. There had been no threats anywhere in Dearborn; if there had been, Hammoud certainly would have said so. He was simply indulging in the left’s tried-and-true propaganda technique of equating dissident speech with violence and treating it as incitement (while steadfastly ignoring actual calls for violence and real attacks committed by leftists).

Related: Old Joe Biden Has a New Nickname, and This One Isn’t Funny At All

And if any leftists are claiming victimhood and accusing their opponents of “hate speech,” Old Joe Biden can’t be far away. The leftist wonk who runs his X account declared on Sunday, “Americans know that blaming a group of people based on the words of a small few is wrong. That’s exactly what can lead to Islamophobia and anti-Arab hate, and it shouldn’t happen to the residents of Dearborn – or any American town. We must continue to condemn hate in all forms.”

Whoever was putting this unctuous and hypocritical twaddle into hateful Old Joe’s mouth didn’t mention the WSJ article, but that was the only instance of “Islamophobia” the noble people of Dearborn are dealing with, so his intention was unmistakable. It’s unusual for the president of the United States, even a figurehead like Old Joe, to comment on a newspaper article that has nothing to do with himself or his policies, but the Biden regime is deeply worried about the defection of the Muslim bloc from the left’s coalition over the regime’s putative support for Israel. And so Old Joe and his henchmen are playing the “Islamophobia” card wherever and whenever they can.

Amid all this controversy, one question remains unanswered and totally ignored: is Dearborn really America’s jihad capital? Should its mayor be more concerned about that than about clamping down on criticism? The consequences of ignoring that question, after all, could be explosive.

Jackpot! Muslim Woman in Tennessee Gets $100,000

Can you guess for what?

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes: 

There are several ways to get rich in Old Joe Biden’s America. Among the most notable are winning an elected office, being the son of a major elected official, and being part of one of the left’s protected victim groups who can make a case for having been the victim of discrimination. That last one is why a woman in Tennessee, Sophia Johnston, is $100,000 richer today.

Of course, another feature of Old Joe Biden’s America is that $100,000 today amounts to only $14,474 in 1973 dollars, 1973 being the year Old Joe entered the Senate and began working for a better deal for the common man. So it cannot be said that winning her discrimination case has made Sophia Johnston rich, but still, $100,000 even in 2024 dollars is a nice chunk of change to get just for winning the victimhood jackpot.

The Nashville Tennessean reported Monday that Johnston “has reached a settlement with Rutherford County and members of the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office after she was forced to remove her hijab for a booking photo at the Rutherford County Detention Center in late August.” Johnston claimed that “the forced removal of her religious covering for a minor — and since dismissed — criminal booking violated her First Amendment right to practice her religion without interference.”

Even worse, Johnston contended, it was obscene. The Miami Herald reported in August 2023 that “forcing an observant Muslim woman to remove her hijab in front of men who are not family is ‘humiliating and degrading,’ according to the lawsuit, which likened doing so to making a woman remove her shirt in public.”

The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office folded easily in the face of the prospect of being accused of “Islamophobia”: “As part of the settlement, the county agreed to update its booking and jail policies to accommodate religious attire, delete Johnston’s booking photos and all video footage in which she was depicted without wearing her hijab, and pay her $100,000.” What? No all-expenses-paid vacation in an Islamic holy city of her choice? No valet service? What kind of a settlement is this?

A lucrative one. Daniel Horwitz, the chief of Johnston’s legal team, crowed: “This is a historic win for Ms. Johnston and her entire religious community. Citizens have the right to practice their religion without unreasonable governmental interference, and we are proud to have vindicated Ms. Johnston’s rights and secured permanent policy changes that will prevent violations like this from recurring. Every government agency in Tennessee should take notice.”

This was indeed “a historic win for Ms. Johnston and her entire religious community,” but it’s a loss for the safety and security of the people in Rutherford County. The reason why Muslim women are asked to remove their hijab for booking photos is because something could be concealed within it, including a weapon, and to enable more precise identification. But all that goes out the window when Muslim groups play the “Islamophobia” card.

The updated booking policy states that “arrestees and citation recipients are not required to remove religious head coverings for booking photos as long as the view of the face and profile are not obstructed by religious attire.” Great. Knives, drugs, and who knows what else could be hidden in there, but who cares? To maintain such concerns would be “Islamophobic.”

Johnston was understandably happy after her victory, saying: “I’m extremely grateful (for the results. It wasn’t just for me. It was something that I wanted to make sure I did for you all.… It feels like I’m not just a voice just for myself, (but rather) a voice to all religions to let them know that it’s okay to practice religion, to stand up for your rights and hopefully empower others to do the same thing.”

That’s marvelous. She is indeed a voice not just for herself, but for everyone who is aiding and abetting the breakdown of common-sense safety standards all over the country in the name of “equity” and the avoidance of “discrimination.” The next time someone conceals a weapon in headgear and attacks someone in a police station, Sophia Johnston and Daniel Horwitz should get a personalized thank-you card from the victim (or victims).

Johnston adds: “I just remember being feeling alone,” she said. “It took me through a lot of changes — a lot of PTSD even afterwards. I just felt like my rights were being violated in the worst way. … I’ve never done anything wrong in my life. So it was very different for me. And then having gotten to the point where my hijab had to be removed and everything, it was very scary for me.”

I’m so very sorry. But why should others now be endangered to make up for this unsettling experience?

Hamas rejects key elements of truce offer, demands release of jihad mass murderer Barghouti

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

Islamic law stipulates that “if Muslims are weak, a truce may be made for ten years if necessary, for the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) made a truce with the Quraysh for that long, as is related by Abu Dawud” (‘Umdat as-Salik, o9.16).

Note that this can only be done if “Muslims are weak.” The same legal manual also quotes this verse of the Qur’an: “So do not be fainthearted and call for peace, when it is you who are the uppermost” (47:35). So Hamas would not want a truce at all if it believed that it was in a position of strength. “Interests that justify making a truce are such things as Muslim weakness because of lack of numbers or materiel, or the hope of an enemy becoming Muslim…” (‘Umdat as-Salik, o9.16).

The bottom line: Hamas is feeling the heat and wants a truce in order to regroup and emerge in a stronger position. But Western analysts do not know or care about what Islamic law says, and so Hamas feels free to issue demands even from its position of weakness, aware of how much pressure Israel is under from the Biden regime and others who desperately want it to allow Hamas to live and kill Israeli civilians on another day.

“Hamas seems to rule out key points of truce offer, wants release of Marwan Barghouti,” Times of Israel, February 2, 2024:

Hamas officials said Friday that the group is studying a proposed ceasefire deal that would include prolonged pauses in fighting in Gaza and swaps of Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners, but at the same time appeared to rule out some of its key components.

Hamas politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh held a phone call with Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Ziad Nakhaleh to discuss the deal, the Gaza-ruling terror group announced. According to a statement from Haniyeh’s office, the two agreed any deal with Israel for the release of hostages must be accompanied by a complete halt to the fighting, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza, ending the blockade, reconstruction of the Strip and the freeing of Palestinian security prisoners.

Such steep demands would seem to be non-starters for Israel.

Meanwhile Osama Hamdan, a senior Hamas official in Beirut, also said the group remains committed to its initial demands for a permanent ceasefire that would end the war. Hamdan also said the group seeks the release of thousands of Palestinian prisoners being held for acts related to the conflict with Israel, including those serving life sentences.

He mentioned two by name, including Marwan Barghouti, a popular Palestinian leader seen as a unifying figure. Barghouti was arrested by Israel in 2002 and is serving five life terms for planning three terror attacks that killed five Israelis during the Second Intifada….

Gov. Noem of South Dakota Addresses Joint Session of SD Legislature on the Southern Border

America is being overwhelmed by en masse illegal immigration. South Dakota is directly affected by this invasion. We are affected by cartel presence right here on our tribal reservations, by the spread of drugs and human trafficking, and by the drain on our resources.

Gov. Noem Holds Press Conference on the Southern Border

Under Biden, We Don’t Know Who’s Coming into the U.S.

And the consequences are dire and real.

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

Pierre Lucard Emile, an illegal alien from Haiti, raped and beat a developmentally disabled person in Boston, according to prosecutors. Emile arrived at the port of entry in Brownsville, Texas “where he was deemed inadmissible and issued a notice to appear,” according to ICE.

In 2023, Peruvian national Emilio Vasquez-Santamaria was charged with murder after being arrested in connection with the killing of U.S. citizen in Eagle Pass, Texas. According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), he crossed illegally at Eagle Pass in May 2023 and was released with a Notice to Appear for 2025.

A new January 2024 report from the U.S. House Judiciary Committee revealed that since January 20, 2021, the Biden administration has released more than 3.3 million illegal aliens into the U.S.

Who are they? What are their intentions? We simply don’t know. We do know there are at least 617,607 aliens on ICE’s non-detained docket who have criminal convictions or pending criminal charges. That means more than half a million criminal aliens are in U.S. communities, posing a serious threat to Americans in every state.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, ICE released 68.1% of the aliens transferred to them by CBP for detention.

In Chicago, Jaime Ubaldo Obando-Andrade, an illegal alien from Ecuador, stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from a Macy’s store. Upon investigation it was discovered that he had a fake Washington state driver’s license and had cut off an ICE electronic monitoring device. Among the more than 21,000 migrants the sanctuary city has taken in, the Chicago Police Department reported arresting 686 Venezuelans in 2023, which represents a 11,333% increase in arrests of Venezuelans since 2021. Further, between October 2023 and January 2024, police in Oak Brook, a Chicago suburb, arrested 47 migrants for retail theft and burglary.

New York, another sanctuary city overwhelmed by the migrants it invited in, has also seen an increase in crime. Data from the New York Police Department shows that robbery, felony assault and grand larceny auto increased in October 2023 compared to the same time one year prior.

These are just a few examples of the increase in crime being committed by aliens processed and released by federal agents.

The data is clear: President Joe Biden’s policies incentivize increased illegal immigration, allow for easier processing of illegal aliens, result in more illegal aliens into U.S. communities, and repatriate or deport fewer criminal aliens than any other administration. These are all problems that he could fix—if he cared to.

The fact is that a quick process, release, and a notice to disappear undermine any semblance of border security. What we have is a human smuggling superhighway into every state in our nation, and little awareness of who many of these people actually are—or  where they end up.

A citizen journalist interviewing migrants crossing the border in Arizona just showed the world what failed border policies import into America look like. When asking a migrant who they were, the man’s response was: “You are not smart enough to know who I am. But soon you’re gonna know who I am.”

There is no way to know how many security threats are strategically placed across the country today. But one thing is for sure, just as this one migrant said: Soon we will know who they are.

Selene Rodriguez is a Policy Director for the Secure and Sovereign Frontier campaign at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

It Begins: Texas Border Battle-Abbotts Fiery response to Biden over Federalizing National Guard

Texas Border Battle. Texas prepared in ‘unlikely event’ Biden federalizes the National Guard. Border standoff between Texas feds intensifies as governor defies Supreme Court ruling. Texas arresting Migrants. "This is not over," Texas Governor Abbott said in a social media post. Despite the U.S. Supreme Court siding with the Department of Homeland Security to allow federal border officials to cut state-installed razor wires along the Rio Grande, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and state Attorney General Ken Paxton said the larger legal battle between Texas and the Biden administration is far from settled. Texas keeps adding Razor wires. Texas state Law Passes Allowing State Police to Arrest Immigrants. The Texas House passed legislation earlier making it a state crime to illegally cross the southern border, empowering state and local police to arrest and in some cases deport illegal immigrants, in what the bill’s supporters claim is a response to federal inaction. Senate Bill 4 gives local and state governments the authority to arrest illegal immigrants who enter Texas from Mexico between official ports of entry. Under SB 4, those who unlawfully cross the border can be charged with a state misdemeanor and face up to one year in prison. A felony charge, carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years, can be leveled if illegal immigrants are charged with additional crimes or don’t comply with a judge’s orders. The bill also authorizes state judges to deport illegal aliens to Mexico rather than pursue prosecution under federal law. After getting approval from the Texas senate last week, the latest version of SB 4 now heads to Republican governor Greg Abbott’s desk, where he is expected to sign it into law.

Biden’s Senior Director for Intelligence Programs on NSC was UNRWA official while it was aiding Hamas

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

There is still more indication of which side the Biden regime is really on, and thoroughly infiltrated the Washington establishment is. That infiltration advanced under cover of charges of “Islamophobia” against anyone who suggested there might be a problem.

“Biden Appoints Former Palestinian UNRWA Official as Director of NSC Intelligence,” Saudi Press, n.d. (thanks to J. Michael Waller):

Real diversity without exemption: President Joe Biden on Friday appointed Palestinian-American attorney Maher al-Bitar, who served on President Barack Obama’s National Security Council as Director of Israeli and Palestinian Affairs and as deputy to Samantha Power, to be the new director of the NSC intelligence service.

Al-Bitar’s new job is an important day-to-day connective tissue between the intelligence community and the White House.

A graduate of Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, al-Bitar received a Master of Science in Forced Migration from Oxford University’s Refugee Studies Center on a Marshall scholarship and has worked with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Jerusalem.

Maher al-Bitar has served as Foreign Affairs Officer in the Office of the Special Envoy for Middle East Peace, and holds a Juris Doctor from Georgetown Law, and is a member of the Maryland Bar. He was Rep. Adam Schiff’s top legal adviser and played a key role in the first impeachment of former President Donald Trump, alongside Dan Goldman, who worked as the impeachment manager’s top lawyer. Goldman called al-Bitar “a brilliant lawyer.”…

EX-CATHOLIC MIKE GENDRON: Discerning Deceitful Doctrines of Demons, January 31, 2024

You Will Be Shocked by the Twisted Teachings of Catholicism~April 7, 2023~Catholics submit to a different authority, believe in a distorted gospel and worship a false Christ.

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