Biden Regime Plans to Give Hamas a Grand Reward for Murdering 1,200 Israelis

It has been clear for quite some time what side Biden is on.

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[Make sure to read Robert Spencer’s contributions in Jamie Glazov’s new book: Barack Obama’s True Legacy: How He Transformed America.]

It has been clear for quite some time that the Biden regime, despite its show of support for Israel, is really on the side of Hamas. Now the regime is in serious talks to respond to Hamas’ brutal and inhuman murder of 1,200 Israelis on Oct. 7, 2023 by giving it the biggest reward of all: a Palestinian state.

If you are skeptical that Old Joe and his henchmen are really on Hamas’ side, consider the fact that, in November, they enabled the release of ten billion dollars in frozen funds to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hamas’ primary financier. That followed $100 million in “humanitarian aid” to Gaza and the West Bank on Oct. 18, less than two weeks after the massacre. Biden huffed and puffed about how that $100 million better not end up in the hands of Hamas, but really, who else was there in Gaza who could receive it and keep it from the jihad terror group? Hamas-linked UNRWA?

As if all that weren’t bad enough, now the Biden regime is planning to follow it with the worst betrayal of all of our most loyal ally in the Middle East. The Washington Post reported Wednesday that “Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Palestinian representatives, in addition to the United States” were “rushing to complete a detailed, comprehensive plan for long-term peace between Israel and Palestinians, including a firm timeline for the establishment of a Palestinian state, that could be announced as early as the next several weeks.” As you may have noticed, the one concerned party that would likely lose territory if any such state were established was conspicuously absent from these negotiations.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noticed. On Friday, he declared: “Israel outright rejects international dictates regarding a permanent arrangement with the Palestinians. Such an arrangement will be reached only through direct negotiations between the parties, without preconditions.” As Biden regime apparatchiks worked with Muslim Arab nations to establish a Palestinian state without the approval of or even participation of Israel, Netanyahu was unequivocal: “Israel will continue to oppose the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state. Such recognition in the wake of the October 7 massacre would give a huge reward to unprecedented terrorism and prevent any future peace settlement.”

Indeed. Hamas behaved with appalling savagery on Oct. 7, and yet is more popular than ever in both Gaza and the West Bank in the wake of that attack. If a free election were held in a new Palestinian state, Hamas would have a very good chance to win. And given the group’s oft-stated imperative to destroy Israel completely, which senior Hamas official Ghazi Hamad has restated after Oct. 7, a Palestinian state would almost certainly become a new jihad base for renewed attacks against Israel, as Gaza did after Israel’s unilateral withdrawal in 2005 (which, like the eternal goal of the Palestinian state, was also touted as a move that would finally bring peace).

In the Washington Post’s entire fifteen-hundred-word account of the ongoing talks to set up a Palestinian state, no one betrays any indication that they know or care why a Palestinian state has never yet been set up despite decades of efforts to bring peace, or why the Palestinians have rejected numerous offers for such a state since 1947. A standing condition for the Palestinians has been that they accept the existence of Israel as a Jewish state, which no Palestinian organization or leader has ever been willing to do. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has apparently just decided, without a scintilla of evidence, that this condition has already been fulfilled, as he spoke last week in Qatar about the steps that need to be taken in order to embark upon a “practical, timebound, irreversible path to a Palestinian state living side-by-side in peace with Israel.”

Where is there a single Palestinian leader or political group that has ever expressed any willingness to live side-by-side in peace with Israel? Yet instead of pressuring the Palestinians, the Biden regime is focusing on efforts to “convince the Arab world that this time will be different.” This is a total inversion of reality. The Biden regime has completely forgotten, or is more likely deliberately ignoring, the fact that the Palestinian Arabs were the aggressors who sparked this conflict. Historically, a defeated aggressor, if that is what Hamas and its cohorts turn out to be, was not rewarded. Would the Biden regime, if it had been in power in 1945, have worked on a plan to expand the domains of National Socialist Germany? The possibility cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Lockheed Martin to sell $23 billion worth of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey

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The U.S. State Department has yet to sign off on the multibillion-dollar deal to sell F-16 fighter jets to Turkey and Greece; of those two countries, the latter is not the problem. Turkey is. The deal will amount to another foolish move by the Biden government that would see the U.S. strengthening its enemies. This deal is akin to the Iran nuclear deal that strengthened Iran. Supplying weaponry to Islamic supremacist Turkey, whose president dreams of a revived Ottoman Empire (a global caliphate) is imprudent at best. Providing weaponry to Turkey gives it enormous leverage, while undermining American security and “destabilizing a region that Washington seems unable to ignore.” An article from The Hill provides notable examples of Turkey’s troublesome antics:

Turkey bought the S-400 (a Russian air defense system that threatens Washington’s F-35 program), nearly upended NATO by threatening to invade Greece, almost hit U.S. troops in Syria, became the safe-haven for the Muslim Brotherhood after it was kicked out of Egypt, served as a financing arm for Hamas and Russia, and is engaging in a battle of threats with Israel over Ankara’s support for Hamas.

Last month, Biden urged the US Congress to approve the F-16 sale to Turkey “without delay.” Advancing the interests of Lockheed Martin is advantageous to Biden’s political aspirations, too, since defense companies are major donors to political campaigns. 

The $23 billion deal serves Lockheed Martin and Turkey, but not the United States. American citizens and particularly Israel should be worried. Turkey is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Hamas is an offshoot. In November, the Turkish foreign minister threatened to use military force against Israel to aid Hamas.

“Lockheed Martin Will Sell $23 Billion Worth of F-16 Fighter Jets to Turkey,” by Rich Smith, The Motley Fool, February 12, 2024:

Military contractor Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) is in the business of building fighter jets — and business is booming. In a pair of Earth-shaking announcements last week, the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) informed Congress of a plan to sell a combined $31.6 billion in new weapons sales to Greece and Turkey.

But the biggest of these deals is for Turkey.

Why is Turkey buying 40 new F-16 fighter jets?

As you may already know, DSCA is the Pentagon department responsible for coordinating sensitive weapons sales between U.S. defense contractors and foreign governments. Turkey says it wants these new fighter jets to “expand and modernize” its air force, which currently comprises primarily older F-16C Falcon and F-4E Phantom fighter jets.

Before this sale can go through, though, the U.S. State Department must sign off on the deal as supporting “the foreign policy goals and national security of the United States” and unlikely to “alter the basic military balance in the region” — in this case, southern Europe — and Congress must either approve or reject the sale…..

Biden regime gives Israel 45 days to submit report on alleged international law violations or lose military aid

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As I have predicted, the Biden regime is moving toward rupturing the US/Israeli alliance in order to appease his far-Left base.

“Biden gives Israel 45 days to submit a report on international law violations or lose military aid,” by Hannah Sarisohn, Jerusalem Post, February 9, 2024:

President Joe Biden issued a memorandum Thursday night asking countries receiving U.S. military funding to prove they’re following international humanitarian and human rights laws.

The timing of the memorandum coincides with President Biden’s unscheduled press conference where he took reporters’ questions on the Israel-Hamas war, saying Israel’s response is “over the top.”

For weeks now, reporters have pressed both the White House and State Department on their ability to assess if Israel is following international law as there have been no formal assessment procedures in place.

Administration officials have repeated that one innocent life killed is too many, but have stopped short of implying that Israel is in violation of international law.

Members of Congress raised concern over Israel’s human rights violations, The Post previously reported.

Led by Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), several progressive Democratic members issued a letter to Biden and the Government Accountability Office requesting an assessment of the State Department’s compliance with Leahy Laws and Conventional Arms Transfer policies regarding security assistance to the Israeli government.

“We write today regarding your administration’s ongoing weapons transfers to the Israeli government despite considerable evidence that these transfers are flagrantly violating American and international law and are being used in the commission of war crimes,” the letter to Biden said.

The letter cites a January 5 comment from White House national security spokesman John Kirby in which he said he wasn’t aware of any assessments being made by the US government to analyze Israel’s compliance with international law.

Regular updates
Biden’s memorandum requires states receiving military aid to provide the State Department and Congress with thorough reports every fiscal year with details of any alleged legal violations, explanations for military actions in question, and the process taken to assess legality in making those decisions….

Chinese Troops Invading US By the Thousands As Biden & Mayorkas Open the Floodgates

Wake up, America! Our national security is under unprecedented threat as the Chinese Communist Party's Special Operations Forces infiltrate our borders. With military-age men unmistakable in their appearance and bearing, slipping through under the Biden-Mayorkas administration, the stakes have never been higher. In this explosive special report, Gary Franchi delves deep into the crisis, armed with insights from former US intelligence official Derek Harvey. Discover the shocking reality of how open borders are not just a policy failure but a direct invitation to danger. From the strategic movements of these operatives to their ominous objectives, we expose the full extent of this infiltration. Why does this matter to every American? Stay tuned for a report that promises not only to reveal the truth but to affirm our resolve to protect our republic. Don't miss the final thought for a perspective that could change the way you see our nation's security.

4,300+ HAVE ENTERED BORDER TO DATE~ U.S. being flooded with Chinese spies? 

PLA-linked men enter America

Wave of Chinese migrants at southern border


Harvard to feature speaker who blamed Israel for Hamas’ Oct. 7 jihad massacre

Israel's Reported 'Resettlement' Plan for Gaza Amounts to a Holocaust: Prof Dalal Iriqat, Ramallah

What it’s like to be a Palestinian in Israel—Prof Dalal Iriqat, Arab American University, Ramallah


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First, Harvard’s former president refused to say that calls for a new genocide of the Jews would violate campus rules. And now this. Clearly, Jew-hatred has become the norm at Harvard, and among the leftist intelligentsia in general.

“Harvard to host Palestinian prof who blamed Israel for Oct. 7, called attacks ‘normal human struggle,'” by Chris Pandolfo, Fox News, February 3, 2024:

Harvard University has invited a controversial Palestinian professor to speak who justified the October 7 Hamas terror attacks on Israel as a “normal human struggle for freedom.”

Dr. Dalal Saeb Iriqat, a columnist and associate professor at the Arab American University Palestine, is scheduled to speak at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs on March 7 for a seminar series called “Middle East Dialogues.”

The Belfer Center website describes the “Middle East Dialogues” seminars as “a series of frank, open, and probing encounters with vital and varied perspectives on the current conflict, its causes, and the prospects for peace and progress in the region.”

Iriqat is a controversial figure who has made statements downplaying the Hamas attack on Israel and blaming the Israeli government for the bloodshed on October 7, when 1,200 people were killed after Hamas terrorists infiltrated the country.

“Today is just a normal struggle 4 #Freedom,” Iriqat posted on X on Oct. 7, as Israelis near the border with Gaza cowered in their homes while terrorists went door-to-door butchering people.

In the face of criticism for her post, Iriqat doubled down and blamed Israel for the attacks the next day.

“We will never forgive the Israeli right wing extreme government for making us take their children and elderly as hostages,” she posted on "X."

“The Israeli public need to realize that their own government had caused all this bloodshed and they remain the ones responsible for this escalation and losses of civilian lives.”…

Kataib Hezbollah, Suddenly Scared, Promises It Will No Longer Target Americans

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Apparently, after having launched 150 attacks on American forces in Iraq and Syria during the past few months, and one attack on our servicemen at Tower 22 in northeast Jordan, Kataib Hezbollah is suddenly scared out of its wits, and wants Washington to know that it will no longer — honest, cross our hearts and hope to die — target any Americans. More on this sudden volte-face can be found here: “Iraq’s Kataib Hezbollah says it suspends attacks on US forces,” by Timour Azhari, Reuters, January 30, 2024:

Iran-aligned Iraqi armed group Kataib Hezbollah has announced the suspension of all its military operations against US troops in the region in a decision aimed at preventing “embarrassment” to the Iraqi government, the group said in a statement.

No, the decision is not aimed at preventing “embarrassment” to the Iraqi government. It’s aimed, rather, at saving the lives of Kataib Hezbollah members, and of avoiding destruction on a scale they would really prefer to avoid. And were such an American attack to take place, as the talk in Washington brought home to Kataib Hezbollah that this time the American mood was “no-more-water-the-fire-next-time,” with Lindsey Graham and Mike McCaul and a host of other Republicans urging the Administration to “hit Iran. Hit it hard.” The credit for this unexpected decision by Kataib Hezbollah goes to the Republican rhetoric in the Senate, urging retaliation on Iran itself. The Iranians may even have prompted Kataib Hezbollah to announce its new policy.

The decision follows the killing of three U.S. troops in a drone attack near the Jordan-Syria border – an attack that the Pentagon said bore the “footprints” of Kataib Hezbollah, though a final assessment had not yet been made.

Founded in the aftermath of the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, Kataib Hezbollah is one of the elite Iraqi armed factions closest to Iran….

That pitiful attempt by Kataib Hezbollah to now ‘scape whipping — after it and its fellows in the Islamic Resistance in Iraq have launched 150 attacks on American targets in Syria, Iraq, and Jordan — by promising that it has “suspended” attacks on American targets, has not even been acknowledged by Washington. That promise came a day late and a dollar short. Americans are fed up, and are not going to be hornswoggled by the likes of Kataib Hezbollah to refrain from retaliation.

Within the next week or two, we can expect drone attacks, or bomb-away airstrikes, not just on Kataib Hezbollah, but also on Iranian bases in Syria and Iraq. After the murder of those three servicemen at Tower 22 in Jordan, the gloves are off. And if those retaliatory attacks lead groups other than Kataib Hezbollah to attack Americans anywhere in the Middle East, Washington will simply double, treble, quadruple the dose, until the enemy understands, and quietly reigns.

Did Iranian Agent Serving as Pentagon Chief of Staff Cause Death of 3 Soldiers?

How were terrorists able to perfectly time their drone attack without inside information?

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

In September 2023, Pentagon Chief of Staff Ariane Tabatabai, an Iranian immigrant, was accused of having worked as an agent of the Tehran regime. Dissident media outlets produced emails that allegedly showed that Tabatabai had joined an initiative by the Iranian Foreign Ministry to coordinate operations and that she had even run her congressional testimony on Iran’s nuclear program past the head of an Iranian Foreign Ministry think tank.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center and Front Page Magazine had been among those to take the lead in warning about the potential danger posed by her and enemy agents in the Pentagon.

Tabatabai had served under Robert Malley, Biden’s Iran Envoy, who had been suspended from the Obama campaign for his backchannel contacts with Hamas, and has been under investigation for mishandling classified documents. But the emails appeared to show that she had personally worked for Iran and its influence operations aimed at the U.S. government.

Despite that she continued to be promoted until she is now the Chief of Staff to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict (SO/LIC).

In January 2024, Iranian-backed terrorists launched their most successful single attack against an American base to date. The target was the living quarters where U.S  military personnel were stationed on an obscure support base in the Jordanian desert known as Tower 22.

While the drone attack would normally have been intercepted, the Iranian-backed terrorists had precisely timed the arrival of their drone to match that of an American drone returning home.

In the confusion, the Islamic terrorist drone was not intercepted and 3 American military personnel were killed and over 30 more were wounded. And it could have been worse.

The Iranians had known where the living quarters on the base were, what our procedures for drone arrivals and departures were, and when one of our drones would be coming back.

How were the Islamic terrorists able to precisely coordinate the arrival of their drone and ours?

Tower 22, located close to Syria and Iraq, was one of the bases that we helped Jordan build up during the Syrian Civil War. Under Obama, it was a key element for supporting the Syrian Sunni rebels while under Trump, it focused on fighting ISIS forces in Syria. Syrian Sunnis fleeing the country passed by, some were allowed to enter Jordan, while most, including some Sunni Jihadis, had to remain in what became known as the Rukban refugee camp.

The proximity of the Rukban camp to Tower 22 and the nearby Al-Tanf base would provide plenty of options for “refugees” to monitor and track the movements of American drones.

But Ariane Tabatabai’s presence in Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict raises another troubling possibility. Tower 22 was used as a jumping off point by special operators and the U.S. presence in that area falls under the shadow of the SO/LIC office.

Special operators had been stationed at Al-Tanf and the SO/LIC office would have potentially had access to a great deal of information about what was going on at Al-Tanf and Tower 22.

That indeed is why Tabatabai likely ended up in the office, not despite her ties to the Iranian regime, but because of them. During the campaign against ISIS, the United States came to rely on some of the same Iranian-backed Shiite Jihadist groups to do the heavy lifting on the ground.

Tabatabai could have been seen as a potentially useful backchannel for an office that was likely unofficially coordinating with Iran anyway. That would explain her initial role as a senior advisor.

But by elevating a former Iranian agent to a chief of staff of an office overseeing special operations, the Biden administration, the Pentagon and the SO/LIC may have been gambling that they could control that backchannel and that would have been a catastrophic mistake.

Late last year, 30 Senate members had urged the Pentagon to suspend her security clearance.

“Iran continues to threaten U.S. military personnel in the Middle East and remains intent on assassinating American citizens here in the United States. Given these facts, we find it simply unconscionable that a senior Department official would continue to hold a sensitive position despite her alleged participation in an Iranian government information operation,” they warned.

“Dr. Tabatabai was thoroughly and properly vetted as a condition of her employment with the Department of Defense,” a Pentagon spokesman claimed. “We are honored to have her serve.”

And the cost of that DOD decision may have been quite high, not just in security, but blood.

We don’t know how exactly Iran’s terror groups were able to closely coordinate the arrival of their drone with ours, but it’s hard to believe that it could have happened without either sloppiness, close observation or inside information. Operational security had clearly been compromised and in such a situation it’s the fundamental duty of the Department of Defense to examine its procedures, tighten its security and look into Iranian agents inside its offices.

There should be no place for current or former agents of an enemy government which is actively attacking and killing Americans inside the Pentagon. And yet Tabatabai is still there.

And she’s not alone.

Nor is she even the only Pentagon Chief of Staff with Islamic terror ties. Front Page Magazine’s ‘Disloyal Military’ investigations into enemy agents and wokeness within the military not only cast light on Ariane Tabatabai, but also on Yousra Fazili, the Chief of Staff for the Pentagon Comptroller, as well as other hostile figures in the government and the defense industry.

Yousra Fazili, the daughter of Kashmiri Muslim immigrants who studied Islamic religious law or sharia at Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, a hub of Jihadist thinking, had testified in Congress in support of her cousin who had been arrested for his support for Islamic terrorists in India.

Fazili had worked for the Qatari ambassador, an ally of Iran, and which serves as a state sponsor of Hamas, and she had represented the International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations known as a Muslim Brotherhood operation, co-founded by figures tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and Osama bin Laden, and she has cheered on pro-Hamas protesters.

Despite multiple congressional letters and warnings from Senate and House members, the Department of Defense has done nothing to clean its house and the clock is ticking.

We do not know if inside information led to the deaths of 3 Americans in the Iranian attack at Tower 22, but it is only a matter of time until foreign enemy agents inside the government end up passing information to Iran, Qatar or other Islamic terror states that gets our people killed.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center will continue investigating the enemy within and working to hold them and their enablers in the government accountable before it’s too late.

3 U.S. Soldiers Died Because Biden Won’t Stand Up to Iran

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

They attack, we retreat and they attack some more.

Iran’s terror militias launched a wave of rocket attacks against American soldiers in Iraq and Syria under Biden. There were dozens of these attacks last year alone.

In the spring of 2023, Scott Patrick Dubis, a 52-year-old military contractor who had worked on U.S. military bases in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Qatar, was killed in an Iranian backed attack.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin responded by promising that, “as President Biden has made clear, we will take all necessary measures to defend our people and will always respond at a time and place of our choosing. No group will strike our troops with impunity.”

But Iran and its Jihadi proxy militias could and did go on attacking our troops with impunity.

We launched a few light airstrikes for show and the attacks went on. American personnel kept being wounded in Iranian attacks and sometimes we responded and sometimes we didn’t.

After the latest wave of attacks and responses, the Shiite regime in Baghdad demanded that the United States leave Iraq. Biden, obediently, began negotiating the withdrawal.

Three US Army soldiers were killed and over 30 were wounded in an Iranian-backed drone attack on a position on the Jordanian-Syrian border. This is the worst death toll in some time.

A few months after the Shiite Islamic regime in Tehran commemorated the takeover of the U.S. embassy with chants of “Death to America”, it succeeded in inflicting more death on Americans.

Biden has issued a statement vowing that, once again, “we will hold all those responsible to account at a time and in a manner of our choosing.” Like Austin’s previous statement after the murder of Scott Dubis, that means that no one should expect a quick meaningful response.

The message to Iran and its Islamic terrorists is that they have nothing to worry about. And Iran’s message to us is that we can never pull out far enough until we have surrendered the entire region, the rest of the world and then finally our own country to the enemy.

In the spring of 2020, Army Spc. Juan Miguel Mendez Covarrubias and Air Force Staff Sgt. Marshal D. Roberts, as well as Lance Corporal Brodie Gillon, a British female medic, were killed in an attack by the Shiite Iran-backed militias. Roberts died trying to save a female comrade.

And the attacks just keep right on coming.

When Biden came into office, Iran had a pretty good lock on Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. Biden allowed it to seize control over Yemen. During the winter break, it used its Houthi strongholds in Yemen to hijack shipping in the Red Sea. While Biden was out of office and Austin was in the hospital, it seized a channel used by a third of the world’s container ships.

Much like in Iraq and Syria, Biden responded with limited airstrikes that fell far short of ending the threat while conducting a 30 day review before possibly bringing back sanctions on the Houthis. The Houthis have since managed to hit an oil tanker, while global shipping costs have doubled and the shipping war risks insurance premiums have skyrocketed many times over.

The same pattern of failure that had played out in Iraq is now playing out in the Red Sea.

After retreating in the Red Sea, Iran has decided to push the frontiers of terror all the way to the Jordanian border. Jordan is a key intersection, a Saudi client state that shares a border with Israel, whose population would prefer to be ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood’s arms include Hamas and its state sponsor, Qatar, which is an ally of Iran.

Iran is serious about winning and we are not. We have a plan and we do not. Every tentative response that we make telegraphs the fact that we are afraid to attack it. The Biden administration emphasizes that its strikes are measured, defensive and come with warnings.

Our terrorist enemies however have no such fears or concerns. They hit us where they can.

The Biden administration and the foreign policy apparatus live in fear of “expanding the war” while Iran seeks to expand the war as far as it can. If one side wants to expand the war while the other fears any escalation, the outcome is a cycle of retreats and defeats.

Every time Iran attacks, we retreat, and every time we retreat, it pushes harder. Negotiations, sanctions relief and diplomacy have failed miserably. The so-called “moderates” have been pushed out in Iran and the new regime burned them along with their American puppets like Biden’s Iran envoy Robert Malley, who was outed by Iran regime outlets, as it prepares for war.

October 7 was only one of the points of Iran’s Jihadist ‘blitzkrieg’ across the region as it prepares to become the dominant power in the Middle East. And while it was devastating to Israelis, it may be less significant than the takeover of the Red Sea or its existing nuclear program, under which it now has enough enriched uranium to build several nuclear warheads, its simultaneous launch of three satellites or its ballistic missile program that can deliver nukes.

All of this foreshadows a struggle on a grand scale that will test America and the world.

Much like WWII, this crisis could have been averted through geopolitical maneuvers, maximum pressure, limited intervention and other tools that were never properly used. Instead, Obama attempted to cut a nuclear deal with Iran that he knew was worthless. Biden resumed efforts to restore the deal even though Tehran by then had achieved enough of its goals that it demanded only billions in cash while offering nothing in return but contempt, threats and terror attacks.

The killings of three American soldiers is only the latest consequence of these policies.

Iran got lucky in its Tower 22 attack in Jordan, but the attacks could have also been worse. While American soldiers deployed in Iraq and Syria are used to rocket alerts and quickly run to shelter, those in Tower 22 had not gotten into that same habit. A large stream of rockets or missiles could have inflicted much worse casualties than those 3 dead or 30 wounded.

And that leaves out the possibility that we have yet to consider.

On Oct 7, Israeli soldiers braced for rocket attacks by retreating into shelters only to face a massive assault by thousands of armed Jihadis overrunning their positions under the cover of rockets. Israel wasn’t ready for that kind of attack and the real question is are we ready?

Iran will keep testing and pushing us. And if we fail to take the initiative, the attack will come.

We were not ready for the seizure of our embassy in Tehran. We were not ready for the Marine Barracks bombings in Beirut. We were not ready for 9/11. We were not ready for the fall of Kabul. We were not ready for the takeover of shipping in the Red Sea near Yemen.

What aren’t we ready for next? We only have so much time to wait around and find out.

Wars are fought on by taking the offensive or holding defensive positions. When you are always defending, then you allow the enemy to take the initiative and then you have to find out what comes next.

If we don’t take the offensive, we will have to wait to find out how bad the next attack will be.

While Iran Tries to Kill US Soldiers, Biden Regime Provides It With Intel

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

“The U.S. government provided Iran with a private warning that there was a terrorist threat within Iranian borders”

Iran controls and finances multiple Islamic terror groups, but being a Shiite state, there are Sunni Islamist terror groups that target it. Some of these are aligned with ISIS. Others have nationalistic reasons linked to the Baloch movement. And some have both.

Recently, an ISIS bombing attack at a commemoration ceremony for IRGC terror leader Soleimani, who was responsible for the deaths of many Americans, made headlines.

The Biden administration is now announcing that it tried to help Iran head off the bombing.

The U.S. secretly warned Iran that Islamic State was preparing to carry out the terrorist attack early this month that killed more than 80 Iranians in a pair of coordinated suicide bombings, U.S. officials said.

The confidential alert came after the U.S. acquired intelligence that Islamic State’s affiliate in Afghanistan, ISIS-Khorasan, known as ISIS-K, was plotting to attack Iran, they said.

American officials said the information passed to Iran was specific enough about the location and sufficiently timely that it might have proved useful to Tehran in thwarting the attack on Jan. 3 or at least mitigating the casualty toll.

And, out of gratitude, Iran went on trying to kill American soldiers and chanting, “Death to America”..

The obvious question is why do this?

Do we generally intervene when terrorist groups fight each other? Why are we helping Iran, which is actively trying to kill American soldiers in Iraq?

During the Trump admin, we kept hearing that even mentioning that we had certain kinds of intel would potentially expose sources and endanger them. So why are those sources being exposed to help one of our worst enemies.

“Prior to ISIS’s terrorist attack on January 3, 2024, in Kerman, Iran, the U.S. government provided Iran with a private warning that there was a terrorist threat within Iranian borders,” a U.S. official said, using an acronym for Islamic State. “The U.S. government followed a longstanding ‘duty to warn’  policy that has been implemented across administrations to warn governments against potential lethal threats. We provide these warnings in part because we do not want to see innocent lives lost in terror attacks.”

The target was a memorial ceremony for Qassem Soleimani: a terrorist leader. There were as many “innocent people” there as at a memorial for Osama bin Laden, Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin.

Maybe the Biden admin didn’t know the target? But the previous high-profile ISIS attacks in Iran targeted the Iranian parliament and the told of Khomeini.

ISIS tends to hit sites associated with Iran’s Islamist regime. Attack warnings protect the Iranian regime, not the oppressed people protesting in the streets.

This is another unfortunate example of our government’s collaboration with our worst enemies.

There is no reason for us to intervene in a fight between two Islamic terror groups. Yet the Biden admin chose to do that in Syria and now Obama is doing it in Iran.

Chinese Military Expert: China’s National Fortune Has Arrived — After America’s Hegemony Collapses

40,000 Weapons Sent to Ukraine Have Gone Missing: Pentagon IG

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
According to a report by the Pentagon inspector general, more than 40,000 weapons worth more than $1 billion were shipped to Ukraine but never made it to the battlefield.

Many of the weapons were sent to a U.S. military logistics hub in Poland, while others were shipped directly to Ukraine. The equipment includes shoulder-fired missiles, kamikaze drones, and night-vision goggles.

Alexandra "Sasha" Baker, the acting undersecretary of defense for policy, said last November, when a draft of the report was leaked, that required accounting procedures “are not practical in a dynamic and hostile wartime environment."

The IG report found that "American defense officials and diplomats in Washington and Europe had failed to quickly or fully account for many of the nearly 40,000 weapons that by law should have been closely monitored because of their battlefield impact, sensitive technology, and relatively small size," according to the New York Times.

I guess they were too busy, or something.

“These are identified as the items — that because of their sensitivity, their vulnerability to diversion or misuse or the consequences of that — it’s particularly important to have this additional tracking and accountability in place,” said Robert Storch, the Pentagon’s inspector general. Storch is the primary watchdog for American aid sent to Ukraine’s war effort.

The report was sent to Congress on Wednesday and a copy of it was provided to The New York Times. The Pentagon’s inspector general released a redacted version of it on Thursday. It did not investigate whether any weapons had been diverted for illicit use, which “was beyond the scope of our evaluation to determine,” it noted.

So, whose job is it to determine if terrorists got their hands on a couple of dozen shoulder-fired missiles? The flying public wants to know.

Perhaps before we send another $60 billion to Ukraine, we might want to put into place more effective means to track the weapons — just as Congress has demanded.

The findings released on Thursday will almost certainly fuel skepticism in Congress over providing more military aid to Ukraine; already, House Republicans are blocking a national security spending plan that would provide an additional $61 billion for the war effort as frontline troops begin to run out of weapons. Combined with Ukraine’s long history of corruption and arms smuggling, the demand for closer accounting is certain to rise.

That we're two years into the war and the Biden administration is just now getting serious about tracking American military assistance is ridiculous. It's a timely question considering weapons that were already "delinquent."

As much as 60 percent of the arms and equipment that were provided as of June were “delinquent,” either because they were delayed in being inventoried in a database designed to track them, or because they were never added after they left American or allied military stockpiles.

Laziness? Incompetence? Stupidity? Perhaps a combination of all three? One billion dollars worth of U.S. weapons, not to mention the technology that created them, has literally gone missing and the bureaucratic game of CYA is preventing the IG from finding out if the weapons were diverted or just lost.

Biden and the Pentagon have been stonewalling Congress about possible corruption by the second-most corrupt government in Europe since the beginning of the war. They could and should do a much better job of tracking these weapons to keep them out of the hands of bad actors who could turn those weapons on the United States.

U.S. And U.K. Launch Retaliatory Airstrikes Against Houthis In Yemen

Huthi fighters brandish their weapons during a march in solidarity with the Palestinian people in the Huthi-controlled capital Sanaa on January 11, 2024, amid the ongoing battles between Israel and the terrorist Hamas group in Gaza. Heavy air strikes pounded rebel-held cities in Yemen early on January 12, 2024, the Huthi rebels’ official media and AFP correspondents said. The capital Sanaa, Hodeida and Saada were all targeted, the Huthis’ official media said, blaming “American aggression with British participation.” (Photo by MOHAMMED HUWAIS/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
5:27 PM – Thursday, January 11, 2024

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The United States and the United Kingdom launched a series of retaliatory attacks against the Houthi rebels in Yemen on Thursday.

Bombs from Washington, D.C., and London struck a number of locations in Yemen that the Houthis, who are supported by Iran, were utilizing.

According to surfacing reports, the main cities in Yemen that were hit the hardest with U.S. and U.K. airstrikes were Sana’a, Hodeidah, Saada, Dhamar, Taiz, and Zabid.

Fighter planes and warships firing Tomahawk missiles were fired by U.S. and U.K. planes striking targets that included air defense installations, supply centers, and logistical hubs, the Associated Press reported.

The rebel group started attacking commercial ships in the Red Sea in late November, prompting the U.S. and U.K. to take direct, aggressive military action against the Houthis.

The United States refrained from hitting the Houthis in Yemen until this Thursday.

In an effort to safeguard commercial shipping, the U.S. formed a multi-nation maritime task force last month. However, the Houthis continued their attacks on ships and declared that the task force would not stop them.

The Houthis launched their largest drone and missile campaign to date earlier this week, aiming their attacks against commercial ships along with American and British warships. During the strike, allied troops from the United States and the United Kingdom shot down around twenty-one missiles and drones.

The attack in Yemen poses a risk of escalating into a larger conflict and is expected to incite the Houthis and Iran. Since the Israel-Hamas war broke out in Gaza in early October, there has been a great deal of warfare throughout the region, with over 100 strikes against American soldiers in Syria and Iraq.

Groups with Iranian support assert that their attacks on the U.S. in the area are an act of solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza. Particularly, the Houthis maintain that U.S. and Israeli-backed ships are their targets.

Iran is expected to express outrage regarding the Yemen attacks that occurred on Thursday, as it considers the Houthis to be one of its most valuable proxy organizations in the Middle East. When the United States sank three Houthi vessels in the Red Sea at the end of December, Iran and the Houthis said they would retaliate violently.

There has been tremendous pressure on the Biden administration to stop the Houthi strikes in the Red Sea, which have hampered international trade. Major shipping firms have been compelled to detour around Africa and the Cape of Good Hope due to pressure from the Houthi group. Approximately 10% of commercial shipping passes via the Red Sea.

In addition, Washington, D.C., has had to decide whether to launch offensive operations in order to halt the Houthis or if the task force would be sufficient to safeguard cargo vessels and discourage the Houthis.

The extent to which the attacks have affected Houthi targets in Yemen is currently unknown. The rebel organization is well-versed in combat, having battled the Yemeni government for years, but they will most definitely still struggle from the joint effort by U.S. and U.K. military action.

After the strikes were conducted, Democrat Member of the House of the Representatives, Valerie Howell, released a statement declaring that the strikes were not authorized by Congress, and that the president needs to have congressional approval for any military strike.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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