Biden apologizes to Muslim leaders in US for questioning Hamas death toll


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Why would anyone expect truth from a people who indoctrinate their children to hate and murder Israelis, spread lies including blood libels, celebrate “martyrdom” and use human shields? The nature of the jihad war was revealed on October 7. Jihad is savage, and marked by deceit. The deceit is the hallmark of the stealth jihad, which skillfully employs propaganda.

Taqiyya (dissimulation) is an encouraged practice in Islam, backed by a Qur’anic verse:

And they [the disbelievers] schemed, and Allah schemed: and Allah is the best of schemers.  Quran 3:54

As accurately stated about Palestinian culture by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak:

“They are products of a culture in which to tell a lie… creates no dissonance….They don’t suffer from the problem of telling lies that exists in Judaeo-Christian culture….Truth is seen as an irrelevant category……There is only that which serves your purpose and that which doesn’t. They see themselves as emissaries of a national movement for whom everything is permissible. There is no such thing as ‘the truth’.”

Yet despite copious evidence regarding the Palestinian zeal for the “resistance” no matter what, Biden is still groveling to Muslims. He’s likely trying to salvage a prior vow he made to serve Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups in exchange for their votes. Biden still faces the stark truth, as other Western leaders do: that Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood have offshoots all over America and other Western countries.

“Biden offers apology to Muslim-American leaders for questioning Hamas death toll: report,” by Stepheny Price, Fox News, November 26, 2023:

President Biden reportedly issued an apology to several prominent Muslim-American leaders after openly questioning the accuracy of the death toll figures from Gaza.

During a press conference on Oct. 25, President Biden openly questioned the number of causalities in Gaza, which are reported by the Hamas government.

“I have no notion that the Palestinians are telling the truth about how many people are killed,” Biden said. “I’m sure innocents have been killed, and it’s a price of waging war.”

Biden met with five Muslim American leaders the day after his Oct. 25 comments about reported Gaza deaths.

During the meeting, Biden listened to the leaders describe people they knew who were directly impacted by the conflict in the Middle East.

“I’m sorry. I’m disappointed in myself,” Biden told the group, according to the Washington Post.

The Muslim-American leaders who met with Biden urged him to show more empathy to the Palestinians and Biden allegedly hugged one of the participants at the end of the meeting….

CDC Reports Largest Increase in U.S. Infant Mortality Rate in Two Decades~15-Month-Old Girl Dies Two Days After ‘Well-Baby Visit’ Vaccinations

The United States is seeing an increase in infant deaths. That’s the headline from a new report from the CDC. It says there’s been a year-to-year increase in the infant mortality rate—the first in about 20 years. The report caused concern at the CDC. They’re worried that the back-to-back increase might become a trend. … Losing a child is a terrible grief that more and more parents are experiencing in the U.S., according to new data from the CDC. The report shows the infant mortality in 2021 was 5.44. In 2022, it was 5.6—a three percent increase.


15-Month-Old Girl Dies Two Days After ‘Well-Baby Visit’ Vaccinations

Melody Rain

A 15-month-old girl died in Warwick, New York on Oct. 19, 2023, two days after receiving three shots of five vaccines during a routine well-baby visit with a pediatrician at the Herbert Kania Pediatric Group. Melody Rain Palombi-Malmgren was a “perfectly healthy child,” according to her mother, Katherine Palombi. She was administered varicella (chickenpox), DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and acellular Pertussis) and Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b bacteria) on Oct. 17, and two days later suffered a heart attack and stopped breathing.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Hospital records show that the child also suffered liver and kidney failure.1 2 5

Melody was being cared for by her grandmother when her symptoms began. The grandmother called Palombi and told her that Melody was having trouble breathing. “I just kept saying, she just had vaccines, she just had vaccines,” Palombi recalls.1 2 3 4 5 8

The grandmother then called 911 and was instructed to perform CPR until the paramedics could arrive. Melody was subsequently transported by ambulance to St. Anthony’s Community Hospital where EMTs and medical staff tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate her.3 4 5 8

“By the time I got to the hospital, they put me in a room,” Palombi said, “and they just kept saying, ‘We’re working on her.’”3 5

“They were going over everything from that morning because she’d gotten into something,” she said, and “I just kept saying, ‘She had vaccines. A couple of days before this, she had vaccines.’”3 5

Child Had Previously Been Hospitalized Soon After Vaccinations

Palombi said that her daughter had been hospitalized before with a fever of 104° and a body rash all over her body that she developed within 24 hours after being vaccinated when she was two months old. Palombi said that the doctors had told her they did not think the symptoms were an allergic reaction to the vaccines but rather were caused by a virus. But she believes that, in both cases, the vaccines were too much for her daughter’s body.1 3 4 5

Palombi said she believed the five vaccines her daughter got were too much for her daughter’s body to handle. In an interview with News 12 Westchester, Palombi advised other parents, “Trust your gut and don’t let them push anything on to your children that you don’t want to do.”1 3 4 5

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a total of 10 shots of 16 vaccines for a 15-month-old child. In addition to the ones Melody received, the CDC recommends  the following shots: the HepA (Hepatitis A), Influenza, MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella), PCV (Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine), IPV (Inactivated Polio Vaccine) RV (Rotavirus Vaccine) and COVID-19.9

“I just want to spread awareness in Melody’s name,” Palombi said. “Maybe she can save other children.”1 3 4 5

In an interview with The Defender, Palombi recounted how a mother had recently reached out to her when her two-month-old child suffered a reaction to a vaccine…

The baby was passing blood in the stool and everything else. So I told her, ‘You need to get the baby back to the emergency room immediately.’ And she did. The pediatrician admitted to this mom, ‘If you didn’t bring the baby in, the baby would have been dead by Monday.’3

Palombi also recalled how another woman had reached out to her to share how her grandson had died at six months old following a well-baby visit. “They told her it was SIDS,” she said. “That’s not what it is. It’s so sad to keep hearing that I’m not the only one.”3

“I just want to keep educating parents on the dangers of vaccines, encourage them to spread them out, give them when the child is older, or get tested for the [methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase] gene,” Palombi said. Some physicians believe that the “MTHFR” gene places certain children at higher risk for serious reactions to vaccines.3

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Colorado: Imam quotes hadith about Muslims killing Jews, touts ‘prize for those who die in the cause of Allah’


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

“Indeed, Allah has bought from the believers their lives and their wealth, because the garden will be theirs, they will fight in the way of Allah and will kill and be killed.” (Qur’an 9:111)

“Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger as saying: ‘The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.’” (Sahih Muslim 2922)

“Colorado Islamic Scholar Karim AbuZaid: Muslims Should Not Shy Away From Talking About Martyrdom, There Is A Prize For Being Killed For The Sake Of Allah – It’s Like The Airline Upgrading You From Economy To First Class,” MEMRI, November 10, 2023:

Colorado Islamic scholar Karim AbuZaid said in a November 10, 2023, Friday sermon streamed live on the Facebook page of the Colorado Muslims Community Center that Muslims should not shy away from talking about martyrdom. He said that people in the West taunt Muslims about the 72 “women” that martyrs receive in Paradise, but “there is a prize for those who die in the cause of Allah.” AbuZaid continued to paint an image of Gazans hiding from the bombings and then becoming martyrs in Paradise. He said that it is like being upgraded from economy to first class by the airline, and he added: “Don’t worry about them.”

AbuZaid stated that Israeli soldiers are cowards, and that’s why they are fighting women and children from airplanes. Referring to the hadith about the trees and the rocks in the End of Time, he said that Allah will give the Muslims drones too, meaning rocks that will tell them where the Jews are hiding. The sermon was also streamed live on the social media accounts of SAFA USA, Al-Minhaal Academy, and Authentic Ilm Mission.

Karim AbuZaid: “We started shying away from talking about martyrdom, because now the West at one stage, [asks]: ‘Oh, you guys want to get the seventy-two… You guys want to get the 72 women in Paradise?’ So Muslims now shy away from talking about martyrdom for the sake of Allah, dying in the cause of Allah. Yes, there is a prize for those who die in the cause of Allah.


“If you ask a martyr, while he is in Paradise: ‘What is your wish?’ He will say: ‘I want to go back to this world and be killed in the cause of Allah, and go back and to be killed in the cause of Allah.’ That’s martyrdom, those people believe that. Imagine, all of the sudden… Look at these guys, they have bombed their homes, they have no homes, and they are fleeing from the bombs…


“Imagine, so here you are in this world, looking for a place to hide, and all of a sudden, you find yourself in Paradise. The prophet said that the souls of the martyrs are in the bellies of birds, they fly wherever they want to go in Paradise.


“You know, they received an upgrade. You booked economy and the airline tells you: ‘We upgraded you to first class.’ Don’t worry about them.


“These cowards, we know that, we have seen the videos, they go and fight those few… Yes, they are under the ground, they can’t stand in their face, they beat them up, they run away, so they go and take their anger out on women and children.


“He can only fight you from behind a wall, an airplane. Now, they don’t even fly the airplane, they have something…


“Remember, one day Allah will give Muslims drones too – rocks. A rock, one day, will call upon the Muslim: ‘Come, behind me there is [a Jew].’ A drone, that is a drone. The rock will call a Muslim: ‘Come, he is behind me.’


“Oh Allah, we ask You to support our oppressed Mujahideen brothers fighting for Your cause.


“Oh Allah, shake the ground beneath their enemies’ feet. Oh Allah, shake the ground beneath their enemies’ feet. Oh Allah, give them the necks [of their enemies]. Oh Allah, make the plots of the Zionists – the Arabs and others – backfire on them.”

Maryanne Trump Barry, Donald Trump’s Older Sister, Dies At 86

Donald Trump (L) is pictured with his sister Maryanne Trump Barry. (Photo by ED Jones/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
11:44 AM – Monday, November 13, 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Insider sources say that Maryanne Trump Barry, a former federal judge and the older sister of former President Donald Trump, has passed away at 86.

According to ABC News, she was found in her Fifth Avenue apartment at around four in the morning. There were no indications of trauma or malevolence.

The sources also added that emergency personnel had attended to a call from “a person experiencing cardiac arrest.”

Up until her retirement in 2019, Barry served as a senior judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. In 1983, then-President Ronald Reagan appointed her to the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey. Later, in 1999, then-President Bill Clinton nominated her to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Barry retired around the same time that a probe commenced into possible misconduct over her father’s and siblings’ allegedly illicit tax and financial activities. However, the investigation ended without a conclusion when she retired in February 2019.

Now, three out of the four siblings of former President Trump have passed away. His youngest brother, Robert Trump, passed away in August 2020 at the age of 71. In September 1981, Fred Trump Jr., at just 42 years old, passed away after a heart attack.

When Mary Trump, the former president’s niece, revealed in her book and made public audio recordings of her aunt Maryanne criticizing her younger brother, the connection between the former president and his eldest sister deteriorated towards the end of Trump’s administration.

However, sources told ABC News that the siblings had been working to make things right and had even seen each other as recently as last summer at Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey, club.

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Pennsylvania Nurse Accused Of At Least 17 Deaths Of Patient Insulin Overdoses

B| Eli Lilly Caps Insulin Prices Slashes Seventy Percent
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 02: In this photo illustration, Taylor Jane Stimmler, whose had type 1 diabetes since she was a teenager, displays her insulin and needles used for injection, on March 02, 2023 in New York City. Drugmaker Eli Lilly announced yesterday that it will cap the out-of-pocket cost of its insulin at $35 a month. Medical experts believe that the unexpected move may compel other insulin makers in the U.S. to follow suit and cap their prices of insulin. For those without health insurance or a health plan, the cost of insulin can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a month for a diabetic. (Photo Illustration by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) F| Butler County jail

B| (Photo Illustration by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) F| Butler County jail

OAN’s Abril Elfi 
12:01 PM – Saturday, November 4, 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

A Pennsylvania nurse has been accused of allegedly administering lethal or potentially lethal doses of insulin to multiple patients, causing at least 17 deaths. 

On Thursday, 41-year-old Heather Pressdee was arraigned on two new homicide charges after she had been accused in May of killing at least two nursing home patients and injuring a third.

Pressdee proceeded to reportedly later confess to the attempted murder of 19 patients.

Pressdee’s defense attorney, James DePasquale, said the fresh accusations were not unexpected and that they are attempting to avoid the death penalty.

The most recent allegations accuse mistreatment of 19 more patients at five different care facilities since 2020. 

She was charged with 17 counts of attempted murder and 19 counts of abuse of a care-dependent person, in addition to two counts of first-degree murder.

Pressdee, a resident of Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, allegedly administered excessive doses of insulin to patients, some of whom were diabetic and others who were not. 

According to state Attorney General Michelle Henry, Pressdee often provided insulin during nocturnal shifts when personnel was minimal and the situations did not necessitate emergency hospitalization.

“The allegations against Ms. Pressdee are disturbing,” Henry said in a statement. “It is hard to comprehend how a nurse, trusted to care for her patients, could choose to deliberately and systematically harm them.”

17 of her patients, ranging in age from 43 to 104, have died, according to Henry. Not long after the initial allegations were filed, her nursing license was suspended. 

Pressdee worked as a registered nurse at five different facilities, including Concordia at Rebecca Residence, Belair Healthcare and Rehabilitation (Guardian Elder Care), Quality Life Services Chicora, Premier Armstrong Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, and Sunnyview Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.

According to court documents, between April 2022 and May of this year, Pressdee wrote her mother numerous texts in which she expressed her dissatisfaction with various patients and colleagues and talked about potentially killing them. She also complained about people she met in restaurants and other public locations outside of healthcare facilities.

Documents also stated that the former nurse had a history of being “disciplined for abusive behavior towards patients and/or staff at each facility resulting in her resigning or being terminated.”

Pressdee is being held without bail at the Butler County jail.

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EU Responds to Hamas Terror by Tripling Gaza Aid

SEE:;Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The more Hamas kills, the more money it makes.

There’s a simple formula here. Hamas escalates its attacks, Israel tries to take it out and the “international community” sweeps in afterward to “rebuild Gaza”. The more people Hamas kills, the more money gets spent rebuilding Gaza.

Considering that Hamas controls Gaza, it’s a pretty good deal. The more it kills, the more money it makes.

“The scale of terror and brutality against Israel and its people is a turning point. There can be no business as usual. As the biggest donor of the Palestinians, the European Commission is putting its full development portfolio under review, worth a total of EUR 691m,” the EU’s Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi announced. “All payments are immediately suspended. All projects are put under review. All new budget proposals, including for 2023 postponed until further notice. Comprehensive assessment of the whole portfolio.”

Oliver Varhelyi is Hungarian and the EU quickly overruled him to announce that instead, it’s tripling aid.

The European Commission is tripling its humanitarian assistance to Gaza as the bloc comes under mounting pressure to present a coherent policy on the Israel-Gaza crisis.

European Council chief Charles Michel has convened an extraordinary virtual meeting of EU leaders for Tuesday to establish a “clear unified course of action that reflects the complexity of the unfolding situation.”

The EU’s executive arm will increase its humanitarian funding to Gaza from €25 million to €75 million.

The clear, concise, and coherent policy funds terrorism more. So the EU’s executive arm is upgrading aid from around $26 million to $78 million.

What do you get if you kill over 1,000 people? Your foreign aid gets tripled. Lesson well learned.

The EU will claim that it’s “humanitarian aid” not aid to Hamas, but it’s long since been obvious in Israel and any areas controlled by Islamic terrorists that the two are one and the same. NGOs are either controlled by the terrorists, their allies, or organizations that bribe them. Aid is repurposed by the terrorists to serve their own aims, utilized or resold. And since Hamas controls the Gaza economy, any local economic activity ultimately benefits Hamas.

The question is will the EU keep tripling “aid” if Hamas kills more people?


Canadian government announces additional ‘humanitarian aid’ to Palestinians amid Israel’s war on Hamas


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

This aid inevitably ends up in the hands of jihad-supporting leaders, because Palestinians are essentially ruled by Fatah and Hamas, with regular jihadist activity also from Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

“Ottawa also announced $10 million in humanitarian assistance on Oct. 12,” while Israel is still reeling from Hamas atrocities against its citizens.

That’s on top of the amount that Ottawa announced in June: $100 million to UNRWA over the next four years, after already providing $90 million from 2019 to 2023.

Canada knew that UNRWA produced grossly antisemitic educational materials, but it kept on handing over huge wads of taxpayer cash anyway.

Palestinian kids at UNRWA school even exposed the lessons that they’re being taught: “They teach us that Jews are bad people.”

Canada would do well to remember that in 2019, Trudeau made a sudden switch, after a decade of voting for Israel, to support a “pro-Palestine” UN resolution which was sponsored by the so-called “State of Palestine,” North Korea, Egypt, Nicaragua, and Zimbabwe.

“EXPLAINER: What the Canadian Government Funds in Hamas-Ruled Gaza,” by Noé Chartier, Epoch Times, October 16, 2023:

Ottawa has announced additional humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in the wake of the Oct. 7 Hamas attack against Israel and subsequent retaliation, while addressing fears the aid could be diverted to fund terrorist activities.

Hamas has been de facto ruling the Gaza Strip since taking over in 2007.

Ottawa provides approximately $55 million annually to “help meet the development and humanitarian needs of vulnerable Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza,” says Global Affairs Canada (GAC). The funding is split between $20 million for development aid and $35 million for humanitarian assistance…..


LONDON: MAYOR Sadiq Khan Makes Clear Which Side He Is On~Palpable Sympathy for the Palestinians, and Want of Sympathy for Israel


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In many cities around the world, the blue-and-white colors of the Israeli flag, or the flag itself, have been projected onto major buildings in an outward and visible show of sympathy and solidarity: the White House in Washington, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Canadian Parliament’s Peace Tower in Ottawa, the Arch of Titus in Rome, the Sydney Opera House and the Federal Parliament House, the Bulgarian Parliament, the Berlaymont, which houses the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels, and many others have been enrolled in the effort. And in London, the Israeli flag was projected onto both the Parliament Building and 10 Downing Street. But the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, chose not to light up any of the buildings under his control. In fact, he has been most concerned not about the atrocities inflicted on Israeli men, women, and, especially, children, but about Israel’s determination to wipe out, as it must, the terror group Hamas.

Here is what he said on a visit to the London office of Medical Aid for Palestinians: “Sadiq Khan fears a ‘disproportionate’ Israeli response to Hamas’ terrorist attacks could lead to ‘inexplicable suffering’ in Gaza,” by Oliver Price, Daily Mail, October 13, 2023:

The Mayor of London has said he fears a ‘disproportionate’ response by Israel to the ‘terrorist’ attacks by Hamas could lead to ‘inexplicable suffering’ in Gaza.

What exactly, in Sadiq Khan’s view, would be a “proportionate” response to the decapitation of dozens of babies, the murders of hundreds of children, the rape and murder of young girls, the torture and murder, sometimes by beheading, of 280 IDF soldiers, the kidnapping of Holocaust survivors in wheelchairs? Last I looked, Israel had not decapitated anyone, not a single child in Gaza was deliberately targeted, no Palestinian girls were raped or murdered, and the IDF, in fact, has been making heroic efforts to warn civilians away from places it is about to target, by messaging, telephoning, and using the “knock-on-the-roof” technique. Now it has urged Gazan civilians to move from the northern part of the Strip to the south, in order to avoid being caught in the fighting that will follow the IDF’s imminent invasion. It is Israel that is trying to save civilian lives, and Hamas, by insisting that they stay put in the north, that is trying to endanger them.

Sadiq Khan can hardly be unaware of that longstanding practice by the IDF. We also know that while Israel has dropped 6,000 bombs on Gaza, to destroy weapons hideouts, rocket launchers, command-and-control centers, and the offices of Hamas leaders, only 1417 Gazans have died so far, as of Oct. 14, which means that for every four bombs the IAF drops, only one Gazan is killed — an astounding figure that testifies to the care the IAF takes to minimize casualties through its multifaceted system of warnings. And while we know that 85% of the Israelis who were murdered by Hamas were civilians, we don’t know as yet how many of the Gazans killed were civilians. I doubt, judging by the results of the IAF’s previous bombings in the Strip, that more than a quarter of the Gazans killed in this war so far have been civilians. Of course, Hamas lies about its casualties. It always has done so, inflating the numbers of women and children killed, just as it prepares Palestinian families to cry on camera, and provides them with scripts of what to say to foreign journalists. That will all be investigated once the war is over, and Hamas as a military force is crushed. What Sadiq Khan should have said, under the circumstances, is that “I am aware of the enormous efforts Israel makes to minimize civilian casualties and I know that will continue in the coming days” instead of scolding the Jewish state in such an intolerable manner.

Sadiq Khan also called for the Israeli government to reconsider blocking off food, water and electricity to the region in response to the killings and kidnappings by the militant group, which led to the deaths of more than 1,000 Israelis [now 1,300] last weekend.

Israel is hoping to bring an end to this war to crush Hamas as quickly as possible, with as little loss of civilian life as possible. The Jewish state is under no obligation to supply anything at all to the people of Gaza, who have produced Hamas, who join Hamas, who support Hamas even if they are not members. The Gazans now have one plant that generates electricity, and have relied on Israel — their mortal enemy, whom they are determined to destroy — to supply the rest of its electricity needs. Israel was willing to do this in the past, but not now, in the middle of a war, and especially not after the atrocities visited upon its people by Hamas. The Gazans could by now have had several electricity plants built and in operation, had Hamas not chosen instead to spend billions on terror tunnels and weapons, and on the luxurious lives of its thieving leaders.

Why should Israel be expected to supply its enemies with any resources? Would the Americans have delivered food and water to Nazi Germany, or to militarist Japan, during World War II? Would we have supplied electricity, food, or fuel to those living in the Islamic State? Gaza has the coastal aquifer to supply some water, and it is not completely, as Sadiq Khan claims, “without water.” Gaza’s chronic lack of water is a result of three things: weak resource management, rapid population growth, and a failure to pay for WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) infrastructure. Is Israel at fault if Gazans have so many children, and that staggering increase in population requires more water? Is Israel to blame for the mismanagement of water resources by Hamas, including its allowing raw sewage to flow, untreated, into the sea? Or should we blame Israel for the billions of dollars in aid siphoned off by a handful of Hamas leaders, with five billion dollars being stolen by just two of them, Khaled Meshaal and Mousa Abu Marzouk? Did Israel force Hamas to spend so much money on war-making rather than on the husbanding and production of water? Hasn’t Israel in the past offered to share with the Palestinians its own advances in drip irrigation, and the Watergen technology that allows water to be produced from the ambient air?



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has been most concerned not about the atrocities inflicted on Israeli men, women, and, especially, children, but about Israel’s determination to wipe out, as it must, the terror group Hamas. “Sadiq Khan fears a ‘disproportionate’ Israeli response to Hamas’ terrorist attacks could lead to ‘inexplicable suffering’ in Gaza,” by Oliver Price, Daily Mail, October 13, 2023:

During a visit today to Islington-based charity Medical Aid For Palestinians (MAP), the Labour mayor said: ‘I’ve spoken to Londoners who lost family members in Gaza and Londoners who’ve lost family as a consequence of the Hamas terrorist attack last weekend, so we’re feeling the pain here.

Khan refers first to the Palestinians who died in Gaza (the family members “lost” by Londoners), and only after that, in a tortuous locution, he refers to “Londoners who’ve lost family as a consequence of the Hamas terrorist attack last weekend.” No. Say it straight, Sadiq: “Londoners whose family members were murdered by Hamas.”

‘But we are worried about the response of the Israeli government being disproportionate (and) leading to the sort of suffering which is inexplicable.’

Mr Khan added: ‘We’re talking about human suffering on a scale which this charity, who has worked in that area for decades, hasn’t seen.’

The “human suffering” Khan is talking about is not that of the Israelis. No, he’s talking only about the ”human suffering” in Gaza, which is a direct result of Hamas’ murders, rapes, mutilations, and desecrations of the dead. Khan might better have directed his sympathy at the Israeli victims, instead of exaggerating the “suffering” of the Gazans, many of whom were celebrating the Hamas murders. And why is their “suffering” described by Khan as “inexplicable”? Israel’s response is perfectly explicable. It is what the U.K., or the U.S., or any Western state, if its people had been attacked in a manner similar to what Israel endured on Oct. 7, would do in response. The only difference is that no other country would make it a policy to warn enemy civilians away from targets, as Israel routinely does. Think of how many tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan were collateral damage, killed by the American army in an attempt to hunt down terrorists and their supporters.

Speaking to an ITV journalist at the same event, he added: ‘The concerns many of us have is the response from the Israeli government and its disproportionality in relation to the suffering in Gaza.

The response of the Israeli government can hardly be described as “disproportionate,” given what Israel has suffered. Despite having endured every conceivable atrocity at the hands of Hamas, the Israelis still continue their policy of warning civilians away from targeted structures, which also allows Hamas members to escape. And Israel still provides medical care, albeit in prison hospitals, to wounded members of Hamas.

According to Sadiq Khan:

‘No child has joined Hamas to my knowledge. Those people who are in hospital aren’t members of Hamas.

No child has joined Hamas, and no child in Gaza is being targeted by Israel. Some of them live in or near buildings where Hamas has weapons, or offices, or hideouts for its fighters. The IDF tries to minimize harm to these human shields held hostage by Hamas. No child is being targeted by the IDF, and Sadiq Khan knows that. As for the people in Gazan hospitals, he knows, too, that Hamas has for decades hidden weapons and fighters in and beneath hospitals (as it has, too, in schools, apartment buildings, and mosques); the IDF warns the staffs of those hospitals well in advance of targeting buildings near them so that both the medical personnel and the patients can be moved out. And why is Sadiq Khan so sure that the people now in Gazan hospitals are not members of Hamas? I would guess that thousands of the wounded belong to Hamas.

‘Of course, Israel must go after Hamas but what’s happening in Gaza is suffering on a scale which this charity has never seen.’

Perhaps this Palestinian charity has never seen such “suffering,” but the rest of the world saw the suffering of the Israelis last week, a suffering that is incommensurable with any suffering the Gazans may have endured. Sadiq Khan seems to have forgotten all that; after all, nearly a whole week has passed. He’s forgotten what happened to the Israelis; now his attention is focused on “suffering” in Gaza that is “on a scale which this charity [Medical Aid for Palestinians] “has never seen.”

 The Labour mayor urged the British Government to put pressure on Israel to practice restraint, adding: ‘I’m hoping the Israeli government will reconsider, understanding the pressure internationally, when you hear what the United Nations is saying, what the World Health Organization is saying, and when you listen to those people on the ground.

Israel doesn’t need Sadiq Khan, or anyone else, to tell it to exercise restraint. Every time the Israelis give a warning to the inhabitants about a building about to be targeted, knowing that such a warning will also allow Hamas terrorists to escape, it exercise restraint. Every time an Israeli pilot calls off an attack because he’s detected the presence of too many civilians, he is exercising restraint. There is only one side in this war that is unrestrained in its murderous depravity — Hamas. Sadiq Khan is posting his letter to the wrong address.

‘We should use our good relationship with the Israeli government to remind them of the importance of responding proportionately, allowing food, water, and medicine to reach the people of Gaza, and explain the unreasonableness of expecting over one million people, a population the size of Birmingham, to leave their homes and go south.

Why is it unreasonable for Israel to try to minimize civilian casualties by warning Gazans that remaining in the north will be dangerous, for it is there that the war will soon explode? It is Hamas that is urging the people in the north to stay put, in order — so Hamas hopes — that many of them will be killed, thus providing a propaganda victory for the terrorist group. We have seen hundreds of thousands of Gazans have already been moving south, showing that they trust the Israeli warning, and know that in the south they will be relatively secure, while they have no faith in Hamas, which actively seeks to endanger them.

‘Speaking to people here, there’s no way for them to go south.’

That’s what Sadiq Khan said, just the day before the movement southward was underway in Gaza. Apparently, the Gazans did find “a way for them to go south.” Almost half a million have now done exactly what Sadiq Khan said there is “no way” for them to do.

On Twitter, Sadiq Khan showed where his sympathies lay:

Good to spend time with Medical Aid for Palestinians who are doing essential humanitarian work supporting civilians in Gaza. The situation in Gaza was already incredibly difficult, but what Palestinians are facing now is dire.

Khan has also written to Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, calling for “humanitarian aid” for Gaza. Khan posted his letter to Cleverly on Instagram with a comment:

I’ve written to the Foreign Secretary about the situation in the Middle East, and to call for urgent action to deliver humanitarian access and support to and from Gaza, echoing the @unitednations and @who.

Why doesn’t Sadiq Khan ask for the obvious? That is, why doesn’t Egypt open up the Rafah Crossing at the Egypt-Gaza border to let some Gazans out, to live temporarily in tent cities in the Sinai, and at the same time, to let humanitarian aid flow freely into Gaza? Doesn’t Sadiq Khan realize that Egypt will as of now neither let Gazans in so that they may take refuge in their country while hostilities are ongoing, nor will Cairo allow humanitarian aid to flow into Gaza through the Rafah Crossing?

Sadiq Khan’s palpable sympathy for the Palestinians and his want of sympathy for Israel, have both been on display this week. Let us hope that despite the Muslim bloc of voters who will support him, the indigenous British, who still constitute 85% of the electorate in London, will take note of his views, and in 2024 vote him out of office. He’s been mayor since 2016; it’s long past time he was shown — unceremoniously — the door.

Jordanian pol: A Palestinian father is a man who says ‘I want my son to die’


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

“Say, O you who are Jews, if you claim that you are favored of Allah apart from mankind, then long for death if you are truthful.” (Qur’an 62:6)

Talal Abu Ghazaleh also says: “Let them destroy [Gaza]. What is destroyed can be rebuilt. I think that the goal of [Hamas’s] lions of humanity was to cause the demolition of those buildings so that they could be rebuilt properly, according to more aesthetic and newer engineering standards.”

It was all about aesthetics, you see.

“Jordanian-Palestinian Businessman And Politician Talal Abu Ghazaleh: We Welcome Death; So Far Gaza’s Losses Haven’t Even Been In The Thousands, The Russians Lost 27 Million In WWII; Hitler Left Some Jews Alive So We Will Know Why He Had To Kill Them,” MEMRI, October 12, 2023:

Jordanian-Palestinian businessman and former senator Talal Abu Ghazaleh said on an October 12, 2023, show on NBN TV (Lebanon) that the Israelis fear death, “we on the other hand welcome death.” He continued to say that Palestinians want their children to die as martyrs, and that this does not exist in the Israeli mentality. Abu Ghazaleh added: “People who flee death cannot defeat people who seek death.” Abu Ghazaleh continued to say that Russia willingly sacrificed 27 million of its people during World War II so it could survive. He explained that until now, Gaza has only lost thousands of people, and Israel cannot possibly kill all the two million people in Gaza, because half of them are in the underground tunnels. Abu Ghazaleh continued to claim that a German cabinet minister had told him that Hitler left some Jews alive “on purpose” so that people would understand why the Holocaust was justified.

Talal Abu Ghazaleh: “Israel would not sacrifice a single person. There isn’t a goal for which it would sacrifice a single person. They are afraid of death. Death for them is strange and loathsome. We, on the other hand, welcome death. A Palestinian carries his son on his shoulders, with a headband on the kid’s forehead, which his father inscribed: “Martyrdom Seeker.” This is a man who says: ‘I want my son to die.’ A [Palestinian] mother says: ‘I have given birth to six children, so that three could die in the revolution. I gave birth to children so that they would be martyred.’ This does not exist in the Zionist mentality.”

Interviewer: “So this is not a battle on equal terms. The [enemy] cannot have the same determination as the Palestinians.”

Abu Ghazaleh: “You cannot defeat someone who wants to die. People who flee death cannot defeat people who seek death. What happened in Germany in the World War? Entire cities were destroyed. But didn’t Germany become later one of the five most wealthy countries in the world? Let them destroy [Gaza]. What is destroyed can be rebuilt. I think that the goal of [Hamas’s] lions of humanity was to cause the demolition of those buildings so that they could be rebuilt properly, according to more aesthetic and newer engineering standards.”

Interviewer: “This would be true if it wasn’t for the multitudes of innocent civilian victims [in Gaza]…”

Abu Ghazaleh: “How many? How many victims?”

Interviewer: “The number goes up every moment…”

Abu Ghazaleh: “How many? Two thousand? The casualties always accumulate, unfortunately… Fine. How many people did Russia sacrifice in its war against the Nazis? 27 million. Not just a thousand… We haven’t gotten to thousands yet. Russia knowingly sacrificed those people. It was no coincidence. It is not that Russia did not know that these people were going to die. It wanted 27 million people to die so that Russia could survive. We, Palestinians, are the same. There are two million people [in Gaza]. If one dies…I hope I will be one of them. It would be an honor to die as a martyr. But there are two million people in Gaza. Will [Israel] kill two million people? How? Half of them are hidden underground, in tunnels.

“We are facing a problem that has an easy solution. The [Israelis] will not become refugees, because they have their own countries. They have [foreign] passports. All the enemies have dual citizenship. So, we can solve the problem of the [Palestinians] who wait to return to their country, and the Israelis will go back to their countries. After all, they were either forced to come to Palestine or were led astray.

“The Jews do not have any ideology. All they care about is money and interests. I had a friend who was a German cabinet member. I once asked him: ‘When Hitler, may God forgive him, carried out the Holocaust, why didn’t he finish the job and kill all the Jews?’ He said to me: ‘It’s the other way around, but don’t tell anyone I said this. He left a group of them on purpose so that people would know why we carried out the Holocaust. When you would be tormented by them, you would know the reason.'”

Israeli Couple Went Down Fighting, But Saved Their Babies’ Lives


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

A story getting widespread attention on social media, and on television, and not only in the United States, is that of the Berdichevsky family, who lived in Kfar Aza, the tiny kibbutz where many of the worst atrocities took place. When the Hamas murderers rode into the kibbutz on motorbikes early on the morning of October 7, the young couple, Itai and Hadar Berdichevsky, sprang into action. Hadar and Itai Berdichevsky, both 30 years old, were determined that whatever happened to them, they would fight to the last, no doubt realizing that they would soon be killed. They would make sure that their twin 10-month-old baby boys would survive. The parents’ heroism and sacrifice have even been presented on CBS News. More on this story can be found here: “Israeli twin babies found hidden and unharmed at the kibbutz where Hamas killed their parents,” by Li Cohen, CBS News, October 12, 2023:

An Israeli kibbutz just miles from the Gaza Strip was the scene of a massacre on Saturday [October 7] when Hamas terrorists attacked. Amid what officials described as a “haunting” scene, they also uncovered [sic] that twin babies less than a year old had miraculously survived — because their young parents hid them just before being murdered by the militants.

They knew that if they didn’t, their children would be killed. The mother, Hadar, having put the babies into their safe room, instead of remaining in her own shelter, emerged to fill their bottles. Her body was found in the kitchen, along with the bottles she had taken to refill. It is believed that she tried to fight, in the kitchen, before being shot to death. Meanwhile, like Hadar without a weapon, her husband Itai tried with his bare hands to fight off the killers. What damage he may have inflicted, and how long he lasted before being murdered, is not known. Here is what Hadar’s brother, Dvir Rosenfeld, told 60 Minutes: “Israeli couple who were killed protecting their twin babies from Hamas gunmen ‘were heroes,’ family says,” by Norah O’Donnell, Alicia Hastey, Adam Verdugo, Justine Redman, and Carrie Rabin, CBS News, October 13, 2023:

Rosenfeld believes she [Hadar] was likely killed when she left her own shelter.

“I know for sure that is what happened,” Rosenfeld said. “She went out to bring the bottles because they [the IDF soldiers who first came on the scene] said that there were bottles on the floor. And when she did, they just got into her apartment.”

At that point, Hadar might have raced back to her safe room, but that would have led the Hamas murderers to seek her out, and then they would likely have found, as well, where the babies had been hidden, and murdered all of them. She chose instead to save the twins by remaining outside their safe room and battling furiously against the invaders. 

Hadar’s body was found in the kitchen. Her husband, Itay Berdichevsky, was found between the beds of their 10-month-old babies, who survived.

I know that Itay died trying to protect them,” Rosenfeld said. “And I can’t imagine what he has been through knowing his wife just got murdered, and his two sons are next to him, and he’s the only thing between the terrorists and the babies.”

The babies were at this point in their shelter, not in their beds. Their father was still fighting off, as best he could, the Hamas men in the house, knowing that his wife was already dead, and hoping to distract the Hamas terrorists from finding the babies. And he did. And he died.

For fourteen hours they [the twin baby boys] were alone, hungry, drenched in their own sweat and urine, crying uncontrollably, until finally found by the emergency rescue services..

The mass killing occurred at the Kfar Aza kibbutz, a community just a few miles from the Gaza border. Israeli officials previously said that when Israeli Defense Forces arrived at the kibbutz, they found “blood spread out in homes.”…

Imagine the horror,” Segev tweeted. “Two terrified parents who tried with all their might to protect their children, who are now orphans.”

It’s a haunting scene: the young parents fighting desperately, unarmed, against killers, and trying to distract them from finding where their babies had been hidden. May that haunt many people in the Western world, and stiffen their resolve to support Israel unreservedly, when they are being deluged with sickening claims that Israel is to blame, Israel is a “settler colonial” and “apartheid” state, and even, among those completely demented by antisemitism, that Israel is “no better than Hamas.”

Is Hamas Weaponizing Palestinians As Explosions from Israeli Air Strikes Turn Gaza Into Graveyard?

A careful campaign of deception ensured Israel was caught off guard when the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas launched its devastating attack. The bloodshed is witnessing continuous bombardment, which is the most intense Israel has ever directed at Gaza. Buildings have been destroyed, including many occupied by civilians, and rescue services were struggling to reach new bomb sites quickly. Hamas, the militant group, has had a significant impact on the Middle Eastern landscape, especially concerning the Israel-Palestine conflict. Israel said it strives to keep Gazans safe by warning them with leaflets, text messages, and phone calls in advance of a military strike.

Okay, Did Hamas Really Behead Babies During Its Massacres in Israel?

Okay, Did Hamas Really Behead Babies During Its Massacres in Israel?
AP Photo/Ariel Schalit
War propaganda? Maybe not. Ever since the horrific report went out that Israeli forces had discovered beheaded babies in the wake of Hamas’ jihad massacres of Oct. 7, the doubters have been vocal. When the Israeli government initially said that it couldn’t confirm the story, the minds of many people were made up: this was just another lie, concocted to draw America into yet another war. Yet the original reporter is standing by her story, and others are confirming it as well.

Jackson Hinkle, an anti-Israel social media personality with over half a million followers on Twitter/X, was one of the doubters, tweeting on Thursday: “The US lied about Iraq. The US lied about Syria. The US lied about Libya. The US lied about Kuwait. The US lied about Ukraine. The US lied about Afghanistan. But you think they’re telling the truth about Israel – Palestine & 40 beheaded babies? Give me a break.”

Hinkle’s tweet came just short of nine hours after the Jerusalem Post tweeted: “The Jerusalem Post can now confirm based on verified photos of the bodies that the reports of babies being burnt and decapitated in Hamas’s assault on Kfar Aza are correct.”

What’s more, the reporter who broke this story is standing by every word. PJM’s Catherine Salgado noted Tuesday that i24News correspondent Nicole Zedeck said during a broadcast, “David, it’s hard to even explain exactly just the mass casualties that happened right here. In fact, the Israeli military says they still don’t have a clear number… Babies, their heads cut off, that’s what they said; gunned down — families, completely gunned down in their beds.”

On Wednesday, Zedeck confronted those who were doubting her report. On the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show, she said, “I witnessed some of those scenes with my own eyes as we were walking through this community that may be a quarter of a mile from the Gaza border, the atrocities that were still left behind, children, cribs, baby cribs overturned on their side, splattered with blood.” She said that it was an “apocalyptic scene.”

Yes, but were babies beheaded? Zedeck said of those who came to the scene of the Hamas massacre at the Kfar Aza kibbutz, “There are no words to describe what they’ve seen. Babies’ heads are cut off. That’s what they encountered when they came there.” She added, “So as horrible as it is I wish that it wasn’t true. And I see how those images and those words are hard to comprehend because it’s hard to comprehend how anyone could commit such heinous, heinous crimes. But that’s exactly what happened in just one of the kibbutz communities.”

Of those who doubted her testimony, Zedeck said:

You know, it’s sickening, really, that people are asking, “Where are the babies? Why aren’t you showing the babies?” Is that something that anyone would want to see the first thing with their own eyes? Because after the graphic images that I saw of just children’s beds covered in blood, I don’t think I would be able to stomach those atrocities as well. I could never imagine something like that happening, so I could never speak those words if no one had spoken them to me because I didn’t know that was a possibility for someone to witness with their own eyes. I didn’t know anyone was capable of committing something like that, so that’s the only way I could report it, by speaking to these soldiers, these commanders, who witnessed it firsthand.

It’s also important to note that what is at issue here is whether or not babies were beheaded. No one is denying that Hamas murdered babies among the 1,300 Israelis it slaughtered. So the implication that this is all just war propaganda and that if it can be definitively disproven that Hamas beheaded babies, then everything would be sunshine and daisies in Israel and Gaza, is false.

Related: Everything You Need to Know About the Israeli Occupation (That Is, Everything the Left Won’t Tell You)

Hamas committed numerous sickening atrocities last Saturday, and those who are accustomed to dehumanizing Israelis have been celebrating that fact all over the world. If it beheaded babies, as the Jerusalem Post and Nicole Zedeck report, no one would be surprised; after all, beheading is a favored tactic of jihadis the world over, hallowed by Qur’anic sanction (8:12, 47:4). If this were any other news item, no one would have doubted the initial report. But many people just can’t get their minds around the idea that any atrocities could really be committed against the country they love to hate most of all.

Chaos Unfolds On Air as MSNBC Host Asks Grieving Israeli Mother to Pity Hamas

Friends, this is the state of American media today. Let’s delve into the audacity, the downright insensitivity displayed on a live broadcast by MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, reflecting a shocking perspective we witness from the liberal left in the United States, a matter that is demanding our scrutiny tonight.

22 American Deaths Reported In Hamas’ Strikes On Israel


OAN’s James Meyers
UPDATED 9:33 AM – Wednesday, October 11, 2023


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

22 American casualties have been reported following Hamas’ terrorist strikes on Israel since Saturday morning.

Israeli media has also reported over 1,200 Israelis have died since the attacks began on Saturday. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Ministry of Health claimed over 1,055 people have died in the Gaza Strip. 

In an interview on MSNBC, State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller noted that there are also “reports of Americans who are unaccounted for.”

“We continue to monitor the situation closely and remain in touch with our Israeli partners and the local authorities,” the spokesperson continued. “We are in touch with the families and providing all appropriate consular assistance.”

“We continue to work to confirm that number and to try to locate those who are missing,” he added. “We don’t have solid information about either the number or where they might be.”

Furthermore, casualties have continued to rise as the war rages on.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on Sunday and called up 300,000 reservists in preparing for a ground assault in Gaza.

Netanyahu English Translation: “I spoke with German Chancellor Olaf Schulz, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Italian Prime Minister Giorgio Maloney, and British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak. All of them expressed unqualified support for Israel’s right to defend itself as necessary.”

Israeli military officials have also stated that they will “kill every terrorist in Israel.”

The country has claimed they will not be conducting hostage negotiations while their “military operation is still continuing.” Israel military forces recaptured areas near the Gaza Strip that were overrun by Hamas over the weekend, according to Reuters reports.

UPDATE: (October 10, 2023, 11:34 a.m. PT): Number of American casualties has been update from 11 to 14. Israeli Casualties has been updated from 700 to over 1,000. Deaths in the Gaza Strip have risen from 550 to 765.

UPDATE: (October 11, 2023, 9:33 a.m. PT): Number of American casualties has been update from 14 to 22. Israeli Casualties has been updated from 1,000 to over 1,200. Deaths in the Gaza Strip have risen from 765 to 1,055.

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