DR. SIMONE GOLD, AMERICA’S FRONTLINE DOCTORS: Don’t follow Europe’s lockdown model on COVID-19

Illustration on the European lockdown model by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Lockdowns are medically, socially and economically devastating

SEE: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/nov/14/dont-follow-europes-lockdown-model-on-covid-19/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The United States just passed 10 million confirmed coronavirus cases. Dr. Anthony Fauci is predicting a dark winter. Presumptive President-elect Joe Biden says he has a plan but continues to focus on an unenforceable mask mandate and the potential for more lockdowns.

In Europe, where an aggressive lockdown strategy was once heralded by public health officials and media pundits, the COVID-19 winter has already arrived. Across the continent, countries have responded to the pandemic by imposing new nationwide or partial lockdowns. Ordinary Europeans, who are familiar with the strategy’s staggering costs, are staging protests. They know a second round of lockdowns would be medically, socially and economically devastating.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson shut down his country for at least four weeks to prevent what he calls a “medical and moral disaster” for Britain’s government-run health care system.

In Italy, the government in Rome forced a nationwide curfew along with travel restrictions in certain regions.

German citizens are told to accept “wave breaker” lockdowns for the rest of November and rule out “lavish New Year’s Eve parties,” says Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Public health officials around the world are using infection models to justify draconian measures. The experience and counsel of front-line doctors and physicians who are treating patients during the pandemic barely register with these “experts.”

Lockdowns aren’t treatment. They’re not science. They’re reckless. The U.S. must resist taking cues from governments across the Atlantic on how to handle a second wave.

General lockdowns are both unnecessary and demonstrably ineffective. Research and experience tell us that COVID-19 spreads most efficiently indoors. In a study of more than 7,300 cases, international researchers found that just two infections could be linked to outdoor settings. Effective social distancing is relaxed or unobserved inside and the often drier, uncirculated air of indoor environments encourages viral transmission. In short, keeping people locked up in their homes exposes them to a greater level of risk over time.

The stated purpose of both the European and American lockdowns earlier this year was to prevent overwhelming local hospitals with critically ill patients. However, as the shutdown dragged on in places like New York and California, public health officials saw increases in heart disease and cancer rates, as well as functional decline directly attributable to fearful Americans putting off visits to their doctor or hospital.

Addiction and mental health crises have grown rapidly during the pandemic. Rates of suicide, depression and substance abuse are up. Children are expressing higher levels of loneliness, anxiety and neuroses. Following the European shutdown model again would only lead to more non-COVID excess deaths.

Furthermore, advances in treatment since the start of the pandemic have led, on average, to lower mortality rates and shorter hospitalizations, or at-home treatment for those who exhibit symptoms. One of these safe and effective treatments is FDA-approved hydroxychloroquine, a medication which concerned physicians have lobbied the federal government to make available over the counter in the U.S., just as it is in many countries around the world. There is no reason why the citizens of Poland, Iran, Indonesia, Turkey, Venezuela, the Philippines and others should have greater access to this inexpensive treatment than Americans. 

Then there is the economic damage. The International Monetary Fund estimates the global cost of the pandemic at about $28 trillion. In the U.S., the number of long-term unemployed is rising, even as the economy gradually rebounds from its COVID-induced recession. There are about 7 million more people out of work now than prior to the pandemic, and the longer the laid off go without a job the harder it becomes for them to find one. The retail, hospitality and travel industries, along with thousands of businesses, have all been impacted, perhaps permanently, with economists predicting that the U.S. job market won’t recover until at least 2022.

Some limited initial lockdowns may have been a logical stopgap measure in the spring, when we were still learning about this highly infectious virus — not anymore.

America should lead with what it has learned. Whether it’s Donald Trump or Joe Biden, we should not follow the European lockdown model. The White House should take advice from those who have actually treated COVID-19 patients in clinical settings instead of trusting more failed models and made-for-media science. By choosing to follow the evidence and learning from experienced physicians, the U.S. can beat the pandemic, protect vulnerable groups and avoid subjecting Americans to Europe’s long, dark winter.

• Simone Gold, a board-certified emergency physician and a lawyer, is the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS). To learn more about America’s Frontline Doctors, visit americasfrontlinedoctors.com.


Dear NVIC Advocacy Team Members,

We need your quick one minute action to reach out to the Mayor of DC, Muriel Bowser, to tell her to VETO B23-0171.

The DC City Council passed the dangerous and predatory bill B23-0171 by a vote of 10:3 on Tuesday 11/17/2020. This law will not only permit children 11 years old and older to consent to vaccines on their own without parental knowledge or consent, the bill requires insurance companies, vaccine providers and schools to conceal the fact that the child has been vaccinated from the parent! It also sets up these young children to be targets of bullying and coercion to be vaccinated behind their parents' backs!

There are multiple federal and local laws that will be broken by this new DC law (Family Educational Rights and Privacy ActNational Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986Religious Exemption to Vaccination). The law is also in conflict with Supreme Court precedent affirming parental rights, and it puts children’s health and safety at risk not only for serious reactions and even possible death, but it exposes children to be victims of under-documented overvaccination.

Mayor Bowser has up to 10 days to respond.  We need her to VETO this new law.  Please help her get the message loud and clear that America is watching and this is not an acceptable action by government!

Contact DC Mayor Muriel Bowser IMMEDIATELY to VETO B23-0171 Vaccinating Children Behind Parents’ Backs

Email: Mayor@dc.gov & eom@dc.gov
Phone: (202) 727-2643
Facebook: @MayorMurielBowser
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Dr. Death, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Becomes Biden Coronavirus Advisor~Denying medical services to the elderly is one way to keep costs down.


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/11/dr-death-becomes-biden-coronavirus-advisor-don-feder/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Maimonides, the great 12th century codifier of Jewish law, said: “The good doctors will go to hell first,” because skilled physicians will be tempted to play God.

Enter Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a member of Biden’s recently-announced Coronavirus Advisory Committee. The architect of Obamacare, and brother of former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, is one scary dude. Kindly, Old Doc Emanuel is an advocate of health care rationing for the elderly.

In a 2014 article for The Atlantic, “Why I hope to Die at 75,” Emanuel wrote: “Living long is also a loss. It renders many of us if not disabled, then faltering and declining, a state that may not be worse than death but is nonetheless deprived. It robs us of our creativity and ability to contribute to society …. We are no longer remembered as vibrant and engaged but as feeble, ineffectual, even pathetic.”

When he became prime minister in 1940, Winston Churchill was 66. He was 71 at the end of World War II and 77 when he became prime minister for a second time in 1951. Feeble, ineffectual and even pathetic aren’t words generally associated with Britain’s greatest wartime leader. Ronald Reagan was 70 when he took the helm in 1981.

The problem here isn’t that Emanuel doesn’t want to live past 75, but that he doesn’t want the rest of us to live beyond that age either. In 2009, medical ethicist Wesley J. Smith wrote that Emanuel “explicitly advocates rationing based on what appears to be a quality of life measurement.”

By our “ability to contribute to society,” Emanuel doesn’t mean performing neurosurgery, composing symphonies or designing skyscrapers, but paying taxes. Thus the quality of life will turn on the individual’s ability to support the state.

Even though he “contributed” for 40 or 50 years, in retirement, the senior is drawing benefits – including Social Security and Medicare. Unless they have investment income, chances are they’re not paying federal taxes. From the progressive perspective, what good are they?

The septuagenarian Dr. Emanuel wants to slip into that good night may have served his country in time of war, raised a family or built a business. He deserves better than to be told he’s lived too long.

For those like our esteemed doctor, everything is considered from a cost/benefit perspective. The longer we live, the more it costs to keep us alive. In the last years of life, medical expenses often soar. Besides, where are we going to get health care for illegal aliens if seniors soak up resources which should be earmarked for one of the Democrats’ favorite constituencies?

Things get really dicey at the intersection of health care and declining fertility, AKA Demographic Winter.

In the West, we live in rapidly aging societies where the elderly population grows, while the number of workers paying the taxes that fund social programs declines.

Between 1950 and 2017, the U.S. fertility rate (the number of children the average woman will have in her lifetime), fell from 3.5 to less than 2 – with 2.1 needed to replace current population.

In 2009, those 65 and older were 12.5% of total population. By 2019, they were 15%, projected to rise to 20% by 2030. In 1950, the ratio of workers to those of retirement age was 8 to 1. Today, it’s 5 to 1. By 2030, it will be 3 to 1.

Demographic Winter is another gift of the cultural left, which encourages late marriage or singleness and discourages procreation.

How to solve the birth-dearth? For conservatives it’s obvious: have more children. For progressives, it’s equally obvious: get rid of the elderly. After all, Emanuel has told us that beyond 75, their lives really aren’t worth living anyway.

It won’t be anything as obvious as euthanasia or doctor-assisted suicide (Emanuel says he’s opposed to both), but simply withholding services other than palliative care. In Canada and the United Kingdom (countries with more advanced cases of state-run medicine), seniors are routinely denied certain tests and procedures – or they’re delayed in the hope that the patient will die first.

Biden might want to start looking over his shoulder. At age 77, and with what appears to be pronounced cognitive decline, he’s a prime candidate for Emanuel’s medical triage. Really, Joe, do you want to continue this “feeble, ineffectual, even pathetic” existence?

Pfizer CEO Sold $5.6 Million Stock in Pre-Planned Sale on Day of Vaccine News Release

We are learning more about a stock sale by Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Monday, the same day the company announced its early vaccine trial results. We’ve seen certain circumstances like this before. That’s right… so remember, of course, Pfizer reported that 90 percent efficacy number on its vaccine trial on Monday. Its stock went up quite a bit. We’re now learning that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sold 5.6 million dollars worth of stock, 132,500 shares, on November 9th.

Trump COVID Adviser: “The Only Way This Stops Is If People Rise Up”


SEE: https://www.infowars.com/posts/trump-covid-adviser-the-only-way-this-stops-is-if-people-rise-up/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Dr. Scott Atlas, a leading member of President Trump’s coronavirus task force, announced Sunday that “The only way this stops is if people rise up.”

Atlas was responding to the decree of a new lockdown by Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Atlas tweeted out a thread with Whitmer’s announcement, and a graphic made by The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services highlighting what will be allowed to remain open and what will be forced to closed.

Atlas encouraged people of Michigan to “rise up”, and added “You get what you accept. #FreedomMatters #StepUp”:

We have been warning you for months, if not years, of the WHO’s depopulation plan. Only now is it confirmed by world leaders that COVID was designed for the Agenda 2030 to begin.

Leftists immediately accused the doctor of encouraging violence, and ‘endangering’ Whitmer’s life:

Atlas clarified that he never endorsed violence of any sort:

Whitmer responded to Atlas during an interview with CNN, stating “We know that the White House likes to single us out here in Michigan — me out in particular. I’m not gonna be bullied into not following reputable scientists and medical professionals.”



Airlines to Require “Health Pass,” Vaccine Certificate Before Allowing Passengers to Fly


SEE: https://summit.news/2020/11/13/report-airlines-to-require-health-pass-vaccine-certificate-before-allowing-passengers-to-fly/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Airlines are likely to require passengers to sign up for a “health pass” which includes a digital certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 before allowing them to fly, according to a new report.

The system would be similar in nature to that being considered by Ticketmaster, who it was revealed earlier this week are considering making customers prove they’ve had the vaccine or a negative coronavirus test before allowing them to purchase tickets.

Ticketmaster later clarified that a final decision on such measures would be up to event organizers but that they were still mulling over the implementation of the system.

Now according to a new report by Axios, airlines are likely to follow the same model.

“Three global alliances representing 58 airlines are pushing governments to allow widespread COVID-19 testing of passengers instead of existing quarantine restrictions that they argue are ineffective and have killed travel demand,” states the report.

Airline passengers would be subject to similar measures being considered by Ticketmaster whereby they would have to verify they’ve been vaccinated or tested negative 24 to 72 hours before the flight.

“The bottom line: No heath pass? No admittance. And perhaps, no flying,” states the report.

The system would likely be organized under the auspices of CommonPass, a program sponsored by the World Economic Forum, which is pushing for a post-COVID “Great Reset” that would transform the world.

With Uber and other companies also beginning to refuse services to people who fail to comply with coronavirus restrictions, the “new normal” will likely create a lower caste of refuseniks who are barred from traveling, any form of social life, and in the future even basic financial services.


SEE ALSO: https://www.infowars.com/posts/qantas-airways-ceo-says-covid-vaccination-will-be-mandatory-for-travel/


Joe Biden’s Covid-19 Taskforce Member Recommends Withholding Food Stamps, Rent Assistance From Those Who Refuse Vaccines

Get ready for an Orwellian medical police state run by fascist vaccine pushers & Big Tech censors


SEE: https://www.infowars.com/posts/joe-bidens-covid-19-taskforce-member-recommends-withholding-food-stamps-rent-assistance-from-those-who-refuse-vaccines/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

If you vote for tyrants, you get tyranny.

This is what millions of Joe Biden supporters are about to discover if their candidate manages to steal the election and seize control of the White House.

A prominent member of Biden’s Covid-19 taskforce, a CIA-linked operative named Luciana Borio, says that people who refuse to be vaccinated should be deprived of food stamps and rent assistance.

And in order to convince Black Americans to take the vaccines, influencers should be hired to brainwash Blacks with special compliance messages that are scientifically tested in social engineering focus groups.

In other words, obey or starve. This is all contained in the report linked in this story, by the way.

This is on top of another Biden taskforce member now calling for a 4-6 week national lockdown for all Americans — a kind of national economic suicide to finish off whatever small businesses might have survived the covid nightmare so far.

This covid tyranny is exactly what we’ve warned was coming: Lockdown tyranny and vaccine tyranny, enforced through a horrifying new “medical credit scoring” system that tracks your compliance with government mandates for vaccines, lockdowns and masks.

The task force member in question here is Luciana Borio, MD, the Vice President of In-Q-Tel, a CIA-linked propaganda front that uses social engineering tactics to enslave humanity. She’s listed as the top member of the “Working Group of Readying Populations for COVID-19 Vaccines” as described in a document from the Center for Health Security, released in July of this year by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. A copy of this PDF has been saved at the Natural News servers, in case they try to take it down from its original location.

The document says that federal agencies should collude to develop a “national promotion strategy” — which might as well be called a “national propaganda strategy” — for convincing people to take potentially dangerous and deadly covid-19 vaccines which have skipped any real rigorous testing.

“Bundling” of vaccinations with food stamps, health care and rent assistance

The document recommends that vaccine mandates get “bundled” with other social services such as food stamps (WIC program), rent assistance and health care services. The report explains:

Local and state public health agencies should explore collaboration with interagency and nongovernment partners to bundle vaccination with other safety net services.

It also says that “bundling” vaccines with food stamps would be, “a way to build trust and streamline vaccine provision” among low-income people such as “Blacks and minority communities.”

Yes, just as we’ve all known for quite some time, the depopulation vaccines will be targeting Blacks in America, which is exactly what the abortion industry targets as well. But anyone who criticizes the forcing of vaccines onto Black Americans will be called racist, of course. The report also talks about putting in place a medical police state monitoring infrastructure to surveil Blacks and minorities in real time, making sure they surrender to forced immunizations:

It will also be critical to monitor in real time who has gotten the vaccine and what the key facilitators and barriers to vaccination have been within communities, so local public health departments can adapt their approaches accordingly.

The document even talks about Blacking-up the vaccine propaganda language in order to appeal to Blacks and so-called anti-vaxxers:

Given the diverse nature of social identities in the United States, vaccination communications will need to be tailored to specific audiences that are key to an equitable and effective COVID-19 response (eg, essential workers, parents, groups with high comorbidity rates, communities of color, vaccine-hesitant persons).

In order to brainwash Blacks and minorities into accepting dangerous, experimental covid-19 vaccines, document authors say that influential celebrities (such as Hollywood stars and music stars) should be recruited to deliver messages so that uninformed people can be influenced:

Engage a broad network of trusted spokespersons who can deliver and reinforce a unified message about COVID-19 vaccination…  To motivate people to take protective actions like vaccination requires that they hear a salient and specific message repeatedly, delivered by multiple trusted messengers and via diverse media channels.

The report even admits that Blacks and minorities have been lied to and abused by the government before, especially involving public health issues: “…minority groups have often experienced a history of government abuse that may make it harder build trust.”

Finally, the document proposes that scientific testing on “vaccination messages” should be openly published by the NIH, CDC and NLM (National Library of Medicine) so that all the authorities have access to all the social engineering experiments that attempt to brainwash Blacks with pro-vaccine propaganda.

Mandatory vaccine sites: Grocery stores, pharmacies, schools, workplaces, senior citizen centers and churches will all be used to force vaccines on everyone

The document not only recommends that food assistance and rent assistance be withheld from those who refuse mandatory coronavirus vaccines, it also says that “home visits” should be used to inject people on a door-to-door basis. In addition, workplaces, pharmacies, churches and schools are named as candidates for forced immunizations, and the document recommends that pharmacists be allowed to “administer a vaccine directly without a standing order.”

The document specifically states that vaccine efforts should include “nontraditional sites” such as “places of worship” or senior centers, and that covid-19 vaccines should be “bundled” with other essential social services such as food stamps (see below).

From the document: (emphasis added)

COVID-19 vaccination may require ramping up the use of sites that are already available and accessible to older adults but are used less frequently; widely placed community pharmacies, for example, are an underutilized site for routine vaccine promotion and administration,111 but they were used successfully for expanding access to pandemic vaccine in 2009 and 2010.112 Most adults in the United States live closer to a pharmacy than to a clinic, and pharmacy vaccination programs can be especially effective for harder-to-reach populations. Pharmacy immunization efforts work best when pharmacists are given adequate training in administering a new vaccine and when state-level policies allow pharmacists the ability to administer a vaccine directly without a standing order. Other nontraditional vaccination settings include grocery stores, senior citizen centers, health departments, mass vaccination clinics, and local corporations; these have been assessed as safe and acceptable sites for pneumococcal and influenza vaccines.113-115 After doctors’ offices, the next most common settings for influenza vaccination are pharmacies, stores (eg, supermarkets), and workplaces.116 To allow adults to be vaccinated directly in their workplaces seems prudent, especially for essential workers likely to be in the first tier for vaccination. Schools, which are trusted institutions present in every community and available on weekends and at night, are an additional candidate location; they were used during mass polio vaccination campaigns.117 In some cases, it also may be acceptable and feasible to deliver vaccination via home visits by community health nurses when vaccination is bundled with delivery of other preventive health services; this approach has received a strong recommendation in the past from the Community Preventive Services Task Force.118 Ensuring that all COVID-19 vaccination sites maintain safe physical distancing practices may require additional planning.

The report also urges vaccine pushers to plan for the “logistics” of using grocery stores as “frontline” sites in a “vaccine rollout.” Here’s the text from the report:

Federal, state, and local health officers and their strategic partners should actively involve experts on preparedness and planning in vaccine rollout preparations as early as possible, given that novel or nontraditional sites for vaccination may become the frontlines of a successful vaccination program. These experts can help coordinate efforts at heterogeneous sites and adapt strategies that suit each site accordingly. For example, the vaccination logistics and rollout at a grocery store site will require different planning and preparation than vaccine rollout in traditional physicians’ offices.

Get ready for the rolling out of an Orwellian medical police state run by fascist vaccine pushers and Big Tech censors

The bottom line in all this? If Biden is elected President and his covid-19 taskforce becomes a reality, America will be transformed into a vaccine-pushing medical police state where you can’t even go to the grocery store or go to church without being harassed by crazed vaccine zealots.

All independent journalism that questions the safety or efficacy of vaccines will be completely banned, and the CDC — using taxpayer money — will roll out an endless stream of pro-vaccine propaganda by hiring famous actors and recording artists to brainwash the masses into getting vaccinated.

This is what happens when you vote for tyrants: You get tyranny.

So roll up your sleeve, Biden supporters, and prepare to be forcibly injected with an experimental, potentially deadly vaccine cocktail that will make the Tuskegee experiments look like a cakewalk.

Blacks and minorities are about to be targeted with the ultimate depopulation weapon: An engineered euthanasia shot called a “vaccine,” that’s so deadly and dangerous, every propaganda trick imaginable has to be used to convince people to take it… even when it’s free.

And if you say no, you won’t be able to buy groceries, go to church, attend a concert, travel by air or even open a bank account. If you continue to resist, don’t worry: They’ll send “isolation teams” to your home to kidnap you and throw you in a CDC concentration camp, where you’ll be “recycled” into biosludge that’s deposited onto the food crops.

It sounds a lot like the Green New Deal, doesn’t it? Except it’s actually the Green New KILL.

Welcome to Covid-1984.


California Judge Allows Strip Clubs to Open, Citing First Amendment, While Churches Remain Shuttered

SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/rick-moran/2020/11/13/california-judge-allows-strip-clubs-to-open-citing-first-amendment-while-churches-remain-shuttered-n1142930


Chicago Mayor Cancels Thanksgiving

SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/tyler-o-neil/2020/11/13/lightfoot-makes-no-bones-about-it-shes-canceling-traditional-thanksgiving-for-chicago-n1141314





When Leftists Call For ‘Unity,’ They Mean ‘Submission’ – and They’re Not Getting It From Me


After years of calling conservatives "racists," "Nazis" and "white supremacists," Democrats now say they want "unity" - while making lists of Trump supporters to be "held accountable."


Gallup Poll: Fewer Than Half Likely to Comply With COVID-19 Lockdown

sign next to sidewalk

ABOVE: A sign along the sidewalk in an area lined with bars and restaurants in the Wicker Park neighborhood encourages people to stay home on November 11, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)


SEE: https://www.newsmax.com/us/coronavirus-covid-lockdowns-gallup-poll/2020/11/12/id/996670/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Americans are less likely to comply with another coronavirus lockdown than they were in the spring, with fewer than half saying in a new poll that they're very likely to stay home this time around, according to a new Gallup Poll released as record numbers of cases skyrocket nationwide.

In the poll, taken between Oct. 19 and Nov. 1, 49% of respondents said they'll be very likely to stay home for a month if it's recommended after an outbreak in their communities, reports CNN. This is down from 67% in the spring. 

Another 18% said they are somewhat likely to comply, but a third said they are not likely to obey lockdown orders. 

Americans are also becoming more concerned about the pandemic, and the results concerning those willing to stay home fell along a political divide: 

  • 61% said they believe the situation is getting worse, compared to 40% in April.
  • 40% of Republicans polled said they were willing to comply with a stay-at-home order, down from 74% in the spring.
  • 87% of Democrats said they're likely to comply, down slightly from 91% in March and April.

More people, though, said they feel confident in their ability to keep from getting infected, with 82% saying they're sure of their ability to stay well, compared to 64% in March. 

Meanwhile, the number of people who are wearing masks has gone up sharply. Only about half of Americans reported in April that they were wearing masks, just after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggested wearing them. Now, 88% reported they wear masks, after the number went up to 92% in July. 

The poll also found that fewer Americans are engaging in extreme social distancing than they were in the spring:

  • 38% say they are completely or mostly isolating themselves from non-household members, below the high of 75% recorded in the spring.
  • 27% said they're partially isolating, or having some contact with others.
  • 35% said they're isolating only a bit or not making any attempts to isolate themselves. 

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Trump Calls New Coronavirus Vaccine “Great News”; Cuomo Says It’s “Good News, Bad News”


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/trump-calls-new-coronavirus-vaccine-great-news-cuomo-says-its-good-news-bad-news/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Incorporated issued a press release on November 9 stating that Pfizer and the German biotechnology company, BioNTech SE, have developed a vaccine that has been found to be more than 90 percent successful in large-scale trails against the coronavirus. 

The timing of the announcement, six days after the presidential election, brings to mind the timing of the release by Iran of 66 American hostages on January 20, 1981, mere minutes after President Ronald Reagan’s inauguration. The release of the hostages was a major issue during the presidential campaign of 1980, just as the coronavirus pandemic was a major issue during this year’s campaign. If Iran had released the hostages before the 1980 election, and if Pfizer had announced the availability of the vaccine before this year’s election, the outcomes of both elections might have been different.

Following the announcement, veteran journalist Geraldo Rivera tweeted: “If news of #Pfizer miracle vaccine had come just two weeks earlier, the results of the election might have been different. It was the urging & inspiration of @realDonaldTrump that drove the timing of this potentially history-making, life-saving result.”

“Why now?” Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tweeted shortly after Pfizer announced news of its COVID vaccine.

While such considerations are speculative, the political reactions to the news of the new vaccine are more concrete.

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s Good Morning America on November 9, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he has spoken to other governors about how they can change or possibly block President Trump’s plan to distribute the vaccine so that presidential claimant Joe Biden could do it instead.

“Well, it’s good news, bad news, George,” Cuomo told Stephanopoulos. “The good news is the Pfizer tests look good and we’ll have a vaccine shortly. The bad news is it’s about two months before Joe Biden takes over, and that means [the Trump] administration is going to be implementing a vaccine plan.”

This is the same Cuomo whose administration, according to a New York Post report on July 8, sent more than 6,300 recovering coronavirus patients into nursing homes during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, leading to numerous deaths. 

While Cuomo expressed mixed feelings about the impending availability of a vaccine that may save thousands of lives, Trump delivered a very positive reaction, tweeting: “STOCK MARKET UP BIG, VACCINE COMING SOON. REPORT 90% EFFECTIVE. SUCH GREAT NEWS!”

Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) tweeted on November 9: “Great work by the administration pushing the historic and unprecedented vaccine development under Operation Warp Speed, even as cynical Democrats attempted to undermine its credibility. Joe Biden’s only plan for the virus is Trump’s plan. Always has been.”

As beneficial as the vaccine may be in stopping the spread of COVID-19, constitutionalists will be certain to stress that any use of it must be voluntary. 


New York Bar ASSOCIATION Calls for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate and Promotion

New York Bar Calls for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate and Promotion


SEE: https://thevaccinereaction.org/2020/11/new-york-bar-calls-for-covid-19-vaccine-mandate-and-promotion/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Opinion | The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) House of Delegates approved resolutions on Nov. 7, 2020 that included urging the state to consider mandating a COVID-19 vaccine once “scientific consensus” emerges that it is safe, effective and necessary.1 The NYSBA also called for a number of other legal reforms and public health measures related to COVID-19, such as adopting crisis standards of care, developing resource allocation guidelines, and conducting public awareness campaigns to urge voluntary vaccination.

The resolutions were prepared by the association’s Health Law Section’s Task Force on COVID-19, which published a report in May, 2020 citing Jacobson v. Massachusetts, a 1905 U.S. Supreme Court case that upheld the authority of states to make and enforce compulsory vaccination laws during public health emergencies, as grounds for launching a rapid mass vaccination plan in New York as soon as the federal government has licensed a COVID-19 vaccine.2

New York is Urged to Enact State Emergency Health Powers Act

The resolutions3 also called for the state to enact a state emergency health powers act “drawing upon the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA), developed by the Center for Law and Public Health at Georgetown and John Hopkins Universities,” as well as to adopt crisis standards of care and resource allocation guidelines.

Model State Emergency Health Powers Act Addressed Bioterrorism Fears

After terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC on Sept. 11, 2001, and subsequent threats of biological warfare against U.S. citizens, federal health officials immediately began preparing for mass anthrax and smallpox vaccination campaigns. National vaccination programs targeting civilians, including children, were proposed in model state legislation created by Lawrence Gostin, of the Georgetown Center for Law and the Public’s Health with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The MSEHPA laws proposed to re-write state public health laws to give government health officials sweeping new power over citizens when public health “emergencies” were declared by the Secretary of DHHS or state governors.4

MSEHPA Gives Sweeping New Power to State Health Officials

The MSEHPA, which was passed by many states in 2002, included provisions that would allow state health officials to use the state militia to:  take control of all roads leading into and out of cities and states; seize homes, cars, telephones, computers, food, fuel, clothing, firearms and alcoholic beverages for their own use (and not be held liable if these actions result in the destruction of personal property); and arrest, imprison and forcibly examine, vaccinate and medicate citizens without consent (and not be held liable if these actions result in death or injury).5

As of July 15, 2006, 38 states and Washington, DC have passed a total of 66 bills or resolutions that include provisions from or closely related to the MSEHPA.6

Model Act “replete” with Civil Liberties Violations

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), and organizations on both the right and left of the political spectrum have opposed the Model Act for its lack of informed consent protections and other threats to civil liberties. The ACLU found that the Act is replete with civil liberties problems.7

No System of Checks and Balances

Because public health authorities make mistakes, politicians abuse their power, and there is a history of discriminatory use of the quarantine power against particular groups of people based on race and national origin, there must be a system of checks and balances.  The MSEHPA lets a governor declare a state of emergency unilaterally, fails to provide due process procedures for quarantine and other emergency powers, lacks adequate compensation for seizure of assets, and contains no checks on the power to order forced treatment and vaccination.8

Overbroad Definition of “public health emergency”

The Model Act goes well beyond bioterrorism and includes an overbroad definition of “public health emergency” that sweeps in HIV, AIDS, and other diseases that clearly do not justify quarantine, forced treatment, or any of the other broad emergency authorities that would be granted under the Act.9

Lack of Privacy Protections

The Act requires the disclosure of massive amounts of personally identifiable health information to public health authorities, without requiring basic privacy protections and fair information practices that could easily be added to the bill without detracting from its effectiveness in quelling an outbreak.  The Model Act would undercut existing protections for sensitive medical information that not only threatens to violate individuals’ medical privacy but undermines public trust in government activities.10

Note: This commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers.  The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.


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Mom Fights to Improve Vaccine Injury Program After Daughter’s Death

SEE: https://thevaccinereaction.org/2020/11/mom-fights-to-improve-vaccine-injury-program-after-daughters-death/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:
If you want to get vaccinated, I certainly think you should have the right. But don’t look for Karen Cain 
at the pharmacy when the COVID-19 vaccine becomes available. Cain is an anti-vaxxer. Her daughter 
Lauren lived with daily debilitating seizures for 15 years after receiving a bad DPT vaccine as a 
newborn. It was full of mercury. The vaccine destroyed her brain. Cain will never get what she really 
wants… her daughter healthy and back in her arms. But through the Vaccine Injury Compensation 
Program, or VICP, she did get reimbursed for medical bills, then money to stay home and care for her 
daughter. The process took years.

Dr. Fauci Told the Truth About COVID-19 Tests in July and Has Been Misleading the Public Ever Since


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/stacey-lennox/2020/11/09/dr-fauci-told-the-truth-about-covid-19-tests-in-july-and-has-been-misleading-the-public-ever-since-n1131938;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

One of the most frustrating aspects of COVID-19 coverage has been the emphasis on “cases,” reinforced by the Mendacious Midget™, Dr. Anthony Fauci. In fact, he was wringing his hands about rising “case” numbers on CNN in early October. These numbers are actually positive tests. The New York Times and several experts admitted in late August that up to 90% of positive PCR tests were not indicative of the active illness that could be transmitted to others.

As it turns out, Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed a similar opinion in July. As I have reported several times before, the cycle threshold (Ct), or the number of times the test sample is amplified, is too high. According to Just the News, Dr. Fauci acknowledged this in an interview with “This Week in Virology”:

Joining the hosts of This Week in Virology in July, Fauci directly responded to a question about COVID-19 testing, specifically how patients with positive tests might determine whether or not they are actually infectious and need to quarantine.

“What is now sort of evolving into a bit of a standard,” Fauci said, is that “if you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more … the chances of it being replication-confident are minuscule.”

“It’s very frustrating for the patients as well as for the physicians,” he continued, when “somebody comes in, and they repeat their PCR, and it’s like [a] 37 cycle threshold, but you almost never can culture virus from a 37 threshold cycle.”

So, I think if somebody does come in with 37, 38, even 36, you got to say, you know, it’s just dead nucleotides, period.”

He also noted that the Ct count was not provided to patients and physicians automatically. The tests are simply returned as positive or negative. The entire idea of “asymptomatic” cases dissolves once you understand this. Especially when you understand there is a level of immunity in the population because of T-cell reactivity. This is long-term immunity related to exposure to other coronaviruses. People who have this reaction would have the same presentation as a recovered patient.

Obviously, the CDC knew there was an issue with picking up inert viral RNA. In July, the agency discouraged retesting recovered patients who suffered mild-to-moderate illness. Here was the rationale:

Recovered persons can continue to shed detectable SARS-CoV-2 RNA in upper respiratory specimens for up to 3 months after illness onset, albeit at concentrations considerably lower than during illness, in ranges where replication-competent virus has not been reliably recovered and infectiousness is unlikely.

It looks like the FDA was aware of this glitch in the PCR test as well. In the Emergency Use Authorization for Panther Fusion’s COVID-19 PCR test, it noted under “Limitations”:

E. A positive result indicates the detection of nucleic acid from the relevant virus. Nucleic acid may persist even after the virus is no longer viable.


J. The Panther Fusion SARS-CoV-2 assay may be used to test asymptomatic individuals, although performance has not been demonstrated in an asymptomatic population. This assay has been shown to exhibit high sensitivity when tested with the FDA reference panel.

Granted, Panther is one of many PCR tests. However, The New York Times‘ reporting, the CDC guidelines, and Dr. Fauci’s comments confirm these principles can be applied to PCR testing generally. Experts interviewed by The New York Times suggested a cutoff of 30 Ct would be appropriate. If Dr. Fauci arrived at this conclusion in July, why are labs in the United States still using up to 40 Ct. as the standard when it appears the right Ct is somewhere between 30 and 35?

Dr. Fauci and other “experts” like former FDA Director Dr. Scott Gottlieb are constantly pushing positive tests and lamenting a rise in their numbers. They erroneously refer to these numbers as cases, which they are not under any previous definition. It is also clear there is likely some significant number of false positives. So what gives?

COVID-19 was obviously used as a rhetorical weapon to club President Trump. It became clear late in the election that Dr. Fauci was more political than he portrayed when he essentially endorsed Joe Biden.

Further, some segment of the public health establishment wants widespread vaccination and other policies like mask mandates and rolling lockdowns. High “case” numbers allow them to push these policies. High positive test numbers also create a higher R-naught, which is the measure of contagiousness. These policies are easier to push if the public believes COVID-19 is horribly contagious, making it seem a danger to at-risk loved ones.

Perhaps most deceptive, the Ct is a simple lever to pull to keep you in line and make Joe Biden look like a hero. His new COVID panel will develop and implement a plan. Then positive cases will magically drop. Not because these policies were effective but simply because they will dial down the Ct with clear guidelines.

However, this will cement the supremacy of “experts” in the minds of many Americans who have not seen the dishonest little man behind the curtain. Don’t be one of those people.

Sorry Joe Biden, COVID -19 Restrictions Are Over in Red States, So Please Stop the Drama
‘Fire Fauci’ Is a Trump Rallying Cry We Should All Get Behind
Dr. Fauci: ‘There’s No Inconsistency’ in Banning Church and Business But Allowing Mass Protests


logo 590 175 2

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Propaganda and Censorship: The Antitheses of Freedom

Freedom is a prerequisite to having a fully realized human experience. The primary driver of our work at AFLDS is to help preserve our inalienable human right to freedom by empowering people with truth.

The most effective way to steal people's freedom is to systematically instill fear. The most unobtrusive way to instill fear is via propaganda and censorship. If someone can be convinced that they may not be alive in the future, they might carelessly trade away their right to freedom today. This is such a predictable human response that it is easy to exploit. Throughout 2020 we have watched as fear was deployed through omnipresent propaganda and rampant censorship, and then harnessed to serve a political agenda.

Modern American society is not the first to fall prey to propaganda. As Joseph Goebbels and Adolph Hitler said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Winston Churchill observed that, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” (And that was before the internet.) Every person must learn how to differentiate truth from fiction. This is such a critical life skill that I teach everyone exactly how to recognize propaganda in real-time in my new book: I Do Not Consent: My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture. AFLDS reject propaganda in all forms.

In 2020 the disinformation and censorship has been most obvious in the scientific arena. A successful disinformation campaign convinced both ordinary people and physicians to believe that a decades-old safe medication derived from quinine found in tree barks, used billions of times around the world, is dangerous. In fact, HCQ has been used safely and effectively millions of times to treat and prophylaxis patients with and against SARS-CoV-2. America’s Frontline Doctors continue to oppose censorship in all forms.

I am a physician trying to educate patients and an attorney trying to educate everyone. As a Stanford University Law School graduate, I am familiar with the Constitution and election process. There has been tremendous misinformation on social media and flat-out disinformation in the traditional (television) media as to what is transpiring right now. Here are the facts as of November 11, 2020:
-There is no “winner" yet, not because it is unknown, but because it is thus far, unknowable.
-The winner is unknowable until the Courts determine the amount of election fraud.
-The Courts have received a vast amount of hard evidence, data, and affidavits attesting to election fraud.
-Media declarations of a “winner” are wholly irrelevant.
-Media declaring a “winner” causes citizens to lose faith in the process and hardens unjustified entitlements.
-Bush vs. Gore required 37 days of excruciating transparency, with all media and bipartisan observers witnessing and video memorializing every moment of the process.
-The media insisted on referring to Gore as President-Elect Gore. Right up until he conceded.

President Ronald Reagan taught: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

May we all continue to: think clearly, discern cautiously, and trust intuitively. Only those in possession of truth can find freedom. God bless you, and God bless America.

Dr. Simone Gold

Dear Fellow Patriots,

A cancer is threatening America. The cancer is censorship and propaganda. The inherently convincing nature of propaganda enables its success, and history teaches that propaganda is most effective in combination with censorship. Today in our country we are witnessing both.

America was founded upon the idea that every human is born free, with the right to speak freely, share ideas, assemble in groups, and our Founders guaranteed that if we the people consent to be governed, the government would not interfere with these inalienable rights. That is the First Amendment of the United States of America.

People ask me how America’s Frontline Doctors came to be, and it is because I saw that censorship was literally killing people. Patients were so dis-informed that they were prejudiced against a safe, decades-old, generic medication used worldwide many billions of times for 65 years. Most doctors were no better.

First there was misinformation. Then disinformation. Then censorship. At the time I am writing this there are >130 studies showing HCQ is effective against SARS-CoV-2, and there is abundant evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is treatable and almost never lethal. And yet due to the massive disinformation campaign, people continue to be afraid, continue to believe there is no early treatment, and continue to believe masks prevent the transmission of a virus 1/1000 the size of a hair (0.1 micron.)

For ‘We the People’ to eradicate the cancer metastasizing in the life-blood of America, we must each do our part to defend our first amendment. AFLDS bring you physicians and scientists speaking about science and medicine, and we have become one of the most censored entities on social media. AFLDS oppose censorship in all forms, in all ways, at all times. Big Tech Censorship poses an existential threat to all mankind.

Join us, and rise up with confidence in the knowledge that God granted you a right to speak, learn, and share. Please DONATE to AFLDS to help us continue defending freedom. To us, this election is about stopping censorship. God bless you, and God bless America.

Blessings of freedom and good health,

Dr. Simone Gold


We are a grassroots, non-profit organization, and our work is supported by your generous donations. Please help support America by DONATING HERE.


“Fire Fauci!” Why Trump should dump him, sooner rather than later


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/11/fire-fauci-lloyd-billingsley/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

During a Florida campaign rally on Sunday, Trump supporters urged the president to “Fire Fauci,” of the White House coronavirus task force, who has held forth at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984.

“I appreciate the advice,” President Trump told the crowd, but “let me wait until a little bit after the election.” A month before the election, as it happens, Fauci helped make the case for his own dismissal.

“The fact is that we’ve got to make sure that we have a health care system where no one can go without necessary health care and quality health care. I think there’s this concern that if you make it universal, the quality will go down. It doesn’t necessarily have to go down at all. But when people fall between the cracks of health care, then you get an even more difficult situation than the outbreak itself poses.”

That was Fauci at a UC Berkeley Forum in early October, in a pitch for a “universal” system, the brand of government monopoly health care Democrats want. According to Fauci, not having government health care is worse than the difficulties of “the outbreak.” The diminutive NIAID boss wasn’t done.

“Covid-19 is a very bright light on the social determinants of health that have been there all along, that we don’t pay a lot of attention to, and that are, in essence, killing minorities,” Fauci said. “I would hope that the terrible experience that we’re going through now galvanizes and energizes us to make a decades long commitment to doing things about these social determinants of health, which are reversible, but they’re not reversible overnight or in one or two years.”

Fauci did not chart the science behind the “social determinants” of health and how, exactly, they are “killing minorities.” Neither did he outline what “things” would have to be done over a long period of time. Fauci did say that even if a vaccine were “available now,” he wouldn’t expect life to look “normal” again until at least the second half of 2021. The science behind the Fauci’s prophecy did not emerge in the forum, in effect a campaign ad for Joe Biden.

Fauci is routinely hailed as the nation’s top infectious disease expert even though his bio shows no advanced degrees in molecular biology. Dr. Fauci laments “anti-science bias,” and complains that people “don’t believe in authority,” a thinly disguised demand for unquestioned belief in Dr. Anthony Fauci his own self.

Fauci has admitted to lying about the need for masks and his pronouncements avoid hard data on the mortality rate, death rate, recovery rate and so forth. The NIAID boss is also quiet on “gain of function” (GOF) research which “improves the ability of a pathogen to cause disease.” According to the National Institutes of Health Office of Science Policy, GOF has “the potential to enhance the pathogenicity or transmissibility of potential pandemic pathogens (PPPs)” and has thus “raised biosafety and biosecurity concerns.”

As Talha Birk noted in The Lancet, the NIH banned GOF research in 2014 but revived it in 2017 over the objection of many scientists. Fauci defends GOF research and in 2019 NIAID funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology with nearly $4 million for GOF research on bat coronaviruses. The transfer of U.S. taxpayer dollars to a Chinese lab makes it a public issue but media and government have yet to press Fauci on what he knew and when he knew it. Like Hunter Biden’s laptop, the authoritarian Dr. Fauci enjoys complete immunity from the establishment media.

According to Fauci the pro-China WHO boss Tedros is a “really an outstanding person,” and Dr. Fauci holds similar views of himself. “With all due modesty, I think I’m pretty effective,” Fauci told interviewer Norah O’Donnell of CBS in a July 15 interview with InStyle.  “I certainly am energetic. And I think everybody thinks I’m doing more than an outstanding job.” Like Eve Rand in Being There, Fauci reveals himself to himself and he is drenched and purged.

Fauci’s October forum did not include Peter Duesberg, former professor of cell biology at UC Berkeley and author of Inventing the AIDS Virus, highly informative on the history of virology and other scientific matters. Duesberg, a world-class virologist, found no evidence that HIV causes AIDS. Fauci relentlessly attacked Duesberg, and even got him canceled from media appearances.

AIDS never ravaged the heterosexual community as Fauci prophecied, yet Fauci remained at the helm of NIAID. “Deep state fraud” Fauci is now the Democrats’ Lysenko and the major mouthpiece for the white coat supremacy Democrats seek to impose.

President Trump has good cause to fire Fauci at first opportunity. On the other hand, as Marlon Brando said in On the Waterfront, there’s “a lot more” to this than anybody thought.

Why did Fauci support the dangerous GOF research his own NIH banned? What was going on at the Wuhan Institute of Virology? What does Dr. Anthony Fauci know that he isn’t telling? With all the death and damage from the China virus, the people have a right to know. As President Trump says, we’ll see what happens.


America’s Frontline Doctors Banned from YouTube~Hold 2nd Summit in DC

Doctors explain the REAL dangers we face are LEGAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL.
SEE: https://www.infowars.com/posts/banned-from-youtube-americas-frontline-doctors-hold-2nd-summit-in-dc/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The second White Coat Summit was held in Washington D.C. October 16-17, 2020.

Its purpose was to have frontline doctors talk directly to the American public, educate and inform policy leaders, and create alliances to enable physicians to heal our nation. Its emphasis was on the proven success of early treatment.

White Coat Summit #2 exposes more lies of the medical establishment. Trump MUST listen to these doctors who explain the REAL danger we face is LEGAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL. And, another WHO study shows Fauci’s “standard of care”, Remdesivir, is a fraud.

Pfizer Wants to Use Children in COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial

SEE: https://thevaccinereaction.org/2020/10/pfizer-wants-to-use-children-in-covid-19-vaccine-clinical-trial/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

On Oct. 14, 2020, Pfizer, Inc. of New York City, New York announced it had received approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to enroll children in the Phase 3 human clinical trial on its experimental messenger RNA (ribonucleic acid) BNT162b1 vaccine for COVID-19. The trial, which last month was expanded to include adolescent children as young as 16 years old with chronic health conditions such as HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B among its 44,000 participants, will now also include children as young as 12 years of age.1 2 3 4

“I think this is a really big deal. Without clinical trials actually done in children, the only way to actually extend the use of the COVID-19 vaccine into children would be to rely on the adult data,” said L.J. Tan, PhD, chief strategy officer for the Immunization Action Coalition of Saint Paul, Minnesota. “I would hope that the other vaccine manufacturers with COVID-19 vaccines, would follow Pfizer’s example and go down to [age] 12.”1 5

According to the FDA, “The epidemiology and pathogenesis of COVID-19, and the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, may be different in children compared with adults.” 6

Pfizer and BioNTech Will Be First to Test COVID-19 Vaccine on Children in U.S.

The move by Pfizer and its partner on the BNT162b1 vaccine, BioNTech SE of Germany, comes on the heels of a letter written by Sara Goza, MD, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar and FDA Commissioner Steven Hahn, MD asking them to include children in COVID-19 vaccine trials. Dr. Goza’s letter, dated Sept. 29, 2020, stated:

Children must be included in vaccine trials to best understand any potential unique immune responses and/or unique safety concerns.7 8

It would also be less than desirable to have one or more SARS-CoV-2 vaccines licensed or available under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) at a time when no data have been collected on the safety, tolerability, dose, and regimen for children.7 8

Pfizer will reportedly be the first company to test its COVID-19 vaccine on children. A team at the Vaccine Research Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital was scheduled to begin testing the BNT162b1 vaccine on children 16-17 years old last week and is expected to soon begin enrolling children 12-15 years of age.9

AstraZeneca/University Oxford Will Experiment on Children 5-12 Years of Age

AstraZeneca plc and the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom are currently conducting a Phrase 3 clinical trial in the U.K. on its experimental AZD1222 (formerly ChAdOx1 nCoV-19) involving more than 12,000 participants broken out into 11 subgroups. One of those subgroups will consist of children 5-12 years of age. AstraZeneca’s CEO, Pascal Soriot, said last month that testing on children had not yet begun.2 10

On Sept. 8, 2020, AstraZeneca/University of Oxford haulted their Phase 3 trials in the U.K and the United States due to suspected very serious adverse reaction in a female participant. On Sept. 9, Soriot said the woman had suffered symptoms consistent with a rare but serious neurological disorder called transverse myelitis, which causes inflammation of the spinal cord.11

AstraZeneca/University of Oxford have since resumed their Phase 3 trial in the U.K. after Britain’s Medicines Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA) said it was safe to do so, but their Phrase 3 in the U.S. remains on hold pending an investigation by the FDA. “We are continuing to work with the FDA to facilitate review of the information needed to make a decision regarding resumption of the U.S. trial,” said Michele Meixell, spokesperson for AstraZeneca.12 13

Pfizer/BioNTech’s COVID-19 Vaccine Has Provoked Reactions in Phase 1/2 and Phase 3 Trials

Pfizer and BioNTech have also had some problems with their BNT162b1 vaccine. The companies reported that more than 50 percent of the adult participants in the Phase 1/2 human trials of the BNT162b1 vaccine conducted in May-June 2020 experienced adverse events following vaccination. Two trial participants suffered severe reactions.14 15 16

More recently, Pfizer/BioNTech reported that two participants in their Phase 3 trial experienced adverse events, including fever, headaches, and exhaustion after receiving the BNT162b1 vaccine. According to CNBC, one of the participants “woke up with chills, shaking so hard he cracked a tooth after taking the second dose.”17 18


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International Group of Medical Doctors Call COVID-19 A Hoax

'We see no evidence of a medical pandemic, so it looks like a plan-demic...'

SEE: https://www.infowars.com/posts/watch-international-group-of-medical-doctors-call-covid-19-a-hoax/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Doctors from countries around the world banded together to issue a collective statement declaring the COVID-19 pandemic a sham.

In footage released by UK company Oracle Films, members of the World Doctors Alliance take turns explaining why the coronavirus has been overblown in their respective jurisdictions.

“I want to say that we do not have a medical pandemic or epidemic,” explains Netherlands general practitioner Dr. Elke De Klerk in a short excerpt from the meeting.

“We also state that COVID-19 should not be on list A for any longer, because we now know that it is a normal flu virus and the normal flu virus isn’t on list A.”

De Klerk goes on to say thousands of doctors and nurses are ready to join a class action lawsuit against the state, given that many nurses “do not want the vaccine that is being prepared for us.”

“I want to state, if there is no pandemic, I’m wondering why our kids are in schools with masks,” De Klerk ponders, going on to explain the PCR test currently used to test for the virus is faulty.

“There’s no reason for panic. Also in the medical practice, there’s no reason for panic,” assures De Klerk. “The panic is created by these false-positive PCR tests. 89 or 94 percent are false positive. They don’t test for COVID-19, and also the rest is false negatives, so we have to look at clinics. Medical doctors have to stop looking at those tests. That’s very important. Let’s go back to the claims and to the facts.”

In another video from the meeting on October 10, World Doctors Alliance host Dr. Heiko Schöning explains the group believes the coronavirus epidemic to be a “planned-demic.”

“Yes, so these are the statements of experts, doctors and our others scientists and activists all over the world,” Schöning says after hearing from over 14 doctors, adding, “and we have this good message to the people:

“We see no evidence of a medical pandemic, so it looks like a plan-demic, and we all together say we don’t want this new normal, and we don’t want to go back to the old normal because the old normal created this situation of new normal. We want a better normal!”


Three Biggest Lies About COVID-19 Have All Been Exposed

But here’s why globalist powerbrokers can’t let it die.


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/10/three-biggest-lies-about-covid-19-have-all-been-leo-hohmann/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Since February, the U.S. media has been pounding Americans with non-stop reporting about COVID-19 coronavirus.

Eight months later, the data shows everything the media said about the virus was false. Yet, those posing as “journalists” continue to repeat the lies from February and March as if they are facts rooted in their quest to “follow the science.”

Every one of the BIG THREE lies seems designed to promote panic and an irrational response to the actual threat.

Anyone who even suggests that maybe the governments of the world have been overreacting to a virus that kills at about the same rate as the flu has been immediately shot down as stupid and not worth listening to.

Slowly but surely, however, everything we “conspiracy theorists” said back in March about COVID has since been borne out as not a conspiracy theory at all. It was 100 percent true.

So let’s look at the three biggest lies that are still being used to spread fear of COVID-19, keeping in mind that the media used these same lies to castigate President Trump when he was released from the hospital October 5th and implored Americans in a tweet, “Don’t let COVID-19 dominate your life.”

This virus is “not like the flu,” we are scolded. It’s much scarier than the flu because:

1. COVID carries a very high, 3.4 percent, death rate [compared to a flu death rate of 0.10 percent].

This has now been debunked by none other than the United Nations World Health Organization, which the leftist globalists believe is the gold standard for information about COVID. The WHO came out with updated mortality rates this week showing that only 0.13 percent of those infected will die. That’s 26 times lower than WHO’s previously purported death rate of 3.4 percent. We already know that in the U.S. the average age of those who succumb to the virus is 78 and they have an average of 2.6 comorbidities. This 0.13 percent death rate is almost exactly the death rate for the common flu.

2. COVID is spread by asymptomatic "super spreaders."

This scares people to death every time they hear it, because it suggests that every human being you come in contact with can potentially infect you. This is absolute hogwash. Asymptomatic carriers have a very low viral load in their system, making it virtually impossible to pass the virus on to another person. Even in the rare cases that they might be able to pass it on, it is highly unlikely if they don’t have symptoms, meaning they are not coughing, sneezing or wheezing.

3. COVID is untreatable.

Now that truly is scary! This lie provided the pretext for Bill Gates and Big Pharma to rush to market an unsafe and unproven vaccine, which could end up being mandated by various state governments and corporations. But this “no treatment” lie has been exposed over and over by the facts, most recently seen in the way President Trump was so effectively treated with a cocktail of supplements and drugs. Trump was treated with Rendesivir in combination with zinc, Vitamin D and melatonin. Another option available in some states is hydroxychloroquine. 

These three lies were cleverly crafted to refute anyone who brings facts to the table to argue that the government has no business closing down churches, businesses or generally violating the civil liberties of any American.

The authorities say this coronavirus has killed 204,000 Americans but those numbers don’t reflect the fact that hospitals were directed by the CDC to be liberal in filling out death certificates. Some doctors were so liberal that they actually notched deaths from accidents, heart attacks and strokes as COVID-related and therefore COVID-caused. CDC estimates that only 6 percent of these 204,000 deaths have been caused by COVID alone.

While these are the three biggest lies, they are not the only lies the media has told and continues to tell. What about the risk to young people? A look at the data shows incontrovertible evidence that college-age students have virtually no risk of dying from COVID. The media knows this. That’s why they focus their hysteria on the number of “cases” on campuses, not the number of deaths.

According to a survey by the New York Times, published September 25th, at least 130,000 people on more than 1,600 campuses contracted COVID and 70 died, but “most” of those 70 deaths, the Times admits, were not students but rather college employees, who were likely much older. But even if we factor in those older employees, the rate of death on college campuses according to the Times’ own study is a paltry 0.054 percent. Stunning!

One would think that once these scurrilous lies were exposed, the media would be shouting from the housetops that the CDC, WHO, Drs. Fauci and Birks, Gates and the rest of the “experts” whom they relied on for their information, and whose misinformation formed the basis for politicians to implement the economy-killing lockdowns, were completely wrong! Isn’t that what good, honest journalists do when they find out they’ve been played? Yes, they go back and correct the record.

But instead we see no corrections of their previous false reporting. No, they double down on the lies.

This is not news. This is the hallmark of a propaganda operation. Another name for it is information warfare.

If they corrected their false reports and began to prominently report the truth about COVID, this would put pressure on political leaders to end the destructive restrictions on human activity. Those leaders could then turn their focus to protecting the vulnerable, which are people over 65 with multiple serious, pre-existing health issues.

But that would require an honest press – something that no longer exists in America. They will continue to repeat the same old lies, that COVID is a killer disease unlike any other faced by mankind; we must “not let our foot off the pedal” of containing it, people of all ages and conditions must stay masked up at all times, indoors or out, and we must stay separated and isolated from our loved ones.

The ‘Great Reset‘

Meanwhile, the real reason for locking people down, telling them they must stop traveling for non-essential trips, shuttering small businesses, or bogging them down with irrational and arbitrary rules, goes unreported by the mainstream media. But it’s hiding in plain view for anyone with an ounce of curiosity.

The global power brokers at the United Nations, World Economic Forum, the British royal family, the International Monetary Fund, and the Vatican have told us why COVID must be kept front and center in the human psyche for the foreseeable future: they’ve all identified it as the key to launching a “Great Reset“ of the global economic and social order. 

They want to do away with the post-World War II, free-market capitalist system and replace it with a global technocratic surveillance state likely to include a new digital currency and digital ID system. This new system will be much more authoritarian than what Americans would choose to live under if we remained in normal times, so the technocrats had to create a “new normal” that grips people in fear. People are known to defer to their leaders in times of crisis and panic. They can be convinced to go along with almost anything in such times, when fear brings its twin cousins of chaos and confusion. 

The new age pope

Pope Francis and the Vatican are also fully onboard with the new socio-economic world order being prepared for us – just read his latest encyclical issued on October 3rd entitled "Fratelli Tutti" [translated as "Brothers All"]. In it, he blames capitalism for the world’s most pressing problems, derides the concept of private property, holds up collectivism as superior to the rights of the individual, and seems to call for open borders and a termination of national sovereignty.

The pope cites COVID-19 as the triggering event that will usher in a new age of man-based utopian groupthink:

“The Covid-19 pandemic momentarily revived the sense that we are a global community, all in the same boat, where one person’s problems are the problems of all. Once more we realize that no one is saved alone; we can only be saved together.”

COVID was simply a prop, a triggering mechanism, for what global elites refer to as the Great Reset, the New Economy, the Green Economy and Sustainable Development. Whatever they call it, those with discernment will recognize this as the end-times beast system, global in nature, which will seek to dominate every human life on the planet.

The re-election of Donald Trump can forestall the world’s march into this new Dark Age, where freedom of movement, assembly, speech and religion are all tightly monitored and controlled. Joe Biden will welcome it, as this was the path his former boss Barack Obama had set us on. Obama signed the UN 2030 Agenda in September 2015 and the UN’s New Urban Agenda for global cities, as well as the Strong Cities Network, which is the UN’s effort to globalize city and county police forces. He also signed on to the UN’s Paris Climate accords.

Global government will materialize. It’s only a matter of when. The Bible says the end times will be marked by the rise of an anti-Christ system that bullies and bludgeons its way to power over all humanity. The United Nations arrogantly affirms the biblical prophecies with its admonition that “no person will be left behind” by its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

As Christians, we must prepare both physically and spiritually for persecution that will only grow more intense in the weeks, months and years ahead. We must resist ungodly government edicts that seek to silence our voice, shut down our religious practice, and deprive us of our humanity.

Leo Hohmann is a veteran investigative reporter and author whose book, “Stealth Invasion” spent the majority of 2017 among Amazon.com’s top 10 books about immigration policy. He has spent decades researching and writing about education, immigration, crime, politics and religion. Visit his website: https://leohohmann.com/ 


Trump Dunks on Fauci: “Pitching Arm Far More Accurate than Prognostications”


SEE: https://www.infowars.com/posts/trump-dunks-on-fauci-pitching-arm-far-more-accurate-than-prognostications/

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Anthony Fauci’s baseball pitch, despite being terrible, is still far better than his ability to predict accurately, President Donald Trump heckled on Tuesday.

Trump criticized Fauci after he accused the president’s campaign of taking his words out of context in a new ad, in which he appeared to praise the administration’s coronavirus response.

“Actually, Tony’s pitching arm is far more accurate than his prognostications,” Trump said. “‘No problem, no masks’. WHO no longer likes Lockdowns – just came out against. Trump was right. We saved 2,000,000 USA lives!!!”

Commenting on the ad, which says America is recovering much like Trump did from his coronavirus diagnosis, Fauci told CNN on Sunday he did not agree with the way the campaign used his words, or endorse the president.

“In my nearly five decades of public service, I have never publicly endorsed any political candidate. The comments attributed to me without my permission in the GOP campaign ad were taken out of context from a broad statement I made months ago about the efforts of federal public health officials,” Fauci said, according to CNN.

Fauci expressed to The Daily Beast he felt the campaign’s misuse of his words constituted “harassment.”

“By doing this against my will they are, in effect, harassing me,” Fauci told the Beast. “Since campaign ads are about getting votes, their harassment of me might have the opposite effect of turning some voters off.”

Trump’s “No problem, no masks” reference pertains to Fauci’s comments during a 60 Minutes interview back in March, where he claimed, “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.”

“Right now, in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks,” he said.

“You’re sure? Because people are listening really closely to this,” the interviewer asked him.

“No, there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask,” Fauci answered.

The president’s reference to Fauci’s “pitching arm” being “accurate” harks back to Fauci’s terrible inaugural pitch at the first 2020 MLB game earlier this year, which was anything but accurate.

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Dr. Fauci, a would-be dictator of the new normal, has used the coronavirus, which he openly predicted in 2017, to freeze the rights of hundreds of millions of Americans.

It has to be seen to be believed. New Trump ad embraces masks, Fauci and BigPharma. Is the Trump campaign willing to to trash our liberties to win? Will the “strategy” even work?


SEE ALSO: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/10/three-biggest-lies-about-covid-19-have-all-been-leo-hohmann/


Bill Gates Says World Won’t Return to Normal Until “A Lot of People” Take a Second COVID Vaccine


SEE: https://www.infowars.com/posts/bill-gates-says-world-wont-return-to-normal-until-a-lot-of-people-take-a-second-covid-vaccine/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates says the world won’t return to normal until “a lot of people” take a second “super-effective” coronavirus vaccine that could be years away.

Gates told NBC that the situation will not be reversed until we reach ‘Zero COVID’ – totally eliminating the virus worldwide, a goal that represents a higher bar than for any other disease in history.

“The only way we’ll get completely back to normal is by having, maybe not the first generation of vaccines, but eventually a vaccine that is super-effective, and that a lot of the people take, and that we get the disease eliminated on a global basis,” said Gates.

“That is where we can finally start taking all the problems that have been created — in education, mental health — and start to build back in a positive way,” he added.

The Microsoft founder’s predictions on when life will return to any semblance of normality appear to be getting increasingly dire.

Last week, we highlighted Gates’ forecast that a “best case scenario” for a return to normal would be the end of 2021, a date that was qualified with the proviso, “We still don’t know whether these vaccines will succeed.”

Many suspect that the coronavirus pandemic has been hijacked by the elite to carry out a “great reset,” meaning that the entire capitalist system is being upended in favor of a ‘Green New Deal’-style economy that will lead to massive economic upheaval.

News networks like CNN appear to be insistent on having “the new normal” become permanent, with their international security editor Nick Paton Walsh asserting that the mandatory wearing of masks will become “permanent,” “just part of life,” and that the public would need to “come to terms with it.”

Last month, Bill Gates said that anyone who questioned the real agenda behind coronavirus or a COVID-19 vaccine was a “crazy conspiracy theorist.”


Gates Slams Vaccine “Conspiracy Theories” Targeting Him, Fauci

Says asking people to wear masks is just like asking them to wear clothes


SEE: https://www.infowars.com/posts/gates-slams-vaccine-conspiracy-theories-targeting-him-fauci/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Billionaire globalist Bill Gates lamented that he and Dr. Anthony Fauci have become the target of ‘baseless anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories’ that have gained ground in recent months.

“The whole digital media space where people are dealing with the bad news, the pandemic, has spun up a lot of conspiracy theories,” said Gates Wednesday on CNBC. “And the two people who are most targeted in those are Dr. Fauci and myself, in terms of, ‘Do we have some sort of maligned reason to think vaccines are important in general?’”

Gates later slammed Americans’ attitude toward masks and even equated that asking people to wear masks was similar to asking them to wear clothing.

“We have to admit that the scientific community, in the early stage of the infection, we thought this was about coughing, we didn’t know the simple masks would provide so much benefit,” said Gates. “Given that we tell people to wear clothes, I don’t think of it as some ultra-important freedom thing that there’s another part of your body – at least for the duration of the pandemic – we’re asking you to cover up.”

“Mask compliance in the United States is quite poor.”

Regarding public sentiment on Gates and Covid vaccines, remember that just days ago, Gates said the world wouldn’t return to normal until a ‘Zero COVID’ situation was achieved.

This would require “a lot of people” to take a second “super-effective” coronavirus vaccine that could be years away.

“The only way we’ll get completely back to normal is by having, maybe not the first generation of vaccines, but eventually a vaccine that is super-effective, and that a lot of the people take, and that we get the disease eliminated on a global basis,” said Gates to NBC.

“That is where we can finally start taking all the problems that have been created — in education, mental health — and start to build back in a positive way.”

It’s important to note that Bill Gates’ influence over the media was exposed earlier this year when a nonprofit group found that the Gates Foundation donated over $250 million to major media outlets.

The finding helps explain the positive coverage Gates has received during recent months, particularly over the promotion of his vaccine agenda, Columbia Journalism Review reports, especially considering that he is known to the public for his work with Microsoft rather than as an infectious disease expert like Fauci.

“I recently examined nearly twenty thousand charitable grants the Gates Foundation had made through the end of June and found more than $250 million going toward journalism,” said CJR’s Tim Schwab. “Recipients included news operations like the BBC, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, The Guardian, Univision, Medium, the Financial Times, The Atlantic, the Texas Tribune, Gannett, Washington Monthly, Le Monde, and the Center for Investigative Reporting.”

Schwab points out the ethical dilemma of billionaire philanthropists bankrolling the news; an arrangement that allows media giants to push their agenda and control the public’s perception of them.

“As philanthropists increasingly fill in the funding gaps at news organizations—a role that is almost certain to expand in the media downturn following the coronavirus pandemic—an underexamined worry is how this will affect the ways newsrooms report on their benefactors,” said Schwab. “Nowhere does this concern loom larger than with the Gates Foundation, a leading donor to newsrooms and a frequent subject of favorable news coverage.”


AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS Wants Children Enrolled in COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials

AAP Wants Children Enrolled in COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials

SEE: https://thevaccinereaction.org/2020/10/aap-wants-children-enrolled-in-covid-19-vaccine-clinical-trials/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is asking federal officials to include children in COVID-19 vaccine trials.1 On September 29, 2020, Sara Goza, MD, president of the AAP, wrote a letter addressed to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Steven Hahn, MD stating, “Children must be included in vaccine trials to best understand any potential unique immune responses and/or unique safety concerns.”2

Currently, none of the COVID-19 vaccines in clinical development are being tested in children under the age of 18 years.3

The letter goes on to state, “It would also be less than desirable to have one or more SARS-CoV-2 vaccines licensed or available under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) at a time when no data have been collected on the safety, tolerability, dose, and regimen for children.”4

The AAP is also asking federal officials to include individuals in the trials who reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the U.S. population and include pregnant women and individuals with underlying poor health conditions.5

AAP Blames Mistrust of COVID-19 Vaccines on Anti-Vaccination Movement

In the letter to HHS and the FDA, AAP officials blame the “vocal, well-established and growing anti-vaccination movement” for spreading “fear mistrust and misinformation” about COVID-19 vaccine candidates. The letter states:

Unfortunately, fear, mistrust, and misinformation about a potential SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is being spread from a vocal, well-established, and growing anti-vaccination movement. For a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine to be effective in controlling the pandemic, it must not only be safe and effective, but must also be embraced by medical providers and the public. For this to occur, Americans must have trust and confidence in the processes by which these vaccines are being tested for both safety and efficacy, and in the transparency of the scientific basis for licensure and recommendations for use. If that trust is jeopardized, mistrust of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines could become widespread and result not only in reduced uptake of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines but also in decreased confidence in all vaccines.6

Pfizer Submits Amended Protocol to FDA to Include Children in Clinical Trials

On Sept. 12, 2020, Pfizer, Inc. of New York City, New York and BioNTech SE of Mainz, Germany announced that they had submitted an amended protocol to the FDA to expand the enrollment of their Phase 3 pivotal COVID-19 vaccine trial to include approximately 44,000 participants, which also allows for the enrollment of new types of populations.7

The proposed expansion would allow the companies to increase trial population diversity and include adolescents as young as 16 years of age and people with chronic, stable HIV (human immunodeficiency viruses), Hepatitis C or Hepatitis B infection, as well as provide additional safety and efficacy data.8


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4 See Footnote 1.
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7 Pfizer and BioNTech Propose Expansion of Pivotal COVID-19 Vaccine Trial. Pfizer, Inc. Sept. 12, 2020.
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AMAZING POLLY: It’s Your Funeral, Stand up now

The COVID measures are an attempt to bring in worldwide totalitarianism. I try to show you a wide view in this video. At first I talk a little about the history of the Q movement and "the calm before the storm" .. NOTE: I say it's a 2 year anniversary but it's really 3 years. Mostly this video is about remembering who you are and paying the LOW COST now while it is still possible to stand up to tyranny. I talk about a recent funeral service that broke my heart, I show a portion of Trump's Warsaw speech and I try to show how we are in the midst of a totalitarian WAR ... To support my work, please go to either: 1. https://paypal.me/PollyStGeorge or 2. PO Box address: https://www.amazingpolly.net/contact.... Reference: VIDEO: Amazing Polly: 2018 Poland Resistance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFOCb... Trumps Full Speech Poland:



SEE: https://www.nvic.org/NVIC-Vaccine-News/September-2020/vaccination-whats-trust-got-to-do-with-it.aspx;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

To activate and view hyperlinked references, please click here once and then click any superscripted number below to access a hyperlinked reference, or scroll down to the bottom of the article to view all hyperlinked references.

As the National Vaccine Information Center prepares to host the three day, three night Fifth International Public Conference on Vaccination that will be broadcast online Oct. 16-18, 2020, the theme we have chosen is Protecting Health and Autonomy in the 21st Century, because at no time in modern history has it been more important for all of us to take a stand and do just that. This year, the orchestrated actions by governments around the world to restrict or eliminate civil liberties in response to the emergence of a new coronavirus has been unprecedented, and it has had profound effects on the global economy and on the physical, mental and emotional health of billions of people. 1

Stop COVID-19

By mid-September 2020, there were about 29 million cases of the new Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV-2) reported worldwide with about 925,000 associated deaths. The United States, the third most populated country in the world at 330 million people, had recorded over seven million cases and 198,000 deaths, with an estimated 598 deaths per million people, which is a higher death rate pthan Sweden, 2where health officials have refused to order masking or lock down the country and allowed the population to acquire natural herd immunity to the virus. 4

Overall COVID-19 Mortality Less Than One Percent

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the overall mortality rate for the new SARS coronavirus causing COVID-19 is about 0.6 percent, 5 although some scientists say it is lower, 6 while others estimate it can be as high as one to two percent in some parts of the world. 7 Compared to Ebola with a 50 percent mortality rate 8or smallpox, at 30 percent; tuberculosis at 20 to 70 percent; 10diphtheria at 5 to 10 percent; 11 or the 1918 influenza pandemic with a 2.5 percent mortality rate, 12COVID-19 is near the bottom of the infectious diseases mortality scale with a less one percent mortality rate in most countries.

Those at highest risk for complications and death include the elderly and those with one or more poor health conditions. 13 The CDC recently reported that only six percent of COVID-19-related deaths were solely due to coronavirus infection and 94 percent of the people who died also had influenza or pneumonia; heart, lung or kidney disease; high blood pressure; diabetes, or another underlying poor health condition. 14 Most studies suggest it is rare for children to suffer complications and die from COVID-19. 15

But seven months after the World Health Organization 16 declared a coronavirus pandemic, 17 and public health officials persuaded lawmakers to turn the world upside down, a lot of people are asking questions and so are doctors who disagree with each other about the facts. Questions like:

Where did the new respiratory virus come from?

COVID origin

The most popular narratives about the mutated coronavirus is that it either jumped out of a bat or another animal in a Chinese wet food market 18 19 or escaped out of a biohazard lab in 2019, 20 21 but scientists continue to argue about which scenario is more likely. 22

And this question:

If I wear a cloth facemask, does it really prevent me from getting infected with or transmitting COVID-19?

There is an ongoing debate in the medical community about whether it is a good idea for all healthy children and adults to wear cloth masks when they leave their home. 23

Mom holding masked toddler
In March 2020, the US Surgeon General ordered the American public to stop buying and wearing masks because “they are not effective in preventing general public from catching coronavirus” 24and “actually can increase the spread of coronavirus," which was the position of the World Health Organization. 25 But in April, the CDC walked back its “do not mask” order and urged all healthy Americans to voluntarily wear homemade cloth face coverings when entering public spaces. 26


In June, the World Health Organization was continuing to say that, “At the present time, the widespread use of masks everywhere is not supported by high-quality scientific evidence, and there are potential benefits and harms to consider…Masks on their own will not protect you from COVID-19,” 27 But by June, a number of state Governors and local governments had mandated facemask wearing and an epidemic of mask shaming had begun, 28 29 which led to public protests against masking mandates.30In August, the CDC doubled down and expanded face masking directives to include all children over the age of two, 31 while the World Health Organization warned that children under the age of six should not wear masks but children over age 12 should. 32

So confusion reigns. While some scientists are saying that if all healthy people are forced to wear face masks it will not stop the coronavirus pandemic and gives a dangerous and false illusion of safety, 33other scientists are demonizing the refusers, alleging that people refusing to mask up are “sociopathic” and have lower levels of empathy. 34

Black woman with mask behind bars

About 30 U.S. states require masking for young children and adults who enter public spaces, 35 and some states are leveling steep fines of up to $1,000 or threatening jail time for anyone who fails to comply. 36 Washington state has made not wearing a mask in public a misdemeanor crime 37 and central Texas officials say they wish they could put people in prison for refusing to wear a mask. 38 More than 50 countries in the world now require people to cover their faces when they leave home and some do fine and imprison people who go outside without wearing a mask. 39

So what about getting tested for COVID-19? The CDC says that people should get tested if they have COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the infection. There is also an antibody test to identify whether or not you have been infected in the past. 40

But lab tests are not always reliable and people are asking this logical question:

If I get a lab test, will it accurately identify if I am currently infected or have been infected with COVID-19 in the past?

Unfortunately, it’s not clear how accurate any of the tests are, especially the antibody test for past infection because the presence of antibodies may not be the only way to measure immunity. 41 The best guess is that the range of reported false negative results for the nasal swab test is between two and 50 percent, and the reported false negative results for the antibody blood test is up to 30 percent, depending upon when during or after the infection testing is performed. 42

Stop COVID-19

In July, a state lab in Connecticut admitted that 90 out of 144 people tested during a 30 day period - most of them nursing home residents - were inaccurately informed they were infected because of faulty, false positive lab tests. 43 In August, 77 football players in the National Football league were given false positive test results when, after retesting, all the tests came back negative. 44

People are also wondering about what happens after they get COVID-19, asking this question:

If I recover from COVID-19 will I only get temporary immunity or will I have long-term immunity against re-infection?

The CDC says it is unknown how long immunity lasts or whether you can get the new coronavirus infection twice. 45 However, last spring researchers found that out of 68 uninfected persons, the blood from one third of them contained helper T-cells that recognized the mutated SARS coronavirus. They concluded the presence of these defensive helper T cells gives evidence for some residual immunity that may have been produced after common cold infections caused by other types of coronaviruses. This, the scientists said, “bodes well for the development of long-term protective immunity.” 46

Another important study was published in the medical literature in August providing evidence for robust memory T cell immune responses in people who had recovered from even mild or asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 but had no detectable virus-specific antibodies. 47

If people can have strong immune responses without symptoms and traditional antibody tests for proof of immunity don’t apply to COVID-19, public health officials may be underestimating the extent of population-level herd immunity that already exists in the U.S., where there have been more cases reported than anywhere else.

COVID-19 Public Health Laws A Public Relations Disaster

While doctors debate the science, it is becoming clearer that the response to the new coronavirus infection by government health officials has been a public relations disaster. The anxiety, fear, and chaos created by regulations instituted by most governments after the declaration of a COVID-19 pandemic in March 2019 has torn the fabric of societies and affected public opinion about public health laws and vaccination. 48

Australia lockdown protest

Now the people are being told that there is one - and only one - simple solution to resolving the crisis and getting back to normal: that is, the only way we can take off our masks and touch, hug, kiss, or come close to each other again 49 50 51 52 53 54 is for every person living in every country to get injected with one of the liability-free COVID-19 vaccines being fast tracked to market. 55 5657 58 59

In April, World Health Organization officials at the United Nations launched a global initiative “to end the Covid-19 pandemic, ”proclaiming that, “no one is safe until everyone is safe.”60 By May, they were warning that if every person in the world doesn’t get injected with a COVID-19 vaccination, the virus “may never go away.” 61

The World Health Organization, 62 US government 63 64 65 66 and lawmakers in the European Union, 67 along with wealthy and politically powerful non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like the Gates Foundation, 68 69 70 GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, 71 and Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) 72 have given the pharmaceutical industry tens of billions of dollars to develop and fast track experimental coronavirus vaccines to market and promote their universal use. 73 74 At the same time, governments have given pharmaceutical companies a liability shield from lawsuits when COVID-19 vaccines injure or kill people. 75 76

The hard sell is on, but a lot of people are not buying it.

People Are Rejecting the COVID-19 Vaccine Sales Pitch


Every poll taken this year has revealed that between 40 and 70 percent of people living in the U.S. and Europe don’t plan to get a COVID-19 vaccine when it is licensed. 77 78 79 80 81 82 Populations in developed countries are resisting the siren call for “solidarity,” as doubt about COVID-19 vaccines is becoming more common in developing counties, too. 83

Angry fisted businessman with COVID-19 vaccine

Apparently, the pushback by a wary public has taken government officials by surprise. Apparently, they were banking that the economic and social deprivation, fear and chaos surrounding lockdowns would produce a bull market for experimental mRNA and DNA COVID-19 vaccines using technology that never has been licensed for humans. 84

It is widely acknowledged now that a solid two-thirds of Americans or more will “just say no” to getting injected with a vaccine containing lab altered parts of a new coronavirus that scientists admit they still don’t know much about, 85 vaccines that preliminary clinical trials have revealed may well cause more than just a few minor reactions. 86 A frustrated top U.S. health official has name-called Americans, who refuse to go along with public health policies and laws, calling them “anti-science” and “anti-authority.” 87 88

The truth is, people in this country and many others just don’t have confidence in the quality and quantity of the science or government health officials they are being told to trust. 89

Angry that a growing number of people are reluctant to roll up their sleeves for a vaccine that is being rushed to market at “warp speed,” public health officials, 90 billionaire Silicon Valley technocrats, 91 9293 doctors, attorneys and bioethics professors, 94 95 96 97 98 and politicians 99 are beating the drum for swift enactment of “no exceptions” mandatory vaccination laws as soon as COVID-19 vaccines are licensed. 100 Already, some cheerleaders at leading universities are banging that drum for approving and using experimental COVID-19 vaccines even before testing is done, 101 and are calling for young, healthy people to be the first to get the vaccine because it is their “civic duty” to protect everyone else. 102

They warn that “herd immunity may not be achieved if people refuse to take the coronavirus vaccine, 103 104 and say that, in order to keep society “safe,” laws must be passed to threaten and coerce you and your minor children to get vaccinated or face crippling social sanctions that will effectively take away your liberty and destroy your life. 105

People in U.S. and Other Nations Rise Up to Protest Lockdowns, Defending Freedom

This summer, huge public demonstrations defending freedom in Berlin, 106 London, 107 Paris 108 and Copenhagen saw tens of thousands of citizens gather to protest masking 109 and other oppressive coronavirus lockdown policies, which have severely restricted normal physical contact between people, caused widespread unemployment, 110 and harmed their physical, mental and emotional health. 111Like in Europe, people living in Canada, 112 Australia 113 114 and New Zealand 115 also are resisting months of social distancing policies that have eliminated fundamental human rights, such as freedom of speech and assembly.

U.S. lockdown protest

The U.S. has seen similar but smaller public demonstrations opposing forced masking, social distancing and lockdown laws and defending freedom in Virginia, 116 Pennsylvania, 117Wisconsin, 118 Michigan, 119 California 120 and other states, as record numbers of Americans struggle with unemployment, 121122 the destruction of small middle class businesses, 123mortgage defaults 124 and bankruptcy filings; 125 steep increases in anxiety and depression, 126 127 drug and alcohol addiction, 128 child and spousal abuse, 129 and divorce. 130

Social Sanctions for Failure to Get Vaccinated May Align with Lockdown Sanctions

The punishing social sanctions being talked about if you refuse a COVID-19 vaccination are likely to be enforced using government-operated electronic tracking systems linked to digital “immunity passports” that require you to “prove” you are immune to the new SARS coronavirus before you are allowed to work in an office building or enter other public spaces. 131 132 133 134 These social sanctions for failure to vaccinate may closely resemble the types of social interaction restrictions enforced in the U.S. and other countries over the past year.

In the U.S., most public health laws, including vaccine laws, are enacted by the states, 135 while the federal government makes vaccine use recommendations and can mandate vaccines for people crossing national or state borders. Local city and county governments also can impose their own public health regulations. 136 That is why some states and cities have seen very restrictive COVID-19 pandemic masking 137 and lockdown regulations 138 and others have been more open. 139

So whether or not you will be punished for refusing to get a COVID-19 shot next year primarily will be determined by your state’s Governor and the representatives who have been elected to make laws in your state Capitol. 140 Depending upon where you live and the political philosophy of the majority of representatives in your state legislature, after the COVID-19 vaccine is licensed by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and recommended by the CDC for use by all children and adults, 141 if you refuse to get a COVID-19 shot, you could be blocked from: 142

  • Being employed and going to work in an office
  • Getting and education
  • Obtaining a driver’s license or passport
  • Boarding a train or other public transportation
  • Attending a sports game or concert
  • Entering a store, restaurant, bar, coffee shop or nail salon
  • Booking an appointment with a doctor

And you could be prohibited from checking into a hospital for surgery, or visiting a family member in a nursing home, or blocked from obtaining private health insurance and Medicaid or Medicare.

In other words, if you refuse to get a coronavirus vaccination, you could be subjected to the kinds of punitive social sanctions I have been predicting and publicly warned about since 1997, 143 144 145146 sanctions that are already being applied to Americans who decline to get or give their children dozens of doses of CDC “recommended” liability free vaccines 147 and already are being denied an education, medical care, and employment. 148 149

Broken Promises Leads to Broken Trust

Doctors and public health officials wondering why people don’t trust what they say about infectious diseases and vaccination, including coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccines, only have to look in the mirror to answer the question.

Since 1982, parents of vaccine injured children have been begging doctors to do the kind of science that will explain why so many highly vaccinated children, who don’t get measles or chicken pox anymore, are stuck on sick and suffering with brain and autoimmune disorders that never go away. 150For four decades we have been asking doctors and government health officials to stop sweeping casualties of inhumane one-size-fits all vaccine policies under the rug. 151

What we get from medical professors in universities receiving lots of money from the government and pharmaceutical companies, and from doctors developing vaccines, and from public health officials pushing “no exceptions” vaccination policies is threats, name-calling, bullying and punishment if we try to exercise informed consent to vaccination. 152 153 154

There is no other word for it but abuse.

They order us to obey them but refuse to take responsibility for what happens when we obey the orders they give. They expect us to trust them and refuse to care about the victims of vaccination when the benefits do not outweigh the risks. Instead, they act to protect the power and profit-making of their business partners: the pharmaceutical industry, medical trade associations, multi-national media corporations and Silicon Valley billionaires, and leave vaccine victims to take care of themselves.

What’s trust got to do with it?

Broken trust has everything to do with why the majority of people in the U.S. and Europe do not want to roll the dice and find out whether the odds of surviving a COVID-19 vaccination are in their favor.

It is during this extraordinary time of great challenge and opportunity that NVIC is sponsoring the Fifth International Public Conference on Vaccination. Our conference will create an expanded base of knowledge about vaccine science, policy, law and ethics brought to you by more than 40 distinguished speakers, who will empower you with information you need to become an effective vaccine freedom advocate. Go to NVIC.org and register today for this historic conference celebrating freedom of thought, speech and conscience and gain permanent online access to this valuable video library of information.

It’s your health, your family, your choice.

And our mission continues: No forced vaccination, not in America.

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“We have waged a fierce battle against the invisible enemy — the China virus”


SEE: https://www.infowars.com/video-trump-slams-china-for-having-unleashed-this-plague-onto-the-world/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

In a damning speech to the United Nations Tuesday, President Trump blasted China for covering up the coronavirus outbreak and failing to prevent a global pandemic, adding that the World Health Organisation was complicit.

“As we pursue this bright future, we must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague onto the world: China,” Trump said.

“The Chinese government and the World Health Organization, which is virtually controlled by China, falsely declared that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission,” the President added.

“Later they falsely said people without symptoms would not spread the disease,” Trump continued, adding that “The United Nations must hold China accountable for their actions.”


“We have waged a fierce battle against the invisible enemy — the China virus,” Trump asserted.

The President further attacked China more broadly, stating that “Those who attack America’s exceptional environmental record while ignoring China’s rampant pollution are not interested in the environment. They only want to punish America. And I will not stand for it.”

Turning to solutions, Trump promised to distribute a vaccine noting, “We will defeat the virus, and we will end the pandemic and enter a new era of prosperity, cooperation and peace.”

The President also criticised the UN, saying that it needs to concentrate on “the real problems of the world” including “terrorism, the oppression of women, forced labor, drug trafficking, human and sex trafficking, religious persecution, and the ethnic cleansing of religious minorities”.

China’s UN ambassador Zhang Jun later hit back at Trump, declaring “The world is at a crossroads. At this moment, the world needs more solidarity and cooperation, but not confrontation.”

President Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader, claimed that the country has “no intention to fight either a cold war or a hot one with any country”, adding that “Any attempt of politicizing the issue or stigmatization must be rejected.”

Xi advocated a global solution to the pandemic, via the WHO, proclaiming that “We will continue to narrow differences and resolve disputes with others through dialogue and negotiation. We will not seek to develop only ourselves or engage in zero sum game. Unilateralism is dead.”

Xi called for an embracing of globalism, declaring that “COVID-19 reminds us that we are living in an interconnected global village with a common stake.”

“Burying one’s head in the sand like an ostrich in the face of economic globalization, or trying to fight it with Don Quixote’s lance, goes against the trend of history. Let this be clear: the world will never return to isolation,” Xi urged in a blatant advocation of globalism.

The Chinese leader’s words are extremely rich, given that China deliberately seized global supply lines for medical supplies and disgustingly profited by not informing the rest of the globe of the extent of the spread of coronavirus back in January.

A US Foreign Affairs Committee report released this week concluded as much, noting that China covered up the coronavirus pandemic, and failed to follow international health guidelines which would have almost certainly prevented the global pandemic.



Foreign Affairs Committee says China covered it up to seize medical supply chains and profit from its duplicity; WHO was complicit


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A new report from GOP members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee has concluded that China covered up the coronavirus pandemic, and failed to follow international health guidelines which would have likely prevented the global pandemic.

The report, which was released Monday, concludes that “It is highly likely the ongoing pandemic could have been prevented” had China been transparent after the outbreak began in Wuhan.

“It is beyond doubt that the [Chinese Communist Party] actively engaged in a cover-up designed to obfuscate data, hide relevant public health information, and suppress doctors and journalists who attempted to warn the world,” the report notes.

“Research shows the CCP could have reduced the number of cases in China by up to 95 percent had it fulfilled its obligations under international law and responded to the outbreak in a manner consistent with best practices.” it adds.

The 95% figure stems from Research out of the University of Southampton in the UK, which discovered “that if interventions in [China] could have been conducted one week, two weeks, or three weeks earlier, cases could have been reduced by 66 percent, 86 percent and 95 percent respectively – significantly limiting the geographical spread of the disease.”

Infowars reported on these findings back in March as the pandemic took hold.


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The new Congressional report also highlights that “as early as mid-December [2019], and no later than December 27th, the CCP had enough information to assess it was legally obligated to inform the WHO that the outbreak in Wuhan was an event ‘that may constitute a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.’”

The report also concludes that the World Health Organization (WHO) was also complicit given that it “parroted” Chinese propaganda.

“The WHO has been complicit in the spread and normalization of CCP propaganda and disinformation,” the report states, adding “By repeating as truth statements that were misleading, if not lies, the WHO negatively impacted the global response.”

“From the early stages of the outbreak, the WHO, under Director-General Tedros [Adhanom Ghebreyesus]’ leadership, parroted and upheld as inviolable truth, statements from the CCP,” the report notes, adding “An examination of their public statements, including the praise heaped on the CCP’s handling of the pandemic, reveal a disturbing willingness to ignore science and alternative credible sources.”

As we have repeatedly highlighted, on January 14th, the WHO amplified Chinese government propaganda that there had been no “human to human transmission” of COVID-19, despite this having actually occurred back in November.

Indeed, not only did the WHO help China cover-up the severity of the outbreak, they also silenced medical experts who tried to tell countries to impose border controls back in January but were blocked from doing so.

In April, we reported that multiple sources indicated that coronavirus was leaked from a lab in Wuhan and that the World Health Organization was “complicit” in helping China to cover up the truth behind the outbreak.

The latest GOP report also concludes that when it became clear that the virus was spreading rapidly, China nationalized the production of relevant medical equipment, securing control over global supplies.

“According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), [the] nationalized control of the medical supply chain included ‘commandeer[ing] medical manufacturing and logistics down to the factory level,’” the report states.

“It is highly likely that China’s nationalization of the manufacturing capacity of foreign companies, including 3M and General Motors, directly impacted the ability of the United States and other countries to procure [personal protective equipment] on the global market,” the report adds.

We thoroughly documented and exposed China’s supply hoarding and disgusting profiteering from the virus spread back in April and Early May.







SEE: https://thevaccinereaction.org/2020/09/coronavirus-testing-suspended-at-boston-lab-after-many-false-positive-results/;

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The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) has suspended testing for the SARS-CoV-2 virus at Boston based laboratory on Aug. 8, 2020 after the laboratory reported almost 400 false positive tests.1

Orig3n Laboratory Currently Under State Investigation

Orig3n Laboratory, a genetics and biotechnology company was suspended after state health officials became aware of an unusually high number of positive SARS-CoV-2 tests reported by the laboratory. An investigation found that there were at least 383 inaccurate positive results that were retested and came back as negative.2 Orig3n Laboratory has approximately sixty nursing homes as their customers.3

On Aug. 27, 2020, the MDPH said it notified Orig3n Laboratory that they had been cited with “three significant certification deficiencies that put patients at immediate risk of harm.”4 MDPH found that the laboratory director failed to provide appropriate management of the required processes. The laboratory did not include a control material in the extraction phase of testing and did not adhere to requirements like documenting sanitization of its equipment.5

A MDPH spokesperson said, “The Boston lab is required to respond with a written plan of correction, and if action is not taken it can face sanctions,”6

Nursing Home Negatively Impacted By False Positive Test Results

One of the nursing homes, Pines Edge Health Center at the North Hill Retirement Community in Needham, Massachusetts, was negatively impacted by the false positive tests. Ted Owens, CEO of the retirement community said that their retirement community was notified that eighteen employees and one resident were tested positive for SARS-CoV-2.7

Since the retirement community was unaware that the tests were inaccurate, the resident was quarantined in isolation and the employees were told to stay home with paid sick leave.8

Owens said, “We notified our community of residents, family members and employees about the situation, which understandably caused significant concern. The costs to the facility were also significant.” He added, “The false positive results created tremendous fear and anxiety among employees, residents and the family members of both.”9

Laboratory Blames Human Error For Inaccuracies

Orig3n Laboratory has said that the inaccuracy in testing was caused by “human error” that resulted in the contamination of tests.10

According to Robin Smith, chief executive at laboratory, the laboratory has processed “tens of thousands” of SARS-CoV-2 tests in the last three months; however, the extent of inaccurate testing at the laboratory is not known since public health officials did not re-test every sample collected at the laboratory.11

77 False Positive Tests Among NFL Players

A similar situation occurred amongst players in the National Football League (NFL). Seventy-seven individuals in the NFL who were tested for SARS-CoV-2 received test results that were false positives. As a result, eleven teams had to make adjustments to their training camp schedules due to the fear caused by the inaccurate testing.12

BioReference Laboratories, based in New Jersey, is the laboratory that the NFL hired to conduct SARS-CoV-2 tests for all of their players. According to Jon R. Cohen, MD, the Executive Chairman of BioReference Laboratories, the false positives were a result of contamination.

Dr. Cohen said…

On August 22, BioReference Laboratories reported an elevated number of positive [SARS-CoV-2] PCR test results for NFL players and personnel at multiple clubs. The NFL immediately took necessary actions to ensure the safety of the players and personnel. Our investigation indicated that these were most likely false positive results, caused by an isolated contamination during test preparation in the New Jersey laboratory. Reagents, analyzers and staff were all ruled out as possible causes and subsequent testing has indicated that the issue has been resolved. All individuals impacted have been confirmed negative and informed.13

The NFL has a protocol whereby all positive test results are followed by two additional tests over a 24-hour period. If both of those tests are negative, the original test is classified as a false positive.14

The NFL Player’s Association said they have initiated an investigation into the testing process at the lab.15


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