Iran warns Europe: Designating Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps a terrorist group ‘declaration of war’



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Iran’s threat presents a big dilemma for Western leaders, as Iran is the most powerful Shia country in the world, and Western leaders are still willfully blind to the fact that one cannot separate politics from mainstream Islam. Sharia is divine law. For mainstream Muslims, no law in the world transcends it. The Sharia is both religious and political. But if one believes that Islam is a religion of peace and not a political system, then how can one declare the world’s most prominent Shia regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is a terrorist group? Particularly when the IRGC serves the function of defender of the Islamic Republic.

‘National Decision’ Declaration On Iran’s Islamic Revolution Day: ‘We Warn The European Countries Not To Make An Historic Mistake By Declaring The IRGC Terrorist – Because We [Would] See This As A Declaration Of War On The Iranian Nation; In Such A Case, They Will Be Forced To Meet The IRGC At Strategic Straits And In Difficult Regions,’” MEMRI, March 13, 2023:

The Iranian regime mouthpiece Kayhan published, on February 12, 2023, the text of the “National Decision” declaration that was read out at the end of the Islamic Revolution Day march in Tehran the previous day. The declaration was featured on the front page, next to coverage of the marches across the country.

Kayhan wrote: “Yesterday, 44 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the people took to the streets chanting ‘Death to America’ more gloriously than ever, and showed more clearly than before that they love [Supreme] Leader [Ali Khamenei] and the revolution.”

The National Decision declaration glorified the Quran and the two leaders of Iran’s Islamic Revolution – Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the revolution, and his successor Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader. Both of them, it said, had restored the grandeur of Islam as rightful leader of humanity, a task undertaken by Iran. It reiterated absolute acceptance of Khamenei’s leadership, and his many acts of grace in the face of those participating in the widescale civil protests against him and his regime in the past months. Emphasizing hostility towards the “Satanic front” – i.e. the West, led by the U.S. – and its culture and liberal values, particularly with regard to women, it expressed support for the resistance front’s struggle against Israel and against the Arab countries that are Iran’s rivals, and for “strengthening Iran’s strategic depth.” The National Decision also included a warning to the European countries not to designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization, and threatened the West with operations in “strategic straits” and other regions.

The following is a translation of the Iranian regime’s National Decision declaration:

“Praise and thanks be to God, who brought the Quran to light up our path and the great blessing of the Prophet of Mercy [Mohammad] and his supporters [the Shi’ites] to guide us in passing through the darkness of ignorance, so that we will be able to actualize the good and desirable life of sacrifice to the Kingdom of God, which brings human happiness. [All] this is by grasping the strong rope and turning to the guides of revelation [i.e. the founder of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and his successor Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei].

“With endless gratitude that at the height of modern ignorance, when the world has become full of regimes of heresy, of polytheism, and of tyranny, we are privileged to be present in the era of the great Khomeini, the reviver of the pure Islam and the awakener of the people who descend into sin, and in the era of the great man [Khamenei] from the same seminary as the wise elder [Khomeini], the candle of whose existence warms, like the blazing sun, the existence of the oppressed and barefoot, and who led to the increasing authority of Islamic Iran, and instilled disappointment in the camp of the arrogance [the West, led by the U.S.].

“The school of pure Islam that gives life [i.e. the Shi’ite Islamic Revolution] was trapped in the damage of ignorance of history and caught up in misinterpretations and misperceptions that were sometimes specific, revived itself by virtue of the guidance of the enlightened elder [Khomeini], and [continues to do so] today by virtue of the leadership of the Supreme Leader of the Muslims of the world [i.e. Khamenei]. We owe the continuation of the glorious Islamic revolution and Iran’s stable peace and security to the struggle and heroic deeds of the martyrs [during] the Iran-Iraq war, to the martyrs who defended ‘the holy places’ [i.e. the Iranian soldiers sent to Syria], particularly the commander of hearts, the martyr Haj Qassem Soleimani [the late IRGC Qods Force commander killed by the Americans in January 2020], to the martyrs [working in] health and security, and to the patience of their families. We believe that in the second phase of the revolution, the new foundations of the great Islamic civilization are being laid by emphasizing the discourse of the promised happiness that has no substitute and that grants identity.

“Now, on Revolution Day, after [44 years] of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, with the motto ‘Iran is strong, 44 years of honor,’ at the end of the national and glorious march of today that is an expression of the coalescence of determination and unity of the word and solidarity of the Muslim nation of Iran, we declare loudly, with ‘Allah akbar [God is great], Khamenei is the leader,’ the following:

“We, the nation of velaya [i.e. the rule of the jurisprudent, Khamenei], consider him the most precious legacy of the Imam Khomeini. Today, more than ever, the light of his existence is difficult for Satans, bats, and people of darkness and ignorance…..

Trump: ‘We Are at the Brink of World War III’

Trump: 'We Are at the Brink of World War III'



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Donald Trump formally kicked off his 2024 campaign on Saturday, blitzing the states of South Carolina and New Hampshire — the first two states on the Republican primary calendar in 2024.

Trump may not have wanted to begin his formal campaign for president so soon. But others, including the man who might be his most dangerous rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, may have forced his hand. Trump is still ahead in the polls, but DeSantis has begun to surge and in some early states — specifically, New Hampshire — DeSantis is ahead. A University of New Hampshire survey released this week showed DeSantis leading Trump 42% to 30%.

Trump is experienced enough to know that these early polls don’t mean anything. The real tests will come in the early primaries.

Meanwhile, Trump has a Democrat to bury. Joe Biden may be the absolutely worst man to serve as president when Vladimir Putin is rattling his nuclear weapons.

“Through weakness and incompetence, Joe Biden has brought us to the brink of World War III,” Trump said. “We’re at the brink of World War III, just in case anybody doesn’t know it. As president, I will bring back peace through strength.”

Meanwhile, Biden keeps poking the Russian bear counting on Russian President Vladimir Putin not to lash out and start a world war.

NBC News:

He called Biden’s botched American pullout from Afghanistan in 2021 “the lowest day in the history of our country” and claimed that if he were president, there would be “a peace deal negotiated within 24 hours” to end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He blamed Biden for border crossings and drug deaths, repeating his 2015 assertion that Mexico is sending “killers,” “murderers” and “rapists” to the U.S.

“They are sending people that are killers, murderers, they’re sending rapists. And they’re sending, frankly, terrorists, or terrorists are coming on their own, and we can’t allow this to happen,” Trump said.

But it’s the DeSantis vs. Trump cage match that will dominate the political conversation over the next year or more. And on Saturday, Trump had plenty to say about his main GOP rival.


On Saturday, Trump took his sharpest swings at DeSantis to date, accusing the governor of “trying to rewrite history” over his response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Trump said DeSantis, who has been openly skeptical about government efforts to vaccinate people against the virus, “promoted the vaccine as much as anyone.” He praised governors who did not close down their states, noting that DeSantis ordered the closure of beaches and business in some parts of the state.

“When I hear that he might [run] I think it’s very disloyal,” Trump said.

As for the polls showing DeSantis beating him in key nominating states, Trump was dismissive.

“He won’t be leading, I got him elected,” he said. “I’m the one that chose him.”

For some Republicans, it comes down to which candidate is more likely to attract a broad cross-section of American voters and prevail against Biden. To answer that, Trump brought the house down in New Hampshire with some of his policy prescriptions.

During his speech in New Hampshire, Trump doled out red meat to a friendly crowd. The crowd roared with applause when he said that, if elected, he would “eliminate federal funding for any school that pushes critical race theory or left-wing gender ideology,” and support “direct election of school principals by the parents.”

His speech in New Hampshire echoed policy prescriptions he has released over the past several weeks in the form of video addresses, on issues such as education and protecting Social Security and Medicare. His team has seen those pronouncements as a way to maneuver back onto the political stage without having to organize the signature rallies that defined Trump’s prior bids.

You can bet the farm that the Democrats and their radical allies will pull out all the stops to smear Trump — but only after he wins the nomination. It’s plain that the Democrats would much rather face Trump in a general election, having beaten him once already. But Republican voters will make the final determination about who the Democrats face, and whether it’s Trump or not, they have a miserable record to defend.

EU rebrands pedophiles ‘People with a Sexual Interest in Children’



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The Scotland police recently referred to pedophiles as “minor-attracted people.” Many expressed outrage over this attempt to normalize the abuse of children. Now comes this.

The West is sinking deeper and deeper into a kafkaesque mix of socialism and depravity, while the Churches remain largely silent instead of protecting Judeo-Christian values and innocent children.

The “EU project’s use of the term Minor-Attracted People (MAPs) to describe pedophiles” is causing a huge backlash. Let’s hope that those who are dissenting succeed in stopping this abuse. The European Commission “is funding the Drag Queen Shows across Europe,” which means taxpayers are funding it, with no say in where their money is going.

“‘Horrible Propaganda’ – EU Project Rebrands Paedophiles ‘People with a Sexual Interest in Children,’” by Peter Caddle, Breitbart, January 16, 2023:

A Member of the European Parliament (MEP) has accused the European Union of pushing “horrible propaganda” after a project described paedophiles as “people with a sexual interest in children”, accusing the bloc of seeking to rebrand them with a term that is both “more appealing and morally neutral”.

Cristian Terhes, a Romanian MEP who sits with the European Conservatives and Reformists group, has slammed the EU for allegedly pushing for the term “paedophile” to be replaced with something “more appealing and morally neutral”.

It comes after controversy surrounding an EU project’s use of the term Minor-Attracted People (MAPs) to describe paedophiles, despite the fact that the term is highly controversial, and seen by some as overly sympathetic towards predators.

However, despite the use of the term prompting huge backlash only last month, Terhes claims that the EU still seems to be trying to soften the language around paedophiles, with another EU project on child protection repeatedly referring to them as “people with a sexual interest in children”.

“I am shocked and appalled, in equal measure, that the European Commission was, until very recently… replacing the term ‘paedophile’ with the more appealing and morally neutral phrase of Minor Attracted Person,” Terhes alleged in comments to Breitbart Europe.

“They even intensified this horrible propaganda and are now talking of ‘people with a sexual interest in children’,” he continued.

“This attitude of the European Commission to soft soap an evil and criminal behaviour, like paedophilia, is dangerous and a threat to all children in Europe,” the public representative went on to say, calling for the project in question to be withdrawn by European Commission, currently led by Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen.

The Romanian MEP also took aim at the EU’s continued funding of drag queen shows for children, with the bloc giving financial support to drag projects in the likes of Germany, Spain, and Slovenia.

One project sponsored by the EU that took place in Berlin — titled ‘Drag It Up!’ — saw “38 young queer people” trained in the art of drag, with those involved being taught to put on makeup and wigs, walk in high heels, and implement “methods of blurring and exaggerating traditional binary gender roles”….

A Nest of Ninnies: UK Office of Budget Responsibility Declares More Migrants Help Spur Economic Growth



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The nest of ninnies in the U.K. government keeps trying to convince an increasingly skeptical public that the steady stream of migrants – most of them Muslim and many of them illegal – now entering the U.K. – are a positive benefit to the economy, and hence the British, far from trying to limit immigration, should encourage it. This bizarre twist on the truth can be found here: “Cutting immigration means higher taxes,” by James Kirkup, The Spectator

Is it true that this largely Muslim immigration is a boon to the U.K.? We know that in the year ending (YE) in June 2022, the net international migration, which is the difference calculated between immigration and emigration within the same period, was estimated at 504,000, an increase of 331,000 compared with the YE June 2021 figure of 173,000. This is a colossal increase. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) seems to think that is a Good Thing.

‘Only the higher-than-expected numbers of migrants coming to the UK under the post-Brexit migration regime adds materially to prospects for potential output growth over the coming five years relative to the assumptions that we made in March.’

That’s from the Office for Budget Responsibility’s (OBR) assessment accompanying the Autumn Statement. It’s a pretty striking line: the state’s official analyst of the public finances says that the only good thing to happen to the UK economy since March is higher immigration.

Here, I can only say something rather childish: I told you so. No doubt this immigration outlook will make some people unhappy. Justifiably, too. It isn’t what they were promised, at least by the current Home Secretary. Suella Braverman said she wants net migration to fall below 100,000 – though to be fair, she said that as part of the Truss government in October.

James Kirkup belongs to that small group of Conservatives who have convinced themselves that migration has been an economic boon for the U.K. Fortunately, the majority of Conservatives take a much less sanguine view of the migrant invasion.

We need to ask a few questions of these British enthusiasts of migration. Are they aware that more than three-quarters of the migrants now flooding into the U.K. are Muslims? Are they aware that many Muslim migrants in the U.K. are not true asylum seekers, as they claim to be, but rather, economic migrants, determined to take advantage of all the generous benefits that the British government — that is, the British taxpayer – offers? Among those benefits are subsidized or free housing, free medical care available from the National Health Service, free education, and family allowances that increase with each child (Muslim families are much larger than those of the indigenous British, and derive the greatest benefit from this support), and unemployment benefits even without ever having been employed. The amount the National Health spends on Muslims is unusually high, it needs to be pointed out, because of the prevalence of congenital ailments among Muslims. This is the result of inbreeding, with marriages between cousins being encouraged. In a low-trust culture, it makes sense to keep marriages, and hence property, within the extended family.

Muslims who feel the need to supplement those benefits sometimes turn to crimes of property – robbery, and burglary. Muslims exhibit an unusually high rate of criminality; they make up 4% of the U.K. population, but 20% of the prison population. To the costs of all those benefits that Muslim economic migrants take full advantage of, we must add the cost of their high rates of criminality. This criminal activity requires that more government money be spent on police, detectives, prosecutors, court-appointed lawyers, prosecutors, judges, prison guards, and prisons. This all adds up to a very great sum, though, as far as I can tell, no one has actually calculated the precise cost to the British government of the economic benefits that Muslim migrants lay claim to, being content to simply note that annually, it runs into the billions of dollars. The average cost to the British government of incarcerating a single prisoner is $75,000, with rapists, murderers, and terrorists requiring the highest security, which makes them the most expensive to incarcerate. Muslims constitute close to one-quarter of the rapists and murderers in British prisons, and nearly all of those convicted of terrorism in the last twenty years (there is still a handful of aging IRA men in UK prisons).

Adding the cost of all the government benefits Muslim migrants take full advantage of to the cost of arresting, putting on trial, and then incarcerating Muslim criminals, gives us an annual figure of tens of billions of dollars. And this is only the economic cost. There are other great costs to society, not susceptible to measurement. What kind of dollar or pound figure do we assign to the damage done to many thousands of English girls, the victims of Muslim grooming gangs in two dozen English cities, who were seduced, given drinks and drugs, and then passed around to be shared as sexual objects? We cannot put a dollar figure on the despair and human ruin that the Muslim grooming gangs in the U.K. have caused, but that does not mean that despair and ruin aren’t real.

How do we put an economic value on the increased sense of insecurity felt by British women in some neighborhoods where they used to think nothing of going out at night alone? Muslims have been known to prey on Infidel women, whose dress suggests to Muslims that they “are just asking for it”? What about the anxiety felt by Jews who know that if they wear identifiable Jewish dress – kippahs and Star-of-David pendants, not to mention shtreimels and tallit worn by Hasidim going to the shul — they can expect at some point to be attacked by Muslims, not only in London, Manchester, and Birmingham, but also in Paris, Rome, and even New York? And what is the negative value we assign to the appearance of No-Go neighborhoods, where a dominant population of Muslim migrants makes outsiders – the indigenous non-Muslims whose country these migrants have invaded – distinctly unwelcome, and even the police and firemen do not enter without protection?

So let’s go back to that report by the OBR that prompted this piece, the report titled: “The U.K. Office of Budget Responsibility declares that more migrants help spur economic growth.”

Just one question. What are those people at the U.K. Office of Budget Responsibility smoking?

Conquered: Germany’s Largest Mosque Blasts Controversial Call to Prayer For the First Time

Erdoğan's Islamizes Europe: Germany's Largest Mosque Blasts Call to Prayer For the First Time

A lawmaker in Turkey, which severely represses religious minorities, says ‘Islamophobia’ and racism peaking in Europe



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Accompanying this Daily Sabah story is a photo from the Cologne Central Mosque in Germany. The place is packed, and it’s clearly a grand structure. It was completed in 2017. Now: where in Turkey have Christians been allowed to build a comparably large and imposing church in the last five years? Ten? Twenty? In Turkey, religious minority populations suffer severe restrictions of their rights. Turkish authorities don’t allow the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople to have any legal identity, and consequently, it can’t own any property, even its own churches. Numerous Christian properties have been confiscated.

But Çağatay Kılıç, acknowledging none of this, would have us believe that the real place where religious minorities are having a hard time is in Europe, where Muslim migrants are streaming in and going on welfare, getting everything provided for them by the state. And people will fall for it.

“Racism in Europe has reached the peak: Senior Turkish lawmaker,” by Betül Usta, Daily Sabah, October 17, 2022:

Racism and discrimination against religious identities in Europe have reached a peak, the head of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Commission Çağatay Kılıç said Monday.

Noting that the commission follows political and social developments closely, Kılıç said that the rise of far-right parties and racist approaches in Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Switzerland and some Balkan countries is worrying….

“Islamophobia comes first among racism. Racism against religion is at its peak in Germany. We understand this from the attacks on mosques. There are disrespects such as drawing a swastika and leaving a pig’s head. Considering the public opinion polls, the far-right AFD is the first party in the German state of Brandenburg. Racism is a contagious element, and when it is infected, it evolves into events that will harm social life,” he warned, underlining that members of different religions are excluded from political decision-making processes.

“There are those in Europe who say, ‘We need to restrict the movement and living space of Muslims unless they adapt to us.’ This contradicts the basic values ​​that Europe claims and puts forward,” he added.

He highlighted that a report on Islamophobia was published in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe last week and added: “A human being is an entity with thoughts, feelings, beliefs and social networks. If a person is not allowed to live with these characteristics, this person’s fundamental rights and freedoms are taken away from them.”…

Anti-Muslim attitudes are widespread in Germany, according to a recent study conducted by the Expert Council on Integration and Migration (SVR).

Nearly 48% of respondents said they believe “Islam is not compatible with German society,” while 29% suggested restricting the practice of Islam in the country.

“Negative attitudes towards Islam are widespread in all groups examined; people with and without a migration background,” the researchers said in their report….

GIORGIA MELONI, New Italian prime minister puts globalist elite on notice, says her people are taking country back from ‘New World Order’

Image: New Italian prime minister puts globalist elite on notice, says her people are taking country back from ‘New World Order’



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(Natural News) Brand-new Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has put the globalist elite on notice during a fiery speech following her election victory Sunday in which she said she plans to “dismantle the New World Order.”

Meloni, who is no stranger to standing up for ordinary Italians, warned the tiny global elite who have stacked the deck against billions of ordinary citizens in dozens of countries for decades that “our main enemy today is the globalist drift of those who view identity and all its forms to be an evil to overcome” and who “constantly ask to shift real power away from the people to supernational entities headed by supposedly enlightened elites,” according to a report by NewsPunch.

“Let us be clear in our mind because we did not fight against and defeat communism in order to replace it with a new international regime, but to permit independent nation states once again to defend the freedom, identity, and sovereignty of their peoples,” she added.

A partial transcript of her victory speech helps explain why the globalist leftist elite is freaking out:

Why is the family an enemy? Why is the family so frightening? There is a single answer to all these questions. Because it defines us. Because it is our identity. Because everything that defines us is now an enemy for those who would like us to no longer have an identity and to simply be perfect consumer slaves.

And so they attack national identity, they attack religious identity, they attack gender identity, they attack family identity. I can’t define myself as: Italian, Christian, woman, or mother. No. I must be citizen x, gender x, parent 1, parent 2. I must be a number. Because when I am only a number, when I no longer have an identity or roots, then I will be the perfect slave at the mercy of financial speculators. The perfect consumer…[But] we will defend it.

We will defend God, country, and family. Those things disgust people so much. We will do it to defend our freedom. Because we will never be slaves and simple consumers at the mercy of financial speculators.

That is our mission. That is why I came here today. Chesterton wrote, more than a century ago. .. “Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer.” That time has arrived. We are ready.

She literally talks about Christianity, the core family (mother and father), the fact that there are only two genders, and she pledges to put her own country above all others, in a very Trump-like fashion.

Conservatives in the West are celebrating her victory and, more importantly, how she achieved it.

“Here’s what Giorgia Meloni says at campaign rallies. ‘I am Giorgia. I am a woman. I am a mother. I am Italian, I am Christian. You will not take that away from me!’ For this, the Left calls her a fascist and an heir to Mussolini. Italians don’t believe it, and we shouldn’t either,” filmmaker and documentarian Dinesh D’Souza wrote on Twitter.

“In Italy, Giorgia Meloni is called centrodesta’ which means ‘center-right.’ But the Western media calls her ‘far-right,’ which is more revealing of the Western media’s place on the ideological spectrum. From the vantage point of the far left, Centro Destra appears to be far right,” D’Souza added.

Sources include:

New York Times: We Should Criminalize Speech Like Germany



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The New York Times has been running an extended crusade for some years now to dispense with freedom of speech. It’s run op-eds arguing that speech is violence, that the First Amendment has been misunderstood… and that we should be more like Germany.

The story starts with this incident:

When the police pounded the door before dawn at a home in northwest Germany, a bleary-eyed young man in his boxer shorts answered. The officers asked for his father, who was at work.

They told him that his 51-year-old father was accused of violating laws against online hate speech, insults and misinformation. He had shared an image on Facebook with an inflammatory statement about immigration falsely attributed to a German politician. “Just because someone rapes, robs or is a serious criminal is not a reason for deportation,” the fake remark said.

The police then scoured the home for about 30 minutes, seizing a laptop and tablet as evidence, prosecutors said.

It’s hard to imagine a worse test case for censorship. But the New York Times decided to lead with someone sharing a sarcastic quote on Facebook mocking pro-migrant politicians.

Clearly, the Times would like to see this in America.

Hate speech, extremism, misogyny and misinformation are well-known byproducts of the internet. But the people behind the most toxic online behavior typically avoid any personal major real-world consequences. Most Western democracies like the United States have avoided policing the internet because of free speech rights, leaving a sea of slurs, targeted harassment and tweets telling public figures they’d be better off dead. At most, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter remove a post or suspend their account.

But over the past several years, Germany has forged another path, criminally prosecuting people for online hate speech.

Germany is known for forging another path. That said, most European countries will prosecute some kinds of speech and none have free speech. The police can come to your door in the UK and any number of European countries. Germany does this on a larger scale.

In doing so, they have flipped inside out what, to American ears, it means to protect free speech. The authorities in Germany argue that they are encouraging and defending free speech by providing a space where people can share opinions without fear of being attacked or abused.

This is the same “Censorship is Freedom” argument being used by Google, Facebook, and the Left.

What’s really telling are the examples in the article.

And it was that post that eventually led to the raid of that 51-year-old father’s house in northwest Germany. The father, whose name was not shared by authorities because of Germany’s strict privacy laws, is still under investigation in Lower Saxony as police examine the contents of his devices. Even if he did not know the comment attributed to Ms. Bause was fake, he still faces punishment because “the accused bears the risk of spreading a false quote without checking it,” prosecutors said.

So basically penalizing opponents of a leftist politician.

Swen Weiland, a software developer turned internet hate speech investigator, is in charge of unmasking people behind anonymous accounts. He hunts for clues about where a person lives and works, and connections to friends and family. After an unknown Twitter user compared Covid restrictions to the Holocaust, he used an online registry of licensed architects to help identify the culprit as a middle-aged woman.

“I try to find out what they do in their normal life,” Mr. Weiland said. “If I find where they live or their relatives then I can get the real person. The internet does not forget.”

It’s safe to say that woman was not a fan of the Nazis.

Last year, Christian Endt, a journalist in Berlin whose coverage of Covid drew a steady stream of insults online, reached a breaking point. After an anonymous Twitter user had called him “stupid” and mentally ill, he embarked on a mission to see if he could get the person prosecuted.

The person’s account did not include a real name, but it had a photo on the profile page. That allowed Mr. Endt to perform an image search to see where else on the internet the image could be found. It led him to a LinkedIn page of a small-business owner. From there, he found the individual’s company website, phone number and home address.

Mr. Endt compiled his finding in a memo and sent it to the local district attorney. In December, the case landed with the online hate unit in Lower Saxony, where the culprit lived. After reviewing the evidence, they sent the man a fine worth about €1,000.

Again, criticism of government COVID policies.

Last year, Andy Grote, a city senator responsible for public safety and the police in Hamburg, broke the local social distancing rules — which he was in charge of enforcing — by hosting a small election party in a downtown bar.

After Mr. Grote later made remarks admonishing others for hosting parties during the pandemic, a Twitter user wrote: “Du bist so 1 Pimmel” (“You are such a penis”).

Three months later, six police officers raided the house of the man who had posted the insult, looking for his electronic devices. The incident caused an uproar.

None of the incidents profiled involved any kind of Nazi association. This is about the government suppressing its own political opposition under the guise of fighting hate speech. The complaints seem to largely involve politicians, activists, and media figures.

It’s not hard to see why the media in this country thinks we should be more like Germany.


Revolution in Italy? Voters 'Threw The Bums Out!'

A political tidal wave broke over Italy over the weekend, as voters by a large majority elected a right-wing government. European Union officials warned Italians not to vote the "wrong" way...but they did anyway. 

Italy Rebukes EU, Elects Right-wing Government



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In an election that many in the mainstream media are hysterically likening to a “return of fascism,” the Italian people delivered a stark anti-European-Union statement. On Sunday, a right-wing coalition led by Giorgia Meloni and her Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) party received enough votes to form a government. Meloni and her party are openly skeptical of EU policies.

The snap election was triggered by party infighting, which led to the collapse of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government in July.

The Brothers of Italy Party, which Meloni co-founded in 2012, led all vote-getters in a crowded political landscape, gathering 26 percent of the vote nationally. Meloni’s coalition includes the Lega (League) party of Matteo Salvini, which garnered approximately nine percent, and the Forza Italia (Forward Italy) party, considered more moderate than the others, receiving about eight percent of the vote.

A new government will be formed in the coming weeks.

Left-wing forces have seen their numbers dramatically decline since the 2018 election. The center-left Democratic Party scored about 19 percent, with its allies scoring another seven percent altogether. The populist Five Star Movement, which was the dominant party in 2018, saw its numbers decline radically, only receiving about 15 percent of the vote.

Meloni will be Italy’s first female prime minister. She is a fierce defender of the natural idea of marriage between a man and a woman and would like to see Italians increase their birthrate rather than populate the country with more immigrants. She is anti-abortion, and against the teaching of so-called gender ideology in schools.

“It’s a victory I want to dedicate to everyone who is no longer with us and wanted this night…. Starting tomorrow we have to show our value … Italians chose us, and we will not betray it, as we never have,” she said Monday.

Meloni dedicated the victory to “all the militants, managers, supporters and every single person who — in these years — has contributed to the realization of our dream, offering soul and heart spontaneously and selflessly.”

“We won’t betray your trust. We are ready to lift Italy up.”

At a recent event, Meloni laid out some of her positions while lamenting that some in Italy have referred to her and her party as “embarrassing.”

“I say the losers are those with nothing better to do than come here and insult us while we talk about what we can do for the Italian family. But above all, I say the embarrassing ones are not us. The embarrassing ones are those who support practices like ‘womb for rent,’ abortion at nine months, and blocking the development of children with drugs at eleven years of age. That is embarrassing,” she said.

So, naturally, the Left and the EU see her and her party as “fascist.”

Sunday’s election represents a huge shift in Italian politics. In 2018, Brothers of Italy received only 4.5 percent of the vote.

Meloni will take over the government of a founding member of the EU, the bloc’s third-largest economy.

Meanwhile, EU leaders have promised to rein in any untoward behavior of the new Italian government. In a chilling warning days before the election, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen spoke of consequences should the new Italian government not toe the EU line.

Speaking at Princeton University in the United States on Thursday, von der Leyen issued a veiled threat to any right-wing Italian government.

“My approach is that whatever democratic government is willing to work with us, we’re working together,” the European Commission president said. “If things go in a difficult direction, I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland, we have tools.”

Von der Leyen didn’t expand on what those “tools” may be.

Other European leaders were slightly less vicious than von der Leyen. French President Emmanuel Macron, who survived a right-wing challenge of his own from Marine Le Pen in April, issued a conciliatory message.

“The Italian people have made a democratic and sovereign choice. We respect it,” Macron said. “As a neighbor and friend, we must continue to work together. It’s as Europeans that we will succeed in overcoming our joint challenges.”

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Meloni’s win is how quickly mainstream media in the United States were to cast her victory as Benito Mussolini’s second coming. CNN called the coming government “the most far-right government since the fascist era of Benito Mussolini,” and The Atlantic referred to Meloni’s election as “The Return of Fascism in Italy.”

It’s almost as if the American Left wants there to be a fascist government in Europe.


Italy: Populist Brothers of Italy win sweeping majority, smeared by globalists as ‘fascist’



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Italian voters have spoken: enough of globalist chaos; environmental lunacy creating a bad economy built on an unrealistic green agenda; open-door, unvetted immigration; rigid Covid mandates; and diminishing personal freedom. Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy coalition party has captured a sweeping majority in Italy. It’s being widely smeared as the most right-wing government since Mussolini. Other coalition members include Matteo Salvini’s League, noted for its opposition to an open-door immigration policy, and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia. 

Here’s what Italy can immediately expect, based on the stated policies of the incoming government:

review of rules on public spending and economic governance. Meloni has stated that her focus will be on “investments to boost Italy’s chronically weak economic growth but pledged responsibility in managing its debt-laden public accounts.” And as a fiscal conservative, she added: “I am very cautious.” She has also criticized the EU for its lack of foresight in pursuit of a green economy at any cost, accusing the EU of failing “to craft policies that would ensure available, affordable energy supplies. Sky-high energy prices, she declares, “have forced businesses and families down to their knees.”

The Brothers of Italy party is being attacked as far-right,  “anti-democratic” and a threat to personal freedoms, but the truth is that globalist governments have themselves proven to be the worst threats to democracy and personal freedom while accusing the Right of everything they do. It is globalists today who are the exponents of the socialist ideology and who are willing to use violence to cancel our freedoms (especially the freedom of expression) and drive capitalist economies into the ground.

The Leftist Atlantic, in an article titled The Return of Fascism in Italy, asserted….

Meloni would also represent continuity with Italy’s darkest episode: the interwar dictatorship of Benito Mussolini.

Ridiculous. Just as Hitler was socialist (the Nazi party was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party) yet is frequently referenced as “right-wing,” Mussolini was also a socialist, called “right-wing” when both were violent socialist Leftists.

Meloni refused to join Mario Draghi’s national unity government in February 2021, opposing his “tough coronavirus measures, notably the so-called Green Pass requiring workers to be vaccinated.” Meloni is also tough on open-door migration. Italy has been overwhelmed by North African Muslims illegally swarming in, and Draghi was lukewarm on the issue. AFP stated that Meloni’s party’s “anti-immigration positions and the protection of Italy from ‘Islamization,’” and also quoted Meloni as saying: “there is no room for nostalgic attitudes of fascism, for hypotheses of racism and anti-Semitism.”

The Associated Press describes Meloni as having a message that blends Christianity, motherhood, and patriotism, while the Qatar-owned Al-Jazeera says that her party “calls for the defense and promotion of Europe’s “Judeo-Christian” and classical roots.” Meloni has also been criticized by the Left for being anti-abortion.

A government that supports Judeo-Christian principles, rejects unvetted illegal migration and rigid COVID mandates and is Eurosceptic sounds like a government on the right track. No wonder the Left is going heavy on the “far-right” and “fascist” smears.

Globalist EU leaders are now worried about a shift in the EU’s balance of power, as it should be, and about a Meloni alliance with Hungary. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has already congratulated Meloni on a “well deserved” victory.

Austria: ‘This is no longer Vienna, I swear I think I’m in Syria not in Vienna’



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In many ways it’s true: it’s Syria, not Vienna anymore, thanks to the Left’s pursuit of mass Muslim migration. And that will have consequences far more severe than oriental folk dances on Kärtnerstrasse.

“‘Syrian Nights’: groups of migrants dance through downtown Vienna,” translated from “”Syrische Nächte”: Migrantengruppen tanzen durch die Wiener Innenstadt,” Exxpress, September 12, 2022 (thanks to Medforth):

These scenes take place in the center of Vienna: videos show a dozen men performing oriental folk dances on Kärntnerstrasse and partially blocking the pedestrian zone. “This isn’t Vienna anymore,” and “What happened to Austria?” comment users.

“Mashalla” commented numerous users under a video that is currently going viral on the social media platform “TikTok.” It shows a dozen young men of Arab descent dancing on Vienna’s Kärntnerstrasse. They largely block the pedestrian zone, hundreds of people have gathered and are watching the performance.

The video now has 230,000 views and is said to have been recorded in downtown Vienna in the past few days. In addition to many Arabic comments praising the dances of the compatriots, there are also dismayed comments in German. “This is no longer Vienna,” writes a user. “I swear I think I’m in Syria not in Vienna,” commented another.

Crowds of this kind can also pose a security risk – the eXXpress has already reported on sexual harassment of migrant men in German and Austrian cities, so-called “encirclements”.

U.S. nuclear-capable B-52 bombers fly over Mideast in show of force amid tensions with Iran~Iran proclaims ‘winter is coming’ in offer to desperate EU of cheap gas in exchange for nuke deal



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

While the U.S. pursues appeasement of Iran at the negotiating table, it has carried out an intimidation maneuver, with “a pair of nuclear-capable B-52 long-distance bombers over the Middle East in a show of force.” Even more galling to the mullahs, Israeli “F-16 fighter jets accompanied the American bombers through Israel’s skies on their way to the (Persian) Gulf.”

The mixed signals are unlikely to accomplish anything. Biden has completely failed regarding Iran. The Shia doomsday regime is emboldened and tensions are rising.

“U.S. B-52 bombers fly over Middle East amid tensions with Iran,” by Isabel Debre, Associated Press, September 5, 2022:

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – The United States military said Monday it flew a pair of nuclear-capable B-52 long-distance bombers over the Middle East in a show of force, the latest such mission in the region as tensions remain high between Washington and Tehran.

The bombers took off from the Royal Air Force base at Fairford, England, and flew over the eastern Mediterranean, the Arabian Peninsula and the Red Sea on Sunday in training missions together with Kuwaiti and Saudi warplanes, before departing the region.

“Threats to the U.S. and our partners will not go unanswered.,” Lt. Gen. Alexus Grynkewich, the top U.S. Air Force officer in the Middle East said in a statement. “Missions like this … showcase our ability to combine forces to deter and, if necessary, defeat our adversaries.”

Although the U.S. military’s Central Command did not mention Iran, Washington has frequently dispatched B-52 bombers to the region as hostilities simmered between the U.S. and Iran. The last such flyover was in June.

Iran’s regional foe, Israel, also joined in the multinational mission. Though unacknowledged by the U.S., three Israeli F-16 fighter jets accompanied the American bombers “through Israel’s skies on their way to the (Persian) Gulf,” the Israeli military said, describing the country’s cooperation with the U.S. military as key to “maintaining aerial security in Israel and the Middle East.”…


Iran proclaims ‘winter is coming’ in offer to desperate EU of cheap gas in exchange for nuke deal



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Iran’s desperation to achieve a nuclear deal that will enable it to become a nuclear power was evident anew as the regime dangled a carrot to the sinking EU as the latter scrambles in the face of an energy crisis due to Russian gas cuts. Iran reminded the EU that “winter is coming” as it urges a quick resolution to achieve a nuke deal on its own terms.

While Europe now looks ahead to a winter of energy rationing, it’s described as being in “the red zone.” According to Fortune Magazine, “unthinkable moves will likely be considered.” Let’s hope it won’t be accepting the carrot from Iran.

On September 3, Jihad Watch reported that the Iran nuke deal could be revived “in the coming days,” amid Iran’s demand for “stronger guarantees.” That was the hope that the European Union’s policy chief Josep Borell expressed. But negotiations have dragged on, with an emboldened Iran now making outrageous demands, including demanding that the UN nuclear watchdog drop the critical issue of three unreported uranium locations.

Now comes the revelation that Israel has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to “thwart the Iran Nuclear Deal.” Israel’s primary focus now, with Biden’s America an unreliable ally, is nothing less than to save its country from obliteration. Brigadier General Amir Avivi “says the emerging deal will allow Iran to become a nuclear ‘superpower.’” Prime Minister Yair Lapid states that Israel “will act to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear state.”

So now, in efforts to speed up its attainment of its nuclear goals, Iran is “needling European nations over the prospect of cold temperatures, strained heating-gas supplies, and the ensuing political fallout.”

“‘Winter is coming’: Iran tempts Europe with promise of cheaper gas in exchange for nuclear deal”, by Borzou Daragahi, Independent, September 5, 2022:

Tehran teased a Europe agonising over an impending winter without access to Russian energy with the prospect of Iranian gas exports should Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers be restored and sanctions lifted.

“Winter is coming,” Iran’s state-backed Mehr news agency has proclaimed, needling European nations over the prospect of cold temperatures, strained heating-gas supplies, and the ensuing political fallout.

Tehran’s offer came as fears continued to grow across Europe of a desperate winter ahead, as Moscow uses its control of gas supplies to exert pressure on capitals across the continent in retaliation for sanctions imposed after the invasion of Ukraine.

On Friday, energy giant Gazprom, Russia’s state-controlled gas company, announced it was closing its Nord Stream 1 pipeline indefinitely because of “oil leaks”. That move was criticised, but it also meant that gas prices surged again on Monday, with benchmark prices shooting up 31 per cent, prompting further predictions of energy rationing and blackouts across Europe this winter.

Though getting more Iranian gas into world markets could help to lower prices, experts have countered that Iran cannot meet Europe’s energy needs any time soon, regardless of sanctions.

Iran and the US, along with other world powers, are at stalemate on talks to restore a nuclear deal, which would remove restrictions on business with Iran and allow consumers to purchase its gas….



Russia drops gas pipeline supply to Germany by half while building massive new pipeline with China



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The West is crumbling under the globalist Great Reset while Russia, China, and Iran are increasingly aggressive. Germany is now seeing unexpected runaway inflation because of a reduction in gas supply from Russia. Globalists focused on their misguided green plans, but those plans are now backfiring. Green-pushing Germany is turning to coal to offset the gas crisis stemming from Russia’s gas restriction.

Russia has dropped its gas pipeline supply to Germany by half, while building a massive new pipeline with China.

With the global mega shift, other countries are reshuffling for survival as well. Russia is also now expanding the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) — “a 7,200-kilometre (4,474-mile) network of railroads, highways and maritime routes that connects Russia and India through Iran.” India is excited about the project since it allows it to bypass Pakistan. And in June, Iran launched a “pilot transit of goods from Russia to India using the INSTC.”

The worst enemies of America are realigning to strengthen their economies, while Joe Biden compounds his failures and “progressives” remain fixated on transgender issues and how to sink Donald Trump.

Trump was ridiculed at the UN when he warned Germany about its dependence on Russian oil; Germany has now admitted it was wrong.

Even in the face of the mess that Biden continues to make of America, the Leftist hounds are still primarily focused on Trump for whatever role they conjured up — despite evidence to the contrary — that he supposedly played on January 6, 2021. Democrats are doing everything they can to continue the globalist agenda of the Great Reset that would see America destroyed. They are also fully aware of what Trump’s Make America Great Again plan would do to their global Great Reset.

“Germany accuses Russia of ‘power play’ as gas pipeline supply drops by half,” by Philip Oltermann, Guardian, June 27, 2022:

Germany has accused Moscow of engaging in “power play” over energy exports, as Russian state-run Gazprom further throttled gas supplies into Europe.

As announced two days earlier, the energy giant on Wednesday reduced the gas flow through Nord Stream 1 to 33m cubic metres a day – about 20% of the pipeline’s total capacity and half the amount it has been delivering since resuming service last week after 10 days of maintenance work.

According to network data from the gas transfer station in Lubmin, north-east Germany, only about 17m kilowatt hours of gas arrived between 8am and 9am, compared with more than 27m kWh between 6am and 7am.

Meanwhile, the Italian energy major Eni said it had been told by Gazprom it would only receive “approximately 27m cubic metres” of natural gas on Wednesday, down from around 34m cubic metres in recent days.

The Russian gas firm said gas flow was down because one of the last two operating turbines had to be halted due to a “technical condition of the engine” – an argument the German government in strong terms dismissed as a made-up pretext….



Italy’s Political EARTHQUAKE as Patriot Right Poised for SUPERMAJORITY!!!

It’s a done deal gang, Italy is about to elect the single most rightwing government in the entire Western world, which some are calling the most seismic political earthquake since the election of Donald Trump! We’re going to look at this stunning development and we’re going to see how globalists are panicking that Italy may be the first domino to topple the EU and transform the world political order like never before; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party is leading in the polls

Giorgia Meloni - The Rising Star and Waifu of Italian Politics ...

Biden’s new “disinformation” czar has a history of perpetuating left-wing propaganda in U.S., Europe

Image: Biden’s new “disinformation” czar has a history of perpetuating left-wing propaganda in U.S., Europe

Government Control of Information



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) The career government bureaucrat the Biden regime has selected to become its first ‘minister of truth’ is nothing short of a left-wing propagandist and hack who actually specializes in spreading misinformation, according to a deep dive into her background by Natural News.

Earlier this month, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced the formation of a new “Disinformation Governance Board” which he said was set up to provide ‘best practices’ regarding how to handle alleged misinformation being spread online by allegedly malign actors. Nina Jankowicz, a former adviser to the corrupt government of Ukraine, where the Biden family has a history of shady business dealings, has been chosen to become the board’s director.

She has been a global fellow at the left-leaning Wilson Center and an author whose research has supposedly focused on disinformation as well as Russia and the treatment of women online. According to the Wilson Center, she studies “the intersection of democracy and technology in Central and eastern Europe” and she was an adviser on strategic communications to the government of Ukraine — a fancy title for ‘propagandist’ —  during her time as a Fulbright-Clinton Public Policy Fellowship.

Jankowicz also wrote the book, “How To Lose the Information War: Russia, Fake News, and the Future of Conflict,” and most recently, “How to Be a Woman Online: Surviving Abuse and Harassment, and How to Fight Back,” the latter of which was published earlier this year.

She has made frequent contributions to the media, publishing articles in leftist rags like The New York Times, TheWashington Post, The Atlantic, and others. In addition, she has appeared on TV and radio to discuss disinformation as well as Russian and Eastern European issues.

Before she became an ‘adviser’ to the Ukrainian government, Jankowicz managed democracy assistance programs for Russia and Belarus at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs. She holds an MA in Russian, Eurasian, and East

European Studies from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.

As an aside, Russia, of course, has invaded Ukraine, and Belarus, a Russian ally, appears to be spinning up its forces, perhaps in preparation for sending them into Ukraine in support of Moscow’s flagging progress, according to an intelligence report seen by Natural News.

According to Breitbart News:

Long before Nina Jankowicz was tapped by Joe Biden to head the Disinformation Governance Board in the Department of Homeland Security, she offered advice to the new president and claimed disinformation is “an American pathology” that has to be cured.

In her piece “How to Defeat Disinformation: An Agenda for the Biden Administration” in Foreign Affairs magazine in November of 2020, Jankowicz spelled out what she believed should be done at the White House, including creating her job to quash conspiracy theories about the outcome of the election.

It seems appropriate at this point to note that “misinformation” and “disinformation” as they apply in these instances are both very subjective; that is, they can mean anything that Jankowicz and the Biden regime say they mean. Factual information about the harm COVID-19 vaccines were doing to millions of people has been censored and those who post such information banned from platforms because that info was determined to be ‘fake’ by the government arbiters of ‘truth.’ Ditto for detailed reports revealing the Biden crime family, via Hunter Biden’s laptop, ahead of the 2020 election.

At the same time, BS stories about President Donald Trump that were planted by the deep state intelligence apparatus were treated as gospel and absolutely true, even though they were demonstrably false (like the “Trump-Russia collusion” hoax).

For her part, Jankowicz literally blamed Trump for the deep state-perpetuated fake news and false stories.

She wrote in her Foreign Affairs piece:

Homegrown disinformation proliferated in this election year, including claims that so-called Antifa militants started wildfires in the Pacific Northwest and assertions—fed by the mushrooming QAnon conspiracy—that Trump is saving the country from a powerful cabal of pedophiles. Such false and wild notions have blossomed in the societal fissures that have widened under Trump—between those who live in rural areas and those who live in cities, for instance, and those who see systemic racism as a major problem and those who don’t. These divisions have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, four years of Trump’s populist rhetoric, and a social media environment that encourages outrage and extremism.

A left-wing Antifa militant did start a fire in the Pacific Northwest. The QAnon conspiracy was literally started by the deep state, not Trump. Systemic racism is not a real thing and has been completely fabricated by the Democrat left to perpetuate their power and give them a platform by which to persecute conservative whites. And so on.

So understand, this woman isn’t a “disinformation expert” in the sense of the term; she is an expert at spreading disinformation for the purposes of providing the Biden regime more power and authority to determine what Americans can and cannot say — despite the fact that we supposedly have an inviolate guaranteed right to freedom of speech and expression.

She is also an expert propagandist. In a recent Twitter post, she literally said “there are many non-binary people who give birth,” when in fact, biological men cannot get pregnant and therefore cannot give birth. They simply don’t have the ‘plumbing’ or ‘internal equipment’ for that.

Russia Threatens to Nuke Britain, France, and Germany



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Russia threatened a dramatic escalation of its war in Ukraine Thursday when Russia’s Channel One featured a video depicting Russian missiles reaching Berlin, Paris, and London.

According to the UK’s Express, Channel One’s 60 Minutes program, one of the most popular TV shows in Russia, featured “the chairman of the nationalist Rodina party, Aleksey Zhuravlyov,” who “suggested Russia could launch a Sarmat missile attack on the UK.” This was not, however, Zhuravlyov’s eccentric view: “Producers then cut to a map of Kaliningrad and seemed to suggest that missiles could be launched from the Russian enclave between Poland, Lithuania, and the Baltic Sea.”

Zhuravlyov declared: “One Sarmat [missile] and that’s it – the British Isles are no more.” The show’s cohost, Evgeny Popov, responded: “No one will survive in this war when you propose the strike with a Sarmat. Do you understand that no one will survive? No one on the planet.” Zhuravlyov, however, was undeterred, saying optimistically that “we’ll start with a blank slate,” and boasting that Russian missiles “can’t be intercepted. Their abilities are limited. They say they can shoot it down, we’ll see about that.”

The show’s other host, Popov’s wife Olga Skabeyeva, then added: “Sarmats are not in Kaliningrad yet. From Kaliningrad to Berlin is 106 seconds, from Kaliningrad to Paris is 200 seconds. You’re interested in London, 202 seconds to London.” Zhuravlyov responded happily: “They need to be shown this picture. ‘Guys, look at this picture — count the seconds, can you make it? Hello, it’s already here.’ That’s the way. Let them think about it. Get a stopwatch, count [to] 220 seconds. That’s how you talk to them, they don’t understand anything else.”

This latest round of nuclear threats came after James Stephen Heappey, Britain’s Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Armed Forces, said that Ukraine should strike inside Russia: “It is completely legitimate for Ukraine to be targeting in Russia’s depth in order to disrupt the logistics that if they weren’t disrupted would directly contribute to death and carnage on Ukrainian soil.” He also voiced support for other countries supplying Ukraine with weaponry: “There are lots of countries around the world that operate kit that they have imported from other countries; when those bits of kit are used we tend not to blame the country that manufactured it, you blame the country that fired it.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wondered if NATO would consider the same actions on Russia’s part to be justified: “Do we understand correctly that for the sake of disrupting the logistics of military supplies, Russia can strike military targets on the territory of those NATO countries that supply arms to the Kyiv regime? After all, this directly leads to deaths and bloodshed on Ukrainian territory. As far as I understand, Britain is one of those countries.”

Related: Loose Nuke Talk

Russia’s Defense Ministry added a threat: “We would like to underline that London’s direct provocation of the Kyiv regime into such actions if such actions are carried out, will immediately lead to our proportional response. As we have warned, the Russian armed forces are in round-the-clock readiness to launch retaliatory strikes with high-precision long-range weapons at decision-making centers in Kyiv.” On Wednesday, Putin himself directly threatened retaliation against countries that are aiding Ukraine: “We have all the tools for this, that no one else can boast of having. We won’t boast about it: we’ll use them if needed.”

This echoed what he said when he launched the invasion on February 24: “Now a few important, very important words for those who may be tempted to intervene in the ongoing events. Whoever tries to hinder us, or threaten our country or our people, should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and will lead you to consequences that you have never faced in your history. We are ready for any turn of events. All necessary decisions in this regard have been made. I hope that I will be heard.”

He was not heard. France 24 reported on Sunday that “rather than hiding it,” the Pentagon “began openly talking this week about how it is training Ukrainian troops, including inside Germany, to use the weapons they are receiving. And instead of saying, as it did in February, that it wants only to help Ukraine survive, Washington now says its goal in the war is to debilitate Russia for the long term.” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin declared: “We want to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine.”

Will this, then, become a nuclear war? We’re closer to that than we have been for nearly sixty years.

Pope Francis’ “MEA CULPA” (FOR YOU, NOT HIM): ‘Through My Racism, Through My Most Grievous Racism’

On a day of spiritual unity, the pontiff chose political division. Remember that well the next time Pope Francis starts making political prescriptions.

"REFUGEES" “Forced like Jesus Christ to flee”





republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now the pope’s advisor on immigration? “It is true,” said Pope Francis Friday, “refugees are subdivided. There’s first-class, second class, skin color, [if] they come from a developed country [or] one that is not developed. We are racists, we are racists. And this is bad.” The claim that Western countries are racist in their approach to immigration is not original to the pontiff: AOC said it back in early March. But the key question, both then and now, is largely overlooked yet quite simple: is it true?

Interviewer Lorena Bianchetti asked the pope, “At this time, Your Holiness, I think of those fleeing: there are these images that show the flight of Ukrainian people who are forced to leave their land, their homes, their loved ones. It is one of the latest exoduses that we are probably, alas, becoming accustomed to. But in this case, there has been a real concrete response. Does this response, I ask you, do you think it means there are cracks in the walls of indifference, of prejudice toward those who flee from other parts of the world wounded by war, or will refugees continue to be subdivided into the category of being an annoyance?” It’s hard to fathom what indifference she could possibly have meant. Europe has welcomed refugees and migrants to the extent that one in four people in Germany now has a migrant background. Those are some mighty porous “walls of indifference.”

Instead of trying to talk some sense to Bianchetti, however, the pope demonstrated that he fully subscribed to the idea that the West’s response to mass migration has been colored, as it were, by prejudice. “It is true. Refugees are subdivided,” he replied. “There’s first class, second class, skin color, [if] they come from a developed country [or] one that is not developed. We are racists, we are racists. And this is bad.” Yeah, sure. But really, can the pope name a single country in Europe or North America that has refused any migrants because of skin color? This is pure Leftist fantasy and propaganda, and it’s incredibly irresponsible for the pope to be retailing it.

Nor did Francis stop there. He went on to frame the refugees as Christ-like, so as to shame Christians into thinking that opposition to unvetted mass migration is somehow sinful. “The problem of the refugees,” the pope asserted, “is a problem that Jesus suffered, too, because he was a migrant and a refugee in Egypt when he was a child, to escape death. How many of them are suffering to escape death?” Good question. Other good questions are: How many of them are economic migrants? What is our obligation in such cases? And how many of them are people who are hoping to take advantage of the West’s generous welfare system (Germany acknowledged as far back as 2017 that 75% of its migrants would be collecting benefits for years to come)? How many are criminals or terrorists?

Related: Pope: ‘There is No Such Thing As a Just War: They Do Not Exist!’

The pope has never shown any sign of considering such questions. He has repeatedly branded those who oppose mass Muslim migration into Europe as un-Christian. He seems to be completely unconcerned about facts, such as the fact that all of the jihadis who murdered 130 people in Paris in November 2015 had just entered Europe as refugees. In February 2015, the Islamic State boasted it would soon flood Europe with as many as 500,000 refugees. The Lebanese Education Minister said in September 2015 that there were 20,000 jihadis among the refugees in camps in his country. On May 10, 2016, Patrick Calvar, the head of France’s DGSI internal intelligence agency, said that the Islamic State was using migrant routes through the Balkans to get jihadis into Europe. In light of all that, it is not “racist” in the slightest degree to be concerned about those who have come in, and about the possibility that there may be jihadis among them.

Instead, back in December, the pope visited the Greek island of Lesbos, a hotspot for migrant landings in Europe, and claimed that the migrants were neglected to the extent that it constituted a veritable “shipwreck of civilization.” Europe, he claimed, was “torn by nationalist egoism.” He added that “in Europe, there are those who persist in treating the problem as a matter that does not concern them.”

The pope’s imagined Europe, which is callously indifferent to the plight of migrants desperately fleeing certain death and chooses among those migrants on the basis of race, simply does not exist and has never existed. Nor will it likely ever exist. And the more the pope spreads these vicious untruths, the more the forces that are calling for some responsible restraints on mass migration for economic and security reasons will be drowned out. We are racists, and racists bad. That’s the depth of this man’s analysis.

Erdogan rallies Turks in the EU to ‘work harder’ to advance ‘the causes of Allah’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

While the world is caught up with the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to rally Turks across Europe to “work harder” to “advance the causes of Allah.”

And he “sees Turks living in Europe as his own citizens.” Turkey does not belong in NATO. It should have been ejected long ago. The Islamic supremacist, opportunist Erdogan has made no secret about his long-term ambition of global conquest in the form of a revived Ottoman Empire.

“Erdoğan seeks to rally Turks in Europe behind political Islam,” Ahval, March 21, 2022: 

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is attempting to rally Turks across Europe behind his political Islamist cause, according to a report by the Stockholm-based Nordic Research & Monitoring Network.

Erdoğan who clearly sees Turks living in Europe as his own citizens, rather than nationals and/or residents of the countries where they live, work and retire, called on all to unite under one nation and one flag, the network said on Monday.

Last month, Erdogan said that when Turkey properly mobilises this power, no organisation, no evil structure, no hidden or open obstacles can stand in its way. He spoke at a meeting organised by the Union of International Democrats (UID), known as Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) proxy group abroad.

Erdoğan’s speech at the UID meeting was by far the most provocative to date, amounting to overt political interference in European affairs and using Turks and Muslims as trump cards against the nations, the network said.

Formerly named as The Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD), the group was evaluated as incompatible with Germany’s constitutional order, according to a report by the German domestic intelligence agency, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) in 2017. BfV has confirmed that it was spying on the group in Germany as an anti-sabotage measure.

The UID has 253 branches with 38 regional organisations in 17 countries.

In his speech, Erdoğan gave directions to UID members to work harder to achieve their objectives, the network said.

“The more you expand this umbrella as the UID, the more you increase your sphere of activity and influence, the more successfully you can fulfil the mission of delivering these messages to our citizens, organising them and preparing them for the future,” it cited Erdoğan as saying.

“The next pillar of the bridge we built from the past to the future should and will be the places where we live in Europe,“ Erdoğan said.

Erdoğan said hundreds of millions of Muslim friends and brothers stand behind the Turks and that they all are committed to the advancement of the causes of Allah and the truth.

Turkey, backed by Turks and Muslims in Europe, “would derail any plans devised by European governments”, Erdoğan said….

Erdogan asks EU to relaunch membership talks for Turkey



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

If Turkey becomes a member of the EU, Europe as we have known it will be definitively over. But everyone in the EU leadership who knows anything about Turkey’s historic relationship to Europe, or about the political and cultural implications of even more mass Muslim migration into Europe, has already been silenced as an “Islamophobe.” Expect Turkey to get in. And then watch what happens.

“Erdoğan asks EU to relaunch membership negotiations,” Turkish Minute, March 23, 2022 (thanks to Henry):

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Tuesday asked the European Union to relaunch talks for Turkey to eventually become an EU member, on the eve of a summit focused on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Agence France-Presse reported.

The Turkish president’s comments come as the war in Ukraine allows Ankara to return to the international stage by offering its services as a mediator in the conflict.

“We expect the EU to open quickly the chapters of the membership negotiations and to start negotiations on a customs union without yielding to cynical calculations,” Erdoğan said after talks with visiting Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Negotiations for Turkey’s accession one day to the 27-nation EU, which began in 2005, have stalled in recent years over tensions between the two sides, with the EU accusing Turkey of moving away from the rule-of-law and other values on which the bloc is founded.

Relations between Turkey and the EU worsened sharply after the July 2016 attempted coup.

The EU has often criticized the crackdown and the attacks on freedom of speech which followed the failed putsch, in which tens of thousands of people have been arrested including journalists.

The EU and Turkey had agreed a deal in March 2016 worth billions of euros in which Turkey would take back migrants in exchange for visa liberalization, which has yet to be introduced for Turks….

Euro MP: African migrants are exploiting Ukraine war to illegally enter EU



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The swarm of illegal Muslim migrants into Europe has not decelerated with the Ukraine war. Just the opposite. The phenomenon of Muslim migrants flowing in from France to Britain via the English Channel has been ongoing. Now the world faces a new migrant crisis from Ukraine, and it is being exploited by Muslim migrants.

It isn’t only in France. It’s the entire EU that is at risk, as Syrian, Iraqi, and Afghan Muslim migrants are passing themselves off as international students in Ukraine in order to enter the EU.

An eyewitness report revealed that “Muslim migrant ‘students’ tried to rape fleeing Ukrainian women, calling them ‘Christian sluts.’”

Earlier this month, another report from a French newspaper revealed that thousands of Iraqi refugees, Syrians, Kurds, or Africans, almost exclusively men, are described as trying to enter Poland.

One needs to remember that when dealing with immigration that compatibility between immigrants and the country to which they are immigrating is critical. Immigration is a two-way street. Immigrants must respect the rule of law of their new country.

“Euro MP Claims African Migrants Exploiting Ukraine War to Enter EU”, by Peter Caddle, Breitbart, March 13, 2022:

African migrants, along with a host of other nationalities, are exploiting the war in Ukraine to enter France, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) has claimed.

Nicolas Bay MEP has claimed that African migrants are using refugee channels aimed at helping those fleeing the war in Ukraine to enter France.

Ultimately, the politician believes around one-third of migrants using the route are not from Ukrainian, a figure suggested in a recent article published in Le Figaro but hotly disputed by official sources.

According to Le Monde, a number of French right-wing populists have denounced the alleged use of refugee routes by non-Ukrainian economic migrants, with Bay, the vice-president of presidential candidate Eric Zemmour’s party Reconquêt (Reconquest) perhaps being the most prominent.

“[T]oday a third of the refugees who pass through Ukraine who do not come from Ukraine, but… come from sub-Saharan Africa in particular… [they] use this new migratory route to come to Europe,” the publication reports the French MEP as saying.

Bay also emphasised that France has an obligation to help Ukrainian refugees, saying that those coming from the country are “part of our civilisation”.

“There are those who come for economic reasons, who weigh down our public accounts and our social accounts, and the Ukrainians towards whom we have a duty of European solidarity, of course,” he said…..

France: Twitter suspends multiple campaign accounts of Zemmour and Le Pen



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We have known for years that Twitter and the other social media giants were not neutral platforms, but they are more open and brazen about their efforts to silence dissent from the far-Left agenda of the global political and media elites. One prime reason why Twitter hates Zemmour and Le Pen is that they oppose mass Muslim migration into France and the West in general. The very fact this happened is a key illustration of why Macron must be defeated and the sinister power of these cabals must be broken if France is to have any future as a free republic.

“#STOPcensorship: Twitter Suspension Of Zemmour And Le Pen Campaign Accounts Is Undeniable Indication Of Political Censorship,” translated from “#STOPcensure: La Suspension Des Comptes De Campagne De Zemmour Et Le Pen Par Twitter Est L’indication Indéniable D’une Censure Politique,” GETTR, March 5, 2022:

Twitter’s Friday night political hit on political campaign accounts associated with French presidential candidates Marine Le Pen and Éric Zemmour is a stunning act of censorship that highlights GAFAM’s political bias and the importance of alternatives like GETTR that promote freedom of expression.

Less than 24 hours after French President Emmanuel Macron announced his re-election bid, Twitter has proven itself in the service of his campaign through the suspension of the accounts of Marine Le Pen’s deputy campaign director, Jean-Philippe Tanguy, its communications manager, Alexandre Loubet, as well as multiple accounts linked to Eric Zemmour’s campaign, including all accounts associated with Generation Z, the young activist movement Reconquête!

“Exactly as we predicted, Twitter is going after Macron’s opponents, and especially supporters of Éric Zemmour. Big Tech giants like Twitter and Facebook have long used censorship as a tool to silence critics and political opponents, but we just didn’t think it would become so obvious,” said Jason Miller, CEO of GETTR.

“The head of Twitter France, Damien Viel, owes the French an explanation for this dangerous attack on the integrity of the presidential election. It is clear now that the French cannot be trusted to disseminate honest information around the election, which further justifies the importance of GETTR. It’s no wonder people are moving to GETTR in droves.”…

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