Hungary: Pope urges Orban to take in more migrants, ‘opening ourselves to the thirst of men and women of our time’



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Orban, in response, noted that today’s migrants “are all Muslims” and said: “I asked Pope Francis not to let Christian Hungary perish.”

But the Pope doesn’t care about Christian Hungary. He sees no obligation to open himself to the thirst of the natives of Europe who want to be safe from jihad and Islamization. His pastoral concern is strictly one-sided.

“Pope urges Orban’s Hungary to be more open to needy outsiders,” by Philip Pullella and Gergely Szakacs, Reuters, September 13, 2021 (thanks to Henry):

Budapest: Pope Francis said on Sunday that Hungary could preserve its Christian roots while opening up to the needy, an apparent response to nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s stand that Muslim immigration could destroy its heritage.

Francis was in Hungary for an unusually short stay that underlined differences with the anti-immigrant Orban, his political opposite.

Closing a Church congress with a Mass for tens of thousands of people in central Budapest, Francis used the imagery of a cross to show that something as deeply rooted as religious belief did not exclude a welcoming attitude.

“The cross, planted in the ground, not only invites us to be well-rooted, it also raises and extends its arms towards everyone,” he said in his remarks after the Mass.

“The cross urges us to keep our roots firm, but without defensiveness; to draw from the wellsprings, opening ourselves to the thirst of the men and women of our time,” he said at the end of the open-air Mass, which Orban attended with his wife.

“My wish is that you be like that: grounded and open, rooted and considerate,” the Pope said.

Francis has often denounced what he sees as a resurgence of nationalist and populist movements, and has called for European unity, and criticised countries that try to solve the migration crisis with unilateral or isolationist actions.

Orban, by contrast, told the Bled Strategic Forum in Slovenia last week the only solution to migration was for the European Union to “give all rights back to the nation state”.

The Pope has called for migrants to be welcomed and integrated to tackle what he has called Europe’s “demographic winter”. Orban said in Slovenia that today’s migrants “are all Muslims” and that only “the traditional Christian family policy can help us out of that demographic crisis”….

“I asked Pope Francis not to let Christian Hungary perish,” Orban said on Facebook. Hungarian news agency MTI said Orban gave Francis a facsimile of a letter that 13th century King Bela IV sent to Pope Innocent IV asking for help in fighting the Tartars….

Denmark Lifts All Remaining COVID-19 Restrictions; What About the U.S.?

Denmark Lifts All Remaining COVID-19 Restrictions; What About the U.S.?



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On Friday, Denmark became the first nation in the European Union to lift all restrictions due to the COVID-19 and essentially return to life the way it was pre-pandemic.

Danish health officials credited the decision to the high percentage of vaccinated individuals throughout the country — as high as 86 percent of the population over 12 years of age.

“The vaccines and the great efforts of all of Denmark’s citizens over such a long period are the foundation for why we are going strong,” opined Danish Health Minister Magnus Heunicke.

In late August, Danish health authorities claimed that the Chinese virus was “no longer a critical threat to society,” due to high vaccination rates and low incidences of severe cases.

Denmark has been in the process of easing COVID restrictions since at least August when they dropped the requirement for masks on public transportation.

Also gone is country’s requirement to show its version of the COVID-19 passport, the “Coronapas,” to enter restaurants, sporting events or night clubs.

The move comes as fellow Scandinavian countries including Sweden are looking to end most pandemic restrictions as early as the end of September.

Michael Bang Petersen, a professor of Political Science at Aarhus University, a leader of what he termed a “behavioral covid-project,” which advised the Danish government on the decision, shared his thoughts on the development in a lengthy Twitter thread, which was retweeted by Heunicke.

According to Petersen, the main issue when it comes to coronavirus restriction is trust between the government and its citizens. “The basis for an open society is vaccinations. 86 % of all invited (from 12 years and up) have received 1+ dose. 96 % of everyone above 50 are fully vaccinated,” the professor noted. “Throughout the pandemic DK has had higher acceptance than many comparable countries. No mandates needed.”

In other words, as long as the government of Denmark can trust its citizens to be good soldiers, get the experimental vaccine and not cause too many problems — they can have their freedoms back.

But what would have happened if too many Danes — “too many” in the opinion of government officials — did not do what they were told? What then? Would the Danes have gotten their freedom back?

Also, is the high-vaccination rate primarily responsible for eliminating COVID-19 as “a critical threat to society”? Certainly, that has not been the case everywhere. In Israel, for instance, where vaccination rates are particularly high, COVID soared.

And how about the harmful effects of the experimental vaccines, long-term as well as short?

Trust is a two-way street. Shouldn’t the Danish government trust its citizens to decide for themselves whether to put an experimental vaccine into their bodies, or whether to fight the pandemic in other ways including alternative treatments? And if the government really does not trust its citizens to make such decisions, why should the Danes trust their government?

Regardless of the answers to such questions, Danes apparently have a high level of trust in their government — more so than other countries including the United States.

“[Denmark] is culturally a high-trust country. But so is Sweden & here trust has been lower. What authorities do during the pandemic matters too. E.g., if communication is transparent it will uphold trust, even if the message is unpleasant,” Petersen noted.

In Denmark, the government was relatively open and honest about the flaws inherent in the new vaccines. Back in April, the nation even banned use of one of the vaccines — the AstraZeneca offering — over repeated reports that the vaccine was tied to a serious blood clotting problem.

In America, on the other hand, the government has repeatedly downplayed the risks of the experiment vaccines. In the United States, trust in government is probably at an all-time low. When the American government talks about the COVID vaccines it always paints a rosy picture — too rosy. The vaccines, they tell us, are working spectacularly. No one in American government can understand why anyone would be hesitant to take the experimental vaccine.

When a government acts like it’s hiding something — it’s typically hiding something.

Petersen’s colleague at the University of Aarhus puts it succinctly: “If you have low levels of trust regarding other people or the authorities, then more draconian laws are potentially required to contain the coronavirus.”

And attempting to shame people into getting jabbed as President Biden did last week is a recipe for disaster.

“We’ve been patient,” Biden warned unvaccinated Americans. “But our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us.”

Biden then announced his plan to mandate vaccinations for private companies – a plan that is blatantly unconstitutional.

The Danes appear to mainly trust their government, and (good for them) they’re getting their restrictions lifted. Yet, citizens who do not remain vigilant are always in danger of losing their freedoms, and the Danes are not immune to this basic prin. As Thomas Jefferson warned on this side of the Atlantic: “In questions of power … let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the constitution.”

Europe Under Siege


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The ruling elites in some European countries barely try to maintain their borders, but actively promote the gradual ethnic displacement of the native population.

by Fjordman –  Article reposted with permission

As I write these words, Europe is under siege. An invasion is taking place by land, by sea, and sometimes by air. Nearly every day, migrants show up uninvited in European waters. Sometimes in southern Italian islands such as Lampedusa,[1] other times in Lesbos or other Greek islands near the coast of Turkey, occasionally in Malta or Cyprus, and increasingly in the Canary Islands.

The migrants are sometimes called “refugees” in Western media. Yet many of them are not refugees in any meaningful sense of the word. They come from different countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco, or Ghana, where there is no war. The majority are young men of fighting age. When groups of men of military age systematically force their way into another country’s territory, this is an invasion. Not all invasions happen by tanks.

Europe has a turbulent history and has experienced many sieges of castles or cities before. Yet what we are witnessing now is different. This is the siege of an entire continent, one that could last for generations. Many Trojan horses are already inside the gates, and the walls are crumbling.

The global population reached one billion people for the first time around the year 1800, during the early stages of the Industrial Revolution.[2] By then, all major habitable land masses on this planet had been settled by humans. It took all nations and tribes hundreds of thousands of years, from archaic humans such as Homo erectus and the Neanderthals, to reach one billion people. Now, a single continent, Africa, grows by a billion people in a few decades.

Some technologically sophisticated societies such as South Korea or Japan have low birth rates. Meanwhile, backward societies such as Niger or Yemen have high birth rates. Ethiopia will surpass Japan in population within this decade. Meanwhile, Ethiopia experiences tensions with Egypt over the use of water from the Nile River .[3] Egypt, too, has surpassed 100 million inhabitants, mostly crammed into a narrow strip along the Nile.[4]

Overpopulation in parts of Asia and Africa could potentially cause wars over water and other resources in the future. Some of these countries have problems feeding themselves even now.

If we state that 220-230 million people lived on the entire African continent in 1950, this is a reasonably realistic estimate. A single African country, Nigeria, now has a population of nearly 220 million people.[5] And it keeps growing fast. If this population growth continues, Nigeria alone could end up with a population larger than that of the entire European Union.[6] Africa is projected to have a population of perhaps 2.5 billion people by the year 2050.[7] The poorest and least technologically developed continent on this planet will thus have expanded its population ten to eleven times in less than a century. This is clearly not sustainable.

The global population is fast approaching 8 billion people. How many humans will live on this planet by the end of this century? 9 billion people? 10? 11? Or perhaps 12 billion people or more? The estimates vary. Diseases and other disasters may strike, and birth rates fluctuate. Yet countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Ethiopia and Nigeria will almost certainly have a growing population for many years to come.

Meanwhile, Europe looks like the sick man of the world. Nearly every single European nation has birth rates below replacement level. Europe seems old and tired. The ruling elites in some European countries barely try to maintain their borders, but actively promote the gradual ethnic displacement of the native population. To outsiders, Europe looks wealthy and weak. That is an extremely dangerous combination. It tempts predators who come to plunder. If the European whale is dying, better feast on its carcass now before others do so.

Europe is surrounded on its southern and eastern flanks by societies that fail in almost everything, except producing babies. Even countries that were once considered somewhat sophisticated, such as Lebanon or Tunisia, currently experience economic problems and send migrants to Europe.

A survey from 2020 indicated that nearly half of the young people in North Africa and the Middle East say they are either actively trying to migrate or are considering migrating to another country.[8] In 2018, a Pew Research Center study revealed that two-thirds of sub-Saharan Africa’s 1.1 billion people wanted to migrate to Europe or the USA within a five-year period.[9] These regions can send millions of migrants abroad every single year and still grow in population.

The number of people on the move in the world today is far greater than the number of people who moved during what Europeans call the Migration Period in the Early Middle Ages. It is unprecedented in all of human history, aided by modern technology for rapid transportation and communication.

A quick look at these numbers leads to an inescapable conclusion: Europe will probably be under siege for the rest of this century by an endless stream of migrants from dysfunctional countries throughout the global South, especially from the Islamic world and Africa.

Some say we should simply let these migrants in and “integrate” them into our societies. This is totally unrealistic.

First of all, Europe currently suffers from cultural self-loathing and does not have the self-confidence to absorb anybody. Secondly, many of the immigrants have no desire to become like us. And third, many of them have mentalities that differ so much from our own that we may never be able to successfully absorb them. Not even generations or centuries from now. They come from failed societies, and far too many of them recreate these failures in our cities.

This leaves only two possible outcomes to the current invasion and colonization of Europe. Either this invasion continues until Europe has become just as poor and backward as the lands these recent migrants come from. Or Europeans decide to send the invaders back, by force when necessary. Europe must choose to live or die. This choice must be made soon, before it is too late.

Europeans must set aside past grievances among Germans, Poles, French or Italians, among Slavic, Germanic and Celtic peoples, among Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant or atheist. Our common challenge in the coming century will be to preserve Europe as the ancestral homeland of European peoples.

It would have been great if the European Union had led these efforts. Unfortunately, the opposite seems to be the case. The EU often behaves as the anti-European Union: It leaves Europe open to invasion by intruding migrants, and tries to harass or silence native Europeans who oppose this invasion.


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For a complete archive of Fjordman’s writings, see the multi-index listing in the Fjordman Files.

Poland deploys troops along Belarus border to combat Muslim ‘migration warfare’~Lithuania building wall to ‘protect border of democracy’ from surge of Muslim migrants



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Poland and other Baltic nations are accusing the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, of sending migrants across their borders and “of using the migrants as instruments in a hybrid war.”

Despite the history of jihad, and the extensive information available about Islamic conquest — which includes stealth invasion via immigration and massive birth-rates — Western globalists continue to fall into the trap of open borders. Jihadists routinely infiltrate refugee streams, and although it is often repeated that jihadists are only a few Muslims, this assertion is misleading. There are Islamic nations that fund jihad, and Islamic nations that persecute religious minorities in the name of Islam. These are major issues; so are surveys that demonstrate widespread Muslim support for the Sharia, which is central to Islam. The majority of Muslims do support Sharia — which according to mainstream Islam is divine and irrefutable.

Sharia and democracy are incompatible. A flood of Muslim migrants will change the values of non-Muslim societies over time. We already see this happening with the “Islamophobia” subterfuge in operation at every turn in Western countries now. Free speech is the cornerstone of all democracies and free societies; yet criticizing Islam has become in the West an “offense” worthy of punishment. Western freedoms are being chipped away, amid bad policies that failed to protect Western values.

Kudos to Poland for defending its democratic republic. The Polish Defense Ministry stated that he “government´s priority is the safety of Polish citizens.”

In 2017, “thousands of Catholics formed a human chain along the borders of Poland on the anniversary of an historic victory by Europe over the Ottoman Empire officially to pray for peace and ‘against the Islamisation of Europe.'”

“Poland Deploys Troops to Belarus Border to Combat Migration Warfare,” Associated Press, August 18, 2021:

WARSAW, Poland (AP) – Poland has deployed hundreds of troops and is laying barbed wire along its border with Belarus to stop the arrival of migrants seeking to enter the country, officials said Wednesday.

Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said more than 900 Polish troops were involved in the border operation. It’s believed that most of the migrants trying to cross over from Belarus are originally from Iraq, with some from Afghanistan and Syria as well.

Poland, like the Baltic nations of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, accuse the authoritarian government of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of sending migrants across their borders, which also form part of the European Union´s eastern border.

A deputy interior minister in Poland, Maciej Wasik, tweeted images of rolls of barbed wire laid along the border. The Defense Ministry said that barbed wire now runs for nearly 100 kilometers (60 miles) of the 418-kilometer (260-mile) Poland-Belarus border and that enough to cover another 50 kilometers most vulnerable to illegal border crossings would be installed soon.

The Defense Ministry said Wednesday that 2,100 people tried to illegally cross the border so far this month. Of those people, border guards prevented 1,342 from entering Poland and 758 “were detained and imprisoned in closed centers.”

“The government´s priority is the safety of Polish citizens,” the ministry said in a statement. The government, which is led by the right-wing Law and Justice party, “has been opposed to illegal and uncontrolled migration from the outset” and believes the migrants trying to get in from Belarus “maybe pose a threat to our citizens.”

Two lawmakers from the opposition party Civic Platform party brought blankets, sleeping bags and food to a group of some 50 people trapped in a no-man´s land between Poland and Belarus on Wednesday. They called on the Polish government to ensure the group was given humane treatment.

Poland and the Baltic nations accuse Lukashenko of using the migrants as instruments in a “hybrid war.” They believe his government has acted in retaliation to EU sanctions imposed on Belarus following Lukashenko’s reelection last year in a vote which the West saw as rigged, as well as for harsh repressions of Belarusian protesters….


Lithuania building wall to ‘protect border of democracy’ from surge of Muslim migrants



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Kudos to Lithuanian leaders. Lithuania is a tiny country which has stood up for its citizens, amid serious globalist bullying. The term “border of democracy” perfectly describes what all Western countries faced with illegal border entries should have erected years ago to protect their citizens. No reasonable person has historically opposed responsible immigration and refugee assistance, but open-borders mass migration is a different phenomenon that strips immigrants of all responsibility to their new country. Such a system provides a free-for-all opportunity for jihadists and the worst criminals. Yet such policies have been advocated by globalists who are enabling the red/green axis of Marxists and Islamic supremacists.

Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens of the West are forced to adhere to a different set of rules, including strict border controls, especially during the coronavirus lockdowns. Lithuanian leaders have exposed the character of Western leaders who have failed to act to protect their country’s best interests, even some who call themselves conservatives, such as UK’s Boris Johnson government.

“Exclusive: ‘Border of Democracy’ – Lithuanian MP on Why Country Is Building a Wall to Stop Illegals,” by Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart, August 15, 2021:

A Lithuanian MP has told Breitbart News that her country will stand firm in protecting the “border of democracy” as Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko continues to attempt to weaponise illegal migration against the European Union.

This week, the parliament in Lithuania declared a “state-level extreme situation” in regards to the growing migrant crisis, in which some 4,000 illegal aliens — mostly from Iraq — have crossed the border between Belarus and the small EU member-state.

The Lukashenko regime has been accused of actively facilitating migrants from Africa and the Middle East crossing the border, with many seeing it as a response to the EU sanctions imposed on the former Soviet bloc nation in June.

In response, the Lithuanian parliament voted in favour of erecting a border fence with Belarus this week.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart London, Lithuanian MP Dovilė Šakalienė said: “We are not living in one big state, there are states and there are borders.”

“We have to protect ourselves because this is the border of democracy. Our eastern border is the end of the EU and the end of democracy,” she said.

Šakalienė said that the scale of illegal migration into Lithuania, which has increased fifty-fold over 2020, with some 4,000 illegal migrants crossing the border, demonstrates that “this is not a natural migration”.

“Through surveillance, we see that the Belarusian border force is actively assisting migrants to come to the Lithuanian border,” she said, backing up claims from the European Union’s border agency, Frontex, which claimed to have drone footage proving Lukashenko’s regime has been facilitating the illegal crossings of the border.

Poland, another EU member-state bordering Lithuania and Belarus, has also seen record border crossings from the latter in recent days, mostly of Afghans and Iraqis.

Following the sanctions imposed on Belarus by the European Union after Minsk used a warplane to force a Ryanair flight to Lithuania to land in the country to arrest a prominent critic of the government, the Lukashenko regime has been accused of flying in migrants from Iraq in order to flood the border.

Šakalienė said that “so-called tourism agencies” in Iraq have been advertising “European excursions” for thousands of dollars per migrant, promoting the “lie” from Lukashenko that there is no border between Belarus and Lithuania.

“When these people come, they are in a mousetrap because of course our border is secure and they cannot pass. It’s easier for migrants to understand what’s going on if there is a border fence, that it was deceit, they were defrauded by Lukashenko’s regime that there are no walls and that they can enter the European Union.”….


Any Afghan Migrants Who Reach America or Europe are Undeportable And after Taliban win, millions of Afghan migrants may head to U.S. and Europe.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism. 

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that 30,000 Afghans a week are fleeing their country. However, a report in The Guardian states that “30,000 Afghan citizens have left the country each day for the past 10 days”. That would approach a third of a million migrants.

While a small minority can be seen trying to board American aircraft at Kabul airport, the vast majority are moving on foot through Pakistan and Iran. The Shiite terror state is a particularly ideal gateway destination because it allows them easy access to Turkey and then to Europe.

And because Iran, unlike Pakistan, has done little to fortify its border with Afghanistan, Iranian authorities profit from Afghanistan’s lucrative drug trade, and allowing Afghan migrants access to Europe undermines its enemies in the European Union under the guise of humanitarian aid.

About half a million of the UN’s refugees were added to the lists this year. That means the flow is just beginning and with as many as a third of a million already underway, it’s possible that Europe, America, and other western nations will see even more Afghan than Syrian migrants.

The UN already lists 2.5 million officially registered refugees, but that’s only a percentage. Iran alone previously claimed that it had around 3 million Afghan refugees inside its borders. Pakistan holds at least 1.5 million officially and, unofficially, a total of as much as 3 million. 

Neither Muslim country has been willing to permanently resettle its fellow Muslims. Especially since Pakistan backs the Taliban and Iran is looking to build closer relations with the Taliban. 

Pakistan's backing for the Taliban created two generations of refugee crises in Afghanistan but is loudly demanding that western governments take them. The Islamic terror state which harbored Osama bin Laden has alternately proposed that the UN should fund refugee camps inside Afghanistan. UN refugee camps inside Afghanistan would only be able to operate with the sanction of the Taliban and would lead to the United States funding the terror group.

That is exactly what Pakistan, which is behind the Taliban, wants America and the UN to do.

The refugee crisis is a trojan horse of political opportunities for the Pakistani, Iranian, Turkish, and other Islamist allies of the Taliban to finance terrorists and undermine western nations.

Maintaining a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan will lead to a flow of foreign aid to the Taliban. 

Western nations, faced with the threat of millions of migrants showing up on their doorsteps, will be happy, after a few initial protests, to pay off the Taliban, overtly or covertly, to slow the flood. While the aid organizations swear up and down that none of the money is going to the Taliban, it is impossible to operate in a terror state without paying protection money to the terrorists. 

Doing any kind of business in Afghanistan will mean doing business with the Taliban.

Turkey, the bridge between Muslim refugees and Europe, has openly used the migrant flow to blackmail the European Union. The new flood of migrants will give Erdogan, Turkey’s own Taliban leader, even more leverage against weak European leaders like Germany’s Merkel. 

European countries may decide to preserve their legitimacy by using Turkey to covertly negotiate an arrangement with the Taliban that will slow the flow of Afghan refugees.

Such negotiations may very well be taking place right now.

570,000 Afghans have already applied for asylum in Europe over the past 5 years. While some of these asylum requests were rejected, the Taliban takeover means that the Afghans can no longer be deported. And they are now going to stay on in Europe: legally or illegally.

The same holds true for Afghans illegally in the United States.

Even assuming that the Taliban would take them, the United States is not going to deport Afghans back to Afghanistan. Any Afghan illegal aliens, past or present, who make their way to the United States are effectively here for good unless a non-Taliban government rises in Afghanistan. Or unless an America First administration wins an election in the United States, tears up past UN refugee agreements, and finds a combination of countries willing to take them.

In the European Union, a bloc of six countries already overwhelmed with Afghan illegal migrants announced that they would maintain deportations. 

The six countries, some conservative like Austria, others as pro-refugee as Germany, had little in common except that they were already drowning in migrants. But the rebellion against the EU's immigration policy proved short-lived with Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark all changing course. Only Austria is still trying to hold the line on deporting Afghan migrants.

What all of this means is that any Afghans (or migrants who claim to be Afghans) who reach America or Europe are undeportable. They will stay on and receive some quasi-legal status. 

The Taliban’s takeover and the rapid evacuation of western diplomats and organizations will make it all but impossible to verify the identities of even legitimate claimants. Despite all the billions of dollars poured into Afghanistan over the years, much of the country remains rural and backward, and many residents, especially those outside the major cities, have little in the way of identity documents. Afghanistan’s turbulent history and change in administrations, combined with the large unofficial refugee populations in Pakistan and Iran, have created a competing assortment of different identity documents, many of which will be all but impossible to verify. 

American or European immigration authorities won’t be able to screen out Islamic terrorists from refugees. Nor will they be able to do very much except ask some very rudimentary questions.

The United States currently hosts around 100,000 Afghans. The number of SIV visas for Afghans who worked for the United States in some capacity alone was estimated to eventually top 100,000 when accounting for family members. As the Taliban advanced, new lenient regulations were rolled out that put nearly every Afghan who worked for any American organization in just about any capacity eligible as a priority for refugee status in America.

The Afghans being transported out of Kabul airport to U.S. bases will move somewhere and it won’t be the Arab countries that are hosting those bases. They will most likely end up here. Plans are already underway to house them at bases in Texas and Wisconsin. 

Before too long the Afghan population in this country could double practically overnight.

And then go on doubling for as long as the refugee flow continues and our border stays open.

Thousands of Afghans have already been transported to Virginia. It ought to go without saying that it is highly unlikely that any Afghans who make it into the United States will ever leave.

While it’s not unreasonable to feel sympathy for people, some of whom are legitimately fleeing domestic terror, many others are simply taking advantage of an opportunity. Afghanistan’s recent relative prosperity was fed by the billions of dollars that the United States, Europe, and other allied nations invested in its infrastructure, its economy, and its military. Some Afghans genuinely fear being tortured, murdered, or enslaved by the Taliban. Others don’t object to the Taliban but are seeking economic opportunities that will no longer be available under them.

The opponents of the Taliban also fall into many categories. There are dedicated Islamists who reject the Taliban for a variety of theological, political, and tribal reasons. Afghan Shiites are wary of the Taliban, but their ties to Iran don’t make them friends of the United States. 

Afghanistan contains a number of different ethnic, tribal, and religious groups who might oppose the Sunni Pashtuns of the Taliban without being any kind of fit for America or Europe. That is part of the reason why attempts to build any kind of democratic Afghanistan quickly fell apart.

Proponents of unlimited migration argue that we owe it to the Afghan people to take them in. But if there’s any debt there, it’s not from America to the Afghans, but the Afghans to Americans. 

The United States, Europe, and other countries about to be saddled with a massive refugee surge spent countless billions and sacrificed the lives of their young men to build a country out of the rock and ruin of Afghanistan. They took bread out of the mouths of their own people and filled VA hospitals with the wounded, inside and outside, in a sacrifice that Afghans squandered.

The blame game over the fall of Afghanistan will go on for years, but the simple fact of the matter is that the majority of the Afghan military surrendered to the Taliban or ran away. 

Any debt here is owed to us by the Afghans. We have paid our debts in blood and treasure.

The Afghan refugee crisis shows that the Taliban still have any number of ways that they can hurt us even once we have left Afghanistan. Their ability to turn the refugee tap on and off will allow not only the Jihadists, but their allies in Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey to blackmail us and our NATO allies by using Afghan refugees as a weapon. That’s a weapon we have to take away.

America is already staggering under the massive weight of illegal aliens arriving south of the border. We cannot accommodate the illegal aliens we have, let alone hundreds of thousands of people arriving from a stone-age society whose values are fundamentally at odds with our own.

The Biden administration created the Afghan refugee crisis. It should not expect Americans in Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia, and anywhere else it’s plotting to dump its new wave of aliens, to shoulder the burden for a crisis that it created. 

The collapse of Afghanistan is one disaster. An Afghan refugee surge would be a second disaster. We can survive the collapse of Afghanistan, we can’t survive the collapse of America.

Western Females Groomed to Embrace Islamic Garb as Afghani Females Shot for Improper Attire

Taliban kill woman for not wearing veil, say reports. Days of lashing, stoning back in Afghanistan?



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Muslims have launched a sharia propaganda campaign aimed at veiling non-Muslim western girls using TikTok.

After the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan and declared they would reinstate Sharia (Islamic law), a group of brave women took to the streets of Kabul to demand that their rights to education, work, and political participation be protected. The Afghani women are terrified that the Taliban will strip them of the progress made in the last 20 years.

While the woman led their protest, reports surfaced that Taliban men gunned down a woman in a small Afghan province for not wearing her proper sharia burqa attire.

Many Aghani women reverted to their traditional attire and refrained from wearing Westernized clothing once the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Historically, the Taliban has required women to wear full burqas, so their entire body was covered, including a mesh over their eyes. In addition, under Islamic law, it is unlawful for women to leave the house with their faces unveiled.

Fearing attacks by the Taliban, stores around the city of Kabul quickly erased all traces of female advertisement images,






Women under Sharia and Taliban rule are not to be without guardianship and permission, from her father to her husband or the other male family members (if she is widowed or divorced). Many news outlets are reporting that young females are already being forced to marry Taliban fighters.

Stonings, honor killings, floggings, and even the mutilation of female genitalia are sporadically employed in Afghanistan to keep women in their place.

While brave Afghani women are protesting for their rights and freedoms, German and Austrian girls are being targeted and brainwashed by Muslims into thinking Islamic coverings are empowering and make them more beautiful.

Muslims have launched a sharia propaganda campaign aimed at veiling non-Muslim western girls using TikTok. The video-sharing platform has already been under scrutiny for its illegal use of data about children and ties to the Chinese government. Young women in German and Austrian cities are approached by Muslims who offer to “restyle” them with Hijabs and Islamic body coverings. Muslims film the young western girl’s “hijabi transformations” then post them on their TikTok channel. The channel is linked to an online Hijab store.

The videos are inundated with comments by hundreds or thousands of what appear to be Muslim men, praising the girls for their beautiful Islamic transformation. The videos are being celebrated among radical Muslim circles.

This embracement and glamorization of Islamic headwear and bodywear are helping to advances sharia in Germany, Austria, and the West. Cultural jihad is the attempt to change and subvert Western culture from within, or more simply put: to Islamize it. Sharia fashionwear is an example of a cultural and civilizational jihad   and the submission of Western non-Muslim women to that jihad.

As the Islamic scholar, Dr. Bill Warner explains, “most people see the hijab as religious or cultural, but the hijab is a symbol of the Sharia and has a very political meaning.” Thus, the hijab in the west is not about modesty or fashion but a hate symbol and a commitment to Sharia:

To learn more about the dangerous Hijabi Transformation campaign, read the following article originally posted at Exxpress and has since been translated by RAIR Foundation USA.

“Hijab Transformation”: New TikTok Trend Promotes Veiling to Girls
by Anna Dobler

A new trend on the video platform TikTok is intended to make the headscarf palatable to girls in Germany and Austria. For this, young women are “restyled” with a hijab in a pedestrian zone. The videos are very popular in radical Muslim circles.


Currently, videos under the title “Hijab Transformation” are storming the TikTok charts and are seen and shared by hundreds of thousands – but the message is questionable. The short clips, which at least at first glance appear to be advertisements for a Frankfurt-based merchant in hijabs, are also being eagerly circulated in radical Muslim circles.


They always follow the same pattern: a friendly voice approaches young, usually lightly dressed women on the street and asks if they would like to try out a headscarf. Then the “hijab transformation” takes place in a before-and-after styling show manner. The young women then look at the result in the mirror with complete enthusiasm. Not only is their hair covered, but their shoulders and décolleté as well. They are assured that the hijab looks very good on them. And in the comments, hundreds of male users confirm how “much prettier” the girls are after the transformation.



The clips are shared thousands of times and have now even conquered the TikTok charts. But, unfortunately, this content is also spread by supporters of political Islam, along with the message that young women are now much more attractive to men: “Wallah, so pretty,” floods the comment section in many languages.

It is questionable if all the videos are authentic. The scenes seem staged. However, this isn’t unusual on TikTok. The problem is that the platform is particularly popular with children and young people who have not yet acquired sufficient media skills to judge the authenticity of the content.

Islamic messages on the rise on TikTok

Like no other religious community, Islam has succeeded in recruiting followers on TikTok in German-speaking countries. In addition to completely innocuous videos that educate people about the Muslim faith, more radical content can be found there time and again. It is packaged in a way that appeals to young people. For example, teenagers tell how they have found a supposedly better life thanks to the Koran. In addition, videos often pop up in the charts that address the issue of forced marriage in a positive light.

Children come into contact with the content by chance

Many parents don’t have TikTok on their radar and don’t know exactly what content their children are watching there. As a rule, “trending videos” with many positive reactions are recommended, including the “Hijab Transformation” clips. In plain English, this means that children come into contact with the content by chance.

Last year, TikTok was the most downloaded app worldwide. It is believed to have more than one billion users worldwide.

The videos that are packaged to young people feature teenagers preaching how much better their life is thanks to the Qur’an. Video also addresses the positiveness of forced marriages.

Hungary’s Nationalist Leader Orbán Interviewed by Tucker. Is He the “Thug” Biden Claims?

Raymond Ibrahim on the Left's Hatred of Hungary and Orban

Hungary’s Nationalist Leader Orbán Interviewed by Tucker. Is He the “Thug” Biden Claims?



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

He oversees a country about the size of Indiana, with less than 10 million people, a GDP approximating Kansas’s, no navy or nuclear weapons, and a relatively weak military overall. Yet Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán is not only considered a pariah by Western leaders, but is treated as if he poses a unique geopolitical threat. In fact, these leaders want him ousted from power so badly that they’re supporting a coalition of communists and anti-Semites running against him in Hungary’s next election.

None of this is a mystery to Orbán, however. And in a Tucker Carlson Tonight interview, part of which aired Thursday evening, the prime minister explained the condemnation:

He and his nation, with their patriotic, Hungary-first policies and opposition to culture-rending immigration, serve as a refutation of now-dominant Western globalism. Hungary throws a monkey wrench into the internationalist plan and puts its authors to shame — and they hate him for it.

Introducing the Orbán interview, host Tucker Carlson said that of “the nearly 200 different countries on the face of the earth, precisely one of them has an elected leader who publicly identifies as a western-style conservative.” He later stated, referencing Western leaders:

By rejecting the tenets of neoliberalism, Viktor Orbán has personally offended them and enraged them. What does Orbán believe? Just a few years ago, his views would have seemed moderate and conventional. He thinks families are more important than banks. He believes countries need borders. For saying these things out loud, Orbán has been vilified. Left-wing NGO’s have denounced him as a fascist, a destroyer of democracy. 

In fact, last autumn Joe Biden characterized the Hungarian as a “totalitarian” dictator and a “thug,” names he wouldn’t call someone they actually describe: Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

The difference is that China is a powerful, clout-wielding nation that ensures American deference with threats and de facto bribes (the Bidens have gorged themselves at this trough). So our politicians kowtow to Beijing, even though it’s a regime that persecutes and murders its own citizens. China also tacitly encourages the West’s globalist, immigrationist, and multiculturalist schemes, knowing they amount to a form of slow suicide.

Hungary offers neither wealth nor support for leftism, however, and is relatively powerless, so it’s fair game. This behavior, abusing the weaker, has a name: bullying.

Yet even “if you understand that the American media lie, it’s always bewildering to see the extent of their dishonesty,” Carlson also stated, elaborating on the anti-Orbán agitation. “Nothing prepares you for it. We’ve read many times how repressive Hungary is.”

“Freedom House, an NGO in Washington funded almost exclusively by the U.S. government, describes the country as less free than South Africa, with fewer civil liberties,” Carlson continued. “That’s not just wrong. It’s insane.”

But aside from Hungary’s refusal to participate in the European Union’s suicidal absorption of waves of unassimilable, mainly Muslim migrants, Orbán has also rejected another Western sacred-cow obsession. Commentator Andrea Widburg explains:   

Orbán has also presided over Hungary’s passing a set of laws that, while they would have been normative three or four decades ago, are now decried as gross violations of LGBTQ+ human rights.

Hungary did not mandate prison for people identifying as LGBT+, as the Soviet Union did, or condemn them to death, as Che Guevara did and the Muslims still do. Instead, in 2020, Hungary came down on the side of biology and reality by refusing to recognize people’s claims that they were members of the opposite sex (although the opposite sex is now just one of the 112 different “genders” our government and businesses recognize).

In addition, Orbán’s government is trying to enact a law that censors LGBT+ positive content in movies, books, television, and advertisements. It would also prevent schools from teaching materials that encourage children to enter the LGBT+ spectrum. For those American parents struggling against the relentless pressure in schools, books, TV, and movies to get children to embrace some form of LGBT+ identity when they’re as young as three, that sounds rather refreshing.

But not to Western leaders, who hiss about the “censorship” as they, via their Big Tech proxies, relentlessly censor substantive dissent — the very Truth itself.

Moreover, it’s not in “totalitarian” Hungary that dissenters in big cities may need armed bodyguards, nor is it in “totalitarian” Hungary that people get “canceled” for opposing establishment orthodoxy. “Totalitarian” Hungary also isn’t imprisoning people interminably for a trespassing incident (January 6). It’s in the United States that this happens.

In fact, these things are “unknown” in Hungary, states Carlson. “Opposition figures here don’t worry they’ll be hurt for their opinions. Neither, by the way, does the prime minister. Orbán regularly drives by himself with no security.”

“So who’s freer?” the commentator asks.

Orbán came off well in the interview, appearing honest, down-to-earth, and principled. He was diplomatic and even mentioned that he had to be, but still spoke Truth.

Addressing his nation’s restriction of immigration, Orbán said that the right to do so is “coming from God … [from] nature, so all arguments [are] with us. Because this is our country. This is our population, this is our history, this is our language.”

The prime minister also critiqued the immigrationist mindset as he explained why he was the “black sheep” of Europe, stating that many

European countries decided to open a new chapter of their own history of the nation. They call it a “new society,” which is a post-Christian, post-national society. They believe firmly that if different communities, even huge number of, let’s say, Muslim communities, and the original inhabitants, let’s say, Christian communities, are mixed up, the outcome of this will be good…. I think it’s very risky, and the chance that it will be not good, but it will be very bad, is obvious. And each nation has the right to take this risk or to reject this risk. We, Hungarians, decided not to take that risk to mix up our society. That’s the reason why they attack Hungary so harsh[ly], and that’s the reason why my personal reputation is very bad.

The Thursday interview segment is below, and it really is worth watching in its entirety.

The bottom line, stated Orbán, is that “Western liberals cannot accept that inside the Western civilization, there is a conservative [and] national alternative which is more successful in everyday life than the liberal ones.”

Orbán also said that he knew the Left would be working hard to manipulate next April’s Hungarian election and oust him from power — and he stated that “we are prepared for that.”

They’d better be, because the globalist Left wants nothing more than to turn Hungary into another failing, open-borders, sexual devolutionary, multi-cult state. Misery, after all, loves company.

Pope Francis: ‘Tear Down the Walls’ against Islam!

Only your walls, not his.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Pope Francis wants any and all walls, real or figurative, that stand between the West and Islam broken down immediately—or so he’s constantly saying.

Most recently, on Sunday, June 13, 2021, he called for the “growth of a more supportive humanity that tears down the wall of indifference.”  This was spoken in the context of urging Europeans to take in more illegally arrived Muslim migrants.

Earlier, in March 2019, when asked  “a question about migration in general and about U.S. President Donald Trump’s then threat to shut down the southern border with Mexico,” the pope pontificated in platitudes: “Builders of walls,” he said, “be they made of razor wire or bricks, will end up becoming prisoners of the walls they build….  With fear, we will not move forward, with walls, we will remain closed within these walls.”

Less than a week before that, Francis lectured the mayor of Rome about the need to be more welcoming to Muslim migrants. “Rome,” he declared, “a hospitable city, is called to face this epochal challenge [floods of Muslim migrants demanding entry] in the wake of its noble history; to use its energies to welcome and integrate, to transform tensions and problems into opportunities for meeting and growth.”

“Rome,” he exulted, “city of bridges, never walls!”

The grand irony of all this is that Pope Francis lives in the only state to be surrounded by walls—Vatican City—and most of these bastions were erected to ward off ongoing Islamic invasions.

In 846, for example, a Muslim fleet from North Africa consisting of 73 ships and 11,000 Muslims, landed in Ostia near Rome.  Muslim merchants who frequently visited Italy had provided them with precise intelligence that made the raid a success.  Although they were unable to breach the preexisting walls of the Eternal City, they sacked and despoiled the surrounding countryside, including—to the consternation of Christendom—the venerated and centuries-old basilicas of St. Peter and St. Paul.  The Muslim invaders desecrated the tombs of the revered apostles and stripped them of all their treasures.

Pope Leo IV (847-855) responded by building many more walls, including fifteen bastions along the right bank of the Tiber River, the mouth of which was forthwith closed with a chain to protect the sacred sites from further Muslim raids and desecrations.  Completed by 852, the walls were in places 40 feet high and 12 feet thick.

Further anticipating the crusades against Islam by over two centuries—and thus showing how they were a long time coming—Pope Leo (and after him Pope John VIII) offered the remission of sins for those Christians who died fighting Islamic invaders.  Such was the existential and ongoing danger Muslims referred to in contemporary sources as “Sons of Satan,” caused for Europe—more than two centuries before the First Crusade was launched in 1095.

Indeed, just three years after the initial Muslim invasion of Rome, “in 849 the Muslims attempted a new landing at Ostia; then, every year from around 857 on, they threatened the Roman seaboard,” explains French medieval historian C. E. Dufourcq:

In order to get rid of them, Pope John VIII  decided in 878 to promise them an annual payment [or jizya] of several thousand gold pieces; but this tribute of the Holy See to Islam seems to have been paid for only two years; and from time to time until the beginning of the tenth century, the Muslims reappeared at the mouth of the Tiber or along the coast nearby.

Today, many Muslims, not just of the ISIS-variety, continue to boast that Islam will conquer Rome, the only of five ancient apostolic sees never to have been subjugated by jihad (unlike Antioch, Alexandria, Jerusalem, and Constantinople). 

Similarly, many Muslims all throughout Europe continue exhibiting the same hostility and contempt for all things and persons non-Islamic, whether by vandalizing churches and breaking crosses or by raping “infidel” women as theirs by right

And that is the point that Pope Francis—whose own ancient city would never have lasted to the present if not for walls—misses: walls should only go down and bridges should only be extended when both parties are willing to live in amicable peace. Otherwise, they serve only to make the destructive work of those who have for centuries been trying to conquer and destroy in the name of Islam that much easier.

For more on how walls saved Western civilization, see Raymond Ibrahim’s Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West.

Czech President Defends Hungarian Law on LGBTQ Promotion, Calls Transgenders “Disgusting”

Czech President Defends Hungarian Law on LGBTQ Promotion, Calls Transgenders “Disgusting”



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Czech President Miloš Zeman denounced the transgender community as “intrinsically disgusting,” commenting on a Hungarian law that bans LGBTQ material from schools and television for children.

The outspoken Czech leader wasn’t shy about sharing his views on gender-identity issues during an interview with CNN Prima NEWS on Sunday. 

“I can understand gays, lesbians, and so on. But do you know who I don’t understand at all? The transgender,” Zeman said.If someone undergoes a sex-change operation, he commits a crime of self-harm. Every operation is a risk. And these transgender people are really intrinsically disgusting to me.”

Zeman’s remarks were made in connection with a recently passed Hungarian law that prohibits any “display and promotion” of sexual content — including gender identity issues, gender reassignment, and homosexuality — to children under 18 years old. The law was included in a larger bill intended to crack down on pedophilia by creating a register of child-sex offenders, implementing stricter punishments for child pornography, and barring pedophile offenders from jobs where they would encounter children. 

The law has already been aggressively condemned by 17 countries of the European Union, with some ironically calling to exclude Hungary from the ultra-liberal and tolerant European Union. “For me, Hungary has no place in the EU anymore,” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said. Radio Free Europe reports that Sweden’s EU affairs minister called the Hungarian law “grotesque,” while his Dutch colleague called on Budapest to undo it and Ireland said the bloc should sue Hungary through the top EU court. Benelux countries authored a joint declaration calling the law a violation of the right to freedom of expression and a “flagrant form of discrimination based on sexual orientation.” The EU Commission has triggered legal proceedings against the Hungarian legislation, and EU Parliament President David Sassoli threatened to halt Hungary’s COVID-19 relief payments over the pro-children law.

President Zeman said these actions amounted to meddling in Hungary’s internal affairs, which he believes is unacceptable.

According to Zeman, “[Hungarian Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán is not against homosexuals, but against the manipulation not only of parents but also of children in sex education…. I see no reason to disagree with him, because I am completely annoyed by the suffragettes, the MeToo movement and Prague Pride.”

Czech president went on to express his belief that sexual orientation is everyone’s personal business and should not be put on display. “If someone is a member of one or another sexual minority, it is their private business. When he demonstrates that he has this orientation, he raises himself above the others,” Zeman added. “If I were a little younger, I would organize a huge demonstration of heterosexuals in Prague,” Zeman added, semi-jokingly. “And there will be millions of us. And I would take buses and trains to Prague for all the heterosexuals so that everyone can see how meaningless it [LGBTQ Pride] is.”

However, the president further stated that he has nothing against teaching sex education, including LGBT groups, but only to older students in high school. “We’re talking about elementary school kids here. The children can’t even really understand that,” Zeman added.

Zeman’s remarks correspond with arguments made by a spokesperson for the Hungarian government, Dr. Zoltan Kovac, that “There are contents which children under a certain age can misunderstand and which may have a detrimental effect on their development at the given age, or which children simply cannot process, and which could therefore confuse their developing moral values or their image of themselves or the world.”

Zeman’s social conservatism is well-known, but the interview has nonetheless prompted fierce outrage among Czech LGBTQ organizations, per the Independent.

“We are extremely saddened to hear such comments coming from the president,” Daniel Zikmund, from the Prague Pride Association, said. “His statements will be very damaging to the mental health of LGBT+ people.”

It is feared the president’s “endorsement” of anti-LGBT sentiments will grant greater legitimacy to such attitudes in the country of 10.7 million people.

“Although the majority of the Czech population supports equal rights for LGBT+ people, transgender people remain the group most discriminated against. And only a few weeks ago, a gay couple was openly attacked in Prague. This is worrying to see,” complained Zikmund.

The Czech leader, who has limited executive powers, but is believed to have a strong influence on public debate, routinely makes headlines with his political commentary. In 2016, he came under fire for saying it was “practically impossible” to integrate Muslim migrants into Europe. 

Two years later, he was confronted by a topless FEMEN activist at a polling station in Prague. He later said he “felt honored” to have been targeted by the chest-baring “sextremists,” because they had also attacked the Catholic Church at the Vatican.

Submit or Else: Politician Slams ‘Heil Corona’ Fascist Mob



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The coronavirus compliance army joins Islamic and Marxist groups which do not tolerate any contrary opinions or independent thoughts.

Left-wing outrage ensued after more than 50 well-known German actors created short video clips criticizing the federal government’s coronavirus measures and the media’s position on them. The videos all hashtagged with #allesdichtmachen (seal everything) were sometimes cynical, sometimes ironic, and sometimes sarcastic.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reaction by prominent leaders and millions of German citizens, relentless calls by the left-wing political establishment and media to cancel the actors have dominated the news cycle.

Former member of the Austrian parliament and party chairman Gerald Grosz supported the actor’s campaign and slammed the media and the political tyrants’ targeting of differing opinions,

In other words, forced by the media and the political establishment to collectively enter the community of political lepers, who have no right to freedom of expression, who have been declared untouchables, whose thinking, speaking and ultimately even their existence, like the virus, must be neutralized.

Whether you are an average person or a famous actor, explains Grosz, no one is immune to the left-wing coronavirus cancel mob,

And now it hits 50 actors, their reputation, their right to freedom of expression, and their criticism, presented in any case artistically and with intellectual honesty, are being robbed thereof. And we see that no one is immune from being at the mercy of this new fascist dictatorship of opinion.

In a growing list of totalitarian hive-mind Lynch mobs, the coronavirus compliance army seeks to damage anyone for failure to conform to whatever measures are imposed by left-wing authorities, despite any science proving their effectiveness. This coronavirus army joins Islamic and Marxist groups which do not tolerate any contrary opinions or independent thoughts.

Anyone who doesn’t scream Heil Corona, doesn’t take the knee before the Virus, is no longer a good person. Every critic of this corona policy can with hatred and agitation be doused with the slop bucket of contempt.

And is consequently, in his professional existence, yes, even in his social status, declared an outlaw.

As Grosz states, “For truthfulness and righteousness, in this 21st century, you need courage, thick skin, independence, and a fast horse!”

Watch the powerful video by Gerald Grosz:

Video Translation

Jan Josef Liefers, Nina Proll, Manuel Rubey and 47 other well-known actors and actresses from German-speaking countries, all of whom have hitherto been politically “unsuspicious”, after their criticism of the no-alternative lockdown policy, also because of their dismay at the hopelessness of their own profession find themselves overnight in the circle of supposed right-wing extremists, neo-Nazis, corona deniers.

In other words, forced by the media and the political establishment to collectively enter the community of political lepers, who have no right to freedom of expression, who have been declared untouchables, whose thinking, speaking and ultimately even their existence, like the virus, must be neutralized.

Resistance to the erosion of basic rights, criticism of the divisions in society, disapproval of this continued destruction of the pillars of our existence are generally qualified as lateral thinking, anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi, right-wing extremist primitiveness of the mob condemned to speechlessness.

Anyone who does not, day in and day out, flaunt the collective panic and hysteria openly and for all to see, who does not sing daily the song of the collective suicide of our society, who is not compliant and subservient to every contradictory measure of an idiotic, even insane policy, is a pariah.

And is consequently, in his professional existence, yes, even in his social status, declared an outlaw.

Anyone who doesn’t scream Heil Corona, doesn’t take the knee before the Virus, is no longer a good person. Every critic of this corona policy can with hatred and agitation be doused with the slop bucket of contempt.

Family liability included!

The judges who, in this newly resurrected block warden period, judge the rebellious delinquents and expose them to public pillory, are precisely those who only on Sundays spoke up against hatred and agitation and prejudice, always and only for the good and the true.

Sunday Democrats. And now it hits 50 actors, their reputation, their right to freedom of expression and their criticism, presented in any case artistically and with intellectual honesty, are being robbed thereof. And we see that no one is immune from being at the mercy of this new fascist dictatorship of opinion.

Everyone, and really everyone, no matter where they stand politically, overnight, in an updated Nazi corner, can end up as a Corona denier.

For truthfulness and righteousness, you need, in this 21st century, courage, thick skin, independence and a fast horse!

Turkey blasts Geert Wilders ‘anti-Islam’ tweet to start Ramadan







republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

To highlight the jihad during Ramadan, Geert Wilders released a tweet which drew a stinging attack from Turkey — illustrating yet again the validity of Geert Wilder’s warnings about Islam.

Listen to clip HERE.

For many, Ramadan is the month of jihad:

month of holy war and death for Allah. It is a month for fighting the enemies of Allah and God’s messenger, the Jews and their American facilitators.” — Qaedat al-Jihad

Quiet prayer during Ramadan, needless to say, isn’t the issue, but alerting people about the heightened threat of jihad during Ramadan is a big issue. And beyond Ramadan, the global jihad against infidels is a critical issue, far too often avoided. That includes the stealth invasion of the West, which includes the “Islamophobia” subterfuge, which is intended to beat down critics of Islam.

Turkish officials reacted angrily, accusing Wilders of being “racist.” What race is Islam again? Wilders’ critics keep on proving him correct, from their reaction to his criticisms to the widespread reaction by Muslims to the Muhammad cartoon that was shown in the classroom by French teacher Samuel Paty (who was beheaded for it). Such a mentality (which is pervasive) isn’t compatible with the values of the Netherlands, and not only the Netherlands, but the entire Western world, in which freedom of thought and speech have been protected, at least up to now.

“Turkey condemns Dutch lawmaker’s anti-Islam tweet,” Al Jazeera, April 14, 2021:

Turkish officials reacted angrily to far-right Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders after he made disparaging remarks about Islam at the start of Ramadan.

On Monday, Wilders, chairman of the Party for Freedom (PVV) in the Netherlands, shared a short video clip on Twitter attacking Islam and the Muslim holy month.

Turkey’s ruling AK Party spokesman Omer Celik on Wednesday accused Wilders of having “a racist and fascist mind”.

“Enemies of Islam also hate migrants, poor people, needy people and foreigners,” he said on Twitter.

Ali Erbas, the head of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, condemned Wilders’ remarks as “unacceptable”.

“I invite the international community to a conscious struggle against the racist mentality that incites Islamophobia and targets social peace,” Erbas said.

Turkey’s Communications Director Fahrettin Altun also condemned Wilder’s remarks.

“Heartless @geertwilderspvv is racist, fascist and extremist. Islam condemns all. Stop racism,” Altun said on Twitter, tagging the Dutch lawmaker….

European Medicines Agency Official: “Clear Link” Between AstraZeneca Vaccine and Blood Clots in the Brain

The UK has paused a trial on children while the clots are investigated



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

An official with the European Medicines Agency said Tuesday that there is a “clear link” between the AstraZeneca vaccine and deadly blood clots in the brain.

Marco Cavaleri, the chair of the vaccine evaluation team at the EMA, told the Italian newspaper Il Messagero that in his opinion, “we can now say it is clear that there is an association (of the brain blood clots) with the vaccine.” Cavaleri added that while he was sure that there was a “clear link” with the AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots, it is still not yet known what the actual cause of the deadly brain clots is.

The EMA is currently investigating 44 reports of brain clotting that have occurred in the European Economic Area of people who have received the vaccine. The British government’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency also reported a further 44 cases of blood clots, with 7 of those having died as a result of the last figures from the 24 of March. Reuters reported that a high proportion of the affected cases were of young and middle-aged women, but the EMA has not yet concluded if they are particularly at risk from the shot.

Known as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), the clots are accompanied by low levels of platelets and “rare antibodies” in the blood linked to other clotting disorders. “This raises the possibility that the vaccine could be a causal factor in these rare and unusual cases of CVST, though we don’t know this yet, so more research is urgently needed,” said Professor David Werring, from the UCL Institute of Neurology last week.

The agency is expected to publish its review of the AstraZeneca vaccine on Wednesday or Thursday, with Cavaleri confirming to the newspaper that the review would note that there is a link between the blood clots and the vaccine. However, the review was “not likely to give an indication… regarding the ages of individuals to whom the AstraZeneca shot should be given.”

A number of European countries have begun placing restrictions on giving the AstraZeneca vaccines to individuals of a certain age, usually below 60, including France, Germany, and the Netherlands. The UK has also paused an ongoing trial of the AstraZeneca vaccine on children while the MHRA investigates the blood clots.

“Whilst there are no safety concerns in the pediatric clinical trial, we await additional information from the MHRA on its review of rare cases of thrombosis/thrombocytopaenia that have been reported in adults, before giving any further vaccinations in the trial,” a spokesman from the University of Oxford, who developed the vaccine in conjunction with AstraZeneca, said Tuesday.

National File reported last year that “pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and AstraZeneca – both involved in the development of coronavirus vaccines – employed a total 123” people loyal to the Chinese Communist Party.

PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY leaders in touch with US, EU, and Israel to ‘find a solution’ to pay jihad terrorists’ salaries



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Paying jihad terrorists to stab and blow up Israelis is top priority for the PA, and they’re brazen about it. So here’s how they intend to continue funding their jihad: “In order to continue paying terror salaries to the 7,500 terrorists already released from prison, the PA has decided to create thousands of new civil service positions, thus camouflaging the payments to the terrorists as if they were payments to government employees. As part of this program, the PA has even recruited the released terrorists into the PA security apparatus.”

This is the PA’s new obscene manipulation to avoid “being caught up in Israel’s anti-terror legislation.” The Palestinian Authority is adept at playing Western Leftists for fools while sucking in billions of dollars in global aid and using a portion of the funds to wage jihad against the state of Israel.

“PMW initiative creates havoc for the PA Pay-for-Slay policy,” by Maurice Hirsch, Palestinian Media Watch, March 17, 2021:

According to the Director of the Palestinian Authority-funded PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs, Qadri Abu Bakr, the PA leadership is working closely with the US administration, the EU, and Israeli authorities to ensure that the PA will be able to pay the monthly salaries it pays to terrorist prisoners and released terrorists, via the banks in April. Abu Bakr added that dozens of employees in the commission are working – “even on vacation days” – to guarantee a solution is found to give the terrorists their rewards.

“The Palestinian leadership is holding contacts at the highest levels with the American administration, with the Europeans, and with the Israeli authorities in order to find a solution that will allow the renewal of paying the salaries of the prisoners in the occupation’s prison and the released prisoners… We hope that the payment of the salaries via the banks will be renewed in April [2021]… A team of 64 employees in the commission and in other institutions is working even on vacation days to arrange this matter, which is sacred from our perspective… The commission is insisting that the prisoners’ salaries be paid via the banks and not in any other way.”

[, website of the paper Al-Quds, March 11, 2021]

The PA’s crisis in paying salaries all started on April 20, 2020, when Palestinian Media Watch wrote to the banks operating in the PA and warned them that new Israeli anti-terror legislation was about to come into effect and that if they continued allowing to the PA to pay salaries to the terrorist prisoners and released prisoners through their institutions they would potentially face both criminal and civil liability.

The new law that PMW referred to came into full force on Dec. 30, 2020.

Instead of abolishing its terror reward policy, PA Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh reiterated the PA commitment to paying the salaries of the terrorist prisoners. When asked on Al-Araby TV whether the PA has “abandoned the prisoners, and what are the alternative solutions for them?” Shtayyeh pledged that the PA’ will continue to reward terrorists:

“You know and all the people watching your show know for certain that we are fully committed. We have not abandoned the prisoners, and we will not abandon the prisoners. The prisoners’ cause is a sacred cause. They have rights, and we must protect this… On the other hand, Israel and the US imposed sanctions on us due to our commitment to the prisoners. In any case we will protect the sanctity of this cause… But the most important thing is that there are financial rights for the prisoners. We will remain committed to them in every way.”

[Facebook page of PA Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh, Jan. 22, 2021]

This statement reflected the efforts of the PA to try to invent ways to circumvent the new Israeli anti-terror funding law.

The PA has come up with a creative solution to solve part of the problem. In order to continue paying terror salaries to the 7,500 terrorists already released from prison, the PA has decided to create thousands of new civil service positions, thus camouflaging the payments to the terrorists as if they were payments to government employees. As part of this program, the PA has even recruited the released terrorists into the PA security apparatus. Significantly, the PA sees no inconsistency enlisting released terrorists, including members of internationally designated terror organizations such as Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine into the PA security mechanisms charged with fighting terror.

The program to recruit and enlist the released terrorists into the PA apparatus was first announced in October 2020. Since then, there have been intermittent reports updating the implementation. Thus recently, Abu Bakr commented that based on the Presidential Decree issued by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, the process of integrating the released terrorists is well underway:….


Winfried Stöcker Physician and entrepreneur before the background of a plane.




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

German immunologist Doctor Winfried Stöcker developed an antigen-based vaccine against the Coronavirus, which renowned virologists confirm is effective. But instead of Germany starting production of the vaccine, the Doctor is now facing criminal complaints from the state’s medical bureaucracy.

The celebrated Doctor and extremely successful entrepreneur, developed an antigen, a foreign substance that induces an immune response, for the Coronavirus. The current controversial coronavirus “vaccines” are actually mRNA gene therapies and have never been approved for use before 2020. These “vaccines” are only being approved under emergency measures by Federal and Drug Administration (FDA). However, the new antigen-based Covid vaccine developed by the 74-year-old doctor is made with established technology that has been in use safely for over 30 years. This well-tested technology has been used to make effective vaccines against various strains of Hepatitis.

According to Stöcker, the active ingredient is easy to produce and in large quantities. Further advantages are that the active ingredient can be stored in normal refrigerators. In addition, according to the inventor, the vaccine can be easily modified with a view to any future mutations of the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

According to Stöcker, the active ingredient is easy to produce and in large quantities. Further advantages are that the active ingredient can be stored in normal refrigerator temperatures. The mRNA gene therapy injections often require freezers or dry Ice temperatures. In addition, according to the inventor, the vaccine can be easily modified with a view to any future mutations of the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

“You could supply all of Germany with it within a few months” explains Stöcker. “There are enough doctors, so you wouldn’t need to rent those big arenas. People could just go to their family doctor and have it administered. Within two to three months they would be immune to this epidemic. All of them” explains the renowned Doctor.

Doctor Winfried Stöcker founded the pharmaceutical company, Euroimmun, in 1987. His company developed the methods for the detection of autoimmune and infectious diseases. Today it has 3,100 employees and offices in 17 countries. There are also two locations in Upper Lusatia. In 2017, Stöcker sold the company to a US corporation – for a total of 1.2 billion euros. (Almost 1.5 Billion US)

Persecuted By The State

Stöcker developed the antigen-based vaccine in his own laboratory in Groß-Grönau, Germany. He then successfully tested his vaccine on himself, family members, and employees. Stöcker is said to have already vaccinated 100 volunteers, and 97 percent of those vaccinated developed antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. Stöcker measured the antibody level in his patients after the vaccination finding that “almost all of them are really positive: With high-titre antibodies that are able to neutralize the virus, that is, to render it harmless.”

At the beginning of September, Stöcker contacted the Paul Ehrlich Institute which is responsible, among other things, for the approval of vaccines and biomedical drugs. The doctor emailed them his successful test vaccination results.  At the same time, he asked that he could carry out his tests with a larger number of volunteers to test for any potential side effects. Instead of the institute embracing the Doctor and his work, the institute and the State Offices of Social Services (LAsD) filed complaints against him.

The effects of his vaccines have been confirmed by several virologists including, Christian Drosten from the Berlin Charité (one of Europe’s most respected hospitals). Dr. Drosten is also one of the advisers to the Federal Government of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Despite Dr. Drosten’s confirmation, the public prosecutor opened criminal proceedings. The Lübeck public prosecutor’s office stated: “He produced a SARS-CoV-2 antigen without the required permission and then administered it to himself and other people without having the necessary permits.

After the German state targeted Stöcker he chose to make the process for manufacturing the new antigen public without filing for a patent and without asking for payment. The doctor has now published the recipe for his antigen vaccine on his website. 


Persecuted by the Left

The famous doctor and entrepreneur is an outspoken conservative. In the past, the doctor has publicly criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel, her open border policies, climate hysteria, MeToo movement, and Islamic supremacists.  Furthermore, he has praised the country’s only conservative party, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD).

While the left-wing government is treating a Doctor who makes a coronavirus antigen vaccine freely and publicly available, like a criminal – so is their media. The media is using their platforms to politicize Winfried Stöcker and his selfless actions. Instead of celebrating a doctor who could help save the lives of so many across the world, they are actively smearing him for having differing political views.

Furthermore, Chancellor Merkel continues to encourage pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer and AstraZeneca to inject Germans with a highly experimental mRNA gene therapy. Simultaneously she is prosecuting a Doctor offering a safer and less expensive antigen vaccine. The question Germans should be asking is whose interests does Merkel’s government represent – the people of Germany or the pharmaceutical industry?

Watch the following interview Doctor Winfried Stöcker did with Spiegel TV,


Below is the statement issued by Prof. Stöcker:

The Best Vaccine Against COVID-19

February 5, 2021

In the past, under my leadership, an extremely efficient research and development department was established at Euroimmun, dealing, among other things, with the diagnostics of infectious diseases. Our scientists were among the first to create reagents for the detection of a number of emerging infectious diseases, often in collaboration with specialists from international infectious disease research institutions, in Germany including the Bernhard Nocht Institute in Hamburg and the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin: Crimean-Congo, West Nile, Japanese Encephalitis, Usutu, Dengue, Chikungunya, Mayaro, MERS-Corona, Zika, SARS 1, Ebola.

Based on our extensive experience in reagent development for the diagnosis of novel viral diseases, we have rapidly and accurately created and recombinantly produced an antigen construct that can reliably produce antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. It is based on the receptor-binding domain within the S1 subunit of the spike protein, which the virus uses to bind to receptors on target cells. It seemed obvious to me that immunisation with this protein would have a protective effect.

There are vaccinations with a large potential danger and others with a very small one. There is a difference between injecting a healthy person with attenuated viruses or viral RNA, and injecting a small inconspicuous recombinant protein that cannot do much in the organism except for specific immune stimulation. For decades, recombinant antigens genetically engineered in culture cells have been used in immunisation against infectious hepatitis A and B. In the past, the immunisation antigen was obtained from blood donations of people formerly suffering from hepatitis, but the recombinant antigens come from the retort, they are easy to produce and carry no risk of infection — a major advance. I myself have immunised thousands of my employees with them. However, you have to take three injections in the first quarter of the year, then measure the antibody level every five to ten years and give a booster vaccination if necessary.

This uncomplicated vaccination scheme, which has been tried and tested for decades, with a trivial antigen that has long been available, would be the order of the day in the case of Covid-19. Completely new approaches are being pursued here, which may be very effective. These approaches introduce viral RNA into the body of the vaccinated person, which is supposed to synthesise the immunisation antigen in the person’s own organism first, but many people are afraid of this because they fear that the viral RNA will take on a life of its own in the body and cause unexpected damage. Lengthy vaccination studies have therefore had to be set up, during which the virus has been able to spread through the population like an avalanche. And the active ingredient is very difficult to produce, requires a continuous deep-freeze chain from production to vaccination, many people are allergic to the polyethylene glycol additive needed for stabilisation, and half of those vaccinated report sick after the second injection. Above all, however, it takes years to manufacture the vaccine until demand is met and everyone is immunised. Scientists can make a name for themselves and the patent holders can make a lot of money, while millions of people die because they cannot be vaccinated in time.

But woe to him who, hid from view, Hath done the deed of murder base!” (Schiller, 1797) Upon his heels, who will pursue?

Likewise, coronaviruses produced and inactivated in culture are obsolete for me as vaccine antigens; such a thing has long been obsolete for hepatitis, so what’s the point with Corona? It is also not necessary to infect anyone with vector viruses in order to introduce viral antigens. I apply the ready-made, extracorporeally genetically engineered antigen, which poses virtually no danger. And so far, none of the more than one hundred vaccinated people has become ill, none has been incapacitated.

Some resistance has developed to my approach. People are not able or willing to recognise the potential of the vaccination I propose, but it is virtually risk-free, based on an inactivated vaccine that can be shipped unrefrigerated and kept in a refrigerator, that does not introduce the dreaded genetic information of the virus, that does not contain an attenuated virus or vector, that causes few allergic reactions, has no polyethylene glycol, that any doctor can administer in his office, virtually risk-free, and that would therefore be far more acceptable to the public. It can also be easily produced in large quantities. Excellent for mass vaccination. The first vaccination was anything but heroic, but ordinary. No vector, no RNA, no inactivated coronavirus, just a small peptide.

Take 15 micrograms of recombinant RBD of the S1 subunit (Arg319-Phe541) three times for one person. I used alhydrogel from InvivoGen as the adjuvant: Shake properly and draw up 200 microliters of it with the tuberculin syringe. Draw up 10 milliliters of saline into a larger syringe and add the 200 microliters, mix. Of that, 500 microliters per shot to mix your portion of antigen with. Everything nicely sterile.

A single 2000-liter reactor can produce 45 g of antigen per day, which would be enough for 1 million people. A high-density culture system can produce five times that amount. Within six months, vaccine for 80% of the population of Germany could be produced in a medium-sized laboratory.

I asked the Paul Ehrlich Institute for permission to immediately replicate this trivial immunisation with a larger number of volunteers to see if it works as well as it did for me and my family, and if there are no side effects in them either, including exposed individuals. If the PEI had not objected, we could have already put a manufacturer in a position to supply the whole of Germany and provide effective protection.

Instead of responding to my proposal, the Paul Ehrlich Institute coldly sued me. Perhaps because they felt ignored in their divine function — after all, I had already carried out a trial on five (!) people (which I am entitled to do as a doctor, so I can mix together whatever I think is right for my therapy. Anyone so familiar with the paragraphs, should actually know that). Perhaps this gives an advantage to other applicants, to whom one feels obliged? As I do not act as a vaccine manufacturer, I have no intention to profit in this matter. I have deliberately gone public with my action and have not applied for a patent, so no one else can claim this way for themselves. I only want to show a simple and harmless way to counteract the pandemic quickly and effectively.

Necessity justifies unconventional means — in the case of this pandemic, it is not possible to wait two years until the last doubts about possible side effects have been resolved, as is the case with other vaccines, but action must be taken quickly. In this respect, the Paul Ehrlich Institute must be accused of complete failure. They had to foresee that the delivery of the vaccines that were granted approval would take several years. In this situation, sensible people would examine all possible alternatives and support their implementation. Such people would have immediately come up with the highly effective immunisation in Lübeck, would have supported the project, and by the end of 2021 the whole of Germany could be virtually free of Covid-19! The vaccination of over one hundred patients with recombinant S1-RBD antigen in Lübeck was almost free of side effects and extremely effective, 95% of the those vaccinated developed protective antibodies in high concentration within six weeks.

The regulatory authorities are overwhelmed. They can do nothing but proceed according to a tried and tested pattern. They are helpless in the face of the catastrophe, but they have caused it themselves. As the very first institution, they could and should have foreseen the avalanche-like outbreak of the pandemic. If they had immediately taken up my suggestion to immunise the population with such an ordinary antigen, the spread of the disease would have been stopped very quickly. Hundreds of thousands of people would not have fallen ill, tens of thousands would not have died.

It is unbelievable the way the PEI is still being courted, like gods who are pleased to approve a vaccine under certain conditions. After their long and careful examination of every single detail, examining whether every stamp is in the right place and every piece of paper is folded correctly, social life and the economy are collapsing. For me, these delaying authorities are just as bad as the disease itself and are unworthy to bear the name of Paul Ehrlich, whose achievements would not have come to us in the environment of increasing excessive bureaucracy. Entrepreneurial qualities should be more in demand in this situation, not paralysing dirigisme or impotent stammering on television. It would do our society good if the Paul Ehrlich Institute had a little competition, something like the Technical Inspection Agency or DEKRA.

In the current catastrophic situation, you don’t need lengthy double-blind trials to precisely work out differences in effectiveness. One inoculates the first thousand test persons (preferably with the Lübeck method), and makes them immune right away. If that goes well, ten thousand people get it, and then the rest. But some clinicians always have their eye on their third-party funding account and want to approach the matter scientifically in a way that is tried and tested for them, and first carefully find out whether a few percent more or less Anti-Covid antibodies develop in a vaccine candidate. After all, not every vaccine, like the one from Lübeck, will be able to induce antibodies in very high concentrations that eliminate (neutralize) the coronavirus in 95% of patients.

By the way, my suggestion of rapid immunisation with the Corona S1 antigen was enthusiastically received by several scientists. Others dismissed and criticised without reason. Those who did not come up with this idea themselves, or who may be getting their research budget funded by (newly) established vaccine manufacturers. Perhaps some “scientists” receive so much in third-party funding that they talk down my simple approach to a solution so as not to go away empty-handed. The manufacturers will not allow any comparison, because they are afraid that my vaccine can compete with their newly patented substances. This would make their patents worthless and the expected sales of hundreds of billions of dollars and euros are threatened. I do not rule out the possibility that our so admired godlike authorities are not only hostile to innovation, but may even have acted on someone else’s behalf. They turn a blind eye to the simplest solution and file charges against it. With so much money at stake, I am now putting my life in danger as well. “From you, you Corona victims up there, if no other voice is raised, then be my murder complaint lifted!” Victims of short-sighted “scientists”, cowardly paragraph servants and bureaucrats.

In this same context, it should certainly be demanded that the Paul Ehrlich institute recognize a positive antibody result in the vaccination certificate. Only in the case the vaccine is certified. Even people who survived a Corona infection are to be inoculated. They have earned their antibody honestly. Apparently, the minions don’t want to miss out. Will someone report the Paul Ehrlich Institute to police?

To avoid the stupid accusation of some of the said “scientists” that my “self-experiment” has no probative value, I gave in to the fervent wish of some of my colleagues and friends and legally immunised them according to my scheme — as I did with my family last April. As a physician, I am authorized to do so and do not require the approval of any authority. During our vaccination series from December 2020 to January 2021, we did not experience any relevant undesirable side effects, and we were able to detect very high titers of anti-spike IgG in 60 of 65 patients in our laboratory in Lübeck; five are still being revaccinated, and in 64 the antibodies were virus-neutralizing. None who received the vaccine became incapacitated. All positive patients are happy about their newfound freedom.

Winfried Stöcker


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Black Lives Matter attack police, loot stores, in the Belgian city of Liege

Rumble — READ full story at RAIR Foundation USA:

This past Saturday afternoon viot riots broke out in the center of the Belgian city of Liège after a marxist Black Lives Matter demonstration. Hundreds of radicals looted shops, attacked the police, and damaged buildings. Ten rioters were arrested and at least 36 officers were injured. Continue reading:


Muslim Woman Who Beheaded Child is Freed: She’s ‘Cured’~She screamed “Allahu akbar” as she brandished the severed head



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Gulchekhra Bobokulova horrified the world in February 2016 when she beheaded four-year-old Anastasia Meshcheryakova, whom she served as a nanny. Once Russian police got around to arresting her (she brandished the head and raved for fully twenty minutes), she was declared to be mentally ill. And now for the good news: psychiatrists have pronounced her cured, and she is set to walk free.

The UK’s MailOnline reported Friday that after just five years in a psych ward, Bobokulova has been “cured” of her “chronic psychiatric disorder,” and so she can be freed without endangering the public. That was easy, eh? Bobokulova walked around outside Oktyabrskoye Pol metro station in Moscow brandishing little Anastasia’s head and screaming “Allahu akbar” and “I am a terrorist,” but she has put all that behind her now, so why should we be hung up about it? What’s that? The doctrines of jihad still remain, and she could act upon them again? Shut up, you greasy Islamophobe, and step aside. You’re blocking the multicultural sunbeams.

After all, her doctors say they are “confident” that she is “harmless.” What could possibly go wrong? Well, for one thing, there are indications besides her exclamations that this killing wasn’t a manifestation of mental illness at all. The Mail asserted that she was “influenced by extremist ideologies on the web.” Bobokulkova’s own explanation for why she beheaded the little girl she was supposed to be taking care of was simple: “It was what Allah ordered.”

And he did. The Qur’an says: “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks” (47:4). It doesn’t exempt nannies from this command, or exclude four-year-old girls from the pool of unbelievers who should be beheaded. It just says, “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks” – no ifs, ands or buts. That’s what the Qur’an says, and that’s what Gulchekhra Bobokulova did.

At this point, of course, the John Espositos and Karen Armstrongs and Reza Aslans of the world would recoil in horror – a horror even greater than they might have felt when they saw the video of the hijabbed Gulchekhra with Anastasia’s severed head and knew that here was yet another PR disaster for the religion whose image they’re forever trying to burnish. That passage of the Qur’an, they would insist (if they deigned to engage their opponents in rational discussion and debate, which they do not, and do not need to, since they have total control of academia and the mainstream media), does not mean that individual Muslims should just go around lopping off the heads of infidels, especially infidels who are four-year-old girls. In the first place, they would say, it refers only to unbelievers one meets in battle, and Gulchekhra Bobokulova is not a Muslim warrior engaged in a war against non-Muslim forces, and little Nastya Meshcheryakova was likewise not a combatant in any such war.

It’s true: that beheading the unbelievers is an action limited to the battlefield is a common interpretation of that passage among Muslims. The popular English Qur’an translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali renders the passage thusly: “Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), smite at their necks.” Another, by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall, has it “Now when ye meet in battle those who disbelieve, then it is smiting of the necks.” And so Gulchekhra Bobokulova is just another of the multitudes of Muslims who misunderstand their religion, no?

No. A boyfriend of Bobokulova had links to the Islamic State. The Islamic State considers itself to be at war with the non-Muslim world, and has repeatedly called upon Muslims in non-Muslim countries to murder non-Muslims in lone-wolf attacks. In September 2014, the Islamic State issued a lengthy call to Muslims to murder non-Muslim civilians; it included this: “Will you leave the disbeliever to sleep safely at home while the Muslim women and children shiver with fear of the roars of the crusader airplanes above their heads day and night?”

The claim that the “crusaders” are victimizing children is significant in light of this Qur’an verse: “So whoever has assaulted you, then assault him in the same way that he has assaulted you” (2:194). Thus if the “crusaders” are killing Muslim children, then Muslims must kill “crusader” children. Could Gulchekhra Bobokulova’s Islamic State boyfriend have exhorted her to kill the child in her care in revenge for the children allegedly killed in Russian airstrikes against the Islamic State?

The possibility should not be dismissed out of hand, although it will be. In court back in March 2016, Bobokulova was asked if would ask Anastasia’s parents to forgive her. Holding up one finger, the sign of allegiance to the Islamic State, she replied: “I will ask nobody. Only Allah.” When asked, “What did Allah order you to do?,” she answered, “To kill.” Nonetheless, the Telegraph reported, true to form for the establishment media, that “no clear motive has been established.” And ultimately she was declared schizophrenic.

Of course. Jihad is never a motive. Even when the jihadi confesses to being a jihadi and killing on orders from Allah, Western officials and journalists, certain that violence against unbelievers has nothing to do with the Religion of Peace, will discount what is said and ascribe the behavior to mental illness, climate change, whatever sounds remotely plausible enough to keep the masses complacent, ignorant, and not interested in asking questions.

It is they who in fact are mentally ill, insofar as mental illness means an inability or unwillingness to accept reality and deal with other people on the basis of it. The beheading of Anastasia Meshcheryakova by the Allahu-akbaring Gulchekhra Bobokulova, and the subsequent dismissal of the incident as mental illness, indicates anew just how severely genuine mental illness currently afflicts the political and media elites all over the non-Muslim world. We can only hope these elites recover their sanity or are swept out of all positions of power and influence, before their affliction kills us all.

Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He is author of 21 books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His latest book is Rating America’s Presidents: An America-First Look at Who Is Best, Who Is Overrated, and Who Was An Absolute Disaster. Follow him on Twitter here. Like him on Facebook here.


AfD’s Jürgen Braun slams Angela Merkel’s antisemitism and takes on Germany’s radical parliament

German Parliament Stunned: “Migrants aren’t going to save Germany; they’re ruining it”

Rumble — Read Full Article:

Dr. Gottfried Curio is a member of the Bundestag (German federal parliament) for AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following speech on the floor of the Bundestag, Dr. Curio addresses the catastrophic consequences of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door “welcome refugees” policies.

The Alternative for Germany, (AfD) is the only classical European party on the German political spectrum. They are family oriented, want secure borders, and believe in the preservation of the nation state of Germany, much as President Trump does of America.

Must Watch: AfD Slams New Proposed Law That Allows Germans and Migrants to Choose Their Gender

Rumble — Beatrix von Storch is a deputy leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) and a member of the Bundestag. In a speech on the floor of the German Parliament (Bundestag) she slams a new proposed Greens Party law, which will allow citizens and migrants to change their gender as desired.

Keep reading:

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France: Nearly 70% say ‘Islamo-Leftism’ is a major problem



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

It’s not a problem just in France, but all over Europe and North America: a massive coalition of two groups that hate the West, hate Judeo-Christian civilization, hate free societies. How long can the free West last in the face of this relentless onslaught?

“Nearly 7 in 10 French Say ‘Islamo-Leftism’ a Major Problem,” by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, February 28, 2021:

A poll has revealed 69 per cent of French, nearly 7 in 10, say that there is a problem with an ideology of “Islamo-Leftism” in the country.

The Odoxa-Backbone consulting poll found that a comfortable majority of respondents believed there was a problem with leftist groups, political parties, and personalities refusing to take hard positions against radical Islamic extremism for fear of “stigmatising” Muslims as a whole.

When the results are divided by political affiliation, the survey showed that 82 per cent of the supporter of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally believed the issue to be a problem, while 83 per cent of the centre-right Republicans held the same views, Franceinfo reports.

Supporters of Emmanuel Macron’s Republicans on the March (LREM) party agreed with the proposition 80 per cent of the time.

Among the far-left France Insoumise supporters, just 46 per cent agreed the Islamo-Leftism was a problem, however, 63 per cent of the Socialist Party supports saw the concept as a problem….

Iran demands end to US and EU sanctions, threatens to block UN snap inspections of nuclear sites



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Although significant, Iran’s new threat amounts to nothing, since by its own admission, it has already long ago violated the nuclear deal. That deal was based on lies to begin with. Despite the continuing evidence that indicates how unreliable Iran has been about keeping its word, the West continues to place its hope in negotiations with Iran, which only serves to further stoke the regime’s aggression. It also buys time for the regime to build a nuclear bomb.

Ayatollah Khamenei has already declared in no uncertain terms: Enemies cannot do a damn thing against the Islamic Republic and Islam’s power is growing.” Far too many Western leaders, however, choose not to believe him, at their own peril.

“Iran says it will block snap nuclear inspections if 2015 deal terms are not met,” by John Bowden, The Hill, February 15, 2021:

Iran’s government on Monday warned that it would end the U.N. nuclear watchdog’s ability to conduct snap inspections of nuclear sites in the country unless the U.S. and European countries involved in the 2015 nuclear accord fulfill their end of the agreement and lift sanctions.

A spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry made the announcement, according to Reuters, setting a Feb. 21 deadline for the U.S. and other countries to relax sanctions reimposed after the U.S. left the nuclear accord in 2017 under the Trump administration.

“If others do not fulfill their obligations by Feb. 21, the government is obliged to suspend the voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol,” spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said, according to the news service.

“It does not mean ending all inspections by the U.N. nuclear watchdog. … All these steps are reversible if the other party changes its path and honours its obligations,” he continued.

A bipartisan group of more than 100 lawmakers has called on President Biden to “remain firm” in his dealings with Iran, urging the administration to hold the Tehran accountable for its increased nuclear enrichment in the years following the U.S. departure from the accord….


‘Armies of Illegal Migrants’ Invade Hungarian Homes – Mayor Demands Military Action (Video)



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Mayor László Toroczkai of Ásotthalom is calling on the Hungarian military to protect his town from “armies” of “military-aged illegal migrants” ransacking and seizing control of citizens farms and homes. The mayor is demanding the government send more military and police forces to his struggling border town.

Migrants occupying citizen’s farms and homes has become a common occurrence according to Mayor Toroczkai. Just recently the mayor filmed his visit to an elderly woman’s farm that had been overrun by 65 dangerous migrants while she was away for the day. When the woman returned home she found an army of illegals had broken into her house, tore down the doors, smashed windows, and taken possession of her property. The migrants had overrun and occupied every room in her home.

The majority of the migrants invading the Hungarian border, declare themselves as Syrian, Libyan, Palestinian, Ghanaian, Moroccan, Tunisian, and Afghan nationals. The Illegal migrants that storm the Hungarian border have been shown to be extremely dangerous and often sharia-adherent with values and ambitions that are in staunch opposition to Western values and laws.

Watch the following video by Mayor László Toroczkai translated by RAIR Foundation USA,

PM Viktor Orbán

Well organized armies of illegals have been attacking Hungarian and other Western European countries for years. Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was the first EU leader to close borders to asylum-seekers in 2015 and has consistently been the one EU leader who has called the migrants exactly what they are — “invaders,” explaining that the women and children are used as props for the media and pointing out that most of the migrants are military aged men who are invading Europe. 

Despite all the efforts to demonize him, Orbán has not wavered, repeating in his State of the Union address last year, that the main task of his government is to preserve Hungary’s security and Christian culture, once again vowing to never allow his Christian country to be changed by illegal invaders, and warning of the “Soros Plan, to settle a foreign population.”

Demographic Impact From Migration

Orbán recently sounded the alarms that by 2050, twenty percent of the European population will be Muslim due to Western Europe’s pursuit of multiculturalism and mass migration. However, Hungary and Central Europe continue to reject the “Soros Plan, to settle a foreign population.”

In Belgium, one third of the country’s population is of foreign origin, and in Brussels, Belgians are already the minority. Within a generation, Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö, will have a population in which the majority of people are of foreign background.

Meanwhile, Democrat Joe Biden has vowed to flood America with 700% more “refugees” from terrorist hotspots around the world through the corrupt U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. 

Hungary’s history, even more than most European nations, has been a struggle for freedom. All within the last century, Hungary has had to fight off the Ottoman Islamic Invasion, the Nazis and the communists all. As a result, Hungarians are generally not fond of the idea of sacrificing themselves to invaders aiming to change societal norms and customs.

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Brussels: Mohamed, Mohammed and Ahmed are the Most Common Names in Many Municipalities



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Over the last decade, Belgium has changed dramatically. Without any public debate, it has become a massive migration state. Their left-wing government’s open borders migration policies, coupled with the European Union’s policies, (also situated in Brussels, Belgium’s capitol), continue to have catastrophic effects on the country’s safety and demographics.

According to Statbel, the country’s statistical office, in 2020 the most popular names for male babies in over a dozen municipalities throughout Brussels are Islamic, specifically Mohamed, Mohammed, and Ahmed (another form of Mohammad). This name prevalence is the case in the municipalities of Saint-Gilles, Molenbeek, Anderlecht, Schaerbeek, Koekelberg, Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode, Forest, Jette, Berchem Sainte-Agathe, Evere, Ganshoren, and Saint-Gilles, and the city of Brussels.

These newest statistics come just weeks after the government announced that one third of Belgium’s population is now of foreign origin. The largest number of those being of Moroccan descent. Ninety-nine percent of Morocco’s population are Muslims. In Brussels, native or indigenous Belgians are already in the minority, nearly 80% of the population is of foreign origin.

Belgium has become a terrorist breeding ground, the country has the highest per-capita rate of foreign fighters of any Western European country. The small country has even been described by left-wing media as “Europe’s terror hotbed”.

Following information is from Statbel, and French news site Fdesouche:

City of Brussels: 185,100 inhabitants


Molenbeek: 98,000 inhabitants.

Anderlecht: 120,000 inhabitants.

Schaerbeek: 132,800 inhabitants.

Koekelberg: 21,959 inhabitants.

Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode: 27,497 inhabitants.

Forest: 56,581 inhabitants.

Jette: 52,728 inhabitants.

Berchem Sainte-Agathe: 25,500 inhabitants.

Evere: 42,650 inhabitants.

Ganshoren: 25,234 inhabitants.

Saint-Gilles: 49,678 inhabitants.


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Switzerland: Muslim migrant sprays fashion model with acid



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A distressingly common feature of life in some Islamic countries has now come West.

Islamic State disfigures 15 women with acid for not wearing niqab February 10, 2015

Two jihadis charged with acid attack on British girls in Zanzibar September 13, 2015

UK: Convert to Islam threw acid in face of mother of six, leaving her disfigured and blind in one eye September 30, 2015

Top 10 Acid Attack Victims in Iran — an Anni Cyrus Video October 2, 2016

Iran: Alarming rise in acid attacks against women who are not properly veiled March 20, 2017

UK Muslim in gay wedding gets acid attack threats, “I have people spitting on me and calling me pig” July 16, 2017

France: 4 female American tourists attacked with acid in train station September 17, 2017

Pakistan: Muslim stalker threatens Christian girl with acid attack for not marrying him

UK: Delivery drivers reveal London “No-Go Zones” made “too dangerous to work” by acid attacks and knife crimes

UK: Muslim threatens to murder Tommy Robinson and attack his wife with acid

UK: Muslim migrant arrested for acid attack on his three-year-old son, other attackers sought

Sadiq Khan’s London: Muslim migrant “acid gang” sentenced after attacks on gays

UK acid attack victim’s mom: Attacker said he’d “take them to an Islamic country where he could do anything to them”

Sadiq Khan’s London: acid attack on 3 people by “people wearing burqas”


“Model (24) attacked with acid in Neuchâtel – Afghans (19) in custody,” translated from “Model (24) in Neuenburg mit Säure angegriffen – Afghane (19) in Haft,” Blick, February 13, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

Sneak attack in Neuchâtel. A Swiss woman was sprayed with acid in the underground car park of her apartment. She was first brought to the hospital in Neuchâtel by the emergency services. She then went to the Chuv University Hospital in Lausanne.

The act happened on Thursday morning at 7.53 a.m. at 53 Rue de L’Evole, as the Neuchâtel canton police wrote in a message.

The victim is model Elise T.* (24). “She is a wonderful person,” says a neighbor to “A lovely girl, very pretty.” A few years ago Elise took part in a beauty contest in western Switzerland.

Neighbor reacted immediately

The woman was first looked after by a neighbor who was startled by the cries for help. The neighbor showered the woman with copious amounts of water while they waited for professional help.

The 24-year-old is not in mortal danger.

Successful major effort

Three hours after the incident, a 19-year-old man living in the region was arrested in the La Maladière district thanks to a large-scale operation. He is in custody.

The suspect is a refugee from Afghanistan, as Georges-André Lozouet, spokesman for the canton police in Neuchâtel, explains at the request of VIEW.

“Athletic” man with a mask or balaclava

“At the moment, I cannot say whether the suspect and the victim know each other and how they relate to one another,” Lozouet continues. “I can’t say anything about the motive either.”

Five people have been seriously injured in acid attacks in London. The picture shows one of the crime scenes in London. According to the police, there is a link between the five attacks.

The police are looking for witnesses who made suspicious observations on Thursday morning in the area of ​​Rue de L’Evole and the Esplanade du Mont-Blanc in connection with an “athletic” man about 170 cm tall with a black mask or balaclava.

Prosecutor Sylvie Favre has initiated criminal proceedings. (noo)

* Name changed

France: Le Pen, now at record high in polls, proposes ban on ‘totalitarian, murderous Islamist ideologies’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Marine Le Pen has long been a target of the worst elements of globalism as she sought to restrict France’s suicidal immigration policy that saw crime rates skyrocket and no-go zones appear in France, as well as violent Islamic antisemitism. But ever since the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty, French citizens and leaders alike have been shaken to the core. President Emmanuel Macron has cracked down on jihad preaching and the mosques where that teaching takes place and has continued to do so in defiance of charges of “Islamophobia.” Now Le Pen has “proposed a ban on Muslim headscarves in all public places” as she soared to a record high in a poll, “putting her almost neck-and-neck with President Emmanuel Macron.”

Le Pen views the hijab as a symbol of female inferiority in Islam, and indeed, Islamic tenets hold that women are indeed inferior to men.

In the words of well known Somali-born ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who once wore the veil: “The veil deliberately marks women as private and restricted property, nonpersons. The veil sets women apart from men and apart from the world; it restrains them, confines them, grooms them for docility. A mind can be cramped just as a body may be, and a Muslim veil blinkers both your vision and your destiny. It is the mark of a kind of apartheid, not the domination of a race but of a sex.”

Marine Le Pen’s soaring popularity is now creating panic in the EU, as insiders are predicting an “enormous revolution” by populists in Brussels.

“Riding high in the polls, France’s Le Pen proposes hijab ban”, France 24, January 30, 2021:

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen proposed a ban on Muslim headscarves in all public places on Friday, seeking to build on a record recent poll putting her almost neck-and-neck with President Emmanuel Macron.

The hijab policy, which would be contested in court and almost certainly be ruled unconstitutional, saw the 53-year-old return to a familiar campaign theme 15 months from the country’s 2022 presidential election.

“I consider that the headscarf is an Islamist item of clothing,” Le Pen told reporters at a press conference where she proposed a new law to ban “Islamist ideologies” which she called “totalitarian and murderous.”

Since taking over France’s main far-right party from her father, Le Pen has run twice for the French presidency, losing badly in 2017 to political newcomer Macron in a defeat that she took months to recover from.

But recent polling shows her closer than ever to her ultimate prize and has led to a rash of new speculation about whether the anti-EU, anti-immigration populist could finally enter the Elysee Palace.

Despite recent setbacks for fellow ideologues such as Donald Trump, and Matteo Salvini in Italy, a survey reported earlier this week showed her within striking distance of Macron.

The poll conducted online by Harris Interactive suggested that if a final-round presidential run-off were held today Le Pen would garner 48 percent while Macron would be re-elected with 52 percent, Le Parisien newspaper reported.

“It’s a poll, it’s a snapshot of a moment, but what it shows is that the idea of me winning is credible, plausible even,” Le Pen said at the Friday press conference.

The prospect of a tight race set off alarm bells in the French political mainstream as the dual health and economic crises caused by the coronavirus pandemic sweep across the country.

“It’s the highest she has ever been at,” said Jean-Yves Camus, a French political scientist specialised in the far-right, while adding that it was “too early to take the polls at face value”….


Regenwolken ziehen über die Jugendarrestanstalt Moltsfelde

BREAKING: Inside Germany’s Maximum Security Corona Jail For Quarantine Violators (Videos)



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Germans in the Northern state of Schleswig-Holstein, who do not adhere to the Chinese coronavirus state-mandated quarantine will end up behind bars. The corona prison which has been set up in the former Mortsfelde youth detention center, will be policed by retired law enforcement officers and prison wardens.

The retasked prison should be ready to open tomorrow, February 1, 2021, and will house some of the state’s most dangerous corona sinners. “We needed another possibility to keep people under control who are endangering themselves and others” claims the state.

Individuals will be locked up for such things as refusing to quarantine after engaging in travel, coming in contact with high-risk individuals or receiving a positive test result. The choice is simple according to the state, “you stay in a narrow cell or, as an alternative, your own home.”

The facility is able to accommodate up to six prisoners. 12 to 15 employees will watch the prisoners around the clock to ensure the convicts do not leave their twelve square meter tiled cell. In addition, 30 former police and correctional officers volunteered for this task.

Barbed wire and a security fence surround the facility. Prisoners live with metal bars on their window, a hard mattress, and are fed through a food flap in their doors. The cells are sparsely furnished, there is hardly any freedom of movement. However, television and mobile phones are allowed in the cells. To protect against infection, the prison reports each cell has its own bathroom.

This ratio alone of guards to prisoners suggests that the left-wing government is not concerned with fighting the pandemic efficiently, but rather with control, intimidation and repression. As previously reported by RAIR Foundation USA, many other German states are building prisons for violators who refuse to adhere to the mandatory measures.

It is unclear how many quarantine objectors there are in the state reported attorney Sönke E. Schulz, the managing director of the Schleswig-Holstein County Council. Schulz, the leader of the council explained that he hopes that the sinners will gain insight through these tough measures. Those who behave well and have learned their lesson, should be able to return home after a “normal quarantine period”,

IIf the person can credibly affirm, that they will stick to the order [of quarantine] in the future, and do not leave their own home, then it is also made possible that the person can return there.

Watch the following German news reports on the opening of coronavirus jails,

Infection Protection Act (IfSG)

As previously reported at RAIR, Germany’s controversial Infection Protection Act (IfSG). allows the state to isolate citizens in prison facilities.

Amendments made to the IfSG during what may be a false flag of coronavirus have stripped citizens of basic civil liberties and given Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government dictatorial powers.

Under the IfSG, the state announced a multitude of measures such as; confiscating children and placing them in ‘forced Isolation coronavirus facilities, compulsory coronavirus vaccinations, to mandating masks, imposing curfews, limits on gatherings as well as closing businesses.

German citizens have been particularly brutalized during the coronavirus pandemic, despite the extremely low mortality rate. Merkel seems to be using the virus to prepare the ground for a totalitarian dictatorship. Will Germans who refuse to take the gene-altering mRNA injection mislabelled as a “vaccination” be imprisoned next?

See a list below of the RAIR articles addressing coronavirus tyranny in Germany.

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Austria: Muslim gang of Sharia enforcers threatens to behead children



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4)

“The moral guardian gang threatened children with beheading,” translated from “Sittenwächter-Bande drohte Kindern mit Enthauptung,” by Christoph Budin, Kronen Zeitung, January 24, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

The notorious moral guardian gang of devout Muslim Chechens does not shy away from the brutal extortion of protection money. A father of two was threatened in Vienna with the beheading of his sons – police protection for the family and handcuffs for four young suspects!

The Caucasus gang – among them mostly recognized or tolerated war refugees – had already made headlines several times in the federal capital and Linz. Their compatriot women always had to wear headscarves. And if their behavior was too “Western” or, in their eyes, their values ​​did not correspond (photos in swimwear or meetings with non-Chechen men were sufficient), the victims and their families were severely threatened and persecuted.

“Take your sons head off”

Now apparently blackmail has been added to the long criminal list of arms trafficking, imprisonment, grievous bodily harm, car theft and burglary. Because four young Chechens between the ages of 21 and 25, who are apparently part of the large group, are said to have scared a father in Vienna via WhatsApp.

They know where he works, where his family lives and where his two children go to school. If he doesn’t pay 5000 euros, then, according to the gloomy message in bad German, they will “take your sons’ heads off”.

The blackmailers were also so cheeky as to pretend to be protectors (“solve the problem”) and to demand money again. While the threatened family was under police protection, the quartet was arrested by the WEGA.

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