Matt Gaetz Moves to Abolish the ATF

Matt Gaetz Moves to Abolish the ATF




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To Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), the move last Friday by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to require citizens owning pistol braces to register them with the government was the “final straw.” On Tuesday, he rolled out a bill to abolish the rogue agency altogether.

The bill is one page long: “A Bill to abolish the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.… The [agency] is hereby abolished.”

Would that this would be so simple!

In June 2021, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene proposed the same thing but gave the agency six months to move its responsibilities to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Her bill included:

  • Repealing all ATF regulations issued after August 1, 2020;
  • Rescinding all hiring authority for the agency;
  • Publishing a list of all the weapons it had confiscated, and then selling them to licensed firearms dealers via a public auction;
  • Putting those proceeds into a fund for Border Patrol agents killed in the line of duty as a result of one of its botched operations, Operation Fast and Furious; and
  • Using any remaining funds to fund grants to states to establish firearm safety programs.

In 2014 Representative James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) had offered a similar bill, but with some of its operations being handed off to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) rather than the FBI.

When Gaetz rolled out his bill to abolish the ATF, he said:

The continued existence of the ATF is increasingly unwarranted based on the actions they’re taking to convert otherwise law-abiding people into felons. My bill would abolish the ATF.

If that doesn’t work, we’re going to try defunding the ATF.

If that doesn’t work, we’re going to target the individual bureaucrats at the top of the ATF who have exceeded their authority in rulemaking. And if that doesn’t work, we’re going to take a meat cleaver to the statutes that the ATF believes broadly authorize their actions.

When Representative Greene presented her bill back in 2021, she said the Biden administration was using the agency to harass lawful gun owners:

Joe Biden and the radical, anti-gun Democrats want to unleash the ATF on law-abiding gun owners across America, attacking our God-given Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

The ATF’s ongoing, unconstitutional attacks on the Second Amendment must end.

And, when Representative Sensenbrenner proposed abolishing the ATF, he also minced no words:

The ATF is a largely duplicative, scandal-ridden agency that lacks a clear mission.…

It is plagued by backlogs, funding gaps, hiring challenges and a lack of leadership.

For decades it has been branded by high-profile failures. There is also significant overlap with other agencies.

While neither of these last two bills saw the light of day (as will likely be the outcome of Gaetz’s effort), the history of the ATF shows it to be corrupt to the core. Sam Jacobs, in an article published by the Libertarian Institute in 2020, took 19 pages to review just a few of the agency’s egregious and illegal operations.

They included:

  • A review of the agency by a Senate subcommittee back in the 1980s concluded: “Based upon these hearings, it is apparent that ATF enforcement tactics … are constitutionally, legally, and practically reprehensible”;
  • Its Siege at Ruby Ridge;
  • Its Siege at Waco, Texas;
  • Its expanded powers granted after 9/11;
  • Its harassment of gun-show buyers and sellers in Richmond, Virginia;
  • Its “baiting” of innocent Hmong refugees in Laos;
  • Its entrapment of mentally disabled teenagers;
  • What the agency actually does with all those Form 4473s gun buyers must complete purchasing a firearm;
  • What the agency does with its slush fund generated from its illegal sales of cigarettes; and
  • How it punishes whistleblowers inside the agency when they bring to light some of the agency’s illegal activities.

For readers who may be unfamiliar with some of these illegal overreaches, the source is here. Upon reading, they may agree with Gaetz, Greene, and Sensenbrenner: The time to abolish this rogue agency is long past due.

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80 Illinois County Sheriffs Will Refuse to Enforce New Gun Laws

At Least 80 Illinois County Sheriffs Will Refuse to Enforce State's New Gun Laws



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

At least 80 county sheriffs and prosecutors have vowed not to enforce the new Illinois gun control law that bans 170 kinds of semi-automatic rifles and places limits on ammunition magazines.

“The right to keep and bear arms for the defense of life, liberty, and property is regarded as an inalienable right by the people,” said Iroquois County Sheriff Clinton Perzee. “I, among many others, believe that [House Bill 5471] is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution,” he added.

Perzee said he would not use his jail to detain people solely for violating the new gun law.

“[N]either myself nor my office will be checking to ensure that lawful gun owners register their weapons with the State, nor will we be arresting or housing law-abiding individuals that have been arrested solely with non-compliance of this Act,” Perzee said.

Related: Illinois Sheriff Strikes Back on Assault Weapons Ban, Takes Stand to Protect Citizens’ 2A Rights

Governor J.B. Pritzker reminded the sheriffs that they took an oath to uphold the law. “As law enforcement, that’s their job and I expect them to do that job,” Pritzker said.

“It’s political grandstanding by elected officials. These are elected sheriffs,” Pritzker said during an evening interview with MSNBC.

Illinois gun rights groups are lining up to sue the state over the law. The “Protect Illinois Communities Act” bans 170 brands of semi-automatic rifles, limits ammunition magazines in pistols and rifles, and forces those with legal semi-automatic rifles to register their guns by Jan. 1, 2024.

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul isn’t worried about sheriffs not enforcing the law. Center Square:

Attorney General Kwame Raoul said Friday if local law enforcement won’t act, someone will.

“As law enforcement agencies, there’s overlapping jurisdiction as well, so if they don’t do their jobs, there are other people there to do the job,” Raoul said.

Rhonda Ezell, who was a lead plaintiff in a case several years ago successfully challenging Chicago gun restrictions, said gun owners in Illinois need to stand up for their rights.

“They don’t care what color you are, where you reside, where you live, where you work. Their goal is to disarm America and they made that very clear,” Ezell told The Center Square.

What we have in Illinois is a public relations gambit versus the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The only people who are affected by the new law are law-abiding citizens who will be forced to register their legal firearms. Are criminals and gang members going to turn in their guns or register their firearms? Pritzker and those who support him should stop talking about how “safe” Illinois is going to be after the passage of this law.

Lake & McHenry County Scanner:

St. Clair County Sheriff Richard Watson said in a statement he’s disappointed with the enactment of the law.

“I do not believe we should limit the protections that have been guaranteed to law-abiding citizens in the United States Constitution,” Watson said. “I will be supportive to any constitutional challenges that may occur.”

Watson did not explicitly say he would not enforce the measure as other sheriffs have.

Without an injunction blocking the measure, guns would need to be registered by the end of the year or owners could be charged with a Class 2 felony.

US Navy intercepts fishing boat smuggling over 2,000 AK-47 rifles from Iran to Shi’ite jihadis in Yemen



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Despite nationwide protests, the Islamic Republic remains as belligerent in the international arena as it has always been. This could be evidence that the mullahs aren’t in the least worried about being overthrown, or simply evidence that they want to give the appearance of being unworried.

“US Navy Ships Caught a Fishing Boat Smuggling Over 2,000 AK-47 Rifles from Iran,” by Jake Epstein, Business Insider, January 10, 2023:

US Navy forces recently intercepted a fishing vessel smuggling thousands of AK-47 rifles from Iran to Yemen, the US military said on Tuesday.

The vessel, which was crewed by six Yemeni nationals, was sailing through the Gulf of Oman on January 6 when it was caught, US 5th Fleet said in a statement. A team from the patrol coastal ship USS Chinook discovered and boarded the ship with support from fellow Cyclone-class patrol ship USS Monsoon and the guided-missile destroyer USS The Sullivans. Navy forces found that the ship was carrying 2,116 AK-47 assault rifles.

The vessel was traveling along a route historically understood to be used for the transfer of lethal aid to Yemen’s Houthi rebels — a violation of a UN Security Council resolution and international law, 5th Fleet said….

Over the past few months, US forces have intercepted several vessels transferring lethal aid from Iran to Yemen. In November, 5th Fleet seized a “massive amount” of explosive chemical material that can be used to fuel ballistic missiles. A few weeks later, the service said it recovered more than 50 tons of ammunition and rocket parts….

Malign Iranian activities have been reported in waters off the coast of Middle East countries multiple times in recent weeks — sometimes leading to run-ins with US Navy and US Coast Guard vessels….

Gun Control & Speech Control are the Same in America



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USA – -( When Totalitarians want to control speech and manipulate the narrative, they create one source of information and eliminate all those that contradict their preferred views.

Many people are starting to recognize the similarities between Hitler’s strategies and the left-wing cancel culture. Facebook’s virtual incarcerations, Google’s controlled search results and YouTube’s de-platforming tactics seem to be the new vehicles for controlling speech and limiting personal expression. Hitler’s mandatory reading of Mein Kampf and his 25-year publication called Völkischer Beobachter, (“People’s Observer”) look very similar to our modern-day “Mainstream Media’s” “one size fits all” approach to news-making. Only producing one version of January 6th and one opinion on guns are just a couple of examples of their attempts at manipulating your belief process. The modern landscape may look different, and technology has changed, but the control strategies look eerily similar to Hitler’s in the early 1940s.

Recently, my very own show, The Loaded Mic, has been removed from the YouTube platform with no explanation other than the generic “violating community standards.” I quickly realized that within the past few weeks, these attacks on American voices have become rampant. The attacks are being leveled on conservatives and the firearms community like never before. They use the “3 strikes and you’re out” method but it would seem, only for procedural purposes. Eventually, the targeted sites get shut down. Manipulating the narrative is an attempt to eventually change reality. Although guns can’t be taken away in America, eliminating them from the conversation seems to be the chosen alternative for shaping society’s views on the topic. Who would’ve thought that we as Americans would’ve allowed this ideology to infect our culture the way it has?

The Loaded Mic discusses gun legislation, American culture, and its relationship with guns along with political and social topics of the day. My primary focus has been shining a spotlight on the demonization of firearms in America and exposing the anti-gun media strategies. My voice is the exact thing the enemies of free speech do not want. but I’m not the only one. Several others have been attacked for their speech as well, including:

“Over the past year YouTube has proven that they will adjust, and enforce, their policies to suit the political agenda of the Democrats. It is now crystal clear they do not want “our brand” of free speech on their platform, and it’s our duty to ensure conservative voices aren’t silenced.” ~Bob from

“I’ve had three YouTube channels shut down and deleted for simply going against the chosen narrative of the regime by asking questions about vaccines, January sixth, and the election. One of the channels held all the content for American Women who Bear Arms, a pro-2A channel and related website.” ~Jon James – Freedom’s Pep Rally Host at Right America Media

“I was censored from YouTube and had my channel closed for simply discussing with others about the questions and concerns we had with the vaccine mandates. The left will always tell you who and what they fear by what they attack. If they can censor me, just imaging what else they have censored. We need to keep fighting and keep speaking as the left will never stop coming for our freedoms.” ~Jerry Cirino – Founder and Host of The Fides Show at Right America Media

The good news is the Speech-Nazis are revealing their frustration with these new attacks. With Twitter in new hands, conservative and firearm podcasts popping up everywhere, gun sales skyrocketing, and real Americans speaking out, the “cancel culture” behavior appears to be more like a child kicking and screaming than an effective way of changing society. Our fight has only just begun. Thank God our Founders had the foresight to see these tyrants coming over 200 years away and to create The Bill of Rights.

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege. It’s your right.
Dan Wos.

About Dan Wos, Author – of Good Gun Bad Guy

Dan Wos is available for Press Commentary. For more information contact PR HERE

Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate, Host of The Loaded Mic, and Author of the “GOOD GUN BAD GUY” book series. He speaks at events, is a contributing writer for many publications, and can be found on radio stations across the country. Dan has been a guest on Newsmax, the Sean Hannity Show, Real America’s Voice, and several others. Speaking on behalf of gun rights, Dan exposes the strategies of the anti-gun crowd and explains their mission to disarm law-abiding American gun owners.

Dan Wos
Dan Wos


2022 Closes with A Nation On the Precipice of Ruination

America Burning Civil Disobedience iStock-ohnnyfrs 511386474



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

New York – -( As one more year draws rapidly to a close in these first three decades of the 21st Century, the United States stands precariously at the edge of an abyss.

One Branch of the Federal Government, the U.S. Supreme Court, at least recognizes the danger and has prevented the Country from falling over the precipice.

After a century of sidestepping the issue, the U.S. Supreme Court established, in three precedential case law decisions, what had been visibly plain in the language of the Second Amendment itself all along if one would only look.

All three cases were handed down in the first three decades of the 21st Century. They include:

District of Columbia vs. Heller in 2008, McDonald vs. City of Chicago in 2010, and New York State Rifle & Pistol Association vs. Bruen in 2022.

These three cases, together, stand for the following propositions, now black letter law:

  • The right of armed self-defense is an individual right unconnected with one’s service in a militia
  • The right of armed self-defense is a universal right, applicable to both the States and the Federal Government.
  • The right of armed self-defense applies wherever a person is, inside the home or outside it.

These three legal axioms are, together, the singular Law of the Land.

But for this Law, the Republic would have fallen into ruin, this Century.

There would be nothing to rein in a rogue Congress, a rogue Biden Administration, or rogue jurisdictions like those around the Country: New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Washington State, Washington D.C., Oregon, Hawaii, and several others.

The rot from those State jurisdictions and from the Federal Government would eventually infect many other states.

Forces inside the Government and outside it, both here and abroad—wealthy and powerful, malevolent and malignant—constantly machinate to destroy the right to armed self-defense. These forces will not tolerate an armed citizenry. The existence of an armed citizenry contradicts their end goal of a neo-feudalistic world government. The armed citizenry precept deviates from their plan of world conquest.

Their goal for the 21st Century is a return to the political, social, and economic feudalistic construct operating in the world of the 5th through 15th Centuries—the Middle Ages.

These ruthless elements have declared——

  • The United States can no longer continue as a free Constitutional Republic;
  • The American people must be subjugated; and
  • Any thought of an armed citizenry must be erased from the collective memory of the American people.

The ashes of a once powerful, respected, sovereign, independent United States are to be commingled with the ashes of other western nations.

The EU and the British Commonwealth Nations are a step in the direction of that world empire.

The neoliberal democratic world order is conceived as——

  • One devoid of defined geographical borders,
  • One absent national government; and
  • One bereft of any defining history, heritage, culture, ethos, or Judeo-Christian ethic by which the people of one nation may easily distinguish themselves from any other.
Bill of Rights
Bill of Rights

Will the U.S. fall victim to totalitarianism as have the nations of the EU and British Commonwealth, as have India and China, and as have most all countries in the Middle East? Let us hope not.

The U.S. need not fall victim.

The U.S. has something all other nations lack: a true Bill of Rights.

Our Bill of Rights consists of a set of natural laws: fundamental, unalienable, unmodifiable, immutable, illimitable, and eternal.

Within this Country’s Bill of Rights rests a Cardinal Truth. And, of this Truth——

  • The Founders were aware of it.
  • The Republic they founded is grounded on it.
  • The strength and power of our Country and the staying power of our Constitution is a testament to it.

All Americans should imprint this Truth on their collective memory:

“What isn’t created by man cannot lawfully be taken from man by other men, nor by any temporal artifice of man: Government, for the sanctity, inviolability of man’s Selfhood, his Soul, and his Spirit do not belong to the Government; they cannot be bestowed on man by Government; and they cannot be severed from man by Government.”

Government is a dangerous enterprise.

Our Federal Government is no longer reliable. It is entirely rogue. It has forgotten the people whose interests it was created to serve. It serves only its own interests, those special interests that fund the campaign coffers, and foreign, secretive agencies of whom the public has no inkling.

  • With this Federal Government, the American people have got “a tiger by the tail.” It is difficult to hold onto, but one daren’t let it go lest it bites the people. Best to destroy it if we can no longer hold onto it.
  • That “Tiger,” our Federal Government, is a creation of the American people and exists only to serve the people—the true and sole sovereign over the Federal Government.
  • The presence of an armed citizenry serves as both evidence of its sovereignty over the Government and the mechanism by which it may lawfully constrain it, contain it, or curtail it if the Government loses its way and turns against the people.
  • The Right to Armed Self-Defense is Natural Law, a God-given right bestowed on man by the Divine Creator.
  • Government cannot lawfully modify Natural Law, Ignore it, Rescind it, or formally Repeal it.
  • Since armed self-defense is a Natural Law Right, the U.S. Supreme Court—in Heller, McDonald, and Bruen—didn’t make new law. The rulings of the three seminal High Court cases simply make explicit what is tacit in the language of the Second Amendment.

Unfortunately, many jurisdictions have failed to recognize, or otherwise have failed to acknowledge and accept, the strictures of the Second Amendment.

That necessitated the intervention of the High Court. In one Second Amendment case after another—from Heller to McDonald and then to Bruen—the Court has ordered States to uphold the strictures of the Second Amendment. Yet, many refuse to do so.

Indeed, many jurisdictions reject Heller, McDonald, and Bruen outright. But no jurisdiction does so more emphatically, contemptuously, and openly than New York. And a recent ruling of the Second Circuit is disheartening and unnerving.

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

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New York Governor Hochul’s Tirade Unleashed On Gun Owners



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

New York – -( New York’s Concealed Handgun Improvement Act (CCIA) operates perversely to create further restrictions on an already restrictive Gun Law.

To give Hochul’s blatant refusal to abide by the rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court in NYSRPA vs. Bruen a leg to stand on, she attempts to give the public a sense that she cares deeply about the safety concerns of New Yorkers that her amendments to the State’s Gun Law are designed to effectuate that end.

What she delivers to the public, though, is nothing more than an elaborate promo, an infomercial proffered to sell a product. The product she is selling is simply a more tortuous and torturous version of the Sullivan Act that was enacted over one hundred years ago. And, like all promos and infomercials, it is meant to make a profit off a person’s gullibility.

In the instant case, the Sullivan Act is a noose around the necks of free citizens. The Act endangers the life of New Yorkers under the guise of securing life. It is all a charade.

The Daily Caller recites Hochul’s tirade against the High Court and against gun owners of New York, in its article titled, “NY Gov. Hochul Says Law-Abiding Gun Owners Make People Feel Very Unsafe”:

“Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said Friday morning law abiding gun owners make people feel ‘unsafe’ just one day after the Supreme Court overturned a more than century old gun law.

Speaking on CBS This Morning, Hochul said the right to carry outside the home makes individuals feel ‘unsafe’ and seemed to insinuate it should not be allowed.

‘Everybody in America recognizes that there is a problem with gun violence and the people who cheer this, what they say, what they see is, ‘Look there is a problem with gun violence and I, as a law-abiding citizen, want to be able to hold a gun on my person so that I feel safer.’ What do you say to that individual?” the host asked Hochul.

‘I say that makes everyone else feel very unsafe. We don’t know if you’re provoked, you know, you’re in a bar and someone looks at your girlfriend or your boyfriend the wrong way. There are so many triggers. If someone wants to have a legal gun, licensed protection in their home, that is their domain, they can do that, we’ve always allowed that, or for hunting and other purposes,’ Hochul said.’”

‘But to think someone would be able to do this on a subway, in a crowded, tense situation during rush hour? No, we have a right to protect our citizens, not take away your right to own, that’s fine, but where you take it and the ability to conceal it, that’s just going to make things so much more complicated for law enforcement and others.’”

Civilians Do Not Carry Handguns Openly in New York

First, it bears mentioning, but, apparently, only to morons like Hochul, that a holder of concealed handgun carry license does not ever carry his or her handgun openly, in New York, for all the world to see. The Gun Law itself recites the lawful carrying of a handgun, “concealed,” i.e., not openly by those issued concealed handgun carry licenses.

No one in New York is permitted to carry a handgun openly apart from uniformed New York police officers, or other uniformed personnel who fall under specific provisions of the State’s Gun Law.

How, then, can any law-abiding member of the public honestly feel a sense of foreboding that another law-abiding member of the public who happens to possess a concealed handgun carry license is someone to be feared?

The only creature that could realistically understandably “feel unsafe” is a psychopathic criminal who would dare to threaten an innocent member of the public. More than a few criminals and lunatics have met their untimely demise by threatening harm to an undercover police officer or off-duty officer, or to a holder of a valid concealed handgun license.

In fact, a career criminal, who isn’t otherwise a psychotic maniac, and who has some instinct for survival, would never know for certain who is lawfully carrying a handgun concealed and who isn’t, if many more members of the public were carrying, as is their natural law right. Hence, it is reasonable to infer that this would result in a precipitous drop in violent crimes of opportunity.

“Triggers” Anyone?

Second, The notion that a person would go off half-cocked is a “Fever Dream” of the Anti-Second Amendment crowd. The Government would like the public to believe this myth. They like to imagine all sorts of horrors to justify ending the fundamental, unalienable right to armed self-defense. But their wax museum of horrors coming to life is just entertainment. It isn’t grounded in truth. It’s merely a fabrication, it is propaganda; a fictional horror film designed like many such films to create a jump scare. Only the gullible and ignorant Americans would fall for it.

If New York holders of handgun carry licenses were really such a threat to public safety and order, how is it that we never hear Governor Hochul talking about instances of criminal acts of violence committed by these licensees?

She can’t talk about this because there is no instance of this that she can drum up. All such talk of an armed New York citizenry posing a threat to their notion of public safety and public order in their well-ordered society is sheer unadulterated speculation, bordering on delirium.

“If someone wants to have a legal gun, licensed protection in their home, that is their domain, they can do that, we’ve always allowed that.”

Third, Isn’t she nice? Hochul says the Government has always allowed someone “a legal gun in their home.” But wait a minute? Is keeping and bearing arms a Government bestowed privilege or a God-Given Right?

And didn’t the U.S. Supreme Court rule that the right to armed self-defense extends beyond the domain of one’s house, consistent with the meaning of the fundamental, unalienable right to armed self-defense?

Does New York law take precedence over the Second Amendment and the rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court? Hochul demonstrates incredible arrogance. How did she get elected to Office anyway?

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information for free.

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Activists Sue police state New Jersey Over New Unconstitutional Concealed Carry Law

Welcome to New Jersey NJ



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

BELLEVUE, WA – -( Second Amendment Foundation today filed a federal lawsuit against the State of New Jersey, challenging the state’s new gun control law prohibiting licensed concealed carry in an expanded list of so-called “sensitive places,” and further criminalizes carrying an operable handgun “while in a vehicle.”

Joining SAF are the Firearms Policy Coalition, the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, and the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, along with three private citizens, Nicholas Gaudio, Jeffrey M. Muller, and Ronald Koons. The plaintiffs are represented by attorney David D. Jensen, David Jensen PLLC, of Beacon, N.Y.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey. The case is known as Koons et al v. Reynolds et al.

Named as defendants are Atlantic County Prosecutor William Reynolds, Camden County Prosecutor Grace C. Macaulay, Sussex County Prosecutor Annemarie Taggart, New Jersey Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin, and State Police Supt. Patrick Callahan, in their official capacities.

Shortly after New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed the new legislation on Dec. 22, SAF and its partners quickly filed the lawsuit.

“We are asking for a declaratory judgment against certain tenets of the new legislation,” explained SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “We are also seeking a preliminary and/or permanent injunction restraining the defendants and their officers, agents and other employees from enforcing the challenged segments of the law.

“The specific sections of law violate the right to bear arms protected by the Second Amendment,” he continued. “There is no established historical tradition that could be used to justify these restrictions. This new legislation literally criminalizes licensed concealed carry just about everywhere, making a mockery of the right to bear arms protected by the Second Amendment.”

“New Jersey’s Legislature and Governor have shown that they do not wish to heed the Supreme Court’s guidance as to the bounds of the right to bear arms in Bruen,” said SAF’s Executive Director Adam Kraut.

“Despite clear directives as to a citizens’ right to bear arms, New Jersey continues to thumb its nose at the constitutional rights of its citizens in the name of ‘safety’. Such disregard for the rights of New Jerseyans will not be tolerated. As such, we are seeking to vindicate the rights of our members and the public in an expeditious manner. It is a shame the elected officials of New Jersey have no respect for the enumerated rights of the People and continue to needlessly waste their state’s tax dollars passing unconstitutional laws which render the common person defenseless.”

Koons et al v. Reynolds et al. : Activists Sues New Jersey Over New Concealed Carry Law

About Second Amendment Foundation

The Second Amendment Foundation ( is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing, and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 720,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.

Second Amendment Foundation

Texas School District Authorizes Guns for Trained Teachers

Texas School District Takes a Stand for the Kids, Votes to Allow Guns for Trained Staff

BY Ryan Ledendecker


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Uvalde, Texas, school shooting earlier this year was yet another heartbreaking and tragic example of a bad guy taking advantage of a soft target, knowing full well that resistance would be minimal and body counts would be high.

While anti-gunners consider firearms dangerous simply for existing, common sense, logical-thinking people understand that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun — an active shooter — is by giving trained good guys a gun. Nothing is guaranteed in any situation, but it boosts the odds of survival of the children, which is all that matters.

According to CBS News, that’s exactly what’s happening in a North Texas school district this week. The Keller Independent School District just became the largest school district in Texas to authorize its teachers to join the state’s Guardian program, which puts firearms within reach of qualified teachers and staff in instances when an armed defense could save the lives of schoolchildren.

CBS News noted:

The majority of Keller’s school board is advocating the use of a state law to create volunteer armed guardians in schools.

Proponents say they would add another layer of security to police officers who are already assigned to campuses in the event of an active shooter.

Not surprisingly, CBS News went on to passively criticize the idea by interviewing high school seniors who know nothing other than what they see in the movies or social media. However, the outlet quoted school board members who voted to authorize the program and believe it could save lives.

Board member Micah Young was one.

“More than likely it’s probably going to be 10 to 15 minutes before police arrive,” he said. “At what point do we put the opportunity into our favor?”

The meetings that led up to the vote were packed with supporters and some opposition. Again, CBS focused on the naysayers, but one has to imagine that a majority of the parents of schoolchildren are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that a qualified individual with a firearm in the school could stop an attacker before he’s able to inflict mass casualties.

According to Texas Scorecard, Keller ISD parent Joel Starnes was fully supportive of the program, saying, “This program is voluntary, strongly selective, and requires a great deal of training and full cooperation with law enforcement officers.”

“We put a lot of trust in our teachers, as our children are sent to their care five days a week,” Starnes added. “This provides them with more safety options to not only protect our kids but also themselves.”

Texas Scorecard noted:

Some parents said they were “terrified” of teachers having guns inside classrooms, and representatives of the anti-gun group Moms Demand Action also spoke against the proposal.

Yet Young said more than 300 Texas school districts (about 30 percent) already use a guardian plan and “have not had a single incident” to date.

The district will develop details for implementing the program early next year.

Notably, the board vote, which came in at 4-3, was likely successful only because of the conservative majority on the Keller ISD board. Those elected to serve on the board upheld their promises to keep the children of their community as safe and protected as possible. That’s huge. And hopefully, the trend continues.

It underscores just how critically and arguably more important it is to ensure that conservatives fill as many school boards as possible in the coming years, given the ever-present threats to our children, both physical and cultural.

‘Progressive’ Bank Developing ‘Department of Precrime’ ‘Snitchware’ on Gun Owners

Amalgamated Bank CEO Priscilla Sims Brown explains how her new role as a fortune-telling medium can dispatch state enforcers to whomever her cards predict needs looking into. (New York Times Events/YouTube)




No one wakes up wanting to have an abortion: Amalgamated Bank CEO Priscilla Sims Brown

Amalgamated Bank hung a banner showing its support of the Occupy Wall Street movement.



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U.S.A. – -( “Banks are developing technology to identify potential mass shooters, according to a CEO backing the push to get credit-card companies to more closely track gun purchases,” Daily Business Review claims.  Or rather, Bloomberg News (!), which provided this propaganda piece, does.

“‘Detection scenarios’ are in the works that, if triggered, would prompt banks to file a Suspicious Activity Report to the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network,” the story elaborates, citing Amalgamated Bank Chief Executive Officer Priscilla Sims Brown.

Brown did not identify the psychic technology that will allow Amalgamated to reliably predict future probabilities accurately enough to justify reporting citizens to law enforcement for investigation — that is, to activate authorities to punish based on a belief in magic, just like the witch trials of old.  But we do know from past media statements the types of thresholds she envisions.

“Software would be able to detect, for example, if someone spent $1,000 at a firearm store, and on the same day, received a $1,000 deposit from someone who is not legally allowed to purchase firearms themselves,” she advocated, as quoted in my August Firearms News report.

“The software would know the ‘prohibited person’ status? How?” I asked at the time. “Are banks now going to tap into NICS and perform after-the-fact ‘background checks? How is such data sharing with private parties authorized by law?”

Especially since we’re told, “The merchant code doesn’t go to the SKU [Stock Keeping Unit] level.” So now we see the plan is to create soothsaying algorithms and use those to go running to the authorities.

What could go wrong?

If we’re talking about stopping a mass shooter before he can act, time is of the essence. An immediate and forceful law enforcement deployment hardly seems a far-fetched police response, especially with high-profile embarrassments over inaction like Parkland and Uvalde giving all the incentive needed to not want to be the goats on another incident. What are they going to say if something happens on their watch and the banks are out there lamenting “We TOLD them” to the media?

But what happens when it turns out to be a “false positive”? After all, no less an “authority” than the State of California Department of Justice, with law enforcement visibility and a criminal record database greater and more specific than anything Amalgamated Bank is going to feed into its fortune teller machine just recently denied a sale to a longtime gun owner and concealed carry permit holder, and then a few days later, with his purchase still on hold, allowed his ammo purchase to go through.

And what happens if the police show up at a “detection scenario” subject’s house and, following the prime directive of making it home at the end of their shift above all else, open fire on and kill the poor guy, as happened recently in Austin? If it turns out to be an “Oops, our bad!” situation, will Amalgamated (and any bank using its software as a reporting “trigger”) share in the liability?

You know and I know (and the calculating minds behind this know) that impossible-to-achieve clairvoyance will end up preventing no mass shootings. The only ones who don’t know that are the willfully self-deluded useful idiots eager to lemming up for whatever abrogation of rights they’re being instructed to demand. Anyone disarmed (and without due process!) who is an actual danger will still be a danger if he’s not also separated from the potential victim pool. “Gun control” schemes don’t work and this one certainly won’t. And don’t forget, it’s the antis insisting to have it both ways by also claiming it’s easier to get a gun than it is a book or a vegetable.

For some reason, the IT term “GIGO” (Garbage In, Garbage Out) comes to mind. That and Priscilla Sims Brown sitting at her desk in a trance asking, “Magic 8 Ball: Should I report this purchase to the feds?” and then acting on its response.

The other thing that comes to mind is the dystopian Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report:

“In the year 2054 A.D. crime is virtually eliminated from Washington D.C. thanks to an elite law enforcing squad ‘Precrime’. They use three gifted humans (called ‘Pre-Cogs’) with special powers to see into the future and predict crimes beforehand.”

Since it’s unlikely Sims Brown has a trio of mutants isolated in a photon milk bath at corporate HQ, how Amalgamated justifies acting on its “snitchware” (yeah, it’s a real neologism) is unclear unless you compare what they’re doing to a real crime, which depriving citizens of rights without due process has heretofore been considered. They have the means and they’re creating the opportunity. All that’s left is to discern their motive.

As we saw in an August AmmoLand report:

“Amalgamated, majority owned by Workers United, ‘has aggressively carved out a position as the left’s private banker, leveraging deep connections with the Democratic establishment.’ Workers United, in turn, is a Service Employees International Union (SEIU) affiliate, which, per The Washington Free Beacon, ‘rakes in millions from Dem campaigns, liberal orgs.’ And the SEIU, in turn, has organized rallies and marched in solidarity with communists.”

So maybe it’s not really about “commonsense gun safety”?

That should be obvious when you further consider the only people this would affect are the “law-abiding” kind. This, of course, won’t slow a career criminal getting his guns the “traditional way,” that is, illegally, one bit. It will, however, provide the gun-grabbers with another “loophole” to exploit by demanding the end of private sales.

That this is now being embraced by the International Organization for Standardization dovetails “nicely” with dragging the U.S. into the global citizen disarmament campaign. Speaking as someone with no small amount of real-world ISO experience in my past career, nothing at the time suggested facilitating the subversion of unalienable rights was one of the goals.

We didn’t have the hindsight back then to foresee today’s rush to economic fascist woke “capitalist” rope-selling, but now it’s no surprise that it all boils down to enemies foreign and domestic. This further illustrates the remarkable and visionary foresight of the Founders when they passed the Bill of Rights in general and the Second Amendment in particular on to posterity.

Funny, who ended up being able to anticipate future probabilities…

Here’s Priscilla Sims Brown hawking her rights-swingling scam to the “sophisticated” urban provincials at The New York Times DealBook Conference: (SEE ABOVE)

Biden Says He Wants to ‘Get Rid’ of 20 Million ‘Assault Rifles’



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Joe Biden has been running for president for 40 years, which has to be some kind of record. His ambition to be president has perhaps only been surpassed by former Minnesota governor Harold Stassen.

Stassen was elected governor at age 31 in 1938 and was immediately anointed as “the future” of the Republican Party. He ran for the GOP presidential nomination in 1944, losing to Tom Dewey, and then again in 1948, 1952, 1964, 1968, 1980, 1984, 1988, and 1992.

Stassen allowed his ambition to be president to overshadow what was a relatively successful career as governor. In the end, he became the butt of jokes — fodder for late-night comedians.

Biden was also elected to high office at a young age. He was 30 when he was sworn in as a Delaware senator and was pegged, like Stassen, as the future of his party. But like Stassen, Biden allowed his ambition to dictate his career. He ran unsuccessfully for president in 1988, and despite being mentioned prominently as a candidate in later years, it wasn’t until 2008 that Biden made another serious run for the nomination. Despite his failure, Barack Obama needed a “moderate” to “balance the ticket” and ended up choosing Biden.

Biden’s overweening ambition to be president was fulfilled largely because he was the last man standing in 2020. Now, Biden’s ambition has taken flight again. Perhaps seeing the writing on the wall that 2024 is out of the question, he’s now trying to build his legacy.

Joe Biden wants to rid the United States of “assault weapons.”

“The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick. Just sick,” Biden said on Thanksgiving Day. “I’m going to try to get rid of assault weapons.”

We “allow” them to be purchased because the Second Amendment says we can. But Biden’s choice of words — that he will “try to get rid of assault weapons” — is telling. The idea of getting rid of 20 million guns should frighten anyone who cares about the Constitution and American liberty. It’s this kind of rhetoric that forces ordinary Americans to think the government is coming for their guns.

Associated Press:

When Biden and other lawmakers talk about “assault weapons,” they are using an inexact term to describe a group of high-powered guns or semi-automatic long rifles, like an AR-15, that can fire 30 rounds fast without reloading. By comparison, New York Police Department officers carry a handgun that shoots about half that much.

A weapons ban is far off in a closely divided Congress. But Biden and the Democrats have become increasingly emboldened in pushing for stronger gun controls — and doing so with no clear electoral consequences.

“I think the American public has been waiting for this message,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) told AP.

“There has been a thirst from voters, especially swing voters, young voters, parents, to hear candidates talk about gun violence, and I think Democrats are finally sort of catching up with where the public has been.”

Do the American people want “gun control”? They certainly don’t want the government going on a gun-grabbing spree and taking their Constitutionally-protected property. But realistically, Democrats are talking about reviving the 1990s-era ban on “assault weapons” that ended up being a huge mess as the government could never quite define what an “assault weapon” was. When the time came to reauthorize the “Assault Weapons Ban” ten years later, the political will to do so wasn’t there.

Banning weapons is not the answer. With 20 million assault-style weapons in the U.S. alone, initiating a ban on the sale of them won’t save a single life. But it will allow Democratic politicians to go to the voters, pointing to the ban, and say, “See? We’re doing something about the gun problem.”

That will work until the next mentally disturbed teenager listens to the voices in his head and goes to school with a gun.

NASSAU COUNTY, NY: Woman Calls 911 for Help, has Firearms Confiscated by Police



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NASSAU COUNTY, New York -( The area around New York City is known for being anti-gun, but Nassau County’s latest move takes gun control to a whole new level. Nassau County had suspended a pistol permit and confiscated a citizen’s firearms for calling 911 when her life was threatened and not reporting the call to the Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) Pistol License Section.

A woman living in the county, who doesn’t wish to be named, purchased a handgun right before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her long-time boyfriend had passed away, and she felt she needed to protect herself. That is when the problem with her next-door neighbor started. The neighbor living near her allegedly threatened to kill her and burn down her house.

Fearing for her life, she called 911. The Nassau County Police Department responded to the call and took care of the incident. She still feared for her life, knowing she would have to leave her home without her firearm. Then the Supreme Court issued the landmark Bruen decision that knocked down New York State’s “proper clause” statute that prevented most New Yorkers from getting concealed carry permits.

Soon after, New York State passed the concealed carry improvement act (CCIA), which added roadblocks to getting a carry permit. Gone was the “proper cause” clause, but the state added a “good moral character” clause. The state also started requiring applicants to turn over three years of social media, take 18 hours of training, and give character references. Places like Nassau County also needed a drug test.

Several lawsuits are challenging the Constitutionality of the CCIA, including one by Gun Owners of America (GOA) that received a preliminary injunction from the District Court in Antonyuk v. Hochul. However, that decision was stayed by the Circuit Court. The Nassau woman decided she couldn’t wait for the case to be resolved, so she submitted her social media, took the drug test, and paid hundreds of dollars to complete the training.

During the background investigation, Nassau County investigators found the 911 call she made. They also found out she didn’t notify the NCPD Pistol License Section of the call she placed. There is a little-known regulation on the books in Nassau County that states that if you call 911, witness an incident that involves the police, or even just a third party to where a police action happens; you must notify the NCPD Pistol License Section within three days. Failure to do so could lead to the revocation or suspension of a person’s pistol permit. The statute reads:

“Any incident involving a licensee where there is police response, whether it involves the licensee or any other resident or guest in or at their home or place of business. This includes police response to any location that is non-domestic whereby a licensee is the subject, witness or third party involved.”

“The licensee is responsible for making proper notifications to the NCPD Pistol License Section. The licensee is not to assume that other law enforcement agencies or the Nassau County Police Department will make the necessary notification on the licensee’s behalf. Failure to make timely and proper notifications in the aforementioned circumstances may be cause for suspension and/or revocation of a pistol license.”

When the NCPD found out that the woman seeking a concealed carry permit because she feared for her life didn’t notify the NCPD Pistol License Section of her 911 call, they promptly stopped the background investigation and suspended her pistol permit. They proceeded to confiscate her firearms, including her long guns.

The victim is now disarmed and tells AmmoLand News she is considering moving from her childhood home because she fears for her life. Police say she can get her guns back in six to eight months.

Fresh from their Supreme Court victory in the New York State Pistol and Rifle Association (NYSPRA) vs. Bruen case, the gun rights group is aware of the situation but would not comment because of the potential for future litigation against the NCPD’s policy.

The NCPD Pistol License Section did not return AmmoLand’s call for a request for comment.

About John Crump

John is an NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people from all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

Biden’s Call for Weapons Ban Unconstitutional and Irrational

Biden’s Call for Weapons Ban Unconstitutional and Irrational



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

In response to the murder of five people committed at a nightclub in Colorado Springs on Saturday, Joe Biden is renewing his frequent call for banning “weapons of war.”

On Saturday, November 19, Anderson Aldrich is believed to have walked into Club Q in Colorado Springs late Saturday night and opened fire indiscriminately, killing at least five and wounding, at last count, 17 others.

The New York Times reports that Aldrich was taken down by Richard Fierro, an Army veteran, who reportedly told the Times that he went into “combat mode” and pulled Aldrich to the floor and disarmed him.

There is no room to describe the murders committed by Aldrich (assuming he is found guilty of those charges) as anything other than unconscionable and heinous.

While there are many who have chosen to focus their analysis on the location of the shootings or on the assailant’s alleged political leanings, this article will focus solely on the constitutionality and rationality of Biden’s call for disarmament.

Mind you, neither Biden nor any other gun grabber truly seeks total disarmament. They merely seek to disarm civilians! In fact, they spend billions of tax dollars to purchase sophisticated weapons to be put in the hands of the people Biden and the rest will rely upon to seize the weapons and ammunition from civilians.

On to the analysis of Biden’s call for confiscation specifically, and disarmament as a means to decreasing armed atrocities generally:

Biden began by bundling the Colorado Springs tragedy with other senseless crimes and then used that bundle as kindling to build a fire of reactionary abuse of power that will become just another pretext for the annihilation of the representative government of the United States. 

It’s hard to believe that anyone is ignorant of the lack of empirical evidence linking the regulation of gun ownership to the commission of violent crime. 

No matter, though. Bureaucrats and globalist advocates of the silent and gradual gutting of the Second Amendment know that there is a significant number of Americans who will be convinced by rhetoric and emotion before they will ever be swayed by reason or research.

Surely Biden — and the other voices in the choir of confiscators — knows that there is no law, regulation, or executive order that could ever dissuade someone from committing murder in cold blood. The very premise is laughable. Such acts are the result of mental instability and are the product of a perversion of purpose inscrutable to most regular folk.

Moreover, even the most discerning minds in the fields of medicine and psychology are now and are likely to remain, woefully ignorant of the vortex of abnormalities that combine in someone’s mind to produce such anti-social behavior. Inside every cranium, there is a universe, and no explorer has successfully navigated the myriad spheres of influence that orbit therein. 

While the attempt is arguably laudable, the president’s presumption that there are explanations to be found in this or that shooter’s hatred of gays and lesbians is naive at best and purposefully misleading at worst.

Finally, as the Declaration of Independence (and hundreds of years of English political theory before it) declares, the only legitimate basis of government is the consent of the governed. In the United States, the extent of that consent is set forth within the four corners of the Constitution.

The simple and undeniable fact is that there is no constitutional authority given to the federal government to restrict the purchase of firearms, ammunition, or component parts. In fact, the Second Amendment explicitly proscribes any attempt by the federal government to infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

Therefore, any attempt to curtail the right of civilians to own and use weapons — of any sort — is an act of tyranny, no matter how “reasonable” the supporters try to make it sound.

Besides, reasonable people understand that the ready availability of guns is no more responsible for any armed massacre than an all-you-can-eat buffet is responsible for obesity.

Why must every murder lead so many leftists (and the occasional “compassionate conservative”) to dishonor the memory of those killed by demanding that presidents, vice presidents, attorneys general, or any agent of government abolish the only right that protects the enjoyment of all the other rights?

For that very reason, our Founding Fathers very well intended that every American be armed, believing that such was the only way to avoid being enslaved by tyrants. They knew from their study of history that a tyrant’s first move was always to disarm the people, and generally to claim it was for their safety, and to establish a standing army so as to convince the people that they didn’t need arms to protect themselves, for the tyrant and his professional soldiers would do it for them. Sound familiar?

In a constitutionally sound commentary on common law and the Constitution, founding-era legal scholar St. George Tucker wrote:

This may be considered as the true palladium of liberty…. The right of self defence is the first law of nature: in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest limits possible. Wherever standing armies are kept up, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any colour or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.

But in this age of “gun-free school zones” and “free-speech zones,” temperate appeals to history and to right reason won’t convince people that a propensity for acts of armed violence is not born of opportunity, but of instability.

Those of us who do understand these facts, though, must not dishonor the memory of those killed by the insane by allowing partisan fealty or the purposefully bellowed passions of faction to indict us on the Left or the Right as co-conspirators in the destruction of the Constitution.

I will give the last word to Cesare Beccaria, a young Italian whose essay “On Crimes and Punishments” was quoted extensively by our Founding Fathers. Beccaria clearly and convincingly explains the idiocy of using gun-control laws to decrease armed violence. In 1764, Beccaria wrote:

The laws of this nature, those which forbid to wear arms, disarm those only who are not disposed to commit the crime which the laws mean to prevent. 

Can it be supposed, that those who have the courage to violate the most sacred laws of humanity, and the most important of the code, will respect the less considerable and arbitrary injunctions, the violation of which is so easy, and of so little comparative importance? 

Does not the execution of this law deprive the subject of that personal liberty, so dear to mankind and to the wise legislator; and does it not subject the innocent to all the disagreeable circumstances that should only fall on the guilty? 

It certainly makes the situation of the assaulted worse, and the assailants better, and rather encourages than prevents murder, as it requires less courage to attack unarmed than armed persons. 

Zelensky backs Saudis after Biden condemns Saudis as pro-Russia, despite Biden giving Ukraine billions in weapons

Saudi King’s Grandson Threatens Joe Biden With Jihad

Saudi King Abdulaziz’s grandson sharply rebuked Joe Biden for threatening to retaliate against OPEC+ oil production cuts. He reminded President Biden that Saudi Arabia was formed through jihad and martyrdom.  It appears that President Biden is dangerously close to losing Saudi Arabia as a U.S. ally.



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Just when it looks as if it couldn’t get any worse for Biden’s handlers, it has finally emerged why Saudi Arabia decided to cut back its oil supply to America: “In August, the Saudis had planned to push OPEC+ to raise oil production by 500,000 barrels a day in an effort to please Mr. Biden, but Prince Mohammed ordered the increase lowered to a token 100,000 barrels a day after the Biden visit, the people inside the Saudi government said.”

Biden needs to save taxpayer dollars that are wasted on his travels, and stay hidden away.

In addition, even as Biden stands accused of trying to lead America to nuclear war over Ukraine, Zelensky appears to have sided with the Saudis. Zelensky has also “spoken to and ‘thanked’ Mohammed bin Salman for aiding Ukraine,” with $400 million in humanitarian aid. Compare that to the billions from American taxpayers. Another international slap in the face to Biden.

Recall that under Donald Trump, America had made significant progress toward calming tensions in the Middle East via the Abraham Accords. Trump also managed to deter Putin.

“Zelensky Backs Saudi Arabia After Joe Biden Condemned Riyadh as Pro-Russia,” by Frances Martel, Breitbart, October 17, 2022:

Saudi Defense Minister Prince Khalid bin Salman pronounced himself “astonished” by the barrage of attacks from the Biden White House last week accusing Riyadh of siding with Russia in the eight-year-old invasion of Ukraine, citing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s kind words towards the country as contradicting Washington.

Tensions between leftist President Joe Biden and the monarchy of Saudi Arabia had been increasing for months, even in the face of Biden visiting Riyadh, greeting Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and effectively returning Saudi Arabia to polite geopolitical society after a diplomatic freeze followed by the gruesome murder of Islamist Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi at the hands of Saudi embassy employees….

“In August, the Saudis had planned to push OPEC+ to raise oil production by 500,000 barrels a day in an effort to please Mr. Biden,” the newspaper claimed, “but Prince Mohammed ordered the increase lowered to a token 100,000 barrels a day after the Biden visit, the people inside the Saudi government said.”

“Look, it’s clear that OPEC+ is aligning with Russia with today’s announcement,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said following the early October production cut announcement….

The Saudi government expressed shock throughout the past week in response to the accusations, noting that it had maintained communications with Ukraine and kept neutral in the European conflict.

A week before the OPEC production cut, both the governments of Russia and Ukraine were thanking Mohammed bin Salman for his alleged role in brokering a prison swap that released hundreds of soldiers on both sides – and Americans who were captured fighting for Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appeared to take the Saudis’ side in the conflict, despite billions in military funding from Biden, with an announcement on Friday that he had spoken to and “thanked” Mohammed bin Salman for aiding Ukraine….

Biden Adds to List of Gun Lies, Threats in Gun Control Push

Biden’s answer to Americans unwilling to submit to gun control: the F16.

F16 iStock-1383022984



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

U.S.A. -( President Joe Biden is at it again. He’s throwing out wild and unfounded lies to scare Americans into supporting his push for an unconstitutional ban on Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs). If that’s not outlandish enough, he continues to antagonize and threaten war against American citizens simply for exercising their Constitutionally-protected rights.

As the president likes to say, “I’m not joking.”

His latest claim was yet another attempt to malign and villainize MSRs.

“Do you realize the bullet out of an AR-15 travels five times as rapidly as a bullet shot out of any other gun?” President Biden asked of the crowd in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Not true. First, President Biden fails to understand the difference between firearms and ammunition. The firearm, like an MSR, which comes chambered in many different calibers, doesn’t determine the muzzle velocity of the projectile fired from the gun. MSRs are commonly chambered to fire 5.56mm/.223 caliber ammunition. Those rounds travel between 2,700-3,100 feet per second (fps), an easily-verifiable fact Fox News was able to uncover. Fox News and Breitbart both cited a Field & Stream report that examined bullet speeds of some of the fastest cartridges on the market used for hunting. Here’s what they found:

  • .220 Swift — A 40-Grain .220 Swift round moves approximately 4,300 fps.
  • .257 Weatherby Magnum — An 87-Grain .257 Weatherby Magnum round moves approximately 3,700+ fps.
  • .30/378 Weatherby — A 165-Grain .30/378 Weatherby round moves approximately 3,400+ fps.
  • .224 Clark — An 80-Grain .224 Clark round moves approximately 3,500+ fps.
  • .22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer — A 50-Grain .22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer round moves approximately 4,600 fps.

The 55-grain round from a 5.56/.223 caliber didn’t even crack the list. That’s not all, though. President Biden repeated other debunked claims.

Cannons & 9 mm

“You can’t go out and buy a cannon,” President Biden said in his Pennsylvania speech. It’s a throwaway line for him and one that’s patently false. He’s previously added that Americans couldn’t buy cannons at the time the nation was founded.

Even The Washington Post gave him Four Pinocchios for that one, and no one looks to that news outlet to be a defender of gun rights.

That ranks up there with his previous claim that a 9 mm cartridge “will blow the lungs out of a body.” Breitbart fact-checked that with a retired Navy SEAL, someone who might understand the terminal performance of bullets on the human body.

The answer: “No way.”

That was a backed-up federal agent with 15 years of experience. That answer – “bullsh*t.”

A 20-year federal agent told Breitbart it was “Not possible.” A 21-year-veteran of a U.S. Marshal fugitive recovery taskforce revealed, “That’s not even in the realm of possibility.”

President Biden’s firearms bona fides are looking, suspect.

Deer & Constitutional Rights

“How many deer or bears are wearing Kevlar vests, huh?” President Biden asked deridingly. “Not a joke.”

The last time we checked, none. That doesn’t explain, though, why many states continue to bar deer hunting with a 5.56mm/.223 caliber cartridge. Twelve states bar hunting with an AR-15 altogether, and at least another 10 have restrictions on hunting with an AR-15. The list cited didn’t include Virginia, which does restrict AR-15s chambered in 5.56mm/.223 cartridges for deer hunting because the round isn’t considered powerful enough for a humane harvest.

“But we let any stranger — an 18-year-old — walk in — a 20-year-old — and buy an AR-15,” President Biden also said.

That, of course, is just not true. Retail firearm purchases are only completed after an individual completes a Form 4473 and the retailer completes an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification.

That statement also diminishes rights for adults fully-vested in their Constitutional rights. The president – who has sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States – is claiming that only the rights he approves should apply. That’s not how our Constitution works.

Threats of War

The president’s antipathy toward Americans who exercise their Second Amendment rights didn’t end there.

“If you want to fight against a country, you need an F-15,” President Biden said. “You need something a little more than a gun. No, I’m not joking.”

That statement was made after labeling those who remind the government the Second Amendment was written to prevent a tyrannical government from running roughshod over its citizens. For all the overheated rhetoric of media pundits frothing about a civil war, it seems strange that the president threatens the American public – about half of whom he called semi-fascist – with war.

It’s not the first time, though. He made a similar statement in June 2021.

“If you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons,” President Biden said in a White House speech.

Newsweek reported that the president’s latest flippant F-15 remark was already viewed over 2 million times in less than 24 hours, drawing the ire of critics.

Fox News reported that Federalist senior legal correspondent Margot Cleveland tweeted, “So, ‘Safer America’ means, …checks notes:  A government threatening its citizens with F-15s.”

The president’s loose grasp of facts, willful ignorance of Constitutional rights, veiled threats, and explicit insults are a recipe for failure. Instead of pledging to ban commonly-owned firearms, President Biden should be focused on locking up criminals instead of winking and nodding at progressive prosecutors releasing them onto America’s streets.

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BIDEN’S “BATTLE FOR THE SOUL OF THE NATION” SPEECH; DECLARES CIVIL WAR; Declares War on Those Who Want to Make America Great Again~Doubles Down on Threat to ‘Ban Assault Weapons’~Vows War On U.S. Gun Owners~

John 8:44 - Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

2 Corinthians 11:14 - And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

Revelation 21:8 - But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have proclaimed that they’re fighting for the soul of America. In this, they are absolutely correct. Of course, much like the Father of Lies, Biden and his sort mean something different than what they’re saying.

But, again, he and they are right. The 2020 elections are one battle, albeit a critically important one, in Americans’ war for the soul of our nation. We should, in all ways, treat this as such.

Who wrote this and came up with the venue? Satan?: Mike Huckabee

Joe Biden Chuck Schumer Kamala Harris IMG NRA



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

U.S.A. –-( Joe Biden is doubling down on his threat to ban so-called “assault weapons”—a term even the Associated Press advises against using—and the key to getting this done, according to a weekend tweet, is to “elect more Democrats to the Senate and keep the House Democratic.”

Biden was at a Democratic National Committee grassroots rally in Maryland, where he told the audience, “We just passed the first significant gun safety legislation in 30 years in this country. And I promise you, we’re not stopping here. I’m determined to ban assault weapons in this country.”

However, according to a report in American Military News, when Biden led the effort in 1994 to pass a ten-year ban on semi-auto rifles and standard capacity magazines, the results were inconclusive as to whether the ten-year prohibition actually accomplished anything. The story referred to a 2004 report in the Washington Times, which had obtained a then-unreleased copy of a report by the Department of Justice National Institute of Justice. That report stated, “We cannot clearly credit the ban with any of the nation’s recent drop in gun violence. And, indeed, there has been no discernible reduction in the lethality and injuriousness of gun violence.”

And according to a 2021 report by, “President Joe Biden claims the 10-year assault weapons ban that he helped shepherd through the Senate as part of the 1994 crime bill ‘brought down these mass killings.’ But the raw numbers, when adjusted for population and other factors, aren’t so clear on that.”

In Maryland, Biden pledged, “Will we be a nation of unity, of hope, of optimism, not a nation of violence, anger, hatred, and division.”

Yet he immediately promised to make political war on essentially one-third of the population because they are gun owners. Millions of them own modern semi-auto rifles, which Biden has vowed to ban during his presidency. He has never backed away from that position, and he is making it clear if Democrats retain control of Capitol Hill, he intends to make that one of his legacy accomplishments.

However, there may be political and judicial storm clouds on his horizon. In late June, a week after handing down the landmark ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, the Supreme Court granted certiorari (review) to four significant Second Amendment cases including a case from Maryland known as Dominic Bianchi et al. v. Brian E. Frosh et al., led by the Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The case challenges the Maryland ban on so-called “assault weapons.”

The court vacated the original ruling by the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and remanded it back for reconsideration “with instructions that it apply the justices’ broad interpretation of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms,” according to the Maryland Daily Record. Because the Supreme Court granted certiorari, it’s a certainty that if the case comes back, the court will hear arguments and then hand down an opinion whether such firearms are protected by the Second Amendment.

It would be impossible to ban a type of firearm protected by the Second Amendment.

In Maryland, Biden told his audience, “This November, we have to ask every candidate, ‘are you for banning assault weapons or not?’ and If you’re not, we’re not going to vote for you. Period.”

Grassroots gun rights activists look at the issue differently. Candidates who do support a ban on semi-auto rifles are the ones to vote against in November. One good way to identify those individuals is whether they are identified as “gun sense candidates” by the various lobbying groups, as noted in GUNS Magazine.

Biden and other anti-gunners are pulling out all the stops.

On Sept. 15, according to The Guardian, Biden is hosting a White House “summit…aimed at combating hate-fueled violence.” High on the agenda of this “United We Stand” event is so-called “gun violence.”

The Guardian report says Biden “will deliver a keynote speech at the gathering, which the White House says will include civil rights groups, faith leaders, business executives, law enforcement, gun violence prevention advocates, former members of violent hate groups, the victims of extremist violence and cultural figures.” Noticeably absent from that list are representatives from the firearms industry and gun rights organizations.

The Federalist reports two new studies suggesting white people own guns and oppose gun control legislation because they are racists.

The political rhetoric is clearly ramping up in preparation for what is likely to be a bare-knuckles battle over control of Congress, which will be the only way to derail Biden’s gun control agenda. If Democrats are still in charge after November, Biden evidently figures there will be nothing stopping him.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

Biden the so Called Unifier-In-Chief; Vows War On U.S. Gun Owners

SEE:;Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

BELLEVUE, WA – -( Joe Biden took less than a minute during remarks in Maryland at a Democratic National Committee Grassroots rally to break his pledge to unify the country by doubling down on his promise to ban so-called “assault weapons” if Democrats retain control of Congress.

“That’s tantamount to declaring war on millions of American gun owners,” said Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. “Instead of promising to crack down on violent criminals, he once again demonized a type of firearm and the law-abiding citizens who own them. Threatening to take the property of honest Americans in lieu of locking up killers and crazy people is not the way to unify a nation, unless his goal is to unite the nation’s 100 million gun owners against him and Democrats everywhere.”

During his remarks in Maryland, Biden told his audience, “I’m determined to ban assault weapons in this country. I did it once before, and we will do it again.”

He followed that up with a weekend tweet in which he stated, “If we elect more Democrats to the Senate and keep the House Democratic, imagine the possibilities…We’ll ban assault weapons, saving countless lives.”

“These are not the remarks of a chief executive determined to bring people together,” Gottlieb observed. “They are the comments of a demagogue interested only in keeping his party in power so he can criminalize a third of the population whose only offense is that they exercise a right clearly spelled out in, and protected by, the Second Amendment of our Constitution and affirmed by three Supreme Court rulings since 2008.

“Biden is clearly signaling his complete disregard for the votes of tens of millions of gun owners two months before the midterm elections,” Gottlieb added. “That cavalier indifference is likely to bring gun owners to the polls in huge numbers, and they will not be voting to prolong his gun prohibition agenda. His open contempt for the Second Amendment could backfire worse than even he could imagine.”

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

‘With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms





Tucker Carlson responded to President Joe Biden's speech in Philadelphia on Thursday. Carlson claims Biden has crossed over into a really "dangerous" place with his speech.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson breaks down the implications of President Biden's 'soul of the nation' speech on ''Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

Biden Declares War on Those Who Want to Make America Great Again
Killing the Republic in the name of saving “our democracy.”

SEE:;Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

It was the worst Nuremberg Rally ever. Old Joe Biden has taken the old adage, variously attributed to Lenin, Goebbels, Saul Alinsky, or other enemies of freedom, to heart: “Accuse your enemy of what you’re guilty of doing.” In a dark, threatening speech Thursday night, he declared that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” For the first time in American history, a president has declared that his primary political opposition is outside the bounds of acceptable political discourse. To drive his messaging home, Biden delivered his divisive and un-American speech in front of an ominous black and red backdrop, with two Marines standing behind him. The message couldn’t be clearer: the Left is intent on criminalizing opposition to its policies. Dissent from Old Joe’s agenda, and you could end up with the thought police breaking down your door at 4AM.

“As I stand here tonight,” Biden in front of his ersatz Nazi background, “equality and democracy are under assault. We do ourselves no favor to pretend otherwise.” That’s right. Equality and democracy are under assault. And Biden proceeded to assault them. He said he intended to “speak as plainly as I can to the nation about the threats we face,” but he wasn’t referring to China, or Russia, or North Korea, or the Islamic State and al-Qaeda, and certainly not to the woke America-haters who infest our public schools, colleges, and universities. No, Old Joe’s big threat to the nation is Americans who dare to vote against him and reject his policies. The man has come closer to calling for war upon American citizens than any president since Jefferson Davis.

“Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal,” Biden complained. “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” He immediately drew a distinction between them and the good Republicans: “Now, I want to be very clear — very clear up front: Not every Republican, not even the majority of Republicans, are MAGA Republicans.  Not every Republican embraces their extreme ideology. I know because I’ve been able to work with these mainstream Republicans. But there is no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven, and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans, and that is a threat to this country.”

Get the picture? The Republicans who play ball with the globalist, socialist Democrats and allow them to implement their agenda with just a few quibbles here and there, Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney and Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski and Adam Kinzinger and all the rest, they’re the good Republicans. A good Republican is one who acts and speaks and votes just like a Democrat, but who has an “R” behind his name. A bad Republican is one who offers an actual alternative to the America-Last, bug-eating, open borders, Third World socialism that Joe and his henchmen are forcing upon us.

After making this frankly authoritarian statement, the corrupt, senescent liar in the White House had the unspeakable audacity to add: “But I’m an American President — not the President of red America or blue America, but of all America.”

No, that’s exactly what he isn’t, not any longer if he ever was. He effectively resigned from that position on Thursday night. He is not the president of Americans who want to see a strong, independent, self-sufficient America and a president who puts America and its citizens first. He is at war with those Americans, and God knows what is coming next.

“MAGA Republicans have made their choice,” Biden declared. “They embrace anger. They thrive on chaos. They live not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies.” This is the “accuse your enemy of what you’re doing” strategy to a T. He went on to claim that the MAGA Republicans refuse to accept the results of free elections (not a word, of course, about the increasing evidence not only of election fraud but of FBI interference in the 2020 election), and, with more of his trademark breathtaking dishonesty and audacity, proclaimed that political violence was unacceptable under any circumstances. Not a word about Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and all the others cheering on the Left’s political violence in the summer of 2020. This wasn’t really about democracy and the rule of law at all. It was about criminalizing the legitimate political opposition, something that no president has ever dared to do.

The destroyer of the republic delivered this disgraceful speech on September 1, 2022, the 83rd anniversary of the Nazi German invasion of Poland. As Biden’s handlers are witless miseducated Leftists, they likely didn’t know the historical resonance of this date, but it was a fitting choice, for fascism is once again on the rise, as it was in the darkest days of the 1930s. Biden’s speech embodied it.




Whistleblowers reveal that weapons of active duty American military units are being taken away and sent to Ukraine



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) If you needed any more proof that the deep state operatives running the regime of our dementia president hate the country they supposedly represent, this should do it.

According to several U.S. military whistleblowers, American units are being stripped of their weaponry and ammunition so that they can be sent to Ukraine in order to be destroyed by Russian attacks.

“A sampling of some of the messages I’ve received. Weapons and ammunition are being stripped from active duty units all over the world and sent to Ukraine. What I actually found the most interesting was the Governor of New York is sending their Guard’s MREs to Ukraine,” the Twitter account of Terminal CWO posted along with several screen grabs of whistleblower messages.

“Extremely concerning. More and more reports are surfacing of the U.S. military ‘demilitarizing’ active duty units — stripping them of their weapons to send to Ukraine,” reports Revolver News. “One suspects big handouts to the defense military-industrial complex will soon be on the way — but with the collapse of manufacturing expertise, is the U.S. still capable of making these weapons at scale?”

Another Twitter account posted similarly disturbing information.

“In a twist I didn’t expect this early, the US military is starting to withdraw equipment in active service to send to Ukraine,” the account noted.

But — can these accounts be trusted? According to a reliable intelligence report, yes.

“Social media account Terminal CWO reported that U.S. Special Forces teams are being told to pack up equipment and prepare it for shipment to Ukraine, on the orders of the Secretary of Defense. There’s also a report that High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) are being diverted from Marine Corps units and sent to Ukraine,” Forward Observer noted in a Tuesday report, with follow-on analyst comment.

“Terminal CWO has a history of accurate reporting, often publishing first-hand takes from members of the military on everything from substandard housing and soldier safety to the fallout over vaccine mandates. I believe this report is accurate due to a history of accurate reporting and because it fits with other efforts by the Department of Defense to provide military support to Ukraine,” the analyst, Mike Shelby, founder of Forward Observer, added.

“The HIMARS is a lynchpin weapons system for the Marines’ new Littoral Combat Regiments in the Pacific – formed specifically as the primary ground combat units to defend Taiwan and Japan against Chinese military operations. If the Biden administration is stripping Marine units of HIMARS then it is unlikely they are serious about countering China in the Pacific. It appears that U.S. military readiness is being depleted to equip Ukrainians for a much-speculated counteroffensive in the south of Ukraine,” he added.

Previous reports have noted that the Biden regime is seriously drawing down strategic U.S. weapon systems.

In May, Natural News reported that the U.S. military was sending an unusually high number of sophisticated Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukrainian forces — enough to concern military planners and suppliers both at a time when China is becoming more belligerent over Taiwan.

“[T]he problem is this: The Pentagon’s Javelin stocks are running low and thanks to decades worth of off-shoring U.S. industrial production, combined with the current manufactured supply chain crisis, the U.S. military cannot quickly replace them, according to a leading Republican lawmaker,” we reported.

The Biden regime is purposely depleting the U.S. military. The question is: Why?

Sources include:

Smith & Wesson CEO Fires Back Against Anti-gun Democrats



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Mark Smith, the CEO of Smith & Wesson, the 170-year-old iconic firearms manufacturer, finally had enough. After being bullied, harassed, and excoriated by the anti-gun Democrat-laden House Committee on Oversight and Reform over his unwillingness to be subjected to the committee’s intended effort to sully the gun maker’s reputation, his company published a letter in response.

Smith did not hold back:

A number of politicians and their lobbying partners in the media have recently sought to disparage Smith & Wesson.

Some have had the audacity to suggest that after they have vilified, undermined and defunded law enforcement for years, supported prosecutors who refuse to hold criminals accountable for their actions, overseen the decay of our country’s mental health infrastructure, and generally promoted a culture of lawlessness, Smith & Wesson and other firearm manufacturers are somehow responsible for the crime wave that has predictably resulted from these destructive policies.

But they are the ones to blame for the surge in violence and lawlessness, and they seek to avoid any responsibility for the crisis of violence they have created by attempting to shift the blame to Smith & Wesson, other firearm manufacturers and law-abiding gun owners.

It is no surprise that the cities suffering most from violent crime are the very same cities that have promoted irresponsible, soft-on-crime policies that often treat criminals as victims and victims as criminals.

Many of these same cities also maintain the strictest gun laws in the nation. But rather than confront the failure of their policies, certain politicians have sought more laws restricting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens, while simultaneously continuing to undermine our institutions of law and order.

And to suppress the truth, some now seek to prohibit firearm manufacturers and supporters of the Second Amendment from advertising products in a manner designed to remind law-abiding citizens that they have a Constitutional right to bear arms in defense of themselves and their families.

A firearm, adds, Smith, never committed a crime:

To be clear, a Smith & Wesson firearm has never broken into a home, a Smith & Wesson firearm has never assaulted a woman out for a late-night run in the city, a Smith & Wesson firearm has never carjacked an unsuspecting driver stopped at a traffic light.

Without saying as much, it’s clear he isn’t going to appear before the committee to be attacked, intimidated, and sullied. On that heavily weighted Democrat committee are such notorious anti-gunners as Carolyn Maloney, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Rashida Tlaib, and Cori Bush.

That committee successfully attacked the CEOs of two other gun makers who agreed to submit to its harassment. Smith originally agreed to join them, but when it was clear that their motives were strictly political, he told them he wouldn’t “be available” to be subjected to their inquisition.

In response, Maloney, who for the moment (she just lost her primary) chairs the committee, notified Smith that her committee has issued a subpoena to obtain various documents that the committee would use to build a case for more infringements on rightful gun owners.

In her committee’s initial demand for his attendance, she made clear exactly how the inquisition would operate:

As the chief executive officer of a major firearms manufacturer that sells millions of assault weapons, your testimony is crucial to understand why your company continues to sell and market these weapons to civilians, what steps your company plans to take to protect the public, and what additional reforms are needed to prevent further deaths from your products.

In other words, Maloney and her anti-gun majority had already declared Smith & Wesson guilty, and Smith would be given the privilege of attempting to defend himself and his company.

He saw the ruse and politely bowed out.

The committee tried to reschedule, and again Smith refused.

Maloney ran out of patience, and on August 1 announced that her committee is issuing a subpoena:

I am writing to notify you that I have issued a subpoena to Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. (“Smith & Wesson”) for documents related to your company’s manufacture and sale of AR-15- style firearms.

Your company collects hundreds of millions of dollars selling assault weapons that are used in mass shootings, including the horrific murder of seven Americans and the wounding of dozens more during a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois.

This subpoena was necessitated by your unwillingness to voluntarily comply with the Committee’s investigation, including your refusal to testify about your company’s troubling business practices at the Committee’s July 27, 2022, hearing, and your refusal to voluntarily produce key information about your company’s sale of assault weapons to civilians.

Time is working against Maloney and her anti-gun committee, and both she and Smith know it. Come January she will no longer chair the committee or even be in the 118th Congress.

The momentum for the private ownership of firearms continues to build. On April 1, the National Rifle Association celebrated the 25th state — Georgia — to pass constitutional-carry laws. As the NRA noted:

The NRA paved the way for constitutional carry by first leading the charge for right-to-carry nearly 40 years ago.

Today, every state, and the District of Columbia, provides for the carrying of a firearm for self-defense outside the home in some form, and half the nation recognizes [that] the Second Amendment protects law-abiding citizens’ right to self-defense as an inherent and inalienable right.

So, Smith ended his letter by making clear that he would be happy to participate in future discussions with honest and honorable members of Congress seeking information, and not harassment and humiliation:

We will continue to work alongside law enforcement, community leaders and lawmakers who are genuinely interested in creating safe neighborhoods. We will engage those who genuinely seek productive discussions, not a means of scoring political points.

As for his company’s customers, Smith added:

We will continue informing law-abiding citizens that they have a Constitutionally-protected right to defend themselves and their families. We will never back down in our defense of the 2nd Amendment.

Florida School District Places an AR-15 in Every School

Florida School District Places an AR-15 in Every School



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

A spokesman for the Indian River County School District in Florida told a local news outlet last week they had installed enhanced safety measures at the start of the school year:

In addition to the safety measures our local law enforcement agencies have placed on our campuses to ensure the safety and security of each student, teacher, and staff member on campus, we are blessed to have highly trained law enforcement officers assigned to each campus.

One Student Resource Officer/Deputy is at each of our 13 elementary schools and 4 middle schools, and 3 SRO/SRD’s are at each of our traditional public high schools.

The enhanced “safety measures” include providing each school with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle available instantly in the event of a threat. And the local sheriff warned potential shooters they are prepared to meet any threat. Said Indian River County Sheriff Eric Flowers:

If they’re coming at us with an AR-15 we’re gonna return with the same or greater firepower….

If something were to happen … [the resource officers] would have ready access to that AR-15 and their shield to be able to respond immediately….

Our folks are there to protect the kids. Our folks are bringing guns, they’re the good guys. When bad guys show up with guns, they’re gonna find our guns.

They’re gonna find out that we’re well prepared and that we’re prepared for that threat. Us bringing guns to campuses only keeps the schools safer.

We’ve seen what’s happened in Parkland. We’ve seen what happened in Uvalde. Our folks are not gonna stand by and wait for something bad to happen to kids in Indian River County….

Our folks are not gonna be running backwards to get a shield, running backwards to get a rifle. They’re gonna go directly at the threat and the teams that come in behind them can bring in that additional gear as they’re responding.

The National Rifle Association noted, “Our banks, airports, baseball games, office buildings, movie stars, politicians – they’re all more protected than children at school,” and applauded the school district’s move, saying:

Hats off to Indian River County Sheriff Eric Flowers for doing what’s right and protecting students!

Parents want to drop off their kids at school and be assured they are safe.

The move by the Indian River County School District, with more than 15,000 enrolled students, has national political implications. First, it burnishes the reputation of the state’s governor, Ron DeSantis, who has consistently supported the Second Amendment. And it’s a direct challenge to the current anti-gun agenda at the federal level with its recent move to infringe further on Second Amendment rights.

This is to say nothing about dampening any enthusiasm a criminal might have for seeking a school with armed student resource officers and deputies protecting the little ones. Seeking unarmed potential victims, those miscreants will be forced to look elsewhere lest they find armed resistance determined to neutralize their threat.

Hats off to the Indian River County School District for doing the right thing.

Deep state plan revealed: Frame a civil war to justify UN troops to OCCUPY and DISARM America



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Thanks to sources that have stepped forward with inside information, we now know some details about a plan we’re told is being pursued by the Biden regime to achieve the complete overthrow and destruction of the United States of America. As you review this, remember that compromised American officials are working with communist China and the globalists to achieve the downfall of America.

The recent FBI / DOJ raid on Mar-a-Lago is a key element of this plan. The raid was reportedly designed to provoke an armed uprising among Trump supporters, or at least encourage nationwide protests that could be exploited by the FBI to run undercover agents dressed up as MAGA supporters.

During these uprisings, we’re told, the FBI plans to attack government buildings with some sort of large-scale destruction. Think Oklahoma City (the FBI bombed the FBI headquarters in order to blame conservatives) or 9/11. Now add to that list the possibility of dirty bombs being unleashed in America by deep state operatives as a mechanism to declare martial law and feign vulnerability on the part of the government.

Media is rolling out a dirty bomb narrative

The narrative is already being set in place for a dirty bomb attack. For example, recently reported on how the GAO was able to forge a few documents and purchase radioactive materials to be shipped to the United States:

Late last year, government employees forged a copy of a license to buy hazardous, radioactive material. They created shell companies, then placed orders, generated invoices, and paid two U.S.-based vendors.

The scheme worked. The employees successfully had the material shipped, complete with radioactive stickers on the side, then confirmed delivery.

“Anyone could open a shell company with a fraudulent license to obtain dangerous amounts of radioactive material that could be weaponized into a dirty bomb,” Torres told Defense News in an interview on Wednesday. “Disperse radioactive material in a city as densely populated as New York, and it could cause catastrophic damage.”

Since most people don’t understand radiation — and it’s invisible — the public can be easily terrorized by the media working in conjunction with the deep state to carry out a dirty bomb attack that might not even be very dangerous from a purely medical/radiological point of view. But hyped up by the media, the average American will believe the world is ending. (It’s the covid panic template all over again…)

Calling in UN troops

To complete this reported scenario, the Biden regime plans to pretend to be weak, bombing its own offices and killing its own agents, in order to issue an international plea for United Nations assistance. “Peacekeeping,” in other words.

These so-called “peacekeepers” are, of course, human traffickers, child sodomizers, and rapists, and they will ply their dark trade in US cities just like they do everywhere else in the world. But the real threat is when the UN invites China to occupy the United States under the cover of peacekeeping (or food rescue missions since so many Americans will be starving due to engineered food scarcity), with PLA troops wearing blue helmets and going door to door, attempting to disarm the American people in the name of “security.”

In effect, communist China would be simultaneously disarming America while occupying US territory. Once a critical mass of PLA troops are in place across America, the order is given to mass execute all living Americans so that China can claim North America for itself, instantly reaping the benefit of trillions of dollars worth of farmland, minerals, energy, waterways, ports, industry and more.

The UN peacekeeping mission, in other words, is a grand Trojan Horse to invite the enemy right into America where they can occupy the entire country without having to fight an actual war.

At least that’s the plan currently in play. Whether they can successfully pull it off is another story.

Seeming to confirm this plan is the fact that communist China is in the process of loading up a flotilla of merchant ships with military equipment and personnel, ready to invade the continental United States with a massive military presence. Under this scenario, there would be no resistance to China’s military, as they would be deemed “peacekeepers,” so the entire US Navy would stand down and allow China’s military to roll right up to the West Coast and unload their military equipment on US soil.

The deep state needs a really large false flag attack to scare the public into compliance

In order to achieve all this, the Biden regime needs something incredibly disastrous to take place that would scare the majority of Americans into agreeing with the foreign occupation of America. They would need to paint the American people as the enemy, fabricating all sorts of scary news and scapegoating their political enemies to take the blame for whatever nefarious attack they unleash.

The most likely choice for the regime to achieve these difficult goals is to choose a dirty bomb attack on a major US city, preferably a city in a red state such as Texas or Florida. This way, heavily armed federal agents can descend upon the conservative state and attempt to seize control under federal “emergency” declarations. They can also economically punish a red state and cause local chaos for the GOP governor. This is why a red state is the most likely target for the dirty bomb false flag.

Once a dirty bomb is unleashed — likely in the state’s capitol area — the entire area will be restricted from human access, citing radiation exposure (no matter how tiny it may be). This will throw banking, regulators, legislators, and courts into chaos.

The complicit media will of course follow the script and blame the attack on whatever patsy they drum up with sufficient links to conservative media, the NRA, and all the usual suspects. The blame will ultimately be placed on a pro-Trump, flag-waving J6 attendee who believes in God owns a lot of homemade guns, and posted some extreme-sounding frustrations on social media. It will of course be a white Christian male, and all white people will be immediately labeled terrorists by the treasonous media.

The calls for nationwide gun confiscation won’t be far behind.

For the record, we are calling for Americans to resist being played by the deep state in this emotional con game. Do not allow yourself to be whipped up into an emotional wave, and do not resort to violence. This is what the deep state wants. The American people need to stay cool and avoid handing the deep state the uprising they desperately want to create.

Will this nefarious plot succeed? Or will white hats stop it?

Rep. Jim Jordan says 14 FBI agents have turned whistleblowers and stepped forward to expose the tyranny and corruption of the agency. That’s just a taste of things to come as an increasing number of those who work within the bureaucracy wake up and realize how evil and destructive the federal government has become under the lawless tyranny of the Biden regime.

So-called “white hats” exist inside every federal agency, including the Pentagon. It is currently rumored that the pro-America military leaders at the US military command facilities in Cheyenne Mountain are at war with the corrupt, treasonous Pentagon leaders in Virginia. There’s even talk that the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid was also about trying to seize nuclear launch codes so that the deep state could initiate a nuclear war with China or Russia. We can’t confirm these two points, but they are part of the current chatter behind the scenes.

Many people believe the white hats will emerge victorious as the American people rapidly come to their senses and reject the outright tyranny of the democrat fascists. But the faster the American people wake up and try to vote their way out of this tyranny, the more desperate the regime becomes, willing to unleash almost any level of disaster against America in order to scare the masses into obedience.

Learn more in today’s Situation Update podcast, which also features clips from The Wizard of Oz and Die Hard. Hans Gruber pretending to be Bill Clay is like the FBI pretending to be afraid of the American public, you see. Hear the podcast for yourself to get full details:


Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida: Family-Owned Legacy Gun Shop Latest Casualty of Biden’s War on Guns

Family-Owned Legacy Gun Shop Latest Casualty of Biden’s War on Guns



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

U.S.A. –-( Master gunsmith James Morrison founded JM Gun Repair 46 years ago, after doing gun repairs in his garage. The gun shop has been a local institution ever since, offering firearms, black powder and reloading gear, ammunition including hard-to-find calibers, and James’ incredible skills as a master gunsmith with 50 years of experience. The business is ideally located, straddling the county line between Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida.

“This has been a family legacy for 46 years,” said James’ grandson, Noah Morrison. His father and uncle work at the shop too.

Noah, who just turned 21, dreamed of becoming the third generation of Morrisons to operate this family business. However, his dreams were dashed when George Hancock, an ATF Industry Operations Investigator, known as an IOI, walked into the shop at around the same time Joe Biden announced his war on “rogue” gun dealers.

“During the audit, he found faults in our paperwork,” Noah said. “In the past, for these types of minor faults, an auditor would have just handed us a pen and told us to fix them.”

Noah’s father, Benwayne Morrison, agrees.

“These were clerical errors, but they changed the definition,” he said. “Under their new definition, they said our violations were willful. After 46 years, we never gave a gun to someone who shouldn’t have it, but that didn’t matter. None of the violations were on Biden’s ‘rogue’ gun dealer list.”

Rogue Defined

Biden first announced his zero-tolerance policy in June 2021. Part of his scheme included five criteria, which he claimed defined a rogue dealer:

  1. transferring a firearm to a prohibited person
  2. failing to run a required background check
  3. falsifying records, such as a firearms transaction form
  4. failing to respond to an ATF tracing request
  5. refusing to permit ATF to conduct an inspection in violation of the law

However, the ATF is revoking licenses for the most minor of errors – errors not on Biden’s five-point list.

As a result, a special report we published in May revealed that FFL revocations increased a staggering 500 percent.

No Due Process

Effective Aug. 23, JM Gun Repair can no longer transfer or sell firearms. The family intends to keep the shop open, selling ammunition, reloading and black powder supplies, gear, and other accessories, but not guns or even gunsmithing services. They posted a note on their website announcing the changes.

“Our family legacy is gone,” Benwayne said. “My father started this business. A master gunsmith is a rare breed. He can tell you the details about a gun made 100 years ago. He’s still sharp as a tack. Our family was screwed over by the ATF.”

The worst part for him and his family is that there was no way to appeal the ATF’s order.

There was no due process.

Benwayne contacted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office but was told since it was a federal matter, he should contact Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott. Benwayne never received a response from Scott’s office. One of Rubio’s assistants told him to send more information, but he has not heard back.

Illegal Registry

Both Benwayne and Noah believe there is another unspoken reason why the ATF is revoking hundreds of FFLs. Anytime a gun shop closes or is ordered out of business, they must mail years of records to the ATF.

“They’re building a gun registry, and that’s illegal,” Benwayne said. “If you want to build a registry, the easiest way to do it is to have gun dealers supply their records. That’s the quickest way for them to find out who has what kind of guns. If they shut down a 46-year-old store that’s had thousands of sales, all of a sudden, they’ve got a lot of records.”

Neither Jason Medina, public information officer for ATF’s Tampa Field Division, nor Aaron Gerber, the Division’s Director of Industry Operations, returned calls seeking comment for this story.


It’s clear that the Biden-Harris administration believes if they eliminate all the gun dealers, they will eliminate all the guns. But since there is only a handful of real rogues out of the 50,000 licensed gun dealers doing business in the country, the administration had to devise another tactic. As a result, they came up with the “willful” scheme.

Now, even the most insignificant clerical error is a willful violation, which means the dealer is a rogue, and their license is quickly revoked. The ATF was happy to play along since they’ve always been more than willing to bend over for the White House, regardless of the constitutionality of the request.

The two hallmarks of the Morrison family business have always been safety and family. Benwayne used to train Boy Scouts. His father taught Hunter Safety classes. They educate every first-time gun buyer before they leave the shop.

“My parents could have retired years ago, but they wanted to keep the business going for their children and their grandchildren,” Benwayne said. “It’s frustrating to me that now my son Noah is old enough to be part of the family business, but he can’t. We’ve always been a law-abiding shop. We’ve done our best for nearly a half-century to educate the public and keep the public safe. So, if they can do this to us, they can do this to anybody.”

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