Secret Service Corruption and Incompetence is No Secret, Consorting with criminals, ignoring White House shooters, and failing to stop an attempted assassination.

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

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The Secret Service is coming under fire for the ease with which Thomas Matthew Crooks was able to get within 150 meters of Donald Trump, a distance U.S. Army recruits must hit human-sized targets to qualify with the M-16 rifle. Former FBI assistant director Chris Swecker also called out the Secret Service for poor communication and failing to get Trump out of the danger zone in rapid fashion. Those troubled by the attempted assassination should know that Secret Service incompetence and corruption are not new developments.

“The U.S. Secret Service has suspended four agents linked to two men accused of impersonating federal law enforcement officers who authorities said gave gifts worth thousands of dollars to agency personnel including one assigned to protect President Joe Biden’s wife,” explains an April 7, 2022 U.S. News story headlined “Four U.S. Secret Service Agents Suspended Over Ties to Phony Cops,” a reference to “Washington men” Arian Taherzadeh, 40, and Haider Ali, 35.

According to the FBI, “Taherzadeh offered to purchase a $2,000 assault rifle for a Secret Service agent assigned to protect first lady Jill Biden and told other government officials they could have access to what he claimed were official government vehicles.” Ali told witnesses that he has “connections to the Pakistani intelligence service ISI.”

According to prosecutors, “the pair had posed as special agents since at least February 2020 and offered a variety of gifts to Secret Service members and at least one Department of Homeland Security employee including rent-free apartments valued at $40,000 a year, iPhones, surveillance systems, a drone, a flat-screen television, a case for storing an assault rifle, a generator and other law enforcement paraphernalia.” The FBI found “a loaded Glock pistol, ammunition, components from disassembled guns and sniper equipment” along with “body armor, gas masks, zip ties, handcuffs, firearm storage cases, a drone, Department of Homeland Security patches and law enforcement clothing, DHS training manuals, surveillance equipment and a binder with a list of residents in the apartment complex.”

According to the Justice Department, “Ali and Taherzadeh ingratiated themselves with employees of the U.S. Secret Service because it provided them with cover and aided in their scheme.” The pair also tried to recruit at least one person to join what they claimed as an official DHS “task force.” The pair required that the recruit “be shot with an Airsoft rifle to evaluate their pain tolerance and reaction.” Prosecutors called Taherzadeh and Ali “a serious threat to the community” and “a potential risk to national security.”

Last August, Haider Ali was sentenced to 68 months in federal prison for his role in a “fraud conspiracy.”  Last December Arian Taherzadeh was sentenced to 33 months in prison for pretending to be a federal law enforcement officer to curry favor with members of the U.S. Secret Service.” The four suspended Secret Service agents were also not named, which was also the case in another failure.

In 2011, gunman Oscar Ortega-Hernandez parked his car on Constitution Avenue, fired at least seven rounds at the White House with a semi-automatic rifle, and safely fled the scene. According to a CBS report, Secret Service agents responded to the sound of gunfire but were ordered to stand down. Secret Service bosses blamed the noise on construction equipment backfiring and a gang shoot-out.

The attack was not noticed until four days later when a housekeeper spotted broken glass and plaster around Truman's balcony. The president and First Lady blasted then-Secret Service director Mark Sullivan, but deputy national security advisor Antony Blinken told reporters “I know the Secret Service is on top of this and they will take every necessary step to correct any problems.”

Ortega-Hernandez was apprehended in Pennsylvania and in 2014 sentenced to 25 years in prison for terrorism and weapons offenses. That year Secret Service director Julia Pierson resigned in the wake of security breaches such as an armed man jumping a fence and gaining access to the White House. So Tony Blinken was wrong that the Secret Service would take every necessary step to correct the problems.  Jump ahead ten years and Blinken is Biden’s Secretary of State, a big fan of the letter proclaiming Hunter Biden’s laptop “Russian disinformation,” which he knows is untrue.

Joe Biden’s pick for Secret Service director is Kimberly Cheatle the veteran of “a long and distinguished career at the Secret Service.” Biden came to “trust her judgement and counsel” and Cheatle “was easily the best choice to lead the agency at a critical moment for the Secret Service.” Cheatle’s Secret Service failed to prevent Thomas Matthew Crooks from firing rifle shots that wounded Donald Trump and killed rally attendee Corey Comperatore, a firefighter and family man, and critically wounded David Dutch and James Copenhaver.

In May, House Oversight and Accountability chairman James Comer wrote to Cheatle about “potential vulnerabilities within the Secret Service preventing it from fulfilling its mission to ensure the safety and security of its protectees.” The committee has now launched an investigation into the attempted assassination of Donald Trump and requests Cheatle’s “voluntary appearance” at a hearing on July 22. As Trump likes to say, we’ll have to see what happens.

White House releases Biden doctor letter after Parkinson’s report

The White House released a letter Monday night from President Biden's physician explaining why a Parkinson’s disease specialist had visited the White House several times. It came hours after Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre sparred with reporters about Biden's health. In the letter, Dr. Kevin O'Connor said Kevin Cannard "was the neurological specialist that examined President Biden for each of his annual physicals ... President Biden has not seen a neurologist outside of his annual physical.” Widespread concerns from fellow Democrats over Biden's health and cognitive abilities have been magnified since his performance in last month's debate against former President Trump.


Religious-Themed Designs Banned From WH Easter Egg Roll Art Event

Religious-Themed Designs Banned From White House Easter Egg Roll Art Event

White House Easter Egg Roll
WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 10: U.S. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden attend the annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House on April 10, 2023 in Washington, DC. The tradition dates back to 1878 when President Rutherford B. Hayes invited children to the White House for Easter and egg rolling on the lawn. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
White House Easter Egg Roll WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 10: U.S. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden attend the annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House on April 10, 2023 in Washington, DC. The tradition dates back to 1878 when President Rutherford B. Hayes invited children to the White House for Easter and eggs rolling on the lawn. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

OAN’s Abril Elfi
11:18 AM – Saturday, March 30, 2024

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

The White House has banned religious-themed designs from the Easter egg art event. 

Religious Easter egg designs will not be accepted by the National Guard children for the 2024 “Celebrating National Guard Families” art event at the White House.

Along with the yearly Easter Egg Roll, the White House celebrates Easter with an art competition. A contest flyer specifies that an Easter egg design entry “must not include any questionable content, religious symbols, overtly religious themes, or partisan political statements.” 

“As part of the White House Easter traditions, America’s Egg Farmers—for nearly 50 years—have proudly presented an intricately decorated Commemorative Easter Egg to the First Lady of the United States. In 2021, the White House expanded on this long-standing tradition by displaying youth-designed Easter eggs in the White House East Colonnade,” the flyer explains. “On behalf of First Lady Jill Biden, the Adjutants General of the National Guard are asking youth from National Guard families across the United States and all U.S. territories to submit artwork inspired by the theme ‘Celebrating our Military Families.’”

Kids are asked to paint eggs with pictures from their own lives. “Selected designs representing the unique experience and stories of National Guard children will be brought to life on real hen eggs by talented egg artists from across the country and displayed at the White House this Easter and Passover season,” the advertisement states.

Additionally, content that encourages “bigotry, racism, hatred, or harm against any group or individual or promotes discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age” cannot be used in educational settings by children. 

Children will paint a few chosen designs on actual eggs, which will be on display at the White House.

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Biden Regime Invites Hamas-Linked CAIR to the White House, Then Lies About It

AP Photo/Alex Brandon
Every aspect of this story is bad, and each horrifying aspect is competing with the others for which can have the most negative consequences for the American people. After Jews suffered attacks in Chicago, the Biden regime reached out not to Jewish leaders, but to Muslim groups, including open supporters of Hamas. Muslims, however, enraged at the regime’s continued (albeit hollow) support for Israel, refused to show. Then a Biden regime wonk lied brazenly and denied that one of the worst of the Muslim groups was even invited. This is the state of our staggered, sputtering republic in the fourth year of this radically anti-American and anti-democratic regime.

This latest imbroglio started when Politico reported Thursday that “Illinois leaders in the Palestinian communities angry over how President Joe Biden has handled the Middle East war have turned down a request by the White House to meet in Chicago today.” We can see who is claiming the moral high ground, and who has the upper hand. After Hamas brutally and gleefully murdered 1,200 Israelis on Oct. 7, 2023, Islamic groups and their leftist allies immediately began to claim victimhood at any sign of Israeli self-defense, fabricating casualty numbers before a world that was all too eager to be fooled, and even preposterously claiming that Israel was conducting a “genocide” when independent observers have dubbed the IDF “the most moral army in the world.”

Despite all that, Muslim and leftist leaders around the world know that making wild claims about Israel and affecting a posture of aggrieved victimhood can win them ready concessions from the U.S., the European Union, and the United Nations, and so they’ve been striking victim poses aggressively since Oct. 7. It has worked. The Biden regime is on its heels, desperately worried by threats from the likes of Nihad Awad of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the winsome Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Ramallah) to withhold the Muslim vote if the regime doesn’t betray Israel. And so it has been doing just that, step by step, in slow motion: $100 million to Gaza, $10 billion to Hamas’ financiers, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and ever-increasing pressure on the Netanyahu government.

Meanwhile, the regime keeps trying to placate Muslim and Arab groups inside the U.S.: “Tom Perez, a senior adviser to the president, and other advisers had planned to sit down in three separate meetings with various Palestinian, Arab and Muslim leaders and elected officials to discuss tensions in the Middle East. The private meetings were to come on the heels of similar gatherings in Detroit.” The professional victims, however, stayed in character: “But most folks contacted turned down the request, according to six people we talked to." Any meeting being held will be with a smaller group of players.”

Not only did they refuse to meet with White House apparatchiks, but they continued to excoriate the regime for its alleged support of Israel. One Muslim spokesman declared that his group considered “anyone — Palestinian, Muslim, Arab — who takes a meeting with the White House to be an absolute sell-out.” One of those who declined to attend was Ahmed Rehab of Hamas-linked CAIR, who explained: “We believe a thousand percent in civic engagement. We preach it. But this is an unusual moment and requires an unusual response. We have made clear that a ceasefire is needed.”

The outreach to CAIR, whose top dog Awad infamously said that he was “happy” about Hamas’ Oct. 7 jihad massacre, embarrassed even the Biden regime apparatchiks. Jewish Insider correspondent Gabby Deutsch stated: “WH spox @AndrewJBates46 told me that CAIR was *not* invited to WH mtgs in Chicago w/ Muslim Americans—& that the group is NEVER invited to WH mtgs.”

This just piled embarrassment upon embarrassment. Unfortunately, for the wretched regime wonk Bates, CAIR has been frequently invited to Biden's White House and has posted press releases detailing the meetings. But the idea of the regime kowtowing to an organization with actual Hamas ties is too much even for Biden’s handlers, and so Bates was apparently instructed to lie about the meetings, exposing the Biden team as both dishonest and pro-Hamas.

      Related: Establishment Media Lies to Cover for Biden Regime’s Latest Betrayal of Israel

Even worse is the timing. Richard Goldberg of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies pointed out that “since Friday: Pro-Hamas antisemitic rioters in Chicago intimidated the House of Blues to cancel a Jewish singer’s sold-out show. The venue cited security concerns. Loyola University told Jewish students they could no longer allow a survivor of the Nova music festival massacre to speak on campus. The university cited security concerns. Jews were attacked while trying to enter a theatre to watch footage of the Nova music festival massacre. Jews are not even allowed to mourn the massacres without being attacked in the city of Chicago. The mayor says nothing. The president says nothing. But the White House is sending staff to meet with the organizers of these violent riots and assaults instead of defending the Jews they are trying to drive underground.”

That’s right. And if this is happening more or less out in the open, albeit with inept and half-hearted attempts to cover it up, imagine the betrayals that are going on behind the scenes.

White House Warns Fox News to Stop Covering Biden Corruption

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

And the media is cheering it on.


I remember when White House Spokesman Ari Fleischer made an off-hand remark about what he thought was Bill Maher praising the Al Qaeda terrorists, suggesting that people should watch what they say, and we have spent years hearing about the Bush administration “terrorizing”, “censoring” and “intimidating” the press.

Bush was compared to Hitler and the incident still continues to be brought up today even as the Biden administration is fighting in court for the “free speech right” to censor political opponents on social media, and now the White House has fired off a letter to FOX News warning it to stop covering Joe Biden’s corruption.

The White House is formally calling on Fox News to walk back its coverage of bribery and corruption allegations against President Joe Biden.

In a letter sent to the right-wing network’s top brass this week, which has not been previously reported, Ian Sams, a top White House spokesperson, noted that the ex-FBI informant who was the source of the bribery claims has now been charged by federal authorities for allegedly fabricating the story.

“Despite this, Fox has taken no steps to retract, correct, or update its reporting on this false allegation from 2023,” Sams said in his letter to Fox News chief executive Suzanne Scott, president Jay Wallace, and Washington bureau chief Bryan Boughton.

Despite media misinformation, Smirnov’s allegations were a late-arriving cherry on the cake in an investigation that involved IRS whistleblowers, business partners of Hunter Biden and extensive information from his own laptops.

Yet forget that for a moment.

Imagine the response if the Bush or Trump administrations had sent such a threatening letter to CBS News.

This isn’t even coming from the Biden campaign, a distinct organization, or any of the numerous leftist groups it has at its command, but from a special assistant to the president, with Anita Dunn cc’ed on it.

And the media is cheering it on.

White House Wants Schools to Gaslight Parents About Guns

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:
White House Wants Schools to Gaslight Parents About Guns, iStock-1043643234
White House Wants Schools to Gaslight Parents About Guns, iStock-1043643234

The White House wants to enlist school officials to help hoodwink parents about its gun control plans, according to a statement issued last week.

The reason is simple: They want to take advantage of the officials’ credibility, which the White House lacks, especially when it comes to guns.

Teachers and administrators, the White House said in the statement, “can be trusted, credible messengers when it comes to providing guidance on gun violence prevention and safe firearm storage options.”

The new program, one of three executive orders Joe Biden issued last week, will be spearheaded by Jill Biden, White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention Director Stefanie Feldman and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona.

“This issue matters to the President. It weighs on his heart every day. And he’s not going to stop fighting until we’ve solved it,” Jill Biden said last week while touting the plan at a “Gun Violence Prevention Event,” which was held in the Indian Treaty Room of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

From a civil rights perspective, the most worrisome portion of the White House plan is a customizable “communications template,” which school officials “can use to engage with parents and families about the importance of safe firearm storage and encourage more people to take preventive action by safely storing firearms.”

The template is designed so school officials can insert the name of the school and their letterhead to make it appear as though the document came from the school and not the White House. In fact, neither the White House nor the Biden-Harris administration are even mentioned in the document.

Dear [INSERT NAME OF SCHOOL OR SCHOOL DISTRICT] Families, Guardians, and Caregivers:



The template was accompanied by a letter from DOE Secretary Cardona, which urged school officials to comply with the new White House mandate.

“We encourage all school leaders to consider taking steps to build awareness in your school community about safe firearm storage, such as:

  • Share information about safe firearm storage with parents and families in your school community. You can use the enclosed letter as a resource for parents, families, guardians, and caregivers—as well as teachers and school staff—to help build awareness around safe firearm storage, including what people can do to safely store firearms in their homes and spaces that children may occupy. You can also customize the letter to better meet your community’s needs.
  • Partner with other municipal and community leaders to help improve understanding of safe firearm storage and broader gun violence prevention efforts.
  • Engage other organizations and partners within your community, such as parent organizations, out-of-school time program leaders, nonprofit agencies, and other community-based youth-serving entities who routinely interact with children, teens, families, guardians, and caregivers, to inform them about the importance of safe firearm storage.
  • Integrate information about safe firearm storage into your communications with families, guardians, and caregivers about overall emergency preparedness and school safety.”


There is a lot going on here, and none of it is good.

The White House’s template is classic propaganda, in which a target audience is unaware they are being influenced and unaware of the true source of the message.

It is a psychological operation, or psyop, which targets unsuspecting Americans. Before the Bidens moved into the White House, that wasn’t supposed to happen. Nowadays, it’s become commonplace.

That the White House and its gun control office would publicly propose such a plan proves they do not fear exposure from the legacy media. This, too, is telling. They know who their friends are and don’t worry about repercussions.

School officials will have little choice but to participate in this scam. Secretary Cardona’s letter will be seen to that.

Joe Biden, or more likely his handlers and puppeteers, have rewritten the rules to further their war on our guns. Now, everything goes, including psyops and other forms of gaslighting and deception.

The White House statement also mentions that faith leaders and law enforcement have credibility in their communities.

There’s little doubt the Biden-Harris administration will make a run at the nation’s clergy next.

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About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and the U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Yell ‘F-K Joe Biden,’ White House Gate Damaged

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Yell ‘F-K Joe Biden,’ White House Gate Damaged

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators march to a rally in front of the White House in Washington, D.C., on Saturday. (Valerie Plesch/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

OAN’s Elizabeth Volberding
8:45 AM – Sunday, January 14, 2024;

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

A pro-Palestinian protest in Washington, D.C., got disorderly as activists almost breached an outer White House gate and conflicted with riot police.

On Saturday evening, a group of pro-Palestine protesters gathered outside of the White House in Washington, D.C., with some rioters harming security fencing and throwing objects at police.

The activists were heard shouting “F-k Joe Biden,” “Ceasefire Now,” and “Free, Free Palestine,” with several individuals waving Palestinian flags.

“Yemen, Yemen make us proud / Turn another ship around,” was additionally voiced at the protest, hours after strikes were initiated against the Houthis in Yemen.

Staff members and journalists were “relocated” as a result of some fences outside the White House being damaged, the U.S. Secret Service informed the media. 

Additionally, the White House announced on Saturday that President Joe Biden is at Camp David at the moment.

“During the demonstration near the White House complex January 13th, a portion of the anti-scale fencing that was erected for the event sustained temporary damage,” the statement read. “The issues were promptly repaired on site by U.S. Secret Service support teams. As a precaution, some members of the media and staff in proximity to Pennsylvania Avenue were temporarily relocated while the issue was being addressed. The Secret Service made no arrests associated with the march and there was no property damage to the White House or adjacent buildings.”

In a press release on Saturday night, Pamela A. Smith, the chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, denounced the unlawful actions of the protestors.

“The right to peacefully protest is one of the cornerstones of our democracy, and the Metropolitan Police Department has long supported those who visit our city to demonstrate safely,” Smith’s statement read. “However, violence, destructive behavior, and criminal activities are not tolerated.”

The police chief continued, saying that some officers were attacked by the protesters in Lafayette Park.

“While a majority of today’s demonstration remained peaceful, there were instances of illegal and destructive behavior in Lafayette Park, including items being thrown at our officers,” Smith said. “We are supporting our partners at the United States Park Police as they investigate and hold those found responsible accountable for their actions.”

In order to prevent the rioters from entering the grounds, a swarm of U.S. Secret Service agents pushed back as the crowd violently shook the fence, partially breaking it.

While some protesters attempted to climb the fence, others threw water bottles and the broken sticks from their Palestinian flags at the police.

“F–k Joe Biden!” protesters chanted. “Break it down! You support the murder of children!” 

According to a Secret Service spokesperson who spoke with The Post, there was some “temporary damage” to the anti-scale fencing, but nothing to the White House fence or the surrounding buildings.

“The issues were promptly repaired on site by U.S. Secret Service support teams,” said Lt. Paul Mayhair. “As a precaution, some members of the media and staff in proximity to Pennsylvania Avenue were temporarily relocated while the issue was being addressed.”

No arrests were made at the scene.

President Biden made a statement regarding the Saturday protest.

“These strikes are in direct response to unprecedented Houthi attacks against international maritime vessels in the Red Sea — including the use of anti-ship ballistic missiles for the first time in history,” Biden’s statement read.  “I will not hesitate to direct further measures to protect our people and the free flow of international commerce as necessary.”

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Pro-Palestinian Rioters Force Partial Evacuation of White House

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
The “March on Washington for Gaza” on Saturday boiled over into violence at the White House, as thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators stormed the security fence and forced the evacuation of “non-essential employees” from the building. It was not immediately clear whether or not that included Joe Biden, or if he was in the White House at the time.

Porter Anderson of PubPerspectives tweeted Saturday evening, referring to Priscilla Alvarez (@priscialva) and Jim Acosta (@Acosta) of CNN: “@priscialva tells @Acosta that she and others were evacuated at the @WhiteHouse when temporary security fencing took some damage, an official ‘also telling me that objects were thrown over that fence. There was enhanced security’ during the pro-#Palestinian demonstration in #DC. ‘They had prepared for this march to intensify over the course of the afternoon.’” 

The demonstration was ugly from the beginning. NBC reported that “people in the U.S. capital held aloft signs questioning President Joe Biden’s viability as a presidential candidate because of his staunch support for Israel in the nearly 100-day war against Hamas.” They held up signs reading: “No votes for Genocide Joe,” “Biden has blood on his hands,” and “Let Gaza live.” NBC adds that “vendors were also selling South African flags as protesters chanted slogans in support of the country whose accusations of genocide against Israel prompted the International Court of Justice in the Hague, Netherlands, to take up the case.”

The hard-left Common Dreams, meanwhile, noted that “As part of a worldwide day of action protesting the ongoing military assault on Gaza by Israel, activists in Washington, D.C. left a pile of bloodied baby doll parts outside the White House on Saturday as they denounced U.S. complicity in the military campaign that has left over 23,000 Palestinians dead, including over 10,000 children and babies.” Where does Common Dreams get that figure, that 10,000 children and babies have been killed in Gaza? From Hamas. Yet Hamas has been caught lying more than once about the numbers of civilians killed, and of course Common Dreams says nothing about how Hamas deliberately launches attacks from civilian areas in order to draw retaliatory fire that it can exploit for propaganda purposes.

Impervious to the facts, however, as are all leftists, Jodie Evans of CodePink cried: “Biden is hiding inside the White House protected by a fence, military police, and snipers on the roof while the children in besieged Gaza are left unprotected from Israel's genocidal bombing that kills five children every hour. That’s around 117 children murdered daily!”

This business about Israel committing genocide is an outrageous libel, as British barrister Malcolm Shaw demonstrated at the International Court of Justice in the brilliant speech he delivered in Israel’s defense. But the rioters at the White House were way beyond rational appeal, and it is clear that nothing whatsoever will placate them short of a full repudiation of Israel from the Biden White House. Since they are part of the Biden regime’s far-left base, they may just get that.

Related: CAIR Top Dog’s Cheering for Hamas Is Too Much Even for the Biden Regime

Among the participants in the march were Students for Justice in Palestine, which called the Oct. 7 jihad massacres in Israel “a historic win for the Palestinian resistance,” as well as the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), whose cofounder and longtime executive director, Nihad Awad, said that the Oct. 7 attacks made him “happy.”

The Biden regime is now caught between a rock and a hard place. Its base is increasingly open about its hatred for Israel and determination to see it destroyed (that’s what “From the River to the Sea” means: if there is no Israel from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, then there is no Israel at all). Yet at the same time, most American Jews still support the Democrats, and the regime doesn’t want to alienate them, either. Old Joe and his henchmen have tried to placate both sides, sending $10 billion to Iran, Hamas’ financier, and $100 million to Gaza while professing support for Israel’s defensive action, but the demonstrators at the White House made it abundantly clear on Saturday that no half-measures or playing both ends against the middle would be acceptable. The Biden regime is going to have to repudiate Israel, or there will be violence. The message that was being sent, as the non-essential personnel fled the People’s Mansion, was unmistakable.

White House Goes Around Congress For Second Time To Sell Weapons To Israel

DES MOINES, IOWA - JULY 15: Democratic presidential candidate former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden pauses as he speaks during the AARP and The Des Moines Register Iowa Presidential Candidate Forum at Drake University on July 15, 2019 in Des Moines, Iowa. Twenty Democratic presidential candidates are participating in the forums that will feature four candidate per forum, to be held in cities across Iowa over five days. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

OAN’s James Meyers
10:53 AM – Saturday, December 30, 2023

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

The Biden Administration has gone over Congress’s head in December for the second time to approve more aid to Israel in their ongoing war against Hamas. 

In an announcement by the State Department on Friday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Congress that he made a second crunch time decision to cover $147.5 million in equipment sales to the Jewish State. 

The newest emergency sale includes charges, fuses, and primers required to complete the 155 mm shells Israel purchased. 

“Given the urgency of Israel’s defensive needs, the secretary notified Congress that he had exercised his delegated authority to determine an emergency existed, necessitating the immediate approval of the transfer,” the department confirmed in its statement.

“The United States is committed to the security of Israel, and it is vital to U.S. national interests to ensure Israel can defend itself against the threats it faces,” it added.

Additionally, the latest decision is an emergency provision in the Arms Export Control Act, which allows the State Department to pass over Congress’ role as reviewer of all foreign military sales. 

The move by Blinken came after he called on these powers on December 9th to send additional tank ammunition to Israel. 

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s request for almost $106 billion in aid for Israel, and Ukraine continues to stall. 

However, the Biden Administration just sent another $250 million to Ukraine earlier this week.

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Revolt Brewing in White House Over U.S. Policy Toward Israel

AP Photo/Doaa AlBaz
It's no secret that many younger members of the Biden administration are not happy with the president's policy of demonstrating strong support for Israel. Dozens of State Department members signed a "dissent cable" taking issue with the president's decided tilt in favor of the Israelis.

Now, there's a growing revolt in the White House as many junior aides are griping about the pro-Israel bias of the president.

“It has created great moral anxiety,” said one senior administration official. “But no one can say it because we all work at the pleasure of the president and he’s all in.”

There was fierce opposition from the Agency for International Development when an open letter signed by hundreds of USAID staffers urging the administration to call for a ceasefire was made public.

“For USAID efforts to be effective and for lives to be saved, we need an immediate ceasefire and cessation of hostilities,” the letter states. “We believe that further catastrophic loss of human life can only be avoided if the United States Government calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, the release of Israeli hostages, and the restoration of water, food, fuel, and electricity to the people of Gaza by the State of Israel.”

Sickening moral posturing. Hamas is not going to let the hostages go in exchange for a ceasefire. These well-meaning, naïve fools have no clue what they're dealing with in Hamas.

The first cracks in the alliance emerged this week as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicated that the Israeli Defense Force would be in charge of security in Gaza for an unspecified length of time after the war is over. Both Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken rejected any move by Israel to "re-occupy" Gaza.

But that's not the major complaint. Either senior administration officials were unaware of the difficulties Israel was going to have in rooting out Hamas terrorists from their hiding places behind civilians or they were unprepared for the fierce backlash by the international community.


Although US officials have said the Israeli government has been refining its offensive, frustration inside the Biden administration has only been growing as Israel has in different ways rebuffed US calls for the Israel Defense Forces to make painstaking efforts to limit civilian deaths, enact humanitarian pauses, stem growing violence in the West Bank and make long-term plans for Gaza. That reality is deepening Washington’s bind as it works to support its ally while also containing growing international backlash.

In conversations with their Israeli counterparts at different levels, Biden administration officials have been stepping up calls for Israel to scale back its relentless aerial bombardment of Gaza, which has claimed the lives of thousands of Palestinians, people familiar with the conversations said.

“They’re being told that they need to change course here,” one source said. “To pull back, to stop the bombing and engage in a more surgical, precise counterterrorism operation.”

"Surgical"? Pray tell, how do you "surgically" eliminate Hamas? And if Israel isn't going to eliminate Hamas, why bother to go to war? 

This is a war of annihilation. If these well-meaning but timid folks think that Hamas should survive as a fighting force, let them publicly state that goal. In the end, this is an either/or question, a yes or no answer. There's no "middle ground." There's no "negotiations." The only acceptable outcome for Israel is Hamas's destruction. Otherwise, October 7 will endlessly repeat. This is Hamas's stated goal: create a state of "permanent war" with Israel.

Times of Israel:

The goal of Hamas’s October 7 massacres in southern Israel was to “change the entire equation,” bring permanent war to Israel’s borders and renew attention to the Palestinian cause, a senior member of the terror group’s politburo in Qatar said.

“What could change the equation was a great act, and without a doubt, it was known that the reaction to this great act would be big,” Khalil al-Hayya told The New York Times in an interview published Wednesday. “We had to tell people that the Palestinian cause would not die.”

The "moral uneasiness" of White House and State Department aides is useless. There is a higher morality that the Israelis are listening to the salvation of the state of Israel and the Jewish people.

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