The Threat Behind Biden’s Latest Lie~Was the speech written by Jesuit Pope Francis?~The Ominous Reason Why Biden Keeps Repeating His False Claim About a White Supremacist Threat

What happens when everyone who opposes the Left is labeled a white supremacist terrorist?

Biden Decries White Supremacy And Hate In Commencement Address To Howard University



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Old Joe Biden gave the commencement address at Howard University on Saturday, and as he has done so many times during his presidency, he stoked the flames of racial hatred, resentment, division, and mutual suspicion. That’s par for the course for this conscience-free, senescent corruptocrat, but his words at Howard had an ominous edge that all Americans should not fail to discern. Biden wasn’t just lying, as he always does. He was signaling future plans of his regime.

Biden repeated his frequently repeated lie that Donald Trump had called Nazis “fine people,” and also said: “But on the best days, enough of us have the guts and the hearts to st- — to stand up for the best in us. To choose love over hate, unity over disunion, progress over retreat.  To stand up against the poison of white supremacy, as I did in my Inaugural Address — to single it out as the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy. And I’m not saying this because I’m at a black HBCU.  I say it wherever I go.”

What’s a “Black HBCU,” Joe? “HBCU” stands for “Historically black colleges and universities,” so our alleged president, who is sharp as a tack and not at all in the throes of advanced dementia, was saying that he was speaking at a “black historically black college and university.” This ridiculous phrase could be the result of Joe’s speechwriter making lazy use of the acronym, but it’s more likely that Biden was going off-script and saying something incoherent. Again.

Old Joe lied yet again when he said that he repeats the lie that white supremacists constitute the nation’s biggest terror threat everywhere he goes, but he has indeed said it before. And not just Biden, but also Gestapo chief Merrick Garland, and the FBI have told us so, and they wouldn’t lie to us, now, would they? In November 2021, FBI and Homeland Security Department officials increased investigations of “domestic extremists,” reiterating the claim that they are today’s foremost terror threat. Yet no matter how often Biden and his henchmen repeat this, actual white supremacist terrorists in any significant numbers have been conspicuously lacking.

Ever so conveniently for Biden, no sooner had he uttered this false claim again at Howard on Saturday than a couple of hundred actual white supremacist terrorists miraculously materialized in Washington. All were young, physically fit men; not a single fat Nazi in the bunch. All wore the same blue shirt and khaki pants uniform, all with their faces covered, and once again, the feds showed no curiosity about who they are and made no attempt to determine where they came from or where they went. This clumsy false-flag operation was widely exposed and ridiculed on Twitter, but conservative writer Chris Brunet pointed out:

“What’s sad about this clip is that everyone here on my side of Twitter instantly knows this is a glowie/fed operation… pure theatre. But it is actually a really effective psyop, they keep doing it, because it works. Ask any normal person on the street, ask your mom, ask your sister, and they will be terrified of this clip and fall for it hook-line-and-sinker.”

The FBI has also been busy fashioning a white supremacist threat in other ways. Whistleblowers have revealed that Old Joe’s pure-as-the-driven-snow FBI has been hard at work pressuring agents to classify cases as “domestic violent extremism” (DVE) when they aren’t, and rewarding them when they do. That’s how you create a white supremacist terror threat.

This revelation came last year in a letter that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) sent to FBI top dog Christopher Wray. Jordan stated that “from recent protected disclosures, we have learned that FBI officials are pressuring agents to reclassify cases as ‘domestic violent extremism’ even if the cases do not meet the criteria for such a classification.” This was no surprise. This is, after all, the same FBI that investigated angry parents who protested at school board meetings against the imposition of the woke agenda in public schools.

That’s the threat that was contained in Old Joe’s words at Howard. Old Joe said it plainly last September in his ominous red and black speech: “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” The parents at the school board meetings were just the beginning. This regime aims to criminalize political dissent, and that will require demonizing and stigmatizing fully half of the electorate. Before too long it will be clear that when Biden claims that white supremacists are the biggest terror threat the nation faces, he means ordinary Americans who have never broken any law but who oppose his agenda. If everyone who opposes him is a white supremacist terrorist, then the nation has over a hundred million of them. Arrests and prosecutions on false pretenses will follow. That’s the threat that was contained in his words at Howard.


The Ominous Reason Why Biden Keeps Repeating His False Claim About a White Supremacist Threat



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

As Ben Bartee noted Saturday, Old Joe Biden’s commencement speech at Howard University “included a hearty condemnation of the alleged scourge of White Supremacy™ in America.” In fact, the alleged president called white supremacy “the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland.” Then on Sunday, Homeland Security Secretary and failed Disinformation Governance Board overlord Alejandro Mayorkas agreed with Old Joe, emphasizing that “domestic violent extremism is our greatest threat right now.” Many other Biden regime officials have said the same thing in the nearly two and a half years now that they have been inflicting themselves upon us. The reason why they keep making this false claim is clear and ominous.

At Howard, Biden first repeated his oft-stated lie that Donald Trump had called Nazis “fine people.” Then he said: “But on the best days, enough of us have the guts and the hearts to st — to stand up for the best in us. To choose love over hate, unity over disunion, progress over retreat. To stand up against the poison of white supremacy, as I did in my Inaugural Address — to single it out as the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy. And I’m not saying this because I’m at a black HBCU. I say it wherever I go.”

A “black HBCU”? As opposed to all the white historically black colleges and universities, Joe? But anyway, Old Joe’s lie about white supremacists being the nation’s biggest terror threat has also been repeated by Gestapo chief Merrick Garland and the FBI. In November 2021, FBI and Homeland Security Department officials increased investigations of “domestic extremists,” reiterating the claim that they are today’s foremost terror threat.

Yet no matter how often Biden and his henchmen repeat this, actual white supremacist terrorists in any significant numbers have been conspicuously lacking. Yet on MSNBC (of course) Sunday, “journalist” Jonathan Capehart perpetuated the myth, asking Mayorkas: “The president, yesterday at his commencement address for Howard University graduates, called white supremacy the major domestic terrorist threat in this country. Is that correct?”

Mayorkas, of course, answered in the affirmative: “It tragically is. And the terrorism context, domestic violent extremism is our greatest threat right now. Individuals are driven to violence because of ideologies of hate, anti-government sentiment, false narratives, and personal grievances. Regrettably, we have seen a rise in white supremacy. The principle underlying our work is that when one community is targeted, Jonathan, when one community is targeted, we as a country are targeted.”

Note how Mayorkas related “anti-government sentiment” to “white supremacy.” Old Joe revealed the game that is being played here last September when he said in his ominous red and black speech that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

This regime aims to criminalize political dissent, and that will require demonizing and stigmatizing fully half of the electorate. It is increasingly clear that when Biden claims that white supremacists are the biggest terror threat the nation faces, he means ordinary Americans who have never broken any law but who oppose his agenda. If everyone who opposes him is a white supremacist terrorist, then the nation has over a hundred million of them. Arrests and prosecutions on false pretenses will follow. That’s the threat that was contained in his words at Howard.

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And ever so conveniently for Old Joe, no sooner had he uttered this false claim again at Howard on Saturday than a couple of hundred actual white supremacist terrorists miraculously materialized in Washington. All were young, physically fit men; not a single fat Nazi in the bunch. All wore the same blue shirt and khaki pants uniform, all with their faces covered, and once again, the feds showed no curiosity about who they are and made no attempt to determine where they came from or where they went.

This clumsy false-flag operation was widely exposed and ridiculed on Twitter, but conservative writer Chris Brunet pointed out: “What’s sad about this clip is that everyone here on my side of Twitter instantly knows this is a glowing/fed operation… pure theatre. But it is actually a really effective psyop, they keep doing it because it works. Ask any normal person on the street, ask your mom, ask your sister, and they will be terrified of this clip and fall for it hook-line-and-sinker.”

Indeed they will. They still have no idea what game is being played. But as Old Joe’s henchmen continue to move to make it possible for only their point of view to be enunciated in the public square, their objectives will become obvious to everyone.

Xi Running Circles around Biden~Welcome to the steep decline of U.S. power and prestige.



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“China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man!” Joe Biden said at a rally during his presidential campaign in 2019 as he downplayed China’s threat to the United States.

Since he became president, Mr. Biden himself has been out to lunch when it comes to confronting the multipronged military, economic, and diplomatic challenges that China poses to the vital national security interests of the United States.

President Biden, for example, turned the other cheek for several days in February while China’s spy balloon was maneuvering over sensitive military installations across the continental United States before the balloon was finally shot down. The president claimed at the time that the spy balloon was “not a major breach.” He recklessly signaled to America’s number one adversary that invading sovereign U.S. airspace for days to conduct an intelligence operation over several U.S. military installations is no big deal to America’s commander-in-chief.

Contrary to the Biden administration’s assurances that it successfully blocked China from gathering any valuable intelligence, NBC has reported that China’s spy balloon “was able to gather intelligence from several sensitive American military sites,” according to NBC’s sources.

The spy balloon is just one part of the Chinese regime’s increasingly aggressive strategy to test the Biden administration’s resolve, which has proven to be seriously wanting.

Last month, the Chinese regime announced a 7.2 percent increase in its military budget, more than double the rate of increase that President Biden has proposed for his fiscal 2024 defense budget. In particular, President Biden’s defense budget is woefully inadequate in addressing China’s expansion of the size of its naval ship fleet to the point that it already surpasses the size of the U.S. naval ship fleet.

Moreover, as U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., ranking member on the Senate Armed Services Committee, noted last February during remarks he delivered on the Senate floor:

“The Chinese Air Force now flies fifth-generation aircraft armed with air-to-air missiles that outrange our own. The entire People’s Liberation Army conducts advanced and realistic training. And our own top cyber officer, General Paul Nakasone, says the improvement in Chinese cyber capabilities is ‘unlike anything [he has] ever seen.’”

Senator Wicker focused his remarks on the need to beef up U.S. defense assistance to Taiwan. However, beyond just concerns regarding Taiwan, China’s rapid military build-up, coupled with its economic prowess and increasingly confrontational posture towards the West, presents significantly broader geopolitical risks to the U.S. and its allies around the world.

China’s threat to its neighbors in the Indo-Pacific region is a given as the Chinese regime expands its military presence in the South China Sea. Its growing alliances with Russia and Iran are obviously very troublesome. And China is using its economic carrots of expanded infrastructure investments, loans, and trade to lure African countries into its orbit.

Closer to the U.S. homeland, the Chinese Communist regime also has its eyes on Latin America where it is gaining such a strong foothold that it has U.S. military experts worried.

Admiral Craig S. Faller, for example, testified about his concerns before the Senate Armed Services Committee in March 2021 while he was still leading the United States Southern Command. He noted China’s advance toward its goal of “economic dominance” in Latin America while it also seeks “to establish global logistics and basing infrastructure in our hemisphere in order to project and sustain military power at greater distances.” 

“The PRC [People’s Republic of China] continues to increase its self-serving activities,” Admiral Faller said, “to gain global influence and leverage across all domains in the USSOUTHCOM AOR: cyber, space, extractive and energy industries, transportation hubs, roads, infrastructure, telecommunications, legal and illegal fishing, agriculture, and military training – Spanish and Portuguese-language military education modeled after U.S. professional military education. The PRC is also ‘gifting’ security supplies and equipment as a way to gain access and win favor with regional security forces.”

The Biden administration’s attempt to counter China’s growing clout in the region, the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity (APEP), has proven to be ineffective compared to China’s successes. And President Biden was humiliated last year when Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the leaders of several other Latin American countries were no-shows at the Summit of the Americas that the U.S. hosted in Los Angeles.

On the diplomatic front, the PRC is running circles around the Biden administration. China managed, for example, to extend its influence in the Middle East by mediating a deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran to restore their diplomatic relations. As Amy Hawthorne, deputy director for research at the Project on Middle East Democracy explained, “China’s prestigious accomplishment vaults it into a new league diplomatically and outshines anything the U.S. has been able to achieve in the region since Biden came to office.”

What President Biden has managed to achieve in the Middle East region is to alienate Saudi Arabia’s leaders. China has exploited the Saudis’ anger, luring a major decades-old ally of the United States to move closer to China’s sphere of influence. China already purchases more than a quarter of Saudi Arabia’s oil exports and “is in active talks with Beijing to price some of its oil sales to China in yuan,” according to a report last year in the Wall Street Journal.

Such a move, the Wall Street Journal article noted, “would dent the U.S. dollar’s dominance of the global petroleum market…If priced in yuan, those sales would boost the standing of China’s currency. The Saudis are also considering including yuan-denominated futures contracts, known as the petroyuan, in the pricing model of Saudi Arabian Oil Co., known as Aramco.”

The Saudis have also indicated their interest in joining BRICS, an inter-governmental organization whose current members are Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. China, not surprisingly, is the most powerful member of BRICS by far and has a strong interest in expanding BRICS’ membership. In addition to Saudi Arabia, countries such as Algeria, Argentina, Egypt, Iran, Mexico, and Turkey have expressed an interest in joining.

The BRICS nations see themselves in economic terms as “an alternative model to the G7,” which consists of seven major Western countries – Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Canada, and the United States. 

“Given the West’s overuse of sanctions as an economic weapon, BRICS is establishing its own financial institutions to challenge the likes of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund,” according to an article posted on BRICS information portal. “It is obvious that the wealth and power of BRICS members is increasing, and by admitting new members, the prestige and influence of the bloc will only grow and serve as an economic force for countries seeking independence from Western hegemony. To move this process forward, the New Development Bank was established by BRICS as a counterweight to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.”   

Crude oil is currently priced in U.S. dollars. Purchases and sales of oil are done in U.S. dollars. As Investopedia explained, since the 1970’s “the rise of the petrodollar system…promoted the U.S. dollar’s rise as the world’s reserve currency.” However, this special status for the U.S. dollar is in jeopardy on President Biden’s watch.

China sees its purchases of oil from Saudi Arabia, if payable with yuan rather than dollars, as a means to begin breaking the monopoly of the U.S. dollar as the only acceptable currency for oil purchases. If other OPEC+ members also accept yuan for oil purchases and price their oil in yuan in lieu of dollars, the yuan will over time erode the dollar’s power as the dominant currency for international transactions and global reserves. If China succeeds, the U.S. economy will suffer far worse from inflation and interest rate increases than from even the economic disaster that President Biden’s policies have inflicted on the American people since he took office.

China is amplifying its global economic reach as its economy, the second largest in the world, continues to grow and close the gap with the U.S. economy. The Chinese regime continues to make inroads all over the world with loans and investments that make the recipient countries more and more dependent on China. And President Biden has no answer except to characterize China as a competitor rather than as what it really is – America’s number one adversary.

It is no wonder that China’s model of authoritarian governance looks more and more attractive to countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America as they witness the steep decline of U.S. power and prestige on President Biden’s watch. Meanwhile, the Biden family syndicate has done quite well as a result of its business dealings with Chinese enterprises.

The Attack on Trump is an Attack on America; And there’s no room for compromise~End of the Republic

And there’s no room for compromise



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

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For seven years the Democrats have tried to establish a one-party state, organizing criminal conspiracies run by the FBI, concocting bogus dossiers with the help of Russian agents, paid for by Hillary Clinton to smear and discredit her opponent. When Trump won the 2016 election they went on strike forming a Resistance to sabotage his presidency.

They mounted a slander campaign accusing Trump of being a traitor. But a $35 million investigation turned up nothing. Undaunted, they followed this with multiple partisan impeachments whose sole purpose was to tar and feather Trump and spread lurid lies that he was a “white supremacist” and then an “insurrectionist” because he encouraged a protest conducted by a crowd of ordinary citizens that was entirely unarmed.

The very heart of the Constitution that sustains us is compromised. But in its zeal not to defeat but to destroy Trump and his supporters, the Democrats have wielded their wrecking ball against every institutional pillar of the system of checks and balances that forces compromise and ensures that our individual freedoms will not be crushed by the police powers of the state. They have opposed the electoral college, attempted to destroy the independence of the judiciary by packing the Supreme Court, attacked the Senate as undemocratic, and demonized their opponents as “racists” and “white nationalists”. They have corrupted the Justice Department and used its powers as a sledgehammer to crush their political opponents. They have locked up Trump supporters for unconscionable periods of time without charges, they have prosecuted people they knew to be innocent and suppressed the exculpatory evidence; they have put White House advisers in leg irons and raided a former president’s home to humiliate and abuse them. And in the process destroyed major traditions that have made America a civilized nation.

In all these assaults on the American heritage, their attacks on President Trump – baseless, vindictive, and yes – deranged, have been the vehicles through which they have advanced their true agenda which is to discredit, diminish, defame, and ultimately destroy this country and replace it with a one-party state. The slings and arrows that Trump has taken for his country – for attempting to defend its borders, for example, and stop the rape and slaughter of thousands of unaccompanied minor children lured to their fates by Joe Biden, are really aimed at the 75 million people who voted for him in 2020.

The latest indictment of Trump over charges that a long line of Democrat prosecutors refused to prosecute – because they were so flimsy and so obviously politically motivated – is worse than just an abuse of the law. It is the greatest example of contempt for the American presidency. It is also the most egregious election interference in U.S. history. And it is the latest attempt by Democrats who have a sickeningly long record of attempting to rig elections and give themselves the transformative majorities that Americans won’t give them.

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David Horowitz

David Horowitz is the founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center and the bestselling author of several books, including Radical Son, The Black Book Of The American Left, Dark Agenda: The War To Destroy Christian America, and I Can’t Breathe: How A Racial Hoax Is Killing America.


End of the Republic-Donald Trump has been indicted



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Is the title of this piece apocalyptic hyperbole? I wish it were. But everyone in the country and most of the people in the wide world know that Donald Trump has not actually been indicted for the crime of giving hush money to a prostitute. He has been indicted for the crime of opposing the Leftist elites and challenging their control over the political system. For the first time in American history, a politician – indeed, a front-running presidential candidate – has been indicted in order to destroy his political chances. Americans used to take pride in the fact that such things didn’t happen in the United States of America. But the United States of America is over.

Donald Trump has been indicted on the thinnest of charges. House Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan, House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer, and House Administration Committee chairman Bryan Steil recently wrote a letter to Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, the destroyer of the republic, pointing out that “even the Washington Post quoted ‘legal experts’ as calling your actions ‘unusual’ because ‘prosecutors have repeatedly examined the long-established details but decided not to pursue charges.’”

Even the New York Times on March 9, in an article about how criminal charges were pending against Trump, that “hush money is not inherently illegal.” Working hard to justify the looming pseudo-legal banana republic action of arresting the sitting president’s principal opponent, the Times suggested that “the prosecutors could argue that the $130,000 payout effectively became an improper donation to Mr. Trump’s campaign, under the theory that because the money silenced Ms. Daniels, it benefited his candidacy.” So the whole thing rests on a novel legal theory. Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA tweeted: “Alvin Bragg lowered 52% of criminal charges in NYC last year to misdemeanors. He just bent over backward legally to raise the charges against Trump to a felony. WITCH HUNT!!”

That it certainly is, and worse. Former TV and radio host John Cardillo warned: “Don’t downplay the severity of this indictment. There’s still another GJ in NYC, one in GA, and a federal one connected to the Special Counsel investigation. We are watching the political weaponization of our entire criminal justice system. This is a constitutional crisis.”

Much more is coming. Many are saying that the indictment hands Trump the election of 2024, but it’s actually designed to do just the opposite, and the designers are not stupid people. The objective is to prevent Trump from being able to run in 2024 or failing that, to make it impossible for him to win. The average American still has unreflective confidence in our institutions and will assume from the very fact of Bragg’s indictment, and the others that are certain to come, that Trump must be some kind of criminal. The flimsiness of the cases won’t matter. The public perception will be formed, and that could be enough in himself to make sure that Trump doesn’t return to the Oval Office on Jan. 20, 2025.

Then if all this legal harassment somehow fails, there is still the ballot harvesting, mail-in ballots, and all the rest of the new system that has been carefully put into place and will ensure that neither Trump nor any other dissenter from the Left’s agenda will have a chance to win in 2024.

America’s descent to banana republic status has now been confirmed, but it has been coming on for a very long time. Old Joe Biden signaled it on Sept. 1, 2022, in his infamous red-and-black speech, when he declared: “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” For the first time in the history of the United States, a sitting president, such as he is, declared that his principal opponent and his opponent’s supporters were criminals who were outside the bounds of acceptable political discourse. Now the ruling Leftists elites have taken the next step in indicting Trump. After that will come various measures to treat his supporters as if they were terrorists.

This is a dark day for the United States. If there are any Democrats with integrity left, they would join the House Republicans who have already gone on record decrying this, and stop it before it’s too late. But if Trump is arrested, handcuffed, and perp-walked, it will be much more than just a photo-op for the salivating Leftist mob. It will be the end of the republic. Somehow, possibly, the republic may end up being reborn, and the rule of law saved. Maybe this will disgust enough Leftists to make that possible. The Hail-Mary football is in mid-flight now.


U.S. Ambassador to France Replaces Embassy’s Historic Portraits With Those of Woke Heroes

Denise Campbell Bauer ’86 with President Obama

Former U.S. Ambassador to Belgium, Denise Bauer under Obama

With over 20 years of public service, civic engagement, and work with President Obama, Denise Bauer, is honored to be the next U.S. Ambassador to Kingdom of Belgium. Watch her introductory video to learn more!


U.S. Ambassador to France replaces embassy’s historic portraits with those of woke heroes - JW.jpg

Denise Bauer : De journaliste à ambassadrice des États-Unis (IN FRENCH ONLY)



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Left’s war on American statuary is a calculated one. The idea of pulling down statues of Washington, Jefferson, and other former national heroes is to signal to Americans, and to the entire world, that a new regime is in power, one that has radically different values. The old order has gone, and a new one is in place, and those who fail to go along with the new authorities will be punished accordingly. The best way to communicate this to distracted, low-information, busy Americans is to tear down the statues of those whom they were taught to respect and revere as heroes and to put new heroes in their place. It is happening now in the U.S. embassy in France, where Old Joe Biden’s woke ambassador has made it clear with a series of wall portraits that the revolutionaries have triumphed, and the old regime has been overthrown.

Biden’s handlers’ far-Left ambassador to France, Denise Bauer, happily announced the change in a French-language tweet on Feb. 3. Over two photos, one of her standing in 2022 before portraits of her early predecessors, and then standing in the same area in 2023, with all the portraits replaced by those of Leftist activists, Bauer wrote: “It was one of the first photos taken when I arrived in Paris. 1 year later, we decided to do it again. Proud that the entrance to our embassy now better reflects the #IncredibleDiversity of my country. A value that I wear wherever I go in France.”

According to a Tuesday report in the Washington Free Beacon, “among the portraits Bauer banished was that of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, who served as minister to France in 1796. A portrait of Pinckney, a signer of the Constitution and general in George Washington’s Continental Army, was replaced by a photograph of transgender activist Sylvia Rivera, who claimed to have played a prominent role in the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City.” Rivera recounted proudly: “I have been given the credit for throwing the first Molotov cocktail by many historians but I always like to correct it. I threw the second one, I did not throw the first one!”

Also getting the axe in Bauer’s redecoration for the new, woke America was John Armstrong Jr., who was “minister to France from 1804 to 1810” and “was a major during the revolution who eventually became a U.S. senator and secretary of war.” Likewise deep-sixed was “Swiss-born Albert Gallatin, known as ‘America’s Swiss Founding Father,’ was minister to France as well as secretary of the Treasury and founder of New York University.” The likes of Pinckney, Armstrong, and Gallatin have an immense mark against them: they were all white males. That will never do, not for the embassy of a duly diverse and multicultural regime.

Bauer doesn’t appear to be proceeding on her own initiative. Her “preoccupation with diversity in the embassy,” says the Free Beacon, is “consistent with Biden’s directives for the executive branch. The president on his first day in office issued an executive order to all cabinet-level agencies ordering they assess their commitment to ‘racial equity’ and develop an ‘action plan’ with the objective of ‘embedding equity in the everyday business of government.’”

Denise Bauer, apparently, is nothing if not a team player. Among those with whom she has replaced all those dead white racists is Dolores Huerta, “a labor leader and former honorary chair of Democratic Socialists of America. Huerta was a frequent speaker at conferences and rallies allegedly linked to the Communist Party USA from the 1960s through the ’90s, and in the 2000s was an outspoken advocate for the release of five Cuban spies arrested while operating in the United States.”

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Also now adorning the walls of our embassy in France are portraits of labor activist Cesar Chavez, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, novelist Sandra Cisneros, and baseball star Roberto Clemente.

Notice anything? That’s right: Denise Bauer has filled our embassy in France with portraits of Hispanics. Does she think she is the ambassador to Spain? Does wokeness so eschew basic reality now that she thinks it’s all the same, Spain, France, all bad old countries of Old White Europe? It’s apparently not quite as bad as all that. The State Department explained that it was a “temporary exhibition space” for National Hispanic Heritage Month. So watch for a new assortment of woke heroes to go up for every new month of the Left’s new calendar. One thing you can say about our new civil religion: it has plenty of saints.

Pentagon’s Anti-White Diversity Chief Comes up With a Novel Way to Excuse Her Own Racism

REP. Elise Stefanik Slams DoD Over Radical DEI Chief, Calls to ‘Realign’ Priorities ‘Away from Woke Ideologies’

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 01: House Republican Conference Chairman Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) speaks during a town hall event hosted by House Republicans ahead of President Joe Bidens first State of the Union address tonight on March 1, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)


Who is Kelisa Wing? Defense Dept equity officer and author of 'anti-racism' books mocks 'white folx' online

Kelisa Wing  social justice  DEI woke Department of Defense

Kelisa Wing, chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer in the Department of Defense’s education branch, has put white people on blast in a series of tweets.

Pompeo: Biden's Pentagon only wants to focus on 'green energy and racism'

‘Woke’ Department of Defense Equity CHIEF Kelisa Wing has a History of ANTI-white Twitter posts


"“Agitate, Agitate, Agitate”— Military's New Diversity Chief Hawks Books, Advocates “Revolution” In K-12 Schools"

"Kelisa Wing advocates a racial reckoning, a revolution in the Pentagon's K-12 schools. How’s that good for readiness?"

QUOTES FROM ABOVE LINK: "Despite the relatively recent publication dates, many DoDEA school libraries already carry the books. Our review of all 160 DoDEA school libraries showed that 11 of the schools collectively carried 45 copies of Wing’s books:"



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The diversity, equity, and inclusion chief for the Defense Department’s schools is in hot water over what is being termed “racially disparaging” remarks, but Kelisa Wing is no Bull Connor. Wing, who actually describes herself as a “woke administrator,” has indulged in today’s most culturally acceptable form of racism: hatred of white people. She has belatedly drawn the attention of lawmakers for remarks she made back in 2020 and 2021 and is fighting back with an interview published Friday in Military Times. Her defense? She made her hate-filled and racist remarks as a private citizen, not as an employee of the Department of Defense. There, now, don’t you feel better?

Wing said flatly: “No, I did not make disparaging comments against white people. I would never categorize an entire group of people to disparage them.” Really? Let’s see. According to a Sept. 2022 Fox News report, Wing, who has since deleted her rancid Twitter feed, tweeted in June 2020: “I’m so exhausted at these white folx in these PD [professional development] sessions this lady actually had the CAUdacity to say that black people can be racist too … I had to stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS … we are not the majority, we don’t have power.”

Wing was misusing the Left’s insane lexicon here, for “folx,” as Merriam-Webster, which is now as woke as everyone else, tells us is a spelling that is “used especially to explicitly signal the inclusion of groups commonly marginalized.” So the exhausting white people in Wing’s meetings couldn’t have been “folx,” but Wing had more than enough racist anti-white tweets to maintain her woke bona fides.

Wing frequently expressed exasperation with how insolently white people dared to behave in her presence. “If another Karen tells me about her feelings,” she exclaimed in one tweet, “I might lose it.” When a critic took issue with Wing’s claim that “racism is ingrained in the very fabric of our country,” the diversity, equity, and inclusion chief’s response was succinct: “Bye Karen.”

Now, however, Wing has tried to explain all this away by insisting that she was not speaking in her official capacity: “I’m speaking now as a private individual, about my private free speech from July of 2020.” She also attempted to justify her remarks by claiming privileged victimhood status:

I was in a space where I was the only person of color. The purpose of that was people wanted to reconcile what was happening at the present time. In the middle of that session, someone just called out, “Well, Black people are racist, too.” It didn’t have any context to what we were talking about, and I started to explain to her that yes, everybody can be racist. But we’re talking about systemic racism and how that impacts people and their ability for housing, their ability for a lot of things. That’s something that I thought we were there to discuss….I can’t advocate for equity and access and opportunity and then not be willing to advocate for myself when an injustice is happening for myself. I have to stand up at some point, and this is the right time.

Well, great. But she is supposed to be the “diversity, equity, and inclusion” supervisor for the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), which, according to Fox, “provides K-12 education to the DoD community in the U.S. and all over the world.” How will Wing avoid bringing her own racism into her work?

Related: The Defense Department Has a ‘Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer.’ Here’s Why She Hates You.

With just that concern, according to Military Times, “20 Republican lawmakers, including members of the House Armed Services Committee, wrote to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, demanding to know whether DoD officials were aware of Wing’s tweets before they placed her in her current position. Lawmakers also asked Austin whether DoDEA endorses ‘the ideology’ in those tweets and whether it’s been incorporated into the curriculum proposed by DoDEA.” These are important questions. Yet the lawmakers sent Austin two letters about this in January and have received no response. The ostensibly marginalized and oppressed, you see, don’t think they have any obligation to address the concerns of their putative oppressors.

In reality, of course, Austin and Wing are cosseted elitists, not oppressed at all. Austin apparently doesn’t deign to answer questions from those who have no power to cause him any professional difficulty. And if they get too close, he, like Wing, can just cry “racism.” Works like a charm.

Michele Tafoya Video: My Freedom to Speak Meant More than My Job~And the Emmy-award-winning sportscaster proved it.

Why would Emmy-award-winning sportscaster Michele Tafoya walk away from her successful TV career? In this “Stories of Us” video, Michele shares her remarkable achievements in sports journalism, the struggle to start her family, and never apologizing for her values. Don’t miss it!

Michele Tafoya - From The NFL Sideline To The Political Arena


Committee on the Present Danger Presents~The Foreign Threat to America

The Chinese Communist Party runs the table throughout the Western Hemisphere


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Editors note:

In this new video, Associate Editor of FrontPage Magazine Christine Douglass-Williams discusses warnings out of Canada as she joins panelists Dr. Bradley Thayer, Matthew Tyrmand, Charles Gerow, Gordon Chang, and Colonel Grant Newsham of The Committee on the Present Danger to discuss the infiltration by enemies of America, with an emphasis on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as well as the enablers of this infiltration. Guests cover troubling developments from the Arctic to the Antarctic and the implications for the region and the United States, as well as the strategy America should take to avert further damage throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Kamala Harris Cancels God and Life in Declaration of Independence

Kamala Cancels God and Life in Declaration of Independence



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Forgetting the Declaration of Independence’s words while campaigning in 2020, Joe Biden famously said that all “men and women [sic] created by — you know, you know, the thing.” Now Kamala Harris has quoted the Declaration, too, and perhaps knows the “thing” but doesn’t want to say the thing.

That is while giving a Sunday speech in Tallahassee, Florida, marking the 50th anniversary of the now-overturned, unconstitutional Roe v. Wade opinion, Harris cited the rights mentioned in the founding document but omitted the very first one: life.

Moreover, while she did say that we are “endowed” with certain rights, she neglected to mention the endower: God. And many find this just too convenient to have been a Biden dotard moment, as mentioned a right to life and the Creator of life wouldn’t exactly have buttressed the pro-prenatal infanticide appeal she was issuing.

Harris’s glaring omissions occurred at the beginning of her remarks. After she stated that “we collectively believe and know America is a promise — a promise of freedom and liberty — not for some, but for all,” she added:

“A promise we made in the Declaration of Independence [states] that we are each endowed with the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The Declaration’s actual text reads: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The first right is a prerequisite, too. After all, there can’t be any liberty or pursuit of anything if there’s no life in the first place. Related to this, Harris preceded the above remarks with more than a touch of irony. Mentioning how she and others were “mourning” the “senseless gun violence” that took place in Monterey Park, California, on Saturday, she passionately said that “this violence must stop” — in a speech advocating violence in the womb. But Harris, who is often mocked for being inane and incoherent, was mainly, and roundly, criticized for her life omission.

Get a Life, Kamala

As to this, Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), no stranger to the world’s slings and arrows herself, wrote Monday in response to Harris:

Fellow Colorado Republican representative Ken Buck opined similarly the next day:

Commentator Catherine Hadro weighed in, too, tweeting:

Then, some “said the omission exposed her argument as weak,” reported Fox News.

“‘When you have to omit entirely one of the most integral parts of the Declaration of Independence in attempts to further your argument, said argument is immediately and objectively powerless,’ the Senate Working Group’s Leslie Ann Robertson said,” the site continued.

“‘This point is obvious but when the ‘right to life’ blows up your message so bad you have to pretend it doesn’t exist then maybe your message isn’t very good,’ GOP operative Matt Whitlock said,” Fox also informs.

What does exist, though, at least in the world according to Kamala, is a right to kill. In her Sunday speech, she used the term right(s) 16 times, and 10 of those instances related to prenatal infanticide. She spoke of how “50 years ago today,” activists “won a fight in the United States Supreme Court to recognize the fundamental constitutional right of a woman to make decisions about her own body — not the government.”

How this can be squared with the government compelling women to take a largely untested “vaccine,” Harris did not explain.

Harris continued in that vein, talking-point style, speaking of how Americans for nearly 50 years “relied on the rights that Roe protected,” how “last June, the United States Supreme Court took away that constitutional right — a fundamental right, a basic freedom,” and how Congress “must pass a bill that … protects reproductive rights.” She even channeled climate-con kid Greta Thunberg at one point, saying of those who’d defend the unborn, “How dare they? How dare they?!”

For those interested (and with strong stomachs), Harris’s entire speech is below.

Of course, Harris doesn’t mean a word of this. Remember that this is the woman who, when asked by The Late Show host Stephen Colbert how she went from essentially calling Biden a racist and sex abuser to being BFF with him, replied while cackling, “It was a debate!… It was a debate!” In other words, “Don’t you know, idiot, that I’m just in this for the power? It’s all Kabuki theater.”

Perhaps as much as any other politician, Harris is the very embodiment of power lust. She doesn’t care about unborn babies or about mothers, either — or anyone’s “rights.” She wants power for power’s sake.

But for a reminder of what Harris is indifferent to, in worldly gain’s name, you can watch an interview (video below) with three women who are sincere — three ex-abortion center workers. The testimonial of one of them, Deborah Edge, was particularly heart-wrenching.

“I remember — I-I-I have a visual, all the time I always remember this; it’s very disturbing to me,” she said, describing what transpired during certain abortions. “He [the abortionist] would hold the fetus by the feet and kinda’ pull down and insert the claws; and when he would squeeze them, you can see that that baby’s toes spread open [reacting to the pain].” (This portion begins at 8:58.)

Of course, all this violence, claiming more than 600,000 lives a year, is done without guns — and also, Kamala Harris should note, without God and respect for life.

Robert Spencer: Left Fomenting Civil War in America

There is a multi-pronged, concentrated effort by the Biden administration and the Democratic party to push the most extreme policies and ideologies into American public life, while simultaneously labeling any opposition to their overreach as a "threat to the Republic," argues Robert Spencer, a political analyst, Islam expert, historian, and the director of the Jihad Watch. In this interview with The New American, Mr. Spencer discusses his latest book, The Sumter Gambit: How the Left Is Trying to Foment a Civil War, and describes how the leftist forces are trying to provoke patriots to resort to violence in order to justify the establishment of authoritarianism in America. Reflecting on this week’s annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Mr. Spencer noted how the national governments in the West and beyond are tied in with the organization that is seeking to establish a socialist, internationalist megastate, which would be impossible to achieve without destroying our national sovereignty first. To learn more about Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch, please click here: For more great content, visit 🇺🇸 The New American:

Racial-reparations Train Rolls On~Price Tag for “Closure”: $14 TRILLION

Racial-reparations Train Rolls On — Price Tag for “Closure”: $14 TRILLION



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

We are making progress “in the movement toward reparations” for the descendants of black slaves, said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) last week. The week before, a Duke University economist estimated that reparations sufficient to end black Americans’ “claims for race-specific restitution” would cost up to $14 trillion. (The U.S. economy’s total size was $25.72 trillion in the third quarter.) In this vein, San Francisco’s “reparations committee” just proposed that each longtime black resident be granted $5 million and total debt forgiveness. And across the Atlantic, a specific human target for reparations extraction has been identified.

No, it’s not Kamala Harris, whose own father conceded that their ancestors were slaveholders.

It’s British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, whose distant ancestors owned a Barbados slave plantation.

Starting first with the total reparations price tag, MarketWatch reported Thursday that black

Americans whose ancestors were enslaved have been excluded from full citizenship in the United States for the last 247 years — and granting them full citizenship will cost between $13 trillion and $14 trillion, economist William “Sandy” Darity told a conference of fellow U.S. economists last week.

To see the impact of second-class citizenship on Black Americans, look no further than the racial wealth gap, Darity, a professor of public policy at Duke University, said during a panel on inequality at the American Economic Association meetings.

The “central task” of reparations policy is to raise the level of Black assets to a level sufficient to match the average net worth of white Americans, Darity said. Only this will produce the material conditions for full citizenship for Black Americans, he said.

At present, the racial wealth gap exceeds an average of $300,000 per person, Darity said.

There’s much to unwrap here. First, black Americans do enjoy full citizenship and have done so for a long time; Darity’s contrary claim is demagoguery.

Second, why is whites’ average income used as the yardstick in these matters when, in fact, Asian-descent Americans earn more on average? Answer: Because speaking of “Asian privilege” won’t get the race hustlers very far.

Third, Darity asserts that $14 trillion in reparations “could finally lead to closure” and end black Americans’ “claims for race-specific restitution.” This is at best naivete. Since even huge handouts don’t eliminate racial economic disparities, and since man’s nature doesn’t change, there will always be jealousy and bitterness to be exploited — and demagogues such as Darity around to do the exploiting.

In fact, Darity’s agitation brings to mind something author and ex-slave Booker T. Washington said more than a century ago. “There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public,” Washington observed. “Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs…. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

Speaking of which brings us to Congressman Sheila Jackson Lee. She and dozens “of House Democrats this week renewed their push for reparations and a national apology for slavery by reintroducing legislation that would set up a commission to consider these steps as a way to address the ‘cruelty, brutality, and inhumanity of slavery’ in the U.S.,” Fox News informed Thursday. How much money Lee donates personally to help poor black Americans was not reported.

But there are many “idealists” who want taxpayer money to fund their ideals — and stepping right up to the plate is San Francisco. As mentioned earlier, city wokesters are proposing $5 million and total debt relief for every longtime black resident. This is “not for slavery since California was not technically a slave state,” Fox News relates in an article today, “but ‘to address the public policies explicitly created to subjugate Black people in San Francisco by upholding and expanding the intent and legacy of chattel slavery.’”

The topic of legacy brings us to the hapless Mr. Cumberbatch, the British actor targeted for reparations. Cumberbatch, who, ironically, co-starred in the film 12 Years A Slave, has problems because his “seventh great-grandfather bought the Cleland plantation in the north of Barbados in 1728,” writes Showbiz Daily. We can only imagine what fate should befall the guy descended from Julius Caesar.

You can read more about the Cumberbatch saga here and here, but it turns out the accountability story is not so simple. For example, some “of the richest Cumberbatch clan plantation owners were, remarkably, themselves former slaves,” writes the Daily Mail. “These individuals, who were mixed-race, amassed huge fortunes as they forced slaves to grow sugar on their Barbadian plantations under the punishing Caribbean sun.”

But this is always the case with slavery gripes. More points to ponder:

• According to the 2007 book White Cargo, 300,000 white Britons were shipped to America and used as slaves prior to the use of Africans for this purpose. Shouldn’t their descendants get reparations, too?

• There were thousands of American Indians, and some blacks, who owned African slaves. Should their descendants also be forced to pay reparations?

• Collective blame should be attended by collective credit. So if “white Americans owe reparations for past wrongs,” shouldn’t they also get royalties for past triumphs (their world-transforming Western inventions and innovations)? Notably, whites might not have been the first to practice slavery — but they were the first to end it.

• In reality, since reparations payments generally wouldn’t come from individuals but the government (i.e., taxpayers), and since 40 percent of our population is now non-white, how will Hispanics and Asian-descent Americans react to having their money given to other non-whites to atone for “whites’ sins”?

Slavery reparations endeavors are unjust and politically unworkable. The fixation on past wrongs also diverts attention from what actually could be remedied: today’s wrongs. That is, obsessing over economic damage allegedly caused by antebellum policies helps obscure the economic damage caused by the Covid, climate, and currency (inflating the money supply) cons and other pseudo-elite schemes, which impoverish millions of Americans of all races, creeds, and colors.

The demagogues love it when we agonize over the past — while they steal the present.

Two Signs of Impending Civil War in the House Speaker Imbroglio



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Is America heading toward a civil war? The chasm between patriotic Americans and the Left is certainly growing all the time and shows no signs of healing. The just-concluded controversy over who would become speaker of the House contained two telling indications that the nation might be heading toward a new civil conflict or at the very least that political tensions have not been this high since the run-up to secession and the attack on Fort Sumter.

The first was the protracted battle for the speakership itself. As PJM’s Chris Queen detailed on Thursday, the multiple balloting and hot tempers surrounding the ultimate election of Kevin McCarthy to the speaker’s chair recalled the two-month fight over the speakership in 1855. The endless conflict revolved around the fact that neither pro-slavery nor anti-slavery forces would accept a speaker from the other camp, and neither had the votes to enforce its will. As Chris noted, the New York Tribune declared: “This is not a mere contest as to a Speaker of the House; it is but an incident in a long and arduous struggle which is to determine whether slavery will be the pole star of our National career.”

Ultimately a speaker was chosen, an abolitionist named Nathaniel Banks, and after all that he lasted only thirteen months in the speaker’s chair. (It will be interesting to see if Kevin McCarthy lasts that long.) But neither Banks nor anyone else managed to heal the deep divisions in American society, and the Civil War came half a decade after the speaker’s fight, which was a kind of legislative prelude to the conflict that was to come.

During the speaker’s fight we just went through, as the balloting went on, tempers flared. Victoria Taft reported Saturday that “at one point, [Rep. Matt] Gaetz [R-Fla.] and Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) ‘nearly came to blows… as frustrations exploded on Friday night in the House of Representatives, with the 14th ballot for speaker leaving Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) one vote short,’ according to The Washington Examiner.

There was no fight on the House floor this time, but the nation came closer to seeing one than at any time since May 1856, Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts delivered a lengthy speech (it took him two days) entitled “The Crime against Kansas.” In it, he resorted to lurid imagery to make his case, saying: “Not in any common lust for power did this uncommon tragedy have its origin. It is the rape of a virgin Territory, compelling it to the hateful embrace of Slavery; and it may be clearly traced to a depraved longing for a new slave State, the hideous offspring of such a crime, in the hope of adding to the power of Slavery in the National Government.”

Related: Our Current House Fight Doesn’t Hold a Candle to the 1855-56 Speaker Vote

Sumner also mocked Sen. Andrew Butler of South Carolina in terms that strongly hinted at the widespread belief among abolitionists that slaveholders were primarily interested in their female slaves for sexual use. Southern honor was offended, although there was a great deal of truth to Sumner’s statement, and Southern honor would be avenged. On May 22, 1856, two days after Sumner completed his speech, Rep. Preston Brooks of South Carolina, Butler’s cousin, entered the Senate chamber and made for Sumner’s desk. He began beating Sumner over the head with a heavy wooden cane and did not stop when Sumner began bleeding profusely and knocked his desk loose from the floor (it was bolted down) in an attempt to get away. Brooks didn’t stop until he had broken his cane. He later recounted: “I…gave him about 30 first-rate stripes. Towards the last, he bellowed like a calf. I wore my cane out completely but saved the Head which is gold.”

Both men were hailed as heroes. Southerners inundated Brooks with canes to celebrate his attack and replace the one he had broken over Sumner’s head. The cane was not the only thing that was broken. The Union was as well. And today, it is as close as it has been since then to being broken again. We have a speaker of the House now, and we can all hope that he and his colleagues will somehow manage to bring about a better outcome, but there is no denying that we haven’t seen these things since the nation fell into a bloody four-year civil conflict. There is also no denying that the Left is pushing for a new civil war, as I detail in my new book, The Sumter Gambit: How the Left Is Trying to Foment a Civil War (featuring a super deluxe cover by PJM’s own Matt Margolis!). Still, maybe this time we will be blessed with history not repeating itself.

America Has Become the Greatest Exporter of Destructive Ideas

America’s war on truth, science, and children



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

At the present time, China is the greatest threat to world stability, Russia is the world’s premier aggressor nation, and Islamist groups are the primary exporters of terror and (religious) totalitarianism.

And, for the first time in history, America is the world’s major exporter of destructive ideas.

This is hard for me to write. One of my books is titled Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph. It contrasts American values with leftist values and makes the case that the American value system is the finest ever devised. I define American values — what I call the “American Trinity” — as “Liberty,” “In God We Trust,” and e Pluribus Unum (Latin for “From many, one”), the three American mottos found on American coins and banknotes.

No other country has those three national mottos. The book maintains that any country can adopt those values and any country that does adopt those values will be a good society. Its citizens will be the freest in the world and that country will prosper.

Indeed, those values are the reason Americans have been the freest people in the world and America has been, far and away, the greatest land of opportunity in human history.

But America has been gradually abandoning its unique value system and is consequently becoming a less free, less humane, less prosperous, and more corrupt country. In fact, at this moment, America is no longer the best country, the exceptional country, it has been since 1776. There may not yet be a better country. But that is cold comfort.

We are in the incredible position of being feared by many other relatively free societies; more than a few European countries actually reject America’s current values. And they are right to do so.

The most obvious example of America in decline is the perverse American doctrines surrounding transgender issues: the sex (“gender”) of any individual is not a given fact, “men give birth,” men who say they are women may compete in women’s sports, and physicians and children’s hospitals are right to surgically cut off the healthy breasts of young women and even girls who say they are boys.

America’s war on truth, science, and children has rendered America increasingly an outlier in the Western world.

More and more European countries are rejecting the perverse worlds of Yale and virtually every other American university, of The New York Times and virtually every other mainstream left-wing medium, of Boston Children’s Hospital and virtually every other children’s hospital, and of the University of Minnesota Medical School and virtually every other medical school.

Switzerland has just announced that as far as the Swiss nation and government are concerned, sex is not “non-binary.” In Switzerland, there are only two sexes, as has been the case in essentially every civilization in recorded history because that is the reality.

As reported by AP (but apparently not in The New York Times or elsewhere in the mainstream left-wing media), Swiss citizens “are entered into the civil registry as male or female, with no other option.” The Swiss Federal Council declared, “The binary gender model is still strongly anchored in Swiss society.”

Sweden — the American left’s most admired society until it broke with the rest of the West by allowing its children to stay in school during the Covid hysteria — has also broken with America on the transgender issue. Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare ended the practice of prescribing puberty blockers for minors under age 18; and as of December, mastectomies will only be offered in the rarest of circumstances.

Thomas Lindén, a head of the National Board, announced, “Young people who suffer from gender dysphoria need to be able to quickly receive an investigation and be offered adequate care measures, based on the health and medical services’ assessments of the care needs. Good psychosocial care is fundamental.”

In other words, if a Swedish teenage girl says she is a boy, Sweden will offer “psychosocial” care, almost never hormone blockers, let alone a mastectomy.

Between Sweden’s new policy on gender dysphoria and it's allowing children to stay in school throughout the Covid epidemic, an American must sadly conclude that at this time in history, Sweden cares for its young people considerably more than America does.

In England, last October, the National Health Service (NHS) announced, in the words of the Daily Mail, that “Children who believe they are trans are probably just going through a short-lived phase.” Therefore, logic and morality say, we should not make permanent life-altering changes to their bodies with drugs and surgery.

In addition, “The NHS England draft guidelines are part of the health service’s plan to close the highly-controversial Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock clinic, the country’s only gender identity service for children. GIDS is scheduled to shut its doors in the spring after a review ruled that the service was unsafe.”

Typical of the changes taking place in the UK regarding transgender issues, Stella O’Malley, a psychotherapist, and director of Genspect, an international transgender care group based in England, advised: “Professionals working with children need to . . . make sure they aren’t inadvertently causing harm by providing short term relief that leads to long term distress. . . . At Genspect . . . . we don’t think changing pronouns helps anyone — it creates more problems than it resolves.”

In France, the National Academy of Medicine has issued a statement advocating “psychosocial support” rather than hormone blockers and surgery for young people with gender dysphoria.

Finland had already enacted a similar policy decision as early as 2020. Thirteen European countries now reject the American “non-binary” attack on human sexuality and children.

Sadly, with regard to children’s wellbeing, there are many countries in which American parents would rather raise their child.

I never imagined I would ever believe that.

I wish you a Happier New Year.

Biden apologizes to African leaders for the ‘unimaginable cruelty’ of slavery, pledges $55 billion for Africa



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

When did Biden own slaves? How can he apologize for something he had nothing to do with? Biden and other American Leftists act as if the United States invented slavery or were somehow uniquely implicated in it. I’m sure that during his meeting with African leaders he didn’t mention that the slaves were sold to the slave traders by their fellow Africans, many of whom were Muslims selling non-Muslim captives.

“‘My nation’s original sin’: Biden apologizes to a delegation of African leaders for the ‘unimaginable cruelty’ of slavery and offers them $55billion – as Rwandan president mocks US in front of laughing crowd,”, December 15, 2022:

Joe Biden on Wednesday apologized for the ‘unimaginable cruelty’ of slavery, which he referred to as America’s ‘original sin’, and pledged $55 billion in investment to the continent.

Speaking during a gathering of almost all African leaders in Washington DC – the first since Barack Obama convened a summit in 2014 – Biden expressed regret for the past, but insisted: ‘The United States is all in on Africa’s future.’

During a White House dinner honoring African leaders and their spouses, Biden addressed what he called America’s ‘original sin’ – the enslavement of millions of people – and honored their descendants and the broader African diaspora community in the United States.

‘Our people lie at the heart of the deep and profound connection that forever binds Africa and the United States together,’ he said.

‘We remember the stolen men and women and children were brought to our shores in chains, subjected to unimaginable cruelty.’

Singer Gladys Knight later serenaded Biden and the visiting leaders with a performance in the White House State Dining Room.

The White House announced that $55 billion was being directed to Africa in the areas of health, climate change, trade and women’s initiatives – but the money was met with scorn by some.

Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda, was asked earlier on Wednesday whether the 2014 summit yielded concrete results.

‘Well, at least we had a good meeting,’ he replied, to laughter from those assembled.

Biden’s outreach attempt was seen by many as a way of limiting the power of China, which has invested more in Africa than any other nation.

Beijing has held its own high-level meetings with African leaders every three years for over two decades.

Chinese trade with Africa is about four times that of the United States, and Beijing has become an important creditor by offering cheaper loans – often with opaque terms and collateral requirements – than Western lenders….

This Thanksgiving, ‘The Nation’ Was Grateful for Abortions

“Abortion storytellers” celebrate their infanticides.



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

This past Thanksgiving Day was greeted with the usual chorus of anti-American diatribes from the miserable utopians of the Left. Wealthy celebrity ingrates like Bette Midler and John Leguizamo sneered at Americans and the holiday on social media (the John Wick actor tweeted, “Happy indigenous survivor’s day! F*ck thanksgiving!”). MSNBC’s resident race-monger Joy Reid accused Republicans of wanting to portray Thanksgiving as a “simplistic fairy tale” to cover up that America was founded on “genocide.” Even the head of terrorism-linked CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, lectured Americans about “the dark history associated with this holiday” and the “unspeakable atrocities” committed against Native Americans.

But nothing sank to the depth of the Left’s perverse worldview quite like a Thanksgiving Day essay in the radical rag The Nation titled, “We’re Thankful for Our Abortions,” which declared there’s literally nothing to be grateful for in our current state of the union except the endangered freedom to abort one’s own unborn children.

The essay’s author is Nikiya Natale (preferred pronouns “she/her”), deputy director of We Testify, a group created by the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) that advocates for women who have undergone abortions. Her bio on the group’s website states that Natale’s “passion” for her work “stems from her own multiple abortion experiences.” Multiple “experiences.”

Natale claims in her Nation article that many of those who have had abortions “celebrate their experience”; some of the women themselves – We Testify “abortion storytellers” – then go on to detail their infanticides in the article and why they are “thankful” for them.

Predictably, like all social justice warriors who live in a state of ceaseless discontent over perceived historical injustices, Natale felt compelled to begin her essay by wondering “why our nation celebrates the complicated holiday of Thanksgiving at all” – “complicated” because America was “founded on the unforgivable genocide of Native Americans.”

“[T]he harsh reality is that the utter disregard for all Indigenous people in the 1800s fuels the same systems of white supremacy that dehumanize all of us today,” she charged.

Let’s pause for some fact checks: 1) The United States of America was founded not on genocide, but in the affirmation that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That this basic fact even has to be clarified shows how deeply the Left has subverted our youth through decades of anti-American historical revisionism; 2) isolated atrocities aside (and there were atrocities committed by both sides) the European colonial powers did not wage genocide against Native Americans; 3) America is demonstrably not a nation in the grip of “systems of white supremacy.” It is, however, in the grip of an irrational, anti-Western wokeness that has twisted any potential sense of gratitude in privileged young people like Nikiya Natale into a perpetual grievance. They can’t set aside their Marxist obsession with imagined power struggles for even one day in November to appreciate the freedoms and abundance that previous generations of Americans have struggled and fought to grant them.

“When I look at the state of this nation, the anger piles up, and my gratitude is depleted,” she complained. In all fairness to her, I confess I feel the same sense of anger, but for completely different reasons. When I look at the state of this nation, I see it riven by a not-so-cold civil war between people who love this country despite its historical and current faults, and people like Nakiya Natale who despise this country because all they want to see are its historical and current faults.

Anyway, despite the weight of the world bearing down on her as a social justice activist, she did manage to find a modicum of gratitude — for the right to end the lives of her unborn. Natale and her fellow abortion storytellers want not only to be able to “shout their abortions” without shame or guilt; they want their “choice” to be validated, preferably celebrated, by others. They believe as Natale puts it, that “people should be supported in whatever they decide, every time.” They want to end the “abortion stigma.”

Of all the things for which Americans could be grateful – rights and freedoms which exist nowhere else in the world, our historically unprecedented material prosperity, even the simple personal pleasures of family and friends – pro-abortionists like Natale and The Nation could find nothing to “celebrate” but their “experiences” of having terminated inconvenient pregnancies. Even more tragically warped, they demand that society cheer the fact that they have made an idol of sexual liberation and sacrificed their own unborn for it.

Pro-lifers don’t want to send anyone to jail or tar-and-feather them over abortion. We don’t want to shame young women into living with corrosive guilt. We don’t want single mothers or struggling young couples to be overwhelmed by the responsibility of unplanned children. We want to create a culture of life in which the least among us are protected, and in which abortion is not viewed as a casual, go-to solution. We want to reclaim a culture that recognizes the reality that sex was biologically designed for procreation, and therefore any time you decide to engage in it for recreation, you risk creating a baby (that decision is where one should exercise one’s “choice”). We want to reclaim a culture that prioritizes intact, fruitful families. The day that comes to pass, we can all truly celebrate together.

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Mark Tapson

Mark Tapson is the Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, focusing on popular culture. He is also the host of an original podcast on Frontpage, “The Right Take With Mark Tapson.”


There isn’t a significant electorate in New York City that doesn’t hate America



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Back in 2016 and 2020 when some were predicting a Trump victory in New York, I was telling people that it was structurally impossible. This was no longer Giuliani’s New York City. The demographic changes were too profound to make that possible.

Lee Zeldin was a great candidate and his campaign may have helped Republicans take the House, but his numbers in New York City were always going to be deeply constrained by the completely toxic urban woke politics, which served as a dam, the way cities always do, for Republicans. Despite Orthodox Jews and Asians rallying to vote for him, he lost. And if you want to understand why consider these ballot measures passed by Soviet election numbers.

Voters in New York City easily approved three ballot measures proposed by leaders of the city’s Racial Justice Commission.

Residents of the nation’s largest city voted to create a new racial-equity bureaucracy that will include a chief equity officer, following the advice of the commission that was created last year by former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The first proposal residents passed will add a preamble to the city charter that acknowledges the city has a “grave” history of “injustices and atrocities,” while declaring the city will be “just and equitable city for all” and that “diversity is our strength.” The measure passed with 72.3% of the vote, according to the unofficial results from the city’s Board of Elections.

Another proposal, which passed with 69.8% of the vote, approved the amendment of the city charter to establish an Office of Racial Equity that will be headed by a chief equity officer. The newly created office will be tasked with a racial-equity commission that will guide the city’s racial justice priorities and require all city agencies to produce a racial-equity plan every two years.

The third proposal, which passed with 81% of the vote, requires the city to establish a cost of living metric that will “provide a clearer picture of the racial wealth gap” in New York City, which will “guide the City’s decisions as it develops and administers programs and services.”

These 70-80% numbers reflect that the Giuliani electorate, the white working class, has mostly disappeared from New York City outside Staten Island. Brooklyn and Queens, once white working-class strongholds, are overrun by third-world immigrants. Between the white lefties who dominate parts of Manhattan, immigrants, and minorities, the balance of power you saw in New York City movies of the 80s has shifted comprehensively.

And part of it can be attributed to Guiliani’s success in cleaning up New York City. The city became prosperous, safe, and a party center. Much as conservatives are warning about the exodus into Texas, that happened to the city.

Forget a conservative electorate here. Between the jihadist and hipster and gang neighborhoods, the enclaves and the wokes, there isn’t a significant electorate in New York City that doesn’t hate America.

And I say this as a nearly lifelong and heartbroken New Yorker.

Latest America’s Values Survey: Good News and Bad News

Latest America’s Values Survey: Good News and Bad News



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The good news from the latest America’s Values Study undertaken by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University is that nearly all of the nearly 4,000 citizens polled not only think that inflation is going to influence greatly how they vote on November 8, but that their vote will likely reflect their belief that the Democrats are primarily responsible for it.

The bad news is that more and more of those 4,000 are looking to government and not to God for help.

Six in ten of those polled say that inflation, the rising cost of living, food prices and shortages, and oil and gasoline prices will influence how they vote in the midterm elections by “a lot.”

George Barna, the lead pollster, wrote:

Many of the most influential issues in this election are those that highlight publicly perceived failures by the Democrats. The highest-impact issues — specifically, inflation, the cost of food and related shortages, and policies and prices related to gas and oil — all highlight turns for the worse over the past two years, when Democrats have held the White House and both chambers of Congress.

If historical patterns hold true, voters will hold Democrats responsible for those failures. Some four out of five incumbents in the U.S. House and Senate are typically re-elected.

However, there may yet be substantial change in the two federal legislative bodies given the confluence of anger with the condition of America, the historical tendency to replace the prevailing party in mid-term elections, the unusually large number of incumbents not seeking re-election, and the fact that the issues of greatest importance to voters underscore public dissatisfaction with Democrat rule.

But when it comes to issues like morality, the right to life, and the threats to religious liberty by the government, those polled scarcely mentioned them at all. As Barna noted,

Even among the most deeply religious Americans, regardless of their faith of choice, a greater emphasis was placed upon the personal impact of governance choices and public policies. That focus on self, to the exclusion of the community, is a reflection of their syncretistic worldview and the decline of spiritual commitment in America.

Barna holds that the “syncretistic” view held by most Americans — including those who call themselves Christians — is made up of a vast buffet-like array of religious positions rather than the singular Christian faith that informed the Founders of the nation.

Len Munsil, president of Arizona Christian University, noted the resultant decline in morality exposed by the survey:

Religious segments such as born-again Christians and people who regularly attend evangelical churches did not include issues such as abortion, national morals and values, [or] religious freedom in their top-five lists [of influences].

Lindsey Jensen, a brand ambassador for Turning Point USA, noted the trend away from traditional Christianity two years ago:

Without the belief in God or the natural rights given to us by God, the Constitution wouldn’t exist nor could it be upheld….

As Christianity declines, we see that more people in our nation look favorably on the idea of more government involvement. Instead of turning to God or the church, they want the government to solve their problems.

She notes the primary problem — people who call themselves Christians don’t act like it:

Our nation is feeling the repercussions of Christians who “check the box” and attend church but don’t actually want the Word of God to inform their daily life and change the way they live.

Our nation needs the kind of people that reflect Christ in all they do.

This is precisely the point made by America’s 30th president, Calvin Coolidge:

The foundations of our society and our government rest so much on the teachings of the Bible that it would be difficult to support them if faith in these teachings would cease to be practically universal in our country.

The good news is that there is likely to be substantial change in Washington following the midterm elections. The bad news is that the necessary cultural shift away from secularism and the “weak Gospel” toward rebuilding a culture based upon historical Biblical Christianity, self-reliance, and individual responsibility remains elusive.

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