Blinken Warned Taliban Could ‘Make Rapid Territorial Gains’ in March Letter



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In Wednesday’s article, I discussed Secretary of State Blinken’s culpability.

 23 staffers at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul signed a memo warning that the Taliban were about to take over Kabul and that evacuations needed to begin. The date was July 13, 2021. There was still a month left until the Taliban would enter Kabul. And that should have been plenty of time to conduct an evacuation and get American civilians safely out.

Weeks after the memo, Blinken was still insisting, all evidence to the contrary, that, “No one has an interest in a military takeover of the country by the Taliban, the restoration of an Islamic emirate.”

Notably, the letter that Blinken dispatched to Afghanistan’s president at the time, warned that the Taliban could “make rapid territorial gains”.

The letter, which Tolo got a copy of, shows that Blinken actually knew the risks of the game he was playing.

Further, Blinken writes that even with the continuation of the US financial assistance to Afghan forces after an American withdrawal, he is “concerned that the security situation will worsen and that the Taliban could make rapid territorial gains” and that he shares this so that President Ghani “understands the urgency of my tone regarding the collective work outlined in this letter.”

So much for the  “I Knew Nothing” game.


Col. Myers: State Dept. has blocked rescue flights from Afghanistan

Rumble — Retired Marine Colonel and author of “American to the Corps” Jonathan Myers tells One America News the State Department has been the single biggest obstacle to his efforts to rescue Americans from Afghanistan. One America’s John Hines has more from Washington.

Rand Paul to Blinken: ‘You’ve Created Hundreds or Thousands of New Potential Terrorists’~Hits Biden Administration’s Lethal Incompetence



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Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and Secretary of State Antony Blinken had a contentious exchange Tuesday during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Biden’s handlers’ catastrophic bungling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and continued incompetence. Paul took the opportunity to tell Blinken some home truths, truths that Blinken and his colleagues are certain to continue to ignore, to their peril and ours.

Paul hit Biden’s handlers’ “colossal incompetence” in Afghanistan, and noted that the Biden administration was “holding no one accountable, having everyone circle the wagons.” He added: “To add insult to injury, this week you’ve now released sixty-four million dollars in aid to Afghanistan. Don’t we have some prohibition against giving aid and comfort to the enemy? Now the argument from the Biden administration is, ‘Oh, we’re giving it to charities, and it’s for the good of the people, for poor people, and for women.’ Well, the Taliban has a history of taking this. Throughout their governance, they would take the money. This was a big complaint we had when they were in power the last time. They now have eighty billion dollars’ worth of weapons. Three-hundred and fifty thousand automatic weapons. Are we really naïve enough to believe that we are just going to keep sending charity to Afghanistan and they’re not going to interrupt it? I think that’s a foolish notion.”

Paul made Blinken even more uncomfortable when he asked him: “The guy the Biden administration droned, was he an aid worker or an ISIS-K operative?”

Blinken first tried to deflect the question: “Uh, er, the administration is of course reviewing, that, uh, that strike, uh, and I’m sure that a, you know, a full assessment will be forthcoming .” Paul interrupted: “So you don’t know if it was an aid worker or an ISIS-K operative?” Blinken continued: “Uh, I can’t speak to that, and I can’t speak to that in this setting in any event.” Paul shot back: “So you don’t know or won’t tell us.” Blinken responded: “Uh, I don’t, I don’t know because we’re, we’re reviewing it.”

Paul then moved in for the kill: “Well, see, you’d think you’d kind of know before you off somebody with a predator drone whether he’s an aid worker or he’s an ISIS-K – you see, the thing is, this isn’t just you. It’s been going on for administration after administration. The Obama administration droned hundreds and hundreds of people. And the thing is, there is blowback to that. I mean, I don’t know if it’s true, but I see these pictures of these beautiful children that were killed in the attack. If that’s true and not propaganda, if that’s true, guess what? Maybe you’ve created hundreds or thousands of new potential terrorists from bombing the wrong people. So you’ve gotta know who you’re – we can’t sort of have an investigation after we kill people, we have an investigation before we kill people.”

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Indeed. Even the New York Times reported Friday that the drone strike was a manifestation of Keystone Kops-level incompetence, playing out with lethal consequences on the global stage. “Military officials said they did not know the identity of the car’s driver when the drone fired, but deemed him suspicious because of how they interpreted his activities that day, saying that he possibly visited an ISIS safe house and, at one point, loaded what they thought could be explosives into the car.” However, reality was quite different: “Times reporting has identified the driver as Zemari Ahmadi, a longtime worker for a U.S. aid group. The evidence suggests that his travels that day actually involved transporting colleagues to and from work. And an analysis of video feeds showed that what the military may have seen was Mr. Ahmadi and a colleague loading canisters of water into his trunk to bring home to his family.”

At the time the drone strike was launched, Biden’s handlers were anxious to project an impression of competence to counter the ever more appalling news that was coming daily out of Afghanistan. After ISIS-K killed 13 Americans, it wanted to project an impression of swift retribution; in its haste, it ended up killing a man who had no quarrel with the United States. It is easy to imagine his surviving relatives joining the Taliban forthwith, having seen the dangers of trusting in the good will of the world’s superpower. Rand Paul is right: Biden’s handlers’ incompetence is creating enemies of America, and will be bearing bitter fruit long after Old Joe has stopped pretending to be president of the United States. “America is back,” Old Joe proclaimed when he took office. No. America has never been more imperiled.

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Impeach Secretary of State Antony Blinken

The hack at the heart of the Afghanistan betrayal must go!



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Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

The Clinton administration was very surprised by the Taliban in 1996. A memo from the State Department’s Afghanistan office warning that the Taliban were going to take Kabul never reached Secretary of State Warren Christopher. Nine days later, the Taliban were in charge.

History repeated itself when 23 staffers at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul signed a memo warning that the Taliban were about to take over Kabul and that evacuations needed to begin. The date was July 13, 2021. There was still a month left until the Taliban would enter Kabul. And that should have been plenty of time to conduct an evacuation and get American civilians safely out.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, unlike Christopher, did see the memo. But it contradicted the narrative that he and the rest of the Biden administration had been peddling to the public.

"No one, starting with the Taliban, has an interest in going back to a civil war, because I think what everyone recognizes is there’s no military resolution to the conflict," Blinken absurdly told ABC News in April after his boss had announced the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan.

The Taliban not only believed that there was a military resolution, they were winning it.

Weeks after the memo, Blinken was still insisting, all evidence to the contrary, that, “No one has an interest in a military takeover of the country by the Taliban, the restoration of an Islamic emirate.”

After China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, praised the Taliban as a "a pivotal military and political force", and mocked the United States, Blinken responded by celebrating Communist China’s involvement. “If China and other countries are working on that interest, then it’s a positive thing,” he suggested.

Blinken’s insistence that China didn’t want a Taliban takeover was as treasonously wrongheaded as his parallel narrative that the Taliban weren’t really trying to win a war.

The memo from Kabul was dismissed because it contradicted Blinken and Biden’s narrative.

Blinken’s State Department was deeply invested in the fairy tale that the Taliban were just fighting a war as leverage for peace negotiations and would form an “inclusive government.” Even after the Taliban took Kabul and formed a government consisting of its own leadership and Al Qaeda allies, Blinken has idiotically gone on babbling about the need for an “inclusive government”.

Blinken’s commitment to this imaginary government was so total that he had agreed to provide the collapsing Afghan government with a bulk shipment of dollars if it peacefully turned over control to the Taliban which would have put the money into the Islamic terror group’s hands.

It was not the first time that a Democrat administration appeared convinced that what the Taliban really wanted was international recognition, not an Islamic emirate. But the Clinton administration didn’t have the benefit of history when it made the same mistakes with the Taliban. Nor did it leave thousands of Americans trapped behind enemy lines in Kabul.

That was uniquely Blinken and Biden’s accomplishment.

Blinken’s conviction that the Taliban would settle for a peaceful solution led him to maintain a full diplomatic presence even as much of the military had pulled out. Instead of urgently trying to get Americans out of the country before it was too late, the State Department created the illusion of normalcy by acting as if the conflict wouldn’t reach the cities, let alone penetrate Kabul.

The Taliban, Blinken and his people kept insisting, would stop the fighting and negotiate.

Military officials had wanted to plan for the emergency evacuation of the embassy, but the Biden administration refused. Blinken's State Department meanwhile kept an embassy with over 1,000 Americans running in the heart of a city due to fall to the enemy. That was when the memo warning about an imminent Taliban takeover was sent. But only ten days before the fall of Kabul, did the Biden administration finally discuss whether to evacuate the embassy.

And only days before the fall of Kabul was a military evacuation finally authorized.

It didn’t take a memo to warn Blinken what was going to happen. As the Washington Post noted, “On Sept. 27, 1996, Taliban forces captured Kabul overnight, flooding in from all directions after a 15-day sweep of the country.” The possibility that the Taliban would quickly take over the country was not only there, it had already happened while Blinken was serving on Clinton’s National Security Council. And yet Blinken had learned nothing from the experience.

In June, as the Taliban conquest was well underway, Blinken testified in Congress that a quick collapse would not happen. "If there is a significant deterioration in security, that could well happen – we have discussed this before. I do not think it is going to be something that happens from a Friday to a Monday," he had argued. It turned out to be a Thursday to a Sunday.

Days before the evacuation, State Department spokesman Ned Price had declared, “Let me be very clear about this: The embassy remains open.”

Despite the lessons of history and warnings from Kabul, Blinken was completely unready for the collapse and the evacuation of Americans. The Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau created under President Trump for just such a crisis had even been shuttered in June.

Diplomats who fled the country said that an earlier evacuation could have averted Blinken's disaster.

Instead of a diplomatic evacuation preceding a military withdrawal, Blinken had reversed the order so that the military had to go back and evacuate the diplomats. Had the State Department evacuation preceded a military withdrawal, most Americans would have gotten the message that Afghanistan was no longer safe and would have begun leaving on their own.

Blinken played a key role in the disaster by clinging to an imaginary diplomatic solution with terrorists, ultimately endangering Americans, costing American lives, and humiliating America.

But Biden brought in Blinken because he was a reliable rubber stamp for terrible policies. Afghanistan proved to be a rerun of Blinken’s disastrous mishandling of Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq which had allowed the country to fall into the hands of Iran and ISIS.

A few months after Obama's Iraq pullout, Blinken had insisted that, "What's beyond debate is that Iraq today is less violent, more democratic and more prosperous--and the United States more deeply engaged there--than at any time in recent history." That summer, ISIS began the first wave of attacks that would put it on the path to declaring a caliphate.

Long before Blinken was pushing an alternate reality from Afghanistan, he was trying to sell an imaginary Iraq in which "violence has declined and remains at historic lows", where predictions of sectarian war "proved wrong" and whose government would not be under Iranian influence.

In Afghanistan or Iraq, Blinken’s first priority was peddling a phony administration narrative. In Iraq, it led to the rise of ISIS, and in Afghanistan, to the Taliban takeover of the country.

While lying to Americans about the consequences of Biden’s retreat in Afghanistan, Blinken falsely claimed that, “The terrorism threat has moved to other places.” 13 dead American military personnel and the resurgence of Al Qaeda and ISIS-K in Afghanistan prove otherwise.

The “Taliban is also committed not to allow al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups that might target the United States to re-emerge,” Blinken had claimed. The Haqqani Network and other Taliban leaders allied with Al Qaeda have become part of the new Taliban government ruling the country. Blinken and his boss turned over Afghanistan to Al Qaeda’s allies in time for the anniversary of September 11. And they did it by telling outrageous lies about the consequences.

Blinken, more than any single administration figure, was the hack at the heart of the Biden betrayal which abandoned Americans and their allies to the enemies of our nation.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken should never have been nominated or confirmed to his current role. Now that the Taliban have taken Afghanistan, 13 Americans are dead, and our international stature is shattered and ruined, he should be impeached and removed.

After lying about Iraq and Afghanistan with horrifying results, what will Blinken lie about next? As the United States faces confrontations with China and Iran, it cannot afford to have a liar who wrecked our national security and empowered terrorists heading up our foreign policy.


‘Inexcusable Bureaucratic Red Tape’: Left-Wing Senator Excoriates Biden for Delay in Rescuing Americans Behind in Afghanistan



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Richard Blumenthal, one of the more partisan politicians in America, slammed the Biden administration Monday afternoon. The Connecticut senator is “furious” about the ignoble efforts toward assisting Americans trying to escape Afghanistan.

Blumenthal issued a press release condemning Team Biden for delaying flights out of Mazar-i-Sharif International Airport following reports that the administration did not give evacuation flights the green light.

Blumenthal and his staff are reportedly working around the clock to “secure the safe passage of two planes” carrying “American citizens, at-risk Afghan allies, and their families.”

The Senate Armed Services Committee member is frustrated at the government’s “delay and inaction” in rescuing people left behind in Afghanistan after Biden’s botched troop withdrawal.

“There will be plenty of time to seek accountability for the inexcusable bureaucratic red tape that stranded so many of our Afghan allies,” Blumenthal explained. “For now, my singular focus remains getting these planes in the air and safely to our airbase in Doha, where they have already been cleared to land.”

The senator also said he expects the Biden administration “to do everything in their power to make this happen” because “these are American citizens and Afghans who risked everything for our country. We cannot leave them behind.”

Blumenthal’s complaints come a day after Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, criticized the administration about planes holding American citizens and allies at the airport — 150 miles from Kabul — that the Taliban refuses to let leave.

Other members of the president’s party criticized his handling of the shambolic withdrawal the last few weeks.

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, disagreed with Biden about working with the Taliban to secure passage, saying, “As we wait for more details to come in, one thing is clear: We can’t trust the Taliban with Americans’ security.”

While traveling in Qatar with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, embattled Secretary of State Antony Blinken claimed Monday there are no U.S. hostages in Afghanistan, and the dearth of Americans leaving the country the past week is simply due to a disagreement about paperwork. Blinken said Monday, “We are not aware of anyone being held on an aircraft or any hostage-like situation at Mazar-i-Sharif. So, we have to work through the different requirements and that’s exactly what we are doing.”

Meanwhile, Biden seems intent on moving forward with his divisive domestic agenda, while perhaps 500 Americans remain stranded in Afghanistan.


When the Cowardly Command the Courageous



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The Biden administration’s latest act of cowardice in the face of Taliban terror is its assertion that Americans, special immigrant visa (SIV) holders, and Afghan allies left behind in Afghanistan will be led out of the  “diplomatically,” not militarily.  “A new chapter of America’s engagement with Afghanistan has begun,” intoned Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.  “It’s one in which we will lead with our diplomacy. The military mission is over.  A new diplomatic mission has begun.”  In the face of a savage Taliban enemy intent on the murder of every American, the Biden administration is broadcasting to the entire world that we will not resort to military power to save our people and our allies; we will just talk it over with the terrorists. It certainly does not have to be this way. American warfighters are to this day ready to undertake the only sure way to get every American, every SIV holder, and every Afghan out: military intervention.

The confidence our soldiers and our people have in the Soldier’s Creed, that sacred promise to leave no comrade behind, enables us to aspire to greatness and look the enemy in the eye without blinking (consistent with that creed, we win because we never admit defeat, and we never, ever allow an American to be left behind). Rather than fulfill that sacred pledge with courage and honor, Commander in Chief Biden has violated it in a cowardly manner, humiliating our soldiers and our nation in what promises to be an endless series of entirely predictable hostage-takings, executions, and acts of public humiliation.

Moreover, those who surround the president, who have disgraced themselves and their offices by implementing Biden’s dishonorable withdrawal (taking out the military precipitously while leaving behind Americans, allies, and tens of billions in weapons as gifts for the Taliban), are richly deserving of the condemnation they are receiving. Rather than implement President Biden’s orders that would disgrace the United States military and nation, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley, and Centcom Commander Kenneth McKenzie should have resigned in protest. That none has done so speaks volumes to their ineptitude and dishonor. They willingly chose to be complicit in the cowardly acts of this president. Even now, as the disgrace is apparent to virtually every American (excepting Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer), they remain in their positions, not even hinting at resignation.

Undoubtedly, Blinken’s August 30 remarks were translated by the Taliban as they were broadcast. I suspect that their interpretation of Blinken’s pledge to replace military engagement with diplomacy proceeds along the following lines: “The Americans admit they have been defeated. The coward Biden won’t use military force to save the Americans, SIVs, and Afghan allies left behind. We can torture and kill them at will.” Far from being America’s “partners”—the oxymoron Centcom Commander McKenzie and the Biden administration used to describe them—the Taliban, our ruthless enemies for the past twenty years, are by their every word and deed a force for unspeakable horrors, murder, violation, and desecration of life, and brutalization of women. They are human jackals. President Biden and his enablers dishonor Americans who have fought and died in battles against these savages when he refers to them as “partners.” The Taliban are not worthy of such official recognition, let alone any American association. They remain a dedicated enemy of the United States, and of civilization itself. Predictably, they will take Americans hostage. They will execute Americans, SIVs, and Afghan allies. They will commit acts of terror in the United States. They will commit all manner of heinous acts until they are destroyed. They will endlessly humiliate the United States and its citizens and allies, as long as this feckless president remains in office, allowing them to get away with it.

If instead of Joe Biden we had a president whose actions revealed his or her true love of country, we would not sit idly by while these predictable atrocities unfold. We would immediately deploy to the theater the Army’s 82nd Airborne, the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, the U.S. Army Rangers, United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Units, United States Army Special Forces, and the U.S. Air Force’s Special Tactics Squadron along with upwards of 50,000 battle-ready ground troops—all positioned to act on a moment’s notice to open and defend corridors for the prompt evacuation of Americans, SIVs, and Afghan allies out of Afghanistan—all under American control. Once so positioned for action, we should demand that Taliban leaders remove their armed militia from every location where Americans, SIVs, and Afghan allies are present within a set few hours or that militia will be obliterated and the entire Taliban leadership will be decapitated. We should let them know that we will relentlessly and endlessly pursue every Taliban leader until the decapitation is complete. The Taliban know where Americans, SIVs, and our Afghan allies are (Biden permitted Centcom’s McKenzie to give them that information, he did, and we also left intact a trove of biometric data). They are going door to door right now hunting them down.

At the appointed hour, we should then suppress all opposition and have heavily armed special forces units fully backed by air support and nearby staged reinforcements descend into each location where Americans and allies are present (removing every American first). Kill orders should be issued to take out every armed Taliban in the area and to suppress with lethal and overwhelming force any sign of opposition. If a single American is killed, we should immediately initiate and maintain until completion decapitation strikes, making sure that every identifiable Taliban leader is eliminated. If we had a commander in chief with courage equal to that of our troops, one who understood, as do they—that a woke military is a nonsensical military, that an Army that abandons its weapons and its own people in the field is an army in disgrace—we would never have precipitously withdrawn from Afghanistan. That ignoble act of Biden would never have happened. We would have withdrawn piecemeal, removing all civilians first, and holding onto our bases until every weapon was either removed or destroyed.

We have a coward as commander in chief, a coward who commands the courageous—the worst possible plight for our brave soldiers who fight honorably, never leave an American behind, and make the ultimate sacrifice, if necessary, to ensure the achievement of the mission. Biden has dishonored them, most especially. They will never forget that dishonor.

The removal of Americans and allies from a hostile power is not a diplomatic mission. No amount of jawboning at terrorists will save a single life from the human jackals we call Taliban. The choice to prefer diplomacy over military intervention is lunacy. It bespeaks a total abandonment of the American cause. If Biden and those enabling him were serious about leaving no American, no SIV, and no ally behind, they would intervene militarily with speed to secure the immediate and safe evacuation of our countrymen and our allies, before they become Taliban victims. America’s warfighters are itching at the chance to rescue our people, American honor, and our global standing. They would do so in a heartbeat but this president and his enablers stand in the way.

State Department’s ‘Turf Wars’ Over Trump Program ‘Mucked Up’ Evacuation of Americans From Afghanistan



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Hundreds left behind in Afghanistan by Presidentish Joe Biden’s hasty and ill-planned bugout could have been gotten out, if not for State Department turf wars over the Trump-era Contingency and Crisis Response bureau.

The story you first read about here two weeks ago got an added boost from Adam Ciralsky’s latest for Vanity Fair.

Planned as a major upgrade to the Obama-era Operational Medicine (OpMed), the CCR was quashed so badly by infighting inside Anthony Blinken’s State Department that “OpMed was in limbo” just as the situation in Kabul went Tango Uniform.

Ciralsky described OpMed as “a turnkey solution for overseas operations.” Even as a mere office, William “Doc” Walters’ in-house organization has carried out “daring rescues of U.S. officials, American citizens, and foreign nationals imperiled overseas.”

In his last year as President Donald Trump’s SecState, Mike Pompeo had planned to elevate OpMed to bureau status at the Bureau of Contingency and Crisis Response (CCR).

But then Blinken blinked:

Blinken approved a recommendation against upgrading OpMed into a bureau. A unit distinguished by its ability to blow through bureaucratic wickets would instead be forced to play “Mother May I,” answering to a series of administrators: a director, an acting undersecretary, and on up to the deputy secretary for management and resources (DMR). To outsiders, this might seem like a low-stakes game of Jenga in reverse. But the move, which blindsided many, appeared to have profound consequences.

Walters resigned in protest, telling Blinken, “Sir, you deserve to have leaders who can get behind the decisions you make. I can’t do that. So I’m leaving,” according to Vanity Fair.

As I wrote when the less-detailed version of this story broke on August 19, “Biden didn’t plan for every contingency. He killed our ability to respond to the most likely contingency.”

There is so much blame to go around that I hardly know where to begin.

But the rot does seem deepest at Blinken’s State Department if Ciralsky’s report is anything to go by:

This individual described the decision-making process at Foggy Bottom as being plagued by “pathologic optimism.” But as the days and weeks wore on, several other State Department sources would explain that the problem came down to hubris. Eliminating CCR and degrading OpMed, without clearly defined alternatives, was evidence, they said, of meta-ignorance (known in psychology circles as the Dunning-Kruger effect); America’s diplomats, in the view of these insiders, were ignorant of their own ignorance.

Two very bad things were apparently going on at the very same time earlier this summer.

Our top military brass was going forward with closing Bagram Air Base first, thus eliminating the Pentagon’s ability to deal with the crisis created by Biden’s childish determination to exit Afghanistan completely by an arbitrary deadline.

While the White House and Pentagon were busy creating a military and humanitarian crisis, Blinken’s State Department was busy sidelining the one organization they had on hand to respond to Biden’s bungled bugout.

The cascading symmetrical failures would be something you could laugh at in a Franz Kafka story, except these are the deadly and real-world failures of an administration that was supposed to put the grown-ups back in charge.

Blinken: Taliban can only earn ‘legitimacy and support’ by ‘respecting the basic rights of women and minorities’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Here’s a prediction: the Taliban will gain legitimacy and support long before it begins respecting the basic rights of women and minorities.

“Blinken outlines the path to legitimacy for Taliban,” by Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner, August 30, 2021:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken acknowledged the prospect of additional diplomatic contact with the Taliban in a speech marking the end of a dangerous evacuation effort and the withdrawal of the last U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

Going forward, any engagement with the Taliban-led government in Kabul will be driven by one thing: “our vital national interests,” Blinken said. “If we can work in the new Afghan government in a way that helps secure those interests … and in a way that brings greater stability to the country and the region, and that protects the gains of the last two decades, we will do it.”…

“The United States will continue to support humanitarian aid to the Afghan people,” Blinken confirmed. “Consistent with our sanctions on the Taliban, the aid will not flow through the government, but rather through independent organizations, such as U.N. agencies and [non-government organizations.] And, we expect that those efforts will not be impeded by the Taliban or anyone else.”

Blinken listed a series of factors in any more fundamental diplomatic recognition of the Taliban.

“The Taliban seeks international legitimacy and support. Our message is: any legitimacy and any support will have to be earned,” he said. “The Taliban can do that by meeting commitments and obligations on freedom of travel, respecting the basic rights of the Afghan people, including women and minorities, upholding its commitments on counterterrorism, not carrying out reprisal violence against those who choose to stay in Afghanistan, and forming an inclusive government that can meet the needs and reflect the aspirations of the Afghan people.”…

BREAKING: Ten Marines Are the First American Military to Die in Afghanistan Since February 2020 [UPDATED]




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UPDATE 2:05 p.m.: Fox News is reporting that at least ten U.S. servicemembers have been killed today.

Today marks the first time since February 2020 that American military forces were killed in action in Afghanistan.

Two suicide bombings killed at least 40 people today, and wounded another 120, outside of the Hamid Karzai International Airport. One attack occurred at the airport’s Abbey Gate and the other was very near the Baron Hotel, where U.S. and UK military and journalists are staying.

The attacks today killed four U.S. Marines and injured another three, marking the first American military deaths in Afghanistan since February 8, 2020, when two American soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing.

The soldiers killed on February 8, 2020, were Sgt. 1st Class Javier Jaguar Gutierrez, 28, of San Antonio, Texas; and Sgt. 1st Class Antonio Rey Rodriguez, 28, of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Both soldiers were assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

The names of the U.S. Marines killed today have not yet been released.

The situation in Afghanistan remains fluid and information is rapidly coming in.

GRAPHIC. Video from Afghanistan shows dozens of people killed and injured in today’s attacks.



TAKE ACTION: Biden Sabotaging Glenn Beck’s Massive $30 MILLION Effort to Rescue Christians Stranded in Afghanistan

BY  Parsival Gevurah


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The U.S. State Department is flying unvetted Afghani Muslims to America while stopping Christian Afghanis from fleeing to other countries willing to give them refuge.

Last Wednesday, Glenn Beck, in an impassioned plea to his faithful radio audience, sounded the trumpet for a call to action to save the persecuted Christians in Afghanistan. Working in tandem with the Nazarene fund, Mr. Beck requested his listeners to donate “to the point of hurting” to acquire the planes needed to shuttle Christians out of the chaos of the current Islamic takeover by the Taliban.

Starting with a generous $100,000, in 3 short days, Mr. Beck had raised over $22 million for the Christian organization. Today, they reached the $30 million mark.

With the donations, Mr. Beck and the Nazarene fund have purchased 20 airliners. But, unfortunately, the movement has been slowed down due to red tape by Joe Biden’s U.S. State Department. The Nazarene Fund lept through all the government’s necessary hoops such as; acquiring the personal information and passports for all the Christian refugees, gaining the assent of host countries to accept the Christians (ironically, not including America), providing paperwork in English, Arabic, and other languages for processing, and a slew of other bureaucratic details that hamper the speed of such missions.

Despite following all of the U.S. Statement Department’s requests, Glen Beck explains that “most of the 20 airlines are sitting on the tarmac waiting for the U.S. State Department clearance”. They are refusing to allow Afghani Christians to cross the border to another country without their approval. Ironically, the U.S. State Department is flying unvetted Afghani Muslims to America while stopping Christian Afghanis from fleeing to other countries willing to give them refuge.

Because of the State Department, the area surrounding the airport has been in chaos. Christian refugees and those Afhghani supporters of our American military are not allowed through the airport gate. As a result, flights were grounded for nearly three days. People awaiting a rescue evacuation are now going for nearly a week without food, without water, and without the ability to charge their cell phones, which act as a vital lifeline between them and their families and friends.

Glenn Beck

on Tuesday

Oh happy day! While we slept, @thenazarenefund was busy loading planes. This was the second plane load of Afghanistan Christian refugees leaving Kabul.
More to come! Thank you for your prayers and kindness. We heal ourselves when we heal others.

May be an image of 2 people, people standing and outdoors
May be an image of one or more people, people standing and outdoors
May be an image of one or more people, people standing and outdoors

Thankfully, on Monday and Tuesday night, the State Department finally approved the Nazarene Fund’s first two flights out of Afghanistan. About 1200 Christian refugees were loaded onto the two planes and flown to safety. However, many of the passengers suffering from dehydration needed to wait an additional six hours for IVs and medical supplies before takeoff.



The critical deadline set by the Taliban to remove all Americans from the country is August 31st. On Monday, CIA director William Burns met with Senior Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar in Kabul. Despite their meeting, the Taliban did not extend the timeline for American evacuations was not extended. Baradar was imprisoned for 8 years in a Pakistan prison for his connection with terrorist attacks but was released in 2018.

After the Aug. 31st deadline, the Taliban vows to institute Sharia throughout the country. That means Islamic apostates who converted to Christianity, of which there are over 15,000, will most likely be slaughtered. Women will be required to wear full burkas, covering everything, including a mesh for the eyes, and not allowed outside without a male relative as a guardian. And Americans stranded will be used as bargaining chips to free more terrorists. Already, there are reports of the Taliban going door-to-door in hunt of Christians.

John Weaver, author of the book, Inside Afghanistan, says like ‘sheep among wolves,’ Afghan Christians are under threat of death, and many have already fled their home towns for other cities. The Taliban are looking for people who have left Islam and who are now following Jesus,” Weaver explained. “So, it is a desperate time for our brothers and sisters, and we need to stand in prayer with them and advocate for their situation.

The Nazarene Fund now has the capability to fly hundreds of passengers out of Afghanistan every 30 minutes. But due to Biden’s anti-Christian and anti-American State Department, that has not been happening.

Take Action: How You Can Help

U.S. State Department remains the last major impediment for the Nazarene fund and Mr. Beck to save persecuted Afghan Christians.

Would you please call your State Senators and Congressman and ask them to find out why the U.S. State Department is stopping the evacuation of persecuted Christians from Afghanistan? It is important to remember these persecuted Christians are not coming to America but are still being held up by the Biden’s State Department.

If you’d like to contribute to the effort to help Christians evacuate Afghanistan to a safer country, visit The Nazarene Fund.

Please continue to pray for all those trapped in Afghanistan seeking to get out of harm’s way.


Two Congressmen Who Traveled to Afghanistan Anger state dept

Republican congressman reveals the chaos he saw on his trip to Kabul

'Moronic and Selfish': Pentagon Enraged Over Congressmen's Unauthorized Trip to Afghanistan



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Two members of Congress — Reps. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) and Peter Meijer (R-Mich.) — traveled to the Kabul airport over the weekend to get a first-hand look at the evacuation. In so doing, they incurred the wrath of state and defense department employees who are working hard to evacuate as many Americans and Afghan allies as possible before the Taliban-mandated deadline of August 31.

Both members served in Afghanistan and decided to see for themselves how the evacuation is going. It’s a mystery how both of them were able to get to Afghanistan in the first place since the trip was unscheduled and unauthorized. They left Afghanistan a few hours later on an evacuation flight — something that did not sit well with state department officials.

Washington Post:

“It’s as moronic as it is selfish,” said a senior administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to provide a frank assessment of their trip. “They’re taking seats away from Americans and at-risk Afghans — while putting our diplomats and service members at greater risk — so they can have a moment in front of the cameras.”

In a joint statement from Moulton and Meijer emailed to The Washington Post by Moulton spokesman Tim Biba, the two pushed back on the notion that their trip caused a distraction.

“We have been on the other side of this argument while we were serving and it just isn’t accurate,” Moulton and Meijer said. “Trust us: the professionals on the ground are focused on the mission. Many thanked us for coming.”

As far as “taking seats away” from anyone trying to evacuate, widespread reports indicate that many planes have left with just a few people on board. As for the reason they went, we should be grateful they did. We shouldn’t trust the Biden administration on anything relating to this evacuation so a bipartisan set of eyes to tell us what’s going on is needed.

The two members cited their military experience in their statement.

“America has a moral obligation to our citizens and loyal allies, and we wanted to make sure that obligation is being kept,” they said. “As members of Congress we have a duty to provide oversight on the executive branch. There is no place in the world right now where oversight matters more. We conducted this visit in secret to minimize the risk to the people on the ground.”

The two lawmakers said that they met with service members and State Department officials during their brief time at the airport and said that they believe Biden should extend the Aug. 31 deadline for evacuating Americans, allies and vulnerable Afghans. “After talking with commanders on the ground today and seeing the situation for ourselves, it is obvious that because we started the evacuation so late, no matter what we do, we won’t get everyone out on time, even by 9/11,” they said.

Moulton, a member of the Armed Services Committee, has been pushing for years to hasten special immigrant visas for Afghans. He has been one of the only Democrats to call out Biden for his incompetent handling of the crisis.

“To say that today is anything short of a disaster would be dishonest,” Moulton said in a statement released the day Kabul fell. “Worse, it was avoidable.”

Jetting off to Kabul airport is hardly a “junket,” although both members disobeyed the rules of the House and may, indeed, have made life a little harder for the bureaucrats. It will be interesting to hear a fuller account of their trip.

State Dept. Issues Terrifying Alert a Day After Biden Said Americans Could Safely Get to the Kabul Airport



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

On Thursday Joe Biden called an indefinite lid on making public remarks or appearances and reportedly left Washington and went to Delaware.

Then he abruptly changed course and delivered an address from the White House. He also took a small number of questions live from the media for the first time since the fall of Kabul, Afghanistan, to the Taliban. He has given one interview, to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, but that was a trainwreck despite ABC’s effort to cut out some of the most disturbing parts.

None of Biden’s actions since Afghanistan started rapidly deteriorating last weekend indicate stability or his administration’s confidence in his ability to lead or even comment on the situation. Every time he has thus far — last Monday, Wednesday, and then Friday — he has made the situation worse.

During Friday’s brief press conference a reporter asked Biden about the ongoing issue of Americans stranded in Kabul, and whether he would authorize the military to go out and rescue any. There have been reports that while our military is not proactively rescuing stranded Americans around the besieged city, British and other allied military forces are rescuing their stranded citizens.

Here is how that exchange went.

Q    Thank you, Mr. President.  Two questions for you.  The military has secured the airport, as you mentioned, but will you sign off on sending U.S. troops into Kabul to evacuate Americans who haven’t been able to get to the airport safely?

THE PRESIDENT:  We have no indication that they haven’t been able to get — in Kabul — through the airport.  We’ve made an agreement with the — with the Taliban.  Thus far, they’ve allowed them to go through.  It’s in their interest for them to go through.  So, we know of no circumstance where American citizens are — carrying an American passport — are trying to get through to the airport.  But we will do whatever needs to be done to see to it they get to the airport.

That was Friday. After the president’s speech, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told members of Congress that she believed things were going well in Afghanistan and the stranded should just get to the airport.

A day later the U.S. State Department has issued the following warning to Americans stranded in Kabul.

Event:  Because of potential security threats outside the gates at the Kabul airport, we are advising U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to the airport and to avoid airport gates at this time unless you receive individual instructions from a U.S. government representative to do so.  

U.S. citizens requesting assistance in departing the country who have not yet to completed the Repatriation Assistance Request for each traveler in their group should do so as soon as possible.  Spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens in Afghanistan who are awaiting immigrant visas should also complete this form if they wish to depart.  Do not call the U.S. Embassy in Kabul for details or updates about the flight. This form is the only way to communicate interest in flight options.  

We will contact registered U.S. citizens as the security situation changes to provide further instructions. 

Actions to take:

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially in large crowds.

  • Follow the instructions of local authorities including movement restrictions related to curfews.

  • Have a contingency plan for emergencies and review the Traveler’s Checklist.

  • Monitor local media for breaking events and adjust your plans based on new information.

  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program(STEP) to receive Alerts and make it easier to locate you in an emergency.

  • Follow the Department of State on Facebook and Twitter.

“…we are advising U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to the airport and avoid the airport gates at this time…”

In remarks the stranded Americans may have been able to watch, Joe Biden told them the opposite just a day prior, and Pelosi told the same to Congress — that they could and should go to the Kabul airport.

Among the questions before the nation now is whether Biden lied during his remarks on Friday, whether advisors are not telling him the truth of the situation, or whether he simply cannot retain or recall current, relevant facts. All of these possibilities are in play since the White House keeps trying to hide Biden for some reason or set of reasons.

Consider this. During his brief press conference on Friday, a reporter asked about the blistering reactions of U.S. allies in response to his handling of Afghanistan. Biden said he had heard of no criticism from U.S. allies.

What’s your message to America’s partners around the world who have criticized not the withdrawal, but the conduct of that withdrawal, and made — made them question America’s credibility on the world stage?

THE PRESIDENT:  I have seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world.  I have spoken with our NATO Allies.  We’ve spoken with NATO Allies — the Secretary of State.  Our National Security Advisor has been in contact with his counterparts throughout the world with our Allies, as has the General — or, excuse me, I keep calling him a General, but my Secretary of Defense.

The fact of the matter is I have not seen that.  Matter of fact, the exact opposite I’ve got — the exact opposite thing is we’re acting with dispatch, we’re acting — committing to what we said we would do.

Just a day before that, the British Parliament held Biden in contempt. Members of Parliament across the political spectrum including the current and former prime minister castigated Biden by name for criticizing the Afghan military and for abandoning Afghanistan — and for his failure to consult with the British and other NATO allies. They openly questioned whether NATO itself should be restructured so that the United States would play a reduced role in it, or no role at all.

Has Biden really not heard any of this? Has he not been briefed on this? Is he unable to process and remember it?

Or is he just lying about it?



The Taliban are literally laughing at our Western globalist elites as their liberal world order begins to collapse! In this video, we’re going to take a look at the utterly absurd attempts by Biden and our permanent political class to try to make the world think they’re still in control, we’re going to look at how the world is laughing at them as we speak, and we’re going to see how the fall of Kabul to the Taliban represents nothing less than the fall of the globalist political order itself; you are NOT going to want to miss this!


Women, Kids Killed In Kabul As Biden’s State Dept. Writes Strongly Worded Letter To Taliban Asking Them To Be Nice

"And if that doesn’t work, they can always write a hashtag on a piece of paper and post it on Instagram."


*GRAPHIC WARNING* Taliban fighters use gunfire, whips, sticks and sharp objects to maintain crowd control over thousands of Afghans who continue to wait for a way out, on airport road. At least half dozen were wounded while I was there, including a woman and her child. #Kabul






republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

In another move that makes America look like the laughing stock of the world, Joe Biden’s State Department has penned a letter, which has been signed by multiple other countries (but no Middle Eastern ones), essentially asking the Taliban to be nice to people in Afghanistan.

“We are deeply worried about Afghan women and girls, their rights to education, work and freedom of movement. We call on those in positions of power and authority across Afghanistan to guarantee their protection,” the statement reads.

It sends the chilling warning “We will monitor closely how any future government ensures rights and freedoms that have become an integral part of the life of women and girls in Afghanistan during the last twenty years.”

Good God, imagine the fear that a promise of “monitoring closely” puts into the Taliban.

Why even bother writing that many words? Just send out a Tweet and #BeNiceTaliban. After all, the Taliban is on Twitter, and the Washington Post has noted how ‘sophisticated’ the group’s use of social media is.

The State Department’s strongly worded letter comes after the Ambassador to the UN also pointed to “a very strongly worded press statement” from the Security Council asking the Taliban to be respectful:

As we noted yesterday, UNICEF appears to be taking the Taliban at face value after the extremist group declared that it will support education for women and girls, with the head of the UN organisation saying that he has “not a single issue with the Taliban” after they promised to get schools up and running in Afghanistan.

Here’s how that is going so far:


State Department Tried to Block Investigation of Lab Leak



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A report in Vanity Fair details actions by some members of the U.S. State Department to block efforts to investigate the origins of the coronavirus because the inquiry could open “a can of worms.” An internal memo sent to department heads by Thomas DiNanno, former acting assistant secretary of the State Department’s Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance, warned: “not to pursue an investigation into the origin of COVID-19.”

The “can of worms” in question was the extensive funding by the U.S. government into the Wuhan Virology Lab’s “gain-of-function” virus research. It’s unclear whether DiNanno was concerned that an investigation would uncover evidence of a lab leak or the extent to which the U.S. was funding dangerous research.

Indeed, there’s a lot more going on with this gain-of-function research than has ever been revealed. There appears to be a powerful lobby within the U.S. government that is heavily invested in the dangerous research and is serious about keeping it quiet. Former CDC chairman Robert Redfield received death threats from fellow scientists after telling CNN that he believed COVID-19 had originated in a lab.

“I was threatened and ostracized because I proposed another hypothesis,” Redfield told Vanity Fair. “I expected it from politicians. I didn’t expect it from science.”

Going back to the beginning of the pandemic, ostracizing and ridiculing those who mentioned the lab-leak theory became common. It stems from a letter published in the medical journal Lancet, as the VF article points out.

On February 19, 2020, The Lancet, among the most respected and influential medical journals in the world, published a statement that roundly rejected the lab-leak hypothesis, effectively casting it as a xenophobic cousin to climate change denialism and anti-vaxxism. Signed by 27 scientists, the statement expressed “solidarity with all scientists and health professionals in China” and asserted: “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.”

That was enough for the American media, which was in no mood to give Donald Trump a break in reporting on the virus. But why dismiss a hypothesis when no one had gathered any evidence of how the virus originated?

Then came the revelation that the Lancet statement was not only signed but organized by a zoologist named Peter Daszak, who has repackaged U.S. government grants and allocated them to facilities conducting gain-of-function research—among them the WIV itself. David Asher, now a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, ran the State Department’s day-to-day COVID-19 origins inquiry. He said it soon became clear that “there is a huge gain-of-function bureaucracy” inside the federal government.

Daszak, you may recall, is the founder and president of EcoHealth Alliance and was one of the primary investigators hired by the WHO to go to China and discover the origins of the coronavirus, even though he had a conflict of interest in investigating the Wuhan lab due to his arranging U.S. government funding for the lab’s gain-of-function research.

The “gain-of-function bureaucracy” inside the U.S. government was very busy in 2020.

As officials at the meeting discussed what they could share with the public, they were advised by Christopher Park, the director of the State Department’s Biological Policy Staff in the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, not to say anything that would point to the U.S. government’s own role in gain-of-function research, according to documentation of the meeting obtained by Vanity Fair.

Some of the attendees were “absolutely floored,” said an official familiar with the proceedings. That someone in the U.S. government could “make an argument that is so nakedly against transparency, in light of the unfolding catastrophe, was…shocking and disturbing.”

More disturbing was the role that Park played in lifting the moratorium on funding gain-of-function research.

Park, who in 2017 had been involved in lifting a U.S. government moratorium on funding for gain-of-function research, was not the only official to warn the State Department investigators against digging in sensitive places. As the group probed the lab-leak scenario, among other possibilities, its members were repeatedly advised not to open a “Pandora’s box,” said four former State Department officials interviewed by Vanity Fair. The admonitions “smelled like a cover-up,” said Thomas DiNanno, “and I wasn’t going to be part of it.”

Eventually, efforts to cover up the mystery of the origin of the virus failed, and U.S. intelligence as well as the state department and national security agency are going full bore trying to uncover the truth. They won’t be able to succeed without the full cooperation of the Chinese Communists, which is why there will always be a question of whether the virus occurred naturally and was transmitted to humans as viruses have done for tens of thousands of years, or it was a careless leak in a lab.

Biden’s plan to open separate Jerusalem consulate for Palestinians violates US law



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The White House lived up to its promise to send Secretary of State Antony Blinken to the Middle East to “rebuild ties” with Palestinians. In fact, it exceeded expectations, with a pledge by Biden to ask Congress to donate $75,000,000 to the Palestinians. It didn’t stop there. Blinken formally announced the decision to reopen the Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem during a meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah. But to do so isn’t legal according to the article below, which was written by Mark Meadows, chief of staff to former President Donald Trump, and David Milstein, who served as special assistant to the US ambassador to Israel.

A Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem violates the Jeruslem Embassy Act that Trump activated in 2017. The Act recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and calls for Jerusalem to remain an undivided city.

Although Biden stated that Israel has a right to defend itself, his administration has bent over backwards to send the message to Palestinians that America under Biden supports the Palestinian cause —

which is jihad for the eradication of Israel.

“Biden’s plan for a diplomatic mission to the Palestinians blatantly violates US law,” by Mark Meadows and David Milstein, New York Post, May 26, 2021:

As presidential candidate, Joe Biden was asked if he would reverse President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Biden promised, “I wouldn’t reverse it.”

But candidate Biden also proposed re-opening the US diplomatic mission to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, which had merged with the Jerusalem embassy in 2019.

Now Team Biden is moving forward with the latter initiative. On May 25, Secretary of State Antony Blinken formally told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that Washington would seek to reopen this diplomatic mission. The move contradicts Biden’s campaign promise not to renege on the recognition of Jerusalem, since a pair of missions in the same city undercuts Jerusalem’s status as Israel’s capital. It also breaks the Jerusalem Embassy Act that sought to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem no later than 1999 — a law Biden voted for along with 92 other senators.

The 1995 law states that “Jerusalem should remain an undivided city, in which the rights of every ethnic and religious group are protected. … Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel.” In 2017, on the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification in the Six Day War, the Senate unanimously voted to reaffirm the act and called upon the US to “abide by its provisions.”

Former President Donald Trump fulfilled the will of the American people, as expressed by Congress, by relocating the embassy in 2018. In February 2021, the Senate also adopted an amendment by a 97-3 vote to “make the US Embassy in Jerusalem permanent, effectively preventing it from being downgraded or moved out of Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.”

The Biden administration’s intent to reopen a separate diplomatic mission to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital and the location of the US Embassy, would be a violation of US law, wrongly signaling that Washington supports dividing Jerusalem.

If implemented, this could signal the return to a misguided diplomatic arrangement, under which the US ambassador to Israel historically lacked jurisdiction over the eastern part of Jerusalem, the West Bank or Gaza. Instead, a US consul general led a separate diplomatic mission to the Palestinians, who had jurisdiction over those geographic areas. The consulate general didn’t even report to the US ambassador to Israel, but directly to the State Department, often sending conflicting reports to DC.

The diplomatic mission included the US consulate general’s official residence, located in the western part of Jerusalem, thus resulting in the US having a diplomatic mission to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, despite that the fact that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.

The Trump administration’s decision to merge the US diplomatic mission to the Palestinians into the US Embassy in Jerusalem remedied the prior arrangement and implemented a key aspect of the Jerusalem Embassy Act, which requires that the US Embassy in Jerusalem include the ambassador’s official residence.

Reopening this separate diplomatic mission to the Palestinians would therefore render the US government noncompliant with American law…..

Blinken to ask Congress for $75,000,000 to help Palestinians in Gaza



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

That’s $75,000,000 of American taxpayer money to repair damage that was caused by Hamas in its jihad war against Israel. The White House announced a couple of days ago that Blinken was leaving for the Middle East to “rebuild ties” with the Palestinians; that is exactly what he is doing, lavishly. Meanwhile, Hamas is gloating, knowing full well that the next time it launches rockets at Israel and Israel defends itself, the Palestinians will suffer as nothing more than tools to utilize in its war against the state of Israel. Then America will come to the rescue.

Hamas has faced no consequences; instead, it has been rewarded for its rocket attacks against Israeli citizens, and for the fine job it has done in purveying propaganda.

“Blinken Announces New US Disaster Relief for Gaza,” by Nike Ching, VOA News, May 25, 2021:

RAMALLAH, WEST BANK – U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken says he will ask Congress for $75 million in assistance for Palestinians in Gaza following the recent cease-fire that brought an end to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Blinken made the announcement after talks in Ramallah with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Tuesday.

“We know that the last round of violence is symptomatic of a larger set of issues that we have to address if we’re going to prevent its recurrence and that’s what we talked about today,” Blinken said. “We welcome the cease-fire that continues to hold but that’s not enough, we have to build on the cease-fire and try to move things in a genuinely positive direction.”

Blinken also reiterated Tuesday that the Biden administration’s belief that a two-state solution “is the only way to truly assure Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state. And, of course, to give the Palestinians the state that they’re entitled to.”

The top U.S. diplomat said the U.S. would reopen its consulate in Jerusalem after the Trump administration closed it in 2019, provide $5.5 million in immediate disaster assistance and more than $32 million for a United Nations emergency humanitarian relief campaign.

Blinken said the consulate’s reopening is “an important way for our country to engage with and provide support to the Palestinian people.”

Of the U.S.-designated terror group that controls Gaza, Blinken said “We will work to ensure that Hamas doesn’t benefit from these reconstruction efforts.”

Earlier in the day, the secretary of state underscored Israel’s right to defend itself as he visited Jerusalem on Tuesday as part of an effort to build on a cease-fire.

Speaking alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Blinken said both Israel and the Palestinians experienced “profound” losses during the fighting, and that there is a lot of work ahead to restore hope, respect and trust.

“Casualties are often reduced to numbers, but behind every number is an individual human being — a daughter, a son, a father, a mother, a grandparent, a best friend,” said Blinken. “And as the Talmud teaches, to lose a life is to lose the whole world, whether that life is Palestinian or Israeli.”…



Secretary of State Blinken Meets with Supporter of Third Intifada

Blinken leaves for Middle East to ‘rebuild ties’ with Palestinians



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

This is the chief reason Blinken is visiting the Middle East, according to the White House:

“He will continue our Administration’s efforts to rebuild ties to, and support for, the Palestinian people and leaders, after years of neglect.”

“After years of neglect” is a slap to the Trump Administration, which rightly withdrew funds to the Palestinians for being entrenched in the jihad against Israel.

The Reuters report below is also yet another example of media avoiding the full picture. The report does not discuss the White House objective with the Palestinians. Instead, it begins by advancing a position of moral equivalence, in stating that Blinken’s trip is “to meet with Israeli and Palestinian officials.” It needs to be recognized and remembered that this is not an equal conflict. It is Israel being repeatedly attacked since 1948 and retaliating to defend its citizens.

Blinken will also discuss “international effort to ensure immediate assistance reaches Gaza in a way that benefits the people there and not Hamas.”  Although the White House outwardly expresses hopes that Hamas will not benefit, it knows full well that Gaza is ruled by Hamas, and that Hamas will inevitably benefit. It is a boost to Hamas to know that it can repeatedly launch attacks against Israel civilians, wounding and killing civilians intentionally, and then count on the United States under Biden (and the UN) to come to the rescue. Hamas also has Iran funding it.

It is Hamas that is responsible for the damage in the first place, including its monstrous use of Palestinian citizens as human shields. The current administration has no understanding of the longstanding Islamic religious war against Jews, or of the Palestinian culture of martyrdom, or of the disregard jihadists have for human life, especially that of kaffirs.

“Biden sends Blinken to Middle East amid Gaza ceasefire,” Reuters, May 24, 2921:

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken will leave for the Middle East on Monday to meet with Israeli and Palestinian officials, among other regional leaders, as the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas appeared to hold for the fourth straight day.

Blinken will travel to Jerusalem, Ramallah, Cairo and Amman through Thursday and meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Jordan’s King Abdullah, the State Department said.

U.S. President Joe Biden, in announcing the visit, said he had asked the top U.S. diplomat to make the trip following diplomatic efforts that sought to pause the worst outbreak in fighting between Israel and Hamas in year. read more

“Blinken will meet with Israeli leaders about our ironclad commitment to Israel’s security. He will continue our administration’s efforts to rebuild ties to, and support for, the Palestinian people and leaders after years of neglect,” Biden said in a statement released by the White House.

Blinken will also discuss “international effort to ensure immediate assistance reaches Gaza in a way that benefits the people there and not Hamas, and on reducing the risk of further conflict in the coming months,” Biden added.

Gaza is ruled by Hamas….

“Statement by President Joe Biden on Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s Visit to the Middle East,” The White House, May 24, 2021:

Following up on our quiet, intensive diplomacy to bring about a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, I have asked my Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, to travel to the Middle East this week. During his trip, Secretary Blinken will meet with Israeli leaders about our ironclad commitment to Israel’s security. He will continue our Administration’s efforts to rebuild ties to, and support for, the Palestinian people and leaders, after years of neglect. And he will engage other key partners in the region, including on the coordinated international effort to ensure immediate assistance reaches Gaza…

U.S. to Israeli Delegation: Come If You Must, But Our Minds Are Made Up



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

While Robert Malley sends, via intermediaries, his billets-doux to Iran’s negotiator Mohammed Javad Zarif in Vienna, Israel is sending a high-level delegation of security personnel, headed by Yossi Cohen, the director of Mossad, to Washington, hoping to make the case for American caution, rather than insensate haste, in returning to the JCPOA and lifting sanctions on Iran. A report on this difficult mission is here: “Israeli Security Officials Head to Washington to Share Iran Threat Intel as White House Says It Can’t Be Swayed on Nuclear Deal,” by Sharon Wrobel, Algemeiner, April 26, 2021:

A high-profile Israeli security delegation, headed by Mossad Director Yossi Cohen, is arriving in Washington this week to discuss the dangers of restoring the original 2015 Iranian nuclear accord just days after the White House signaled that the Biden administration will not be swayed to change its policy on the deal.

Ahead of the arrival of the delegation of Israeli senior security officials, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki on Friday answered “no” when asked at a press briefing whether the visit was likely to change the US administration’s stance on reviving the nuclear deal, to which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is strongly opposed.

How indecent of the Bidenites to proclaim to the Israelis, even before they arrive, in front of the whole world, that there is nothing they can say to the Americans that will change their minds. Their minds are made up. The Americans don’t want to be reminded that just a few months ago they were themselves talking about the need “to lengthen and strengthen” the agreement with Iran. They are in no mood to listen to their closest ally in the Middle East. They don’t want to listen to the Israelis, who know better than anyone what Iran is up to with its nuclear program, understand how it plans to comply, or to pretend to, with the JCPOA, and what it will do in 2030 when it is allowed its “break out” and can manufacture, completely legally, nuclear weapons. They don’t want to listen to the Israelis, even though Israel, not America, is the main target of Iran’s nuclear program. How many times has Iran threatened to destroy the Jewish state? The Bidenites don’t want to hear about it. They don’t want to listen to the Israelis, whose tiny country’s very survival may depend on what agreement is concluded with Iran in Vienna and who, therefore, have beyond all others earned the right to be heard. The indifference of the Biden people to Israel’s attempt to present its arguments against a return to the Iran deal is unspeakable.

Despite Psaki’s statement, Dore Gold, President of the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs, argued that that “it is important that Israel shares all the relevant intelligence on Iran and articulates what the problem is with negotiating with Iran.”

The most persuasive arguments are made face-to-face,” Gold, who served as Director-General of the Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2015, told The Algemeiner. “In the past Israel and the US had different assumptions on Iranian behavior, which have now become even more pronounced. Iran’s record of compliance with signed agreements is very weak.”

Gold is too optimistic – or perhaps he simply won’t allow himself to believe that the Americans can be so idiotically close-minded.  He’s still talking about the value of making “arguments…face-to-face” but the Americans have already said that nothing that is presented to them, no information the Israelis bring with them about just-uncovered examples of Iranian deception, no news about Iran’s ballistic missile program, or the nuclear facilities just completed deep inside the mountain at Fordow, will change their minds. “Don’t confuse us with facts. Our minds are made up.”

…Michael Oren, Israel’s former Ambassador to the US, told The Algemeiner that he is concerned about the symbolic significance of the Israeli delegation traveling to Washington after the White House comments on Friday.

“This is kind of humiliating after Israel’s important ally in the Middle East said it will not listen. I would be very hesitant in sending this delegation,” Oren commented. “If we are going back to the JCPOA, which is flawed, there could be a very dangerous outcome.”

“There is a lot of visual appearance in this in that it shows that there was consultation with Israelis. We should be very careful [not] to legitimize the agreement,” Oren warned.

Oren is right: the Israelis are being humiliated by Jen Psaki’s unembarrassed acknowledgement that there is nothing the visitors can say, no new information that they may bring, that will change Administration minds. And by agreeing to meet with members of the delegation in Washington, the Biden people – Oren fears – can make it appear to Israel’s American supporters that they did, after all, consult with the Israelis.

…There are ongoing discussions — or negotiations, I should say, that are happening now — they’re indirect, of course — on the potential for a diplomatic path forward on the new — on a nuclear deal,” White House’s Psaki said on Friday. “As it relates to Israel, we have kept them abreast as a key partner of these discussions — or of our intentions, and we will continue to do that on any future visits.”

It is not true that the Bidenites have “kept them [the Israelis] abreast” of what’s been going on in Vienna. A great deal has not been shared, which is one source of Israeli anxiety. Nor has the Biden administration asked for Israel’s opinion on those negotiations, much less allowed any Israeli objections to be taken into account. The Biden administration wants this deal to go through. It will jump through whatever hoops the Iranians hold out. In February, it was still insisting that Iran had to go first, and fully return to the deal, before American sanctions would be lifted. Iran wouldn’t have it, and we no longer hear that condition precedent being mentioned.

Commenting on the ongoing talks in Vienna, Gold noted that “there is a real dilemma, because if you remove sanctions there is a huge windfall of funds that becomes available for terrorist activities in the Middle East and around the world. At least the Biden administration is talking about a longer and stronger deal but I don’t think that the Iranians will agree.”

Gold apparently hasn’t noticed that while the Biden administration did, very early on, talk about the need for a “longer and stronger deal,” it has ceased to mention that requirement altogether. Now it refers vaguely to another deal that might be reached after the return to the JCPOA by both sides is accomplished, but why would Iran at that point, having obtained the lifting of all the American sanctions, feel any pressure to agree to a second deal about ballistic missiles and regional aggression through proxies?

Gold suggested that before sanctions are lifted Iran needs to demonstrate that it has changed direction, that it will not help the Hezbollah in missile inventory, and that it is prepared to confine itself to the terms of a deal.

Dore Gold’s suggestions make sense, but there is not the slightest chance that Iran would agree to any of it, nor that the Biden administration would put the slightest pressure on Iran to accept it. The sanctions will be lifted without any further Iranian concessions on missiles to Hezbollah or anything else; sanctions-lifting will provide Iran with a bonanza calculated to be at least 100 billion dollars, money to spend on weapons for itself and for its proxies in Yemen, Iraq, and Lebanon. Once it has the money, Iran will do what it likes, which means it will violate many of the terms of the JCPOA, just as it did between 2015 and 2018, when Donald Trump put an end to the farce, withdrew from the deal, and clamped crippling sanctions on Iran, that were just starting to have a devastating effect on Iran’s economy when the Biden cavalry came riding to Tehran’s rescue. And Israel will have to recognize that when it comes to foiling Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the Jewish state is now very much on its own.


State Dept declares April ‘Arab American Heritage Month,’ says Arab contributions to US ‘as old as America itself’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Obama made the same claim many times, but it’s fictional, just another example of the left’s relentless Islamopandering. Arab Americans’ contributions to the US are as old as America itself? Really? There were Arabs at Jamestown? In the Massachusetts Bay Colony? At Roanoke? Ned Price’s statement is so wildly ridiculous that it doesn’t just invite parody; it pleads for it. Remember the Arabs among the Founding Fathers, Yahya al-Adams and Iskandar Hamilton? Remember the Arabs who told James Madison about Muhammad’s Constitution of Medina so that he could lay out the foundations of a republic in the U.S. Constitution? Remember the Arabs who fought so valiantly in the Revolutionary Jihad, and the Jihad of 1812, and the Mexican Jihad, and the Civil War, aka the Jihad Between the Caliphates? Remember all the controversies about whether Muslim soldiers in the Civil War could make sex slaves out of the wives and daughters of Confederate commanders? The jihad suicide attacks that broke the Germans’ will to fight on during World War I?

Price didn’t mention the real contributions Arabs have made to our nation: you know, like rearranging the New York skyline, transforming government buildings into grim, nervous fortresses, making air travel into the exercise in annoyance and humiliation that it is today, and draining the American economy with two futile wars and hundreds of billions spent on security and counterterror initiatives.

“April is Arab American Heritage Month, the State Department declares,” by Mirna Alsharif, CNN, April 5, 2021:

(CNN)The culture of Arab Americans will be honored this month, with the designation by the State Department of April as Arab American Heritage Month, reflecting the group’s contributions to the US “are as old as America itself,” a spokesman said.

“The United States is home to more than 3.5 million Arab Americans representing a diverse array of cultures and traditions. Like their fellow citizens, Americans of Arab heritage are very much a part of the fabric of this nation,” Ned Price, a spokesman, said in a video statement on April 1.

“And Arab Americans have contributed in every field and profession, many of them, in fact, serve here at the State Department and throughout the interagency.”

Advocacy groups say this is the first time the State Department has designated a particular month for Arab American Heritage Month. States that have recognized April as Arab American History Month in 2021 and years past include Arkansas, Hawaii, Michigan, New York, North Carolina and Virginia.

Arab Americans trace their origins to 22 Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Arabs began immigrating to the US in the late 1800s fleeing war, persecution and economic hardships, according to the Migration Policy Institute. California, New York, Michigan and Illinois have the largest populations of Arab American residents in the country, based on data from the 2015-2019 ACS Ancestry survey.

While the State Department made this announcement, Arab American History Month is not officially recognized by the entire US government. A bill sponsored by Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a Michigan Democrat, was introduced to Congress in 2019 and is still pending.
Advocacy groups such as the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) and the Arab American Institute (AAI) have been advocating to get April designated as a month to celebrate Arab Americans for two decades.

“This is a breath of fresh air,” said Samer Khalaf, president of the ADC, about the State Department’s move. “It will give the community a sense of pride and it’s a chance to show what the community is all about, to educate people and dispel stereotypes.”

Maya Berry, executive director of the AAI, sees the recognition as a high-level opportunity to celebrate Arab American life in a visible way.

“The formality of it coming from an agency at this level is fantastic,” she said. “This month is about sharing our story with our fellow Americans.”…

Biden’s handlers hire Qatari agent as senior adviser

During her address at the 2019 Animus Summit, Erin Pelton discusses how defying the rules unlocked her potential and shaped her life and career. A career US foreign service officer until 2014, Erin served in senior roles in the Obama Administration as communications director, spokesperson and assistant press secretary in various agencies. Erin founded Puerto Rico Live to bring the world to PR through on-stage talks with some of the most influential names in politics, media, business, culture and the arts. Erin also founded Pinpoint Strategies, a public affairs firm offering strategic counsel for crisis communications and media relations.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

How long can America survive all these post-American administrations? In addition to what is below, Qatar is a Muslim Brotherhood hub. Most major Muslim organizations in the U.S. are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, which has the stated goal (according to a captured internal document) in America of “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within, and sabotaging its miserable house.” And those organizations own Biden as well.

“Biden Hires Qatari Agent as Senior Adviser,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, March 6, 2021:

President Joe Biden hired a new senior adviser on Friday who formerly lobbied on behalf of Qatar, the oil-rich Arab nation that has close ties to Iran and is a central hub for terrorism financing.

The White House announced on Friday evening that Erin Pelton is set to join the administration as a special assistant to Biden and a senior adviser on domestic policy issues. Pelton, a onetime foreign service officer and flak during the Obama administration, later advocated on behalf of foreign governments, including Qatar, according to public filings with the Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which mandates that Americans who are lobbying for foreign governments disclose their work.

Pelton’s work for Qatar is likely to raise questions about the revolving door between the Biden White House and lobbying firms that represent a host of foreign governments. Pelton is just the latest Biden administration official to have questionable ties to adversarial regimes. Biden’s Asia policy czar, Kurt Campbell, for instance, helped found a group that critics say is “heavily influenced by the CCP.” The administration’s potential pick to lead NASA, former senator Bill Nelson, invested in a Chinese telecom company that is blacklisted by the Pentagon.

Pelton lobbied on behalf of the Qatari embassy in 2018, when she was working for Mercury Public Affairs, a top lobbying shop in Washington, D.C., according to the Justice Department filings.

Qatar has spent billions of dollars lobbying American politicians and influencers. The country funds prominent think tanks, such as the Brookings Institution, and was alleged last year to have funded hack attacks on some 1,500 individuals, including political operatives based in Washington, D.C. A 2020 lawsuit alleged that Qatar financed terror attacks that killed Americans.

Despite its coordination with the United States on anti-terrorism operations, Qatar continues to maintain relations with Iran and is suspected of funding Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed terror group operating in Lebanon. Qatar’s terror financing has gone largely unaddressed due to Doha’s hosting of the Al Udeid military base, which houses U.S. Central Command’s regional headquarters….



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