Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NYC 10.21.22: Palestine Protestors Arrested, Climbing Bus, Thousands Marching

10.22.23 | By Usman & Adam | BAY RIDGE, Brooklyn- At least 25 people were arrested tonight on Fifth Ave and 67th St as Pro Palestine demonstrators wanted to continue to march on Fifth Ave. Police prevented the protests from continuing as the permit for protest expired. Protesters claim that Police started to fight with protesters and pulled a woman’s Hijab or Headscarf off during the fight. All of the arrested protesters are said to be on their way to One Police Plaza. Protests began Peacefully at 2 pm after which a Muslim Prayer Service was held first then the thousands of protesters marched through Bay Ridge the heart of the Arab-American community in NYC. However some younger protesters throughout the afternoon and evening began to tag light posts and cars with pro-Palestine stickers, and also began to climb stop lights with one group climbing an MTA Bus caught in the protests. Police presence was heavy throughout the day. Organizers want to highlight the ongoing plight of Palestinians living in Gaza and want to implement a ceasefire to the two week conflict between Hamas and Israel.

NYC LIVE Protest on Brooklyn Bridge (October 28, 2023)

A live stream of a Pro-Palestinian protest on the Brooklyn Bridge. The protest started at the Brooklyn Museum in Crown Heights, crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, and ended in Union Square.

Palestine Protestors Shut Down Brooklyn Bridge NYC 10.28.23

Protesters Take Over Brooklyn Bridge, Call for the Elimination of Israel

Protesters Take Over Brooklyn Bridge, Call for the Elimination of Israel
AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews
More than 7,000 pro-Hamas protesters marched across the Brooklyn Bridge, shutting it down briefly, chanting anti-Semitic slogans. and calling for the elimination of the Jewish State “by any means.”  The “Flood Brooklyn for Gaza” protest was held on Shabbat — something Jewish leaders pointed out was almost certainly a deliberate snub.

“It’s not an accident that pro-Hamas activists would pick this place to protest Jews,” said former City Councilman David Greenfield, a Brooklyn Democrat.

The significance of the protest site was not lost on New York’s Hasidic Jewish community. The marchers wound their way through Crown Heights, home to thousands of Hasidic Jews. Orthodox Rabbi Motti Seligson, 41, of Crown Heights noted that the march was scheduled at the same time as an annual gathering where more than 1,000 Hasidic college students from around the world come to Crown Heights.

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“We’re seeing forces of evil that are promoting murder genocide of Israelis and civilians in Gaza because of the support for the terrorist elements that are in their midst,” he said.

The pro-Hamas rally proved to be fun for all ages.

New York Post:

Earlier, Marie Edward, 67, of Sunset Park, held a sign reading “Zionism is terrorism” while watching others march along Eastern Parkway.

She accused Israelis of being the real “killers” and defended Hamas’ heinous Oct. 7 massacre.

“It’s not a question of ‘justified.’ If you are occupied, you fight back and do what they did…they will fight back,” she said.

One of the protesters was just 15 years old and bore a sign reading, “F–k Israel all my homies hate Israel” — a mockery of the Middle Eastern country made in the format of an internet meme.

“They do it too, only worse” is hardly a compelling argument.

Some ralliers were blatantly heard screaming, “Long Live Hamas as they paraded past the corner of 4th Avenue and East 13th Street.

The massive protest culminated at Union Square, with hundreds flooding lower Manhattan Park..

A makeshift basketball hoop was erected on the pavement out of Banksy’s iconic poster of a young girl releasing a heart balloon and multiple alternate side parking signs.

The amateur display read: “F–K ISRAEL. That’s what New Yorkers are saying”

If you peruse other news headlines on the rally, you’ll see that most news outlets identify the protest as a march for a “ceasefire in Gaza.” Looking at the signage and listening to the marchers screaming for Jewish blood, that’s a deliberate falsification. The march was for the elimination of the Jewish state and the people who lived in it.