Alejandro Mayorkas SLAMMED by Josh Hawley on Missing Kids and Border Crisis~Agents Forced Off Their Positions to “Make Sandwiches”!

Josh Hawley grilled Alejandro Mayorkas in a senate hearing on homeland security and how terribly the border situation is being mishandled. Specifically, nearly 100,000 children have crossed the southern border and are now unaccounted for. It's suspected that many of them have been trafficked into forced labor or worse.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Impeached

Mayorkas Impeached. The GOP-controlled House impeached Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Tuesday after it rejected the effort earlier this month—making him only the second cabinet secretary in history, and the first since 1876, to be impeached. Republicans in support of impeaching Mayorkas allege he has intentionally disregarded the law and allowed migrants and drugs to enter the country. Wednesday’s hearing is titled, “Havoc in the Heartland: How Secretary Mayorkas’ Failed Leadership Has Impacted the States.” Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is at the heart of congested congressional traffic this week as House Republicans kick off their impeachment efforts against him and he remains knee-deep in negotiations with senators on a border package that has proven to be a tough lift. Mayorkas has been at the center of the GOP fury with the Biden administration’s handling of the border, which has seen month-over-month record numbers of illegal crossings. NYC Starts Blocking Migrant Buses. The city argues that knowingly sending migrants here “to overwhelm our social services system” violates New York State law, while Texas says the suit violates the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Migrants at shelters across New York City will be evicted starting Tuesday if they stayed for at least 60 days. Texas state Law Passes Allowing State Police to Arrest Immigrants. The Texas House passed legislation on Tuesday making it a state crime to illegally cross the southern border, empowering state and local police to arrest and in some cases deport illegal immigrants, in what the bill’s supporters claim is a response to federal inaction. Senate Bill 4 gives local and state government the authority to arrest illegal immigrants who enter Texas from Mexico between official ports of entry. Under SB 4, those who unlawfully cross the border can be charged with a state misdemeanor and face up to one year in prison. A felony charge, carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years, can be leveled if illegal immigrants are charged with additional crimes or don’t comply with a judge’s orders. The bill also authorizes state judges to deport illegal aliens to Mexico rather than pursue prosecution under federal law. After getting approval from the Texas senate last week, the latest version of SB 4 now heads to Republican governor Greg Abbott’s desk, where he is expected to sign it into law. #USImmigration #Impeachmed #Mayorkas #HouseImpeachesMayorkas #DHSSecretaryImpeached #HavocintheHeartland #ImmigrationArrest #NycMigrantCrisis #EntryBan #USCitizenship #Undocumented #USVisa #Deportation #SB4 #TexasMigrantArrest #USBorder #BorderCrisis #BorderCrossing #TrumpImmigration #RepublicansImpeachMayorkas Disclaimer: This channel is not owned by an any US Government Agency or an Immigration attorney. The contents in the channel is for informational purpose only collected from Various public domains. you may need to contact an expert immigration attorney for your specific immigration needs.

Chinese Troops Invading US By the Thousands As Biden & Mayorkas Open the Floodgates

Wake up, America! Our national security is under unprecedented threat as the Chinese Communist Party's Special Operations Forces infiltrate our borders. With military-age men unmistakable in their appearance and bearing, slipping through under the Biden-Mayorkas administration, the stakes have never been higher. In this explosive special report, Gary Franchi delves deep into the crisis, armed with insights from former US intelligence official Derek Harvey. Discover the shocking reality of how open borders are not just a policy failure but a direct invitation to danger. From the strategic movements of these operatives to their ominous objectives, we expose the full extent of this infiltration. Why does this matter to every American? Stay tuned for a report that promises not only to reveal the truth but to affirm our resolve to protect our republic. Don't miss the final thought for a perspective that could change the way you see our nation's security.

4,300+ HAVE ENTERED BORDER TO DATE~ U.S. being flooded with Chinese spies? 

PLA-linked men enter America

Wave of Chinese migrants at southern border


Border crisis: Texas flies migrants to Chicago on private plane

Amid the ongoing crisis at the southern border, Texas officials flew over 100 migrants to Chicago on a private plane. O'Hare Airport police were told the private plane was chartered by the Texas Department of Emergency Management. Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson's office says this is the first time a private plane has been chartered to fly migrants into the city. FOX 32 Chicago's Kasey Chronis joins LiveNOW's Lexie Petrovic with the latest.

Highest Number Of Asylum Seekers Cross Border Illegally In One Day, 26,000 In Custody

Texas National Guard soldiers observe as thousands of immigrants walk towards a U.S. Border Patrol transit center on December 19, 2023 in Eagle Pass, Texas. Most had crossed the border from Mexico the night before. A major surge of migrants illegally crossing the Rio Grande have overwhelmed U.S. border authorities in recent weeks. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
11:16 AM – Wednesday, December 20, 2023


On Monday this week, hundreds of asylum seekers illegally crossed into Eagle Pass, Texas, setting a record for the most interactions with immigrants seeking to relocate in a single day at the southern border of the United States.

This increase in recent weeks has left border guards both overworked and exasperated.

Fox News was informed by Customs and Border Protection sources that there were more than 12,600 interactions involving asylum seekers on Monday.

This excludes the hundreds of people who were left in the Del Rio Sector on Monday night waiting to be processed following a wave of asylum seekers entering Eagle Pass.

More than 1,600 illegal immigrants were detected at ports of entry, and additionally, more than 11,000 illegal immigrants were reported as being apprehended.

As of Tuesday morning, over 4,500 asylum seekers were being processed and transported by agents at the popular crossing site. Of these, over 5,300 were already in custody, and the facilities were 260% over capacity.

This indicates that agents are outnumbered 200-to-1 in the small border sector, which is handling more than 10,000 migrants in total.

Meanwhile, there were more than 3,000 interactions on Monday in the Tucson Sector in Arizona, where agents have also been overworked. National Guard assistance has been requested by Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs (D-Ariz.).

With 2.4 million people crossing the border in fiscal year 2023, the border experienced a record number of interactions.

Given that agents now consistently observe over 10,000 interactions every day, record or near-record figures were expected to be posted in November and December, even though migration historically slows down during those months.

Department of Homeland Security representatives testified before lawmakers this month, saying that approximately 670,000 illegal immigrants, or “gotaways,” eluded Border Patrol agents in fiscal year 2023 and that they are releasing 5,000 of them every day to non-governmental organizations.

Furthermore, each month, up to 30,000 asylum seekers from Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba are coming in through the Biden administration’s expanded “lawful pathways.” These figures are in addition to the more than 1,600 migrants who are paroled in at ports of entry every day.

The government has claimed that although it is pursuing a policy of “broadening” those paths and toughening “consequences” for illegal entrance, it is also addressing a crisis that affects the entire hemisphere and requires more funds and legislation from Congress for immigration reform.

As part of the over $100 billion in supplemental funding demands, it has asked Congress for an additional $14 billion in financing for the border. However, Republicans have insisted on tighter restrictions regarding humanitarian parole and stricter asylum requirements.

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‘TIRED OF IT’: AZ gov demands fed help for border, says they ‘can’t do this alone’~Arizona governor bills the Biden Administration $512M for border operations after Lukeville closure

National Border Patrol, Vice President Art Del Cueto joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss the U.S. Border crisis as the migrant surge continues to grow at an alarming rate. 

Arizona governor bills the Biden Administration $512M for border operations after Lukeville closure

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs released a public letter to President Joe Biden will plan to bill the administration over $500 million for border operations after the Lukeville Port was closed Monday. The news comes a day ahead of her planned visit to Lukeville on Saturday to assess the situation after the federal government shut down the port of entry. Larry Gaydos and Chad Benson react.



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