BREAKING: Ron Desantis DROPS OUT, Supports Donald Trump for President

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is ending his 2024 Republican presidential campaign after failing to overtake rival Donald Trump in polling or in the early vote. DeSantis made the announcement in a video posted to social media on Sunday with less than 48 hours until voting in New Hampshire's primary, the second state in the nominating race.

Post-Debate Poll Delivers Good News For DeSantis Following Fourth GOP Showdown

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A brand new post-debate poll delivered some much needed good news for Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis following the fourth GOP showdown held earlier this week, naming him as the candidate that "performed best" on stage out of the four total individuals who qualified for the event. However, while this is definitely something to write in the "win" column, it's critical to note that DeSantis is still way behind former President Donald Trump in national polls. The other three candidates are even further behind. 

DeSantis was literally center stage during the event, surrounded by former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, pharmaceutical executive Vivek Ramaswamy, and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, all vying for the coveted honor of representing the Republican Party during the 2024 presidential election. 

Now, one can ask the question why the other three — aside from DeSantis — are still running given the fact that they stand almost no chance at all of catching up to Trump. It's a valid inquiry, especially when you take into consideration only a million people even tuned in to watch the debate. People already know where these candidates stand on the issues and how they differ from each other. Nothing new is being said and as a result, nobody really cares to hear them bicker with each other. The debate was pointless. Most folks already know whom they are supporting in the primary. 

According to the Daily Wire:

Of those who watched the NewsNation debate in Alabama, 30% said that DeSantis performed the best, followed by Haley, 23%; Christie, 19%; and Ramaswamy, 16%.

While 7% said that DeSantis did the worst, 9% said Haley, 31% said Christie, and 37% said Ramaswamy.

There was not a lot of movement in the poll in terms of candidates rising or falling in voter’s minds on who they would consider voting for.

Of those on stage, a higher percentage of voters were considering voting for DeSantis than any of the other candidates at 56%. Former President Donald Trump, who did not participate, received 61%

Popular conservative podcast host Megyn Kelly stated on Thursday that she, too, believed DeSantis to be the victor in the debate, going to say the biggest loser of the evening was Haley. I think the whole "girl boss" messaging of Haley is hurting her far more than its helping her. It's the kind of attitude we already get beaten over the head with from the radical left and it's off-putting. 

We already know that she's a strong, independent woman with a lot of success under her belt. There's no need to be obnoxious about it. It's not a good look. That being said, it's also annoying when a dude steps up and acts like he's the Lord's gift to the rest of the world. You can be confident while maintaining humility. 

“I mean, with all respect to her, I thought Nikki Haley lost last night because she shrunk away like she was not really a presence, and she’s been increasing her poll numbers by getting out there and being pugilistic, and that version of her did not appear on stage last night,” Kelly remarked during an interview.

“I thought Ron DeSantis had his best debate yet,” she continued. “And so I think you could probably say he’s the winner because he’s in the best poll position of the four.”

While it most certainly seems like Trump is all but assured to be the Republican Party nominee, anything can happen between now and the primary. Trump is tackling four indictments at the moment for a wide variety of different — and dare I say "trumped" up — charges, which could result in his being disqualified from the election. 

I don't foresee that happening, but it's a possibility. Which means it's also possible DeSantis could end up being the man to take on Biden next year. The others have a much bigger mountain to climb before anyone considers them serious contenders for the nomination.

What’s Going on With Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley?

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As the field of GOP candidates running to be the alternative to Donald Trump narrows, we’re beginning to see the candidates take each other on. On Wednesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) went after former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley on WYRD in Greenville, S.C. That’s right — he called her out in her home state.

In a wide-ranging interview with host Tara Servatius, DeSantis criticized Haley’s stances on a number of issues after her $10 million ad buy gunning for the governor. He began with a salvo that she hasn’t done enough to fight for conservatives on a national level.

"She has never fought any big fight on our behalf as conservatives and won any big fight,” he said. “Anytime that guns come out, anytime the left does, she cuts and runs."

The way Haley bought into the left’s narrative about the death of George Floyd three years ago was another issue. While Haley handled tricky race-charged issues well as governor of South Carolina — including the confederate flag controversy — she sounded like a leftist when it came to the riots after Floyd’s death. DeSantis seized on that issue.

“You know, I remember when the George Floyd riots were happening. I called out the National Guard. I said I'm standing with police,” he recalled. “She was tweeting that it needed to be personal and painful for every single person. And I'm thinking to myself, why does that need to be personal and painful for you or me, we had nothing to do with it?”

“It just shows an example of her adopting this left-wing mindset and accepting the narrative,” he added. “We need leaders who are going to fight the narrative. We need leaders who are going to fight back against the left and beat the left. And I'm the only one running that has a firm track record of defeating the Democrats and defeating the left on all these issues."

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DeSantis also asserted that Haley is too beholden to big corporations. He cited her reaction to his fight with Disney as an example.

“I mean, she criticized me for standing up for kids and the innocence of their curriculum against Disney where they wanted the sexualized curriculum in elementary school,” he told Servatius. “So I stood up for parents, I stood up for kids, she sided with a woke corporation. So that is just, I think, what you see in terms of that, it's just par for the course."

He added, "She will kowtow to elite opinions, the media, and big corporations. That is how she falls down. You can pretty much set your clock to it."

DeSantis also took Haley to task for her attitude toward China. PJ Media's own Paula Bolyard recently reported how Haley allowed the state of South Carolina to make land deals with Chinese companies. DeSantis pointed out that issue in the interview and contrasted it with his approach to China.

"You know, when she was governor, her number one thing she did was to bring in the CCP, Chinese Communist Party dollars into South Carolina," he said. "She was the number one ranked governor for bringing China into their state. I banned China from buying land in Florida. I kicked them out of the universities, these things like these Confucius Institutes, so it's just a huge contrast."

DeSantis also went after Haley for her failure to enact measures to protect women and girls from predators taking advantage of the transgender madness to prey on women in bathrooms.

"In Florida, we said girls and women should be protected in bathrooms and locker rooms. You should not have boys barging in, men going in there. It's not appropriate," he said. "And so we did that without any question. Of course, we're going to do that. She killed that legislation to protect girls in the bathrooms and the locker rooms. And she bragged about it. I mean, she later said, 'Oh, I stopped that in South Carolina.'"

After the interview, DeSantis responded to the latest controversy surrounding Haley, who suggested that all social media users should be verified and not anonymous. 

Haley said, "I want names," and Team Haley's Twitter/X bio says that it's "taking names." How literally should we take that sentiment?

DeSantis pointed out on Twitter/X:

DeSantis is taking a bold approach in going after Haley, who he sees as huge competition in the primaries. Time will tell if it pays off.

‘Racist’ Is the Mainstream Media’s Latest Sad Attempt to Smear Ron DeSantis

'Racist' Is the Mainstream Media's Latest Sad Attempt to Smear Ron DeSantis
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You’re probably reading the headline of this column and thinking, “Duh! When has the mainstream media ever treated a conservative fairly?” But hear me out. The press’ treatment of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) is particularly egregious.

Last week brought some particularly bad and unfair press for DeSantis. On Tuesday, the Associated Press published an article that painted the picture of an atmosphere of abject racism in the Sunshine State under DeSantis.

National Review’s Becket Adams pointed out that the AP “suggested Florida’s Republican governor bears responsibility for a racially motivated shooting in Jacksonville, in which a white shooter killed three black people.”

“Ron DeSantis scoffed when the NAACP issued a travel advisory this spring warning Black people to use ‘extreme care’ if traveling to Florida,” AP reporter Steven Peoples announced on social media as he promoted a report he co-authored with AP colleague Brendan Farrington.

Peoples added, “Just three months later, DeSantis is leading his state through the aftermath of a racist attack that left three African Americans dead. Black leaders in Florida — and across the nation — say they’re outraged by his actions and rhetoric ahead of the shooting.”

Who could blame DeSantis for scoffing? The NAACP is doing what leftist groups do: engage in political theater to make conservatives look bad. The travel advisory is a typically melodramatic — and stupid — leftist move that most everybody can see straight through.

But the AP made it worse in a subtle, sneaky way. Not to get too in the weeds here, but the AP manipulated the URL of the article — its unique address. The words in a URL are meant to bring the article up higher in a search when someone searches for those particular words.*

Last week, the URL of this article included the words “Jacksonville DeSantis Racist Republican Shooting Haley Scott.”

I tested it, and sure enough when I googled “Republican Racist,” that article was the fourth one that popped up, but when I googled “DeSantis Racist,” it was the first site that came up.

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Somewhere down the line, the AP simplified the URL, but it still contained the words “Jacksonville Racist Shooting DeSantis.”

It was bad enough for the AP to insinuate that DeSantis is racist for denying “systemic racism,” but the outlet featured a quote from NAACP president Derrick Johnson, who told the outlet, “What Gov. DeSantis has done is created an atmosphere for such tragedies to take place. This is exactly why we issued the travel advisory.”

The black history section of Florida’s new social studies curriculum received the brand of “racist” for suggesting that slaves learned skills that benefitted them after achieving freedom, even though its language is remarkably similar to the College Board’s own advanced placement course description. But it’s DeSantis who’s the racist — just like he took the heat for what the left falsely called Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” legislation. The mainstream media has also suggested that DeSantis put disgraced state attorney Monique Worrell on suspension simply because she’s black.

Is Ron DeSantis a racist? Of course not. Is the state of Florida racist? Absolutely not. Are outlets like the Associated Press doing everything they can to try to falsely paint DeSantis and his state as racist to the core? You’d better believe it. And they should be ashamed of themselves for it.

Hurricane Response Reveals Ron DeSantis’ Competence and Leadership and Trump’s Pettiness

Hurricane Response Reveals Ron DeSantis' Competence and Leadership and Trump’s Pettiness
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Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) has once again been faced with a natural disaster in his state, and once again, he is crushing it. He didn’t hesitate to leave the campaign trail to take care of business, demonstrating once again what competence and leadership look like. Not only is DeSantis effectively managing the disaster response, but he’s also refusing to let the media politicize the situation.

Of course, that’s not stopping Donald Trump from taking shots at him. Trump is keenly aware that Ron DeSantis is his most formidable challenger. Despite Trump’s substantial lead in the polls, DeSantis has been his favorite target — even more than Joe Biden. With DeSantis off the campaign trail, Trump isn’t pulling any punches, even making an unfounded claim that DeSantis was on the verge of dropping out to run for the U.S. Senate.

Trump, who upstaged the Biden administration in East Palestine, Ohio, earlier this year by bringing supplies and water, hasn’t exactly been terribly concerned about the hurricane affecting his home state. In fact, when Hurricane Idalia was about to make landfall, Trump released a campaign video… bragging about his poll numbers.


It was a terrible look, and it seems that after several days of being silent about the hurricane, Trump has finally decided on his play: blast the heck out of it.

“So now it is learned that Governor Ron DeSanctimonious unnecessarily approved a 20% hike in Florida Electricity Rates, the largest in history (by far!), after taking a 9.5 Million Dollar Campaign Contribution from ‘money machine’ Florida Power and Light, and subsidiaries,” Trump claimed in a post on Truth Social. “Next up to check out is the Insurance Industry, where DeSanctus gave up the store. His campaign and poll numbers have ‘CRASHED’ to a point where it doesn’t much matter anymore, but what a shame for Florida!”

Trump’s behavior here is hardly surprising. DeSantis quickly sprung into action for the residents of his state. His leadership during a crisis will most certainly resonate with Americans, especially as it contrasts with Joe Biden’s botched responses to the environmental disaster in East Palestine earlier this year and the recent Maui wildfires.

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So why is Trump doing this? Why is he being so petty, attacking DeSantis as the hurricane made landfall and then ridiculously attacking his laudable response? Well, despite his lead in the polls, Trump appears to have hit a ceiling, and his numbers are starting to dip.

According to a poll analysis by FiveThirtyEight, Trump was the only GOP candidate to lose a significant amount of support after the debate. Trump needs to attack DeSantis in the hopes that it can blunt any potential political benefit he gets out of it. DeSantis may not be concerned about politics now, but Trump is.

As a Florida resident, a Republican, and a human being, Trump should do better. This is ridiculous.

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