DO NOT DELETE: Important Update! Be Aware; Need to reach you about this, it affects every Delaware child.

We've been warning about HB 230, the gender transition bill which would allow the state to use the emergency jurisdiction of minors to "transition" them! The bill was quietly removed last week, but was replaced with HB 346!

To those of you who took action, THANK YOU! When thousands take that 5 minute action, it exposes how "toxic" an issue is politically, which is usually the ONLY way an activist legislator will back off. We need to do it again! 

The new bill, HB 346, will shield medical doctors from any liability for prescribing highly experimental, irreversible hormone drugs and performing horrific "gender reassignment" surgeries. Already 22 states have banned these procedures. More are expected in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, DELAWARE is running towards it. Let that sink in....

HB 346 affects kids being sold the gender transition line as young as 4-5 years old, and adults struggling with significant mental issues - they are "consenting" to lifelong pharmaceutical use, becoming sterile, and going under the knife... all without fully understanding their own biology, or knowing what questions to ask.


Contact your DE State Representative Today!

*IMPORTANT: Just this month, documents were leaked from WPATH, the leading transgender "experts" that the sponsors of HB 346 rely on for their information. The documents show that although WPATH publicly advocates for gender transitioning, they privately recognize that minors and vulnerable adults cannot fully consent to gender transition treatment.

We may be witnessing the greatest medical scandal in our country's history. Left-leaning journalist Michael Shellenberger is exposing the scandal - see it for yourself with a quick search on YouTube.

There are lawsuits across the country from young adults who are suffering the consequences of their gender transition. They were lured into it as minors, before they had even taken high school biology, and yet recommended this experimental "treatment" that left them sterile, sexually dysfunctional, and lifelong dependents on the pharmaceutical industry. There are disproportionately high concentrations of autism, severe mental health struggles, and histories of sexual abuse among individuals who transition, further preventing their ability to give informed consent.

Delaware activists, in the name of "care," are leaving this vulnerable population completely defenseless against the harms of their radical agenda, which results in sterilization, sexual dysfunction, and complications for life.

Contact your DE State Representative Today!

The transgender industry gives billions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies who manufacture drugs for puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and drugs needed for surgeries. These are drugs that individuals who transition have to take for the rest of their lives.

Puberty blockers have not been FDA approved for use in minors for gender transition. WPATH admitted that there are no long-term studies on the benefits or harms of gender transition drugs and surgeries.

European countries such as the UK, Norway, and Finland, as well as 22 US states, have restricted or banned these surgeries and drugs for minors.

Delaware is on the wrong side of history. Children are being sold the gender lie through media, social media, and even curricula in public schools. If they feel uncomfortable with their changing bodies, or don't fit the "stereotype" for manhood or womanhood, they are told that they were born in the wrong body.

The number of children who have attempted to "transition" their gender has tripled in just five years!

Delaware law demands that those licensed counselors can only counsel these children toward gender transition. This is irresponsible! But if HB 346 passes, the victims will have no legal recourse.

Don't delay; send in your comments today, and then share this email in your sphere of influence. ***We need thousands of comments before Wednesday!***

John, this is a new bill that needs new action today. Your legislators must hear from you - tell them to vote NO to HB 346! - Then PLEASE forward this info to a friend and ask them to send in their comments also.

Contact DE State Representative Today!

HB 346 sells out children and vulnerable adults to secure the interests of this $4 billion pharmaceutical industry.

Your comments advance the truth when they're done effectively. Use the super easy link in this email to ask the committee and your State Representative to Vote NO on HB 346. When we each do this, our voices together are AMPLIFIED.

Take Action today and MAKE THIS TOXIC for any legislator who votes for it!

Contact Your DE State Representative Today

I'm urging you not to be silent on this. Stand up and protect Delaware children, vulnerable adults, and their families from this agenda! 


Nicole Theis
Delaware Family Policy Council

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Censorship & Surveillance Increasing in America with Mel K

Supreme Court Should Reject Clandestine Government Censorship of Online Speech

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

free speech freedom censorship iStock-spukkato 887987546
iStock-spukkato 887987546

When federal officials persistently pressured social media platforms to delete or downgrade posts those officials did not like, a government lawyer told the Supreme Court on Monday, they were merely offering “information” and “advice” to their “partners” in fighting “misinformation.”

If the justices accept that characterization, they will be blessing clandestine government censorship of online speech.

The case, Murthy v. Missouri, pits two states and five social media users against federal officials who strongly, repeatedly and angrily demanded that Facebook et al. crack down on speeches the government viewed as dangerous to public health, democracy, or national security. Some of this “exhortation,” as U.S. Deputy Solicitor General Brian Fletcher described it, happened in public, as when President Joe Biden accused the platforms of “killing people” by allowing users to say things he believed would discourage Americans from being vaccinated against COVID-19.

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, who echoed that charge in more polite terms, urged a “whole-of-society” effort to combat the “urgent threat to public health” posed by “health misinformation,” which he said might include “legal and regulatory measures.” Other federal officials said holding social media platforms “accountable” could entail antitrust action, new regulations, or expansion of their civil liability for user-posted content.

Those public threats were coupled with private communications that came to light only thanks to discovery in this case.

As Louisiana Solicitor General J. Benjamin Aguinaga noted on Monday, officials such as Deputy Assistant to the President Rob Flaherty “badger[ed] the platforms 24/7,” demanding that they broaden their content restrictions and enforce them more aggressively.

Those emails alluded to presidential displeasure and warned that White House officials were “considering our options on what to do” if the platforms failed to fall in line. The platforms responded by changing their policies and practices.

Facebook executive Nick Clegg was eager to appease the president.

In emails to Murthy, he noted that Facebook had “adjust[ed] policies on what we’re removing”; had deleted pages, groups, and accounts that offended the White House; and would “shortly be expanding our COVID policies to further reduce the spread of potentially harmful content.”

Facebook took those steps, Clegg said in another internal email that Aguinaga quoted, “because we were under pressure by the administration.” Clegg expressed regret about caving to that pressure, saying, “We shouldn’t have done it.”

According to Fletcher, none of this implicated the First Amendment, because “no threats happened.” He meant that federal officials never explicitly threatened platforms with “adverse government action” while urging suppression of constitutionally protected speech.

That position is hard to reconcile with the Supreme Court’s 1963 decision in Bantam Books v. Sullivan. In that case, the Court held that Rhode Island’s Commission to Encourage Morality in Youth had violated the First Amendment by pressuring book distributors to drop titles it deemed objectionable.

Notably, the commission itself had no enforcement authority, and at least some of the books it flagged did not meet the Supreme Court’s test for obscenity, meaning the distributors were not violating any law by selling them. The Court nevertheless concluded that the commission’s communications, which ostensibly sought voluntary “cooperation” but were “phrased virtually as orders,” were unconstitutional because they aimed to suppress disfavored speech and had that predictable result.

The Biden administration’s social media meddling bears a strong resemblance to the situation. But Fletcher argued that federal officials were simply using “the bully pulpit” to persuade platforms that they had a “responsibility” to curtail dangerous speech.

“Pressuring platforms in back rooms shielded from public view is not using the bully pulpit at all,” Aguinaga noted. “That’s just being a bully.”

Free Press, an inaptly named organization that aims to promote “positive social change, racial justice and meaningful engagement in public life,” warns that a ruling against the government “could allow social-media platforms to leave up misinformation.” In other words, a ruling for the government would empower it to define “misinformation” and require its removal — something the First Amendment plainly forbids.

About Jacob Sullum

Jacob Sullum is a senior editor at Reason magazine. Follow him on Twitter: @JacobSullum. During two decades in journalism, he has relentlessly skewered authoritarians of the left and the right, making the case for shrinking the realm of politics and expanding the realm of individual choice. Jacobs’ work appears here at AmmoLand News through a license with Creators Syndicate.

Jacob Sullum
Jacob Sullum

White House Warns Fox News to Stop Covering Biden Corruption

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

And the media is cheering it on.


I remember when White House Spokesman Ari Fleischer made an off-hand remark about what he thought was Bill Maher praising the Al Qaeda terrorists, suggesting that people should watch what they say, and we have spent years hearing about the Bush administration “terrorizing”, “censoring” and “intimidating” the press.

Bush was compared to Hitler and the incident still continues to be brought up today even as the Biden administration is fighting in court for the “free speech right” to censor political opponents on social media, and now the White House has fired off a letter to FOX News warning it to stop covering Joe Biden’s corruption.

The White House is formally calling on Fox News to walk back its coverage of bribery and corruption allegations against President Joe Biden.

In a letter sent to the right-wing network’s top brass this week, which has not been previously reported, Ian Sams, a top White House spokesperson, noted that the ex-FBI informant who was the source of the bribery claims has now been charged by federal authorities for allegedly fabricating the story.

“Despite this, Fox has taken no steps to retract, correct, or update its reporting on this false allegation from 2023,” Sams said in his letter to Fox News chief executive Suzanne Scott, president Jay Wallace, and Washington bureau chief Bryan Boughton.

Despite media misinformation, Smirnov’s allegations were a late-arriving cherry on the cake in an investigation that involved IRS whistleblowers, business partners of Hunter Biden and extensive information from his own laptops.

Yet forget that for a moment.

Imagine the response if the Bush or Trump administrations had sent such a threatening letter to CBS News.

This isn’t even coming from the Biden campaign, a distinct organization, or any of the numerous leftist groups it has at its command, but from a special assistant to the president, with Anita Dunn cc’ed on it.

And the media is cheering it on.

Miami imam: ‘I am here to convert Americans,’ if America becomes majority-Muslim, we will impose Sharia

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

This effort is now going on all over the U.S., and none of the major churches have any response, or prepared their young people in any way to withstand the appeal of dawah.

“Miami Imam Dr. Fadi Kablawi: We Are Not Here To Kill Anyone; If We Can Take Your Country And Implement Shari’a law, We Will Do It, But Only According To Your Laws, By Becoming The Majority; I Am Here To Convert America,” MEMRI, January 26, 2024:

Dr. Fadi Kablawi said in a January 26, 2024 Friday sermon at Masjid As Sunna An Nabawiyyah North Miami, which was streamed live on Facebook, that Zionism is a problem for the whole world. He said that if it serves their interests, “those sociopaths” will do what they are doing to the Palestinians in Gaza to the Christians, Chinese, Germans, and Americans. Dr. Kablawi said that they have to create “scenarios” like 9/11, assassinations, or explosions around the world, “so they can come and kill us.” He said that Muslims do not wish to kill any Americans or to take over their country. However, Dr. Kablawi said, if the U.S. becomes a Muslim majority country, the citizens would choose to implement shari’a law. He added: “I am here [in the U.S.], so I can covert America.”

Dr. Fadi Kablawi: “Those enemies of human beings, if they do it to the Palestinians in Gaza, they will do it to you if they need to.


“This is who they are, sociopaths. They will do that to any other person if they just reach a point where they are convinced that it is for their interests. They will do it to the Christians, they will do it to the Chinese, they will do it to the Americans, they will do it to the Germans… By Allah, they will do it to anybody. With Muslims, they have extra reasons to do it. They will do it to everybody.

“So that sign here on the Golden Glades, when you leave… that Hamas is not only your problem or something… It’s your problem too… Hamas is your problem too. Did you see the language? Hamas is going to end Israel, and they are going to start going to Europe and America. It is going to take a long time, digging a tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean, dude.

“But anyway, the idea is scare tactics, it is your problem too. Do you know who your problem is too? Zionism is the problem of the world. Take it from me. Go back and read their history, learn their history. Who did assassinations all over the world? Who blew up buildings all over the world? Who blew up American ships? Who did it? Hamas or the Mossad? Who blew up [the World Trade Center] on 9/11? Oh…


“By Allah, oh brothers, we had nothing to do with it, and they will see it. They have to create scenarios like this, so they can come and kill us. Most Americans are naive and have no clue. All they are worried about is the Super Bowl. We need to change that, we need to propagate that, and change it with the people around us.

“Open your mind, we are not here to kill anybody. We are not here to hurt anybody, we don’t want to take over your country. If we can, we will take it, but with means that the law allows us. Here, we are going to make da’wa to the people… Like the guy who emailed me, some guy, Brad Jennings… [He wrote:] ‘Do you want to shari’a laws in America?’ I said if America becomes a majority Muslim [country] then inshallah, we will choose to implement shari’a.


“Then he says: ‘Go to Gaza, they need dental work.’ I said that there are enough dentists in Gaza, but I am here so I can convert Americans.”

Biden Regime Pressured Amazon to Suppress Books It Didn’t Like

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

“Is the [Biden] Admin asking us to remove books”?

What’s the difference between books and any other kind of speech? Books have an emotional quality to them.

Delete someone’s post and it can be called enforcing community guidelines, but burn a book and suddenly you’re a Nazi. Speech is still speech, but the idea of going after books in particular summons all sorts of historical references from the Muslim destruction of the Library of Alexandria to book-burning rallies in Berlin.

It’s why the Left was able to mobilize so much opposition by accusing school boards and parents of trying to “ban books” by keeping pornographic books out of schools.

Still every prior form of political censorship was defended by leftists, why not go after books on Amazon?

Tyler O’Neil at the Daily Signal reports that the Biden team saw no apparent difference between targeting books on Amazon and any other forms of social media censorship that it was pushing.

Andrew Slavitt, then a senior adviser on Biden’s COVID-19 response team, had previously asked, “Who can we talk to about the high levels of propaganda and misinformation and disinformation [on] Amazon?”

And by “talk to”, they meant get rid of.

In one email produced through a House Judiciary Committee subpoena had an Amazon employee asking, “Is the [Biden] Admin asking us to remove books”?

After the March 9 meeting at the White House, Amazon staff strategized how to respond to a negative story that Buzzfeed would publish discussing “COVID-19 related books for sale on Amazon.” Staff noted that they were “feeling pressure from the White House Taskforce” on the issue of books “related to vaccine misinformation.”

The resulting compromise instead settled for shadowbanning the books.

In this discussion, a staffer noted that “we did enable Do Not Promote for anti-vax books whose primary purpose is to persuade readers vaccines are unsafe or ineffective on 3/9, and will review additional handling options for these books with you, [redacted], and [redacted] on 3/19.”

That March 9 decision to change Amazon’s algorithm to avoid promoting “anti-vax books” appears to have happened after the meeting with White House staff.

The media will predictably support this or ignore it: thus crossing another line. And at some point we’ll run out of lines. Liberals used to love Heinrich Heine’s line, “where they burn books, they will, in the end, burn human beings too.” There’s some truth to it. At least insofar as the sorts of regimes that burned people tended to have also burnt books beforehand.

The pattern here is similar to what we saw before with the #TwitterFiles. While externally Dot Coms defend censorship, internally we’ve seen a good deal of discomfort from top execs with what they’re being asked to do.

That discomfort is key. A judicial decision banning the government from pushing companies to censor materials was protested on the grounds that the government was persuading, not ordering. Liberals pretended that there was such a distinction. But the more of these cases are aired, the more that distinction collapses.

Justice Clarence Thomas had warned that government agencies pressuring social media companies to censor might not be considered “private action.” And without that, it’s just government censorship.

EXPOSED: Biden’s Monstrous ‘Anti-Terror’ Plan to Censor Christians, Conservatives Before 2024 Election

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
When they're not siccing the FBI on Catholic Churches or dragging upset fathers from school board meetings, there's a new and equally monstrous plan to shut up conservatives terrorists before the 2024 election. It is sponsored by your friendly Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Careful guys, don't trip on your jackboots. 

The Media Research Center (MRC) has uncovered a Biden Administration plot — yes, plot —  to silence conservatives before the 2024 election with a "media literacy" program that targets conservatives, Christians, gun owners, and the GOP in the name of fighting terrorism. The program uses federal taxpayer funds to pay people to write, blog, and podcast messages that are anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Republican, and anti-anyone who ever thought Donald Trump wore nice ties.  

This goes beyond campaign bromides and slogans by crazed James Carville politicos; this program uses the force of government to smear anyone to the right of the organized left. We're in Joseph Goebbels territory here. Heil Biden!

Under President Trump, the "Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program" was used to fight terrorists who wanted to blow up and kill Americans, but under Joe Biden, the program morphed into something completely different. Now you are the terrorists and the nation's school children are being activated to hate you

Phase one of the three-phase program pays people to write blogs and do podcasts that are anti-conservative. The first phase, which has already been concluded, tilled the ground to produce the rest of this poisonous harvest. 

MRC reports that the following is some of the material produced in "DHS-commissioned blog posts":

  • “We are all living in a darker, scarier, angrier, less hopeful country thanks to Mr. Trump’s influence. Are we on the verge of civil war?”
  • “Donald Trump was also adopting the shock-jock style that Rush Limbaugh built into a cultural phenomenon, including his misogynistic and racist comments, conspiracy theories, and grievances.”
  • “It won’t be easy, but we really have to reduce Trump’s influence” 
  • “[I]t's tempting and entertaining to tune into the circuses of the Marjorie Taylor Greenes, Louis Farrakans [sic], and MAGA supporters.”
  • “It turns out even Fox Media has limits on how much misogyny and racism it will tolerate from its stars – witness the canceling of Tucker Carlson’s show last week.”

Through Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests, the Media Research Center uncovered an extension of the program that had previously started under the State Department, which they had previously reported.

Phase two of the program uses seminars produced by the University of Rhode Island’s Media Education Lab that "train educators across the country on how to divert students away from conservative ideas and media sources skeptical of the administration’s agenda." American taxpayers gave an initial $700,000 to fund the project used to destroy your freedom of conscience. 

Related: We'd Like the 2020 Election Back: DOJ Admits It Lied About Hunter Biden's Laptop

The Eva Brauns who attend learn how to push schools "to put censorship tools from for-profit media ratings firms Ad Fontes and NewsGuard into American classrooms." Both are leftist organizations cloaking their censorship under "media literacy." MRC says that "the two organizations also have overlapping board members and staff [and] they essentially function as a single enterprise." 

MRC reported:

It is telling that before being allowed to participate in the DHS-funded seminars, educators must declare their political ideology. One teacher who declared herself “conservative” reported that she was confined to a breakout group controlled by the director of the Rhode Island Lab so as to limit her access to the most damning material.

And phase three of the plan grants $1,000 to the Biden Youth to demand action

Children "must create social media posts to increase demands for media literacy mandates"; that's censorship to you and me. It will not surprise you to learn that the program is patterned after a "German socialist model" in partnership with the State Department "which focuses on pushing teachers to turn children into 'media producers,'” otherwise known as state media propagandists. 

This anti-terror program was hijacked in 2019 by DHS apparatchiks who were self-avowed "resisters" in the Trump Administration. You'll recall that at the beginning of the Trump Administration, personnel at multiple agencies announced their #Resistance on social media. One even wrote an anonymous article in The New York Times entitled "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration." 

The author was later outed as Miles Taylor, who, you will not be surprised to learn, turned anti-terrorism into this self-licking ice cream cone of a program we see today. He was helped along by the former acting head of DHS, Kevin McAleenan, who took the spot when the left curb-stomped Kirstjen Nielsen.

MRC reports how the anti-terror was switched in defiance of then-President Trump. 

This quiet resurrection of TVTP was conducted by then-Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan after months of behind-the-scenes pressure by Miles Taylor. Taylor was the then-“Anonymous” author of the infamous New York Times opinion piece “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.” In that article and a follow-up book, Taylor — who had served as the Chief of Staff for the DHS — bragged about spending years “working diligently from within to frustrate” the mission and objectives of then-President Donald J. Trump. Taylor later told Politico he masterminded the TVTP revival and redesign against the direction of Trump’s White House, which was not “initially all that interested” in funding the program.

A mere five years after that article, the Rhode Island Lab is using the funds it received from the TVTP program Taylor helped design to erase the memory of what he did. [emphasis added]

The authoritarianism is strong in this one. 

Once again, Americans have to man the barricades to fight the battles to topple these giant authoritarians who believe they know better than you. 

Read the MRC story about this and then follow up on the recommendations. They suggest that you first check the local schools to determine if Ad Fontes and/or NewsGuard are in the classrooms. If they are, demand that they get rid of them because of their one-sided censorship programs. Call on your congressional reps and state attorneys general to investigate these one-sided censorship programs. Demand that Congress defund these censorship programs. 

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What AP, the World’s Largest News Agency, Left Out in its Coverage of the ‘Palestinians’


The Associated Press has a long history of misreporting on the Middle East in order to make the Palestinians look good and Israel to look bad. Sometimes it omits key facts, such as how the IDF civilian-to-combatant ratio in the Gaza war compares to the ratios obtained by the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, or it fails to report blood-curdling remarks by Palestinian leaders, or leaves out inconvenient truths about the multibillion dollar fortunes of Hamas leaders living in Doha, or ignores altogether the stories of Israeli doctors saving the lives of Hamas terrorists, or other stories that you are unlikely to have ever heard about, because they make the Palestinians look bad and the Israelis look good. And that, of course, would never do.

Elder of Ziyon reports on the latest AP omission here: “Over 2/3 of Palestinians want to see a return to terror attacks against Jews. AP doesn’t report that part of the survey,” Elder of Ziyon, December 14, 2023:

reported on a new PCPSR survey yesterday showing that Hamas’ popularity has surged since October 7.

While I report on these polls often, major news media almost always ignore them. This time, though, AP highlighted the part about how Hamas is now far more popular than Fatah, especially on the West Bank, and how Palestinians do not want Abbas as their leader.

That is indeed an important story. But AP continues to ignore one critical question that is in every poll, that is even more important.

69% of the respondents say they support “a return to confrontations and armed intifada.”

This key fact was left out of the AP reporting. You would not know how from the AP how many Palestinians now support terrorism and a return to the intifada, nor that it represented a major increase since October 7 in the numbers of such supporters, who have been not embarrassed by, but positively enthused about, the atrocities that the civilized world condemns.

By a greater than 2-1 ratio, Palestinians want to go back to the days of suicide bombings and blowing up buses filled with Jews.

Media and politicians love to talk a lot about ceasefires, and the importance of peace, and the desirability of a two-state solution. But this single fact means that none of that matters.

More than half of Palestinians have been supporting a return to terrorism for a while now. Hamas’ pogrom increased that desire by 11 percentage points….

58% of Palestinians have long supported a return to terrorism. Far from diminishing that enthusiasm, the Hamas atrocities on October 7 increased the number who support such terrorism, and indeed, support for Hamas itself, to 69%.

72% of Palestinian respondents in the latest poll believe Hamas was “correct” to launch its October 7 onslaught, with 82% in the West Bank and 57% in Gaza backing the terror group..

Palestinians now overwhelmingly support terrorism, support a return to the Intifada, support the kinds of acts that Hamas carried out on October 7. Once you fully grasp the enormity of that support — which has been steadily rising — it is impossible to think that a “two-state solution” is possible. It will never happen. Israel cannot possibly surrender more territory to people who make no secret that, by a large margin, they want to see the Jewish state destroyed, and Jews either expelled, or killed, or forced to submit to the status of tolerated dhimmi.

The Bidenites continue to prate about the need for a “two-state solution.” How will that miracle be achieved, if 72% of the Palestinians overall, and 82% in the West Bank, endorse the worst atrocities visited upon the Jewish people since the Holocaust? How likely is it that after October 7, Israelis will be willing to allow a new, larger Gaza, to be created in the West Bank? How can Israel possibly make peace with people who think that October 7 was a great victory for the Palestinians, something to be proud of? The only durable peace possible between the Jewish state and those who wish to destroy it is that which depends on deterrence: Israel must be so obviously stronger militarily, so capable of crushing its enemies, that those enemies may continue to hate it, but will give up trying to annihilate it.

COVID Vaccine Skepticism Censored After Virality Project Complained to Social Media

A Stanford University group helped the United States government censor COVID-19 dissidents, then they lied about it. The Twitter files published by journalist Matt Taibbi in March revealed the Stanford’s Internet Observatory initiative, also known as the Virality Project, pushed platforms to treat user concerns about vaccine mandates as disinformation and to consider stories of true vaccine side effects to be actionable content on social media.

Majority of Supreme Court Allows Biden Regime to Use Private Companies to Censor Speech Into 2024


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Should a president be able to censor his political opponents? Stay tuned.

The good news is that a reckoning with the Biden administration’s policy of telling companies to censor things they don’t like is coming. The Supreme Court will take up the Louisiana ban on the administration censoring political opponents via private companies. The bad news is that Roberts, Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett decided to sign on letting the Biden administration go on doing it for another year because the First Amendment is just a theory.

Read the Alito dissent on the majority issuing a stay on an order blocking the Biden administration’s censorship. (Alito was joined by Thomas and Gorsuch.)

Today, however, a majority of the Court, without undertaking a full review of the record and without any explanation, suspends the effect of that injunction until the Court completes its review of this case, an event that may not occur until late in the spring of next year. Government censorship of private speech is antithetical to our democratic form of government, and therefore today’s decision is highly disturbing.

This case began when two States, Missouri and Louisiana, and various private parties filed suit alleging that popular social media companies had either blocked their use of the companies’ platforms or had downgraded their posts on a host of controversial subjects, including “the COVID–19 lab leak theory, pandemic lockdowns, vaccine side effects, election fraud, and the Hunter Biden laptop story.”

According to the plaintiffs, Federal Government officials “were the ones pulling the strings,” that is, these officials “‘coerced, threatened, and pressured [the] social-media platforms to censor [them].’”

… To stop this “campaign,” the injunction, as it now stands, prohibits the covered officials from doing two things. First, they may not “coerce” social media platforms to make “content-moderation decisions.” Second, they may not “meaningfully contro[l]” social media platforms’ “content-moderation” efforts. Displeased with these restrictions, the Government filed an emergency application asking us to stay the effect of this injunction pending certiorari…

Despite the Government’s conspicuous failure to establish a threat of irreparable harm, the majority stays the injunction and thus allows the defendants to persist in committing the type of First Amendment violations that the lower courts identified. The majority takes this action in the face of the lower courts’ detailed findings of fact…

At this time in the history of our country, what the Court has done, I fear, will be seen by some as giving the Government a green light to use heavy-handed tactics to skew the presentation of views on the medium that increasingly dominates the dissemination of news. That is most unfortunate.

Left unsaid by Alito is that the Biden administration will be able to continue censoring opposing views into 2024 as the presidential campaign continues to get underway.

The Biden administration claimed that being unable to censor political dissent during a presidential campaign would cause “irreparable harm” while Alito argues that censoring political dissent will cause “irreparable harm”.

Roberts, Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett sided with the Biden administration. That does not bode well for the actual case, but we shall see. If the Biden administration wins this one, the First Amendment effectively becomes a dead letter on the internet.

Should a president be able to censor his political opponents? Stay tuned.

Dr. Berg Gets Censored (Silenced) by YouTube

YouTube has now banned alternative views on health. Here’s what you need to know about this radical new change. 0:00 Introduction: New YouTube ban 0:12 What this new ban means 6:38 The #1 ranking video for the keto diet 12:05 What is your opinion? YouTube has just banned anything related to health that doesn’t align with the general medical consensus. If any information related to health doesn’t agree with the World Health Organization, the video won’t necessarily be taken down, but it may be hard to find. This is supposed to protect viewers against misinformation and promote high-quality health information. But, their definition of misinformation is anything that opposes their viewpoint. I currently have collected 7,607 success stories—I’m helping people. My information is not misinformation. It’s helpful information. Traditional medicine doesn’t work for everyone, and people are looking for inexpensive natural remedies. How are they supposed to find alternative viewpoints or opinions? A lot of people are searching for the keto diet. However, many medical professionals don't really understand nutritional ketosis. Many times, doctors don’t get training in nutrition or alternatives. Yet these are the people who get to control this information. Healthy ketosis is not toxic or dangerous. Ketones are a super fuel and are antioxidants. On the other hand, glucose is dangerous and toxic. I would love to get your opinion on this situation. Please click the link above and go through the survey questions to let me know your opinion on this recent radical change of suppressing alternative viewpoints on health. Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio: Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis and intermittent fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals®. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media. Follow Me On Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Anchor: TikTok: Send a Message to his team: Disclaimer: Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to himself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients so he can focus on educating people as a full-time activity, yet he maintains an active license. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, prescription, or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. #keto #ketodiet #weightloss #ketolifestyle Thanks for watching! I hope this helps explain and increase your awareness of this new YouTube ban. I would love for you to share your opinion in the survey above.

17 People Died on One Military Base Just This Year, but the Air Force Won’t Say Why

17 People Died on One Military Base Just This Year, but the Air Force Won't Say Why
U.S. Air Force photo/Greg L. Davis, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
A new report from has revealed that Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma is refusing to reveal the cause of death for 17 base personnel who have passed away this year. How does one base have a death toll of 17 in the span of eight months? Why would the base not want to share information concerning what happened to these individuals and why so many people at one military installation have died?

Since the base is funded with American tax dollars and the people dying are public servants, I think the general public has a right to know what is going on at Tinker Air Force Base, don’t you?

According to the Daily Caller, the base would not provide details about how 17 people working at the base have died from what they called “various causes,” going on to say that several of the deaths were still currently under investigation. Gee, that doesn’t sound suspicious or anything. Several posts on social media, along with a source connected to the base, have made claims that Tinker Air Force Base has suddenly become afflicted by numerous suicides. That’s a rather chilling thought.

“I’m sorry, but we are not going to release the number of deaths at Tinker,” Kimberly Woodruff, a spokesperson representing Tinker Air Force Base, said to the folks at “We have ongoing investigations and to protect the families and the units, we won’t comment on those numbers. It is Air Force policy that we do not disclose information about deaths or their circumstances.”

Here’s more from the report:

There is no policy that prohibits releasing the number of deaths at Air Force bases, according to Department of the Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek, reported. Tinker Air Force Base public affairs later released the number of deaths from the current calendar year to, but did not disclose their causes.

Several other branches of the military have been swift in identifying deaths and suspected suicides, according to The Army and bipartisan lawmakers brought attention to several suicides of service members stationed in Alaska in 2022, and – when inquired – the Navy immediately confirmed to the deaths and suspected suicides aboard the USS George Washington and USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Teri Caserta, the mother of a sailor who committed suicide in 2018, remarked that the base should be held accountable for releasing details concerning the deaths. Caserta helped to launch the establishment of the Brandon Act, which is named after her deceased son and enables members of the military to seek out treatment for mental health issues discreetly.

“Tinker does not have to disclose the names of the airmen/women who have died, but I believe we as citizens who have service members and who have children looking into serving our country deserve to know why and how airmen/women are dying,” Caserta wrote in an email on Wednesday, according to “We need to know that the Air Force takes all deaths as seriously as they claim and, if there is toxicity within the ranks at Tinker, they all should be held accountable for these deaths whether they are suicides or not.”

When the Daily Caller tried to reach out for a comment on the report, Tinker Air Force Base did not immediately offer a response.

It’s not hard to understand why. Something is definitely going on at the base for leadership to be trying so hard to keep the causes of death secret. There are a number of things that could be going on, and if the base wants to avoid speculation, it should release the information. That’s the only way to keep people’s imaginations from running wild.

O’Keefe Media Group Unearths Best Buy’s Discrimination

O'Keefe Media Group Unearths Best Buy's Discrimination
(AP Photo/John Locher)
You may find this hard to believe, but there were times in my life when I was in charge of important things. Once upon a time, I was the program director and operations manager for two radio stations. No, really. As such, I had the power to hire people. That could prove to be a real rodeo from time to time, but that’s another story.Remember that this was a good twenty years before the dog days of DEI, so no one was breathing down our necks with rules, seminars, and classes designed to mandate who we hired. And we did reach out to minorities. Mainly, we tried to hire members of the local tribe. We reached out through the tribe’s newspaper, and we even actively recruited a few members, not because we had to but because we wanted to give a chance to anyone who had some talent or who wanted to develop their broadcasting skills. There was never much interest. This could have been attributed to the fact that our AM product was mainly conservative talk, but I honestly don’t know why.

Nowadays, discriminatory employment practices are legion — either because companies have gone woke or want to appear woke to avoid the twin ban-hammers of DEI and CRT. There has been some decline in that respect, but there are still pockets of it here and there, and I suspect it will be a feature of American companies for some time to come.

For example, the O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) recently uncovered the fact that Best Buy, that bastion of the Geek Squad and tons of fascinating technology that you never knew you needed (and probably don’t), is engaged in discriminatory HR practices. The flyer below is a little hard to read, even if you click on it, but it is an invitation to enroll in McKinsey & Company’s management training program. Many of the requirements are perfectly reasonable, but one requirement is not. Interested applicants must “Identify as Black, Latino, Hispanic or Pacific Islander.” It’s even a box that has to be checked on the application.

But wait! There’s more!

OMG talked with Enis Sujak, who is a member of the Geek Squad. Sujak told OMG that he witnessed religious bias on the job, along with an LGBTQ preference. Sujak reached out to OMG after walking out on a mandatory LGBTQ training. He was also sick of seeing rainbow flags, decorations, and paraphernalia around the buildings. Christian decorations were out because LGBTQ people might not like them. Sujak’s manager called him anti-LGBTQ. Sujak said that he is not anti-anything. He simply prefers not to be preached to or indoctrinated.

You can see OMG’s full report below. Pay attention at the end when a Best Buy employee tries to evict O’Keefe from a mall parking lot. (An ad may be included. Sorry.)

Sujak is more than likely out of a job. His chances of getting employment at a similar company are probably pretty bleak. But Sujak, a Serbian immigrant, understands something that most native-born people do not and that we have collectively forgotten. Sometimes standing up for what is right can carry a heavy cost, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

AmmoLand News Journalist Faces Gag Effort by US Attorney

SEE:;Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

  • Attempt to Silence Reporting: AUSA Taylor has made repeated efforts to suppress AmmoLand News journalist Crump & his reporting on the AutoKeyCard Case.

  • Government’s Request to Destroy Key Documents: The U.S. Attorney has filed a motion demanding the destruction of the Presentence Investigation Report (PSR) in possession of Crump & AmmoLand News.

  • Constitutional Concerns & PushBack: The legal community & advocacy groups like GOA are rallying behind Crump, viewing these actions as infringements on 1st Amendment rights, a free Press & an attempt by the government to hide from public accountability.

Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) Laura Cofer Taylor seems to be attempting to silence AmmoLand News journalist John Crump over his reporting on the AutoKeyCard Trial.

Crump has been a thorn in the side of the ATF/DOJ for years, and his reporting continues to frustrate them. Other media outlets have relied on Crump’s information to cover the shocking AutoKeyCard case. The reporting at that time infuriated the AUSA Cofer Taylor to the point that she called out Crump to the presiding court Judge for having a courtroom source feeding him information. The judge, in that case, dismissed her complaint.

Fast forward to August 2023.


“WHEREFORE, the government requests that this Court issue an order reiterating that the PSRs are non-public documents and may not be disseminated beyond court personnel, the defense teams, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and order that any individuals who possess a copy of the PSR without authority (including Crump, Hughes, and Erica Hoover) destroy it and confirm its destruction in writing, and any other relief this Court deems necessary to protect the sentencing process in this case.”

Once again the Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) Laura Cofer Taylor is having issues with continued reporting on the case and, this time, wants a document called a Presentence Investigation Report (PSR) about the same AutoKeyCard Case that is in the possession of Journalist John Crump destroyed.

“A Presentence Investigation Report (PSR) is a document prepared by probation officers in the United States federal court system after a defendant is convicted but before they are sentenced. The PSR plays a critical role in the sentencing process and provides the sentencing judge with a comprehensive overview of the defendant and the crime(s) they committed. “

According to a recent court document, the U.S. Attorney learned through recorded jailhouse phone calls that Matthew Hoover (better known as CRS Firearms on YouTube) had contacted Crump and given him information about his Presentence Investigation Report (PSR) and suggested he and Richard Hughes (who runs a channel called FlyingRich) create videos on the topic to inform the public of the injustice he was experiencing. Hughes also co-hosts and produces the John Crump Live Podcast.

Both Hughes and Crump agreed to make videos on the proposed sentences. This did not sit well with the prosecutor, and in this new court filing, she demanded a motion to silence Crump and destroy any PSR documents he had in his possession.

AmmoLand News views this as a constitutional violation and an attack on the freedom of the press. It would seem the federal government would rather hide its constitution-violating behavior from the public by silencing journalists than correct course and respect the First Amendment.

If AUSA Cofer Taylor thought Crump would back down, she miscalculated. Crump quickly hired a high-powered legal team consisting of Robert Olson, Stephen Stamboulieh, and James Phillips.

In a surprise move for AUSA Taylor, the legal team was quick to file a motion to intervene on behalf of Crump, defending him and the right to a free press.

See: John Crump’ Emergency 1 Motion To Intervene: Case No. 3:21-cr-22(S4)-MMH-MCR

Gun Owners of America has stepped in as well and will cover all legal expenses. Once again, it looks like an over-zealous ATF has found itself face-to-face with a powerhouse group of patriots and legal minds who will likely remind the government why the Bill of Rights was written in the first place.

Crump told AmmoLand News, “This is an attempt to stifle members of the press because the government doesn’t want anyone to shine a light on the misdeeds of an out-of-control agency,” Crump also said, “If Laura Cofer Taylor thought she could silence me, she is sorely mistaken. I will fight with every breath in my body, not just for my Second Amendment rights, but also for my First Amendment rights.”

Hughes also took issue with the Prosecutor’s attempt to silence him for his citizen journalism and said: “Today, I find myself in the midst of an astonishing legal ordeal that threatens the First Amendment Rights of John Crump and myself.” Hughes also said, “The Prosecutor has constructed a case twisting prior legal precedent to have new meaning and counting on the court not to know the truth. She is deliberately misleading the court and counting on legal action to scare John and myself from reporting on the Hoover case. We will vigorously defend our First Amendment rights.”

The attorneys argue that Hoover is within his rights to release the information and Crump is within his rights to report on it. The rules and cases referenced by AUSA Cofer Taylor in her filing only addressed the sharing of information by the officers of the court, not the silencing of journalists.

This may be a critical moment in our fight to preserve our Second Amendment while also protecting our First Amendment. Our Founding Fathers saw these people coming over 200 years away. That’s why the Bill of Rights was written.

Crump Intervention Final Emergency by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News on Scribd

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About Dan Wos, Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

Dan Wos is available for Press Commentary. For more information, contact PR HERE

Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate, Host of The Loaded Mic, and Author of the “GOOD GUN BAD GUY” book series. He speaks at events, is a contributing writer for many publications, and can be found on radio stations across the country. Dan has been a guest on Newsmax, the Sean Hannity Show, Real America’s Voice, and several others. Speaking on behalf of gun rights, Dan exposes the strategies of the anti-gun crowd and explains their mission to disarm law-abiding American gun owners.

Dan Wos

Oregon Clinic Drops Woman Battling Breast Cancer Over ‘Transphobia’

Oregon Clinic Drops Woman Battling Breast Cancer Over 'Transphobia'
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin
Marlene Barbera is an Oregon resident who is fighting breast cancer. Until recently, she was a patient at the Richmond Family Medicine Clinic in Portland and was scheduled for a mastectomy. She will now be forced to seek treatment elsewhere—if that is even an option for her.

In the health care system, doctors can “fire” an uncooperative patient for things such as a lengthy pattern of non-compliance with their treatments or because they repeatedly fail to pay their bills. It has to be a longstanding situation and it has to be willful. Patients cannot be fired simply because they happen to be forgetful or sloppy about their finances. It does not happen often, but it is an option in extreme circumstances. That being said, political views are not a reason for releasing a patient from care. But that is what happened to Barbera.

According to an article in Reduxx, Barbera noticed a trans pride flag in the reception room of the clinic. She is what is known as “gender critical.” This means she rejects the notions of gender identity. She contacted her doctor via the medical app MyChart, stating:

I have been threatened on Twitter by trans activists with rape and death — so it is daunting to go for medical treatment with that banner proclaiming that what I am, an adult human female, is a mere opt-in category for any gender non-conforming male and not a reality. May I please have a telephone appointment to discuss how I may access your medical care without walking under a banner that seeks to negate all I am?

Barbera was under the impression that the message would be a private one between her and her doctor. However, the clinic staff saw her comments. The doctor, who had been her primary care provider for 12 years and had also treated members of her family, refused to remove the flag.

Barbera subsequently tried to leave a message for the doctor about a blood test and talked with someone in the office:

The person insisted I make an appointment. I have breast cancer and consequently an abundance of medical appointments so I did not want to do that. They got frustrated with my ‘non-compliance’ and hung up on me. Thinking it might have been in error, I called back. I was told I was “not allowed” and that I must speak to the previous person who had hung up on me. I declined as things hadn’t gone well the first time…I asked, guessing “did I hurt the trans person’s feelings?” And the receptionist took offense to the question, asking “what did you say” slowly and with great emphasis.

Not long after, Barbera received a MyChart message from Oregon Health Science University Practice Manager Stein Berger. She was informed that Richmond is an “all-inclusive clinic and we value and advocate for diversity.” She was also told that her “transphobic” remarks were “harmful” to the staff. Later that day, she got an email from the clinic stating in part:

Effective immediately, you are discharged from receiving medical care at the Richmond Family Medicine Clinic. This action is being taken because of ongoing disrespectful and hurtful remarks about our LGBTQ community and staff … Please note that you are also now dismissed from all OHSU Family Medicine clinics, including Immediate Care clinics.

Her access to services ended on July 29. She told Reduxx that she has nowhere else to go. But she also said:

Gender ideology is a religion. I do not subscribe to that religion. I would not force anyone to pray the rosary with me. The trans movement says a man is allowed to define being a woman by way of his feelings but that a woman is not allowed to define being a woman by way of her material reality. So really, it is a men’s rights movement. Dangerous to women and children.

The most chilling facet of this situation is that the clinic is more than willing to hand Barbera a potential death sentence over a difference of opinion. The second-most chilling facet is that this situation was not created as a result of a law, policy, or practice of a federal, state, or municipal agency. This was done at the discretion of the Oregon Health Science University, which did not like Barbera’s views on gender.

Exclusively for our VIPs: Trans Canadian Angry at Being Denied Assisted Suicide After Disastrous Gender Surgery

There will be those on the Left and in the trans movement who will say that this is nothing more than rough justice and karma for Creative LLC et al. v. Elenis et al.  Those people would do well to remember that we are not talking about wedding cakes or websites. There is no end of companies and people who would be more than happy to fill those requests. We are talking about human life and a physician’s duty to preserve it. Furthermore, if somehow the positions were reversed, OHSU and the Richmond Clinic would feel the full force and wrath of every applicable government agency and available activist.

Hopefully, these thoughts will not be lost on you, dear reader. They will be lost on the trans movement and its allies, who are concerned solely with themselves and for whom no one else exists. They claim to be perpetual victims and to embrace love. But they are willing to risk letting someone die. In the pursuit of their chosen genders, they have lost their humanity—in more ways than one.

Biden Regime Wants to ‘Persuade’ Americans by Censoring Them



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

“The government must be allowed to seek to persuade people of its views”

In response to efforts to stop the government from censoring the speech of people it opposes, the censors keep arguing that they have the free speech right to censor. Here’s how I originally described it.

When Judge Terry Doughty issued an injunction in Missouri v. Biden that banned the government from “specifically flagging content or posts on social-media platforms and/or forwarding such to social-media companies urging, encouraging, pressuring, or inducing in any manner for removal, deletion, suppression”, all hell broke loose.

Laurence Tribe, a lefty constitutional law professor, co-authored an op-ed complaining that the injunction “seems to maintain that the government cannot even politely ask companies not to publish verifiable misinformation.”

“The First Amendment certainly doesn’t prevent them from merely asking,” Tribe contends, and preventing the government from doing so “would turn the Constitution’s protection of free expression in an open society into an obstacle course for some of the most valuable exchanges of information and ideas we can imagine.” The most valuable exchanges of ideas apparently involve asking social media monopolies to take down content mocking the president.

The Biden administration has doubled down on Tribe’s argument that it has the right to “persuade” companies to censor.

In a filing Tuesday evening with the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the administration argued that a lower court judge’s July 4 decision was overly broad and would hurt the government’s ability to fight misinformation on platforms in a crisis.

“The government cannot punish people for expressing different views,” lawyers for U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration wrote. “But there is a categorical, well-settled distinction between persuasion and coercion. The government must be allowed to seek to persuade people of its views, even where those views are the subject of controversy.”

If the government wants to persuade people of anything, it should speak to them. Talking behind their backs to monopolies with vast censorship powers and then ‘persuading’ them to use those powers to censor their opponents is a violation of the First Amendment.

Persuasion is Biden giving a speech. Coercion is Biden officials telling companies what materials should be taken down. However it’s worded, it amounts to the government coordinating on removing speech against the will of the speaker.

The Facebook Files: The Effort To Censor Vaccine Information

In this photo illustration, a smart phone screen displays the logo of Facebook on a Facebook website background, on April 7, 2021, in Arlington, Virginia - Facebook usage has held steady in the United States despite a string of controversies about the leading social network, even as younger users tap into rival platforms such as TikTok, a survey showed Wednesday. (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY / AFP) (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Republican Representative Jim Jordan released what he called “smoking-gun documents” on social media proving that Facebook had been censoring Americans on behalf of the Biden Administration.

Posting to Twitter, Jordan (R-Ohio) said that he has internal documents that were obtained only after Mark Zuckerberg was threatened to be held in contempt, which “PROVE” the censoring across the social media platforms due to “unconstitutional pressure from the Biden White House.”

“Never-before-released internal documents subpoenaed by the Judiciary Committee PROVE that Facebook and Instagram censored posts and changed their content moderation policies because of unconstitutional pressure from the Biden White House,” Jordan wrote.

He went on to explain that during the first half of 2021, Facebook executives were “facing continued pressure from external stakeholders, including the [Biden] White House” according to an email from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Jordan went on to say that the White House had wanted a meme removed from the platform.

Facebook employees had informed the White House that removing content like the meme would be an incursion in “traditional boundaries of free expression in the U.S.” However, Andy Slavitt, a Senior Advisor to President Joe Biden ignored the warning and the First Amendment altogether.

The Biden White House also demanded to know why a video from Tucker Carlson had not been removed from the platform. Even though Facebook had replied and gave them the reasons why they could not remove the video, Biden eventually went on to publicly denounce the social media platform claiming that they were “killing people.”

In August of 2021, Facebook started working on changing its policies in order to “be more aggressive against misinformation.” The Facebook leadership said that the change in policy stemmed from the increasing pressure by the Biden administration.

In the second batch of files released by Jordan on Friday, he showed that in the summer of 2021 Facebook was working with the White House in order to “push for Americans to get vaccinated” and to “get Facebook to more aggressively police vaccine-related content, including TRUE content.”

In July 2021, Facebook’s head of Global Affairs was asked why they had been censoring the COVID lab leak theory. The answer was because of pressure from the Biden administration.

After President Biden claimed that Facebook was “killing people” because Americans were hesitant to get vaccinated after seeing vaccine related content online, Facebook employees were upset.

However, the comment by the president had caused Facebook to “re-evaluate its policies about COVID-19 content.”

Jordan goes on to explain that the administration wanted almost all information about the vaccine removed from the platform unless it agreed with their stance. This included jokes and true information alike.

In August 2021, Facebook’s leadership once again agreed to further change their content moderation policy because of mounting pressure from the administration.

Jordan ended his thread saying that the documents show how the Biden administration is working to “censor speech” and that he will be releasing even more documents in the future.

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THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY: Satan’s Socialist Scheme FOR AMERICA~How To Defeat Communism~YouTube Bans The New American


We are in a spiritual war between good and evil. Satan’s goal is the destruction of lives. Join Art Thompson as he discusses the satanic thread that is being woven throughout society. Find out how socialism and women play a major role in the overall plan.

How To Defeat Communism

The Communist Manifesto has a 10-point plan to Communize countries. To defeat this plan, The John Birch Society has an agenda that combats the Communist plan at every turn. We have agenda items that fight on a global level, like Get US Out! of the UN, to local level issues like Support Your Local Police. Learn more about The John Birch Society Agenda in this episode of Activate America.

YouTube Bans The New American

The publishing arm of The John Birch Society, The New American, has been permanently banned from YouTube. Big Tech is digging deep to censor those it doesn’t agree with. They had to go back three years to find something they wanted to hold against us.


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