Stanford Law School Descends Into Barbarism


Tirien Steinbach, the Stanford University Law School associate dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, slams U.S. Circuit Court Judge Kyle Duncan during his presentation at the school as an invited guest on March 9, 2023.

Blood-boiling moment woke Stanford law school students taunt conservative judge invited to speak there - before dean of 'equity' ambushes him with pious speech accusing him of 'harm'



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America, these are your lawyers of tomorrow. When the Federalist Society at Stanford Law School, one of the nation’s most elite law schools, invited Fifth Circuit appellate judge Stuart Kyle Duncan to speak, the budding attorneys could have had a thoughtful discussion of controversial issues with someone who doesn’t share their point of view. Duncan drew Leftist ire in 2020 when he refused to pretend that a male sex offender was a woman, as he had claimed to be. He has also taken other positions that are simple sanity but are represented today as “conservative.” Instead of engaging Duncan in a lively debate, however, Stanford’s future lawyers became a howling, slavering mob, refusing to allow Duncan to speak as the school’s associate dean of diversity (yes, really) lectured him for daring not to be a Leftist. These people will soon be lawyers, and then, God help us.Tirien Steinbach, Stanford’s associate dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion, is captured on video acting anything but “inclusive” toward Duncan. But of course, we all know that when Leftists speak about “inclusion,” they mean the inclusion of people of all races (except whites), all genders (all 73 of ‘em), and all beliefs that are thoroughly Leftist and in line with contemporary Leftist sensibilities. Diversity is sought after, prized, and celebrated, except for diversity of thought, which is to be vehemently rejected.

And so when Duncan, facing the mob of alleged law students, asked Steinbach to restore order, she then took to the podium and began lecturing the judge, saying: “Your opinions from the bench land as absolute disenfranchisement” of the rights of students. When Duncan tried to respond, the mob screamed, “Let her finish,” a courtesy they never accorded to Duncan himself. Steinbach went on to repeat, “Your work has caused harm.”

Steinbach even accused Duncan of “tearing the fabric of this community” and asked him, “Do you have something so incredibly important to say about Twitter and guns and COVID that is worth this impact on the division of these people, who have sat next to each other for years, who are going through what is the battle of law school together?” About the mob’s refusal to let Duncan speak, Steinbach declared, “I look out and I don’t ask what is going on here, I look out and I say, I’m glad this is going on here.” She then left, to tumultuous applause, and the students walked out behind her.

Duncan is mincing no words about what happened. The protesters, he said in a Washington Free Beacon interview that was published Friday, acted like “dogs**t.” He wants Stanford to discipline the students who wouldn’t allow him to speak and to fire Steinbach for what he described as her “bizarre therapy session from hell.” But Steinbach’s job is likely secure. While Stanford Law School Dean Jenny Martinez claimed that the disruption of Duncan’s speech was “not aligned with our institutional commitment to freedom of speech,” she said nothing even about any students, much less Steinbach, getting disciplined.

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What’s more, Martinez’s claim that Stanford has a commitment to the freedom of speech is risible. When I spoke at Stanford in 2017, the Stanford student press conducted a weeks-long smear campaign in the run-up to the event. Then, at the event itself, I had spoken for just a few moments when the students got up and walked out en masse; video showed that Nanci Howe, associate dean and director of Student Activities and Leadership, and Snehal Naik, who was then assistant dean and associate director of Student Activities and Leadership and is now senior director of the Office of Student Engagement, engineered the walkout. All these years later, Naik is still at it; he is shown prominently in the video of Steinbach hectoring Duncan as the fascist mob howls.

Stanford students even point to the disruption of my event as a model that students should follow. As recently as March 3, the Stanford Review published an article entitled “Apathy Descends on Stanford,” which hailed the efforts to prevent me from speaking as a high point in Stanford’s recent history: “Even just five years ago, people seemed to actually care. When the Stanford College Republicans (SCR) invited Robert Spencer, a self-proclaimed Islamophobe,” (that was ironic, genius), “to speak about radical Islam on campus in 2017, he was met with wide-scale protest by the campus left, to the extent that President Marc Tessier-Levigne addressed the tension in a blog post. SCR was equally dedicated, going through dorms to flyer numerous times to combat their opponents’ efforts to tear the flyers down.” The Stanford Left is proud of what it has done and is still doing to prevent those whom it hates and fears from speaking. There is no respect, at what is supposed to be an institution of higher learning, for the importance of the freedom of speech as the foundation of any free society. These people are authoritarians to the core.

Duncan warned that worse was to come: “If enough of these kids get into the legal profession, the rule of law will descend into barbarism.” Oh, yes.

‘1984’ Is Now, as Britain Outlaws Thinking the Wrong Thoughts

'1984' Is Now as Britain Outlaws Thinking the Wrong Thoughts

UK Passes Law BANNING Silent Prayer



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Yes, it has come to this. By a resounding vote of 299 to 116, the UK’s House of Commons on Wednesday outlawed thinking the wrong thoughts in the wrong place. According to the Catholic Herald, MPs including the Conservative government’s Home Secretary Suella Braverman and Attorney General Victoria Prentis rejected an amendment that would have protected “private prayer and consensual conversations within any ‘censorship’ zone.” “Censorship” zones are areas around abortion centers.

The vote comes just a day after a pro-life activist, Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, was arrested for the second time in several weeks for praying silently outside one of the centers for sacrifices to Moloch. “I’m not protesting,” Vaughan-Spruce explained. “I’m not engaging in any of the activities prohibited.” But she was thinking the wrong thoughts and thus had to face what British authorities call “justice” in these dark days.

Jeremiah Igunnubole, who is legal counsel for a firm that has represented people who have been arrested for thought crimes outside of abortion centers, observed that the vote was a “watershed moment for fundamental rights and freedoms in our country.” Yes, indeed. In fact, it is a signpost of the end of freedom in Britain.

Igunnubole continued: “Parliament had an opportunity to reject the criminalization of free thought, which is an absolute right, and embrace individual liberty for all. Instead, Parliament chose to endorse censorship and criminalize peaceful activities such as silent prayer and consensual conversation.” And of course, an extremely dangerous precedent has been set: “Today it’s abortion. Tomorrow it could be another contested matter of political debate.”

According to the Herald, the new law criminalizes “any form of ‘influence’ outside of all abortion facilities, including silent prayer.” Offenders will be fined £100 ($118) the first time they are arrested for wrongthink; if court proceedings are deemed necessary, the fines could increase to £1,000 ($1,183). Amid the debate over this measure, a Conservative MP, Andrew Lewer, injected a note of sanity: “Police shouldn’t be asking ‘What are you thinking about?’” Indeed. And what if the person praying denies the offense? The World Economic Forum has been touting brain implants, and it’s easy to see how handy they’ll be for British police: the bobbies (do they still call these sinister Orwellian figures “bobbies”?) will simply be able to consult a readout of your thoughts, and if prayer shows up, you’ll have to pony up.

Lewer continued to point out what should have been obvious to everyone and prevented even a single MP from voting for this measure: “Censorship of this sort is a notoriously slippery slope. It might not be your thoughts that are criminalized today, but I think we should all be careful not to open the door to that tomorrow about some other opinions that people may hold about something else.” Now that the door has indeed been opened, Conservative MP Sir John Hayes spelled out the implications: “We now have people arrested for praying, interrogated by the police, asked what they’re praying about, what they’re thinking. This is dystopian. It’s like a mix of Huxley, Philip Dick, and all that.” Quite right, old fellow, and don’t forget that Orwell chap, eh wot?

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There are, meanwhile, a few more important matters that British police could be doing instead of spending their time arresting people for thinking the wrong thoughts. Another MP, Eddie Hughes, pointed out that “Given the other crimes that were going on in Birmingham at that time,” that is, the time that Isabel Vaughan-Spruce was arrested for praying silently, “it is important to see that the police had clearly determined that the most important thing they had to do at that particular time was not to deal with knife crime or with people stealing tools out of other people’s vans to stop them earning a living but to arrest and interrogate a woman who was silently praying outside a clinic that was closed. Surely that shows a sense of complete disproportionality on the part of the police.” Yes, it does, and it’s going to get worse.

MP Ian Paisley (not to be confused with the late Northern Irish preacher) added: “Despite the level of crime across this society—I think there were over 500 knife crimes last year—are we actually going to ask the police to get engaged and be detained in questioning people about what they are thinking in certain parts of the United Kingdom? That is a complete waste of police resources and police time, and it should not be done.” It should not, but now it will be. And the Biden regime, no friend of the freedom of speech itself, is watching and (silently) taking notes.

The Medical Community’s Reprehensible March Toward Segregated Medicine

Should black people be treated only by black doctors?



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The need for someone who “looks like me” has become part of the American psyche. There are tens of thousands of articles about how people of color need someone who “looks like them” if they are to be inspired – or even able to achieve. A lack of “people who look like me” is also used to explain why people of color may receive inferior medical treatment.

This perspective is now found throughout the medical establishment. St. George’s University sums up the belief of many medical schools today. The Medical School states: “When a patient cannot find providers that resemble them, their beliefs, their culture, or other facets of their life, they run the risk of not being understood or being able to receive the appropriate treatment.”

Or as the University of Michigan Health Lab claimed: “Minority Patients Benefit From Having Minority Doctors.”

The National Library of Medicine lists dozens of articles claiming that healthcare outcomes are significantly impacted by discordant patients and medical providers. All of these claims are made in an effort to justify the need for more “people of color” in the medical field.

Yet, few ask how such a medical system would work. Would such a system mean that white patients would not be treated by Indian or Asian doctors? Should Blacks only be treated by Black doctors?

Currently, Asians comprise 17% of America’s doctors while only being 7% of the population – should they be limited to only treating 7% of all Americans?

Moreover, one has to ask how such a system could ever play out. According to one medical school, there are over 135 medical specialties and subspecialties. That includes everything from allergies to ophthalmic surgery to urology. Is it even possible that there can be the right ratio of doctors of all races and nationalities in every specialty?

There is no scientific basis for patients requesting that their doctor reflects their racial makeup. In fact, false claims that people differ biologically by race are exactly what has led to racism. Yet the American Medical Association continues to tout the political line that “diversity” in medicine leads to better health outcomes.

There is a constant flow of articles claiming that “racial discrimination permeates the healthcare systems” in the United States. But all accusations of racism are generalized. None of the articles ever discuss any specific doctors – nor any specific allegations.

If these associations learn that any doctors are indeed providing inferior care due to racism, those doctors should be disciplined. But no such charges have ever been made – despite the medical establishments’ ubiquitous charges of racism in the healthcare system.

If anything, the medical community has gone above and beyond to specifically protect black patients.

During the early days of the pandemic, many public health authorities gave black Americans priority access to vaccines – even before elderly white patients. The federal government and many local governments invested significant money in marketing the vaccine to black patients specifically. Now, white Americans are more likely to die of covid than black Americans, according to Harvard’s School of Public Health.

Prior to the vaccine, black Americans were dying at higher rates due to increased levels of comorbidities – including diabetes and heart disease. At the time, the racial disparity in death rates was a top conversation sparking questions about racism in the medical profession. But even after the disparity is reversed, the media continues to smear the American healthcare system as racist.

In the very article that described the white death rate surpassing the black death rate, the Washington Post wrote: “When it comes to racism, most people think of something that occurs between individuals. But it’s as much about who has access to power, wealth, and rights as it is about insults, suspicion, and disrespect. Prejudice and discrimination, even if unconscious, can be deadly — and not just for the intended targets.”

The Harvard professor interviewed for the report claimed that the American healthcare system needed to further address “the cumulative impact of injustice” in the same article, too.

Even when the medical community moves mountains to protect non-white patients, it is accused of harboring unconscious bias and constructing a system of injustice.

Rather than promoting scaremongers – that somehow white doctors are callous to the concerns of non-whites – the medical association and the media should be promoting a rational message based on science. After all, our bodies are essentially the same. The heart functions no differently in a black person than it does in a white person.

Constant claims that America’s healthcare system is racist will only lead to distrust. People may avoid treatment. Or people may equate vital medical advice like “stop smoking” or “improve your diet” to racism rather than science.

Yes, cultural differences can impact our health. Yes, some diseases tend to be more prominent in some races than others. However, white doctors are quite capable of understanding those variations. Just as Asian doctors are capable of treating a Jew who suffers from Tay-Sachs Disease more often than other nationalities.

Nothing is to be gained – and much is to be lost by racializing our healthcare system. Yet, in the name of supposed racial equity, our medical system seems to be moving toward a system based on race rather than science.

Parental Rights Groups Chalk Up Victories in School Boards Across the Country



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Recent elections have revealed the increasing momentum of parental rights, anti-CRT, and anti-LGBT groups in electing traditional-values candidates to school boards across the land.

The Minnesota Parents Alliance (MPA) lauded their efforts following the recent elections in that state:

Despite the negative headwinds against conservative candidates nationally and in Minnesota, school board candidates backed by the upstart Minnesota Parents Alliance had a very good election night.

Forty-nine candidates running with the official MPA endorsement won election to the school board last night, a tremendous accomplishment for an organization that was founded just nine months ago.

Dozens of other candidates who received support from MPA such as campaign training, technical assistance, and educational resources also cruised to victory. In fact, 22 out of 38 candidates who attended one of the MPA campaign schools won their elections.

Several more winning candidates throughout greater Minnesota benefitted from online access to MPA training sessions and support.

The 1776 Project PAC told the Christian Post that their efforts “from November 2021 to November 2022 … flipped 100 school board seats across the country.”

Specifically, the PAC-endorsed candidates won school board seats in Pinellas County, Flagler County, Indian River County, and Volusia County in Florida. All four of its endorsed candidates in Brandywine, Michigan, won school board seats there, while three of its endorsed candidates won seats in Carroll County, Maryland.

The PAC-endorsed candidates also won seats in Bedford, Virginia; Alliance, Ohio; and Bentonville, Arkansas. In Frederick County, Virginia, two of the group’s endorsed candidates won.

These successes followed similar victories last year, when the 1776 Project PAC saw four candidates win school-board seats in New Jersey, three in Ohio, and four in Virginia. It touted a 70-percent success rate for its candidates in Kansas, and a 100-percent success rate in Colorado last year.

Moms for Liberty (MFL), founded in late 2020, now boasts 100,000 members in 195 chapters in 37 states. Part of its mission is to abolish critical race theory and “The 1619 Project” from the public school curriculum. Of the more than 270 MFL school board candidates the group endorsed in 2022, over half won their respective races. In the past, conservative, traditional-values candidates would capture less than 30 percent of those seats.

The Christian Post recorded MFL’s remarkable successes:

Moms for Liberty indicated that all three of its endorsed candidates won school board races in Ocean City, New Jersey; five of its eight endorsed candidates won seats on the school board in Charleston County, South Carolina; six of its supported candidates emerged victorious in school board elections in Berkeley County, South Carolina; and four seats on the school board in New Hanover County, North Carolina, went to candidates the group supported.

Moms for Liberty touted additional victories in Rock Hill School District and Fort Mill School District in York County, South Carolina; Tipton, Indiana; and Iredell, North Carolina. Two of the three candidates supported by the group to serve on the school board in Shelby County, Tennessee, won their races, as did the organization’s chosen candidates in Pulaski County, Arkansas; Brevard County, Florida; Collier County, Florida; Lee County, Florida; Manatee County, Florida; Pasco County, Florida; and Volusia County, Florida.

According to unofficial results, the candidate endorsed by Moms for Liberty also emerged vict.orious in a school board race in Laramie County, Wyoming, as did two out of three candidates it supported in Natrona County, Wyoming. In Harford County, Maryland, unofficial results show three of the four candidates endorsed by Moms for Liberty winning their races.

In Baltimore County, Maryland, one out of the group’s three preferred candidates appears to have prevailed, while one of its four endorsed candidates appears to have won in Talbot County, Maryland.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lent his credibility to several races in his state after signing into law the Parental Rights in Education Act earlier this year. All six of the school-board candidates that he endorsed won their races.

In Maryland, 25 socially conservative school-board candidates won seats in 14 counties.

In Texas, 10 Republicans were voted onto the Texas State Board of Education, while just five Democrats won seats there.

Thanks to the Covid infringements, parents have recently become aware of the infiltration of foreign ideologies into public schools, and the move to restore traditional education programs is now gaining traction.

If the results from the last two years are any indication, the restoration of “reading, writing, and arithmetic” in place of LGBT, CRT and Project 1619 Marxist history is well underway.

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Transgender Marxism: From Dysphoria To Dystopia



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Angela Davis is an American Marxist “intellectual,” and 1979 Lenin “Peace Prize” recipient, who was the Communist Party USA Vice-Presidential candidate in 1980, and 1984. Speaking at a virtual conference, on June 14, 2020, entitled, “Unlock Us: Abolition in Our Lifetime,” Davis, now an eminence grise Communist, opined,

“[T]he trans community has taught us how to challenge that which is totally accepted as normal…that which is considered the very foundation of our sense of normalcy. So if it is possible to challenge the gender binary then we can effectively resist prisons and jails and police.”

Some 18 months later, last December 2021, Princeton Marxists protested Abigail Shrier’s appearance discussing her 2019 book, Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our DaughtersPrinceton’s campus was besmeared by the protesters with flyers proclaiming,

“LGBT oppression has a central role in maintaining the capitalist means of production…LGBT lives disrupt the heteronormative relationship and domestic labor structure…The liberation of the working class is liberation from gender oppression! Fight for an end to oppression! Fight for a socialist future!”

During May, 2021, ~6-months before the Princeton Marxist protest, a full-throated, celebratory manifesto for the Marxist-Socialist transmogrification of (residually) capitalist societies, “Transgender Marxism,” was published. Transgender Marxism is a 305pp. collection of 14 essays, bookended by an extended editors’ Introduction, and Afterward. All the contributors self-identify as Marxists-Socialists, and LGBTQ, particularly transgender persons. While the authors note that “transgender culture” has already “appeared as a mass culture,” and “Transgender Marxism is already a flourishing field…to hear ‘trans’ and ‘communist’ in the same breath has become quite routine,” they summarize the book’s rationale, affirming Angela Davis’ observation:

“Through collecting these essays as a mass-marketed book, we aim to capture the recent proliferation of gender-deviant Marxist thought in a more lasting and accessible form; to move us…towards social revolution…We believe the existing breakthroughs achieved by transgender Marxists will transform the scope of revolutionary action in the coming years.”

It is tempting to dismiss Transgender Marxism as a tiresome onslaught of non-stop grievance mongering, and irrationality. What passes for content is most often conveyed angrily, in turgid, vacuous, pseudo-academic Marxist jargon. Dismissing this excruciating collection of tracts, and tract commentaries, however, would be a mistake. The book’s introductory essay crows about an evident truth: “For the most part, left wing circles worldwide are coming to accept the call for ‘trans rights’ as a basic principle.” But a baleful warning immediately follows that statement: “[W]hat if the emancipation of trans people cannot be won through the securing of ‘rights’? What if, however, smoothed over the process of state validation were to become, a meaningful liberation remained out of view? What if even the most thoroughgoing defeat of fascism would not be guaranteed to achieve our social liberation?” Indeed, what then? Apparently, what ensues then is endless strife until the establishment of a global Marxist/Communist dystopia for those with gender dysphoria (pp. 452-59), and everyone else, “never allowing ourselves to be deterred from the path of internationalist revolution.”

Two salient discussions from Transgender Marxism illustrate the shameless dishonesty of its Marxist contributors, fanatic votaries of what ex-Communist propagandist, philosopher, and poet, Max Eastman dubbed, aptly, the Communist “religion of immoralism.” The first example is found in editors Jules Joanne Gleeson’s and Elle O’Rourke’s Introduction which maintains that Communism’s founding “Dr. Crankley,” Karl Marx, in his early work On the Jewish Question, implicitly championed the Jews by refusing, “to set aside the fate of minority groups from the structuring of society as a whole.” Gleeson and Rourke further conclude, regarding On the Jewish Question,  “In other words, we find in Marx’s writings and political concerns still much of relevance to our [transgender] struggles.” Contra such mendacious hagiography, Karl Marx’s On the Jewish Question reveals him to be an annihilationist Jew-hater. Marx wished to extinguish Judaism, and its Jewish adepts—mere embodiments of “usury and money”— actions that would achieve his dystopian vision of “the emancipation of society from Jewry.” Additional statements of Karl Marx’s reflexive, day-to-day Jew-hatred, include the following:

“It is the circumvention of law that makes the religious Jew a religious Jew.” (Die Deutsche Ideologie, MEGA V, 162); “The Jews of Poland are the smeariest of all races.” (Neue Rheinische Zeitung, April 29, 1849); He called Ferdinand Lassalle, “Judel Itzig—Jewish N–ger.” (Der Judische Nigger, MEKOR III, 82, July 30, 1862); “Ramsgate [British coastal resort] is full of Jews and fleas.” (MEKOR IV, 490, August 25, 1879)

A second example is a medical mendacity—and ignorance—of Johns Hopkins University Professor Jules-Gill Peterson, who provided a gushing blurb for Transgender Marxism. A History Professor, with no training in biology, Peterson teaches a course entitled, “The Gender Binary and American Empire.” The course’s thesis is that binary sex—male and female—is somehow an imperialistic, “racialized” construct foisted upon the world by irredeemably evil Western colonial powers, particularly, the United States. The University of Massachusetts, Amherst Professor Jordy Rosenberg’s Afterward to Transgender Marxism summarizes the conclusions from Peterson’s so-called “pivotal book,” Histories of the Transgender Child, riveting on Peterson’s study of 1950s era Johns Hopkins Hospital case records of patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). Rosenberg accurately recapitulates Peterson’s claims from the analysis of these CAH cases: “doctors found themselves forced to conclude that biological sex is far less stable and fixed than they might have liked to presume. Sex in other words, is not an autonomous property of the body, rather it—and the body—exist in a tangled metabolic flux.” Peterson’s own ancillary arguments, it should be emphasized, devolved into what can only be characterized as a jargon junkyard of thought-disordered lunacy. To Peterson, the attempted management of CAH during the 1950s in XX genetic females, congruent with their female genotype, represented “a racialized plasticity,” and “an abstract whiteness.”

Rosenberg and Peterson, rigid, lying, uninformed transgender Marxist ideologues, take the utmost license with actual CAH. They deliberately ignore how our medical understanding of this rare syndrome has evolved over the past 7 decades to “validate” their equal parts idiotic, and dishonest contentions. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) is a cluster of inherited enzymatic disorders which result in defective steroid synthesis, and derangements of salt/water, glucose metabolism, as well as sexual function. Genetic XY biological males with CAH show no sexual developmental or functional incongruence. Genetic XX females with CAH may develop “virilizing” malformations of their external genitalia, rendering sexual intercourse unpleasant, or occasionally prohibitive, thereby reducing the chance of pregnancy. Simple, compassionate medical steroid replacement therapy, and if required, rehabilitative surgical treatment of “ambiguous” genitalia can provide these natal, genetic CAH females functions adequate for menstruation, pleasurable intromission (sexual intercourse), and birthing.

In an August 2022 interview, 1995 Nobel Prize-winning developmental biologist Dr. Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard demolished the anti-scientific, modern Lysenkoism of Marxist pseudo-academics Rosenberg and Peterson and their ilk. Nüsslein-Volhard elucidated the fixed biological determinants of mammalian sex, and the distinction between sex and gender while warning of the dangers (and futility) of hormonal and surgical “re-assignment” treatments. Her apposite comments are extracted, below:

 “With all mammals there are two sexes, and the human being is a mammal. There’s the one sex that produces the eggs, (and) has two X chromosomes. That is called female. And there’s the other one that produces the sperm, has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. That’s called male. And when an egg unites with a sperm, a new being is created… Of course, with gender, the social sex, there is a range, while with biological sex there is only female or male. There are very ‘feminine’ men and very ‘masculine’ women, which has to do not only with cultural factors, but also with different hormone levels, among other things… There are people who want to change their sex, but they cannot. They remain XY or XX. The crucial thing is that the fact whether one has a Y-chromosome already affects the development of the embryo during pregnancy and of course also in the adolescent. Boys therefore have different sex characteristics than girls and this cannot be reversed. People retain their sex for life. Of course, it is possible through hormone administration that, for example, a girl who takes testosterone gets a deep voice and beard growth. But from this the girl will not grow testicles and will not produce sperm. And biological males also do not produce eggs and cannot bear children due to hormone doses. The problem with this arises when it comes to irreversible interventions. With the surgeries anyway. But also with the hormones you add something to the body that is not intended there. Hormones cause a great deal in the body – on a wide variety of levels, both physically and psychologically. To dose that properly and to take it all the time, I think is extraordinarily daring. The body can’t handle it well in the long run. Every hormone you take has side effects. Taking hormones is dangerous in principle.”

Pediatrician Michelle Cretella, MD, former President of the American College of Pediatricians, previously stated Nobel Laureate developmental biologist Nüsslein-Volhard’s biological axioms from the perspective of a clinician-scientist:

“Sex chromosome pairs ‘XY’ and ‘XX’ are genetic markers of sex, male and female, respectively. They are not genetic markers of a disordered body or birth defect. Human sexuality is binary by design with the purpose being the reproduction of our species. This principle is self-evident. Barring one of the rare disorders of sex development (DSD), no infant is “assigned” a sex at birth; rather birth sex declares itself anatomically in utero and is acknowledged at birth…The norm for human development is for one’s thoughts to align with physical reality, and for one’s gender identity to align with one’s biologic sex. People who identify as ‘feeling like the opposite sex’ or ‘somewhere in between’ do not comprise a third sex. They remain biological men or biological women.”

Ex-Communist and ex-Daily Worker editor, Louis Budenz, in 1954, described the “transmission belt method,” whereby Communist talking points and themes, as ordered then, for example, by American Communist leader Gus Hall, were soon, “being repeated by outstanding public figures, certain leading newspapers, and television and radio commentators.” Budenz, who returned to Catholicism, taught at Providence College, and spent his last years in Rhode Island, would have readily identified that dynamic in action, again, before, during, and in the aftermath of an event entitled, “What Your Kids Learn About Gender in School,” Monday, 9/19/22, at the Cranston Rhode Island Public Library. Event organizer Nicole Solas was sprayed with false and defamatory charges of “transphobia” by local “community transgender activists,” their political allies, and lazy, morally cretinous amplifiers in the Rhode Island media. Ms. Solas also received violent threats prior to the event which necessitated a large police presence.

I attended “What Your Kids Learn About Gender in School,” and witnessed the same sympathetic, informative presentation Erica Stanzi described so thoroughly.  Key medical data highlighted at the event can be found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5 (DSM-5; p. 455), and a seminal peer-reviewed analysis by Dhejne and colleagues, published in the high-impact journal PLOS One. DSM-5 notes that gender dysphoria may persist from childhood into adolescence in as few as 12% of natal biological females, and 2% of natal biological males. Moreover, also per DSM-5, only 0.005% (1/20,000) of adult natal males, and 0.002% (1/50,000) of adult natal females, exhibit gender dysphoria.  Finally, Dhejne and colleagues conducted an average follow-up of over 10 years among all 324 sex-reassigned persons (191 male-to-females, 133 female-to-males) in Sweden, 1973–2003. Compared to controls of the same birth sex, the sex-reassigned persons experienced a ~19-fold increased death risk from suicide, as well as a 5-fold increased risk for suicide attempts.  The authors concludedwith understatement, that such surgery wasnot sufficient to remedy the high rates of morbidity and mortality found among transsexual persons.”

Negating biology, freedom, and human compassion and decency, transgender Marxist fanatics exploit gender dysphoria—their own, and that of hapless others—incessantly striving to forge a totalitarian “anti-capitalist” dystopia.

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Project Veritas Audio: S.C. Senate Candidate Who Proposed Election Fraud Wants Whites Put in Their Place


James O'Keefe Gives Speech in South Carolina on Recent Veritas Undercover Work 

Krystle Matthews Undercover Investigation BOMBSHELL is Taking The Media BY STORM

Project Veritas Audio: S.C. Senate Candidate Who Proposed Election Fraud Wants Whites Put in Their Place



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The black South Carolina U.S. Senate candidate who proposed election fraud and using drug money to fund her campaign has been caught on tape yet again. This time, she claimed that whites must be brutalized to make them behave the way she wants.

What Krystle Matthews wants is not entirely clear. But the Democratic member of South Carolina’s House of Representatives, who’s running against GOP Senator Tim Scott, was emphatic.

Whites are out of line and must be put in their place.

Recorded by an undercover reporter for Project Veritas, the audio is the second major scandal for Matthews and the Palmetto State’s Democrat Party. In June, on the phone with a prison inmate, she suggested running fake GOP candidates for office.

The Tape

“My district is slightly Republican,” the angry candidate said, and “it’s heavily white.” For that reason, apparently, Matthews believes it’s time to put the hammer down on whites.

“I’m no stranger to whites. I’m from a mostly white town,” she continued. “And let me tell you one thing. You ought to know who you’re dealing with.”

And who might that be? Bad whites:

You gotta treat them [white people] like sh*t. I mean, that’s the only way they’ll respect you. I keep them right here — like under my thumbs. That’s where I keep — like, you have to. Otherwise, they get out of control — like kids.

And Matthews has no intention of pussyfooting around. When whites need a tongue-lashing, she’ll deliver.

“I know other people are tiptoeing around them,” she said:

And I’m like, “Yo, that’s some white sh*t. I ain’t doing that.” They be like, “Well, I’m just gonna say some white sh*t.” That was my problem with Bernie [Sanders], because he was talking to an all-black crowd, and he was afraid to say black sh*t. I said, “If I’m talking to an all-black crowd, I’m gonna say black sh*t. Now if you don’t like it, you get your a** up and leave.”

Matthews’ Democratic colleagues weren’t happy, The State reported.

“There is absolutely no place in our political discourse for the kind of rhetoric I heard from Rep. Matthews in the video in question,” Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Cunningham said:

The Democratic Party cannot and should not tolerate such behavior from our elected officials and candidates and we must be consistent in calling out prejudice and hateful comments wherever it exists.

Other Democrats agreed, but the party chief said they can’t boot her off the ballot.

For her part, Matthews claimed that “regardless of race, I love everyone.”

Election Fraud Proposed

As The New American reported in June, Project Veritas caught Matthews on tape when she was speaking with a prison inmate from whom she sought campaign advice. 

Few in South Carolina likely knew that some prisoners have a keen interest in political campaigns. But, alas, Matthews found her man in David Solomon Ballard, a jailhouse Karl Rove whose talents in electoral politics are as yet untapped.

Explaining that she is “much a n***** in a lot of ways, but I know how to turn it off and turn it on,” Matthews told Ballard that the party must find leftists to pose as Republican candidates.

“You gotta find some folks that are a little bit polished,” she said:

Maybe are not, you know, nobody really knows them that well, maybe they haven’t really been politically active. But we need some secret sleepers.

Like you need, we need them to run as the other side, even though they for our side.… We need people to run as Republicans in these local elections. 

Running a straw candidate is against the law.

Matthews also wanted “dope-boy” money to run her campaign, she told Ballard, who landed a 14-year prison sentence after he pleaded guilty to threatening the sheriff of Aiken County, South Carolina, and assaulting a cop during an arrest in 2017.

“I still got to struggle to raise money for my campaign? Where the f*** is my black people with money?” she said. “I don’t care about no dope money! Give me that dope boy money!”

The latest recording also includes Matthews’ bizarre proposal to use street gangs in her campaign, although it’s unclear what the gangs would do.

“We need somebody who understands street gangs that we can clean up and put in a f**king suit,” she said:

[Somebody] that knows like, again, we [are] all working towards the same goal, and we all know what the play is.… Almost like a secret society — exclusive membership.

Where’s the gangstas? Where the street n**gas at? Like, where they at? I’m telling you them n**gas were foolish, but you can’t out-swindle them. They might not know all the college words, but you can’t hustle them — can’t f**k with their money. They see the game a mile away. Where they at? We need to put some of them in a suit and tie.

Veteran political tactician Ballard agreed.


INSTITUTIONAL RACISM: University of Pennsylvania eliminates MCAT requirement for non-White medical students

Image: INSTITUTIONAL RACISM: University of Pennsylvania eliminates MCAT requirement for non-White medical students

The campus of the University of Pennsyvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Because non-Whites are apparently not smart enough to face the full rigors of medical school, the University of Pennsylvania has decided to dumb down its admissions requirements – but only for people with dark skin.

“Minority” and “underrepresented” applicants to Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine now receive “special criteria” for admissions that include a waiving of the Medical College Admission Test requirement, also known as the MCAT.

Normally, a student must pass the MCAT in order to get admitted to medical school – but not at Penn. A special program, which recently “broadened” to include more transfer schools, was created to cater to non-White students who are not cut out for medical school but who are being admitted anyway in order to create “equality.”

Instead of having to take and pass the MCAT, non-White applicants to Perelman will instead be allowed to simply complete “three semesters of a roster of rigorous science courses,” as well as complete an AP (advanced placement) credit in at least one STEM field, or provide “evidence of strong ability on timed, multiple-choice tests in STEM courses.”

“Students must also have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA, with 3.2 by graduation, according to the website,” adds The College Fix. “PASS students are not required to take the MCAT, according to the guidelines.” (Related: In order to graduate from an American medical school, a student must now acknowledge hatred for Whites as a prerequisite.)

Be careful to never let a doctor or surgeon who graduated from Penn touch your body

According to the Perelman School of Medicine Admissions website, this special PASS program exists solely for students who are “underrepresented in medicine,” which we are told means exclusively non-Whites.

“PASS students who meet PSOM’s academic and professional requirements, are offered linkage admission to the medical school, without an MCAT requirement, and upon review and approval by PSOM’s admissions committee,” the site adds.

When pressed for answers about how these special exemptions will affect the quality of doctors and surgeons who come out of Penn, school media representative Hannah Messinger simply deferred to the news release without answering the question.

What this suggests, of course, is that Penn knows it will now be churning out piss-poor quality medical “experts” who will botch surgeries, give patients the wrong medicine, and ultimately make a mockery of the medical system – as if modern health care was not already a joke in and of itself.

The PASS program was first created back in 2008, and at that time only included a handful of transfer schools. Since that time, the program has continued to expand as Penn churns out increasingly more unqualified medical “professionals” who skipped the MCAT and coasted right through the program due to their non-White skin color.

According to Dr. Diana Blum, a neurologist who works in a private practice, this lowering of standards is unacceptable, especially for something like medicine that requires utmost care and knowledge to ensure patient safety.

“The stakes are too high (life and death) to start lowering standards or taking shortcuts with basic fundamental scientific knowledge necessary for developing critical thinking skills to diagnose and properly treat diseases,” Dr. Blum is quoted as saying.

“If the school wants to improve diversity in the applicant/acceptance candidate pool, it would be better to focus on providing resources (perhaps free MCAT prep classes?) to lift the caliber of diverse candidates up and get them better prepared for the challenges of medical school instead of lowering the standards (which indirectly insinuates that these students are somehow not as capable).”

The latest news about the total destruction of the medical system at the hands of “woke progressives” can be found at

Sources for this article include:

New Jersey Elementary School Ditches Founding Father From Its Name



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The movement to erase history because great figures from the past didn’t comport to the sensibilities of the modern left continues to roll on. The latest example of this comes from an elementary school in New Jersey that is renaming itself because its namesake is a slaveholding founding father.

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in South Orange, N.J. will rename itself for Delia Bolden, the first black female high school graduate in the area. The student body chose Bolden’s name from a list that included names of notable people with local connections and generic names not tied to a person.

The school district claims that students led the initiative to rename their school, although it’s hard to imagine a group of kids on the playground saying, “You know, that Thomas Jefferson sure was problematic.”

According to a report from Fox News, one school board member appears to have started the conversation over the summer.

“I want to make that point that Thomas Jefferson owned over 600 slaves,” board member Qawi Telesford said at a June meeting on the issue. “He freed two while he was alive and seven after he died, which basically means I have a 1.5% chance of being free in Thomas Jefferson’s world. So, I am not thankful to him. I am thankful to the people who made sure that I could actually be free and be on the board with you today.”

“Seeing the work that (the students) did, I think, exceeded the expectations of all of us who participated in that conversation, when that was the final outcome, to really engage our students and make this a real-life civics lesson with really strong connections to governance,” stated Superintendent Ronald Taylor about the decision.

If there’s an upside to the decision, it’s that the students chose to name the school after someone who grew up in the school system.

Our founding fathers and other historical figures weren’t perfect, but their failings shouldn’t eclipse the great things they achieved. Here’s hoping the tide of historical revisionism and the erasure of important American figures come to an end sooner rather than later.

Enormous Amounts of Money Flow into the Bottomless Education Pit How much will it really help student achievement?



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Spurred by the Covid panic, schools have been the recipient of ungodly sums of money. And it’s not as if the beast was starving before. To put things into perspective, the U.S. spends about $800 billion on national defense, more than China, Russia, India, the U.K., France, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Japan combined, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. America now spends even more on k-12 education, with an outlay of about $900 billion dollars a year, which includes an additional $122 billion from the Covid-related American Rescue Plan. While we have a military that is second to none, our education spending does not lead to a similar result. Our annual education outlay is second highest in the world, trailing only Norway. But in achievement, we are in the middle of the pack. For example, the 2018 rankings by the Programme for International Student Assessment, PISA, has the U.S. 36th out of the 79 countries that participated in the math test, which is given to 15-year-olds.     

So where does all this money go?

Not much for the kids. In fact, Over 80% of it goes to salaries and benefits for teachers and other employees.

Maybe the money will help alleviate the teacher shortage?

Hardly. The teacher shortage writ large is non-existent. Using data from a National Education Association report, Mike Antonucci writes that there were 48,985,186 students enrolled in the nation’s public school system in 2021, about 256,000 fewer than in 2012. But school districts hired an additional 276,000 instructional staff during the same period. He adds that student enrollment fell 2.4 percent in the U.S. from fall 2019 to fall 2020, falling in every state and the District of Columbia, yet 17 states added teachers.

Maybe if we spend even more, it will equate to more student achievement?

Again, negative. In fact, there is no correlation between money spent and student proficiency whatsoever, and history bears this out. Using inflation-adjusted figures, we have increased our education spending over 17-fold in the last century. While there is no available data that tracks student performance for the early part of that time frame, the Cato Institute’s Andrew Coulson reported in 2012 that we tripled our spending between 1970 and 2010, and had absolutely no academic progress to show for it. Looking at more up-to-date data, even though spending rose, the average NAEP scores in math for Black and Hispanic students, and male and female 13-year-old students were lower in 2020 compared to 2012.

But shouldn’t teachers be paid more?

One other lie that has been told so many times that it is believed by many is that teachers are underpaid. Most recently, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers came out with one of her typical statements that have no bearing in reality. In an interview, she asserted, “You have a hot labor market where teachers can get 20% more for the skills and knowledge they have teaching in non-teaching jobs.”

But according to Just Facts, in the 2020–21 school year, the average school teacher made $65,090 in salary, and received another $33,048 in benefits (such as health insurance, paid leave, and pensions) for $98,138 in total compensation.

Also, importantly, full-time public school teachers work an average of 1,490 hours per year, including time spent on lesson preparation, test construction, and grading, providing extra help to students, coaching, and other activities, while their counterparts in private industry workers work an average of 2,045 hours per year or about 27% more than public school teachers.

All in all, with various perks included, a teacher makes on average $68.85 an hour, whereas a private sector worker makes about $36 per hour. (While it’s true that the average teacher has more education than the average private sector worker, much of the added study is in our schools of education, which the late Walter Williams, a standout professor of economics at George Mason University, referred to as “the academic slums of most any college.” Also, a 2011 paper in the journal Education Policy Analysis Archives backs up Williams’ assertion, finding that education majors are subject to considerably “lower grading standards” than other college students.)  

Regarding the recent $122 billion infusion of money into education, The Wall Street Journal reports that as of May, states and school districts had spent only 7% of it. As such, Tim Scott, U.S. senator from South Carolina, has proposed the  “Recover Act,” which would allow states and school districts to use their unspent dollars from the American Rescue Plan to “issue Child Opportunity Scholarships directly to parents. The scholarships, targeted for low-income students, could be used for tutoring, school tuition, curriculum materials, educational therapies for children with disabilities, and other resources designed to get students the individualized help they need.”

Scott’s idea is certainly sound, but any move to empower parents will be met by fierce resistance from the education establishment.

I can hear shrieks coming from the Randi Weingartens of the world. “Children must go to a school run by the government with a state credentialed (unionized) teacher! Education is too important to leave to the whims of the free market! We just need more (and more) money!”

The simple response here to the union boss and fellow travelers is to compare education to food. To feed your family, do you go to the government-run supermarket near your home? Of course not. You find a local, privately-run store that has the food you want at the best price. Just imagine if the government forced you to buy food from that awful government market down the street that sold rancid meat, overripe fruit, and month-old bread, and was staffed by incompetent store employees.

Also, making education into a free market entity would dictate that teachers be paid according to their effectiveness. The great ones would become wealthy while the competent ones would still make a good living, and the stinkers would be looking for work in another field.

The establishmentarians would then clutch their pearls and whine, “But, what about poor people who can’t afford to pay for their kids’ education! The answer is that we will do the same thing for schooling that we do for food. If a family demonstrates it can’t afford to buy food, we give them a SNAP card so they can buy groceries. Similarly, we can assist impoverished families by helping to subsidize their child’s education.

Pouring endless sums of money into the government-run education black hole is a terrible idea. It does little for children, while it scams the taxpayers. But it does fortify and enrich the educational industrial complex.

It’s now time to change course and become competitive in the field of education. Our future depends on it.

Larry Sand, a former classroom teacher, is the president of the non-profit California Teachers Empowerment Network – a non-partisan, non-political group dedicated to providing teachers and the general public with reliable and balanced information about professional affiliations and positions on educational issues. The views presented here are strictly his own.

‘Stop Woke Act’ STRUCK DOWN: Judge BLOCKS DeSantis’ Bill Banning CRT In Schools~Parent Sues School Over Transgender Brainwashing

ACLU Backs Teachers, Students Suing to Stop Florida’s CRT Ban



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The American Civil Liberties Union is representing a group of students and teachers who are suing to put a stop to Florida’s ban on Critical Race Theory (CRT), which went into effect in July.

Florida’s Stop Wrongs Against Our Kids and Employees (Stop W.O.K.E.) Act, which was signed into law by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis in April, prohibited CRT from being taught in the Sunshine State’s classrooms.

Specifically, the legislation makes it illegal for educators to teach that one race is superior to other races or that someone is racist strictly on the basis of race or gender.

As the Washington Times notes, DeSantis has called CRT “state-sanctioned racism.” At the time of its signing, DeSantis said no one should be ashamed of their race.

“In Florida, we will not let the far-left woke agenda take over our schools and workplaces. There is no place for indoctrination or discrimination in Florida,” the governor declared at the time.

The defendants in the new lawsuit are the Florida Board of Governors of the State University System and the board of trustees from six state universities.

“The Stop W.O.K.E. Act is racially motivated censorship that the Florida legislature enacted, in significant part, to stifle widespread demands to discuss, study, and address systemic inequalities, following the nationwide protests that provoked discussions about race and racism in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd,” the lawsuit reads.

“All educators and students have a right to teach and learn free from censorship or discrimination,” said Leah Watson, who works as a senior staff attorney with the ACLU’s Racial Justice Program. “In an effort to prevent progress towards racial justice, the Stop W.O.K.E. Act deprives educators and students of important tools to challenge racism and sexism. We urge the court to put an immediate stop to this discriminatory classroom censorship bill.”

The ACLU has asked a federal court to deem the Stop W.O.K.E. Act unconstitutional. The ACLU is one of various lawsuits against the legislation presently making its way through the courts. As of yet, no judges have blocked the law.

CRT is simply a branch of Marxist Critical Theory, which asserts that all of history has been one of an oppressing class and an oppressed class. Since no actual legal class structures existed in the United States, CRT advocates argue that the oppressed class are the non-white peoples of the country.

Part of the reason CRT had spread so far in the United States is that it is being pushed by the teachers' unions.

As TNA has reported:

The NEA … wants to “provide an already-created, in-depth, study that critiques empire, white supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, anthropocentrism, and other forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society.” That is, the NEA wants to indoctrinate students into believing that every person who is not a straight white man is, to some extent, a “victim of oppression.”

With three million members, affiliates in 14,000 communities across America, and a $350 million annual budget, the NEA is a powerful lobbying group that has generously contributed to liberal causes, giving millions in donations to liberal groups and Democratic candidates in the 2020 election cycle, including funneling $176,649 directly to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, according to the Open Secrets website. The NEA, which counts Jill Biden among its long-time members, drew praise from the president as recently as Friday, who called it “one of America’s indispensable organizations.

Regardless of the inevitable opposition from the Left, DeSantis made the right call in banning CRT in Florida. For far too long, the Left has been allowed to openly indoctrinate students in not only CRT but various forms of socialism and degeneracy. And the Right’s refusal to do anything about it, other than complain, is what has permitted the culture to change so drastically within only a couple of generations.

Now, of course, other Republicans across the country are following suit in striking down CRT. The key is that victory in the culture war requires more than finger-pointing; it calls for proactive action and the willingness to use institutional power to stop the Left’s agenda.



Parent Sues School Over Transgender Brainwashing;

Proselytizing California groomers are running wild.



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

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California parent Jessica Konen is suing her local school district for secretly indoctrinating her 6th-grade daughter into the cult of transgenderism, convincing her to change her gender identity, all while urging her not to discuss the situation with her mother because she could not be “trusted.”

The behavior of these woke teachers matters not only because parents - as opposed to the government - are supposed to be in charge of raising their own children, but also because transgenderism is a treacherous ideology that threatens the very underpinnings of both our society and Western civilization as a whole.

It is not about homosexuality or bisexuality, which Americans have become increasingly tolerant of in recent years. Many Americans are even supportive of transgender people when they are consenting adults, but they do not support groomers’ efforts to force impressionable children to renounce their birth sex and pretend to be something they are not. The rise of groups such as Gays Against Groomers, whose members are aghast at reports of little kids being forced to attend drag queen performances, shows that plenty of gays recognize it is wrong to push transgender ideology onto children.

It is about totalitarian thought control. The advocates of transgenderism, backed by the Biden-Harris regime, would force Americans to recognize an individual’s professed gender identity even if it doesn’t match the person’s birth sex. Forcing people to say things they know aren’t true is the essence of totalitarianism.

As I have written before, just about no one cared about the previously minuscule number of consenting adults having sex-reassignment surgery or hormone therapy until the Left started to demand that people think of these things as normal and forced these beliefs on children.

The Left doesn’t care about how many victims it creates, even as it breaks the fragile bodies of young people who lack the maturity to make informed decisions – decisions that will come back to haunt them in their later years.

Advocated by these radicals, puberty blockers, which can harm young people, are being prescribed for children who are now, because of incessant propaganda, reporting discomfort with their sex in record numbers. Long-term use of these drugs adversely affects brain development, bone density, and fertility but more and more medical doctors are violating the Hippocratic Oath by supporting their use on gender-confused young people.

This brings us to the case of Jessica Konen, whose young daughter was pressured to join the destructive cult.

Konen is suing with the assistance of the Center For American Liberty, a nonprofit that, according to its website, is “fighting against growing anti-free speech and anti-civil liberties trends.” The legal complaint (pdf) in the case was filed June 14 in the Monterey County office of the Superior Court of California.

San Francisco-based attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon is spearheading the legal effort. Dhillon is CEO of the Center For American Liberty.

Parents have “the right to know what is going on in their child’s school,” Dhillon told Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” as she explained how teachers pushed the young girl to join an “Equality Club” aimed at convincing students to embrace new gender identities.

“They invited kids, including Jessica’s daughter, to be in this club, and they told these kids, do not tell your parents, and specifically Jessica’s mom, do not tell them, they cannot be trusted,” she said.

“They gave them reading materials about transgenderism. They secretly changed the pronouns, but when in front of the parents, referred to their children by their birth pronouns. Behind the parents’ back, in the school, [they] used their new identity. All this was done secretly.”

According to the legal complaint, the Spreckels Union School District near San Jose adopted a “parental secrecy policy” that “authorizes minor children to make mature, consequential, and potentially life-altering decisions—such as what gender to identify as; how to express their gender identity, including, but not limited to, females binding their breasts so they look more like males; what name to be called; what pronouns to use; and what privacy facilities to use—with no notification to or input from parents.”

Teachers at Buena Vista Middle School in the school district took Konen’s daughter, A.G., 11 at the time, and recruited her into an “Equality Club” in which she was advised that she may be transgender and bisexual, two concepts that were not familiar to her. At one point teachers changed the name of the club to UBU, or “You Be You,” to avoid detection by parents. A.G. attended Buena Vista from fall 2018 to spring 2021 for the 6th through 8th grades.

A.G. attended a club meeting at the suggestion of a friend after 6th-grade instruction began. The girl was not interested in the discussion and decided not to attend future club meetings. But two weeks later a teacher asked her to return to the club, telling her she “fit in perfectly.” A.G. began attending the meetings again. Teachers told her at first that she was bisexual even though she did not understand the concept of bisexuality. Not long after, teachers told the girl she was transgender even though she did not grasp the concept, the legal complaint stated.

Teachers were persistent as they encouraged the child to change her name to a masculine name and present as male in order to express the new identity. Despite the emotional trauma they inflicted on the young girl, the teachers told her not to let her mother know about this because her mother supposedly could not be “trusted.”

They also forced A.G. to read articles about how to conceal her newly discovered transgender status from her mother. The teachers created a “Gender Support Plan” that directed faculty to call the daughter by a new name, male pronouns, and to allow her to use the unisex teachers’ restroom.

The California Department of Education officially encourages young children to embrace transgender identities. Even though the U.S. Supreme Court had held that parents have the right to direct the upbringing and education of their children, it is the department’s position that schools ought to keep secrets from parents; its recommended reading list promotes books for kindergartners about students undergoing gender identity transition.

During the brainwashing process, A.G. took on a new gender identity different from her female sex at birth, as well as a boy’s name and masculine pronouns, according to the legal complaint.

A.G.’s original identity went down the memory hole as teachers began referring to her by her new name and pronouns. Her name was changed in educational records and she was allowed to use the teachers’ unisex bathroom, all without informing her mother.

The school deliberately deceived Konen about her child’s assumed gender identity by using the girl’s birth name and feminine pronouns when the mother was present. When Konen was not present, the teachers resumed calling the girl by a boy’s name and using masculine pronouns.

Teachers told A.G. not to tell “her mother about her new gender identity, and by otherwise concealing facts regarding A.G.’s new gender identity from Ms. Konen.”

Konen had said she “supports her daughter, regardless of the decisions she makes. Ms. Konen simply wants to be a part of her daughter’s life and exercise her rights as a parent to direct the upbringing of her child.”

But the teachers deprived Konen of her parental rights during a crucial phase of her daughter’s development by “choosing for themselves how to direct A.G.’s upbringing regarding the major life decision of A.G.’s gender identity, and concealing critical facts from Ms. Konen, her parent.”

The teachers’ actions “also violated Ms. Konen’s and A.G.’s rights under federal and state law and inflicted serious emotional and mental harm upon them.”

This case is not an outlier.

As California and federal officials continue to advocate for transgenderism, more such lawsuits are coming.

Count on it.

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Woman Banned From YMCA After Demanding Trans Man Leave Women’s Locker Room

With Julie Jaman - 08/15/2022


Biden’s Cybersecurity Chief Says National Security Apparatus Must Focus on ‘Dismantling Systemic Racism’

What could possibly go wrong?



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Is there a single agency in Old Joe Biden’s catastrophic administration that hasn’t been completely corrupted and politicized? Apparently not. Recently, the White House announced that it appointed Camille Stewart Gloster to the post of Deputy National Cyber Director for Technology and Ecosystem Security; she will lead the Office of the National Cyber Director’s “ongoing efforts to strengthen the security and development of our Nation’s cyber ecosystem — across people, processes, and technology.” That’s great, but Camille Stewart Gloster herself has other priorities in mind: she has repeatedly claimed that the real national security we face is “systemic racism.”

On August 24, 2020, the Better Life Lab (“Elevating the Value of Care. Advancing Gender Equity. Reframing the Narrative of Work-Family Justice,” you get the idea) tweeted that Stewart Gloster, among others, would participate in a “discussion about systemic racism and the major threat it poses to U.S. national security.”

Stewart Gloster responded: I hope all of my #NatSec & #ForeignPolicy colleagues join us for this important discussion. On the heels of the horrific shooting of #JacobBlake, it is clear there is a lot of work to be done generally & our #NatSec apparatus must be a part of dismantling systemic racism.” She has also claimed that Biden’s administration, not having failed comprehensively enough for her taste, should make “pursuing anti-racist and anti-hate policy outcomes” a focus of its national security apparatus.

How Xi and Putin and the Ayatollah Khamenei must laugh at all this. It was just a few weeks ago that FBI Director Christopher Wray said that Iran had attempted to hack the computer system of Boston Children’s Hospital; according to Wray, this was “one of the most despicable cyberattacks I’ve ever seen.” He added: “We cannot let up on China or Iran or criminal syndicates while we’re focused on Russia.”

Maybe so, but Camille Stewart Gloster, whom Biden’s handlers hired away from Google (of course) and who previously worked in the Department of Homeland Security during the Obama administration, has an altogether different focus. In October 2020, she claimed that the “U.S. Economy Lost $16 Trillion b/c Of Racism against Black Americans in a range of areas, including in education & access to business loans By [sic] comparison, U.S. GDP totaled $19.5 tril last yr.”

On Nov. 7, 2020, she tweeted an apocalyptic all-caps rant: “I HOPE THIS REINFORCES YOU ALL DOING THE WORK TO ERADICATE HATE & BIOGTRY [sic]. SYSTEMIC RACISM WILL RUIN THIS DEMOCRACY. AMERICA, I HOPE YOU ARE READY!!” This alleged systemic racism, of course, didn’t end when Old Joe stumbled into the Oval Office. In April 2021, Stewart Gloster tweeted: “We need to root out systemic racism in every institution not just the criminal justice system.”

Every institution, including the one that is supposedly devoted to protecting American individuals and organizations from cyber attacks. Utterly enmeshed in her paranoid fantasies, in June 2020, Stewart Gloster wrote in a column for the Council on Foreign Relations that was actually entitled “Systemic Racism Is a National Security Threat.”

In it, she asserted that “technical and policy mitigations in cybersecurity need to account for the weaknesses of our society, systems, and institutions in their implementations. The places where democracy breaks down and the ugliness of our past sins are laid bare and unaddressed are where we are most vulnerable. Technical and policy mitigations to cybersecurity challenges will never reach their full potential until systemic racism is addressed and diverse voices are reflected among our ranks at all levels.” She added: “Cybersecurity professionals also need to understand how communities of color are disproportionately affected by cyberattacks that target critical infrastructure.”

Shortly after the 2020 election, Stewart Gloster wrote in The Hill: “One thing made painfully clear through the 2020 election cycle is that race is America’s Achilles heel. The weaponization of race undermines our democracy and causes far-reaching national security threats. Systemic racism also disenfranchises minority groups and is exacerbated by international and domestic policy decisions.”

Well, yeah. If anyone knows about the weaponization of race, it’s Camille Stewart Gloster. And she envisions a world in which it will be weaponized much more: she called for “empowering U.S. foreign policy leaders to talk about systemic racism in the U.S on a global stage and acknowledging the detrimental effects of racism at home and in U.S. foreign policy towards regions of the world.”

That’s right. While Putin moves into Ukraine and Xi eyes Taiwan, our cybersecurity czar wants American leaders to be rattling on about imaginary “systemic racism.” Yeah, that’ll restore our tarnished superpower status in a heartbeat.

NYC: Public school tells sixth-graders to surveil family and friends for ‘microaggressions’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Just like in the good old days in the Soviet Union.

“At This Manhattan Middle School, Sixth-Graders Are Asked To Surveil Friends and Family for ‘Microaggressions,’” by Aaron Sibarium, Washington Free Beacon, July 27, 2022:

A New York City public school encouraged students as young as 10 years old to keep a list of all the “microaggressions” they witnessed, both at school and in their own families, according to materials from the school’s curriculum reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon. The same students were also asked to list their gender identity—”cisgender,” “nonbinary,” or “trans”—as well as their sexual orientation on a graded worksheet.

The sixth-grade humanities curriculum from Lower Manhattan Community Middle School, where just 31 percent of students are white, required students to read Tiffany Jewell’s This Book Is Anti-Racist, one of only five books assigned for the 2021-2022 year. The book contains 20 lessons on “how to wake up, take action, and do the work”—including the work of confronting the police, which Jewell suggests white students can do without ending up “in jail or harmed.”

“If you are a Black, Brown, or Indigenous Person of the Global Majority, you will need to decide how each outcome could end for you,” Jewell writes in a chapter called “Choosing My Path.” “White people, this is not something you need to do because you are at the center of the system.”

The book also asks students to surveil their friends and family for racist behavior. “Grab your notebook,” one “activity” instructs readers. “Look and listen for the microaggressions around you. Write them down and note your observations.” Another activity asks students how “folx” in their families “resisted” or “contributed to racism,” defined as the “systemic misuse and abuse of power by institutions.”

The curriculum, which went into effect August 2021, came as parents across New York City were mobilizing against critical race theory in public schools—and as education officials across the country were denying that there was any such thing.

“Critical race theory is not taught in elementary schools,” Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, asserted in July 2021. Parents “are bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching students accurate history.”

One month earlier, New York Regents chancellor Lester Young stated that critical race theory “is not our theory of action” and assured parents that “we are not preparing young people to be activists.”

Jewell’s book belies that assurance. “We will work together, in solidarity, to disrupt racism and become anti-racist accomplices,” the preface reads. “There are many moments to pause in this book so you can check in with yourself and grow into your activism.”…



SHOCKING Video of Drag Queen Classroom Shows Why Homeschooling Is SURGING!!!

So you want to know what your kids have been learning in the school of late? We’ve got a shocking video that’s come out that ironically demonstrates why homeschooling is surging throughout the nation! We’re going to see what’s going on in our school classrooms and we’re going to see why the future of education is found in the very faith that was expelled from public schools decades ago; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

Teacher Turns Classroom Into LGBT Nightclub

Standing for Freedom Center's Ryan Helfenbein joined "In Focus with Addison Smith" to discuss the issue of woke indoctrination in the American school system, and why parents deserve to have school choice.

KILLING is okay if you’re TRIGGERED: Charlestown High School in Boston tells students that assassination is a legitimate way to resist “oppression”

Image: KILLING is okay if you’re TRIGGERED: Charlestown High School in Boston tells students that assassination is a legitimate way to resist “oppression”



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Immigrant children fresh from Central and South America, the Caribbean and China are now being taught at a Boston public school that assassinating people you don’t like is sometimes appropriate in order to resist “oppression.”

Humanities teachers at Charlestown High School who are part of the Sheltered English Immersion program are reportedly telling ninth- and tenth-grade students in the program that they need to “critically examine when certain forms of resistance might be appropriate,” one of them being the assassination of political figures.

The website of the Boston Teachers Union (BTU) contains curriculum documents outlining “notes and assignments around oppression, resistance, and narrative structure,” which include “detailed note-taking sheets and powerpoints [sic] on institutional, interpersonal, and internalized oppression.”

Instead of teaching these children new to America about our nation’s history, as well as how to read and write, employees at Charlestown High School are telling them about three different types of oppression: “Institutional,” “Interpersonal,” and “Internalized” – only one of these three words actually being spelled correctly on the worksheets.

One listed example of oppression at the institutional level is “Trump builds a wall on the border so it is harder for Latinos to enter the U.S.” One example of interpersonal oppression is “A husband tells his wife she must stay home to cook and clean.”

As for internalized oppression, one example used is “An Asian girl hates her eyes, she thinks she is ugly so she gets surgery to change them.”

Former teacher says she’s “disgusted” by these worksheets

After reading these examples, the students were then told to come up with their own examples based on the samples, as well as solutions including boycotts, sit-ins, petitions, and other “peaceful protest” methods.

Also presented were examples of violent forms of revolt, including riots with masked protesters throwing projectiles, people fighting and political assassinations, the latter of which was presented alongside an image of President Richard Nixon in crosshairs.

The first thing these students learning English as a second language (ESL) are being told upon entry into the United States is that the country is oppressive and that assassination is one way to respond to that oppression.

“These English language learners [in these classrooms] are likely new immigrants to the country, coming to this country to experience freedom, [but in Boston] they’ve run smack dab into Marxist indoctrinators posing as educators,” warns Rebecca Friedrichs, the founder of the advocacy group For Kids & Country.

Also the author of “Standing up to Goliath: Battling State and National Teachers’ Unions for the Heart and Soul of our Kids and Country,” Friedrichs, who worked as a teacher for 28 years, says she is “disgusted” by what she saw on these worksheets, calling the material “damaging and dangerous.”

“Schools are meant for educating children, not indoctrinating them in radical ideology,” she added in a statement. (Related: America’s public schools are also indoctrinating students to become transgenders.)

Award-winning international journalist and executive director of the advocacy group Public School Exit Alex Newman agrees. He says that the material at Charlestown High School is “clearly designed to indoctrinate children into seeing themselves as victims of oppression.”

“They seem to be promoting revolt and resistance to legitimate forms of authority,” he told The Epoch Times, pointing specifically to the idea that the way to deal with oppression is to “overthrow” it.

“Legitimate authorities must be brought down if they want to impose new authorities,” Newman added, defending the status quo. This “indoctrination program,” as he called it, is “an extension of that same lawless agenda.”

The latest news about the brainwashing of children at America’s public schools can be found at

Sources for this article include:

Citizens halt radical ‘Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion’ push in TEMPLE, Texas


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Texas MassResistance forces city to stall radical “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” indoctrination agenda for municipal employees.

A victory! Momentum is there for a full stop to it.

Conservative town would be force-fed programs from far-left pro-LGBT group – being pushed by Mayor and City Council.

July 21, 2022
ALT TEXT The front page of the local newspaper after citizens realized what was happening, took action, and forced the city to back down. (Note the paper's daily Bible verse at lower left reflects the town's Christian sentiments.)

Dozens of residents in Temple, Texas have forced the city to table its plans to impose a radical, pro-LGBT “Diversity Equity and Inclusion” (DEI) indoctrination program on all municipal employees. The city backed down following strong organized pushback by citizens. There is now momentum to derail the DEI program permanently over the next several months.

Temple is located about 40 miles north of Austin in a region with a largely conservative, Christian population.

The residents’ effort was organized by Concerned Christian Citizens (CCC), a local Texas MassResistance affiliate. CCC’s MassResistance activism in that area goes back several years. In 2017 they put on a conference on the LGBT agenda in nearby Killeen. In 2018 they organized over 50 parents in Temple to confront the Library Board over its promotion of homosexual materials for children.

Make no mistake: City DEI efforts like this are going on across America!

ALT TEXT Photo at right is from the Concerned Christian Citizens' 2017 pro-family conference.

The problems started with a tragic traffic stop in 2019

The apparent necessity for a DEI crusade in Temple originated from a tragic traffic stop on Dec. 2, 2019, where a Hispanic police officer accidentally shot and killed a black motorist. According to news reports, the officer attempted to pull over the man for speeding. A brief chase ensued. At an intersection, the officer was able to block the car. The officer approached the car with his gun drawn. The man did not resist, but the officer accidentally pulled the trigger while reaching for the man’s car keys.

Several months of vocal outrage ensued against the city from the local black community. That really rattled the local politicians, especially when the George Floyd riots began across America in the spring of 2020.

A Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission is created

In mid-2020, the Mayor and City Council decided to pacify the situation by creating the Temple Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Commission, authorized in December, 2020. Its “official” purpose was to advise the city “on policies, programs, practices, and other matters to build greater equality within the Temple community by promoting equity and eliminating discrimination.”

At first, it seemed fairly innocuous to conservatives. But this is a common tactic around the country: get a foot in the door, then proceed to impose big changes in the community.

Membership in the appointed nine-member DEI Commission was purposefully based on race, sex, and “sexual orientation” (all are black, female, or “LGBT”). Most of the members are clearly leftists. Many residents have complained that normal white males, who make up a large part of the community, were excluded.

ALT TEXT The Temple DEI Commission.

The first monthly meeting was on June 6, 2021. For a year, not much was heard from the Commission. Videos of the meetings were not easily available, and few people attended in person.

Facebook announces $800 million facility to be built in Temple – in exchange for what?

In March 2022 the parent company of Facebook announced that it would be building an $800 million data processing facility in Temple. Facebook would bring in hundreds of their employees to work there.

It’s widely believed that in negotiating for this over the previous several months, the Mayor and City Council promised Facebook that the city would work to change the culture of Temple – to create and enforce government policies and city ordinances that correspond with Facebook’s leftist San Francisco sensibilities.

It also became obvious that the Mayor and City Council intended to use the DEI Commission as a front to implement the “woke” agenda that they would create.

Bizarre outside group chosen to create radical city DEI agenda

In May 2022, several residents discovered that the DEI Commission was imminently preparing to drop a bomb, so to speak, on the city during its upcoming June 7 meeting.

It was revealed that The Nova Collective, a radical pro-LGBT organization based in Chicago, had been covertly chosen by the city to implement a comprehensive DEI plan in the city. This immediately shocked many citizens. This group is an extreme left-wing organization that promotes itself as “transforming organizations through a lens of equity.” Nova’s Facebook page has, among other things, videos promoting “Drag” crossdressing and transgenderism.

ALT TEXT This post from Nova's social media shows what they mean by "inclusion."

The City Council was using the DEI Commission as a front group for this. At its June 7 meeting the DEI Commission was going to hear a presentation about Nova from city employees, then vote to “recommend” that the city move forward with that group. From there, the City Council would vote at their meeting on July 7 to officially fund Nova and get the DEI program started.

People had a lot of questions. Why is this happening? How was this group selected? Who selected it? How much will it cost? What exactly are they going to force Temple to do?

CCC fires up local residents

Immediately upon hearing all this, Concerned Christian Citizens notified Christians across the city and quickly educated them about what was about to happen. Emails, flyers, and much more went out. Letters to the editor were published in the local newspaper.

ALT TEXT One of CCC's flyers passed out in the community. The photo is from a video on Nova's social media promoting the benefits of "Drag."

Citizens storm the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion meeting!

On June 7, Concerned Christian Citizens brought over two dozen strong-willed local residents to the DEI meeting. (Nobody came to speak in favor of contracting with Nova.)

The “citizen comment” portion was at the beginning. They didn’t hold back! Here’s some of what the Commission heard:

  • People described in detail how Critical Race Theory, a veiled foundation of DEI, is not a unifying program at all, but a classic Marxist method of dividing society into “oppressed” and “oppressors.”
  • One long-time public employee said that this was being used to discriminate against (and keep the city from hiring) people with certain religious convictions and political beliefs.
  • The dysfunctional use of the word “equity” was discussed, and how critical thinking is being discouraged in these programs.
  • A teacher for 25-year veteran teacher said that this will isolate the children in her class, and that the use of homosexual books will lead to the promotion of pedophilia.
  • A long-time pastor in Temple said that Nova’s perverse agenda will affect the entire community in a destructive way.

And more … the DEI commission got an earful that they weren’t expecting!

How the Nova group was brought in

After the public comment ended, the introduction of Nova was next on the agenda. Erin Smith, the Assistant City Manager, informed the Commission how all this had come about.

First, she said, the City Council, Mayor, and other city officials were given some “DEI 101 training” by an outside leftist firm, The MacMillan Group, for which the city paid an undisclosed amount. This apparently was to make sure that the city’s top officials were suitably indoctrinated to move forward with the next steps.

Next was the explanation of how Nova was selected. Stacy Hawkins, the city’s “director of performance excellence” started by identifying sixteen DEI consulting firms. She interviewed them and selected seven. Hawkins and Smith then jointly interviewed the seven firms, and selected Nova. They then gave a presentation on Nova to the City Council, which obviously agreed with their choice. Note that the DEI Commission was completely left out of this selection.

City’s presentation about Nova

Next was a presentation to the DEI Commission about Nova. Smith began with this rather alarming introduction:

They are a company that is devoted to transforming organizational values no matter where they are on the DEI journey. They work with and cultivate DEI leaders to build equity and achieve meaningful lasting change.

She said Nova has been used by Facebook, CenturyLink, Goodwill, Walgreens, Comcast, and many other major firms, as well as government agencies such as Los Angeles County, the city of Denver, and the Air National Guard.

ALT TEXT Introduction to Nova presentation.

Regarding the process Nova will use, it had already been worked out between Nova and the city. Erin showed the slide below, with the ominous title “Organization-wide and Leadership-level alignment.”


Smith discussed the steps in more detail. When understood in the larger context, this was also disturbing:

  1. The survey of all city employees is a tool to uncover their so-called “biases” and will be used to design woke “solutions.”
  2. The policy and process audit will include all the city’s current policies, procedures, hiring practices, etc. to measure how “diverse and inclusive” they are. The results will be used to “imbed DEI” into all of the city’s “organizational values.”
  3.  The “interviews” with top city officials and the Temple DEI Commission members will be one-on-one interviews with Nova staff. The goal is to make sure that all of them ”buy-in and support” the city’s new DEI ideology – i.e., no critical thinking is allowed.
  4. The executive leadership team alignment session appears to be a Maoist process where Nova directs the city officials to plan the ideological overhaul of Temple’s government operations.
  5. The “citizen survey” is similar to the employee survey – to uncover so-called “biases” in the community – and will lead to changes in the city’s laws and ordinances to be more in line with DEI ideology and dogma.

All of this also leads to a “Strategic Roadmap” for the city, that codifies and extends the DEI reach even further. It covers diversity training for employees and others. It will address issues of “tension” – which means how to deal with anyone who resists the DEI program. It even includes discriminating among vendors the city hires depending on their DEI commitments!


Questions from the Commission members

Next came questions from the Commission members about Nova and Erin Smith’s presentation. Two people from Nova were also there via Zoom to answer questions.

ALT TEXT The two Nova representatives answered questions via Zoom at the DEI Commission meeting.

Several questions came from one of the Commission members, a conservative woman, who asked some tough, direct questions of Smith and the two Nova staffers. A few of the liberal Commission members tried to defend the process, without much success. Here’s a synopsis of what was brought out:

  • Cost. There is no money currently budgeted for this. But it will cost the city approximately $112,000 annually over the next several years.
  • Cross-dressing and DEI. There was a big question about Nova’s Internet post that says: “Drag provides a vehicle for self-exploration that empowers us to explore different aspects of ourselves.” Nova could not explain how “drag” has anything to do with DEI.
  • What is DEI, anyway? It was acknowledged that neither the Commission nor the city could define exactly what DEI is, yet they are about to hire a firm to implement it! Maybe the city should define it first, it was suggested.
  • Disagreement equals “lack of education.” One of the Nova staffers said that the reason that people don’t accept the DEI agenda is that “the fear associated with it is due to lack of education” – and Nova provides the “education.” In other words, there is no room for any legitimate disagreement, which they term as “fear.” They also said that they consider disagreement as “resistance” that must be dealt with.
  • Not a good fit for Temple. Nova seems to think they’re already hired. But there is a big concern that the vulgar “Drag” component and the LGBT posts on Nova’s website and social media go against the morals of people in the community and are not a good fit for Temple. The core of Nova seems to challenge individuals’ identities. Maybe the city needs to do more research with different agencies.

The Commission votes to TABLE the plan

The DEI Commission was clearly affected by the residents’ outraged testimony and the unsettling responses to the tough questions after the presentation.

As the Commission was preparing to vote, several members said they weren’t comfortable with this plan. They said that at least they needed much more information.

So rather than directly antagonize the city by rejecting it, they voted to table it. In fact, the process of “getting more information” could be indefinite – even though the city wants to begin immediately.

This is a big victory! All that remains is for the residents to stop the City Council from bypassing the DEI Commission. And that process ramped up at the July 7 City Council meeting!

The City Council gets an earful despite the Mayor’s attempt to defend the project

Temple City Council meetings generally begin with a period for public comments from local citizens. But the July 7 Temple City Council meeting began with the Mayor, Tim Davis, making some statements in a dishonest attempt to mollify people about their concerns about the DEI plan.

Davis said that there would be no requirements for the citizens or the city to accept “the myriad of things that come with DEI.” He said that Nova would “possibly” survey the city of Temple employees “to get an understanding of where they stand regarding the DEI concepts.” From there the city would “possibly” put together a training program “so that city of Temple employees will be able to deliver the City of Temple’s services to any minority community.”

That is certainly different than what the two city employees – the assistant city manager and director of performance excellence – told the DEI commission.

Then came the public comments section. The residents weren’t buying any of Davis’s rhetoric, and for the next 25 minutes, one after another blasted the Mayor and City Council for this ridiculous and destructive proposal.

No action was taken at that meeting. And from what we’ve heard since then, the Mayor and City Council were a bit shell-shocked by the intense reaction from the community. There’s a strong feeling that they may find a way to back off from it.

Final thoughts

More and more local residents are realizing that there is no need for a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program in Temple, Texas – or anywhere else. These are, in fact, Marxist concepts that were designed to cause division and antagonism between classes and races. They make conditions worse, not better.

But even in conservative Christian areas, this hideous agenda is brought in by corrupt politicians who do not care about the actual welfare of the people they were elected to serve, but seek to appear “sophisticated” to curry favor with unhinged leftists.

The pushback in Temple needs to be replicated across America.

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DR. STEVE TURLEY: Europe EXPLODING as Mass Uprisings SURGE Across Continent!!!

Europe is literally blowing up; mass uprisings are surging across the continent as the permanent political class is beginning to fall; we’re going to take a look at what’s behind these uprisings, we’re going to see how the legacy media has begun to panic, and make sure to stick with me to the very end of this video when we’ll find out why all of this is only just the beginning; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

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Farmers protest with tractors lined up along the access road, at the entrance of the circuit the Formula 1 circuit of Zandvoort, on September 3, 2021. - The presence of the farmers is to draw attention to "the difficult situation" that farmers are currently in due to nitrogen restrictions, according …


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Huge Rations of Burgers and Cheese ! Street Food in Milano, Italy


Senator Hawley responds to viral moment with Berkeley professor regarding term ‘woman’

Sen. Josh Hawley joins 'Hannity' following exchange about 'people with a capacity for pregnancy' during abortion hearing.

Jefferson’s Monticello Is Woke, Wants You to Hate Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson slammed by woke tour guides:

Brownstone Institute founder Jeffrey Tucker explains what he experienced when he toured Thomas Jefferson's Monticello estate on July 4.




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

“Who controls the past controls the future,” writes George Orwell in 1984. “Who controls the present controls the past.” Were he with us today, Orwell would be getting tired of being right all the time, but he has just been proven right again: Thomas Jefferson’s famed mansion Monticello has been turned into a fount of woke propaganda that denigrates Jefferson and treats unsuspecting visitors to an over-the-top orgy of victimhood and white guilt regarding slavery. The Left hates America and wants very much for you to hate it, too.

Jeffrey Tucker of the libertarian Brownstone Institute said Saturday that “the whole thing has the feel of propaganda and manipulation. People on my tour seemed sad and demoralized.” That’s exactly the goal, Mr. Tucker: make Americans sad and demoralized and vulnerable to those who would have them believe that this nation has been evil from the beginning and is in drastic need of a thorough overhauling of its political system and society in general. Tucker added that when he was at Monticello, his guide was “surly and dismissive” of Jefferson’s remarkable achievements.

Monticello is no longer about Mr. Jefferson’s achievements. According to the New York Post, Monticello’s “new emphasis is the culmination of a 10-year effort to balance the historical record, officials of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, the nonprofit that owns the estate, have said.” “Balance the historical record”: that’s a calculated and clever way of saying “Do everything we can to denigrate Thomas Jefferson and make those who admire him enough to visit his home come out hating him.”

Accordingly, the Post reports, “visitors complain that employees go out of their way to belittle Jefferson and his life.” One visitor wrote on Facebook that “the tour guides play ‘besmirchment derby,’ never missing a chance to defame this brilliant, complex man.” Another wrote: “Always enjoyed visiting Monticello in the past. The workers are super friendly and helpful. Unfortunately on this guided tour, we were lectured more on slaves and Sally Hemmings than the man himself. Half of the comments on Jefferson were critical. I expected for, the price, to have enjoyed it more. Even my 11 yr old daughter noticed the bias. We all are aware of the tragedy of slavery during the early part of this country’s history. Please center your presentations on the man and his accomplishments rather than promoting guilt.” Not a chance.

A third visitor said: “Visited a few years ago and had a great experience and got to learn a lot about Thomas Jefferson. This time every video slandered his name and the entire focus was on his mistress. Very disappointing and shocking to see how they are trying to rewrite history to make it seem like the founding fathers were terrible immoral creatures that happened to start a country.” Ah yes, now you’re getting the idea.

At this point, Monticello might as well be renamed Guilt Plantation. The Post noted that even the ticket booth to the place gets into the act: it’s “decorated with a contemporary painting of Jefferson’s weeping slaves.” In Jefferson’s music room, “a grim modern painting of a faceless figure with a matte black head now looms over the room, positioned so that it directly confronts visitors as they enter the mansion.” This masterpiece, according to Monticello guide Susan Woodward, was “commissioned in honor of Juneteenth” and was intended to be “quite provocative.” A card next to this painting explains that its “hands and face of featureless tar” are meant to signify “the faceless lives of all who served in bondage, witnessing but never recognized.”

Related: Thomas Jefferson Statue Removed From NYC Council Chambers

Meanwhile, “guides begin their outdoor tours of Monticello’s gardens and grounds by invoking the Native Americans who once lived on the land.” A placard asks: “Is ‘all men are created equal’ being lived up to in our country today? When will we know when it is?” In the gift shop, visitors can pick up books by race grievance propagandists Ibram X. Kendi and Ta-Nehisi Coates. The Farm Shop store offers five books about Jefferson’s slaves, as compared to only one about Jefferson himself.

Not surprisingly, “The Thomas Jefferson Foundation is run by a roster of big-money Dem donors and former Democratic officials.” Monticello’s descent “has largely been funded by left-leaning philanthropist David M. Rubenstein, who donated $20 million toward that effort in 2015. Rubenstein is “on the boards of the globalist World Economic Forum, China’s Tsinghua University, and the Council on Foreign Relations, among others.” Now it’s beginning to become clear why all this is happening.

The endgame is not just to make Americans despise Thomas Jefferson, but to make the average American ashamed of being American. That’s what this has been about from first to last. If the complexities of human experience have to be obliterated in the process, with cartoonish one-dimensional heroes and villains put in their place, so be it. We cannot celebrate Jefferson for all that he did to lay the groundwork for the freest society the world has ever seen. We cannot see him as a remarkable but flawed human being who was exemplary in some ways but not in others.

What’s more, the reason why the Left hates him with such burning intensity is not that he was a slave owner. Leftists love Fidel Castro, who enslaved an entire nation. They love all manner of authoritarians, totalitarians, and mass murderers. They’ve never minded the eggs that have to be broken to make their socialist omelets.

No, the real reason why the Left hates Thomas Jefferson is for all the things for which he should rightly be celebrated: Because he fought against tyranny. Because he helped create a free republic. Because he placed statements in those founding documents that would ultimately lead multitudes of the citizens of the new nation to believe that slavery was wrong and immoral and give their lives to bring about its abolition.

Jefferson is just the sort of man whom the fascist thugs of Antifa, busy smearing ACAB on the sides of buildings and hurling obscenities at police in pursuit of their vision of socialist utopia, and their moneyed backers would despise and fear. They want a docile American populace, frightened into submission to their authoritarian vision. The example of Thomas Jefferson could inspire Americans instead to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to preserve our hard-won freedoms. Can’t have that. Jefferson’s name must be made anathema to Americans.

RINO Kinzinger Slams Boebert, Warns of ‘Christian Taliban’

Lauren Boebert; Adam Kinzinger



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-D), who believes that there was a Jan. 6 “insurrection” and that he has a chance to be president of the United States, is outraged at statements Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) made Sunday about the separation of church and state. On Wednesday, Kinzinger raged semi-coherently on Twitter: “There is no difference between this and the Taliban. We must oppose the Christian Taliban. I say this as a Christian.” The Christian Taliban! Did Boebert call for the beheading of unbelievers? The firebombing of girls’ schools? Throwing gays off the top of tall buildings? Not quite.

There is no difference between this and the Taliban. We must opposed the Christian Taliban. I say this as a Christian

— Adam Kinzinger🇺🇦🇺🇸✌️ (@AdamKinzinger) June 29, 2022

What Boebert did say was certainly controversial. Speaking at the Cornerstone Christian Center in Basalt, Colo., Boebert declared: “I’m tired of this separation of church and state junk — that’s not in the constitution. It was in a stinking letter and it means nothing like they say it does.” The “stinking letter” in question was one Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1802 that spoke of a “wall of separation between Church and State.” As commonly used as the “wall of separation” phrase is, it doesn’t appear in the Constitution, which says only that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

This means that there is to be no established, that is, government-supported, religion in the U.S. or government favoring of one religion over another. It does not mean, as it has often been taken these days, that religion is to have no place in public life, while drag queens cavort in elementary schools right after gender transition class.

Boebert, however, went even farther, asserting: “The church is supposed to direct the government. The government is not supposed to direct the church. That is not how our founding fathers intended it.” Many of the Founding Fathers would strongly object to the idea that “the church is supposed to direct the government,” but Boebert was likely trying to articulate the principle that the government should be informed by religious values, as John Adams stated: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Nonetheless, there is no doubt that she stated her point clumsily, in a way that left open a big target for the likes of Kinzinger.

In taking aim, however, Kinzinger revealed both his prejudices and his ignorance. The Taliban, after all, is a terrorist group. Given the fact that the Biden “Justice” Department has likened angry parents at school board meetings to terrorists, it’s not surprising that the RINO congressman would imply that Boebert is a terrorist, but in doing so he revealed that, despite professing Christianity, he knows little about both Christianity and the Taliban.

The Taliban, after all, threatened in January to put 2,000 jihad suicide bombers in the Afghan embassy in Washington, D.C. Jihad suicide bombers remain a key part of their strategic force inside Afghanistan. Since it retook control of Afghanistan, Taliban jihadis have closed girls’ schools and endorsed women’s education only in Islamic religious instruction. They shot a couple dead for “moral corruption” in the Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif. The group has forbidden women to travel unless they’re accompanied by a male guardian. It has a kill list of gays in Afghanistan. It murdered three people at a wedding where music was being played because celebratory music is forbidden in Islam. It beheaded a junior volleyball player who was part of the Afghan women’s national team.

If Lauren Boebert really does want to jettison the First Amendment and establish Christianity as the official religion of the United States, that still doesn’t make her remotely like the Taliban, because Christianity simply does not teach that women must not travel without a male guardian, that homosexuals should be put to death, that music violates the law of God and those who play it should likewise be executed, or that those whose beliefs deviate from those of the ruling group should be beheaded.

Kinzinger, in calling Boebert “the Christian Taliban,” demonstrates his abject ignorance of both. He also demonstrates his distaste for the religion he professes to embrace, for if he knew anything about Christianity, he would know that even its most extreme expressions aren’t anything like the Taliban. He also suggests that underneath his politically correct exterior, he harbors some ugly “Islamophobic” views about the Taliban and Islam in general. Do his handlers know that Adam has unwittingly strayed off the reservation?

Maine Enshrines Cultural Marxism as State Religion in K-12 Public Schools So much for intellectual diversity.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The dysfunctional government-run monopoly known as “public education” in Maine suffered a serious setback on June 21st when the US Supreme Court struck down a state statute that bans families from tuition assistance if they choose to send their children to accredited private schools that teach religion.

In sparsely-populated rural districts without high schools, the state offers a stipend to parents to enroll their children in a high school of their choice. The tuition assistance payments can be used for any type of public or private school, even out of state, or outside the United States.

Except if it’s a religious school. 

The 6 to 3 decision held that discrimination based on the religious identity of a school violates the Free Exercise of Religion clause of the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

But rather than engaging in any honest self-assessment, the lawyer representing the public-school monopoly railed against the decision and began plotting more legislative roadblocks to school choice.

In his public comments after the SCOTUS decision in Carson v. Makin, Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey came across as a sore loser. His attack on the two Christian schools that successfully challenged the Maine statute was breathtaking in its ignorance and arrogance. Frey’s remarks amounted to a declaration of war.

His overt anti-Christian bigotry came across loud and clear, but in his zeal to condemn the plaintiffs as religious fanatics, he inadvertently indicted himself and the state. Here it is:

“The education provided by the schools at issue here is inimical to a public education. They promote a single religion to the exclusion of all others.”


That’s exactly what the Maine Department of Education (MDOE) does, with the able assistance of the office of the Attorney General over the past 30 years. They promote a single religion to the exclusion of all others.

Frey and his fellow left-wing fascists have enshrined a new state religion in K-12 classrooms: Cultural Marxism.

It’s a fact-free, faith-based dogma with its own scripture and sacraments, saints and sinners, heroes and heretics, salvation and damnation. Above all, it is intolerant of dissent.

Cultural Marxism divides all of humanity into just two classes: the oppressed and the oppressors. The oppressed are the BIPOCs (black, indigenous, and people of color) and the entire spectrum of the LGBTQ+ alphabet people.

The oppressors are anyone who’s white – but especially white male heterosexual Christians.

Before the self-loathing Leftists imposed CM as the state religion for K-12 students, they spent several decades dumbing down the curriculum. The objective was to soften up students’ intellects and prepare them for the simple-minded, emotion-based superstition and pseudo-science that the woke cultists embrace.

As far back as 2007, only 36% of Maine 4th graders in public schools were proficient at grade level in reading. The same year, only 38% of 8th graders were proficient at grade level in reading.

Ten years later, in 2017, 4th graders were still stuck at 36% reading proficiency, while 8th graders advanced to a dismal 43%.

This embarrassing data has been scrubbed from the MDOE website. The only reason I have access to it is because I saved the hard copies of reports the swampy non-profit Educate Maine distributed to legislators during my tenure in the Maine House of Representatives.

The introduction of Cultural Marxism into Maine’s K-12 government-run classrooms began in earnest in 1996 when the office of the state Attorney General launched a pilot project in 18 schools. Students were recruited to join so-called “Civil Rights Teams,” ostensibly to think and talk about issues related to “race and skin color, national origin and ancestry, religion, disabilities, gender (including gender identity and expression) and sexual orientation.”

While the AG’s office paid lip service to being all-inclusive, they openly admitted that “we especially want students of color, immigrants, religious minorities, students with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ students to participate.”

Of course! The Cultural Marxists in the AG’s office want the “oppressed” students keeping a watchful eye on the “oppressor” students.

Today more than 200 Maine schools, public and private, have Civil Rights Teams. These teams are under the direct supervision and control of the AG’s staff of fully woke CM cultists.

Then, beginning just over two years ago, as Black Lives Matter rioters burned and looted America’s big cities, the MDOE website front-loaded teacher training material that can be best described as BLM propaganda condemning America as a systemically racist country.

Promoting the sacred texts of the high priests and priestesses of Cultural Marxism, the Department dropped all pretense of intellectual diversity.

Say hello to Ibram Kendi and Robin DiAngelo; say goodbye to Thomas Sowell and Shelby Steele.

The MDOE website today is a dumpster load of racist propaganda and LGBTQ+ gender-bender madness.

Exhibit A: a state-approved video lesson for kindergartners – paid for with federal COVID funding – where the imbecile teacher explains to 5-year-olds that sometimes the doctor makes a mistake in determining whether a newborn baby is a boy or a girl.

My conservative non-profit Maine First Project blew the whistle on this scandal two weeks before it landed on the front pages of Maine’s lamestream daily newspapers. Under pressure from outraged taxpayers, MDOE took that particular video down. But there’s plenty more transgender lunacy where that came from.

I believe Maine’s terminally woke AG is in full-blown denial about what’s in store for his dysfunctional monopoly.

Here’s the demographic nightmare facing him and the other parasites who feed in the K-12 education swamp:

Fewer than one-third of Maine households have children enrolled in K-12 government-run schools. Many of the two-thirds majority of households without kids in school are comprised of retirees on fixed incomes.

These Mainers are looking down the barrel of $6+ per gallon home-heating oil, $5+ per gallon gasoline, and skyrocketing grocery prices.

As these retirees become aware that their rising property taxes are paying to brainwash their neighbors’ children and their own grandchildren, does anyone seriously believe they’re going to vote for bigger and bigger school budgets every year?

K-12 enrollment in Maine’s public schools has been in decline for decades, down from 213,569 in 1995 to 173,158 today. While enrollment has been in a free fall, spending goes up by hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Bottom line: Maine’s K-12 indoctrination camps are about to be liberated, as students and teachers head for the exits, and taxpayers balk at being flogged and fleeced to pay for educational malpractice.  

And that big red wave in November may just hasten the day of reckoning.

Lawrence Lockman of Bradley served four terms in the Maine House of Representatives (2012-2020). He is Co-founder & President of the conservative non-profit Maine First Project. He may be reached at

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