Senior military officers sign letter expressing concern over the direction of the U.S.

Rumble — A group of more than 120 retired military officers sound an alert that there is an influential Marxist movement taking hold in the U.S., which they say poses a threat to the American people. One America’s senior investigative reporter Scott Wheeler has more.

How the Air Force Academy Makes the Disloyal Military Leaders of Tomorrow~Brainwashing the men and women who protect America to hate and destroy it



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Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

In 2007, Mark Milley, then a mere colonel, was being interviewed about his experiences by Lynne Chandler Garcia. Now Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley is defending critical race theory while Garcia, an associate professor at the Air Force Academy, teaches it.

The woman described by one student as "the worst professor I've had" back when she was teaching logic for the philosophy department at a community college recently came forward with a Washington Post op-ed announcing her enthusiasm for injecting Marxism into the Air Force.

"I teach critical race theories to our nation’s future military leaders because it is vital that cadets understand the history of the racism that has shaped both foreign and domestic policy,” the historically illiterate logic teacher wrote.

Garcia, whose bio states that she holds “military secret clearance”, is promoting a Marxist ideology in her “Politics, American Government, and National Security" course. The curriculum lists her course, which implicitly attacks the existence of America, as a ”contributor to the development and assessment of the National Security of the American Republic”.

The Air Force Academy admitted that “some elements from CRT canon are included in the course to encourage critical thinking" (another academic term for Marxism), but claimed that critical race theory is not "endorsed by the institution as institutional doctrine.”

It has however been endorsed every other way.

The disloyal military leaders of tomorrow are being shaped in the corrupted Academy of today.

As the BLM race riots devastated American cities, former superintendent Jay Silveria, who had been handpicked by former Air Force Chief of Staff David Goldfein to head the Academy, told students that it was "a time to acknowledge that disparities exist in our nation and within our Force, and that we must all be willing to talk about the realities of social injustice."

Outside the world of Marxist wokeness “disparities” are the result of individual choices, talents, dedication and so forth, and in America have nothing to do with racism, since institutional racism was outlawed by the Civil Rights Act almost 60 years ago.

Silveria was echoing his boss’ call for outrage over George Floyd’s drug overdose death and his claims that America was somehow racist. Along with his push for a review of racial disparities.

“We have to acknowledge we have racism, we have bias,” Silveria insisted. That’s one man’s ideologically shaped opinion, but do our military recruits have to have that drummed into them by a community college logic teacher who lacks any credentials for making pronouncements that defame the country her institution and its students are supposed to be defending?

Like much of the military, the Air Force Academy was subjected to "critical conversations" that Silvera claimed would help those like him who were "confused, angry and need to discuss what is going on in our nation."

In July, the academy's football team and coaches – more authorities on things they don’t know - released a video supporting Black Lives Matter.

“Educate yourself on the role that race plays in our history,” a white coach demanded. "It’s time for me to recognize my bias," another white coach confessed.

"Black lives have not been and are not treated as equals in our society," players and coaches angrily chanted the mantra of critical race theory racists. "It’s not enough for us to be not racist. It’s time to be anti-racist."  This sentence is ideological garbage straight out of Ibram X Kendi’s racist book How To Be An Anti-Racist, which according to the leftist Kendi is by agreeing with him. Literally.

Superintendent Silveria did not condemn the video in which Academy employees used an official social media account to push a partisan racist message. Instead, he doubled down on critical race theory, falsely claiming that "across our Nation, we are also grappling with an outpouring of emotion and outrage over systemic racism and social injustice." To repeat. systemic racism was outlawed by the 1964 Civil Rights Act. If it exists, it’s illegal and there would be lawsuits collecting damages. If it exists, where are those lawsuits?

Instead of disciplining the coaches involved, he issued a memo to improve "diversity and inclusion" and falsely claimed that "systemic racism exists in our society" affecting "identity groups" based "on race, ethnicity, age, gender", and "sexual orientation."

Systemic racism can’t and does not exist except in a program like “affirmative action” which had to get a pass from the Supreme Court precisely because it is illegal. And yet the leadership of the Air Force Academy insisted on brainwashing future military leaders with Marxist lies.

“The Black Lives Matter movement is important and I understand the purpose and the oppression behind the movement,” Silvera told the Journal of Character and Leadership Development.

The Center for Character and Leadership Development, once tasked with inculcating ethics and purpose, was leading those “critical conversations” about racism based on disparities that are the results of inequalities that exist in all racial groups. And of course the epidemic of anti-white racism, the most prominent form of ignorant bigotry abroad today.

This year, a professor at the Center wrote an article in the journal calling not for a "post-racial mindset", but an "inherently anti-racism mindset" where “anti-racism” means accepting delusional fantasies of America as “white supremacist” society, when the opposite is the case. In the real world eight racial groups “of color” have greater incomes than whites, which would be impossible in the fantasy world that the Air Force Academy now claims exists.

Another article by two professors contended that "American freedom... is unequal and differentiated, especially by race, ethnicity, gender" and urged that the military should not be an apolitical institution but that the role of military leaders should be to help soldiers "understand and confront'' political debates. Otherwise "American military leaders may miss an opportunity to contribute constructively to a national debate on these important matters."

The military serves its national purpose when it is a killing machine superior to that of our enemies. Turning it into a social experiment kaffeeklatsch undermines its only legitimate purpose and makes us vulnerable to our enemies whose societies are the most oppressive and racist on earth.

The military and its leaders are being reshaped to serve the malignant purposes of our most determined enemies.

The USAFA once encouraged cadets to see themselves as part of something larger. Now it undermines that unity and cohesion with sessions that promote the "Native American Experience" and the "African-American Experience" urging those who "identify" with the group to segregate themselves by race and complain about their status within the military.

The identity politics rot continued as Silvera stepped down and was replaced by Superintendent Richard M. Clark. Just as Goldfein had made way for Brown, the first black Air Force Chief of Staff, Clark would be the first black superintendent of the Air Force Academy.

Clark described his son going to a BLM protest and suggested that much of the Air Force might feel the same way. “There’s probably an anger that we don’t even know about," he suggested.

It was ugly and dangerously inappropriate language for a senior military leader to use.

Instead of using his appointment as evidence of the country’s incredible opportunities for those like him, the new superintendent was carrying on the tradition of trashing America as racist

Earlier this year, the Air Force Academy announced that it was opening a special Diversity and Inclusion Reading Room in the McDermott Library in response to Floyd’s drug overdose death and the accompanying Black Lives Matter riots. The reading room boasted a post-it board encouraging students to jot down what diversity meant to them.

The McDermott Library already offers copies of Ibram X. Kendi's How To Be An Anti-Racist and Stamped From the Beginning, along with Ta-Nehisi Coates' rabidly racist screed, Between The World And Me, which demonized the police officers and firefighters who died to rescue trapped Americans on 9/11 as "not human to me", and described black crime as entirely the fault of whites.

Also available is Race Course Against White Supremacy, a book by domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Ayers actually bombed the Pentagon, and described it in his memoir in these words:  “Everything was absolutely ideal. … The sky was blue. The birds were singing. And the bastards were finally going to get what was coming to them.”

The book by a domestic terrorist who bombed the Pentagon and invented the term “white skin privilege falsely claims that “the United States was conceived as a white supremacist nation” and “remains fundamentally dedicated to structures, institutions, and ideologies that construct and enforce white domination.”

The transformation of the Air Force Academy into just another radical campus has confused and angered many of its alumni who remember a very different institution. And it was different.

The United States Air Force Academy faculty had been made up exclusively of military officers for generations. That helped protect the USAFA from the academic decay of most colleges. But in 1994, a Democrat Congress forced the academy to integrate “civilian faculty”. Like the intellectually challenged and ideologically warped, Garcia.

While many students and faculty initially resisted the civilian academics, the radicals began to inject their leftist politics into the classroom and used them to sow dissension in the military ranks. Service branch academies, once fundamentally different from civilian colleges, are coming to resemble the campuses and curriculums of any left-wing college.

Air Force Academy courses like Class, Race, and Ethnicity in Society, and Gender, Sexuality, and Society, offer familiar narratives attacking Martin Luther King’s vision of a colorblind society as racist, and promoting the racist idea of skin privilege. And while it's not surprising to see identity politics embedded into English and Behavioral Science, the "socio-cultural" element in USAFA's History department is almost as bad with students being asked to analyze WW1 through the lenses of "colonialism, race" and "gender".

Race, gender, and class are a constant academic theme at USAFA. And race and gender are linked to leadership and accomplishment when it comes to ethics and values.

Lynne Chandler Garcia is not an outlier. She’s just one of the few civilian professors to go public outside Air Force circles about what’s really going on at the Air Force Academy.

Each Democrat administration has added another building block to the crisis that has decimated the integrity and allegiances of the Air Force Academy and much of the rest of the military.

The Clinton administration and its allies in Congress helped put the likes of Garcia and other leftist radicals in USAFA classrooms. The Academy hands out copies of Attitudes Aren't Free: Thinking Deeply about Diversity in the US Armed Forces, a text from the Obama administration, which promoted radical gender and racial ideas, including “privilege”, into the military.

Tragically, for our nation, the Biden administration is continuing Clinton and Obama’s destruction of the military.

The disloyal military leadership is composed of some careerists who have learned to tell Democrat administrations what they want to hear and incorporate all their social agendas.

But others are the products of a military academic system that is as broken and corrupt as our civilian colleges, which have become one-party Marxist institutions.

When Garcia boasts of teaching "critical race theories to our nation’s future military leaders”, she’s taking pride in weakening the defenses of a country she hates.

The disloyal military leaders of tomorrow will be the products of Garcia’s classes, and political indoctrination sessions like them.

Better military leadership begins with restoring the integrity of the Air Force Academy and all service branch academies. Our country is barely surviving woke government and woke corporations, it will not survive the disloyal military leaders of a woke military.



Rep. Green Demands Removal of Lynne Chandler García from Teaching Position at U.S. Air Force Academy

Critical Race Theory’s War on History It’s not teaching history, it’s destroying it.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

From the Biden administration to the teachers’ unions to the media, the talking points in support of critical race theory all come down to some defense of “teaching history”. 

Or as Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki put it, “children should learn not just the good, but also the challenging in our history."

Children, of course, learn little else except the "challenging" in our history.

Howard Zinn would find little to complain about in a modern history curriculum which begins with accusing Americans of committing genocide against Indian tribes and then shifts over to slavery, segregation, Japanese detention camps in California, the civil rights movement, and gay rights.

Liberals were already teaching American history as a series of inadequacies and oppressions. 

Critical race theory is only concerned with history to the extent that it fits its attack on the present. It rejects the old liberal framework of America as a series of diminishing oppressions. Its revelatory “red pill” idea is that America is perpetually oppressive because segregation and slavery never ended. They just moved into the criminal justice system. The police are the new slave catchers. White privilege is the new plantation. Dating America back to 1619 isn’t just an attack on its founding, but on our present, because they insist that we are in 1619 right now.

Liberals attacked America’s founding to defend a series of breaks with the past. Critical race theorists attack the past to attack the present because they believe there’s no difference.

Psaki briefly conceded that the purpose of critical race theory in education is an attack on the present. Or as the spokeswoman spun it, "the president believes that in our history, there are many dark moments. And there is not just slavery and racism in our history, there is systemic racism that is still impacting society today.” America wasn’t just racist: it is still racist now.

Critical race theory isn’t teaching history. What it’s teaching is that there is no history.

Liberals believed that progress could be made from the past, but the new wave of leftists argue that progress is impossible until everything about the past is destroyed. Year Zero.

America has not changed and cannot change until it is utterly and entirely destroyed.

Much like the “Roman Empire Never Fell” strain of history, critical race theory, and its assorted black nationalist influenced constructs insist that “Slavery Never Ended”. 

An ideology that denies the existence of historical change can’t teach any kind of history.

An obvious sign that you’re consuming junk ideological history is an insistence on seeing an endless series of exact parallels in every era that prove nothing really changes over time.

A revisionist history that denies the existence of historical change is just a conspiracy theory.

And critical race theory, like all Marxism, is a conspiracy theory which uses bad history to prove the even worse point that nothing will ever change until its acolytes are running everything.

Critical race theory is anti-American, but it’s also illiberal and illiterate. Not to mention racist. 

The Democrat establishment is frantically trying to talk about critical race theory in terms of “teaching history”, but the most pernicious elements of critical race theory aren’t its revisionist history, but its insistence that the country and that white people are innately racist.

Few parents are coming to meetings to protest a distorted version of American history. While history influenced by critical race theory is even more hateful than the ordinary kind, most schools are already teaching our history as a series of negatives with few positives.

What they are protesting is the demonization of their children in the present.

The most explosive part of critical race theory’s influence on the curriculum is the obsessive hatred of ‘whiteness’ which leads to dividing up students by race and telling them that minorities are victims and white students are evil because systemic racism is embedded in our culture, our society, and our institutions, and resides intangibly in the deepest corners of our psyches. 

Opposition to critical race theory has mobilized a new group of activists, many of them liberal and not particularly patriotic, who have little investment in American history, but who viscerally reject the racial demonization that critical race theory has brought into their school systems.

Democrats are panicking over the blowback because many of these parents are not conservative Christians or flag-wavers, some are suburban soccer moms who are mostly on board with leftist politics, but who draw the line at having their kids accused of racism.

There is a huge difference between teaching kids about racism and teaching them to be racist.

Activist education, as opposed to actual education, isn’t transmitting knowledge. History, like math and science, is purely transactional in activist education whose function is mobilization. 

The transformation of educators into organizers turned public schools and colleges into hubs for manufacturing the leftist activists of tomorrow while destroying educational standards. It is no coincidence that test scores, especially in math and science, began their decline at the same time that schools became explicitly political institutions and teachers turned into organizers.

When teaching is just a means of turning out the kids for a political rally, it fails at the basic educational task of conveying knowledge and skills. Indoctrinating children under the guise of teaching critical thinking skills has led to students who leap to deconstruct everything along approved lines without understanding the nature of the things they’re deconstructing. 

That’s how you end up with activists toppling statues of Lincoln and Grant and vandalizing memorials to Civil War soldiers, to protest against racism.

Racism has come to mean the past. And the past, critical race theory, insists is also the present.

Teaching history is a poor way to describe a racist ideology which claims that history never changes and that the only way to escape it is to wage a forever war on the present. 

The Biden administration isn’t endorsing critical race theory in schools because it believes in teaching history, but because it’s doubling down on using schools for political organizing. From the union dues that fund the Democrat political machine to the educational indoctrination meant to create new Democrat voters, public education is a Democrat funding and recruiting system.

The pandemic lockdowns, in which public school teachers could attend Black Lives Matter riots, but couldn’t risk their precious selves by teaching students, showed whom the system serves.

The public school system does not serve their country, it does not serve America, children or their parents. Instead, it’s a machine for grinding up all three for the political benefit of one party.

That party, like its leftist ideology, doesn't want to teach American history. It seeks to end it.

NEA Teachers’ Union Commits to Shoving Critical Theories Down the Throats of Students and Parents Nationwide



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The largest teachers’ union in the nation, the National Education Association (NEA), committed to funding an investigation into groups that oppose the use of critical theories in K-12 education at their recent annual conference. This move was bad enough. However, the teachers’ union’s acceptance of agenda items did not end there. Indeed, it is setting up a showdown that the government system of education may not survive. At this point, it is legitimate to contemplate if perhaps it should not.

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The NEA members approved two agenda items likely meant to chill opposition to turning the public school system into a left-wing indoctrination program. The first, called Business Item A, lays out a task force. The attendees laid out the foundational purpose of the task force in this preamble:

The National Education Association, in coordination with national partners, NEA state and local affiliates, racial justice advocates, allies, and community activists, shall build powerful education communities and continue our work together to eradicate institutional racism in our public school system by:

Now, as far as community activists are concerned, it is almost assured the NEA will not invite groups such as Moms for Liberty and No Left Turn in Education to the table. It is also somewhat ironic that a teachers’ union that opposes all forms of school choice is attempting to root out institutional racism. School choice advocates could effectively argue that the one systemically racist system we have is tying predominantly black and brown students to underperforming and unsafe public schools based solely on their zip codes. This system receives the full support of the NEA.

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The NEA is committing itself to pursue economic justice and primarily political aims such as equitable housing and healthcare in Item A. The teachers’ union also commits to programs that train staff in racial justice and equity:

  • Training specific school personnel to be full-time restorative practice coordinators and providing all school employees with professional development around cultural responsiveness, implicit bias, anti-racism, trauma-informed practices, restorative justice practices and other racial justice trainings
  • Training educators to lead on equity and racial justice, leveraging the Leaders for Just Schools curriculum and model

It is safe to assume these training classes will be similar to the struggle session model documented by journalist Christopher Rufo. Business Item A deals specifically with leading campaigns that:

Result in increasing the implementation of culturally responsive education, critical race theory, and ethnic (Native people, Asian, Black, Latin(o/a/x), Middle Eastern, North African, and Pacific Islander) Studies curriculum in pre- K-12 and higher education

These bullets are a small slice of what Business Item A touches, but they are the elements most directly related to New Business Item 39. Despite its length, it is included in full here to demonstrate the depth of commitment by the teachers’ union to curriculum and activities that many Americans object to (emphasis mine).

The NEA will, with guidance on implementation from the NEA president and chairs of the Ethnic Minority Affairs Caucuses:

A. Share and publicize, through existing channels, information already available on critical race theory (CRT) — what it is and what it is not; have a team of staffers for members who want to learn more and fight back against anti-CRT rhetoric; and share information with other NEA members as well as their community members.

B. Provide an already-created, in-depth, study that critiques empire, white supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, anthropocentrism, and other forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society, and that we oppose attempts to ban critical race theory and/or The 1619 Project.

C. Publicly (through existing media) convey its support for the accurate and honest teaching of social studies topics, including truthful and age-appropriate accountings of unpleasant aspects of American history, such as slavery, and the oppression and discrimination of Indigenous, Black, Brown, and other peoples of color, as well as the continued impact this history has on our current society. The Association will further convey that in teaching these topics, it is reasonable and appropriate for curriculum to be informed by academic frameworks for understanding and interpreting the impact of the past on current society, including critical race theory.

D. Join with Black Lives Matter at School and the Zinn Education Project to call for a rally this year on October 14—George Floyd’s birthday—as a national day of action to teach lessons about structural racism and oppression. Followed by one day of action that recognize and honor lives taken such as Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile, and others. The National Education Association shall publicize these National Days of Action to all its members, including in NEA Today.

E. Conduct a virtual listening tour that will educate members on the tools and resources needed to defend honesty in education including but not limited to tools like CRT.

F. Commit President Becky Pringle to make public statements across all lines of media that support racial honesty in education including but not limited to critical race theory.

Public intellectuals like Jordan Peterson and James Lindsay have been warning about the pernicious influence of the ideas of grievance studies and post-modernism on schools of education at our universities. New Business Item 39 and statements from American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten confirm that these radical ideas have influenced the leadership of teachers’ unions. Indeed, some teachers and administrators do not hold these views, but their ability to speak up or affect the direction of these institutions will become increasingly limited.

Our universities are on a continued trajectory of decline. In the 15 years I spent hiring, training, and developing employees, a college degree became more of a screening tool than a guarantee of a well-prepared entry-level employee capable of problem-solving, working in teams, and handling constructive criticism. The function of their costly education was one of selection and stamina. Employers assumed universities selected based on objective criteria of intelligence, so we hired the brightest and then took charge of training them in what they needed to know and do. Now that the admission process is increasingly about representation, it is not even clear universities serve this function.

Now, the largest teachers’ union is determined to take K-12 education down the same road, embracing a curriculum that rejects meritocracy in favor of equity. Wherever we have seen this ideology implemented, we have seen the lowering of the bar for everyone to standardize outcomes. New York City is eliminating entrance requirements at its selective public schools. The SAT is adding an adversity score to credit for economic and social disadvantages. Restorative justice programs made schools less safe for students and staff. There is also an increasing drumbeat to eliminate standardized tests broadly.

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The NEA is vowing to accelerate programs and ideas like these. There are reasons to believe the AFT will go down a similar road. Together they represent 4.7 million active members in thousands of school districts nationwide. Parents opposed to the ideas the teachers’ unions seem determined to incorporate may need to consider that eradicating the critical theories from the K-12 classroom is not possible. Schools of education pump out these ideas with nearly every diploma, and the ideas even exist in districts not represented by a teachers’ union.

It may be time to think deeply about innovation in K-12 education. Instead of pushing bans on certain types of curricula, perhaps it is time to expand choice. The days of limiting the option to low-income students need to end. Petitioning state legislatures to pass legislation on education savings accounts for K-12 education, where every parent can have the dollars allocated to their child follow them to the program of their choice, would be ideal. At a minimum, that would provide parent groups with financial leverage because funding of public schools is often on a per-student basis.

American children need educators, not activists, in the classroom. It is no longer clear that a degree is required to provide most children with a K-12 education based on rational thinking, objective truth, and appropriate nuance. If doing that takes a village, parents should have the ability to determine the people to include in that group.


Rumble — The country's largest teacher's union and socialist projects align themselves to fight against recent legislation banning critical race theory. One America's Zach Petersen has more.



The National Education Association’s Radical Agenda for Public Education

Turning classrooms into indoctrination centers for social activism.

Racist ATLANTA Mayor: Keisha Lance Bottoms

13th in a series.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Editor's note: This is the 13th part in Frontpage Mag's series on Racist Mayors. (See previous parts below this article). Stay tuned for more installments.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms became the mayor of Atlanta by 759 votes by accusing her opponent of racism for exposing voter fraud.

Mary Norwood of Buckhead, who had lost the mayoral election against Bottoms' corrupt predecessor, Mohammed Kasim Reed, by 714 votes, had described how Democrats steal elections by bringing in “thugs” and pay people to vote.

Bottoms claimed that the word “thugs” was racist.

Even after winning by a margin suspiciously similar to that of Reed, who had endorsed her, Bottoms went on complaining about racism, and claiming that being accused of corruption was racist and “it was still shocking to me in Atlanta. I thought that we were way beyond that”.

After George Floyd’s overdose death while in police custody, Bottoms showed up on Oprah and told the racist billionaire celebrity "My mother recently said to me that this America didn't feel like 1965 to her. It felt like something before 1965.” A black mayor in a city with an uninterrupted string of them for generations was claiming that segregation was back.

When Rayshard Brooks, who had an extensive criminal record, was shot after struggling with police, Mayor Bottoms wasted no time with a press conference a few days later that falsely claimed, “we saw the murder of Rayshard Brooks” and cracked down on Atlanta police.

Bottoms played the race card, describing his death as "so personal to so many people of color."

"That could have been any one of us," the Atlanta politician, and daughter of the R&B singer behind "Monkey Time" who used to open for the Beatles, claimed. Keisha Lance Bottoms spent years growing up in England and then back home in upscale Collier Heights until her father, Major Lance, who had sold millions of records, got addicted to cocaine and wrecked the family.

The “us” rings hollow coming from the daughter of a superstar who had spent time studying at Cambridge University. Much as it did from Barack Obama and still does from Kamala Harris.

But when she was running for office, Bottoms hit Mary Norwood with an attack ad for not “immediately” agreeing that racial profiling existed, sneering, “Mary and I live very different lives” and falsely claiming that the police were endangering the lives of her three sons.

“I live in southwest Atlanta,” Bottoms declared, neglecting to mention that she lives in a massive 5,000 square foot mansion in a neighborhood described by real estate agents as “upscale” and “prestigious” that’s a far cry from the modest rundown home of her grandparents where she stages interviews to act like she can relate to her poor black constituents.

While Bottoms enjoys her mansion, she’s pushing for an end to single-family zoning.

The Democrat campaign to urbanize Atlanta suburbs and other suburbs across the country is meant to shatter middle-class communities transforming homeowners into renters. That won’t affect Bottoms’ mansion, but it’s another reason why Buckhead is fighting to escape Atlanta.

Destroying Atlanta’s black and white middle class by eliminating homeowners would kill what’s left of the city’s civic culture and allow the Democrats a tighter grip on power. Even as they are finishing up destroying the cities, the Democrats are moving to wreck the suburbs.

Mayor Bottoms has overseen another burning of Atlanta while hiding behind racism smears. Atlanta’s new mayor, like other inauthentic Democrat elites, is adept at playing the race card.

The death of Brooks led to another in a series of BLM riots and the site of the Wendy’s became the epicenter of a lawless zone occupied by criminals. BLM barricades were used to confront drivers who faced a choice between being terrorized or driving through the mob.

Those who drove through the mob went to jail.

In one of the cars was an 8-year-old girl named Secoriea Turner. As the car tried to turn around, the men at the BLM barricades opened fire killing the little girl.

"They say Black Lives Matter. You killed your own this time," Secoriea's father said. "You killed my baby because she crossed a barrier and made a U-turn? She's a child. She didn't do nothing to nobody."

It was July 4th. That weekend, 31 people were shot in Atlanta. The violence was so extreme that Gov. Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency and sent out the Georgia National Guard.

The lawyer for Julian Conley, one of the alleged gunmen, claimed that he was just "peacefully protesting".

Secoriea's family sued Mayor Bottoms, along with other city officials, for having "negligently performed their ministerial duties relating to the protection of the public’s health and safety, by omitting to act and clear the area of the barricade and the violent armed civilians that surrounded it." The officer wrongly fired over Brooks' death also sued Bottoms.

Bottoms began her rise through the political ranks as a speechwriter for Attorney General  Thurbert Baker. The first black Democrat AG in the state, despite having a partisan agenda on ObamaCare and redistricting, was popular because he was tough on crime. Three strikes weren’t good enough for Baker: he championed “Two Strikes and You’re Out”, electrocuting criminals, and advocated abolishing parole. Bottoms however championed criminals.

When Black Lives Matter racists took to the street demanding police defunding, Bottoms claimed that she had already been defunding the police for years. Atlanta jails were going to be shut down and turned into community centers. Police defunding, like all pro-crime policies, always gets results and it was no different in Atlanta where murders shot up 60%

After the BLM riots, the chances of being murdered in Chicago and Atlanta were the same.

Shootings went up 51%, while rapes and aggravated assaults rose by double digits after arrests dropped by over 40%. As the violence spun out of control, the suburb of Buckhead announced that it was planning to secede from a city that was hitting rock bottom under Mayor Bottoms.

As Atlanta burned, Bottoms reversed course from talking police defunding to hiring 250 more cops. Councilman Michael Julian Bond, who is black, blamed Bottoms for anti-police moves. “Everybody watches the news and that includes the criminals. So if they know Atlanta is perceived to be soft on crime, they are going to come to Atlanta to cut up."

And Mayor Bottoms decided to blame Gov. Kemp and Republicans for reopening the state along with "systemic issues of gun violence" and people with "mental illness" buying guns.

It was the latest in a series of desperate excuses in which Bottoms tried to blame everyone else.

The same gun laws, a typical Bottoms excuse, were there in 2019. And Atlanta’s crime wave began with the BLM riots, not with the reopening of the state. Secoriea Turner, as her family’s lawsuit testifies, was not murdered because of mental illness or gun laws, but because Bottoms turned over Atlanta to criminals in the hopes of moving up the political ladder of the Democrats.

Her hopes have been dashed.

Once touted as a potential Veep pick for Biden, Bottoms is not even running for reelection. But Kasim Reed, her predecessor, is thinking of making a comeback.

As Buckhead, the home of Mary Norwood, ponders secession, it may become impossible for anyone except the same old mafia to win Atlanta. But Norwood’s narrow losses and the allegations of corruption will make it just as urgent for Bottoms’ successor to cry racism.

Bottoms ran a racially charged campaign to dissuade black voters, some of whom were thinking of voting for Norwood. Before the election, voters across Atlanta received a call telling them, "Keep Atlanta black. Vote Keisha Lance Bottoms.” Bottoms denied any involvement.

Growing up, Bottoms described a world in which she believed that there were no white people in America. One magazine article described her surprise "as a preschooler at seeing a white woman working at a grocery store. Up to then, she’d thought only black people lived in the United States. England was for whites." It’s doubtful that Bottoms experienced much racism, but playing the race card to distract from her privilege has been her only political gambit.

In the previous election, a black strategist described black voters saying, “‘What the [heck] has a black mayor done for me?’ They are the ones saying, ‘Let’s give white folks a chance.’”

Any Democrat candidate who succeeds Bottoms will have to race bait even harder. And hope that black voters put racism ahead of the violence in the streets and the poverty in their homes.

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General Milley Leads the Enemy Within

Championing critical race theory, undermining the military.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

[Editors' note: To sign the Freedom Center's petitions to remove Admiral Michael Gilday and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin from their positions, CLICK HERE and HERE.]

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

As the Black Lives Matter riots torched the country, Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, insisted that the violent assaults threatening the nation’s capitol were merely protests, and berated Trump’s adviser Stephen Miller who warned, “These cities are burning”.

After the White House came under attack and a BLM mob set fire to the gatehouse, Trump aides, at the request of the president, drafted a document invoking the Insurrection Act that would have ended the nationwide reign of Democrat terror by putting troops on the street.

Milley vocally rejected the idea, claiming that the violent riots were just a protest, and it wasn’t appropriate for the military to be involved in political issues. Of course, Eisenhower had sent the troops into Little Rock to integrate the schools, Kennedy had sent them to Mississippi to do the same, and George H.W. Bush had sent them to Los Angeles to put down the Rodney King riots.

After accompanying President Trump to Lafayette Square, where Black Lives Matter rioters had tried to set the ‘Church of the Presidents’ on fire, Milley quickly withered under media pressure.

"I should not have been there," Milley recited in an apology video and defended the BLM-Antifa insurrections as responses to the "centuries of injustice toward African Americans."

After scores of cities had been torched, statues pulled down, and hundreds of police officers wounded at the hands of racist Marxist hate groups, Milley argued that "we should all be proud that the vast majority of protests have been peaceful."

American POWs in Vietnam had held out under torture rather than record Marxist confession videos like the one that Milley made for the media to protect his career.

But Milley didn’t just stand down in the face of the BLM race riots, he joined the move to divide and weaken the military by bringing the Black Lives Matter curriculum of anti-white and anti-American hate into its ranks. Dividing American soldiers by race has a crippling effect on unit cohesion and general morale, it weakens our national security in the face of the threats from Communist China and our other aggressive enemies, Russia and Iran..

As the summer riots engulfed over 200 American cities, Milley joined the push for diversity and inclusion. He demanded that Fort Bragg and Fort Hood, named after Confederate generals, have their names changed. Milley had never brought this up when he was the commander of Army Forces Command at Fort Bragg and a Fort Hood commanding general, but it wasn’t politically expedient then. And Milley’s career ranks first while his country comes last.

By the fall, Milley was talking about fighting “unconscious” bias in the military – the phantom enemy invented by Critical Race Theorists and the anti-American left to attack white people generally and the American heritage in particular.

Milley’s routine paid off and while there had been talk among Biden’s people about removing him, he stayed on instead and is now telling Biden and the Democrats what they want to hear.

At a House Armed Services Committee hearing, Rep. Houlahan, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, called on Milley to defend the imposition of critical race theory on the military

Milley was all too ready and launched into a prepared speech in which he lied that critical race theory was studying "laws in the United States, antebellum laws prior to the Civil War that led to a power differential with African-Americans that were three-quarters of a human being when this country was formed."

This was mind-boggling ignorance on the part of a U.S. general, whom the New York Times had previously praised as an “an avid student of history”, and whom the Associated Press had promoted as a “Princeton-educated history buff”, since the three-fifths compromise had nothing to do with race and everything to do with curtailing the power of the slavocracy.

But in the current corrupt media atmosphere, racist ignorance coming from the left is treated as academic wisdom, and here Milley demonstrated that his knowledge of the most basic elements of American history consisted of ignorant smears from the New York Times’ 1619 Project.

Milley, the “avid student of history”, was as much a hoax as the rest of his manufactured image.

The great “history buff” either didn’t know anything about American history, or he was willing to smear America and defame her past in order to score points with his new leftist bosses.

Once again Milley was undermining America’s security to appease his left-wing overseers.

“I’ve read Karl Marx. I’ve read Lenin. That doesn’t make me a communist,” Milley rambled in his pathetic defense of critical race theory.

American officers studied Marx and Lenin to defeat Communism, not to adopt it. But Milley is overseeing a military that is adopting Marxism on his orders through critical race theory.

Is Milley committed to defeating critical race theory or to embracing it? His comments at the hearing left no doubt as to which side he had chosen in the battle against America.

Milley declared, “I want to understand white rage and I’m white, and I want to understand it”.

The only people who talk that way are academics and white-hating Black Lives Matter Marxists.

President Trump picked Milley because he appeared to be a salt-of-the-earth military man who seemed to share his view of the world. In fact, he was a time-serving opportunist, more committed to advancing his career than defending his country.

Quite a few people have been fooled by Milley who looks like a Hollywood director's idea of a general but is actually, a rarity, the second Army boss to have come through the Ivy League.

Milley started out at Belmont Hill School, a posh private school with elite alumni, which these days promotes Black Lives Matter and the low-grade racism of Ibram X. Kendi. He went on to be a Princeton political science 'longhair', and picked up a master’s degree in international relations from Columbia. Milley’s militant defense of woke racism in the form of critical race theory was unsurprising because despite his appearance he has the perfect background for it.

The future general had intended to join the military for only four years to “to give meaning to Princeton in the nation’s service”. And Princeton’s left-wing ideology still comes out ahead of the military oath to defend the Constitution and the country it created.

Obama, determined to politicize the military and the intelligence services, picked the Ivy League officer over the heads of more qualified and patriotic senior officers.

As an article noted at the time, "Milley’s rise to top Army officer came quickly. He is commander of U.S. Forces Command, a post he’s held only since last August. Previously, for a little more than one year he was the deputy commander of the Afghanistan war.”

Revealingly, Ash Carter, Obama's Secretary of Defense, touted Milley as a "statesman" with "the intellect and vision to lead change throughout the Army". That’s what he’s still doing.

Milley wasn’t there to win wars, but to be a “statesman” and to transform the Army.

Army Ivy League officers love to talk about change for its own sake and Milley rose through the ranks by borrowing Silicon Valley’s rhetoric of disrupting everything. Especially the military.

Ground war is “on the cusp of fundamental change”, he declared in 2016. Wars of the future were coming. “We must be open-minded to that change. We may not have divisions or corps, tanks or Bradleys. We don’t know.” Five years later, the Taliban are overrunning Afghanistan using the same raiding tactics that local fighters had been employing for thousands of years.

Meanwhile, Milley’s big achievement is the Army Futures Command in Austin whose people look and sound like the local dot com startup culture in the lefty hipster city.

The defeat in Afghanistan and the ‘wokening’ of the military have a common origin in Ivy League officers like Milley whose enthusiasm for “fundamental change” blinded them to the complete failure of Obama’s appeasement policies and the infiltration of the armed forces by the anti-American Left.

America and its soldiers have been failed and betrayed on the battlefield by academic officers whose sympathies were with the leftist insurgents taking over the country at home, and who saw the war in Afghanistan as a laboratory for demonstrating Obama’s exciting new ideas.

Milley is not the worst of them. He's the successor to even more craven generals like Stanley McChrystal, but he occupies his position at a crucial time when the survival of the United States military is at stake. And the enemy isn’t in Afghanistan: it’s inside America.

Milley has not only failed to fight this enemy, he has surrendered and joined their Marxist cause.

After losing Afghanistan, Milley is overseeing the defeat of America.

"The conditions are set for winning this war," Milley had asserted back when he was heading up NATO’s ISAF Joint Command under Obama.

“I don't think anyone has died in vain, per se,” he recently replied when he was asked if American soldiers in Afghanistan had died in vain.

The mothers of all the men who had died in Afghanistan were no doubt reassured, per se.

Milley has spent his career telling politicians what they want to hear because it was good for his career. His endorsement of the divisive racism of critical race theory shows that there are no limits to what he will support as long as it’s good for his career. But this time the cost may not just be thousands of dead Americans abroad, but a defenseless nation at home.

NEW YORK CITY: Idiots Remove Teddy Roosevelt Statue

Ironically, Roosevelt founded the progressive party, vigorously defended women's rights, and civil rights and equality for black and Native Americans during the early 20th century.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

In one of the best examples of how far and twisted the left’s manic loathing for America has gone, the 26th U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt will be canceled.

Roosevelt ushered in the 20th Century as one of America’s most energetic and greatest contributors to the success, and preservation of the United States. He is generally regarded as one of the United States five best Presidents.

This is no small-fry Confederate General or Freemasonic Klansman statue we are talking about.

The decision has been made for TR to be canceled as his embattled statue representing the preservation and exploration of the American frontier as it entered the 20th Century is set to be removed, for reasons imagined by the Marxist leanings of the race-obsessed left.

The New York Times reported, “The New York City Public Design Commission voted unanimously…to relocate the bronze effigy of the nation’s 26th president that has stood at the Upper West Side institution since 1940.”

The victim culture’s crazed vague interpretation of the monument depicts Theodore Roosevelt on horseback with an African man and a Native American man moving forward with him as supposedly glorifying white supremacy, colonialism and racism. Because it would be impossible for the braindead woke mob to see it for the symbolism that it really is.

Teddy Roosevelt, who founded the progressive party, was an outspoken defender of women’s rights, an early champion of civil rights and equality for black and Native Americans during the early 20th century; his personal relationship with Booker T. Washington and his appointment of Minnie Cox as the first black regional postmaster in the United States backs that up. 

But that won’t stop the cancer eating away at the American Identity, assuming that all white men are greedy evil racist bastards and deserve to have any monument of themselves torn down, regardless of their contributions to humankind during a completely separate period in history.

James Earle Fraser, the sculptor of the statue, stated, “The two figures at [Roosevelt’s] side are guides symbolizing the continents of Africa and America, and if you choose may stand for Roosevelt’s friendliness to all races.”A sentiment intensely evident when TR said  “To divide along the lines of section or caste or creed is un-American.

But try and tell that to the woke offspring of Teddy Roosevelt, who agree that the statue should be removed. Either they are incapable of understanding their great grandfather’s legacy or they are too cowardly to defend it, and it deserves defending.

Teddy Roosevelt broke up the Railroad and Beef trusts, met the Coal Strike of 1902 head-on, reinvented foreign policy. He was the first American to receive the Nobel Peace Prize after negotiating peace between Russia and Japan. He reinvented Football. He set aside more Federal land for national parks and nature preserves than all of his predecessors combined.

He established the US Forest Service, signed into law the creation of 5 National Parks and established the first 51 Bird Reserves and 150 National Forests. And he was wise enough to foresee the ungluing of America much like the founding fathers did saying, “The one absolutely certain way to bring this nation to ruin … would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.

Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest President in U.S. history and under the nose of the oldest President in U.S. history: the bumbling, groping, do-nothing foreign shill and 40-year career politician Joe Biden, nothing will be done to protect TR’s legacy, a legacy all Americans need to understand.

In fact, Teddy’s words loom over the Biden administration like a specter when he said, “That no man is above the law and no man below it.”

It isn’t merely a statue that will be moved to another home. The attack on the vital American spirit that Teddy Roosevelt represents is the ultimate price we will pay for our subjugation to apathy.

Why Does Lloyd Austin Refuse to Define ‘Extremism’?



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Even though the Department of Defense (DOD) carried out a military-wide “stand-down” training on “extremism” early into Joe Biden’s tenure, the DOD still has not promulgated an official definition of extremism. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin refused to give a definition at a congressional hearing this week, and on Thursday, the DOD confirmed to PJ Media that it has not adopted a definition. However, a working definition that the Army Recruiting Command apparently uses to screen applicants should raise alarm bells for conservatives.

“I’m very concerned about the recent order that you have conducted regarded looking at so-called ‘extremism,’ and I have sent to you two letters, Mr. Secretary, asking for the definition of what the Department of Defense views as ‘extremism,’ and have not heard back from you yet,” Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) told Austin at a hearing on Wednesday. “Could you just share with me, does the Department of Defense have a definition of extremism?”

Austin did not answer Hartzler’s question. He assured her, “I believe that 99.9 percent of our troops are focused on the right things, embracing the right values, each and every day. Small numbers of people, in this area, can have an outsized impact on our organization.”

RecommendedEXCLUSIVE: The DOD’s ‘Extremism’ Working Group Confirms Fears of a Free-Speech Crackdown

“We are focused on extremist behavior, not what people think or political ideas or religious ideas, but extremist behavior,” Austin insisted.

“So, do you have a definition of what extremism is and what that behavior is?” Hartzler asked.

“Again, we’re focused on behavior,” Austin repeated, dodging the question.

“Well, you had a stand-down and you had a pause over the entire military for an entire day to do training to talk about this, and you don’t have a definition yet of what the purpose was and what extremism is?”

“The purpose was to have a discussion with our troops and our leaders on the issue of extremism, and that was very productive,” Austin said.

Hartzler brought up a new DOD screening procedure, asking, “What, specifically, would you be screening for?”

“Our screening is focused on screening those applicants that are coming into the military. We want to make sure that we’re bringing in the right type of people, quality of people,” Austin replied.

“So, if someone says that they’re for President Trump, would that be viewed as extremism?” Hartzler pressed.

“As I said earlier, this is not about politics. I want our troops to participate in our political system,” Austin replied. “That’s what they’re fighting to defend. But I will also say that we will continue to be a diverse and inclusive organization.”

RecommendedWhistleblowers Explain How Biden’s Woke ‘Extremism’ Training Is Tearing the Military Apart

PJ Media reached out to the DOD on Thursday, and a spokesperson confirmed that the Department had not put out any guidance defining extremism. However, various training materials used for the military-wide “stand down” to combat “extremism” follow the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) playbook for demonizing conservatives through the biased application of terms like “discrimination.”

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) shared the reports of whistleblowers who said the DOD pushed “anti-racist” and Marxist critical race theory (CRT) materials in trainings to combat “extremism.” One whistleblower said his or her unit was forced to read White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. One Army officer said his general officer told him “that the entire U.S. Army is racist.” Earlier this week, Army General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, defended teaching CRT in the military and repeated CRT propaganda against the Constitution.

This context suggests that the DOD may hesitate to define “extremism” because its likely definition will involve demonizing conservative views. Indeed, on Wednesday morning, a communique sent to Army Recruiting Command — and first reported by PJ Media’s Stacey Lennox — presented a slanted definition of “extremism.” The DOD has not adopted this definition, but it seems the Army is using this definition to screen applicants.

The document laid out an illogical definition of extremism: “Extremism is defined as an individual that advocates for any of the following:

  1. Hatred or intolerance on the basis of race, sex (including gender identity), sexual orientation, or ethnicity.
  2. Creating or engaging in discrimination based on race, color, sex (including gender identity), national origin, religion, or sexual orientation.
  3. Use of force or violence or unlawful means to deprive individuals of their rights to achieve political/religious/discriminatory goals.
  4. Support for terrorist or criminal organizations or objectives.
  5. Overthrow of the U.S. Government by force, violence, or sedition.
  6. Subversion (i.e., violations of law, disobedience to lawful orders or regulations).

It stands to reason that the U.S. military would define extremism to include advocacy for the “overthrow of the U.S. government by force, violence, or sedition,” and that aspect of the definition seems unassailable. Subversion may also count as extremism, so long as the definition does not exclude certain forms of civil disobedience that should fall under the First Amendment’s speech protections. Support for terrorist or criminal organizations also seems a reasonable aspect of an extremism definition.

RecommendedEXCLUSIVE: Army Finally Defines ‘Extremism’ When It Comes to Screening Out ‘Hate Group’ Members

The use of force or violent means to deprive people of their rights may also reasonably fit a definition of extremism. While Stacey Lennox was right to warn about the Left applying rights language to abortion and other issues, opposition to abortion should involve reasoned debate, not violence.

However, the first two aspects of this Army definition should raise red flags for conservatives.

Conservatives do not support “hatred or intolerance on the basis of race, sex (including gender identity), sexual orientation, or ethnicity,” but the Left often twists the definitions of “hate” on these hot-button issues. For example, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) routinely brands mainstream conservative and Christian organizations “hate groups” due to their opposition to the Left’s narrative and activism on LGBT issues, Islam, and immigration.

In the wake of a scandal involving claims of racial discrimination and sexual harassment that saw the SPLC fire its co-founder and lose its president and legal director, a former SPLC employee outed the “hate-group list” as a “masterstroke of [the founder]’s marketing talents.” This seemed to confirm claims that the hate group list is a cynical fundraising scheme, rather than a legitimate report.

The “hate group” accusation also gives the SPLC a way to destroy its political enemies. Former SPLC spokesman Mark Potok also revealed an animus against the organizations on the list. He said the SPLC’s “aim in life” is to “destroy these groups.” In 2012, a deranged man targeted the Christian non-profit organization the Family Research Council (FRC), aiming to kill everyone in the building and smear a Chick-fil-A sandwich into his victims’ faces. He told the FBI he targeted FRC due to the SPLC’s “hate group” accusation. The SPLC has not dropped that accusation.

Democrats have endorsed the SPLC’s “hate group” accusations, while some Big Tech companies and some corporate boards have also adopted this twisted weaponization of the “hate” label.

In a similar vein, Biden’s definition of civil rights law would implicate many social conservatives in “discrimination” — especially when it comes to “gender identity.”

According to the Biden administration, the “discrimination” that fits the second part of the Army recruiting definition of “extremism” would apply to one person who refers to biological males who identify as female with male pronouns, who advocates for excluding biological males from women’s sports, or who warns against the abuses of subjecting gender-confused children to chemical castration, among other things.

Biden has even fought to resurrect an Obama-era HHS rule that would force Roman Catholic doctors to perform transgender surgery, in violation of both Catholic teaching on sexuality and the Hippocratic oath. If refusing to perform transgender surgery counts as “discrimination,” that might make every Catholic medic in the military an “extremist.”

RecommendedHead of the Joint Chiefs Repeats CRT Propaganda Trashing the Constitution

Without a definition of “extremism,” the DOD cannot allay conservatives’ fears about the whistleblower reports and about the Biden administration’s radical twisting of civil rights law. While the DOD claims to be formulating an official definition, Austin’s decision to stonewall Hartzler instead of giving her even a working definition seems mighty suspicious. The Army Recruiting Command’s slanted definition only underscores conservatives’ worries.

FLORIDA GOVERNOR DeSantis Signs New Laws, Emphasizing Civics and Lessons on Evils of Communism in Schools

DeSantis Signs New Laws, Emphasizing Civics and Lessons on Evils of Communism in Schools



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to position himself as the common-sense conservative Americans need in the face of an increasingly bold leftist agenda, this time signing three bills into law that will boost civics education in public schools and require teaching on the evils of communism, the Daily Wire reported.

On Tuesday, DeSantis signed House Bill 5, which will require the Florida Department of Education to create a civics education curriculum that “includes an understanding of citizens’ shared rights and responsibilities under the Constitution and Bill of Rights,” according to a news release on the bills. It will require the high-school curriculum to discuss political ideologies that oppose the principles of freedom and democracy, including communism and totalitarianism. The curriculum will also include a library of “Portraits in Patriotism,” which highlights individuals who have moved to this country for freedom to escape persecution from tyrannical regimes such as in Cuba or Venezuela. The bill requires first-person accounts of “victims of other nations’ governing philosophies who can compare those philosophies with those of the United States.”

“We want all students to understand the difference, why would somebody flee across shark-infested waters say, leaving from Cuba to come to southern Florida?” DeSantis explained during a press conference and signing ceremony at Three Oaks Middle School. “Why would somebody leave a place like Vietnam? Why would people leave these countries and risk their lives to be able to come here? It’s important that students understand that. Now as part of this bill, Florida will create a ‘Portraits in Patriotism’ library so students can learn about real patriots who came to this country after seeing the horrors of these communist regimes.”

“We have a number of people in Florida,” DeSantis added, “who’ve escaped totalitarian regimes, who’ve escaped communist dictatorships to be able to come to America.”

Also signed on Tuesday was Senate Bill 1108, which will require state college and university students to take a civic literacy course and a civic literacy assessment as a graduation requirement.

“The sad reality is that only two in five Americans can correctly name the three branches of government, and more than a third of Americans cannot name any of the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment,” DeSantis said. “It is abundantly clear that we need to do a much better job of educating our students in civics to prepare them for the rest of their lives.”

Under Senate Bill 1108, high-school students will be required to take a civic literacy assessment that, if passed, will exempt students from the post-secondary test requirement.

Governor DeSantis also signed House Bill 233 into law on Tuesday. This bill requires state colleges and universities to annually assess “viewpoint diversity and intellectual freedom at their institutions to ensure that Florida’s postsecondary students will be shown diverse ideas and opinions, including those that they may disagree with or find uncomfortable.”

“It used to be thought that a university campus was a place you’d be exposed to a lot of different ideas. Unfortunately now, the norm is really that these are more intellectually oppressive environments,” the governor opined. “You have orthodoxies that are promoted, and other viewpoints are shunned or even suppressed. We don’t want that in Florida. You need to have a true contest of ideas. Students should not be shielded from ideas and we want robust First Amendment speech on our college and university campuses.”

The timing of the bills is appropriate, as high schools and colleges across the country continue to be bastions of Leftist thought that churn out the future anti-American, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-capitalist leaders advocating for left-wing agenda items such as critical race theory, the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” and cancel culture.

Until the 1960s, civics education was commonplace in American schools, but shifting priorities and intrusive government education reforms ultimately slashed civics offerings from public schools. According to the National Education Association, only 25 percent of U.S. students today reach the “proficient” standard on the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) Civics Assessment required to be passed by incoming citizens of the United States, with white, upper-class students four to six times more likely than Black and Hispanic students from low-income households to exceed that level.

Conservatives such as DeSantis understand the old adage that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, a sentiment that has been made most clear by recent testimony at a Loudoun County School Board meeting in Virginia by a mother who escaped Chairman Mao’s brutal communist regime in China. Xi Van Fleet told the school board that critical race theory is “the American version of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.”

“Critical race theory has its roots in cultural Marxism — it should have no place in our schools,” she said.

“You are now teaching, training our children, to be social justice warriors and to loathe our country and our history,” she continued.

“Growing up in Mao’s China, all of this seems very familiar,” insisted Van Fleet, who fled China at the age of 26. “The Communist regime used the same critical theory to divide people. The only difference is they used class instead of race.”

Americans’ lack of knowledge about their country’s history was made painfully clear during a recent episode of Jeopardy, which aired on June 1, in which not one of the three contestants were able to answer a very easy question about the Gettysburg Address, prompting intense backlash from viewers.

An $800 question in a “Quotations” category read, “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, is from the end of this brief but powerful speech.”

Seconds passed, followed by a brief but telling silence before guest host Mayim Bialik revealed the answer to be the Gettysburg Address.

The embarrassing display invited vitriol from viewers online.

“I’m gonna pretend like I just didn’t see ALL THREE contestants miss ‘the Gettysburg Address’ just now,” replied another.

“How did #Jeopardy manage to find three contestants who don’t recognize the closing line of the Gettysburg Address? This isn’t Elementary Jeopardy, folks,” remarked another critic.

As noted by Life Site News, the three new laws are just the latest in a long list of conservative accomplishments for DeSantis, which include tougher penalties for riot-related offenses, requiring schools to allow silent time for prayer, opposition to overzealous COVID restrictions, banning sanctuary cities, strengthening election security, and keeping males out of female sports.

A Terrible Day for the Republic: Biden and His Top General Strike at America’s Foundations



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

In testimony before the House Wednesday, Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was asked about the military’s new emphasis on politics and critical race theory.

Milley’s testimony is telling in many ways. He didn’t deny the military is pushing CRT and its ideas down the ranks. How could he, with so many whistleblowers calling his military out on it?

The nation’s top general leads in this segment by suggesting that he’s merely studying critical race theory and wokeness to understand them as a military leader should study ideas to understand their nature and whether they pose a threat or not. That would be fine, even commendable if it was true. As Sun Tzu wrote, know your enemy.

But then Gen. Milley, America’s top soldier, gets within inches of trashing the United States Constitution, which he swore an oath to defend with his life.

The disturbing part comes when, after ticking off his communist reading list, Milley gets heated:

“I personally find it offensive,” the emotional general opines, “that we are accusing the United States military, our general officers, our commissioned, non-commissioned officers, of being quote ‘woke,’ or something else because we’re studying some theories that are out there.”

The general’s feelings are irrelevant. It is noteworthy that he’s playing the “I’m offended” card, though. That’s beneath a man of his rank. A poor, dumb, former airman shouldn’t have to remind Gen. Milley that being personally offended means nothing when bullets are flying.

Milley knows this. He’s playing for his audience at the White House.

Milley continued, and here’s where it gets sticky for the republic.

“That was started at Harvard Law School years ago,” Milley said, fallaciously appealing to Ivy League authority, “and it proposed that there were laws in the United States.”

“Anti-bellum laws, prior to the Civil War,” Milley continued, getting the word “antebellum” wrong, “that led to a power differential with African Americans that were three-quarters of a human being.” He also got the Three-fifths Compromise wrong.

The Three-fifths Compromise was struck at the time of the ratification of the United States Constitution four-score and a few more years prior to the Civil War, to paraphrase the Republican president who freed the slaves — and whom a Democrat later murdered for it. The Three-fifths Compromise, as North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (R) accurately explained to clueless reporters a few months back, was a good thing.

“See, this is another example of why we need to teach real history. The Three-fifths Compromise was put into our Constitution to limit the power of slaveholding states in this nation,” Robinson explained. “The slaveholding states wanted to count their slaves as whole individuals for the purpose of having a population count that would give them control of our federal government. The Three-fifths Compromise prevented that.” He goes on to explain that slavery wasn’t a settled issue at the time the Constitution was written and ratified, which is true. Slavery had existed for millennia prior to the United States’ existence. The founders wrestled with the issue while cobbling 13 colonies together into a nation while also fighting a revolution against the world’s top superpower of the time. Robinson moves on from there to give a much more accurate history of Jim Crow than Gen. Milley appears to be capable of rendering.

Gen. Milley needs remedial American history, stat, to correct the errors he has internalized into his thinking processes and command. But he probably pleased the only audience member who matters to his career.

This man is our top soldier. He serves a president who lies that antifa is “just an idea” and who instituted systemic racism in COVID relief until a federal court stopped him.

As if to outdo his top general and plagiarize from one of the most scurrilous members of Congress at the same time, Joe Biden riffed on the Second Amendment Wednesday and revealed that he understands American history even more poorly than does Gen. Milley. My colleague Matt Margolis covered Biden’s remarks.

“Those who say the blood of lib- — ‘the blood of patriots,’ you know, and all the stuff about how we’re going to have to move against the government. Well, the tree of liberty is not watered with the blood of patriots,” Biden said. “What’s happened is that there have never been — if you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

The “those who say” — whom Biden glibly denounces — is Thomas Jefferson, primary author of the Declaration of Independence and third president of these United States. Jefferson wrote the following in a letter to William Stephens Smith (son-in-law to America’s second president) in 1787:

And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Did Joe Biden just reject Thomas Jefferson while stealing his thoughts from Eric Swalwell? The same Eric Swalwell who is compromised by his former relationship with a known Chinese spy?

Related: Pelosi Stands Behind Congressman Caught in Chinese Spy Honey Trap

He did, which tells us quite a bit about the quality of mind occupying the Oval Office at the moment.

Biden gets another thing wrong in all that mess. Americans have means other than military conflict to “take on” the government.

We have these novelties called elections. They were a radical notion when the founders including Jefferson established them. Biden and his Democrats are aware of that and the threat it poses to their power next year, which is why they pushed for S.1, the permanent Democrat power-grab bill. Thank the founders and Senate Republicans, it flopped.

But they’ll be back. And they’ll have the woke military brass backing them too.

Racist MINNEAPOLIS Mayor: Jacob Frey~10th in a series.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Editor's note: This is the 10th part in Frontpage Mag's new series on Racist Mayors. (See previous parts below this article). Stay tuned for more installments.

If you want to be thorough about the matter, of course, you can’t talk about the ongoing destruction of the city of Minneapolis under the auspices of its callow, hapless young mayor, Jacob Frey – aptly described by New York Post columnist Miranda Devine as a “soy boy,” a “man-child,” and a “half-price Justin Trudeau” (they’re both cute in the same doe-eyed, dumb-looking way) – without also taking into account the pernicious contributions of Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, whose mantra, since the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, has been “systemic racism”; Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan, who, with breathtaking mendacity, blamed last year’s Antifa and BLM mayhem on “white supremacists”; the state’s Hamas-linked, Jew-hating Attorney General Keith Ellison, a serial girlfriend abuser and longtime Farrakhan acolyte who boasts continually of his efforts toward “social transformation”; and radical-left City Council President Lisa Bender, who, when challenged (by CNN, no less!) on her ridiculous call for “a future without police,” dismissed public concerns about armed home burglaries as coming from “a place of privilege.”

But although each of these reprehensible characters has played a significant role in Minneapolis’s current tragedy, Frey, who turns forty in July, is without question the star of the show. His big moment came on June 6 of last year, when, in what Devine characterized as “a scene reminiscent of a Maoist struggle session,” the masked, t-shirted mayor inanely confessed to a restive crowd of black radicals that he was “coming to grips with my own brokenness.” Yet even this wince-inducing display of abject contrition wasn’t enough for them: when he told them he wouldn’t defund the police (although, as he assured the New York Times, he believes fervently in “deep structural reform of a racist system”), they jeered at him, and Frey, looking for all the world like a teenager being sent to bed without dinner by his parents, meekly obeyed the rabble’s command to go home. Did it count for nothing with this mob that two days earlier, in an almost equally pathetic tableau, Frey had abased himself at a memorial service for George Floyd, sobbing hysterically for over a minute, his entire body trembling and heaving, as he knelt by the creep’s casket? Or did the June 6 horde, having observed this embarrassing spectacle, figure that if this wuss could be brought so low, so fast, so easily, then perhaps, with just a little more humiliation, he might not only shutter the police department but offer to put every last cop in front of a firing squad?

These scenes of well-nigh unprecedented public debasement, as it happens, came after several days during which Frey, not previously known for a preoccupation with race relations, privately strove, in the wake of Floyd’s demise, to play catch-up, holding mawkish phone calls with black staffers and colleagues and activists and clergy, attending what the Star-Tribune called a “listening session hosted by Black media outlets,” reading a book about “the long-lasting psychological damage of racism,” and essentially apologizing for his whiteness to pretty much everyone in town with a melanin count higher than his own. So eager was he to ingratiate himself with the canaille - justice be damned - that before the verdict came in at the Derek Chauvin trial, he declared, disgracefully: “Regardless of the decision made by the jury, there is one true reality, which is that George Floyd was killed at the hands of police.” And this in a burg that was once famous mainly for being safe, clean, and dull – identified in the American mind with wholesome Seventies sitcom heroine Mary Richards and with the hard-working, law-abiding Scandinavian-Americans who called it home.

Indeed, while racial unrest is old news in places like Baltimore, Detroit, St.Louis, and Los Angeles, it’s new to Minneapolis – and to Minnesota generally, where, as Powerline’s John Hinderaker noted recently, the “population was barely 1 percent African-American” until 1980 or so; in the decades since, the growth in the non-white population has been the result mostly of mass welfare migration and a tsunami of Somali refugees. If black people consider Minneapolis a white supremacist hellhole, they sure have an odd way of showing it. Yet Frey would have you believe that his city has for generations been a locus of world-class tensions between oppressive whites and tyrannized blacks, that the Chauvin trial was part of a “global reckoning” after “centuries-long inequities and racial injustice.” And what was Frey’s own contribution to this momentous “reckoning”? Unforgivably, and to what we may hope will be his everlasting infamy, he decided to let criminal gangs run riot in the streets, laying waste to homes, banks, stores, libraries; faced with a decision either to send in the police to protect lives and property or to virtue signal by caving to a barbaric mob, he chose the latter, even instructing police to abandon a precinct house to the mindless jackals. After all, Frey pronounced, the havoc wrought by black rioters was the result of “400 years” of “built-up anger and sadness” and was thus “not only understandable” but “right.”

Among the victims of all this “understandable” violence have been several black Minneapolis children. On April 30 of this year, Ladavionne Garrett Jr., 10, was shot in the head in his parents’ car; he had brain surgery and slipped into a coma, but so far has managed to cling to life. On May 15, Trinity Ottoson-Smith, 9, was struck by a stray bullet at a birthday party and rushed to a hospital by police; when she died twelve days later, Frey tweeted tritely: “No parent should ever have to say goodbye to their child.” On May 17, Aniya Allen, 6, was shot by a stray bullet while eating a Happy Meal in a car outside her home; when she died two days later, Frey tweeted: “Aniya’s life mattered. Ladavionne and Trinity’s lives matter. We owe it to them and their families to help get answers.” Answers? The answers were obvious. Savages given carte blanche by Frey to go on shooting rampages had slaughtered innocent children. In all likelihood, these savages were black males – career criminals, probably, like Floyd, whom Frey had mourned so ostentatiously. But Frey, naturally, made no mention of this detail. (Nor, when he lamented, on March 17, the growing number of assaults on Asian-Americans, did he acknowledge that most of the perpetrators were black, and that these assaults were simply part of an overall rise in black crime; instead, he attributed them to “[h]ateful rhetoric,” presumably by white racists.)

The deaths of Trinity and Aniya, and the ordeal of Ladavionne, taught Frey nothing. His tweets about them came off as perfunctory. Only when white cops kill black hooligans does he seem to break out the Kleenex. This was demonstrated on April 11, when a police officer in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center killed Daunte Wright, a black man resisting arrest on a weapons warrant; it was demonstrated again on June 3, when another black man, Winston Boogie Smith (was his mother an Orwell fan?), died during an exchange of gunfire with U.S. Marshals trying to arrest him for murder. Like Floyd’s death, but not those of Ladavionne or Trinity or Aniya, the deaths of Wright and Smith sparked new rounds of civil unrest in the Twin Cities – and more tearful hand-wringing by the reflexively repentant boy mayor: “The anguish in Katie Wright’s voice after losing her son echoes in my mind and across our entire state this morning….Minneapolis stands firmly with the people of Brooklyn Center in seeking justice for Daunte Wright and peace in our cities.” 

Even when he isn’t weeping convulsively over dead hoodlums, Frey engages in an over-the-top brand of racial pandering that self-respecting black Minneapolitans must surely find condescending. Every time he stands at a lectern (invariably coming off like a kid who’s been cast as a mayor in a school play), he repeats the same absurd hyperbole about the “400 years of injustice” that are now hitting the black community “like a tidal wave”; about how he’s “building a new and inclusive community as we speak”; about the urgent need to transform the intersection of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, where Floyd died, into a “permanent memorial to George Floyd and everything that he stood for [!] in his life”; and about how the black citizens of Minneapolis should henceforth be the “key beneficiaries” of municipal largesse. Post-Floyd, pretty much every issue, in Frey’s anything-but-colorblind mind, seems to have become tinged with race: for example, he recently applauded a push in the Minnesota statehouse to legalize recreational pot use as an “encouraging step for racial justice.” You can’t make this stuff up.

As much as he’s genuflected toward blacks, moreover, Frey hasn’t neglected to fawn impressively over other non-whites. On April 12 (two days after tweeting that a newly opened Muslim eatery offered “the best goat I’ve ever had”), he bragged about having “granted a noise permit to Dar Al-Hijrah for Cedar-Riverside to broadcast the call to prayer for the holy month of Ramadan”; on May 13, he tweeted: “As this Holy Month comes to a close, I’m wishing all our Muslim friends and neighbors who observed Ramadan a happy and healthy Eid al-Fitr.” Note that while Frey, a Reform Jew, twice referred to Ramadan as “holy,” he failed, last fall, to tweet so much as a word about Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur. As for the two major Christian holidays in 2020-21, he contented himself with a brief, breezy “Merry Christmas to those celebrating” and “Happy Easter, Minneapolis.” And this man who called Ramadan “holy” made no mention of God in his Thanksgiving tweet (“Our family couldn’t be more grateful for the frontline workers, healthcare heroes,” etc.), which, in any case, was considerably less enthusiastic than his tweet, a week later, about Native American Heritage Day: “Love seeing Indigenous voices lifted up & celebrated….Leaders like Autumn Dillie [of the American Indian Community Development Association] are working year-round to make MPLS a better place.”

And, alas, his actions match his contemptible words. Repeatedly, he’s given the thumbs-up to special treatment for blacks at the expense of whites. In February he touted the Minneapolis Climate Action and Racial Equity Fund, which, in the name of pursuing an “inclusive” approach to climate change, distributes public funds exclusively to BIPOC- and immigrant-owned businesses; in March he promoted another initiative, this one administered by the Metropolitan Economic Development Association, that also enriches only black firms. The goal of Minneapolis’s post-COVID recovery, he explains, “has never been to return to the way things were. A more equitable economy means specifically lifting Black businesses.” Some might decry this policy as blatantly racist; but Frey calls it “inclusive recovery and transformation,” boasting that “equity has been the driving force behind allocating the limited funding we have.” Yes, not equality but equity – meaning systematic discrimination to address “systemic racism.” For if your city is emerging from a pandemic-induced economic crisis that was made even worse by a concomitant epidemic of black vandalism, arson, and looting, how to handle the recovery justly other than by throwing money at blacks and freezing out whites? On Martin Luther King Day, Frey proclaimed that he was “in awe of [King’s] legacy of championing meaningful change”; but virtually everything that this nincompoop has said and done during the last year has been utterly, and dangerously, at odds with King’s noble proposition that it’s character - not skin color - that counts. 

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Jackson's Chokwe Antar Lumumba.
Part 9:
 Seattle's Jenny Durkan.

A Parent’s Summary of the Spread of Critical Race Theory At Gordon College



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

LTRJ Note: The following summary is written by Manny Silva, the founder of Concerned Nazarenes (a watchdog group that began several years ago when the Nazarene denomination began to be heavily indoctrinated with the emerging church). Recently, his son was a student at Gordon College. Please do not think that the problems described below are within the confines of Gordon College. Many Christian colleges and universities are going down the same path. For an explanation of Critical Race Theory, read our July 2020 report and also S is for Social Justice The Language of Today’s Cultural “Revolution.” If you have children or grandchildren attending or about to attend any college or university in this country, please help equip them before they enter. Otherwise, you could end up witnessing a disastrous transformation in your young people. Worth noting, Gordon College has been on the Lighthouse Trails contemplative college list for several years. There is a connection between contemplative spirituality and the current “social justice” paradigm shift (one led to the next).

August 2020 to May 2021

Manny Silva

By Manny Silva
In late August of 2020, just before classes started, a racially charged incident occurred, although the actual perpetrator to this day has not been found. During the course of the semester, two more incidents occurred, but no one was ever found to be responsible.

The first incident: A black student leader had used tape in a dorm hallway to spell out
BLM.” Later that morning, it was discovered that it was changed to say “ALM” (for all lives matter apparently). The very next day, Saturday, about 100 students marched to the President’s personal residence to protest. All this triggered a host of other activities, such as BLM signs posted all over the campus, as well as student sit-ins and protests, with demands for justice for people of color.

Even before these incidents, there were already a number of activities scheduled that were themed with
Black Lives Matter ideas. Dance parties, “educational” meetings, and seminars with speakers who had
backgrounds in Critical Race Theory.

The administration moved quickly to condemn acts of racism towards people of color. But the rest
of the semester would result in the very same social-justice warriors becoming the intimidators of
white students, or students of color who rejected the BLM movement. The administration was almost
completely silent about this particular problem.

Two other incidents happened that were made prominent. Some words were written on the wall next to
an Asian student with racist comments. And then later in the semester, a t-shirt with a BLM-type
slogan was defaced with a racist slur.

Again, to this day, the culprits have never been apprehended. But an interesting note: the same student
leader whose sign was defaced in the first incident, is the same black student who posted a violent and
racist rant against students and anyone else who supported President Trump. He also used profanity in
describing them. That student, months later, was depicted in an official Gordon College post as a model
Christian student.

The atmosphere in the first semester was one of racial tension. Chapel services deteriorated to being
platforms for social justice and rants against “white privilege.” Students looking for uplifting and
biblical messages were seeing very little of that and have been thoroughly discouraged.

Concerned Gordon Parents and the Letter to the Trustees

Finally, after conversations with various parents, I helped to form a group called Concerned Gordon
College Parents on November 7, 2020. In a few days, we had over 150 members. We strategized and
shared information for several months. During the first semester, various parents sent letters of concern
to President Lindsay. Others sent letters or met personally with Dan Tymann, Director of Student Life. I
met with Dan Tymann during the semester. Finally, a preliminary letter was drafted, and after other
parents edited and finalized it, we sent it to the Board of Trustees on February 2, 2021. (The Chairman
sent a response to the parents, which is one of the documents I have provided [see document links at bottom of this post].

The second semester began, and it was worse than the first semester, as far as guest chapel and convocation
speakers. February was National Black History month, and it was a constant parade of CRT-type
speakers, culminating in some of the worst proponents of CRT ideology. These speakers included 2—
Marla Fredericks and Jemar Tisby. Another document that I’ve included is a review of Tisby’s ideology.
Not one speaker throughout the semester was ever invited who was a strong opponent of Critical
Race Theory. This was one of our major concerns, that Gordon College is actively promoting the
CRT ideology, not just allowing for discussion and scholarly debate.

The following 5 links are some related information:

  1. This is a letter to the editor I wrote that is at Lighthouse Trails Research website.

2. Video of Student sit-in at Admin Building, with various students expressing themselves. 0rpdzddC1rjQradcu-BNAgfDkGxUJ58g7cvf4M-h2 vZDu-0fkrryHbE

3. Marla Fredericks, convocation speaker, Feb. 21, 2021

4. More of Marla Fredericks: highlights from the Impact Movement Zoom conference

5. Jemar Tisby, convocation speaker, Feb. 26, 2021

Here is a post by the official Gordon College FaceBook page, where they decried racism, using
a BLM sign. The conversations are enlightening and show the great divide between different
parents and supporters of the college. 075635

And four more:

  1. President Lindsay’s response to the Nov. T-shirt Incident:

2. Gordon College Shalom Plan 2021 (note various recommendations which are race-based)

3. The AFRO Hamwe Instagram Page:

4. Pastor Marvin Daniels (** A very encouraging chapel message—one of the few good ones)

Other Issues to Be Concerned About

Please note that there are other concerning problems that have been on the rise for some time now, including the
LGBT activism on campus becoming a serious problem. At this writing, there is at least one current professor
who is a promoter of LGBT ideas. The homosexuality activism was also noted in the letter to the Board of
Trustees. It included reference to very inappropriate plays performed on campus in 2019, including a play that
depicted lesbian relationships. Another play included very profane language. The following two links are relevant:

  1. Spiritual and Sexuality Project: Christy Gardner, professor at Gordon College

2. The LGBTQ+ Instagram Page (Not an Official Gordon College site)

What to Look for This Upcoming 2021-22 College Year at Gordon

President Michael Lindsay has moved on to become President of Taylor University. In an interesting twist, the
Provost of Taylor University, Dr. Michael Hammond, has been appointed President of Gordon College. We are
already concerned with this appointment, and in our limited research, many of us believe that Dr. Hammond
may be more “woke” than President Lindsay. Time will tell, and I am sure we will find out more of his plans for
the coming year—although he must be aware by now of the Shalom Plan and all the issues that have occurred in
the past year. The following article may be of interest, and it references Dr. Hammond’s involvement in the
firing of a veteran professor at Taylor University.: Taylor University Fires Tenured Professor Over Little Hitler Video:

Manny Silva’s attached documents:

#1 Letter_Pres Lindsay_TO_Parents_01_26_2021

#2 Letter_Parents_TO_Board of Trustees_02_02_21

#3 Letter_Chairman Smith_TO_Parents_02_06_2021

#4 Shalom Plan 2021 Gordon College

#5 Tartan Article On Gordon Parents Letter_02_06_2021

(photo: wikipedia - Gordon College)

Petition to Remove Admiral Michael Gilday as Chief of Naval Operations


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Our military is under attack by “anti-racism” activists whose message is that white America is racist.

“Critical Race Theory” is the academic discipline that is used to justify the attack. Critical Race Theory is a hateful Marxist fiction that maintains America is evil because the majority of its citizens are white, and that its Constitution is evil because it was written by white people. The agents of this dogma, including those lecturing at the Naval War College, teach that white people - from the Founding Fathers to the 200 million white people in the country today - are oppressors, who are an internal enemy,

Critical Race Theory began by destroying the moral integrity of colleges and corporations. Now its target is the U.S. Navy.

Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gilday has told the third of a million naval personnel that they should be reading and learning from Ibram X. Kendi, a mediocre, fact-challenged university professor who has become the go-to “anti-racism” expert for America’s woke elites.

In a congressional hearing, Admiral Gilday was asked by Representative Jim Banks to denounce Kendi’s view that white people criminals - that they created the AIDS virus to kill black people. The Admiral refused to do so, dismissing it as a “cherry-picked” quote about which he had no other opinion.

By adding Ibram X. Kendi's book - How To Be An Anti-Racist - to the Navy’s Professional Reading Program, Gilday put the weight of the U.S. Navy behind Kendi’s hatred of white America and all white people as the allegedly racist oppressors of blacks.

That’s why I hope you’ll join me, and demand the Removal of Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gilday.

Kendi defines anti-racism as opposition to America’s “systemic racism.” Systemic racism was outlawed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If it were an actual problem there would be a tsunami of lawsuits and a tsunami of judgments awarding millions of dollars in penalties to the victims. There are no such tsunamis because systemic racism is a myth manufactured by leftists to disarm their critics and force their retreat. In Kendi’s dogma, the only way not to be a racist is to agree with him that racism is in America’s DNA, and white people are racists because they are white.

In Kendi’s own words: “There is no such thing as a not-racist idea, only racist ideas and antiracist ideas.” Either you agree with Kendi’s leftwing politics, or you’re a racist.

Gilday was not only endorsing Kendi's racism, but also his politically partisan agenda, which claims ridiculously that dissent from the left is racist even when it comes to global warming.

“Do-nothing climate policy is racist policy,” Kendi argues, “since the predominantly non-White global south is being victimized by climate change more than the Whiter global north.”

But the world’s greatest polluters are China, India, and Pakistan . – countries that are not white, and that refuse to implement the Paris Climate Accords.

Gilday’s support for Kendi is part of his effort to divide and weaken the Navy by imposing Critical Race Theory and radical Identity Politics on the men and women who defend us. 

Last year Gilday promoted “conversations” that endorsed Black Lives Matter’s view that all whites are racists and encouraged recruits and naval officers to believe that, like America, the navy is systemically racist – no evidence required. According to Gilday-Kendi, life for black people is miserable in America, and white people have to be “transformed” by atoning for their white skin privilege. “White Skin Privilege is, in fact, a term invented by the Weather Underground: a notorious terrorist group which bombed the Pentagon in the 1970s.

An official Navy video introduced by Gilday featured a black aviation tech complaining that, “being African-American in America is not fun;” a black lieutenant commander who claimed that he had experienced "systemic racism" and "implicit bias", and a white female musician confessing her “privilege as a white person” and attacking America over unfounded claims of "systemic racism"

The video of Navy personnel putting down America, blaming their problems on systemic racism, and reciting Marxist talking points was the centerpiece of what Gilday called vital “conversations” about racism. Usually, a conversation has more than one side. But not in today’s U.S. Navy which has become a Critical Race Theory echo chamber.

While the theme of Gilday’s racial crusade is, "One Team, One Navy”, its real message is that there are two navies and two Americas: white and non-white. The goal of the admiral’s new “diversity and inclusion” mandate is for the victimized non-white Navy to defeat the oppressive and racist white Navy. Or as one crew member in the video declares, "Tomorrow's Navy will finally stand on the right side of history when we realize that black lives matter." Considering that the latest ethnic genocide, involving millions of Uighur Muslims, is taking place in a non-white nation, China, today, it would be interesting to know what “the right side of history” is, or whether history has a side.

An official video sponsored by Gilday broadcasts the anti-American claim that the 245-year-old Navy has been on the wrong side of history, that John Paul Jones, who fought the British, Stephen Decatur, who fought Islamic pirates, and the men who fought on the USS Kearsarge to end slavery during the Civil War, were all on the “wrong side” of history until Gilday and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came along to set them straight.

Please add your name to this petition right away, and demand the Senate remove Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gilday.

Under Gilday’s leadership, minority members of the Navy are being told that it’s okay to question whether they should be serving their country. They’re being encouraged to view all of their interactions with white personnel as racist because all white people are inherently racist. Including their commanding officers and their comrades in arms.

Communist China could not be damaging the Navy’s readiness any more than Gilday is with his divisive accusations about the racism of the majority of his troops.

In the two years since Gilday took over as Chief of Naval Operations, morale is down, and instead of preparing them to fight America’s enemies, he has set off a civil war within his own ranks. China doesn’t need to fire a single shot if Gilday is successful in destroying our military’s cohesion, morale and will to defend the country.

Biden is slashing the Navy’s shipbuilding budget even as the People’s Republic of China is building more ships than the U.S. Navy. The United States is losing the command of the seas. While Biden is undermining the physical infrastructure of the Navy, Gilday is waging a relentless war against the moral infrastructure of the servicemen and women under his command.

Gilday and other military leaders are replacing military readiness with military radicalism. Admiral Bill Moran, Gilday’s predecessor and President Trump’s choice, had a reputation for standing up for his people. America First was his guide. Gilday has focused instead on political wokeness and demonizing those who resist his new order.

Gilday – a vice-admiral - was unqualified for his promotion to Chief of Naval Operations in the first place. He got his job through a political coup.

His predecessor, Admiral Moran was forced out over a fake scandal generated by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Gilday, a vice admiral, should not have been in line to be Chief of Naval Operations, but Democrat politicians and bureaucrats were determined to purge as many of President Trump’s appointments as they could. Their goal was to undermine his America First policies. They were so successful that no one qualified to be Chief of Naval Operations actually wanted it.

As Chief, Gilday quickly showed why the same people who persecuted Moran left him alone. The men and women of the Navy can rely on Gilday to promote Black Lives Matter agendas, but they can’t count on him to watch their backs.

Using race as the measure of all things, Gilday unleashed a political indoctrination campaign as the Black Lives Matter riots got underway. Video confessions of white privilege and condemnations of America are the heart and soul of that campaign. He initiated the Task Force One Navy whose report called for reinventing the Navy to fight "racism, sexism, ableism and other structural and interpersonal biases" – perfect Marxist slang for their war on America.

White members of the Navy are being told to check their white privilege, to believe that they didn’t earn their ranks, but were awarded them because of systemic racism and that the more they achieve, the guiltier they are of getting ahead at the expense of disadvantaged minorities.

Officers are being told to stop thinking about ability and merit – racist categories - and to focus on meeting racial and gender quotas when it comes to mentoring and promotions. They’re being warned that their judgement is racially biased and that any decision they make will be racist. There is talk of using computer programs to achieve racial quotas for personnel and of subjecting officers to “implicit bias” training which is based on the hateful idea that whites are racists by virtue of their skin color.

These are the same poisonous attitudes that destroyed American achievement on college campuses so that China’s educational system now outperforms our own, and racist mediocrities like Ibram X. Kendi become intellectual celebrities. Gilday and his allies are hard at work trying to reward activism over ability and sow doubt about the merits of any sailor who is white.

The Chief of Naval Operations is dividing the men and women of the Navy by skin color and turning them against each other. When you are a 19-year-old deciding whether to risk your young life for your country how does being told by your military commanders that America is a 400-year-old cesspool of white racist oppression help you to make the decision to fulfill your oath to defend that country and its Constitution?

Gilday is undermining military readiness in the face of a possible naval conflict with enemies of the United States, especially the increasingly aggressive regime in Communist China.

Gilday’s indoctrination program is already a threat to national security and must be terminated before it’s too late. And the best way to do that is for him to resign or be forced to step down.

Our national security is at stake. Sign this petition and take a stand against Gilday’s destruction of the U.S. Navy.

Sign this petition and take a stand against Gilday’s destruction of the U.S. Navy.


David Horowitz

David Horowitz



Racist Mayor OF SEATTLE: Jenny Durkan

9th in a series.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Editor's note: This is the 9th part in Frontpage Mag's new series on Racist Mayors. (See previous parts below this article). Stay tuned for more installments.

On June 12, 2020, the city of Seattle held an online training session on racial bias, entitled “Internalized Racial Superiority,” to which only "city employees who identify as white” were invited to participate. The city of Seattle also offered a separate training class for "city employees who identify as a person of color."

On the same day the online whites-only training session was held, Seattle’s Mayor Jenny Durkan declared that the infamous Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone occupation outside the Seattle Police Department's abandoned East Precinct, organized by Black Lives Matter activists, “could be a summer of love.” Durkan took about ten days to begin bringing the occupation to an end, when she finally realized that her fantasy of “a summer of love” was turning into the reality of nights of violence. Yet Durkan did not budge in defending her city’s racially segregated training.

Durkan attacked the Trump administration for raising concerns that the segregated training was potentially a violation of federal civil rights laws. She claimed that separating training sessions for city employees by race was somehow anti-racist. “In the midst of a nationwide reckoning with systemic racism and police violence, (the administration) is considering suing the City of Seattle for a training we provide that specifically seeks to combat racism and advance equity," Durkan said.

The content of the training materials that Durkan defended did not combat racism. They did the opposite. They exacerbated racial division.

The e-mail inviting "city employees who identify as white” to their own separate training session said, “We’ll examine our complicity in the system of white supremacy . . . and begin to cultivate practices that enable us to interrupt racism in ways that are accountable to Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC)."

The separate training session for "city employees who identify as a person of color" was focused on how "American conditioning, socialization and history leads People of Color to internalize radicalized beliefs, ideas and behaviors about themselves, undergirding the power of White Supremacy."

The training material categorized whites and people of color into two separate amalgams of personality characteristics that members of each race have supposedly internalized solely because of their respective races. Whites have internalized a set of personality characteristics from their standpoint of privilege that feed their sense of racial superiority, according to this exercise in critical race theory. By the same token, people of color, especially blacks, have internalized a separate set of personality characteristics from their standpoint of alleged dehumanization that feed their sense of racial inferiority.

For example, one of the powerpoints used for a city employee training session was entitled “Internalized Racial Oppression.” Individualism was among the twelve racial attributes listed under a column labeled "Internalized Racial Superiority.” Employees in Mayor Durkan’s City Hall were being indoctrinated to believe that wanting to be free to express one’s individualism, a core value in America’s founding documents, is one of the defining characteristics of a white supremacist. Other racial characteristics listed in the racial superiority column include perfectionism, arrogance, silence, intellectualism, control, and comfort. Violence is also listed in the “Internalized Racial Superiority” column.

Another column in the powerpoint is labeled “Internal Racial Inferiority.” Evidently, according to the racists who developed this training material, people of color – not whites - have internalized addictive personalities, as well as feelings connoting an inferiority complex such as shame, self-doubt, self-hate, and apathy. Rage is also listed in the “Internal Racial Inferiority” column. 

But wait - there may be some hope for white persons who follow the training materials’ path of redemption. Whites are instructed how to interrupt their “whiteness.” They must first come to understand their “complicity in racism” and then take on the responsibility to serve as “social justice advocates and organizers.”  This includes bringing other unenlightened white people “into racial justice.”

Seattle is engaged in an ideological battle against what its political leaders see as the systemic effects of white supremacism. This battle is being fought under Mayor Durkan’s leadership throughout the city’s bureaucracy. And Durkan has a plan to begin undoing the accumulated harms allegedly suffered by blacks especially, for which whites as a race are collectively guilty according to Durkan and other leftwing progressive racists.

Durkan wrote an article published by the South Seattle Emerald on September 25, 2020 in which she described her plan to use taxpayers’ money for multimillion-dollar investments solely to benefit black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC). Durkan concluded her article by declaring that “We can show the country what it means to invest in Black Lives Matter and embark on something big together.” There’s nothing like investing taxpayers’ hard-earned money in a Marxist, anti-nuclear family, racist hate movement, led by people who have spent donors' money on their own personal luxuries.

Mayor Durkan’s original $100 million proposal was cut to $30 million by the Seattle City Council. Working with this special reserve designated solely for black, indigenous and people of color communities, Durkan convened the Equitable Communities Initiative Task Force last October for the purpose of recommending how to make exclusive investments in these communities. On June 3, 2021, after a series of meetings closed to the public, the task force submitted its investment recommendations to Durkan “to build an equitable society.”

Undoing past discrimination and its lingering effects by excluding whites today from publicly funded benefits because of the color of their skin is racist. Some of the money used to fund Seattle’s BIPOC community investment programs is being taken from other city departments working on behalf of all Seattle residents, including millions of dollars from the Seattle Police Department.

Seattle experienced a dramatic increase in homicides during 2020 – its highest in 26 years. Seattle has one of the highest crime rates overall in the country. It is reportedly safer than only 4% of U.S. cities. To her credit, Mayor Durkan did not want to go as far as the more radical City Council in seeking to defund the Seattle Police Department. However, she did issue an executive order in 2020 “ordering City departments to support the citywide, community-led process to reimagine policing and community safety by centering the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities.” Durkan has accused the police department of “police violence” and has irresponsibly restrained the police’s ability to stop the real violence in the streets.

Seattle is yet another city run into the ground by a far-left progressive mayor. Mayor Durkan has put critical race theory ideology above her responsibility to manage her city for the benefit of all the people of Seattle. Durkan has decided not to run for re-election. The bad news is that the next mayor of Seattle is likely to be an even more extreme leftwing progressive racist who wants to dismantle the Seattle Police Department and expand the racialized community investment programs.

Photo credit: Sage Ross

Part I: Chicago's Lori Lightfoot.
Part 2: LA's Eric Garcetti.
Part 3: DC's Muriel Bowser.
Part 4: KC's Quinton Lucas.
Part 5: SF's London Breed.
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Jackson's Chokwe Antar Lumumba.

A Racist Training Program for the U.S. Navy

Forget fighting China, confess your white privilege.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

As he assumed the office of Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Michael Gilday announced that he wanted to change the Navy. While the title of his remarks in the video you see here below was: "One Team, One Navy," its actual message was racist and divisive. His bottom line: only "conversations" about race would help. The “conversations” he referred to were in fact a lecture from America’s most popular and fact-challenged racist du jour, Ibram X. Kendi.

The “conversation" included "shared" videos of naval personnel claiming that America was racist and that they were angry. “Being African-American in America is not fun,” an aviation technician claimed, especially no doubt for a two-term African-American president who pocketed $100 million for the skillful exploitation of his public office.

There was no word on whether being African in Somalia, Sudan, and Nigeria is any more “fun” than being black in America or whether being a Somalian hater of Jews and America might put you on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and get you protected by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the leadership of the Democrat Party.

In keeping with Gilday’s efforts to divide the Navy by race, an official Navy video endorsed the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter and denounced police for the death of drug-dealer-accomplice Breonna Taylor, who was shot resisting arrest when her boyfriend triggered a hailstorm of bullets after shooting and wounding a police officer doing his job. Bottom line of the video: naval recruits and officers need to hate their “white supremacist” country and question their service.

In the video, a lieutenant commander claimed that he had experienced "systemic racism" and "implicit bias" – note, not actual bias. A white corpsman urged that "we can stand up for change" and then, mouthing the standard Marxist line, declared that "tomorrow's Navy will finally stand on the right side of history when we realize that black lives matter."

"I have become very aware of my privilege as a white person," a female musician confessed. Then she claimed that "this country has a history of systemic racism." [FACT: systemic racism was outlawed nearly 60 years ago by the Civil Rights Act]. She called for creating a "country that is more equitable and just." How this was to be accomplished by repeating racist tropes about white people – guilty because of their skin color -- she didn’t bother to explain.

The video closed with Gilday vowing to eliminate “systemic racism” with a new task force.

This dangerous farce wasn’t taking place under the Obama or Biden administrations. No one from above was forcing Gilday to undermine national security or attack the foundations of this country. The year was 2020 and the Chief of Naval Operations was doing it entirely of his own accord.

Gilday, a naval mediocrity, got to his position at the top of the Navy leadership because a new political environment made better men fearful of taking it.

Normally, it’s not a job for vice admirals. The virtually unprecedented promotion happened after President Trump’s original nominee, Admiral Bill Moran, was kneecapped by a politically-motivated, phony scandal.

Moran, a talented leader, was pushed out and forced to retire because he had emailed a former staff officer who had been accused of misbehaving at a Christmas party back in 2016.

The Pentagon probe pushed by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand ended Moran’s career.

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer claimed that Moran maintaining a friendship with a former officer who had misbehaved, "caused me to call his judgment into question" and suggested it was at odds with treating "every person with dignity and respect."

Moran’s purge wasn’t isolated. Democrat politicians, the media, and Pentagon bureaucrats had made a point of coming after virtually any Trump nominee. Their agenda was to cripple the administration and cancel its America First policies. These tactics endangered national security and weakened the military, and carried on the political agendas of the Obama-Biden administration. Under this onslaught, few leaders wanted to take a top job because they risked being destroyed on the thinnest pretext.

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer would later be fired over the witch-hunt against Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, after which he denounced President Trump and endorsed Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg. Spencer had already shown that he wouldn’t stand behind a Chief of Naval Operations under leftist attack. So Gilday, a vice admiral, was suddenly given a job no one qualified wanted.

This was bad news for the Navy and for America’s security.

Gilday was nominated because he was “progressive” enough or could play that part. He would not be a candidate for a witch-hunt. While Admiral Moran had stood up for his people, Gilday began pushing racial campaigns before Biden occupied the White House.

In the summer of 2020, Gilday began mandating his "conversations" about race, which insisted that the Navy was racist. The infamous video was one of the most public of these “conversations.”

Rear Admiral Alvin Holsey, one of the few black admirals, headed Task Force One Navy whose report swapped out traditional naval tradition for fighting "racism, sexism, ableism and other structural and interpersonal biases." TF1N members vowed to advocate for "all lived experiences and intersectional identities of every sailor."

Officers were told that it was their job to “advocate for change.”

The new “One Navy” was a college campus whose focus wasn’t fending off China, but recruiting activists for leftist causes. Its guidelines drew heavily on “white privilege” materials, warning officers to “actively listen and do not be defensive.” In other words, if you criticize the racist propaganda we offer that in itself proves you’re a racist.

The report also proposed fighting “systemic racism” by removing “problematic” language. It  dismantled uniform and grooming standards. Even the term "good taste" was banned.

But there were more ominous proposals like including bias awareness training or so-called “implicit bias” (and what might that be?) which would force Navy leadership into critical race theory sessions.

Gilday was overseeing the transformation of the Navy into a leftist indoctrination machine.

The same month that the report was released, Gilday had a whole new list of reading materials for the fleet. While Gilday has since tried to portray the Professional Reading Program as an optional hobby, it’s understood that these books convey the thinking of the brass. Reading and absorbing their concepts makes officers a good fit for the culture and helps their careers.

While these books had been generally about the military with a focus on leadership, the list sharply diverged with The New Jim Crow which claimed preposterously that America is based on a "racial caste" system (tell that to Barack and Michelle Obama), and Ibram X. Kendi's How To Be An Anti-Racist.

The leftist texts not only violated the military’s non-partisan role in protecting a diverse democratic society, they were racist texts that divided people by color and undermined the Navy’s mission and morale.

Kendi's anti-racism message is that you either agree with his political “solutions” -- or you’re a racist.

“There is no such thing as a not-racist idea, only racist ideas and antiracist ideas,” he preaches. The title of this text Gilday is recommending is a thesis that you’re either a left-wing activist or a racist. Either you support and will work to achieve Kendi’s leftist political objectives or you’re a bigot.

According to Kendi, discrimination can be a good thing. “If discrimination is creating equity [like giving benefits to people who are not white], then it is antiracist. If discrimination is creating inequity [for anyone but white people], then it is racist.”

To Kendi everything is transmuted into racism. Even the weather. “Do-nothing climate policy is racist policy,” he argues, “since the predominantly non-White global south is being victimized by climate change more than the Whiter global north.” But of course, the chief global polluters, China, Pakistan, and India, are nations “of color” who have refused to change their climate policies, while the biggest pusher of climate change alarmism is the long-time white racist now-president of the “white supremacist” United States.

Kendi’s is not your garden variety racism. It’s argued on the same level as the sermons of the long-defeated Ku Klux Klan – in reverse. In college, Kendi wrote that "Europeans are simply a different breed of human” who are "facing extinction" because of their "recessive genes" and are trying to "level the playing field with the AIDS virus." His presentation since then has grown slicker without varying from the same premise that white people are innately racist and the aggressors in an endless struggle to suppress black people.

This racist worldview, promoted by Gilday and the Democrat leadership, and funded by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, is fundamentally no different from Louis Farrakhan’s blue-eyed-devil explanation of everything that’s wrong with Western history and its civilization. Forget the fact that there is still black slavery in Africa and brown slavery in China, and that America and the British Empire led the world in freeing black slaves.

Kendi sees everything through the lens of racial hatred. He even denounced Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett as a "white colonizer" because she adopted two Haitian children. This is the Navy’s new race guide.

The oath of enlistment for naval recruits pledges them to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States" and its elected officials. But its race guru Ibram Kendi wants to replace all of that with a Department of Anti-racism (DOA) that would have total authority over all "local, state and federal public policies" and given "disciplinary tools to wield over and against policymakers and public officials who do not voluntarily change their racist policy and ideas.”

Forget the oath of enlistment; this attack on the Constitution is what Chief of Naval Operations Gilday has twisted the Navy into endorsing.

Rep. Jim Banks, a Navy reservist who served in Afghanistan, asked Gilday at a hearing about his endorsement for Kendi's racist views. Instead of condemning Kendi's racist idea that white people aren't human and created AIDS to kill black people, Gilday argued that these were "cherry-picked quotes” and went on defending the legitimacy of pushing Kendi’s noxious agendas.

“What this is really about is trying to paint the United States military, and in this case, the United States Navy as weak, as woke,” Gilday complained. “We are not weak.”

Sorry but the Navy is on a path to becoming as weak as it is woke.

If Gilday weren’t weak, he wouldn’t be occupying his current position over the heads of more qualified admirals. And if those admirals had shown a willingness to stand up to the purgers, then the entire Navy wouldn’t be subjected to woke witch-hunts and what the Chinese Communists refer to as “struggle sessions.”

Even before the Navy confronts Communist China or Jihadist Iran, it’s under attack from their anti-American leftist allies in this country. The enemy is inside the military and waging psychological war on its own country.

Gilday, like the rest of the woke military leaders, is a pathetic figure who has dispensed with his oath of allegiance and has sworn a woke oath to anti-white race theory. He has pledged his service to racist ideas, like those of Ibram X. Kendi, who will forever despise him on account of his skin color.

And as a reward for his treason, he hopes to be left alone long enough to retire as a lobbyist.






While Lauren was 1,000 miles away from home when Wells Fargo bank closed her account giving her no notice, and no way to access her money when she needed it.. Harrison Smith of The American Journal talks to Lauren about possibly why this happened: Full video:

Sarah Corriher: Banks Are Being Weaponized

Rumble — Lauren Witzke was left stranded and absent any funds after Wells Fargo canceled her bank account without prior notice. Lauren is the latest conservative figure to be targeted for having the wrong political opinions. Financial blacklisting appears to be expanding under the Biden regime, which is persecuting its perceived political opponents on multiple fronts.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Another day, another de-banking. Imagine a ruthless country where peaceful citizens who fearlessly defend their heritage, their families and their faith can wake up in the morning and find themselves cut off from their entire life savings with no explanation and no recourse. That country is not RussiaChina, North Korea, Venezuela or Iran.

That country is America in 2021.

On Tuesday, 33-year-old Lauren Witzke received a terse notice from her bank, Wells Fargo. The available balance on her account read "$0.00." Her entire life savings of roughly $15,500 had been transferred to "loss prevention." Was this a case of theft or fraud? Had her account been compromised? Nope.

"When I called, Wells Fargo told me that it was a 'business decision,'" Witzke recounted, "and that they have the right to close my account at any time."

Wells Fargo representative told Witzke, who is working out of state and has no other bank account, that she would be barred from retrieving her funds at any branch office and that they would "mail a check." You know how that goes. Wells Fargo did not respond to my phone messages and email inquiries regarding Witzke's case.

Here is what you need to know about Witzke. The 2020 Delaware Senate GOP candidate is an outspoken Christian conservative activist and supporter of former President Donald Trump who peacefully exercised her First Amendment rights at the Jan. 6 Capitol rally. She has not been charged with any crime. She was, however, suspended on Twitter for peacefully opposing mass migration and violent refugee criminals in Europe. She was banned completely from the platform in March for peacefully expressing her opinion that a transgender activist, who tweeted that little girls were kinky, was "demonic." She has organized peaceful election integrity efforts in Georgia through her work with the Hold the Line PAC. She has been a fierce and peaceful advocate for "America First" principles protecting the traditional nuclear family, supporting an immigration moratorium and combating Big Tech censorship.

In other words: Lauren Witzke has a big fat target on her back for threatening the powers that be in Big Government and Big Business. After the Jan. 6 protest, she has encountered obstacles to flying unimpeded across the country to participate in political rallies and events. She cannot check into flights online, is swabbed for explosives and has "SSSS" ("secondary security screening selection") marked on her tickets. That's a designation made by the federal Transportation Security Administration, which keeps a secret list of untold thousands of American citizens targeted for undisclosed reasons as "security" threats.

This is not just about one private bank making a "business decision" to drop a customer for any old reason. This is an obvious case of coordinated financial censorship and targeting of citizens by Big Government and Big Business based on their political views. Pattern recognition is key. As I've previously reported in my columns and latest book, "Open Borders Inc.," Wall Street is in bed with social justice radicals and deep-state bureaucrats who've erected America's very own version of the Chinese social credit system in which political dissent is flagged, shunned, punished and eradicated.

Before Witzke came a long line of dissidents and nationalist groups—ranging from Laura Loomer to Faith Goldy to the Proud Boys to Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren to VDARE and Nick Fuentes to Gab founder Andrew Torba—all blocked or barred from financial entities ranging from Chase and Barclays to Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Venmo, Patreon, Stripe, and Coinbase.

"The current weaponization of corporations and banks against conservatives and Christians is terrifying," Witzke told me. "I have banked with Wells Fargo for years, using it as savings when I was working in ministry. Only when I was given a platform to share my Christian views on the national stage did Wells Fargo decide to shut down my account. The Evil Oligarchs at Wells Fargo left me, a young woman, with a balance of zero dollars, stranded, and a thousand miles away from my home with no explanation ... Christians and Conservatives, Get your money out of Wells Fargo, NOW!"

Gab's Torba, who has battled de-banking by four different financial institutions and one credit card company, has likened the latest financial terror and blacklisting campaign under President Joe Biden to an Obama-era program pressuring the companies not to do business with lawful firearms dealers, coal companies and other politically incorrect businesses. "What we're seeing is Operation Choke Point," Torba said after news of Witzke's de-banking broke, "where the federal government ... (is coming) after political dissidents."

We've gone far beyond cancel culture. This is not merely about being silenced. It's about being robbed, bankrupted and destroyed by woke capital and swamp oppressors. No one is safe.

As Torba warns: "Today it's Lauren; yesterday it was Gab; and tomorrow it can and will be you."

Michelle Malkin [Email her] is the author of Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores. Click here for Peter Brimelow’s review. Michelle Malkin is also the author of Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild, Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies, ,Who Built That: Awe-Inspiring Stories of American Tinkerpreneurs, and Sold Out: How High-Tech Billionaires & Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America's Best & Brightest Workers.

Malkin is author of the book, "Open Borders, Inc.: Who's Funding America's Destruction," available directly from in hardcover.

Malkin can be contacted on TwitterGab, and Telegram.


Woke Left moving to take over last functional, patriotic institution – the military: Whistleblowers detail hundreds of cases of ‘anti-American indoctrination’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) For decades, the left has made inroads into every American institution, taking over the arts and entertainment, academia, science, the federal bureaucracy, and, whenever possible, local, state and national government.

The U.S. military has managed to resist this infiltration, but in recent years — yes, even during the term of the most patriotic president in two generations, Donald Trump — leftists have made progress in the military.

And now that Joe Biden has been installed in the White House, the push to drive patriots out and replace them with propagandized, mind-numbed Communist cadres is in full-force.

It began with Biden’s appointment of Lloyd Austin as defense secretary. Austin, a retired U.S. Army four-star general, must have carried a chip on his shoulder his entire career, which was obviously very successful, because upon confirmation one of his first official acts was to order a 90-day stand-down of the entire military, so commanders could address the services’ most pressing issue: ‘Extremism in the ranks.’

Not Russia. Not China. Not Iran, North Korea, or foreign terrorists and cyber attackers. No. “Extremism” — as in, white extremism.

Since that outrage, the Army has put out a series of what can only be described as ‘woke’ recruiting ads, with one featuring a female soldier with two lesbian mothers and focuses on LGBTQ issues, and another involving a soldier who admitted growing up with psychological issues. This is what we’re using to attract recruits; what kind of ‘soldiers’ then, do you think America is going to get?

The pace at which the military is becoming a Marxist den has alarmed military vets in Congress including Arkansas GOP Sen. Tom Cotton, a Harvard Law-trained, former Army Ranger officer with two combat tours in Iraq, and Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a multiple combat tour U.S. Navy SEAL who nearly gave his life for our country but instead wound up losing an eye instead.

They launched a program in recent weeks aimed at identifying the level of wokeness that has permeated the force thus far, and what they have discovered is nothing short of alarming.

The Epoch Times reports:

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) told Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on June 10 that “hundreds” of military whistleblowers have reported being forced to receive “anti-American indoctrination” training, including critical race theory (CRT).

In a Senate hearing with Austin, Cotton claimed that within the military, there’s “plummeting morale, growing mistrust between races and sexes where none existed just six months ago and unexpected retirements and separations based on these trainings alone.”

Cotton said one whistleblower has alleged that a military history training course was replaced with curriculum dealing with police brutality, “white privilege,” and “systemic racism.” Another claimed his unit was forced to read “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo, a feminist author and critical theory proponent.

This comes after the U.S. Space Force relieved Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, a former instructor and fighter pilot, from command of the 11th Space Warning Squadron because of comments he made denouncing CRT while warning about how Marxist ideology was spreading throughout the service branches.

In response, Austin came up with some BS claiming that curriculum is being developed and released that is “welcoming to everyone who can qualify and who is fit to serve” — though previous recruiting messages focused on toughness, competition, love of country, and commitment to service were working because the services were not suffering shortages of recruits.

“We ought to look like the America we support and defend, and senior leadership should look like what’s in the ranks,” Austin said.

What’s that got to do with anything? Not everyone can serve; it’s a privilege, not a right. And the Pentagon wasn’t putting out messages aimed at discouraging certain demographics from joining or outright discriminating against them.

So again, this is all garbage — it’s just an attempt to destroy the last truly non-partisan institution we have left, and that’s not going to bode well for our future.

Sources include:

Parents derail toxic Critical Race Theory consultant in CA school district


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Parents derail hiring of toxic Critical Race Theory consultant in California school district.

School Board had no problem with her radical views, but parents went ballistic!

Exposure goes viral – featured on national Fox News!

Part of outrageous district-wide plan to indoctrinate children.

June 18, 2021
Dr. Sheri Atwater, a "diversity, inclusion, and equity" consultant, tells the district's Equity Task Force (via Zoom) how she's going to help them stop the white supremacy, identity, and white privilege problems in their schools.

A few parents can make a big difference if the pressure is put in the right places. This is also a story about how these poisonous agendas get into our schools.

Hermosa Beach is a small beachside community in the South Bay section of Los Angeles County. It is one of the wealthiest school districts in the state of California. For years, the students have consistently earned some of the highest test scores, and parents have been more than happy to raise taxes when state lawmakers cut funding to school districts during hard economic times.

Hermosa Beach is a wealthy California town just southeast of Los Angeles.

The Hermosa Beach school district seemed like a ripe target for the radical left’s latest propaganda: Critical Race Theory (CRT). The elected school officials consider themselves “modern” and “progressive” and were becoming increasingly “woke” – and the community trusted them. When the teachers’ union and others pushed this “new important” program, the school officials didn’t want to be left behind.


How they went about incorporating the CRT curriculum is a veritable clinic of the leftist strategy to bring a very controversial new agenda into a school system. We’ve seen this around the country.

The roadmap: a “District Equity Resolution”

Things began gearing up last September. The School Board passed a “District Equity Resolution.” This was clearly put together for them by an outside entity from a sophisticated template.

It’s worth studying. The resolution includes a long-winded declaration that there is “institutional and structural racism and injustice” in society at large and in their own community. This includes every person in the school district and their staff – and it’s “affecting student achievement.” (It also lists “gender, gender identity, sexual orientation” among the “biases in our own school district” that must be cleansed.)

The resolution then calls for the creation of an “Equity Task Force” to investigate the district’s racism and injustice further, then create an “Equity Agenda” for fixing it with “Measurable Targets.”

Not surprisingly, this translates into hardcore propaganda sessions for all students in virtually every classroom plus “training sessions” for all staff. There was also a call for “community engagement” – which means spending more money to persuade parents and others that this program is a good thing.

Disguising the true nature and intent of a program is a standard leftist tactic. The term “Critical Race Theory” is nowhere to be found in any of the material (except on their web page where they attempt to deny it). But that’s exactly what it is.

The Equity Task Force was implemented very quickly. This concept of setting up a “task force” to push an offensive agenda into a school district goes back to the 1990s with sex education. The organizers include a wide range of people from the community: school staff, parents, students, administrators, School Board members, and others. This is to give it the aura of a broad-based consensus and input. But the participants are very carefully chosen (to be sufficiently passive), and the core leaders are radicals who are trained experts at directing the group’s decisions. It’s a very common strategy.

The Task Force also set up an “Equity and Inclusion webpage” with “resources and updates” of the Task Force’s work and progress.

MassResistance gets involved

A group of Hermosa Beach parents who monitor and discuss local politics in a social media group became alarmed and began following this disturbing development. The group shared clips of various School Board and Task Force meetings and other material.

In January 2021, our MassResistance Organization Director, Arthur Schaper (who lives in nearby Torrance, CA), got involved to help with this specific issue. Arthur had worked with several of the parents in the past on various local school and civic issues.

The parents were very worried about this but weren’t sure what to do. Arthur encouraged them to take direct action. He told them to file FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests, to get parents to confront the School Board, and to expose to the community what is going on. They agreed with Arthur’s approach. From there, the parents were off and running!

Taking on the School Board

The parents found out that the School Board was spending considerable money on radical outside consulting groups to create and implement their “equity” agenda. It was clearly a “Critical Race Theory” and Marxist agenda that was coming to their school system.


Parents started speaking up at the School Board meetings, held remotely via Zoom. Actual public testimony was replaced by emailing the Board, and the Superintendent would read the emails aloud during the meeting. Other parents contacted the Board members directly with their expressions of outrage. At first, just a few got involved, but the number steadily grew as parents lost their fear and reticence. 

A parent exposes the horror about to come

Then, the April 13 Equity Task Force meeting included a presentation from a consultant whom the Task Force was hiring, Dr. Sheri Atwater. She is a psychologist and specialist in “diversity, inclusion, and equity” (DEI), and was being hired to design the training sessions for students in classrooms and also school staff. The meeting was via Zoom and made accessible to the public.

Atwater talked about white privilege, identity, and white supremacy, and how important it was to deal with those issues, even in elementary school. “This is the time to build into the curriculum the implicit biases that we all have,” she told the Board. For example: She will ask children to “raise their hands if they are a racist.” No one raises his hand. But by the end of the session she teaches them that they really are racists, but didn’t know it. Now they know.

One of the parents watched the meeting, and was shocked. He made a video of Atwater’s remarks and posted it on YouTube:


The video alarmed parents across the city of Hermosa Beach. At the May 12 School Board meeting, parents flooded the Board with angry emails, which the Superintendent read aloud. Parents were livid about Critical Race Theory being taught to children, and especially Atwater’s offensive teaching methods. Coincidentally, Atwater was also there to give a presentation to the Board.

The Board members were very condescending to the parents’ concerns, and simply called them “fearful.” “I encourage the community to come together on this, so they’ll become more comfortable,” one Board member said. Atwater, true to her Marxist roots, described this process as a “journey” and quoted Lenin, saying that it would be, “two steps forward, one step back.” The Board then thanked Atwater for her “great definition of leadership” in this matter. It was like spitting in the face of the worried parents.

At the May 12 School Board meeting, the Superintendent (bottom) reads the angry emails to the Board members - and the public.

To try and mitigate the situation, the Superintendent sent a letter to all the school district parents. It used the kind of “educrat-speak” that everyone dislikes:

During the May 12 Board meeting, some Hermosa Beach residents and parents raised concern over the school district hiring a consultant, Dr. Sheri Atwater … Our goal as educators, and I believe as a school community, is to ensure that school is a place where opportunities are available for all students, regardless of label … Dr. Atwater is working with staff to support our goal to meet the needs of all students.

But parents weren’t buying it.

The video goes viral – and makes international news!

Over the next few weeks, the parent’s video of Atwater went viral around the world.  

On May 17, The College Fix did an article exposing it. Then on May 21, Laura Ingraham did a scathing commentary on it during her national Fox News TV show. (Note: The video of that segment is not accessible, only the transcript and a screenshot.)

Laura Ingraham brought the story across America!

The following day, the Daily Mail out of the United Kingdom did an article on Ingraham’s coverage.

... Then it reached Europe!

It was wonderful! People from across the United States – and beyond – became focused on what Hermosa Beach was about to do to their young students.

A victory!

A few days after that, it was quietly reported that Dr. Sheri Atwater had decided not to take the job. On May 27 the Superintendent sent out this email:

As I shared last week, the Board of Education received public comment that raised concern over the school district hiring a consultant, Dr. Sheri Atwater. Dr. Atwater was hired to facilitate staff discussions and professional development around HBCSD's emphasis on equity and inclusion.

Unfortunately, a national cable news outlet and other online media continued to broadcast a short video clip of Dr. Atwater speaking in an Equity Task Force meeting, the video purposely edited to misconstrue her message and meaning in a long, thoughtful conversation. This misinformation attracted national debate and because of it, Dr. Atwater has experienced concerns for her safety and well-being, also affecting her core professional responsibilities as a professor with Loyola Marymount University. As a consequence, she has decided to not move forward as an external consultant for HBCSD.

This is very disingenuous - but par for the course for dishonest school officials. The video did not "misconstrue her message and meaning." Anyone watching her entire frightening remarks would would see that it was a very fair representation. It's also insulting to suggest that she would have to fear for her safety. It sounds like she wants to be "safe" from having to explain herself to parents!

In any case, parents are breathing a sigh of relief that she's gone. It is a huge psychological victory against this arrogant School Board. But there’s still work to do. The whole Critical Race Theory train needs to be derailed in Hermosa Beach. We’re going to help them work on that.

Final thoughts

It’s a common situation where parents see what’s going on and are very upset, but don’t do anything about it. MassResistance is proud that Arthur Schaper was able to inspire the parents to act – and equip them with tactics.

A few of the parents made a point of thanking us for that! One mother said:

Arthur helped inspire the team to go after the School Board. We would not have been following exactly what was going in the school district if Arthur had strongly encouraged us to do that. He gave the Hermosa Beach activists tips and directions on what to do to take on the School Board: reach out to residents, write emails, file FOIA requests, and more!

Another local resident wrote us:

I wish to tell you how much I admire the work of Arthur Schaper. I will tell you up front that in the beginning, I was not a fan. What I discovered after some time was that Arthur had the courage of his convictions and over time I switched to being a fan. Slowly he changed my mind and I began to admire him.

Most recently, Arthur said in a polite way that I was not stepping up. I had my reasons for not stepping up, but I thought about what he said. The end result was that I did finally step up in my own way. It was because of Arthur that I mustered the courage to speak up.

Please give Arthur a pat on the back for his efforts. His work is not going unnoticed in my tiny community of Hermosa Beach, CA.

We’re thrilled that MassResistance was able to make a difference!

Please help us continue to do our uncompromising work!

Our successes depend on people like you.

Donate to MassResistance

Your support will make the difference!

Judge Blocks Biden’s Anti-white Farm Program. Gov’t Can’t Forgive Loans Only for Minorities

Judge Blocks Biden’s Anti-white Farm Program. Gov’t Can’t Forgive Loans Only for Minorities



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A federal court has bluntly shut down the Biden administration’s plan to discriminate against white farmers by creating a loan forgiveness program only for blacks and other minorities.

In a temporary restraining order issued June 10, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin blocked the Agriculture Department’s Farm Services Agency from forgiving the loans pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The law sought to help farmers supposedly affected by the China Virus pandemic.

Judge William C. Griesbach sharply stated Biden and his agriculture bureaucrats cannot discriminate against whites.

Not So Fast, Biden

The five original plaintiffs, all white farmers, argued that ARPA’s provision trespasses the Constitution’s prohibition of racial discrimination.

As the FSA said of the program, “the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 provides historic debt relief to socially disadvantaged producers including Black/African American, American Indian or Alaskan native, Hispanic or Latino, and Asian American or Pacific Islander.”

Tranlsation: Whitey need not apply.

Argued the white farmers:

While Defendants’ public statements about ARPA describe their generalized goal of ending “systemic racism,” such broad goals do not override the constitutional ban on race discrimination. In fact, the Supreme Court has “rejected the interest in remedying societal discrimination because it had no logical stopping point. … In short, “[t]he way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” …

The liberty protected by the Fifth Amendment’s Due Process Clause contains within it the prohibition against denying to any person the equal protection of the laws. …

The racial classifications under Section 1005 of ARPA are unconstitutional because they violate the Equal Protection guarantee in the United States Constitution.

The number of plaintiffs grew to 12 before the judge ruled.

Court Agrees

The court issued the temporary restraining order (TRO) because the white plaintiffs are likely to succeed in their claim, Judge Griesbach wrote.

Though the defendants “point to statistical and anecdotal evidence of a history of discrimination within the agricultural industry,” that doesn’t justify harming whites:

Defendants cannot rely on a “generalized assertion that there has been past discrimination in an entire industry” and they “have no evidence of intentional discrimination by the USDA in the implementation of the recent agriculture subsidies and pandemic relief efforts.

Nor did Biden and his anti-white subalterns “establish that it has a compelling interest in remedying the effects of past and present discrimination through the distribution of benefits on the basis of racial classifications.”

Even better, the judge explained that “the obvious response to a government agency that claims it continues to discriminate against farmers because of their race or national origin is to direct it to stop: It is not to direct it to intentionally discriminate against others on the basis of their race and national origin.”

Biden “cannot discriminate on the basis of race.”

Though the administration argues that loan forgiveness is meant to help “socially-disadvantaged farmers affected by COVID-19,” Griesbach wrote, “it does not provide relief based on losses sustained during the pandemic.”

Instead, the only consideration in determining whether a farmer or rancher’s loans should be completely forgiven is the person’s race or national origin. Plaintiffs are completely excluded from participation in the program based on their race. If the Court does not issue an injunction, the USDA will spend the allocated money and forgive the loans of minority farmers while the case is pending and will have no incentive to provide similar relief on an equitable basis to others. Plaintiffs are excluded from the program based on their race and are thus experiencing discrimination at the hands of their government.

The judge ruled that white farmers “have established a strong likelihood” the loan forgiveness section of ARPA is unconstitutional.

Though Biden’s side said any TRO should apply only to the plaintiffs, the judge disagreed and issued a nationwide injunction:

Defendants’ proposal to set aside funds to pay off any of Plaintiffs’ qualified loans is unworkable. If the USDA forgave Plaintiffs’ loans, it would be required to forgive every farmer’s loan, since the only criteria for loan forgiveness is the applicant’s race. Plaintiffs estimate that this would increase the cost of the program to $400 billion. In addition, nothing would prevent Plaintiffs from amending the complaint to add other farmers and ranchers as plaintiffs to this action. To ensure that Plaintiffs receive complete relief and that similarly-situated nonparties are protected, a universal temporary restraining order in this case is proper.

The ruling means Biden and Vilsack “are enjoined from forgiving any loans” under the unconstitutional law.

ST. LOUIS’ Racist Mayor: Tishaura Jones



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Editor's note: This is the 7th part in Frontpage Mag's new series on Racist Mayors. (See previous parts below this article). Stay tuned for more installments.

The murder rate in St. Louis, Missouri, which is at a 50-year high, is reportedly the highest in the country. Tishaura Jones, who became St. Louis’s first African American female mayor last April, rejects the notion that it is the individuals who commit the violent crimes who should be held fully responsible for their crimes and serve their sentences in prison.  Jones, a radical leftist who has been described as a “champion of Black Lives Matter,” believes that society is responsible. She blames “systemic racism” and poverty as the root causes of the rampant crime afflicting her city. The newly elected mayor believes the answers to the crime problem in St. Louis are to cut the police department budget, close a jail, end cash bail, mandate mental health evaluations for police officers, and send social workers in response to 911 calls.

In one of her first decisions as mayor, Jones proposed an initial $4 million reduction in the St. Louis Police Department budget, including the elimination of 98 officers’ positions from the police force. “More police doesn't prevent crime,” Jones asserted last month. Nevertheless, in the typical leftwing hypocrisy of “rules for thee but not for me,” Mayor Jones “doubled the number of police officers on her personal security team,” according to the Police Tribune. While “Jones is beefing up her personal security,” the Police Tribune added, “she doesn’t seem as worried about the security of her voters.”

Former St. Louis Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards, an African American, said last year that protesters outraged over police brutality against African Americans are ignoring the main issue involving the loss of black lives to crime. “Black-on-black crime--we run away from it like it doesn't happen," Edwards said. Jones rejects this premise out of hand, despite the overwhelming evidence that supports Edwards’ statement of fact. Jones' rush to blame a supposedly white-controlled racist system for the crimes rather than the perpetrators themselves - too often blacks killing or maiming other blacks - is racist in itself.

During her campaign for mayor, Jones tweeted that she planned on replacing Edwards because “it's time for a new direction. We'll put the public back in public safety, we'll make sure that police aren't the only response when you call 9-1-1, and we'll lead with prevention-first.” Edwards resigned before the April 2021 mayoral election.

As Matthew Vadum noted in his May 29th FrontPage article, “Jones’s campaign, which focused on ‘progressive’ criminal justice reforms, was unabashedly racist.” For example, Jones proudly tweeted on March 30th essentially what she had said during her debate with her liberal white female opponent: “A white person doesn’t have to have the ‘talk’ with their children. While I appreciate the role of white allies in this movement of progress, I don’t believe they have the lived experience to lead a majority-minority City right now.”

Jones racially stereotyped white parents and children as being too “privileged” to bother having a serious “talk” about crime.

Moreover, in Tishaura Jones’ racially divided world of "oppressors" versus the "oppressed," whites have no business running St. Louis solely because they are of the wrong skin color. Jones reiterated this message during her victory lap as Mayor-Elect. During a CNN interview on April 8th, Jones said that “what I heard from voters is that they are ready for a black woman to lead this city, that a black woman has lived experiences that others do not.” Jones is a purveyor of racist identity politics.

This wasn’t Jones’ first run for mayor. “St. Louis is the epicenter of Black Lives Matter,” Jones declared back in 2017 when she ran against and lost to a white female, Lyda Krewson, who chose not to run for re-election in 2021. After winning this time against another white female opponent, Jones spitefully declined to invite Krewson to her April 20th inaugural ceremony – breaking a decades-old tradition.

Mayor Jones is now busy making St. Louis City Hall the epicenter of Black Lives Matter and its anti-white, far-left progressive platform. Jones is also trying to do the same with the St. Louis Public Schools Board of Education, filling a vacant seat with a 25-year old pro-Back Lives Matter activist named Alisha Sonnier.

Sonnier made her mark as a leftwing agitator when she helped lead a student week-long occupation of a portion of Saint Louis University’s campus in 2014. Just seven years later, the young activist ran for a seat on the Board of Education. The only candidate out of ten whom Jones endorsed during the campaign was Sonnier, who lost anyway. Not to worry as far as Jones was concerned. After Jones won her own campaign for mayor, she used her current appointment power to have Sonnier fill a remaining vacant seat on the Board of Education.

Three weeks prior to the announcement of Sonnier’s appointment to the Board of Education on May 11th, Sonnier tweeted “that it’s time we look at how systematic oppression, capitalism & other structural inequities are negatively impacting us all & we’re overdue for systematic changes.”

Less than two weeks after her appointment, Sonnier tweeted enthusiastically about an event she attended where she had the opportunity to discuss “the intersection of white supremacy + class + patriarchy + abortion.” With Sonnier, Mayor Jones’s handpicked leftwing progressive wunderkind on the St. Louis Public Schools Board of Education, some radical changes in education may be right around the corner. St. Louis public school teachers and students could soon see the racist, anti-white critical race theory and the New York Times’ historically distorted “1619 Project” become an integral part of the St. Louis public school curriculum.

Mayor Tishaura Jones blames St. Louis’s out-of-control crime rate on systemic racism and poverty. The police, she believes, are a major part of the problem rather than a key part of the solution. It is estimated that the homicide rate per 100,000 in 2020 was 87.2. If systemic racism and poverty are the long-term root causes of crime as Jones and her Black Lives Matter allies claim, how do they explain the much lower homicide rate between 1997 and 2001, when a former African American mayor who had previously served as chief of police was in charge? It's worth looking back for a moment to get some perspective on Jones's racially divisive agenda as the third African American elected mayor in St. Louis.

During Clarence Harmon’s one term as the second African American elected mayor in St. Louis, the average homicide rate per 100,000 was under 40. Harmon’s predecessor, Freeman R. Bosley Jr., was the first African American elected mayor in St. Louis, whom Harmon defeated in the March 1997 mayoral Democratic primary. During Bosley Jr.’s one term, the homicide rate per 100,000 exceeded 50. After Harmon completed his term and brought the homicide rate down by approximately 20 percent, the rate did not rise above 50 again until 2015.

Bosley Jr. and Harmon had widely divergent approaches to dealing with crime and race, which first played out when Harmon resigned out of frustration as St. Louis’s police chief in 1995 while Bosley Jr. was mayor. Harmon felt that he was not getting enough support as police chief from Bosley Jr., who tended to look at the police through a racial prism. Harmon decided instead to run in 1997 against Bosley, Jr., who was seeking a second term as mayor.

During their 1997 primary campaign for mayor against each other, Bosley Jr.’s father, Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr., called Harmon a ``rented Negro.″  Bosley Jr.’s campaign was built around such racial polarization, casting Harmon as the white establishment candidate. Harmon ran his campaign as a coalition builder seeking racial rapport. ”The best representation is provided for all the people,” Harmon said. ”Everybody has to feel included.”

The voters in St. Louis back then were turned off by the racially tinged rhetoric of Bosley Jr.’s campaign. They felt more confident voting for the law and order candidate with a strong police background and sent Bosley Jr. packing. After Harmon won the general election the next month against two white opponents, he said "I'm ready to start the healing process beginning with this moment, the healing process St. Louis so desperately needs."

Fast forward to 2021. Tishaura Jones ran a racially charged, anti-police campaign. Rather than seek to heal racial divisions in her city after she won the election, Jones is using her office to widen the racial divide. That’s how leftwing progressive racists roll. 

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Jackson's Chokwe Antar Lumumba.

Petition to Remove Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Editors' note: The hour is late. We need to mount a mass campaign to oppose the betrayal of our country by the Biden Administration and a military leadership that is undermining troop morale and sabotaging our country’s ability to defend itself. Please sign the petition below and spread the word.

Petition to Remove Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin:

No institution in America – from government offices to schoolrooms to corporate boardrooms and beyond – is safe today from the divisive racism of Critical Race Theory and the “1619 Project.” both of which posit that United States history is rooted in slavery and white supremacy, and that “whiteness” is an incurable disease. The institution whose subversion poses the greatest threat to our national security is the U.S. military, whose head is Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. General Austin is a determined advocate of these repulsive anti-American views.

As Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin has incorporated both Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project as core elements of the Pentagon’s military training programs, under the guise of “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.” He has further ordered a purging of the military ranks of what he calls “extremists,” defined as opponents of these noxious views and supporters of former president Donald Trump.

The consequence of dividing our troops by race and gender, and regarding one community of Americans as oppressors and beneficiaries of race and gender-based privileges is a direct threat to unit cohesion and military morale, the core elements of an effective military force.
That’s why I hope you’ll join me, and demand the Removal of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

If you are a 19-year old and pondering whether it is worth risking your life for your country, the teachings now current in the United States military will cause you to have second thoughts about the country you are supposed to defend.

On April 9, 2021, Secretary Austin issued a memorandum announcing the establishment of the Countering Extremism Working Group (CEWG) to spearhead the military’s internal witch-hunt of “extremism” in the ranks.

To lead the CEWG, Austin appointed as his senior adviser, a black American named Bishop Garrison, who has made no secret of his profound contempt for former President Trump and the millions of people who voted for him. In July 2019, for example, Garrison wrote: “Support for him [Trump], a racist, is support for ALL his beliefs. He’s dragging a lot of bad actors (misogynists, extremists, other racists) out into the light, normalizing their actions. If you support the President, you support that.”

As part of the re-education of our fighting force, Austin’s officers have required recruits to watch a film portraying Democrat presidents – and only Democrat presidents - as civil rights heroes, thus dividing military personnel along partisan political lines as well.
Please add your name to this petition right away, and demand the Senate remove Secretary Austin.

Richard Torres-Estrada, the new “chief of diversity” for Special Operations, has compared President Trump to Hitler. His appointment came as part of a plan for embedding intersectionality into Special Operations diversity training through the “interconnectedness of matters relating to culture, ethnicity, religion, class, race, and gender”.

“The job of the Department of Defense is to keep America safe from our enemies,” explains Austin.  “But we can't do that if some of those enemies lie within our own ranks.”

Or, if they preside over those ranks.

Secretary Austin claims his planned purge “is not about politics or political views.” Yet, nearly all 18 members of the Combatting Extremism Working Group in charge of the purge supported Joe Biden and the Democrats in the 2020 elections. Six of them are radical Islamists including a Pakistani national, who is not even a citizen. This is hardly surprising since in his first days as Secretary of Defense Austin ordered hundreds of former President Trump’s appointees from at least 31 Pentagon advisory boards and panels, to resign.

To guide his political purge, Austin has recruited the Southern Poverty Law Center, a notorious, fact-challenged smear operation which has routinely labeled conservative organizations and individuals like the American Enterprise Institute and Trump HUD Secretary Ben Carson as “hate mongers.”

In a world as dangerous as ours where our chief adversary China is openly and aggressively building what it hopes will be the most dominant military force in the world, having a divisive, morale-sapping, politically partisan Secretary of Defense in charge of the nation’s defenses is itself a threat to national security.

On May 10, 2021, Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, a commanding officer with the U.S. Space Force, released a self-published book titled Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military. “As a commander of young military professionals, all of whom have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution,” wrote Lohmeier, “I became concerned that race-based identity politics would erode the trust and confidence these young people have in their country and in the Constitution.” In his book, Lohmeier recounts stories of white officers who left the military because they grew tired of being told that “they are racists solely based on the color of their skin.” He describes high-school students as reluctant to join the armed services because “they are unsure what their country stands for anymore.” And he cites black West Point cadets who, as a result of the Marxist propaganda with which they have been indoctrinated, are “conflicted about swearing an oath to defend a white supremacist country.”

For expressing his concerns, Lohnmeier was fired from his command and removed from his Space Force unit, whose task is the tracking of ballistic missile launches.


David Horowitz

David Horowitz


Racist Philadelphia Mayor: Jim Kenney



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Editor's note: This is the sixth part in Frontpage Mag's new series on Racist Mayors. (See previous parts below this article). Stay tuned for more installments.

As a Philadelphia City Councilman in 2014, two years before his election as the city’s 99th mayor, Jim Kenney, an Eagles fan, tweeted that Chris Christie, a Cowboys fan, was a “fat ass.” Kenney then let it rip: “You suck! Kissing Texas ass for 2016!”  

While sports fanaticism might be a forgivable offense among overzealous males, two years earlier in 2012, Kenney tweeted Lou Dobbs after the latter made critical comments about Obama’s reelection:  “You are a large asshole. Crawl back under your rock. You are a hater and a creep hiding behind your microphone.”

Kenney’s obsession with proctology-laced tweets was not lost on his staff. The solution was the application of a phone app that screened the Councilman’s outgoing messages. The child-proof controls worked like magic. In no time, Kenney was ‘tweety clean’ despite a later discovery that he was paying someone $29,000 a year to tweet for him.  

At the height of Philadelphia’s 2015 mayoral campaign, local media referred to Kenney, the son of a working-class Irish South Philadelphia family, as “Jimmy from the block.” The term of endearment, while having an old school Philadelphia feel, did not mean that the Councilman gave off chummy-- even happy-- neighborhood vibes. If anything, the reverse was true: “Jimmy from the block” has always come across as a remote, isolated and pensive individual as if he’d spent a lifetime trying to find the right “political identity.”  

This (existentially tortured) look of his spiked during the June 2020 George Floyd riots when nearly every political protest in the city turned into a melee of broken windows, fires and demolished storefronts, especially in the city’s tony Rittenhouse Square section where rioters smashed and looted A-list businesses. Kenney was not very visible then. For many Philadelphians he appeared to be hiding in City Hall until he could figure out what to do, although he did order a daily 8PM curfew when not issuing occasional statements reaffirming that the destruction taking place throughout the city was being caused by a minority of trouble makers.

While his left-wing political ties forbade him from condemning BLM or Antifa outright he did what most leftist mayors and governors did in June 2020: he blamed the violence on a few unruly types, infiltrators who were “not real protesters.”  What he conveniently forgot was the fact that the ‘few unruly’ types numbered in the hundreds or thousands and that their actions crippled the city for weeks, if not months.  The fact is that almost every George Floyd protest in the City of Philadelphia at that time ended in violence or some kind of mayhem with the exception of the June 6th protest in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art where 2500 protesters shouted, “No Justice, no Peace, no Racist Police.” The fact that there was no violence at that rally surprised many people.

By June 2020, Kenney’s lefty wings were already poised for flight,  having been firmly fitted in May 2015 when he won the Democratic primary. As The Atlantic noted then, “The Democratic primary for Philadelphia mayor pitted a crusading left-winger against a charter-school advocate backed by suburban hedge-fund magnates. This time, the left-winger, a former city councilman named Jim Kenney, actually won.”

“Jimmy from the block” was swept into the mayor’s office by progressives, many of them ‘urbanist’ millennial types who saw his victory as a sign that the Democratic Party, nationally, would soon head in a radical leftward direction.

Nanoseconds after being sworn in as mayor (but before the start of his Inaugural bash), Kenney signed an executive order reinstating Philadelphia’s status as a sanctuary city for [illegal] immigrants.

“If this were Cousin Emilio or Cousin Guido, we wouldn’t have this problem because they’re white,” Kenney said. He then went on to criticize his own Irish South Philadelphia community for telling Italian immigrants years ago to “go back where they came from.”  

The mayor’s executive order put critics of illegal immigration on notice that he was aligning himself with the policies of big city leftist mayors like Bill de Blasio of New York and London Breed of San Francisco.  If a new “progressivist” policy popped up in New York City, it was only a matter of time before it made its way to Philadelphia.

Kenney felt so comfortable in his role as a pro-sanctuary city advocate that he danced an Irish jig in his City Hall office when in June of 2018 a federal judge ruled in favor of the city’s sanctuary city status. That little dance (captured on video) put city residents on notice that Philadelphia was on a big progressivist roll… and there’d be no going back.  

The early days of Kenney’s administration--before the Frank Rizzo and Christopher Columbus statue controversies, COVID, and the George Floyd riots-- were perhaps his happiest as mayor because he had not yet gone full de Blasio.

An especially exuberant Kenney, for instance, can be seen in videos rushing onstage at the October 2017 Out & Equal Workplace Summit. Greeting the audience to the tune of Elton John’s  ‘Philadelphia Freedom,’ he told the cheering crowd to keep the faith. 

“The last time I felt so unsteady was 1968 when I was 10 years old and the world seemed to be coming apart like it is today. But the thing I know about 1968 is that we got through it, and we will get through Donald Trump and we will get through this.” The crowd gave Kenney a standing ovation, further proof (not that any was needed) that there was little ‘Philadelphia Freedom’ when it came to Donald Trump fans.  

Kenney, who prefers to read his speeches (which tend to be rather short), delivers them with as little audience eye contact as possible. While making his 2015 victory speech, for instance, he barely lifted his eyes from his handheld script.

Donald Trump’s presidency unhinged Kenney to such a degree that the mayor seemed to take a sabbatical from focusing on Philadelphia issues but instead concentrated on all things Trump.   

“It's sad -- terribly sad,” Kenney tweeted after President Trump told four Democratic Congresswomen to go back to the crime-infested countries where they came from, “that Trump tells American Congresswomen to leave the country they love because they don't see the world through his racist eyes -- on the same day that ICE rounds up families seeking refuge in USA.  We must continue to RESIST!”

Of course, it’s highly probable that Trump was referring to the ancestral homes of these four Congresswomen rather than implying that the women themselves migrated to the United States. Yet this nuance was lost on progressives, thanks mainly to—what else?-- Trump Derangement Syndrome. The mindless overuse of the word ‘racist,’ the left’s favorite attack word, as well as the use of the word ‘resist’ (in capital letters, Antifa style) was another indication that “Jimmy from the block” was aligning himself not only with de Blasio but with the slogans of street revolutionaries.  

Wokeness in Philadelphia is its own style of pandemic, affecting not only politicians but every cultural institution from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to any number of museums or libraries that all drink from the same Flavor Aid. The woke pandemic is so far reaching in the City of Brotherly Love and its suburbs that it has even affected museums like the Pearl S Buck house museum in Bucks County, where one can sign up for a so called social justice tour, presumably to learn how Pearl Buck, author of The Good Earth and 99 other books and who died in 1973, would have behaved as a Black Lives Matter advocate.

Kenney’s full immersion into wokeness can be traced to the time when he and DA Larry Krasner tied the hands of the police during the June 2020 George Floyd riots.

That’s when marauding street mobs trashed the downtown area and then proceeded to invade the neighborhoods of West Philadelphia, Fishtown and Port Richmond. Port Richmond’s multiple strip malls were delicious targets for the marauders.   

For five or six consecutive nights the people of these neighborhoods had to contend with the destruction of stores and restaurants, exploding ATMs, fires and toxic smoke as well as the constant sound of police sirens and police helicopters.  Cautious store owners not in the direct line of fire along Aramingo Avenue in Port Richmond boarded up their businesses as a precaution. They also closed early and turned off all their lights at night so that great stretches of the city were in complete darkness. Occasionally, random rioters would storm these closed-off ‘safe areas’ and destroyed a few properties just to show authorities that they “were around.”   

Nothing seemed to stop the riots until the National Guard was deployed—a day late and a dollar short, as they say—but this was well after the destruction had taken place. Armed guardsmen now appeared on the street, Third World style, but that didn’t change the fact that many of the stores taking precautions were still boarded up, some remaining closed for a month.   

Residents in the neighborhoods near Aramingo Avenue wondered how long it would be before the mobs got to their home streets.  People began to talk about protecting their families. Protection from police was not an option because the DA and the mayor had made sure that the police would be doing as little as possible. During the West Philadelphia riots, the police had actually run from the rioters when a number of police vehicles were turned over and set on fire. 

Why was it taking the City of Philadelphia so long to bring the anarchists under control if only a “few unruly’ types were responsible for the mayhem?

When a group of neighborhood Fishtown men, frustrated at the city’s inability to end the violence, armed themselves with baseball bats and formed a ring in front of Fishtown’s 26th Police District when it was announced that an anti-police rally would take place there, Philadelphia leftists went crazy despite the fact that during the riots about 50 ATMs were blown up by thieves using M100 and M250 explosives in an attempt to steal the money inside.

“The 26th District police station was where a group of mostly white men assembled Monday wielding baseball bats, purportedly to protect police from protesters,” WHYY reported on June 2020. “The group assaulted three people and heckled protestors demonstrating against police brutality. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw and Mayor Jim Kenney later condemned their actions.”

The appearance of the men with baseball bats was understandable given the fact that nearly every George Floyd protest in the city that began peacefully ended on a not-so-peaceful note. The neighbors with the bats had no reason to suspect that this “peaceful protest” would be any different, so they were there just in case.  

As fast as a grease fire in a frying pan, the focus in the media went from anarchist mobs burning down and looting businesses to a bunch of white men calling protestors mean names.

WHYY quoted one protestor, an area store owner, who said that he wanted “a better explanation of why the group of white men with weapons were allowed to disrupt a peaceful protest and violate the curfew.” The man added that he wanted the 26th District “to condemn the incident as racist.”

Kenney jumped into the fray. "We do not condone vigilantism," he said. "We understand that communities desire to protect their neighborhood, and if they want to do that in peace, we would allow it, regardless of neighborhood. But armed vigilantism will not be tolerated moving forward. I am glad police moved in to eventually disperse the group, but I am not happy about how long it took."

How long it took?

Did Jim Kenney really say that when row house residents in the 26th District and elsewhere could not leave their houses at night for over a week because the city was under siege? 

Philadelphia’s news media misled the public when they stated that hundreds of Fishtown residents participated in the anti-police brutality protest in front of the 26th District. What the media did not report was the fact that these so-called ‘Fishtowners’ were mainly young transplants from the suburbs, New York and other cities, the very same millennials who expressed their love for Jim Kenney’s leftist politics.

As a writer for The Philadelphia Citizen put it, “Millennials love Kenney because he’d grabbed the low-hanging progressive fruit — LGBT equality, marijuana decriminalization, bike lanes.”   But the Fishtown residents protesting outside the 26th District were anything but the real indigenous Fishtowners who had settled in the neighborhood decades before. Those people, the real Fishtowners, tended to side with—or at least understand--the motivations of the men with baseball bats.  

Kenney’s woke credentials were matted and framed when he opted to get rid of the Frank Rizzo statue near City Hall, and the Christopher Columbus statue in Marconi Plaza in South Philadelphia. These actions codified him as a hard-core ideologue, Mr. Antifa (with manners) in a suit.

It should be noted that the city’s mania for statue destruction got a kick start in 2019 with the Flyers’ covering and removal of the statue of Kate Smith, known as “The First Lady of Radio,” and as the best singer of “God Bless America,” outside their sports arena in South Philadelphia. As the singer of some 3,000 songs, it was discovered that Smith sang and recorded two songs now considered “racist,” one of them, “That’s Why Darkies Were Born,” a hit song from a 1931 Broadway revue that was also sung by Paul Robeson, a black man, and meant (many say) to be a satire on white supremacy.

Kenney was silent during the removal of the Kate Smith statue but the iconoclastic act emboldened the city’s leftist ideologues.  The heat accelerated when a leftist writer wrote on WHYY’s web page:  “Watching the Flyers rid themselves of Kate Smith’s racial baggage in a period of two days places a spotlight firmly on Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, who promised in 2017 to move the statue of former mayor and police commissioner Frank Rizzo from Paine Plaza, the courtyard in front of the Municipal Services Building. That’s public property. “

Statue destruction in the city would then proceed like the fall of a row of dominoes.

Since its installation in 1998, the Frank Rizzo statue near City Hall has been routinely spray-painted with expletives and anarchy-laced political slogans. Though the statue divided city residents, demands for its removal were routinely dismissed. Further civil dialogue, however, ended when Kenney finally ordered the quick removal of the statue in the dead of night, after BLM leftists splashed it in red paint and attempted to torch it. The city moved the statue to a storage facility where it has been ever since.  (BLM protestors also attempted to topple a statue of Mathias Baldwin, an exemplary citizen who never owned slaves and who did much to educate poor black children but because it was a statue of a white man it was perceived as racist by the rioter iconoclasts.)

One year before the Rizzo statue’s removal Kenney promised to move it to South Philadelphia, Rizzo’s home turf and historically Italian enclave. Kenney changed his mind about moving it there when the leftists who called for the Rizzo statue removal were now calling for the statue of Christopher Columbus in Marconi Plaza in South Philadelphia to be removed.

Not even South Philadelphia was safe from the ever-widening woke pandemic that would eventually put the Columbus statue in a wooden box before its dethronement and transport to a warehouse, despite massive protests from South Philadelphians and others.

Kenney and the woke political machine in City Hall had done it again. They had gotten their way. Yet even this radical gesture, which should have earned Kenney a Che Guevara award from sniveling leftist policymakers, wasn’t enough to placate their lust for further revolutionary action.     

Left-wing writers were now taking aim at Kenney for not being radical enough.

One writer for Philadelphia Magazine (a magazine that becomes woker with each issue) stated, ”Kenney has treated racial disparity in a majority Black and brown city like a check-box issue….. He campaigned on a pledge to end stop-and-frisk (and later backpedaled). He vowed to remove the Frank Rizzo statue … eventually (and then was forced to do it sooner than he had planned to). He has declared his intent to take down the Christopher Columbus statue (but only after vigilante South Philly racists left him no other choice).”

In Philadelphia, you are a racist if you want to protect a statue.

Kenney’s MO has always been to copy other leftist progressive mayors. No doubt his decision to remove the Rizzo statue (in the dead of night) was inspired in part by the decision of former Baltimore mayor, Catherine Pugh in 2017 who ordered the removal of four bronze Confederate statues from their pedestals “quietly and quickly” in the dead of night. Today, those Baltimore statues rest in an empty city lot.

With South Philadelphia no longer registering as a safe space for public monuments, soon after the Rizzo statue’s removal, leftists across the U.S. began beheading and removing Christopher Columbus statues, which, during the twentieth century, were erected in communities to celebrate Italian heritage and the immigrant experience.

When word spread in South Philadelphia that Kenney wanted to remove Columbus from the neighborhood’s Marconi Plaza to placate leftists, in response many living in multigenerational brick row homes built by Italian ancestors formed an armed militia to guard the monument.

These were the “racists.”  

Kenney condemned the armed individuals ‘protecting’ the Columbus statue, just as he had condemned the vigilantes in Fishtown who surfaced only because the city hadn’t done its job in disallowing the rioters to burn and wreck the city for almost a full week.  

Kenney tweeted, “All vigilantism is inappropriate, and these individuals only bring more danger to themselves and the city.”

“Jimmy from the block” then trotted out typical leftist vocabulary: “Like many communities across the country, Philadelphia is in the midst of a much-needed reckoning about the legacy of systemic racism and oppression in this country and around the world.”

‘Systemic racism’ is an empty high operative leftist phrase implying that every facet of American culture is infected with racism, from Our Gang comedies to Aunt Jemima pancake mix. America is contaminated: America stinks.  .

“Part of that reckoning requires reexamining what historical figures deserve to be commemorated in our public spaces. In recent weeks, clashes between individuals who support the statue of Christopher Columbus in Marconi Plaza and those who are distressed by its existence have deteriorated—creating a concerning public safety situation that cannot be allowed to continue. We must find a way forward that allows Philadelphians to celebrate their heritage and culture while respecting the histories and circumstances of others that come from different backgrounds,” the mayor said.

Adding insult to injury, in February 2021 the mayor, by executive order, changed the holiday celebrated on the second Monday of October from Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

The move upset large numbers of Italian Philadelphians who saw the change not only as an insult against Italians but an attack on Catholicism, since it was Columbus who brought Christianity to America. City Council member Mark Squilla called the name change a “personal affront” to Italian Americans.

A lawsuit was then filed by 50 Italian-American organizations alleging that the Philadelphia mayor’s executive orders regarding the Columbus Day name change discriminated against Italian-Americans “while exalting another ethnic group.”  

The suit contends that Mayor Kenney had sowed racial division in the city when he made the name change by choosing which “ethnicities should be credited, supported, and approved and which should be shamed, disdained and canceled.”

The suit suggests that the mayor could have provided Indigenous People with their own holiday.

But a mayor who doesn’t know that he’s actually a racist himself would never be able to wrap his mind around that.

Thom Nickels is a Philadelphia-based journalist/poet and the author of fifteen books including Literary Philadelphia, Philadelphia Mansions and his most recent release, From Mother Divine to the Corner Swami: Religious Cults in Philadelphia.

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