Biden administration leaves Nigeria off religious freedom violator list despite Muslim genocide of Christians

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It doesn’t matter to Joe Biden that a genocide is being waged by jihadists against Christians in Nigeria. Emeka Umeagbalasi, the director of the “Catholic-inspired think tank” Intersociety in Nigeria, recently accused the Nigerian government of “encouraging bloodshed” and “complicity in the killing of Christians by jihadist forces”; yet the Biden administration continues to turn a blind eye.

The Open Doors World Watch List, however, identifies Nigeria as sixth among the world’s worst countries for extreme Christian persecution.

“Religious freedom groups criticize Biden admin. for leaving Nigeria off violators list,” by Ryan Foley, Christian Post, January 8, 2024:

Religious freedom advocacy groups are criticizing the Biden administration for leaving Nigeria off the U.S. State Department list of the world’s worst violators of religious freedom despite constant attacks and violence impacting Christian communities.

The U.S. State Department released its annual list of Countries of Particular Concern Thursday, a label assigned to nations that have “engaged in or tolerated particularly severe violations of religious freedom.”

Nigeria was absent from the list for the third year in a row, although the Nigerian Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram was listed under the category of “Entities of Particular Concern.” In 2020, Nigeria was added to the CPC list by the Trump administration but was removed during the first year of the Biden administration….

Schools for Hamas-cide

Welcome to the vicious Jew-hatred in many of our schools.


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

While the slaying of some 1,400 Jews by Hamas is a major tragedy in and of itself, other important facets of the story merit attention. For example, a Harris poll taken after the massacre reveals that 51% of American 18-24-year-olds think the murder of innocent Jewish men, women, and babies was justified, and much of this Jew-hatred can be attributed to our nation’s schools.

Rethinking Schools, a radical activist outfit established in 1986, whose products are used by 200,000 teachers and are on university reading lists, asserts that educators have a “moral and educational responsibility” to join and teach about “the movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel.”

Also, a wing of Rethinking Schools, the Zinn Education Project, which haJew-hatreds developed history curricula since 2008, is used by 155,000 teachers nationwide. On October 10, the organization declared that the terror, violence, murder, and rape we’ve seen in the past week “is the direct result of decades of Israeli occupation.”

In Oakland, the teachers union has accused Israel of carrying out genocide and ethnic cleansing. The teachers union in Seattle passed a resolution in 2021 supporting the same lie. In Virginia, a school board member in Fairfax County has, under the banner of culturally responsive pedagogy, pushed for an explicitly anti-Israeli curriculum.

Also, Black Lives Matter, which has had success infiltrating our public schools, insists that the recent events in the Middle East are a “direct result of decades of Israeli settler colonialism, land dispossession, occupation, blockade, apartheid, and attempted genocide of millions of Palestinians.”

Then there are the colleges. The colleges! Yes, the same cohort of far-left, cultural ignoramuses who can’t define what a woman is and offers classes like “Queering Menstruation” and “Anal 101” are now, not surprisingly, weighing in on the Middle East.

In addition to Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion tenets have become de rigeur on college campuses. The DEI-ists see everything in black and white, labeling white people as oppressors and blacks as the oppressed. While DEI typically concerns itself with USA issues, Israel, too, is on the hook, being tarred as a bastion of Jewish whiteness with a racist commitment to shattering the lives of Palestinians, who are considered people of color.

Tabia Lee, a former collegiate DEI director, explains that DEI drives campus antisemitism. She once hosted Jewish speakers on campus with the goal of “promoting diversity and inclusion by sharing different perspectives.” But she was deemed not radical enough, and was told in no uncertain terms that Jews are “white oppressors” and that it was her job to “decenter whiteness.” 

At UCLA, immediately after the onset of the invasion, professors gave extra credit to students for attending a “teach-in” pushing anti-Israel propaganda. In New York, the president of NYU’s Student Bar Association wrote that “Israel bears full responsibility for this tremendous loss of life.”

In tune with the regnant campus zeitgeist, 34 student groups at Harvard pledged their support to Hamas. At Columbia, 20 campus groups signed a statement “condoning and justifying Hamas’s atrocities against Jews,” describing the wholesale slaughter of infants and children and the rape of women as “resistance,” all the while blaming Israel and America for the violence.

At UC-Berkeley, a statement from Bears for Palestine signed by 25 on-and-off campus organizations, brazenly declared their support for the slaughter of the Jews. “We invariably reject Israel’s framing as a victim,” said the statement which also argued that “[O]ur people’s freedom will not be attainable without revolution,” adding, “We support the resistance, we support the liberation movement, and we indisputably support the Uprising.”

Sadly, activity on campuses isn’t limited to groups issuing statements. At the University of Pennsylvania, dozens of flyers depicting the names and faces of the victims that Hamas kidnapped were torn down around campus shortly after being put up. At Drexel University in Philadelphia, an assailant set a Jewish student’s dorm room door on fire. A Jewish student was beaten at Columbia, and Jewish students at Cooper Union had to take shelter in a library to escape a mob chanting, “Free Palestine!” And a student at Cornell threatened to shoot, stab, rape, and slit the throats of his Jewish classmates, prompting classes to be canceled.

There are many things we can do to mitigate the rising tide of Jew-hatred – and all the other kinds of bilge that proliferate in our colleges these days. First, wealthy people must stop giving money to colleges that engage in Jew-hatred proliferation and other forms of extremism, and this is indeed happening. Fox News reports,“Billionaires are pulling back on donations to leading Ivy League colleges amid allegations of antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment that have become more visible in the wake of Hamas’ terror attack on Israel.”

Additionally – and this is no easy task – we must get the government out of funding private colleges. (The same crowd that reviles public money going to private schools on the K-12 level in the form of vouchers seems to have no problem with government money flowing into private colleges.) At this time, there are about 4,000 for-profit colleges in the U.S., and they receive the great majority of federal donations for higher education – which is about $201 billion. In fact, there are only 22 colleges in the country that refuse any public funds.

The government should also get out of the student loan business. At this time, the student loan nut is a staggering $1.75 trillion, about 92% of which comes from the feds.

Parents must do their share by not sending their children to a K-12 school or college that subsidizes Jew-hatredJew-hatred. Unless your kid absolutely needs a college degree for a chosen career, let them skip the indoctrination-centric universities and join an apprentice program. At this time, the number of apprentices registered with the Department of Labor has surpassed 607,000, which is more than double the number that existed in 2013.

Teachers can do their share by not teaching any curricula that are anti-Jewish or bigoted toward any other group, for that matter. They also should quit their union – like the one in Oakland – if it is openly bigoted against Jews.

While the deaths of 1,400 people is a devastating tragedy, if we don’t learn from our mistakes, we will be doomed to ongoing savagery. Please think about what you can do to stanch the ugliness that is festering in our midst.

*   *   *

Larry Sand, a former classroom teacher, is the president of the non-profit California Teachers Empowerment Network – a non-partisan, non-political group dedicated to providing teachers and the general public with reliable and balanced information about professional affiliations and positions on educational issues. The views presented here are strictly his own.

Meet the State Department Employee Who is Accusing Biden of ‘Genocide’


Sylvia Yacoub, an employee in the State Department’s Near Eastern Affairs Bureau, is organizing a "dissent cable" in her bureau and within the State Department, looking to undermine the Biden administration's policy of strongly supporting Israel in its war against Hamas.

She has also used social media to excoriate Biden and his policies. 

It should be noted that "dissent cables" are not for public consumption and are supposed to remain in-house. In fact, senior State Department officials take great care to guard their secrecy so that the junior officers drafting the cable aren't punished. 

But Yacoub apparently publicized the email asking for signatories to sign the cable.

"In light of Hamas's heinous attack on October 7, the ensuing response by the Government of Israel, and the seemingly full endorsement by the U.S. government to the response, we have drafted a dissent cable calling for a significant change in the Administration's short and long-term policy surround the conflict and path towards regional integration and security," she wrote, according to a copy obtained by Axios.

"We will send the draft cable on ClassNet," she wrote, referring to a classified system in the State Department. "We are hoping to collect signatures of those interested by COB tomorrow."

For Yacoub, her passion for the Palestinians burns brightly. In fact, she's a fanatic who doesn't belong within 100 miles of Foggy Bottom.

Washington Free Beacon:

Yacoub’s messages—which accuse Israel of "genocide" in the Gaza Strip, criticize U.S. military assistance to Israel, and accuse the Biden administration of fomenting Islamaphobia with its pro-Israel position—are said to be well known within the State Department and causing headaches among officials, according to two U.S. government sources who spoke to the Free Beacon.

Yacoub is one of several current Biden administration officials who have publicly griped about America’s robust support for Israel, including a Pentagon employee who has repeatedly called for an immediate Israeli ceasefire, undercutting the administration’s stated policy. U.S. officials, in private forums, have also raised concerns about what they see as the administration’s overly supportive stance towards Israel, according to one U.S. official familiar with the matter.

"A U.S. diplomat openly attacking the administration and its policy in such a manner only serves to undermine the overall mission of advancing U.S. interests," one U.S. official familiar with Yacoub’s social media postings told the Free Beacon. "No one is forcing her to be part of an administration and a policy that she evidently loathes so much."

Apparently, Yacoub isn't interested in resigning. She wants to make a splash on social media. In contrast to the rather mild language she used in the email about the dissent cable, Yoacoub held nothing back in her social media posts.

"You are providing significantly more military assistance to the government that is indiscriminately attacking innocent Gazans... you are complicit in genocide."

"Hey @POTUS—so long as you keep showing absolute support for Bibi with no clear, actionable redlines or calls for a ceasefire, you continue to support genocide," she wrote in another tweet.."Your rhetoric and approach from day one have resulted in the deaths of thousands. There is so much blood on your hands."

Yacoub is very well-connected, having worked for Hillary Clinton and the Obama Foundation. But after only two years at the State Department, what made her believe that anyone was interested in her opinion about war and peace?

A State Department official, speaking only on background, would not comment on the substance of Yacoub's tweets, instead telling the Free Beacon that all employees have access to an internal government network known as the "dissent channel," in which they can communicate policy concerns.

"As a general matter, the dissent channel has been available to employees since the Vietnam War, and we are proud that the department has an established procedure for employees to articulate policy disagreements directly to the attention of senior department principals without fear of retribution," the official said.

Yacoub wasn't interested in making her views known to her superiors. She wanted attention drawn to her policy position despite being a junior employee. 

It's a hallmark of her generation to engage in self-aggrandizement and call it "activism."

Genocidal Antisemitism in the Arab Media


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The antisemitism in the Arab media has reached Hitlerian depths. Arab propagandists deplore what they describe as Israel’s “genocide” of the Gazans; they have no answer to those who point out that Gaza’s population was 400,000 in 1967 when Israel took it over and was 1.3 million in 2005, when Israel left the Strip, which means the population more than tripled under Israeli rule, which does not bespeak a “genocide.” The population of Gaza is 2.2 million today, so it seems that the Israelis have not done a thing since 2005 to promote a “genocide” in neighboring Gaza. In fact, for a “genocidal state,” Israel has a most incongruous history. Of the eight wars it has had to fight against various permutations and combinations of Arab states and terror groups, Israel did not begin a single one. But it won all eight wars, and none of those victories was followed by a “genocide” of the enemy. In fact, Israel has supplied water, fuel, and electricity to Gaza until this latest war.

Those who comment on Israel and the Palestinians need to familiarize themselves with how, in the Arab mass media, Jews are being murderously maligned in prose that would make Der Stürmer proud. A roundup of some of the most recent examples of this condemnation, not just of Israelis but of “the Jews,” can be found here: “Arab antisemitic articles are getting worse: now they are praising Hitler, praying for genocide,” Elder of Ziyon, October 30, 2023:

…Cairo24 uses the Gaza war as an excuse to praise Hitler:

What did Hitler say about the Jews? In light of the escalating events by the Zionist occupation towards the Palestinians, especially children, women and the elderly, some are searching for the most prominent things said by Adolf Alois Hitler, the Nazi German politician. He wanted to exterminate them from the face of the earth, so his view was correct. He told them that they were the cause of the devastation that was befalling the world, so he burned them….

Algeria’s El Khabar has an article that says:

…There is no evil that has spread in the world unless these bastards are behind it. The Jew Karl Marx was behind atheistic communism, the other Jew Durkheim was behind the sociology that tampered with the family, the Jew Freud based his psychology on scandalous sex, and the Jew Sater [sic for “Sartre,” who was not Jewish] promoted pornography.

Egypt’s El Balad publishes a prayer for the genocide of Jews. Here is a small part:

…Oh God, destroy the Jews in Palestine, the children of monkeys and pigs, and make their women barren, O God, and may their children be dispersed….

A columnist in Saudi Arabia’s Al Madina writes:

The current events in Gaza have proven the truth of the Holy Qur’an about the Jews, in their many hideous characteristics, including their constant practice of killing. If they did not kill others, they would kill themselves, meaning they would fight among themselves. And God says: (Then it is you who kill yourselves) in addition to their killing of the prophets, and whoever kills the prophets will not There is no doubt that killing Arabs and Palestinians is easy for them, and the doctrine of Israel’s army, police, and Mossad intelligence is killing, then killing, then more killing!…

To these genocidal maniacs, Hitler is a hero. So Stalin, who hated the Jews with not quite equivalent fervor, but unlike Hitler, didn’t live long enough to act on his hatred. He was, after all, just getting started with the “Doctors’ Plot” when he died in March 1953. It is crystal clear, to these Arab journalists and academics, that “the doctrine of Israel’s army, police, and Mossad intelligence is killing, then killing, then more killing!” There can be no compromise with such murderous and evil people; the only way to deal with them is to rid the world of them. Hitler did not kill all the Jews, according to the apocryphal story that many Arabs believe, because he supposedly wanted to keep some alive to show the world why they deserved to be killed. But the unstated premise is that now there is no longer any reason to let Jews survive. The Arabs need to understand that, and not leave Hamas to fight alone. In fact, it’s a war to be fought by all MuslimsAnd not just by Muslims, but by all those marching across the world in support of Hamas and calling for the disappearance of Israel (“Palestine shall be free/From the river to the sea”), in rallies all over the Western world, in Paris, London, and New York City. It’s open season on Jews even outside the Arab world, as the terrified Jews who landed in Dagestan discovered, as local Muslims tried to lynch them. Had the police not been there, the mob would certainly have pulled the Jews and Israelis who had just arrived from Tel Aviv limb from limb.

In Pakistan, the youngest senator in the history of the country, Afnan Ullah Khan, posted a picture of Hitler with the caption “Now we know why Hitler killed the Jews.” Khan is not the usual know-nothing; he’s a graduate of Oxford, which makes all the more horrifying his genocidal sentiments. But from Dagestan and Pakistan to America and Europe, and thence to Algeria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, annihilationist antisemitism is becoming, in every sense, and not only among Muslims. all the rage.

Elder of Ziyon thinks we should pay close attention to the spread of the antisemitic virus and its main carriers in the Arab and Muslim media. I can’t disagree.

Genocide: The true roots of Islamic Jew-hatred.


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

[David Horowitz’s new book, The Radical Mind: The Destructive Plans of the Woke Left, will be published on November 14, 2023. Pre-order it: HERE.]       

“In the fog of war,” goes an old and time-tested saying, “the first casualty is truth.”

Few comments about the genocidal campaign launched against the Jews by Hamas exemplify this better than Fox News anchor Shannon Bream’s on-air statement that the majority of Palestinians do not support Hamas. Oh? Hamas is the elected government of Gaza and has been so since the Israelis in 2005 voluntarily ended their occupation of what was even then a launching pad for unprovoked terrorist attacks on Jewish population centers –internationally recognized as war crimes.

There are two main parties of Palestinian Arabs, Hamas and Fatah. A September poll shows that in an election the head of Hamas would beat the Fatah leader 58% to 37%. More importantly, both openly share the same goal: the destruction of the Jewish state and the elimination of Jews in the land “between the River and the Sea.”

Has there been a Palestinian leader or protest in Gaza or the West Bank, or abroad, that has denounced the Nazi atrocities perpetrated by Hamas against Jewish women, children, and entire defenseless families on October 7? Is there a Palestinian Party that recognizes Israel or even the right of Israel to exist?

From its inception in the 1920s, the Palestinian movement has drawn inspiration from rabid Jew haters in Europe, and Germany in particular. In the 1930’s the Muslim Brotherhood translated Mein Kampf into Arabic. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem – the George Washington of the Palestinian national movement – was an ardent admirer of Hitler. When World War II broke out, he moved to Berlin where he recruited an Arab legion for Hitler and laid plans to create an Auschwitz in the Middle East. When the state of Israel was created by the UN in 1948, it was attacked by five Arab dictatorships, whose rallying cry was “Push the Jews into the sea.” The sick left generates Jew hatred by calling them colonial settlers. Actually, Jews have inhabited the land of Israel for millennia.

The campaign to destroy the Jewish state and its Jews has always been a campaign to ethnically cleanse the Middle East the way the Nazis had attempted to cleanse Europe. It’s justifying rationale – “free Palestine from Israeli occupation” is an easily disproven lie. Israel was not created on Arab land. It was created the same way Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Syria were created: out of the ruins of the Ottoman Empire. The Turks are not Arabs let alone “Palestinians” – a national identity which did not exist at the time of Israel’s creation. The language, religion, culture of the Arabs around the Jordan River is identical to that of the other Arabs in the Middle East. The land on which Israel and nations like Jordan were created was controlled by the Turks for four hundred years before the creation of the Jewish state. There was no movement for a nation called Palestine in all that time.

Jordan has a population seventy percent of whom identify as “Palestinians.” They are ruled by a Hashemite minority. There is no Palestinian campaign to free Jordan from its occupation by Hashemites. Nor was there any ‘Palestinian’ campaign to free the West Bank when Jordan controlled it or Gaza when it was under Egyptian rule. The Palestinian movement is a Nazi campaign to destroy the Jewish state and eliminate its Jews. This is the mentality behind the beheading of Jewish babies and the brutal murders of entire defenseless Jewish families.

The actual invention of the Palestine identity for the campaign against the Jews did not take place until 1964 in the West Bank and 1967 in Gaza – 16 and 19 years after the creation of the Jewish state. The newly invented nationality was the brainchild of the KGB and the Egyptian dictator Nasser whose armies spear-headed the 1948 war to destroy Israel at its birth. The cynical calculation behind the invention of a Palestinian national identity was that the PLO call to “Push the Jews into the sea” was not likely to win allies Nasser and the KGB persuaded the PLO that the creation of a national identity called “Palestine” would allow them to portray their murderous plans to kill the Jews as a resistance to oppression and a fight for self-determination.

In other words, “Palestine” is an invented national identity created for the express purpose of making the land between the river and the sea what the Nazis themselves called Juden rein – Jew free. Unfortunately, the world is full of useful ignoramuses and anti-Semites who lap these lies up and support their Nazi agendas.

The roots of Islamic Jew hatred did not originate with the Nazis though the so-called Palestinians often refer to their goal as an attempt “to finish the job that Hitler started.” They actually go back more than a thousand years to the prophet Mohammed, who made this proclamation to his followers:

The Day of Judgment will not come until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say, ‘O Muslim, O servant of God, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.’ 

This proclamation is quoted in full in the 1988 Hamas Charter, otherwise known as the Covenant of the Islamic Resistance, and accurately expresses the religious inspiration of the Jew hatred that struck the innocent on October 7, 2023 and created the worst massacre of Jews for being Jews since the Holocaust.

Spain: Socialist government minister accuses Israel of ‘genocide,’ calls for action at International Criminal Court


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The uphill battle Israel faces isn’t only against the threat of its immediate enemies — Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hizballah, and the leader of them all, Iran. Far leftists are also fanning the jihad flames and working to undermine Israel at every turn.

It is a tragedy that innocent people died in past wars, including World War I and World War II. In Israel’s war with Hamas, it’s no different. Israel is at war with a ruthless and savage enemy, one which has been described as worse than the Islamic State. Hamas’ crimes against innocent Israelis couldn’t be any worse. Brutalizing and murdering infants is as bad as it gets. To turn a blind eye to this is incomprehensible, and nothing short of antisemitic hatred.

Also to be kept in mind is that jihadis are supremacists. In their view, infidels are to be conquered by whatever means, stealth or violence. The latest infidel useful idiot to support the Palestinian “resistance” is Ione Belarra, Spain’s social rights minister and leader of Podemos, “the junior partners in the socialist-led coalition.” She attended a pro-Palestinian demonstration and not only failed to call out the atrocities of Hamas against Israelis but accused Israel of a planned genocide against Palestinians. Although Belarra rejects the contention that she’s aligning with Hamas, she’s doing just that.

According to Newsweek:

Belarra called on the Spanish government to launch a petition for the ICC to investigate Netanyahu over allegedly “carrying out a planned genocide in the Gaza Strip” in retaliation for the October 7 surprise attack by Islamist militant group Hamas.

Belarra and her ilk, however, have nothing to say about how else Israel might exist in peace.

Spain now holds the presidency of the EU Council; this comes to an end on December 31. The propaganda war is an inevitable front that will continue to exact its toll on Israel as its enemies crow, despite the manifest injustice of the fact that Israel is forced constantly to fight for its own existence.

The massive surrounding Islamic states that occupied their own territory via brutal conquest refuse to help their Palestinian brothers as they criticize Israel.  The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has accused Israel of “crimes against humanity,” but said nothing about Hamas’ brutality. EgyptTurkey, and Jordan have shut out Palestinian refugees without receiving any significant blowback from the likes of Belarra.

“Spain rejects Israeli claims of its officials aligning with Hamas,” by Sam Jones, Guardian, October 17, 2023:

Madrid has dismissed Israel’s claims that some members of Spain’s acting coalition government have aligned themselves “with Isis-style terrorism” by criticizing Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to Hamas’s atrocities and suggesting Israeli forces are committing genocide and war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

On Saturday, Ione Belarra, who serves as Spain’s social rights minister and is the leader of Podemos, the junior partners in the socialist-led coalition, suggested the Spanish government should bring Netanyahu before the international criminal court to face war crimes charges.

After attending a demonstration in Madrid in support of the Palestinian people the following day, she tweeted: “Dignity has filled the streets of Madrid today to urge the end of the genocide that Israel is planning against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. Freedom for Palestine.”

Belarra’s views were echoed by her Podemos colleague Irene Montero, who is acting equality minister, and by Alberto Garzón, Spain’s acting consumer affairs minister…..

Genocide Alert: Azerbaijan is attacking Nagorno Karabakh


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Today, the dictatorship of Azerbaijan launched a full-scale military attack on Nagorno Karabakh, also known as Artsakh, where 120,000 Armenian Christians have been under siege for nine months.

The president of Christian Solidarity International (CSI), Dr. John Eibner, warns, “If Azerbaijan’s allies and commercial partners – the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, European Union, Israel, and Switzerland – do not act immediately to restrain it, there will be mass killings and other atrocities against the region’s civilian population. Genocide is imminent.”

CSI has received word from the minister of health for the Republic of Artsakh, Vardan Tadevosyan, that the capital city of Stepanakert is being bombed continuously by artillery. “We are under attack,” he says.

Azerbaijan’s defense ministry has announced that it has begun a military operation to “neutralize [the] military infrastructure” of the Armenians and “restore the constitutional order of the Republic of Azerbaijan.” An armed Azerbaijani conquest of Nagorno Karabakh will entail nothing less than the destruction of its ancient Armenian population.

On September 7, Elchin Amirbayov, a senior spokesman for Azerbaijan’s president, menacingly predicted “a genocide may happen” if Nagorno Karabakh’s elected leaders fail to submit.

A CSI team was in Armenia from September 11 to 16 and was able to observe Azerbaijan’s blockade of the Lachin Corridor, the only road connecting Nagorno Karabakh to the outside world. The CSI team also observed Azerbaijani military outposts built many kilometers inside the Republic of Armenia itself. It is highly likely that this war will spread to southern Armenia and beyond.

CSI’s Joel Veldkamp, who was part of the visiting delegation, stated, “For nine months, the major powers – Russia, the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom – have done nothing to end this siege, or avert this very predictable outcome.”

A week after Azerbaijan’s siege of Nagorno Karabakh began, on December 19, 2022, CSI and nine other human rights groups issued a Genocide Warning for the Armenian Christians of the region. “Despite this early and clear warning, the world failed to respond,” Veldkamp stated.

On September 14, Yuri Kim, the U.S. State Department’s Acting Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, stated in a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing that “the U.S. will not countenance any action or effort—short-term or long-term—to ethnically cleanse or commit other atrocities against the Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh.”

Azerbaijan is now doing just that.

Eibner states, “The United States and other members of the UN Security Council must now do collectively and individually what they should have done nine months ago – immediately use every lever at their disposal to restrain Azerbaijan and protect Nagorno Karabakh’s Armenians, including sanctioning the Azerbaijani perpetrators.”

“If not, they will be complicit in another Armenian Genocide.”

Cross-posted from Christian Solidarity International.

Biden ignores genocide of Christians, reaffirms commitment to and ‘friendship’ with ‘democratic’ Nigeria


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Daily Signal recognized a pattern last year with the Biden administration, and rightly termed it as an “outrageous betrayal” of Nigeria’s persecuted Christians when “religious freedom designations were declared” and “Nigeria once again was entirely ignored by Biden and company.” Genocide Watch has reported that in Nigeria, more than 6,000 Christians were killed in the 15 months from January 2021 through March 2022, and 45,644 died in the course of 13 years.

Joe Biden has now done it again. He has “reaffirmed his commitment to the longstanding relationship between the country and Nigeria……Africa’s largest democracy,” and has boasted of “the longstanding friendship between our two countries and peoples.”

Nigeria is technically a democracy, but it is a country in crisis, where Christians are suffering under the jihadist threat and the proliferation of jihad activity, and where revolutionary secessionist groups in the southeast create upheaval. It is hardly deserving of a pat on the back from Biden. His continued slap in the face to the Christians in Nigeria and complete exoneration of Nigeria’s government for any responsibility for the nation’s jihad problem is just another indication of Biden’s callousness toward Christians. But that should come as no surprise. A few months ago, Fox News reported that “anti-Christian hostility” is at  “unprecedented levels” under Biden.

“Biden re-affirms commitment to U.S-Nigeria relationship — Nigeria,” by Oluyemi Ogunseyin, The Guardian Nigeria, September 10, 2023:

United States President Joe Biden has reaffirmed his commitment to the longstanding relationship between the country and Nigeria.

This was stated in a statement released by the White House following Biden’s encounter with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the G20 summit in New Delhi, India, on Sunday.

“President Joe Biden has reinforced our enduring commitment to the U.S.-Nigeria relationship and to the longstanding friendship between our two countries and peoples,” the statement read.

“President Biden welcomed the Tinubu Administration’s steps to reform Nigeria’s economy.

“He also thanked President Tinubu for his strong leadership as the chair of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to defend and preserve democracy and the rule of law in Niger and the broader region.”…..







Turkey’s Latest Genocide



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Many in the West heard of the severe atrocities the jihadists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) committed against the religious minorities of the Fertile Crescent, especially Christians and Yazidis.  Several Western governments later classified these atrocities—which included massacres, crucifixion, torture, and sex slavery—as genocides.

Today, however, few are unaware that these same genocidal atrocities have resumed against the very same religious minorities who most suffered at the hands of ISIS in northern Syria—this time by another Muslim force with caliphal aspirations: Turkey, under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Between November 20-25, 2022, Turkey launched 2,500 attacks—air, mortar, drone, artillery, etc.—several miles deep into Syria’s northern border.  Governed by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), this also happens to be where most of the formerly persecuted religious minorities, Christians, Yazidis, and Kurds, live.

During late November’s so-called Operation Claw Sword, Turkey killed 48 people, wounded dozens, and destroyed or damaged 2,300 civilian homes and buildings, including a children’s hospital, a health center, an electrical power station, essential oil and gas processing facilities, critical grain towers, and a major bakery.

As Save the Persecuted Christians noted, “Turkey appears focused on depriving the civilian population of food, heat, and water as winter sets in. It even dropped bombs on tent camps housing survivors of its earlier invasions,” as well as helped ISIS terrorists escape prison.

Lethal Turkish attacks have continued, prompting Genocide Watch to issue a Genocide Emergency Alert on December 7, 2022:

These military attacks by Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s regime are part of a wider Turkish policy of annihilation of the Kurdish and Assyrian [Christian] people in northern Syria and Iraq. Turkey has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, including bombing, shelling, abduction, torture, and extrajudicial killings. The attacks are part of Turkey’s genocidal policies towards Kurds, Christians, and Ezidis.

Unlike the atrocities committed by ISIS in the same region, however, those now being committed by Turkey have received zero attention from Western “mainstream media”—not least because Turkey is a member of NATO, and therefore, apparently, shielded from criticism.

Fortunately, others are not silent.  In a recent webinar titled, “Is it Genocide? Turkey Targets Syria’s Christians, Yazidis & Kurds,” an expert panel hosted by Save the Persecuted Christians discussed and offered evidence against what they all referred to as Turkey’s “genocidal” actions against Christians, Yazidis, Kurds, and other ethnoreligious minorities of north Syria, as well as how the US and international community should respond.

Webinar moderator, Frank Gaffney, executive chairman of the Center for Security Policy, began by placing these developments on Erdoğan, “who fancies himself a new caliph,” and who is committed to resurrecting the Ottoman caliphate and enforcing “sharia, the supremacist doctrine of Islam,” which is “especially oppressive to Christians.”

Most if not all of the panelists agreed on and stressed various points, including that:

Turkey’s stated purpose for its aggression against northern Syria—that is, to create a “safe zone” along its southern border with Syria—is a pretext and excuse for its true motivation: “to remove religious and ethnic minorities,” said Charmaine Hedding, president of the Shai Fund.  Erdoğan’s ground forces, she added, include former ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Tahrir al-Shams jihadists who  “are committing massive human rights abuses and have an agenda to create a caliphate, and they will eradicate the religious minorities in this area.”

What Turkey is doing in northern Syria is not just a genocide, according to the international community’s legal definition of that word, but the continuation of an old policy.  As panelist Gregory Stanton, president of Genocide Watch, flat out asserted, “Turkey is a genocidal society… Turkey has conducted so many genocides in history,” with an apparent animus for one particular group: “Going back many centuries, it [Turkey] has been anti-Christian, and has tried to slaughter as many Christians as possible.”

Hedding agreed: “This genocide is a pattern we see, and it’s certainly nothing new….  What we will see is the end of Christianity and some Yazidis in this area if we allow Turkey to get away with it.  There will be a humanitarian crisis.”  Hedding added, “for those who say ‘Not on our watch!’ or ‘Never again!’—here it is, happening again.”

Turkey’s current victims—especially Christians and Yazidis—are, tragically, the descendants of Turkey’s previous victims, which it also “genocided” during the late 19th and early 20th-century death marches. As explained by Lauren Homer, president of Law and Liberty Trust, north Syria is precisely where the Ottomans had slaughtered countless Christians over a century ago.  Those now being targeted are their descendants.  Similarly, Turkey’s goal is “to finish what it started,” said Hedding, and “displace hundreds of thousands of people to recreate the demography of northern Syria and erase two thousand years of history.”

What Turkey is doing to the Christians and other minorities of northern Syria is part of a much larger plan to cleanse all of the descendants of the Ottoman Empire’s former Christian subjects, including those of Armenia and Greece, who both experienced genocides under the Turks and who are, once again, also being targeted by Turkey, as “part of its genocidal policies,” to quote Stanton.  “As soon as it was declared that ISIS was defeated,” Homer emphasized, “Turkey began attacking the very people who fought and defeated ISIS,” that is, the Kurds and other religious minorities who formed the AANES.

Turkey’s recent military actions in Arfin were highlighted as emblematic of that nation’s genocidal campaign.  There, hundreds of thousands of Christians and Yazidis fled, even as the Turks “were hunting them [Christians and Yazidis] down, going door to door,” said Hedding.

There was a “jihadi fatwa against these people,” said Homer, confirming that “Turkey has the same goal as ISIS which is to turn all of these areas into radicalized Islamist states.”  In the end, they destroyed 18 of 19 Yezidi temples; Afrin’s population of Yazidis has now declined by 90 percent since 2014. As for Christians, all of them, about a thousand families, have fled this most recent jihadist advance.

Kino Gabriel, a Christian (Assyrian) and leader of the Syriac Military Council, offered a unique “from the ground” perspective.  He stressed that the war on Christians in Syria has taken many forms over the years, and, in the modern era, traces back to the al-Assad dynasty’s implementation of Arabization, which saw Christians go from 25 percent of Syria in 1950 to 12 percent in 2010, with that number only getting smaller following ISIS, and now Turkey, which he reminded viewers is “a big supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and even those most radical factions.”

The panelists all agreed that the best way of moving forward was for the US, which “holds all the cards,” to call on Turkey, its NATO ally, to cease and desist.  While Turkey is and can exploit its NATO membership to get away with murder, Stanton explained that the US could easily suspend its membership, which would likely be enough for Turkey to decide its new genocide is not worth it.

For her part, Nadine Maenza, president of the International Religious Freedom Secretariat, repeatedly stressed that US support for AANES is essential, as it is the only suitable and democratic bulwark for protecting the religious minorities under its jurisdiction.

This article first appeared on The Stream.

Avatar photo

Raymond Ibrahim

Raymond Ibrahim, author of Defenders of the West, is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

SLOW MOTION GENOCIDE: Excess mortality up 40% all around the world following release of covid “vaccines”



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Mathematician Igor Chudov conducted an assessment of two completely different datasets encompassing tens or even hundreds of millions of people from which he concluded that the relative risk of death for people who got “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is 40 percent higher than that of the unvaccinated.

All around the world where Fauci Flu shots were unleashed, Chudov says, excess mortality is through the roof. It is something that many of us have known about for a while now, but that was substantiated by a patchwork of data from here and there – not quite enough to convince some, in other words, that mass depopulation is, in fact, taking place.

Well, Chudov addressed this by conducting an extensive analysis of numerous datasets to scientifically prove that covid shots are killing lots and lots of people, despite being branded as the “cure” for Chinese Germs. (Related: The more covid jabs a person gets, the greater his or her chances are of dying.)

“Many countries are experiencing excess mortality,” Chudov writes. “There are some indications that excess mortality is related to the Covid vaccination program … Various countries have very different RATES of Covid vaccination among their populations – and their mortality statistics are available.”

“In the UK, the population is split into deprivation quintiles with varying vaccination levels, with excess mortality also known … I analyzed excess mortality by country as well as excess mortality in the UK by quintile deprivation.”

Operation Warp Speed led to MORE excess mortality, not less

Chudov points to two different articles, one that shows excess mortality by country and the other that shows it using the UK deprivation quintile. Amazingly enough, analyses of both of these completely different datasets produce the very same results.

If you are interested in the finer details, you can take a closer look at the mathematical methodology Chudov used on his Substack page.

One of the things Chudov uncovered is a “pull-forward effect” in the Y-intercept of his linear regression chart. In short, the pull-forward effect shows that if the so-called “vaccines” were truly effective at quelling the plandemic, then there would have been negative excess mortality after they were unleashed. The exact opposite actually occurred.

“A sad outcome of the first two years of the Covid pandemic is that Covid killed persons with ‘comorbidities,’ very old people, and so on,” Chudov explains. “Had the pandemic not happened, the mortality would be the same yearly. However, Covid caused the unfortunate premature demise of people who were likely to die in the next few years.”

“So, if the pandemic stopped and vaccines were not affecting mortality, you would expect NEGATIVE excess mortality – simply because people who were likely to die in 2022 already died in 2020. The negative Y-intercept shows this pull-forward effect, discussed in detail by the Ethical Skeptic.”

While admittedly “extremely speculative,” Chudov’s latest work serves as some real food for thought – especially since it is based on two completely different and unrelated datasets that led him to the exact same conclusions.

A 40 percent increase in mortality is anything but minor, Chudov warns, referring to government officials and corporate media outlets that continue to claim covid jab deaths are “rare.”

Keep in mind that, in this context, a 40 percent increase in mortality means that a “fully vaccinated” person will now live for significantly less time than he or she otherwise would have had covid jabs not been injected.

“For example, a 40-year-old was expected to live until about 80,” Chudov explains. “If mortality increases by 40%, the same 40-year-old would be expected to live only until 64. This is not a precise estimate – it is meant only to show that excess mortality is a serious issue.”

Interested in learning more about the dangers and ineffectiveness of Fauci Flu shots? Visit

Sources for this article include:

Nuremberg II: Mass-murder trials could commence after midterms for the vaccine-pushing genocidal maniacs Fauci, Walenski and more

Image: Nuremberg II: Mass-murder trials could commence after midterms for the vaccine-pushing genocidal maniacs Fauci, Walenski and more



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) The Covid crimes are years in the making and more than a handful of vaccine manufacturers and promoters could be on trial soon for mass murder and conspiracy to commit genocide. Senator Rand Paul puts Dr. Anthony Fauci at the forefront of the whole plandemic brigade since Fauci lied and DID help fund gain-of-function research that led directly to the (Wuhan Flu) virus outbreak in humans across planet Earth. Already those who planned and propagated the scamdemic are begging for forgiveness, knowing that Nuremberg II trials are coming, sooner or later, for them. There are too many people involved in this mass murder scheme, but the ones at the top should be tried first.

Anthony “Fraudulent” Fauci is the King of Misinformation when it comes to anything related to Covid-19

Fauci flip-flopped on mask-wearing, social distancing, lockdowns, medications, vaccinations, and just about every piece of “advice” that spewed from his mouth for the past two years. Back and forth he went, talking about mandates that were vital to ‘flattening the curve’ and saving lives, when, come to find out, most of his advice is responsible for killing millions, if not billions, of people. Then he wrote a book on it all so he can further pad his rich pockets from the whole scamdemic, that’s ongoing and may never end. That’s why Fauci is the King of Misinformation. Then there’s Bill Gates, Peter Daszak, Dr. Walenski, and their scamdemic-planning cohorts at the regulatory agencies, and those who literally invested in the pandemic and made a fortune also.

Turns out the masks cause bacterial infections in the mouth, throat, and lungs, leading to worsened cases of Covid and pneumonia. Turns out that the #1 recommended drug in hospitals for Covid patients is remdesivir, which decimates kidney function, and all the leading doctors, CDC, and FDA “experts” know it. Turns out lockdowns and ‘virtual learning’ destroys children’s cognitive AND social development. Oops.

Fauci swore up and down that the vaccines were safe and effective, but they cause myocarditis, pericarditis, severe inflammation, and strange rubbery vascular clots that lead to SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome).

It’s time to try the Covid-19 criminals for their crimes of murder and conspiracy to commit murder

Most of the people taking direct orders from Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany were GUILTY of mass murder, not just “taking orders.” They saw firsthand the concentration death camps and they knew, at least to some extent, the genocide of Jews that was taking place. Hitler was also exterminating anyone with autism, handicaps, deformations, or senility. Today, depopulation agendas are rooted in “vaccination” agendas instead of gas chambers. The only difference is the victims are slowed and walked into their own demise by their own choice, after being conned and brainwashed by fear and CDC-scripted MSM propaganda.

Dr. Rand Paul is on the record stating, “To arrive at the truth, the U.S. government should admit that the Wuhan Virology Institute was experimenting to enhance the coronavirus’s ability to infect humans.” The Jews in WWII were not “subhuman,” and the vaccinated masses now are not supposed to be slated for execution either, but the clot shots are setting up this mass tragedy we are seeing take place, under the media’s radar.

Though many of the mass murderers from WWII only got 4 to 7 years in federal prison for their crimes, at least they were found guilty and served time. Justice must be served again, for WWIII is underway, and just because the plandemic masterminds are not using guns and bombs to kill millions, they are using weapons of mass destruction (biological weapons or B-WMDs).

Support Dr. Rand Paul as he moves forward with the goal of bringing justice to these pandemic-spreading criminals. Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on the next wave of Fauci-funded Covid-19 that Biden says is coming to America soon.

Sources for this article include:

The mass culling of the HUMAN HERD is now under way… here’s exactly how it’s being accomplished to achieve mass extermination



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Globalists see humanity as cattle (or sheeple) to be exploited for as long as needed, then culled like cattle herds when they are no longer useful. As a globalist advisor, Yuval Harari is now saying (paraphrased), that the age of humans is coming to an end on planet Earth, and globalists have activated a multi-faceted plan to “cleanse” the planet of all human beings.

If someone were to have some sick, twisted desire to kill off a herd of cattle, they could simply shut off the water and the food. Death would come in a matter of days or weeks at most. The same is happening right now to humans.

The water supply is being cut off via geoengineering, causing global droughts and widespread crop failures. Entire cities like Los Angeles and Los Vegas are being threatened with a terminated water supply in the years ahead.

The food supply is being decimated by cutting off fertilizer supplies and causing diesel fuel prices to go sky high while also attacking the supply chain that supplies agricultural equipment parts.

The result? Both the water supplies and food supplies are being cut off. The human herd is being culled in some of the same ways a herd of cattle might be eliminated.

Vaccines are designed to kill the gullible billions, and starvation will get the rest

Vaccines represent another kill vector for global depopulation. Because vaccines are voluntary, they are intended to easily kill off the gullible masses who are so ill-informed that they actually believe Big Government and Big Pharma want to save their lives. In reality, of course, the vaccines are biological weapons designed for infertility and depopulation. A huge percentage — we don’t yet know the final number — of those who have already taken the vaccines will die from self-assembling clots that we now know contain high concentrations of conductive elements such as Aluminum, Tin, and Sodium.

Those who resist the vaccines are harder to kill because they don’t line up and beg for death injections as the vaccine zealots do. Globalists intend to starve them to death with global food scarcity.

Right now, we already know there isn’t enough food in the pipeline to feed the world throughout 2023. It simply isn’t getting planted and harvested in sufficient quantities to feed 8 billion people.

Continued government attacks on the food supply — such as The Netherlands ordering ranchers to cull their herds — are designed to worsen food scarcity and accelerate mass starvation.

Relatively few people are getting prepared with backup food supplies. When the shelves are empty, they will panic.

Store plug: The Health Ranger Store will be releasing a few thousand “Ranger Buckets” during our Labor Day event starting Sep. 1. These are certified organic, laboratory-tested food supplies, containing NO MSG, no soy, no textured vegetable protein, no yeast extract, no refined carbohydrates or sugars, no artificial colors, etc. You can enter your email to be alerted when these are back in stock at this Ranger Buckets product page. (Click on the “Notify Me About Restock” button near the very bottom of the page to be alerted via email when these are back in stock.)

Globalists know a massive civilian uprising is just months away

In today’s Situation Update podcast (below), I explain that the globalist vaccine depopulation scheme has failed to kill off billions of people in the short amount of time that was intended. With food scarcity, energy scarcity, and water scarcity now reaching critical levels, mass uprisings are mere months away. Western Europe, in particular, is going to see civilian revolts this coming winter as millions find themselves freezing and starving.

The globalists know that worldwide food scarcity is already baked in. They also know the mass uprisings will commence as starvation and scarcity worsen. Thus, there is a countdown timeline in play that cannot be rescheduled.

As a result, they are in a huge hurry to kill off billions of human beings before the uprisings get out of hand and snowball beyond the ability of these governments to contain.

This is the real purpose behind the recruiting and arming of 87,000 new IRS agents who are being told they will need to use “deadly force” against the American people. In France, the Ministry of the Interior is hiring thousands of “green police” who will join armed brigades to supposedly prosecute “environmental crimes.” Yet the real purpose of all these armed government agencies in the USA, France, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, etc. is to carry out mass executions of civilians as the government’s war on humanity kicks into high gear.

The purpose of having a rogue FBI, armed IRS agents (armed with a massive new cache of ammunition and firearms), armed ATF agents, etc., is to have a private army that answers to the executive branch of government and that doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of the US military, which cannot legally wage war on US soil. Federal agencies, however, can and will wage war against the American people. They are already doing it, with ATF agents now going door to door, demanding civilians surrender gun parts they legally purchased, for example. It’s going to be up to state governors to defend their residents against these federal tyrants, and that will spark regional warfare with states literally going to war with rogue federal agencies run by the illegitimate fake “resident in chief” Joe Biden.

Democrats, media and government are preparing to call for mass executions of all Christians and conservatives

Even right now, democrats, the government, and the media are claiming that all conservatives are terrorists, implying they all deserve to be exterminated. As Everett Piper writes in the Washington Times:

This past Tuesday, Democrat adviser Kurt Bardella called all Republicans a “domestic terrorist cell.” MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross agreed and said there should be no distinction between Republicans and “right-wing extremists.” At the same time, Peter Wehner, a contributing writer for The Atlantic, likened the Republican Party to a “dagger pointed at the throat of American democracy.” All this while FBI Director Christopher Wray added that any American flying the Gadsden — “Don’t Tread On Me” — flag is suspected of violent extremism.

Does it concern you that a group of Democrats holding power is now defining all Republicans as being “right-wing extremists” and a “threat to American democracy?”

Democrats, the government, and the media are gearing up to try to morally justify their “purge” of all conservatives, Christians, gun owners, pro-lifers, and Trump supporters.

Remember, these Democrats are the same people who mutilate the genitalia of their own children in the name of transgenderism. If they will mutilate their children, what do you think they will do to their perceived political enemies? …Especially if they can convince themselves that their enemies represent a “threat to democracy.”

To the skeptics who say ignorant things like, “The IRS is going to use those guns and ammo on the American people,” we ask: Who else would they be planning to use it on? Of course, it’s intended to use on Americans! Anyone who hasn’t yet come to realize that simple fact is probably not going to survive the next year in America.

Other vectors of depopulation being accelerated

If you’re wondering what can kill billions of people faster than mass starvation and crop failures, think grid-down scenarios. Any western government can sabotage their own domestic power grid and blame the Russians for “cyber attacks.” When the power grid is down, the financial system grinds to a halt. Chaos ensues. Mass looting and violence in the streets. Cops bug out. Civilians who are left behind get murdered, robbed, and raped. This will happen in nearly every blue city in America.

Within just a few months of a grid-down scenario, up to 90% of the population is dead from violence, starvation, exposure or disease. Understand that heating and air conditioning will not function. Municipal water systems won’t work, meaning there will be no tap water. Cell towers will not function. If you need to charge an electronic device, you’ll need solar panels and a solar generator. If you want to enjoy communications, you’ll need a satellite phone or satellite text messaging device (like the Bivy stick from our sponsor If you want to eat, you’ll need stored food. If you don’t want to die from dehydration, you’ll need a water filter and a water source that you can safely and frequently access. You’ll also need lots of containers for storing and transporting water because you’ll need far more water than you think. (Figure 10 gallons per person per day as an absolute minimum.)

Understand that the globalists have only just begun to deploy their weapons against humanity. There’s much more they can unleash as needed, and if they don’t get the kill rate they’re wanting, they will just crank up the chaos until a sufficient number of billions are dead.

Humanity is being culled like cattle. Those who don’t see it will be among the first to be exterminated by it. But those who prepare have a realistic chance of making it through the genocide and participating in the rebuilding of human civilization on the other side.

Today’s Situation Update podcast spells it out in even more detail:

VIDEO: Vera Sharav: Preserving the Nuremberg Code

As the world is approaching the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Code, it is becoming apparent that now, of all times, this achievement of humanity is coming under the greatest distress worldwide since it was written down. 

In this interview with The New American, Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor and a prominent human rights advocate, draws parallels between the ideologies and practices put in place in Nazi Germany and those practiced by the modern global elites. Both are rooted in the teachings of eugenics, which divide people into two categories: the elites and those considered inferior and not worthy of living. As a result, both the medical experiments carried out by Nazi physicians on Jews during the Holocaust and the mass vaccination campaign against Covid have a common goal: depopulation. 

The forces looking to depopulate the world are many and powerful. Yet it is within people’s power to defeat them, said Sharav. 

Vera Sharav is the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection.  

Reiner Füllmich & 50 Lawyers: The Vaccines Are Designed to Kill and Depopulate the Planet

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

After hearing the witness statements to the German Corona Investigative Committee by former vice president of Pfizer dr Mike Yeadon who has been a scientist for 36 years, lawyers with Reiner Füllmich draw the same conclusion: The injections normally called Corona vaccines are designed to experiment on the human race and to find out what dosage of a yet unknown toxin is needed in order to kill people. The mortality rate linked to the vaccines, according to Yeadon, is traceable in terms of lot numbers of the different batches, as some batches appear to be more lethal than others. When taking a look at the evidence available, the main goal with the injections all over the world is global depopulation, according to the lawyers involved. Dr Füllmich told Perspektiv that the lawyers preparing an international law suit were no longer in doubt: Poisoning and mass murder through so called Corona vaccines is intentionally being perpetrated on the peoples of the world.

Citizen Journalist Ulf Bittner from EU/EES Healthcare blog and Sverige Granskas stated in the interview that the situation with traceable lot numbers and injuries and death related to lot numbers is similar in the different health care regions of Sweden. Bittner is in contact with a vaccine coordinator who has provided documents to keep track of how many people have been injured and lost their lives related to the different batches of the so-called vaccines.


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

After hearing the witness statements to the German Corona Investigative Committee by former vice president of Pfizer dr Mike Yeadon who has been a scientist for 36 years, lawyers with Reiner Füllmich draw the same conclusion: The injections normally called Corona vaccines are designed to experiment on the human race and to find out what dosage of a yet unknown toxin is needed in order to kill people. The mortality rate linked to the vaccines, according to Yeadon, is traceable in terms of lot numbers of the different batches, as some batches appear to be more lethal than others. When taking a look at the evidence available, the main goal with the injections all over the world is global depopulation, according to the lawyers involved. Dr. Füllmich told Perspektiv that the lawyers preparing an international lawsuit were no longer in doubt: Poisoning and mass murder through so-called Corona vaccines is intentionally being perpetrated on the peoples of the world.

Citizen Journalist Ulf Bittner from EU/EES Healthcare blog and Sverige Granskas stated in the interview that the situation with traceable lot numbers and injuries and death related to lot numbers is similar in the different health care regions of Sweden. Bittner is in contact with a vaccine coordinator who has provided documents to keep track of how many people have been injured and lost their lives related to the different batches of the so-called vaccines.

01:00 Different numbers on the barcodes on the bottom of the vaccine doses are placebo which has been given to politicians according to a Slovenian chief nurse. Is it the same in other countries?

1:54 Mike Yeadon and the LOT numbers of some shots of the brands Moderna, Johnson& Johnson, and Pfizer/Biontech are related to much higher mortality than for the other manufacturers.

3:52 The producers of the so-called vaccines are experimenting with the correct dosages to kill people according to Dr. Füllmich. This according to the Corona Investigative Committee, constitute compelling evidence for punitive damages and attempted mass murder. They are intentionally killing people.

08:30 Lawyers from India have filed complaints for premeditative murder.

09:55 Mike Yeadon is a witness for the coming legal action against the perpetrators.

10:44 Everyone who criticizes the wrongdoings of the governments of the world is being called a 'right-wing extremist'. This has also happened to the internationally renowned scientist Mike Yeadon.

13:05 CDC withdrew the recommendation for the PCR tests diagnosing SARS-CoV-2 from 31/12-2021. PCR- tests are the foundation of the pandemic. Why is Anthony Fauci now doing a 180-degree turn?

17:25 At least a million dollars per person will be claimed in punitive damages if the lawsuit is successful.

18:33 Previously only ten percent of all adverse effects were reported. In the situation the world is right now, the team estimated that in fact only one percent of all adverse effects were being reported.

19:25 CEO of a Life insurance company from Indiana USA with 100 billion dollars in assets said: ”Over the span of this past year there has been an excess mortality of 40 percent”. This is believed to be due to the injections.

21:05 What substance in the vials makes them so lethal? Is it Graphene Oxide/graphene hydroxide?

22:37 Any vaccine is a poison, it is the dosage that makes the difference. This is not a vaccine, as a vaccine provides immunity, while these products demand incessant injections. Either a vaccine works or it does not.

24:40 This is not gene therapy either, since gene therapy means exchanging a broken gene with a fixed one. This is more like experimenting on people and trying to kill us.

25.15 The doses are not tested by governments, while governments will be keeping the contracts hidden from the public for at least 55 years. How is this affecting the possibility of getting people punished? Dr Füllmich goes through all the lies paving the way for the tyrannical situation the world is now in.

28:25 The vaccines are neither safe nor effective. The producers are experimenting on lethal doses of poison. Everyone now taking part in intentional malicious infliction of harm will be punished.

30:05 How sure are legal experts about the conclusion that Mike Yeadon has drawn from this, that it is all about depopulation and intentionally killing people through injections? If close to 50 lawyers are of the same opinion, it is regarded as "irrefutable proof”.

32:08 Batches of injections in Sweden can be traced by an application.

32:45 Füllmich is in cooperation with people working within the secret service of Germany who do not wish to take the injections.

34:15 Dr. Lee Merritt on combat pilots in the USA refusing to get the shots. According to Dr. Füllmich, Dr. Merrit explained: ”They understood that if they were forced to [get vaccinated] they were going to get killed.”

35:15 Information is being collected in batches in Sweden from every region, the Swedish health authorities (Folkhälsomyndigheten) and the medical board (Läkemedelsverket). Every batch is traceable through an application. There is an economic reward for the Swedish regions which manage to get more people injected. One of the expert lawyers involved in the upcoming court hearings is a specialist in Nuremberg Trials.

38:45 How will the trials be performed, and through what legal structure? A common design, the same structure as for the Nuremberg trials.

39:40 Free choice should reign for members of the European Union. Consumers of health care have consumer rights. Fraud means misleading the people and consumers of health care.

42:00 The so-called vaccines are adulterated products put on the market. According to Mike Yeadon, there is a law in the US that will make everyone liable for the harms created by the adulterated product. Toxins are being put into the vials other than the known lipids etc, which the people who took the vaccines never consented to.

43:40 The importance of decentralization of power and national independence rather than global organizations such as the European Union telling the people what to do. Disconnecting from the banking system, NGOs and creating independent and strong agricultural supply chains, energy supply chains, etc.

46:15 When are the trials going to take place? How will the indictments happen and how will the trials be held? One of the goals is to inform people and expose the wrongdoings by involving the alternative media so that the mainstream media won't be able to ignore the trials. The crew is working on a new system of law in the USA, Africa, and Germany.

50:48 Dr. Füllmich believes the world is close to a tipping point and the whole narrative will fall apart very very soon, maybe in a couple of weeks or months.

54:13 Robert Malone, Robert F Kennedy, and Mike Yeadon and others involved in exposing the agenda are in contact with each other, and a tour is planned with these whistleblowers in the USA in March

BOMBSHELL: Pfizer’s own documents admit that mRNA covid vaccines will result in mass depopulation



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) The latest drop of pages from the secret Pfizer documents reveals that the pharmaceutical giant is fully aware that its Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” will soon result in mass depopulation of the world.

The June 1 dump contains a document called “reissue_5.3.6 postmarketing experience.pdf,” page 12 of which includes disturbing data on getting Pfizer’s Fauci Flu injection during pregnancy and lactation.

It turns out that 90 percent of pregnant women who took the shot ended up losing their babies. This is a shocking figure that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) apparently did not think twice about when granting Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to the jab.

“Pfizer states in the document that by 28th February 2021 there were 270 known cases of exposure to the mRNA injection during pregnancy,” reports Exposé News. “Forty-six percent of the mothers (124) exposed to the Pfizer Covid-19 injection suffered an adverse reaction.”

“Of those 124 mothers suffering an adverse reaction, 49 were considered non-serious adverse reactions, whereas 75 were considered serious. This means 58% of the mothers who reported suffering adverse reactions suffered a serious adverse event ranging from uterine contraction to fetal death.”

Of 270 tracked pregnancies, Pfizer lost track of 238 of them

The latest batch of released Pfizer documents also contains a concerning revelation about pregnancies of which the company somehow lost track. Of the 270 pregnancies Pfizer was tracking, a shocking 238 of them just disappeared from the dataset.

Of the 33 pregnancies that Pfizer still tracked, a shocking 23 of them resulted in spontaneous abortion. Two resulted in premature baby death; two resulted in

intrauterine death; one resulted in neonatal death; one is listed as “outcome pending;” and only one resulted in a “normal outcome.”

What this means is that almost every pregnant woman who takes Pfizer’s mRNA (messenger RNA) injections for covid will lose her baby. Conversely, only a tiny fraction of fully jabbed women will successfully deliver to term.

Keep in mind that some governments, including that of the United Kingdom, had quietly dissuaded pregnant women from taking Pfizer’s injections – at least up until recently.

“There are no or limited amount of data from the use of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2,” reads a now-altered U.K. government guidance entitled “REG 174 INFORMATION FOR UK HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS.”

“COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 is not recommended during pregnancy. For women of childbearing age, pregnancy should be excluded before vaccination. In addition, women of childbearing age should be advised to avoid pregnancy for at least 2 months after their second dose.”

The new version of the same guidance claims that pregnant women can take Pfizer’s injections, but only “when the potential benefits outweigh any potential risks for the mother and fetus.”

As of this writing, the UK government guidance is recommending that pregnant women take the Pfizer shots just so long as they have evaluated the risks involved. At the same time, these same authorities continue to tell pregnant women to avoid soft cheese, herbal tea, and vitamin supplements because they could be dangerous.

All of this just goes to show once again that governments cannot be trusted. They routinely dispense advice in the form of guidance that, if followed, will probably lead to injury or death. This is true both for vaccines and the covid plandemic itself.

“Covid is a cult and ‘Stay Safe’ is a mantra,” wrote a regular commenter at Natural News. “I personally saw through the delusion in the same way most churches are tools for keeping God as far away as possible from your life.”

“I would rather have the virus than the lockdown and that is a fact.”

To keep up with the latest news about Fauci Flu shot injuries and deaths, visit

Sources for this article include:

Electron microscope images appear to show carbon nanotech, aluminum, thulium in Pfizer and Moderna’s covid-19 vaccines

Image: Electron microscope images appear to show carbon nanotech, aluminum, thulium in Pfizer and Moderna’s covid-19 vaccines



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) A Canadian researcher and ER doctor recently put the Pfizer and Moderna covid-19 vaccines under the microscope to see what they are made of. The electron microscope images show no sign of biological material, not DNA nor the glorified mRNA that the experimental injection was supposed to deliver.

Lead researcher, Dr. Daniel Nagase is a former ER doctor who was persecuted for using ivermectin to treat covid-19 patients in Canada. On involuntary leave since 2021, Dr. Nagase has been traveling through Alberta and British Columbia to educate others on the treatment options for covid-19.

Canadian researcher claims to find non-biological aluminum and carbon nano-particles in Moderna vaccines

When the contents of the vaccine were put under an electron microscope, Dr. Nagase was able to identify basic elements like carbon and oxygen. “You would expect to see carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus – all the things you would normally see in a protein,” Nagase said. However, none of the samples contained nitrogen or phosphorous, not in the X-ray spectroscopy or the electron microscope images.

“X-ray spectroscopy didn’t detect any nitrogen or phosphorus. So, if those complex shapes – that rectangle with all the dots arranged in a grid – were the result of some kind of biological process … then there should be nitrogen and phosphorus there in addition to carbon and oxygen. Because every living thing, whether it’s a virus, plant, or animal, is made up of proteins that contain nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, and phosphorus,” he said.

Dr. Nagase found some very interesting shapes inside the contents of the so-called vaccines. One of the non-biological life forms (in the Moderna vaccine) contained neurotoxic aluminum and looked like a “ball with the legs growing out of it.” The object was not a biological contaminant because it did not contain nitrogen or phosphorous. “So, this thing that’s growing is non-biological,” Nagase concluded.

He found no mRNA in the samples, either. The mRNA is the principal ingredient of the vaccine that is intended to interfere with the biological process of protein transcription in human cells. The mRNA is the vehicle by which toxic, lab-made spike proteins are encoded. According to this discovery, it’s safe to say that not all covid-19 vaccine lots are the same, and some may have no mRNA at all because it degrades easily and may not be preserved properly. Nagase cautioned that there is no way of ensuring that this vaccine lot was properly refrigerated to preserve the mRNA.

Pfizer vaccine appears to contain rare-Earth metal, thulium

The Pfizer sample contained an unusual fiber-like structure that contained a rare-Earth element called thulium, says the researcher. Thulium is one of the highly-reactive elements in the lanthanides series of the periodic table. This rare metal is easy to work with and is used as a source of radiation in portable X-ray devices. Under the electron microscope, these thulium samples were found in various polymorphic forms, including crystals, chips, strands, bulbs, spheres, fibers, and balls with legs growing out of them.

Polish biologist Dr. Franc Zalewksi previously discovered these one-headed, three-legged objects in 2021. He found bromine, carbon, and aluminum in the peculiar structures, and he named them “nano-octopus.” Pathologists have also found unknown objects in the blood of vaccinated Germans.

“I don’t even know if this carbon technology is in every batch or is it just in the batches they sent to Canada?” Dr. Nagase questioned. “Is Canada one half of an experiment and certain States in the US are getting a slightly different batch without the carbon nanotech?” As post-vaccine deaths pile up, more doctors are asking questions.

Informed consent has been vanquished from medicine over the past three years, so Dr. Nagase asks, “Are countries around the world being given different injections, and we’re being observed to see, ‘well, who dies the fastest, who gets the sickest or what kind of illnesses result’ from experimental ingredients being indiscriminately and without disclosure being given to people?”

Sources include:

Dr. David Martin: Monkeypox planned release is “domestic terror” operation against humanity

Image: Dr. David Martin: Monkeypox planned release is “domestic terror” operation against humanity



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) It is undeniable, based on mounting evidence, that the new monkeypox scare is another contrived “outbreak” that has been deployed for the purpose of committing “domestic terror” against the public – which should know better by now that we are once again being scammed and terrorized.

Appearing on the “Man in America” program, Dr. David Martin told his host that the modus operandi behind this operation is nothing new. The world got a heavy dose of it all throughout the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), for which monkeypox appears to be round two.

“When you want to terrorize a population, what do you do? Turn to the experts!” Martin explained.

It turns out that monkeypox was planned, just like covid was, to be released at just this point on the timeline. And many of the same players who profited from covid are once again slated to rake in the cash from monkeypox.

“I love to point out (that) a lot of people have been really upset about this monkeypox scheduled release on May of 2022 coming from a March 21 publication,” Martin added.

“And people sit there and go, ‘oh my gosh – how on earth could they have ever been so prescient to find out that they were going to have a monkeypox release three days away from the stated date for the alleged outbreak to occur?'”

A full 15 months before now back in March of 2021, the global architects had scheduled a later monkeypox release that landed right on schedule “plus or minus three days,” Martin notes.

“Listen, this is a willful continuation of a campaign of domestic terror, and it is done to make sure the public remains in fear and in cognitive dissonance and in the disbelief of what Plato described in The Republic,” he says.

“You know Plato in The Republic made reference to the fact that sometimes crimes are so audacious that the mere statement of their audacity paralyzes the population.”

We the People must say NO to another round of plandemic tyranny

Millions of people already have covid burnout and are unlikely to be fearful about monkeypox, recognizing that many of the same tactics are being used to spread fear and paranoia about testing “positive” for it.

On the other hand, millions of other people also bought all in to the covid plandemic and still believe that there is some invisible threat out there just waiting to kill them and their grandmas – hence why some people are still wearing a face mask while out in public.

Which side wins out in the next wave of health wars remains to be seen. Hopefully, there are enough people wide awake to what is really going on that another scheduled plandemic fails to gain traction.

The government and the media can fearmonger all they want about monkeypox, but their power ends where and when the public refuses to listen to or comply with any of it.

We the People hold far more power than we realize, after all. All it takes is for a few good men and women to take a stand against these attempted crimes against humanity, inspiring others to do the same until a snowball of resistance is formed.

“We can be glad that the CCP-Davos axis chose the comparatively benign monkey-pox over Marburg, smallpox, and bird flu, for their next global pandemic hoax, justifying world depopulation through starvation and lethal injections,” commented someone at Natural News about the situation.

“I have read that shingles is a known adverse effect of the jab,” wrote another. “I searched for images on the net. Shingles and monkeypox look the same. How do doctors identify one from the other?”

The latest news about monkeypox can be found at

Sources for this article include:

“You know Plato in The Republic made reference to the fact that sometimes crimes

ChiCom Organ Harvesting & Genocide Exposed by Journalist on China Border

The Communist Chinese Party regime in Beijing is committing genocide and harvesting organs from dissidents it is murdering--and especially followers of the Falun Gong spiritual movement--across China, warns investigative journalist Mitchell Gerber from the border of that nation in this interview with The New American magazine's Alex Newman on Conversations That Matter. There can no longer be any doubt that this is happening, Gerber said, pointing to the evidence compiled by researchers and governments around the world. Now, the truth is becoming known, even at the United Nations, but so far the atrocities continue without any serious action. 🇺🇸 The New American:

IT’S NOT THE GUNS: America’s left-wing culture of DEATH and self-mutilation is a FACTORY that produces mass shooters



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) In the wake of the mass shooting yesterday in Uvalde, Texas, we must remember that on the very same day, over 2,700 human babies were murdered in America via abortion factories, according to reliable abortion estimates.

The same Leftists who demand abolishing the Second Amendment by falsely claiming it will stop shootings also celebrate the mass slaughter of human babies as they’re being born… or even after they’re born, via “post-birth abortions” that the Left celebrates. (See for full coverage.)

Don’t pretend for a second that the Left cares about the lives of children.

What they care about is stripping armed Americans of their last remaining line of defense against tyranny: The Second Amendment. Left-wing Marxists and tyrants know that if they can successfully take away firearms from the American people, they can then run whatever totalitarian scenarios they want, including rounding up conservatives and throwing them into concentration camps under the cover of an “outbreak.”

If Americans give up their guns, the radical left-wing fascists will treat the American people in the same way Australia’s government treats their citizens: Like prisoners in a giant prison camp.

Australia has just announced two years in prison for anyone breaking covid rules.

Firearms in the possession of citizens give pause to tyrants. This is the entire point of the Second Amendment — the idea that if the government becomes too tyrannical and dangerous, armed citizens might put a stop to the government terrorism being carried out against the people. That’s why the Founders included the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

Never give up your guns. Not under any circumstances. To do so is to surrender to a murderous regime of criminals and tyrants.

The REAL cause of mass killings and murderous rage

The real cause behind mass killings in America is abundantly evident: Programming of kids through pop culture (media, Hollywood, music, violent, graphic video games), indoctrinating them with themes of satanism, self-mutilation (transgenderism), baby-killing via abortion, and invoking emotional rage against others. And if a child or teen begins to wake up and think outside the box, they get dosed with psychiatric drugs to keep them in line.

These are all things that are taught by the political Left in America today. The message to children and teens is crystal clear: Your life doesn’t matter at all. (This stands in contrast to the conservative, pro-Christian message which is that “Every life matters, including yours.”)

So if murder and self-mutilation is the message being pounded into the heads of children and teens, should we really be surprised when this twisted, demonic culture produces mass murderers who recognize no value in the lives of the innocent?

Our own government values no life at all. They invest in bombs and weapons of war. They set up false flag operations to murder innocent children in order to score political points (Oklahoma City bombing, anyone?). The FDA harvests the organs of murdered babies to use in medical experiments, all funded by your taxpayer dollars. Don’t pretend for a second that the government values life and wants to protect the innocent. They murder the innocent on a routine basis in order to enrich and empower themselves.

Get full details on all this and more in today’s uncensored, sometimes outrageous Situation Update podcast via

Top 10 DRUG, CHEMICAL and TOXIN delivery devices used for population reduction and genocide



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Most people do not believe that their government, especially the US government, is interested in drastically reducing the population of their country or nation using insidious methodologies, including medical “interventions.” Why in the world would the government want fewer people to be healthy, and more people dying, and what goals would be accomplished in that process?

Most consumers live their shortened lives in the dark because they don’t understand what’s happening to them, how, or why. Nearly everything from medicine to vaccines, from food to personal care products, and from cleaning products to food packaging, is manufactured with toxins that lead to chronic, expensive health issues, diseases, and disorders.

Nicotine is like a deadly undertow, dragging its victims into deep water as they slowly ‘drown’ in an oxygen-and-nutrient-deprived existence

We start this off with nicotine, the world’s third-most addictive drug, used by every sixth person in the world, daily. Most people begin using nicotine in their early teen years (25 percent of teens try it), thinking it’s cool and they can quit whenever they want to, only to find out they can’t. Big Tobacco and the US government (think regulatory agencies) have colluded and conspired to get as many people addicted to nicotine as possible, dating all the way back to the 1930s.

Doctors literally recommended their favorite brand of cancer sticks for good digestion, good health, and great flavor! Doctors even recommended cigarettes for pregnant women, even though the science had already proven the smoke caused lung cancer. This went on until the 1960s when the public caught wind of the science and the FDA and CDC had to start pretending to help people quit.

Nicotine use constricts blood vessels, limiting oxygen and nutrient supply to vital organs, including the brain, liver, pancreas, lungs, and kidneys. Nearly all nicotine users shorten their lifespan by at least a decade if they don’t quit before age fifty,

including people who smoke, vape, dip, or chew.

If you shop “in the dark,” the odds are your life will be shortened by several decades and your journey to that end may be very miserable

Did you know that “shopping in the dark” includes going to the medical doctors and hospitals and taking any medications and vaccines they recommend? Without doing your own research, consulting nutritionists or naturopath physicians, you’ll never find out what most prescription medications and vaccinations do to the human systems that cause MORE disease and disorder than you initially were having addressed.

People who take prescription medications become and remain the sickest people on the planet. Some overdose on those meds, even when taken as directed, as we’ve all witnessed with the opioid epidemic. The same goes for blood thinners (rat poison), deadly statin drugs, and other cholesterol medications that feature side effects that are worse than the condition being treated.

Toxic food packaging, inside and out, is a leading cause of disease and disorder in America

Wait, you thought cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are mainly genetic problems with no cure or possible prevention, didn’t you? Have you been listening to those drug dealers (MDs) and disease spreaders (Centers for Disease Continuation – CDC) again? Most processed foods are packaged in plastic, paper, cardboard, bags, wrappers, and cans using additives and preservatives that cause disease and disorder, and also packaging that leaches toxins into the food.

Dangerous PFAS (per-and-poly-fluoroalkyl substances), also known as “forever chemicals,” are in many food packages manufactured by large corporations who are more concerned about prolonging the “shelf life” of the food, all while compromising and shortening the life expectancy of the consumers of those food products. These chronic, serious health issues include immune system suppression and increased risk for cancers.

Many foods are bleached white to look “clean,” even though the food manufacturers know good and well that bleach causes cancer of the pancreas, bladder, and prostate. Most white foods are bleached, including fish, rice, pasta, flour, bread, and sugar. Even tap water contains deadly fluoride that leaches calcium from the bone marrow and leads to bone cancer and dementia.

Now the COVID-19 vaccines are designed using nano-parasites to deliver (J&J) or create (mRNA) billions of toxic spike proteins that travel THROUGHOUT the entire vascular system, polluting your cleansing organs, the brain, and the heart, while causing deadly blood clots, myocarditis, nervous system disorders, and severe allergies. They haven’t even been proven to help fight Wuhan Coronavirus at all, so why even risk getting them? Get smart, and do lots of research before engaging deadly “delivery devices” that insert toxins into the human body.

Top 10 delivery devices used for population reduction and genocide

#1. Cigarettes, patches, gum, and vape gadgets deliver nicotine and chemicals.

#2. Vaccines deliver spike protein toxins, heavy metal toxins, and genetically modified viruses and bacteria.

#3. Pain pills deliver diluted heroin (opioids).

#4. Genetically modified foods and processed foods deliver GMOs, pesticides, insecticides, and chemical herbicides.

#5. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments spread and create new cancers.

#6. Pharmaceutical prescription medications deliver deadly venoms from snakes, frogs, snails, and other deadly animals.

#7. Water is used to deliver deadly fluoride, lead, and other toxins.

#8. Food packaging and plastics used as hormone (endocrine) disrupters (PFA and


#9. Food additives and preservatives that cause cancer (bleach, sodium benzoate, MSG, artificial sweeteners, petroleum-based food dyes).

#10. Cosmetics, personal care items, and cleaning products that contain deadly chemicals.

Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental Covid “vaccines” that can cause permanent disorders and end your life decades earlier than “expected.”

Sources for this article include:

SCOTUS poised to overturn Roe vs. Wade – Baby murderers to ERUPT with demonic ANGER and VIOLENCE as their “right” to violently murder their own children about to be stripped away

Mark Levin: 'This is a war on our system of government'

Mark Levin joins 'Fox & Friends' to weigh in on the leaked Supreme Court opinion potentially ending 50 years of Roe v. Wade.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) And now the demons come out for all to see.

The pro-abortion, baby murder advocates are already erupting in madness and anger over a leaked draft of a US Supreme Court decision that, if published, would overturn Roe vs. Wade and end federal protections for abortion.

Because the “right” to murder their own babies is the pillar of the violent, demonic, life-destroying Left, they are right now losing their minds over this, organizing protests and taking to the airwaves to denounce anyone who seeks to protect the life of an unborn human child.

Now, we are all getting to see the horrifying truth about the political Left in America: They are out for blood.

The political Left in America represents medical violence and murder against innocent children… by the millions

What do pedophilia, transgender genitalia mutilations, grooming, and abortion all have in common? They’re all aggressively demanded by the Left (Democrats). Just about anything that mutilates a child, rapes a child, murders a child, or disfigures a child is 100% supported by evil Leftists who absurdly call themselves “pro-choice.”

But the child gets no choice at all. If we don’t protect the life and the choice of the unborn, then we value no life at all.

And these same people pretending to be “pro-choice” demanded mandatory vaccines and mandatory masks for everyone, choice be damned.

They never believed in “choice.” They only believed in murder and violence against children. They simultaneously believe in their own “right” to murder their own unborn children while stripping away your right to say no to masks or vaccines. They are tyrants. Child-murdering tyrants.

And now they’re doubling down on that, demanding that SCOTUS alter its decision and protect the “right” to murder unborn babies in America.

Left-leaning states can still remain baby murder capitals, even if Roe is overturned

A defeat of Roe wouldn’t outlaw abortion nationwide, by the way. It would merely send the issue back to the states to decide on their own what they wish to do about the legal framework of abortion. Without any doubt, left-leaning states like California, Illinois, New York, and Maryland would double down on child murder and even become abortion tourism hubs that accept pregnant women from other states who wish to murder their own children.

What SCOTUS is simply saying in the leaked draft is that Roe vs. Wade was never passed as a law and thus was never properly debated or supported by the people and their representatives. The original 1973 decision was overreaching and smacks of the kind of judicial activism that Leftists always demand for their hot-button issues.

If states like California want to affirm the “right” of abortion factories to engage in the serial murder of human babies, they will still be able to operate as murder hubs and accomplish the demonic, ritualistic sacrifice of human children that they desire. (The abortion industry is steeped in Satanism, human sacrifice, organ harvesting, and worse…)

Naturally, all those engaged in abortion practices will one day have to answer to God, but at least with Roe overturned by SCOTUS, many pro-life states can declare themselves to be protectors of human children rather than murderers.

God’s wrath against America may be redirected only to those states that declare themselves to be baby murder factories.

Hold your ground and denounce the baby murderers… call them out for what they truly are: Demonic, murderous entities who fail the test of being “fully human”

Now is the time to take a stand and join the fight to protect the sanctity of human life in America. Stand up now and voice your support for overturning Roe vs. Wade. Denounce the delirious baby murderers and call them out for what they have truly become: Disgusting demons and Satan worshipers who harvest the organs and blood of children for everything from vaccine medical “research” to Satanic rituals that they pursue to increase their dark powers.

Remain peaceful but forceful in your courage and your voice: Call out the baby murderers and let them know that we know they are harboring demons and evil entities inside their biological shells. We know they want to end humanity and depopulate the planet, and that abortion is one of their key weapons to achieve that, right alongside vaccine clot shots, plastics chemicals in the food supply, and chemtrail geoengineering while stripping the atmosphere of CO2 which brings life to plants and crops. The Left is at war with everything that gives life to planet Earth. They are a lunatic death cult.

We are now in the final battle for the survival of the human race, and the abortion advocates have chosen to be on the anti-human side, with Satan and his minions. Let us defeat them and dismantle their murder factories once and for all. Every human life has value from the moment of conception, and organized abortion has always been a crime against humanity.

In today’s Situation Update podcast I call out the demons and Satan worshipers for what they truly are:

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More news on abortion:

World Economic Forum believes people are “useless eaters,” and views their “brains and bodies” as product that can be hacked, controlled and discarded

The Easiest People to Manipulate Are People That Believe In Free Will

God Is Dead It Just Takes a while to Get Rid of His Body

"We Don't Need to Wait for Jesus Christ" In Order to Overcome Death



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) One of the brains behind The World Economic Forum (WEF), is the self-proclaimed prophet, Yuval Noah Harari. He believes in the Great Reset, transhumanism, culling the population, and using a global government to control humanity at the bio-metric level. He is praised by Bill Gates, Barack Obama Mark Zuckerberg, and Klaus Schwab, leader of the WEF.

Harari talks about “useless human beings” who do not have meaning or purpose. He said the greatest fake news is the Bible. He said Christianity is wrong, that humans are here on Earth for “nothing.” “Jesus Christ is fake news,” be balked. He believes there is “no great cosmic plan” that humans have a role to play in. Instead, he views humans as “useless eaters” who can be hacked and manipulated using digital surveillance under their skin.

He also believes in culling the population. “What do we need so many humans for?” he is quoted as saying while promoting his latest book.

Meet Yuval Noah Harari, a trans-humanist who wants to hack and manipulate human populations

In a recent interview, Harari said the world is entering a new industrial revolution, but the products will not be physical goods. Harari said science, technology, and industry’s greatest challenge of the 21st century will be “to try to gain control of the world inside us, to learn how to engineer and produce bodies and brains and minds.” He says these are likely to be the “main products” of the 21st-century economy.

He said, “Once you know how to produce bodies and brains and minds so cheap labor in Africa and South Asia, it simply counts for nothing.”
“The biggest question in maybe economics and politics of the coming decades will be what to do with all these useless people,” he said with a straight face. He said technology will ensure that everyone is fed, so “food is not the problem.”

“The problem is more boredom, and what to do with them, and how will they find some sense of meaning in life, when they are basically meaningless, worthless.” He prescribed drugs and computer games as solutions to entertain “useless” people’s brains.

He said a global government will collect and use data on every person to learn how to engineer bodies, brains, and minds. He says data and biometrics will be used to hack human beings and re-engineer the future of human life itself. He said, “intelligent design” never existed and any notion of a Creator God will be driven out of society, as humans become hackable, programmable. Harari even claims that the laws of natural selection and organic biochemistry will be eliminated and replaced by a trans-humanist future, where humans become hackable animals, manipulated and controlled.

“We have the technology to hack humans on a massive scale,” he said. He added crises should be exploited to implement more surveillance throughout society so “elites” can monitor, collect data, and engineer the future trajectory of human life. Much of this surveillance will “come under the skin” as biometric data become a pathway to manipulate human populations. Harari said we already have the ability to go under the skin and collect biometric data, allowing “elites” the power to re-engineer life itself. “We are upgrading humans into gods,” he said.

He said in an emergency, people trust the “scientists.” He used the example of priests and ministers shutting down their churches worldwide in 2020 to prove that God is dead. Going forward, people will put their faith in the scientific elite and global government, he balked. “Even the religious leaders trust the scientists,” he said.

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Sources include:

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