Texas Set To Declare War Time Authority To Stop Collapse Of Border

Attorney Jonathan Hullihan of http://ccdfusa.com joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the state of the American border crisis.

Texas counties declare border crisis an 'invasion'

Several Texas counties declared the border crisis an “invasion." One Americas Stella Escobedo caught up with Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb to talk about the ongoing issue.

Are Americans Funding the Cartels?

Lindsay sat down with Jonathan Hullihan who is a licensed attorney in Texas. He shares his thoughts on Texas’ open primaries and the cartels flooding the states' border. Jonathan brings awareness to our listeners on the various impacts of illegal immigration and the border crises in Texas.


UPS Cancelling Gun Dealers’ Accounts, Destroying Packages in Transit

UPS Cancelling Gun Dealers’ Accounts, Destroying Packages in Transit


SEE: https://www.ammoland.com/2022/07/ups-cancelling-gun-dealers-accounts-destroying-packages-in-transit;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- United Parcel Service is terminating the accounts of gun dealers. Any packages currently in the UPS system may be “seized and destroyed.”

In a letter sent to one Florida gun dealer, Ghost Firearms, UPS said they were terminating the account because they “may be violating” laws concerning homemade firearm parts.

“We write to inform you that UPS has learned that your company may be violating applicable laws concerning the shipment of “ghost guns” to unauthorized locations,” the letter states. “In light of our concern, UPS has determined that it will cancel your account, effective immediately.”

Ghost’s owner, Joe Zatar was told all scheduled pickups will be canceled, and that he cannot reopen another UPS account or ship anything from a UPS store or website.

He is most concerned about the packages already in the UPS system, which he may have already lost.

“Please note that any package found in the UPS system determined to have been tendered by GHOST FIREARMS may be seized and destroyed,” the letter states.

“I just shipped more than $30,000 worth of products,” he said.

Zatar immediately called his UPS sales rep, who said he had no idea the account was terminated.

Ghost Firearms sells uppers, lowers, handguards, and OEM parts for a number of manufacturers. They also sell 80% receivers.

“We do not ship to states where they’re not allowed,” Zatar said. “We are in total compliance. We had ATF in here just two weeks ago, and they told us we were completely legal.”

Retail giant Brownells told their customers in a Facebook post on Friday that they too were terminated by UPS.

“Heads up! UPS has made the decision to no longer accept Brownell's packages,” the post states. “We are working to put an email together to send to customers who have their account defaulted to UPS, or who have open orders with UPS selected as the carrier.”

Brownells did not specify in their post the reason why UPS terminated their account.

UPS’ Media Relations personnel did not return calls or emails seeking comment for this story.

Photo courtesy Ghost Firearms

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About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams


The Suspicious ’10-Year-Old Who Needs an Abortion’ Story & MORE

Today we're covering a few stories going around the news, starting with viral allegations that there is a pregnant 10-year-old girl in Ohio who needs an abortion. We go over all the red flags with this story that have us questioning whether it's true. Then, we talk about "One Tree Hill's" Hilarie Burton trying to jump on the bandwagon of women who have had abortions ... despite not actually having had one. Lastly, we discuss the controversy surrounding Jordan Peterson and Ellen/Elliot Page, as now both Peterson and Dave Rubin have been nuked from Twitter for not following its ridiculous rules about "deadnaming."

Quisha King on Mass Exodus from Public Schools, Keeping America Free

There needs to be a mass exodus from government schools as part of the effort to restore and preserve freedom in the United States, mom and show host Quisha King--a heavyweight in Florida politics--told The New American magazine's Alex Newman in this episode of Conversations That Matter. King, who made national headlines by calling for a mass exodus and works with the group Moms for America, also revealed that she had an abortion--with all the pain that entails. She also blasts Critical Race Theory and other tools being used by the radical Left to divide and destroy America.

SEE: https://momsforamerica.us/#

Newly uncovered document reveals left-wing deep state elite’s battle plan against American Christians


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-07-06-newly-uncovered-document-reveals-battle-plan-against-american-christians.html;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) The Marxist far-left in America has always had a disdain for Christianity because they don’t want Americans to believe in or trust anyone or anything but them.

Now, a newly uncovered document reveals how the deep state is planning to go after American Christians and persecute them in ways that are not only unconstitutional but reminiscent of totalitarian regimes of the recent past.

As reported by WND.com, “two shocking and unprecedented megatrends are unfolding simultaneously in the United States of America right now.”

“The first is the explosion of what can only be described as openly predatory targeting of America’s children by legions of ‘gender activists’ obsessed with seducing, grooming, and recruiting kids into the phantasmagoric transgender world of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, surgical amputation of healthy body parts and astronomical suicide rates,” the outlet noted.

“While this sexual-gender anarchy is exploding nationwide – and alongside it, of course, the rest of the deranged Biden agenda, from engineering an ever-expanding foreign invasion of America across its southern border to destroying the nation’s fossil fuel industry, to bringing the U.S. to the brink of nuclear war with Russia – the very same political, financial, cultural and sexual revolutionaries responsible for all of this chaos have finally dared to ‘come out’ and publicly identify who exactly they consider to be their biggest enemy,” the outlet continued, adding: “Christians.”

To the first trend, “Pride” celebrations are being adopted and even funded by many of the country’s biggest corporations and most prestigious institutions of supposed higher learning. In the cities, public schools, which are essentially run by left-wing teacher’s unions, are also adopting as much gender-fluid curriculum as possible, including holding “Drag Queen Story Hour” readings in school and public libraries aimed specifically at grooming children while they are very young.

The entertainment industry is also neck-deep in this grooming, of course, since it, too, has long been dominated by the far-left. Disney has essentially turned itself over to the LGBTQ activists, even to the point of ruining long-running, successful movie franchises like “Toy Story” by, most recently, adding a lesbian kiss scene for no reason other than to try and normalize aberrant behaviors. To children.

Even though, as Tucker Carlson recently put it, “Having some purple-haired loser in a nose ring convince your six-year-old to get a sex change is not why most people send their children to school.”

Now, onto the war on Christians.

Even before the Biden regime stole power, but especially since, “many tricky substitute names for Christians have been stealthily deployed by those in power, who daily blame ‘white supremacists,’ ‘conservative fascists,’ ‘violent extremists,’ ‘domestic terrorists’ and other never-defined groups for everything they claim to find intolerable about America,” WND.com continued.

“Some of their attacks have been staggeringly idiotic, like officially branding parents as ‘domestic terrorists’ for complaining at school board meetings about teachers indoctrinating their young children with Marxist critical race theory,” the report added.

But of course, that’s intentional; the left isolates an issue and then focuses on it to demonize their political enemies even when the allegation makes no sense because they know that, over time, that is how they win converts. Propaganda is powerful.

Now, however, the counterrevolutionary left is openly attempting to demonize Christians, especially white Americans who believe in God.

Consider a few recent major media stories:

* “With the Buffalo massacre, white Christian nationalism strikes again” – The Washington Post

* “The Religious Right’s Hostility to Science Is Crippling Our Coronavirus Response” – The New York Times

* “White Christian Nationalism ‘Is a Fundamental Threat to Democracy’” – New York Magazine

* “How Christian nationalism paved the way for Jan. 6” – Religion News Service

* “Christian nationalism on the rise in some GOP campaigns” – The Associated Press

* “‘The View’ co-host blames ‘Christian nationalism’ for mass shootings” – FoxNews.com

Few Americans have even heard of terms like “Christian nationalist,” but obviously, conservatives have been accused of being “white nationalists” since Donald Trump took office.

Now, though, the veil has been lifted and the left’s gloves are coming off: They want to destroy Christianity and all those who believe.

And they will continue tearing our country apart in the process.

Sources include:



Oil price could TRIPLE to $380 / barrel, warns JPMorgan, from Putin simply reducing oil exports from Russia

Image: Oil price could TRIPLE to $380 / barrel, warns JPMorgan, from Putin simply reducing oil exports from Russia


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-07-06-oil-price-triple-jpmorgan-russia-exports.html;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) If you think gas prices are bad now, consider what JPMorgan analysts are now saying about the price of a barrel of oil tripling in the not-too-distant future.

Right now, a barrel of oil costs about $111. But if JPMorgan analysts are correct, then that same barrel of oil will soon be $380 – and the culprit, as always, is “Russia.”

Should Vladimir Putin’s country cut output, then gas will skyrocket even higher than its current price, decimating the American and global economies in a matter of weeks or days.

“It is likely that the government could retaliate by cutting output as a way to inflict pain on the West,” the analysts wrote. “The tightness of the global market is on Russia’s side.”

JPMorgan head Jamie Dimon recently warned about an “economic hurricane” soon to come, and it appears that this latest analysis is fleshing out what it might look like.

If Russia cuts oil production by three million barrels per day, or so we are told, then a barrel of oil on the global market will increase in price to $190. In a worst-case scenario, Russia could cut oil production by five million barrels per day, driving a single barrel price up to $380.

Many Western countries, especially in Europe, rely on Russian oil and other fuels to power their economies. Germany, Europe’s largest economy, is already suffering due to its refusal to pay for fuel in Russian rubles following the Ukraine war sanctions.

The “Group of Seven,” as they are called, which lead many industrialized nations, is working on a complex plan, reports indicate, to cap the price that Russia can charge from oil sales to non-G7 countries as part of their next-level sanctions against the country.

“The goal here is to starve Russia – starve Putin of his main source of cash and force down the price of Russian oil to help blunt the impact of Putin’s war at the pump,” announced a senior official in the Biden regime, once again blaming Putin for the situation.

“The dual objectives of G7 leaders have been to take direct aim at Putin’s revenues, particularly through energy, but also to minimize the spillovers and the impact on the G7 economies and the rest of the world.”

Capping oil prices could actually strengthen Putin rather than punish him

There is almost nothing that happens anymore that Western authorities do not end up blaming on Russia, even though the energy crisis would not be a crisis at all if America was still energy independent.

Thanks in part to the Biden regime’s “green” economic policies, America is more energy-dependent than it has been in a long time, and the consequences of this are still unfolding.

“The most obvious and likely risk with a price cap is that Russia might choose not to participate and instead retaliate by reducing exports,” warned JPMorgan analysts about how the latest G7 proposal could end up backfiring and hurting the West even more.

When asked recently how long he expects Americans to be paying sky-high gas prices, Joe Biden, America’s fake president, said:

“As long as it takes so Russia cannot, in fact, defeat Ukraine and move beyond Ukraine. This is a critical, critical position for the world. Here we are.”

Should Putin attempt anything more that upsets Biden and his handlers, the United States plans to take steps to strengthen NATO “across the board,” Biden added.

“This is about the future of the liberal world order, and we have to stand firm,” added Brian Deese, the White House Director of the National Economic Council, about how Americans need to suck it up and continue draining their wallets at the gas pump on behalf of globalists whose personal interests are being shaken and threatened by Putin’s “special operation” in Ukraine.

More related news stories can be found at Collapse.news.

Sources for this article include:



Beijing Biden Plans to Scrap Trump Tariffs on China … to Fight Inflation?

Beijing Biden Plans to Scrap Trump Tariffs on China … to Fight Inflation?


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/beijing-biden-plans-to-scrap-trump-tariffs-on-china-to-fight-inflation/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The selling out of America to Beijing continues.

Joe Biden is expected to make an announcement later this month about undoing tariffs on Chinese imports put in place under the Trump administration. This would ostensibly be with the aim of combating rising inflation, although some of Biden’s own advisors warn that removing the tariffs would have no meaningful impact on inflation.

Politico spoke with three industry officials and a former federal official with knowledge of the White House’s plans. They said Biden will go public with his plans in July. A top White House official who also talked to the outlet, however, said there is, as of yet, no date set for the announcement.

According to Politico, the White House hopes to tame the historically high inflation presently ravaging the country, and some Biden advisors, along with outside advisors, believe the solution is to strike down tariffs on Chinese goods in order to lower consumer prices.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo have long advocated for across-the-board tariff relief as a solution to inflation, though the proposed lift would fall short of the sweeping changes the two hope for.

Per the sources cited by Politico, the White House plans are not final but are likely to be divided into three parts.

For one, they intend to scrap a limited number of tariffs, such as one on consumer goods like bicycles. While the specific duties to be targeted are still being debated, two sources who spoke to Politico on condition of anonymity claimed the proposed relief would affect approximately just $10 billion worth of imports out of the $370 billion that the Trump administration slapped tariffs on.

Second, the White House reportedly plans to announce that the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) will roll out a new exclusion process so that companies can get exemptions from the tariffs on Chinese goods. This would be a step up from the exemptions USTR handed out on 352 types of imports from China this year.

And in what appears to be an attempt to balance what might otherwise be interpreted as a giveaway to China, the White House also reportedly intends to announce a tariff investigation under Section 301 of the 1974 Trade Act that will specifically be aimed at areas of China’s economy that are significantly subsidized by the communist government.

This would be a way of addressing longstanding concerns from the U.S. that Beijing boosts its domestic tech sectors, including the production of semiconductors and batteries, to the disadvantage of foreign competition. The planned actions by the White House would possibly lead to new duties on such products as a way of improving the odds from U.S. companies.

The senior administration official who spoke with Politico said talks continue and that no final decision has yet been reached.

The outlet reports:

The announcement will represent the culmination of a year-long debate at the White House over when and how to reshape Trump’s trade legacy on China. The administration last year considered a plan to pair tariff relief for consumer goods with new duties on high-tech Chinese goods, but elected to allow USTR Katherine Tai to engage her Chinese counterpart in economic conversations before announcing the plan.

When initial talks between the Biden administration and China proved fruitless, the White House was ready to move forward with the plan late last winter, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine pushed those plans back, as many of the administration’s economic and national security officials focused on supporting Kyiv and punishing Moscow.

In contrast to Yellen and Raimondo, Tai and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, as well as organized labor, have advocated for keeping the Trump-era tariffs as they are. Tai has been one of the voices in the Biden White House arguing that undoing the tariffs would not alleviate inflation — but would deprive the U.S. of major leverage when negotiating with the Chinese on trade.

Word of these changes comes as the USTR this summer conducts a review of the Chinese tariffs that are mandated by law. Per Politico, more than 300 American companies have called for the Trump-era tariffs to be kept in place.

That Biden would rather ease tariffs on a hostile regime than address the actual issue behind inflation — the reckless policies of the unaccountable Federal Reserve — may be frustrating, but not surprising.

Biden has long shown himself to be Beijing’s best friend in America. Lifting the Trump tariffs would simply be one more instance in a long line of actions that have strengthened China while weakening America.

MICHELLE MALKIN: America, the Globalist Gift

America, the Globalist Gift

SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/america-the-globalist-gift/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

I hate to snuff out any post-Independence Day fervor that you still might be enjoying. Oh, well. “Wet Blanket” is my middle name. All the annual Old Glory-waving rituals and public displays of patriotic affection can’t change this bitter fact:

Our once-sovereign nation has become nothing more than a morbidly obese cash cow for what the Biden administration now openly calls the “liberal world order.”

Higher gas prices are just the tip of the sacrifice iceberg. It’s our posterity paying the globalist pipers. In the new “liberal world order” (which is really just the same old Bush family “New World Order” of more than three decades ago), homegrown children’s needs are subjugated to the hopes and dreams of the children of the rest of the world.

Stick with me and follow an open-borders bouncing ball that demonstrates how multinational elites exploit America Last — with the brazen complicity of our own U.S. government, nonprofits, and corporations. As always, we must follow the money to find the truth. Let’s dig deeper behind this headline:

“Former American Hebrew Academy will house unaccompanied immigrant children.”

According to WFMY-TV news in Greensboro, North Carolina, a failed international school venture called the American Hebrew Academy entered into a lucrative five-year lease agreement this week with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement. The plan will turn AHA’s sprawling campus into a tax-subsidized shelter for illegal alien youth. The “unaccompanied children” will be shipped from Mexico starting this month and will be treated to a comprehensive array of benefits exclusively showered on the offspring of southern border violators.

I exposed the HHS/ORR kiddie catch-and-release racket in my 2019 book, Open Borders Inc. Thanks to a liberal Bill Clinton-appointed judge in Southern California and convoluted class-action litigation dating back to 1997 on behalf of illegals spearheaded by the American Civil Liberties Union, the feds created new rights and standards for illegal alien minor shelter care. Clinton immigration bureaucrats agreed to provide food, clothing, personal grooming items, medical and dental care, family planning, “at least one hour a day of large muscle activity,” “structured leisure time activities,” psychotherapy, and lawyers. Lots of lawyers.

HHS now operates a network of 100 state-licensed shelters in 17 states and has provided care to a whopping total of over 340,000 illegal alien children. (For perspective: That’s a population roughly equivalent to the city of Anaheim, California, or Aurora, Colorado.) In 2017, the budget was $1.4 billion. In 2022, the Biden administration has requested an astronomical $3.2 billion in funding for the program.

Fun fact: The Biden administration rerouted $2 billion in COVID-19 funds for Americans to the illegal alien youth housing boondoggle.

Those tax funds will subsidize a panoply of for-profit and nonprofit ventures serving foreigners’ children on American soil, which in turn provides bottomless inducements for countless hundreds of thousands of other families around the world to fork over coyote fees to send even more unaccompanied minors across our borders, who then move into the HHS/ORR facilities, which are served by nearly 50 other organizations at a cost of over $34,000 per child, according to the Capital Research Center.

So while you’re worrying about formula, diaper, and food shortages for your own kiddos, rest assured: Open Borders, Inc. is hard at work spending your money on everyone else’s babies, toddlers, and teens.

Let us peer further into the defunct “American Hebrew Academy,” which is now reinventing itself as part of the Biden leasing scheme as the “Greensboro Piedmont Academy Influx Care Facility for UC (unaccompanied minors)” and the “Greensboro Global Academy.” The AHA was in a “financial death spiral” for years after its profligate founder and aviation reinsurance mogul, Maurice Sabbah, threw $100 million down a black hole pursuing his dream of building a world-renowned boarding school in 2001 that he envisioned as “an international destination in elite Jewish education,” according to The Forward.

But that year, an arbitration panel ruled that Sabbah’s aviation reinsurance business had committed fraud and “willful and deliberate misconduct” by skimming off hundreds of millions of dollars for its founders, leaving Japanese insurance companies high and dry when 9/11 happened; the decision yielded a $400 million settlement. The ripped-off companies then sued and settled with AHA to recoup purloined funds. The operators of the academy tried to salvage the 100-acre campus — replete with an $18 million athletic field, 22-acre lake, 16 dorms, 34 staff resident apartments, natatorium, climbing walls, and high-tech gadgetry in every classroom — by rebranding it as an “international school” targeting Middle Eastern and Asian students.

The goal: bringing “globalization” to Greensboro.

The “American Hebrew Academy” turned to a “private” education company called Puxin in communist China for a $26 million loan in 2019 for help. In May 2022, the New York Stock Exchange moved to suspend trading in Puxin and delist it amid longstanding allegations of fraud. As Judicial Watch notes, “the money HHS is paying in rent will likely be used to pay back the Chinese company.”

God bless America? God help us from the globalist grifters making bank off whatever is still left of this country if that is what you call it.

DOJ Challenging Arizona’s Citizenship Requirement for Voting


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2022/07/06/doj-challenging-arizonas-citizenship-requirement-for-voting-n1610671;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Joe Biden’s Department of Justice is challenging a new Arizona law that, among other restrictions, requires residents to prove citizenship to vote in presidential elections. Arizona was one of several battleground states plagued by irregularities in the 2020 election.

The new law, HB 2492, was signed into law in March when the legislature sought to improve election integrity after a forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election vote in Maricopa County found 53,214 ballots impacted by irregularities of medium, high, and critical severity last September — well above Joe Biden’s state-certified margin of victory.

The Biden administration insists that election integrity violates the rights of voters.

For our VIP Subscribers: Joe Biden’s Presidency Will Always Have a Big Fat Asterisk On It

“House Bill 2492’s onerous documentary proof of citizenship requirement for certain federal elections constitutes a textbook violation of the National Voter Registration Act,” Kristen Clarke, who leads the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division said Tuesday. “Arizona is a repeat offender when it comes to attempts to make it harder to register to vote. HB 2492 is in direct with the 2013 US supreme court decision.”

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich says he will fight for the law all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

“Please be assured I will defend this law to the US supreme court if necessary and defeat the federal government’s efforts to interfere with our state’s election safeguards,” Brnovich said in a letter to Clarke.


SEE ALSO: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2022/07/biden-administrations-racist-doj-official-seeks-to-protect-non-citizen-voting-in-arizona