“No civil society”: Trump sends chilling warning on America’s criminal takeover


President Donald Trump gives the keynote speech at the 2022 AFPI America First Agenda Summit, commenting on the disastrous crime wave rooted in soft-on-crime policy in Democrat-run cities and the normalized anarchy which has engulfed the country over the past two years.


45th President Of The United States Donald J. Trump America First Agenda Keynote Full Speech:

Abbas calls the pope to incite and inflame the Catholic Church against Israel


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2022/07/abbas-calls-the-pope-to-incite-and-inflame-the-catholic-church-against-israel;

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The report below states: “Under the guise of concern for Pope Francis’ health, PA Chairman Abbas exploited a phone call with the pope to incite and inflame the Church against Israel.”

But Abbas really didn’t need to disguise anything. The jihadist Abbas is a close ally of the pope:

  • The pope’s first visit to the Holy Land in 2014 was to meet Palestinian leaders and children before visiting Israel, sending a message of what was to come.
  • A year later, the Vatican signed a historic accord recognizing a “State of Palestine.”
  • In 2017,  Pope Francis received Abbas in the Vatican for the formal inauguration of the first Embassy of the State of Palestine to the Holy See.
  • In 2020, the love-in between the pope and the Palestinians continued when the Palestinian Liberation Organization asked the Vatican for help over a possible “West Bank annexation by Israel.”

So what’s another phone call by Abbas to the pope, this time lambasting Israel using the vilest propaganda? The truth is that Christians are persecuted in the Palestinian territories, and they often get caught in the middle of the Palestinian jihad against Israel. The pope has demonstrated repeatedly where his loyalties lie, despite the persecution of Christians by Palestinian Muslims, and despite the fact that the Palestinians seek a one-state solution, that is, the total destruction of Israel, as is clear from the original charters of all the major Palestinian political organizations.

Will the pope at least quietly back away from Abbas’ incitement?

“Abbas incites Church against Israel in phone call with the Pope,” by Nan Jacques Zilberdik, Palestinian Media Watch, July 26, 2022:

Under the guise of concern for Pope Francis’ health, PA Chairman Abbas exploited a phone call with the pope to incite and inflame the Church against Israel.

In their conversation, Abbas repeated the libel that Israel “attacks” Christian and Muslim holy sites:

”His Honor [Abbas] updated Pope Francis on the attacks to which the Christian and Islamic holy sites are being subjected, and especially the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

[Official PA TV News, July 12, 2022]

Palestinian Media Watch has documented numerous such statements that refer to the presence of Jews at these places as “invasions,” “break-ins,” and “attacks.” The statements also expose the PA’s antisemitic ideologies, declaring that the presence of Jews “defiles” and “desecrates” these holy sites.

Even PA Chairman Abbas has argued that Israelis “desecrate the sanctity of our holy sites”:

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas: ”The Israeli occupation forces are committing oppression and arbitrary acts in order to erase the holy city’s identity, change its spiritual and historical characteristics, desecrate the sanctity of our holy sites – the Islamic and Christian ones, and pressure its residents, visitors, and those coming to worship there. The Al-Aqsa Mosque is being subjected to invasions every day.” 

[Official PA TV News, March 31, 2019]

PLO Palestinian National Council Chairman Rawhi Fattouh recently reiterated Abbas’ statement, when he stressed that Israeli/Jewish presence “defiles” Muslim and Christian holy sites:

PLO Palestinian National Council Chairman Rawhi Fattouh: “Jerusalem is ours, the Noble Sanctuary (i.e., the Temple Mount) is ours, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is ours, the Wailing Wall is ours. It is all ours. Therefore, we will not let the occupation defile these holy sites.”

Russia drops gas pipeline supply to Germany by half while building massive new pipeline with China


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2022/07/russia-drops-gas-pipeline-supply-to-germany-by-half-while-building-massive-new-pipeline-with-china;

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The West is crumbling under the globalist Great Reset while Russia, China, and Iran are increasingly aggressive. Germany is now seeing unexpected runaway inflation because of a reduction in gas supply from Russia. Globalists focused on their misguided green plans, but those plans are now backfiring. Green-pushing Germany is turning to coal to offset the gas crisis stemming from Russia’s gas restriction.

Russia has dropped its gas pipeline supply to Germany by half, while building a massive new pipeline with China.

With the global mega shift, other countries are reshuffling for survival as well. Russia is also now expanding the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) — “a 7,200-kilometre (4,474-mile) network of railroads, highways and maritime routes that connects Russia and India through Iran.” India is excited about the project since it allows it to bypass Pakistan. And in June, Iran launched a “pilot transit of goods from Russia to India using the INSTC.”

The worst enemies of America are realigning to strengthen their economies, while Joe Biden compounds his failures and “progressives” remain fixated on transgender issues and how to sink Donald Trump.

Trump was ridiculed at the UN when he warned Germany about its dependence on Russian oil; Germany has now admitted it was wrong.

Even in the face of the mess that Biden continues to make of America, the Leftist hounds are still primarily focused on Trump for whatever role they conjured up — despite evidence to the contrary — that he supposedly played on January 6, 2021. Democrats are doing everything they can to continue the globalist agenda of the Great Reset that would see America destroyed. They are also fully aware of what Trump’s Make America Great Again plan would do to their global Great Reset.

“Germany accuses Russia of ‘power play’ as gas pipeline supply drops by half,” by Philip Oltermann, Guardian, June 27, 2022:

Germany has accused Moscow of engaging in “power play” over energy exports, as Russian state-run Gazprom further throttled gas supplies into Europe.

As announced two days earlier, the energy giant on Wednesday reduced the gas flow through Nord Stream 1 to 33m cubic metres a day – about 20% of the pipeline’s total capacity and half the amount it has been delivering since resuming service last week after 10 days of maintenance work.

According to network data from the gas transfer station in Lubmin, north-east Germany, only about 17m kilowatt hours of gas arrived between 8am and 9am, compared with more than 27m kWh between 6am and 7am.

Meanwhile, the Italian energy major Eni said it had been told by Gazprom it would only receive “approximately 27m cubic metres” of natural gas on Wednesday, down from around 34m cubic metres in recent days.

The Russian gas firm said gas flow was down because one of the last two operating turbines had to be halted due to a “technical condition of the engine” – an argument the German government in strong terms dismissed as a made-up pretext….

India deploys Russian-made surface-to-air missiles on border with China


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2022/07/india-deploys-russian-made-surface-to-air-missiles-on-border-with-china;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Here we go again: more strategic global alliances are being made with America’s enemies while America remains MIA (missing in action) under its decrepit leader and a party determined to destroy America. This time, India is buying surface-to-air Russian-made missiles and America isn’t happy about it.

But India is looking out for its interests.

Although India and China have worked to establish economic and diplomatic ties, “border issues remain a major flashpoint….The heightened tensions that reinflamed violence to the point of military killing in June 2020 thus made this border clash the worst in 45 years.” 

India’s focus under Trump was a tactical one. It was to develop “strategic partnerships with the United States and its allies while continuing strong relations with Russia and other long-standing partners to ‘balance’ its national security position.” And it isn’t about to change its tactics to appease old Joe, who cannot be relied upon.

“Report: India Adds Surface-to-Air Missiles to Border with China,” by Gabrielle Reyes, Breitbart, July 25, 2022:

New Delhi plans to install a new batch of surface-to-air missile systems along India’s northern Himalayan border with China by October, the Times of India reported on Monday, as the two neighbors remain engaged in a border standoff that began in June 2020.

“India’s capability to detect and destroy hostile fighters, strategic bombers, missiles and drones at long ranges will get another major boost when a new squadron of the S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile systems becomes operational along the northern borders with China in the next two to three months,” the Times of India reported on July 25.

“[D]eliveries of the second operational S-400 squadron through ships and aircraft are now underway from Russia,” the newspaper revealed, citing unnamed sources.

New Delhi has continued to move forward with a plan to acquire five S-400 surface-to-air missile systems from Moscow pursuant to a $5.5 million deal signed by the two parties in 2018.

The U.S. government maintains icy relations with the Kremlin and actively discourages other nations from supporting Moscow through defense deals. This attitude has caused Washington to publicly oppose India’s acquisition of the Russian anti-aircraft systems. The U.S. has additionally threatened to impose sanctions on New Delhi should it follow through with the business transaction. India, for its part, argues that it needs the Russian S-400s to counter a grave “national security” threat from China along the two Asian giants’ largely unmarked Himalayan boundary.

“India has told the US that the S-400 systems, the acquisition process for which began before CAATSA was enacted in 2017, are an ‘urgent national security requirement’ to counter its hostile neighbors…

Woke Military Brings Drag Show to Joint Base Langley-Eustis

SEE: https://tennesseestar.com/2022/07/31/air-force-diversity-festival-to-include-drag-show/

SEE: https://resistthemainstream.org/air-force-includes-drag-show-in-woke-diversity-festival/

Air Force Includes Drag Show in Woke ‘Diversity’ Festival at Langley


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2022/07/30/priorities-u-s-military-base-is-hosting-a-drag-show-n1617034;

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It seems as if every day lately there is another reason to break out the champagne in Moscow and Beijing, and Saturday was no exception: it was the day of Joint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE)’s first “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summer Festival,” featuring (what else), a drag show. What does all this woke nonsense have to do with winning wars? Oh, never mind that; that’s the old, white supremacist military! The new diverse military has other priorities altogether.

The festival, according to the Daily Wire, will feature “a series of performances and speeches, including a poem on ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ and a drag show by Joshua Kelley, who performs under the moniker Harpy Daniels.”

This isn’t some outsider, non-military-grade drag show, either. Harpy Daniels is actually a yeoman 3rd class in the United States Navy, and you can just imagine how proud John Paul Jones and Chester Nimitz would be if they saw young Harpy in action. He actually joined the Navy in order to finance his drag career. Back in the bad old days, young men joined the Navy out of a sense of patriotism (and no doubt a desire for adventure), but for Harpy it’s just a means to an end: “With drag being my number one passion,” Yeoman Harpy explained, “it quickly became costly. On top of just struggling to make ends meet and then pay college loans, the Navy became a great option to get myself situated in life.“

They’re going to get a bravura performance at JBLE, because Harpy gives it his or her or xis all: “Doing drag allows me to embrace my feminine side and allows me to bring my diversity and creativity out. When I put on a face, it’s a face of art and creativity, not just a face of make-up. To hear people cheer, laugh or cry, or even join in with you during a performance is an absolute thrill.”

Those straights and dweebs over at the Daily Wire note primly that Harpy’s “professional Instagram page features dozens of photos of him in drag, many of them heavily sexualized. Some of the photos show Kelley nude, though the photos themselves appear to not violate Instagram’s nudity policies.” My fellow Americans, this is your United States Navy!

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The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Summer Festival was the brainchild of the JBLE Breaking Barriers Alliance, a committee in the base’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion. How much attention JBLE’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, or its JBLE Breaking Barriers Alliance, devotes to actual efforts to defend the United States from military threats was not disclosed. The whole thing was approved at the top: JBLE’s commander, Colonel Gregory Beaulieu, green-lighted the festival, and it was off to the races, er, that is, off to the drag show. And not just a drag show: the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Summer Festival will also feature “bouncy houses and face painting for the children” who get bored with watching Harpy Daniels cavort.

A notable stick in the mud in all this has been Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI), ranking member of the House Subcommittee on Military Personnel, who dared to point out that the U.S. military should actually devote its attention to winning wars, not to woke virtue-signaling: “Diversity may be a strength for America, but it cannot be an organizing principle for the Pentagon. Actual strength — physical strength, mental strength, and overall end strength — is our strength. DEI initiatives risk sapping this strength. By co-opting the Woke Left’s obsession with racial and gender diversity, the Pentagon’s DEI evangelists are ironically stifling the very type of diversity that might improve military performance: intellectual diversity.”

The U.S. Air Force didn’t even have an Office of Diversity and Inclusion until Old Joe Biden started pretending to be president. But now that seems to be all that it’s about. JBLE explained in a statement that the goal of the Summer Festival was to “provide education and awareness, increase collaboration through outreach, and recognize the diverse composition of JBLE….JBLE leadership is committed to celebrating differences and cultivating an inclusive environment where every Airman, Soldier, and civilian feels valued.”

Well, heavens to betsy. We certainly don’t want our airmen or soldiers not to feel valued. Some curmudgeons might prefer that they feel equipped to defeat the enemy in combat, but come on, man! This is the twenty-first century!