Delaware “Assault Weapons” Ban Unconstitutional, Declares New Lawsuit

Delaware “Assault Weapons” Ban Unconstitutional, Declares New Lawsuit



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Following the Uvalde, Texas, mass shooting, Delaware’s Democratic Party — which controls the offices of governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and both chambers of the state’s legislature — rushed through nine gun-control bills in response. They largely ignored not only protections guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but also broader protections guaranteed by Article 1, Section 20 of the Delaware Constitution: “A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and State, and for hunting and recreational use.”   

And they largely ignored as well the recent ruling by the Supreme Court in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen. Following that ruling, the high court remanded (returned) pending lawsuits impacted by that ruling to the states to comply accordingly.

On Wednesday, the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association and several other groups and individuals sued Delaware state officials charged with enforcing the new law, asking the U.S. District Court of Delaware to render the law unenforceable.

The Delaware law makes it illegal to make, sell, purchase, or possess so-called assault weapons, including semi-automatic handguns and semi-automatic rifles such as the immensely popular AR-15 platform. It also bans possession of “large capacity” magazines, arbitrarily defined as containing more than 17 rounds of ammunition.

The law provides a long list of the newly-prohibited handguns and rifles and then, to make sure that if any were not included in the list they would also be banned, defined “assault” rifles as having detachable magazines and pistol grips, a flash suppressor, having a barrel shroud, and — unbelievably — the capability of launching grenades as well.

The lawsuit declares that “the State of Delaware recently enacted in law [a bill] which flouts the fundamental civil rights of Delawareans … by making them criminals — felons — for exercising one of their most exacted rights enshrined in both the Delaware Constitution and the United States Constitution.”

House Bill 450 and its companion Senate Bill 68 were signed into law on June 30 (the Uvalde shooting occurred on May 24) by Democrat Governor John Carney, who said at the time that “we have an obligation to do everything we can to prevent tragedies like we’ve seen around the country from happening here in Delaware.”

He said nothing about how similar bans have failed to prevent such shootings, nor did he say anything about the mental states of the shooters. It was all about inanimate objects and punishing their innocent owners in order to make a political statement.

From the lawsuit:

When House Bill 450 was signed into law on June 30, 2022, the State of Delaware criminalized possession, transportation and sale of common firearms used by law abiding citizens for lawful purposes — mislabeling them as “assault weapons” — making it a felony for law-abiding citizens to exercise their fundamental right to keep and bear such arms.

The plaintiffs

seek declaratory and injunctive relief not only on the basis that the Regulatory Scheme violates their rights under the Second and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, but also on the fact that the Regulatory Scheme violates their rights under Delaware Constitution, Article I Section 20; their rights to Due Process under the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article I, Section 7 of the Delaware Constitution; their right to Equal Protection under the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The lawsuit referred to the Bruen decision coupled with the Heller decision (District of Columbia v. Heller, decided by the Supreme Court in 2008) which “assert that the Second Amendment protects the carrying of weapons that are those ‘in common use’ at the time.”

It derided Delaware officials who passed the law, using the phrase “assault weapons” in the text:

The banned semiautomatic firearms deemed as “assault weapons” under the Regulatory Scheme, like all other semiautomatic firearms, fire only one round for each pull of the trigger.

They are not machine guns.

What is more, the designation “assault weapons” is a complete misnomer, “developed by anti-gun publicists” in their crusade against lawful firearm ownership.

Further, banning such “assault weapons” has historically had almost no impact on mass shootings:

According to a widely cited 2004 study, these arms “are used in a small fraction of gun crimes.” See Gary Kleck, Targeting Guns: Firearms and Their Control [for] evidence [that] indicates that “well under 1% of [crime guns] are ‘assault rifles.’”

More recent data confirms Kleck’s 2004 conclusions. FBI crime statistics found that of the average of 14,556 homicides committed annually for the past decade, rifles typically account for just 314 of them. And in 2019, the latest year for which records are available, Delaware suffered 48 homicides, with none of them attributed to a rifle.

Of the five judges currently sitting on the U.S. District Court of Delaware, two were appointed by President Donald Trump, one was appointed by President Ronald Reagan, and the other two were appointed by Presidents Obama and Biden.

The New American will keep its readers advised of developments in the case.

Deep State jails Dr Gold with violent felons; moves Ghislaine Maxwell to ‘Club Fed’

BY Eliyahu Tulshinski


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

How Deep State actors in every branch of government act in concert to quell dissent

Anyone looking for a good way to explain how the “deep state” works can find it here, in the juxtaposition of jail conditions for a sex trafficker and someone who walked through open doors and stayed inside the velvet ropes of the Capitol for a grand total of 25 minutes before making her way out through the crowd.


Jokingly referred to as "white-collar, minimum-security resorts," prisons like the Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institution seem to fit the bill, with inmates spending their days playing intramural flag football, softball, and volleyball, taking yoga and Pilates classes, playing musical instruments, participating in hobby craft programs such as painting, leather, art, and ceramics and receiving academic training in business management and apprenticeships in woodwork and cooking, not to mention talent shows and movie nights. All in a calm atmosphere free of the fear prevalent in high-security prisons filled with violent inmates.

ABOVE: Federal Detention Center Miami

This prison’s newest resident, Ghislaine Maxwell, appears to be an aberration, though, boasting a conviction that is in no way “white collar.” Before her transfer to this cushy facility, she was found guilty of recruiting, grooming, and procuring multiple teen girls to be sexually abused over a decade both by her and by late financier and pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

A tale of two jails

Contrast the incarceration conditions of child trafficker Maxwell with that of America’s Frontline Doctors founder, Simone Gold, MD. Dr. Gold was incarcerated yesterday (July 26) at the Federal Detention Center of Miami, a prison that includes high-security risk, violent offenders. In place of in-person academic courses, paid correspondence courses are permitted. In place of cooking and woodwork, prisoners are trained to be janitors and food handlers. No talent shows, softball, or apprenticeships. And no calm atmosphere. Roving patrols and restricted movement reflect the security risks from the prisoners while the conviction, not long ago, of a prison guard at the Miami facility, for the rape of a female detainee, illustrates how women must be on guard against fellow inmates and staff members alike. And all visiting has been suspended “until further notice.”

Dr. Gold, a female, middle-aged doctor, and lawyer has all the qualifications listed by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) for minimum security designation: no previous record of aggressive behavior in her life, let alone criminal activity, relatively short incarceration of 58 days, who voluntarily surrendered for her confinement, and is incarcerated for the lowest level of offense (misdemeanor trespass) with no victims. Maxwell, with a 20-year sentence on a high-level sex trafficking offense with multiple minor victims, and an automatically high-security risk rating according to BOP rules, clearly appears to be a case of preferential treatment of a member of the “elite”. 

How could the BOP rules be turned upside down to place Dr. Gold with high-security inmates? The BOP simply did not assign her to prison for a specific risk level. Had they done so, she would have been at a minimum security “camp”. Instead, BOP officials placed Dr. Gold in a so-called “administrative facility,” the type of federal prison which holds inmates in all security categories together. A high-security prisoner may even be placed in the same cell as a minimum security detainee. 

Cruel and unusual 

This appears to fly in the face of congressional intent in laws on the books since 1948 calling for the “segregation of Federal prisoners according to the nature of the offenses committed” and mandating that, 

A sentence for an offense punishable by imprisonment for one year or less shall not be served in a penitentiary without the consent of the defendant.

The BOP “broadens that prohibition to include any High-security institution.” Thus, the BOP itself has a policy keeping those serving time for misdemeanors separate from high-security felons, and for good reason. The Eighth Amendment prohibits the infliction of “cruel and unusual punishments”. Congress certainly believed it unusual to place misdemeanants with violent felons. Even overcrowding and long sentences have been found to violate the cruel and unusual punishment clause.

What BOP bureaucrat would want to go against their own employer’s guidelines, potentially violate the constitution, and wreak havoc on someone’s life? 

Deep State

People with a decidedly anti-freedom and anti-America First political bent have gravitated in huge numbers to jobs within the federal bureaucracy. There they earn almost twice the income of American workers in the private sector, whose tax dollars fund their positions. The overwhelming majority of the agencies in which they work have no formal procedure for addressing “chronically poorly performing workers”. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) found it “often takes from six months to over a year to fire an employee.” Millions of federal employees were never elected and 99.8% of them will never be fired.


How hard is it to get into the other 0.2 percent? Congressman Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI) tried to find out, quizzing the head of the EPA about why it had not yet fired an employee who had been confined to a nursing home for over two years, another who “worked from home” but had not contacted her office in five years, one who ran a business out of her EPA office, and one who created a sexually harassing office environment by viewing 7,000 pornographic files on his office computer, two to six hours a day for five years. Almost a year later, the porn addict was still receiving his salary.


If the failures of federal bureaucrats were limited to bad character and fraud it would be bad enough, particularly for the middle-class workers whose taxes support them. Unfortunately, those in policy-making positions, like FDA and CDC officials, may do more damage, endangering the health of our nation, to please their potential future bosses in the government’s revolving door, where companies often hire agency staffers who had a hand in promoting their drugs.


The next level up in government corruption is to not just take our money and deceive us but to avenge anyone who would expose those lower levels of malfeasance. 

Deep State in Congress

Since those exposing corruption tend to not be corrupt, they are normally shielded from prosecutorial overreach, that is, unless the legislative branch overlegislates criminality. As philosopher Ayn Rand noted after her escape from near starvation in the Soviet Union, 

The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.

Despite Rand’s warnings, deep state legislative aids, and their elected bosses in Congress, created so many thousands of criminal offenses that constitutional scholar Alan M. Dershowitz wrote the forward for a book entitled, “Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent”.

Deep State in the FBI

Once the labyrinth of impossible-to-learn laws is on the books, the federal police (FBI) need to do their part if law enforcement is to be politicized. And that they did, assigning a huge percentage of their staff to track down peaceful January 6th protestors and breaking down their doors, even as many child predators cross state borders with impunity, then returning to their previous state of disinterest in arresting protestors when the protestor’s politics match theirs. 

Deep State in the DOJ

Once the FBI conducts politically motivated investigations and arrests, the DOJ has to be willing to go along with it and prosecute the victims of police overreach. Deep state actors in the DOJ appear to have done just that, zealously. Federal prosecutors improperly overcharged Jan 6 defendants to get them to falsely confess to ‘knowingly’ trespassing and coerced them to waive their right to appeal, while they dropped all charges against the trespassing staff of Stephen Colbert.

Deep State on the Bench

Selective prosecution by the DOJ could, of course, be blocked by politically neutral judges, but, again, deep state actors, this time judges with lifetime appointments, could not be relied upon to stop corruption. The judge assigned to Dr. Gold’s case ignored his own grave conflicts of interest while openly attacking Dr. Gold’s stance on freedom and openly applauding anti-free speech socialists who disrupted SCOTUS.

Deep State in the Executive Branch

The final safeguard likewise provided no protection against corruption. Deep state aides to the chief executive will not recommend a pardon for Dr. Gold even as deep state operatives in the BOP assign her to cruel and unusual conditions.

Weaponized Prosecution

Share and #FreeDrGold and see previous articles in our series on the politicization of prosecution: 


Lawless tyrant Zelensky echoes Nazi fascists, issues BLACKLIST of US lawmakers and journalists while skimming BILLIONS from US taxpayers



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) While skimming billions of dollars from US taxpayers, Ukraine’s puppet “president” Zelensky has issued a threatening blacklist that specifically names US lawmakers and journalists as being “Russian propagandists” who should be rejected by media and society.

To the shock of many, among those names are US Senator Rand Paul, congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, and prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Anyone who disagrees with Zelensky is now apparently going to be named a kind of “Putin puppet,” as if the installed leader of a European country is now allowed to dictate a kind of reputation score for US lawmakers and journalists.

This is the sort of tactic used in fascist, authoritarian states, smacking of Nazi Germany and the old Soviet Union under Stalin. And this is on top of Zelensky pursuing the following despicable tactics, all rooted in authoritarianism and tyranny:

  • banning all opposition political parties in Ukraine
  • outlawing all media except those outlets controlled by his regime
  • outlawing books, films, music, artwork, and theatrical productions that reference the Russo-ethnic history of Ukraine (essentially banning true history)

As Glenn Greenwald detailed in this Twitter thread:

Before Russia’s invasion and since, Zelensky has abolished basic liberties: shuttered opposition media, outlawed parties, imprisoned dissidents.

As Ukraine demands money and arms from the West, they now want to export this repression to our countries with McCarthyite blacklists:

You can see the full Ukrainian blacklist, obtained by @unherd. Beyond the individuals listed above, officially maligned are @JeffDSachs, @RandPaul, former Brazil President @LulaOficial, Col. Douglas MacGregor, Caleb Maupin, Marine LePen, and many others:

It takes extreme audacity for Zelensky and his henchmen to go around the world demanding other nations send massive amounts of weapons and money to him, then try to suppress dissent in our countries by smearing journalists and citizens who question.

Zelensky is a raging lunatic tyrant, drunk with power and a danger to the entire world

In effect, Zelensky has become a raging lunatic tyrant who demands tens of billions of dollars from the USA under the false label of “defending democracy” while he actually marches in lockstep with the tyrants of history like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

Zelensky’s rightful place in the hierarchy of authoritarian history might be alongside Kim Jong-Un, Fidel Castro, or Pol Pot. Yet somehow he is celebrated by the twisted, deceitful western media as a god-like hero who is tasked with saving western Europe from the ravages of Russia.

Yet Russia provides the only real hope for the people of Ukraine to escape their enslavement under Zelensky, a tyrant who spent nearly 8 years authorizing military strikes against the innocent people of the Donbass region, waging war against civilians while running secret police operations across the country, complete with assassinations of political opponents and secret disappearances of government critics.

This was all done with the full guidance of the CIA, of course, as has now been readily admitted by the Washington Post and other news outlets. Zelensky has been a puppet all along, which isn’t surprising, given his background as a gay comedian and TV actor who was easily blackmailed into compliance with dirt from his sketchy past. So now, when Russia explains they are working to “de-Nazify” Ukraine, it all makes sense. Zelensky also worked to support the Azov Nazi battalion which has terrorized Ukraine’s civilians for years and was only beaten back when Russia initiated its Special Military Operation to demilitarize the Ukraine regime that was murdering innocent civilians (including children).

For the sake of the people of Ukraine, we can only hope that somebody removes Zelensky from power soon, whether that be achieved by the USA, Russia, or a Ukrainian military coup. The sooner Zelensky is removed, the sooner negotiations can begin with Russia for a peaceful resolution. And that means the needless deaths of Ukrainian men can finally come to a halt, far too late and long after Zelensky has sacrificed the lives of tens of thousands of innocent Ukrainians in order to try to protect his own lawless regime that panders to the west.

THANK GOD: Russia announces intent to help the people of Ukraine eliminate raging tyrant Zelensky

Fortunately for the people of Ukraine, Russia is now expanding the scope of its military operation and is apparently planning on removing Zelensky from power. As detailed by Zero Hedge:

Russia has for the first time stated as among its ultimate war aims is to achieve regime change in Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in Sunday remarks which were publicized Monday that Moscow will help the Ukrainian people “get rid of the regime” in Kiev.
Going into early summer, the Russian military had focused its battlefield goals on “liberating” the Donbas, but this latest Lavrov comment on removing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky represents the most expansive war aim yet.

“We are determined to help the people of eastern Ukraine to liberate themselves from the burden of this absolutely unacceptable regime,” Lavrov said while meeting with Arab League officials in Egypt.

In similar fashion, Donetsk leader Denis Pushilin has declared that Russia must now continue its military operation westward, eliminating the Nazis and fascists from Odessa, Kiev, and all Ukrainian cities originally founded under the Soviet Union.


The President of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin stated that it was time to liberate Russian cities such as Kyiv and other large cities.

The Russia Today website quoted Pushilin as saying: It is time to liberate the Russian cities founded by the Russian people again, such as Kyiv Chernigov, Poltava, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, and Lutsk.

Since the Donetsk People’s Republic declared its independence from Kyiv in 2014, this region has been subjected to regular bombardment by Ukrainian forces.

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As Zelensky, NATO and the USA have made quite clear, the only way for Russia to be safe from western aggression is to eliminate Ukraine’s fascist regime and allow the people of Ukraine to elect their own leaders (rather than having the CIA install obedient puppets).

We would estimate that Zelensky’s days are numbered, one way or the other.

Ending the fascist Zelensky regime is the only way to stop the genocide against ethnic Russians in Ukraine

It is becoming increasingly obvious to Russia and the people of Donetsk that the only way to stop Zelensky’s terrorism and anti-human mass killings of russo-ethnic civilians is to take Zelensky out and end his fascist regime once and for all. Like Adolf Hitler — also a crazed, power-hungry genocidal lunatic like Zelensky — at some point, the honorable powers of the world must pay the cost of removing evil from this world, even if it means fighting a war to achieve that outcome.

In a previous era, America and the United Kingdom sacrificed to end Adolf Hitler’s evil regime. Russia paid a heavy price in taking part in that chapter of history, losing over 20 million men fighting the Nazis. Now, it seems Russia is being called upon to repeat that sacrifice for the benefit of the future of humankind. A world run by CIA puppets like Zelensky is a tyrannical, despotic world that cannot be allowed to unfold. Zelensky and his controllers must be prevented from enslaving all of humanity.

In summary, Zelensky is the rendition of pure evil. He is 100% in alignment with the anti-human LGBT agenda, the “woke” demonic propaganda of the west, the climate change hoax that crushes human civilization, the vaccine death/depopulation agenda, extreme censorship of his own people, and all the other horrific pillars of evil that now characterize western nations like Germany, France, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. These western nations are steeped in satanism, child murder (infanticide), child grooming, transgender mutilations, rigged elections, extreme censorship, illegal persecutions of political enemies (J6), and similar crimes against humanity.

Truth be told, removing Zelensky is just step one of the courses of action needed to save humanity from satanism and collapse. The illegitimate enemy occupying force currently running the illegitimate regime in America must also be democratically removed from power, prosecuted for their crimes, and punished for their crimes against our world.

Only then can we all get back to peaceful coexistence, global free trade, affordable food, fertilizer, energy, farming, and abundance.

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Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald reveals truth about Ukraine’s Zelenskyy in brutal Twitter thread



‘I Am Kamala Harris. My Pronouns Are She and Her. I Am a Woman Sitting At the Table Wearing a Blue Suit.’




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Yes, it has come to this. History will record that the Vice President of the United States, a heartbeat away from leading what they used to call the free world, opened a meeting on July 26, 2022, by stating with the utmost seriousness: “I am Kamala Harris. My pronouns are ‘she’ and ‘her.’ I am a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit.” She even looked down at her lapel as she said “wearing a –” and paused briefly as if to verify that the suit was still blue and hadn’t started to identify as gray or black while she wasn’t looking.

When we were kids in the 1960s and 1970s, we thought that by the 2020s, we’d be driving around in star cruisers and flying to the moon for dinner. Instead, we have to announce to a waiting world whether we are male, female, or something else altogether, and the color of our clothing.

Harris, of course, wasn’t being gratuitously ridiculous, or at least any more than she usually is. She was addressing a “Roundtable with Disability Advocates,” and everyone else who spoke also began by stating their pronouns and what they were wearing. This was apparently intended to be an attempt to make blind people feel more included; when Greg Price responded to this spectacle with “wtf lol,” Kendall Brown, who describes himself/herself (who knows these days?) as a “healthcare advocate fighting to defeat Republican supermajorities,” shot back: “It’s an event commemorating the Americans with Disabilities Act, you mean-spirited ghoul. Attendees decided to help blind participants feel more included by using visual language when introducing themselves. Straight up, there is no difference between the childhood bully mocking disabled kids on the playground and sh**ty dudes like @greg_price11 mocking disabled adults who are just trying to make the world a tiny bit friendlier for one another. How dead inside do you have to be to mock disabled people trying to be more inclusive of disabled people at an event for disabled people?”

Brown might have a case if all Harris had done was announce what color suit she was wearing, although it’s silly to think that blind people will feel more “included” if everyone begins speaking by announcing his or her choice of attire. There have been blind people throughout history, including some people of immense achievement (Homer, Galileo, John Milton, Jorge Luis Borges, Helen Keller, Andrea Bocelli, Ray Charles, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Stevie Wonder, and on and on), and I’m not aware of a single one in any time or place whoever said, “I sure would feel a lot more included if y’all would tell me what you were wearing.”

This was just silly pandering and virtue-signaling, and Harris’ adding in the pronouns made it even worse. Blind people can hear if someone is male or female, but not in the Left’s fantasy world, in which Rachel Levine and Caitlyn Jenner are women and they have to tell you so because it isn’t obvious just from hearing their voices. It was marginally reassuring that Harris acknowledged that she is a woman, but just by engaging in the act of doing so, she showed that she accepts the pervasive madness and thinks that it is altogether fitting and proper for a human being to preface his or her or xis remarks by announcing his or her or xis gender.

Related: Kamala Harris Goes Full Groomer, Wants LGBT Teachers to ‘Love Openly’ in Their Classrooms

The video of Harris solemnly intoning that she was a woman wearing a blue suit was also reminiscent of some of her previous enunciations of the blazingly obvious, as when she said: “So, Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So basically, that’s wrong.” Basically. Harris, in fact, has a reputation for articulating things that others would never think were worth saying, as when she famously this, but about what is still unclear: “The significance of the passage of time, right? The significance of the passage of time. So when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time … there is such great significance to the passage of time.”

Yes, and to her (checks lapel) blue suit. Our age will be remembered as one of a peculiar society-wide flight from reality, and pronouncements such as Harris’ declaration of her gender and what she was wearing will stand as indications of how pervasive the fantasies really were. One day, we’ll wake up from all this, just as Salem woke up from the witch trial hysteria. Until then, Kamala Harris and other Leftists will continue their valiant war against facts that once were and will one day again be obvious.