The Unholy Alliance Between White Supremacism and Islamic Jihad

Army Private sent sensitive military info to white supremacist group to facilitate jihad attack.



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The official propaganda line that the regime would have us believe, solemnly repeated by Old Joe Biden, Gestapo chief Merrick Garland, and others is that “white supremacists” constitute the greatest terror threat the nation faces today. The only problem with this scenario is that in the absence of a large number of white supremacist terror attacks, the narrative has had to be shored up by branding parents as terrorists for being angry about drag queen story hour in elementary schools. That is not to say, however, that there is no white supremacist terrorism at all. It’s just not a matter of MAGA hat-wearing rednecks descending on obscure gay black actors in sub-zero weather while declaring that Chicago is “MAGA country.” Reality, as always, is more complicated than the narrative, as a recent case illustrates.

Last week, according to the Justice Department, a U.S. Army private named Ethan Phelan Melzer, who also went by the name Etil Reggad, “pled guilty to attempting to murder U.S. service members, providing and attempting to provide material support to terrorists, and illegally transmitting national defense information.” Melzer was involved with the Order of the Nine Angles (O9A), which the DOJ says is “an occult-based, neo-Nazi, and white supremacist group.” But no one is wearing MAGA hats in this crowd: “O9A espouses neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, and Satanic beliefs, and promotes extreme violence to accelerate and cause the demise of Western civilization.  The group has expressed admiration both for Nazis, such as Adolf Hitler, and Islamic jihadists, such as Usama Bin Laden, the now-deceased former leader of al Qaeda.”

The group didn’t just admire bin Laden; it wanted to emulate him. Melzer, the DOJ explains, “planned a jihadist attack on his U.S. Army unit in the days leading up to a deployment to Turkey and sent sensitive details about the unit” to O9A. Underscoring the seriousness of this plot is the fact that this information included details of his unit’s “location, movements, and security.” This wouldn’t have been the first time O9A committed an act of terrorism: “Members and associates of O9A have also participated in acts of violence, including murders. O9A members are instructed to fulfill ‘sinister’ deeds, including ‘insight roles,’ where they attempt to infiltrate various organizations, including the military, to gain training and experience, commit acts of violence, identify like-minded individuals, and ultimately subvert those groups from within.”

That was why Melzer joined the Army in the first place: solely in order to set up this attack. No one initially suspected him, however, and so in October 2019, he went to Italy as part of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team. While he was there, however, Melzer “consumed propaganda from multiple extremist groups, including O9A and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, which is also known as ISIS.” He also “subscribed to encrypted online forums where he downloaded and accessed videos of jihadist attacks on U.S. troops and facilities and jihadist executions of civilians and soldiers, in addition to far-right, neo-Nazi, and other white supremacist propaganda.”

Then in May 2020, Melzer was reassigned to a different unit, and classified briefings as part of his training to deploy with it. He started passing on this information to O9A, and to “a sub-group of O9A known as the ‘RapeWaffen Division,’ providing details about his unit’s anticipated deployment including troop movements, relevant dates, locations, armaments, topography, and security, all in connection with the proposed attack on his unit and the Military Base.” Melzer himself and other O9A members referred to what they were planning a “jihadi attack” and envisioned it as a “mass casualty” event that would kill numerous U.S. service members. He also passed on this information to someone who represented himself as a member of al-Qaeda.

Melzer understood the gravity of what he was doing, telling other O9A members: “[y]ou just gotta understand that currently, I am risking my literal free life to give you all this.” He said he was willing to die to pull off his attack, but “I would’ve died successfully…cause [] another 10-year war in the Middle East would definitely leave a mark.”

So the DOJ got its white supremacist terrorist, but he had nothing to do with pro-Trump conservatives and turned out to be working hand-in-glove with the jihad terrorists that the Biden administration has consistently downplayed or ignored outright. Once again, the narrative of the political and media elites is shown to be false – not, of course, that they will take any notice of that, much less change course.

Parent infiltrates “transgender” training session for teachers


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

MassResistance parent infiltrates “transgender” training session for elementary school teachers – asks presenters hard questions.

Instruction on pushing “gender” ideology on children: Withhold info from parents because of “safety concerns.” Professional development course for teachers in Washington State run by national LGBT organization GLSEN.

July 4, 2022
LGBT pronoun buttons for children are part of the indoctrination process supplied to teachers.

Unknown to the public, many states enlist national LGBT organizations to instruct elementary school teachers on how to push transgenderism (both “gender” ideology and transgender behaviors) and homosexuality to very young children. In Washington State (and many other locales), this is done through state-run “professional development” sessions that teachers attend to keep their certification.

Here we have a report from a MassResistance mother who attended and confronted the instructors with some hard questions. Their answers were very offensive and revealed their anti-family radicalism.

Run by a national LGBT activist group that targets schoolchildren

Elementary school teachers across Washington State were invited to the professional development Zoom seminar on October 28, 2021. This session was organized and run by the national LGBT activist group GLSEN, which clearly described what the training would cover.

Online professional development seminar invitation sent to elementary school teachers across Washington State.

MassResistance has long warned about GLSEN – the “Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network” and its founder Kevin Jennings. GLSEN now has a presence in almost every high school in America (and many middle schools) via its toxic “gay-straight alliance” student clubs. It is one of the main disseminators of LGBTQ propaganda and sexuality materials to schoolchildren.

Back in 1996, MassResistance reported how GLSEN pioneered the dishonest strategy of claiming that homosexual programs needed to be in high schools to make students “safe.” But that was just the beginning. It later became clear that the homosexual activists intended to use that argument to expand their reach down to the youngest elementary students, and to go beyond gay and lesbian propaganda to include transgenderism.

Using GLSEN’s “Elementary School Toolkit”

The focus of the Washington Zoom session was implementing GLSEN’s “toolkit” for elementary schools titled “Ready, Set, Respect!

From the GLSEN "toolkit" for elementary schools.

“Ready, Set, Respect!” uses the cover of anti-bullying, “anti-bias,” and respect to push LGBT “family structures” and “gender roles” to young children. It provides “tools to support elementary educators with these efforts.” But this seminar went much farther than that. It instructed teachers on how to normalize transgenderism in young children and gave strategies to keep parents from interfering.

The seminar starts: Separating kids from parents

A conservative teacher showed the invitation to a mother in our Washington State MassResistance group. The teacher registered, and the mother could then log in to the Zoom session. It got right down to business:

Identifying “trusted adults” kids can talk to. The session began with one of the presenters, a lesbian elementary school teacher, talking about the “support” that elementary schools should be setting up. The first step is identifying “open and accepting” staff members who can be the “trusted adults” with whom children can “safely” talk about LGBT issues – instead of their parents. In particular, this includes the guidance counselor, the school administrators, and especially teachers who put “LGBTQIA Safe Space” stickers on their classroom doors.

Helping with kids “coming out.” “We’ve actually had in my elementary school several fourth-graders come out since the beginning of the school year,” the presenting teacher said. “Some of them have told their parents about it, and some have not.” She said that she “walks a fine line” between helping kids be comfortable as LGBT, and having to deal with unsupportive parents who find out what she’s doing and accuse her of recruiting or grooming their child. This is a lot trickier in elementary schools than in high schools, she said.

Giving the kids LGBT books. She also said that another “quandary” with kids coming out is getting homosexual or transgender books into the child’s hands “that positively represent people they can identify with” versus parents who find those books obscene and objectionable. “Some parents can be really weird about that,” she said.

Ordering stickers, etc., from GLSEN. One of the GLESN representatives mentioned that teachers can order posters, stickers, and other materials from the GLSEN “kits” to help with “barriers or complications that might come up” in working with children “coming out.” “You need to feel safe helping the students,” she said.

The term "safe space" means being safe at school from the children's "harmful" parents.

Question from MassResistance mother: "Isn’t it better to work with parents and keep them in the loop? I don’t understand why you would want to keep secrets from parents."

GLSEN staffer claims that parents endanger the child: The GLSEN staffer basically answered that telling the parent puts a child “at risk.” She said, “A lot of students are not living in safe situations. So you want to be affirming in the classroom so that the student is able to learn and not putting the child at risk at home.” She said that if a child hasn’t “outed” himself to his parents, then the teacher is careful not to tell the parent. This includes not using the child’s “preferred” name and pronoun in front of the parent if the parent doesn’t already support that. In other words, the teacher makes a judgment that the parent is a possible danger to the child.

Response from MassResistance mother: She immediately responded:

But they are the parents! If their child is thinking about these things and is going through a “transition period,” they need to be brought in because it’s their child. They’re responsible for the child, the whole package. They’re part of the child’s world. So if you’re working with a student, you should also be working with the parent.

The lesbian teacher uses more LGBT talking points: The lesbian teacher answered by doubling down on the well-crafted (and offensive) LGBT talking points about parents being possibly dangerous to their kids.

When I was in high school, I had lots of friends who were gay or lesbian. I knew a lot of people who got kicked out of their house as teenagers because their parents were not supportive or OK with it. And I wouldn’t want to be the teacher that got a kid kicked out of their house because they weren’t out to their parents and I outed them. You have a responsibility of confidentiality to students just like a doctor or a counselor would have if they come to you and their parents don’t know. Yes, parents should be in the loop about things that involve their kids: If the child’s failing in a course, they should know. If the child’s doing great in something or needs extra enrichment, they should know. But if you have a parent that’s very closed-minded, and potentially going to do physical, mental, or emotional harm to that child if they find out, you have a responsibility to protect that child’s confidentiality. You don’t have a responsibility to the parent to out that child. Ethically, I just think you’re putting that child in harm’s way. I can’t find any way to justify that.

GLSEN staffer says “safety” is the priority: The GLSEN staffer added that the teacher might want to have a conversation with the administration about a child, but she wholeheartedly agreed with the presenter that “a child’s safety takes priority.”

MassResistance mother continues: She wouldn’t let it go:

Is the child capable of judging the parent? But more importantly, the parent has the child for the rest of their life, and teachers have them just temporarily for nine months or whatever. So I think there’s a missing step if you’re not connecting with the parent to help that child.

The answer uses more LGBT talking points: A GLSEN staffer answered that “In Washington state, the law is very clear that the right to names, pronouns, and gender within the school setting belongs solely to the student and not the parent.” [NOTE: Actually the law only says that the child has the right to use a different name and pronoun in school. It does not prohibit disclosure to a parent.]

She also trotted out the unfounded narrative that “For transgender and non-binary kids, the rate of suicide and the rate of homelessness, I mean, it’s astronomical.” She added, “We’re talking about identity and not anything to do with academics.” (“Identity” is another unfounded concept that is foremost in these educators’ minds, replacing academics.)

About the “transitioning” of kids: Another GLSEN speaker started talking about the different ways that young children “transition” their “gender”:

Not every trans experiences the same things … They may wear the same clothes they wore before … they may change clothes. For me, I’m non-binary. My transition was changing my pronouns. But I dress the same, talk the same. … We’re talking about how that child views himself and whether that view, that identity, will be accepted by their parents or not, and whether that would put them in a harmful situation. It’s got to be the kid’s call.

That was the end of the discussion. After that, the main GLSEN presenter went into a slide show about all the different ways that the “Ready, Set, Respect!” Tool Kit can help the elementary school curricula and activities.

Final thoughts

The LGBT movement’s frightening obsession with children and the lengths they are willing to go to achieve their goals are certainly revealed here. Their statement that parents who disagree or interfere with schools’ efforts to groom children into “transgenderism” are doing terrible harm to their own children should be scoffed at. But instead, it has become mainstream thinking in education circles and even among politicians.

Similarly, their statement that “transgender” children become suicidal when parents and others don’t accept their new “true identity” is the exact opposite of the truth. People often become desperate and suicidal when they realize that they’ve mutilated themselves chasing after a false and unachievable identity.

Note that the LGBT movement and the Left in general often lie about what “the law” actually says – so take care always to read it yourself.

And finally, keep in mind that groups like GLSEN are funded by major US corporations. For example, every time you shop at Target or Walmart you are helping to pay for toxic programs like the one described here.

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Glazov Gang: Elmo Pushes Clot Shots for Kids

Sesame Street promotes the death jab for toddlers and babies.

Glazov Gang: Elmo Pushes Clot Shots for Kids | FrontpageMag



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This new Glazov Gang episode features Leo Hohmann, a veteran investigative reporter and author whose book, Stealth Invasion, spent the majority of 2017 among’s top 10 books on immigration. Visit him at

Leo discusses Elmo Pushes Clot Shots for Kids, analyzing how Sesame Street is promoting the death jab for toddlers and babies.

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Paul Watson Video: Hoes Mad



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Check out the short video below:

COVID-19 Positive Even After Five Vaccinations!

I’ve had not only five vaccines, I’ve had the protective antibodies and the virus got me anyway for the one event I attended in two and a half years. One event. Everyone had been vaccinated. I got it and a bunch of other people got it. Five vaccines and protective antibodies. Virus went right through it. This is not an ordinary virus. Nor is it seasonal. Is this the winter that we’re talking about? No, we’re talking about summer.

70,000 truck owner-operators in California may be forced to stop driving in one week due to new state law

Image: 70,000 truck owner-operators in California may be forced to stop driving in one week due to new state law



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) A Supreme Court decision may force over 70,000 truck owner-operators in California to stop driving, creating another choke point in the already stressed West Coast logistics networks.

The AB5 law restricts the use of independent contractors and will soon be enforced against the trucking industry after the court declined to hear their appeal.

The California Trucking Association said in a statement that gasoline has been poured on the fire that is the ongoing supply chain crisis, and the decision by the Supreme Court could deny a judicial review of a lower court ruling.

In an end-of-term orders list released in June, the Supreme Court denied the review of the 9th Circuit’s reversal of the injunction against enforcement of the AB5, which is against the state’s trucking industry. This injunction, which has been in place for over two years, will be lifted quickly.

The group said that in addition to the direct impact on the owner-operators who only have seven days to cease operations of their long-standing businesses, the impact of taking tens to thousands of truck drivers off the road can have devastating repercussions on the already fragile supply chain – which increases costs and worsens inflation.

The association also asked the Supreme Court for a review of a case that challenged California’s Assembly Bill 5, which is a law that sets out three tests to determine whether or not a worker is an employee entitled to job benefits or an independent contractor who isn’t. The trucking industry relies on contractors and has fought for an exemption from state regulations because of federal laws.

With few exceptions, the relationship between independent truckers and their carriers, brokers, and shippers will be governed by the tests, and the association has expressed its disappointment with the court’s refusal to recognize the “irrevocable damage” that could happen by eliminating independent truckers on interstate commerce and communities.

The transportation industry is now taking action to see how business models will fit the new paradigm, according to Harbor Trucking Association Chief Executive Officer Matt Schrap.

He said this move will have a profound effect on driver supply, adding that many entrepreneurs use contract models as the pathway for trucking opportunities. “We’ve got many companies who have been planning for this, but we’ll see how the chips fall.” (Related: Coronavirus hits grocery workers, truck drivers; supply chain now in danger.)

AB5 is killing small trucking businesses in California

Assembly Bill 5, which was passed in 2019, put forward a strict “ABC Test” that determines whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor. The California Trucking Association challenged it and obtained a preliminary injunction, however, the decision was overturned on appeal, remaining in place pending the CTA’s appeal to the Supreme Court. (Related: Shortage of truck drivers in the US forces companies to look overseas.)

The AB5 took a 2018 state Supreme Court decision that said certain workers should be presumed employees instead of independent contractors when evaluating wages and hour classifications in class-action cases.

To be considered an independent contractor, there are conditions to be met. First is that the worker is free from the control and direction of the hiring entity in connection with the performance of the work, both under the contract for the performance of the work and in fact; second, it posits that the worker performs work that is outside the usual course of the hiring entity’s business; and third is that the worker is customarily engaged in an independently established trade, occupation or business that is of the same nature as the work performed.

Most legal analysis of the ruling agrees that the test sets an impossible standard for most motor carriers using independent contractor-owner operations.

The California Trucking Association’s lawsuit also contended that the AB5 legislation forbids states from enacting laws relating to prices, routes, and motor carrier services.

The court agreed and granted an injunction prohibiting the enforcement of AB5 with respect to the trucking industry, but the decision was reversed on appeal by a panel of the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Trucking companies are recommended to “look at various options” to restructure their delivery models in California. For instance, they can use the same drivers as employees, although this is not likely because most of the drivers prefer to be independent contractors. They own their own trucks and have their own businesses, to begin with.

Visit for more news related to the ongoing supply chain crisis.

Watch this video that talks about how AB5 is killing small trucking in California.

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Trucking industry is short 80,000 truck drivers amid supply chain crisis.

Get ready for more shortages: Truck driver shortage is getting worse and there aren’t enough drivers to fix the problem.

Truck driver warns supply chain crisis will not end unless port congestion, labor shortage, and other long-term issues are resolved.

Shortage of truck drivers in the US forces companies to look overseas.

Sources include:

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO says she’ll give thousands of dollars to any female employee seeking an abortion

Image: MURDER WITH DICKS: Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO says she’ll give thousands of dollars to any female employee seeking an abortion



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) The increasingly “woke” retail chain Dick’s Sporting Goods is once again proving why Americans who value life and liberty should never set foot inside another one of their stores ever again.

Following the historic U.S. Supreme Court decision last week to overturn one of the worst SCOTUS rulings in history — Roe v. Wade, the legalization of infanticide in America — the company’s CEO, Lauren Hobert — likely without even consulting the company’s board of directors — put out a statement that women employees in states that now ban abortions or severely limit them will be provided financial assistance to travel out of that state to get an abortion.

She posted on LinkedIn: “At DICK’S, our teammates are the heart of our business, and we are committed to protecting their health and well-being.

“Today, the Supreme Court announced a decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, removing the federal right to an abortion and leaving the decision up to each state.

“While we do not know what decision each state will make in response to this ruling, we at DICK’S Sporting Goods are prepared to ensure that all of our teammates have consistent and safe access to the benefits we provide, regardless of the state in which they live.

“In response to today’s ruling, we are announcing that if a state one of our teammates lives in restricts access to abortion, DICK’S Sporting Goods will provide up to $4,000 in travel expense reimbursement to travel to the nearest location where that care is legally available. This benefit will be provided to any teammate, spouse or dependent enrolled in our medical plan, along with one support person.

“We recognize people feel passionate about this topic — and that there are teammates and athletes who will not agree with this decision. However, we also recognize that decisions involving health and families are deeply personal and made with thoughtful consideration. We are making this decision so our teammates can access the same health care options, regardless of where they live, and choose what is best for them.”

Here is a screenshot of Hobert’s LinkedIn post in case she takes it down:

This is Dick’s second recent foray into the “woke.”

During the Trump administration, the company made the decision to stop selling so-called “assault weapons” in response to a mass shooting, the kind of which are exceedingly rare in our country of some 335 million people and 100 million gun owners. And as a result, the company’s revenue dropped substantially.

As reported by the Daily Wire, CEO Edward Stack must have seen it coming because he told CNN last week that his decision to fully embrace the Marxist Left’s gun control movement will result in “people who don’t shop us anymore for anything.” Limiting gun sales beyond legal limits is “not going to be positive from a traffic standpoint and a sales standpoint.”

He was right. Fortune reported last week that the chain was experiencing “deeper than expected sales decline” of guns … and everything else.

“Dick’s move last month at its three-dozen Field & Stream stores — extending a ban on assault-style rifles already in place at its namesake locations — came after a fatal shooting spree at a Florida high school. The company also raised the age limit to 21 from 18 on the purchase of any firearm. But the effect on its business remains to be seen,” the Fortune report read.

Well, it’s already being “seen.” As of that report, shares of the company had fallen by 7.3 percent to $30.19, the biggest single-day decline since last fall. Before the new gun policies were implemented, sales had climbed 13 percent since the first of the year.

Woke corporations are going to virtue-signal themselves right out of existence.

Sources include: