DOJ attempts to imprison major Hunter Biden witness before congressional testimony

DOJ tries to jail key Hunter Biden witness Devon Archer on eve of congressional testimony

Devon Archer has ‘first-hand knowledge’ of Biden family business

BY Brooke Mallory


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

According to newly released court records, the Justice Department is pressing for Devon Archer to report to prison only days before the former Hunter Biden business partner’s highly anticipated congressional appearance.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan sent a letter on Saturday demanding that a court set a date for Archer to begin his one-year sentence in a fraud case separate from Hunter’s numerous scandals and illegal activities.

Archer’s 2018 conviction on two felony charges for his involvement in a conspiracy to defraud a Native American tribe was upheld last Tuesday by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Archer, who is scheduled to testify about the president’s son before the House Oversight Committee on Monday, has been contesting the conviction.

His attorney, Matthew Schwartz, said he would file a formal response to the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s request by Wednesday and that his client would continue to testify as scheduled, despite charges that the DOJ letter was an intimidation technique.

“We are aware of speculation that the Department of Justice’s weekend request to have Mr. Archer report to prison is an attempt by the Biden administration to intimidate him in advance of his meeting with the House Oversight Committee,” Schwartz said in a statement.

“To be clear, Mr. Archer does not agree with that speculation,” Schwartz continued. “In any case, Mr. Archer will do what he has planned to do all along, which is to show up on Monday and to honestly answer the questions that are put to him by the Congressional investigators.”

Schwartz has claimed that setting a detention date was “premature” as he considers his appeal options.

Archer, Biden, and Christopher Heinz co-founded Rosemont Seneca Partners in 2009, which the first son purportedly utilized as a vehicle for many of his shady business ventures abroad.

Archer is likely to testify that during numerous meetings with international partners, Hunter Biden would phone in his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, the Washington Post outlet revealed.

This is a significant milestone in the GOP-led investigations into Biden family crimes since it could link the president to his son’s business dealings.

“I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” Biden claimed previously.

The White House now claims that the president “was never in business with his son,” an obvious shift in verbiage that press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has dismissed.

For months, Biden administration officials have also slammed Republicans for their investigation into the First Family’s economic practices, emphasizing that the president has not been personally involved.

“Just last week, his fellow GOP colleague on the Oversight Committee said this on camera for all to see: ‘I’ve heard over and over that President Biden has not been implicated or proven for any wrongdoing here, and I acknowledge that,'” White House spokesperson Ian Sams said.

In June, Comer subpoenaed Archer and described the timing of the prison request letter as “odd.”

“I don’t want to put words in Devon Archer’s mouth,” Comer said. “But I’ll say this: He has an opportunity to come tomorrow to the House Oversight Committee and tell the truth.”

Florida’s Republican representative, Matt Gaetz, also decided to chime in and speak on the suspicious timing.

Hunter Biden’s proposed plea deal with federal prosecutors went up in flames last week as a Trump-appointed judge raised constitutional issues and identified distance between the two parties.

Hunter subsequently pleaded not guilty to two tax misdemeanor counts, which the majority of the public assumed he would plead guilty to.

Both parties’ attorneys anticipate going back to the drawing board to iron out their disagreements.

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Biden Regime Wants to ‘Persuade’ Americans by Censoring Them



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

“The government must be allowed to seek to persuade people of its views”

In response to efforts to stop the government from censoring the speech of people it opposes, the censors keep arguing that they have the free speech right to censor. Here’s how I originally described it.

When Judge Terry Doughty issued an injunction in Missouri v. Biden that banned the government from “specifically flagging content or posts on social-media platforms and/or forwarding such to social-media companies urging, encouraging, pressuring, or inducing in any manner for removal, deletion, suppression”, all hell broke loose.

Laurence Tribe, a lefty constitutional law professor, co-authored an op-ed complaining that the injunction “seems to maintain that the government cannot even politely ask companies not to publish verifiable misinformation.”

“The First Amendment certainly doesn’t prevent them from merely asking,” Tribe contends, and preventing the government from doing so “would turn the Constitution’s protection of free expression in an open society into an obstacle course for some of the most valuable exchanges of information and ideas we can imagine.” The most valuable exchanges of ideas apparently involve asking social media monopolies to take down content mocking the president.

The Biden administration has doubled down on Tribe’s argument that it has the right to “persuade” companies to censor.

In a filing Tuesday evening with the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the administration argued that a lower court judge’s July 4 decision was overly broad and would hurt the government’s ability to fight misinformation on platforms in a crisis.

“The government cannot punish people for expressing different views,” lawyers for U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration wrote. “But there is a categorical, well-settled distinction between persuasion and coercion. The government must be allowed to seek to persuade people of its views, even where those views are the subject of controversy.”

If the government wants to persuade people of anything, it should speak to them. Talking behind their backs to monopolies with vast censorship powers and then ‘persuading’ them to use those powers to censor their opponents is a violation of the First Amendment.

Persuasion is Biden giving a speech. Coercion is Biden officials telling companies what materials should be taken down. However it’s worded, it amounts to the government coordinating on removing speech against the will of the speaker.

Biden administration officials to meet Taliban representatives in Qatar to talk ‘humanitarian support’



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Biden administration meetings with the Taliban don’t “mean any kind of indication of recognition or any kind of indication of normalization or legitimacy of the Taliban,” insisted State Department deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel.

Yet the meeting will inevitably suggest such legitimacy, and whatever the Americans give, they will get nothing in return. How much respect will the Taliban really have for Biden’s female representative, Special Envoy for Afghan Women, Girls, and Human Rights Rina Amiri?

Given the Biden administration’s reputation as a group of failed negotiators and global jesters, chances are that the Taliban’s only interest is in attempting to boost its international standing, with the ongoing goal of squeezing more money out of the Biden administration on “humanitarian” grounds. This money will be used to further strengthen the abusive regime.

Let’s not forget the billions of dollars worth of state-of-the-art military equipment that the Biden administration left behind. Also, the administration’s most recent attempts to renew the Iran deal are a good indicator of the Biden administration's mindset, which so often seems to involve enriching America’s enemies.

“US officials to meet Taliban representatives in Qatar this week,” Al Arabiya, July 26, 2023:

US officials will meet Taliban representatives and “technocratic professionals” from key Afghan ministries during a visit to Doha this week, the State Department said on Wednesday, adding they will discuss security, narcotics and women’s rights.

Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West and Special Envoy for Afghan Women, Girls, and Human Rights Rina Amiri will travel to Astana, Kazakhstan, and Doha, Qatar, from July 26 to July 31 and meet the Taliban delegation, the State Department said in a statement.

The officials will discuss critical interests in Afghanistan such as “humanitarian support for the people of Afghanistan, economic stabilization, fair and dignified treatment of all Afghans, including women and girls, security issues, and efforts to counter narcotics production and trafficking,” the statement added.

West and Amiri will also meet with civil society members working on issues of women’s economic empowerment in Afghanistan and Kazakhstan.

The meetings do not “mean any kind of indication of recognition or any kind of indication of normalization or legitimacy of the Taliban,” said State Department deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel when asked about the visit, reiterating US concerns about human rights abuses and the marginalization of women and girls in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan….

Biden Administration Is Withholding Funding From Schools With Archery and Hunting Programs

Biden Administration Is Withholding Funding From Schools With Archery and Hunting Programs



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

It appears that Bambi has a powerful ally in the White House.

The Biden administration is interpreting language in the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) passed last year that they say gives them the right to deny federal funds from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 for schools with hunting and archery programs.

The BCSA was passed in the wake of a mass shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo, N.Y. The legislation included an amendment to the ESEA that listed uses for federal school funds. The amendment denied funds from helping provide any person with a dangerous weapon or to provide “training in the use of a dangerous weapon.”

The amendment could impact millions of American children.

“It’s a negative for children. As a former educator of 30-plus years, I was always trying to find a way to engage students,” Tommy Floyd, the president of the National Archery in the Schools Program, told Fox News Digital in an interview. “In many communities, it’s a shooting sport, and the skills from shooting sports, help young people grow to be responsible adults. They also benefit from relationships with role models.”

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In a letter to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona earlier this month, Sens. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) expressed concern that the agency is misinterpreting the provision which they said was included in the BSCA to withhold funds for training school safety officers.

“We were alarmed to learn recently that the Department of Education has misinterpreted the BCSA to require the defending of certain longstanding educational and enrichment programs — specifically, archery and hunter education classes — for thousands of children, who rely on these programs to develop life skills, learn firearm safety and build self-esteem,” Cornyn and Tillis wrote to Cardona.

“The Department mistakenly believes that the BSCA precludes funding these enrichment programs,” they continued. “Such an interpretation contradicts congressional intent and the text of the BSCA.”

Fox News:

The GOP lawmakers noted in the letter, which was shared with Fox News Digital, that they have heard complaints from schools with funding for shooting sport courses withheld. They added that hunting and archery programs fall “well within” the scope of activities to support safe and healthy students which the ESEA explicitly funds.

Overall, the ESEA is the primary source of federal aid for elementary and secondary education across the country, according to the Congressional Research Service. The BSCA earmarked an additional $1 billion for educational activities under the ESEA.

Obviously, there are some anti-gun extremists in the education department who have taken it upon themselves to wildly — and deliberately — misinterpret the clear-language wording in the bill, trying to pull a fast one over the defenders of the Second Amendment. They’ve gotten away with it so far

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) makes the glaringly obvious point that when you defund gun safety programs, it makes communities less safe — the direct opposite of what the bill was intended to do.

“Stopping hunter education courses that teach safe and responsible firearm handling makes our communities less, not more, safe and diminishes our ability to pass our nation’s cherished hunting and recreational shooting sports traditions on to the next generation,” he said.

If this doesn’t prove that the Education Department is in the hands of radicals, nothing will.

MEGYN KELLY: Gov. Ron DeSantis on DOJ Corruption, His Disney Fight, and Pardoning Trump, Plus Victor Davis Hanson~Governor Ron DeSantis at the Republican Party of Iowa

Megyn Kelly sits down with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, 2024 GOP presidential candidate, for an extensive interview about Hunter Biden and DOJ corruption, the health concerns about McConnell and Biden, his recent RFK Jr. comments, his fight with Disney and whether it's government policing speech, "loyalty" and Trump, whether he would pardon Trump if Trump should have done things differently on January 6, trans athletes in women's sports, if he supports a federal abortion ban, the state of the 2024 GOP race, whether he's adjusting his media strategy, accusations about being too establishment, whether DeSantis enjoys campaigning, media and left-wing attacks on his wife Casey, how to fix our immigration and economic problems, and more. Then Victor Davis Hanson, author of "The Dying Citizen," joins to discuss the state of the DeSantis campaign and the 2024 GOP race, the glaring politicized double standard at the DOJ when it comes to prosecuting Trump and Hunter Biden, if the Biden family is terrified of Hunter, Oakland residents speaking out about crime in the city and against progressive politics, and more.


Governor Ron DeSantis at the Republican Party of Iowa

Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Calls Joe Biden ‘Very Dangerous,’ Says the Biden Family Targeted Him

Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Calls Joe Biden ‘Very Dangerous,’ Says the Biden Family Targeted Him



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

On Wednesday, Bill Stevenson, the ex-husband of First Lady Jill Biden, blasted the “Biden crime family” and claimed that he and his family were targeted the same way Trump was.

Stevenson dished the details during an interview with Newsmax host Greg Kelly. He explained how Jill turned down a million-dollar settlement from him, and when she didn’t get what she wanted, Joe Biden sicced his thugs on him. Stevenson was then sued for the house, a suit Jill ultimately lost, which is when Frankie Biden approached him and issued a veiled threat, stating, “Give her the house, or you’re going to have serious problems.”

“I looked at Frankie and I said, ‘Are you threatening me?’ and needless to say, about two months later, my brother and I were indicted for that tax charge of $8,200.”

“Delaware is a small state. Joe Biden is like the prince of Delaware in a way, right?” asked Kelly. “Very powerful. You think that he essentially ordered this?”

“I not only think it, but I know it,” Stevenson said and added that he “could not believe the power of Joe Biden and the Department of Justice. I couldn’t believe it.”

Stevenson married Jill in 1970, and the couple divorced in 1975.

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Kelly observed that Stevenson and his brother allegedly faced two felony charges due to just under $10,000 in unpaid taxes, whereas Hunter Biden, Jill’s stepson, had only been hit with two misdemeanor charges over $2.2 million in unpaid taxes.

“After spoiling Jill for five years, I was on the wrong side of them, and they have literally come after me for 35 years in a row,” Stevenson lamented. “One little thing after another. I was charged with an $8,000 car loan on a BMW that was owned by my business that I just sold.”

“I can’t let them do this to a president that I love and respect. I can’t let them do this to our country,” Stevenson said of Donald Trump. “This is why I’ve come forward. This is the only reason I’ve come forward. It’s like I said, nothing about the divorce, no bitterness, but Jimmy, Frankie, and President Biden are very dangerous, and it’s tragic. I can’t let them do what they did to me to President Trump. I can’t do it.”

Stevenson has a book coming out this fall called The Bidens: The Early Years, in which he tells his story.

The Facebook Files: The Effort To Censor Vaccine Information

In this photo illustration, a smart phone screen displays the logo of Facebook on a Facebook website background, on April 7, 2021, in Arlington, Virginia - Facebook usage has held steady in the United States despite a string of controversies about the leading social network, even as younger users tap into rival platforms such as TikTok, a survey showed Wednesday. (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY / AFP) (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Republican Representative Jim Jordan released what he called “smoking-gun documents” on social media proving that Facebook had been censoring Americans on behalf of the Biden Administration.

Posting to Twitter, Jordan (R-Ohio) said that he has internal documents that were obtained only after Mark Zuckerberg was threatened to be held in contempt, which “PROVE” the censoring across the social media platforms due to “unconstitutional pressure from the Biden White House.”

“Never-before-released internal documents subpoenaed by the Judiciary Committee PROVE that Facebook and Instagram censored posts and changed their content moderation policies because of unconstitutional pressure from the Biden White House,” Jordan wrote.

He went on to explain that during the first half of 2021, Facebook executives were “facing continued pressure from external stakeholders, including the [Biden] White House” according to an email from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Jordan went on to say that the White House had wanted a meme removed from the platform.

Facebook employees had informed the White House that removing content like the meme would be an incursion in “traditional boundaries of free expression in the U.S.” However, Andy Slavitt, a Senior Advisor to President Joe Biden ignored the warning and the First Amendment altogether.

The Biden White House also demanded to know why a video from Tucker Carlson had not been removed from the platform. Even though Facebook had replied and gave them the reasons why they could not remove the video, Biden eventually went on to publicly denounce the social media platform claiming that they were “killing people.”

In August of 2021, Facebook started working on changing its policies in order to “be more aggressive against misinformation.” The Facebook leadership said that the change in policy stemmed from the increasing pressure by the Biden administration.

In the second batch of files released by Jordan on Friday, he showed that in the summer of 2021 Facebook was working with the White House in order to “push for Americans to get vaccinated” and to “get Facebook to more aggressively police vaccine-related content, including TRUE content.”

In July 2021, Facebook’s head of Global Affairs was asked why they had been censoring the COVID lab leak theory. The answer was because of pressure from the Biden administration.

After President Biden claimed that Facebook was “killing people” because Americans were hesitant to get vaccinated after seeing vaccine related content online, Facebook employees were upset.

However, the comment by the president had caused Facebook to “re-evaluate its policies about COVID-19 content.”

Jordan goes on to explain that the administration wanted almost all information about the vaccine removed from the platform unless it agreed with their stance. This included jokes and true information alike.

In August 2021, Facebook’s leadership once again agreed to further change their content moderation policy because of mounting pressure from the administration.

Jordan ended his thread saying that the documents show how the Biden administration is working to “censor speech” and that he will be releasing even more documents in the future.

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Secret Service Protection DENIED to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Outrageous: Biden Regime Denies RFK Secret Service Protection



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made the announcement on Friday morning: despite the fact that he is a candidate for the presidency of the United States, the Biden regime has denied him Secret Service protection:

Since the assassination of my father in 1968, candidates for president are provided Secret Service protection.  But not me.

Typical turnaround time for pro forma protection requests from presidential candidates is 14-days.  After 88-days of no response and after several follow-ups by our campaign, the Biden Administration just denied our request.  Secretary Mayorkas: “I have determined that Secret Service protection for Robert F Kennedy Jr is not warranted at this time.”  Our campaign’s request included a 67-page report from the world’s leading protection firm, detailing unique and well established security and safety risks aside from commonplace death threats.

The Secret Service says that “by law” it is “authorized to protect,” among others, “Major presidential and vice presidential candidates, and their spouses within 120 days of a general presidential election.” Thus, RFK is legally entitled to Secret Service protection only beginning on July 5, 2024, if he is still in the race and Mayorkas deems him a “major candidate” at that time. In practice, however, how soon Secret Service protection is afforded to candidates can be based at least in part on how many death threats the candidate is receiving and how serious these threats are.

That’s why Kennedy’s mention of his campaign’s “67-page report from the world’s leading protection firm, detailing unique and well-established security and safety risks” is relevant. Besides presidential candidates, the Secret Service is obliged to offer protection to various people, including former presidents, children of former presidents until they turn sixteen, and “other individuals as designated per Executive Order of the President.”

What might be some of the reasons to offer “other individuals” Secret Service protection? Consider, for example, the case of a presidential candidate from America’s most prominent political family, a man whose uncle and father were both assassinated, one while he was president of the United States and the other while he was running for president. The assassinations of John F. Kennedy, the present candidate’s uncle, and Robert F. Kennedy, his father, are two of the defining moments in the history of the United States for the past six decades. It is terrible but true: the words “Kennedy” and “assassination” are forever linked in American history and culture — and now Alejandro Mayorkas says that Secret Service protection for RFK Jr is “not warranted.”

If we had any actual journalists, one of them should drop by Jimmy Carter in hospice care and ask him what he thinks of this. When another one of the uncles of RFK Jr., Ted Kennedy, was running for president in 1980, Carter didn’t hesitate. The Washington Post reported on Sept. 21, 1979: “President Carter ordered the Secret Service yesterday to provide immediate protection for Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D.Mass.), whose consideration of a presidential campaign has raised the fear of an assassination attempt such as those that struck down two of his brothers.”

Even before that, in May 1972, President Richard Nixon ordered Secret Service protection for Ted Kennedy, as well as Reps. Shirley Chisholm of New York and Wilbur Mills of Arkansas, after Gov. George Wallace of Alabama, who was at the time a serious contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, was shot and paralyzed for life at a campaign rally.

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Ted Kennedy was trying to subject Carter to the humiliation of being dropped by his own party and denied the chance to run again after his undeniably disastrous single term as president. Nixon counted Kennedy, as well as Chisholm, among his political enemies. But these considerations did not stop either Carter or Nixon from having the basic decency to realize that there would be all sorts of psychopaths and assorted nuts looking to be the next Kennedy assassin and taking action accordingly.

Old Joe Biden and his henchmen do not have that basic decency. This gang of Marxists, opportunists, deviants, and hacks has made it abundantly clear, with its Disinformation Governance Board and its ongoing efforts to silence dissent on social media, that it hates opposition and is determined to crush it. And where they cannot yet silence opponents, they can intimidate and endanger them. That’s what Mayorkas’ decision was all about, and it is yet one more among innumerable reasons why Americans, whomever they support, must repudiate this repulsive and criminal regime decisively at the ballot box in 2024.

Bidens Wanted Billions, Not Millions, From Burisma

Was Joe Biden planning to buy his way back into the White House using Burisma’s money?



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The release of an FBI informant’s allegations about the Biden family’s dealings with Burisma finally explains what a Ukrainian energy company wanted with a corrupt American political clan.

Why was Burisma paying a vice president’s son tens of thousands of dollars a month?

According to the allegations on the FBI’s FD-1023 form released to Sen. Chuck Grassley by whistleblowers, Burisma wanted to launch an IPO in the United States and was looking to first buy an American energy company. Such a move would have required regulatory approval and would have also potentially been very lucrative for anyone on the inside.

The allegations by the FBI informant describes Mykola Zlochevsky, Burisma’s co-founder and a former minister in the ousted pro-Russian Yanukovych government, saying that “it costs 5 (million) to pay one Biden, and 5 (million) to another Biden”.

And yet the rewards could have been even richer.

While the informant urged Zlochevsky to launch his IPO by forming an American company or buying a shell company, Hunter Biden had allegedly told the energy boss that his company “could raise much more capital if Burisma purchased a larger US-based business that already had a history In the US oil and gas sector.” Allegedly some Texas companies were on the table.

Why did Hunter Biden allegedly pitch Burisma on a messier and more expensive process? An obvious potential answer is that the Biden family may have hoped to cash in by being on the inside. To understand Burisma’s plans and those of the Biden family, we need to look at what was going on with the oil and gas sector beginning in 2014, when Hunter started being paid a small fortune to sit on the Ukrainian energy company’s board, through 2016 when some of the initial conversations that the informant reported to the FBI were first taking place.

2014 was a good year for oil and gas IPOs. Texas’ Parsley Energy rode annual revenues below Burisma’s estimated $400 million to a big IPO, rising revenues, and an eventual $4.5 billion sale. Looking at examples like these, Hunter and Zlochevsky could have envisioned bringing together a Texas oil company and a Ukrainian oil company united around a similar political business model. The Biden name would have cleared the way for permits in Texas and political cover in Ukraine. Indeed the one thing we know that Joe Biden did for Burisma was threatening to pull foreign aid unless the Ukrainian government fired Viktor Shokin, a prosecutor who had been looking into Burisma’s affairs and was seen as a block to any successful IPO in America.

The plan, implied by the FBI informant, was for Joe Biden to clear away Burisma’s problems in Ukraine and pave the way for the takeover of a Texas energy company. The Biden family would have potentially been on the ground floor of the Texas deal (and Hunter and other Biden family members could have been cut sizable checks or received shares on the American end) before being on the inside of an IPO for a combined company that would potentially be worth billions.

But political developments in Ukraine and a roller coaster ride in the energy markets made that a shaky proposition. The Texas deal and the IPO never happened. Burisma and the Bidens didn’t look like they had much of a future. In the fall of 2015, Joe Biden held a press conference with Barack Obama at which he announced that he would not run for president.

This is when the FBI informant began meeting with Burisma officials and they vented about Hunter Biden who was increasingly outliving his purpose, but who was also too dangerous to let go. Only in March 2017 was Hunter’s $1 million a year salary finally cut. By then Zlochevsky had been entangled in legal proceedings and a Burisma launch in the United States was impossible.

Any political future for Joe Biden or financial future for Hunter Biden seemed to be equally done.

As the Burisma deal began falling apart, so did Hunter Biden. His ex-wife Kathleen Buhle’s memoir describes his transition from alcoholism to heavy drugs beginning around the start of the Burisma deal. Between the various memoirs and investigations, it’s widely known that Hunter burned through a massive fortune.

“The board fee had morphed into a wicked sort of funny money,” Hunter Biden wrote in his own memoir. “It hounded me to spend recklessly, dangerously, destructively. Humiliatingly. So I did.”

But the Burisma millions may have just been the beginning of a much bigger payday. Before his father visited Ukraine, Hunter wrote of the Burisma arrangements, “This is a huge step for us.”

“We need to have a plan on how we develop a corporate entity or LLP that allows us to draw on funds generated here to free us from existing (under-producing current commitments) and to build our own investment and expansion strategy.”

Hunter Biden was living like a guy who expected to be making much more than he was. Burisma, like his Chinese deals, remained unfulfilled. Hunter may have been out to be more than a mere millionaire on paper while trying to keep up with payments on his houses and his Porsche, but aspiring to become a billionaire. The vice president’s disfavored son had spent much of the Obama administration trying to monetize his dad’s position for the rest of the family.

Joe Biden had something Barack Obama did not: a brother and a son who could hustle aggressively. And yet with the Obama administration approaching its end, Hunter had come away with only a taste of the foreign money that the Clintons had gorged themselves on.

Burisma, like the China deals, had never delivered the big payoff that Hunter had been chasing. The foreign companies remained foreign and they quickly tired of paying Hunter. The deal of a lifetime was slipping away even as his father’s time was drawing near. By the end of 2015, a Biden presidency seemed wildly unlikely. The smart money was on Hillary Clinton winning and then serving two terms. As painful as that was for Republicans, it was even more so for Hunter who was watching the last opportunity to monetize his father’s career slipping away.

Any chance that Joe Biden had for a future presidential campaign would require big money.

Hunter’s debts were piling up and once his father left office, they would come due. It’s not surprising that Hunter’s substance abuse issues, which had been around for a while, became catastrophic. One way or another the good life was over and Hunter had decided to go out with a bang. Only when his father relaunched his political career did the spree become inconvenient.

Hunter Biden wrecked his last opportunities under Vice President Biden and made himself too toxic to be able to significantly cash in with foreign investors under President Biden.

The FBI’s informant lays out an implied picture of just how much money the Bidens were chasing. This was not about the millions of dollars, money that Hunter casually wasted on crack, prostitutes, and a lifestyle beyond his means, but potentially billions of dollars.

It’s not hard to imagine how a Burisma – Texas deal could have come together and how it could have benefited a whole circle of Biden family members, associates, and key donors. Had such an arrangement succeeded, Joe Biden would have gained an incredibly wealthy family and donor circle that could have given him a shot or later another shot at the White House without becoming too dependent on the political favors and donors that made him a puppet president.

When Joe Biden intervened to protect Burisma, was he just protecting his son’s income stream of five figures a month or was he looking to gain billions for his family and his political allies?

The difference is more than just a matter of zeroes.

Democrats and their media have insisted that Hunter’s sins were his own and that Joe Biden’s involvement was limited to helping his troubled son. This narrative has been undermined by not only the FBI informant’s disclosures, but also by allegations from past business partners, a WhatsApp message from Hunter explicitly threatening a Chinese business in his father’s name, and the lengths to which the FBI went to shut down any investigation of anyone beyond Hunter.

Joe Biden’s defense has been to argue that no one can show that he profited financially from Hunter’s business deals. While a web of shell companies was used to move money around to Biden family members, no one has yet conclusively proven that money went directly to the man described in various communications as ‘the big guy’. But the difference between a deal potentially worth millions and billions would be that the latter wouldn’t just subsidize Hunter’s Porsche or prostitutes, but Joe Biden’s future political career.

When Biden told Ukrainian officials, “We’re leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor’s not fired, you’re not getting the money”, was he hoping to buy his way back into the White House using Burisma’s money?

Did Joe Biden intervene for Burisma to help Hunter pay off his debts or to become president?


Patriot Nurse: This Sign Tells of a Nation’s Impending Doom. Have You Seen It?

In this video, Patriot Nurse discusses the disturbing trend of a rise in antisemitism and overt Jew hatred. This sign has been the hallmark of a dying nation, from Czarist Russia to the Weimar Republic. whether it was the propaganda of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion or the Weimar notes accusing Jews of debasing the currency, a nation can be assured of demise if it stoops to cursing Israel.

Biden turned over $1 trillion worth of lithium to Islamic terrorists; Every Electric Car You Buy Will Fund Al Qaeda



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Biden turned over $1 trillion worth of lithium to Islamic terrorists.

The Taliban recently announced that, “five countries are interested in investing in the lithium mining sector in Afghanistan’s Nuristan province.” A Chinese company has already put down a $10 billion bid that would include infrastructure along with improved roads for the terror group.

Shahabuddin Delawar, the Taliban’s mining boss, boasted that, “we have 2.5 million tons in Nurestan alone. Extract it, and Afghanistan can be one of the richest countries in the world.”

And who would be in charge of an estimated $50 billion worth of lithium?

Hafiz Muhammad Agha Hakeem, the governor of the Nuristan province, recently appeared on a UN Security Council list of Taliban governors who were affiliated with Al Qaeda. The Islamic terrorist group had a stronger foothold in the area than almost any other part of Afghanistan. When Al Qaeda had been driven out of the rest of Afghanistan, it stayed on and went on fighting and killing Americans in Nuristan, While the area was named after a non-Pashtun minority who had been forcibly converted to Islam, it became a Taliban and Al Qaeda route to Pakistan.

Al Qaeda will be in charge of its share of an estimated $1 trillion in lithium in the country (not to mention the gem mines). The lithium, desperately needed for electric car batteries, will be mined by Chinese companies and resold to the United States for “green energy”.

Every electric car you buy will help fund Al Qaeda.

‘Green energy’ requires massive amounts of lithium batteries. Even while Americans were being told that switching to electric cars and a renewable power grid would lessen our dependence on middle eastern oil and avoid shortages of ‘non-renewable’ oil, we were actually becoming dependent on a material dominated by our enemies in China and Afghanistan, and Tesla, the most popular brand of electric car, is a company with sizable Saudi shareholders.

‘Renewables’ depend on non-renewable lithium mined ruthlessly by China wherever they can. The United States could mine its own lithium, much like we could drill for our own oil and gas, but the Biden administration puts roadblocks in the way of our energy independence. Climate Envoy John Kerry insists that we’re better off buying Chinese solar panels made by slave labor than to mine, drill and become independent of Beijing and, now the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

The Pentagon’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations had called Afghanistan the “Saudi Arabia of lithium.” Now it’s the Al Qaeda of lithium instead. After justifying buying slave labor solar panels and lithium mined by poisoning entire villages from China, the same arguments will be used to justify buying lithium batteries that Al Qaeda gets a cut from.

We have no choice but to turn over our economy to our enemies to ‘save the planet’.

Al Qaeda has set up a new training camp in Nuristan where “foreign Arab fighters” are once again arriving to be trained as suicide bombers. The improved “mountain roads” that China plans to build will enable Al Qaeda and the Taliban to move suicide bombers through Pakistan in coordination with Jihadi groups like the Tehreek-e-Taliban… and from there anywhere.

While Al Qaeda used to have to rely on oil money from the Saudis, Qataris and other wealthy Muslim oil states, along with some drug smuggling, kidnapping and cash from humanitarian aid groups, it will have the opportunity to tap into enormous wealth to fund its terrorism. If that happens, Al Qaeda will not only have avoided defeat, but could become deadlier than ever.

And all of our ‘green energy’ ventures will be funding future attacks against ourselves.

Green energy will become a means of transmuting virtue signaling cash into terrorism. That may be why Biden joined the Taliban in denying the UN Security Council’s report on Al Qaeda’s presence in Afghanistan.

“I said al Qaeda would not be there. I said it wouldn’t be there. I said we’d get help from the Taliban. What’s happening now? What’s going on? Read your press. I was right.” Biden falsely claimed. The Taliban’s Foreign Affairs Ministry argued that Biden’s denial “refutes the recent report by UN Sanctions Monitoring Team.” Both Biden and the Taliban are lying about Al Qaeda.

Denying Al Qaeda’s presence will make it easier to eventually lower what few sanctions there are on the Taliban and to make us dependent not only on Communist China, but on Al Qaeda.

The Biden administration has been moving forward to eliminate most car sales by 2030. By then 67% of cars being sold on the market are supposed to be electric and unaffordable to the majority of Americans. California, Massachusetts, New York,  Washington, New York and a number of other states are preparing to ban the sale of real cars by 2035. As is the EU.

While most people will no longer be able to afford to buy a new car in the next decade unless these onerous rules are overturned, those who do will send the price of lithium through the roof.

And that may also set off an unprecedented wave of Islamic terrorism.

From the Saudis and the Qataris, Islamic terrorism has always been funded by American energy needs. The downward shift to unreliable ‘green energy’ has changed nothing except that we may cut out the middle men in their desert skyscrapers and fund Al Qaeda directly.

Out of the mines of Nuristan, once known as ‘Kafiristan’ for their origins as soldiers in Alexander the Great’s army and being among the last to resist submission to Islam, will pour a stream of lithium that will taint the land around it and that will be used to fund terrorism, but that environmentalists will claim is ‘green’, ‘clean’ and ‘sustainable’ though it’s none of the above.

The mines will exist side by side with the Al Qaeda training camps packed with new recruits from the middle east traveling along the roads from Pakistan that will be built by China.

Our governments will take away our cars, our stoves and our livelihoods while forcing us to become dependent for our transportation, our energy and even our cooking on China, the Taliban and Al Qaeda all in the name of saving the planet from an imaginary crisis.

We will pay China and Al Qaeda for the privilege of driving to work or cooling our homes. And for the privilege of killing us.

Gun Clubs Suing To Overturn New Jersey’s Impossible Carry Training Requirements

Comp-Tac eV2 Max Holster and eV2 Mag pouch Concealed Carry



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, the official NRA state affiliate, has taken initial steps to overturn the NJ State Police training requirements that were issued last week.

Those requirements absurdly compel ordinary citizens to meet the same training requirements as members of law enforcement in order to obtain a carry permit.

Requiring average citizens to meet police-level training requirements is being mandated purely to make it much harder for the average citizen to qualify to obtain a carry permit in the first place.

Additionally, many of those requirements relate solely to law enforcement functions having nothing to do with the exercise of self-defense rights by average citizens.

Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs counsel Dan Schmutter has asked the lower federal court in the carry-killer lawsuit to reopen the case to assert new claims to overturn the new training regulations. On our Carry Lawsuit Filings page you can scroll down to item #30 to see a copy of those papers. Assuming the request is granted, additional papers detailing the claims will be filed (and we will issue another alert at that time).

In a future alert, the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs will be seeking gun owners interested in joining the lawsuit if they meet certain criteria which will be specified. Please watch for that alert.

If you are not already subscribed to these free email alerts please subscribe on our website, there will be critical updates and alerts coming in the near future.

If you want to contribute to this next phase of the carry-killer lawsuit, go here to make a donation.

About the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs: 

The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, Inc. is the official NRA State Association in New Jersey. Our mission is to implement all of the programs and activities at the state level that the NRA does at the national level. This mission includes the following: To support and defend the constitutional rights of the people to keep and bear arms. To take immediate action against any legislation at the local, state, and federal levels that would infringe upon these rights. Visit:

Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs

THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY: Satan’s Socialist Scheme FOR AMERICA~How To Defeat Communism~YouTube Bans The New American


We are in a spiritual war between good and evil. Satan’s goal is the destruction of lives. Join Art Thompson as he discusses the satanic thread that is being woven throughout society. Find out how socialism and women play a major role in the overall plan.

How To Defeat Communism

The Communist Manifesto has a 10-point plan to Communize countries. To defeat this plan, The John Birch Society has an agenda that combats the Communist plan at every turn. We have agenda items that fight on a global level, like Get US Out! of the UN, to local level issues like Support Your Local Police. Learn more about The John Birch Society Agenda in this episode of Activate America.

YouTube Bans The New American

The publishing arm of The John Birch Society, The New American, has been permanently banned from YouTube. Big Tech is digging deep to censor those it doesn’t agree with. They had to go back three years to find something they wanted to hold against us.


Hunter Biden’s Legal Team Accused of Deception in Court, Claim ‘Miscommunication’

Delaware federal district Judge Maryellen Noreika, who is an appointee of former President Donald Trump, is throwing a "curveball" as she presides over the "sweetheart" plea deal between Hunter Biden and prosecutors. Noreika, who is also a former patent lawyer from the state, is appearing poised to reject the agreement that would avoid a felony gun charge and result in a guilty plea to two tax misdemeanor charges.

Chief Counsel at The Heritage Foundation's Oversight Project, Kyle Brosnan comments on the Hunter Biden hearing, how the judge handled the proceedings, and more:

BY Michael van der Galien 


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Well, well, well, if it isn’t another day in the life of Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden, where even his legal team seems to have caught the ‘Biden Bug’ of bending the rules when it suits them. This time, they’re facing possible sanctions over accusations of lying in a criminal tax case. Just wonderful.

The Delaware judge presiding over the case, Maryellen Noreika, has threatened Biden’s legal team with sanctions over allegations of lying to the clerk’s office. Apparently, they’ve been accused of avoiding proper court procedures to get information about IRS whistleblowers removed from the docket. But hey, who needs proper court procedure when you can just pick up the phone and ask the clerk to seal the information, right?

Specifically, a lawyer from Hunter’s legal team, Jessica Bengels, is accused of misrepresenting who she was when asking to remove amicus materials from the docket. Now, I’m no lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how it’s supposed to work. But then again, when you’re part of the Biden entourage, who knows what the rules are?

The judge’s order read, “It appears that the caller misrepresented her identity and who she worked for in an attempt to improperly convince the clerk’s office to remove the amicus materials from the docket.” But, of course, Biden’s legal team insists it was all just an “unfortunate and unintentional miscommunication.” Ah, the old “miscommunication” excuse. Classic.

In a correspondence that Fox News managed to acquire, Biden’s legal representatives assured the judge that the attorney who had contacted the clerk had truthfully stated her association with her legal firm. They wrote, “We have no idea how the misunderstanding occurred, but our understanding is there was no misrepresentation.” Well, that clears it up then, doesn’t it? Bengals certainly didn’t lie to get her way — of course not! Why would she do that?! It’s not as if Hunter and his friends are used to getting away with lies, deceit, and blatant corruption. Or is it?

Meanwhile, on Wednesday (today), Hunter Biden will plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of willful failure to pay federal income tax going back to 2017 and 2018. He “forgot” to pay more than $100,000 in taxes those two years. But hey, who hasn’t forgotten to pay a hundred grand in taxes? I’m sure it was truly an innocent mistake. Twice.

Related: Hunter Biden’s Ex-Business Partner to Expose Joe Biden’s Involvement

In addition, Biden is also set to enter a pretrial diversion agreement over a separate gun-related felony charge. The Department of Justice and Team Biden reached a sweetheart plea agreement with each other on this issue, but Judge Noreika — who is getting increasingly fed up with Hunter and his lawyers — is free to either reject or accept it.

So, there you have it, folks. Another day, another ‘miscommunication’ in the world of Hunter Biden. But don’t worry, I’m sure everything will be cleared up soon. After all, it’s not like there’s a pattern of suspicious behavior here. Right?

Hunter Biden Plea Deal Falls Apart

Hunter Biden (2nd L), son of US President Joe Biden, arrives at the J. Caleb Boggs Federal Building in Wilmington, Delaware, on July 26, 2023, to attend a change of plea hearing.

Hunter Biden (2nd L), son of US President Joe Biden, arrives at the J. Caleb Boggs Federal Building in Wilmington, Delaware, on July 26, 2023, to attend a change of plea hearing. Hunter Biden faces two misdemeanor charges for failure to pay taxes. The hearing is also expected to address an agreement between federal prosecutors and Biden to avoid prosecution for a felony charge of illegally possessing a firearm. (Photo by RYAN COLLERD / AFP) / ALTERNATIVE CROP (Photo by RYAN COLLERD/AFP via Getty Images)



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Hunter Biden’s plea deal fell apart in court on Wednesday, and prosecutors say that there is no deal.


Hunter Biden arrived in a Delaware court today prepared to enter a guilty plea on two tax misdemeanors, but the judge KILLED the deal after expressing concerns about the terms of the agreement.

Earlier on Wednesday, Hunter and his lawyer said that they would not accept the deal if no guarantee is given by the prosecution that no further charges would be brought against Hunter in the future. Prosecutors, however, said that there was still a possibility that the first son would be charged with other offenses, which include failing to register as a foreign agent.

The presiding judge, U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika, expressed concerns about the deal itself and the disagreement between the two parties in regard to the possibility of future charges against Hunter Biden. The deal was then struck down.

The turn of events came more than 90 minutes after the hearing began at the federal courthouse in Wilmington, Delaware.

Hunter Biden was set to plead guilty to two misdemeanors for not paying federal taxes on Time in 2017 and 2018. He was also set to enter into a deal that would resolve his felony gun charges.

Federal prosecutors said that the President’s son had failed to pay between $1.1. million and $1.5 million in federal taxes before the legal deadlines. He had also lied about his use of a controlled substance on a federal firearm purchase form in 2018.

As part of the plea agreement, prosecutors were expected to recommend a sentence of probation for the president’s son. Under the previous agreement, Hunter also had to remain sober and submit to drug testing for two years.

This is a developing story.

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