THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY: Satan’s Socialist Scheme FOR AMERICA~How To Defeat Communism~YouTube Bans The New American


We are in a spiritual war between good and evil. Satan’s goal is the destruction of lives. Join Art Thompson as he discusses the satanic thread that is being woven throughout society. Find out how socialism and women play a major role in the overall plan.

How To Defeat Communism

The Communist Manifesto has a 10-point plan to Communize countries. To defeat this plan, The John Birch Society has an agenda that combats the Communist plan at every turn. We have agenda items that fight on a global level, like Get US Out! of the UN, to local level issues like Support Your Local Police. Learn more about The John Birch Society Agenda in this episode of Activate America.

YouTube Bans The New American

The publishing arm of The John Birch Society, The New American, has been permanently banned from YouTube. Big Tech is digging deep to censor those it doesn’t agree with. They had to go back three years to find something they wanted to hold against us.


Why are Churches Still Using Bethel and Hillsong Music?!?!?

Despite Controversies, Worship Leaders Keep On Choosing Hillsong and Bethel Songs



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Despite the storm of scandals and controversies swirling around the bruised and battered Hillsong Church in Australia and the Bethel Church in California, worship leaders are not shying away from incorporating songs from these two megachurches into their worship sessions. 

recent study unveiled this week shows that worship leaders gravitate towards these songs not because they top the worship charts but because they have a personal connection with them, often discovered online, at conferences, or through friends’ recommendations. According to the study:

“The most influential factors in discovering a new worship song are peer endorsements and personal experiences. Worship leaders mainly trust their friends and fellow church leaders to provide them with song recommendations.”

The study draws on responses from over 400 worship leaders across the U.S. and Canada, seeking their insights on music production and their song selection process for worship. 

Demonstrating a woeful lack of discernment, a mere 16% of worship leaders admitted to being less inclined to choose a song associated with Hillsong. In comparison, 27% expressed a similar hesitancy towards songs linked to Bethel. 

On the other hand, a significant 62% confessed they were likely to pick songs from Hillsong, with a slightly lesser 48% saying they would likely opt for songs associated with Bethel. 

Three months ago, Worship Leader Research reported that four megachurches were responsible for producing and releasing nearly all the top worship songs released in the last decade, with Hillsong and Bethel being two of them. 

Top 10 Weirdest Things Hillsong Leaders Expensed to the Church  
Top 10 Most Expensive Meals Brian and Bobbie Houston Expensed to the Church 
Top 10 Luxury Hotels Hillsong Leaders Expensed to the Church (Spoiler: The Cheapest is $8457.42)







PATRIOT NURSE: The Church is DYING; What’s NEXT for the United States

In this video, Patriot Nurse discusses the effect of the Church in retreat in the United States, and what the decay in morality portends for us as a nation, a people, and a land. What will befall us when we turn our back upon our Founding?

Target Loses $9 Billion in Market Value After Boycott

Target Loses $9 Billion in Market Value After Boycott



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Target has faced enormous criticism for its recent efforts to cater to the transgender community in recent weeks after the national retailer introduced a “Pride collection” across its stores, featuring merchandise, clothing, and books promoting transgender-friendly messages and leftist gender ideology. What made this particularly troubling was that the products were not just for adults but also for young children and babies. Target also ensured that these products were prominently displayed at the front of its stores, forcing everyone who entered to be exposed to its rainbow-colored propaganda.

In response to the mounting backlash, Target held an emergency meeting and instructed certain store locations, mainly in rural Southern areas, to relocate and reduce the size of their Pride sections to avoid a situation similar to the Bud Light controversy.

“I think given the current situation with Bud Light, the company is terrified of a Bud Light situation,” a Target insider said.

Well, it looks like they couldn’t contain the damage. Just a week ago, Target’s stock closed at $160.96 per share, resulting in a market capitalization of $74.3 billion. However, early trading on Thursday showed a 1% decrease, with shares trading at $141.76. As a result, the market value has fallen to $65.3 billion — a 12% drop and a staggering loss of $9 billion in market capitalization.

Boycotts are generally seen as ineffective for various reasons. However, the boycott of Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light, prompted by their controversial partnership with Dylan Mulvaney, a TikTok influencer who pretends to be a girl, defied precedent. The boycott resulted in a significant decrease in demand for Bud Light, with sales down more than 28%. Anheuser-Busch has lost a reported $16 billion in market value since the boycott began. Now, the Target boycott appears to have had a similar impact on its business as the Bud Light boycott.

Anheuser-Busch is desperately trying to repair the damage done to its brand, and so far, those efforts have been unsuccessful. Will Target have a similar mea culpa in light of its stock tanking?

At the moment, the answer is no. The CEO of Target, Brian Cornell, recently expressed that he thinks going woke is good for the company.

“I think those are just good business decisions, and it’s the right thing for society, and it’s the great thing for our brand,” Cornell said. “The things we’ve done from a DE&I [diversity, equity, and inclusion] standpoint, it’s adding value.”

He added, “It’s helping us drive sales, it’s building greater engagement with both our teams and our guests, and those are just the right things for our business today.”

Will Cornell think differently after what’s happening to Target’s stock?

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Not yet. According to an internal company email, Target is still woke as ever, transitioning (see what I did there?) from its sadness over the backlash to its pride collection to acknowledging the three-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death and offering resources to employees who might need some emotional support.

“Yesterday was a very hard day for Target, and as CEO Brian Cornell said, thank you for the care you’ve shown each other, our frontline teams, and the LGBTQIA+ community,” the email began. “Today brings more reflection, pain, and the need for continued care as our team, hometown, and world remember the anniversary of the murder of George Floyd. As you make space to take care of yourself and each other, know that you can always tap into these tools from Team Member Life Resources, and as Mental Health Awareness Month continues, turn to the Take Five to Take Care hub for more well-being support.”

Unlike Anheuser-Busch, Target clearly hasn’t realized it made a mistake. The company fully endorses wokeism and believes it’s the company’s future. It’s going to take a lot more to change the culture of Target.

Target Removes Satanic Pride Items Glorifying Violence but Blames Angry Customers for Being Confrontational

The Pride Cult Really Hates Judeo-Christian Values


TARGET BOYCOTT: Christian Conservatives Flip Over LGBTQ+ Friendly SATANIST T-Shirts

Why Glenn is LOSING HIS MIND Over Target's Controversial LGBT Products

Target PANICS! Pulls PRIDE DISPLAY after Massive BACKLASH!!!

Target Removes Satanic Pride Items Glorifying Violence but Blames Angry Customers for Being Confrontational



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The next Bud Light catastrophe is here, and it couldn’t have happened to a better corporation that has had a reckoning coming since they allowed men to invade their women’s bathrooms. Target has topped the list of stores for all rational people to boycott after they introduced a new “Pride” line of products created by a self-described satanist.Several of the designs glorify violence against so-called “homophobes and transphobes,” which we all know actually means anyone who doesn’t want explicit gay pornography and sexual content shown to kids. Here’s one showcasing a guillotine for homophobes parents who want to protect their kids from sexualization. It’s kind of hilarious that the transgender and queer activists are now just embracing what we all knew was true: they’re satanic weirdos.

The designer’s Instagram explains that this product line is proselytization of satanism to vulnerable American kids. Would Target ever sell Christian propaganda items that tried to recruit more Christians? Would they sell things that said, “Jesus loves you?”

Satan loves you and respects who you are; you’re important and valuable in this world and you deserve to treat yourself with love and respect. LGBT+ people are so often referred to as being a product of Satan or going against God’s will, so fine. We’ll hang with Satan instead.

Satanists don’t actually believe in Satan, he is merely used as a symbol of passion, pride, and liberty. He means to you what you need him to mean. So for me, Satan is hope, compassion, equality, and love.

So, naturally, Satan respects pronouns. He loves all LGBT+ people. I went with a variation of Baphomet for this design, a deity who themself is a mixture of genders, beings, ideas, and existences. They reject binary stereotypes and expectations. Perfect.

Here are some more satanic items glorifying body-destroying cross-sex hormone use that says, “do shots with me.”

The examples of the heinous recruitment tools go on and on. One pin shows a medieval weapon with the words “we bash back” on it. Other items include a mug that says “gender fluid” and tuck-friendly bathing suits for both male adults and male children. “Tuck-friendly” refers to the dangerous practice of penis tucking, which can cause major injury. (Ever heard of testicular torsion?)

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Target also sells chest binders for girls that will inhibit breast growth and can lead to broken ribs and lifelong pain. These items, so far, have not been removed. Alex Stein went to Target and tried on a “tuck-friendly” bathing suit. As funny as this is, keep in mind, this is what Target thinks is good for your kids. They also may want to rethink that tuck-friendly technology. Either Stein has a massive twig and berries situation or their technology is a total failure.

Several TikTok videos showing moms fed up with Target’s antagonistic position toward families with children are going viral, and Target executives are getting nervous. Many stores in the American South have moved their Pride displays from the front of the store to the back of the store and have reduced the number of items sold, removing the most controversial satanic items. Target corporate has blamed “volatile” and “confrontational behavior” with customers for the move rather than admit they made a huge mistake.

To date, there are no videos showing any violent confrontations. There are only videos of people asking management why they have done this or videos of people walking through the stores showing the items. Reporters who spoke to Target didn’t bother to ask for proof of the violent confrontations.

“Since introducing this year’s collection, we’ve experienced threats impacting our team members’ sense of safety and wellbeing while at work,” Target said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Given these volatile circumstances, we are making adjustments to our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior.”

Not one bit of evidence was given to any news outlet of these confrontations yet they printed the corporation’s dramatic claim anyway. PJ Media reached out to Target’s press office to ask for details and evidence but received no response in time for publishing. If they do provide some evidence of these “threats,” we will update the article. But if you look online, the only videos you will find are simply angry customers looking at the items and outraged parents asking why this is happening and vowing to boycott the store.

Then there are the videos mocking Target.

The fact that more people than the usual suspects are making these videos go viral on Tik Tok should scare Target. This is going to be bigger than Bud Light because Target is actually targeting children with this stuff. Dylan Mulvaney was making an ad for adults. And even so, Americans are so sick of the queer cult that they balked big time and Bud Light hasn’t recovered.

How much worse will it get when American kids are the ones in the woke crosshairs? We’re about to find out. The market opening for Target wasn’t so good. Since then it’s bounced up a bit but is still down. Americans have proven that they can hurt a business that they deem has crossed a line. How bad will it get for Target? We can only wait and see.


Andrew Tate challenges people to desecrate Qur’an after Satanist tears up Bible, many take him up on it



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The notorious “influencer” and convert to Islam, Andrew Tate, who once said that “ISIS are the real Muslims,” sparked outrage when he issued a challenge to Satanists who shredded a Bible.

But Tate’s invitation backfired:

Social media users accepted the “challenge” by Tate and started posting photographs and videos desecrating the Quran. They trended #AndrewTateQuranChallenge to post on the media. There were images of burnt Quran, pork and bacon placed on the open Quran, the holy book in the mouth of a pig and other derogatory imagery against the Quran.

As Hindustan Times reported, Tate’s tweet “quickly sparked backlash and accusations of ‘Islamophobia’, with many people criticizing Tate for promoting intolerance and disrespect towards the Muslim faith.”

Even Muslims aren’t spared charges of “Islamophobia,” no matter what the intent. In Tate’s case, he was displaying bravado with a hint of a threat to those who might take up his challenge. Others saw it as an insult to issue such a dare. Then there was Tate’s unintentional defense of Christianity. The truth is that Christianity is the real religion of peace, tried and tested. You won’t hear about Christians beheading, murdering, maiming, or mobbing anyone who tears up a Bible or offends Christianity. And the reason certainly is not that Christians don’t feel offended or hurt. It’s because there is nothing in Christianity that calls for the death of anyone who blasphemes, unlike Islam:

A blind man had a slave-mother who used to abuse the Prophet (peace be upon him) and disparage him. He forbade her, but she did not stop. He rebuked her but she did not give up her habit. One night she began to slander the Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace) and abuse him. So he took a dagger, placed it on her belly, pressed it, and killed her. A child who came between her legs was smeared with the blood that was there. When the morning came, the Prophet (peace be upon him) was informed about it. He assembled the people and said: I adjure by Allah the man who has done this action and I adjure him by my right to him that he should stand up. Jumping over the necks of the people and trembling the man stood up. He sat before the Prophet (peace be upon him) and said: Messenger of Allah! I am her master; she used to abuse you and disparage you. I forbade her, but she did not stop, and I rebuked her. but she did not abandon her habit. I have two sons like pearls from her, and she was my companion. Last night she began to abuse and disparage you. So I took a dagger, put it on her belly and pressed it till I killed her. Thereupon the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: Oh be witness, no retaliation is payable for her blood. 
Abu Dawud Book 38 no 4348

As for the gutless Satanists who tore up the Bible, they, too, know that Christianity is a religion of peace and that they had nothing to fear.

“Recent convert Andrew Tate challenges people to desecrate Quran and social media gets flooded with people accepting the challenge: What started the fiasco,” Opindia, May 3, 2023:

On May 1, former kickboxer and social media influencer Andrew Tate who recently converted to Islam, challenged people to desecrate the Quran. He was irked by a video from SatanCon 2023 where a Satanist tore down Bible pages and chanted ‘hail Satan’. Tate said, “Try the Quran if you’re so brave :)”. The emoji he used at the end of the tweet gave the impression that he wanted to say if anyone tried the same with Quran, he or she would not be spared. However, it did not go well with the netizens.

Social media users accepted the “challenge” by Tate and started posting photographs and videos desecrating the Quran. They trended #AndrewTateQuranChallenge to post on the media. There were images of burnt Quran, pork and bacon placed on the open Quran, the holy book in the mouth of a pig and other derogatory imagery against the Quran.

For those who are unaware, SatanCon is a formal ceremony that ‘renounces’ symbols of oppression by ripping up a Bible and a ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag that represents police. The video that Tate quoted showed a woman tearing up Quran and chanting ‘Hail Satan’. SatanCon 2023 was a three-day event that took place in Boston, USA. It was hosted at the Marriott Copley Place by the Satanic Temple. The event marked the 10-year anniversary of the Temple.

In December 2022, Andrew Tate, a former Orthodox Christian embraced Islam. Since then, his Muslim fan base has increased exponentially. Tate was arrested and jailed in Romania as part of a human trafficking and rape investigation. Tate’s residence in Bucharest, where he was held alongside his brother Tristan, was raided by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT)….


That creepy, evil feeling you get when encountering a narcissist isn't in your imagination. In today's video, we unpack the demonic spirits behind narcissism and how you can protect yourself.

What the Narcissist Says About You - Behind the Mask - Christian Counseling

Narcissists create the illusion of control but behind the mask are predictable little children who repeat the same patterns over and over again. In this video, I share the 11 things that EVERY narcissist I spoke to had to say about their victims

Can Narcissists be Christians?

Nebraska Democrat With Transgender Son in Hysterical Rant Against Republicans Trying to Protect Children

Megan Hunt becomes the first openly LGBTQ person elected to the legislature


Freedom From Religion Foundation Co-President Dan Barker and Director of Governmental Affairs Mark Dann speak with Nebraska state Sen. Megan Hunt. Hunt is openly atheist and bisexual and was the first openly LGBTQ person elected to the Nebraska legislature.

Nebraska Needs Comprehensive Sex Education

QUOTE: "My testimony at the State Board of Education hearing on the framework for K-12 health education in our state. The second draft of the standards was released in July and is a complete departure from what medical experts, education professionals, and decades of research clearly demonstrate is effective health education. The second draft significantly weakens the inclusion of medically accurate and age-appropriate essential elements—STD and pregnancy prevention, sexual orientation, gender identity, consent, and diverse family structures—resulting in a complete departure from what medical experts and decades of research clearly demonstrate is effective health education. By removing these topics, the second draft fails to align with not only best practices in the health education field but also the State Board of Education’s own Nondiscrimination and Equitable Educational Opportunities in Schools Position Statement, which states that all students should be “known, heard and supported.” The opposition wants us to teach values, but just their values. However, that is not the role of a public school system, and we have 304,000 children to keep safe, alive, and thriving. Research shows that medically and scientifically accurate sex education decreases the number of teen pregnancies, decreases the incidence of abortion, and delays the average age when students begin engaging in sexual activity."

Interview with Freedom From Religion Foundation

Megan Hunt: Champion of the First Amendment Awardee by FFRF

Ban Religious Indoctrination Camps! Senator Megan Hunt on the attacks on LGBTQ, Drag Queens & Trans

Ban Religious Indoctrination Camps! Senator Megan Hunt on the attacks on LGBTQ, Drag Queens & Trans Why did Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt amend a bill to ban children from attending “religious indoctrination” camps? Amber gets the chance to ask her! You won't what to miss what she has to say on this subject. Senator Megan Hunt is a small business owner, community activist, and mother first elected to the Nebraska State Legislature in 2018 and re-elected in 2022 to represent District 8; becoming the first LGBTQ+ person ever elected to the Legislature, and the first woman ever from the district. A sixth-generation Nebraskan, Megan has lived and worked in the district for the past 18 years. Megan founded Hello Holiday, a community-facing boutique and e-commerce company in 2012. Today, she is the owner of a stationary shop in Benson. Senator Hunt currently sits on five committees in the Legislature; Business and Labor, Urban Affairs, Government, Military and Veterans Affairs, Committee on Committees, and State-Tribal Relations. The opportunity for public service through elective office opened for her in 2015 when Hunt’s public school district was considering a new comprehensive sex education curriculum to educate students about sexual health, consent, and healthy relationships. Since then, she has remained committed to uplifting the voices of the marginalized and forgotten. Megan is passionate about public education, reproductive justice and gender equity, workforce development, and reducing the brain drain in the Midwest. Since taking office, she has worked with other senators from across the state to tackle food stamp reform, tenants’ rights, access to healthcare, and affordable housing in Nebraska. Megan has introduced 45 bills and cosponsored 131 bills, 46 of which passed with bipartisan support and were signed by the Governor. Megan is the founder and Vice President of Safe Space Nebraska, a 501(c)3 working to end harassment and assault in nightlife establishments. She is a trustee of the Business Ethics Alliance and has served on the boards of Charles Drew Health Center, Friends of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, Friends of the Nebraska AIDS Project, and Omaha Area Youth Orchestras. Megan’s work and impact have been featured in dozens of publications including Forbes, INC, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and others. In acknowledgment of her legislative efforts, she has been awarded the Henry Toll Fellowship, David Bohnett Leaders Fellowship, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Leadership Award, and CSG’s Bowhay Institute for Legislative Leadership Development Fellowship, among others. As a business owner, community leader, and parent, Megan has worked with commitment and discipline to help people from all walks of life prosper in our state. Her track record stems from her belief that the more everyday Nebraskans are empowered and supported to improve their quality of life, the easier it is for all of us to live the good life in the Cornhusker State.

Nebraska Legislature: Sen. Megan Hunt speaks about gender-affirming care

Sen. Megan Hunt addresses a would-be ban on gender-affirming care for minors in Nebraska. She revealed on the floor that her son is transgender and plans to filibuster the bill and other bills to keep it from passing.

We Cannot Codify Hate in Our State Laws

QUOTE: "LB574, introduced by Senator Kathleen Kauth, represents an extreme government intrusion into the private lives of families. Lawmakers have no place in legislating healthcare or discriminating against LGBTQ+ youth. We cannot enshrine this lack of safety into our laws which will only contribute to higher levels of suicide, substance abuse, and physical abuse."



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Nebraska Democratic state Sen. Megan Hunt is on a crusade. And she wants everyone to know it.

Hunt has decided to filibuster the last two and a half months of the Nebraska legislative session to block the passage of a bill that would prevent “gender-affirming care” for minors. Listening to Hunt, who has a transgender “son,” you might think the GOP was planning mass murder.

The bill would ban gender surgeries and the prescription of hormones to minors. But for Hunt and other Nebraska Democrats, the bill is going to murder children.

“I will burn the session to the ground over this bill,” warned state Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh.

Hunt and her colleagues were just getting warmed up.

“If this bill passes, all your bills are on the chopping block, and the bridge is burned,” Hunt warned the chamber.

“We have made it clear that this is the line in the sand,” Hunt said to lawmakers on Thursday.

“People have said, ‘What if we go after your bills? What if we put a bunch of bills introduced by progressives up on the agenda? Are you going to filibuster those, too?’ Yes, because we’re not like you,” Hunt explained. “We have a principle and a value that actually matters that much to us that we’re willing to stand up for.”

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Are we allowed to look at such nobility, such greatness in the eye? Perhaps we should have the Republicans in the Nebraska legislature knee-walk into the chamber while averting their gaze?

Apparently not.

“Don’t say hi to me in the hall, don’t ask me how my weekend was, don’t walk by my desk and ask me anything. Don’t send me Christmas cards ― take me off the list,” Hunt warned. “No one in the world holds a grudge like me, and no one in the world cares less about being petty than me. I don’t care. I don’t like you.”

Oh, sure. I’ll take her name off my Christmas card list right away, you bet.

The topper may have come when another Democratic female legislator broke down in tears after reading a letter from a psychologist.


On Wednesday, Day cried in the chamber while reading a letter from a psychologist who said the bill “will result in the deaths of transgender and gender diverse adolescents, likely before the end of the school year.”

“I want all of you to go into the rotunda and look into the eyes of those parents and tell them that you’re voting for this bill knowing that it could potentially kill their child,” Day said with tears.

Sen. John Fredrickson, the first openly gay man elected to the Nebraska Legislature, also cried in the chamber before reading a letter from a constituent who said that without gender-affirming care, her son would likely have taken his own life as a teenager.

Just as an aside: there is no evidence that “gender-affirming care” improves the mental health of children. Teens are usually suffering from comorbidities unrelated to gender dysphoria and are still at risk even if they receive treatment.

But inconvenient facts like that can be ignored in service to the greater good. The fact is, Megan Hunt is a new kind of radical nutcase. A small-minded, bitter, closed-off white woman. If I were the Nebraska child services, I would investigate her to determine how much she influenced her “son’s” gender dysphoria.

This is a woman looking for a cause, and she has apparently found it.

Nord Stream 2 Bombshell, Twitter Execs Under Fire, and Satanic Pop Stars

Seymour Hersh cracks open the Nord Stream 2 story with a bombshell report. Devil worshipping pop stars rack up Grammys. Is American culture on a Highway to Hell?

Selwyn Duke checks in to take a closer look, as Daniel Natal breaks down the news with Rebecca Terrell for today’s episode of The New American TV with Rebecca Terrell.

Also featured: Arpa-H explained, Legislative Analysis, The Twitter Files and much more.


‘IMAGE OF THE BEAST’: Satanic Horned Statue Honoring Abortion and RGB Invades the Streets Of NYC!



Civic Center, Manhattan, NYC

Ruth Bader Ginsburg released from hospital after cancer surgery

Words cannot adequately describe the shock and horror of witnessing a demonic, horned beast statue erected at a New York City courthouse in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and abortion. This disturbing image is a testament to the lengths some will go to defend these practices, no matter what common decency dictates. While opinions may vary on the morality of abortion and Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s legacy, many are left speechless at such an overt display of support for them both. No doubt this eerie monument will be the source of much conversation for years to come.

Shahzia Sikander has stirred controversy among citizens in New York City with the recent unveiling of her sculpture, “NOW”. The statue atop the courthouse features a horned, demonic figure – interpreted as a celebration of abortion and homage to former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by the artist – which is notably reminiscent of pagan gods Nefertem, Vishnu and Brahma, as well as Hindu goddess of destruction Shiva outside the CERN facility in Geneva. At the neckline hangs Justice Ginsburg’s distinctive trademark collar of lace, prompting an eruption of debates among political figures and religious groups. With her iconic piece provoking vastly different reactions in its audiences, the underlying message behind Sikander’s art remains ambiguous.

The Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade was a monumental event, one that undoubtedly saved countless unborn children from being terminated. After the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the chances of the decision being overturned seemed increasingly likely, and this became reality in July 2020. Surprisingly, conservative commentators have had to point out that overturning Roe does not mean that abortion has been outlawed everywhere– indeed, it merely means that the decision will revert back to individual states to decide for themselves whether or not abortion should be permitted there. As noted by Breitbart in a report on Sikander’s words, though, it is clear that any overturn would be seen as a setback for women and those fighting for equality; thus the battle will continue against anti-abortion forces across the nation.

Pagan imagery can be seen in multiple locations, both worldwide and domestically. Within the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) facility lies a statue of Shiva the Hindu goddess of destruction.

In the United States, an infamous satanic figure of Baphomet was unveiled in Detroit in 2015 and later made an appearance at the Arkansas Capitol building. The iconographic representation of Baphomet included a prominent pentagram and two young children standing near it.

A similar unveiling caused controversy in Detroit in 2015.

These instances demonstrate a shift away from traditional Christian religious symbols towards paganism artifacts that have gained traction in recent years.

In recent days and weeks, we have seen a stark visual display showing just how far some will go to defend abortion as a “right.” In many cases, this includes utilization of pagan imagery, taking us away from traditional religious symbols in favor of an often-demonized source. The surprise horned statue located at a NYC courthouse for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is certainly not an isolated incident – it serves as a reminder that people are increasingly likely to use potentially offensive visual representations to further a cause. This is truly stunning, and serves as an important reminder just how far America has fallen away from God which further emboldens us to stand our ground for The Faith..


The Warning Christians Critically Need: Bethel, New Age, and the New Apostolic Reformation.


The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is a popular and fast-growing new movement of Christians who emphasize signs and wonders and teach that God is giving a new revelation through new apostles and prophets. But is this biblical Christianity? This stuff used to be fringe. Now it's probably in your church in some way. Why is this dangerous, and how can you spot it? I talk with Holly Pivec and Doug Geivett, the authors of Counterfeit Kingdom, about this concerning movement.

Help Your Kids Think Critically

I got the great privilege to interview Elizabeth Urbanowicz, the founder of Foundation Worldview, about the tools she and her team have created to teach our kids critical thinking and life skills. I LOVE this stuff! Foundation Worldview is a Comparative Worldview Curriculum for kids and teens. Several years into Elizabeth's teaching experience, she realized that despite being raised in Christian homes, attending a Christian school, and being active in church, her students thought more like the culture than like Christ. So she did something about it! I ask her about this curriculum, discuss my personal interest in it, ask about parents that might feel discouraged, and overall how and why it's important to teach our kids -now more than ever!- about truth and critical thinking. Elizabeth's interview with Alisa Childers: Elizabeth's Interview with Mike Winger: Elizabeth's Information: Website for Curriculum:

Is it Harmful to Not Affirm Someone's Chosen Identity?

Otherkin, gender fluid, Trans-species, transgender... and everything in between. A question that people have asked me about this is… so what? Who is this hurting? People just live their lives and are just doing what makes them happy. Why do I care to speak out against something like this when people are just living their truth? And I have to say that this is a fair question. If we hear enough lies, then we no longer recognize what's true. I address this and more in this video. RESOURCES: Irreversible Damage : The Transgender Craze Seducing our Daughters by Abigail Shrier:

If There is no Free Speech, There is no Real Thought

We're finding more and more people embracing blatant lies thinking it's the high moral ground. As language becomes less expressive, minds are more easily controlled. Apathy makes people prefer the false peace of conformity to the tensions of liberty. Whatever and whoever has the power can pressure you into believing their version of truth.... even if they're flat-out lies. Anyone who opposes this is viewed as backward and ignorant. We live in a world where there is more and more intense social pressure to accept that there is no such thing as objective truth. There's only power. Whoever holds the power decides what is true and false. The value of truth claims depends on who's making them. More and more people are knowingly believing lies out of fear of opposing them. In possibly one of my favorite interviews I've done so far, Greg Koukl from Stand to Reason addresses free speech and what this really means.

Critical Race Theory, BLM, Equity, Inclusion, Whiteness, and Beyoncé With Monique Duson

Monique Duson, who spent two decades advocating for Critical Race Theory and is the founder of the Center for Biblical Unity, joins me to discuss BLM, microaggressions, marxism, equity, inclusion, and MUCH more. Monique breaks down the movements we're seeing in social justice, and she explains how it differs from the Gospel. We both see that racism is a serious issue. But CRT is not the answer. You can't become a gaslighting racist to get rid of racism. This isn't about politics. It's about what Biblical justice and unity look like in the eyes of God. Hope you have your popcorn. We don't hold back.

Out of Astrology, Tarot, Crystals, Spirits, and the Occult... Into Jesus: With Angela Ucci

Angela Ucci is a former New Age Astrologist. She was into every facet of the New Age, including tarot, moon worship, mediumship, crystal energies, the Law of Attraction, and much more. Her journey is filled with hills and valleys that ultimately led her to the last thing she expected: Jesus.


Washington D.C. Is a Den For Demons

Demonic influence is not like what Hollywood puts in its movies. Most people are in a spiritual battle, but many don’t put up a fight.


Video Sources:

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MANNY SILVA, CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE: Followup- HERETIC Thomas Oord’S Entire Response To Accusations

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Within the theological structure of the cults there is considerable truth, all of which, it might be added, is drawn from biblical sources, but so diluted with human error as to be more deadly than complete falsehood.”  ― Walter Martin, Kingdom of the Cults

Recently, I sent you all an email with a brief list of quotes of Thomas Oord, highlighting some of his heretical beliefs.

In spite of this evidence in his own words, the Intermountain District failed to remove his credentials as an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene.

I believe this speaks volumes even more about the General Superintendents and the leaders of the denomination, and their abdication of a duty to defend the faith.

Below is the complete document written by Oord in his defense. I have highlighted in red what I believe are some of the most egregious comments.

There will be more shocking news later on, because Mr. Oord is one of the people who is actively and openly pushing for acceptance of same-sex marriage in the denomination.

For those who are still active members in the Church of the Nazarene, what do you think of this? What should be done? How far will these things be allowed to go?

(The document is also attached as a pdf).

Thomas Jay Oord’s Response to Accusations

 Brought by Signatories Outside the Intermountain District

but Reformulated by an Intermountain District Board

by Thomas Jay Oord

(Some text is highlighted in red for emphasis (Manny Silva)
What follows are my responses to questions listed at the conclusion of this document. The questions were formulated by a committee from the Church of the Nazarene’s Intermountain District after considering six broad accusations against me made by a group of 10 or so signatories. The people in this accusing group are not members of the Intermountain District but sent their accusations to District Superintendent Scott Shaw. After he talked with General Superintendent Fili Chambo, Shaw moved forward with the proceedings.

Superintendent Shaw met with me in November 2021 to relay the original charges. He explained the process and asked what I wanted to do. I said I would face the accusations and undergo the hearing/trial as laid out in the Manual. Superintendent Shaw said he’d choose the committee to hear my case, evaluate my written response, and receive my verbal defense on a date to be determined. He thereafter assembled a district committee and appointed Assistant District Superintendent Brent Deakins as the chair.

To my mind, the charges against me divide into two parts. One part is theological. The other is about social ethics, specifically the denomination’s stance on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) people outlined in Covenant of Christian Conduct in “Human Sexuality and Marriage.”

The committee assigned to my case wisely set aside most theological charges leveled by the accusing group. Those charges revealed a lack of understanding of how the Wesleyan-holiness tradition thinks about salvation, God’s love, other religious traditions, and more. The accusing signatories fail to understand the range of acceptable beliefs in the Wesleyan-holiness tradition and the Church of the Nazarene.

Because I consider the theological charges without basis, I’ll address them first and rather briefly. I’ll deal with questions about LGBTQ people and the denomination’s view of Human Sexuality and Marriage later. I regard the latter issues as the primary reasons I am undergoing this hearing/trial. Those issues provide an opportunity to explain the meaning and primacy of love in the Wesleyan-holiness theology that undergirds the Church of the Nazarene.

Theological Concerns

The Church of the Nazarene’s Articles of Faith

I appreciate, embrace, affirm, and endorse the Articles of Faith in the Church of the Nazarene.

Occasionally, I am asked why I chose to be ordained in the Church of the Nazarene and choose to remain thirty years after my ordination ceremony. I respond that I’m compelled by the Wesleyan theology undergirding the denomination’s articles of faith. No set of statements can perfectly express all one wants to say about God, of course, and the articles are constantly being revised. I appreciate, embrace, affirm, and endorse the Articles of Faith in the Church of the Nazarene. I have no issues with them and see my views as aligned with the articles.

Part of question three below asks, “How do you deal with any discrepancies between your teaching (in public comments, blog posts, conference speaking engagements, etc.) and your harmonious support of the COTN Articles of Faith?” In my view, there are no discrepancies, so I regard the question as misinformed.

My accusers apparently interpret the articles differently than I do. My beliefs and teachings do not align with their views. But I do not see my teaching as leading to discrepancies about valid interpretations of the articles. And many scholars in the Church of the Nazarene interpret the articles in the way I do, especially those with extensive theological education.

I believe my accusers do not sufficiently understand what it means to embrace the Wesleyan-holiness theology that undergirds the Articles of Faith in the Church of the Nazarene. For example, I make statements about truth in other religious traditions that trouble my accusers. Our Wesleyan theology of prevenient grace, however, supports God’s work in religions other than Christianity. The beauty of the Wesleyan tradition is it’s understanding that God’s love and truth aren’t reserved for just a few; they are available to all. I consider the claims of Christianity, however, more true and more winsome than those of other religious traditions. That’s the major reason I choose to be a Christian.

Or take my view of the afterlife. My accusers apparently do not understand my stance on this subject and have consequently misrepresented me. They seem not to realize the possibility that no one will be “finally impenitent,” to use the statement in the Manual. Wesleyan-holiness people believe God wants to save all. I reject the idea that God forces everyone into heaven. I’m not what many call a “classic universalist,” because of my view of creaturely freedom, another Wesleyan emphasis. Scripture and the Manual leave open the possibility that God’s love will ultimately redeem all creatures through loving persuasion. The Church of the Nazarene is optimistic about the power of God’s grace.

Believing God Exists

I believe God exists. I’m exceedingly surprised by this question.

I’m not certain God exists, however. I doubt anyone can be 100% certain, although I admit some people claim to be. Even if certainty about God’s existence is possible, the Manual doesn’t require anyone to attain this state of confidence.

Throughout history, Christians have typically steered clear of claiming to be certain about God. We talk instead about having faith. Christians are believers, not “certainers,” to coin a word.

I don’t advocate blind faith, however, and I often argue against it. There are good reasons to believe God exists. The phrases I use to describe my stance are that I “reasonably trust” God exists or think God’s existence is “more plausible than not.” Those phrases, in my way of thinking, point to good arguments, evidence, and experiences that indicate God exists… requiring no one to be certain.

Incidentally, most people I talk to about this issue find immense encouragement after hearing they can have genuine doubts about God and yet be faithfully Christian. My statement, “I’m not certain,” offers them hope. They’re relieved to discover Phineas Bresee’s words that “Faith isn’t the absence of doubt; it’s choosing to believe, despite doubt.”

Jesus and God

Christians have throughout the centuries tried to discern how to make sense of Jesus’ relation to God. Some scripture passages say Jesus has a unique relationship with the One he calls “Abba.” Biblical writers, over and again, say Jesus reveals God, and I strongly affirm this. In this sense, I believe Jesus is divine. I stand with Scripture and the Manual.

We Christians have various theories for why Jesus did not have the attributes we think characterize God. One that I’ve cited in many writings says those attributes were set aside in the incarnation. Often, Philippians 2 is the basis for this theory, and I’ve written extensively about this. It fits what I and other scholars call a “Spirit Christology:” Jesus responded perfectly to the Spirit and revealed God’s nature of love. A Trinitarian model that says God is revealed in Jesus makes the most sense to me.

Nearly all Christians think God is omnipresent and omniscient, by which we mean God is present to all creation and God knows all that’s possible to know. But Jesus clearly was not omnipresent. And he lacked complete knowledge, illustrated by the questions he often asked and statements made (e.g., “Who touched me?” “No one knows the day and hour, except the Father”). Simply saying “Jesus is God” can be easily interpreted as meaning Jesus was also omnipresent or omniscient, which, according to the Bible, he was not.

I don’t recall the specifics of the conversation with Michael McElyea noted in question 4c below.
I suspect my point in the exchange was simply to say that while Jesus reveals God, he did not have all the attributes many Christians claim God has. But more importantly, I see no conflict between my views and the Manual’s statements on Jesus.

I affirm the Article of Faith on Jesus.

Sexuality Concerns

I have for decades worked for changes in the Church of the Nazarene’s statements on LGBTQ people, their identities, and sexual practices. In my view, the denominational statements do not reflect well the love at the heart of Wesleyan-holiness theology. I was happy about the progress made in the recent General Assembly rewriting of the “Marriage and Sexuality” statement. But I believe more changes are needed.

My desire to see changes in the Manual comes from my love for God, for members of the Church of the Nazarene, for LGBTQ people, and for the friends and family of LGBTQ people. I think God is pleased by healthy LGBTQ sexual practices and God affirms nonheteronormative identities. I think the Church of the Nazarene ought to imitate God’s love by being pleased in the same way.

I am one among a sizable number of members of the Church of the Nazarene who are LGBTQ affirming. I say a “sizable number” because I don’t know the exact total. Most affirming members are reluctant to say so in public, although many divulge their beliefs to me in private. By “LGBTQ affirming,” I mean many members of the Church of the Nazarene believe non-heterosexual (e.g., Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) orientation, identity, and sexual behavior (expressed in a covenant relationship) are compatible with authentic Christian faith.

As evidence for this claim, I rely upon the Pew Research Center. A 2007 Pew poll showed that 31% of those who identify with the Church of the Nazarene thought society should accept homosexuality. That percentage jumped to 40% by 2014. I suspect the percentage is higher today, but Pew has not released current numbers.

Assuming the USA Church of the Nazarene has around 600,000 members, the Pew polls suggest that 200,000+ US Nazarenes hold views about LGBTQ matters similar to mine. From my conversations with pastors and laity on the Intermountain District, I believe the percentage of affirming people on the district is higher. Even if these polls and estimates are off several percentage points, it remains the case that a sizable number of members of the denomination think society should accept LGBTQ people and their behaviors. Every person I know who thinks society should accept LGBTQ also thinks the denomination should accept it. They have the same standard for love in the church and society.

A Barna Report indicates that 46% of practicing Christians under the age of 40 want more laws to protect Same-Sex Marriage and LGBTQ rights. This is not the same as saying LGBTQ is compatible with Christian faith, of course, but most who want protections and rights are also LGBTQ affirming. In other words, they think about these matters much like I do. The two major takeaways from that Barna report are 1) American Christians are becoming increasingly accepting of LGBTQ people and their sexual behavior, and 2) younger American Christians are more accepting than older Americans.

Based on the Pew and Barna polls and my own interactions, I suspect most US Nazarene youth want the Church of the Nazarene’s views on LGBQT issues to change. And from my time speaking in Europe, I believe the percentage of European Nazarene youth who want change is even higher. If the views of the young eventually become the views of the majority, the Church of the Nazarene will undergo change in the coming decades. We have revised many topics in the Covenant of Christian Conduct over the past century; we should expect and welcome changes related to LGBTQ issues.

My experience speaking at nearly every Church of the Nazarene higher educational institution in the US and many Nazarene institutions overseas tells me that most university students and faculty are LGBTQ-affirming. Many talk to me about these matters in private, fearing accusations and the treatment I’m currently undergoing. They want a safe forum without fear of reprisal to make their case for full LGBTQ inclusion in the Church of the Nazarene.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Many people – especially young people and including some pastors – leave the Church of the Nazarene because of its current stance on LGBTQ people. A 2008 poll of twenty religions/denominations said the holiness tradition – of which the Church of the Nazarene is the largest denomination -- is the worst of all religious groups at retaining young people. Only 32% of Nazarene youth remain with the denomination. A similar poll in 2015 showed no change in this rate of exit.

Some members who want changes on LGBTQ issues ask my advice on whether they should stay or leave. I counsel them on a case-by-case basis. Some leave to become Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, or something else. I respect their decisions, and I wish them well.

Some stay. Despite thinking the denomination’s view of human sexuality is unloving, unbiblical, or just out of touch, some LGBTQ-affirming youth, pastors, scholars, and leaders remain with the Church of the Nazarene. I respect those decisions too.

Why do some stay, despite disagreeing with the Manual on LGBTQ matters? Here are the reasons I often hear…

  1. Family and Friendship

Many LGBTQ-affirming members of the denomination have strong friendship and family ties to people in the Church of the Nazarene. Rather than think beliefs and rules are primary for membership, they think of the denomination as a family or intimate community. As you know, this way of thinking about the church has strong biblical support.

This approach assumes people are more important than rules. Besides, do you leave a family just because other members hold beliefs that you don’t… especially when so many of your siblings believe as you do? Friendship and family are more important than rules and regulations.

Changing Groups

Some who remain are students of denominational history. The Church of the Nazarene has changed its views on many issues, especially issues in the Code of Christian Conduct. Divorce is now considered appropriate in some cases, for instance, although it’s still mentioned in the Code alongside same-sex marriage. Jewelry is commonplace today, but was once condemned. Few members today think twice about going to the theater or circus, but these practices were forbidden in the 1928 Manual. The denomination has changed its mind on dancing, movies, and many other topics in the Covenant of Christian Conduct.

Denominational leaders also realize context matters. In some African contexts, we tolerate polygamy among Church of the Nazarene members. In some European contexts, members consume alcohol with no fear of repercussion. Divorce no longer carries the stigma among US Nazarenes it once did.

Groups change, including denominational groups. Why think the Church of the Nazarene will keep its current stance on LGBTQ? We made positive strides at the recent General Assembly to alter the denomination’s official view. But we need more changes for the Church of the Nazarene to become fully LGBTQ-affirming. Many stay expecting that eventually change will come, hopefully sooner rather than later. The optimism of grace leads me to believe the denomination will eventually see that love calls it to embrace and affirm LGBTQ people.

Loving Experience

Others believe the denomination’s theology implies that LGBTQ people and their loving practices ought to be affirmed. Like me, some cite love as the core of the holiness message. Others consider religious experience vital for discerning authentic Christian faith. They know LGBTQ people who have vibrant Christian testimonies.

Those who oppose LGBTQ people and activity often reference seven or eight biblical verses to support their view. Biblical scholars, theologians, and Christian ethicists have written massive tomes on this material. Many argue those verses either apply to ancient practices not identical to contemporary LGBTQ issues or those verses reflect cultural biases of their day. The biblical witness to sex and marriage is complex.

Many people in the Church of the Nazarene already endorse this general approach to biblical interpretation when defending the full status of women in ministry. In fact, we could cite more biblical passages that relegate women to subservient roles than verses condemning LGBTQ people and behavior. And yet the Church of the Nazarene rightly privileges Scriptures that support full status for women in ministry and equality in marriage. Many of the passages cited call for love and equality for all people. Love and lived experience matter, and we should use this hermeneutic for LGBTQ concerns.

The Theological Difference

 Other members of the Church of the Nazarene ask me if they should leave because of theological differences with the denomination. Those differences are not with the Human Sexuality and Marriage statements; they disagree with the Articles of Faith. I tell them the articles were not handed down from heaven, and each allows for a range of interpretations. The articles have also changed over time, at least to some degree. Articles 15 and 16 are currently going through a major overhaul, and the future will bring more changes.

Many say their theological views differ drastically from the articles. Some believe, for instance, the denomination’s view on biblical inerrancy is too soft. They want a Manual statement that affirms absolute biblical inerrancy. Others think the Articles are at odds with the sovereignty of God. They believe God is in control and we have no freedom to do other than what God decides. Some think the Articles of Faith are wrong about hell, original sin, women in ministry, sanctification as transformation, or something else.

In these conversations, I realize some members of the denomination actually want a Calvinist or Catholic theology. Or something else. So I lovingly tell them to consider joining another community.

Am I wrong to encourage some to leave but encourage some LGBTQ-affirming members to stay?

I don’t think so. As I see it, the essential theology of the Church of the Nazarene is compatible with believing LGBTQ people are welcome in the denomination. Here’s what I mean:

The core of our holiness message is love. “Love” doesn’t mean, “we accept any behavior or beliefs whatsoever.” It means we want the well-being of others. We seek the transformation of ourselves and all creation. Some LGBTQ behavior – including same-sex marriage – can promote well-being. It’s good and healthy; it represents the values of the Kingdom of God. The transformation God desires rarely if ever requires LGBTQ people to change their sexual orientation, identity, or loving behavior.

Let me put this another way: LGBTQ people can live Christlike lives. Some of the most loving people I know are not heteronormative. Living Christlike lives is the holiness gospel, and some LGBTQ people act like Christ. They love like Jesus loved. And their identity or behavior as LGBTQ people is not an obstacle to their being Christlike.

Love calls us to be faithful in our partnering commitments. Those who commit to monogamy – whether heterosexual or same-sex marriage – are called to be faithful to God, their partner, and the Kingdom. If the Church of the Nazarene – as people who seek purity – wants to encourage loving faithfulness and discourage promiscuity, it ought to endorse same-sex marriage. The denomination also ought to lead the way in advocating for transgender people. It ought to recognize the variation of attraction experienced by bisexual people. And so on.

As those who care for the marginalized, Nazarenes ought to be allies for LGBTQ people rather than adversaries.

My Role as a Licensed Minister and Thought Leader

Some questions at the conclusion of this document come from the district committee and not from the original charges against me. These questions pertain to how I see my role as an acting minister and thought leader in the Church of the Nazarene.

One set of questions asks about officiating same-sex marriages. Given what I’ve said above, it will come as no surprise that I look forward to the day the denomination endorses same-sex marriage. If members of the Church of the Nazarene truly believe in sexual purity, they ought to encourage lifelong sexual partnerships in marriage. The holiness message ought to compel members of the denomination to support same-sex marriage.

I have never officiated a same-sex marriage, and I have no plans to do so. But if one of my daughters was a lesbian and wanted me to officiate her marriage to her lesbian partner, I’d do it in a heartbeat. If needed, I’d officiate the ceremony as a layperson and ask the couple to get an official marriage endorsement from a state official. But I love my children and think this love far exceeds any commitment I have to a statement in the Covenant of Christian Conduct I think needs changing. I hope all clergy would privilege love for their children over denominational rules, even if it comes at personal cost. And if they would, they likely understand much of the LGBTQ logic I’m presenting here.

 I do not think ordained elders should surrender their credentials if they officiate a same-sex wedding. Our allegiance is first to God and the love to which God calls. But because most members in the Church of the Nazarene currently do not think about same-sex weddings the way I do, I’d encourage the Nazarene elder who wants to officiate a same-sex ceremony to do so and subsequently have it endorsed by some other person or agency. Or do so with a minister of another Christian denomination. I give this advice with a sad heart, however, believing that on this issue, those outside the Church of the Nazarene are more in tune with the Spirit’s leading.

The final set of questions asks about my personal beliefs and the denomination’s. It asks if I support the denomination and whether I’m in “hearty accord” with the statement on human sexuality. I strongly support the denomination; I love the people who comprise this community. I’ve given much of my time, emotional energy, and resources to help the Church of the Nazarene broadly and to help individual members specifically. To use the language of the Apostle Paul, I have “poured myself out” sacrificially for this body of believers.

I heartily support and believe myself to be in accord with the Articles of Faith. But I think the denomination’s statement of human sexuality should evolve. I will continue working to see changes made. That will mean speaking against current denominational practices and ideas I believe are not aligned with our core theology of love. I expect all people associated with the Church of the Nazarene – whether they are ordained or not – to place their allegiance with the God of love and see allegiance to the Church of the Nazarene as secondary. God and denomination are not identical.

I would also expect people who disagree with the Covenant of Christian Conduct to do so respectfully. And to be discerning in how they disagree. I don’t claim to have always been wise, but I feel good about most of my speech and activities. I commit myself to working for change in wise and loving ways. I aim to love in word and deed.

The Process of Change in the Church of the Nazarene

In 2007, I gave a plenary paper at Northwest Nazarene University’s Wesley Center Conference. The paper was titled, “Revisioning Article X: Fifteen Changes in the Church of the Nazarene's Article on Entire Sanctification.” In my presentation and the paper that circulated widely thereafter, I suggested both major and minor changes to the denomination’s views on sanctification.

No one brought me up on charges. No one thought I was a heretic or was teaching false doctrine when I suggested fifteen changes to the article widely regarded as the denomination’s distinctive doctrine. In fact, many fellow scholars applauded my suggestions, while suggesting changes of their own or noting differences in nuance. An official denominational committee formed soon thereafter, and years later, several of my suggested changes occurred.

Before this event, I suggested a change to Article I in the Manual, the article on the doctrine of God. I suggested we should add a statement about God’s love. My suggestion made its way through the system and now is part of the official statement. Again, no one brought me up on charges for thinking the Articles of Faith needed changing.

To be clear, I’m not claiming I alone orchestrated these changes to the Manual. Others played key roles; it takes a community. But I bring up these examples to note that even with the Articles of Faith—which are widely thought essential rather than nonessential like the Covenant of Christian Conduct—differences of opinion can lead to changes in denomination’s official views. Someone—or many someones—initiates conversations leading to those changes.

It’s also important to note that not all of my proposed changes were accepted. But no one said, “the new Manual doesn’t reflect everything Tom suggested, so he should leave.” Nor did I feel compelled to abandon the denomination. Apparently, differences of opinion are acceptable for the Articles of Faith. How much more should a difference of opinion be acceptable to the denomination’s Covenant of Christian Conduct? While Covenant issues are important, they are not essential.

Far better to follow the advice of Phineas Bresee and many others: “On essentials, we seek unity. On nonessentials, we allow freedom. In all things, we seek to love.”

How Does Change Come?

According to the polls I’ve cited and my experience, a huge number of Church of the Nazarene members agree with me. Probably hundreds of thousands. But the majority do not. Some districts or world regions are more “progressive” on this issue. But the majority currently does not think like me and many, many others.

If the change I want to see is to become a reality, how will that occur? What brings people to change their minds about LGBTQ people and issues to endorse views like mine?

Most people who change their minds do not suddenly realize the few biblical passages that directly pertain to same-sex relations don’t apply today. Change rarely comes through biblical argumentation, as important as Scripture is.

Change comes when people we know well – our children, best friends, or family members – “come out” as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or something similar. Close relationships also lead many to realize LGBTQ identity, attractions, and behaviors can be healthy and loving. A growing number of members of the Church of the Nazarene are experiencing these perspective-changing encounters with family and friends.

Others change their minds on issues of human sexuality when they spend time with LGBTQ Christians who love like Jesus. These people may not be family members or friends, but they clearly live lives of love. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating,” says the adage, and the proof is that many LGBTQ people live fruitful lives of the Spirit. They are transformed into the image of the invisible God.

When I think of those people in my own life, friends like Alicia, Carol, Cindy, David, Dwayne, Flora, Fraser, Gary, Isaac, John, Jordan, Lisa, Manuel, Matthew, Michael, Monica, Scott, Susie, Tim, Tyler, and more come to mind. LGBTQ people show evidence of the gifts of ministry, pastoral leadership, and general good works in the world.

Still others change their minds on intellectual grounds. That’s how I changed my mind. Through a study of scripture, theology, science, and more, some people come to realize traditional binary views of human sexuality do not apply to all people. It’s no minor point that the consensus opinion in psychology and other human sciences is that LGBTQ behavior can be healthy and life-giving. Scientific consensus is on the side of people who think like me about LGBTQ issues. Those who point to examples of LGBTQ misbehavior – e.g., abuse, promiscuity, unsafe sex – often fail to note this misbehavior also occurs among heterosexuals.

What won’t happen is that every single member of the Church of the Nazarene awakes one morning and simultaneously says, “we should change the statement on human sexuality and marriage today.” Instead, change takes time. In the beginning, there are a few dissenters. Momentum builds. And eventually, the majority see the need to alter official statements. It’s a process, and if the statistics I offered and my experiences are correct, the Church of the Nazarene is changing its views on LGBTQ issues.

In fact, change is already here. It’s just that many members of the Church of the Nazarene are afraid to make the public statements I make. They know negative repercussions will probably come if they speak out or ask for civil conversation. But I predict many will become more vocal in the coming days. The issues at the heart of my case are likely to grow in importance.

Where Should We Go From Here?

I know the decisions this Intermountain District committee makes carry real and widespread consequences. If the committee endorses and wholeheartedly affirms what I say, those who believe traditional views about sexuality and marriage will be angry. Some may leave the denomination.

If the committee rejects what I say and votes to take my license, those who want change will be angry. Pastors and laity will leave the Church of the Nazarene. Others will go into hiding, fearing that speaking out will mean their trial and dismissal. Rejecting the way forward I have proposed – opening up a conversation about accepting people with LGBTQ identity, orientation, and loving sexual behaviors – means more Nazarene youth will leave.

It’s not too dramatic to say the denomination’s future vitality is at stake.

I trust that those hearing my case will find my theological views within the spectrum of viable interpretations of the Articles of Faith. I certainly think they are, and so do many others.

Ideally, the committee would join me in seeking changes in the statement on Marriage and Human Sexuality. Even if committee members do not take a proactive approach to make changes, I hope they see the Covenant of Christian Conduct as a nonessential document. There is room for those who in good conscience and in the name of love disagree with the denomination’s statement on marriage and human sexuality.

I hope the committee will also see the need for open conversations about LGBTQ issues. People want to speak freely and without fear of dismissal from their leadership roles or the denomination. My case could spark healthy discussions.

Above all, I hope this committee will stand for what, in my mind, is the way of love.

Rev. Dr. Thomas Jay Oord (January 2022)

Questions for Dr. Thomas Jay Oord

  1. Do you affirm and support the statement in the Nazarene manual on Human Sexuality and Marriage (31)?

If not, what areas are of concern for you and why?

If yes, help us understand how your statements in the evidence (Exhibit 1 & 4) and your personal beliefs about human sexuality are in harmony or are not in harmony with the doctrine of the COTN? Specifically, your comments stating:

  1. “I am one among those who thinks it (homosexual activity) is not always sinful” (Exhibit 1)
  2. When asked the question: "Should Ministers of the COTN should be allowed to marry LGBTQ couples?” You responded: “Yes on the first.” Do you believe Nazarene ministers should be allowed to perform same-sex ceremonies? If you were asked to do a same-sex ceremony, would you do it? In your view, would performing a same-sex ceremony be a violation of the COTN beliefs and be cause for surrendering of ordination credentials? How are your publicly stated views and opinions concerning same-sex marriages consistent and in accord with the COTN statements on human sexuality?
  3. What do you mean by “full inclusion” with your view and stance on same-sex sexuality? (Exhibit 1: “I am in favor of full inclusion of LGBTQ people…") For which of the following roles are you in favor of a same-sex sexually active person being eligible to serve in the Church of the Nazarene? As an Ordinated minister? As a non-ordained minister? As a member? In an elected Leadership position? As a lay teacher? As an attender? Other? Does your position on “full inclusion” also include marriage ceremonies bless and sanctioned by the COTN?
  4. Do you affirm and support Articles 1-16 in the Nazarene manual?

If not, what areas are of concern for you and why?

If yes, how do you deal with any discrepancies between your teaching (in public comments, blog posts, conference speaking engagements, etc.) and your harmonious support of the COTN Articles of Faith?

  1. Help us understand your statements on the certainty in the existence of God and your understanding of Articles 1, 2 and 3.
  2. Specifically, you say in a blog “But I’m not 100% sure God exists...” (footnote 9 on pg. 5 of accusation document). Are you now certain in the existence of God as stated in Article 1, 2 and 3?
  3. Exhibit 5 “I know few scholars who think the only people who can rightly self-identify as Christians are those who think Jesus is God.” Are you one of those scholars? If so, help us understand how someone can be a Christian without believing that Jesus is God. (Article 2)
  4. Do you remember or have documentation on the conversation in Exhibit 5 with Michael McElyea? His comment states that you told Michael that “you told me that you do not even believe that Jesus is God Himself.” Does this comment accurately reflect what you said and what you believe personally? Or what did you mean by that implied statement? Do you believe that Jesus is God as stated in Article 2?
  5. How do you differentiate your personal beliefs and role as an ordained minister in the COTN and your role as a teacher in the COTN? What responsibility do you have as a Nazarene minister supporting the COTN and respecting the office of an ordained elder for the public/online statements that you make? How do your public/online statements and teachings demonstrate that you are in hearty accord with the statements of the COTN on human sexuality?

Rev. Dr. Thomas Jay Oord

(January 2022)

Manny Silva
Stand For Truth Ministries

"The entirety of Your word is truth, And every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever." Psalm 119:160


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Most practicing Catholics will have noticed by now that the Church under Francis has changed.  And many are not happy with the changes.

For example, Andrea Cianci, author of a new book that questions the validity of Francis’s election, says that Francis’s objective is to “demolish Catholicism.” But it’s not only Francis that traditional Catholics worry about. His plans for the dismantling of the Church are being implemented by a small army of prelates who are, in essence, Francis clones.

Right now, Francis and his supporters are utilizing the Synod on Synodality as the main engine for transforming the Church into something new and strange. Conservative critics of the synod claim that it is a “hostile takeover of the Church,” an “exercise in self-destructive behavior,” and an “open revolution.” This may seem extreme, but many of Francis’s words and actions reveal a man who is deeply hostile to the Catholic Church—a Church that he considers “rigid,” “fundamentalist,” “exclusivist,” and very much in need of opening up. Moreover, those who are running the Synod share his sentiments.

In reality, the Church has been opening up ever since the pontificate of John XXIII, but much of what the Church of Francis is engaged in is not simply an opening up of the Church, but a rejection of it.  Church leaders are already in the process of rejecting the Church’s teaching on marriage, adultery, abortion, homosexuality, gender, divorce, polygamy, clerical celibacy, and women’s ordination. To the extent that they are opening the Church, they are opening it to people who dissent from Church teaching on these and other matters.

Perhaps because they realize they are already firmly in control, the “woke” prelates have become quite open about what they plan to do.  For example, the Vatican has just released a new document for the Synod on Synodality which calls for “a Church capable of radical inclusion.”

The 44-page document is entitled “Enlarge the space of your tent,” but the tent doesn’t seem to have much space for traditional Catholic beliefs and practices.  Rather it encourages dialogue with “those who, for various reasons, feel a tension between belonging to the Church and their own loving relationship, such as remarried divorcees, single parents, people living in a polygamous marriage, LGBTQ people, etc.”

“Polygamous marriage?”  One wonders what’s included in “etc.”  In any event, this new inclusive model is being suggested as the model the Church should embrace.  But don’t assume that the plan is to help the “marginalized” (i.e., adulterers, LGBTQ, etc.) to conform their lives to Church teaching.  Rather, the plan is to conform the Church’s teachings to the “lived experience” of the marginalized.

“Radical inclusion” sounds vaguely Christian, but it is actually a plan for demolishing the Church—as the word “radical” implies. The word brings to mind images of the radical French Revolution, the radical Russian Revolution, and the radical Sexual Revolution. All three resulted in enormous damage to the societies involved, yet the Synod documents often speak the language of revolutionary change. Moreover, the Synod fathers seem anxious to bless the Sexual Revolution and bring it fully into the Church. “Radical” is not usually thought of as a term of praise, but that’s the way it was used by Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, the Relator General of the Synod, in a recent interview with L’Osservatore Romano. Hollerich praised Pope Francis for being “not a liberal” but a “radical.”

Most Catholics don’t keep up with recent issues of L’Osservatore Romano or with the latest Vatican document. So, relatively few are aware of the radical nature of the changes being proposed in the synods. Perhaps the most prominent synodal theme is “inclusion,” and the promise that no one is excluded. But when the Synod fathers say “no one is excluded,” it should give us pause.  Do they also mean “no sins are excluded?”  Do they mean that no repentance is required? The numerous synod documents suggest that what progressive Catholics want is an inclusive community without rules—a place where each follows his or her own inner guidance.

But workable communities that last do have rules and, in order to survive, they tend to exclude those who won’t follow the rules.  One supposes, for example, that a good number of bishops belong to a golf club.  And it’s a good bet they know and observe the rules of the club.  If a bishop drives his golf cart in a reckless way after several drinks and several warnings, he can expect to be excluded from the club.  He can claim that the club has “marginalized” him, but in reality, he has marginalized himself.

One might counter by observing that the Church is not a golf club. It follows a different—more merciful– set of rules. Cardinal Hollerich has said as much: “[The] Kingdom of God is not an exclusive club.” Rather, he says, its doors are open “to everyone without discrimination.” “This,” said Hollerich, “is simply about affirming that Christ’s message is for everyone.”

All Christians can agree that Christ’s message is for everyone. But most would want “everyone” to hear the full message of Christ, not a highly redacted version. If you read the full message of Christ on the subject of entrance into the Kingdom of God, you would not, contra Hollerich, get the impression that it’s open “to everyone without discrimination.” Not by a long shot.

Take Matthew 25:31-46—the parable about the sheep and the goats. On Judgment Day, “[The King] will separate the sheep from the goats, and he will place the sheep at his right hand, but the goats at the left.” He then invites the sheep to inherit the kingdom, but the goats are sent away “into eternal punishment.”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds discriminatory to me. And frightening as well. Thank Heaven for purgatory.

Christ also discriminates on several occasions in favor of wheat over weeds (or chaff): “Let both grow together until the harvest and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, ‘Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn’” (Mt.13:30).

In another parable, he tells his disciples: “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a net which was thrown into the sea and gathered fish of every kind; when it was full, men…sorted the good into vessels but threw away the bad” (Mt. 13:47-48).

Lest there be any misunderstanding, Jesus then explains: “So it will be at the end of the age, the angels will come out and separate the evil from the righteous, and throw them into the furnace of fire” (Mt. 13 49-50).

The meaning of these parables seems clear, yet Christ tells several other parables with the same message.  In one parable, he tells of five wise maidens who, having made proper preparations, are admitted to a wedding feast; and of five foolish maidens who, having failed to make sufficient preparations, are excluded from the feast.

In another parable about a wedding feast, a guest without a wedding garment is cast out the door: “Then the king said to the attendants, “Bind him hand and foot and cast him into the outer darkness…For many are called, but few are chosen” (Mt. 22: 13-14).

Hollerich may say that the Kingdom of God is open “to everyone without discrimination,” but the Gospels seem to be saying something different.  Hollerich says, in effect, “come as you are,” but Jesus advises us to come wearing a wedding suit (i.e., in a state of grace.) Although well-acquainted with the merciful sayings of Jesus, Hollerich, and Francis seem to ignore his more judgmental warnings.

Quite obviously, the words of Jesus are an obstacle to the synodal plans of Hollerich, Francis, and others in the hierarchy.  Quite obviously, Jesus will have to go if the synodalists hope to achieve their goals.  Expect him to gradually disappear from the new radically inclusive Church.  Either that or expect him to be transformed to better fit the jolly theology of Cardinal Hollerich who tells us that “living in the footsteps of Christ means living well, it means enjoying life.”

In short, expect Jesus to be transformed into some kind of happy genderless hippie who utters woke platitudes and announces the good news that your sins aren’t really sins at all.  He just wants you to be happy doing whatever makes you feel good.

It is, of course, a formula for disaster. Canon Lawyer Rev. Gerald F. Murray calls it “a self-destructive Synod.”  He notes some of the signs of decline in the Church we have already seen under Francis: “lack of priestly vocations in the developed world; the steep decline in Mass attendance, baptisms, and Church weddings…the collapse of religious orders and the rejection of doctrinal fidelity.”

One doesn’t have to look far to find signs of doctrinal infidelity.  Here in the U.S., LGBTQ activist priest Fr. James Martin has asserted that LGBT Christians are not bound by the rule of chastity.  And in formerly Catholic Ireland, an elderly priest was recently suspended by his bishop for speaking of the sinfulness of certain sexual activities.

The priest, Fr. Sean Sheehy, said he was simply stating what was in the Gospel. But that’s the problem, isn’t it?  Fr. Murray says the Synod is “self-destructive.”  But it’s only self-destructive if the intention of the Synod is to preserve and strengthen the Church founded by Christ and revealed to Christians in the gospels.  If the intention of the Synod fathers (along with Pope Francis) is to replace the Church of Christ with a humanistic/modernist Church with all the supernatural elements purged out, then the Synod has thus far been a roaring success for them—if not for the rest of us.

It’s possible that the Synod organizers are genuinely well-intentioned.  Perhaps they think that by downplaying immorality and by convincing Catholics to “take it easy on yourself,” Catholics will shake off their burden of guilt and lead happier healthier lives.  But previous attempts at relaxing the rules while ignoring the supernatural dimension of life—such as the Sexual Revolution—eventually resulted in making life harder not easier.

Should the Synod fathers succeed in convincing Catholics that sin is not sinful, the destructive, addictive, and family-wrecking effects of sin will still be at work—both in individual lives and throughout society. The Synod leaders may succeed in bringing about a radical change in the Church, but because of their naivete about human nature, the changes will inexorably lead to widespread unhappiness and despair.

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William Kilpatrick

William Kilpatrick is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His books include Christianity, Islam, and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West, What Catholics Need to Know About Islam, and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Jihad.

‘It is absurd to remove crucifixes from our classrooms, while entire neighborhoods have been taken over by sharia’

Italian politician Giorgia Meloni: “I don’t believe we ought to hide our identity, in order to respect others. Which is what leftists believe. It is paradoxical to remove crucifixes from our classrooms while accepting that entire European neighborhoods have been taken over by Islamic sharia. I don’t get it, honestly.”

Read the full story at RAIR Foundation USA:

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.


“Fatherland is fundamental, Family is fundamental, and religious identity is also fundamental.”

During a debate on an Italian talk show, the leader of the anti-mass immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Giorgia Meloni, defended her party’s support of the famous motto, God, Country, and Family. Italy’s former left-wing Prime Minster, Enrico Letta, believes the concept is outdated. Meloni, however, stressed, “Fatherland is fundamental, Family is fundamental, and religious identity is also fundamental.”

“Look, I consider myself a conservative. Let’s not forget that the motto “God, Fatherland, and Family” was thought up by Mazzini. I don’t think it clashes with modernity. What does that mean? It means to defend an identity, which is the identity of our society, a European identity,” explained Meloni.

She continued, “It means that the family is the founding core of our society, the most important social safety net we have. It means that the fatherland is the identity that brings us together.”

Meloni also spoke of the importance of Christians being proud and open about their identities:

I don’t believe we ought to hide our identity, in order to respect others. Which is what leftists believe. It is paradoxical to remove crucifixes from our classrooms, while accepting that entire European neighborhoods have been taken over by Islamic sharia. I don’t get it, honestly.

The leader, predicted to become Italy’s next prime minister under a new conservative coalition government, reminded the audience that “Christian values have molded our civilization.”


Stacey Abrams Says Her Faith Reinforces Her Abortion Support

Marjorie Taylor Greene on Stacey Abrams:

"Wants to be 'President of Earth,' more like 'Death Star.'"

Gov. Kemp slams Stacey Abrams as Georgia gubernatorial race heats up

Georgia's Stacey Abrams pressed on abortion, defunding the police

Stacey Abrams Says She's Pro-Abortion Because She's a Christian



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The Left loves to gaslight us, and who could do it better than Georgia’s farther-Left-than-Stalin supermodel and shadow governor Stacey Abrams? On Wednesday, Yahoo News published a new interview with the perennial media darling and renowned theologian, in which she explained that her relentless support for abortion right up until the moment of birth and maybe after that is animated by her Christian faith. You see? You conservative rubes thought that Christianity stood for the sanctity of life from the moment of conception! Aren’t we all lucky to have Stacey Abrams to make it clear to us that it really endorses the Left’s irrepressible desire to offer sacrifices to Moloch?

Abrams, Yahoo informs us, says that “her own religious faith has reinforced her pro-abortion-rights views.” Abrams intones sagely: “Abortion is a medical decision,” and you’ve got to admit, she’s got a point. Whatever else it is, it’s a medical decision, just as is the decision to give someone a lethal injection or strap him to a seat in a gas chamber. But apparently aware of how reductionist and simplistic that was, the supermodel plowed on: “It is also a decision that women make because they are not ready to be mothers… My responsibility as a legislator is to make certain that we allow doctors and nurses and medical professionals to make medical decisions and that politicians stay out of it.”

This is a common Leftist talking point: abortion is just a simple medical procedure with no moral evaluation, akin to a woman deciding to get cosmetic surgery. It’s entirely her decision, based on whether or not she is “ready to be a mother,” and that’s that. The overwhelming scientific evidence that the child in the womb is just that, a child, alive and growing and quite genetically distinct from the mother, means nothing to the “Believe the Science” crowd. Abortion advocates persistently pretend that such evidence does not exist, as if it were 1222, not 2022, and no one was actually sure when human life begins (just as no one in the smart set is sure what a woman is).

But Abrams explains that it isn’t science, but her Christian faith, that makes her pro-abortion. She is, Yahoo tells us, “the daughter of two retired United Methodist pastors,” and who could know more about Christianity than the daughter of not one, but two pastors in a church that has been widely derided as the Democrat Party at Prayer? Abrams “said her religious views are not incompatible with her belief that abortion should remain legal in states like Georgia.” See, for the Left, nothing is ever what it seems, especially religions. Islam, despite the Qur’an’s repeated exhortations to kill or subjugate unbelievers, is a religion of peace, and Christianity, regardless of its repeated avowals of the sanctity of life even in the womb (cf. Psalm 139:13-16, Jeremiah 1:4-5, etc.), is actually pro-abortion.

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Abrams says this is because, above all, a Christian should never, ever, impose his or her beliefs on anyone else: “While your faith tradition may tell you that you personally do not want to make that choice, it is not my right as a Christian to impose that value system on someone else. Because the value that should overhang everything is the right to make our own decisions, the free will that the God I believe in gave us.”

Of course! Leftists are free to impose their value systems upon us ad nauseam, with drag queens in primary schools, school lunch funding withheld from schools that refuse to play along with transgender madness, and all the rest of it, but Christians must never dare to impose their views in any way, shape, or form. Note also her bland assumption — and here again, this is a common Leftist talking point — that opposition to abortion is solely motivated by religious conviction. Leftists steadfastly and universally ignore the scientific evidence regarding human life in the womb.

So Stacey Abrams, that most pious of Christian supermodels, supports abortion because God gave us free will. We also have the free will to kill, steal, and more, but never mind. This is one of the Left’s rising stars. This is one of the Left’s most formidable intellects. That’s why the Left has such an increasingly open taste for authoritarianism. They know they can’t win a rational debate with intellectual firepower of this embarrassingly poor quality.

Biden Moves to Protect America’s National Religion

“And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech.”
Leviticus 18:21

“And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying…whosoever giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death…because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.”
Leviticus 20:1-3

“…that no man might make his son or daughter to pass through the fire to Molech.”
II kings 23:10





republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Old Joe Biden’s handlers are pulling out all the stops to keep the sacrifices to Moloch going. On Wednesday, Old Joe signed an executive order that he said, “helps women travel out of state for medical care.” Biden added that Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra “is going to work with states through Medicaid to allow them to provide reproductive healthcare for women who live in states where — where abortions are being banned in that state.” The alleged president added proudly that “just yesterday in Idaho, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit to make sure that pregnant women facing serious threats to their health can get the medical care they need in Medicare-funded emergency rooms.” Abortion, it seems, must be protected and fostered at all costs, and it’s easy to see why: it’s a central element of our established religion, woke Leftism.

The First Amendment says that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” but make no mistake: we do have an established religion in the United States today. Wokeism, including sexual confusion, contempt for masculinity, erasure of femininity, hatred of children (hence the focus on abortion), and obsession with racism real and imagined (mostly the latter), is the religion that the U.S. government promotes today.

Evidence of our national religion is everywhere. There are pride flags at U.S. embassies around the world, openly “gender fluid” and transgender government officials, and fulsome praise for Leftist societal and sexual fads from officials at the highest levels, including the President of the United States himself. One thing that has become clear during the unhappy time that Joe Biden has pretended to be president is that an established religion, like religion itself, is inescapable: everyone has a religion, and every state has a state religion. Just as individuals who insist that they are atheists have some central focus and guiding force and principle in their lives — that is, something that takes the place and serves the purpose of a religion — so governments all endorse and even impose certain values. The ones ours promotes, of course, are all bad.

Biden’s handlers moved decisively to impose our established religion back on May 5, the Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) announced that it was planning to “interpret the prohibition on discrimination based on sex found in Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and in the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008, as amended, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly the Food Stamp Program (7 USC § 2011 et seq.), to include discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.” This new interpretation would mean that “state and local agencies, program operators and sponsors that receive funds from FNS must investigate allegations of discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation. Those organizations must also update their non-discrimination policies and signage to include prohibitions against discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.” This Biden policy required schools that received federal funding for lunch programs to endorse and promote transgenderism, including allowing biological men to use women’s bathrooms. If any school refused to comply, it would be denied federal funds.

Related: Thank Abortion Radicalism for Roe v. Wade Being Overturned

That Agriculture Department decree was just one example of a myriad of ways in which Biden’s handlers were pushing the woke agenda upon the American people. On June 15, Old Joe signed what his administration called a “historic executive order” that was designed to aid in “advancing LGTBQI+ equality during Pride Month.” The White House press office stated proudly: “President Biden believes that no one should face discrimination because of who they are or whom they love. Since President Biden took office, he has championed the rights of LGBTQI+ Americans and people around the world, accelerating the march towards full equality.” To this end, the White House announced plans to end “conversion therapy,” that is, efforts to convince young people not to be homosexual, or even to convince those suffering gender confusion that they should not seek to alter themselves through surgery and pharmaceuticals so that they could pretend to be a member of the opposite sex.

The White House proudly explained that “as a candidate, President Biden pledged to help end so-called ‘conversion therapy’ — a discredited and dangerous practice that seeks to suppress or change the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBTQI+ people. Today, President Biden is using his executive authority to launch an initiative to protect children across America and crack down on this harmful practice, which every major medical association in the United States has condemned.” This opened the possibility that those who tried to fight the prevailing gender fantasy and madness could face criminal prosecution.

Old Joe, or the shadowy figures who are actually making the decisions in his administration, was once again moving to protect America’s established religion, rewarding the orthodox and punishing the heretical and their institutions in ways that would make the heresy less appealing and put it on the road to extinction.

The most obvious objection to this scenario, of course, is that secular (and, indeed, God-hating) Leftism isn’t generally recognized as a religion at all. Nevertheless, it very much is one, as can be seen all over, for instance in the transgender pronoun fantasies and hunt for heretics who dare to “misgender” a particular fantasist and the fervor with which supporters of abortion vowed to fight against all restrictions to the practice after Roe v. Wade was overturned.

But since this secular ideology is not understood to be a religion, it is not seen as an established creed in violation of the First Amendment, as it would be in a sane polity. If it were, then the solution to it would also be found in the First Amendment, in the prohibition of such an establishment, and provisions such as school lunch money being withheld from schools that refused to indulge insane gender faddism would be seen as establishing a religion, and accordingly ended. So would federal promotion of abortion. But don’t watch for that to happen here.

BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON: Schoolboard Director Offers Hyper-Sexual ‘Pleasure’ Class to 9-Year-Olds

Terry Schilling, President of American Principles Project, joined "In Focus with Addison Smith" to discuss a Washington school board director, JENN MASON, who is offering to teach a class to 9-year-olds on "sexual anatomy for pleasure" and "safer sex practices for all kinds of sexual activities", at her sex shop.

WAY TOO YOUNG: Millennial parents defending graphic sex class for 9-year-olds

Woke sex education for 9 years old

School Board Director Tried to Host “Queer” Event for Kids & Babies … at SEX Shop

A Bellingham, Washington State, school board director is under fire after trying to host a “queer youth open mic” event for children ages 0-18 at a sex shop, prompting news headlines and an outcry nationwide. The June 2 event ended up being hosted at a fringe “church” instead.


Pro-abortion Jewish organizations agree with Satanic Temple claim that “abortion ritual” represents “religious freedom”

Image: Pro-abortion Jewish organizations agree with Satanic Temple claim that “abortion ritual” represents “religious freedom”



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) More than 140 Jewish organizations, along with the Satanic Temple of New York City, are now claiming that getting an abortion is a form of “religious freedom” that is constitutionally protected and cannot be overruled by legislators or the courts.

On May 17, an event sponsored by “Jewish Rally for Abortion Justice” and supported by the Anti-Defamation League, publicly affirmed that “abortion access is a Jewish value” and that “banning abortions is a religious freedom issue.”

In early June, a south Florida synagogue filed a lawsuit claiming that the state’s new 15-week abortion ban violates the “religious freedom” of Jewish people. This is the same position held by the Satanic Temple of New York City, which claims that the “abortion ritual” is a form of “religious expression.”

According to Satanists, “birthing people” – meaning women – who belong to the religion should be allowed to freely murder their unborn children whenever they feel like it because this is a form of worship to their god. The Jewish groups agree.

“How have we not dismantled the government?” the Satanic Temple asked after the Supreme Court’s overruling of Roe v. Wade, calling the decision “illegitimate” and promising to “defy” it.

In 2015, the Satanic Temple filed a federal lawsuit in Missouri claiming that the state’s restrictive abortion laws violate their “free exercise” of Satanism. Five years later, Satanists launched a campaign called “Satanic Abortions Are Protected by Religious Liberty Laws,” and have since reiterated their position that Satanism is “the leading beacon of light in the battle for abortion access.”

“With Roe v. Wade overturned, a religious exemption will be the only available challenge to many restrictions to access,” tweeted the Satanic Temple’s official Twitter account on June, 24.

Ending someone else’s life does not qualify as religious expression

Frank Pavone, the national director of Priests for Life, stated in a recent interview that since abortion involves the killing of someone else’s life, it does not qualify under a religious exemption.

“Killing [of] an innocent human life … the government can, in fact, restrict [this act], even if someone is going to say, ‘My religious freedom requires me, requires me, in certain circumstances to abort,” he is quoted as saying.

Sincerely held religious beliefs that do not involve murder still qualify, but this is something entirely different.

“Nevertheless, the government can restrict someone’s religious freedom precisely out of an interest to protect others,” he added.

Pointing to several legal cases involving this issue, Pavone further explained how the government does, in some cases, have a compelling interest to interfere with or halt certain religious activities if they put the lives of others at risk.

“Based on the words in the Gospel that ‘they will handle poisonous snakes and not be harmed,’ some of these churches had snake handling going on in their services,” he explained how poisonous snake handling in the South had to be addressed by the government.

“For the protection of the lives of the congregation, the state came in [with legislation] and said, ‘You can’t do this.'”

Several churches challenged these laws at the time, but the courts upheld the government’s restrictions, recognizing that while all Americans have religious freedom, there is a “compelling interest and when there’s no other way to advance that interest, [they can use] the least restrictive means [to do so].”

“In this case,” Pavone added, “the state [of Florida] is asserting … its compelling interest, and it’s an interest in protecting human life.”

“A ‘religion’ with a baby-killing ritual is not a religion that belongs in a civilized society, let alone a Christian one,” wrote a commenter at LifeSiteNews.

More related news coverage about the abortion war can be found at

Sources for this article include:

“BAPTIST” Kamala Harris declares abortion ‘in line with Christianity’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Kamala Harris is “a practicing Baptist.” The act of murdering an infant for convenience is antithetical to the Christian faith. Christianity recognizes the sanctity of life.

Deuteronomy 30:19 states: “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both you and your children may live.”

Leftists are increasingly advancing the idea that truth is in the eye of the beholder, and there is no absolute truth. Take, for example, the Leftist advancement of gender indoctrination even of children, telling them that gender is a fluid concept. It is a fact that men do not give birth. It is also a fact that only men carry the Y chromosome, aside from chromosomal abnormalities. These are unalterable truths and realities which are scientifically proven.

To teach kids that men can give birth and there are more than two genders is harmful to children’s intellectual and psychological growth. They are being taught that it is acceptable to create their own truth.

The documentary ”What is a Woman?” is a worthwhile watch. It exposes the highly disturbing indoctrination of Western society away from reality (and from sanity). The idea that someone can create his or her own truth opens the door to lies, no matter how ridiculous or dark, being taken as reality. Without the concept of truth, the complete devaluing of humans is inevitable. How can one determine right from wrong, or truth from fantasy in the face of truth being presented as entirely subjective?

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association identifies psychosis as a break from reality. Even the World Health Organization accepts this. This leads us to the practical question of where this leaves medical professionals in their diagnosis of a person as psychotic. In the face of the gender identity activist arguments, proponents of the claim that “a man can give birth” are demonstrating a break from reality. 

Abortion is widely claimed to be a right that a woman has to her own body, although to a confused Leftist, the pregnant woman may not be deemed a “woman” at all, and pro-abortionists do not consider the violence to the child’s body.

Harris “argued that she only wants to ensure women have a choice in the matter.” Yet Leftists also hide the fact that many women are isolated and pressured into an abortion against their own will. 

“Kamala Harris argues there is no conflict between abortion rights and religious faith,” by Keith Griffith Daily Mail, June 17, 2022:

Vice President Kamala Harris has argued that there is no conflict between religious faith and support for national protections for abortion, as the Supreme Court is poised to issue a major ruling that could curtail abortion rights.

Harris, a practicing Baptist from a multi-faith family background, told reporters on Friday that she had ‘convened faith leaders’ to discuss the abortion issue from a religious perspective.

‘For those of us of faith, I think that we agree, many of us, that there’s nothing about this issue that will require anyone to abandon their faith, or change their faith,’ she said, referring to abortion.

‘It’s simply saying that the government should not have the ability to decide what an individual does with her own body — let her make that decision with her pastor or her rabbi, or whoever she consults,’ added Harris. ‘But it should not be the government making that decision.’

Harris, whose mother was a Hindu immigrant from India, was raised attending a Baptist church in Oakland, California.

She has said in interviews that she still regularly attends church and professes a Christian faith. Her husband Doug Emhoff is Jewish, making him the first Jewish spouse of a vice president.

Many anti-abortion activists do cite their religious faith in opposing the termination of pregnancies. The Catholic Church, for example, classifies abortion as a grave sin, holding that human life begins at conception and must be respected….

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