Families Fleeing WCASD Over LGBTQ Curriculum, Dresses for Boys

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"Two families removed their children from a school district in West Chester, Pennsylvania, due to “woke indoctrination,” according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Stetson Middle School in West Chester, Pennsylvania, posted photos of drag queens and LGBTQ activists on the walls of classrooms for 7th graders as a part of Pride Month, according to documents obtained by the DCNF. Jim Jacobs, a father of an 11-year-old at the school, and Jacobs’ brother have removed their children from the school after learning of the pride month activities, Jacobs told the DCNF."

Addison Smith talked to Jim Jacobs, a Pennsylvania father who took his son out of Stetson Middle School following an onslaught of

"raunchy" contents displayed at the school.

Families Fleeing WCASD Over LGBTQ Curriculum, Dresses for Boys



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

At least two families have decided to remove their children from Stetson Middle School after over-the-top gay pride celebrations this year.

Jim Jacobs said he and his brother have decided to send their children to different schools because of what he believes is cultural indoctrination instead of education occurring in the West Chester Area School District.

“The last thing I wanted to do was to transfer my son for his 8th-grade year, but enough is enough,” said Jacobs. “At Stetson, there is no freedom of speech but freedom of ‘woke’ speech. The tolerance promoted by Diversity/Equity/Inclusion is not practiced towards those who have disagreements with or dare to question the ‘woke’ agenda.”

During the gay pride celebrations, boys were encouraged to wear dresses during Gay Pride Month and a male teacher taught in high heels. However, Jacobs’ son was pulled out of class for wearing Uggs that officials deemed slippers, although the youth had worn Uggs the previous year without incident.

“So my son gets disciplined for wearing Uggs (which are said to not adhere to the dress code), but boys are encouraged to wear dresses and male teachers can teach in stilettoes! Really?” Jacobs said. “I called Assistant Principal (James) DeWitt to ask if that was true. He verified it and told me that ‘boys dressing as girls and a male teacher wearing high heels is perfectly acceptable and not in violation of the dress code.’”

And DeWitt also told Jacobs, “This teacher has worn high heels on multiple occasions and that if the teacher is comfortable wearing them, then the school supports him.”

“My son told me that the same teacher who wears high heels would wave the gay pride flag and march it through the cafeteria at lunch and that this was completely accepted and encouraged,” said Jacobs. “How are these not clear-cut examples of indoctrination and the promotion of a specific social agenda?”

“The final straw was the fact that students were encouraged to wear ‘gay pride’ flags for Gay Pride Week. My son’s friends were wearing American flags, and he wanted to wear a Blue Lives Matter flag. I saw nothing wrong with that since if students are allowed to wear Gay Pride flags, others should be allowed to wear an American flag, right?

“However, a gay student opposed the American flags being worn, so Mrs. Heather Selgrath, the 8th-grade counselor, told students who were wearing American flags and Blue Lives Matter flags (my son) that they had to take them off and put them away in their lockers,” said Jacobs.

“It’s selective enforcement of the dress code,” Jacobs said. “It’s ridiculous.”

Also, Jacobs said his 12-year-old niece had to do a book report this semester, but her only option was to do one on a Black or transgendered person.

“Why?” he asked.

“My brother is flipping out,” Jacobs said. “They had his daughter wearing all this make-up and posing with another girl because that’s what they’re encouraging.”

Both Jacobs and his brother are sending their children to Catholic schools in the fall.

“Students were encouraged to take pictures with same-sex students in front of the gay pride flag at school,” he said. There were also pictures on the wall for students to pose with. “When the LBTGQ display by the pride flag is examined closely, pictures of various individuals on the school wall can be seen,” he said.

“Googling two of their names gave extremely disturbing results,” he said. One was Frida Kahlo, “who was a Communist artist ‘regarded as an icon for Chicanos, the feminism movement, and the LGBTQ+ movement,’” he said. “And another was Bianca Del Rio, who is a drag queen comedian, ‘whose YouTube videos contain off-color raunchy, comedy routines and discuss heroin usage and men’s penises.’ One has to question the academic value of displaying these pictures in a middle school for 11 to 13-year-old children.”

“These activities and displays are unquestionable distractions and liabilities to academic learning, which should be the primary purpose of our public schools,” Jacobs continued. “Promotion of political and social agendas should be verboten. Unfortunately, freedom of speech doesn’t exist anymore in public schools such as in the WCASD…there is only freedom of ‘woke’ speech and selective enforcement of dress codes. Taxpayers should not be required to fund this nonsense.”

“This is unbelievable, crazy stuff,” Jacobs said about the school’s emphasis on LGBTQ issues. “It’s not enough to be gay. You have to be flamboyantly gay.”

Elana Fishbein, a Lower Merion resident and founder of No Left Turn in Education said, “Our schools have been completely derailed by woke people who call themselves ‘educators.’ These woke mobsters hijacked the schools and are suffocating and sexualizing our children with their perverted ideology. For them, furthering an ideology is their mission, not imparting knowledge and skill building. And while religion was chased out of school halls long ago, this ideology has become, ironically, not only a new religion but a cult. Today, they are the true schoolyard bullies.”

A spokeswoman for WASD did not respond to a request for comment.

Gay Married Couple Charged With Using Their Adopted Children for Child Porn

Georgia Couple Arrested for Producing Sexually Abusive Videos on Adopted Children



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The facts at hand are about as revolting as they can possibly be. A married gay couple in metro Atlanta, William Dale Zulock, 32, and Zachary Jacoby Zulock, 35, is accused of using their two adopted boys in child porn films. The case raises numerous questions that will never be answered because no one will dare to raise them.

Atlanta’s WSB-TV reports that Bill and Zack are now “facing child sex crime charges for acts deputies say they committed against their adopted children.” Following a lead regarding the downloading of child pornography, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office raided the Zulocks’ home in Loganville, Ga., and questioned one of the Zulocks, although which one was not disclosed. The on-the-spot Zulock immediately crumbled under questioning and “admitted to collecting child porn.” He also “identified a second suspect in Oxford” who was “making the child porn with at least one child who lived in his home.”

Ultimately, both husbands were arrested, and Walton County’s Division of Family and Child Services intervened “to help protect the two children in the home,” although they’re obviously a bit late to protect them from the major trauma they have already gone through. For “after making sure the children were safe, investigators found evidence that the couple, who were the adoptive fathers of the pair of brothers living there, were recording themselves committing sexually abusive acts against the children.” According to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, the adoptive fathers of the boys “were engaging in sexually abusive acts and video documenting this abuse.”

Both Zulocks are currently in Walton County Jail. They’re facing charges of “aggravated child molestation, sexual exploitation of a child, and enticing a child for indecent purposes.” On top of all that, William Zulock “has an additional charge of child molestation.”

WSB adds that “the boys are now safe,” but that bland assessment doesn’t take into account the lasting effects of what they have suffered. Nor do the available news reports give any hint that this case will lead to any reassessment of how this happened in the first place, and of course it will not do so. That reliable advocate of every Leftist cause du jour, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), crowed in November 2021: “In the past, some states had laws banning LGBTQ people from becoming foster or adoptive parents. The last of these was struck down in 2016.”

Related: Groomers Say Kids Will Be Exposed to ‘Nudity and Kink’ at Pride Parades, But Don’t Worry, It’s ‘Educational’

Fulton v. the City of Philadelphia, a case about “whether Philadelphia could refuse to contract with a Roman Catholic adoption agency that says its religious beliefs prevent it from working with same-sex foster parents,” went all the way to the Supreme Court last year. When the Court ruled in favor of the Catholic adoption agency, Philadelphia City Solicitor Diana Cortes was crestfallen, calling the Court’s ruling a “difficult and disappointing setback for foster care youth and the foster parents who work so hard to support them.” Cortes added: “With today’s decision, the Court has usurped the City’s judgment that a non-discrimination policy is in the best interests of the children in its care, with disturbing consequences for other government programs and services.”

Of course. The city of Philadelphia, like the rest of America’s woke-dominated localities, will always determine that what the Left wants is in the best interests of children and everyone. In this age of drag queens parading in front of the youngest children and several recently arrested for child abuse, it would be far more prudent and much more clearly in the best interests of children everywhere if prospective adoptive parents were investigated in order to try to determine if they are pedophiles and child groomers. But nowadays we can’t even say “groomer,” much less carry out any investigation to determine whether or not someone is one.

When Bill and Zack Zulock adopted the two boys they later victimized, they had the weight of the ACLU and the entire Leftist establishment behind them. They didn’t have to contact the ACLU in order to get this, and there is no indication that they ever did so. But just by being a gay married couple trying to adopt two boys, their request carried the implicit threat that anyone who denied them or even asked them uncomfortable questions would face the very public rage the Left directs at anyone who refuses to comply with their latest delusions, fantasies, and fashionable insanity.

The people who paid for this were the Zulocks’ two boys. How many more children are going to suffer while American officials cower before the Left?

BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON: Schoolboard Director Offers Hyper-Sexual ‘Pleasure’ Class to 9-Year-Olds

Terry Schilling, President of American Principles Project, joined "In Focus with Addison Smith" to discuss a Washington school board director, JENN MASON, who is offering to teach a class to 9-year-olds on "sexual anatomy for pleasure" and "safer sex practices for all kinds of sexual activities", at her sex shop.

WAY TOO YOUNG: Millennial parents defending graphic sex class for 9-year-olds

Woke sex education for 9 years old

School Board Director Tried to Host “Queer” Event for Kids & Babies … at SEX Shop

A Bellingham, Washington State, school board director is under fire after trying to host a “queer youth open mic” event for children ages 0-18 at a sex shop, prompting news headlines and an outcry nationwide. The June 2 event ended up being hosted at a fringe “church” instead.


Disney Employee Rips Company’s “Grooming” & War on Faith, Family

Disney doubled down on the "woke" agenda and the sexualization of children, even to the point of being dishonest about Florida's efforts to protect students, veteran Disney employee Nick Caturano told The New American magazine's Alex Newman in this episode of Conversations That Matter. Asked why Disney executives are doing this, Caturano said they were seeking to "create" culture and push the envelope. The goal is to undermine the strong families and faith that keep a nation together. "They are chipping away at everything that's good, at the innocence of children," Caturano said.

Crackhead MILF and incest porn: Hunter Biden’s disgusting search history revealed, including Pornhub link sent to “dad”

Image: Crackhead MILF and incest porn: Hunter Biden’s disgusting search history revealed, including Pornhub link sent to “dad”



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Hunter Biden’s level of depravity continues to shock most Americans as much as the fact that the disgustingly dishonest deep state media refuses to cover it in a naked effort to protect his Democrat president father — something that would not happen in the slightest if any of Donald Trump’s children behaved even remotely similar.

Earlier this week, a new report detailed even more heinous behavior on the part of the first son: An online search history revealing his zeal for “crackhead MILF and incest” pornography.

Biden, who dated his late brother’s wife Hallie (a disturbing turn of events for which she is equally to blame), was also obsessed with lonely widows and incest fantasies, according to Internet search histories spanning just six days before he took his infamous laptop into a Delaware computer repair shop to be fixed in March 2019.

Also, according to the UK’s Daily Mail, Hunter Biden was also a fan of taking videos of himself having sex with prostitutes and then uploading those videos to his own Pornhub account, “RHEast,” though none of the videos showed his face.

The report also noted that in at least one instance, Hunter Biden texted a Pornhub page to a phone number that was saved in his accounts as “Dad” on Oct. 22, 2018, though the outlet goes on to say that Joe and Hunter Biden used each other’s phone numbers alternately at various times so it is not clear if the current president was the intended recipient of the URL.

The report adds:

Hunter, who had a controversial relationship with his brother’s widow, also repeatedly searched Pornhub for videos involving widows, including ‘Homemade widow porn’, ‘Homemade lonely widow porn’, and ‘Lonely widow porn’.

The Biden son, who was 49 at the time, searched for porn videos involving teenagers according to his browsing history.

Videos he visited included ’18 Yrs old and really Good at Riding D***’, ‘TEENFIDELITY Country Girl Raylin Ann C****pie’, and ‘Lucky Foreign Student Stripped & F***ed by Horny Teen Pals’.

In addition, he searched for ‘Washington DC Milf Crack Cocaine’ seven times throughout the week prior to taking the computer in to be fixed — which he later abandoned.

Among the pornography searches is a record of him visiting a 2009 New York Post article regarding his sister, Ashley Biden, and her history of arrests, partying, and claimed use of cannabis while she was attending college in New Orleans.

He often searched for results using DuckDuckGo, a much more discreet alternative to Google, especially when he searched for himself a number of times between March 12 and March 17, 2019.

Text messages and videos taken from the hard drive of the laptop show Hunter Biden ordering prostitutes to his hotel rooms in Connecticut and California while also discussing the purchase of crack cocaine with them, as well as taking porn videos with them and then posting them to his Pornhub account.

“The profile picture for his account is a photo of two women sitting on him on a bed in a messy room, with a small white dog also perched on the bed in the background,” the Daily Mail reports. “The videos Hunter filmed on his laptop include one where a woman uses her feet during sex. In another video, Hunter puts his hand around a woman’s throat while having sex.”

Screenshots taken from another very explicit video show the first son left a woman tied up on his bed and her head covered with a red stocking while he left to go out and get pastries. Upon his return, he took a screenshot as he munched on a sandwich and placed a chocolate croissant in front of the woman who was still hooded and trussed.

This is one disgusting, disturbed human being, but of course, he won’t be held out as such by a blatantly dishonest mainstream media since his last name isn’t “Trump.”

Sources include:

FENTANYL POSTERS IN NYC SUBWAYS ENCOURAGE USE~GERMANY: RAMSTEIN U.S. AIR BASE HOSTS DRAG QUEEN SHOWS FOR CHILDREN~Biological male celebrated for ‘breastfeeding’ newborn while the mother hemorrhages post-childbirth


US Air Force Base holds Drag Queen Story Hour for kids

WOKE Air Force gets BACKLASH and CANCELS Drag Queen Story Time for CHILDREN!

NYC health department’s heroin-fentanyl poster sparks anger from top City Council Republican

Biological male celebrated for 'breastfeeding' newborn while the mother hemorrhages post-childbirth

Biological male celebrated for 'breastfeeding' newborn while the mother hemorrhages post-childbirth


Georgia Mom Barred From School District Property After Speaking Out at School Board Meeting



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

In March, a group of concerned parents led by Chelle Brown raised concerns about explicit sexual content in books available in Georgia’s Cherokee County School District (CCSD) libraries. A school board member attempted to silence Brown. Patsy Jordan ironically stated that the content Brown was reading from a book found in a CCSD library was inappropriate if children were listening. The video of Brown’s speech went viral. However, what happened to another mother during and after the March meeting is just becoming public.

Brenda Danielle Reprieto entered the March CCSD meeting as the mother of a student and substitute teacher in the district. Within days of making a brief out-of-order comment while CCSD Board Chairwoman Kyla Cromer spoke, Reprieto was fired from her teaching position and barred from all school district property.

While Cromer was defending keeping the explicit content in the library, Reprieto stated from the audience, “You should be arrested.” In response, Cromer threatened, “You could be removed.” In the chairwoman’s two and half minute speech, the exchange lasts approximately 10 seconds, beginning at 1:53 in the video:

While Cromer continues to speak, Clark Menard, the member second in from the left, gestures and points out in the audience. According to Reprieto and Chelle Brown, who was sitting next to Reprieto, the board member was motioning to officers present at the meeting and pointing toward them. After a few minutes, three officers approached Reprieto.

According to Brown, the officers told Reprieto that the board wanted her to leave. She asserted she had a right to be there and asked them if they understood the discussion at the meeting. The officers said it was not their call. She tried to reason with them and assert she had a right to be there. As the discussion continued, Brown encouraged Reprieto to go with the officers.

When Reprieto exited into the vestibule, she asked officers where she could wait for the other attendees. They told her she could be charged with criminal trespass if she did not leave the property. They added that she broke the board’s rules.

After Reprieto left, Menard lectured parents for a full minute about disrupting meetings. “We will not continue to allow you to disrupt and create scenes,” he warned. Menard then asked how exchanges, like the one about sexualized content, were beneficial to students. The tone is pretty amazing.

The next day, Reprieto was teaching at Cherokee High School. She was removed from her assigned classroom, told all of her future assignments were canceled, and she found out she was locked out of the system used to claim days. A few days later she received a warning letter via certified mail banning her from all CCSD property. This included her daughter’s school and future board meetings. Reprieto also votes at a CCSD school as her assigned precinct. The letter reads:

In compliance with Georgia Code 16-7-21(b)(3) and 20-2-1180, you are hereby put on notice that you are not to enter onto the property or premises of all Cherokee County School District Board of Education Properties. The property  and/or premise belongs to Cheorkee County School System and this notice is being given to you by an authorized representative/agent of the Cherokee County School System.

In the future, if you enter/remain on the property or premise, without written permission, after receiving this notice you may be arrested for the offense of Criminal trespass or any other offenses that may be applicable.

There is no hearing in court and no appeals process as there would be with a typical restraining order in the state of Georgia. The school board through the assigned school police force from the city police is able to ban a mother and taxpayer from all school district property for speaking out of turn at a board meeting with no due process.

Reprieto’s attorney, David Oles, called it revenge. “This was naked retaliation for Brenda asserting that board members should be arrested for allowing pornographic content to be available in school libraries without restriction to impressionable children,” he said.

When I requested a comment from Board Chairwoman Cromer, the CCSD chief communications officer, Barbara Jacoby, responded. Jacoby stated:

A woman was escorted from the March 17, 2022 School Board meeting after refusing repeatedly to heed CCSD school police officers’ orders to stop disrupting the meeting.  She did not speak during public participation – she was shouting from the audience and disrupting the meeting.

After the woman repeatedly disrupted the meeting, police officers were in the audience with her for more than 10 minutes as she continued to be disruptive and would not heed their orders.  She continued to argue with police officers in the lobby and also in the parking lot.  The police officers decided not to charge her, but instead issued a criminal trespass order.

District personnel responding to inquiries for the board that is supposed to oversee them seems kind of like the State Department press secretary answering questions for members of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

A full video of the meeting is no longer available online. I asked if the district wished to provide videos to support the allegations in Jacoby’s e-mail and the account of events in the meeting minutes.  Jacoby quoted a cost of $55 to provide the video to bolster her claims, which are not in evidence on the attendee videos.

The complete video of Reprieto’s interaction with police while in the audience is less than three minutes while the meeting carried on without interruption. The viral video of Brown’s speech to the board also demonstrates that Reprieto was not the only attendee adding color commentary at the meeting. She was the only one officers approached that evening and the only one to be barred from attending future meetings.

Jacoby also stated that Reprieto’s employment was at will and that the criminal trespass order prevented her from continuing to work as a substitute teacher. She added, “She [Reprieto] has been given permission to attend all events at her child’s school that are open to parents.”

Taco Bell to Host “Drag Brunch” to Celebrate LGBTQ Culture



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The latest American corporation to embrace the far-left “woke” agenda is the fast-food chain Taco Bell, which recently announced that it will host what it calls its “Taco Bell Drag Brunch” in select cities across the United States. The brunches will be hosted by drag model Kay Sedia and will include local drag performers.

The first event was held on May 1 in Las Vegas. From there, the show will move to Chicago on May 22, Nashville on May 29, New York on June 12, and Fort Lauderdale on June 26.

The events are being put on by the Taco Bell Foundation and are an attempt to support the It Gets Better Project with a grant intended to expand workforce readiness resources for LGBTQIA+ youth.

Despite the stated purpose of the grant — to support LGBT youth — you must be 18 years old to secure a reservation, and alcohol will be served. After people with reservations are seated, the general public will be allowed in.

“It wouldn’t be brunch without delicious breakfast and refreshing bubbly, so attendees can expect Taco Bell breakfast, including the new $5 Bell Breakfast Box and new Cinnabon Delights Coffee, mimosas (please drink responsibly), and more,” the press release states.

Like seemingly everything else these days, the event is meant to celebrate the LGBT lifestyle.

“We understand the importance of creating safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community and are thrilled to provide a unique experience that spotlights and celebrates the wonderful art form of drag and its influence on culture with their chosen families,” said Sean Tresvant, Taco Bell’s global chief brand officer, in a statement.

“Taco Bell Drag Brunch was conceived by Live Más Pride, Taco Bell’s LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group, which has played a major role in driving awareness of and meaningfully supporting LGBTQIA+ communities both within Taco Bell and the communities we serve and operate in,” Tresvant said.

According to the press release, Live Más Pride boasts membership “of over 100 members across the brand.” Taco Bell has more than 200,000 employees worldwide. Assuming “over 100” means between 100 and 200, it seems like a pretty big fuss to put on for less than .1 percent of the workforce.

Of course, Taco Bell is just one of the latest big companies to fall prey to pressure from LGBTQ activists. Everyone knows about the Walt Disney Company’s capitulation to the LGBTQ agenda in Florida. The media company, which aims much of its programming at children, protested loudly about the state’s Parental Rights in Education law, which bars teachers from talking about sexual issues with children from kindergarten through third grade. The media giant has also begun airing ads that support transgender therapies for youth.

Taco Bell’s “Drag” theme has already been embraced by several school systems and public libraries nationwide, which promote “drag queen” story hours.

Sadly, even some churches have bowed to pressure from LGBTQ activists. Trinity Lutheran Church in Greenville, South Carolina, is promoting an event called “Drag Me to Church,” which will feature a performer called “Lady Douche.”

“You’ll be endlessly entertained as the Lady Douche leads us through her unique style of worship which includes as many laughs as it does amens!” the church’s Facebook page announced.

And Warner Bros., which operates the Discovery Plus streaming service, is airing its own perversion called “Generation Drag.” The premise of this show is that five teenagers, along with their families, prepare for a large drag show for children known as “Dragutante.”

“Five Teenagers Prepare for Their Biggest Drag Performance,” a press release touting the show reads.

The list of companies now actively promoting the LGBTQ agenda either directly or through targeted advertisements is long and growing longer. As companies continue to “go woke,” it appears they don’t care about “going broke,” which suggests that the companies see this not as an economic imperative, but as a cultural one.

In South Dakota schools, ‘Marxist propaganda designed to divide kids from their parents’ and ‘from their country’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

“South Dakotans flame school board meeting over ‘pornographic’ books: ‘This is the Marxist global revolution,'” by Hannah Grossman, Fox News, May 6, 2022:

South Dakota locals expressed outrage during a school board meeting Tuesday over novels they deemed inappropriate and “pornographic” that were once slated to be taught in Rapid City Area Schools’ (RCAS) 12th-grade English. 

For example, a graphic novel called “Fun Home” depicts nudity and sex acts, and “Girl, Woman, Other” follows the journey of women of various sexual and gender identities.

“The pictures in [‘Fun Home’] … are graphic and depict two women performing oral sex, images of masturbation and drug usage. I do apologize if there are children [present],” a local woman said. “There is a difference between teaching what sex is and teaching how to engage in it. And that’s what’s happening in this book.”…

Another speaker at the meeting said the books “have merit in our curriculum” because they highlight marginalized voices such as “Black and brown characters … [and the] LGBTQIA+ community.” 

Florence Thomas, the president of South Dakota Parents Involved in Education, said, the overall picture was that of a “Marxist revolution.”

It’s not this little issue. It’s not this little book or this little school or this little district. This is all going on all over. And these books are not here by accident,” she said. “Our education system has been taken over to a large extent from the federal level … and we need to start saying no at the local level. We’re not going to do this to our kids. We’re not going to do this to our community.”

Thomas, who is also a former school psychologist, continued, “Where’s all this coming from?  … This is the Marxist global revolution – it’s the Cultural Revolution – and this is what is coming into our schools. It is Marxist propaganda. It’s designed to divide the kids from their parents, divide the kids from their country, divide the kids from their culture, and even in many cases, divide them from their very selves. So it is very dangerous.”

Mom Outraged After School Told Daughter She May Be “Trans”

Mother Erin Lee is on the warpath after her daughter's public school invited a "Genders & Sexualities Alliance" (GSA) in to teach her daughter that she may be "transgender" and that her family was not safe. In an interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine's Alex Newman, Lee recounted the story and vowed not to keep silent. In a heartfelt warning to parents, Lee said it was time for families to exit the public schools to protect their children. 🇺🇸 The New American:

Idaho cuts library funding over obscene books for children


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Idaho legislature cuts state library funding over obscene books for children. MassResistance worked closely with key legislators.

The move came after RINOs in State Senate killed a popular bill to repeal the obscenity exemption granted to libraries and schools

RINOs also killed a bill to stop “sex-change" operations on children

LGBT lobby pushed hard to keep allowing these horrors affecting children

May 3, 2022
The bill to keep obscene material from children in schools and libraries passed the House overwhelmingly. But then the RINOs in the Senate blocked it. So conservative legislators fought back!

On the last day of the legislative session, conservatives in the Idaho Legislature cut nearly $4 million from the state’s library funding. They also created a legislative working group to protect minors in libraries from obscene material.

This was done in reaction to the fate of two important bills to protect children from the LGBT movement that had passed the House. RINOs (“Republican In Name Only”) in the Idaho State Senate leadership killed the bills without even giving them a hearing. Idaho MassResistance activists worked closely with conservative legislators throughout the process.

Two years ago – landmark legislation in Idaho

Two years ago, lawmakers in Idaho reached out to MassResistance for help to successfully pass into law two key bills derailing the transgender agenda in the state.

As a result: (1) Idaho became the first state in America to keep males out of women’s and girls’ sports. (2) Public documents such as birth certificates and drivers' licenses must reflect the person’s biological sex, not a contrived “gender identity.”

Iin addition to working with lawmakers, MassResistance also helped counter a massive propaganda campaign from the LGBT lobby and pressure from large corporations opposing these bills.

This year: Two more bills to protect children

This year, another group of Idaho legislators and activists asked MassResistance for help in passing two more pieces of legislation:

1. H675 – Ban chemical and surgical sex mutilation of minors for “gender identity” purposes. (Passed the House; killed in the Senate)

Children across the country have been horribly disfigured by this medical quackery. The bill would have provided criminal penalties for taking children out of state to undergo these procedures.

Idaho MassResistance activists worked with sponsors and other legislators. They also gathered key expert witnesses, including physicians and people affected by “transgender” surgery, to testify at the public hearing via Zoom.

Dr. Quentin Van Meter, nationally known endocrinologist and expert on this subject, testifies in favor of H675.

MassResistance’s influence was definitely being noticed in the Idaho legislature. At one point during the public hearing, a Democrat State Rep. grilled one of the supporters of the bill demanding to know, “Are you familiar with a group called MassResistance? Did they play any role in reviewing this bill, drafting language, providing any of the terminology?” (The person said he knew about MassResistance. But he said that we had no role in actually drafting the legislation, which is true.)

Democrat State Rep asks witness during public hearing: "Are you familiar with a group called MassResistance?"

2. H666: Repeal the obscenity exemption for schools and libraries. (Passed the House; killed in the Senate)

Decades ago, most states passed laws exempting schools and libraries from obscenity laws meant to protect minors. This was done so schools and libraries could reference legitimate artwork from earlier periods which include nudity. (Venus de Milo or Michelangelo’s David come to mind.)

But in recent years, radical adults have been stocking those shelves with some of the most sickening pornography imaginable, including books that encourage children to engage in homosexual sex acts and sex-change “gender” procedures. 

This compendium of examples was provided to Idaho legislatures. (This will shock you!)

Thus, this bill would remove that exemption. In fact, legitimate works of art would not fall under the current obscenity laws. So this bill would only affect actual pornography and obscene material. Similar bills are being filed across the country by pro-family groups and conservative legislators.

MassResistance helped provide a number of expert witnesses to testify in favor of the bill, including a local Idaho library board trustee. Various legislators also brought in other local board trustees who supported the bill.

Not surprisingly, the LGBT movement and the pro-LGBT library associations were furious at this bill and fought hard to keep pornographic books available to children. They even argued that sexual and homosexual material is somehow “good” for young children.

Anger from the Left: Absurd political cartoon in liberal Idaho newspaper attacking the Library Board trustee who supported H666 - and associating her with Vladimir Putin!

The successful fight in the House

Starting in mid-February, MassResistance activists up and down the state contacted legislators, urging them to pass these two important bills. Finally, on March 7 and 8, the Idaho House of Representatives held contentious floor votes on these two bills. Many of the talking points used during the floor debate came from MassResistance activists. They provided extensive research for legislators so they could respond to the false and deceitful talking points from the LGBT lobby.

During the floor debate, a sponsor of H666 discusses the unbelievable pornography for children in the file of examples from Idaho libraries.

Both pieces of legislation ultimately passed the House with wide support. Surprisingly enough, the Idaho Speaker of the House, who has a mixed record on these socially conservative reforms, made sure that both bills received a hearing and final passage.

Both bills were blocked by RINOs in the State Senate – and the LGBT lobbying blitz

In the State Senate, MassResistance activists faced bigger problems.

Both bills would need to get through the State Senate State Affairs Committee. The committee chairman, Patti Anne Lodge, though a Republican, is a notorious liberal who has voted against many conservative reforms. This year was her last year serving in the State Legislature since she had decided to retire. Many lobbyists in Boise were convinced that there was very little they could do to convince her to move either bill forward.

To make matters worse, Idaho State Senate President Chuck Winder, also a Republican, announced in a Zoom call of a local press conference that he did not see any chance of either bill even getting a committee hearing. He actually called the two bills “craziness from the House.”

How did this happen? It appears that the LGBT lobby had saturated the RINO Senate leadership with false and deceptive talking points.

Our Organization Director, Arthur Schaper, contacted one of the leaders of the State Senate, to ask why H675 (the bill banning “sex-change” procedures on children) was not moving forward. The Senator rattled off LGBT talking points. However, those points were contradicted by the actual text of the bill - which Arthur read to him! That didn’t matter to the Senator at all.

It was similar to bill H666. MassResistance activists worked with Dan Kleinman of SafeLibraries, a group that exposes library corruption and harm to minors. Dan filed FOIA requests with libraries throughout Idaho. He discovered that numerous library staffers had submitted false and misleading talking points to Democrat state legislators – and the GOP Senate leadership. These included statements like: “This legislation amounts to censorship” or “It violates the First Amendment” or “This legislation will criminalize librarians.”

Thus, neither H675 nor H666 saw the light of day in the Idaho Senate.

Success via another route - through the state budget and a special committee

Conservative lawmakers in the House and Senate were very angry. The file of pornographic library books available to children was sickening to many. And the fact that librarians across the state had actively (and dishonestly) lobbied against the bill that would keep pornography away from children infuriated many conservatives even more.

In late March, as the legislative session neared its end, the last item on the Legislature’s plate was the state budget. Conservatives came together on the obscenity issue and continued to push back on this issue against the leadership. If the state-funded libraries insisted on pushing pornography on children, they needed to feel the heat.

During that battle, the state budget went through four iterations which failed to pass.

Idaho Press report.

The fifth time, an agreement was finally reached. Nearly $4 million was cut from the State Library Commission. (The money had been mostly earmarked for certain construction and remodeling upgrades in various libraries.) This is a substantial cut, and the Left is not happy about it.

Idaho National Public Radio report.

In addition, a resolution was passed creating a special legislative committee to deal with this problem. The group’s official title is “House Working Group for Protecting Idaho Children from Material Harmful to Minors in Libraries.” Its mission is to use all available laws, regulations, and policies to protect children from obscene material in their schools and libraries.

Final thoughts

It’s unbelievable that any “normal” lawmakers would allow these terrible policies harming children to stand. But unfortunately, that’s what’s happening.

Families are running into similar problems in many deeply conservative states and regions. Social liberals know they cannot get elected as Democrats, so they run as Republicans. We’ve seen it in Texas, Florida, Wyoming, Idaho, and other places. They cause all kinds of havoc and often get into leadership positions. They collaborate with the Left, the LGBT movement, Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory proponents, and others.

MassResistance is dedicated to helping local activists deal with this in their home states!

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Our successes depend on people like you.

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Child-grooming DISNEY linked to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s PEDO island… #BoycottDisney

Disney's Deep Dark Secret | Spongebob and Epstein #3

Why would DISNEY take KIDS to Epstein island?

Hundreds of Disney workers protest in face of company parental overreach

BREAKING: Disney buys 'Epstein Island' for new kids-only ...

Report: Disney ‘Magical Kingdom’ Cruise Line Offered Excursion Trips to Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’

Disney Cruise Ship Epstein Island - Cruise Gallery

Image: Child-grooming DISNEY linked to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s PEDO island… #BoycottDisney



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) In today’s sickening news, Substack’s Emerald Robinson asks the question, “Why Was Ghislaine Maxwell Doing Fundraisers For Disney in 1985?

From the story:

Photos of convicted pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell hosting an event called “Happy Family Disney Day” in 1985 have surfaced on the Internet today. It’s the ultimate PR nightmare.

It’s going to be very hard for Disney to claim that it’s not a pro-pedophile organization when it literally took donations from the world’s most infamous (still) living pedophile and “groomer to the stars.” also adds to this report in a story entitled, “REVEALED: Disney Was Sending Kids To Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’ For ‘Snorkeling Trips’:

For years, a Disney-owned and operated Caribbean cruise line was operating a ‘snorkeling tour’ for kids to Jeffrey Epstein’s renowned “Pedophile Island.”

For kids aged 8 and up, a day trip to Little St James, sometimes known as “Pedophile Island” by locals, cost $60 to $75.

The Disney Cruise did not warn parents that Epstein’s renowned island was owned by the notorious billionaire pedophile, describing it as “sun-soaked.” Rather, the literature spoke of “curious fish” that “dart back and forth in the beautiful blue water.”

Independent reports: A criminal complaint from the attorney general of the US Virgin Islands, which is attempting to seize Little St James as government property, described it as “the perfect hideaway and haven for trafficking young women and underage girls for sexual servitude, child abuse, and sexual assault”.

On this island, the complaint says: “Epstein and his associates could avoid detection of their illegal activity from the Virgin Islands and federal law enforcement, and prevent these young women and underage girls from leaving freely and escaping the abuse.”

It was in the Virgins that Epstein registered as a sex offender in 2010, following his first conviction for child prostitution in 2008. He also based his shell companies in a small unmarked office in a seaside strip mall on St Thomas, alongside a Sam’s Mini-Mart and a salon called Happy Nails.

#BoycottDisney now trending as parents realize it’s a bad idea to take their kids to a pedophilia-infested “Magical Kingdom”

This meme has also been circulating, showing Disney’s “Magical Kingdom” castle as the tip of an iceberg, with Epstein’s “pedo island” child-raping temple building beneath the water: (credit to @GrandOldMemes)

As Robinson reports:

What if I told you that Disney owned and operated a cruise line for families in the Caribbean? And what if I told you that those cruise ships offered a snorkeling trip for adults and kids to Jeffrey Epstein’s private island for years?

By the way, do you recall that ABC News killed news stories exposing Jeffrey Epstein — as revealed by former reporter Amy Robach — and did you know that Disney owns ABC?

Exactly. So the pedo magical kingdom of Disney owns the news networks that cover up the pedophile crimes of Jeffrey Epstein while offering Disney cruise “experiences” to children who are allowed to engage in snorkeling tours at Epstein island?

CNN has also been working hard to cover up Disney’s pedophilia and child grooming crimes, even though the very same network actually investigated Disney and exposed the pedos in years past:

What’s abundantly clear is that the corporate media is covering up pedophilia to protect Disney, which is pushing a dangerous, demonic “woke” agenda through its movies and networks in order to recruit young children into transgender perversions and mutilations.

SICK SONG: It’s a Small CHILD After All

In today’s Situation Update, I belt out a truly sick, twisted rendition of, “It’s a Small World” but altered it to the new title, “It’s a Small CHILD After All.”

Here are the lyrics:

It’s a world of grooming a world of kids
It’s a world of felony crimes that we did
There’s so much that we share
When those young butts are bare
It’s a small child after all
It’s a small child after all
It’s a small child we’ll take them all
It’s a small child watch them crawl
It’s a small, small, child

You can hear this song in today’s Situation Update podcast, around the 33-minute mark:


Global populist UPRISING is accelerating as people of the world reject tyranny, lockdowns, corruption and perversion



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Humanity may be finally coming to its senses. Although a great many are still mentally suckered into every “next thing” being pushed by the corporate media, more and more people are waking up and realizing how they’ve been living under a global criminal cartel their entire lives. They’ve reached a “That’s enough!” point and are now actively opposing tyranny, lockdowns, corruption, and perversion — all of which define the globalist crime cartel that pretends to be supported by “democracy.”

In Peru, the uprisings against inflation caused by money printing are now spreading. In Shanghai, the brutal lockdowns that have seen authorities murdering the pets of “covid-positive” residents are only adding to a growing feeling of discontent against an authoritarian regime.

In America, the perverted, child-grooming school boards are being taken over by commonsense parents who are removing the perverts from power, and in Florida, Gov. DeSantis has signed a law that forbids the grooming of children in public schools. (This has caused numerous pedophile perverts pretending to be teachers to publicly claim they will leave Florida and move to New York so they can prey on children there, by the way. Good riddance!)

Across the world, vaccine mandates are being rejected (as just happened in Germany), mask mandates are being taken down and people are speaking out against the corruption and tyranny of their national leaders. In the United States, there is now open talk of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, a quagmire of damning evidence that will likely lead to the criminal indictments of both Hunter and Joe Biden.

As I explain in my podcast (below), Joe Biden will be indicted, then he will resign and be pardoned by Kamala, who will herself be forced out later.

Even tyrants can’t get away with abusing the people forever

After two years of suffering under covid and now watching fuel and food prices skyrocket, many people have reached their limit of abuse. In the months ahead, you are going to see a rapid, global explosion in protests and riots as people lash out against the abject corruption and criminality of their political leaders.

Naturally, some people will remain brainwashed about the reasons why food and energy prices are skyrocketing, but for an increasing number of people, the delusions will be shattered and they will quickly come to realize they’ve been lied to this entire time.

It is this “awakening” moment that terrifies the powers that be. This is why they are trying to accelerate mass starvation, thermonuclear war, and a global fiat currency collapse — because they are trying to kill off billions of people before those billions come to their senses and rise up against the globalist crime cartel.

Now, it’s a race against time: Will humanity awaken quickly enough to tear down the anti-human crime cartel that currently runs the world? Or will humanity remain in a hypnotic slumber while the serpents of the WEF and globalism slither into a strangulation position and squeeze the life out of them?

Those who do not awaken will likely be culled via starvation, vaccine bioweapons, economic collapse, and raging violence. But those who prepare for what’s coming will have a very good chance of making it through the planned demolition of human civilization.

Thus, the news is actually very good for those who prepare. The takedown of the global crime cartel could actually be quite swift once it begins, and the “reboot” of society might take place in merely a few months instead of years. We don’t know for sure what the timing will be, of course, and the safest principle is to prepare for the longest duration of collapse that you can afford to cover. (I’m currently recommending everyone have at least a one-year supply of food and a means to start growing your own food immediately.)

My newly upgraded website brings you how-to videos and prepping advice that can help keep you alive. Check out the videos there to learn how to:

  • Make your own herbal tinctures in about 45 minutes.
  • Use coconut oil to clean and lubricate firearms and other mechanical devices.
  • Organize ammunition magazines for different purposes including self-defense.
  • Make your own emergency firestarter devices to stay warm or cool for meals.
  • How to sprout your own emergency food supply in mere days using a mason jar.
  • Choose firearms and ammunition that are appropriate for self-defense and community protection.

Check it out at

Also, be sure to pre-register for my new, upcoming (and FREE) audiobook entitled, “Resilient Prepping.” Register now at

Get more details on the global revolt against tyranny in today’s Situation Update podcast:

BIDEN PANICS as 80,000 DELETED Pictures and Emails from Hunter’s LAPTOP To Be PUBLISHED!!!

Bumblin’ Biden is panicking as 80K deleted imagines and emails from Hunter’s laptop from hell are about to be published! In this video, we’re going to look at the whistleblower who’s promising to publish a massive amount of never before seen data from Hunter’s laptop, we’re going to see how more and more pundits are openly admitting Biden’s not even going to finish his first term, and stick with me to the end of the is video when I’ll reveal the two scandals that threaten to bring this nightmare of a presidency to an end once and for all; you are NOT going to want to miss this!


Revolting: Ketanji Brown Jackson Even Gave Light Sentences to Men Who Tortured Babies

Paul Sperry Deep Dive – Ketanji Brown Jackson | The Radio ...



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

"Justice demands this result." That’s what Ketanji Brown Jackson said in 2011 after the U.S. Sentencing Commission knocked as much as three years off the prison terms of crack-cocaine convicts. As vice-chair of the commission, Jackson believed the nation’s drug laws were overly harsh and especially "unfair" to blacks.

A month earlier, Jackson had shrugged off Justice Department warnings that the decision -- which made more than 12,000 federal crack inmates eligible for early release -- could flood the streets with dangerous criminals who would likely re-offend.

Stephanie Rose: Former U.S. Attorney clashed with Ketanji Brown Jackson on early inmate releases and repeat offenders.

"[B]y keeping them in longer, it doesn't seem to make a difference with regard to whether or not they recidivate," Jackson reasoned in a June 2011 commission hearing in Washington, according to transcripts reviewed by RealClearInvestigations. 

Then-U.S. Attorney Stephanie Rose objected: "It does protect the safety of the public, though, when they're not present to recidivate."

Unpersuaded, Jackson countered: "But the amount of time in jail doesn't affect that because there's no difference. If we keep them in jail for the extra 36 months, or whatever, they're going to recidivate at the same rate as if we released them early. So I don't see how public protection is being affected one way or the other in that scenario."

"Because during the three years they are in prison, they are not out committing new crimes — that's the difference," Rose replied, adding that the department had "public safety concerns" over cutting prison terms for so many felons at once.

Now vying for a spot on the U.S. Supreme Court, Jackson has struggled to fend off accusations that she is soft on crime. The Senate confirmation hearings have exposed a pattern: whether as a lawyer, sentencing commissioner, or judge, she has disregarded the warnings or recommendations of prosecutors and investigators while advocating or easing the punishment not just for drug dealers but also for child porn offenders and even accused terrorists.

White House
Ketanji Brown Jackson (with Stephen Breyer, the retiring justice she would replace): "If we keep them in jail for the extra 36 months, or whatever, they're going to recidivate at the same rate as if we released them early."

Jackson argues courts should have empathy for all people, no matter how egregious their behavior, and look to rehabilitate them and not just "lock them up and throw away the key."

Her supporters say she would bring a fresh new perspective to the high bench, which has been dominated by former prosecutors trained to keep criminals in prison, not out of it. If confirmed, Jackson would be the modern court's first public defender. No sitting justice has such experience. 

But Republicans and other critics contend her compassion has come at a price. They say she's tended to cut criminals too much slack, putting them back on the street where they can repeat their crimes — and in many cases, some of them have reoffended and found new victims, records examined by RCI reveal.

Detractors say such leniency raises concerns about how, if confirmed, she would handle cases that may come before the high bench involving terrorism, child pornography, drug trafficking, and other serious crimes.

Although her direct impact on the case law would probably be minimal, with conservatives still commanding a solid majority in most cases, at age 51 she figures to be on the high court for a long time. And in the near term, she could write influential dissents, pulling the minority farther left, especially on criminal-justice issues. Court watchers say she could play a powerful role in resolving some major criminal-justice questions facing the bench — from the uniform application of sentencing guidelines to who is eligible for "compassionate release" from prison. 


Ketanji Brown Jackson was behind a historic release of drug traffickers, and not just crack inmates.
More Than 31,000 Drug-Traffickers Granted Early Release

While guiding the sentencing commission, Jackson didn’t just resist federal prosecutors' warnings that granting crack dealers early release would merely put them back in action faster. She also ignored their advice to exclude from eligibility those with firearms in their records. In the end, she sided with NAACP official Hilary O. Shelton, who called crack sentences "racially discriminatory" and demanded the commission "correct this injustice."

"People of color are being put in prison at much higher rates than their Caucasian counterparts," Shelton asserted, testifying before the commission alongside Rose.

But Jackson wasn’t satisfied with releasing only inmates locked up for dealing crack. In 2014, she helped push a proposal to slash sentencing guidelines for the full array of drug offenses. Several months later, the commission voted to let such inmates apply for the sweeping reductions retroactively -- a move that sped the release of tens of thousands more prisoners. Since drug felons make up roughly half the federal prison population, it was arguably the most consequential decision the panel has made in its 38-year history.

All told, more than 31,000 drug traffickers were granted early release, and most are now back on the streets. Studies show many of them are career criminals whose drug crimes involved guns — like Jackson's own uncle, Thomas Brown Jr., whose life prison sentence she helped get commuted around the same time.

Jackson assured the public that judges wouldn’t just dump prisoners into communities without first assessing their risk on a case-by-case basis. "Each drug offender is going to have to be evaluated individually in order to determine whether or not, as a result of dangerousness or otherwise, his or her sentence should be reduced," she said on NPR in July 2014.

In reality, more than two-thirds of all the drug traffickers who asked for early release got it, and virtually all those denied weren’t turned down because they were too dangerous to release, but because they weren’t eligible for release in the first place. An estimated 7,500-plus who received get-out-of-jail passes had used weapons as part of their underlying crimes. One of them was Washington D.C. gang leader Willie Best, sentenced in 2008 for firing a high-powered rifle at a rival drug gang member while sitting in a stolen car. Others had prior robbery, assault, and other violent convictions in their records.

Greg Forest, probation officer: "Police worked hard to put these folks away, and because of that, crime rates dropped." That was then.

Federal probation officers told RCI that the releases happened so fast that their offices were overwhelmed and most of the parolees went straight to the streets without transitioning through halfway houses, which didn’t have bed space for them. They say the mass release has helped drive up crime rates across the country.

"Police worked hard to put these folks away, and because of that, crime rates dropped," said Greg Forest, chief U.S. probation officer for the Western District of North Carolina.

Partly as a result of the historic prison release engineered by President Biden’s high court nominee, cops and communities are dealing with a surge of repeat crime. So far, more than 1 in 3 — 35% — of the crack inmates released early have reoffended, according to a U.S. Sentencing Commission study conducted in 2020.

Those rearrested after incarceration didn’t just get prosecuted for drug offenses. A large share also committed violent crimes, including child abuse, rape, aggravated assault, kidnapping, weapons offenses, robbery, and even murder.

But the most violent ex-cons who reoffended soon after enjoying retroactive early release from lockup were the crack-cocaine dealers — the very group Jackson claimed had been most abused by "disparities" in drug sentencing and most deserving of release. They proved far more dangerous than inmates released early for dealing heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, or marijuana. Fully 25% of ex-crack convicts have committed new violent crimes upon release, the federal study revealed.

Jackson was carrying out President Obama’s race-based "de-incarceration" agenda. A two-time Obama appointee, she worked on Obama's 2008 campaign and also donated to it, federal campaign records show. The next year, Obama appointed her to the influential sentencing commission.

Then in 2012, he named her to the D.C. District Court bench. Four years later, Obama commuted the sentence of Jackson's uncle, Thomas Brown, who’d been serving time in Florida since 1989 for a three-strikes drug crime involving cocaine possession and trafficking, records show. (For his two earlier drug felonies, the state of Florida had given him probation, even though he also pleaded guilty to a gun charge in one of the cases.)

While sitting on the D.C. bench for eight years, Jackson personally granted a number of dangerous convicts immediate release from prison or reduced their sentences retroactively.

In 2020, for example, convicted drug kingpin Keith J. Young asked Jackson for a so-called "compassionate release" from federal prison. In 2017, Young was busted with two bricks of heroin laced with fentanyl and an arsenal of weapons, including guns with multiple extended magazines. A jury found him guilty in 2018 and he was sentenced by Jackson to the mandatory 20 years in prison.

In order to grant a compassionate release or reduction, a court must find that the defendant "is not a danger to the safety of any other person or to the community." Prosecutors advised Jackson that Young still posed a threat. But she nonetheless slashed his term from 20 years to 12 years, while transferring him to a lower-security facility due to "medical conditions."

When originally sentencing him in 2018, Jackson told Young she regretted the mandatory 20-year term she was forced to give him under federal law. She hoped to give him half that time. She told him that she shared his "frustration" with the law, which she found "quite frankly, upsetting," and apologized for having to follow it.

"I am sorry, mostly because I believe in second chances and because a person with your characteristics and family support would have had a real shot at turning your life around," she told the career criminal, who had a prior cocaine-distribution conviction on his record and had taken videos and selfies posing with his guns and bragging about being a drug "kingpin." She said she wanted him to be "there for your kids."

In addition to the stiff sentence, prosecutors had also wanted the judge to seize $180,000 from the drug dealer, but Jackson strenuously objected to the forfeiture. She even waived any fines in his case.

"Mr. Young, good luck," the judge said. "Thank you, your honor," he replied.

At her confirmation hearing, Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Tom Cotton accused Jackson of refusing to follow sentencing laws, which do not allow her to retroactively resentence convicts like Young to serve less time. He said she misused the compassionate-release option to sidestep the mandatory sentence she never wanted to give the drug dealer back in 2018.

"You chose to rewrite the law because you were sympathetic to a fentanyl drug kingpin whom you had expressed frustration at having to sentence him to his 20-year sentence in the first place," the Arkansas Republican said. "It was a blatant rewrite of the law so you could reduce the sentence."

"Respectfully, senator, I disagree," Jackson replied, though she admitted she had "policy disagreements" with sentencing guidelines set by Congress.

LaVance Greene, shown in the 1975 documentary: "Compassionate release" for a killer of a U.S. marshal.
Early last year, the judge granted a "compassionate release" for LaVance Greene, who was serving a life sentence for fatally shooting a U.S. marshal in 1971 while helping his bank robber half-brother escape custody in Washington. She made the decision over the objections of the U.S. Marshals Service and federal prosecutors. Jackson argued that the 72-year-old Greene, whose release had been rejected several times by the parole board, no longer posed a "significant risk of danger," even though authorities pointed out that Greene had recently threatened prison staff with a weapon. The judge cited other evidence that Greene was a "model prisoner" who took numerous prison educational classes, including drug abuse and treatment programs.

"[T]o the extent the Government suggests that some crimes are just too egregious to warrant granting a defendant's request for compassionate release, this Court disagrees," Jackson argued in her ruling to put a murderer back on the street.

Jackson has softened sentencing for other inmates convicted of attacking law enforcement personnel. Take the D.C. case of David Jenkins. After the defendant was convicted for a third time of assaulting a police officer, who was trying to arrest him on a warrant for assault with a deadly weapon, prosecutors requested he be locked up for 30 months. His defense attorney pleaded for 21 months. In her 2015 sentencing, Jackson gave him only 18 months.

In another window into her thinking on crime and punishment, in April 2020 Jackson wrote a memo opinion addressing Sean Ray Higgins and other D.C. criminal defendants who asked for early release to home confinement due to the COVID outbreak. Higgins had pleaded guilty to a large heroin trafficking conspiracy involving high-powered weapons and was awaiting sentencing while in jail. Jackson said it was a "close call" to ever detain him in the first place. She revealed that she regretted that she couldn’t release him, along with "each and every" other inmate in district custody. She lamented that her hands were tied by the bureaucracy.

"The obvious increased risk of harm that the COVID-19 pandemic poses to individuals who have been detained in the District's correctional facilities reasonably suggests that each and every criminal defendant who is currently in D.C. DOC [Department of Corrections] custody—and who thus cannot take independent measures to control their own hygiene and distance themselves from others—should be released," Jackson said. "But the unfortunate current state of affairs is that the judiciary is limited in the steps that it can take to respond to the legitimate and pressing COVID-19-related concerns."

At the time, the D.C. Department of Corrections housed more than 1,560 inmates.

DC Sex Offender Registry
Wesley Keith Hawkins: Jackson sentenced him to three months. The prosecution sought two years.
Going Easy on Pedophiles

When she was getting her law degree at Harvard, Jackson wrote a brief in the Harvard Law Review arguing that the judicial system was unfair to people who sexually prey on children, because it sentences them to monitoring and treatment after prison, which she viewed as additional "punishment" masquerading as prevention. Although the Supreme Court has upheld such requirements, she complained that "community notification subjects ex-convicts to stigmatization and ostracism, and puts them at the mercy of a public that is outraged by sex crimes." She further worried that ordering offenders to enter mental health facilities deprives them of their "fundamental right to freedom," and she suggested that its real purpose is satisfying "the societal interest in locking sex offenders up and throwing away the key."

Her apparent empathy for such offenders has carried over into her years on the sentencing commission and federal bench.

On the commission, Jackson took a special interest in federal sentencing guidelines for child pornography, which makes up less than 2% of cases on the federal docket. She stated in hearings that she did not "necessarily" view child pornography offenders as pedophiles, and suggested that federal sentencing guidelines mandating they be locked up for a minimum of five years "may be excessively severe" — a view that once again was seemingly at odds with the Obama Justice Department, which advised the commission to "ensure that the sentences for child exploitation offenses adequately reflect the seriousness of the crimes and the offenders."

Jackson’s own views manifested in a major 2012 commission report to Congress, "Federal Child Pornography Offenses," which found that current federal sentencing guidelines — including aggravating factors based on the volume of illegal porn in a defendant’s possession — were "outdated" thanks to easier access to such porn on the Internet and were therefore "too severe" for today's defendants busted for collecting child porn online, even when it includes videos of child rape. The report specifically recommended lighter sentences for such criminals.

As a result of the proposed new guidelines, critics say many judges across the country have found ways to avoid giving felons who receive or solicit child porn the mandatory minimum prison sentence. In addition, the report that Jackson spearheaded also questioned the "collateral issues" of federal courts ordering child pornographers to register as sex offenders and commit to treatment, echoing the concerns she raised in her 1996 Harvard Law Review paper.

Later, as a D.C. judge, Jackson under-sentenced defendants in every single child porn case in which she had the discretion to mete out punishment, court records show, even though some were caught with thousands of illegal images and videos of minors and one was busted with images of naked toddlers tortured by adults in sadomasochistic acts. She not only departed from federal sentencing guidelines but in many cases eschewed the recommendations of prosecutors and sometimes even probation departments, leaning instead in favor of the lighter punishments suggested by the child porn offenders and their lawyers, many of whom worked in the same federal public defender office where she once worked. In some cases, court filings show she cited U.S. Sentencing Commission statistics gathered during her tenure there to back her rulings from the bench.

The Article III Project
Mike Davis, rule of law advocate: "Judge Jackson has gone out of her way as a law student, lawyer, commissioner and judge to advocate for more leniency for people who possess and distribute child porn."

Her treatment of child pornographers is troubling to observers who worry about high recidivism rates among offenders as the amount of child porn on the Internet explodes. They say her record endangered children.

"We need more deterrence, not less," said Mike Davis, president of the Article III Project, a Washington advocacy group for constitutional judges and the rule of law. "Yet Judge Jackson has gone out of her way as a law student, lawyer, commissioner, and judge to advocate for more leniency for people who possess and distribute child porn."

Added Davis: "She's been on a 25-year crusade to coddle them."

A 2003 Justice Department study found that 43% of sex offenders, including child pornographers and child molesters, were rearrested for the same or other crimes after release from custody. Three-fourths of the rearrests involved felonies.

Senators grilled Jackson for days last week about her record in this area. Jackson responded that she considered the cases she presided over "heinous" and "egregious" and imposed lengthy probation terms requiring supervision of the offenders, including monitoring their computer use. She noted she'd also ordered them to undergo treatment for porn addiction.

However, such alternatives to lengthy prison terms have failed to stop some from reoffending -- including child porn convict Wesley Keith Hawkins, a young gay black man whom Jackson sentenced to just three months in prison despite the prosecution asking for two years.

In 2013, Hawkins was busted posting videos on YouTube of "prepubescent boys engaged in sexual activity with each other, including oral and anal penetration," according to court documents. He told an undercover officer that he preferred children as young as 11 and sent him a video of a "prepubescent male masturbating." Investigators recovered 17 videos from his phone and laptop, which showed, among other things, "an approximately 11-year-old male being anally penetrated by an adult male."

In her sentencing, Jackson ruled she didn't think the volume and content of porn he had were particularly egregious and she gave Hawkins essentially a slap on the wrist — and then apologized to him for it.

"This is a truly difficult situation," she told Hawkins at sentencing. "I appreciate that your family is in the audience. I feel so sorry for them and for you and for the anguish that this has caused all of you."

Jackson then expressed sorrow over even the light sentence she handed down. "I feel terrible about the collateral consequences of this conviction," she said, explaining that "sex offenders are truly shunned in our society, but I have no control over the collateral consequences."

The sympathetic tone of her remarks again echoed those she made in her Harvard Law brief decades earlier. Senate Republicans said Jackson made it sound like Hawkins was more a victim than the children he exploited.

Unfortunately, her words of kindness did not dissuade Hawkins from continuing with his obsession.

In 2019, long after Hawkins had served his short stint in prison but while he was still under a six-year supervised release, the U.S. attorney who prosecuted him alerted Jackson that despite treatment and monitoring, Hawkins continued to seek out sexually arousing images of underage boys. Expressing concerns that Hawkins might re-offend, his probation officer recommended that he be confined to a "residential reentry center" for six months — double Jackson's original prison sentence — and subject himself to "periodic unannounced searches of any computers" he uses. Jackson concurred and signed an order toughening the terms of his probation, according to her court filing. Asked about Hawkins’ relapse at her Senate hearing, she testified she could not recall the matter.

DC Sex Offender Registry
Neil Alexander Stewart, pedophile: Jackson gave him 57 months  — well short of the 97 months prosecutors had sought.
A more serious example of recidivism involved another case Jackson heard with a compassionate ear. In 2015, Neil Alexander Stewart, 31, was caught with more than 600 child sex images and videos. He confided to an undercover officer posing as a fellow predator that he was interested in "willing" children between the ages "5-11" and sought to meet at the D.C. zoo with the agent’s fictional 9-year-old daughter.

In one text cited by prosecutors, Stewart advised the undercover officer how to groom a child to have sexual intercourse, which they could later videotape. "The trick is starting with really small toys and gradually moving up until something is the same size," he texted. "And vibration."

"The public does not need to be protected from Mr. Stewart," the defense argued in a presentencing memo to Jackson, which extolled his interests in hobbies including: "Physics, Cooking, Reading, Self-Help books, Science and Gardening." "Mr. Stewart’s character and attitude indicate that he is unlikely to commit another offense."

In her 2017 sentencing, Jackson gave Stewart 57 months in jail — well short of the 97 months prosecutors had asked for. The judge also waived a $5,000 fine. Jackson set aside prosecutors’ warnings that Stewart was a risk for "hands-on" sexual abuse of children and posed a "continuing" threat to the community. At her Senate confirmation hearing, Jackson was asked if she was aware that Stewart had allegedly reoffended.

"Would it surprise you to learn that Mr. Stewart is a recidivist?" asked Sen. Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican. "He [has] warrants issued again for his arrest, just three years after your sentencing."

Replied Jackson: "You know, Senator, there is data in the Sentencing Commission and elsewhere that indicates that there are serious recidivism issues. And so among the various people that I've sentenced, I'm not surprised that there are people who re-offend, and it is a terrible thing that happens in our system."

Jackson wasn’t always afraid to throw the book at child sex criminals, an RCI review of her case history shows. In 2016, for instance, she sentenced a child molester to eight years in prison for child sexual abuse while failing to register as a sex offender in a prior case, which appeared to meet the level of punishment recommended by prosecutors. That case involved a 35-year-old man molesting an underage girl, which, unlike the porn cases, involved direct physical violence.

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)
At Gitmo, a counterpoint to Jackson's detainee advocacy: honoring last year's U.S. terror victims in Kabul.
Volunteering for the 'Gitmo Bar' 

While serving as an assistant federal public defender in D.C. from 2005 to 2007, Jackson defended four suspected terrorist detainees captured after 9/11 on the battlefield in Afghanistan and locked up at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, prison. Among other things, she filed habeas corpus appeals to try to compel their release and transfer from Gitmo, where they were held by the U.S. military as enemy combatants, to the U.S. court system, where they could avail themselves of all the legal rights afforded American citizens.

In her petitions, Jackson argued that the suspected terrorists had been forced to suffer "abuse and agony" at the hands of their guards and that such "torture," in addition to their indefinite confinement, constituted "war crimes." She also wrote briefs challenging their classification as enemy combatants.

Strikingly, Jackson omitted the full extent of her defense of Gitmo detainees from her Senate confirmation questionnaire. She claimed she represented only a single detainee — Khiali Gul — while working at the public defender's office. In fact, she also represented detainees Tariq al-Sawah, Kudai Dad, and Jabran al-Qahtani during her tenure there, according to documents reviewed by RCI.

Although Jackson did not travel to Gitmo to personally meet with the detainees, she corresponded with them and reviewed classified dossiers and other documents concerning the suspects in a secure facility in Washington after applying for and receiving security clearance at the SECRET level. She knew, therefore, that U.S. intelligence had determined that all four of her pro bono clients were too dangerous to release.

Khiali Gul:  "HIGH risk," his Gitmo dossier said.
  • Gul was classified "HIGH risk, as he is likely to pose a threat to the U.S.," according to his Gitmo dossier. "Detainee was an intelligence officer for the Taliban" and the leader of a "terrorist cell" who had "planned and executed an attack on a U.S. [base]" in Afghanistan before he was captured.
  • Dad was assessed to "having direct ties to Taliban leadership" and had been arrested at an Afghan compound where Taliban commanders met, his Gitmo dossier warned.
  • Al-Sawah, an al-Qaeda bomb expert, also was assessed as high-risk. His military dossier said he admitted he was a member of al-Qaeda. It also said he attended terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and once met Osama bin Laden.
  • Al-Qahtani was viewed as a continuing threat as well: "This detainee is a member of al-Qaeda [and] has demonstrated a commitment to jihad [and] has participated in terrorist training against the U.S," according to a 2004 intelligence report on him. In fact, al-Qahtani was arrested at al-Qaeda leader Abu Zubaydah’s safe house in Pakistan in 2002. Described as "aggressive," the Saudi national told Gitmo interrogators that if he were released, he’d return to Afghanistan and fight Americans. In 2016, military authorities warned that as a "skilled bomb maker," al-Qahtani and his electronics expertise would be in demand by terrorist organizations. They determined that he was still a threat to "reengage in hostilities."

Jackson testified she was assigned the terror cases and had a duty as a public defender to represent her clients "zealously," even though she did not necessarily agree with what she was arguing on their behalf. However, she continued to advocate for at least al-Qahtani after she left the public defender office and took a job in private practice.

In 2007, she kept representing al-Qahtani free of charge when she moved on to Morrison & Foerster LLP, a liberal San Francisco-based law firm that crusaded against Gitmo. Though Jackson left the firm in 2010, Morrison Foerster eventually succeeded in getting her client released from Gitmo.

In a 2016 detention review hearing, records show, Judson Lobdell of Morrison Foerster argued that although al-Qahtani admitted having received "weapons instruction [at] a training camp north of Kabul," he "never fired a shot in anger." And though he also admitted building bombs at the al-Qaeda "safehouse" in Pakistan, the attorney assured the Gitmo review board hearing his case that "nobody was ever harmed by a device made directly or indirectly by Mr. al-Qahtani."

Lobdell assured board members that he no longer had any "desire to be a bomb maker." All he wanted to do, the lawyer said, was to "start a family and live a quiet life" back in Saudi Arabia.

"Mr. al-Qahtani poses no threat to the security of the United States," Lobdell argued. In fact, "[he] bears no ill will towards anyone."

The Gitmo board, then comprising several Obama administration agencies, agreed to transfer him to Saudi Arabia under the condition he go through a terrorist rehabilitation program. In November 2016, he was sent to the Mohammed bin Nayef Counseling and Care Center, which has the trappings of a five-star resort along with a questionable track record for reforming jihadists.

Jackson’s other three terrorist clients have also been released from Gitmo. While there’s no clear evidence any of them have returned to jihad, there’s a 1 in 3 chance they might, based on recidivism rates for former Gitmo detainees.

According to a declassified 2020 Office of National Intelligence report, a total of 229 of the 729 detainees released from Gitmo have reengaged in terrorist activities, including conducting and planning attacks and recruiting and funding terrorists. That’s a recidivism rate of more than 31%. Some of the repeat offenders have American blood on their hands: at least 12 former detainees launched attacks on U.S. forces in Afghanistan and killed about a half-dozen American soldiers and civilians. The exact figure remains classified, along with the identities of most of the recidivists.

Jackson sounded oblivious about Gitmo recidivism rates when asked about them last week: "I’m not aware," she told senators.

Jackson claims she was "assigned" these cases and didn’t necessarily support the positions she was arguing. But clearly, she was proud of the work she did for Gitmo detainees. In her questionnaire prepared ahead of the Senate hearings, Jackson listed her representation of former Gitmo detainee Gul as one of the 10 "most significant" cases she's personally handled as an attorney. In her work before the Supreme Court, she cited additional Gitmo cases in which she filed friend-of-the-court briefs on behalf of anti-Gitmo lobby groups supporting challenges to Bush-era detention policies. She did that work pro bono as well.

"When she left the D.C. office as a public defender, she didn’t have to take on any more detainees as clients. But then she went over to Morrison Foerster and went out of her way to work on more pro bono Gitmo cases," noted Davis, who previously served as chief counsel for nominations to former Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley.

Jackson testified that what happened on 9/11 was "terrible." She said she has no doubt such terrorists pose a danger to the U.S., but she asserted that "I was also among the many lawyers who were keenly aware of the threat that the [response to the] 9/11 attacks had posed to foundational constitutional principles."

Brian Sullivan, a former FAA supervisory special agent who warned of holes in airport security before 9/11 and who now advocates on behalf of 9/11 families, said that Jackson’s actions were a "slap in the face to those who lost loved ones on 9/11."

"I understand she originally was assigned the Guantanamo cases as a public defender, but she seems to have gone way beyond her mandate in that regard," he said. "Her record demonstrates a disposition to be lenient or supportive of the most heinous among us."
A Vow to Limit Government 'Overreach'
in Punishing Criminals

Jackson insisted she couldn't possibly be soft on violent criminals when "I have law enforcement in my family." One of her uncles, Harold Ross, was a sex crimes detective in Miami, while another uncle, Calvin Ross, served as police chief of Miami. Her brother, Ketajh Brown, worked undercover for the Baltimore police on drug strings and was even shot at once while chasing a suspect through an inner-city neighborhood.

Jackson denies that she is against incarcerating or punishing terrorists and criminals. But in her testimony, she explained that incarceration is not always the best deterrent and that slapping criminals with harsh prison terms can make them feel "bitter" and "victimized" by the system, which could make them more likely to return to a life of crime when they get out. She said other judges are too quick to send defendants to the slammer — "locking people up and throwing away the key" — rather than helping them understand the consequences of their actions and treating them "fairly," no matter how bad their behavior. She said that as a judge, she has taken the time during sentencing to explain to them why their crimes hurt people. In a word, Jackson’s judicial philosophy is empathy — she believes it’s better to counsel crooks straight than to scare them straight.

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
Dick Durbin, Senate Judiciary Chairman: Refuses to turn over Jackson documents to Republicans.

If confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, she vowed to limit the government’s "overreach" in punishing criminals and enforce the guarantees offered the accused under the Bill of Rights.

That said, Jackson testified, "It’s very important that people be held accountable for their crimes, so if they’re not, then it would be a problem for the rule of law."

Her idea of the best way to hold criminals "accountable" is a key issue the Senate will have to weigh as it votes to confirm her confirmation early next month.

As the count stands now, it appears she has enough votes to squeeze past an evenly divided Senate. But Republicans are pressuring Democrats on the Judiciary Committee to release documents they say shed more light on Jackson’s record on the bench, as well as on the sentencing commission. Democratic Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin refuses to turn over even redacted copies of the presentencing reports generated in the child sex offender cases Jackson presided over. He also will not release her emails and other internal correspondence from her time on the commission. The White House, moreover, is withholding an additional 48,000 pages of documents that likely include some of her commission emails.

"Why are Democrats hiding her record? What is Judge Jackson hiding?" Davis asked.




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

As PJM’s Matt Margolis noted Thursday, “During her confirmation hearings, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s despicable record on sentencing child porn offenders became a key issue. Republicans pointed out that she had a pattern of giving these perverts lenient sentences, while Democrats made excuses for her and kept gushing over her status as a black woman.” And it’s even worse than we thought: investigative journalist Paul Sperry revealed Saturday that Jackson “heard horrifying details of ‘sadomasochistic’ torture of young kids — including ‘infants and toddlers’ — yet challenged the disturbing evidence presented by prosecutors and disregarded their prison recommendations to give the lightest possible punishments in each case.”

Not only that but “in some cases, she even apologized to some of the kiddie-porn perverts for having to follow the statutes, which she called ‘substantially flawed.’” Jackson repeatedly “made excuses for the sex fiends’ criminal behavior and cut them slack in defiance of investigators and prosecutors — and sometimes even probation officers serving her court — who argued for tougher sentences because the cases were particularly egregious or the defendants weren’t remorseful.” This contradicts Biden’s handlers’ claims that her light sentences for child pornographers were “mainstream” and within “normal range.”

The details are stomach-churning. “In July 2020,” Sperry reports, “Jackson gave the bare minimum sentence to a defendant convicted of distributing images and videos of infants being sexually abused, and who had boasted of molesting his 13-year-old cousin, even though she knew the defendant refused ‘to take full responsibility’ for his crimes, a transcript reveals.” The offender whom Jackson ensured got off lightly had posted a nude image of a two-year-old girl and a video of sex with a prepubescent girl.

Nor was that an isolated case. In April 2021, when sentencing a man who had distributed child pornography, Jackson dismissed his crimes as not “especially egregious,” despite the fact that “among the more than 600 images prosecutors told the judge he traded were sexually explicit pics depicting bondage of infants and toddlers,” and even worse. Yet as she gave this man a light sentence, Jackson remarked: “I’m really reluctant to get into the nature of the porn. I don’t find persuasive the government’s arguments concerning why they think that this is a particularly egregious child pornography offense, which means I struggled to find a good reason to impose a sentence that is more severe in this case.”

Mike Davis of the Article III Project, which advocates for a responsible judiciary, said that Jackson “served as the tip of the spear in weakening federal sentencing policy for child pornographers as vice-chair of the U.S. Sentencing Commission, where she ignored the advice of expert witnesses who disputed her theory that child pornographers are somehow not pedophiles.”

Related: The Disturbing Details About Biden’s SCOTUS Pick Just Keep on Coming

Jackson even apologized to one child pornographer as she sentenced him, saying: “This is a truly difficult situation. I appreciate that your family is in the audience. I feel so sorry for them and for you and for the anguish that this has caused all of you.” This was a habit: to another, she said: “I also feel terrible about the collateral consequences of this conviction,” adding that “sex offenders are truly shunned in our society, but I have no control over the collateral consequences.”

As revolting as all this is, it doesn’t look as if it’s going to derail Jackson’s confirmation. Controlled opposition Republican Senator Susan Collins (R-Sellout) has already announced that she is going to vote for Jackson, and can Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and others be far behind? While the Democrats never, ever break ranks, they can always count on Republicans to do so and to help them further the Leftist agenda.

And that’s what Ketanji Brown Jackson is all about. She is not being put on the Supreme Court because of her qualifications. She is not even really being put on the Supreme Court because she is a black woman, although that’s why Old Joe Biden’s handlers chose her. She is being put on the Supreme Court because she will advance the Leftist agenda. She was lenient toward child pornographers, but there is no doubt whatsoever that she will be as tough as she possibly can be on one set of offenders: Jan. 6 “insurrectionists,” parents protesting at school boards against transgenderism and Critical Race Theory being taught in public schools, and the like. That’s why Ketanji Brown Jackson is being put on the Supreme Court. Once she is confirmed, as soon as a “right-wing” case comes before the Court, the world will see a new, tough, justice-must-be-done Ketanji Brown Jackson. Leniency? That’s for Leftists.

Dan Ball With Chelle Brown: Taking Back Parental Rights Over Our Children



school board members and superintendent

Child-porn Convict Whom SCOTUS Pick Ketanji Jackson Sentenced to Three Months Objects to GOP Questions

WASHINGTON POST Finds, Interviews, Wesley Hawkins, Who Got ...



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Leave it to the Washington Post to find kiddie-porn convicts and portray them sympathetically.

But the Post added a special touch in its story about kiddie-porn aficionado Welsey Hawkins. It importuned the registered sex offender to say he’s sorry for the harsh questions about him that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson received from Republican senators during her confirmation hearings.

As with many of her sentences in child-porn cases, Jackson ignored the request of prosecutors for a long jail term and sentenced Hawkins to a much lesser one. So of course, the natural thing for the leftist Post to do was seeking the pervert’s opinion about it.

YouTube Porn

To its credit, before finding Hawkins, the Post published a piece about his crime.

The confessed homosexual uploaded child porn to YouTube in 2012 when he was 18 years old, and “an undercover detective soon emailed him, suggesting the two had ‘similar interests,’” the Post reported:

Hawkins emailed the agent two videos, and wrote that he was interested in boys ages 11 to 17. Authorities executed a search warrant in June, finding 17 videos and 16 images of boys on a laptop and a phone.

Hawkins cooperated with the investigation, federal prosecutors said. In court filings, they wrote that the recent high school graduate had agreed to be interviewed by detectives, admitted possession, entered a pre-indictment guilty plea and took “full responsibility for his actions.”

Although federal guidelines called for a sentence of eight to 10 years, prosecutors said that given Hawkins’s age and lack of criminal record they recommended two years. According to documents given to senators, a U.S. probation officer recommended a year and a half.

His defense attorney blamed Hawkins’ “sexual identity issue complicated by his mother’s strict religious beliefs and that his offense was prompted by a teenage sexual drive, not an intrinsic sexual attraction to significantly younger children.”

Jackson, then a federal district court judge, sentenced him to three months in prison and three months probation.

Here’s the reason, the Post reported:

Addressing Hawkins, she said, “you were only involved in this for a few months” and that “other than your engagement with the undercover officer, there isn’t an indication that you were in any online communities to advance your collecting behavior.”

Jackson added that the age difference between Hawkins and the victims in the videos wasn’t all that great. One was eight years old.

In 2019, the Post reported, Jackson sent Hawkins to a halfway house after his probation officer told Jackson that “despite being in treatment for more than five years [Hawkins] continues to seek out sexually arousing, non-pornographic material and images of males 13 to 16-years-old.”

Sympathy for the Judge

In the piece that ensued, Hawkins confessed that what he did was a “bit monstrous.”

But the Post couldn’t stop there. It tossed in a chance for Hawkins to bash the Republicans who attack Jackson’s record on perverts.

“Of the attention his case is getting now, Hawkins noted that many in the GOP continued to support candidates who faced allegations of sexual misconduct, the Post reported:

“While I’m not defending my actions, because, again, they are undefendable, I feel that their hypocrisy should be pointed out.”

Perhaps most surprising, Hawkins said, was that he found himself feeling sympathy for the judge he had once been angry with for sending him to prison.

“I wasn’t very happy that she gave me three months, though, after reflection when I was in jail, I was hearing from other people who said it was their first time arrested and they got five years, six years.

“I feel that she chose to take into consideration the fact that I was just getting started [in life] and she knew this was going to hold me back for years to come regardless,” he said, “so she didn’t really want to add on to that.”

GOP senators presented Jackson’s record of sending child porn in some detail, and Senators Josh Hawley noted that her sympathy for perverts includes criticizing sex-offender registries.

“As far back as her time in law school, Judge Jackson has questioned making convicts register as sex offenders — saying it leads to ‘stigmatization and ostracism.’” he tweeted. “She’s suggested public policy is driven by a “climate of fear, hatred & revenge” against sex offenders.”

Jackson has proposed eliminating mandatory-minimum sentences for child-porn convicts, and once said that people who possess the material “are in this for either the collection or the people who are loners and find status in their participation in the community.” 

Washington Post Runs Sympathetic Profile of Child Porn Offender Protected by Ketanji Brown Jackson

WASHINGTON POST Finds, Interviews, Wesley Hawkins, Who Got ...


REVEALED: How pedophile, 18, at the center of Ketanji Brown Jackson Senate hearing continued looking for 'sexually arousing images of children after she jailed him for three months - after he wrote a letter asking for a second chance

  • Jackson sentenced the young adult to three months in prison, though federal sentencing guidelines recommended 10 years and prosecutors had sought two
  • Wesley Hawkins, six years later, has not given up on his sick infatuation with children, according to records shared with the Washington Post
  • In 2019, Jackson ordered Hawkins to serve the last six months of his six-year supervision period in a halfway house
  • He was found to be seeking out 'sexually arousing, non-pornographic material'  
  • He did not commit any sexual violations
  • After unknowingly providing child porn to an undercover cop, police raided Hawkins' apartment and found 33 images and videos of child porn 
  • Some of the content involved children as young as eight 

Hawkins wrote a letter to Judge Jackson, telling he hoped his crime would not 'end my life before it starts'



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Is there any crime committed by an “oppressed” identity politics monster too vile for the pro-crime media to defend?

Ever since Ketanji Brown Jackson’s decision to give a child porn offender a light slap on the wrist and apologize to him came up, the media has been frantically spinning. And now the Washington Post decided to look Wesley Hawkins up and give him a sympathetic profile.

Before the Washington Post gets started, let’s look at a quick recap of the case.

The lowest sentence of the seven was in the case of Wesley Hawkins. He was 18 years old when he downloaded scores of videos and images containing child pornography in 2012, the New York Times reports.

The prosecutor in the case had recommended a two-year sentence, the U.S. Probation Office had recommended an 18-month sentence, and the U.S. sentencing guidelines had recommended a sentence of 97 to 121 months in prison. The defense lawyer sought a day in prison.

Hawkins pleaded guilty to downloading and trading child pornography, and Jackson sentenced him in November 2013, according to the New York Times. Jackson sentenced Hawkins to three months in prison and six years of supervised release.

In other words, nothing. And radically below the sentencing guidelines.

According to a statement of offense to which Hawkins stipulated, he downloaded and shared videos and images of prepubescent children to YouTube and a file-sharing account.

Note the prepubescent part. It’s important because one of the sexually abused children was as young as 8 years old. This is also important because  Ketanji Brown Jackson will lie about it.

There were videos of 11 and 12 year olds committing sexual acts, a video of an 11-year-old being raped by an adult male, a video of an eight-year-old committing a sexual act, to name a few. Police found 17 videos and 16 images of boys on his computer and phone, many of them violent. The teen later pleaded guilty.  

This is horrifying evil. And it’s what the media is now trying to clean up and justify.

In a sentencing memorandum, Hawkins’ public defender said his client initially reacted to the images that he saw with “confusion and shock rather than arousal.” He viewed more child pornography over the next several months, but he “did not amass a large collection,” the memo said.

The natural response to the “confusion and shock” was to keep consuming child porn.

“Importantly, Mr. Hawkins’ connection to the images he viewed appears to be one of identifying with his age-mates emotionally, instead of exploiting them sexually. Mr. Hawkins said he found the fellow teenagers in the photos easier to connect with than adults,” the memo said.

Again, prepubescent children. Hawkins was 18.

In imposing the sentence, Jackson acknowledged the defense claim that Hawkins should not be considered a pedophile because his age was close to that of the children depicted in the images, according to the New York Times.

And again, some more context before the media starts spinning and the Washington Post starts ginning up sympathy for a pedophile.

He later uploaded five videos of pornographic content involving children from his computer to YouTube, which is what tipped off the police. An undercover officer emailed him, suggesting the two had ‘similar interests.’ Hawkins then emailed the cop two videos, and wrote that he was interested in males age 11 to 17. 

So Hawkins did share the material and solicited it. He started off with a target age range beginning with 11. That is not close to his age. And he kept on doing it.

The sealed request demonstrated that Hawkins did not commit any sexual crime or violation of his conditions, but, ‘despite being in treatment for more than five years,’ Hawkins ‘continues to seek out sexually arousing, non-pornographic material and images of males 13 to 16-years-old.’    

Now on to the Washington Post’s sympathetic profile which is headlined as, “Wesley Hawkins, talk of the Brown Jackson hearings, describes life after pornography sentence”.

If the Bezos social justice paper had anything resembling a soul, it might want to do a sympathetic profile of some of the abused children, not the perpetrator.

Instead, we learn from the Washington Post that, “His mornings had been filled with looking for his next job, his afternoons rereading one of his favorite books by Jamaican novelist Marlon James, he said, and his nights bingeing his favorite Netflix series “The Last Kingdom.”

And there’s a handfed attack on Republicans that I’m sure wasn’t carefully prompted by the reporter.

“Of the attention his case is getting now, Hawkins noted that many in the GOP continued to support candidates who faced allegations of sexual misconduct. “While I’m not defending my actions, because, again, they are undefendable, I feel that their hypocrisy should be pointed out.”

But he manages to admit that she did give him a slap on the wrist.

“I wasn’t very happy that she gave me three months, though after reflection when I was in jail, I was hearing from other people who said it was their first time arrested and they got five years, six years.”

Now Hawkins’ enabler will sit on the Supreme Court and be able to protect pedophiles and all sorts of criminals she sympathizes with from there.

Disney Continues to Placate Loud LGBTQ Groups, Employees

Disney Continues to Placate Loud LGBTQ Groups, Employees



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) continues to cater to its vocal LGBTQ employees at the risk of ostracizing its less-progressive employees and family audiences, this time forming a task force on gay and transgender issues to develop a plan to be a “force for good” for those communities, according to the Washington Examiner.

The announcement is just the latest effort to win favor with LGBTQ employees angered by CEO Bob Chapek’s initial decision to stay silent on Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, which prohibits teachers from discussing sexuality with children in grades K-3 and requires school boards to establish parental notification procedures about their rights to make “decisions regarding the upbringing and control of their children.”

In typical left-wing fashion, liberals and mainstream media outlets attempted to misrepresent the legislation by dubbing it the “Don’t Say Gay bill.” But when confronted by the bill’s actual language, a large majority of voters support the bill’s intent, according to a poll by the Daily Wire, which found 69 percent of Republicans, 57 percent of Independents, and even 62 percent of Democrats supported the bill.

As noted by the Examiner, Disney faced criticism from the LGBTQ community earlier this month after Chapek defended the company’s silence on the bill.

“I want to be crystal clear: I and the entire leadership team unequivocally stand in support of our LGBTQ+ employees, their families, and their communities. And, we are committed to creating a more inclusive company — and world,” he said in the memo, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “As we have seen time and again, corporate statements do very little to change outcomes or minds. Instead, they are often weaponized by one side or the other to further divide and inflame. Simply put, they can be counterproductive.”

But just days later, Chapek told shareholders that Disney opposed the bill “from the outset” and announced it would make $5 million in donations to groups advocating for gay and transgender rights and would halt all political donations in Florida.

In addition to the creation of the new task force, Disney has also announced that Chapek and his senior leaders will be leading a global listening tour to meet with the company’s employees and hear their concerns about Disney’s response to the highly popular Florida law.

“We know the moment requires urgency, and words are not enough,” Chapek told Disney employees at a virtual town hall. “So we are taking some actions right now.”

Meanwhile, employees at Disney who identify as more conservative and Christian have been pleading with Chapek and other top leaders to remain neutral and focus on creating family-friendly content rather than wading into this highly controversial debate. In an open letter to TWDC published in the American Conservative, employees also described an atmosphere at the company in which they feel targeted and marginalized:

As employees of the Walt Disney Company, we believe in the dignity of all people. This is why we do what we do. We write stories. We make costumes. We act in parades. We run cruises. We stream movies. We make magic. We do this because our work contributes to a fountain of wonder that inspires joy, awe, and delight in guests and audiences of all ages. We are proud employees of the Walt Disney Company. We love our jobs because we get to share the wonder of life and human experience with millions of people worldwide.

However, over the last few years, one group of cast members has become invisible within the company. The Walt Disney Company has come to be an increasingly uncomfortable place to work for those of us whose political and religious views are not explicitly progressive. We watch quietly as our beliefs come under attack from our own employer, and we frequently see those who share our opinions condemned as villains by our own leadership.

The company’s evolving response to the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” legislation in Florida has left many of us wondering what place we have in a company actively promoting a political agenda so far removed from our own. TWDC leadership frequently communicates its commitment to creating an inclusive workplace where cast members feel comfortable sharing their perspectives and being their authentic selves at work. That is not our workplace experience.

The letter continues at length to describe how poorly the company treats less-progressive employees.

It also goes on to encourage Chapek to return to his original neutral stance on Florida’s legislation:

Disney is far more important and impactful to the world by avoiding politics than it will ever be by embracing a political agenda. By focusing on entertainment that inspires us with stories of universal appeal, we are doing good in the world.

Disney shouldn’t be a vehicle for one demographic’s political activism. It’s so much bigger and more important than that. More than ever, the world needs things that we can unite around. That’s the most valuable role The Walt Disney Company could play in the world at this time. It’s a role we’ve played for nearly a century, and it would be a shame to throw all of that away in the face of left-wing political pressure. Please don’t let Disney become just another thing we divide over.

Sadly, it appears TWDC is more concerned about placating progressives than maintaining any semblance of a family-friendly reputation. According to Variety, Disney’s Pixar has restored a same-sex kiss to its upcoming film Lightyear, set to hit theaters June 17, in yet another effort to apologize for its initial response to the Florida parental-rights bill. The film, which focuses on the real-life inspiration for the Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear, features a prominent female character named Hawthorne who was already depicted as having a “meaningful relationship” with another woman, Variety wrote, a point that may have been missed by young audiences were it not for a kiss between the two characters. Initially cut from the film, the kiss was reinstated following the backlash from employees over the Florida parental-rights bill.

Disney “pervs out” to help turn America communist, keeps lesbian make-out scene in new Toy Story “Lightyear” movie to brainwash kindergarteners

Image: Disney “pervs out” to help turn America communist, keeps lesbian make-out scene in new Toy Story “Lightyear” movie to brainwash kindergarteners



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Part of the deconstruction of America by the communists in Washington DC involves the breaking down of human character, values, morals, religion, and feelings of self-worth. This leads to heavy reliance on big government to “rescue” everyone from their problems of poverty, drug addictions, alcoholism, pornography addiction, sexually transmitted diseases, and poor health in general.

It’s a “rabbit hole” that also often leads to reliance on the government for money (loans, grants, and handouts) for school, food, rent, abortions, etc. It runs even deeper. It’s all a distraction so the children will grow up to vote for free money and more government tyranny. Sexual brainwashing is key to this insidious plan, and it begins very early on, believe it or not.

Hollywood and Disney play a huge role in how children perceive the real world, even though it’s just movies and shows. Just recently, Disney is pushing the lesbianism for children theme quite hard in the new Toy Story movie called “Lightyear,” and they’re catching a lot of flack for it. This is communism in the brewing, starting as early as possible, at the movies, schools, daycare centers, social media, and streaming television.

Gender fluid indoctrination part of communist takeover of America

This “gender fluid” indoctrination of children worldwide is a pedophile push to justify pushing adult sexual thinking and expressions onto the kids, and with children as young as they can possibly get away with it. Let’s face it, straight folks aren’t infiltrating schools to teach the kids how to tuck their package or saw off breasts to switch roles for sexual interests.

Straight folks aren’t literally trying to change the curriculum in elementary schools to eliminate “he” and “she” so everyone can use the same bathroom, along with the twisted adults who identify as teens or kids, and the children who are allowed to identify as cats or dogs. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and now Disney Corporation has weaved in an overtly gay lesbian kissing scene in Pixar’s new Buzz Lightyear movie, and this thing is “not yet rated.” No wonder why.

This is Disney’s “revenge” for the Florida bill (Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill) that keeps identifying humans by their gender, instead of everyone being somewhere on the spectrum of fluid gay (a.k.a. the schooling of ‘gender orientation’ for children between kindergarten and third grade).

LGBTQ-Trans-Everything is the most important topic for all children of all ages, according to communists and perverts

There is substantial LGBTQ “representation” in the new movie, not just a French kiss scene between two women. Yet, Disney Corporation has previously issued a memo saying they were not going to be including LGBTQ themes in their movies, but so much for that. Disney executives say they always review gay content in Pixar films, and in retaliation for supposedly being “barred from creating it,” Disney will keep this in the kid’s film.

The Florida bill prohibits EXPOSING KIDS under ten to radical sexual practices and ideologies in school. There is NO mention of the word “gay,” in the legislation, as the radical gay activists and LGBTQ+ Disney executives just created their own scarecrow to burn for more attention. Now they’re screaming they were made a target in order to defend “educating” little kids about sexual preferences starting in kindergarten.

Again, the communist aggression is digging roots and injecting perversions in the elementary schools, kids’ movies, and through social media. Keep in mind Disney has made BILLIONS from communist China.

Maybe Disney should change Mickey and Minnie Mouse to Maggie and Minnie? Is Donald Duck actually a girl? Is little Bo Peep really a 58-year-old man in drag? Should Buzz Lightyear be wearing high heels and a thong (while tucking his shlong and his waxed balls) the whole movie, that way kids can better cope with stuff like that when they figure out what daily-changing gender they want to be? Is this where it’s all heading folks?

Remember, it’s all about distracting and perverting everybody so we won’t be able to defend our human rights and Bill of Rights, and so the elitists can eliminate the middle class. Just follow the bouncing ball. Ask yourself, should kindergarteners be educated about asking themselves what gender they are and which gender they would want to have sex with later? Only radical sex freaks seem to want that, oh, and most communists.

Click your mouse on for updates on hot topics that affect proper education and moral values in school.

Sources include:



Portland Children’s Hospital Gives Kids Tips on ‘Tucking’ and Sex Shops

Teaching Boys to "Tuck"!? This Is Horrifying



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

When captains of industry and the biggest names in sports and tech signed on to support Oregon’s beloved Doernbecher (pronounced DORN-becker) Children’s Hospital, they probably didn’t think they were underwriting efforts to give minor children advice on sneaking into adult sex shops.

Though sex shops are as plentiful in Oregon as Starbucks and 7-Eleven stores due to Oregon’s elastic free speech law that puts live sex acts on par with political debates, it’s assumed that giving children access to sex shops was not part of the Doernbecher deal when it first took effect.

And yet, here we are.

Comes now the news that Doernbecher has been giving sex pointers to kids who are sexually confused. Seldom do you find a small child who thinks often about sex or finds him or herself confused about it, but doggone it, Doernbecher is here to help.

Doernbecher, an institution that one assumes believes in science, states its only stance on gender questions is to “affirm” the sexuality of a child we’ve been told is inherently “confused” about sexuality.

“As part of its mission to ensure the health and well-being of all patients, Oregon Health & Science University proudly offers gender-affirming health care to patients of all ages, including children and adolescents,” the hospital’s parent organization said to TND in a statement. “Providers follow established, evidence-based medical standards, and employ a thoughtful, multidisciplinary process that involves both patients and their support systems.

The hospital that treats children with dire medical needs like cancer treatments now supplies the full gamut of sex-change surgeries and medical interventions, including puberty blockers, hormone therapies, and gender-affirming surgeries “that involves both patients and their support systems” (emphasis added). Parents aren’t mentioned.

The hospital offers a way for underaged, “confused,” and easily suggestible children to get dress-up clothes for aspiring drag queens … at an adult sex store.

“In the Portland area … is a sex-positive shop … . They sell gender-affirming clothing items as well as sex toys, videos, and more. The shop is for people age 18 and older, but they offer appointments before or after hours for younger shoppers. You can schedule an appointment by calling them or emailing.” Emphasis added.

Is sexualizing children now part of the Doernbecher portfolio? If so, they might want to mention it on their IRS 990 forms or their website, so all those unsuspecting doyennes who might be thinking of leaving their fortunes to the hospital know that it will go toward encouraging inappropriate sexual behavior for children without their parents’ knowledge. Just a thought.

And then there’s the Doernbecher how-to guide for children on “tucking” male genitalia to make the child look more like a girl when in drag.

The children’s hospital also provides tips on “taping the penis and scrotum,” “putting your testicles inside your body,” and “where to buy tucking clothing,” and recommends an Etsy shop that sells tucking attire for “children.”

Any way you tuck it, it sounds painful.

The tips go on: “Press gently on your testicles … you should not feel faint or nauseated or have extreme pain. If you do, take a break and try again later.” And the following tip is included: “If you find yourself getting aroused, take a break and try again later. An erection will make it impossible to tuck.”

Gee, thanks for the tip.

Sinclair Broadcasting’s TND received a comment from the hospital, and officials said they were very proud of its “gender-affirming health care to patients of all ages, including children and adolescents.” The statement continued that it’s all based on science-y science in “a thoughtful, multidisciplinary process that involves both patients and their support systems.”

It also said that “medical interventions are not provided for children,” but considering that the children’s hospital’s previous statements said the advice was for children, it’s unclear what their definition of “children” is.

According to the hospital’s Form 990, it has received about $90 million in state support since 2014. Now, that’s a lot of taxpayer money.



Kentucky Sex Camp Taught Kids About “Illicit” Drugs and Kinky Sex



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Brace yourselves for what promises to be a frightening report from the Manhattan Institute’s Chris Rufo, who has done a valuable service uncovering corporate America’s use of Critical Race Theory to brainwash white employees into hating themselves.

Rufo will soon file a lengthy report on a “Sexy Summer Camp” in Hazard, Kentucky, led by a self-confessed “fat, queer magical pleasure worker,” where children learned to masturbate, about bondage and discipline, and how to use illegal drugs during sex.

Rufo offered a preview of his report on the doings on Twitter. From what he has disclosed so far, it appears the camp is a grooming operation to sexualize confused children and bring them “out of the closet.”

Free Condoms, no Questions

“Sexy Sex Ed is a workshop series that compels teenagers and people of all ages to openly discuss personal and political consent, sexual safety, and anatomy,” the outfit’s website says.

Why anyone would need to be compelled, the website doesn’t say, but it did promise to mail free condoms, “no questions asked,” as part of its China Virus response. The camp was virtual because of the virus.

The camp ran on Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 6 through August 24 last year, and opened with a masturbation “workshop” titled “Sex With Me — Self Pleasure.”

The group advertised it this way: 

Participants will explore personal views on self pleasure, as well as learn techniques to make the most out of their masturbation experience. This workshop will include discussion, games, and some hand on practice (on hands!).

A workshop on sex and drugs promised to train participants in “the nuances of engaging in sexual activity while using licit and illicit drugs”:

Together, we will explore why people engage in sexual activity while on drugs; the nuances of substance use and consent; and harm reduction strategies around having sex on substances.

Another workshop was “The Three P’s: Pee, Poop, and Pleasure.”

“Sexy Trans Sex Ed” focused on “language, affirmation, as well as creating spaces for gender exploration and euphoria through sex,” the schedule says:

Topics will include pre sex discussion, language, body diversity, masturbation, sti’s, gender exploration and affirmation, BDSM, and more!

Of course, the workshops also included a lesson on “self-managed abortion.”

Founder Is a Witch

The founder of Sexy Sex Ed, Tanya Turner, isn’t someone you want near your kids. “Tany is a femme, fat, queer, magical pleasure worker, educator, & artist,” her bio says: 

She was raised in rural Kentucky by a host of witchy women alongside sisters and cousins. A coven-like mountain matriarchy, if you will, on Stony Fork. Her craft tools are candles, crystals, oils, plants, music, sex toys, tarot, the Moon, and instincts of a triple water sign (Cancer Sun — Scorpio Moon & Rising.…

Tanya lives high on a Kentucky mountain top with lots of plants, a steamy hot tub, and several furry familiars.

Rufo helpfully included a video of Turner in which she explains the merits of masturbation.

“Masturbation is really healthy and I recommend it to people of all ages,” Turner says. “All ages. As soon as my nephews could talk, they were doing that”:

We have to learn ways to talk to young people about this so they that they know how to explore their body.

Another of the camp leaders was Larah Helayne, a “nonbinary queer” who wears a shirt touting the Mattachine Society, a defunct group of homosexual communists. Communist homosexual and pedophile Harry Hay, a strong supporter of the National Man-Boy Love Association, founded Mattachine.

The shirt also pays homage to boy rapist Harvey Milk, the San Francisco councilman shot to death in 1978. 

Shortly after Rufo’s tweets, the workshop leaders scrubbed their bios from the Sexy Sex Ed website.

The question is whether any of Sexy Sex Ed’s leaders committed a crime under Kentucky law. “Unlawful transaction with a minor in the first degree,” the law says, is a felony:

A person is guilty of unlawful transaction with a minor in the first degree when he or she knowingly induces, assists, or causes a minor to engage in:

(a) Illegal sexual activity; or

(b) Illegal controlled substances activity other than activity involving marijuana or salvia.

The gravity of the felony depends on the child’s age.

The website does contain information about a camp for 2022.

Taking it to the politicians: Wyoming County Commissioner resigns after pressure from MassResistance parents over obscene library books.

SEE:; republished below in full for educational & research purposes.

He had compared local parents to Nazis. Railed about parents’ “ignorance and hate.”

An arrogant pro-LGBT liberal who got elected in a conservative area.

A new pro-family Commissioner has been voted in to take his place!

February 9, 2022
County Commissioner Daniel Reardon stares at parents and compares them to Nazis during Aug. 12, 2021 meeting, because of their adamant objections to the pornographic books for children and young teenagers.

When it comes to arrogant anti-family public officials, parents don’t have to just sit and take it. But they have to be willing to take a very strong stand and be persistent.

Like most areas in Wyoming, Campbell County is quite conservative. But unfortunately, liberals and RINOs have been elected to key positions. Last summer, local MassResistance parents began complaining to their County Commission about the pornographic and obscene LGBT books for children and teenagers appearing in the public library. Some of the graphic homosexual books for young teenagers are sickening even for adults.

This Book is Gay
by James Dawson
In library's Teen section

SUMMARY: This book is pornographic and truly obscene. All forms of “gay” and “lesbian” sexual practices and perversions are endorsed and celebrated with graphic instructions for teenagers. It promotes medically unsafe behaviors and perversions and is filled with false information.

Read sample pages here. (CAUTION: obscene material.)

The Library Board, which the County Commission controls, is run by leftists. But the five-member County Commission was stacked 3-2 against doing anything to challenge the Board.

A particularly hostile Commissioner

One County Commissioner, Daniel G. Reardon, was particularly hostile to the idea of shielding children from obscenity and LGBT pornography.

On July 13, Reardon sent an email to a constituent smearing the parents who had objected to a “transgender” performing for young children at the library. He wrote, “It is a sad state of affairs where we regress back to the Matthew Shepard days because of ignorance of hate.” When this became public, parents were livid.

Then on August 12 during a County Commission meeting, Reardon suddenly launched into an angry rant against the parents in the room.

He started out by defending library staff and their bureaucratic “processes that are in place” for selecting the books and allowing for parents to fill out forms to “challenge” books. He said that the Commission’s job is to support the Library Board.

He went on to say that “censoring” LGBT books (i.e., homosexual pornography) was equivalent to censoring books on guns, the military, blacks, or religions other than Christianity.

Then he really went off the rails. It’s the parents who are not doing their jobs, he said. It’s the parents’ fault for not supervising what their children are reading in the library. He said that parents need to “stop talking about censoring, taking books out, burning books, and going back to the days of the Nazis.”

An audience member angrily yelled back at Reardon that he was lying about the parents. Reardon had a Sheriff’s officer escort the man out of the room. He then looked right at the parents and scolded them, “Don’t tell us we’re not doing our job. We are doing our job.”

After the audience member yelled back at Reardon, the sheriff's deputy immediately came to eject him from the room.

Parents fight back!

Reardon clearly intended to intimidate and silence the Wyoming MassResistance parents. But his tirade had the opposite effect.

Our activists made sure that the community heard about Reardon’s offensive remarks. They got the message out on social media.


They leafletted the community:


They continued to come to every County Commission meeting and Library Board meeting to demand that the local children be protected from the library staff’s promotion of obscenity and pornography. Though the Commission’s 3-2 majority refused to do the right thing, they were clearly being worn down.

In October they voted to ban all public comment to keep the parents from being able to complain at the Commission meetings. Of course, this just riled the parents up even more.

Reardon announces his resignation

On January 5, 2022, without prior notice, Reardon delivered a letter of resignation to the Campbell County Commission.

His “official” reason was that he had moved to another community (Cheyenne). However, as he told the local newspaper, his family had moved to Cheyenne some time earlier, and he had rented an apartment in Campbell County and was spending more than half of his time there. (It’s not required to live in the County to serve on the County Commission.) He also cited his fear of COVID, though did not elaborate. Reardon said that he had “intended to serve his full term” through 2022, but changed his mind and decided to resign now.

This came just weeks after the Library Board Chairman had also suddenly announced her resignation, although she will continue to serve as a regular Board member.

A new pro-family Commissioner gets voted in!

Since Reardon was technically a Republican (though an insufferable RINO), the process for replacing him was for the local Republican Central Committee to nominate three people, and the Commissioners would vote to accept one of them.

The Commissioners apparently got the message from the outraged parents. At the Jan. 27 Commission meeting, they selected Don Hamm as the new Commissioner. According to the parents who met with the candidates, Hamm was right on their wavelength regarding the library problems.

Don Hamm (center) is congratulated after becoming the new County Commissioner. [Gillette News Record photo]

To start with, the parents are now expecting the Commission to repeal the offensive ban on public comment, when one of the family-friendly Commissioners also becomes the new Chairman this month. And there’s talk of even bigger changes.

Final thoughts

We may sound like a broken record, but we’ll say it again: These people running our libraries and the politicians who support them have neither morals nor conscience. They know what they’re doing to children and are proud of it. Too many conservatives more interested in appearing reasonable and polite than standing up for the truth. But this gains them nothing. The best way: Be resolute and don’t give up.

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Wyoming County Library Board passes hostile (and illegal) public comments policy FOR PORNOGRAPHY, then uses it to terminate meeting


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Board shuts down citizen’s appeal vs. inappropriate children’s book. Claim speaker was "disrespectful."

Follows resignation of Library Board Chairman – after months of Wyoming MassResistance pressure

Board members continue to side with Library Director against parents

Community pressure continues

February 1, 2022
New Library Board Chairman Charlie Anderson (center) reads aloud his proposed "public comment policy" at the Dec. 20 meeting.

These days, radical public library officials will do almost anything – even break the law – to intimidate and discourage citizens from attempting to stop their abuses against children. In Campbell County, Wyoming, MassResistance community activists have been relentlessly taking a stand to stop their public library officials from foisting LGBT pornography and other inappropriate books on young children and teens.

But our activists are learning that relentless pressure pays off.

Library Board chairman steps down

On Dec. 20, 2021, the Campbell County Library Board opened its meeting with a new chairman, Charlie Anderson.

His predecessor, Dr. Hollie Stewart, had abruptly resigned as chairman soon after the November meeting but continues to serve as a Board member. According to people we spoke to, she had been complaining bitterly to members of the County Commission about having to run Board meetings with the ongoing anger from Wyoming MassResistance parents over the offensive children’s books.

Left to right: Library Board members Mandy Steward, Miranda Finn, former chairman Dr. Hollie Stewart, Nancy Stovall, and new chairman Charlie Anderson.

Odious new “public comment” policy

Anderson’s first action as new chairman was to introduce a new restrictive “public comment” policy. This high-handed tactic is being used across the country by public officials to insulate themselves from the outrage brought on by their arrogant actions.

Anderson read his proposed policy aloud. (See our transcription here.) It states that public comment at meetings is not a legal right, but a privilege granted by the Board. The policy was developed after (supposed) “personal attacks directed at this Board.”

The policy bans “inappropriate comments or behavior.” Inappropriate behavior is defined as “attempting to engage individual Board members in conversation” and “insults.”  It also lists “obscenities, or profanity and/or physical violence or any threat thereof” as well as “attacks against any person in their personal capacity” (which is unclear). But to imply that concerned parents would engage in profanity, physical violence, or threats is absurd.

The policy outlines a series of steps for enforcement: (1) The chairman rules the speaker out of order. (2) If the behavior continues, the speaker will be asked to leave. (3) If inappropriate conduct continues, the chairman may “entertain a motion to end public comment and adjourn the meeting.” It also limits speakers in public comment to three minutes, an absurdly short time for that kind of body.

Anderson said that he and Sean Brown, the (liberal) assistant County Attorney jointly put together the policy. (Perhaps they were inspired by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s memo casting parents who dare to speak up as domestic terrorists.)

The Library Board unanimously approved the policy.

Illegal under Wyoming Law?

It would certainly appear that this policy is illegal under Wyoming law. Wyoming statute 16-4-406 states that in the event of “disruption of public meetings” a body may (a) have the person or persons removed and continue the session, or (b) recess the meeting and reconvene to another location and continue with the agenda. It does not give the option of simply adjourning the meeting. But like most leftists, Charlie Anderson and Sean Brown decided to devise their own set of rules.

Using a new policy to suddenly shut down the meeting!

On the Dec. 20 meeting’s agenda were appeals to the Library Board by local citizens. They sought to remove four books whose challenges had been rejected by the library staff.

We’ve already reported on the appeal of the first book Trans Mission, a sickening, pornographic LGBT book for teenagers that the Board nevertheless voted to keep on the shelves.

The other three books were being appealed by Kevin, the son of two great Wyoming MassResistance activists. Kevin got right to work.

His first appeal was on the book, The Babysitter’s Coven. Following the trend of anti-Christian children’s books, it is a slick teenagers’ introduction to the occult and satanic beliefs and symbolism which encourages teenagers to explore further. (It’s no wonder so many young people are drawn into Satanism.) The plot also includes a man abducting girls and holding them in a basement. It encourages underage drinking and drug use (two issues affecting teenagers in Campbell County). This portrayal of repulsive people who do nasty things has no redeeming value.

Even the book cover is weird.

Kevin described how reviewers – which the library uses in their “collection” process – were not impressed by this book. He quoted one mainstream reviewer saying, “I am not really comfortable recommending a young teen to read this book.”

Kevin begins his presentation of "The Babysitter's Coven" to the Board on Dec. 20 as local parents seated behind him look on.

A few minutes into Kevin’s presentation, some of the Board members were clearly getting uncomfortable. They rudely started interrupting Kevin. Charlie Anderson grilled him about Lord of the Rings, a book that was not relevant to the conversation. It seemed like a hostile cross-examination. Then Anderson started berating him for bringing up the book reviews. When Kevin started to answer him, Board member Miranda Finn suddenly jumped in:

Charlie Anderson: I was hoping you’d talk about the book that we’re here to discuss.

Kevin: That’s what I’ve been doing. I’m using data and sources to back up what I’m saying so I’m not just bubbling effervescent from my face here. I’m trying to actually use some facts here.

Miranda Finn: Mr. Chairman, we’ve reached the point where disrespect is being displayed. I move to adjourn the meeting.

Immediately then, Anderson called for a vote to adjourn. There were four “Aye” votes. (He did not ask if there were any “Nay” votes. Mandy Steward later told him that she was a “Nay” vote.) Anderson quickly declared the meeting adjourned.

A violation of the policy they had just passed

This was in violation of the policy they had just passed! Before adjourning the meeting, they should have first (1) ruled Kevin out of order, then (2) asked him to leave. They did neither.

Also, the basis of the adjournment was that “disrespect is being displayed” by Kevin. But “disrespect” is not part of their definition of inappropriate behavior. Kevin did not actually violate anything.

All this shows how contemptible and loathsome these people are.

At the January Board meeting, Kevin was allowed to continue

At the January 24, 2022 meeting of the Library Board, the arrogance continued. But Kevin’s persistence clearly had them rattled, and he was not letting up.

At the beginning of the meeting, Kevin requested that they read the Wyoming statute on “disruption of public meetings” which clearly contradicts their new policy. Anderson asked one of the staff members to read it aloud. The staffer did, but the Board didn’t react at all and just continued with their meeting.

They allowed Kevin to finish his three book appeals. The other two books were A Quick and Easy Guide to Queer and Trans Identities and Music from Another World. Both books intend to draw young teenagers into homosexuality. They portray homosexual relationships and sex as normal and very desirable.


This time the Board let Kevin finish his presentations. Immediately afterward, the Board allowed the Library Director to deliver a “rebuttal” to Kevin’s appeal. Much of that was the boilerplate text from her previous rebuttal in December.

Then, to no one’s surprise, the Board voted 4-1 to reject all of Kevin’s appeal, with Mandy Steward being the holdout.

And then came public comment - parents blast Board!

The Board was not in the clear yet. They got pummeled during the public comment section.

Citizen after citizen got up and blasted the Board for doing nothing to get rid of the terrible books, and the staff who have been selecting the books. One woman pointed out that the efforts of the Wyoming MassResistance team are inspiring other people around the country to press forward, demand answers from their local libraries, and get harmful books removed. At one point, a woman who identified herself as a retired librarian pointed out that the local newspaper has applauded the Library Director. Kevin got up and reminded her that the newspaper differs from the community on most issues, including this.

This woman talked about being part of Wyoming MassResistance and traveling around the state, and that people knew about this battle: “I hear some positive stories and it’s so exciting. Because of us, people have taken on their own libraries. And they’re getting things done! Books are being removed!" she said.

Final thoughts

Decades ago, most states across the country passed laws exempting schools, libraries, and museums from laws banning obscenity (as harmful to minors). This was done in the interest of protecting legitimate artwork that sometimes portrayed nudity. But now, radical staff members and public officials are using that as cover to push pornography onto children in schools and libraries. (Attempts to overturn these laws in some states have been strongly opposed by teachers’ unions and LGBT groups.)

Regarding the issue of “disrespecting” officials: In a famous 1964 case (New York Times v Sullivan) the US Supreme Court opined that America has a "profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open, and that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials."

When public officials declare that they and their actions are above criticism by ordinary citizens, we all need to get very upset. These people have no morals and no conscience. They deserve parents’ disrespect. We will certainly not be intimidated by them.

There’s a lot more to come from Campbell County, Wyoming!

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