Biden Feeling Frisky After Midterms, Vows More of the Same Punishment

Can we survive six more years of Joe?



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Old Joe Biden, the ostensible president of the United States, on Wednesday held one of his Potemkin press conferences before the gathering of sycophants and propagandists known as the White House press corps, and he was in high spirits. He once again made clear that the whole thing was a charade at the beginning of the question-and-answer period when he said, “Now, I’ve been given a list of 10 people that I’m supposed to call on.” But he did have a lot of spicy comments about the midterms that made it clear it’s going to be a rough two years.

“Well, we had an election yesterday,” provoking happy laughter from his flatterers. “And it was a good day, I think, for democracy. And I think it was a good day for America.” If Joe Biden thinks November 8 was a good day for democracy and for America, watch out, because his first two years in office have made abundantly clear his taste for authoritarianism and determination to stigmatize and criminalize dissent from his far-Left agenda. Buoyed by the non-appearance of the vaunted Red Wave, the man with catastrophically low approval ratings promised more of the same. Buckle up.

Biden crowed over the failure of the Red Wave to appear: “While the press and the pundits are predicting a giant red wave, it didn’t happen. And I know you were somewhat miffed by my — my obsessant optimism, but I felt good during the whole process. I thought we were going to do fine.” Reasons for that optimism might have included mail-in voting which is generally accepted now and is rife with opportunities for fraud, as well as a generation of miseducated youths who have been taught the glories of socialism all through their public school years, and now are lining up to vote for the socialists. What a surprise.

Old Joe singled out those indoctrinated bots for a particular expression of gratitude: “And I especially want to thank the young people of this nation, who — I’m told; I haven’t seen the numbers — voted in historic numbers again and — just as they did two years ago. They voted to continue addressing the climate crisis, gun violence, their personal rights and freedoms, and the student debt relief.” So they want to tank the economy and disarm the populace. Wonderful.

No Biden speech would be complete without a generous helping of lies, and this one was no different. Biden claimed he had lowered “the federal deficit in the two years by $1.7 trillion. Let me say it again: $1.7 trillion. No administration has ever cut the deficit that much.” He actually is adding $2.7 billion to the deficit every day, but who’s counting? The Red Wave didn’t materialize, and Joe sees that as a massive pat on the back, so he’s going to keep on destroying the economy, erasing the border, and working against the freedom of speech. “And I’m confident these policies are working and that we’re on the right path, and we need to stick with them,” he said.

The most divisive and hateful president in American history, the first president to label his principal opposition a threat to the very life of the republic, also vowed, “I’m going to continue to work across the aisle to deliver for the American people.” The man who stood in front of a pair of Marines and an ominous red-and-black backdrop in order to smear his opponents as a danger to the nation itself actually stated, “And it’s not always easy, but we did it the first term.”

When asked about the odd and unexplained anomaly that “75 percent of voters say the country is heading in the wrong direction” yet voted for the same people who got us into this mess, this mendacious corruptocrat ticked off some of his alleged accomplishments and then had the audacity to add, “We’re going to restore the soul of the country, begin to treat each other with decency, honor, and integrity. And it’s starting to happen. People are — the conversations are becoming more normal, becoming more — more — how can I say it? — decent. … So, I’m not going to change anything in any fundamental way.”

Biden’s insouciance may be explained by one telling comment he made: “We still have a possibility of keeping the House, but it’s going to be close.” The Democrats could come out of all this still in control of the House and the Senate. Who, then, would investigate whether the elections had really been conducted fairly and that all the mail-in ballots were legitimate? Who, then, would stop Biden’s socialist agenda?

The alleged president himself was sure it wouldn’t be one man: Donald Trump. When a reporter said that Trump’s movement was “still very strong,” Biden laughed derisively and said, “Oh yeah?” He added, “Well, we just have to demonstrate that he will not take power by — if we — if he does run. I’m making sure he, under legitimate efforts of our Constitution, does not become the next President again.” How can he make sure of that? He didn’t say, and of course, the sycophants didn’t ask.

Biden also said, “Our intention is to run again. That’s been our intention, regardless of what the outcome of this election was. And the fact that we won — we — I didn’t run — the fact that the Democratic Party outperformed anything anyone expected and did better than any off-year presidency since John Kennedy is one that gives everybody, like, ‘Hoo’ — sigh of relief — that the MAGA Republicans are not taking over the government again, et cetera.” Six more years of Joe? It could happen.

Yahoo: Baby-Saving Pregnancy Centers Worsen Diaper Shortage

Yahoo! Finance: We Could Ease Diaper Shortage If Pregnancy Centers Would Quit Convincing Women To Keep Their Babies




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Yahoo! Finance not only thinks that killing off babies in the womb is a solution for diaper poverty in the U.S. but also says Americans’ nappy woes should be blamed on pregnancy centers.

With the headline “America is facing a diaper crisis, and the anti-abortion movement is making it worse,” the article’s author, Senior Editor Sandra Salathe, alleges that “Roughly one-third of U.S. families are unable to afford diapers necessary to keep their babies dry and clean.”

Salathe neglects to mention that diaper prices, among other baby items such as formula, have been severely impacted by climbing inflation and the ongoing supply chain crisis under President Joe Biden. Instead, she says that pregnancy centers are somehow responsible for the “physical,” “mental,” and “economic” stress that families endure trying to keep their babies diapered.

“The coronavirus pandemic has played a heavy role in this crisis, and as households seek help from nonprofit organizations, anti-abortion centers (AACs) may be misrepresenting the extent of their services,” Salathe writes.

Using information fed to her by the leftist, pro-abortion activist group Equity Forward, Salathe amplifies claims that Heartbeat International, a Christian network of pro-life resource organizations, and the more than 3,000 lifesaving pregnancy centers in the U.S. are using their donations and public funding to pay for the upkeep of their services instead of helping vulnerable members of their community.

Never mind that a majority of voters favor public funding for pregnancy centers and that it is abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood that are more focused on giving out sex books and harmful abortion drugs than diapering babies they think should be dismembered in the womb.

Neither the article’s author nor Equity Forward disputes the fact that Heartbeat International and other pro-life organizations distributed 1.2 million packs of diapers to babies in need in 2019. Instead, Salathe and Equity Forward Director Ashley Underwood take issue with the fact that the same pregnancy centers they want investigated and shut down for human rights violations (how ironic) aren’t always equipped to provide baby supplies to 100 percent of the families that walk through their doors.

Nationwide pregnancy centers serve close to 2 million people annually by offering hundreds of millions of dollars worth of free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, care from licensed medical professionals, STD testing, and, yes, material items for babies and mothers such as diapers. That number is likely to increase in pro-life states where more women will be carrying their babies to term thanks to abortion bans.

There are more than 2,500 pregnancy centers in the U.S. that offer items like diapers to people in need yet the corporate media, Hollywood, the nation’s largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood, and Democrats call these organizations’ efforts to aid mothers and babies “deceptive,” “emotionally manipulative,” “fake,” and “disinformation.

There is no doubt that the coordinated effort to downplay the important work of pro-life advocates and doctors in favor of abortion extremism is furthered by the corporate media. Salathe’s article in Yahoo! Finance proves to be no exception.


Biden Admin Blocking Transparency on $1 Billion Given to Afghanistan

Biden Admin Blocking Transparency on $1 Billion Given to Afghanistan



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“Follow the money” is a wise, common axiom for a reason, but it’s hard to follow the money when the government is doing all it can to cover its tracks.

The White House is currently trading barbs with a government watchdog known as The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), which was formed in 2008 to perform oversight functions on the $146 billion reconstruction effort in the middle eastern country. SIGAR contends that the Treasury and State Departments are refusing to cooperate with its investigations, preventing the watchdog from giving a proper account to Congress and to the American people.

In its new report to Congress, SIGAR said that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) “and the Treasury Department refused to cooperate with SIGAR in any capacity, while the State Department was selective in the information it provided pursuant to SIGAR’s audit and quarterly data requests.”

SIGAR called this lack of cooperation a “direct violation” of the group’s congressional mandate, as the administration is preventing it from verifying how the government is spending $1.1 billion in taxpayer dollars that have been handed to Afghanistan since the Taliban took over in August of 2021.

In addition, SIGAR claims, the White House is concealing information that would allow the watchdog to determine whether the State Department is in compliance with laws banning the sending of American money to the Taliban. The administration is also allegedly hiding evidence related to the fall of the U.S.-supported Afghan government that was toppled by the Taliban.

“No federal agency has challenged SIGAR’s authority to conduct oversight of such programs until now,” the group stated in its report.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

“After more than a decade of cooperation, State, and USAID have for months now refused to provide SIGAR with information and assistance needed for several audits and Congressionally mandated reviews” into the “collapse of the U.S.‐backed government in Afghanistan,” the report says. These agencies are also withholding information pertaining to their “compliance with laws and regulations prohibiting the transfer of funds to the Taliban.”

A State Department official further “informed SIGAR that department staff have received internal direction to not engage with or speak to SIGAR without prior clearance from State legal counsel,” a directive that violates laws meant to protect government whistleblowers and protect SIGAR’s investigation power, according to the report.

The State Department maintains that SIGAR is overreaching its jurisdiction and that it is not legally required to comply with any information requests that pertain to the $1.1 billion allocated for humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan. A July 8 letter sent to SIGAR by the State Department outlines these concerns, according to a copy obtained by the Free Beacon.

The State Department defended itself, arguing that “Since the Taliban takeover in August 2021, the United States has stopped providing assistance for the purpose of the reconstruction of Afghanistan. It told SIGAR that “Since August 2021, the United States has dramatically changed the nature and scope of its activities in Afghanistan to focus instead on humanitarian aid and targeted assistance designed to help meet basic human needs and avoid complete and imminent economic collapse.”

According to the administration, because the taxpayer funds are no longer being used for “reconstruction,” they no longer fall under the purview of SIGAR.

But SIGAR took issue with this line of reasoning, writing in its report that most of the aid programs presently in operation are, in fact, “continuations of activities performed prior to August 2021” and “State and USAID have not articulated how these programs have changed in practice.”

Moreover, SIGAR affirms that Congress “was clear when it granted SIGAR jurisdiction in its 2008 enabling legislation overall reconstruction spending in Afghanistan, including development and humanitarian aid.”

Despite the arguments, Ned Price, a State Department spokesman, told the Free Beacon that government officials will continue to stonewall SIGAR.

“Our position is that, except for certain specific funds, SIGAR’s statutory mandate is limited to funds available for, quote, ‘the reconstruction of Afghanistan,” Price stated. “SIGAR’s current work does not appear to fall under its statutory mandate to oversee the funds for, quote, ‘the reconstruction of Afghanistan.’”

The question is: What is the White House hiding in the $1.1 billion to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan that it doesn’t want Congress—or the people—to see?

Parental Rights Groups Chalk Up Victories in School Boards Across the Country



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Recent elections have revealed the increasing momentum of parental rights, anti-CRT, and anti-LGBT groups in electing traditional-values candidates to school boards across the land.

The Minnesota Parents Alliance (MPA) lauded their efforts following the recent elections in that state:

Despite the negative headwinds against conservative candidates nationally and in Minnesota, school board candidates backed by the upstart Minnesota Parents Alliance had a very good election night.

Forty-nine candidates running with the official MPA endorsement won election to the school board last night, a tremendous accomplishment for an organization that was founded just nine months ago.

Dozens of other candidates who received support from MPA such as campaign training, technical assistance, and educational resources also cruised to victory. In fact, 22 out of 38 candidates who attended one of the MPA campaign schools won their elections.

Several more winning candidates throughout greater Minnesota benefitted from online access to MPA training sessions and support.

The 1776 Project PAC told the Christian Post that their efforts “from November 2021 to November 2022 … flipped 100 school board seats across the country.”

Specifically, the PAC-endorsed candidates won school board seats in Pinellas County, Flagler County, Indian River County, and Volusia County in Florida. All four of its endorsed candidates in Brandywine, Michigan, won school board seats there, while three of its endorsed candidates won seats in Carroll County, Maryland.

The PAC-endorsed candidates also won seats in Bedford, Virginia; Alliance, Ohio; and Bentonville, Arkansas. In Frederick County, Virginia, two of the group’s endorsed candidates won.

These successes followed similar victories last year, when the 1776 Project PAC saw four candidates win school-board seats in New Jersey, three in Ohio, and four in Virginia. It touted a 70-percent success rate for its candidates in Kansas, and a 100-percent success rate in Colorado last year.

Moms for Liberty (MFL), founded in late 2020, now boasts 100,000 members in 195 chapters in 37 states. Part of its mission is to abolish critical race theory and “The 1619 Project” from the public school curriculum. Of the more than 270 MFL school board candidates the group endorsed in 2022, over half won their respective races. In the past, conservative, traditional-values candidates would capture less than 30 percent of those seats.

The Christian Post recorded MFL’s remarkable successes:

Moms for Liberty indicated that all three of its endorsed candidates won school board races in Ocean City, New Jersey; five of its eight endorsed candidates won seats on the school board in Charleston County, South Carolina; six of its supported candidates emerged victorious in school board elections in Berkeley County, South Carolina; and four seats on the school board in New Hanover County, North Carolina, went to candidates the group supported.

Moms for Liberty touted additional victories in Rock Hill School District and Fort Mill School District in York County, South Carolina; Tipton, Indiana; and Iredell, North Carolina. Two of the three candidates supported by the group to serve on the school board in Shelby County, Tennessee, won their races, as did the organization’s chosen candidates in Pulaski County, Arkansas; Brevard County, Florida; Collier County, Florida; Lee County, Florida; Manatee County, Florida; Pasco County, Florida; and Volusia County, Florida.

According to unofficial results, the candidate endorsed by Moms for Liberty also emerged vict.orious in a school board race in Laramie County, Wyoming, as did two out of three candidates it supported in Natrona County, Wyoming. In Harford County, Maryland, unofficial results show three of the four candidates endorsed by Moms for Liberty winning their races.

In Baltimore County, Maryland, one out of the group’s three preferred candidates appears to have prevailed, while one of its four endorsed candidates appears to have won in Talbot County, Maryland.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lent his credibility to several races in his state after signing into law the Parental Rights in Education Act earlier this year. All six of the school-board candidates that he endorsed won their races.

In Maryland, 25 socially conservative school-board candidates won seats in 14 counties.

In Texas, 10 Republicans were voted onto the Texas State Board of Education, while just five Democrats won seats there.

Thanks to the Covid infringements, parents have recently become aware of the infiltration of foreign ideologies into public schools, and the move to restore traditional education programs is now gaining traction.

If the results from the last two years are any indication, the restoration of “reading, writing, and arithmetic” in place of LGBT, CRT and Project 1619 Marxist history is well underway.

SaveTheChildren 728

Man Who Invented Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Admits He Hasn’t Been Jabbed

Dr. Ugur Sahin, the CEO of BioNTech—the biotechnology company that worked with Pfizer to develop the world’s first COVID vaccine—has admitted on camera that he did not get jabbed with the COVID vaccine. When asked by a German reporter why he wasn’t vaccinated, Dr. Sahin became evasive and vaguely claimed that it’s illegal for him to get vaccinated and his company must focus on producing billions of vaccines for others.

The revelation that the man who developed the Pfizer vaccine has not been vaccinated himself recalls claims by Bill Gates’ former doctor that while Gates pushes vaccines on humanity, he does not allow his own family to get vaccinated.

You don’t have to be a body language expert to see that Sahin became very agitated and uncomfortable when the question of why he wasn’t jabbed came up.

And his claim that it’s illegal for him to get jabbed with the Pfizer shot doesn’t add up.

So what’s the real reason Sahin didn’t get jabbed with his own vaccine? Could it perhaps have anything to do with the fact that he developed the vaccine in just a few hours on his computer in a single day?

Previously, the fastest vaccine ever developed took more than four years of hard work.

But Dr. Sahin — who founded BioNTech with his wife — made a “rough design over one weekend.”

And this “rough design” received FDA authorization just months later. Moderna’s vaccine also took just two days to design, as Business Insider previously reported.

None of this inspires confidence in the vaccines, does it?

Perhaps that’s why the fact-checking industry had to poke its nose in and disrupt the flow of information. According to Reuter's fact checkers, Dr. Sahin of BioNTech did not admit that he is unjabbed. That’s right. Despite the fact you heard him say exactly that with your own ears, Reuters is claiming that you are wrong, Sahin himself is wrong, and the BioNTech CEO is vaccinated with his own product, the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.

As per usual, the Reuters fact-checking team provides precisely zero evidence to back up their wild claims. Despite this, Facebook and other social media platforms will not allow anybody to contradict what Reuters is saying about Sahin’s vaccination status.

Reuters was tapped by Facebook as one of its approved fact-checking groups and given the ability to mark stories on the site as “true” or “false”. While this idea sounds fine in theory, in practice it has had a chilling effect on free speech, while limiting the free expression of truth seekers on the internet.

It is worth remembering at this point that fact-checkers are unqualified amateurs who do not hold qualifications as journalists or investigators. Snopes CEO David Mikkelson employed his new wife, an L.A. based high class escort, to work for the fact-checking site. The rest of the contributors are bloggers with leftwing activist backgrounds.

These are the people Big Tech has entrusted with policing social media and denying citizens their right to free speech.

Senior fact checker Kim LaCapria even admitted she regularly “fact checks” while stoned. Sure, it may be legal. That’s not the problem. The problem is that fact-checking the news is a serious business, and it should be taken seriously by fact checkers – especially now that Facebook and other social media sites have anointed them as watchdogs of all of our news feeds with the power to shadowban users.

Facebook should draw the line at using the services of a fact-checking company whose senior staff admit they work while stoned. There is too much at stake.

But instead, whenever stories emerge that are damaging to the establishment, fact-checkers are weaponized to bury them by falsely labeling such stories “misleading” or “hoaxes” even if they are completely authentic.

This then serves to justify their censorship by social media algorithms and the targeted banning and de-platforming of anyone who tries to amplify information that fact-checkers have buried.

Fact-checkers are not impartial, independent outlets, interested in establishing the truth. They are hyper-partisan attack dogs working on behalf of the corrupt establishment.

Now-collapsed FTX crypto slush fund laundered Ukraine donation money to Democrat candidates to help rig mid-terms

WALL STREET JOURNAL: How FTX Went Bankrupt~What Went Wrong

Image: BREAKING: Now-collapsed FTX crypto slush fund laundered Ukraine donation money to Democrat candidates to help rig mid-terms

Robby Soave: Sam Bankman-Fried’s FRAUD EXPOSED. Did FTX Crypto Con Artist BUY Democratic Loyalty?

The general counsel for cryptocurrency trading company FTX announced on Saturday that the exchange is investigating unauthorized transactions. According to lawyer, Ryne Miller, “Among other things, we are in the process of removing trading and withdrawal functionality and moving as many digital assets as can be identified to a new cold wallet custodian."" The CEO, who previously led failed energy company Enron through bankruptcy, added that FTX launched an “active fact review and mitigation exercise” directly after the unauthorized exchanges were identified. The company is also in contact with law enforcement and various regulators.

Former US attorney says FTX collapse 'stinks to high heaven'

Former U.S. attorney Guy Lewis discusses the legal fallout regarding FTX's crypto collapse.

Will Cain: Where did all this money go?

DR. STEVE TURLEY: The Biggest SCANDAL Of Our Lifetime Is About To Get MUCH Worse!!!



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) The FTX crypto slush fund run by now-disgraced Sam Bankman-Fried (and his MIT college buddies) laundered money for Ukraine into nearly $40 million worth of campaign donations for Democrats in the 2022 mid-term elections.

Over the last year, Joe Biden and the Democrats have pushed through well over $50 billion in funding for Ukraine, using US taxpayer money. Internationally, over $100 billion has been donated to Ukraine, according to which has compiled worldwide donations and grants to the Ukrainian cause.

FTX simultaneously processed donations to Ukraine by using its crypto infrastructure. As reported in May of this year, “Ukraine Partners With FTX, Everstake to Launch New Crypto Donation Website.”

In other words, the corrupt Ukraine regime partnered with a corrupt crypto slush fund to take dollars from the corrupt US government and funnel them into the hands of corrupt Democrat candidates to win rigged mid-term elections.

According to data published by, Sam Bankman-Fried donated nearly $40 million to political candidates in the 2022 mid-term elections. Only $235,200 went to Republicans, with the rest going to Democrats. FTX, in other words, was a Democrat slush fund money laundering operation that helped Democrats win mid-term elections (on top of their obvious cheating, ballot stuffing, and ballot harvesting operations).

It begs the obvious question: Which Democrats took this dirty money from FTX, which had stolen the money from its own customers? We know that Fetterman received substantial financial support from FTX, for example.

As reports:

“Aid for Ukraine,” which has the backing of crypto exchange FTX, staking platform Everstake and Ukraine’s Kuna exchange, will route donated crypto to the National Bank of Ukraine, Everstake’s Head of Growth Vlad Likhuta told CoinDesk. Ukraine’s crypto-savvy Ministry of Digital Transformation is also involved.

The country’s collective efforts have already raised some $48 million in bitcoin (BTC), DOT, ether (ETH), SOL, tether (USDT), and other cryptocurrencies, according to the website. Other estimates place the amount closer to $100 million, but totals vary with market swings and exactly which websites are included.

Put another way, if you donated money to “Ukraine” via this mechanism, you actually donated to Democrats in a rigged election funded by illegal campaign contributions laundered through FTX (which is increasingly emerging as the crypto hub run by people with globalist ties).

Here’s the propaganda pushed by the Ukraine regime to help narrate the cover story for all this:

The central bank is using donations to support “humanitarian aid programs” as well as Ukraine’s armed forces, according to the website. “The people will continue their fight for freedom, but they need more ammunition and necessities,” the website read.

We don’t know how much of these funds actually went to Ukraine, but we know Sam Bankman-Fried was one of the largest donors of cash to Democrat candidates in the 2022 mid-term elections (nearly $40 million, as shown above).

An attempted takeover of regulatory agencies and lawmakers

As is also reporting, Sam Bankman-Fried was apparently trying to buy off securities regulators and lawmakers in the federal government, obviously to pay for “protection” as he carried out numerous financial crimes and money laundering operations.


Dem Megadonor Under Federal Investigation Bankrolled Lawmakers Overseeing The Agency He Was Lobbying

Cryptocurrency CEO and Democratic donor Sam Bankman-Fried funded the campaigns of key lawmakers overseeing the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the agency tasked with regulating the crypto industry, as he was lobbying the CFTC for greater oversight over the digital asset marketplace.

Bankman-Fried donated to the chair and ranking member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, the committee that has jurisdiction over the CFTC, as well as numerous other members of Congress involved in CFTC oversight.

The FTX CEO also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying lawmakers and the CFTC on legislation that would expand the scope of the agency’s role in regulating the crypto industry.

Here’s a graphic of some of the acquisitions and investments by FTX, assembled by Fortune / Anthony Kwan, sourced from Crunchbase:

Massive “self-hack” has drained another nearly $1 billion from FTX accounts

Late last night, the FTX app was auto-updated and transformed into a Trojan Horse app that logged into user accounts and stole their money. We covered this in a previous story on So far today, we know that around $1 billion in remaining funds has been looted from FTX. This is widely believed to be a “self-hack” of FTX by its founders or insiders who are attempting to take the money and run, Mt. Gox style.

As reported today:

More than $600 million was siphoned from FTX’s crypto wallets late Friday. Soon after, FTX stated in its official Telegram channel that it had been compromised, instructing users not to install any new upgrades and to delete all FTX apps.

“FTX has been hacked. FTX apps are malware. Delete them. Chat is open. Don’t go on the FTX site as it might download Trojans,” wrote an account administrator in the FTX Support Telegram chat. The message was pinned by FTX General Counsel Ryne Miller.

In essence, now after having built the world’s largest crypto slush fund to try to keep corrupt Democrats in power, somebody with inside access at FTX is apparently looting the last billion dollars worth of assets at the company.

CNBC also reports that Sam Bankman-Fried had a secret “back door” into the financial accounting system that allowed him to “transfer billions” without any regulatory scrutiny whatsoever. From

Between $1 billion and $2 billion of FTX customer funds have disappeared, SBF had a secret ‘back door’ to transfer billions: Report

As Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX enters bankruptcy protection, Reuters reports that between $1 billion to $2 billion of customer funds have vanished from the failed crypto exchange.

Both Reuters and The Wall Street Journal found that Bankman-Fried, now the ex-CEO of FTX, transferred $10 billion of customer funds from his crypto exchange to the digital asset trading house, Alameda Research.

This story just went full John McAfee, in other words, and it’s not even over.

Note that FTX had huge holdings in Robinhood (HOOD symbol on Wall Street), and we are anticipating total market chaos for HOOD come Monday morning.

Bitcoin, interestingly, is weathering this storm relatively well after having fallen from the $21K range to around $16K in the chaos. Bitcoin’s exposure to FTX fallout may be limited, although Bitcoin and all other cryptos are almost certain to face heavy-handed regulatory scrutiny after this fiasco fully unravels.

Get more details in today’s Situation Update podcast:

– FTX was a massive digital SLUSH FUND for Democrats
– Money was created out of nothing via FTT (tokens), then sold off to victims of the scam
– Millions went to Fetterman and other Dems to sway mid-term elections
– Sam Bankman-Fried had pledged $1 billion to Dems by 2024
– Globalist media outlets like Reuters and Forbes then attacked rival Binance
– Binance CEO CZ needed just two tweets to bring down the FTX fraud
– Binance is more libertarian and wants to coexist on Twitter with Elon Musk and free speech
– Binance doesn’t pilfer user deposits/funds and make crazy bets (like FTX did)
– We are watching the collapse of dollar hegemony
– BRICS+ nations will shortly launch a new global reserve currency backed by commodities
– Hubs like Binance will likely allow Americans to buy BRICS+ currencies via stablecoins

– This would give Americans a way to SAVE money without losing to dollar devaluation
– The future of world trade will rest on honest money, backed by real commodities








Trump launches unhinged attacks on GOP governors DeSantis and Youngkin, gets major pushback

Image: Trump launches unhinged attacks on GOP governors DeSantis and Youngkin, gets major pushback



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) While Donald Trump’s policies during his presidency were exemplary and led to a massive resurgence of the U.S. economy and innovation, as well as personal income growth, the man very often demonstrates that he doesn’t know how to get out of his own way by picking stupid, needless fights with adversaries and allies alike.

Ahead of this week’s midterm elections, in which Republicans underperformed and dismally will not usher in a “red wave” as expected — despite the fact that Joe Biden’s been a train wreck and the Democratic Congress’ spending has led to record inflation — Trump said that he would be announcing his 2024 presidential plans around Nov. 14 during an event at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Since the midterms, and because vital races like the Georgia Senate contest between Trump-backed Hershel Walker and Dem incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock will be going to a runoff election after neither candidate received at least 50 percent of the vote, the former president is being advised to hold off on his announcement so he doesn’t distract from the runoff which will take place next month.

In the meantime, he has inexplicably begun sniping at some of his political allies, including GOP Govs. Ron DeSantis in Florida, who just won reelection by an astounding margin, and Glenn Younkin of Virginia, who won his race last year in a purple state by standing up for parents against woke sexualization of young children in public schools.

Trump began his diatribe against DeSantis with a long run-on sentence that contained a juvenile nickname for the extremely popular governor: “NewsCorp, which is Fox, the Wall Street Journal, and the no longer great New York Post (bring back Col!), is all in for Governor Ron DeSanctimonious, an average REPUBLICAN Governor with great Public Relations, who didn’t have to close up his State, but did, unlike other Republican Governors, whose overall numbers for a Republican, were just average—middle of the pack—including COVID, and who has the advantage of SUNSHINE, where people from badly run States up North would go no matter who the Governor was, just like I did!”

DeSantis, who won by 20 points against his Dem challenger, is anything but “average.”

Trump then claimed that DeSantis, a former U.S. lawmaker, was “desperate” in 2017 and that he “had low approval, bad polls, and no money, but he said that if I would Endorse him, he could win.”

“I also fixed his campaign, which had completely fallen apart,” Trump went on before making an incredible claim. “I was all in for Ron, and he beat Gillum, but after the Race, when votes were being stolen by the corrupt Election process in Broward County, and Ron was going down ten thousand votes a day, along with now-Senator Rick Scott, I sent in the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys, and the ballot theft immediately ended, just prior to them running out of the votes necessary to win. I stopped his Election from being stolen…”

“And now, Ron DeSanctimonious is playing games!” Trump concluded in his attack on DeSantis. “The Fake News asks him if he’s going to run if President Trump runs, and he says, ‘I’m only focused on the Governor’s race, I’m not looking into the future.’ Well, in terms of loyalty and class, that’s really not the right answer.”

Trump then turned his attention to Youngkin a day later.

“Young Kin (now that’s an interesting take. Sounds Chinese, doesn’t it?) in Virginia couldn’t have won without me,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “I Endorsed him, did a very big Trump Rally for him telephonically, got MAGA to Vote for him – or he couldn’t have come close to winning. But he knows that and admits it. Besides, having a hard time with the Dems in Virginia – But he’ll get it done!” he wrote on his Truth Social platform.

Sources include:

What’s going on? Cameras went dark in Nevada ballot counting facility as final results were delayed

Image: What’s going on? Cameras went dark in Nevada ballot counting facility as final results were delayed



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(Natural News) It seems that Democratic efforts to completely destroy all trust in our elections — so that voting laws can be changed to permanently favor them (such as universal mail-in voting) — is ongoing during the current election cycle, and in parts of the country that garnered suspicions of mass cheating and vote fraud in 2020.

That includes Nevada, where cameras set up to monitor ballot workers suddenly went dark at a vote-counting facility earlier this week — even as election results from that state still are not finalized for governor and U.S. senator, as of this writing (several days after the election).

“Cameras at the vote counting facility in a Nevada county still counting midterm election votes stopped broadcasting overnight, officials said on Nov. 10,” The Epoch Times reported. “The live stream computer application that provides the feeds ‘lost connection with’ the cameras at 11:24 p.m. on Wednesday, according to Bethany Drysdale, a spokesperson for Washoe County.”

The report noted further that all staffers left for the night around an hour before the cameras mysteriously shut off, and no one reportedly returned until 7 a.m. the next morning, according to officials (where have we heard this before?). Officials went on to say that the connection to the cameras was finally restored around 8 a.m. Thursday, meaning they were dark for several hours, giving those who may have ‘nefarious intentions’ plenty of opportunity to plant fake ballots.

“The Washoe County security administrator was said to have reviewed security cameras at the building, which run on a different system. The cameras showed that no person entered the ballot room or Registrar’s Office while the live feeds were cut off,” The Epoch Times added, but that isn’t likely to instill confidence since it seems plenty suspicious that the cameras just happened to go off during vote counting.

“Security personnel are working to make that footage public,” the outlet continued.

Meanwhile, Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake blasted her Democratic opponent, Katie Hobbs — who, as secretary of state is in charge of the messed up ballot counting system in the state — and the fact that it is likely to take a week or more for Arizonans to learn who won key races.

“It’s embarrassing the way elections are run in Arizona. This is why I’ve been sounding the alarm since 2020. Against the fake news saying, ‘Oh, you can’t question our elections, how dare you! You’re an election denier!’ You know what? This is why we’ve been questioning them,” Lake explained to Turning Point USA co-founder and executive director Charlie Kirk’s podcast on Thursday.

“We’re going to win this, and there’s not a darn thing they can do to stop it,” Lake said. “We The People are taking our government back,” she predicted while also blasting her opponent for botching ballot counting.

“This is just an embarrassment, and the people of Arizona are sick and tired of elections being run like we’re in some banana republic,” she added.

Last month, Lake noted in an interview that one of her first actions as governor would be to significantly reform the state’s voting system, largely by shortening it.

“Our Constitution says Election Day. It doesn’t say election season, or election month. And the longer you drag that out, the more fraught with problems there are,” Lake told ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl.

“As governor, would you seek to change the election laws? And specifically, would you look to limit early voting and mail-in voting in Arizona?” Karl asked after introducing the segment by claiming that Lake was the most vociferous in pushing “Donald Trump’s lies” about the 2020 election.

“I don’t know exactly how we’ll do it, but we will secure our elections, restore faith in our elections, make sure our elections are honest and transparent,” Lake said.

Karl countered: “I assume everybody wants that. But specifically early voting and mail-in voting, which you’ve been very critical of — would you seek to limit it?”

“I think, you know, a lot of things going back to when I first started voting back in the 80s, we had Election Day. Our Constitution says Election Day. It doesn’t say election season, or election month. And the longer you drag that out, the more fraught with problems there are,” said Lake. “We just saw problems this week with Katie Hobbs, my opponent. She just put out — sent out 6,000 ballots that went – the wrong type of ballots to the wrong people.”

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