Four Days Before Election Day, Biden Claims He Is Closing Coal Mines. Are You Listening Pennsylvania?



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As if John Fetterman’s debate with Dr. Oz wasn’t enough of a campaign killer, Joe Biden announced today that he will be closing coal plants in favor of wind and solar power.

Let’s see how that goes over with Pennsylvania voters, especially considering that Fetterman claimed a while back he is against fracking, although he flip-flopped when asked about this in the debate.

What happens if Pennsylvania loses coal and fracking? The state will be financially gutted. More importantly for now, how will Pennsylvania voters respond to Gropey Joe’s threats to close coal plants?

Pennsylvania is the second-largest producer of gas and the third-largest producer of coal in the nation. There are roughly 18,000 people employed directly or indirectly in the coal business, people who may not want to be unemployed because of the Democrats’ war on coal, gas, and fossil fuels in general.

FACT-O-RAMA!  Joe Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline, costing thousands of jobs and 800,000 barrels of oil a day. Remember that on Election Day.

Some polls have Oz up just a little bit on Fetterman, who shot himself in the foot during the debate when he struggled to put two sentences together.

Ohio has a bevy of coal mines, too, most of which are located near the border Ohio shares with West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Like Pennsylvania, Ohio has a grueling Senate race going as well, in which GOP candidate JD Vance is slugging it out with the Democrats’ Tim Ryan. Polls show Vance with a tiny edge but well within the margin of error.

RUMOR-O-RAMA! Obama once supposedly said, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.” Obama, for once, was right.

Will coal employees help the GOP in this election? More entertainingly, will Biden’s handlers be able to shut him up for the next four days so that he can’t torpedo his own party?

American woman converts to Islam, trains all-female Islamic State battalion, gets 20 years prison




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An American convert to Islam, Allison Fluke-Ekren, who trained an all-female Islamic State battalion, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Allison Fluke-Ekren was sentenced to 20 years in prison and 25 years of supervised release. The West has not begun to understand the danger and mindset of jihadists — men, women, and children alike. Wherever they are, they are on a mission. Fluke-Ekren’s time in prison will do nothing to change her jihad mission, for which she will likely make recruits while behind bars. From the Justice Department:

While residing in Syria, Fluke-Ekren told a witness about her desire to conduct an attack in the United States. To conduct the attack, Fluke-Ekren explained that she could go to a shopping mall in the United States, park a vehicle full of explosives in the basement or parking garage level of the structure, and detonate the explosives in the vehicle with a cell phone triggering device. Fluke-Ekren also spoke about learning how to make bombs and explosives. Fluke-Ekren further said that she considered any attack that did not kill a large number of individuals to be a waste of resources. Fluke-Ekren would hear about external attacks taking place in countries outside the United States and would comment that she wished the attack had occurred on U.S. soil instead.

She trained women and girls “on the use of automatic firing AK-47 assault rifles, grenades, and explosive suicide belts.” Fluke-Ekren’s own daughter’s testimony is consistent with that of ISIS brides, who are often just as committed to the cause of jihad as their male counterparts. Nevertheless, ISIS brides are frequently embraced by clueless Western bleeding hearts as victims, rather than recognized for being the victimizers that they all too often are. Cécile Rousseau, a pediatric psychiatrist at McGill University in Canada, who is described as “an expert on violent radicalization and extremism,” recently advised that women and children who are being detained in Islamic State (ISIS) camps should be brought back “home” to Canada “quickly.” She asserted that they would not pose a danger to society and that they needed “support.”  Unfortunately, she isn’t alone in perpetuating such rubbish.

The family of Allison Fluke-Ekren, pictured in this photo, looks harmless and loving. This is the type of show that moves gullible folk.

ISIS brides — who often indoctrinate their own children and others to murder infidels, rape, and do maximum harm — know all too well how to play Westerners for fools, pretending (when facing prison) that they are repentant victims in order to remain free if they manage to gain entry back into their country of origin. Yet they frequently continue to view these countries as enemy territory (dar al Harb). Gullible Leftists are unable to see past their own noses and own culture, so they fail to do the necessary research to understand the mental processes of jihadists.  Jihadists easily manipulate this naive mentality. For instance, the infamous ISIS bride Shamima Begum was widely defended as a reformed, repentant innocent who was manipulated by Islamic State men. She played the infidels well, until more came to light, showing that she maintained her support for the rape and murder of Yazidi sex slaves. Although she “apologized for joining the brutal terror group” and many believed her, she “finally admitted she was one of its (ISIS) ‘poster girls.'”

A New York Post article described Allison Fluke-Ekren’s dedication to the Islamic State:

The 42-year-old’s devotion to the terrorist cause was “off the charts,” according to a cooperating witness interviewed by the FBI. She spoke Arabic, Turkish and Spanish, and ever the teacher, was in charge of administering exams to new ISIS recruits to gauge their level of devotion to Sharia law, authorities said. She also translated speeches and articles from ISIS leaders into English. On a scale of one to 10, her radicalization and devotion to ISIS was considered “11 or 12,”

“American Woman Who Trained All-Female ISIS Battalion Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison,” by Trevor Schakhol, Daily Caller, November 1, 2022:

A federal court sentenced Kansas’ Allison Fluke-Ekren, 42, to 20 years imprisonment and 25 years of supervised release after she led a battalion of female ISIS fighters and planned an attack on a Midwest college campus, according to CBS News.

Fluke-Ekren pleaded guilty in June to materially supporting a foreign terrorist organization. She organized and led a battalion of female ISIS members married to ISIS fighters in Syria and trained 100 women and girls for fighting.

Authorities said Fluke-Ekren converted to Islam as a University of Kansas student and later used “different husbands to advocate for approval of her military training plans” by terrorists while traveling to Egypt and Libya before ending up in Syria, CBS News reported. She reportedly gave a paid U.S. foreign government source a plan to attack a Midwest college campus using explosives, and claimed late ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had received it, but charging documents indicated the plan never materialized.

Fluke-Ekren spent time in the Iraqi city of Mosul as well, when it was under ISIS control, according to CBS News. She reportedly revealed a never-perpetrated car bomb plan to a government witness in Syria, believing “any attack that did not kill a large number of individuals to be a waste of resources.” (RELATED: The Islamic State Is Back – But Its Focus Has Shifted)

Fluke-Ekren’s daughter Leyla Ekren alleged in court Tuesday that her mother sexually and emotionally abused her when they were living in Syria, tortured her and her siblings….

Interfaith Dialogue: Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Plays the Pope Like a Cheap Fiddle



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Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb, who as grand imam of Cairo’s Al-Azhar is the foremost cleric in Sunni Islam, met up again with his pal Pope Francis in Bahrain on Friday and gave us one of the best episodes yet of their ongoing buddy-movie series. Whenever these two get together, they always serve up fresh steaming piles of cynical deception, Islamic proselytizing, and Leftist agitprop, and Friday’s episode was no different. In fact, it was one of the most outstanding examples yet of how Islamic leaders use interreligious dialogue to further their own ends, playing their naïve Christian counterparts for fools again and again.

At the Bahrain Forum for Dialogue, according to Church Militant, al-Tayyeb asserted that “what is said and promoted from time to time about the institution of war in Islam against the infidels is not true. Indeed, it is a real lie about Islam and the life of its prophet, even if this is affirmed by some followers of the same religion, a religion that is based on evidence and testimony, not on ambiguity and lies.” The “lie” that al-Tayyeb had in mind was the readily demonstrable proposition that Islam is the only major world religion that has a developed doctrine involving warfare against the subjugation of unbelievers. Despite statements to that effect from numerous Muslim clerics and the undeniable evidence of over 42,000 violent jihad attacks worldwide since 9/11, al-Tayyeb insisted that it was all a misunderstanding.

We have, of course, heard this song before, and al-Tayyeb was aware of that, telling the pope: “I hope you are not bored with the constant claims that Islam is a religion of peace and equality.” Pope Francis, of course, was just the opposite of bored. He can’t get enough of that sort of thing, as back in 2013 he himself declared, with imperviousness to facts and evidence that was truly breathtaking, that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.”

Why is this so hard for Westerners to grasp? Well, it’s largely because it isn’t remotely true, but as far as al-Tayyeb was concerned, it was because Muslim scholars have been less than “diligent in letting Westerners know about true Islam.” He said that they should “continue to highlight what Islam encompasses in terms of lofty ideals, human brotherhood and cooperation, and other commonalities that the West and East agree on and welcome.” Yeah, good idea. Maybe he can explain where exactly the Qur’an calls for “human brotherhood and cooperation” with non-Muslims, whom the Islamic holy book calls “the most vile of created beings” (98:6).

Al-Tayyeb didn’t get close to dealing with that Qur’an verse and others like it. He was too busy playing to his audience, knowing that a doctrinaire Leftist such as Pope Francis would be thrilled to hear about how the Big Bad West could learn from the wise, benign, serene East: “Western culture should not be represented as the only civilized society and as the standard for judging other cultures. Any interference with other cultures is an abuse of power. The West needs the wisdom of the East, its religious and moral values upon which its people were raised, as well as its balanced view of man, the universe, and our Creator,” so as “not to be blinded by putting the ephemeral before the eternal.”

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Church Militant notes that “while Pope Francis did not make any explicit reference to the Triune God or the Holy Bible, the highest-ranking cleric in the Sunni-Muslim world introduced and ended his address with an Islamic blessing and unapologetically quoted the Quran several times in his text.” At one point, al-Tayyeb asked: “What is the relationship between people according to the philosophy of the Qur’an? The only way to make this relationship work is knowledge, which is how Allah has established the interactions and relationships between people. The Qur’an says it clearly: ‘O humanity! Indeed, we created you from a male and a female and made you into peoples and tribes so that you may get to know one another. Surely, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous among you. Allah is truly All-Knowing, All-Aware,’ (Qur’an 49:13).”

Gee, that sounds great, but unfortunately, it is not even close to being the Qur’an’s last or only word on such matters. As I told Church Militant, Al-Tayyeb’s statements demonstrated yet again that for all too many Islamic leaders, if not all, interreligious dialogue is a vehicle for dawah, Islamic proselytizing, not genuine give-and-take. His copious quotations from the Qur’an, while Francis fastidiously refrained from quoting the Bible, show once again how one-sided this “dialogue” really is: the self-abnegation and deference are all on the Christian side, while the Muslim side retains a resolute self-awareness and doesn’t move toward the other side even an inch.

Meanwhile, al-Tayyeb’s exposition of Islam was highly inaccurate and misleading; among the many salient Qur’an passages he did not quote are “Fight them until there is no more persecution and religion is all for Allah” (8:39), which is an open-ended declaration of war against unbelievers, and “Muhammad is the apostle of Allah. Those who follow him are ruthless to unbelievers, merciful to one another” (48:29), which belies claims he made about Islam teaching that “peace and knowledge” should guide relationships between people. Even if he knew how deceptive al-Tayyeb was being, which he almost certainly did not, Francis wouldn’t have dreamed of contradicting him publicly or asking him any pointed questions. He willingly and happily played the useful idiot and dhimmi.

That’s the state of interfaith dialogue in this enlightened year 2022.