How Could John Fetterman Have Won? Every Possible Answer Is Bad in a Different Way.

Illegal Electioneering For John Fetterman & Josh Shapiro Caught on Undercover Video by Project Veritas Action



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It’s hardly even believable: the stuttering, sputtering John Fetterman, a stroke victim who only rarely manages to utter a complete sentence, coasted to victory in the Pennsylvania Senate race. Like Joe Biden, Fetterman is so clearly unfit for his new job that no sane person could possibly think otherwise; it boggles the mind to think that any Pennsylvania voter could have seen any of Fetterman’s incoherent ramblings over the last few weeks, both in his debate with Dr. Mehmet Oz and in his campaign rallies, and thought, “That’s the man I want representing Pennsylvania in the Senate.” But Fetterman will show up in the Senate in January — if someone can guide him to where it is — and all the explanations of why this ridiculous charade is set to happen are bad in different ways.

The immediate possibility, of course, is that Fetterman’s victory is due to chicanery at the ballot box. Over at Townhall, Mia Cathell reported Wednesday that “in an undercover video filmed by Project Veritas Action (PVA) journalists at a Philadelphia polling location, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe alleges that the investigative group’s journalists were told whom to vote for mere feet outside of one of the city’s polling places. Two of the interactions were captured on camera.” The person telling voters how to vote was, of course, a Democrat Party operative. O’Keefe explains, “This is referred to as electioneering.” It’s also illegal.

This is striking, but it isn’t evidence of large-scale ballot box tampering. In a clear sign that they suspected they would have to cheat in order to win, the Fetterman camp filed suit the other day to have ballots counted even if they were marked with the wrong date. But as it turns out, they didn’t even need the tainted ballots to put their man over the top. So what does explain the victory of a candidate who is without any doubt the least competent and capable individual ever to stand as a candidate for the United States Senate?

One answer could be the weakness of his opponent. Trump-endorsed candidates have generally done well all over the country, but Dr. Oz was different. While he trumpeted his connection to Trump during the primary, after he became the Republican candidate, Oz retooled his website and Twitter page to remove all mention of Trump, thereby giving the impression that he was opportunistically using Trump to corral America-First voters into his camp but that his commitment to their cause wasn’t sincere. Oz also aroused suspicion by maintaining his status as a Turkish citizen at a time when Turkey is growing progressively more authoritarian and hostile to the United States. The MAGA base was what would have elected Oz, and he did his best to alienate it. Once that was done, all he had were Pennsylvania Romneyites and RINOs, and there proved to be not enough of them to put him over.

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The other obvious answer is that Pennsylvania voters wanted John Fetterman in the Senate. They saw that he was obviously unable to discharge the duties of the office for which he was running and simply didn’t care. Fetterman’s victory proves that the Democrats’ willingness to put up with Old Joe Biden’s obvious incapacity was no anomaly. The Fetterman victory is an indication that the Leftist elites are just rubbing it in now, showing that they have now filled a sufficient number of people with their propaganda that they can elect literally anyone to any position they want and perpetuate the governance of a shadowy, behind-the-scenes oligarchy. Fetterman, like Biden, will simply serve as a puppet for the people who are pulling the strings, and that seems to be just fine with Pennsylvanians. They elected a puppet knowing that he is a puppet, but he is a puppet for what they want: the gutting of the American economy, open borders, high crime rates, skyrocketing gas prices, continuing assaults on the freedom of speech, and all the rest of contents of the Democrats’ grab-bag of horrors. Fetterman may be incapacitated, but he’s another vote for the Left’s agenda, and that’s all that matters.

The great strength of democratic rule is that you get what the people want. The great weakness of Democratic rule is that you get what the people want. Pennsylvania has willingly elected an incoherent idiot who can do nothing but obey the bidding of his sinister, malevolent masters. They’ll get what they wanted, in spades.

Turkey’s Erdogan issues orders to Finland and Sweden that they ‘must take’ before joining NATO



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Islamic supremacist Turkey is experiencing a windfall these days. From bullying Greece, playing “middle man” between Russia and the EU in supplying Russian oil, and deepening relations with Putin while supplying weapons to Ukraine, Turkey’s influence is expanding rapidly. Now it’s making demands on Finland and Sweden as a condition to join NATO, to suit the interests of Erdogan.

Turkey has no place in NATO. NATO members (as well as more suitable potential members) are now paying a dear price for the imprudence of allowing Turkey to continue to be a NATO member. Turkey has increasingly become more Islamized under Erdogan, much more than it was in 1952 when it joined NATO. In the “years following World War II, Turkey found itself in a unique geopolitical position,” siding with the Western free world when it was “desperate for protection.”

So it joined NATO. It has now become clear how short-sighted it was to embrace this Muslim country with its Ottoman history.

In 2019:

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham promised to “introduce bipartisan sanctions against Turkey if they invade Syria” and to “call for their suspension from NATO if they attack Kurdish forces who assisted the U.S. in the destruction of the ISIS Caliphate.”

Turkey is now accusing Sweden and Finland of providing a safe haven for what Erdogan calls Kurdish “terrorists.” So he’s ordering the two counties to turn over Kurds and “share information.” Although there will be a price to pay for throwing Turkey out of NATO now, there will ultimately be a much higher price for allowing this Islamic despot to continue to manipulate NATO.

“Turkey warns Finland, Sweden must ‘take steps’ before joining NATO,” France 24, November 4, 2022:

Turkey will not formally approve Finland and Sweden’s membership of NATO until the two countries take the necessary “steps”, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg Friday.

Ankara has accused the two Nordic nations of providing a safe haven for outlawed Kurdish militants it deems “terrorists” and held back on ratifying their NATO membership despite an agreement in June.

“President Erdogan noted that the steps to be taken by Sweden and Finland would determine how fast the approval process… would go and when it would be concluded,” the Turkish presidency said.

Erdogan and Stoltenberg held a private meeting in Istanbul that was closed to the media.

Finland and Sweden dropped decades of military non-alignment and scrambled to become NATO members in May, after Russia invaded Ukraine.

But Erdogan threatened to block their bids and sought concessions, leading to a deal in June between Turkey, Finland and Sweden that included provisions on extraditions and sharing information.

New Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson will visit Ankara on Tuesday to meet with Erdogan in a trip that Stockholm hopes will lead to Turkey’s approval.

Stoltenberg “welcomed the major, concrete steps already taken by both countries to put the memorandum into practice, and stressed that their accession will make NATO stronger”, the alliance said in a statement on Friday….

NJ Muslim threatens attack on synagogue and ‘many more attacks against the enemy of Allah and the pigs and monkeys’

NJ Muslim Threatens Attack on Synagogue, 'Pigs and Monkeys', Media Fails to Investigate his Potentially Radical Father



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Note how much of what he says is based on the Qur’an and Islam, not on the Israeli / “Palestinian” conflict.

“Middlesex County Man Charged with Communicating Threat to Attack Synagogue,” Justice Department, November 10, 2022:

NEWARK, N.J. – A Middlesex County, New Jersey, man was arrested today for transmitting via the internet a manifesto containing threats to attack a synagogue and Jewish people, U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger announced.

Omar Alkattoul, 18, of Sayreville, New Jersey, was arrested this morning and is charged by complaint with one count of transmitting a threat in interstate and foreign commerce on or about Nov. 1, 2022. He is scheduled to appear this afternoon before U.S. Magistrate Judge Jessica S. Allen in Newark federal court.

“No one should be targeted for violence or with acts of hate because of how they worship,” U.S. Attorney Sellinger said. “According to the complaint, this defendant used social media to send a manifesto containing a threat to attack a synagogue based on his hatred of Jews….

“When we learn of credible threats to our community – whether based in hate toward religion, race, sexual orientation, or gender – we call on law enforcement and community partners to assist in identifying and mitigating that threat,” Special Agent in Charge James E. Dennehy said. “Thanks to the collaborative efforts among our Joint Terrorism Task Force Members, a potentially harmful situation was averted….

According to documents filed in this case and statements made in court:

On Nov. 1, 2022, Alkattoul used a social media application to send an individual a link to a document entitled “When Swords Collide” and admitted to this individual that he wrote the document, stating: “It’s in the context of an attack on Jews.” According to a second individual, Alkattoul also sent the document to at least five other people using another social media application. In the document, Alkattoul wrote the following:

I am the attacker and I would like to introduce myself. . . I am a Muslim with so many regrets but I can assure you this attack is not one of them and Insha’Allah many more attacks like these against the enemy of Allah and the pigs and monkeys will come.

I will discuss my motives in a bit but I did target a synagogue for a really good reason according to myself and a lot of Muslims who have a brain. Let’s be aware of the fact that the Jews promote the biggest hatred against Muslimeen even in the west. The Jews are in fact a very powerful group in the west which is why western countries today shill for them on top of the murtadeen in Saudi Arabia and every Arab country.

This attack was just to remind the Jews that as long as 1 Muslim remains in this world they will never live a pleasant life until the Muslims in Palestine, Syria, West Africa, and South Asia are living a pleasant life. The Jews support terror against the muslimeen and they always have . . . .  So the motive of this attack is hatred towards Jews and their heinous acts and I don’t want anyone to tell me for a second that “not all Jews support terror against Muslims” yes they do! They have since day one. Their Torah justifies their acts and let’s keep in mind it was a Jew that tried to kill the nebi SAW.

The charge of transmitting a threat in interstate and foreign commerce is punishable by a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine….

SHOCKING: Corporations to start running GENDER COMPLIANCE AUDITS and “blackness checks” to qualify for lower loan rates from “woke” finance giants

Image: SHOCKING: Corporations to start running GENDER COMPLIANCE AUDITS and “blackness checks” to qualify for lower loan rates from “woke” finance giants



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Large corporations are signing loan agreements with finance giants that demand “LGBT quotas” and “black quotas” be met in order to receive beneficial interest rates on lines of credit. In essence, the more gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, Blacks or Hispanics a corporation hires, the more favorable the terms become for their borrowing.

This highly disturbing development has been revealed by the Washington Free Beacon, which reports that, “Race-conscious credit agreements are incentivizing illegal hiring practices across corporate America.”

This sets off several shocking ramifications that should rock the corporate world:

#1) Corporations will start asking about sexual preferences and transgenderism during job interviews.

In order to achieve lower loan rates, corporations will need to hire more gays, lesbians, trans, etc. So they will begin asking job candidates questions like, “With whom do you routinely have sex?” And as the radical Left moves even more strongly into pedophilia and grooming as a form of “tolerance” / “love wins,” it means corporations may actively seek to hire pedophiles to meet woke quotas required by lenders.

Can you imagine showing up for a job interview and being asked whether you have sex with children? And then if you answer YES, they say, “You’re hired!”

#2) Lenders will need to run gender compliance checks to keep companies honest about reported LGBT quotas

Watch for lenders to dispatch “gender auditors” to corporate offices. There, they may ask all transgenders to gather in the lobby while they interrogate them about the “rigorousness” of their transgender claims.

Since transgenderism is a state of mind, and not anything rooted in physical reality, anyone can claim to be transgender. So lenders will need to dispatch what are essentially “transgender police” to make sure nobody is just making it up (which, ironically, is exactly how transgenderism works in the first place). Make sure you don’t fake your fakery!

Prepare for your crotch checks in order to comply with woke corporate America.

#3) Lenders will also need to run “Black checks” to make sure claimed Black employee numbers are real

Imagine a Caucasian “Black auditor” showing up at the corporate offices and demanding all Blacks line up in the lobby to be counted and measured based on the blackness of their skin. Based on skin pigmentation, some Black employees might only count as 5/8ths of a Black person, hearkening back to the days of slavery in America when even the US Supreme Court once ruled that Blacks only counted as 5/8ths of a human being.

Imagine being a Black American working in corporate America and being told, “You’re not black enough” to qualify for favorable loan rates. Imagine HR interviews at the corporation valuing you based on the perceived darkness of your skin rather than the merits of your capabilities.

Blackness audits are coming to corporate America, along with gay audits, trans audits, and Hispanic audits. It’s the ultimate dehumanization of a human being. Under wokeism, your only value to society is found in your skin color or your sexual preferences, not what you might offer in terms of ideas, creativity, inspiration, performance, or otherwise.

“The businesses that have struck such agreements include the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, the consulting groups Ernst & Young and AECOM, insurers Prudential and Definity Financial, private equity firms BlackRock and the Carlyle Group, the technology company Trimble, and the telecommunications giant Telefónica,” reports the Washington Free Beacon:

Trimble CEO Rob Painter, for example, said the company’s credit facility—which conditions interest rates on the percentage of female employees—illustrates Trimble’s “commitment” to “gender diversity in the workplace.” In press releases announcing their own credit facilities, executives at BlackRock, Prudential, and Definity say the agreements demonstrate their commitment to “accountability.”

But critics see something far more sinister: a form of blatant discrimination that will harm consumers, credit markets, and the rule of law.

This is what “woke” policies are now doing: Turning people into corporate commodities based on superficial qualities

Now, a Black American, a gay person, or even a transgender, will be valued based on their skin color or sexual proclivities rather than their merit.

This entire “woke” scoring system turns a human being into a discount rate commodity, pretending their value to society is based solely on either the color of their skin or their preference of who they sleep with, or what gender identity they claim to exhibit.

It creates perverse incentives for distorted hiring practices, and risks corporations demanding to pry into the private sexual lives of potential employees. “Who did you have sex with today? Have you ever had sex with other men? Women? Both? Children? Animals? Furniture?”

As the “woke” movement goes increasingly insane, it’s also obvious that corporations will be incentivized when more employees claim to be grooming children or engaging in pedophilia, sex with animals, or so-called “furries” (people dressed up as animals who pretend to be animals).

Before long, if this trend continues, corporations might conceivably feature child rapists in the lobby, and pedophiles molesting children in the cafeteria, just to qualify for better loan rates. This will all be explained as completely normal “inclusive” behavior, and anyone who speaks out against it might be arrested and charged with hate crimes.

Welcome to your “woke” corporate future, where all business operations are contingent upon your acceptance of Satanic, child-abusing rituals and ungodly perversions that now count as credit with financial institutions.

Bring your underwear and hammers, too, since that will get you extra points in the whacko world of woke capital where workers are hired for their perversions rather than their skills, creativity, or job performance capabilities.

After all, why work hard when you can just f##k the couch in the lobby and keep your job in woketard corporate America that only values you for your perversions rather than your contributions?

(Gives a whole new meaning to the work week “hump day” doesn’t it?)

Get full details on this bizarre (and highly illegal) corporate plan in today’s Situation Update podcast:

– Finance giants offer lower lending rates to corporations that meet “woke” quotas
– If you hire more Blacks or Hispanics, you get lower rates
– If you hire more transgenders, gays, lesbians, or bisexuals, you get lower rates
– Will hiring teams now start grilling applicants on who they have sex with?
– Finance companies will need to deploy GENDER COMPLIANCE AUDITORS
– Get ready for your “gender check” from the loan company
– Get ready for BLACKNESS COMPLIANCE AUDITS from finance companies

– Will they base loan compliance on shades of Black/tones of pigment in the skin?
– Lighter-skinned Blacks might only count as 5/8ths of a “fully Black” (shades of slavery)
– This practice turns human beings into SLAVES / COMMODITIES based on external properties
– The ultimate dehumanizing enslavement system, packaged as “inclusive” or “woke”
– Crypto markets rocked by FTX fallout and collapse of liquidity
– Bitcoin drops nearly 22% in 2 days as crypto carnage spills over
– FTX accused of being a digital Ponzi scheme from the start
– Europe says “Take that, Putin!” while cutting off its own oil supply
– Beyond Meat is slashing employees because their products taste like crap





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Voting machines FAILING in Maricopa County amid heavy Republican turnout… every attempt is being made by Dems to DENY or DELAY Kari Lake’s victory

Image: Voting machines FAILING in Maricopa County amid heavy Republican turnout… every attempt is being made by Dems to DENY or DELAY Kari Lake’s victory



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

(Natural News) Voting machines in Maricopa County, Arizona are having “tabulator malfunctions.” Dr. Kelli Ward reports “BIG problems” with “tabulator malfunctions” in at least six places. She warns, “DO NOT PUT YOUR BALLOT IN ‘BOX 3’ TO BE ‘TABULATED DOWNTOWN.’” She is advising voters to find their next nearest polling place at because Maricopa’s downtown tabulators will not be turned on during actual election day and will be subject to interference in the days ahead.

“I am getting flooded with calls and text messages from people who are having trouble voting all over Maricopa County,” tweeted Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. “THIS is why we must reform our elections.”

Charlie Kirk reported that: “a poll worker in all-important Maricopa County” told “Election Day voters the machines are broken.”

Reporter Yvonne Wingett Sanchez reported that “10% of polling places are experiencing problems with tabulators” in Maricopa County. “One machine became operative after it was cleaned. Voters can still place their ballots in a slot in a locked container; they will be counted at the downtown tabulation center tonight,” she tweeted.

2020 ballot fraud in Maricopa County was disregarded by the Democrats in charge

Maricopa is the same county in Arizona that went through a grueling forensic audit after the 2020 election. That audit detected approximately 54,000 invalid ballots – which is well over the state’s 10,000 vote margin that granted Biden a fraudulent victory. Deceased voters (282 ballots) were only a small fraction of the problem. The mail-in ballot system had serious flaws, allowing over 23,000 people to vote from a previous address. There were over 10,000 cases of potential voters voting in multiple counties. There was a multitude of issues. Over 9,000 more ballots were returned by voters than were received. There were 618 voters not part of the official precinct register. There were another 2,081 voters who moved out of state during the 29-day period preceding the election. There were 500 duplicated ballots with incorrect and missing serial numbers. There were 397 mail-in ballots that didn’t have a record of being sent. Over 3,400 of the official results do not match the person who voted.

The problems in Maricopa have apparently not been resolved. Now certain tabulators are shutting down and voters are being told to trust poll workers to count the votes at a central location at a later date. Rich Baris “The People’s Pundit,” said the turnout is “very heavy, very early in Maricopa.” Voters are essentially being told to leave their ballot in a box in the corner of the room. He says this is “a chain of custody nightmare” that can be easily exploited.

Democrats look to “save democracy” by not addressing the election issues that threaten democracy

A week before the midterm election, Joe Biden made his final pitch to American voters at a Democratic National Committee event in Washington. “As I stand here today, there are candidates running for every level of office in America — for governor, for Congress, for attorney general, for secretary of state — who won’t commit to accepting the results of the elections they’re in,” Biden said, before claiming that “American democracy is under attack.” However, Biden refuses to acknowledge the tens of thousands of fraudulent votes in precision counties that swung the election in his favor. Anyone who speaks out about the tabulation errors, the chain of custody issues, and the potential for interference is to be regarded as a “threat to democracy.”

The Washington Post and other corporate media outlets have already primed the public to accept that election day will become election week or election month. In U.S. elections,

why does it take so long to count votes?” the Washington Post published in the lead-up to the midterms. NBC ran a story, claiming, “Why we might see a delayed result on election night.” The Democrats in charge claim to “protect democracy” yet they fail to address the real-life election issues that threaten democracy and sow discord and civil unrest.

Democracy is indeed under attack, but the fraud, irregularities, and interference must be addressed head-on, not ignored.

Never forget:

Sources include: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

NY Schools Demand PARENTS Submit to Woke Brainwashing, Too

NY Schools Demand PARENTS Submit to Woke Brainwashing, Too



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

At least five overpriced private schools in New York City are now subjecting parents to racist harangues and indoctrination sessions under the guise of “anti-racism” and “diversity,” and refusing to admit children of parents who will not comply, according to news reports. More than a few parents have expressed outrage.

The New York Post, which first broke the story, identified multiple examples of “elite” private schools in the Big Apple conscripting parents into mandatory racial brainwashing. While the sessions at some of the schools were officially “optional,” parents reported that school officials were even taking attendance. 

The cost of these institutions is in the neighborhood of $60,000 per year, per child, according to news reports. Why any parent would pay a single penny to have their children subjected to the same abusive brainwashing that their taxes already fund in government schools was not immediately clear. 

One of the worst offenders was Brearley School, an expensive all-girls indoctrination center in Manhattan. According to the student application, “parents are expected to attend two diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism (DEIA) workshops per school year.”  

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) — often labeled DIE by critics for its deadly consequences — is the newest euphemism for hyper-racial propaganda declaring that some people are inherently racist due to their ancestry, while others are inherently oppressed victims. 

Black critics of the scheme have regularly lambasted proponents as racists and wannabe “white saviors.” Furious black parents and pastors have especially denounced white adults training their children to see themselves as perpetually oppressed victims, in true Marxist style.

Anti-racism, meanwhile, is a new term demanding Marxist government controls and institutionalized racism to counteract alleged “systemic racism” that supposedly permeates all Western societies and cultures. Only a racial dictatorship can cure this problem, according to leading advocates of the half-baked idea.

Anti-racist kook Ibram X. Kendi, for instance, a tax-subsidized “scholar” at far-left Boston University, claims America needs a “Department of Anti-Racism” (DOA). Among other tasks, this unelected body of “formally trained experts on racism” would “be responsible for clearing all local, state, and federal public policies,” he said.  

As part of attending the “elite” girls’ school in Manhattan, parents are expected to write an essay swearing fealty to the institution’s supposedly “anti-racist” so-called values, similar to the hateful propaganda spewed by Kendi. They also must sign a loyalty oath pledging their support to the ideology, according to news reports. 

“We expect teachers, staff members, students, and parents to participate in anti-racist training and to pursue meaningful change through deliberate and measurable actions,” the pledge declares. “These actions include identifying and eliminating policies, practices, and beliefs that uphold racial inequality in our community.”   

At another over-priced replica of the government’s indoctrination centers, named after Unitarian founding father of America’s Prussian-style government “education” system Horace Mann, a “family learning session” praised the work of racist Robin DiAngelo of “White Fragility” fame. DiAngelo claims, among other absurdities, that all descendants of Europeans are racist. 

“How can we take DiAngelo’s message and make it applicable to all communities in the [Horace Mann] community,” mumbled the trainer under a “Black Lives Matter” face diaper reading “I CAN’T BREATHE.” “I don’t want to be in necessarily white spaces, because when black children were put into those spaces their support and caregivers were taken away and they were put into racially hostile environments.”

It is hard to imagine any sensible person could be paid enough money to allow their children to be brainwashed and abused with this sort of toxic poison. That there are enough willing to pay money to have their children destroyed proves the old biblical cliché is true: “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

SaveTheChildren 728